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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jan 25 2006, 10:42 PM
// Personal Log Dr. Kaoru Ele, Stardate 58204.12 \\

You know...I think I'm going to find the person who said "Be careful what you wish for" and choke the life out of them.

I knew the pace we were going at was too fast, too hard, I knew that the Intrepid should have fallen back from this $*%^(& mission before now. I recommended that we slow down countless times to the captain and the XO. Well now we have.

We've been floating in the nebula for two days, engineering working to restore enough power for us to get across the galaxy. And the waiting is driving me crazy.

I can't wait until I go back on duty, in fact, I think I'll go early.

// End Log \\

As befitted her rank, when Kaoru strode into sickbay, her expression gave no hint towards the frustration she felt. She entered her office, reviewing the duty roster from the previous shift, standing beside the replicator, "Tarkalean tea, hot." Until recently, she had never really cared for Tarkalean tea. That brought something of a smile to her lips. "You know...it's cozier in the corridors without the main lighting."

Ensign Lark chuckled, "All we need is candlelight and we'd have very romantic hallways."

"Lot of plasma burns." Kaoru was pleased by the mood of her staff, inspite of the situation. Sipping her tea, she held the padd out to Marix who was already well aware of what it said.

"Engineering doctor. All the plasma burns have come from there."

Kaoru sighed, "Gervace, with me...we'll go down and take quick stock." Setting down her tea, she shouldered a medkit, Gervace doing the same.

"Lark...run those scans on Kassan, will you?" Kassan's pregnancy was on her mind far more than Kaoru liked to admit. It had been shortsighted on both Anil's and Kassan's part to let it happen, but it had. And all Kaoru could do was keep close track of every step of the gestation, until the baby was born or Kassan's transfer was granted.

"Yes doctor." Lark answered her as Kaoru and Gervace left sickbay, making their way to engineering.

// Engineering //

The lights were dim there too. Kaoru set her medkit down, stepping into the hustle of activity, seeing Gaia bent over a console, the glow of the display making her look pale. Ryan stood near her, Kaoru's eyes narrowed in anger, remembering their last meeting. Gervace remained by the door, until he caught sight of Gaia.

"Gaia." Forgetting protocol, he moved to the lovely woman's side, crouching beside where she sat, touching her hand. "You feel cool...and you're too pale." He looked towards Kaoru, who was too busy watching Ryan to pay much attention.

"Commander." Kaoru nodded to Ryan, moving to stand between him and the console where Gervace lavished worried attention on Gaia. "A word please."

Ryan's eyes bored into Kaoru's, but she met his gaze steadily. "It's a small matter really. I was concerned by the high number of plasma burns that have come from engineering in the past 24 hours. Is there some safety breach that I should be aware of?"

"No doctor." Ryan's fists clenched, his jaw muscles tightening as he answered, "Just a lot of activity." He tried hard not to look past Kaoru, glad at least that Gaia did not seem to be flirting back with the handsome Ensign.

Kaoru nodded, "I'd like Gervace to remain stationed here then Commander. I assure you, he'll stay out of the way unless he's needed." Her sapphire eyes glittered with humor, almost daring Ryan to object. "When his shift is over, I'll arrange for more medical personnel."

"That is not necessary doctor." Ryan met her gaze again, surprised that she would really go so far.

"It is simply precautionary Commander." Turning away, she repeated her request to Gervace, who was only too happy to comply.

When she left engineering a few moments later, her mood was much improved.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jan 26 2006, 05:35 AM
"Plasma injectors aligned, plasma flow's stable. Keldorn, tell me you are getting somewhere with that reactant injectors recalibration?"

"One moment..." the Benzite said turning to face his mentor, a puff of nitrogen escaping from his breathing apparatus. "Recalibration complete."

"Good, now begin the warp core start up routine..."

The cold lifeless cylinder in the center of Engineering rappidly brightened, it's cerulean irridecent contents swirled dreamily.

"Lieutenant, theres some kind of instababillity in the magnetic interlocks. If we keep this up, we're looking at a core breach."

"Shut it down!" Gaia growled, her clenched fist pounded the side of her console. "Why does it keep doing this!"

"I don't know why you insisted in taking the core offline in the first place, we're worse off now than we were traveling at warp three."

"How was I supposed to find out what's wrong with it if I don't take it offline. What if it was a prolem with the containment of the reaction between the matter and anti-matter? Do you want to cause a breach?"

Ryan released a frustrated sigh. "Hence why we have to hide away in this damn nebula. This is the third time in two days you've tried to restart the core, at this rate we'll be down to mood lighting by the end of the week if you don't get main power back on-line."

Gaia slowly rounded to face him. "Commander, I am doing the best I can, but it doesn't help to have you hovering around, breathing down my neck!"

Ryan didn't dare speak. He knew that it would be best to just leave it as that, to make a hasty retreat, but something kept him standing there. She stared at him, as though daring him to have another jab at her performance. Instead he moved closer to her and lowered his voice. "I'm sorry, we're all frustrated. Let's try this again. How about checking the induction coils?"

"Maybe it's someting in this nebula that is causing interferance with the magnetic interlocks." Gaia suggested.

"If we try restarting the core once we're free of the nebula, it might work."

"Keldon, bring the transporters back on-line, I want a sample of that nebula." Gaia called to her Assistant, then returned her attention to Ryan. "I don't think it would be the best idea to take us out into open space with the ship in this condition."


Ryan stiffened when Kaoru and an Ensign swept into Engineering. "Perfect." He muttered under his breath.

The Ensign's immediate concern for Gaia set him on edge, and he sneered, stepping towards the pair, glaring down at Kaoru as she smoothly interrupted him.

He heard next to nothing of what she said, though he must have answered her appropriately, at the right times, his eyes fixed on the Ensign and Gaia. He only looked back to Kaoru when she announced her intentions of leaving him there, in Engineering.

"That is not necessary doctor." He said, meeting her gaze again, surprised that she would leave this Ensign there. Muscles in Ryan's jaws twitched at the thought.

"It is simply precautionary Commander." Kaoru said without waiting for him to argue the point. He watched her as she said something to this Ensign that she refered to as Gervace. She glanced over at the Commander once more as she spoke. Thats it, rub it in! Ryan cursed in his mind.

He watched the Doctor stroll out of Engineering, he was positive that she seemed to have more of a bounce to her step and it was little guess as to why.

"Listen newbie - theres a time and place for everything and right now it is not the right time to disturb any of the Engineering staff unless it is absolutely necessary." Ryan paused allowing his words to slice through the Ensign. "Now if you want to make yourself useful, I think someone vomitted in the jeffories tube."

a4.gif "This is the Captain - all hands, battle stations." a4.gif Anil called as red alert was initiated.

"Shields down to eighty-four percent." Nox announced just as Ryan entered the Bridge.

"Target the flanking vessels - fire at will!"

"Captain, we're being hailed by the lead vessel."

"Onscreen." Anil said and got to his feet.

a4.gif "YOU!" a4.gif The female Klingon hissed, her face so imposing on the viewscreen that Ryan could see every shred of hate in her cold, vengeful eyes. a4.gif "What are you doing back in our universe?" a4.gif

a4.gif "That would be a long story, from your perspective almost thirty years has passed." a4.gif Ryan answered

a4.gif "Then I suggest you tell it quickly before I destroy you!" Kayla hissed. It seemed to become obvious to Anil that her demeanor had not improved over the twenty-eight years that had passed for her. "You have alot to answer for Terran." a4.gif

a4.gif "Last time we met, I never got the oppiturnity to tell you how honorable your counterpart from my universe was. It is a shame that you did not get to meet her." a4.gif Anil retorted.

a4.gif "She died in battle?" a4.gif

a4.gif "Oh yes, very honorable indeed. I guess that is how you differe from her." a4.gif Anil said proudly.

a4.gif "You say I'm not honorable!" Kayla shouted, eyes bulging, her head shaking with rage. "Prepare to die you filthy p'tak!" a4.gif

"I guess she failed to understand what I was saying." Anil said dryly when Kayla had terminated the channel.

"Captain, we can't fight our way out of this one." Ryan said, leaping for his seat as the Bridge shuddered from a barrage of Klingon weapons fire.

"I don't intend to, Ryan. Helm, get us clear of the nebula, full impulse."

"We think we might be able to get warp drive back on-line once we're clear."

"Well thats the best news I've had all day!" Anil said somewhat enthusiastically.


Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 26 2006, 08:20 AM
"Evasive manuvers" Anil called, as another flurry of disruptor bolts flew past the Intrepid, Kayla clearly enraged

"Their targeting scanners can't lock onto us" Lieutenant Nox called

"Good - but can we lock onto them?"

"Not easily, Sir - the Nebula is having a similar effect on our targetting scanners, and the phasers are offline, but I should be able to lock torpedoes" Nox advised

"Do it" Anil replied

Photon torepdoes flew from the Intrepid's aft tubes, most misssed, but some slammed into the three Klingon ships that were following the Intrepid, causing them to have to perform their own manuvers to avoid further impacts

"We're leaving the Nebula" Geo called from the Helm

a4.gif"Anil to Engineering - is warp drive online?" a4.gif

a4.gif Reefs to the Bridge - Lieutenant Moore is still working on it, and advises that she can't give any guarantees - it may work, it may not" a4.gif

a4.gif "If it's all the same, I'd rather that it did - Anil out" a4.gif

"Okay - here's where things get really interesting - warp nine!" Anil ordered

The Intrepid's nacelles folded upward, the tell-tale sound of the warp engine's power buildup sounded, but nothing happened, and the bridge lights dimmed for a moment, and the ship began to shake violently

"Report" Anil demaned

various reports came flooding in

"Inertia dampers are failing"

"Flush the plasma injectors and check the plasma flow regulators."

"Try re-aligning the induction coils"

"Field coils responding, inertial dampers on-line."

"Warp drive coming online, Captian" Geo shouted

"Sir - another ship approaching, with weapons armed - but it has a Federation warp signature" Lieutenant Nox called

"On-screen" Ryan asked

The sight on the screen was one that no-one on the bridge had expected to see - the Defiant

The Defiant few at the Klingon ships, firing as she went and destroying one of them with ease, the other two retreated back into the Nebula

"We're being hailed, Captain" Nox advised

"On screen" Ryan replied

"I don't know who you are, but if the alliance is your enemy, you can't be all bad - follow us back to Terok Nor and we'l ltalk" said a cheerful Human male

"Thanks for your help" Anil replied - "Who are you?"

"People call me Smiley, but we'll discuss this at the station" he replied

"Helm - follow the Defiant" Anil ordered, deciding that they did owe this smiley an explaination, especially considering that the Defiant had just basically saved the Intrepid and her crew.

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Posted by: Hawku Jan 26 2006, 09:50 AM
Aeon slammed against the wall as the inertial dampers flew offline.


He gritted his teeth in pain when his shoulder made contact with the corridors. The ship shook violently until someone reset the dampers. The change pulled him off the wall, where his brain was able to re-examine the afflictions in his body.

The Intrepid shook slightly less, allowing him to stumble through the doors to his Quarters. The last few wall-encounters did him a world of discomfort. Aeon fell against a table, knocking over a vase that shattered on the floor.

"Well that was interesting," he said to himself.

As the illumination of phasers and torpedo fire glimmered through his windows, he looked up and made his way over. Leaning against the ledge of his huge windows, he could see the Defiant. It was firing at a league of Mirror Klingon ships.

The Defiant sped toward one of the three Klingon ships, ducking a disrupter blast, and flying over another one. When the Defiant got close, it began blasting its pulse-phasers through the enemy's shields and into thier hull. - The Defiant flew under the Klingon's and continued firing until a critical system was hit. The Klingon ship exploded, as the Intrepid was moving away from it.

Aeon could see the other two Klingon ship's evacuate back to the nebula he had spent the last few days in.

"Hmm. Now that was interesting," he reiterated.

The Lieutenant threw himself sideways onto his couch where he could wait out the pains in his body. What was the Defiant doing here in the Mirror Universe? What is the Karcsis? Then it suddenly hit him. Ah well. That's for the senior staff to work out. I've got just as important things to worry about.

He sat up in horror of his problems and glanced to his left, accross the room, at his replicator.

Like what I'm going to have for dinner...

The thought of choosing what to eat began to haunt him. What if he chose something he didn't like? There were too many possibilities. But he did vow to attempt something different every week, and this day was the marked day.

Posted by: Charles Nox Jan 26 2006, 12:03 PM
Nox was on the bridge. He was doing routine checks on the weapons systems when he noticed the three klingon ships.

"Captain. Three Klingon ships approaching and fast." Nox reported.

a1.gif RED ALERT. a1.gif

Now ran his fingers across the tactical console bringing the ship to read alert.

a4.gif "This is the Captain - all hands, battle stations." a4.gif as the red alert was indicating.

"Shields down to eighty-four percent." Nox announced just as Ryan entered the Bridge.

"Target the flanking vessels - fire at will!" Anil ordered.

"Captain, we're being hailed by the lead vessel." Nox advised.

"Onscreen." Anil said and got to his feet.

He didn't look up from his console. He was trying to devise a battle plan with what little power they had.

"Evasive manuvers" Anil called, as another flurry of disruptor bolts flew past the Intrepid, Kayla clearly enraged

"Their targeting scanners can't lock onto us" Lieutenant Nox called

"Good - but can we lock onto them?"

"Not easily, Sir - the Nebula is having a similar effect on our targetting scanners, and the phasers are offline, but I should be able to lock torpedoes" Nox advised

"Do it" Anil replied

Photon torepdoes flew from the Intrepid's aft tubes, most misssed, but some slammed into the three Klingon ships that were following the Intrepid, causing them to have to perform their own manuvers to avoid further impacts

"We're leaving the Nebula" Geo called from the Helm

"Anil to Engineering - is warp drive online?"

Reefs to the Bridge - Lieutenant Moore is still working on it, and advises that she can't give any guarantees - it may work, it may not"

"If it's all the same, I'd rather that it did - Anil out"

"Okay - here's where things get really interesting - warp nine!" Anil ordered

The Intrepid's nacelles folded upward, the tell-tale sound of the warp engine's power buildup sounded, but nothing happened, and the bridge lights dimmed for a moment, and the ship began to shake violently

"Report" Anil demaned

various reports came flooding in

"Inertia dampers are failing"

"Flush the plasma injectors and check the plasma flow regulators."

"Try re-aligning the induction coils"

"Field coils responding, inertial dampers on-line."

"Warp drive coming online, Captian" Geo shouted

"Sir - another ship approaching, with weapons armed - but it has a Federation warp signature" Lieutenant Nox called

"On-screen" Ryan asked

The sight on the screen was one that no-one on the bridge had expected to see - the Defiant

The Defiant flew at the Klingon ships, firing as she went and destroying one of them with ease, the other two retreated back into the Nebula

"We're being hailed, Captain" Nox advised

"On screen" Ryan replied

"I don't know who you are, but if the alliance is your enemy, you can't be all bad - follow us back to Terok Nor and we'l ltalk" said a cheerful Human male

"Thanks for your help" Anil replied - "Who are you?"

"People call me Smiley, but we'll discuss this at the station" he replied

"Helm - follow the Defiant" Anil ordered, deciding that they did owe this smiley an explaination, especially considering that the Defiant had just basically saved the Intrepid and her crew.

"We got out of that scrape too easily." nox muttered to himself.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 29 2006, 06:06 AM
Terok Nor loomed into view, the viewscreen filled with the bright image of the station, and Bajor

Anil gazed at the view - he had been born on Bajor, at the least, the Bajor in their native universe, but had spent more time on Deep Space nine, where he had lived for a short period of time following the Cardassian occupation

But this wasn't the Deep Space nine he knew, this was Terok Nor, the Terran-held base of operations for the Bajoran sector

"Geo - hail the station - request docking clearance" Anil ordered

"They just hailed us, Sir - apparently they were expecting us - upper pylon two is awaiting us" Geo replied, sounding skeptical

"Ease us in then, thrusters at stationkeeping" Anil ordered, knowing that Geo had performed this manuver hundreds of time before, but also aware that there was a zero margin of error with the type of docking proceedure that they were about to perform

"Thrusters at stationkeeping, bringing us in - connecting to external docking port..... we're docked" Geo reported

"The Defiant just docked too" Lieutenant Nox advised

Anil stood, and walked over to Olar Cerran, the Warrant Officer manning operations, and a fellow Bajoran

"Olar - I'm about to send a shipwide hail - I want you to make sure that there is no way that either the station or the Defiant can trace it" he advised

"Aye Captain" the young Bajoran replied

Anil patted her on the shoulder and walked back over to his chair, and activated the ship-wide hail

a4.gif "All hands, this is the Captain - as you may or may not be aware, we have arrived at Terok Nor - the first thing that I need to warn you is that I cannot grant shore leave. I know that this may disappoint some of you, but there is a great deal that we don't know about this universe, or the Terrans. I will lead a small away team to the station, and whilst we are gone I would like all available hands to assist with repairing the Intrepid, so that we can attempt to return to our universe. Do your best, as you always do - Anil out" a4.gif

Anil sighed, and turned to Ryan

"I guess we should take Commodore Trell with us - she's far more familiar with this universe than we are"

Ryan looked surprised

"Are you sure that's wise - can we really trust her?" he replied

"We'll have to - like it or not, we need her help"

"Fine - I just hope we're doing the right thing"

"So do I" Anil replied

He entered a command into the command console and stood again

"Commander Orlan, Lieutenant Nox, you're with me - we'll take Commodore Trell along too - time to visit this station" Anil advised, although he could not help but feel a hint of self-doubt about the idea of visiting this station, and the mirror universe crew that occupied it

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jan 29 2006, 11:33 AM
"I'm Captain Anil, my First Officer Commander Orlan." Anil said as the four officers stepped through the docking port and into the corridor where the man who had called himself Smiley stood waiting for them.

Smiley's eyes drifted across the group but hastily came to rest on Commodore Trell. "And who might this be?"

"This -"

"I am Commodore Fallax Trell." She answered, discerping Anil's words before he had a chance to speak for her.

"I know that name." Smiley replied quickly. "What ship did you command?"

"The Scavenger."

"Yes!" Smiley said, a grin of intrigue and idolatry growing on his face. "You... you have been missing for... where have you been for all these years?"

"On the barge of the weak and timid." Ryan heard Trell mutter under her breath.

"That," said Anil. "is a long story."

"Really?" Smiley returned his attention to the Captain. "Care to explain how a Starfleet ship would be carrying one of our history's greatest heroines?"

"My ship, the Intrepid, we were on a reconnaissance mission in the Neutral Zone and well... so far we're not exactly sure how we ended up in your universe. Unfortunetly we arrived in your past."

"And you just decided to bring Commodore Trell to the present?" Smiley asked skeptically, his eyes back on the Commodore.

"We intercepted a distress call from the ISS Scavenger, we responded and found her with heavy damage and on the verge of a warp core breach."

"It's fortuninate they arrived when they did." Fallax said concurred.

Smiley nodded and grinned broadly. "That explains your disappearance for all these years. But it doesn't explain why the good Captain here brought you to the future. Why didn't you stay in the past where you belong?"

"It wasn't like we had a choice." Ryan interjected, knowing that the Commodore didn't know about the Karcsis, something that he and Anil wanted to prevent anyone from the Mirror Universe from finding out.

"We were gathering supplies from a planet in the Iconian system when we were attacked by the Alliance. It caused a leak of chroniton particles in one of the ship's systems and the Intrepid was conveyed into the future." Anil lied.

"We have never heard of chroniton particles being used in your ships or ours for that matter." Smiley queried.

"You havn't seen an Intrepid Class ship before."

"Ryan." Anil said to silence the Commander. "Part of an... experimental, and classified, system on our ship"

"I see."

"I'm sure you understand that I can't devulge further information."

"Of course. Captain, feel free to explore the station."

"Thank you." Anil said as he watched Smiley turn and walk off down the corridor, Commodore Trell and his own security following closely behind him.

"I don't know about you, but I would like to have a look at the promenade, never did get around to visiting Deep Space Nine."

"I lived here for two years and never got to have a drink there - I was underage." Anil smiled and shrugged, then turned to Nox. "Lieutenant, stationg some security personel here, I don't want anyone to board the ship."

"Aye sir."


Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jan 29 2006, 08:16 PM
Kaoru was reviewing the results of Gaia's latest scans, sent to sickbay from Gervace, who was still in Engineering. She projected the holographic image of the woman's spinal cord, enlarging it slowly, focusing on the vertebrae that had suffered the worse of the damage.

A soft voice broke her concentration, and she glanced up, waving the lovely woman to where she was. "Doctor Kaoru Ele...you must be Doctor Taenaebra." She offered the woman her hand, and she took it. Kaoru was pleased to find her handshake firm and confident. "Welcome aboard Dr. Taenaebra. I'm sorry our meeting has been so long delayed."

Rika had come aboard before the ship ended up in the mirror universe, but in all the bustle and confusion, her introduction to sickbay had been delayed, and she had been filling in elsewhere on the ship.

"I'm just glad to be here Dr." Rika nodded towards the holographic spine. "Lt. Moore?"

Kaoru nodded, pointing out the area with the most damage, "Here's where the spinal cord was severed."

Rika leaned forward, "Computer magnify L8 vertebrae 40%." The image shimmered and reformed, and Rika nodded. "Minimal calcium deposits....there was little scarring?" She looked to Kaoru for confirmation.

"Now." Kaoru nodded, very impressed. "What you're seeing is the spinal column after three surgical procedures. We're going to have to monitor Gaia closely, make sure that the injury stays clean."

"Three surgeries?" Now Rika was impressed. "I'd like to see the initial injury please doctor."

"It's all there." Kaoru smiled, "Peruse at your leisure. I must excuse myself for now, I'm needed on the bridge." With Anil and Ryan both off the ship, Kaoru would be left in command.

"I really am sorry to be cutting this so short Dr. Taenaebra...I look forward to speaking with you further." There was much more Kaoru wanted to say. She was hoping that another strong doctor on board would help sway the mood of the Captain and that XO more in her favor. Though really, that might have already occured.

Still, Kaoru mused, it wouldn't hurt to have another 'reasonable' voice added to hers.

"I look forward to it as well Doctor Ele. Thank you." Rika smiled, watching Kaoru leave sickbay.

"Soon then Doctor...in the meantime, make yourself at home...get to know your team."

She left sickbay, going to the bridge, "Report."

"The away team is in the starbase sir...and terran personnel are keeping their distance from the Intrepid so far." Lt. John MaCGeorgeson reported.

"Engineering is still working on restoring high warp capability." The CO Dianna Torres added.

"Very good." Kaoru stood before the command chairs, but did not sit. It just didn't feel right.

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Posted by: Havannah Essal Jan 30 2006, 12:59 AM
Havannah Essal had had the Karcsis moved from the cargo bay into a science lab. Having been Assistant Chief Science Officer, and ever since Trusa had been listed as MIA, Essal had assumed the administrative duties of her former supervisor as acting Chief of Science.

Currently she sat at her desk compiling the last of the science department reports. Of course the most daunting information was an update on the standing in the research regarding the Karcsis. Not that these reports wielded much new data.

She stopped a moment to think about the Trusa. The science department was small, smaller than the other departments by significant numbers. And in this department, they were more than a team, they were a family, working long hard hours together.

Essal felt torn about having moved into the CSO’s office even to do these reports. On the one hand, it was easier to do them where everything was right there, and less distraction, but on the other hand, she felt like she was walking on the grave of her chief.

From the Captain’s ship-wide hail, Havannah knew they’d docked with Terok Nor, and no one was issued shore leave. Not that it was in Havannah’s character to accept most time off. She’d always thrown herself into her work. It helped to keep her mind off of more consuming matters.

Like losing Trusa…

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 30 2006, 06:37 AM
Anil and Ryan strolled along the Promenade of Terok Nor, surprised at how civil and organised it was, and Anil surmised that one could almost forget that they were in the Mirror universe for a moment

They did however notice that they were receiving suspicious glances, their Starfleet uniforms clearly attracting attention

“We should have dressed casually,” Anil muttered

“I agree – but too late now” Ryan replied, as a Vulcan passed them, her left eyebrow raised, almost silently questioning the two Officers

They approached the bar area, where a very large Lurian was serving three customers, as they approached, they could hear one of the customers demanding a drink

“Morn – give me another Ale!” the individual demanded, causing the second, Male, customer to laugh – Anil noticed that the one demanding the drink was Bajoran, his earring hanging loosely and haphazardly from his ear

The bartender replied in a softly spoken tone that neither Anil nor Ryan could hear

“What!?” the Bajoran shouted, evidentially not having heard what the Lurian had said

“He said that you’ve had enough to drink” the female in the group shouted, sounding irritated

Anil and Ryan glanced at each other, both realising that the voice sounded familiar

“The ferengi never refused me drinks” the Bajoran replied, turning slightly more toward the female so that Anil and Ryan could see him

“If he keeps serving you drinks, you’ll never make it back to that shipwreck that you call your quarters” the other male laughed, showing himself to be Human

The Female finally turned to face the other two, and both Anil and Ryan were astounded to see who it was

Ryan stood immediately

“Ryan!” Anil called, attempting to call Ryan back

But Ryan didn’t hear Anil, and strode toward the bar

“Doctor – the Captain specifically said NO shore leave – explain yourself!” he demanded

Kaoru looked at Ryan, clearly confused, looking as if she wasn’t sure whether or not Ryan was actually addressing her. She stood to face him

“Doctor? Shore leave? Captain? – How much have you had to drink?” she asked

Anil had to cover a laugh, something that the Human in Kaoru’s group made no attempt to do

“Erm – Ryan…..” Anil started to say, but Ryan was clearly not listening

“I realise that we don’t see eye to eye on most things, Doctor, but I would like some respect” Ryan replied

“Again with the Doctor – you really are drunk if you think I’m a Doctor!” she replied

“Listen Doctor, you might consider yourself above everyone else but here's a news flash for you -"

“Ryan” Anil said again, a little louder

“I’ll have you on report, Kaoru” Ryan said, almost shouting

“At ease, Commander!” Anil demanded

Ryan turned

“Anil – Captain – she is….” Ryan began to say

“Not our Kaoru” Anil finished

Ryan looked at Anil, back at Kaoru and then back at Anil again


Anil turned to the mirror counterpart of the Intrepid’s Doctor

“How about we get you a drink?” he asked her

“As long as he stops calling me Doctor, fine” mirror Kaoru replied

“Hi – I’m Darion – Darion Sequeria” the Human in Karou’s group stated cheerfully

“And he is?” Ryan asked

“Kirol B’son – and he isn’t having another drink” mirror-Kaoru replied, causing Kirol to groan and slump against the bar

Anil and Ryan sat down with them, and ordered their drinks

“I really hope Gaia get’s the Intrepid operational soon – I don’t want to spend too much time here,” Ryan whispered, over the loud snores coming from Kirol

Anil grinned

“I don’t know – I like it – it has… character” he replied

Ryan rolled his eyes, and took a sip from the cup that had been placed in from of him

“Disgusting” he muttered, causing Darion, Anil and mirror-Kaoru to laugh

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Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jan 30 2006, 03:07 PM
"Let's get this report to the Captain," Geo stated rather matter of factly, smiling at Aeon as he finished it off. The latest of the Helm reports and duty roster updates had been completed, but the Captain wasn't aboard the ship; guess it meant exploring the station!

