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Posted by: Starfleet Dispatcher Nov 17 2005, 08:44 PM
"Chief Engineer's log, stardate: supplemental. After the last mission the Enterprise J is moving in for repairs at Starbase Kelowna. We are scheduled to stay there for three weeks and just rest. This is all against my will, as I suggested that my team could do the work, but... my brother, it's- computer, delete file."

Don had tried twice already. He had always dreaded the daily log, but it was mandatory. Most of them were personal logs but occasionally he would just sit down and say what happened from an un-biased viewpoint.

"Computer, begin log entry."

A double beep meant he could commence. He waited for a second or two, and started again.

"Chief Engineer's log-" he paused.

He looked at a photo of Jeremy, his dead brother, and suddenly let tears flow from his eyes. He laid down on his bed and wept for a minute or two.

"The computer has stopped recording due to more than 120 seconds of no noise. If you would wish to-"

"Yes, computer."

The computer stopped. Don needed to start his shift, so he finished putting on his overcoat and headed down to engineering.

"Sir?" asked an ensign, "You don't look too well."

"I'm fine. Hageman, get me today's duty roster- I'd like to make some adjustments."

Same old, same old. He was never satisfied with the duty roster, and always wanted to get it right.

"Commander, would you like some coffee?"

"Yes, thank you crewman."

Don took a sip and looked at the PADD.

Hageman was on top of the list, and was presently going to be doing routine maintenance.

There was nothing wrong with the roster, so Don left for the bridge.

"Deck One" he said to the transporter net and walked through.

The bridge crew was only half-there as usual at this time of day. Jeff was sitting in his chair and Lt. Rilen was at his station- that was it.

"Good morning sir, good morning lieutenant" said Don.

"You too, sir," said Rilen.

Jeff turned around.

"Don, you don't look too good. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine, sir."

"does this have anything to do with your being overidden on the repair orders?"

The starbase loomed on the screen. Don looked at it intently.

"You know how I feel about it. It's unsecure, and besides, I'll have to fine tune all the enginering equipment again."

"We are one hour away," said the ensign at the helm. Captain Bates entered and sat down at her seat.

"Sir," she said, "today is a normal day, right?"

"Not really," said Jeff, "We're off-duty from noon-on. After that we have three weeks of shore leave. Very abnormal. Our normal day is what others would classify as well, completely strange."

Don smiled- it was his first bit of good news.

Jeff Got up and wandered into the officer's lounge, a new thing on Federation Starships. It was a relaxation area for all of the bridge crew, with partitioned bridge offices foe each one except the first officer, who had a dedicated office ta ht connected to here and to the conference room. The first thing that He noticed was that Aeon Rune was asleep on the couch. Jeff walked around, and stretched himself out on a dedicated window seat. he took the one next to the mini bar. there was a holographic bartender that could be turned on to complete the illusion.

"Tea, Earl grey, with lemon." it came nice and hot. Jeff drank from it awhile while the ship was still at warp. A minute later, Don walked in.

"What's really going on?" Jeff asked as Don sat in the chair next to him. "Is it about Jeremy?"

"Yes... I don't know how to handle this. He was so young..."

"Don't take time off theEnterprise for him. We're docking, and there's something on starbase I would like you to see."

"Not some boring Holodeck program, I hope."

"No. There's a traveling exibit there I really think you should see."

When the ship slowed to impulse near the starbase, Jeff and Don walked back out onto the bridge.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 1 2006, 02:16 PM
Jake was checking over his console and going through his usual paperwork finishing up his final report on the last mission he looked up to see Aeon their.

"Lt what can I do for you?"

"Wondering what you had planned"

"Some quaility time with my son then maybe a few drinks today as for the rest of the shore leave I have no idea though my family want me to go home for a few days so may head on a shuttle for Mars. Yourself?"

"Holodeck sun and beach and drink"

"Sounds like a plan if you want to meet up later on this evening would be great"

"Looks like we have a plan then"

"Now if you will excuse me I need to hand this over to the Admiral before I leave the ship"

Jake stepped around his console and headed for the ready room making sure to announce himself before entering.

"Jake what can I do for you"

"Just needed to give you this the report on the last mission and the work schedule for security next week and the background check on the new councilor"

"You did a background check on her"

"After the last incident I felt it prudent that I do something to make sure she was safe and secure. Have a good shore leave sirs I will see you in three weeks hopefully not before, please dont take offense but I am just looking to get away from this tin can for a few days"

He smiled and departed.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Jan 2 2006, 03:29 PM
"final Docking approach requested from starbase admiral" Rune reported, who was temporarily manning the OPS station.

"fine. Tell them we plan on a ventral docking on their center docking extension, saucer up towards the command decks and small vessel bays."

"We would block all traffic to that section of the starbase doing that sir...."

"I know. send the message. I'm in the mood to play a joke on the commander today."

"A Joke? after that last mission and when we need repairs? the commander would probably order you to turn around and go home." Don growled.

Jeff turned around to Don. "Calm down. I'm sorry for your loss, but perhaps you should see the counselor. I know Commodore Mrak, he'll know it's a joke." he said quietly.

"alright, I'll calm down some, but I don't think a visit to the counselor is neccicary."

"Better to go on you own then to have Dr. Clan order you to."

"I'll manage."

Jeff turned back around. A face was on the screen.
"Your docking plan would block all traffic to the station! Just how much are you kidding?"

"Not too much- I was really thinking a standard..."


"one breath. not bad. Do we have clearance?"

"In about ten minutes. i have to get all the spectator ships out of the way. They always try to get as close as possible to where the hull will be- People like to see that ship, I'm afraid. We have tows down there as we speak."

"we could just cloak, sneak into where they are, and decloak suddenly..."

"If you want to do that now, you had better have a good pilot at the helm or a certain admiral. Nobody can tell a flag officer that their private vessel was damaged by their carelessness..."

"After all, it's a starfleet operation that civilians should not be interfering with anyway, and you were too close to the ship for security to dictate."

Mrak laughed. "See, you know the book cold."

"Right, I'll take the helm. Is the plaque room ready?"

"As it'll ever be. Mrak out."

Jeff moved up to the helm and pressed a few buttons. The panel immediatly sprouted maunal feedback conrols.
"more fun." Jeff mumbeled, not having to justify it...

Jeff pushed the throttle forward to ful impluse and swooped into the lower docking area. He depressed a control on the board, and their docking area was lit by a computer display. there were ships inside the close box, but they were moving back some, but the crowd of vessels made it difficult. Jeff piched down and leveled with the docking area, and the 3-d docking diagram popped up. he was in approach, he pulled back to half impluse entering the docking box, and suddenly stopped the vessel, right on target. The crew jerked forward, internal dampeners not being ready for that one. jeff secured the ship into docking mode.

"Ten forward to Pudlo" a voice rang out.

"go ahead."

"you know how we're on the up slant in here? well, there is a vessel that has windows looking down, and they are meeting. no damage, but they touche exactly. we can talk to the people inside the other ship."

"Waht are they saying?"

"Mostly that nobody will belive the vidios they took...."

"Tell them that we can make certificates of authenitcity, if they want. Pudlo out." jef sat aback and laughed. He then opened the comm. "Please exit the ship in accordance with your shore leave schedules. Plese don't al stay on the station, I dont' think that doubling the population there would be a good idea. the planet is supposed to be nice this time of year. Pudlo out."

Posted by: Joshua Clan Jan 3 2006, 08:06 AM
Josh walked onto the bridge to see the face disaappearing on the screen he walked over to the Admiral.

"Sir this is my latest report and schdule for my shore leave and that of my peoples"

"Thank you doctor"

"Commander a word, Admiral with your permission I would like to use your ready room for a second"

"Of course Doctor"

Josh walked in to the ready room turned and waited for Don he wasnt looking forward to this but he had felt more than anyone else the rtrue impact on the commanderas far as his brothers death was concerned.

