Xolani Fleets: USS Meridian: Prologue

Xolani Fleets, 2384 _ USS Meridian, Nebula Class Starship [NCC-58314] _ Prolouge: The more things change.......

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 4 2006, 05:25 PM

The lounge was quiet, and almost empty, aside from the bartender and two Ferengi whispering in the far corner, but Reyan was paying them no attention. The view from his table was magnificent, overlooking the docking area, and all of the Starship's berthed there

He felt at a loss - the ship that he had previously been assigned to, the USS Resilient, had just been retired, Starfleet deeming the old Miranda-class ship surplus to requirements. Captain Bessein had promptly been promoted to Admiral and the Resilient now sat silent, empty and devoid of crew; unwanted by Starfleet but missed by those who knew her

"Here's to the Resilient" Reyan whispered to himself, and took a sip from his glass

"Mind if I join you, Commander?" a Female voice from behind asked

Reyan turned, to find himself staring into the deep eyes of a beautful Betazoid, dressed in a blue Starfleet uniform, displaying the rank of Commander

"Erm - no... I mean yes!" he stammered, triggering a grin from the woman

"Great view - Do you serve on any of those?" she asked, indicating toward the ship's sitting in the dock

"I did - the Resilient - but she's been retired" Reyan replied, looking sorrowfully toward his old ship

The woman gave him a look of symathy

"What position did you serve aboard her?" she asked

"I was her XO - now I'm exactly like the ship herself - in limbo" he replied

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself Commander - I get the impression that you are not usually one for self-pity"

"Betazoids" Reyan huffed, taking another sip of his drink

"I also get the impression that there is somthing that you haven't told me, somthing that you probably haven't come to terms with yourself yet" she continued

Reyan grinned

"Nothing gets by you, does it?" he stated, making his words more of a statement than a question

the woman didn't reply, and Reyan took a deep breath and continued

"I'm not actually a Commander - I'm a Captain by rank now - problem is, I may have been promoted, but I haven't been reassigned" he explained

"They'll reassign you soon enough - plenty of ship's that need Captain's in this dock" she answered

"Enough about me - what about you - what's your name?" he asked

"Kaoru Ele - Doctor - also awaiting re-assignment" she replied

Reyan found himself staring into her eyes again, but was distracted when a padd was placed on the table in front of him by a nervous looking Junior-grade Lieutenant. He noticed that Kaoru had one too

"Captain Reyan Caius?" the Lieutenant asked

"Everyone calls me Reyan"

"Your orders, Sir" the Lieutenant quickly replied

"Thankyou, Lieutenant - dismissed" Reyan replied, no longer paying much attention to anything but the padd

"What does it say?" Kaoru asked him

Reyan looked up at her, stunned

"It's from Starfleet Command, offering me a Command!" he exclaimed

"Of what? Ship? Starbase?" Kaoru asked

"Starship - Nebula class - U.S.S Meridian" Reyan replied, double checking his padd to make sure he wasn't dreaming

Kaoru laughed, causing Reyan to frown

"What exactly is funny about that?" he asked, trying not to sound offended

"I've been assigned to the Meridian too - as Chief Medical Officer" she replied

Reyan paused, and then laughed himself

"Talk about coincidental!" he replied, moving his chair to give him a clear view of the dock

"And there she is" he stated

The Meridian was stood in her berth, workbee's, cargo and maintainance pods busying themselves around her

"Quite a ship" Reyan muttered to himself

"That she is - shall we go and take a look?" Karou replied, slipping her arm around his

Reyan smiled

"I'd love to" he replied

"You'll have to put that fourth pip on your colar now, Captain" she teased, and they made their way out of the lounge and toward the Meridian's docking port.

Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 5 2006, 07:34 AM

Margery Campion was a bundle of mixed emotions. This was her first assignment on a starship and she was to be the Chief Science officer and so, this was her first time on a starbase. She took time to do some shopping, including buying a Bible, mad at herself for packing her own from home. Her family was very supportive of her, even though the twins Adam and Abbigail, who are 6, didn't want her to leave. When she was on the shuttle, she opened her carry-on, wanting to read her Bible. That was when she noticed it was missing. Instead of finding the Bible, she found a teddy bear and a doll, both with notes tied around their necks:

Margery- Kep Buddy. Hes good when I get skard. I miss you. Adam

Hi Margee- Plez hav Sarah. Shees good kumpne. Luv yu. Abbee

When Margery saw them, she started to cry. That was one good example of how her family was.

Margery had her favorite meal at the lounge-Chicken Parmisan with spaghetti and breadsticks and a half carafe of sweet red wine. When she finnished, she got up and picked up her carry-on and was heading to the door when she saw a yeoman come to the couple at the other table. After the female spoke to them, she came to her.

"Are you Margery Campion?", she asked. She nodded and the yeoman said "Your orders." Margery thanked her and dismissed her. She found out that she was to be on the Miridian as her Chief Science Officer. She didn't mean to over hear the couple, but it was the same ship that they were going to be on. She hurried out of the lounge and headed over to the turbolifts. She caught up in time with the couple, as the doors was just started to close. "Captain, my name is Margery Campion and I didn't mean to overhear you and your companion's conversation, but I am also assigned to the Miridian as her Chief Science Officer."

Posted by: Tejas Feb 5 2006, 07:31 PM

Tejas sat at the CONN aboard the Bridge of the Meridian. She sat there comfortably staring out the viewscreen, which currently displayed the view of the dock.

It hadn't been that long ago when Tejas had sat behind the CONN for her first time, at least since she'd joined Star Fleet. She thought back to the years and years she'd spent at helm before that.