"The captain said no shore leave right?" Aeon asked, both of them waiting patiently as the turbolift took them to access hatch four.

"Yes, but he never said I couldn't hand him a PADD about Intrepid business right? We can make ourselves at home in the meantime; bet you Ryans off in Ten Forward,"

"You mean the prominade," Aeon corrected,

"Whatever -- the point is he is drinking to his hearts content and I'm stuck on this ship. How was the mission anyway?"


"You're piloting skills are better then I would have expected them to be; not that I ever doubted it. You handled yourself well out there, I should be worried about my job." Geovanie sounded amused by the situation, but clearly he was still angry with the good doctor for not allowing him to pilot the shuttle. However, they were interupted by the depressurization of the door, and then they continued strolling. The Hermeks pace was fast, almost antsy to get on the station. Aeon managed to keep up.

"Thank you sir, but I don't think you need to worry about me taking your position."

"Call me Geo," the Lieutenant replied irritated, "and you need to take a compliment when it's given Lieutenant, or else you might just find yourself tossed out an airlock."

Aeon chuckled, "you would throw me out an airlock for not accepting a compliment?"

"That or drink you under the table,"

"That's a wager I'll take."

Geo extended his hand, the other Helmsmen took it, then both grinned. "This will be fun."

"Didn't the Captain say no shore leave?"

"We are doing official business!"

"Geo, I don't if the Captain will buy it."

"Hey, he can buy a drink instead then," they both grinned a second time.


"Why are they looking at us that way?"

"Would you like to have military personel on a civilian battlestation whose uniforms don't look like the team your fighting for?"

Aeon nodded; the two progressed into the Bar, and ultimately, to the ensemble of people.

"Captain, these are the repo --" Geo trailed off, his eyes drifting towards Kaoru a moment, a thin brow inclined. First she keeps me grounded, then she goes around on shore leave when they aren't allowed! She's not even wearing the right uni--wait a minute...

Anil turned to face the Helmsmens, Ryan took the moment to try and recouperate his earlier embarassment.

"May I introduce Kaoru, Kirol, and --"

"Darion," Geo finished.

Geo wasn't sure how matters had progressed in the Mirror Universe, but he had not seen his friends in quite sometime; old faces brought back old memories. His hand was still absently handing the PADD towards Anil, which the Captain took hastily to try and shake the surprise from Geo's face...

"You know each other?" Anil asked.

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Posted by: John MaCGeorgeson Jan 30 2006, 08:39 PM
John stormed down the hallway, his gelled hair shining in the light, he would not tolerate messy hair, not for himself anyway.

John heard the ship docking, and he felt that he might want to guard the entrance this being the mirror universe, and there would be no telling what sort of contradictions there would be here. He walked down the hallway, of deck two, until he arrived at the armoury. While he did feel that they were Star Fleet, he also believed in safety, and wanted the guards to be heavily armed so they could immediately hold the area, and call on reinforcements to help, or atleast buy time for the ship to leave. He slapped his chest, engaging his comm badge a4.gif "Ensigns, Jack Niels, Taral Tallock, report to the armoury."

While they were arriving, John took out some Phaser Rifles, placing them on the floor, with Type II hand Phasers next to them. As the men walked in, he said to them "I am John MacGeorgeson." He extended his hand, and smiled as they took it, he was glad to see that was one custom whcih had not died out with the federation. "I am the new Junior Security/Tactical officer, however my speciality is security. As you know, we are docked with the mirror DS9, or Terok Nor as it is known here. We must guard it, and while I know we seem overarmed and more like a militia assault force for the Federations Marine Corps, we must take such measures as I dont trust this setting. Lets saddle up!" John took what he needed, a hand Phaser, while the men took their Phaser rifles, and they continued to the docking clamp.

As the doors hissed open, the men quickly headed towards the open door, John pulled out his Phaser, he did not want anyone to get through.

Posted by: Charles Nox Jan 30 2006, 08:43 PM
Charles posted guards at the airlock as ordered.

"Do not let anyone that is not apart of this ships command crew aboard the Intrepid. Understood." Charles ordered.

They nooded in reply.

Charles made a bee line onto the prominode. He spied the helmsman and the Captain and XO in a bar. *What are they doing in there. This is starting to get confusing* He walked into the bar to find out what was going on.

He got just close enough for Anil to hear him. Wanting to be discreet about what message he was conveying.

"Captain guards are posted at the airlock as ordered. Is everything allright here?" Charles said very lowly.

Posted by: Hawku Jan 31 2006, 01:53 PM
Aeon noticed Geo had handed the Captain the padd. He was about to walk to the bar, but upon stepping into a three-quarter view of Geo's shocked face, he stopped. "Sir, I--"

Geo was staring at someone with his eyes widened.

Huh? Aeon thought. Crap. I was ready to drink him under the table. Then Aeon realized another thing, Crap. I called him Sir again.

As Lieutenant Nox approached the Captain from behind, and the drama began to unfold, Aeon couldn't help notice a strange 'whirr' from the blind-spot in his vision. Aeon turned slightly to see what had ran past him, but found nothing but empty chairs and tables masked in shadow.

In the distance behind all that, he could have sworn he saw something. Out of curiosity, Aeon distractedly stepped away from the group.

No one noticed, as he continued across the table section and around the corner to a small room. Now he knew there was someone here. - "Indeed there is," came a hoarse voice from the room. "There is someone here, Aeon."

As Aeon crossed the threshold to the liqour-storage room, he saw a man that looked exactly like him... but kind of different. "What the!?"

"I'm you," the mirror Aeon said. "Heh, I had to see it for myself, but here you are. You really are my mirror duplicate, aren't you?"

Aeon shook his head in shock, "You're so... not like me."

"Different experiences, warrent different outcomes," the mirror Aeon said. His voice sounding sort of dark.

The Lieutenant looked at him, "How'd you know to find me here?"

"Heh. A few years ago, I was doing reconissance work in the Alliance - I was made to look just like one of them. One day they posted me at an Intelligence Station, and I was able to look up tera-quads of data. There is where I found my name... my Human name, Aeon Rune. I was completely identified years ago... many years before I was even in the Terran Empire - before I was capable of doing anything. But there I was, identified in full adult form, aboard an alien craft. A Runabout as they call it..."

Aeon's mind scrambled to possible explainations, until one hit him.

"It was fighting a fleet of Alliance ships. One that went down in history. Remember that Klingon Bird of Prey that was following you? It circled you for a moment at the end of your battle. They were the ones who had scanned and identified you and your Commander. - So for years I was dumbfounded... until I got word the Intrepid was visiting Terok Nor." He smirked savagely, "Heh. I had to see it for myself... my mirror duplicate."

The two men just stood there in silence as it processed through Aeon's head.

"I can't believe it," Aeon said.

The mirror Aeon nodded, as he started looking down, "And now that you're here. There is one thing I've been wanting to do for so long."

"What's that?"

His opposite suddenly stepped forward into his personal space and threw out a jab. Aeon saw the fist coming for his face, but quickly dodged his head to the side. Aeon knocked the mirror Aeon's arm away, but was barely able to block another quick punch to his stomach.

"Ugh! - What the hell are you doing??"

The mirror Aeon lept and kicked a few times. Aeon took a few hits to his chest and shoulders, but blocked the rest - "Just this!" the mirror Aeon shouted.

He landed and punched nearly thirty times into an unprepared Aeon, hitting shoulder after shoulder, the stomach, the chest and then a final upper-cut to Aeon's face. Aeon went flying back into a stack of boxes, shattering all the bottles inside. - His mirror duplicate was just too fast for him. "Aauug!!"

The mirror Aeon stepped over, to look down upon his fallen opponent. His hands cradling each other from the hits. "You're pathetic."

Aeon was panting from adrenaline, more so shocked that he couldn't anticipate half the moves his mirror double layed upon him.

"You're only half as good as I thought you would've been. Foolish child. Don't you practice?"

Aeon gritted his teeth in anger, from being too weak to get up, "Not as much as I used to. I'm a pilot!"

"A pilot? --Hah! Hah! Hah! --Are you serious? I've dabbled, but I've never considered a career in it. Hahahaha! A pilot!" He then stopped laughing, placing his hand on his forehead. "I admit I caught you off guard. You have some expereince - But even from that display, I'm ashamed to even have you as a mirror double. I'm sickened by you." He tilted his head toward Aeon. "You know what they say about pilots who fight?"

Aeon spat out some blood and a broken tooth. He felt a jabbing broken bottle into his back. "What?"

"That they'll eventually lead thier ships into death," the mirror Aeon dropped his hand. "Anyone who fights, is legally entering a state of hell. That's your nature, Aeon. You can't be a pilot." - He then turned and walked out the shadowed room.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 31 2006, 03:22 PM
"So the Kaoru from your universe - from your ship - is a Doctor?" the mirror Kaoru stated in disbelief, almost choking on her drink

"The best there is" Anil confirmed

His chat to the mirror duplicate of Kaoru was cut short as Geo and Aeon approached

Ryan and Anil both looked at each other, wondering why Geo had disobeyed the order to remain on the Intrepid

"Captain, these are the repo ..." Geo began to say, holding a padd which he clearly intended to hand over - but his gazed stopped and became fixed on Kirol and Darion

May I introduce Kaoru, Kirol, and --" Anil began to say

"Darion," Geo finished

You know each other?" Ryan asked

Anil noticed Lieutenant Sith wander toward a door, and was about to call him back, when Geo turned to address him

Geo turned to Ryan

"I know their mirror counterparts - Kirol B'son is Captain of the USS Horizon in our universe..." Geo began, looking at the disheivled man sat next to Kaoru

Darion began to laugh hyterically

"A Captain?! Him!?" he laughed, slapped Kirol hard on the back, causing Kirol to almost tumble off his seat

"And Darion Sequeria is an Admiral in our universe" Geo replied, instantly causing Darion's laughing to stop and his face to drop, and Kirol to laugh hysterically

"I served with them both aboard the Horizon" Geo finnished, having to raise his voice so that he could be heard over Kirol's laughter

"Great - so in your universe, I'm a Doctor, Kirol commands a Starship and Darion commands Kirol?" Mirror-Kaoru stated sarcastically

Aeon rejoined the group, and as he did Kirol stopped laughing - mirror-Kaoru's group suddenly looking apprehensive

"What the hell.." Ryan exclaimed, noticing Aeon's blood-stained mouth

"I ran into someone who.. thought that I was someone else" Aeon replied - Anil couldn't help but feel that Aeon was only telling half of a more complicated story

"Get back to the Intrepid and report to Doctor Ele" Anil ordered

a4.gif "Lieutenant Reefs to Captain Reyan" a4.gif

a4.gif "Anil here - go ahead" a4.gif

a4.gif "Warp-drive is back online sir" a4.gif

a4.gif "Excellent - we're on our way back - Anil out" a4.gif

Anil, Ryan, Geo, Nox and Aeon said their goodbyes to the mirror-group and headed back to the Intrepid, ready to make their first attempt to return to their own universe

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Posted by: Charles Nox Jan 31 2006, 10:53 PM
Charles watched as all this was happening. He felt like they didn't belong there. Like they needed to leave. The stepped out of the lounge area and headed back toward the airlock. Something caught Nox's eye. Somebody was watching them from a distance. He was a broad shouldered man. Hair and eyes much like his own. He approached them. His face looking simular to his but scared.

The mirror Nox spoke first to Anil.

"Who are you and who is this man." He said pointing at Charles.
Before the Captain could answer he spoke again.

"I am Donald Seth Ross. Lt. Commander of the intelligence in this sector. Now when I ask a question I expect for it to answered quickly. I will ask you again. Who are you and who is this man." The mirror Nox said resting his hand on the phaser on his side.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 1 2006, 04:27 AM
Anil looked at the man who had idendified himself as Donald Seth Ross, and back over to Lieutenant Charles Nox, who simply shrugged questioningly

"This man is Lieutenant Charles Nox, the Chief Tactical and security officer aboard my starship" Anil finally replied

"And you would be?" Donald asked impatiently

"Captain Anil Reyan"

"And who gave you and your fancy uniforms permission to board this station?" Donald asked, maintaining his aggressive posture

"That would be Smiley O'brien" Anil replied

"I assume you are the security officer for this station?" Lieutenant Nox asked, stepping out from behind Ryan

"You could say that my duties include the security of this station" Donald replied proudly

"I also assume that you don't communicate with each other on this station" Geo stated

"Not a good time for sarcasm Geo" Ryan stated

Despite the questions answered, Donald did not move to allow the group to pass

"I still don't like this" he stated, eyeing each of the Intrepid Officer's suspiciously

"Look - come aboard my ship if you don't trust us - we can delay our depature a few minutes if allowing you to view the Intrepid will appease you" Anil stated

"That seems acceptable" Donald replied - he then stepped aside, and walked next to Lieutenant Nox as the group made their way back to the Intrepid

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Posted by: Charles Nox Feb 1 2006, 09:40 PM
"I still don't like this" he stated, eyeing each of the Intrepid Officer's suspiciously

"Look - come aboard my ship if you don't trust us - we can delay our depature a few minutes if allowing you to view the Intrepid will appease you" Anil stated

"That seems acceptable" Donald replied - he then stepped aside, and walked next to Lieutenant Nox as the group made their way back to the Intrepid

As they neared the airlock. Ross spoke up once again.

"This better not be a trick. I'm watching all of you closely and you are all being monitered." Ross said

"Well there is no need for that and if there were it wouldn't be that easy." Nox said stepping around the Captain as they approached the airlock.

"Give way. Stay here till I comm you." Nox said

They stepped to the side, and allowed them to pass.

Posted by: Hawku Feb 2 2006, 01:23 PM
"--Lieutenant," Aeon interrupted in a steadily pained voice, "I'd like to go to Sickbay if that's alright?"

In the airlock, the Captain glanced at Aeon, then to Nox, expectantly. Nox's attention then turned to Ross', who was seemingly more suspiscious all of a sudden.

"Go," the Captain ordered again, as he glanced at Orlan in disapointment for having to order it twice.

Before Ross could say anything, Aeon nodded to Geo and walked off. He made his way through the corridors of the Intrepid, holding his stomach and chest area in pain. The majority of his mirror Double's hits had made it there.


The continual walking was starting to weaken him, although he made sure as not to show it for fear of taking anyone he passed away from thier duties. When he made it to Sickbay, the doors swooshed open. But at that point, he couldn't take it. He leaned against the edge of the open doors for a moments support.

"Augh... Now I know why they said curiosity killed the cat; it probably found the mirror universe."

Doctor Rika Taenaebra was there, intently studying another patient's case on the monitor. The sound of the doors and Aeon's final slump against them got her attention. She turned her head and saw him.

As soon as it registered, she ran over quickly, "Oh my God, are you alright?"

"I'm okay, Doctor," Aeon nodded. He'd learned long ago, ways to naturally surpress a certain amount of physical pain. The only problem was, he could never gauge how much trouble his body was in, and how much pain he should really be feeling.

Rika helped Aeon over to one of the intensive-care biobeds and let him have a seat, "What happened to you?"

"It was nothing," Aeon replied, hesitent as earlier to divulge back into his experience. But then Rika looked at him in a 'obviously something happened to you' manner. Aeon realized this and gave in, "I got into a little fight."

Rika was thankful for his honesty as she had already taken out a medical tricorder to begin scanning him. "By the way, my name's Rika Taenaebra."

"Aeon Sith," he shook her hand and they shared a smile. "Are you new here?"

The Doctor paritally nodded, "Sort of."

"You probably came on about the same time I did," Aeon wondered.

Rika nodded, "I might have seen you boarding at the time I did."

Aeon nodded aswell, and then partially reclined himself on the bed to deal with the continual pains. He was just glad to be back.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 2 2006, 06:04 PM
Anil arrived back on the Bridge, closely followed by the team that had joined him on the station

Lieutenant Nox walked over to his station, and contacted his mirror counterpart, and subsequently beamed the mirror-Nox to the bridge, so that he could hear everything that was being discussed

Anil turned to face his officers

"Okay - warp drive is back online, and according to Lieutenant's Moore and Reefs, they have made what they beleive to be the necessary calucations and adjustments for us to return home - this will involve entering the wormhole, leaving it at the Gamma exit and then entering again, where we will reproduce the conditions that transported one of Deep Space Nine's to this universe and back"

"Wormhole?" Mirror-Nox exclaimed "What wormhole?"

"Your universe hasn't discovered it yet, but in the Denorias belt is a wormhole which leads directly to the Gamma Quadrant

Mirror-Nox laughed

"Oh come on - I mean, it was good of you to allow me aboard your ship, but you really expect me to swallow this wormhole story?"

Anil frowned

"If you don't beleive me, I suggest that you follow us in a shuttle and allow your eyes to see that I am telling the truth" he replied

"Fine - I will - hey, erm... me - beam me to the station's landing pad" Mirror Nox called to his Intrepid counterpart

Lieutenant Nox looked questioningly at Ryan and Anil - Anil nodded, confirming that he could do as he had been asked

Anl then sat, closely followed by Ryan

"Geo - release docking clamps and clear all moorings" Anil ordered

"Docking clamps released, all moorings cleared" Geo answsered

"Thrusters at stationkeeping - ease us away" Ryan continued

"Thrusters at stationkeeping, aye" Geo replied

"Full impulse when clear" Anil finnished

"Engaging full impulse" Geo confirmed

"Captain - a small fighter-style craft is following - it's Donald Nox" Lieutenant Torres, one of the newly promoted operations officer's, called

"Let him - just hope that little ship of his is fast enough to pace an Intrepid class starship" Ryan laughed

Denorias Belt, several hours later

"Approaching the coordinates Captain" Geo stated

"Take us in, Mister Revolone" Ryan replied

The Intrepid swept toward the wormhole, which burst open, bathing the Intrepid in blue light

"The celestial temple" Anil muttered in awe

"You hadn't seen it?" Ryan asked him

"No - it was discovered after I left Bajor in our universe" Anil replied, still slightly awestruck

The Intrepid suddenly burst out of the wormhole, and Ryan ordered all-stop

a4.gif "Engineering - is everything ready?" a4.gif Anil asked

a4.gif "As ready as it'll ever be, Sir" a4.gif Lieutenant Moore replied

"Geo - take us in"

Again the Intrepid entered the wormhole, and Geo made certain that the ship's speed matched that of the Runabout which had inadvertantly found itself in the mirror universe

"Engineering have activated the warp-field variance Sir" Geo reported

The Intrepid shuddered violently, and lurched, almost throwing everyone out of their seats, and then sprinted out of the wormhole

"Report - are we home?" Anil asked

The viewscreen answered the question for him - Deep Space nine was no-where in sight, and Donald Nox's transport was sat meters away

"Damn" Ryan muttered

Anil stood

"Geo - take us back to Terok Nor and dock - I'll be in my ready room- you have the Bridge, Ryan" he stated

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Posted by: Havannah Essal Feb 2 2006, 11:24 PM
Havannah sat in the CSO office after docking with Terok Nor. She held a PADD which she would tap against the desktop. Thinking...

The Intreped had spent several weeks now in the Mirror Universe. The attempt to return to the normal universe 'and our time' had apparently failed. Obviously that didn't work.

"Computer, display everything that occured on the ship within ten minutes before entering the Mirror Universe." She paused. "And correlate that with the ten minutes before our time jump. Display any simularities."

Her display screen erupted in vast amounts of information, as the computer compiled more and more. She hoped something would reveal itself as some cause for how they entered the MU. Ten minutes later the computer was still compiling information.

"What are you recording every keystroke?"

*Restate command* The computer stated.

"Nevermind." Havannah stood up and stretched. It was gonna be a long, long night.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Feb 5 2006, 10:54 PM
"Take us in, Mister Revolone" Ryan ordered, and Geo's face organized itself into a grin, purple eyes easing across the viewscreen back towards his fingers; quickly entering in the new coordinates and plotting a course forward, manually controlling the variance of the ships movement; it meant having quick reflexes.

"You have no idea how good it is to hear that Ryan," both the Captain and the Command shared a grin towards Geo; afterall, he was the comedic one?

The Intrepid swept toward the wormhole, which burst open, bathing the Intrepid in blue light; Geo was too fixated with his job to pay it attention, but in the previous years of his life he had gone through the wormhole. Still, it was a pleasant surprise to hear Anil nearly gasp in awe at the sight. It really is beautiful, he resisted the urge to pet his console, he might look like a lunatic (As if he wasn't already!)

The commander and Captain both shared a dispationate conversation that didn't interesting the Hermekian in the least, though the ship seemed to rock back and forth more violently as they continued through, bursting and rupturing several of the riveting energy particle ribbons that created the 'celestial temple'. Finally the Intrepid suddenly burst out of the wormhole.

"All stop," the command ordered, and Geo was happy to oblige him, easing his fingers across the console a second time; god this job was fun.

"Engineering - is everything ready?" Anil asked

"As ready as it'll ever be, Sir" Lieutenant Moore replied

"Geo - take us in"

"You don't know how --"

"happy you are to hear that," Anil cut him off, but the commander and the captain shared another grin before waving away the deeply consterned Hermek, and he resumed his work -- afterall, he could always crash the ship if he wanted to, but the Captain might not take kindly to that.

Again the Intrepid entered the wormhole, and Geo made certain that the ship's speed matched that of the Runabout which had inadvertantly found itself in the mirror universe

"Engineering have activated the warp-field variance Sir" Geo reported, the ship grew more and more shaky yet again, though Geo did his best to try and counter the turbulence that they approached. One such instance rocked the ship violently, causing his console to flicker as if losing power. Then the ship shot from the wormhole.

"Report - are we home?" Anil asked

The viewscreen answered the question for him - Deep Space nine was no-where in sight, and Donald Nox's transport sat meters away

"Damn" Ryan muttered

Anil stood

"Geo - take us back to Terok Nor and dock - I'll be in my ready room- you have the Bridge, Ryan" Anil stated, heading off towards his ready room. Geo grumbled about Science officers and Engineers (mostly Engineers) but then again, Command and Engineering often didn't get along.

"I'm starting to hate seeing you," Geo stated, looking over his shoulder towards Nox whom happened to be on the bridge. Geo's smirk managed to make Mr. Nox smile as well.

"I do have a question though. Why is he Donald Seth Ross, or was he trying to make up a random name that couldn't be traced as actually being him? He seemed pretty suspicious, well more suspicious then you."

"He had a right to," Nox stated, "seeing your mirror self and some purple eyed freak,"

"That's drawing the line!" Geo laughed, so did Nox.

"Well, seeing us, as well as the Captain and Commander, probably made him soil himself,"

"Right, so the name?" Geo quirked a brow....

I did not know I could push about four lines of writing from Anil to be almost a full page. I guess I did it though, edit as needed.

Posted by: Charles Nox Feb 6 2006, 03:36 AM
"I'm starting to hate seeing you," Geo stated, looking over his shoulder towards Nox whom happened to be on the bridge. Geo's smirk managed to make Mr. Nox smile as well.

"I do have a question though. Why is he Donald Seth Ross, or was he trying to make up a random name that couldn't be traced as actually being him? He seemed pretty suspicious, well more suspicious then you."

"He had a right to," Nox stated, "seeing your mirror self and some purple eyed freak,"

"That's drawing the line!" Geo laughed, so did Nox.

"Well, seeing us, as well as the Captain and Commander, probably made him soil himself,"

"Right, so the name?" Geo quirked a brow....

"Well Geo....May I call you Geo? The only thing I can figure is things happend diffrent for him than me. I will tell you my birth name was Ross. I was adopted not long after I was born. Guess you could say nobody wanted me. By the way call me Charles or Charlie." Charles said with a smile.

Posted by: Keldorn Reefs Feb 6 2006, 09:15 AM
"I don't understand, the induction sequence went according to plan." Keldorn glanced over from the main console towards Gaia, who seemed as utterly devestated as he himself looked. Benzites were horrible for over dramatizing their problems.

"It had to of had been off, that's the only explination. Either that or we didn't create a stable field that could transport us."

"Maybe the entire operation would have no effect, or was destined not to? I mean, with all due respect man; it seemed somewhat far fetched to start. The induction sequence was perfectly timed by the internal chronometre, which is never wrong." Keldorn checked the status of the clock to be sure, running a high level scan. "I don't know what went wrong."

"Well, we have about two hours to find out, then the Captain will want some answers." Gaia sighed and rubbed her temples, clearly not wanting to be in Engineering.

"Yes Ma'am," Keldorn felt sympathy towards his superior, "I think you should go get something to drink -- I believe terrans are fond of 'expressos' or whatever they are called. Lieutenant Darius told me it was a good pick me up."

"We have no time, I want to know what the problem is."

"Ma'am, I'm as qualified as you to run Engineering in your stead, go ahead -- or maybe I should tell the doctor on you."