"What can I do for you doctor?"

"Commander I have felt the stress you are under and the pain that you are feeling since the news of the Advril Arrow was destroyed with all hands, and I feel for your loss"

"What is it you want?"

"I am relieving you of your position, you are hereby ordered to seek out counseling. You need rest and a chance to come to terms with your loss you cant do that while you are trying repair this ship"

"I am needed here"

"As of now commander you are on compulsory shore leave if you havent been to the counsellor before we are set to leave you will not be allowed to resume your roll as chief engineer"

"You cant do this"

"I have the authority to remove anyone who I deem unfit for duty and right now you are. Get some rest spend some time with your family just dont stay onboard ship. Security has orders to remove you from engineering should you attempt to continue in your duties"

Josh placed a hand on the mans shoulder and smiled.

"Dont think for a minute this is easy but you need it"

Josh stepped back on to the bridge and headed for Jakes console.

"These are the standing orders for the commander while we are docked please make me aware if he tries to resume his duties"

"Of course doctor"

Josh stepped down in to the command well and stepped up to Pudlo.

"I regret to inform you that your chief engineer has been relieved of his duties and is on compulsory shoreleave for the duration of our stay"

"Is it nessacary?"

"I wouldnt have relieved him if I thought it wasnt, I will be going down to the planet later this afternoon"

"Have a good one doctor"

"And yourself Admiral"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Jan 3 2006, 08:33 PM
Rune entered his Quarters and began packing a small bag. He was intending on visiting the Planet for a few days. He heard of a nice Hotel-like area he could relax at.

"I could use a vacation, and that seems like a good spot."

Just then, there was a ring at the door and a person walked in.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Aeon Rune," the tall man said.

Rune turned around and recognized the guy, "Nekel? What are you doing here?"

"I live here. Ever since I quit Starfleet Intelligence, I've been building a trading business on the Planet."

Rune zipped his pack and put it on his shoulder, "Well that's good. I'd say it was nice to see you again, but you know... all those times we fought and everything." The Lieutenant then tried to walk past Nekel, but was stopped.

Nekel placed his hand against Rune's shoulder, holding him back, "Just a second. I heard of your arrival here and came onboard to talk to you."

"But I have to check in to the Hotel before 0500. If I'm late, they may give the room to someone else," Rune said.

"--Listen. During our time in Intelligence, I found you to be the only one capable of fighting me on my level. Ever since then, I'd been without it. In fact, I've been finding myself completely bored this past year."

"What's your point?"

"I want you to fight me again. To finally prove who is better."

"No way. I've got better things to do," Rune tried walking past but was held back again.

"Don't you feel the need to let yourself go? You've been restrained here on this ship for too long."

"For one mission," Rune replied, "That's hardly too long. Anyway, I have to get going." Rune knocked Nekel's hand away and finally walked past him and into the hallway.

He then stopped suddenly to say one last thing.

"Good seeing you again, Nekel."

And then he continued on toward the transporter room.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Jan 4 2006, 12:13 AM
Bates laughed to herself upon overhearing Jeff's plan. It seemed that even commanding officers could find ways to play practical jokes on people. At least Jeff wasn't like that boring admiral back on earth who was always insisting on procedure and etiquette. She enjoyed listening to the nervous reports that were being sent by people on the station.

Bates had also overheard that the chief engineer was being relieved of his duties. That news had come as a shock as Don was one of the best engineers in Starfleet and the person who knew all of the secrets of the J. Bates hoped that Don would be able to recover from the loss of a relative. So many good people had perished recently. Well, maybe it is best that Don take a forced break. He'd probably spend the entire time in engineering when he should do some exploring on the planet's surface.

Bates was still working on her travel plans and filling out requisition paperwork for her expedition to the ancient ruins on the planet's surface. It had been a long time since she had been to a historic site like Thur Fitali on Bajor, and the holodeck was never a genuine experience for her. Sure, everything felt and appeaed real, but in her heart she knew it was a simulation.

Bates checked to make sure she had everything ready. She had packed all of her survival gear for a 2 week trip. If she was late on returning Jeff had permission to emergency beam her off the planet, although there were no known hostile lifefoms on the planet's surface to worry about.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 4 2006, 07:07 AM
Jake walked into his quarters he had all the intentions of leaving the ship before a crisis called him back.

"Are you ready to go Pat has very kindly lent us a shuttle?"

"Yeap are we really going to see gramps?"

"Yeap if we ever get out of here"

Jake picked up his sons bag and turned to see what he was doing he was getting his wash kit. He heard the door chime go and inwardly cursed before calling enter.

"I here you have requested a runabout"

"Yes admiral is that a problem"

"Not at all thanks for the report"

"Ensign Tural is more than competent enough to be in charge whilst I am away well be back in a week, he has been given all standing orders concerning Don and will be overseeing the in take of some new security staff as some of our staff are leaving. If their is a real emergency you will find me on Mars with my parents I can be here inside a couple of days I think at Max warp"

"Understood have a safe trip"

Jake saw his son pop his head round the bathroom door and look at him.

"We are still going yes"

"Yeap you finished"


"Then lets go, see you in a week Jeff"

They arrived at the shuttle bay and headed for their ship the Ohio a small runabout. Settling into his seat he tapped in the start sequence.

"Ohio to the bridge"

"Go ahead"

"Requesting permission to depart Captain"

"Permission granted"

"Enjoy your shoreleave Ohio out"

Jake guided the ship out of the bay turned to see what his son was doing noted that he was bringing a drink for him forward as well as one for himself. Tapping in the coordinates for Mars and instructng the ships computer to engage at Maximum warp he sat back and relaxed.

Posted by: Kadra Jan 4 2006, 07:54 PM
Kadra was in her office, rearranging some of her belongings: Some old ceremonial blades of different worlds, ancient scrolls and books, and a few tapastries. It almost looked like a small museum. She also had a few navy blue, comfy chairs set in the center of the room in a circle.

I believe it will do she thought to herself.

With that, she sat in one of the chairs and picked up her fiddle, and began to play an old Irish tune called the "Swallow Tail Jig," a lively and cheerul song...

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Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Jan 4 2006, 08:46 PM
Jeff leaned back in his Chair, waiting for Don to calm down.
"Don? listen. We're at a starbase. you have leave time. use it. Then see the counselor before we leave- I'm sure you'll be right as rain by then."

"What could possibly make me feel better?"

"I'll show you."


"Just get in the turbolift."
Don walked over to the turbolift and entered the wide doors. Jeff followed right behind. he didn't say anything, but used the keypad to type in a destination.

"you will be fit for duty commander."

Don remained silent.
A minute later, the doors slid open onto a starbase hallway. Jeff led don down the hall to a starbase turbolift, the larger lifts being incompatible with older starbase designs. They reached a door framed in a gold arch, with names in minuscule print etched into it.

"Whose names are those?" Don asked.

"Everyone inside. It's all of the exhibit in one place."

"I don't get it."

"you will."
They stepped through the gold door, and were immediately hit with more gold color.

"Every ship that ever served with Starfleet is represented in here." Jeff Began. "Even active duty vessels. It's always being added to. these are the actual plaques of the vessels, if they could be found after destruction or decommissioning. If they couldn't find one, they would make a replica."

"All in here."

"And underneath each one, there are name plaques. Each is an individual who has served with honor on that vessel. How notable it is is determined by a symbol. A line pointed up is the lowest, but is still a great honor, and the next is two horizontal bars. a triangle is next, then a triangle with a bar below it. A circle is the highest award."

"Why did you bring me here?"

"To show you. Look at all the ships in here. These vessels in this section have one star- vessels have 1 to 5 tars to rank them in collective honor. These are the captain's yachts that are never used, basically."

"Why here?"

"Look at them. look at the expanse of this room. you are part of something huge here! Look, the Pegasus is right there! Touch history as you go- they clean them everynight, don't be afraid to touch a ship you've admired. It's all alpabetical in each section."