The doors to the Bridge swooshed open. She turned around, smiling. A male in red and two females in blue had entered. She noted the pips on the man's collar, and stood up.

"Captain Reyan I presume? Commander Tejas, you're First Officer, reporting in."

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 7 2006, 02:53 AM

Reyan smiled as his new XO introduced herself

"Good to meet you Commander" Reyan replied to her; he then turned to the two ladies accompanying him

"Commander Tejas, these ladies are Doctor Kaoru Ele, the Meridian's new Chief Medical officer, and Lieutenant Margery Campion, our Chief Science officer"

They exchanged welcomes, and each took a look around the unfamiliar surroundings of the Meridian's dimly-lit bridge, the computer consoles not yet activated and the lights on low-power

"I've never been aboard a Nebula class before" Reyan admitted, as he
at down in the Command chair for the first time, and made himself comfortable

"Computer - bring the bridge online, authorisation Reyan, echo, 76 - enable" Reyan called

One by one the computer terminals activated, and the bridge illumination activated, revealing the true size and layout of the bridge

"Nice" Kaoru commented from behind him

"She's received a few upgrades whilst in dock by the looks of things - bio-neural gel packs, new phaser emitters, quantum torpedoes" Commander Tejas noted, her tone of voice hinting that she was impressed

Lieutenant Campion, sat at the science station, also turned to address him

"They've upgraded her sensors too - same sensor range as a Sovereign class ship"

"And I'll bet that they've done nothing to sickbay" Doctor Ele remarked

Reyan laughed

"Well, we can delve into the fine details of this ship and what she can do later - for now we need to get our crew onboard - I'll notify the station that the Meridian is now taking on her new crew" Reyan stated enthusiastically. He then turned to Doctor Ele

"How about we check out this sickbay of yours, Doctor - and if they haven't done anything to upgrade it, I'll make sure that they do before we leave dock"

"You have yourself a deal, Captain" she replied

"It's Reyan" he told her as they made their way to the turbolift

Before they reached the turbolift he turned to Commander Tejas

"Commander -you have the bridge for now - the new crew should be reporting aboard, if they don't come to me first, they'll come to you - I'm sure you know what to do"

"Aye Sir" she replied

And with that, Reyan and Doctor Ele stepped into the turbolift

Posted by: Dianna Torres Feb 7 2006, 08:08 PM

Dianna Torres found her way on to the ship. She was a bundle of nerves but she was not going to show it. She reported in to the captain. ah it felt so great to being chief of ops again. All the trouble she got into in the past she never dreamed she'd make it but she did. Her sister Andrea would pull her through the ringer if she pulled anymore stunts like she did a while back. She knows that if her sister finds out that she gets even a taste of alchol again she won't hear the end of it. She promised but she don't know if she could ever fully stay out of trouble. Trouble follows her wherever she goes. Dianna doesn't even know if she could stay out of trouble.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Feb 8 2006, 12:44 PM

She did not speak until the turbolift doors closed, smiling warmly at him, "You do realize that you're going to be observing a rather personal moment for me...the first time I'll get to see sickbay."

"You were present the first time I laid eyes on the bridge." He returned her warm smile, watching her.

"True...I suppose it's only fair then." She turned to face the doors, glancing sidelong at him, "I must say though, I'm glad you can't feel my emotions."

Reyan could not help the surprised laugh, "Oh? What are they, pray tell?"

She was about to answer when the turbolift doors opened, stepping out into the corridor, she glanced over her shoulder at him, a teasing smile on her lips, "Perhaps I'll tell you another time." Pausing in the corridor, she waited for him to catch up.

"That is so unfair!" Her smile was infectious, and he shook his head in disbelief, grinning back at her.

They entered sickbay then, the lights were dimmed, no one was present. "It seems you are my first patient." Kaoru turned towards him when the doors whispered shut behind them. "Li...."

Glancing at him, she shook her head, "Belay that..." She had been about to bring up the lights. "It's cozier this way...and I do try to make my patients comfortable."

"You do that very well." Reyan glanced around, "But I suppose it's hard to take stock of your equipment with the lights off...unless there are some hidden betazoid talents I'm unaware of."

She felt his thoughts moving beyond them, recalling everything he still had to do to get the Meridian cleared for departure. "I will be happy to give you a detailed...private briefing on betazoids, captain...at your earliest convenience."

He smiled, nodding, recognizing that she understood he had many other duties. "I look forward to it."

"Lights." She did bring the lights up then, both of them wincing a litte at the brightness. Glancing around at the well appointed sickbay she smiled, "Initially, I have no complaints...but I'll be sure to deliver a list of any toys...I mean equipment that I might require before we leave." Truth to tell, she was more than pleased with what she saw, and she was eager to explore sickbay more fully.

"I'll be on the bridge." It was unnecessary information, but he found he wanted to look into her dark eyes again.

"I should hope so." She met his gaze, smiling warmly at him. "I'd accompany you back there, but I'm afraid that would look rather silly."

"I'd accept that offer, but for the same. But I will see you later...say for dinner?"

Kaoru smiled up at him, stepping closer, her lips a breath away from his for a few long seconds, surprised at the rapid beating of her heart. Swallowing audibly, she tore her eyes from his, looking down and nodding, "That sounds splendid."

He seemed to have trouble collecting himself as well, raking his fingers through his hair, lifting his hand to brush her soft cheek gently, "Until then doctor." He turned then, leaving sickbay, not looking back, a little afraid of what he might do if he did.

Posted by: Tejas Feb 8 2006, 08:05 PM

Tejas grinned as the Captain and CMO left the bridge. She turned to face the viewscreen, and sat in the command chair. She pulled out the PADD she'd been given less than an hour ago with her orders.

