Simworld Fleets: U.S.S. Yamato

Simworld Fleets was the title of a now defunct Star Trek online community RPG message board from October of 2005 to about June of 2007.

One of several starship-categorized RPGs within Simworld Fleets was U.S.S. Yamato. Episodic threads were categorized as "missions". This blog archives only a short number of those missions.

More info:

U.S.S. Yamato:
1. Main bridge, main observation lounge, captains ready room.
2. Junior Officer’s quarters
3. Junior Officer’s quarters
4. Main shuttle bay, cargo bays
5. Science laboratories, residential quarters
6. Transporter room 1, 2, 3, 4, science laboratories, 
main dorsal saucer phaser array
7. Residential quarters
8. Residential quarters, including captains quarters Battle bridge
9. Residential quarters, Saucer impulse engines, 
secondary dorsal saucer phaser arrays Docking latches and supporting 
10. Ten forward, computer cores, escape pods Emergency batteries, 
phaser bank systems
11. Holodecks, residential quarters Life support systems
12. Sickbay, medical laboratories, gymnasium Science labs
13. Residential quarters, life support system, main ventral saucer phaser array Shuttle bays 2 and 3
14. Residential quarters Shuttle bay support, personnel 
transporters 5 and 6
15. Maintenance centre Science labs
16. Captains yacht docking port Maintenance
17. Living quarters
18. Living quarters
19. Living quarters
20. Living quarters
21. Power distribution
22. Engineering support laboratories
23. Main impulse engines
24. Life support
25. Dorsal docking port, 
forward photon torpedo launcher
26. Engineering support
27. Deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports
28. Deuterium fuel storage
29. Deuterium fuel storage
30. Deuterium injection reactors
31. Science laboratories
32. Living quarters
33. Living quarters
34. Environmental support
35. Aft photon torpedo launcher
36. Main engineering, secondary ventral stardrive section phaser arrays
37. Environmental support, waste management
38. Cargo bays, brig
39. Cargo bays
40. Antimatter injection reactors
41. Antimatter storage pods
42. Antimatter storage pods