"I noticed. And they're missing the Arrow." Don leaned his hand against a bent and scorched ship.

"it's not in the 1 star section. you'll see it eventually."

They wandered around for hours in the virtual labrinth of names and ships. Finally, they found it. The Arrow's plaque was dented and scorched.
"There it is. thanks. I really needed to be reminded of how violent the explosion was."

"no, look underneath it."

underneath it was a circle proceeding a name.

"My gods...."

*Lt. Jeremy Reynolds.
Heroic action on secret mission.

"he was a hero. The tour they were staging? The man who was going to be her captain never knew that she had been engaged in a secret mission. I can't tell details, but your nephew almost singlehandedly saved the Earth."

they touched other well known plaques, including all of the enterprises, each of which had a lenghty strand of names. They came to the -J.

"We're on there." Jeff whispered lowly. "but they can take away the award in this hall. I advise you to stay on there. Don, don't give up the ship just because Jeremy died. he would have wanted you to stay on."

Don fell to hs knees over at the Arrows plaque, and leaned agianst it for support. Jeff smiled sadly, and leaned on the Enterprise's.

"Pudlo to Captian Mrak, you can let the public in again."

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Jan 4 2006, 08:52 PM
OOC: No problem, if you need any help the admins (Jeff, Robin and I) are willing to help as best we can.


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After deciding that he couldn't sleep, and could hardly go to engineering before a doctor would want to shoot him, Don left for the next station passing.

Don stepped onto the platform and was carried off the Jay with three other people. He noticed the Ohio heading off beside them and remembered that Mr. Rilen would be onboard that ship.

Don placed his arm on a railing and watched as the platform slid up the glass tube slowly until about three minutes later it latched onto the station. The gates opened and Don was able to walk off. He noticed the elaborate engine system to pull the platform. Much like the elevators in engineering.

He stepped out of the large glass tube and onto red velvety carpeting. The interior of this place was amazing. Twelve holographic projectors around the room advertized things like 'Coca-Cola', the huge industry that owned it's own starbase. The stairways carried people up at least four hundred metres of the same entrance hall. Along the many walls were hundreds of doors labeled with what they were.

"Starfleet, huh?" asked a man in uniform, "You are free to do anything you want here. Drinks are on the house, don't worry about individual credits."

"Thanks," said Don, trying to fake a smile.

The three football field-sized windows in the main hall revealed the Ohio, the Enterprise and a klingon ship Don did not recognize. Above him directly was a room labeled 'Zero Gravity Phaser Range'.


Don climbed into the elevator to take him up.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 5 2006, 06:19 AM
Jake sat at the ship console making final approach for Mars as slow as he had been ordered to go.

"Almost there buddy you need to wake up"

He heard rustling in the back of the main cabin as his son woke up he smiled at the memories that it brought back to him.

"Runabout Ohio your flight plan has been approved are clear for final approach for Mars"

"Thank you Mars base Ohio out"

He let his hands glide over the controls as they made their decent he had already changed out of his uniform for the next week at least he would just be a dad no starfleet titles. It was the first time he had been back to Mars for nearly two years and he was looking forward to a holiday. As the runabout touched damn he swiveled around and hit the shutdown key.

"You ready?"


"Good lets go home"

He hit the key to open the hatchway and waited for his son to join him on the surface hit the control for the hatchway to close. Arriving at the house via transporter ten minutes later he found the house as familiar as usual and saw that his parents were their to greet them.

"Its good to see you Jake"

He heard his mother say as she embraced her grandson.

"Its good to be home"

"How long you staying here"

"A week we need to be back on Enterprise before she leaves and I need to oversee some new staff"

"We heard that you got the Chief tactical officers job on the Enterprise you are the talk of the villiage"

"She's everything history makes her out to be and more"

He embraced his mother then walked into the house.

"Your brother is dropping by later with his wife andd daughter"

"Sounds great I am going to go take a shower and change into some fresh cloths"

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Jan 5 2006, 11:16 PM
Bates arrived at the base where she would assemble the supplies and personnel for her expedition. It required several hours of fierce bargain hunting to locate the right supplies and for some strange reason many of the local guides had decided that the trek was to dangerous to attempt.

Bates had managed to locate a local named Thivo Melkor who was more than happy to take her to the ancient ruins. Bates was lucky that he didn't ask for more money than she had on her because that would have required a little borrowing from the ship's money supplies. Bates didn't think that Jeff would be to pleased if he discovered that she decided to borrow his paycheck for a while. When she first met the purple skinned man with black hair she did not know what to think, and the conversation was a little...odd.

Bates- "So, you must be Thivo. I have heard from the local populace that you have experience with helping people find things. I am in need of a guide to take me to..."

Thivo-"I'll take you wherever you want to go, so long as you keep quiet and don't die like my past tourists. It wasn't my fault they decided to take a trip into the supposedly extinct volcano. How was I to know it would suddenly explode while I was just happening to be leaving for a nice relaxing nap. You only need to pay me fifty credits."

Bates "Ok, well that sounds like the right price to me. I am sure this trek will be better than the last one you went on. I bought a camera just for this trip. I like taking pictures. When can you be ready to head out?"

Thivo- "You take any pictures and you might di...Well, I'll be ready to go if you can find some other people for me to mur...help on our little trek through the jungle to the hidden area that almost nobody knows about. Chances are with me you won't....will make it through this journey completely unharmed. I bet your life on it."

Bates-"Ok, I'll meet you outside the Hutu Inn in seven hours."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 6 2006, 08:21 AM
Jake had just fished his shower and got dressed when his console in his room beeped. Jake sighed and went to the consol tapping the controls taking a seat.

"Jake its good to see you"

Jake looked at the man for a second he recognised the face instantly it was a face that he wasnt likely to forget in an instant.

"What can I do for you John?"

"I thought I would drop you a line since you are on Mars"

"Its been 3 years since I saw you and them I left you on the ground flawed so what is it you want"

"I here you are the Tactical chief on the Enterprise"

"You hear right"

"I want you back in my squad Jake"

"I wouldnt rejoin the 106th if you paid me"

"Their was a time when you need me"

"That time as long since passed Lt now if thats all you wanted i will be seeing you"

"You were one of the best infiltration specalists I ever had what happened"

"As I remember it my wife was killed because of my job something that you could have prevented and didnt. Their is no way i would ever go back to working for you, I know what the 106 is known for I helped to give them the reputation but that life is behind me. If you ever need a job or a placement for your team we could always use a specailised team on Enterprise. Rilen out"

Jake went down stair into the Kitchen to see what was cooking.

"That smells good, I have missed cooked meals the replicated stuff doesnt taste the same"

"Sam seems to be eating me out of house and home its good to have you home"

"Its good to be home"

"Melissa would be proud of both of you he is turning into a great kid"

"Yeah and growing so damn fast I cant believe his growing up so quickly"

"What are your plans for the week?"

"Well I have the Ohio on loan to me from Jeff Pudlo so I was thinking that I would take Sam to Earth tomorrow to show him some of the Muesums, get a meal at Sisko's in New Orleans the rest of the week I have no idea. Thats assuming that i dont get called back to Enterprise sooner which is likely, their is never a dole moment on that ship"

"Can you not stay any longer"

"Afraid not I need to be back on Enterprise to make sure they dont decide to leave me behind.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Jan 6 2006, 03:30 PM
Jeff had left Don to his own devices on the starbase and was now taking the grand tour.

"And this is our pride and Joy." Mrak said, ushering Jeff into the last room. "The center of everything. It looks down on the ships in dock- the floor is transparent aluminum- and we control all large scale ops from here."

"A very nice OPs Center indeed." Jeff relpied, shaking his head. He would never be able to get used to that veiw... it looked like he would drop on that Einstien class ship any minute- If he did, he would land on it'slarge flat suacer...