"No no," Gaia sighed again, then laughed, "maybe a quick drink, then I'll be back."

"Fresh air gives the brain time to think," Keldorn sighed, "maybe I should find the nearest airlock."

They both laughed, "let's get to work..."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 7 2006, 01:26 PM
"So, it didn't work?" Smiley asked, as Anil entered the Intendant's former office in the station's operations centre

"Your powers of observation astound me" Anil replied sarcastically, provoking a grin from smiley

"What now?" Smiley asked

"My Engineers are working on it - we intend to try again"

"Well - good luck, Captain..." Smiley began to say, until interrupted by a internal hail

"Op's to smiley"

"Go ahead" Smiley replied

"Ship approaching Sir - not answering our hails"

"Alliance?" Smiley asked, sounding apprehensive

"No sir - unknown confirguration - it's entering visual range now"

Smiley and Anil stepped out onto the deck of the Operatons centre, just as the view screen activated - and Anil felt all colour drain from his face as he looked at the ship on the viewscreen

"Oh no!" he whispered

The small, purple bug-shaped craft approaching Terok Nor was a type of ship that no Starfleet Officer in their home universe could fail to recognise

"You recognise it?" Smiley queried, noticing Anil's sudden change in demeanor

"Yes - it's a Jem' Hadar attack ship, and it's here on behalf of a Gamma Quadrant empire that call themselves the Dominion, at least, in my universe" Reyan replied

"And that's a bad thing?" Smiley enquired

"In my universe, we were at war with the Dominion - we suffered very heavy losses" Reyan answered, still not being able to avert his gaze from the viewscreen

"Well - let's see what they want before we jump to any conclusions" Smiley replied

"They are hailing" one of Smiley's colleagues advised

The viewscreen shifted to a view of a Changeling and a Vorta, flanked by Jem Hadar Guards

"Welcome to Terok Nor - can we help you?" Smiley spoke

"Thankyou for the greeting - may we come aboard your station - we are looking for someone, and hoped that you may be able to provide details of his whereaouts" the founder asked


Anil sat at the table, trying to look inconspicous , which he found was not easy considering the fact that he was wearing a Starfleet uniform which seemed to be drawing the occasional curious glance from the Vorta and founder sat at the oposite end of the table

"So, who was it that you were looking for?" Bashir asked, sounding as impatient as ever

"His name was Odo - he was one of my people - when he was an infant he was one of a number of my people chosen to explore the galaxy and placed in a small ship which was sent in the direction of your region of space. The wormhole, as you call it, has afforded us the oportunity to attempt to locate him"

Anil noticed that Bashir looked shocked, and Smiley didn't look too confident either

"He looked similar to you?" Smiley asked

"He would have, yes" the founder replied hopefully

Smiley swallowed

"Before I continue, you have to understand that this station was liberated from what we call The Alliance - we were their slaves, but we rebelled and took the station from them"

"Impressive - but how does this relate to our search for..." the Vorta stated, before Smiley raised a hand indicating that he hadn't finnished

"Just before we retook the station, two officers from an alternatve universe, a mirror universe if you prefer, arrived here and instigated the rebellion. The man you are looking for, Odo, was killed...." Smiley explained, but no sooner had he spoke the final word of his sentence, then the founder stood, her expression as close to furious as her face would permit

"Murdered?!" she shouted

"Wait" Bashir began, but the Dominion party were all on their feet, shouting at the Terran's

Anil's hand moved to his phaser, one of the Jem Hadar guards reached for his rifle, but was quickly shot down by Bashir, who then turned his attention toward the founder and the vorta. Before he could fire, the Dominion representaives vannished in a swirl of purple light, and the station rocked

Smiley, Bashir and Anil spinted out onto the operations deck - on the viewscreen was the Jem Hadar attack ship, firing at the station

"We raised shields, Sir" one of the Terran's stated

"Return fire" Smiley ordered

The station fired at the Jem hadar ship, scoring a number of hits, causing it some damage

The viewscreen again changed to display the founder and vorta

"You will pay for what you have done!" the founder spat

"Wait!" Anil called, trying to intervene

The Founder ignored him and continued

"From what you have said, your people were slaves - you will find that some empires are not so lienient as to allow it's enemies to LIVE to be slaves - for killing Odo we will destroy your station, hunt your people down one-by-one and show NO mercy"

The viewscreen went dead

Anil turned to O'brien

"Smiley - you have to call EVERY damned ship you have - and I mean all of them" he advised

"We don't have many" Smiley replied

"Call them anyway - get help from wherever you can" Anil replied, before a fist slammed into his jaw, causing him to fall to the floor - Bashir stood over him, fist clenched

"YOU did this!" he shouted furiously "You and that damned wormhole of yours!"

Anil stood, rubbing his jaw with his hand

"You're absoulutely right - that's why the Intrepid will be staying here, to help"

"What?" Bashir and smiley both replied

"This is my fault - we used the wormhole - we showed the Dominion how to get here and we'll stay and help you defend this station"

"Fine"Bashir spat, and strode away

"You don't sound hopeful" Smiley noted

"Firsthand experience I'm afraid - at some point in the next few days, thousands of Dominion ships will come flooding through that wormhole - I wish we had tried to find another way home"

Smiley smiled sympathetically

"For what it's worth, Captain, if I were you I probably would have done the same thing"

Anil managed a weak smile

a4.gif "Anil to Commander Orlan - place the Intrepid on yellow alert, and advise Lieutenant's Moore and Reef's to forget the engine alerations and concentrate on increasing power to weapons" a4.gif

a4.gif "Sir?" a4.gif came the quick reply

a4.gif "Just do it please, commander, I'm on my way back to the ship now - I'll explain everything" a4.gif

And with that, Anil turned and made his way to the transporter padd to be beamed back to the Intrepid

Posted by: Havannah Essal Feb 7 2006, 10:31 PM
Essal adjusted her uniform jacket. She was standing in the conference room, after having come on the bridge and requesting to see Orlan privately. She wanted to show her latest findings on the Karcsis.

While Orlan sat in one of the chairs, Essal stood showing a short presentation.

"You can see, here, before we entered the Mirror Universe, but in the past, and here, where we remained in the Mirror Universe but jumped ahead to our current time. Both times, the Karcsis had an energy spike, oddly enough after coming in contact with one of its keys." Havannah pointed to place emphasis on the words 'here'.

"How does this help us get out of the Mirror Universe?"

Havannah opened her mouth to answer when Orlan's comm badge chirped.

a4.gif "Anil to Commander Orlan - place the Intrepid on yellow alert, and advise Lieutenant's Moore and Reef's to forget the engine alerations and concentrate on increasing power to weapons" a4.gif

Orlan rose tapping his commbadge. a4.gif "Sir?" a4.gif

a4.gif "Just do it please, commander, I'm on my way back to the ship now - I'll explain everything" a4.gif

Orlan looked at Essal, nodding before walking out of the conference room. Essal followed right on his heels.

a2.gif "Yellow Alert" a2.gif Orlan bellowed.

Essal took the science console, relieving the ensign stationed there.

"Three ships approaching." Essal paused before contiuning. She looked up at Orlan. "They're Dominion."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 8 2006, 02:56 AM
Anil strode onto the bridge, just as Lieutenant Essal reported that three Dominion ships were approaching

The three ships approached the station, but stopped slightly outside the station's weapons range

"They're trying to intimidate us" Anil noted

"It's working" Ryan replied, gazing at the mamoth warship flanking two smaller battlecruisers

"What are they doing?" Lieutenant Essal asked

"I'd say that they are simply messengers, the message being that there are more to follow" Anil explained to Essal

"Great" Ryan complained

"Conference room, now - Lieutenant Sith - you have the bridge" Anil ordered


Anil waited as the last of his Senior officers took their seats at the table - he sighed, not looking foward to saying what he was about to tell them, but he took a deep breath and began

"As you all know, our inital attempt to return to our home universe failed, what you may not know is that the consequence of our attempt and subsequent failure"

"What do you mean?" Lieutenant Nox asked

"Our use of the wormhole caught the attention of the Dominion of this universe" Anil explained

"Why is that a problem - nothing has happened in the Alpha Quadrant of this universe that would have upset them?" Kaoru asked

"Unfortunately, again, involvement from our universe provoked the problem"

"You'll have to be more specific, Captain" Ryan stated

Anil frowned, but continued

"The reports from the Doctor Bashir of our universe indicate that during his visit to this universe he was forced to work alongside the other Terran slaves on Terok Nor. The Terran rebellion also began at this time, and in an act of self defence Doctor Bashir was forced to shoot the mirror-univerese counterpart of Constable Odo"

"Deep Space Nine's shapeshifter?" Lieutenant Moore asked, although Reyan assumed that it was a statement more than a question

"Yes - and then we come along, and show the mirror-Dominion the wormhole - and seeing as they know that they sent Odo to this area of space, they came through to find out what happened to him. They didn't like the answer"

An uneasy silence fell around the table - no-one needed Captain Reyan to elaborate on the founder's reaction, but Ryan broke the slience

"Then we need to get home, fast - Lieutenant Moore - we need to make another return attempt - how long do you think......" Ryan began, but Anil cut him off

"We're staying" he stated

There was a brief pause, almost everyone at the table looking at him in disbelief

"With all due respect, Captain, you can't be thinking of having the Intrepid fight the Dominion" Ryan sated, the disapproval clear in his tone of voice

"We stay and we fight" Anil again confirmed

"It's suicide!" Ryan barked - mutters of agreement from some of the other officer's followed

Anil stood, and slammed his hands on the table in front of him; he leant foward to address them and to add emphasis to what he was about to say

"You really think that I don't know that? The point that you seem to have missed is that WE caused this mess - the Dominion wouldn't be sat outside the station right now if not for us, their Fleet wouldn't be on it's way to attack Terok Nor if not for us, the Terran's would not be in such danger if not for us - WE caused this and WE are going to fight alongside them, whatever the cost!"

Ryan simply frowned, the other officer's present stared at him, stunned

"I'm sorry - but I can't justify having the Intrepid disappear whilst the Terran's here fight for their lives against an enemy fleet that is attacking them because of actions taken by people from our universe" Anil explained, stitting down again

"So what next?" Lieutenant Revolone asked

"The Terran's have sent out a general distress call to any Terran rebellion or former Terran Empire ship within range - they also sent out a message to the Klingon/Cardassian alliance in the hopes that their desire to reoccupy Terok Nor might allow them to see reason to assist in some form" Anil advised

Ryan grinned

"It won't be enough - but it'll be one hell of a fight" he stated

Anil nodded

"I want battle readyness reports within the hour - dismissed" Anil ordered

As Anil and Ryan stepped back out onto the bridge, Lieutenant Sith stood and made his way toward them

"We just picked up Starfleet-type warp signatures on longrange sensors, Captain - they are about to enter visual range" he informed

"On screen" Ani demanded

The view on the screen caused everyone to stop what they had been doing - the viewscreen showed a small fleet of older-type Starfleet ships heading toward the station, Excelsior class, Miranda class, Consitution class and Constellation class, being led by a single Ambassador class Starship

"They're hailing the station Sir" Geo advised

"Copy us into the transmission" Anil ordered

"Smiley - we received your message - is it true that Commodore Trell is with you on that heap of an excuse for a space station?"

"Shut it, Eddington, your wreck of a ship isn't much better" Smiley replied

"What's that ship you have docked, and who's the pretty boy in the uniform" mirror-Eddington asked

"I'm Captain Reyan, this ship is the Intrepid, and will be joining your Fleet" Anil replied

"Ha - the more the merrier - I'll meet with yourself, Smiley and Commodore Trell in one hour" Eddington replied, then cutting off the channel

The fleet took up position around the station, and the Intrepid

"Interesting fellow" Ryan commented

"Well, looks like our chances have improved a little, anyway" Anil stated, not entirely convinced by his own words

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Feb 8 2006, 09:43 AM
Save for her single question, Kaoru stayed silent through the briefing. She was curious as to whether Ryan and Anil expected her to protest their further involvement with the Mirror Universe.

She did not.

She agreed with Anil completely...their presence had caused the Dominion threat to Tarok Nor, and so far as she was concerned, they were duty bound to take whatever steps they could to help the terrans deal with that threat.

"Sir...with your permission I'd like to contact the infirmary on Tarok Nor, offer my assistance in setting up, extra field medics....anything they might need help with." She had been about to say 'setting up a field hospital' but decided that sounded too unoptimistic.

"Granted." Anil nodded curtly, meeting her eyes briefly, understanding and appreciation flashing in their dark depths.

Kaoru smiled, returning to sickbay, to her office, briefing Rika on the discussion, the two doctors then collaborating on how best they might aid the terrans.

Opening a channel to the infirmary on Tarok Nor, Kaoru introduced herself to the handsome doctor who appeared on the console screen.

"What can I do for you, doctor?" For his part, he seemed skeptical, until he noticed her uniform. "Your name is Kaoru?"

Puzzled, Kaoru glanced at Rika, one sable brow quirked as she nodded. "As I said before, I am Lieutenant-Commander Kaoru Ele, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Intrepid...and this is Rika Taenaebra..."

The doctor waved his hand, "You'll have to forgive me doctor, but there's a Kaoru Ele on this station as well, and...let's just say she's not exactly what I'd call doctor material."

For once, Kaoru was speechless. Rika however, chuckled, "Oh...I have got to meet her."

The doctor nodded, grinning, "I think that it would be interesting to see the two of them meet."

Collecting herself, Kaoru cleared her throat, "If the two of you are through, I'd like to get this discussion underway."

After that, the meeting went rather well, the doctor briefing Kaoru and Rika on logistics within the starbase, and learning what types of equipment and treatments the Intrepid could offer.

"I'd like to station a large team, the majority of my staff, on board the starbase, keeping a skeleton crew here." Kaoru looked thoughtfully at Rika as she said this.

The Terran doctor nodded, "I have no objections."

Posted by: Kith-Areth Feb 8 2006, 01:13 PM
The doors to the Ten Forward hissed open, a sound familiar to Kith, but as per normal he didn't look up to see who had entered.

"Ten Forward to Security! Intruder alert!" A young engineer cried into her comm badge.

Kith's head snapped in the direction of the woman's appeal for help. A man and woman had entered Ten Forward, their clothing of dark glossy leather.

"Computer delete crew holograms." The woman said icily.

"Take a seat Mr. Areth." The man said, but Kith remained standing and simply glared at them. "Either way you will be sitting."

"Or what? I am in a false program and you are monitoring me. Afraid I might screw up your experiment?" He sneers as he looks about. "Given this thing whole thing is a farce, your threats are idle now that I know what is going on."

The woman glanced at the male approvingly, "He catches on quickly. That will serve us well."

"Which still leaves me here talking to two disassociated voices in a phantasm. You might be able to keep me here, but I certainly have no reason to cooperate. I'm not afraid of a holodeck"

"This may be a simulation, but it's where this holodeck is, that's important."

The woman chuckled, "It would be silly, after all, to be afraid of a holodeck, but perhaps the people behind the simulation you've found yourself in? Our proposition is relatively simple Kith. It's in your best interest to comply."

"Given I cannot see them, it somewhat dilutes our ability to negotiate. Do I detect....anxiety, puppet master?" He said, his voice faintly chiding as he glanced around the holodeck. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"All in due course, however I can tell you who I am – at least, a name that you may call me. I am JD."

The woman was impressed, leaning forward, resting her hands on a table before her, "Negotiations is really not the correct word. You will do as we request or you will be terminated. It's really very simple."

"That is always what it ends up being, isn't it? You lose all pretense of making an offer and go straight for the option of threat of force. Fine, what do you want?"

"How many times do I have to say it? You will know that in due course. In the meam time, we will be assessing you."

"All right....assume I play along, but why not have just ASKED me, hmm? Why this elaborate construction? Such things might make someone... nervous." He said cooly, eyeing them.

"Our methods have been proven countless times, they really arn't your concern."

"Well, considering that it hasn't exactly been a text-book case with me, you might want to re-evaluate those methods. Considering I don't have much of a choice, I guess you have me."

The woman seemed to relax a bit, pleased that they had gotten past that initial refusal. "To ensure you have the skills required for the task we have set."

"I see.....and for such a thing I assume you might desire such skills as say....creativity, intuitive reaction, and the like?" He tilted the mug to her, throwing the hot chocolate into her face as he rushed her, to try to grab her in a headlock.

The woman turned her head, the hot liquid splashing against her hair, a mild irritance, nothing more. She ducked his lunge, her right hand flying out, open palmed, aiming a well placed blow at his abdomen, meant to knock the breath out of his lungs.

He has turned somewhat, so it left more a bruise than a full breathless blow, but he winced slightly all the same. His attack fell a bit off from where he wanted it to go, stepping back, hands up and open. "Not bad, Ms. Secret Agent."

"If you have finished," JD casually indicated the tray of food on the table and apparently unconcerned about the scuffle between his partner and the subject. "would you please come with us?"

She straightened, brushing back her soaked hair, wiping more hot chocolate from her cheek. It was hard to read her emotions, hard to tell if she was angry, or pleased, or simply did not care at all that she had been attacked.

"Sure, why not?" He said in false cheer as he shrugged, making his way towards the food stand. "Very kind of you to provide for lunch and all."

The motion of drawing the small vial of tranquilizer was fluid, smooth and fast. As was the motion of stabbing it towards his exposed neck.

"Was that really necessary? He was willing to go."

"It's fair - look what he did to my top." The woman said, pointing to the wet, light brown stain on her shoulder."

"Oh I forgot how much you enjoy drugging people."

"You don't usually complain." Her eyes sparkled wickedly.

He slumped to the floor, coughing slightly as the drug took hold. His metabolism fought it for a moment, his hands clawing at the woman before falling to the floor.

Posted by: Hawku Feb 8 2006, 11:50 PM
After having the Bridge, Aeon Sith stepped down. The conversation between the commanding parties had taken up the view-screen until they agreed to meet. It was then he noticed the odd Starship already docked at Terok Nor.

The view-screen showed the Terran Fleet taking position around the station, but he could also see another vessel... the only other one that was already there. Aeon's Aeon thought. He beat me bad last time. - If only he had been ready for his mirror counterpart.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," the Captain walked past and nodded to him.

Aeon nodded back and left the Bridge.


He and Commander Ryan Orlan shared a Turbolift.

"Lieutenant," Ryan started, "Do you think you could head a small team to refit the Runabouts in the Shuttle Bay?"

"Sir?" Aeon asked. "I may be able to increase its Helm response time... I could probably custom alter the torpedo tubes for additional output. But my expertise only goes so far."

"According to your records, you spent a great deal of your life at the multiple stations on Utopia Planitia," the Commander said.

Aeon thought about the Runabout again, "Hmm. There is one sequence of alterations that can boost the impulse engines and strengthen the shield grid at the same time. But I'd need an Engineer's help to do the work." He paused for a moment, "It may take a bit, but I'm sure more alterations might come to my memory."

Ryan stared away and nodded, "Very well. Get to work. You never know when it could come in handy."

Aeon nodded. He knew they were in a different time-frame than last time, but upgrading a Runabout wasn't something done that often. It was quite possible to upgrade enough to stand against a Starship.

The Commander came to his stop and left the Turbolift.

OCC: I wasn't really sure what else there was for Aeon to do. Hope that's ok. c22.gif

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Feb 10 2006, 11:11 AM
"I've made arrangements to send an adaquate number of my staff to Terok Nor. Suffice to say, medical attention seems to be a rather low priority in this universe." Kaoru said, as soon as Ryan entered Sickbay.

There was no need for either of them to engage in polite small talk that would prolong his visit longer than either of them wanted.

"Just how many of your staff have you allocated?"

"Enough so that the Intrepid crew will not lack for medical attention, should it be required."

"If it will be enough, then perhaps the Intrepid has too many medical personnel." Ryan eyed Kaoru, allowing his words to soak through her callous exterior. "Thank you Doctor, I'll make a recommendation to Starfleet that a generous quantity of your staff can be reassigned to more needy causes, that is if we do ever return to our own universe."

Kaoru simply glared at him. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew that he was trying to bait her, to lure her to reacting to his taunt. "In future you might concider notifying me about any temporary assignments of crew - particularly given our current location and after all it is a matter of ship's resources. Not to mention that I had to hear it from the Captain."

"The staff which I have assigned haven't left yet," she responded matter-of-factly. "and I am notifying you now."

"Right, well, keep me informed if you decide to giveaway more of our resources." Ryan said fractiously and turned towards the exit. "And Doctor, let me give you some advice, if you ever go over my head again, I'll have yours on a platter."

Ryan stepped out of the turbo lift as it came to a hault at deck ten; his conversation with the Doctor continued to replay in his mind like an incessant movie. After walking a short distance along the corridor that would lead him to Sickbay, it was becoming increasingly evident that anxiety level in the crew was continuing to mount as news of the forthcoming threat spread from deck to deck.

"Lieutenant," Ryan said as he approached Reefs. "I need your assistance -"

"Commander, whatever it is, can it wait atleast an hour? Frankly we are really quite occupied down here, we just found out that -"

"Look newbie," He ruptured. "nobody has time to waste, thats why I've come to you. Now if you would take your head out of that plasma conduate and listen you'll see that I have another assignment for you."

Ryan stared at him as the Benzite's face appeared from out of the maintenance cavity set deep into the wall.

"The rest of the Engineering team can coup, I need you to report to the Shuttle Bay and assist Lieutenant Sith with upgrades to the runabouts Meridian and Rapid. You should find Sith waiting for you."

"Aye sir." Reefs answered, a puff of nitrogen escaped his breathing apparatus. Ryan watched the Benzite push himself to his feet, pick up his Engineering tool kit and depart. As soon as Reefs was gone he casually moved nearer to the console where Gaia stood. He wasn't sure what to say, the last few times they had spoken it had been less than receptive and instead of talking, he decided just to descretely watch her, wait and see what she would do.


Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 14 2006, 03:09 AM
Anil studied the list of ships that had arrived as part of the effort to defend Terok nor

"Not enough" he said to no-one in particular

Things were not going well - although he had no intention of backing-out and leaving the Terran's to their fate, he had to admit that judging by the rather small number of ships that they had in their Fleet so far, the odds were that it would be a very short and very one-sided fight in the Dominion's favor

The door-chime sounded, diverting Anil's chain of thought

"Enter" he called

Doctor Ele strode confidently into the office, her demeanor clearly suggesting that she was either upset or angry about somthing

"I see you received my communication regarding your promotion" Anil stated, trying to break the ice

"Yes, I did Sir, but that isn't why I am here" she answered

"Fine - what's on your mind, Doctor?"

"Permission to speak freely, Captain?" she asked

"Always - but the fact that you've placed the request so early on in this conversation concerns me" Anil said, trying to lighten the mood, and visibly failing

"It's Commander Orlan, Sir - it's bad enough that I have to endure his attitude at the best of times, but to have him march into sickbay and and critisise the way I manage my personel...."

"Why would he be addressing a matter regarding your team?" Anil queried

"I assigned a few members of my team to the infirmary on Terok Nor - their facilities are, to say the least, basic and they have few medically trained personel" she answered

"Hm - a sensible move - but I take it that you made the arrangement yourself?" Anil asked

Kaoru bristled at his statement

"Yes, Captain, I did - I realise that perhaps I should have cleared it with Commander Orlan, but on the other hand, and you may not have noticed this, he hasn't been very approachable lately"

"Elaborate" Anil requested

"Well, issue regarding crew allocation aside, he marched into sickbay, openly critisised me in front of my staff and advised me that if I went over his head again he'd have my head on a platter"

Anil frowned

"I'll have a chat to him, Kaoru - crew resources and allocation are his area, but I do expect him to treat fellow senior officer's with respect" Anil answered

"Thankyou Sir" Kaoru replied

She turned to leave, but before she reached the door, the comm channel opened

a4.gif "Bridge to Captain Reyan" a4.gif

a4.gif "Anil here - go ahead" a4.gif

a4.gif "Captain - another small fleet of Terran ships just arrived - but the wormhole just opened, and Jem'Hadar ships are forming a firing line along the station perimeter" a4.gif

a4.gif "I'm on my way" a4.gif Anil called

Back on the bridge, the viewscreen showed the magnitude of what he had just been told

"They outnumber us ten to one, Sir" Lieutenant Nox reported

"Receiving a fleetwide hail from the Defiant, Sir" Geo reported

"On screen"

The view of the massive Dominion fleet disappeared to be replaced by that of Commodore Trell, stood on the bridge of the Defiant

a4.gif "It appears that battle will soon commence - I have ordered all ships to form a defensive pattern around the sation - the starships Defiant, Intrepid, Scorpion, Revenge, Serpent and Victorious will form a fallback line - fight well - Trell out" a4.gif

"That was certainly rousing" Anil muttered sarcastically

"Captain - the Dominion ships are powering their weapons!" Lieutenant Nox advised

"This is it" Anil stated, before touching the comm pannel command on the arm of his chair

a4.gif "All hands, this is the Captain - the hour is unfortunately upon us. We are about to fight in a battle that we are only participating in due to the fact that it probably wouldn't even be taking place if we hadn't interfered with the natural course of development in this universe. But we did - we are responsible, and we are therefore going to do everything we can to defend Terok Nor. I am proud of all of you - you've all exceeded expectations, gone above and beyond the call of duty and if all fails, it has been an honour to have been your Captain - Anil out" a4.gif

He then stood, took a deep breath, and called the inevitable words:

a1.gif "Red alert - all hands... Battlestations!" a1.gif

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Feb 14 2006, 12:48 PM
For a moment, the view on the view screen mesmerized her, and she was unable to move.

"Captain - the Dominion ships are powering their weapons!" Lieutenant Nox advised

That snapped her out of her reverie. Her eyes met Geo's briefly, and she wondered how long he had been looking at her.

Anil gave his speech and called for battlestations, and Kaoru knew she had to go. Her duty was in sickbay.

She regretted that her last few words with Anil had been angry ones....she would have liked to have told him other things...good bye, for example. Sapphire blue eyes moved to the Hermekian again, and she smiled. At least their last conversation had been pleasant.