Her mind kept drifting to her newest shipmates. She'd had many shipmates over her life, from as early as she could remember, she'd been a working member of one crew or another. She'd been a part of a mutiny. All before joining Star Fleet.

She pulled up the ship's schematics and was reading through them again not noticing when the Captain re-entered the bridge.

"Comfortable seating?"

Tejas looked up from her PADD. "Yes, Sir." She quickly stood up.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 9 2006, 02:00 PM

Commander Tejas quickly stood, seeming a little apprehensive about having been in the Command chair

"Relax, Commander, and get used to it - you'll be spending a fair amount of time in that chair" Anil advised, smiling at her

He took a quick look around the bridge, and noted that a few more officer's had arrived and were working at their respective stations

Reyan himself sat, still a little preoccupied with thoughts of Doctor Ele, but his thoughts were interrupted by the call from one of the Officer's behind

"Commodore on the bridge!"

Reyan stood instantly, and all of the officer's present stood to attention

"At ease" the Commodore stated, as he walked toward Reyan and Tejas, and handed a padd over

"You must be Captain Reyan?" the Commodore enquired

"Yes Sir - I am - and this is my Executive Officer, Commander Tejas" Reyan replied

"I am Commodore Barnard, an assistant ship deployment coordination Officer from Starfleet Command - I was asked to deliver your orders to you - the Meridian has her first assignment under your command, Captain" Commodore Barnard stated

Reyan read the padd, and when he had finnished reading, looked up at Commodore Barnard, concerned

"I don't have a full crew compliment yet, Sir" he stated

"I realise that, Captain - your orders are to depart as soon as you have sufficent crew to maintain the efficent management of this ship - Captain Marks, on the Starbase, has been advised of the situation and will grant you immediate clearance as soon as you advise you are ready - I need to get back to Earth - any further questions, contact Captain Marks" he advised, and turned to leave

As soon as the turbolift doors whispered closed behind Commodore Barnard, Commander Tejas turned to address Reyan

"What are our orders, Captain?" she enquired

Reyan sighed

"The USS Patron has disappeared - she was last recorded heading toward the Yelvara Dark Cloud, but Starfleet lost contact with her" Reyan explained

He entered a command into his console

"Computer - display details of the USS Patron"

The blank viewscreen flashed into life, and displayed an image of an Ambassador class starship

"Reports indicate that she was returning from a long-term exploration mission, charting the Zodai system, when their science officer detected strange readings coming from the Yelvara dark cloud - they changed course to investigate, but were not heard from again"

"So we are going to find her?" Commander Tejas asked

"Those are our orders" Reyan confirmed "I just hope that this disappearance doesn't have somthing to do with the Sect"

"Well - we only have approximately 20 percent of our crew aboard, Sir" she informed him

Reyan frowned

"I'd say that we need at least 40 percent to operate safely"

Commander Tejas nodded in silent agreement

"I'll contact the station and ask them to put out a general hail, advising that we are preparing for launch" she advised

"Good idea, Commander - I'll be in my ready room for the time being - plenty of admin work that requires my attention, unfortunately"

He stood and made his way to the ready room, thinking about how likeable Commander Tejas was, and also trying to think of an excuse to visit Doctor Ele again.

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Posted by: Dianna Torres Feb 9 2006, 04:05 PM

Dianna started putting her stuff away. She likes to be organized just like her cousin Melissa. With the change of assignments, she did not know what ever happened to her cousin. Time will only tell. She hoped in the shower after putting everything away and then ate before heading to ops and start monitoring things,

Posted by: Tejas Feb 9 2006, 11:53 PM

Tejas was looking at the Ambassador class starship.

"Reports indicate that she was returning from a long-term exploration mission, charting the Zodai system, when their science officer detected strange readings coming from the Yelvara dark cloud - they changed course to investigate, but were not heard from again."

"So we are going to find her?" Commander Tejas asked.

"Those are our orders," Reyan confirmed. "I just hope that this disappearance doesn't have somthing to do with the Sect."

"Well - we only have approximately 20 percent of our crew aboard, Sir," she informed him.

Reyan frowned.

"I'd say that we need at least 40 percent to operate safely."

Commander Tejas nodded in silent agreement, her mind racing.

"I'll contact the station and ask them to put out a general hail, advising that we are preparing for launch," she advised.

"Good idea, Commander - I'll be in my ready room for the time being - plenty of admin work that requires my attention, unfortunately." He turned and made his way to his ready room.

She sat down in her chair. The Zodai system…

It had been many, many years since she’d been in that sector of space. At least fifteen to be exact. She thought to herself, her mind drifting to her youth….

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Feb 10 2006, 03:49 PM

Sickbay was...beautiful. She could not have been more pleased with the equipment in the wards, or the lab. She examined both facilities, the main sickbay and then the secondary, which contained the surgical suites.

~Twenty seconds.~ She timed herself going from the starboard side to the port, seeing how long it took to get from one to the other. ~About 23 heartbeats...long enough to mean the difference between life and death certainly. But I can make it faster.~ The surgical suites were pristine, and so quiet, such a contrast to the bustle and busyness, and mess, of an actual surgery.

After a thorough investigation of the secondary sickbay, Kaoru returned to the primary, and her office, sitting behind her desk and reviewing the locations of the aid stations on board, as well as the cargo bay holographic programs that were currently set up. She'd have to review each personally, and make any adjustments she felt necessary. Jotting down her notes on a Padd, she at first thought she heard the general hail from the captain wrong, realizing quickly that was not the case.

Rising from her seat, she left the still empty sickbay, entering the turbolift, "Bridge."