"That's the USS Parks." Captian Mrak noted to Jeff. "I can't remember the regestry."

"NCC-348761" Jeff smiled. "You can read it from here."

"Indeed you can. I try to keep it in my mind what ships are here, which arn't. What they're here for. She's undegoing resupply and Engine upgrade."

"What's the Penticle here for?" Jeff asked, teasingly.

"Damage repair- almost finished with that. She got hit by a chunk of the ship she was fighting in a battle. knocked off a good sized chunk of her saucer- not that you cna tell now. She's being resupplied and is scheduled to leave late this afternoon."

"Thank you for the tour."

"I insisted on it, remember? and you have full acess to the base and any ships in her as long as I'm here."

"Thank you. any recomendations on where to go?"

"Zero-g beverage lounge. fun, but wear something washable."

Jeff took the turbolift.

Posted by: Joshua Clan Jan 7 2006, 06:59 AM
Josh walked toward the Counselors room with a skip in his stride this was the last thing he had left to do before he left for the planet. He hit the door chime and waited for the person to call enter. When he stepping he noticed the woman moving some of the furniture.

"Lt Kadra I presume otherwise my next question is who are you"

"Yes I am Kadra. Who are you?"

"Dr Joshua Clan CMO on board"

"What can I do for you doctor? You my first patient?"

"No but thats what I have come here to talk to you about"

"Please have a seat"

Josh sat in one of the comfy chair and sensed more than noticed that the woman seemed to be comfortable.

"Our chief Engineer as been forced to take three weeks shore leave after the death of his brother on the Advril Arrow. Before he comes back i have ordered him to counseling sessions with you, I need to know before we leave space dock whether he is fit to return to duty"

"I heard about that tragedy, okay do you have the transfer papers for him to come under my care"

"Yes they are here. Since he was relieved by me I will expect to be told whether he is fit to resume duty ultimatly thats you decision now. Only on your approval will I recind my decision"

"Understood doctor"

"Welcome aboard by the way I wouldnt worry about fitting in to much your be fine here"

"I had heard you were a telepath I guess I telegrathed that"

"No it was a guess I try not to read peoples emotions unless I really have to I normaly end up with far more. Well If you will excuse me Kadra my family are awaiting my return before we head down to the planet"

"Of course thank you doctor"

"Its Josh and Miguel my assistant will be expecting you for a routine check tomorrow morning at 10"

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Jan 7 2006, 04:22 PM
Bates searched for some more people to come along with her on the trek. The first person she found was an albino Klingon named Al'Thor. He carried a saber and shield with him and was willing to work for some Starfleet plasma coils. He was hired as the security leader for the expedition, along with fifty Andorians who followed him.

Next Bates needed to find a medic for the trek. She looked around at all the boring doctor's offices until she saw a neat looking tiki hut with voodoo dolls around the entrance. She asked the doctor, who went by the name of Vitani, if she would be willing to come along. All that she asked for was a couple of hairs from the commodore which Bates thought was a dirt cheap price.

Bates also went looking for supplies and found an outlet store run by some Ferengi who were quite willing to help her locate what she needed. They constantly assured her that the merchandise was in excellent condition.

Finally, Bates took a rest and prepared for the grand expedition that they were about to embark upon. She sent a message to the ship asking if anyone else wanted to come while there was still time.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Jan 7 2006, 10:06 PM
Rune sat in his chair, relaxed at the balcony of his Hotel Room. The sky was blue, and the weather was nice and hot. Ahhh, this is truely relaxing. Especially after all that Intelligence work I did on the Enterprise, he thought to himself.

"Yep, this is great. I sincerely hope I don't get any interruptions at all."

Just then, there was a knock at his door from the inside. The very idea that he would have to get up, annoyed him.

- "Excuse me, would you like any more towe---- Oops, I see that you have a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Never mind!" The voice of a Hotel lady said from behind the door inside.

When she left, Rune turned back into a relaxed mode. "Man, that was a close one."

But then a holographic console popped up next to him. Apparently he had a message waiting for him from the Enterprise.

"Huh? What the heck is this?" Rune tapped at the floating holographic console and opened his message. On the message it read: 'To any of the Senior Staff, from Bates. If any of you would like to join me on an excursion, please let me know in the next few hours.'

Rune realized it wasnt an urgent message or anything and then deactivated the hover-console.

"Peh. There's no way I'm going to that thing. Just sitting here doing nothing is all I want to do," he put on his sunglasses and relaxed back in his extended chair, with his feet up.

Just then, another console popped up next to him. This time there was a view-screen on it with Bate's image.

- "Lieutenant Rune. How's the vacation going?"

"Ahh!" Rune almost fell off his chair in shock. He didn't expect another pop-up to suddenly pop up. "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize it was you."

- "That's alright," Bates said. "I wanted to ask if you'd join us on an excursion? I'm sure it'd be quite enlightening, and I could use an Intelligence Officer."

"That's not for me, ma'am. But thanks for asking anyway."

- "This may be your last chance to check out the historical ancient ruins of this planet... Something no Intelligence Officer could pass up."

"Hey, I was alive in the 24th Century when those ruins were normal buildings," he joked. "But then again, I suppose it'd be nice to check them out." Then Rune sat up and took off his shades. He took nearly 47 seconds to think about what he was thinking about. Should he go? Bates was right about the fact that it may be his last chance.... and it would be interesting to see those ruins. I heard barely anyone has gotten to them. I wonder if I could get to them? He shrugged and then decided to make up his mind. This hotel sitting has been getting old anyway! - "I hope I don't regret this. Count me in!"

- Bates nodded from the hovering view-screen, "Great. I'm sending you the co-ordinates of the meetup place and time. I'll see you there--- oh, and bring some drinking water. It's hot out."

Before Rune could say anything the view-screen cut out and the hovering-popup disappeared. Oh man... drinking water??

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Jan 8 2006, 09:59 PM
Bates finished sending out her messages and then went to order a drink near the hotel. She wanted to be close by in case the group assembled early but to her disappointment there were no early arrivals. Bates sipped her alcoholic juju juice slowly to savor the rich taste.

Not to long afterwards, Bates became a little concerned when she realized it was a minute until the scheduled departure time and there was still no sign of her travelling companions. Then when the time came they magically appeared in small groups, heading for the hotel. Checking to make sure there were no missing people or stragglers, Bates read the names of the people on the trek and took attendance. A rather large group of Starfleet officers showed up, though only a few were recognizable.

Bates was about to head out when a messenger appeared and informed her that there was still one straggler who had forgotten to RSVP. That person was on the way and would be there in a few minutes. Bates was mildly surprised upon learning the name of this unannounced guest.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 9 2006, 10:04 AM
Jake came to the table and smiled at his father it had been a long time since he had seen the old man and time wasnt being good to him they embraced then parted to take their seats. They heard the door chime go he was half way to say enter when he realised he wasnt on Enterprise and saw his mother head for the door. They heard footsteps approach and the unmistable noice of his brothers two sons pounding down the hall way. He stood up and turned to the door as it whisked open it had been sometime since he had seen his brother he had recieved many letters.

"Jake its good to see that you have come home at last"

"Thanks Marc its good to be here even if it is only for a short while"

They shook hands then sat at the table while their mother dished out the meal the kids were first as usual as it seemed to keep them quiet.

"I hear from mum that made you chief of security on Enterprise"

"Yes they are mad enough to give me a gun and explosives on occassion"

"Sounds like fun"

"It is we get to meet some real characters I can tell you"

"Enterprise isnt in orbit though is she we normaly know about that"

"No shes having some repairs done outside the system I thought I'd borrow a runabout and come over. Hows the Council?"

"Your last mission caused quite a stir you know, we are still trying to sort out the mess of the Advril Arrow"

"Yes tell me about it we have crew that had family members on her not to mention we were cloaked in orbit when it happened"

"So what you got planned while you are here?"