Shaking off that fatalistic turn of thoughts, Kaoru stepped onto the turbolift. It was a bit early to be considering the battle lost. "Sickbay."

By the time she strode into sickbay, she had snapped out her mood, glancing around at the crew she had grown so very attached to, smiling. "Before things get crazy around here, I just want to say that I have never had prouder moments than those I've shared serving with you."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 14 2006, 04:40 PM
Anil stared at the viewscreen, awestruck and overwhelmed by the sheer number of Domionion ships that stood in front of them, weapons ready and trained on the Intrepid, Defiant and all of the other Terran starships and fighters assembled, ready to destroy everything in their path in an act of vengance

Although totally focused on the task at hand, Anil's mind was also racing, thinking of tasks that he had never completed, friends whom he had never said goodbye to, and his Father

*Guess you were wrong, Father - I did amount to somthing, but now you'll never know* he thought to himself

Anil noted Ryan step out of the turbolift. He walked down and took his place in the XO's chair, but said nothing, his attention focused on the terrible scene before them

"Captain - they have opened fire!" Lieutenant Nox suddenly shouted

The viewscreen, previously showing static starships, suddenly burst into an explosion of purple tinted light, as the Dominion finally gave the visible display of their anger

The lead Terran ships surged forward, firing as they went - the Intrepid drifted slowly in place next to an older Constellation-class starship, taking her place as one of the team of ships assigned to defend the station

However, the view on the screen was not encouraging - the older Terran ships were not having too much difficulty dealing with the smaller attack ships, but the larger Battlecruisers and Warships were picking off the old ships at their lesuire

"We have to do somthing" Geo said, turning to face Anil and Ryan, an expression of urgency on his face

"We are doing somthing, Geo - we're protecting the station" Anil replied

"Great - and who is going to protect us?" Geo replied

Anil considered rebuking Geo for his comments, but could see little point - Geo was right - they had no protection. Outnumbered ten Dominion ships for everyone one of theirs - the outcome of this battle was already a foregone conclusion

"Sir - some of the Dominion ships have broken through our lines and are opening fire on the station!" Lieutenant Nox advised

a4.gif "Commodore Trell to all ships - attack!" a4.gif

"I like her - she keeps things simple" Ryan muttered - Anil ignored him

"Okay Geo - GO - Nox - target any enemy ship and fire phasers!" he yelled

Geo, having already entered the relevant sequence into the Helm, threw the Intrepid into full impulse, and the Intrepid, Defiant, Scorpion, Revenge, Serpent and Victorious all surged foward in a united line, firing as they went

The Intrepid shuddered as her shields took the impact of several hits from Dominion ships that had not taken kindly to the appearance and interference of the defense ships

"Damn - there are so many of them" Nox called

"MaCGeorgeson - take auxiliary tactical control and assist Nox" Ryan ordered

a4.gif "Lieutenant Sith - are the Meridian and Rapid ready for launch" a4.gif Anil asked

a4.gif "Aye sir - just running prelaunch - Ensign Caius Telda has the Rapid ready for launch" a4.gif

a4.gif "Excellent - launch when ready, and give them hell Lieutenant, Ensign" a4.gif

a4.gif "Aye Sir!" a4.gif came the synchronus replies

The Intrepid rocked again, but the Runabouts both appeared on the viewscreen, and sprinted off in separate directions to assist the smaller Terran ships

"Attack ship on our tail Sir - and two battlecruisers have moved in on the station" Geo advised

"Aft torpedoes, fire at will - Geo, bring us around and go after those battlecruisers - MaCGeorgeson - target quantum torpedoes on those cruisers and fire at will"

The Intrepid's aft torpdeods despatched the pursuing attack fighters, and as ordered, she swung around and dashed at the two battlecruisers, only to have to dodge out of the path of the buring wreck of a derelict Consitution class starship - and the manuver led the Intrepid directly into the path of a waiting Warship which opened fire, rocking the Intrepid violently

"Shields at eighty-three percent" Nox advised, smoke rising from his console

"Target those battlecruisers again, Lieutenant - we have to get them away from the station"

Anil gripped the sides of his chair - he had known that this would be a loosing battle, but as he stared at the buring wreckages that had been Terran starships, he had to admit that he had underestimated just how impossible the odds were.

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Posted by: Charles Nox Feb 14 2006, 11:39 PM
The Intrepid's aft torpdeods despatched the pursuing attack fighters, and as ordered, she swung around and dashed at the two battlecruisers, only to have to dodge out of the path of the buring wreck of a derelict Consitution class starship - and the manuver led the Intrepid directly into the path of a waiting Warship which opened fire, rocking the Intrepid violently

"Shields at eighty-three percent" Nox advised, smoke rising from his console

"Target those battlecruisers again, Lieutenant - we have to get them away from the station"

Nox's fingers flew across the board. Targeting what he could.

Nox paused a moment to look at what McGregorson was seeing. He was somewhat new at this.

"Target those larger one's right there." Nox said and pointed at the battle cruisers on the Tactical screen.

Nox turned his attention back to his own station and began launching the fire sequences for the quantum torpeado's.

"SIR!! We hit one of the battlecruisers drive systems." Nox reported.


Posted by: Hawku Feb 15 2006, 07:02 PM
Aeon Sith tapped at the panels aboard the runabout Meridian. He had sped the ship under some passing torpedoes and toward an unsuspecting Dominion battleship. With the help of Reefs, he was able to make the modifications he needed and fast.

The feeling of luck on his side had accompanied him upon exit of the Intrepid, due to his technical changes being so sucessful.

I guess when you're focused and thinking, you really do get the job done right, he said in his head. But an incoming torpedo to the Meridian's shields snapped him out of thought and back into the chaos unfolding before him.

Aeon checked his console. He was the only one aboard the Runabout, and for some reason glad he didn't come to risk anyone else's life with his piloting. Out his window he could see that the Rapid was under heavy fire by a second Dominion ship.

Handling the Helm, and the Tactical controls layed out in an arch formation above, he sped the Meridian down and to the right toward the Rapid. The Meridian blasted torpedo after torpedo into the second attacking Dominion ship until a hole was broken through thier shields. The Dominion vessel took notice and moved off the Rapid.

Aeon then turned the Meridian away and sped off with now two Dominion ships on his tail... for some reason not feeling the pressure he had once felt the last time he was in the heat of battle.

Weaving through the confusing chaos, the Runabout led the two enemy Ship's into the direct fire of the Rebel ship, Scorpion, and a direlect Dominion crusier. Slowing into the path of torpedoes being traded between the two, the Meridian forced its Dominion chaser's into slowing and hit. Aeon slowed even more and rotated the Runabout around to face them. He blasted phasers into torpedo after torpedo, exploding them right next to his two enemies. One of the Dominon ship's exploded, and due to being in close range with the other, caused the other to begin exploding too!

Aeon backed off as far as he could from the explosions, starting to understand that he was working better alone on the Runabout.

The direlect Dominion cruiser pulled up behind him, suddenly, about to open fire. But was immedaitely met with the torpedo blasts of a passing Rapid. The Dominion crusier turned away and began chasing it.

"Ensign Telda! Are you okay?" Aeon called out over the communications.

- "Don't worry about me," Telda's voice replied. "I'm just repaying you the favour."

The comm cut out and Aeon couldn't help but shake his head in amusement. He was confident that Telda had the situation under control. ---From Aeon's blind-spot he could almost see another enemy ship. He immedaitely rotated the Meridian to attack, but upon visual he realized it was just a Rebel ship.

Aeon squinted his eyes momentarily and suddenly recognized the Rebel ship. It was mirror Aeon's! Looking at it in shock, he suddenly saw two torpedo's blast out from it. Crap! There must be a Dominion battleship behind me! Aeon thought. But upon nearing, the two torpedoes hit the Meridian---

Shields were down to 83-percent.

"What the hell??" Aeon said aloud.

- "Phoenix to the Meridian. I guess I was a little late," the view-screen next to the Helm clicked on to an image of Aeon's mirror duplicate, mirror-Aeon.

"We're on the same side!" Aeon claimed.

- "Actually," the mirror-Aeon replied, as through the window two Dominion crusiers passing harmlessly in the background of the Phoenix was visible, "I'm with them." The Dominion crusiers sped off to continue the battles. "You see... I was checking out your Wormhole and found some very angry people on its other side. Apparently us Human's had made an impression. So I struck a deal with the Dominion in exchange for some Rebellion information and well-- here we are."

"Always keeping busy, huh?" Aeon said.

- "Let's just say my crew and I have been somewhat 'weary' of always being on the losing side. Besides, my time with the Alliance wasn't a complete waste. I made some very interesting allies, and, sort of aquired a taste to treason."

"You're working with the Alliance too?? You bastard!"

- "Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say. But now you must die, so shall we continue this? I just know you'll impress me with your so-called 'piloting-skills', heh heh."

The mirror-Aeon clicked the screen off and sat back in amusement. He had spent years aboard the Phoenix with no real foe to battle. The torpedo tubes might as well have been filled with cobwebs. At least now, the true power of his ship could finally be shown. Because he truely felt it was time to put an end to this cursed existence of his mirror double; and he intended doing it personally.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 16 2006, 06:08 AM
The Intrepid was, so far, holding her own in the battle, her speed providing a distinct advantage, the larger Dominion ships finding her hard to target and hit

"SIR!! We hit one of the battlecruisers drive systems." Nox reported

"Follow through with photon torpedoes, Lieutenant" Anil ordered

Lieutenant Nox didn't have to be told twice, and it was with some satisfaction that Anil watched the torpedoes hit their target - the Dominon ship, overwrought with damage, exploded into an impressive fireball, taking at least two attack ships with it - but there was no time for celebration

"Captain - one of the Terran rebel ships has disengaged from the fleet and is attacking the Meridian!" Ryan exclaimed

"View" Anil demanded

The viewscreen image switched to show the Meridian's location, and as Ryan had said, she was under attack - weaving and dodging around the phasers and torpedoes of a Constellation-class Starship, which was clearly toying with the runabout

"Get us over there Geo, NOW!" Anil barked

"Aye Sir" Geo replied, instantly changing the Intrepid's course, sending her on a sprint toward the venerable runabout

"Hail that ship" Anil ordered - the reply was prompt

a4.gif "Who bothers me?" a4.gif - the face of Aeon Sith appeared on the screen, but clearly not the Aeon Sith that Anil and Ryan knew - this Aeon sith carried a battle-scar, obviously a visual memento of a past battle, and his demeanor and attitude were far more aggressive

"I am Captain Anil Reyan, of the Intrepid - break off your attack on the Runabout - we're on the same side!"

Mirror-Aeon smirked

"As I explained to my dim-witted alternate self, I have chosen to fight on the winning team - but I don't have time to explain the details - I wish to see just how compitent a pilot my inferior alternate self is before I destroy him"

Anil stood and strode toward the screen, heart pounding, anger almost overwhleming him

"Listen to me you sonofabitch- take one more shot at the Meridian and I swear you'll regret it - your ship may be strong, but compaired to the Intrepid, it's a joke - now, I'll say this once and once only - BACK OFF!"

Mirror-Aeon looked annoyed, clearly not used to being addressed in such a manner

"Question is, Captain, can your ship reach me before I destroy your Aeon Sith?"

Anil took another step foward, and despite the obvious real distance between them, Mirror Aeon took a step back

"Try it, you bastard - I'll blow you out of the stars" he replied in a more confident, measured tone - he then turned and indicated that the channel should be closed

"Geo - auxiliary power to the impulse engines - try and ignore the other ships - we have to get to the Meridian!" Anil ordered

Anil knew that time really was of the essence, and until the Intrepid could get to the Meridian's location, his Aeon's very own piloting skills were the only chance that he had of survival

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Posted by: Charles Nox Feb 17 2006, 12:08 AM
Nox watched as the ships exploded. He also watched as the Captain had his confrontation with the Mirror Aeon. He put the targeting sequence in. Nox knew if he was going to save Aeon's life that the time was now to act. He also locked onto all personnels commbadge signal aboard the Meridian. He cut the audio and motioned on moment toward the view screen. The mirron rolled his eyes.

"Captain. I can take him now. We dont have to wait to move over there. I have the target coordinates locked in. Please sir. I am not being rude, but I can still fire from here and be effective. If that guy try's to take Aeon out I can still get him out of there. We must move now." Nox said trying to sound as compassionate for his other crewmate that was such a good pilot.

Nox stood there and waited to get the butt chewing of his life, but he knew that he had to act now.

Posted by: Hawku Feb 18 2006, 09:49 PM
Captain Reyan turned as Nox explained the worry in his voice. Maybe Nox had good reason to brake in like that? But the hesitation was too much - the Intrepid got close and Anil ordered, "Fire!" - and the Phoenix began to impulse.

Nox fired a torpedo out into space, which half nicked off the shields of the Phoenix as it began to chase the Meridian. Aeon jerked the Meridian around and the two ships began swirling around each other, firing torpedoes in all directions.

"Mr. Nox," Anil called out, "Continue firing!"

The Intrepid pumped out torpedo after torpedo, but the erratic flight patterns of both vessels had accumulated them off the corner of the viewscreen.

Aeon sped the Meridian away from the twisty movements and into a straight forward path. The Phoenix followed suit, along with the Intrepid far behind. A torpedo was shot out from the Phoenix toward the Meridian, to which the Meridian dodged quickly.

Another torpedo was shot out, but from the Intrepid at the Phoenix, but the Phoenix spun to dodge it, and it flew right over the Meridian.

"Ack!" Aeon said. "Who am I to think I can get out of this situation?? I'm no Geo!" - A torpedo suddenly hit his shields, bringing them down to 32%. - "But then again, I guess I don't have to be... I guess I just got to be Aeon;" He looked to a viewscreen on his left, projecting the Phoenix's visual; "Because he certainly is."

Through the window he could see the small Runabout, Rapid, and the starship, Scorpion, pounding a Dominion battleship with countless torpedoes until its shields were knocked offline, giving Aeon a plan of action. If flying through debris was one thing he was good at from last time, then there was no reason not to attempt it this time.

"I hope the Doctor is ready for my wounds..."

The Phoenix continued firing, until it saw what direction its prey was heading in. Up ahead, the Dominion battleship began to explode - sending large pieces flying out into space. The Rapid and Scorpion flew off, but the Meridian flew right under one of the large pieces of Dominon hull.

"Status of the Phoenix!" Anil called out as he caught the destruction in the distance.

Nox fired another torpedo and knocked its shields offline, "Sheild's down, sir!"

The mirror-Aeon on the Phoenix flew the ship downward, just below the path of destruction to avoid it - until he saw the Meridian swinging around within the spreading debris.

Aeon got the Meridian to lock a tractor beam onto a large chunk of hull and he dragged it around in space toward his enemy. As the Meridian crossed the path of the Phoenix, he dropped the tractor beam which left the chunk of Dominon crusier to make contact with its target. The large piece of hull flew into the Phoenix and smashed right through the upper saucer section. Aeon sped the Meridian away as plasma and hull fragments exploded out into space!

The Intrepid stopped in space just before it, as the Meridian flew around to meet up.

- "Aeon! Are you alright?" the Captain called out over subspace.

Lieutenant Aeon came on-screen, "Nothing a med-kit couldn't fix, Captain," but as he was talking, they both noticed Ensign Telda beaming onto the Bridge-area of the Meridian. Aeon turned around and noticed, "What the? What are you doing here?"

"I don't know," Telda replied. "You beamed aboard the Rapid and said you destroyed your ship to destroy the Phoenix; so I let you have the helm..."

Aeon then realized what happened, "Damn! That was my mirror duplicate... He must've beamed you away."

Both the Intrepid and the Meridian quickly checked sensors, but the Rapid had already flew off in escape.

- "Urrgh," Anil gritted his teeth in anger. He knew there were more important targets out there to deal with at the moment, "Forget about him for now," he regretted ordering. "The Rebel fleet needs our help!"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 21 2006, 04:24 PM
"Damn!" Anil exclaimed, as one of the consoles behind threw sparks across the bridge

Several hours had passed since mirror-Aeon had hijacked the Intrepid's second Runabout, the Rapid, but that detail was at the back of everyone's mind - the fight against the mirror-Dominion was going badly for the Terrans, and the battlefield was becoming even more dangerous due to the increasing number of Terran Starships, some reduced to lifeless hulks, and some simply drifting, devoid of power

Geo whistled, as the Intrepid almost skimmed the dead hull of an Ambassador class starship

"Too close" he mumbled

Between them, Lieutenant's Nox and McGeorgeson were doing well fending off attacks, but unfortunately, the Intrepid was now spending far more time firing in defense rather that offense

"Another Jem'Hadar bug on our tail" Geo reported

"Loose him, Lieutenant" Anil simply stated, as the Intrepid rocked from yet another impact

Geo threw the Intrepid into a sudden starboard swerve; the Intrepid darted beneath the wreckage of a Dominion battlecruiser and swept up the oposite side, now facing the attack ship that had been following her

"Fire!" Ryan shouted

Two photon torpedoes quickly impacted against the unsuspecting ship, and it exploded, the Intrepid swept past the wreckage, only to find itself facing two battlecruisers and one of the Dominion's massive warships

"Oh shit" Anil said quietly, suddenly feeling defeated

"Geo - get us away from....." Ryan began to say, but the Intrepid suddenly buckled as her shields bore the brunt of numerous anti-proton beam impacts against her weakening shields

"Return fire!" Anil shouted, the taste and smell of smoke penetrating his senses

"Aye Sir" Nox replied, all enthusiasm gone from his voice, replaced by a tone of defeat

The Intrepid lurched again, throwing Anil and Ryan out of their seats; the aft science console exploded leaving a small fire in it's place

"We're not going to make it, are we?" Anil heard an Ensign from the enviromental console ask

Anil didn't answer - he pulled himself and made his way back to his seat

"Ouch" Ryan complained, holding his back

"Shields at 61% Sir - but they are fluctuating" Nox advised

"Lock torpedoes on the attacking ship and fire" Reyan ordered, trying to remain calm

"Aye Sir - but we only have 20 Quantum torpdoes remaining, and 70 photon torpedoes"

"Use the photon's first" Ryan advised

The Intrepid fired at point-blank, damaging the warship, which subsequently returned the favor

"Hull breach, deck eight" Geo called

Anil was however lost in thought for the moment, the Intrepid rocked beneath him, taking damage, her crew sacrificing themselves for the Terran's, and for him. And he had to ask himself *did I do the right thing*

As another the enviromental station errupted into sparks, throwing it's user clean across the bridge, Anil had to admit that he was really starting to think that he hadn't

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Feb 21 2006, 04:32 PM
Consoles exploded and the Bridge shuddered violently with every disruptor pulse that the Warship pelted at the the Intrepid's diminishing shields.

The dull pain in Ryan's back blended into a distant echo in his mind, he couldn't be concerned about a minor injury while he and the rest of the crew faced their demise.

Suddenly the viewscreen glared with rappid flashes of bright blue light followed by a streak of grey; all hurtling towards the Jem'Hadar Warship.

"What the -?" He managed to say.

"Sir, it's the Defiant!" Korbin called from the Ops console.

The Defiant skimmed along the belly of the Warship, firing as it went, the Warship unable to gain a target lock. Ryan looked over at Anil who wore a weak grin of pride and triumph.

"Nox, fire everything you've got!"

Moments later the Warship began to break appart; savage flames licking from every breach in it's bulkling hull before it detonated.

"The Defiant?" Anil queried, but his question was answered by the viewscreen, the Defiant sped towards the Intrepid, the fiery explosion lapping at it's tail.

"The two Battlecruiser's are rejoining their front lines... we're being hailed by the Defiant."

"On screen."

"It would appear that you owe me a drink, Captain." Smiley said.

"That I do."

"I suggest you remain to the back of the lines for a while to make some repairs."

Anil nodded in acknowledgement of Smiley's suggestion.

"Well, back to the battle!" Smiley said vibrantly, almost as though he were enjoying himself... perhaps he was.

Ryan watched the viewscreen intently as the Terrans continued to battle wave after wave of Dominon forces. A large mangled portion of hull from a Miranda class vessel surged towards the Intrepid as a Jem'Hadar proton beam sliced through it like hot knife through butter.

"Geo!" Anil shouted, but the Hermekian's sharp purple eyes had already seen the approaching danger and the ship unexpectedly impelled into a gut-wrenching port to starboard roll.

"Woah! I'd ask if I can do that again but..." Geo roared with exhilaration, but his exuberance abated as he watched the Captain and First Officer scrambled to their feet. "Hm, perhaps not..."

"Indeed, perhaps not." Anil said laconically.

"Any survivors from the Lynches?" Ryan asked, his eyes still on the smoldering Miranda class ship.

"Scanning... no sir." Korbin replied. "Shields down to fifty-seven percent."

"Captain!" Nox shouted. "Their lines a thinning - the Serpant has broken though!"


The battle continued to rage and the casualty list grew longer and longer. Damage to the Intrepid was becomming increasingly more prominent. Bridge lighting flickered indiscriminately and consoles showered the crew with sparks and smoke as they irrupted.

"We just took a direct hit to our port nacelle." Geo informed. "Warp drive is off-line. I'm reading a build-up in the -"

a4.gif "Engineering to Bridge." a4.gif Gaia's voice sounded through the ship's comm system.

a4.gif "Lieutenant, I know warp drive is down, but we have bigger problems than -" a4.gif

a4.gif "We're heading for a core breach. That last blast caused an instability in anti-matter reaction system. We're having trouble maintaining the containment field. We might have to eject the core!" a4.gif

a4.gif "Brilliant!" a4.gif Anil paused. a4.gif "Commander Orlan is on his way to give you a hand. - Anil out." a4.gif


Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 23 2006, 02:59 PM
Reyan was really beginning to feel tense - the battle continued to go badly for the Terrans.

In fact, few of the Terran ships were actually managing to do any damage now - the vast majority of the Terran ships still able to fire their weapons were doing so in defense rather than offense, a tactic that the Intrepid itself had been foreced into on a number of occasions

"Evasive manuvers, pattern sierra!" Anil shouted as they found themselves with a Dominion warship approaching from fore and a battleship from aft

The Intrepid darted upward at a sharp angle, and then swooped toward the Dominion warship, skimming along it's top at very close range, firing phasers as she did so, and causing numerous hull breaches

"Aft torpedoes - target those hull breaches" Anil ordered enthusiastically as the Intrepid cleared the Warship and began to sprint away from it

The aft torpedo launchers spat their charges directly at the hull breaches - the Warship fired off a round of anti-proton bursts, almost as if the Jem'Hadar crew had predicted that the Intrepid would exploit the ships damange, desperate to do some damage of their own

The Intrepid torpodes impacted first, tearing into the Dominion bohemoth, but the Intrepid crew had no oportunity to observe the result; the Warship's retaliatory fire slammed into her, sending her cartwheeling out of control

"Geo!" Anil called desperately, hoping that his helmsman could correct the problem - he was dismayed to see Geo on the floor, trying to make his way back to the Helm, looking stunned

Anil dashed foward, almost tumbling to the floor himself, and sat himself at the helm

"Firing thrusters - attempt to level us off" Anil reported, forgetting for a moment that he didn't really need to report to anyone

The Intrepid righted itself, and Anil entered another evasive pattern, just as Geo
reappeared beside him

"Sorry, Lieutenant - it won't happen again" Anil stated, grinning

Geo, however, didn't reply, and sat as soon as Anil stood - Anil noticed a large bruise on the side of his head

"You should report to sickbay, Lieutenant" Anil suggested

"I'll be fine, Sir" Geo replied, already refocusing his full attention to his work

a4.gif "Anil to Ryan - are you in engineering yet?" a4.gif

a4.gif "No Sir - on my way now - but Gaia reports that she has it under control - but she's not sure how long she can keep it that way" a4.gif Ryan replied, sounding fairly breathless

a4.gif As long as possible would be my advice - Anil out" a4.gif he replied, cutting the channel before Ryan replied

The Intrepid buckled again

"Incoming fire - two attack ships - shields at 17% - they're making another pass" Nox reported, sounding anxious

"Return fire - don't let them get too...." Anil began to say, but the viewscreen suddenly turned blinding purple, and the Intrepid lurched violently, throwing everyone to the floor - consoles exploded, including the auxiliary pannel behind the Captain's chair, leaving small fires everywhere - a few members of the crew didn't stir or attempt to get up off the floor, and smoke filled Anil's lungs

"Report!" he coughed

"Shields offline - phasers at fifty percent" Nox replied

"Helm not responding" Geo reported

Anil stared at the viewscreen - the attack ship was coming around for another pass

"Nox - torpedoes - NOW!" he shouted desperately

Two quantum torpedoes leapt from the Intrepid's foward tubes, one of the struck the attack ship's nacelle, tearing it off, the other flew uselessly into space, and although crippled, the attack ship fired in retaliation before retreating

"Oh no" Anil whispered

And the Jem'Hadar weapons slammed into the unprotected Intrepid

Anil threw his hands over his head as debris flew in all directions, and when he looked up again, the bridge was barely recognisable. The lights were almost out, more illumination being produced by the fires coming from damaged or destroyed consoles

"Direct hit..... we've lost a portion of decks eight and nine" Korbin advised

"Elaborate" Anil demanded

Geo, looking extremely angry, turned

"They've blown a chunk out of the damned ship!" he shouted

"Geo..." Anil began to reply, but stopped

And then it dawned on him

"Deck......eight?" he said quietly

"Yes sir - deck eight" came a reply from a voice which seemed very distant

"Kassan" he whispered "Kassan" he said a little louder

"KASSAN!" he screamed - he leapt to his feet and strode toward the turbolift, but despite his grief, his upset, his desperation, he couldn't ignore the devestation around him, the disheartend, discouraged Officers who had stood by him, despite his order to throw the Intrepid into a hopeless battle - a battle which had almost definitely killed the woman he loved

"Captain.... you can't" Geo quietly confirming, his expression full of pity

Reyan stared at the floor for a moment, and took a deep breath - he then looked up, eyes stinging, and took a deep breath

"Geo - take us to a safe position so that we can get shields and weapons back on line. Nox - get those shields back up" he quietly ordered

He then walked back over to his singed chair, cleared the debris from it and sat. And all that he could think was *We should never have brought the Karcsis aboard....*

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Posted by: Charles Nox Feb 23 2006, 11:08 PM
Donnie stood there in a half haze as he watched everything unfold. Devestated at the thought that the second torpeado didn't hit at all.