She stepped out onto the bridge, seeing that it was staffed only slightly better than sickbay. "Captain Caius?"

The XO nodded towards the Captain's ready room. "In there Doctor."

Reyan looked up when the door chime chirped, "Come."

The doors opened, and Kaoru strode in, looking concerned. "Captain, I must protest your orders. We are no where near ready to be underway." Even as she spoke, she felt his emotions. He liked the situation no more than she did.

"I know doctor." He indicated a chair in front of his desk. "We've been given our orders though."

Kaoru sat down, distracted suddenly by the other emotions she sensed from him. He had been very happy to see her, and she had felt no hint of anger at her protest.

"I see." Already she was considering how best she could make it work. "I have three nurses, two doctor, and four medical technicians." Settling back, she considered him, "40 % of the crew is ideally cross trained, but I'm sure we're going to be thin everywhere."

Reyan nodded, pleased and thankful that she had accepted that there was nothing he could do but make the best of the situation. "Terribly so."

Kaoru smiled, "I'm sure more crew will report in response to your general hail. Maybe we could go out in disguise and start whapping people over the head and dragging them on board. Active recruitment...you could say."

His laughter was surprised, and genuine. "If you think it would work...at this point, I'm a bit desperate."

Kaoru laughed as well, rising from her seat. "If I may voice one more formal objection captain?"

"Go ahead." He sat back in his seat, bracing himself for whatever she might say, expecting not to like it.

"Us being forced to get underway so ill prepared is going to make any mutual off duty time rare." She tilted her head, smiling warmly, amused when she felt him bracing himself mentally. "I formally object to that."

It took a second, but Reyan laughed, rising and walking around his desk, taking her hand and lifting it to place a kiss on the back. "I do too doctor, I assure you, formally and vehemently."

Now it was Kaoru's turn to be silent for a few moments, surprised by his warmth, but finding herself intrigued, touched by it. "I'm happy to hear that Captain." She pulled her hand lightly from his grip, "I should go...I know we both have many things to do in preparation. Rest assured that I will help in whatever way I can."

Reyan nodded, "It is very appreciated doctor."

She left his ready room and the bridge then, she had not been exaggerating, there was far too much to do in the short time they had before the Meridian was underway.

Posted by: Tovan Andrews Feb 10 2006, 06:07 PM

Tovan walked apprehensively toward the door at the end of the corridor, the door which separted him from the safetly and comfort of the Starbase and would introduce him to the unfamilar surroundings of the starship Meridian.

The Officer who had given him his orders had been very clear. The Meridian was understaffed, and being prepared for launch, with a dangerous absence of staff. Therefore, despite his status/Rank of Cadet First class, Tovan had been ordered to report aboard the meridian and serve as her Acting chief helm officer for the mission she was to be sent on. And the order had been completely unexpected. Certainly, his grades were quite good, and he was a fairly accomplished Helmsman, but he had not expected to be given such respsonsibility before achieving the rank of Ensign

He stepped through the open door and was confronted by a tired looking Ensign

"Cadet Tovan Andrews requesting permission to come aboard, Sir!" Tovan said enthusiastically

The Ensign eyed Tovan suspiciously

"Why woud a Cadet be reporting aboard?" the Ensign asked

"Orders, Sir" Tovan replied, handing over the padd he had been given, which documented his orders

The Ensign read the content of the padd and then handed it back to Tovan, looking amused

"Well, things must be bad if we are having to enlist Cadet's to ensure that we leave dock on time" he joked

Tovan shrugged and took the padd back

"I suggest you report straight to the Bridge, Cadet - I'll make sure that your belongings find their way to your quaters"

"Thankyou Sir" Tovan answered

"Your welcome Cadet, now, get yourself to the Bridge"

"Aye Sir" Tovan replied, and turned to find the closest turbolift

Posted by: Tejas Feb 10 2006, 07:48 PM

Tejas barely noticed the Doctor ask where the Captain was, or her departure from his ready room. She seemed lost in thought.

“Cadet Tovan Andrews reporting as ordered Ma’am.” A cheery voice said, and a PADD appeared before her eyes. Tejas didn’t have to be an empath to sense Andrews seemed so energetic about being posted on the ship.

She looked at the PADD, taking it from Andrews. Helmsman.. She smirked at the thought of her piloting days back at the Academy. She’d had at least one flying instructor that had refused to fly with her at helm. She looked back at the PADD. .. impressive flying record… Cadet? She had to read over his rank a few more times before it sunk in.

“Welcome to the Meridian.” Tejas said, forcing a smile. Her mind distracted with the upcoming mission, as well as all the pre-launch preparations that were coming to mind. She handed the PADD back to Andrews.

“Thank you Commander.” Andrews said accepting the PADD, and walking toward the helm console.

Tejas stood from her chair and left the bridge, heading to her offce. She had some administrative things needing to be completed before they requested departure from the dock.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 11 2006, 06:56 AM

Reyan watched Doctor Ele leave the ready room - he made a mental note to invite her for a drink when the opourtunity presented itself, keen to get to know her better

The door chime sounded again, and Commander Tejas stepped into the ready room, and handed him a padd

"Thanks - more paperwork" Reyan stated, grinning

He read the report, noting that most of his main positions were now filled - he stopped at one particular name

"Tovan Andrews? A Cadet?" he exclaimed

"Yes Sir - I wondered about that myself" his XO replied

"Well, it's not like we have much choice at the moment - we can't afford to be picky. He's in his final year and his record is above average - I'm sure he'll be fine" Reyan stated, placing the padd on the desk, and standing

"Time to get busy" he stated and headed for the door

As he stepped out onto the bridge, he was pleased to see that even more officers had arrived, and Andrews was sat at the helm familiarising himself with his new station

"Comfortable, Cadet?" Reyan asked

Cadet Andrews turned to see who was addressing him, and suddenly looked nervous

"Yes Sir! I mean, No sir!"