"Earth tomorrow dinner at Sisko's which is already booked the Academy and some other things that we havent yet decided on then the rest of the week maybe catch some rays in Miami"

=/\= Ohio to Rilen =/\=

Jake took his combadge out of his pocket and tapped it.

=/\= Go ahead =/\=

=/\= Unauthorised transport in process =/\=

=/\= Persons or gear computer =/\=

=/\= Non organic device =/\=

=/\= Relocate transport to my location computer =/\=

=/\= Acknowldged =/\=

Jake sat at the table and watch the object appear on the desk it appeared to be a file of some sort. Jake took the file and opened it he read for a short time then his face darkened heavily.

"Jake what is it?"

"I need to get out of here, Marcus are you okay to take care of Sam for a couple of days"

"Yes sure thing"

"Whats up dad?"

"A ghost from the past is all"

Jake excused himself from the table taking the file as he went he headed for the door to the kitchen dinning area. Ten minutes later he was ready to go he tapped his combadge and ordered a sight to sight transport.


Short time later on Enterprise.

"Sir I have an incoming message from a Mrs Rilen its for the admiral"

"Put her through Ensign"

An elderly woman appeared on the view screen looking all worried.

"How can I help you Mam"

"My son is the Chief tactical officer on your vessel, he left here in a hurry a short time ago after an unauthorised beam in onto the Ohio he didnt say much when he saw what was in the file that was beamed aboard and made an abrupt departure"

"How long ago"

"Half hour ago we have already checked the Ohio left ten minutes after he transported over no flight plan was forwarded to the dock"

"Well look into it and get back to you"

The man nodded and the screen went back to its original view.

"Should we inform one of the senior staff"

"They are on some type of expedition it wont be easy to get a comunique through for the next few days tomorrow morning when we send them an update include the fact that he has gone missing will you and make sure that if their is a update on that, that its included. Jake can handle himself"

Runabout Ohio

Jake sat at the controls having set a heading for a place he hadnt been in three years the pain was flowing through him and the anger but if what he had read so far was true then he was on a rescue mission.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Jan 11 2006, 10:59 PM
Don took another shot at the floating target. The simulator created the illusion that the three people in the zero-g phaser range were each wearing a jetpack that could be controlled manually.

Direct hit. Three in a row.

"Your Sim Time has expired, please allow for the next group to enter the holodeck."

Don jumped out of his nonexistant space suit and walked out the doors and was once again immersed in a headache of sound and light that was the entry hall. He looked for a bar- a quiet one, and sat down at the stool closest to the entrance.

It was the 'Stellar Light Bar' and, according to the sign on the door, there was absolutely no better place for a Klingon milkshake...

The bartender looked like he was in his thirties, "What'll it be?" he asked.

"I'll have- well, what sort of Xindi drinks do you serve?" asked Don, placing his Federation Identification Card on the bartop.

"Hmm... let's see."

The bartender crouched down to a crate under the bar and lifted up three rather gourmet-looking wine bottles.

"I have a 2269 Gratch-nalfer, unopened. One of the pieces of my excellence collection. I think you'll like this next one, however: "Reynolds Family Estate Red", bottled only a year ago."

Don stared at the signature of each of his family members. His fathers, his mothers, his own, and on the top of the bottle, his brother Jeremy's.

There was a pause as Don quickly looked away and back to the bartender.

"What's next?"

"Ah, not your type? Well, in that case, I recommend this non-alcoholic carbonated Triachan 4. One of the best in this room, I can assure you. Bottled and brewed on Azati Prime."

"I'll take one."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 13 2006, 01:06 PM
Jake sat at the console he had been on the move for several hours and was currently on a course to rendevous with a Klingon merchant.

He saw the vessel decloak in instantly sent out a hail and waited to see whether their was a response. He saw a griseled old Klingon appear on the screen.

"Jake it has been to long since we shared a bottle of your finest bloodwine"

"Kh'tok its good to see you I am sorry it cant be for to long I need a favor"

"Whats that"

"I need a cloaking device and quick and all the information you have on the Devron system"

"Isnt that where your wife was killed"


"Why on earth you want to go back their"

"Unfinished business Kh'tok can you help?"

"Sure I picked up a cloaking device in some salvage can have it ready for you to go in a couple of hours"

"Good I will come up along your port side assuming thats where I can still dock"

"Hasnt changed"

Several hours later

Jake left the port side and continued on his way.

"Computer begin log"

I have been out on my own for over 12 hours now and by now I am sure that Enterprise is aware that I have disappeared. All I can say is that right now I need to go hunting. I thought that I had left behind what happened three years ago now I know that I may have to revisit some old wounds in the hope that I may finaly be able to put to rest some old demons. Should I be unsuccessfull please pass on to my family that I loved them to the very end.

Kh'tok was a great help in getting me what I need i now no that I may have to fight my way out. The people responsible for my wifes apparant death will pay for what they have done and finaly I may be able to put her to rest and that of my children.

I have not been to the Devronb system for three years and I swore back then that I would never go back but with the new information that I recieved I could not risk not coming back here even if it means only more pain.

"Computer end log"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Jan 17 2006, 09:31 AM
Rune stood in the crowd of people, waiting to go. He had to admit that he felt a certain amount of excitement. "This is going to be pretty interesting," he nudged some random guy next to him. But the guy just looked at him, thinking Rune was some weirdo for liking these kinds of missions.

"I'm just here for the riches we might run into," the guy said.

Rune dropped his elbow in realization-- "Oh."

Just then, he noticed someone walking past him... it was him! Or at least, an obvious Hologram of him.

"What the hell??" Rune walked through the crowd and grabbed the Holographic Rune by the shirt. "I thought we deleted all of you! And how does a hologram exist without holographic emitters?"

The Holographic Rune turned and noticed who was grabbing his shirt, "Huh? Oh, this is the 26th Century. Of course Holograms can work without holoemitters! Besides, I wasn't sent here from the Enterprise to replace you."

"Then who sent you to replace me??" Rune asked in mere shock at the fact he was asking that ridiculous question.

The Holographic Rune replied, "It was Nekel. Yeah, he said he should be beaming you away at any time now."

"What? If you think I'm going to---" But as Rune was talking, he was suddenly dematerialized.


Rune found himself in some sort of empty Arena, and then out walked Nekel. The man came from out of the shadows to reveal himself.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Jan 17 2006, 10:54 PM
Bates turned toward Rune, who looked a little different. She couldn't put her finger on it.

"All right, now that everyone is here let's go."

They began travelling through densely populated areas, and Bates realized that there were more people in the group than she had anticipated. She had guessed that maybe thirty people would accompany her into the wild, but from a quick head count there were more than 500 people.

By the time they entered the suburbs there were over 15,000 people. Where did all of these people come from? I hope they just are following this path because they are going home to their houses, because I don't think we have the logistical support for this many people. The situation only grew more dire as the party reached the countryside where there were few houses. By now the group had over 20,000 people in it of all age groups.

"Don's never going to believe that I led an army into the wilderness like this", Bates whsipered into the wind. Before long they reached the end of the road and saw the jungle in front of them. Then they entered slowly, hoping that no trouble would come their way.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Jan 20 2006, 12:30 AM
After his third drink Don was no better off.

"That's enough, barman," he said, "I'm going back to my ship. Thanks for the drinks."

Don walked out into the entrance hall. He saw Jeff, and thought that it was probably best to avoid him for the time being. Don walked back to the Enterprise and got on the strange elevator.

"I need to go home," he thought, and as he got back to his quarters, he arranged for a shuttle to Azati Prime.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Jan 29 2006, 07:40 AM
Jake guided the ship as it entered the Devron system at high warp he was headed for the third planet in the system it had been three years since he had been in this system he wasnt looking forward to going back.

As the runabout landed he shut the systems down and kept the vessel cloaked before disembarking with a phaser and his commbadge.

Meanwhile On Enterprise.