"Geo - take us to a safe position so that we can get shields and weapons back on line. Nox - get those shields back up" he quietly ordered

"Yes sir, I am right on it." Donnie replied.

He stood there a moment and cleared his mind. Pulling the cover bottom cover to his console he surveyed the damage to the chips. A couple of them burned out badly. Luckly they didn't meld to there holders. Donnie thought. He knew it wouldn't bring shields back online but it would definately help on trying to control them.

He pulled the crystaline chips and walked around the row of consoles that was behind the captain.

"Sir I need to go down to engineering to get some more of these. I know it wont fix the problem but I will help." Donnie said handing him the crystaline chips.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Feb 23 2006, 11:54 PM
Ryan jostled his way through the congested corridor. The turbolift he'd taken from the Bridge had come to a grinding hault at deck six due to internal damage sustained during one of their recent encounters with the Dominion.

"Excuse me." He said, trying to get passed the last few people that stood between him and the Jeffories tube that would lead him down to deck eight, but the officer's seemed to ignore him. "Would you please move!"

An Ensign looking perturbed stared at him for a moment then stepped out of the way, allowhing him to pass.

Ryan entered the small room that allowed access to the vertical Jeffories tube for deck six. He stepped onto the ladder, the hatch below hissed open and he began to climb downwards.

a4.gif "Anil to Ryan - are you in Engineering yet?" a4.gif

a4.gif "No Sir - on my way now - but Gaia reports that she has it under control - but she's not sure how long she can keep it that way." a4.gif He'd stopped climbing when the communication channel had opened, yet he still sounded breathless.

a4.gif "As long as possible would be my advice - Anil out" a4.gif He replied, cutting the channel before Ryan could reply.

He remembered his conversation with Gaia in the turbolift, how she had sounded reluctant to accept his help in Engineering. The last time he'd been down there she had ignored him completely untill he was recalled to the Bridge.

Ryan's feet started to descend again and he passed through another hatch untill he had arrived at deck eight.

"Commander." Kaoru's voice announced from behind him, causing him to turn and move away from the ladder. She stood just beyond the doors that led into the corridor of deck eight, clearly caught unaware by his arrival.

"Doctor? What are you doing down here?" He asked as he strode towards her.

"I assume the same reason you are down here. The turbolift isn't functioning between decks six and eight. I got a report of some injuries in Engineering, I was on my way to assist."

At that moment the ship began to vibrate again. Red alert didn't sound as they had remained at that status for several hours now.

"When are we going to just leave this damn universe, we're clearly not going to win!" Kaoru grunted in frustration.

"For once I agree with you, Doctor."

Suddenly a loud explosion thundered nearby and the ship shock so violently that the two were thrown to the floor. Ryan's head thumped painfully against the carpet and Kaoru came crashing down ontop of him. Her inpact forcing the air out of his lungs.

Dust and debris peeled away from the ceiling and walls as though the ship were a building in an earthquake, the damage rendering the Jeffories tube unusable. Lighting flickered before it died away, leaving them in complete darkness untill emergency lighting automatically activated.

"Geeroff of meee!" He coughed after a few moments.

Kaoru winced as she pushed at the floor and slid off of Ryan and sat upright. "Are you okay?" She said, looming over him. Her face barely visible in the pour lighting, but Ryan could see a small shiney red smear down the side of her face.

"I think I'll survive." He said, his head foggy from the blow. "That last blast was too strong..."

"Wheres my med-kit?" She said glancing around room, but almost as soon as she had asked, she spotted it and had it open in her lap.

"We need to see what that explosion was." Ryan tried to sit up but Kaoru placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back to the floor, then began scanning him with her tricorder.

"You have a hair-line fracture at the back of your skull... theres some swelling. I can localise it for now, but you will need to go to Sickbay as soon as possible."

"I don't know what would be worse, confined to Sickbay or being trapped in here."

"Either way you have no choice but to be under my tender loving care." She calibrated a hypospray and pressed it against his neck.

"I'll try to contain my enthusiasm." Ryan retorted sarcastically. "Now can we try and find a way out of here?"

a4.gif "Kaoru to Bridge... Kaoru to Sickbay... Engineering please respond." a4.gif

"Communications must be down, we'll have to make our own way out."

Kaoru stood, glanced at the pile of debris where the Jeffories tube was only minutes before and then tried to force open the door that led to the corridor.

"Agh!" She grunted. "Can you give me a hand?"

Ryan sat up and shuffled over the bottom of the door; together they manage to force the doors appart but the sight before them only made them gasp with shock.

Only a small portion of the deck eight corridore remained somewhat intact and attached to the rest of the ship. Ryan stared at the spot where the other side had given way, a row of quaters simply gone. Nothing in their place but empty space and a sea of stars in the distance.

Kaoru reached foward, just beyond the door and her hand struck the emergency forcefield, the only thing between them and explosive decompression.

"We'll just have to wait.."

"How many people died out there!" Kaoru said almost distraught.

"I know, but, we can't loose our objectivity just now." He pulled the doors closed again, he didn't want to sit in their demolished room and look out at the place where some of his crew no doubt lost their lives and he was certain that Kaoru wouldn't either.

They both sat in silence for awhile when Ryan decided that he would try and take their minds off of what they had just seen. "The nightmare has come true, I'm stuck in here alone with you. Worse still, I could be spending my final moments of life with you."

"I don't know about you, but I don't plan on dying in here, but if you do and I'm stuck in here for days to come, I'll eat you for emergency rations."

"Stop harvesting my body with your mind!"

"Don't worry, it won't be very messy... I'm a doctor after all." Kaoru suddenly let out a small laugh. "You probably taste terrible."

"Good, maybe I'd poison you. I'm sure you've done it to a patient before, you can call it poetic justice."

"You know... it's funny. I've never questioned your capabilities as XO, your methods perhaps, but certainly not your ability. And yet you feel free to insult my own."

"That's because I've been one of your victums."

Kaoru, her eyes flashing angrily, "You're here aren't you? Fully whole and healthy? Until I start to harvest you, that is."

"It must be a miracle..."

"If only we had a phaser, We could cut through this bulkhead and be out of here within seconds." Kaoru said, ignoring his last statement.

"That wouldn't help. It only leads into part of that corridor, we could be sucked out into space for all we know. Besides," Ryan began to laugh. "if I had one, I probably would have phasered myself by now... given present company."

"Sacrificing yourself so that I would have more air, how courteous of you."

"Courtesy has nothing to do with it. Have you ever heard of the term coyotee ugly?"

"That's cold, even for you."

"Cold? That comming from the woman with a heart frostier than a Breen winter!" Ryan retorted in mock disbelief.

"I find it most ironic how only you see me that way, perhaps you are projecting your own true colours onto me."

"Humph! Your a Doctor, apparently - not a Councillor."

"Fine, have it your way."

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Feb 24 2006, 07:06 PM
Sapphire blue eyes flashed fiercely, it was all she could do not to lash out and physically attack him. But the wildness in his eyes when he met her gaze stopped her cold. He was baiting her, practically egging her on, hoping she would give him the satisfaction of a brawl.

"You have got to be the most infuriating person I have ever met. How you were promoted to the rank you hold is beyond me."

Ryan scoffed, "Jealous?"

That made Kaoru laugh. "Infuriating and delusional...a charming combination. I assure you there is nothing at all about you that would inspire my jealousy."

She moved back and forth, pacing the length of the small room they were confined in, as eager to get out of there as he was, looking at the ceiling for some sort of access panel.

"There's nothing up there either doctor." His tone was scathing. "Though at this point I am heavily considering breaking through the forcefield and dying in space."

"At this point, I'd consider letting you." She glanced over her shoulder at him before stepping up onto a piece of fallen bulkhead beneath a grate in the cieling, trying to loosen it. The bulkhead shifted beneath her with a loud crash, leaving her hanging from the grate, crying out sharply when the metal cut into her fingers.

Ryan moved without thought, taking her hips and easing her to the ground, his expression no less angry. "Damn it, what is this problem you have with listening to me? You could have killed yourself."

"If you made sense more often, I wouldn't question you at all...but I honestly believe you've lost your mind. You don't know if you're coming or going." Striding to her medkit, Kaoru crouched, opening it, cleaning the cuts in her hands, looking up at Ryan, "Considering how badly you botched things, I can't for the life of me understand why she still has feelings for you."

The color drained from Ryan's face, and he stood there in shocked silence, looking at her.

Kaoru swore softly, "Dammit...you didn't know that, did you?" She finished cleaning the cuts on her fingers and began cauterizing them. Not looking up at him, she went on, "It doesn't matter, considering how well you two communicate, you wouldn't be able to keep her. Better it ends before it really begins."

Ryan gave a mocking laugh. "So you and Geo communicate perfectly do you? No need for him to go seeking entertainment elsewhere. I guess his collectors edition of Vulcan Love Slave is just to remind him what it was like to be a bachelor."

Kaoru's head snapped in Ryan's direction so fast he thought she might pull a muscle in her neck. "Did you hear me say Geo and I communicate perfectly?" She was quickly growing tired of trading insults.

"I was merely pointing out that perhaps your relationship isn't as perfect as you believe it to be."

"I never said my relationship was perfect! What the hell is the matter with you?"

Ryan smirked, enjoying the fact that she was so angry, "Trouble in paradise Doctor? I know Geo does tend to have a roving eye. I remember this one time... we were on shore leave, and he took two women back to his room with him. He was late reporting for duty the next day, if I recall..."

She rose, her hands shaking too badly to finish cauterizing the cuts. "I don't care...do you hear me? I don't care what he did, or with who." She hated how badly Ryan had gotten to her, glancing around at the small confined space, the doors they had shut, "People are dying, people are hurt, don't you care?"

It was all she could do not to cry. She knew he did care, but they had both gotten so swept up in their arguing they had forgotten. "Just...we have to get out of here." Her voice was softer now.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 25 2006, 05:06 AM
Anil walked slowly toward the viewscreen

Geo had managed to get the Helm back online, and had moved the Intrepid to a somewhat safer position, a position that allowed them to view the battle, but not participate. Lieutenant Nox had found that he couldn't get anywhere near engineering as the turbolift had halted on deck 3, unable to proceed further, and had returned to the bridge

The battle appeared to be almost over - Anil surmised that there couldn't be more than fifty terran ships still able to fight; some of them were hanging lifeless, some using what little power they had to limp away from the fight, unable to fire their weapons either in anger or defense

However, the Defiant was still a force to be reckoned with, and Commodore Trell seemed to be getting the best out of her crew too, making fast attack runs and then sprinting away to focus on other targets. Lieutenant Sith on the Meridian was doing exactly the same, and Terok Nor itself was also inflicting considerable damage, but it was still insufficent

Anil touched his comm badge, but remembered that communications were still offline, and turned to Lieutenant-Commander Korbin

"Progress?" he asked

"Hard to say Sir, as I have no contact with Engineering

Anil sighed

"Captain - hate to have to ask, but could I have a hand here?" an Ensign from the science department asked

Anil turned to him, and noticed that he was trying to move injured officers to the alcove where the science station was located, and where a medic was trying to treat their injuries or provide pain releif

Anil walked over to where one officer lay, and was about to try and move her, when the medic called him

"Not her, sir" the medic advised., shaking his head, a look of anguish on his face

Anil looked at the officer he had intended to move - she was a young, attractive, Trill, with the rank of Ensign, with an ugly gash along the side of her head, which had clearly proved fatal. A young woman who had, until hours ago, had a promising Starfleet career ahead of her

Anil clenched his fists, angry at the Jem'Hadar and..... at himself

"Geo - with Ryan off the bridge, you are my acting XO - what do you suggest?" Anil asked, fairly certain that he knew the answer

"Recall Lieutenant Sith, get the engines back online and get the hell out of here would be my advice" Geo replied, not turning away from the viewscreen, which displayed another Terran ship exploding under the overwhelming firepower of the aggressor

"Good advice" Anil replied, patting Geo on the shoulder "But we need to get this ship operational first, and I fear that once the Jem'Hadar have destroyed the operational ships, they'll target the non-operational ones"

Geo nodded in agreement, still staring at the viewscreen

Anil stared at Geo for a moment, and then turned his attention to the viewscreen, curious at what had attacted his attention - he soon saw

A Jem Hadar warship had decided to focus it's attention on ships that could not fire back, and seemed to have decided that the Intrepid was as good a target as any

"Geo.." Anil asked desperately

"Sorry Sir - we can move, but no way can we outrun that thing" Geo replied, sounding defeated

"Nox?" Anil said, turning to his tactical officer

"Sorry Sir - phasers still only at fifty-five percent, shields are at two percent, two torpedoes still online, but low power means that we can only fire them in two-minute intervals"

"Arm torpedoes, and prepare to run a pulse compression through the phaser array" Anil ordered

"Captain - with the phasers at such low power, a pulse compression wave will almost definitely short them out!" Geo advised

"And that warship will blow us to pieces if we don't - in fact, it'll probably do that anyway, but at least we're going down fighting, not sitting life an animal waiting to be put out of it's misery" Anil snapped

"Communications online Sir" Geo advised

The warship inched closer

"Pulse compression wave ready"


"Torpedoes armed"


"Ready to fire, Captain


"On my mark...."

Six bursts of red suddenly slammed into the Warship, closely followed by streaks of green and gold - the Dominion warship buckled and exploded

"What the hell?" Anil asked

And there they were - Klingon and Cardassian ships, hundreds of them, perhaps thousands, lined up and awaiting orders

"The alliance are hailing the Jem Hadar" Lieutenant Nox advised

"On speakers" Anil demanded

"Unknown agressor - your reasons for being here are not known to us, and we care not why you are battling against the Terran's. But know that the station that you are attacking is property of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, and you will cease firing upon it immediately"

Anil watched the viewscreen with renewed interest, particularly at Terok Nor - the Jem'Hadar didn't seem interested in what the Alliance were saying, and continued to fire at Terok Nor

"A foolish choice - we will take your ignorance as a negative - prepare to die!" the Alliance representative bellowed

The massive Alliance fleet surged forward, firing almost eractically, but causing significant damage to the Jem'Hadar. However, Anil noticed that most of the Terran ships were retreating, clearly unsure of what to do, untrusting of either the Jem'Hadar or the Alliance

"Well, that's turned the tide - but can we trust them?" Geo asked

"Good question" Anil replied, and had to admit that it was a question that he had no answer to.

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Posted by: Hawku Feb 26 2006, 02:08 AM
The mirror Aeon flew the Rapid around the Terran ship Revenge, blasting phasers and torpedoes into thier shields. He was about to knock them offline, when a fleet of Alliance vessels approached the battle.

"What the!?" He looked out his window, and could see the Klingon and Cardassian ships, just itching to join in.

They soon sent out a warning message to the Dominion, that went unheeded, and began to open fire.

"Damn!" He dropped his attack, and spun the ship around. It was time to really retreat.

- "Jem'Hadar Crusier to Rapid. The Founder is offering you protection aboard our ship. You will decide now, or be left to the dogs."

A Dominion Crusier was nearby and put an effort into opening a transmission with Aeon. But before he could reply, the Rapid was hit by extra fire. A Klingon Bird of Prey flew overhead and began pumping disrupter pulses into the Cruiser. Aeon's stolen Runabout was knocked, spinning, on a diagonal angle away from them.

He quickly implemented stabilizing thrusters, and regained his posture. As he did so, a large Cardassian Galor class ship flew up behind him. It scanned the ship, and found Human life-signs on board.

- "Cardassian ship to Terran vessel," the view-screen clicked on to a Cardassian officer.

Aeon turned to the screen, unexpecting the call, "Gul Seltan!?"

- "Aeon Sith! What are you doing here?"

Aeon immediately altered his expression, "Oh you know... Gathering information for the Alliance, as usual. Heh, heh."

- "You are in danger. Board my vessel immediately."

Aeon turned his hands to the controls, to show that he was busy, "But I'm needed here. I can help you guys... I can... err, fight along side!"

- "Very well. But you must return to us if your ship begins to lose power."

The screen clicked off, and Aeon was left to a cornered-situation. Damn! What the hell am I supposed to do now?? - He sat the Rapid there, and watched as the Cardassian and Klingon ships pounded the Dominion Cruiser. On one hand, the Alliance was a powerful entity, good to be a part of - while on the other, the Dominion was a new power, with most-likely new technologies. "This is a tough decision. If I join one, the other will destroy me!!"

He then opened fire at the Dominion vessel.

If there was one entity that was going to win in this battle, it was obviously the Alliance. But as he was firing back at the Dominion ship, two more Dominion Cruisers flew around - one hailing him.

- "Allied Human! What do you think you are doing? This is unacceptible!"

"Go back to the Quadrant you came from," Aeon replied. "You're not welcome here!"

He sped the Runabout between the two Cruiser's and blasted at both thier shields. The two Cruiser's turned around to follow him, hitting the Rapid with torpedo after torpedo. It didn't look good for the mirror Aeon.

Posted by: Havannah Essal Feb 26 2006, 11:08 PM
Essal sat at the science console. Her eyes darting back and forth across the scan readings coming up. The power to the console was faltering a bit, but still holding for now. She blinked. Could she've misread?

"Sir, you're not gonna believe this." Essal stated, looking at the Captain.

Reyan approached the science console. "What is it Lieutenant?"

Essal pointed to the console. "This reading is nearly exact to the Karcsis keys we've previous found."

"Are you saying there's another key out there."

Essal looked uneasy. "Yes sir." She paused. "It's on this ship." She pointed on the console where a Dominion Battlecruiser was located.

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Posted by: Kith-Areth Feb 27 2006, 12:51 AM
"And what makes you think that I will comply? Why would I betray Starfleet?"

JD laughed, a soft, venomous laugh. "Let me ask you this, does Starfleet know that you are an El-Aurian?"

Kith-Areth remained silent, his mouth twitched slightly upon hearing these words. White Wolf smiled, she knew that they had struck a nerve. "If the truth comes out, I'll deal with it."

"It would mean your dismissal from Starfleet - it has become your home, would you want to give that up?"

"If the truth came out I would become a citizen and my usefulness to you would be void."

White Wolf laughed. "He's more astute than out observations had proved. However, Kith-Areth, if you don't help us, we'll simply destroy the Intrepid. On the other hand, if you do as we ask, and prove your loyalty, you will be given rewarded with a promotion."

"I do not believe you have the capability to destroy a Federation ship merely to gain *my* cooperation. Besides that, I think you lack the desire to do so. if you serve the Federation, then why threaten to harm those you fight to protect?"

Her hand lashed out, striking him a hard blow across his cheekbone, well placed, and well thought out, meant to deliver maximum pain. "Do not expend your energy thinking too far beyond your own situation Mr. Areth. You will do what is required of you. One way or another."

"I would not do that again if I were you, human." He whispered, staring back to her in barely quelled anger. "What do you think you are? The Obsidian Order?"

The woman glanced up at JD, amused. "Nothing so sinister as that... I assure you."

"Like children..." He said quietly, spitting to the floor as he glared back up at them. "Why me then? I have no quarrel with any of you, save that blow..."

"You happen to hold certain talents that would be required on a particular assignment."

"I won't help you harm anyone." Kith-Areth said defiantly.

"We're not asking you to do anything of the sort, although, if someone does happen to become a threat to your mission of your cover, you will need to... deal with them."

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 6 2006, 04:18 AM
The air in the confined space was slowly becomming thinner and their breathing more laboured. Conversation between them had gone dry, or maybe it was just that they had run out of insults to throw at each other.

"I've been saving this." Kaoru said, causing Ryan to open his eyes and she pressed the nozle of the hyprospray to his neck. "It's just a Triox compound, it will help us breathe a little easier."

"Long enough for us to be rescued I hope."

"If they can get transporters back on-line...."

"Doctor - Kaoru... I've been thinking. I want to appologise for some of the things I said before."

Kaoru didn't respond for several moments. "Thank you, I appreciate that and I would like you to except my appology also. It wasn't very Starfleet of us to behave like that."

"Perhaps it's like a common infection. It just had to run its coarse. Get worse before it gets better."


"Did you mean what you said about Gaia? About her still having feelings for me?"

"I'm not going to speak for her, but I was just stating the obvious."

"The obvious? If she felt that way, why wouldn't she tell me?"

"Even can't answer that. It's not that I wouldn't, but that I can't. Your going to have to ask her."

Why would Gaia not tell him that she still had feelings for him? Was it possible that they could work things out, at the very least be friends again? Ryan's thoughts roamed as he stared at the torn and scorched section the corridor opposite the doors that he and Kaoru had forced appart.

"Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"One of our runabouts, it just flew past. It could be Aeon." Before Ryan could say more he felt the angular confinement beam take hold and deposited him in Sickbay.

The area was filling quickly, more and more people were beaming in, some with worse injuries than others. Kaoru lept to her feet, and seized the nearest tricorder.

"Second-degree plasma burns. Treat him with a dermaline gel." She said, spouting out orders to her medical personell as she moved from patient to patient. "Hair-line fracture of the tibia-fibula, it's applying pressure to the surrounding tissue, administer 3cc of Asinolyathin."


Kaoru crossed the room to where the nurse had called out for her assistance. Ryan pushed himself up off the floor where the transporter had set him down and made his way to Kaoru's side.

"Let's move her to the biobed, quickly."

The trio picked up an unconcious Kassan, her limp arms swayed aimlessly at her sides as they hoisted her onto the main diagnostic biobed. Kaoru hovered her medical tricorder over the womans bruised face and head.

Kaoru's face paled, but her voice never wavered as she gave her orders. "Ready the surgical suite, we're going to have to operate."

"What's wrong with her?".

"She's hemorraging." Kaoru barely glanced up, "If I don't relieve some of the pressure on her brain, she'll die."

"Someone needs to tell the Captain." Ryan mumbled and feeling that he would only be in the way, he decided to make a hasty retreat back to the Bridge.

"Commander, your not leaving Sickbay." Kaoru said without taking her eyes off Kassan.

"I feel fine and someone has to -"

"Take a seat." She said more authoritively. "Lieutenant Marix, the Commander has slight concussion and minor swelling of the brain."

Marix indicated for Ryan to sit on the edge of one of the biobeds and began scanning him with a tricorder. "Doctor Ele treated you prior to presenting in Sickbay?"

"I didn't present to Sickbay, I was beamed here." Ryan responded tensely. His mood was becomming more agitated with each passing moment.

"In either case, you woudldn't be sitting here talking to me if she hadn't have treated you."

Ryan lowered his voice so that it didn't carry any further than Marix's ears. "I get it, she saved my life and I should be eternally greatful."

"Saving your life could be rather presumptuous, but we will never know for certain. It's safe to say if you had been alone and not kept in an alert cognitive state you could have fallen unconscious and damage to your memory centres could have occured."

"Thanks for the bad news."

"I don't understand, it's just fortunate that she -"



Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 6 2006, 08:23 PM
Kaoru was unaware of Lt. Marix's conversation with Orlan, though she would have enjoyed hearing it. She was far too busy at the moment monitoring Kassan's condition, keeping her stabilized as much as possible while the surgical suite was prepped.

Finally, Kassan was teleported into the surgical suite and Kaoru hurriedly changed into surgical scrubs, confining her blue black locks beneath a pale blue skullcap and donning a mask.

There was a lot of background noise, sickbay was a busy place just then, but Kaoru blocked it all out, concentrating her efforts on the pregnant Trill. She wasn't the slightest bit concerned yet about the baby Kassan carried. If she could save the mother's life, she'd worry then about the infant's. It did her no good to worry about the baby first.

Her sapphire blue eyes watched the holographic image projected over the biobed where Kassan lay, using that maginified image to guide the movement of her exoscalpel. Part of Kassan's head had been shaved in preparation for the surgery.

Kaoru's hand was steady as she used the exoscalpel to cut through the layers of skin, finally removing a small piece of Kassan's skull. She adjusted the power setting of the exoscalpel after that, Nurse Lark using a suction to clean up as much of the blood from the wound as she could so that Kaoru could begin to remove the blood and fluid that was so dangerously compressing Kassan's brain.

Inwardly, Kaoru cursed, the blood was more coagulated than she could account for. Kassan must have been wounded in one of the first strikes against the Intrepid. "Give her 20 ccs of anticoagulent."

"Yes doctor." Lark administered the medicine quickly, glancing at Kaoru.

Kaoru didn't look at Lark, she didn't look at anything or anyone, continuing to gingerly remove the clotted blood from Kassan's skull.

"BP is dropping doctor." Kassan stiffened on the biobed, her body going into a seizure.

"4 ccs of delactovine." Kaoru watched Kassan's body suffer through the seizure.

"No response doctor." Lark looked at Kaoru, waiting to see if she ordered more of the drug for Kassan.

"4 more ccs...I can't go back in until the seizure passes." Kassan's already slim odds of living decreased with every second that went by...and Kaoru was painfully aware of it.

"Yes doctor."

Kassan's body relaxed finally, and Kaoru continued her task, but Kassan's lifesigns grew more and more unstable, her body suffering through seizure after seizure.

"Lark, notify Captain Reyan that Kassan's condition is critical. Tell him he should come down." To say goodbye. She left those last three words unsaid, knowing they were understood.