"Relax, Cadet" Reyan advised, glancing at the Helm console "By the looks of things, you're doing fine" - he then patted Andrews on the back and walked over to the command chair - Commander Tejas was already sat in the XO seat

Reyan touched the shipwide hail button on the chair's command console

"All hands, this is the Captain - although we do not have a full crew, we will be departing within the hour. I know that this will be difficult for some of you as your departments may be understaffed, but I also know that you are all experienced Officers and crewmen - you wouldn't be on the Meridian otherwise - and I know you'll do your best. Prelaunch will commence, and we launch in 50 minutes - Reyan out"

"Cadet Andrews - prepare prelaunch sequence" Commander Tejas ordered

"Engineering - bring the warp-drive online" Reyan stated

"Op's - coordinate all departments and make certain that all are prepared for launch" Tejas continued

Reyan then sat back in his chair, awaiting the confirmation reports from the various departments on the ship, and the launch which was soon to commence.

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Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 11 2006, 09:40 AM

Margery entered the Bridge and noticed the new helmsman. She walked over to introduce herself and noticed the 4th year cadet pips.

"Hi, I am Lt. jg Margery Campion, Chief Science officer. Like you, this is my first starship assignment. I had only about 6 assignments at SFC before I was ordered to come here, so in a way I am like you. I may be wrong in guessing this, but I would not be surprised that you too are a bundle of nerves like I am. If you want to talk about anything, feel free to come to me. Us rookies need to stick together."

The new helmsman nodded his thanks, and Margery went over to the Science station and began to run diagnostics.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Feb 11 2006, 07:21 PM

The first obstacle reared its head rather quickly. The pesky little detail of getting the new crew cleared for duty was made very difficult by the fact that none of the crew could be spared for a trip to sickbay, for even the few minutes an examination would take.

Kaoru discussed the matter with her chief nurse and one of the doctors. The nurse, Ensign Martinez, was clearly unhappy with the orders. "We're not exactly staffed to go running all over the ship, tackling people and giving them on the spot physicals."

Kaoru had to chuckle at that, though the anger she felt coming off the woman made her slightly uncomfortable. "Agreed, these are not ideal situations for getting underway, but we can only make the best of the situation."

Martinez nodded, "Yes Doctor."

"With that said, I'm open to suggestions."

Doctor Ucreta spoke first. "Prioritize the personnel, and choose specific areas, the bridge, engineering. Make house calls to those places, and recognize we may be underway without having cleared every crewman aboard...but at least we'll have covered the essentials."

Kaoru nodded, "Agreed. Command personnel are top priority, then Engineering, then Science, then Tactical." She rose from where she had been leaning on her desk, shouldering a medkit. "Once we're underway, we'll make arrangements to clear those we've missed. Even if we have to schedule time to clear them while they're in the bunks."

Martinez did not find her funny, but Ucreta chuckled. "I might volunteer for a duty like that."

Kaoru laughed, "I'll take the bridge, Ucreta, you take Engineering. Take Martinez with you, there are more personnel down there than on the bridge." In truth, the list of personnel was not all that long, and some of them had already been cleared for duty. "Take the crew manifest with you, and upload your progress to the central medical database after each exam."

"Aye sir." Ucreta and Martinez answered her, both of them shouldering their medkits.

Without another word, Kaoru left sickbay, trusting the two to do as she had asked. Going back to the bridge for the second time in an hour.

Posted by: Tejas Feb 12 2006, 04:43 PM

Tejas looked up when the Doctor entered the Bridge, this time with a more serious disposition. Tejas didn't mind doctors unless she was the one being examined. As the Doctor approached, Tejas mindlessly looked over a PADD. Realizing the PADD was blank, she scrambled to find another.

"Commander, I need to examine you before we leave dock." Doctor Ele directed at Tejas.

Tejas looked up from her chair. "I'm rather busy, Commander."

"It'll only take a moment, and we can step into the conference room."

"Fine." Tejas sighed, realizing she wasn't going to get out of an exam. She stood up, walking hurriedly toward the conference room as though that would make the exam end sooner. The Doctor followed.

Once the door was closed, the Doctor talked to her. "I know physicals aren't fun, especially if you have pick up a blank PADD to avoid one."

The Doctor began running a scanner over Tejas, and stopped over her right arm. "What happened on your arm?"

"Master, no, please don't!" She shrieked. "NO!" The child screamed louder. She stumbled over the tray laying on the floor, as he grabbed her by the arm, catching her before she fell. He twisted her arm. She pulled away, but her much smaller body was no match to his strength.

A crack sounded and he released. One side of his lips formed into a grin. "Let that be a lesson to you." His gruff voice told her.

She backed against a wall, holding her injured arm. The searing pain shooting through her arm. Throbbing, hurting, pain. She cradled the arm against her chest with her back to the wall, pulling her knees up as if that was barrier enough to protect her. She knew he was near.

"Now, pick up the tray, and clean up this mess." He pointed to the floor where the tray and its contents lay. Food scattered for several meters around it.

Tears steadily streamed down her face as she openly cried. She was scared. Terrified.

Tejas reopened her eyes. She'd been a small child when her arm had been broken. Memories aboard that ship had never been pleasant. And she had to explain that every time she had a physical. That and the mark she had over her left shoulder.

"Nothing." Tejas replied, knowing the Doctor could sense she was lying. "It doesn't effect how I do my job."