"Porter to Bates"

"Go ahead ensign"

"Sir I have some disturbing news we recieved a communication from Jake Rilens Mother to say that her son left in a hurry after recieving an unauthorised transport on the runabout he borrowed"

"Whats disturbing about that?"

"Sir he has since gone missing and their is no trace of where he might have gone our intelligence team says that they think he may have gone dark"

"Do we know what was in the file that made him leave in such a hurry"

"No sir all that his mother as said is that he was distressed when he left their home on Mars mam"

"How long as he been missing"

"Just coming up on 36 hours"

Back on Devron 3

Jake walked in to an old bar that he had not been in since his last trip here and ordered a Raktajino before sitting down and waited for his contact to arrive.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Jan 30 2006, 09:52 PM
Bates looked at Rune and told him what had happened. He merely shrugged and looked silently into the jungle. Bates looked behind her at the masses of people before turning back to Rune.

Bates- "Do you think I should give a sermon before we embark on our quest into the dangerous jungle?

Rune- Sure, why don't you climb that little mount over there.

Bates- Ok, tell the people to wait for me to give my speech. I have to warn them about what we are about to do. I hope most of them come to their sense and go home because we don't have the logistical infrastructure to support all these people. If only I had a machine that could mutliply food...

Bates headed to the top of the nearby mount and prepared in her mind the sermon she would use to lure the weak, old, and young away from the peril that could await them.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Feb 1 2006, 09:14 PM
Don went up to Jeff.

"Sir, isn't there an exhibit you wanted me to see?" he asked.

"Yep. Follow me," he answered.

They left the main hall and into an exhibit meant to look like Ancient Egypt. This should be interesting, thought Don.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Feb 2 2006, 08:12 PM
OOC: I already showed it to you! it was the memorial thing!

IC: Jeff played along. Don apparently didn't remember the visit too well, and when Don spoke, Jeff smelled why. It wasn't synthyhol that Don had been drinking...

Jeff him down to the Austrailan aboriginies exibit. the place they wre in looked dry and worn.
"This way. It's a recreation of something that ought to porve quite intersting to you."

"In what way?"

"You love Engineering."

"I've seen primitive structures before."

"We're not going to them."

"then where?"

"Some caves accually."

"Again I ask, Why?"

"You'll see in just a moment." A few minutes later they arrived. The wall was covered with strage carvings and paitings. Jeff started tp point out a few famous ones.

"The airplane, thousands of years before it was built. A test ship for space- warp configuration. A warp equation...."

"Wow... how did they do this?"

"They called it 'Dreamttime' I think. some sort of meditative trance. And all this..." Jeff guestured around the room. "was created. we still don't know what half of it is."

"It could just be art."

"That's what they used to say about the warp engine signature. I felt that you might need something to occupy your mind."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Feb 4 2006, 05:16 PM
Jake sat at the bar still nursing the first drink that he had brought he had no intention of drinking more than two if he could avoid it he needed as clear a head as possible. He heard someone sit down opposite him rather than saw them he wasnt really looking at the table.

"You Jake Rilen"

"Thats right what can I do for you?"

"I came here to give you this and a warning you dont want to go up against these people unless you absolutly have to"

"If you knew what was at stake then you would know why I am going after them"

"Understood the complex you are looking for is in a system two light years away at warp 3, its heavily armed and you wont get through easily do you have a star ship"

"Yes I have a star ship"

"Good i hope its capable of landing as they have a transpoter inhibitor on the planet means that you cant get down any other way than by shuttle or small ship"


"My payment"

Jake produced a brief case like container.

"200 bars of gold pressed latinum"

"That would be it you screw me over I will kill you understood"

"Crystal clear is that all"


"Good now get out I catch you again I will arest you got that"

"Crystal clear"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Feb 12 2006, 07:13 PM
Don woke up the next morning with a hangover.

The worst one he'd ever had. He remembered that he had reserved a shuttle for Azati Prime, so he got dressed and ran down to the shuttlebay to get onboard. He was only two minutes late.

The shuttle left the dock and Don watched as the Enterprise slowly got out of view. Shore leave was nearly over, but he had time for a weekend on his home planet.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Feb 14 2006, 09:58 AM
Bates was able to convince enough of the people to leave so the quest went ahead as scheduled.
Eventually after many perils the expedition reached the hidden fortress of H'kitroik. After clearing the area of overgrowth the party began to search for a way inside the many buildings that were there. However, no doorways could be found. The society didn't look all that ancient, judging by the technology that was discovered. Eventually someone found a panel that bore some inscriptions that no one in the team could understand.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Feb 15 2006, 09:21 PM
Rune looked around the Arena. The place was dark and mysterious.

Nekel had walked out and pointed at Rune. "Now it's time for you and me to fight... to the death!"

"Oh Nekel," Rune said jokingly, "You're always beaming people into Battle Arena's for fights to the death. When will you ever learn?"

Nekel dropped his pointing finger, "This is no joke, Rune. I've been completely bored over these years. No stamp collecting hobby has ever torn me away from my tired eyes!"

"Even the Ferengi Tube Grub stamp collectibles? I heard those were the most popular," Rune replied in shock.

Nekel shook his head, "Alas. They do nothing for me. Have you even ever ate a Tube Grub before? They're disgusting."

"Look are we going to talk about Tube Grubs or are we going to fight?"

The opposing Nekel quickly took a stance, "Yes!"

"Ahh! Wait, I mean-- fighting is so over-rated nowadays. What with all our modern new-aged ideas and such."

Nekel clenched his fists forward at Rune, "No more stalling. We must see who is the better of the two of us. Now hurry! You do not have much shore leave time left."

"Uggh," Rune rolled his eyes and sighed. He figured that he might as well get it over with. "Fine, Nekel. But if you get hurt, you can't blame me."

"But it'd be directly your fault?"

"You know what I mean!" Rune said.

"Of course," Nekel clenched his fists again. "Now go!" - He suddenly ran at Rune, jumping a kick into the air... and the two commenced fighting.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Feb 19 2006, 09:43 PM
Jeff had wandered back to the ship and went to his ready room. Once there, he saw a message on his monitor. It seemed that the Ohio- and Jake with it it seemed- had gone missing. Don was still depressed, and Bates was heavan knew where on some planetside trip.

He sighed and tapped his commbadge.
"pudlo to..." he paused. To who? most everyone had left with Bates, or was enjoying leave somewhere else.
"Cancel. Computer, manual input please."
A thin board slid out of his desk and a monitor flipped up. Jeff hastly selected some options, and starfleet acess code screen soon phowed itself. He tapped the input on the borad, and in a second, his bio print was confirmed.

location of the USS Ohio he typed.

The screen relayed coodinates, which Jeff hastly trnasferred to a PADD, and shut off the terminal.

It was time to go hunting. He sent a quick note to the dock manager- And to Dr. Clan, giving him temporary comand.

that done, he rushed down to the shuttlebay and selected a runabout of his own- the Firestar, the pathfinder of the class. It was more or lkess the same as the Ohio, but it's 2 decks of equipment had been feil tested on their first mission involving Unit 344T. It had almost been destroyed sure, but it was in perfect shape now. He climbed in and opened up the doors, then Piloting her out, he opened up and sent the Firestar into slidewarp towrds Jakes coordinates.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Feb 20 2006, 10:01 AM
Jake made his final approach for the plant their were several ships in orbit all looking like they were ready for a fight though Jake was not stupid enough to engage a runabout wasnt anywhere near a match for these guys and he knew he needed to get down their undetected.

Landing the craft a twenty minute hike away from his target he armed himself up with a rifle and several charges just in case he also took some grenades with him as well he checked his commbadge and set it to heavy stun. As he arrived at the complex he took note that their wre several entrances but he needed a back door in to the place he could not go and knock on the front door he looked through his binoculars from a distance to check out the area he noticed what looked like a easy accessible back door and headed that way as quickly as he could he could not afford to be spotted at this moment.