"Yes doctor." Lark's voice was subdued. Leaving the surgical suite she caught Marix's eye, shaking her head sadly.

a4.gif Sickbay to Captain Reyan. a4.gif Lark used the private comm in Kaoru's office, not wanting everyone in sickbay to hear her sad message.

a4.gif Reyan here. a4.gif

a4.gif Sir, Doctor Ele asked me to report that Kassan Xandra is in critical condition...the doctor recommends that you come down sir. a4.gif

a4.gif Understood. Reyan out. a4.gif

Lark heard intense emotion in those three little words, and suddenly she was biting back tears, glad that she was in the privacy of the doctor's office.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 7 2006, 01:38 AM
Repairs to the Intrepid appeared to be progressing, and Reyan had received word that the phaser were almost ready to be brought back on-line

He had, however, lost some of the enthusiasm that he had developed at the very start of the battle - many of the Intrepid's critical systems were damaged, there were hull breaches to contend with, and much of deck eight was missing. And he couldn't shake his desperate concern for Kassan. The temptation to order engineering to ready the ship to return home was growing more and more tempting

a4.gif "Sickbay to Captain Reyan" a4.gif Lark's voice called over the comm system. The very fact that Lark, and not Kaoru, was calling made Reyan's heart sink

a4.gif " Reyan here" a4.gif he replied

a4.gif "Sir, Doctor Ele asked me to report that Kassan Xandra is in critical condition...the doctor recommends that you come down sir" a4.gif

Just as he had assumed

a4.gif "Understood. Reyan out" a4.gif Reyan replied, fists clenched and eyes stinging, but trying to maintain his composure

He turned to Geo

"Geo - I know that my place is here - but I have to go to her - you have the bridge" Reyan advised

Geo nodded and gave him a sympathetic smile, indicating that he understood - Reyan patted Geo's back in friendly appreciation and then dashed to the turbolift

The corridor leading to sickbay was a mess - debris lay scattered, almost blocking the corridor altogether in places; medics were treating wounded in various places, and engineers were working on control pannels, attempting to restore power to major systems. As far as Reyan was concerned, for the moment, they were all simply in his way, and he pushed past, desperate to reach sickbay

The doors had barely opened as Reyan burst through them

"How is she?" Reyan demanded, striding straight over to Doctor Ele

Doctor Ele was pulling a sheet over a body - she turned to Reyan, and although she was maintaining her usual professional demeanor, she looked upset - Reyan surmised that it was more likely his emotions affecting her rather than her own

"I'm sorry captain - I did everything I could"

Reyan couldn't reply - his throat felt dry and constriced, his breaths labourerd

"I couldn't save the foetus either - her body had stopped supporting it before she even reached sickbay" Kaoru continued

Reyan, fighting back tears, turned to doctor Ele

"Thank you...... doctor - I know you did your best"

He then took Kassan's lifeless hand in his own

"For what it's worth, Kass, I'm sorry - I really am" he whispered, and then turned and left, leaving a dead partner and a Doctor with concerns about her Captain's emotional wellbeing, behind him.

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Posted by: Charles Nox Mar 7 2006, 05:27 AM
Charles was reading the progress on the defensive systems. Phasers were at 65%. Photon Torpedo launchers were at 34%. Shields were 34%. The auto-modulator for the shield was fluctuating some, but it was getting less and less.

He watched as the Captain came back on the bridge. Reyen looked very upset. He didn't know what to think. He could understand if it had anything to do with Kassan. He tried to help take is mind off of it a little.

"Captain. Phasers 65%. Photon Torpeado launchers 34%. Shields 34%. All defensive systems are slowing comeing back online sir." Charles said hoping the Captain heard him.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Mar 9 2006, 03:02 AM
Gaia could feel someone's eyes on her back, boring into her very existence. She dared a side glance, seeing Ryan standing there, she quickly got back to what she was doing. The past few times they had met had been less tha positive, still something weighed on her mind. Something Geo had said, her mind thought back while her fingers worked the controls of the console she was bent over. "You honestly can't see past your own eyes can you? Ryan wanted to talk to you about something else, and you just shafted him by handing him a PADD. Are all women the exact same? Morons?" The morons comment still irked and sent a flash of fire through her, but that wasn't what bothered her. What had he meant when he said Ryan wanted to talk to her about something else? Probably something to do with his replicator, he's forever on about that infernal thing! but somehow, Gaia knew that wasn't it. But it was easier to try and convince herself of it, however fruitless the attempt.

********** Some time later **********

Having stabilised the core for the time being anyway, Gaia motioned to Reefs to take over, sweat was beading on her forehead from the pressure and the heat from her blood pumping so fast around her body. Whether from adrenaline, or from the amount of rushing around she’d been doing just to keep the ship and her sanity together; was anyone’s guess. Gaia suddenly thought it had been a while since Captain Reyan had told her Ryan was on his way down to assist her, what was taking so long? Not that I mind he’s not here, I’d rather he was anywhere but here…but he should be here by now surely. Her heart stopped and a lump formed in her throat, something had to be wrong.

a4.gif “Moore to Captain Reyan” a4.gif

a4.gif “Reyan here, go ahead” a4.gif Finally, we’re getting somewhere! Gaia thought to herself, she noted the Captain's voice was a little more meloncholy than usual. But she put that down to the stress he and the rest of the crew, herself included were under. The relief that the combined efforts of Reefs, her team and herself had succeded in getting at least the communications systems operational was a huge step forward...... but to the damage they had sustained, the accomplishment was a mere grain of sand in a desert. Gaia continued with what she had planned on saying, if a little disheartened after the realisation she had just made.

a4.gif “Commander Orlan hasn’t arrived yet and the injured here are being stubborn, they carry on even with plasma burns! We need a medical team down here if you expect us to keep this ship together Sir.” a4.gif

Gaia knew that it probably wasn’t the best thing to say to her superior officer, and to the Captain too..... But the stress was getting to her and it was starting to show, much as she didn’t want to face Ryan again, they needed the help.

Posted by: Hawku Mar 11 2006, 03:56 PM
The Intrepid held back, undergoing repairs and saving itself from its own damage. Aeon had been fighting with the Runabout for quite sometime, and surmised that further time in the battle-field would defnitely cause his shields to go out.

Aeon shook his head in disappointment. If only he had a bigger ship or something, "Computer," he said, "Prepare to lower the shields."

The Lieutenant had decided to it was more important to him to help his companions. He flew the Runabout around the Intrepid and began scanning the ship. According to the read-outs, people were trapped in some areas of the Intrepid.

"Oh my God..." he said. The scanners picked up Officer after Officer and he began using the Runabout's transporters to beam them into Sickbay. As he did, he suddenly picked up lifesigns of Commander Orlan and Doctor Kaoru. They're in trouble, he realized almost instinctively, and tapped at the console.

In a second they were transported to Sickbay like the others.

- "Intrepid to Meridian," a familliar comm-voice broke through.

Aeon looked up from his console into the air, unexpectedly, "Meridian here."

- "You've lasted for much longer than I thought you would," Geo said from the Captain's chair, as the view-screen was activated.

The Lieutenant looked at Geo in surprise, "You have no idea."

- "Excellent work out there, but I don't think you're going to last any longer. Why don't you board the Intrepid for now?"

Aeon nodded, "Yes, sir."

- Geo was about to comment on the 'sir' thing, when Aeon held up his hand in refutal.

"Upt. You're in the Captain's chair. I have to call you 'sir'."

- Geo smiled in momentary amusement, "Just board the ship."

Aeon reached over to his console, about to deactivate the view-screen, "You're not going to believe what I just salvaged..."

The screen clicked off, and the Runabout boarded the Intrepid.

(OCC: I couldn't think of what Aeon salvaged, but it sounded cool. :P )

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 11 2006, 05:51 PM
"I'm sorry captain - I did everything I could." She met his gaze steadily because it was expected of her to do so, glad that he was too consumed by his own emotion to see the bleakness in her eyes. "I couldn't save the foetus either - her body had stopped supporting it before she even reached sickbay." Kaoru continued, the words sticking in her throat.

"Thank you...... doctor - I know you did your best."

Kaoru turned away to let him have a private moment with Kassan, her sapphire blue eyes appraising the rest of the bustling sickbay. It was a blessing to immerse herself in that hustle, to clear her thoughts and lose herself in the treatment of the Intrepid's other wounded. There were others who were lost that day, in all, nine crew members lost their lives, and Kaoru was there for all of them. Some were gone before she ever saw them, but some, like Kassan, faded away while she strove desperately to save them.

She grew quieter as the day progressed, it was the only outward sign of her emotional state. She spoke only when she had to, to give some order. Finally there was no one left to treat. Everyone had been tended. Kaoru's team was exhausted, working quietly to restock sickbay, starting rounds to check on the patients they had decided to keep. They had had to bring in extra biobeds, but still it was a bit easier than setting up a temporary sickbay in a cargobay.

It was four hours since the captain had visited sickbay to say goodbye to his lover. Kaoru walked onto the bridge, carrying a datapadd for the captain. The death certificates required his signature. Her eyes were red rimmed, exhausted, but no one that she encountered look much better.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 12 2006, 03:25 AM
Doctor Ele walked into the ready-room and handed the datapadd to Reyan, who sighed and reluctantly signed it without really paying much attention to it's contents

"Thankyou Doctor" he stated quietly, thankful that her request had been just that - a request, not a demand or a matter of urgency, which almost everything seemed to be

"Captain - I know that you are greiving, and I understand that you must feel hurt, but you can't stay in here forever - you're needed on the bridge" she stated softly

"Geo can handle things until Ryan returns" Reyan stated, his voice almost a whisper

"Geo isn't the Captain - neither is Ryan" Kaoru replied, trying to make Reyan engage eye-contact; somthing that he seemed either unwilling or unable to do

"Perhaps one of them should be" Reyan muttered

"Captain - self-pity isn't your style" Kaoru replied, making no effort to hide her disapprovement of Reyan's statement

Reyan finally looked up at her

"Command clearly isn't my style either, Kaoru - I've killed good Officers, good crew, all because I decided, on THEIR behalf, that fighting the Dominion in this universe was the right thing to do!"

Kaoru frowned

"Every Captain accepts the fact that when they take command of a Starship, they will, sooner or later, loose officers under their command - sometimes even those who are close to them. What makes you think that you were exempt from that?" she asked him

There was a long, awkward pause before Reyan answered

"You're right - I'm not" Reyan answered

"As for your orders in relation to the current situation - not for me to judge, but I will say one thing, and this is only my opinion. We are still at a point where we have choices, and those choices are yours to make, but you know in your heart that one choice makes far more sense than the other, Reyan"

Reyan wasn't sure which shocked him more - the fact that Kaoru was so very right, or the fact that she had addresed him by name rather than rank, somthing that he found that he felt quite comfortable with

He stood, and walked around his desk, Kaoru watched him, wondering what he would do. He stopped a few centimeters from Kaoru, and then threw his arms around her and embraced her

"Thank you, Kaoru" he whispered

He felt her hands on his back for a moment, and for a second they remained, but Reyan broke off

"Sorry Doctor - that was..... inappropriate" he stated, slightly embarrassed

"Why? Do Captain's receive court-marshalls for showing their feelings from time to time?" she asked, clearly amused by his apology

Reyan allowed himself to grin

"Touche, Kaoru" he replied

"Now, please, there is a chair in the centre of the bridge waiting for you" she stated, directing him to the door

"Doctor - remind me to double-check your personal file - I need to know how old you are"

"Why would you want to know that?" she asked, curious

"Because you are wise beyond your years, Doctor" Reyan replied, and he quickly stepped through the doors, back onto the bridge, before she could reply

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 12 2006, 10:23 AM
Ryan's visit to Sickbay had been brief, all signs of his injuries were gone and he'd wasted no time in returning to duty. Several hours had passed and repairs to major systems were moving along at a steady pace. The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance had swung the balance of power in the battle with the Dominion; the only question is if it would last.

Essal's fingers tapped at the control panel in front of her. Their approach to enclose the Karcsis with a stasis field to prevent it reacting whenever a new key came within range had failed.

"Maybe we're going about this the wrong way. Everytime we try to amplify the output power it destablises."

"The Karcsis has shown a form of intellegence before."

"You think its trying to undermine our efforts?"

"I'd say that's highly probable. What if we use a localised dampening field?"

"That should stop any tranmissions from reaching the Karcsis and neuralise any power signatures within the field."

"Can only try." He said and moved closer so he could watch her work. Neither spoke for several moments till Ryan broke the silence. "Have you decided if you want go through with it?"

Essal sighed heavily but continued to work the console. "I feel like I don't really have a choice. If I don't... the Xandra symbiont will die."

"All the same, that wouldn't make your decission any easier."

"And what would happen if I did? Would I have to leave the Intrepid? I like it here, it's become my home. How would people react to me? I'd just be a reminder of Kassan."

"It wouldn't be the first time a symbiont has been given to a Trill that hadn't attended the initiate program."

"And look how they turned out." Havannah pointed out. She looked up at him, now distracted from her work. "I never wanted this..."

"If I understand it correctly, it's about new experiences, sometimes leading to a new way of life."

"I'm happy with my life, I wouldn't want being joined to change that. But it would." Havannah returned her attention to the monitor and groaned. "It's doing it again - power flow at ninety-one percent and falling."

"You've got a phase varience of point three microns."

"Trying to compensate... Power flow increasing. Ninety-four percent, ninety-seven, one hundred percent and holding. We did it."

"Thomas Edison failed two thousand times when he invented the incandescent lamp. When asked, he said he didn't fail, he just found two thousand ways not to make a light bulb." Ryan said with a small grin.

"Who's Thomas Edison?"

Ryan laughed. It felt like the first time that he'd laughed week. "The man that created the light bulb - on earth anyhow."

Havannah flipped open her tricorder and approached the Karcsis in the corner. "I'm not detecting any readings from the Karcsis."

"Good, but I'm not going to take chances with it either. It's really just a stop-gap measure, an unproven one at that. Right we need to get to the Transporter Room. I told the Captain we'd be going as soon as the dampening field was operational."

"Sir, permission to remain behind? I've decided, I'm going to report to Sickbay."

Ryan smiled and nodded. "In that case, good luck, Lieutenant."

OOC: Unless there is any objections, let's have Aeon, Nox, MaCGeorgeson, and Torres (NPC) on the away mission. Btw Aeon, have a great idea for the thing that you brought back with you. a5.gif


Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 12 2006, 05:00 PM
Reyan was in his readyroom, Kaoru had never seen a man so utterly defeated looking. The sight of him nearly broke her heart. She understood the emotions that caused him to feel so. It was one of the reasons she herself had decided against seeking any further command positions.

Being captain wasn't easy. The responsibility of the position was a burden in the best of times. In times such as now, she did not even like to imagine how heavily the responsibility weighed on Reyan.

Kaoru had agreed with Reyan's decision that the Intrepid bore accountability for Tarok Nor's peril. The Intrepid and her crew, to her mind, were duty bound to aid in the battle.

For all that she had cautioned the captain and XO before about the heavy price their research of the Karcis exacted on the Intrepid and her crew, she had never once questioned the orders to stand and fight alongside the Terrans.

Anil Reyan was a great captain. Of that Kaoru had no doubt. And she was pleased to be able to offer him at least a little comfort.

"Because you are wise beyond your years, Doctor." His words echoed in her ears, almost making her laugh. She certainly did not feel wise. Not even close.

What she felt was fragmented, broken, held together by the slenderest threads, and waiting for the final blow to come that would sever those threads, so that she might fly apart.

Duty was all that she could really cling to. She was the CMO, and leading by example was all that there was left for her to do.

She left the captain's ready room just after he did, still trying not to laugh, knowing if she did it would sound awful, shrill and hysterical....and weak. That thought more than any other calmed her, made the captain's words seem almost truth.

She wasn't weak, and she wouldn't betray it if she were. She had a duty to her ship and her crew, and she would do that duty...whatever it entailed.

Posted by: Charles Nox Mar 22 2006, 12:39 AM
Charles and McGregerson left the bridge. They stopped at the weapons locker on deck 1. They grabbed a Compression Phaser Rifle for thereselves and two others. They also grabbed a couple of side arms. Four Type III phasers. Charles and McGregerson holstered there's and took the rest in tow to the transporter room. The boarded the turbolift and it sped away to deck 4. They quickly stepped off of the turbolift. Charles and McGregorson entered the Transporter room.

"Sir. Nox and McGregerson reporting for the away team sir." Nox said from the position of attention.

"Alright, now that everyone is here -" The commander said as Nox handed out his collection of phasers.

Just then Aeon came through the door quickly. McGregerson handed him his phaser and rifle.

"Sir, before we go I recommend we use environmental suits. Interior scans of the warship were inconsistant of an atmosphere. There's just too much ionised radiation in the area." Nox advised.

Ryan nodded and turned to the rest of the away team. "You heard the man, let's suit up."

They suited up. Nox checked the controls on the suits for McGregerson and Ryan. Making doubly sure that the evironmental control unit wouldn't fail while they were over there on that ship. The four of them stepped up on the transport pad and Ryan gave a thumbs up. A blue sparkling cloud covered them and the surrounding changed quickly. When they came out of the transport beam Charles charged the Compression Phaser Rifle. Ready for action.

Charles looked around doing a quick sweep of the area. He didn't see anything, but he wanted to be sure. Ryan went to step forward. Charles put his arm out quickly and stopped him.

"Wait please." Charles asked.

Charles motioned toward McGregerson to do a quick slip and clip around the room. They did this quickly. Meeting up at the opposite end. Charles motioned for McGregerson to stay there. Charles went back to the rest of the group walking up he reported.

"All clear sir." Charles said to Ryan.

Ryan stepped closer to Nox and lowered his voice so that the others couldn't hear what he had to say. "Lieutenant, I understand how this situation would make you feel. We're all on edge, but relax a little." Ryan said

"Sir, it is my job and McGregerson's job to make sure we all make it back to the ship alive, and I will do any means, and I mean any means necessary to facilitate that sir. Respectfully." Nox said matching his tone.

Ryan nodded and tapped Nox on the shoulder. "Understood, but you play it by my rules."

"Understood sir, but my over securities allow all of us live another day." Nox said trying to back off his tone some.

He could just gaze at Nox for a moment, then says "Let's find the key and get the hell out of here."

They stand there a moment sizing each other up. Charles finally steps to the side and let Ryan pass. Taking up position last in the group.

Posted by: John MaCGeorgeson Mar 22 2006, 03:53 AM
John pulled out his phaser, and holstered the tricorder which it now replaced. He eyed the dominion ship, not fully trusting what it held inside it, and he liked Noxs strong security and dissaproved of Ryans liberal views on they way in which the security should be maintained. "Now everyone, I must ask you that you stay in place. We dont know what is going, and I would also like to ask permission to go ahead first. This will give you time to conduct your scans, and give us an armed front to the group. Liuetentant Nox, May I ask that you take the rear?"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 22 2006, 06:47 AM
Anil sat, staring at Kassan's service record - somthing that he had been doing for hours now

He sighed, and finally deactivated the file and made his way slowly across the ready room - he was needed on the bridge.

*You are the Captain - you cannot allow the death of one of your officers affect you like this he tried to tell himself - but each time he did, a voice in the back of his head replied *but she was more than that

He slammed his fist against the wall in frustration, his thoughts still preoccupied with the events that had led to Kassan's death, the fact that he had insisted that the Intrepid fight alongside the Terran's in a war that was not the Intrepid's to fight. And although he had given the order for the Intrepid to attempt another return, he knew that it was too little too late

Taking a deep breath he stepped out onto the bridge, hoping for some good news

"Report" he demanded

He was surprised to see Doctor Ele sat in the Command chair

The away team is aboard the Jem'Hadar vessel she replied

Anil managed to smile, pleased to see Doctor Ele, and even more pleased that Ryan had left the Bridge in her very capable hands

"Have they reported back?" Anil asked her

"No Sir - but they are, for the time being, maintaining radio silence"

"A wise precaution" Anil replied, taking his seat, whilst Doctor Ele moved to sit in Ryan's chair

"Engineering also report that we can make another return attempt at your convienience" she continued

"Quick work - my commendations to Lieutenant Moore" Anil replied

"And how about you, Sir?" Kaoru asked, lowering her voice to a near-whisper

Anil paused for a moment - had anyone else asked, he would have told them to mind their own damned business, but this was Kaoru asking - he turned to her and gazed into her beautiful, deep, saphire eyes

"Kind of you to ask, Kaoru, espeically since you can probably sense the answer without my reply" he replied

Kaoru didn't reply, allowing Anil to continue in his own time

"I've been better, Kaoru, you know better than anyone that loosing Officer's is never easy"

Kaoru paused again, waiting for Anil to continue, but when he didn't, she took a deep breath and replied

"Anil - I know that she meant more than that to you" she whispered

"Yes, she did - and my lousy desisions killed her - I might as well have just shot her with a phaser!" Anil replied, unintentionally raising his voice

"You can't blame yourself for this, Anil - she knew the risks that come with being a Starfleet officer - we all do"

"I know you are right, Kaoru, but I just can't accept that my determination to fight this damned third-party war isn't what killed her"

"You will, one day, Anil - you just need to accept that it wasn't you that brought the Intrepid here - you are blaming yourself for actions taken by an alien artifact of which we know almost nothing about" Kaoru replied

Anil took her hand in his

"Thank you, Kaoru" he replied

He then stood, and strode toward tactical

"Prepare a series of attack and defensive patterns, Ensign - as soon as the away team return with that key, we are going to run like hell toward that wormhole"

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 22 2006, 10:37 AM
"No, we remain together." Ryan answered dismissively and motioned for the team to move foward down the corridor. "If we split up we'll increase our chances of being detected."

"That's if there is anyone left alive in here. There's an active jamming signal." Lieutenant Torres said dispiritedly.

"Can you cut through the interference?"

"I'll try."

"Must be why the Intrepid's sensors had trouble getting an acturate reading." Nox concluded.

"Commander, I must point out that if we devide into pairs we would increase our chances of obtaining the key." Aeon said.

"Maybe so, but we have our tricorders to guide us, we stay together."

The teams boots continued to clangoured with each step that they took down the malevolently-shadowed corridor. Ryan activated his wrist light aimed it directly in front of them.

"This way." Aeon advised as the reached an intersection. "There's a collapsed bulkhead in that direction."

"This reminds me of a holo-noval Lieutenant Revolone and I ran awhile ago. We were aboard a Borg cube, part of a team sent by Starfleet to capture a transwarp drive so they could study it which might have lead to the developement of transwarp drive."

"Just one distinct difference. Unlike the Jem'Hadar the Borg will ignore anyone that isn't a direct threat."

"True, but never-the-less Geo tripped a security sensor and suddenly three drones advanced on him. I can still see the look on his face as the tubules punctured his neck."

"I can think of worse ways to -"

"Shh! I'm sensing something." Torres said, cutting Nox's sentence short.

Ryan stopped walking and paused to listen. "I don't hear anything."

"But there is someone there. I can feel them."

Before anyone could answer, a shrill scream resonated through the air. Nox hastily adjusted his grip on his compression phaser rifle, his eyes darted around expectantly. Ryan looked down at his tricorder, which indicated no lifesigns nearby.

"That scream definetly wasn't Jem'Hadar." MaCGeorgeson said. "Could it be a Vorta?"

"I don't think so, but I intend to find out." Ryan answered and started to walk as fast as his environmental suit would allow.

"In there." Torres pointed to a closed door just ahead. "Theres someone in there."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, very sure. Their mind is stronger here."

"Alright, take up positions." Ryan whispered.


Posted by: Havannah Essal Mar 22 2006, 10:57 PM
Why am I doing this? Havannah thought as she rushed towards sick bay.

She'd told the XO the truth. She didn't want to be joined. Joined trills had bothered her ever since her childhood, when her own father had become joined. A thought occured to her. What if I react the same? Will I become a threat to the crew as my father did to our family?

But the Xandra symbiont will die if you dont... She told herself. Damn everyone. She mentally went through the list of everyone ranging from the Mirror Dominion, the Symbiont Commission, and even the Intreprid's Captain.

The only other non-joined Trill on board, Havannah would either have to take the Xandra symbiont, or the symbiont will die. Unlike the other deaths the crew had suffered since finding that blasted Karcsis, this was one that could be avoided. And it was entirely within Havannah's ability keep this symbiont alive.

When Havannah got there, she was already having second thoughts. All the 'what if..."s flooded her mind.

She entered sickbay, nearly turning around.

Lark approached her. "Lieutenant Essal?"

As if there were another trill in the vacinity? "Yes, That's me." Havannah hoped she didn't appear as nervous as she felt.

"Follow me." The medical person said. Havannah followed, coming into a clean room, she guessed would be where the procedure would be preformed. In the corner was a tank set up with a shimmering liquid, and inside a slug like creature lurked.

Havannah walked over to it. She hadn't seen a symbiont like this before.

"The tank is only temporary." Lark explained as she ran a tricorder over Havannah.

Havannah nodded but wasn't really pay attention. She lifted her hand to the tank. She could sense the electric impulses through the glass. Unknownlingly her hand reached the top of the tank and her fingertips slipped into the liquid. The sensations strengthened, and calmed her. She remained there... transfixed.

"Are you ready?" Said a void from behind her. Havannah turned around. It was the Chief Doctor.

Havannah pulled her hand out of the tank. "Yes." She breathed deeply and walked toward the operating table.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 24 2006, 01:49 PM

a4.gif Sickbay to Doctor Ele. a4.gif

a4.gif Ele here. a4.gif Kaoru glanced up from her study of Anil.

a4.gif Lieutenant Essal is prepped for surgery Doctor. a4.gif

a4.gif On my way. a4.gif

Kaoru rose, surprised to find Anil's dark eyes once more on her. "Good luck Doctor." He nodded turning back to the ensign who stood at tactical.

"Thank you sir." Standing in the turbolift, she watched him while she waited for the doors to close. He was certainly worthy of admiration. The doors shut while she wondered if he knew just how much. "Sickbay."


After that, there was no time to wonder. Sickbay was as busy as it had been when she left it. Lark helped her into her surgical scrubs, briefing her on the status of both Essal and the symbiont.

"She's nervous doctor."

Kaoru nodded, "Thank you Lark." Stepping into the surgical suite she paused, watching Havvanah as she stood with her hand in the symbiont's tank, knowing that if anything could relieve the woman's fear it would be that. After several long seconds, she cleared her throat, "Are you ready?"

Havannah pulled her hand out of the tank and turned. "Yes." Breathing deeply, she walked toward the operating table.