"That wasn't what I asked. I asked-"

"I know what you asked." Tejas interrupted. "It was a lesson in manners from my first Captain."

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Posted by: Kaoru Ele Feb 13 2006, 11:20 PM

The XO seemed a logical place to start, and Kaoru approached her. It was all she could do not to laugh when Tejas actually picked up a blank padd, pretending to be busy. ~What is it about doctors that troubles Starfleet crew so much?~ She did not voice her thought, but followed Tejas into the conference room. "I know physicals aren’t fun, especially if you have pick up a blank PADD to avoid one.”

She didn't wait for a response, beginning her scan. She had already reviewed Tejas's medical records, so she was not surprised when her scan found the old injury. What did surprise her, was the fact that the injury itself did not match the description in Tejas's medical records. "What happened to your arm?”

Her dark eyes closed briefly as she felt the flood of emotions her question raised, fear sifting through to the doctor, sheer terror, pain. It was all she could do not to back away from the XO. But the injury was old...and it did not take Tejas long to recover.

"Nothing.” Tejas replied, knowing the Doctor could sense she was lying. “It doesn’t effect how I do my job.”

“That wasn’t what I asked. I asked-“

“I know what you asked.” Tejas interrupted. “It was a lesson in manners from my first Captain.”

Kaida understood then, enough at least. The emotions and thoughts she had picked up from Tejas filling in the rest. Nodding, she finished the examination, snapping her medical tricorder shut. "Calcification has begun on that injury, it wasn't treated well when it occured. No doubt you've been experiencing more and more pain from it."

Tejas nodded, rubbing her right elbow without realizing she was doing so.

"When we have more time, I can clean up some of the scarring, examine the joint more closely and repair that if it's required."

Tejas met her gaze steadily, her empathy registering what Kaoru had felt. "Look, it's no big deal all right? It was a long time ago."

Kaoru considered her carefully for a long time, "I wonder then, why it still makes you so defensive."

Tejas fell silent at that, and Kaoru closed her medkit, "What happened...what I felt...was horrible, something no child should have to deal with." She could feel Tejas recoiling from her, though the lovely woman's posture did not change. "You have everything you need at your disposal to help you...you have only to choose to use it."

She smiled, shouldering her medkit and offering the woman her hand. "And that concludes my speech. Now, consider yourself cleared for duty, Commander."

Tejas seemed to hesitate, but she only felt positive emotions from the doctor, no lingering doubts, no judgements. Smiling in return, she shook the doctor's hand. "Thank you Doctor."

Kaoru nodded, turning and exiting the conference, stepping back onto the bridge, "Of course Commander...I'll make a note about your elbow...I certainly think it's pained you for long enough." Glancing around, she looked for her next patient, surprised to see a Cadet on the bridge.

A glance to Commander Tejas confirmed it was no mistake, and Kaoru approached him, "Cadet, I'd like to get you cleared for duty, if you please."

Posted by: Tovan Andrews Feb 14 2006, 03:22 AM

So focused on the task that he had been given, Tovan didn't notice the Doctor approach, and was startled when she addressed him

"Cadet, I'd like to get you cleared for duty, if you please"

"Umm, Aye Sir, but will it take long? I have to input the prelaunch sequence and I..."

"Slow down and calm down Cadet" Doctor Ele advised, "This won't take long"

Doctor Ele scanned him with her tricorder

"Well, since you have only been with Starfleet for four years, your records are relatively recent. Thanks for your time Cadet"

"Your welcome, Sir" Andrews replied

"Cadet, is the prelaunch sequence ready?" the Captain asked

"Aye Sir" Andrews replied

"Good work Cadet. We launch in ten minues, and then the real work begins" the Captain advised him

Andrew's sat back in his chair, hoping that he had entered the prelaunch and subequent launch sequence correctly, and more importantly, that he actually posessed the ability to safely pilot somthing the size of a Nebula-class starship out of dock.

Posted by: Tejas Feb 14 2006, 01:41 PM

Tejas thought much about what the Doctor had said, some of it even echoing in her mind. She hadn't noticed that she tended to rub her right elbow, nor how defensive she was over the entire issue. "It's not exactly like it's a time I'm proud of." She thought as she rubbed her elbow again, walking back to her chair beside the Captain.

Reports were coming in from all over the ship. Each department clearing their section, readying the ship for launch.

All apprehension aside, her concerns about the upcoming mission disappeared as Tejas turned to the Captain. "You ready to take her out?" Tejas grinned. This was always the best part of any mission. Leaving dock the first time, venturing towards the unknown, for exploration, or whatever the mission called for.

Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 14 2006, 03:48 PM

When Dr Ele was done with Cadet Andrews, she spoke up. "I am willing to go next, doctor."

"Someone who doesn't mind physicals," Kaoru commented. I like that." She ran the scanner across Margery's body, and paused when she got to the abdomen area. "Do you still have your appendex?"


"I think that it may need to come out. Also detecting problems with your kidney. Are you diabetic?"


"When this shift is over, I want you to report to sickbay," Kaoru said. Margery nodded, wondering what is wrong with her, as she was feeling fine.

Posted by: Karl Logan Feb 15 2006, 01:13 PM


::At Starfleet Command Headquarters::

Karl was working on his fourth pot of coffee for the day when a report crossed his desk. Soon afterward, his comm sounded.

exp_minus.gif Chapel to Logan exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Logan here, Admiral exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif I would like you to join me for dinner at my estate. There are a few things we need to go over, and I am afraid it cannot wait exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Noted, Admiral. I'll be there. Time? exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif 1900 hours. I'll be expecting you. Chapel out exp_minus.gif

Karl wasn't exaclty thrilled with the idea of having to spend social time in Fallax's presence, nor did he warm to the suspicion that one of the things that 'could not wait' was an interrogation into the tension between Fallax and himself from her sister. Never the less, one did not say no to a social 'request' from the CinC without extremely good reason. With a heavy sigh, he went through the report that had been sent to him.