He looked over the console and checked out the sensors they all looked pretty easy these people didnt expect an attack from the outside by a lone star fleet officer. He used the equipment that he had brought before he left the Devron system to gain access to the site stepping into the room which was pretty dark thankfully he headed for the door he had a rough idea where they muight be keeping them but wasnt sure he needed to find a console to find out the exact location he was more than a little sure that he would find them.

"Pudlo To Rilen"

The noise made him jump and he was aware that this wasnt the time to be taking a call.

"I am a little busy right now Admiral and it isnt safe to talk on a open channel"

"You go missing and take one of my ships with you with out any contact what do you expect"

He heard footsteps coming his way this wasnt good.

"I cant talk about it so for now goodbye Jeff I will see you on Enterprise"

He touched his combadge then disconnected it before continuing in the opposite direction to the footsteps he found the console that he needed and checked out the readings he found what he was looking for.

Arriving at the door he knew that this was going to be hard they needed to get out undetected and fast if they werent going to get caught he tapped the door panel and heard the womans voice call enter. Stepping in to the room he saw what he had not dared to hope to see. The wife that he thought he had lost three years earlier and his sons both older than when he had last saw them he winced at what he had missed but could only smile.

"Jake how did you find this place?"

"A contact of mine in intelligence let me know about a rumor he had heard. I needed to check it out myself. We need to get out of here are you okay to get out of here"

"Yes but they wont let us go with out a fight"

"All we need to do is get out of the complex I can get a sight sight transport from outside"

He picked up one of his sons handed his commbadge to his wife.

"Lets go quickly and quietly"

They headed back the way he had come as fast as possible he felt his son cling to him his riffle pointed ahead they couldnt hear anyone as they went the way they came arriving at the door that he had come in through he opened it and followed them out taking the commbadge from her activating it again he tapped his comm badge.

"Ohio four to beam up"


He felt the transporter take ahold of him and his family reappearing on the Ohio he took his seat he knew that they must have seen the transport on their sensors and he knew that they needed to get out of their he touched the controls and brought them to life taking of as quickly as possible he swung about and took aim at the base that he had come from firing the phasers twice at the base to knock out its defense systems they left once leaving orbit hitting warp for Mars. "Jake I am following you will you drop the cloak"

"Admiral Pudlo I am sorry but I needed silence to get where I was going dropping cloak"

He saw Pudlos face appear on the screen taken aback for a second the Admiral asked.

"Who are they"

"This is my wife that I thought died three years ago and our two sons they were taken by the syndicate and used as slaves acording to the intelligence i recieved"

"Where are you heading"

"Mars to pick up my other son then we will head back to Enterprise"

"You gave us quiet a scare Jake"

"I couldnt risk telling anyone you have to understand that even if you dont like it, if their was any chance that they were alive I needed to find them. Even if it meant finding out they were gone it would have been closure on that part of our lives"

"I think I understaand"

"You have been nothing but supportive of me throgh everything I hope I can only repay you for that somewhere down the line"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Feb 20 2006, 07:05 PM
Jeff sighed. "Jake, you know that Starfleet won't let this one go easally."

"I know. I filed no flight plan."

"And went into a potentally hazardous situation. I'll help you out on this one Jake.... "

"I can't see how you will. That reg is pretty scrict."

"Yes, it is. However, I could file a flight plan fo you- free roam for security reasons."

"Is that allowed?"

"It is if filing the plan in advance might put you in danger. So, that's what we can do. Mars you said?"

" I really can't discuss this kind of thing on any chanel open or not."

"you arrn't." Jeff said from behind him. wait- behind?

"How'ed you get aboard?"

"Simple. Transporter harmonic meshing."

"Forgot, I guess."

"no, you didn't. they're back up now, by the way." He paused, realizing agian that jake's family was there. "I'm sorry, Jeff Pudlo, How do you do?"

Posted by: Jake Rilen Feb 22 2006, 08:29 AM
Jake looked at jeff for a second.

"If I had told anyone what I was up to they would chucked me in the brig and ordered me a consellor. My family were reported dead three years ago and although their bodies were never found their was never a formal investigation in to what went wrong"

"Why wasn't their an investigation?"

"When you are an infiltration specialist in the Intelligence branch they dont tend to like admiting that you exist. We were on a mission my CO at the time knew that a threat had been made against my family, their was a chance to protect them but he said nothing. I have had to live with that for the last three years, you try telling a son that his mother and brothers arent coming home. It very nearly killed me and is one of the reasons I gave up intelligence work"

"The other reason"

"I didnt like the bad taste it left in mouth, plus I layed out my CO shortly after coming back from the mission"

"I knew that their was something about you. Your record is incomplete?"

"They dont like to admit when we get caught behind enemy lines, it looks bad"

"You could have told us what was going on?"

"The intell I had was shaky at best their was no way I could get Enterprise involved its to big a ship it would be noticed. I certainly would not have said anything over an open channel. If I had told you I was going looking for a potential ghost what would you have said"

"Probably have told you not to go looking for something because you may not like what you found"

"Exactly I spent three years trying to put this behind me Enterprise finaly seemed to do the job. But when i got that file I needed to find out once and for all to finaly put the past behind me one way or the other. Your understand when you have kids of your own that you will do anything to save them from pain and hurt"

"Are you coming back to Enterprise"

"If youll have me though I will need bigger acomodation"

"It can be worked"

He turned to see the kids playing in the cabin their mum laying on the bed.

"Go be with them they need you more than we do right now I will see you on Enterprise"

"The flight plan"

"I will sort it out

"Jeff dont tell my family that's my job"

"Of course"

"I'll see you in a couple of days"

18 hours later Mars

Jake landed the runabout once more he had contacted his family to say that he would be their shortly and that their would be three more guests. As they arrived at the house he had his boys by his side and his wife near him as well it had been an emotional trip a lot of catching up. Now as the door opened he saw his mum their and his father and his eldest child standing there. He smiled at them all and excepted the embrace of his son.

"Jake they said that she was dead"

"They got it wrong, we cant stay long I need to be back on Enterprise"

"We understand"

He stood and entered the house it was an awkward moment for them all but their was a lot of smiles and hugs.

"Thanks for looking after him for me"

"Its not a problem just glad to see that you are back in one piece"

A short time later they were back on the runabout heading back to Enterprise.


Jake saw the ship come in to view and couldnt help but smile at her he was coming home.

"Rilen to Enterprise"

"Go ahead Jake"

"Permission to land"

"Docking bay 6"

"Understood bringing her home"

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Feb 25 2006, 11:53 PM
Bates and her team began recording the writings that they found in the hopes that someday a linguist would be able to figure out their meaning. After spending several days at the site, which had no drinking water and offered few areas to set up camp the team began to collect artifacts that would be sent back to the capital for later study.

By the time they were all ready to go the group was tired and grumpy. Their journey back was uneventful and when they reached the capital Bates was happy to have finished her quest. A sense of satisfaction at having finally accomplished something of merit for these people was enough without the large monetary award that was offered.

Turning down the money offer, Bates paid the rest of the team and then waited for a shuttle to come and take her back to the J.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Feb 26 2006, 01:27 AM
"Of course," Nekel clenched his fists again. "Now go!" - He suddenly ran at Rune, jumping a kick into the air... and the two commenced fighting--- or at least, they were about to.

*Beep, beep*

*Beep, beep*

The computer's moderate alert went off and brought the lights to normal level. Nekel flew past Rune in a jump kick, missing him - and Rune had jumped as well, to block, but instead of blocking, he jumped passed Nekel's kick - and they both landed opposite to each other.

Rune turned, and checked his chronometer, "Well, my time is up. That's all I get for shore leave."

Nekel turned as well, in shock, "What??? We have to fight! We just have to!"

Rune shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "I'm sorry. But those are the rules. I'm supposed to head back to get back to duty."