"Begin Lark." Lark administered a hypospray to Havannah that would put her under, then began preparing the symbiont to be placed within the Trill.

Once the incision was made, Kaoru activated the holographic projector, watching it as she did the delicate work of making room for the symbiont near the spine shifting some of Havannah's organs.

Finally she was through, "Ready." Lark brought the now prepped symbiont and Kaoru carefully placed it within Havannah, beginning the time consuming work of closing the incision she had made, from the inside out.

"Doctor, lifesigns for both host and symbiont are strong, it looks as though they've started synching up."

"Good, thank you Lark."

In all, the surgery took 4 hours, and when Kaoru was done, she was exhausted, physically and mentally drained. "Marix, notify me if her status changes."

"Yes Doctor."

Posted by: Havannah Essal Mar 24 2006, 09:07 PM
Havannah half awoke, groggy and unsure of her surroundings. She also felt a weird sensation, a kind of haziness she couldn’t explain. Perhaps it was the surgery, as she hadn’t had surgery before.

She fluttered her eyes awake. She saw a medic approach her, her eyes too fuzzy to recognize who it was.

“How are you feeling?” A female voice asked.

“Different.” Havannah managed in a whisper. She did feel different. She didn’t know what to expect about being joined. Is this normal? Gradually her eyes became adjusted to being awake.

She tried to sit up. The person helped her. Havannah swung her legs over the side of the bed.

“Here this will help.” Havannah felt a hypospray against her neck. She looked to her side. It was Doctor Ele.

“Thanks.” Havannah muttered. “Is it….” Her voice trailed off.

“The symbiont is in your Trill pouch.” The doctor ran a tricorder over the chief science officer. “It appears you both are synched well together.”

Then why do I feel so disjointed? Havannah wondered to herself.

“You can go to your quarters, however, don’t hesitate to comm me if you need anything.”

Havannah nodded, standing. The Doctor left her for some privacy to change her clothing. When Havannah had dressed, she left the room.

The Doctor personally walked her down to her quarters.

Havannah noticed the walls seem to ripple. The hallway seemed in a haze. She tried hard to concentrate on what the doctor was telling her. Something about being joined Trills?

Maybe if I just sleep, I’ll feel better in the morning. Havannah decided on when they reached her door. The door parted; Havannah walked inside.

“Thank you Doctor.” She said wearily as the doors began closing.

The Doctor nodded. “If you need anything.”

“I’ll call.” Havannah said as the doors closed. She headed to her bed and collapsed, falling fast asleep.

Posted by: Hawku Mar 28 2006, 10:12 PM
The team took up positions, stepping over fallen debris, and nearing a door down the darkened hallways. Nox and John moved passed everyone to the door at the end of the hallway, holding thier Phaser Rifles high, and stood at either side.

Ryan, Aeon and Torres took sides of the hallway and continued to slowly near the two Security Officer's and the door.

Nox made eye-contact with Ryan, who nodded - and left Nox to turn to John and nod aswell. This told John to go ahead and make the first move into the room.

Aeon watched as John reached over to a control panel and tapped it. The doors choked to three-quarter's open - enough for a person to fit through. Man, I hope they know what they're doing... Aeon thought.

John lept through the doors, followed by Nox. Inside they aimed thier Rifles directly on target... a faded resemblance of Torres.


Ryan and Aeon struggled open the door the rest of the way and entered the room, followed by thier Torres. Upon entrance, they came to see both Security Guard's aiming thier Rifles at another more faded Torres. What was even more shocking, was the Key in the middle of the room. It hovered upon a pedestal, in a weakening stasis field.

"What the??" Aeon said.

Shocked, Ryan turned to look at Torres and then the other Torres. The faded Torres was in mid-reach for the Key in the centre of the room.

"That's me..." the fully intact Diana Torres said before she disappeared.

All four men looked in her direction as she disappeared from behind Ryan and Aeon. They all looked back at the other Torres who suddenly solidified in structure.

"That was me," she explained. "This whole room must be filled with temporal radiation or something."

Nox spoke first, "You mean to tell us that you jumped some time into the past??"

"Yes. Five minutes to be exact," Torres nodded. "I saw me, what you guys just saw, and then suddenly everyone was gone - and I was partially existent."

Aeon lowered his rifle in a more relaxed mode now, "But you screamed. It's not often half-Vulcans scream... at least not that I know of." He actually paused to think in his mind if he knew any half-Vulcans.

"I saw the Key here and tried to take it... but when I reached for it I saw---" she paused in hesitation for a moment--- "Emotion... or perhaps... evil..." Diana Torres looked directly at the Key as if she were speaking to it. Her eyes opened wider in recalling the experience of touching it. She didn't even remember screaming.

Ryan looked around and continued to hold his Rifle out, "Nobody move! You don't know if any one of us could be sent to another timeline, like Torres."

"Sir," Torres shook her head, "I think my jump had to do with me touching the Key... No, not think, I can feel that that was it..."

John eyed her, "Even though you didn't touch it until after your time-jump?"

Torres nodded. It was an odd paradox - but the Key must have had a relationship with its future and its past.

"Commander," Nox started, "I don't recommend we bring that Key back to the Intrepid. It is obviously dangerous."

"But how are we going to get back to our Universe without it?" Aeon said.

Ryan looked at the Key in thought. He could not understand why it was exhibiting temporal characteristics. Aeon glanced over and noticed he was about to say something, when they began hearing footsteps from outside the hallway. A team of Jem'Hadar soldiers were heading thier way.

(OCC: Hey! I wasn't sure if you had anything planned for what that scream was, but I took the chance and just wrote something. b10.gif - Change if you think necessary.

Ryan, whatever you're idea is for what Aeon salvaged, by all means go ahead with it. I still have no idea what it could be. c24.gif )

Posted by: Charles Nox Mar 28 2006, 11:44 PM
"Everyone take up defensive positions." Ryan ordered.

"I thought there were no readings of lifesigns aboard ship?" Nox questioned.

"There were none. They must have beamed over or had some type of cloaking." He heard Aeon say.

The first shot was fired. They started to exchange fire volleys back and forth. To and fro.

"When need to get to better cover. With where were at now they could possibly over take us sir." Nox yelled over the phaser fire.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 29 2006, 10:29 AM
Ryan leaned around the frame of the doorway and fired his phaser aimlessly into the hallway. His effort rewarded with a stream of Jem'Hadar phaser fire that barely missed his shoulder.

"Torres, now would be as good a time as any to get that Key!"

"I'm still trying to break through the encryption matrix."

"Maybe try to disrupt the stasis field with your phaser." Aeon suggested.

"No, that might damage the Key."

"Better to risk damaging that damned infernal Key than our lives!" Nox shouted over the sound of his phaser, which apparently found it's mark, causing the soldier to cry out in pain as he collapsed on the deck plating.

"They're still coming. We need reinforce -" MaCGeorgeson began to say but his sentence was cut short as a Jem'Hadar stormed through the doorway and struck the Lieutenant across the face with an powerful blow from his heavyset, leatherlike fist.

The muzzles of Aeon's and Nox's compression rifles targeted the Jem'Hadar's back and they fired in unison. The soldier staggered backwards and fell to the floor with an almighty thud and the blade clenched in his left hand sent a ringing in Ryan's ears as it came to rest next to it's proprietor.

"I've got it!" Torres announced. Ryan's head snapped in her direction and watched as she slowly reached out for the Key, this time her fingertips passed through where the stasis field had been and her hand seized the metalic cylinder.

a4.gif "Orlan to the Intrepid, get us out of here." a4.gif

"Lieutenant?" Ryan turned to face John after the Transporter had brought them aboard safely. The man looked as though he might pass out at any moment. The impact he had taken from the Jem'Hadar warrier had been severe. A deep abrasion lined his cheek bone, mere centimetres from his eye. Blood slowly tricked down his face; the flow had created a tiny crimson stream that ended in small dark pond on his uniform collar. "Nox, Torres, please help him to Sickbay."

"This is going to be the last time I to carry you off the battle field, John." Ryan overheard Nox say jokingly as he and Aeon departed for the turbo lift.

a4.gif "Orlan to Cargo Bay Two, is it secure?" a4.gif

a4.gif "Yes, Commander. The stasis field is holding, power output at one hundred percent and holding." a4.gif

a4.gif "Good work Ensign. Notify me right away if there is any change." a4.gif


The turbolift soared upwards without stopping till it reached deck one. Ryan followed Aeon down into the Command area and took his seat next to Anil. Somehow the Bridge seemed to have more damage to it now that it when he'd seen it last. Did the crew have another run in with the Dominion...

"Everything go to plan?" Anil asked.

"For the most part. The Key is secured within the stasis field, so far it's working."

"Korbin reported injuries among the away team."

"We were inundated with Jem'Hadar just as we located the Key. One of them tried to engage Lieutenant MaCGeorgeson in hand to hand combat... he's being treated in Sickbay."

"I guess it will all be in your report."

Ryan nodded. He suddenly found that he didn't wish to talk about what had on the away team or discuss anything with Anil at that particular moment. It was the Captain's fault that they had been drafted to fight a lost cause. They could have been home; instead they remained because of his perseverance to assist the Terran's and his personal desire to revenge Kassan's death...

"Let's go home." Ryan said moodily.


Posted by: Gaia Moore Mar 29 2006, 11:26 AM
Gaia went about attempting to get the Intrepid back home. As yet their attempts had proves fruitless, as did her waning hope of ever reaching Starfleet for her transfer to be accepted. Ryan had been avoiding her since their last encounter, he had almost died this time if Kaoru hadn’t have been there. She was angry she had to find out from someone else, not both concerned. Could something have gone on between them? Kaoru knew how Gaia felt about Ryan, she wouldn’t betray her would she….Would she? Gaia didn’t think she’d be able to handle it if she was betrayed by both of her closest friends.

Her reverie was broken when she heard Reefs shout her name.

“Chief, I need you to come take a look at this…” Even through his breathing apparatus, his words sounded urgent. “What do you make of this?”

“I think we’re pushing this ship too hard for her to stay in one piece much longer is what I think! The ODN network on deck 8 has been severed, it needs to be repaired manually. Not to mention the power that force-field is using to keep the people down there in one piece! The last thing we need right now are names to add to the death toll!”

Gaia thought for a short time, she was thinking about Kaoru more than anything at that moment. Both her lingering thoughts that something could have happened between Kaoru and Ryan but also that adding any more names to the list of people she had called friends would be more than she needed to cope with.

“Madison, we need to put some kind of patch on deck 8, at least temporarily. It doesn’t have to be permanent!” Madison responded acknowledging Gaia’s words and set off for the huge undertaking.

“It looks like the computer believes deck 8 doesn’t even exist! There’s something wrong there.” Gaia said unknowingly louder than she had intended.

“Yeah, it has a whole chunk blown out of it is what’s wrong with it!” a voice said behind her. Gaia didn’t turn around until she could compose herself, her face kept cracking a smile, well it does help to lighten a stressful situation, even just a little. Gaia’s mind did suddenly become clearer. She had an idea. Turning around, she saw Gervace and smiled.

“Gervace, you’re a genious!" She took his head in her hands and kissed him hard on the cheek appreciatively. He's given her an idea! But she had to have him away from her while she worked and he did have a job to do after all "Gervace, I believe there are some plasma burns left untreated over there…could you tend to them please?” Gaia didn’t wait to see if he was still there. She turned to Reefs with renewed vigor and a fire in her eyes.

“Keldorn, there is something we haven’t tried with the warp drive…” with a questioning look, Keldorn followed what Gaia was showing him in simulation. “Look here, see, right there. The smallest micro fracture in the matter anti-matter flow. But enough of a size to mean the reaction doesn’t produce enough plasma to make the warp drive function properly but too small to cause a breech! How could I have missed this?” It was a bit like a crack in a glass, it doesn’t stop it being used, but push it too hard and it shatters. “It explains why impulse drive is so slow too! Dammit, it all fits together now, how could I have been so blind!”

“Gaia, I didn’t see it either, it’s not just you, so don’t go thinking it was all you. It wasn’t. This isn’t like you, so what exactly is going on?”

“Fix warp drive now, talk later.” Gaia didn’t want to talk about it at all, but maybe this revelation would distract him enough to forget whatever his mind was coming up with.

The familiar hum of the warp drive soon reached it’s normal levels and judging by the way everyone’s faces were etched with smiles suggested it was back on line at last. Gaia visibly sighed with relief, her shoulders slumped as she realised they had done it.

a4.gif “Captain, Moore here. Warp drive is back online, we’re ready to make another attempt to get back to our own universe when you’re ready Sir.” a4.gif

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 30 2006, 02:56 PM
Although the Intrepid was as ready as she would ever be to return home, Anil could not help but pause.

The battle between the Terrans/Klingon-cardassian alliance and the Dominion still raged, and it seemed clear that the Terran's were fighting a loosing battle - there were very few operational Terran ships left fighting and those that were still fighting were having very little impact on the battle

Anil glanced around the bridge; his Officer's were all in place, aside from op's

"Geo - please cover op's for the return attempt - I know it isn't your normal post, but I need someone with experience there"

Geo shrugged, and walked over to the Op's alcove

"Aeon - take helm" Anil ordered

Anil could not help but notice Ryan's silence - he hadn't spoken since he had spoken the words let's go home, and Anil knew that Ryan had disapproved of his choice to assist the Terrans. It was clearly an issue that still needed to be addressed

"Ryan...." Anil began, but Ryan quickly turned to face him, looking very much like he had a great deal to say, but didn't think that it was an appopriate time to say it

"I think I can guess what you are going to say, Anil - can it wait until we are home?" Ryan interrupted

"Yes, it can" Anil replied sadly, having guessed that Ryan would have reacted in such a manner

"Lieutenant Sith - prepare for full impulse - head straight for the wormhole" Ryan stated, his voice full of a newfound determination

"Lieutenant Nox - ready all weapons - but remember, our objective is to reach the wormhole now, therefore you are only to fire upon ships that block our path or attempt to prevent us from reaching the wormhole" Anil ordered, feeling a certain degree of determination himself

"Geo - status?"

Although looking slightly out of place, Geo had settled in to covering op's extremely well

"Warpdrive online and ready, phaserbanks fully charged, torpedoes loaded - although we only have a limited number left" Geo answered

Ryan grinned, as did Anil - the Intrepid had been repaired in record time; her crew deserved a great deal of credit

"Lieutenant Sith - engage!" Anil called

The Intrepid surged foward, heading directly toward the battle in which she had participated earlier

A Jem'Hadar attack ship darted toward the Intrepid, but was quickly despathed by careful phaser fire from Lieutenant Nox

"Aeon - try and keep us on the outer edge" Ryan demaned as the Intrepid swept past a number of ruined Terran starships

The Intrepid suddenly rocked, but not as violently as it tended to when struck by Dominion weaponsfire

"Report" Anil called, addressing Lieutenant Nox

"It's one of the Terran ships, Sir - they've opened fire on us" Nox replied, not quite beleiving what his computer report was telling him

"On screen" Ryan called

And Nox was absoulutely right - the ISS Centaur was in pursuit, taking random shots at the Intrepid. The Centaur then swept over the Intrepid, and came to a stop, forcing the Intrepid to do the same

"Hail them" Anil demaned; he stood and strode toward the viewscreen, fists clenched

The viewscreen flashed, and the furious Andorian appeared

"Coward!" he bellowed

"Back off - this was never our fight!" Anil shouted in reply

The Andorian, still looking furious, backed away from the screen - Anil turned to Ryan, confused, but simply received a shrug from his XO, who seemed just as confused as Anil

"Captain Reyan - I thought you were a man of your word" came a more familiar voice

Anil turned to the viewscreen, and found himself face-to-face with Commodore Trell, sat in the Centaur's command chair. Her face was bruised and bloody, her arm in a makeshift sling, but Anil could not help but notice, above all else, that her expression was one of disappointment

"Commodore - I am a man of my word, but frankly, my ship is a mess, she's not at full power, I've lost good officers, and this isn't our fight"

"Who are you trying to convince Captain, me, or yourself?" she asked, no anger or hostility in her tone of voice

"Commodore - the Intrepid is in no condition to make any difference now" Ryan called from behind

"And you think that my ship was? Before I had to abandon her?" Trell shouted, finally showing some of the anger that she had obviously been attempting to hold back

Both Ryan and Anil fell momentarily silent, both knowing that the Intrepid couldn't stay, both knowing that returning home was their only chance for survival now, and neither of them could look Commodore Trell in the eye

Anil finally looked up, still unable to make direct eye-contact

"Commodore - I truly am sorry, really, but the Intrepid has to return home, I owe it to my crew"

Commodore Trell studied Anil for a moment

"It's Kassan, isn't it" she asked, and Anil's reaction toward her statement answered the question far more effectively than words, as when he finally met her gaze, there was sympathy in her eyes

"I thought so - go about your business, Captain Reyan - it would seem that you have made your choice, and paid the price for it"

"Yes, I have" Anil whispered

Commodore Trell stood, and limped toward the viewscreen

"Today is a good day to die, Captain - I sincerely hope that our paths cross again one day, even if it is in Sto'vokor" she called, and the viewscreen revereted back to a view of the battle, and the Centaur sprinting back toward it, phasers blazing

Part of Anil felt the desire to order the Intrepid follow, but he owed it to his crew, to Kassan, to get the Intrepid home now

"Lieutenant Sith - let's try this again" Anil said, with a renewed sense of determination

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Posted by: Hawku Apr 1 2006, 11:47 PM
"Aye, sir," Aeon replied as he tapped at the Helm controls.

The Intrepid sped for the Wormhole after the Centaur had returned to the battle. Aeon increased the speed until he detected an incoming Cardassian ship from below. It appeared as if it was on an intercept course.

"Captain! A Galor class ship is trying to hit us!"

"Evade it, Lieutenant," Anil ordered.

Aeon tilted the Intrepid to its left, while the Galor class ship flew upwards past it. They hailed the Intrepid, and Aeon's mirror double came on screen.

- "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm not finished with you yet," the mirror Aeon said toward the Intrepid's Aeon.

"What the hell is this? Not you again!" Anil growled. He was all set to leave this incessant universe. How many more interruptions were there going to be?

Aeon glared at the view-screen. It seemed like his mirror double was there to haunt him even to the last second in this terrible Universe. Was there some truth to all of it? Was this mirror double in fact better than him?

- "Indeed it is me again. Shall I destroy you now, Aeon?"

"Captain, permission to fly an attack pattern against the Cardassian vessel?"

Anil hesitated. But he somehow knew Aeon had a score to settle with his double, and this was his only chance. "Very well, Mr. Sith. ---Nox, load the torpedoes."

Nox nodded as Aeon tapped at the helm controls.

"Aeon, how can you destroy me, when you're ship is malfunctioning?" Aeon asked before the screen-cut out.

He flew the Intrepid around and toward the Cardassian ship, ducking it right under as they passed. Both ship's blasted each other's hull in succession. The Cardassian ship swung around again and flew right for the Intrepid which was in mid rotation.

Ryan Orlan ordered a tractor beam, as Aeon spun the Intrepid to the side, dodging the incoming Cardassian ship with incoming torpedoes. The Intrepid shook violently as torpedoes hit, and a tractor beam grabbed the enemy and threw them off course.

As the speed and dirction of the Cardassian ship tilted in awkward motion, Nox fired torpedo after torpedo until his rapid fire ran out. Part of the Cardassian ship exploded as Aeon flew the Intrepid away and toward the Wormhole...

"Excellent work, Lieutenant!"

But that didn't stop the Cardassian ship, as it jumped to high speeds right after the Intrepid. They sped and sped as the Wormhole began to open. Aeon checked his sensors and found that the Cardassian ship was flaming in partial destruction, right behind them. Almost there... Aeon thought. He felt as if he'd finally proven his mirror counterpart wrong - and if the mirror Aeon had any honour, he'd let the Intrepid go by now. Just then the Intrepid entered the Wormhole. The sight all around turned into the blue misty energy-fields of the Wormhole in the other Universe.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 2 2006, 09:43 AM
"Good work, Lieutenant!" Anil exclaimed, impressed by Aeon's superb piloting skills

The wormhole opened, and the Intrepid entered

"This never ceases to amaze me" Anil stated

"Captain - we're slowing down!" Nox called

Ryan stood and walked quickly toward the helm

"Lieutenant?" he asked Aeon, assuming that Lieutenant Sith had the answer

"We are slowing down, Commander, but it's not my doing" Aeon admitted, looking confused

"Is your mirror-counterpart still with us?" Anil asked

"No Sir - we left him behind" Aeon confirmed

The Intrepid came to a stop - no-one spoke, everyone seemed tense, and were glancing around them as if expecting somthing to happen

Anil stood, and began to walk toward the helm, but never quite reached it - an extremely bright, pure red, light momentarily blinded him, and when his sight returned, he was no longer on the bridge

"Where am I?" he demanded; but the only reply was his own echo

"Aeon? Ryan? Nox?" he called again

Another flash, less blinding this time, burst in front of him, and Ryan appeared oposite him, rubbing his eyes and looking just as confused as Anil felt

"What the..." Ryan exclaimed

"I was just trying to figure that one out myself" Anil admitted

A loud, thumping noise sounded in the distance, appear to become louder

"I don't like this - not one bit" Anil muttered, reaching for a phaser that wasn't there

A siloutte appeard in the red-fog, it appeared to be moving closer, and as it did the thumping sound, which sounded almost like an amplified heartbeat, grew louder

"Is that...?" Ryan asked, squinting at the figure

"Kaoru?" Anil exclaimed

The figure was now in front of them - it did appear to be Kaoru, but different somehow - her eyes glowed red, and she had a very aggressive demeanor

"No - not Kaoru - we simply took on the form of someone who represents somthing to both of you" the being spoke, it's voice sounding somehow distant and emotionless

"What do you mean?" Anil demanded, forgetting that he needed to establish who this being was and what it wanted with himself and Ryan

"You are passive, non-aggressive, you have no reason to be here" the being spoke

"prophets!" Anil exclaimed

"We are not here by choice" Ryan answered, sounding slightly nervous

"And we tried to leave, but couldn't" Anil continued

"We prevented you from leaving" the being advised

Anil felt a sudden surge of anger, and noticed Ryan's fists clench out of the corner of his eye

"Why?" Anil's simple reply slipped out of his mouth before he had time to really consider his reaction

"You are non-agressive - you favor peace over war - this displeased us"

Anil frowned

"Why would the Prophets....." and then it dawned on him

"Oh no" he said quietly

"Anil?" Ryan stated

"This isn't a Prophet - it's a Pah-wraith" Anil whispered

Ryan looked shocked

"Makes sense, for this universe" he whispered in reply

The Pah-wraith, clearly annoyed at being momentarily ignored, continued

"You will be returned to your vessel, but your attempts to return to where you came from will fail" it stated, it's voice having taken on a more agressive tone

Neither Anil or Ryan replied, and both assumed that nothing that they said would make much difference anyway

And then, both suddenly found themselves back on the Intrepid's bridge

"Captain?" Aeon exclaimed

"Emergency power to shields!" Anil bellowed, but his order came too late

"Captain - power reading outside of the ship - it's...." Nox called desperately

A burst of energy slammed into the Intrepid, destroying her shields, and tearing the Captain's ready room clear off the side of the bridge - the ready room doors shot open, and the atmosphere on the bridge immediately began to be blown out into space, until a forcefield appeared over the door arch, and the doors slid shut; the Intrepid tumbled out of the wormhole without control or power

"Just when we thought things couldn't possibily get any worse" Ryan complained

Anil, nursing his head, made his way back to his chair

"Report!" he demanded, the Intrepid floating powerless so close to a battlezone was not a situation he wanted to be in

"Tactical offline- shields emitters destroyed, phaser banks overloaded and badly damaged, torpedo launchers powerless" Lieutenant Nox reported

"Helm is dead, as are all engines and thrusters" Lieutenant Sith replied

"Op's are down" Lieutenant Revolone called

"Main power offline, warp core offline, auxiliary power at four percent, and falling - but the comm system still works" Ryan reported

"Guess they really meant business" Anil muttered, as he viewed the destruction that had been wrought on his bridge

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Apr 2 2006, 04:51 PM
The Intrepid drifted aimlessly at the fringe of the battle, the inertia carrying her further and further off course. Their attempts to use the wormhole to return home had failed misserably and cost the Intrepid more damage.

The image of the Pah-wraith had been seared into Ryan's mind; it's blazing scarlet eyes and barbaric demeaner were more unlike anything he had seen before. His thoughts raced with unanswered questions... Why Kaoru? Even Ryan had to admit that Kaoru wasn't that inherently evil. Why would the Pah-wraith's choose to leave them in this universe if they didn't belong? Was it a form of punishment, because the Intrepid crew are non-aggressive? There has to be a way to leave...

"Conduct repairs, make main power and engines your priorities." Anil said, snapping Ryan out of his train of thought.

"Captain, may I have a word."

Anil nodded. "In my Ready Room... perhaps the Briefing Room."

The doors hissed closed behind them, sealing out the noise from the Bridge. Ryan reached for his communications badge and tossed it onto the table.

"This is ludicrous." He spouted. "If you think that patching up the ship and running back into the battle is going to change anything for our favour then you are -"

"It's my understanding that I am still in command of this ship, the crew will follow my commands."

"Your judgement is flawed. It doesn't matter how many Jem'Hadar you kill, it's not going to bring her back!"

Anil braced himself against the window frame. Ryan could see his jaw muscles clenching in the shadowy light, but he didn't respond so Ryan continued. "Your a Bajoran, not a Klingon warrior set on some blood oath to revenge Kassan's death. I barely knew her, but I highly doubt she would want that."

Anil whirled around and for an instant Ryan expected the Captain's expression to be similar to the Pah-wraith's, but instead his eyes showed both sorrow and anger. "That's right! You didn't know her - none of you knew her like I did. And atleast I'm not willing to run and hide like frightened Ferengi!"