It painted a stark, vivid picture of the problems plauging the newly commissioned USS Mantaray, including Frank Lucas' recommendation to have it decommissioned. It hadn’t stopped at the Mantaray either, apparently the Odin was having its own fair share of difficulties as well.

On further investigation Karl discovered similar reports happening fleetwide, perhaps not as severely as the two ships primarily mentioned in the first report, but enough to cause him concern…and no small amount of suspicion.

"What the hell is this?" he growled. His mood was already deplorable enough. This hadn’t helped. "Are they sending these things out of dry dock as wrecks just to give the engineering teams something to do with themselves?"

Karl scowled as he jabbed at his console putting a call through to Utopia Planitia Fleetyards. The head of Utopia Planitia came on the screen and greeted him, although he looked rather unsurprised at Karl's demeanour. If anything, he seemed to be sporting a similar mood himself. Karl said nothing, but merely sent through the reports on the fleetwide ship failures.

"Well?" said Karl, as soon as it was clear that he'd made his point.

"Yes," replied the Commodore on the screen. "In fact I was about to put in a call to the CinC regarding this very issue."

"Well now you can tell me," said Karl ominously.

"We’ve had quite the eventful day here, if you could call it that. It seems that security here managed to track down and apprehend one of our engineers. It appears that he’s had some 'under the table' deal going on with some Ferengi for quite some time. He's been selling them our components then replacing them with old substandard ones from decommissioned ships. We had no idea about any of this until just under an hour ago. As you can imagine there was some…unpleasantness…when he was discovered. Things have only just now settled down enough for me to write out a report on the whole incident," the Commodore explained.

"Can I safely assume that this won't be happening again?" asked Karl.

"You can be sure of it. New measures are being put in place as we speak to see that it doesn't."

"Glad to hear it. Meanwhile, we have a fleet full of ships out there on the brink of collapse, what can I expect to be done about it?"

Glancing over the reports Karl had sent him, the Commodore replied.
"Well, it would seem that the Mantaray would have to be decommissioned, although we may be able to salvage the Odin, the rest seem to have escaped fairly lightly, but I’ll be assigning teams to have them up and running like new in no time."

"And the Mantaray. Were going to need a replacement…one that works," added Karl with a raise of his eyebrow.

“I have a brand new Prometheus II class almost ready to roll out of dry dock now.”

"Unacceptable," Karl replied. "You only apprehended this…person…less than an hour ago, he's probably got it stipped bare by now. You'd be lucky if it isn't anything more than a cardboard cut-out you've got sitting in dry dock."

"Believe me, Admiral. Once I found out I had people crawling all over every inch of it. Now that we know, anything that was done on that ship will be rectified I assure you."

"It had better be," said Karl holding up the report in his hand. "I don’t want to find another one of these on my desk for any ship that hasn't seen some very serious action. When can we expect it to be ready?"

"Two, maybe three days?"

"Fine. In three days I want that ship enroute to the Starbase Lexington and it had better be in perfect working order when it arrives or you'll be speaking to me again."

"Not my first choice, with all due respect, Admiral."

"That's not anybody's first choice. Logan out."

Karl closed the channel with a vicious jab of his finger. Not only would the CiC and VCiC have to be informed of this new development, but the rest of the entire fleet as well. Without knowing exactly what damage had been done or where, it was a danger to leave this new information unannounced. He composed a message to Admirals Chapel and Trell informing them of the situation then issued another fleetwide.

[ To the attention of all fleet personnel;

It had come to my attention that there has been an unpleasant situation at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards regarding the illegal and covert trade of Federation equipment. Many vessels have reported serious and ongoing problems due to many systems having been replaced by used, substandard parts. This situation has now been rectified. However, as a result, the USS Mantaray has been recalled for decommission and all Mantaray personnel are requested to take shoreleave on the Starbase Lexington until a new ship arrives in approximately three days time. All other vessels are to remain in dock until such time as engineering and structural teams from Utopia Planitia arrive, assess the condition of all vessels, and facillitate any refits that may be required. Once Starfleet command has received notice of the satisfactory condition of each vessel, the CO of that vessel will be immediately notified.

Admiral Karl M. Logan.
Commander Starfleet.
Starfleet Command Headquarters.]

Posted by: Tejas Feb 15 2006, 01:59 PM

The Captain openned his mouth to begin starting to take the ship out of dock when the fleetwide hail went through.

"Captain..." Tejas interupted from her seat. She pointed to the console displaying the message from Admiral Logan. Her brow furrowed matching that of the Captain Reyan's.

"Ready Room." Reyan told Tejas. He then turned to the helm as if about to tell them they had the bridge, but before uttering a word, turned to the chief tactical officer "You have the bridge. We are not to leave the dock."

"Sir?" The tactical officer said, but neither Tejas nor Reyan heard him.

Once the doors to the Ready Room closed, Tejas spoke, "Does this mean us too?" Tejas looked questioningly at the Captain.

"Apparently so."

"Could they've at least waited until we left the dock where we could pretend our communications had failed and didn't receive the hail?"

Reyan chuckled. "I know all our reports came in running at 110%. Better to be safe than sorry."

"I know." Tejas paused. "So we have three additional days shore leave?"