Nekel clenched his fists again, "Just one quicky before you go."

The Lieutenant turned and headed for the doors, "I can't. They're expecting me."

"Hey, I kidnapped you! You can't leave!"

Just then, Rune opened the door and stepped out.

"Crap. I forgot to lock it!" Nekel turned and kicked the wall in anger.


Rune walked outside and found that he was actually back at the Hotel. There must have been a built Battle Arena in it, like other Hotels that have pools or laundry rooms. "I guess Nekel had to pay for its use."

He went to the Lobby and and signed himself out. The next thing to do was to get transport back to the Enterprise.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Feb 26 2006, 12:47 PM
Jake stepped of the run about in front of his family he met Jeff with a smile as the rest of the family came down the ramp.

"Welcome home Jake"

"Thanks sir its good to be back"

Jake walked past him to see that the doctor was standing there"


"I thought that I could offer my assistance and medical expertise"

"They werent looked over when we were on Mars so I guess we need to get that done"

"When your finished in sick bay I need you on the bridge. This is the location of your new quarters I have had your stuff moved there"

"Thank you sir, what happened out there I would like that yo remain between us I will tell the story when I am ready"

"Of course"

Jake follow the doctor out of the bay his wife close by the children running up ahead with the doctor. He wasnt sure what the future held he wasnt sure whether they could survive this but he knew right now that he needed to be here.

After a gruelling hour in sickbay they took the transporter to their quarters which were much bigger than the old one which was meant for two people.

"Are you ok"

"Fine just glad to be away from that hell hole, you need to go to the bridge is everything okay"

"I suspect its just to make sure the rest of the staff check in on time and get back in one piece"

Jake stepped into the bedroom to slip on his uniform stepping out he smiled as he readjusted his tunic and the pips on his collar.

"I'll be back soon"

Jake took the transporter to the bridge rather than the walk he wanted to get on with it he acknowledge his stand in as he stood aside. Jake looked over the systems and checked the scans for the previous day.

"Jeff we have a problem though i am not sure how bad a situation it is"

"Whats up"

"I am detecting the hologram of Aeon with Captain Bates"

"Excuse me I thought that had been deactivated"

"It had but not deleted we agreed that it could be useful in the future"

"Where is Aeon?"

"Scanning. His on the southern continent just appeared on the scanners"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Feb 26 2006, 09:41 PM
There were two days of shore leave left. Don arrived at Earth at 3 in the morning in Bermuda.

He wondered if there were any houses he could have. He chose a house next to the beach and officially moved in. His three suitcases full of all his belongings, his metal replica of the Jay, his clothing, and one other item.

It was his pride and joy. It was a vase that had been handed down at least 30 generations through the Reynolds family.

Don had grown up on Earth, but was officailly xindi.

Peter Reynolds, a human, had adopted him at a young age and raised him to be human. He had also changed Don's name from something nobody remembered (even Don) to the more human name of Donovan. The reason he spelled it 'Donothan' was so that he didn't have to be 'completely' human, but still human enough to be accepted in San Fransisco as a child.

Don took out a picture of his brother, Jeremy, and set it on the bedside table. The funeral was the next day.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Feb 28 2006, 06:31 PM
Bates talked to Aeon as the shuttle headed toward the J.

Bates- "So, what are you going to do with the money you earned?"

Aeon- "I am going to buy myself a mobile holo-emitter."

Bates-"Why do you want that?"

Aeon-"I feel enslaved. Sometime on the planet I became aware of what I truly am. It was an enlightening experience. I would try to explain to you what happened but the words escape me at the moment.."

there was a slight pause while Aeon thought to himself.

Aeon-"I am going to change my name. I have decided that the name Aeon is not right for me. It doesn't describe my identity. I need to find a new name."

Bates looked on with a stunned expression.

Bates-"ok, Aeon..I mean sir. Whatever name you choose will be fine with me. I can see it means a lot to you."

Aeon- "Thanks. I will have decided on a name by the time we reach the ship."

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Mar 14 2006, 04:04 PM
So shore leave was now over.

Don returned to the ship, knowing his new home would be waiting for him next time.

Everyone got back to the ship with stories to tell. Some of the crew had had quite an adventure, and Don wouldn't be surprised if they were lying to him. Jeff said goodbye to the admiral of the station and the Enterprise left into the black.

As the planet and the station dimmed out of view, Don retreated back to engineering. A picture of his brother hung in his office, where he sat and read the reports of the acting chief engineer during shore leave.

No real problems- a small plasma leak was mended, a couple of power injectors failed. The usual.

The Enterprise J glided silently along the black sky.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Mar 14 2006, 11:23 PM
"so Don, I see our couselor has approved you for duty."

"ANd it's god to be back. but one thing: I'm a little uncomforble with two Runes."

"the other is named something else now..."

"Still looks the same."

"I have a hunch that that will change soon as he figures out his new identity."

"I guess so."

"It will unfold as it will." Jeff said a little oddly as he walked out of the lounge. "i'll be in my quarters if you or Bates need me."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Mar 19 2006, 01:27 AM
OCC: lol, I love the fact Rune has a permanent holo-double. that's hilarious. laugh.gif


Rune entered the hallways of the Enterprise. It'd been a good vacation-- actually, it'd been an awkward vacation. But it was a vacation none the less. He was about to enter his Quarter's when a console next to his door showed that the living area was occupied.

Shocked, Rune entered his Quarters only to find the holographic look-alike that had paraded around as him as before.


"Hey, Rune," the hologram said.

"Don't Hey Rune me. You're supposed to be deleted!"

"Actually, I've decided to begin a life of my own. It's not uncommon for holograms to become sentient nowadays. Weren't they sentient in the 24th Century?"

"Yeah, but you've taken my identity. And you're living in my Quarters!"

"That's just because I still have some natrual instincts that are based on yours. Those can be reprogrammed easily."

"Alright then. What about your name? You can't be named Rune too. That's just crazy!"

"Oh but is it?"


"Well then. We'll just have to see about that."


"I don't know. I seem to contain your stubborn-like routines aswell."

"I'm not stubborn! I just like being the only Rune."

The hologram stood up, "Fine. Then I'll name myself..... ummmm... Clarence?"

"There's no way I'm having that name attached to my holographic representation of my face."

"Hmm... how about Jane? Sammy? Ira?"

Rune crossed his arms, "Those are GIRLS names. I'm not a girl."

"Then what the heck kind of name is Aeon? That's your name - a girls name."

"Don't even go there, hologram. --Alright. I think I've figured it out... your name will be Kaine."

"I guess."

"Good. Now please leave my Quarters."

"Where will I go?"

"Can't you live in the holodeck?"

"That's not a bad idea. I'll see you later," the hologram waved and left.

Rune just shook his head and went to his couch. Like he had observed earlier - it was an awkward vacation. But now it was time to get back to the way things were on the Enterprise: normal. Hopefully.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Mar 19 2006, 02:12 AM
OOC: Normal? On the Enterprise?!?!? laugh.gif

IC: Jeff Pudlo walked into his quarters, ordered tea with lemon and sat down. He opened his files and then recieved a transmission.

"Your Next Assignment will be a difficult one," the admiral had said with a look of shock on his face, "I certainly hope you're well-rested from your vacation..."

Don Reynolds sat in his quarters, and found that he had gotten over the death of his brother. He also recieved a transmission:

"April Smith, an old colleague of yours on the Explorer Class Project, has recovered from a severe spinal injury and shall be starting up as Asst. Chief Engineer onboard the Enterprise on time for the next mission.

Robin Bates got back to work as usual, and also decided to read some old Shakespeare.

Aeon Rune's holodeck double settled in on deck 92-forward, and started to read up some quantum mechanics.

Jake Rilen also got back to work, and started working on the designs for a new computer-controlled phaser weapon.

The Enterprise J drifted through the vast emptiness of space, on the way to even more adventure...