Ryan averted his eyes from Anil's exasperated glare and an awkward silence grew between them untill the Captain spoke. "For the record, I'm not planning on taking the Intrepid back into the battle. Don't you think I know that it would be a worthless effort? We get propulsion back on-line and find ourselves a planet to settle down on."

"There is always the Key."

"And where would that take us next? Somewhere worse than here?"

"I'd rather take the chance that it'll take us back to our own universe. What else do we do, just colonise the nearest inhabital rock and wait for the Dominion to occupy every system in this miserable, forsaken universe?"

"Alright" Anil paused. "Let's try it your way. Once we have impulse we'll remove the stasis field."


Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 3 2006, 11:29 AM
Ryan turned to leave following Anil's acceptance of his suggestion to rely on the Karcsis to return them home

"Ryan" Anil called, just as the doors whispered open to allow Ryan's exit

Ryan turned and took a step back into the briefing room, a faint expression of iritation etched on his face

"Captain?" he asked, sounding slightly apprehensive, obviously wondering what Anil was about to say

"It just occured to me - the Pah-Wraiths prevented our return" Anil said thoughtfully

Ryan did not reply

"Our inital attempt failed too" Anil continued, hoping that Ryan would comprehend what Anil was saying

"Okay - true - but what does this prove?" Ryan finally asked

"It proves that any attempt to return via the wormhole would have failed!" Anil exclaimed

Ryan looked momentarily shocked, but regained composure, and sighed

"I guess that would be consistent with what we know of them - from both universe's" Ryan admitted

"That means that the Karcsis has somehow provided us with the answer for returning to our universe" Anil continued

"We still don't know for certain that it'll do that" Ryan warned

"No, we don't, but don't you find it coincidental that they key showed up on a Dominion ship?" Anil asked

"Well - I maintain that there is only one way to find out for sure" Ryan replied

"Agreed - and despite the appearance of this latest key, I still agree with Kaoru - I don't trust it - and whatever that damned thing does, it can't be worth the lives that were lost because of it"

Ryan nodded

"When the Intrepid returns, and has operational warp-drive, I intend to give the Karcsis back to Starfleet" Anil admitted

"What if they refuse?" Ryan asked

"Then we give it back to them anyway" Anil replied - Ryan stared at him for a moment, trying to ascertain if Anil was joking. He quickly gathered that humor was the last thing on Anil's mind

Anil stood and walked to the door with Ryan

"We should help get this ship operational again" Ryan quickly said

"Agreed - but the first thing we should do is deploy the Runabout - it's tractor beam should be strong enough to allow it to tow the Intrepid to a safer location" Anil replied

"Who's going to fly her? Geo will be busy coordinating repair teams and Aeon is trying to get the helm back online and the navigational computer operational" Ryan asked

"I'll do it" Anil replied

"What?!" Ryan exclaimed

"Ryan - I'm a capable pilot" Anil replied, grinning

"Anil.... Captain, if the Runabout's tractor beam can't handle it, which is a possibility, and overloads....." Ryan didn't finnish his sentence; the senario spoke for itself

"I know the risks"

"But there are other pilots on this ship!" Ryan replied, sounding exasperated

"The crew have sacrified enough based on my orders - this time, I take the risk" Anil replied

Anil strode away, determined, and made his way to the jefferies tube, heading for the shuttlebay

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Apr 3 2006, 04:47 PM

Lark hit her head when a jolt to the Intrepid threw her to the ground. She had been treated and kept in sickbay. Kaoru was leery now of releasing injured personnel to their quarters, since so much of the ship had been destroyed. Marix had been hurt too, his retinas burned by plasma flares. He was recovering in a biobed near Lark, a mask over his eyes.

Glancing around, Kaoru could not see one single member of her staff who was without an injury of some kind. The medical personnel she had stationed on Terok Nor had been beamed back aboard for the next attempt to the get the Intrepid through the wormhole.

"Doctor, injury reports coming in from all over the ship."

Much of the Intrepid's crew was cross trained in field medicine, but still, the sheer number of injuries was overwhelming. "Understood. Sort through the reports and prioritize them." It would delay treatment to do so, but it would also ensure that the severest injuries were treated first.

"Yes doctor."

"Notify me once that's done." Kaoru left sickbay for the bridge, the turbolifts were down, so she made her way via jeffreys tubes, skirting the damaged or missing parts of the ship.


Frequently, she was called aside to treat injuries, so many that, before she had gotten near the bridge, her uniform was bloodspattered, a bit ragged from the climbing she had done.

Striding down a corridor, finally near the bridge, she spotted Anil leaving, heading for an access panel to the Jeffries tube. "Captain?"

He looked up sharply, and she was taken aback by the flicker of fear she saw first in his dark eyes. "Captain?" She spoke again, moving closer, already opening her medkit with one deft hand, thinking he might be injured. She knew nothing of the pah-wraith that had taken her form.

"Kaoru!" She saw the flicker of recognition, followed by relief, and then concern. "You're hurt." He moved to her in an instant, taking her shoulders.

"No sir. Just messy." Shaking her head slightly, she looked up at him, concerned by his paleness, and the odd look in his eye. "Anil? Besides the obvious, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." His relief at her condition was palpable, and he stepped away, turning again towards the jeffries tubes, "I'm going to use the runabout to tow the Intrepid to a safer location. The trip through the wormhole failed again." He did not explain why, nor could he shake the image of the pah-wraith that had looked like Kaoru. Glancing over his shoulder at her, he smiled, "Just let me tell you doctor, you're a sight for sore eyes."

Kaoru did not understand his words in the slightest, but she moved to him, putting her hand on his shoulder, "Anil, please don't go. You're the captain...you're needed here."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 6 2006, 04:12 AM
Kaoru placed her hand on Anil's shoulder

"Anil, please don't go. You're the captain...you're needed here."

Kaoru's touch sent electrity through him, and he gazed into her deep eyes

"My crew have risked enough following my orders here, Kaoru - I won't risk anyone else and I don't want to send you any more casualties" he replied, placing his hand atop hers

"Is this about Kassan?" Kaoru asked

"No - it's about me, Kaoru, besides - life goes on - I have a ship to Command, Officers to take care of - I have to move on" Anil quietly answered

Kaoru smiled

"You know, this is one of those time where I really wish that I could find a reason to declare you psychically or mentally unfit for Command, and confine you to sickbay or your quaters" she stated, grinning as she spoke

Anil took her other hand in his, and they stood and stared at each other for a few moments, moments that seemed far longer than they actually were

"Kaoru - I just wanted to say that I appreciate your friendship - now more than ever"

Kaoru smiled again

"So I can't talk you out of this mission of yours?" she asked

"Sorry" he apologised

"Can't blame me for trying" she replied

"I'll catch up with you if and when I get back - I know I've said it before, but the Intrepid doesn't have a counsellor. And with you being both the next best thing to a counsellor, and the closest friend I have on this ship...." Anil's sentence trailed off as a sudden feeling of embarrassment overwhelmed him

Kaoru squeezed his hand

"I'm glad that you want to discuss what you are going through when you return, Anil - I would have been concerned if you had bottled it up - that isn't somthing that a Captain should do" she replied

"Kaoru.... thankyou - I really appreciate it" Anil replied

And with that, he reluctantly released Kaoru's hands, again gazed into her deep, warm eyes, and slipped into the jefferies tube, heading for the shuttlebay

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Posted by: Havannah Essal Apr 9 2006, 09:15 PM
Havannah awoke staring at the ceiling. She raised her hand to her head rubbing her forehead, tracing her spots down the side of her face and down her neck. She sat up from bed. She thought she heard…

She shook her head. No, you are not going crazy. She told herself. She moved her feet so they dangled over the side slowly standing on them, supporting herself with her bed.

She walked out to the main living area of her quarters. Mumbled voices seemed to be coming from around her. She turned around, trying to find the source. Finding none, she stumbled onto the replicator.

“Coffee, black.” Havannah said. A coffee mug of steaming dark liquid appeared.

Havannah absently picked it up and sipped it, spitting it back out. “Recycle.” She said placing the mug back into the replicator.

“Chamomile Tea, hot.” She stated still trying to get the coffee taste out of her mouth.

This time a teacup appeared with an almost transparent liquid. She took it taking the time to inhale the scent. Calm down. She told herself and sat at the table. Why had she ordered coffee? She'd never drunk that, didn't even like it's smell.

She placed her head on the tabletop. A nap hadn’t improved how she felt entirely. She began to hear strange noises. She lifted her head trying to locate where they were coming from but for the second time since she’d woken, she couldn’t place them.

The noise was jumbled, but she swore it was someone talking. She picked up her teacup and sipped the drink. Her grip trembling, spilling some of the liquid. She quickly grabbed a towel to wipe up the fallen tea from the tabletop.

Can I really be going crazy?

Posted by: Charles Nox Apr 10 2006, 12:57 AM
Charles went through normal shift change. He placed one of his Junior officers in his place on the bridge. His subordinate would be able to take care of anything while he rested for a little while.

"Commander Orlan. I've inniciated the shift change in security." Charles reported.

"Fine. Your dismissed." Orlan replied flatly not looking at him.

Charles turned and left. He didn't go straight to his quarters. He went down to the Mess Hall and ordered a drink and sat down and looked out the window. He watched as the last of the battle waned off. A young female science officer of the Bajoran persuasion bumped into him.

"Oh I'm sorry." She said sweetly.

"No no problem. I am Lt. Charles Nox. The Chief of Security. What is your?" He asked inquisitively.

"Rena Tejan." She replied. "May I sit with you." She asked.

"Of coarse." He replied.

They spoke for about a hour. Fatigue was starting to get to him. Somehow she ended up back at his quarters. He woke up about an hour and a half after laying down to find her curled up by his side sleeping away.

ooc: I didn't know what else to post at the moment. Kind of at a stand still till Anil gets back on the bridge. That's why I figured Nox could use a breather. If I screwed the story line up let me know. I apologize ahead of time if I have.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 10 2006, 03:26 AM
Anil forced the final tube access doors apart, the power to them non-active

He slid out into the shuttlebay

"Captain?!" Ensign Keran exclaimed

"At ease, Ensign - I'm not staying - I need the Runabout" Anil advised

"Aye sir" Ensign Keran replied, stepping out of the Captain's path

"I suggest you clear the shuttlebay, I'm taking the runabout out" Anil called as he strode toward the small ship

A shocked look crossed Keran's face, but he nodded and began shouting orders to everyone else present in the shuttlebay

The Runabout's door slid open and Anil stepped in

"Computer - initiate prelaunch"

The computer beep in confirmation, and Anil moved to the pilot's seat

Sensors indicated that Ensign Keran's words had been heeded, there were no officers or crew remaining in the shuttlebay - Anil enter the command for the external doors to open

The Runabout slowly lifted off the deck and Reyan piloted it out of the bay, and away from the Intrepid

For a moment, his view was that of the battle in the near distance - the very reason that he was aboard the Runabout - and a sense of regret momentarily overwhelmed him. He could only see a very small number of Terran ships, and most of them appeared to be retreating, or at least trying to - the Dominion ships didn't seem willing to allow the Terran ships the luxury of escape.
To have survived the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance only to be wiped out by the Dominion was a tragedy that only a person from Anil's universe could appreciate, although Anil was certain that many would describe it as poetic justice considering the Terran Empire's policies and brutal mistreatment of those they had conquered and ruled over during their regime

The Runabout swept around and positioned itself in front of the Intrepid

a4.gif "Anil to the Intrepid - I'm about to initate the tractor beam - this could be bumpy" a4.gif

a4.gif"Aknowledged - standing by a4.gif came the reply, from Ryan who sounded slightly concerned

"Okay - here goes nothing" Anil said to himself, as he entered the command to activate the tractor beam

The Runabout's tractor beam burst to life, and snagged the Intrepid's primary hull; Anil then engaged the Runabout's impulse engines - the Runabout shuddered but began to struggle slowly foward

"Computer, increase to half-impulse" Anil commanded

The Runabout began to vibrate slightly, but the began to rise slightly

"So far so good" Anil muttered to himself, the battle on the small viewscreen appearing further and further away

a4.gif "Warning - impulse engines overheating" a4.gif the computer warned

"Just a little longer" Anil replied

a4.gif "Captain - this is Lieutenant Nox - we just received word from Commodore Trell - the Domionion has taken Terok Nor" a4.gif

a4.gif "Aknowledged" a4.gif Anil replied sadly, his attention still focused on the Runabout's readings

a4.gif "Warning - impulse engines overheating - danger of overload" a4.gif

Anil frowned - they were still not far enough away, and although increasing speed was not an option, neither was slowing down or stopping

a4.gif "Orlan to Reyan - our scanners, at least those that still work, show that your impulse engines are overheating - be careful; we can't beam you back if they overload a4.gif

a4.gif "Thanks for your concern, Commander - but the Runabout's transporter still works - I'll beam myself off should it become necessary - how is Gaia progressing with the Intrepid's own engines?" a4.gif

a4.gif Slowly - they are in a pretty bad state - she's rebuilt the impulse control system, but she's having problems getting the system to power up" a4.gif

a4.gif "Good progress - keep it up - Anil out" a4.gif

Anil engaged the Runabout's thrusters, giving a fraction of extra speed

a4.gif "Anil to Intrepid - the Runabout is giving all it's got - but we can allow the inertia to keep the Intrepid moving now - I'm coming back aboard" a4.gif

Anil gave one final blast from the Runabout's thrusters, and then disengaged the tractor beam. As he had guessed, the Intrepid continued moving at the same speed, the interia created by the Runabout's tow continuing to carry her foward

Anil took the Intrepid back to the rear of the Intrepid and docked, and quickly made his way back to the bridge

"We are still moving?" he asekd as he stepped back onto the bridge

"Drifting would be a better description, but we are out of range of the battle now" Ryan replied

"Glad it worked - wasn't sure that the Runabout could handle it, and I'm certain no Geo or Aeon" Anil replied, as he sat back down in his chair

"Now all have to do is get home - I recommend we try deactivating the field around the key now, Captain" Ryan advised

"I agree - I've had enough of this universe - do what needs to be done, and lets get the hell away from this godforsaken place" Anil replied

Reply anyone

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Apr 12 2006, 01:38 PM
Kaoru was on the bridge when Anil's message came through.

a4.gif "Anil to the Intrepid - I'm about to initate the tractor beam - this could be bumpy" a4.gif

She tensed, preparing herself for it, feeling as nervous as Ryan's voice indicated that he was.

The XO turned a humorless grin her way once he had replied, "I see you don't like this any more than I do."

"No sir." She felt the Intrepid shaking as the tractor beam engaged.

She watched the battle playing out before them, her sapphire blue eyes intent on the screen, her posture not relaxing until Anil returned to the bridge. Only then did she breathe deeply.

Posted by: Havannah Essal Apr 13 2006, 12:32 PM
a4.gif "Lt. Essal" It sounded like the XO, or maybe the Captain?. Though with all the voices running through her mind right now, detecting who was speaking, whether it was an echo from this life or one of the symbiont's previous hosts, she couldn't tell.

Havannah Essal tapped comm badge.

"Essal here." I think.

a4.gif "You're needed on the bridge."

"Aye. I'm on my way."

Essal set her teacup down on the table and left her quarters. Her surroundings less hazy than when she'd entered her quarters. She managed to make her way to the bridge.

She entered the bridge a moment after Reyan, and when she entered she couldn't help but smile at the site of him. Anil. She shook the thoughts from her mind.

Orlan approached her. "We need that statis field around the Karcsis deactivated."

Havannah nodded in acknowledgement. She began the deactivating sequence. When it was ready, she looked back up at the XO. The XO looked back at the Captain.

"On my mark." Reyan said.

A stabbing pain shot down Havannah's spine. She lurched forward placing her right palm on the last deactivation sequence.

If not for the blinding white light that seemed to penetrate the entire ship, anyone within vicinity of the Karcsis would've seen it hum to life, activating.

When the light vanished, The Intrepid viewscreen showed a intercept path to DS9. Scans showing the Dominion ships had vanished.

Havannah, had fallen to the floor beneath her science console, unconscious.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Apr 19 2006, 01:56 AM
His knuckles turned pale from the unshakable grip he had on the Science console. The floor shuddered violently under their feet. Ryan looked on helplessly as Lieutenant Essal was thrown foward and her hand struct the last key in the sequence to deactivate the stasis field around the Karcsis.

Without notice the Bridge filled with glary bright light; the same light that the crew had experienced when the Intrepid was conveyed to the Mirror universe. As quickly as it appeared, it vanished. Ryan reeled around to see if anyone was seriously injured. His eyes widened with horror as the illustrious Cardassian architecture of Deep Space Nine rappidly came into aspect on the view screen.

"Aeon!" Anil shouted towards the Helm console.

Aeon quickly tapped at the helm console to prevent the Intrepid from slamming into one of the station's pylons. The ship was to close to the station for him to slow it down and instead guided the Intrepid into an abrupt starboard to port roll. Ryan's insides writhed with the abrupt careen to the left, his grip on the Science console started to slip.

A sharp jolt pounded through the Bridge. It's shockwave ripped causing his grasp to break free from the console and he toppled to the carpeted floor.

"We hit the station!" Someone exclaimed.

"All stop!" Anil sang out.

The Intrepid came to a hault on the other side of the station, Ryan scrambled to his feet and stared at the view screen. He couldn't see any damage to Deep Space Nine, but their had to be...

"Captain, we're being hailed."

"On screen."

a4.gif "What the hell are you playing at! You could have wiped out half the pylon!" a4.gif A Bajoran woman said as soon as the channel opened.

a4.gif "You better have a damn good explaination, Anil!" a4.gif Admiral Cartel's infuriated face suddenly filled the screen.

a4.gif "Admiral, you don't know how relieved I am to see your face." a4.gif A small tired smile played on Anil's lips. He was home, they were all home.

"You better be the bearer of good news!" Gaia said as Ryan entered Engineering and approached.

"The Captain is on the station, no doubt being grilled by Cartel and Kira. I see you were the cause of all this?"

"If your refering to us nearly turning DS9 into swiss cheese then, I suppose, but it was you and Anil that asked me to get impulse back on-line. It wasn't my fault."

"Lieutenant Sith said it was just a little scratch. When I left the Bridge Admiral Cartel wasn't happy though."

"Just a scratch?" She shouted and jabbed a finger at the small viewer that showed the damage to the nacelle. "He calls that just as scratch!"

"The rest of the ship is in a shambles and your worried about a bit of damage to one of the nacelles? Gaia, we're home now, you can relax and let the DS9 maintenance crew make the repairs."

She slowly revolved around to face Ryan, he could sense the aggrivation building up inside her like luminous heat radiating from an open fireplace. "Over the past two weeks, I've been shot at, I've lost close friends, and repaired the damn warp core four times! I think I have a right to be a little edgy!"

Ryan stared at her. He wanted to take her into his embrace. Take her away from the Intrepid, away from work. Gaia's was breathing deeply, her hands shook at her sides. It was as though her sudden outburst had drained all the energy from her body.

"Gaia, would you like to... uh, join me in one of the stations holosuites?" Ryan asked nervously. "I mean, so we can relax - perhaps a battle simmulation?"


Posted by: Gaia Moore Apr 19 2006, 11:29 AM
Ryan and Gaia both climbed the stairs to the holosuites, their boots clanking as they ascended to the second level of the Ferengi's bar where the holosuites were located. So far they had walked in silence, neither speaking a word to the other. The last time they has spoken was when Ryan had invited her to relax a little in a holosuite, she had thought about declining, but perhaps she could take out her frustrations on Ryan himself in a holo simmulation. The thought made her smile and caused her to be more inclined to attempt to speak to her silent companion.

"That was nice of Quark to re-arrange the holosuite times for us, wasn't it?" Gaia stated casually

"Only because you threatened to inform Cononel Kira that he had tampered with the Replomatt's replicators to issue people with smaller meals."

"Well, it worked didn't it?" Gaia said a little slyly, a wide smile playing on her lips. She was beginning to relax already.

"How did you know that he'd done that anyway?" Ryan asked genuinely interested, this caused and even wider grin to appear on Gaia's face, her cheeks started to hurt.

"I didn't....But I do now!" Gaia started laughing openly seeing Ryan's expression, he looked as if he had seen her for the first time. Actually, she hadn't know, the only thing she relied on.... Quark was always finding a way to maximise profit and that seemed the only thing the Ferengi hadn't tried from what she had heard.

They reached their designated holosuite and entered. Gaia instructed the computer to initiate her chosen programme and turned to Ryan.

"Okay, in this game we get a choice of weapons. It is set in an abandoned castle, previous occupants are unknown. Thought to be haunted as flashes of light have been spotted through the windows of all colours, strange howling and noises drift out to reach ears of passing men and women. It's the ultimate test of skill and cunning. We would normally choose weapons, but I hope you don't mind I took the liberty of picking some up for us. Phasers. Still up for it?" She asked with one brow slightly raised in challenge. With that she threw a phaser and rifle at Ryan, he fumbled to catch them both.

"I'm game if you are." Ryan said as she knew he would. Ryan never turned down a challenge and she though that it should be relaxing for the both of them.

The phaser battle began, Ryan got off a lucky shot, hitting the wall Gaia was hidden behind. She heard feet running quickly down the hall. Deciding it was safe, she peered around the corner and saw Ryan’s retreating back, obviously after the higher ground putting Gaia on the defensive. She had just decided to try and cut him off when she heard someone shout her name. Gaia’s eyes widened as she knew there was only one other person here….Her feet were running as fast as they could towards the sound. ”If he’s hurt, if anyone’s hurting him…They’re dead, I’m the only one who can torture him! Reaching the source of the sound, in the distance, she saw Ryan swatting at thin air. Her heart raced from the fast paced run, her breath was short as she took two steps at a time to reach the last of the stairs on the staircase entering a hall covered in dust and cobwebs. It was eerily quiet and baron, Gaia’s gaze returned to Ryan and wondered if this was some kind of elaborate trap, but then she spotted what was causing the man to swat like that. She laughed at the sight she found there.

There in front of her stood Ryan Orlan, his hair and shoulders covered in cobwebs, his uniform a mess from his dusty hands swatting at his uniform. The sight made Gaia wonder why she’d never thought of this before. Walking more casually over to him, she attempted to stave her fit of giggles, but was failing miserably.

Ryan seemed to spot her then in between his bouts of swatting the spiders and looking out for more.

"Er Gaia, er... a little help!" Ryan began saying in a strained, frantic voice.

"keep still so I can help you!" Gaia continued to laugh hysterically "They are only holographic spiders!

"Just get them off!" Ryan shouted insistently as continued to squirm. There was only one way Gaia could think of to get him to become motionless….

“Ryan stand still would you? If you don’t stop moving I’ll tell Kaoru all about this!” Ryan stopped dead, like a statue. Gaia had to blink because of the sudden change in the man standing before her.

“Good, now roll on the floor and the programme will make then disappear.”

Ryan did as he was instructed and soon all the spiders had disappeared from his body and none replenished the supply. But now he was covered in cobwebs and dust, he was camouflaged becoming the same colour as the rest of the floor in the hall.

“Shall we continue?” Gaia asked still trying to stem the now chortle that remained of the fits of laughter she was in just moments ago.

“Certainly” Ryan replied attempting to regain his composure.

The phaser fight began again, down the corridor, Gaia shouted something to Ryan.

"So have you signed the transfer request?"

"No." was the reply.

She became a little frustrated again and broke cover to shoot at Ryan as she shouted towards him… "You know you can't refuse it. I could just go over your head."

"So, why didn't you? Is it because you secretly want my approval?"

Gaia answered his question with a phaser blast in Ryan's direction. She was on the attack again.

"I'll take that for a yes, shall I?"

Ryan fired his phaser, Gaia dropped her phaser with a curse. Ryan took the opportunity to rush towards her, his phaser pointed towards her chest. Gaia had to think quickly, she stuck her leg out and tripped him causing him to topple to the floor. A physical scuffle broke out untill Gaia gave Ryan an elbow to the stomach and got away.

"How about a wager? If you win, I'll sign the transfer request. If I win, you remain onboard the Intrepid."

"You've got a deal!" she said a little more heated than she had intended.

Their battle continued until Ryan and Gaia came face to face, pointing their weapons at each other, the two combatants circled each other slowly, neither one backing down, both unwilling to lose the wager. A moment of silence passed between them.

"I can't do it." Ryan stated as he lowered his phaser. He looked at Gaia sadly "But I won't be able to sign it."

"You made a wager, you have to." Gaia said, both puzzled and shocked he would go back on his word, let alone a wager.

"I can't because..."

"Why?" Gaia shouted. "Come on Ryan, for once in your life tell me what you really think!"

"Because, I love you."

Gaia raised her phaser rifle a bit, he was bluffing. She prepared to fire then dropped it as she realised he was serious! The two lept at each other, their lips meeting and began a ravaging kiss of romantic hunger.

Gaia and Ryan looked at each other tenderly. Staring deeply into Ryan's eyes, this close, Gaia found herself being lost. She remembered she was still mad at him, but couldn't help smiling. She moved away from his embrace and playfully hit him on his chest fist clenched. He looked at her then a little puzzled.

"What was that for?" He said surprised, but Gaia noticed the smile hadn't left his mouth either.

"That was for making me repair the warp core four times!" she said harshly, her eyes firey. "and this" she spoke gently as her eyes softened... "is for telling me how you feel" Gaia placed her lips on his firmly, holding his head with both hands as she stood on tiptoes. She felt his arms wrap around her, holding her firmly in place. Ryan's grip brought her even closer towards him, their bodies pressed hard against each other as their kiss continued. Both their hearts seemed to quicken, their breath slowing as time seemed to stop.

Posted by: Charles Nox Apr 22 2006, 12:07 AM
Charles woke up sometime during there sleep. For some reason he couldn't get back to sleep. He eased away from the beautiful young ladies side and pulled on his robe. Going over to the replicator he ordered a hot cup of coffee. Sitting at his desk he brought up the console. The starfleet emblam disappered and he brought up the ships security protacole's seeing where the shields and weapon systems were. Running through the schematics he was trying to find a way to figure out some backup systems he could enguage to in case they were left with depleated power systems.

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