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 15 2006, 03:22 PM

"So we have three additional days shore leave?" Commander Tejas asked

"I guess so, but it should be limited - although the message sounds serious, the Meridian has not had any major work carried out on her, aside from the installation of the new bridge module" Reyan replied

exp_minus.gif "Ensign Latel to the Captain - the Engineering teams have arrived and are requesting permission to come aboard" exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Permission granted - but makes sure that at least one of our own engineers stays with them - the Meridian should not have any real problems considering that no real work has been carried out on her - Reyan out" exp_minus.gif

"You know, Commander, I might just take a few hours out and visit the station again - I didn't spend much time over there you know - I slept in my old quaters aboard the Resilient, and spent most of my time aboard the station either in the lounge or recreation room"

Tejas smiled

"Enjoy yourself, Sir" she replied

"I'll try - you have the bridge, but feel free to assign someone else if you want to visit the station too"

"I'll bear that in mind Sir"

Reyan again smiled at her, and turned to leave, wanting to find Doctor Ele and invite her to join him for a drink or meal on the station

Posted by: Tejas Feb 15 2006, 07:51 PM

Tejas stood in the Ready Room a moment thinking about whether to visit the station, or stay aboard the ship. She'd spent the better part of her life aboard a starship, and it just felt like home. Stations and planets were nice to visit, but three days was much too long.

She left the Ready Room, turning to the tactical officer. "You have the bridge." If she hurried, she could meet the engineer crew from Utopia Planitia Fleetyards in the transporter room.

~USS Meridian transporter room 2~

Tejas walked in just as three people materialized on the transporter pads. Ensign Latel sat behind the console controlling the teleporter. "This is it? We're held up to let these –"

"Welcome to the Meridian." Tejas smiled as she greeted the three engineers who now were stepping off the pad.

They nodded their greetings. The crew leader stepped up. "Commander with you're permission, we're here to inspect the ship for any inferior components."

"By all means. Where would you like to begin?" Tejas said.


"Follow me." Tejas lead the way out the door, and down the corridor to the turbolift. "Main engineering." She said as the turbolift whirled to life. The doors opened. They walked into another corridor, and through a set of doors.

The Meridian Engineering crew were walking to and fro. Obviously news of the halted departure hadn't reached here yet. Tejas spotted the Chief Engineer.

"Commander, these engineers will need to inspect the ship before we can continue underway. They'll need one of your crew to follow them." Tejas told Lieutenant Commander Kaida D'Troy as they stood infront of the warp core.

"I'll personally see to it." The CEO said, handing off a PADD to another Meridian engineer.

"I'd also like a report on anything they find."


Tejas nodded to D'Troy, then to the Utopia Planitia engineers, and began walking towards the doors. She paused as the doors opened, seeing the Chief engineer escorting the three engineers around main engineering.

Posted by: Karl Logan Feb 16 2006, 09:59 AM

[To:Captain Reyan Caius
Commanding Officer
USS Meridian

The USS Meridian has been inspected and declared fit for active duty.

Admiral Karl Logan
Commander Starfleet
Starfleet Headquarters]

ooc:For the record, the three days was only intended to apply to the length of time to replace the Mantaray. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 16 2006, 10:24 AM

OOC---Karl, I DID read your post that came before mine, but since it looks like it is sent to Reyan's comm link on his personal computer, and obviously he didn't read it yet, I am pretending that we still have the 3 days extra shore leave. Margery

USS Meridian

Margery, still nervous about her first mission, hit her comm badge. exp_minus.gif "Dr Ele, Lt jg Campion. I will report to you later. We found out that we have three more days of shore leave and, even though I know that it is primarally for children, I would like to check out the new museum on the starbase. I will report to you later. exp_minus.gif

Margery went to the transporter room and asked to be beamed onto the main floor of Starbase Hyperion. She materialized near the OPS station and noticed the museum. She entered and noticed tha there was a group of children that looked like they could be between 5 to 8 years of age. They were near a display describing quasars. A voice was saying "Many astronomers believe that quasars are the most distant objects yet detected in the Universe. Quasars give off enormous amounts of energy - they can be a trillion times brighter than the Sun! Quasars are believed to produce their energy from massive black holes in the center of the galaxies in which the quasars are located. Because quasars are so bright, they drown out the light from all the other stars in the same galaxy. Despite their brightness, due to their great distance from Earth, no quasars can be seen with an unaided eye. Energy from quasars takes billions of years to reach the Earth's atmosphere. For this reason, the study of quasars can provide astronomers with information about the early stages of the Universe. The word quasar is short for "quasi-stellar radio source". This name, which means star-like emitters of radio waves, was given in the 1960s when quasars were first detected. The name is retained today, even though astronomers now know most quasars are faint radio emitters. In addition to radio waves and visible light, quasars also emit ultraviolet rays, infrared waves, X-rays, and gamma-rays. Most quasars are larger than our solar system. A quasar is over 3000 light-years in width."

A Vulcan boy in the group turned to Margery and said "What are gamma-rays?"

"Let me ask you a question, Margery said. Do you know what electric waves are?"

"When electrons and protons meet to make electricity."

"Good enough. Do you know what magnetic waves are?"

"Waves that act like magnets that draw things in space to a certain spot in space."

"Well, that is what gamma-rays are basically. Eletric magnetic waves." When she was done ansering the Vulcan boy, there was a tap on her shoulder. "I am sorry for taking over your job," Margery said to whom she assumed was the teacher. "Your students makes me think of my 5 year old twin brother and sister, Adam and Abbigail."

"That is quite alright, Lt Campion. My name is Tamara Hampshire. Are you on shore leave for long?"

"We were supposed to leave today, but due to a surprise ship inspection, we have 3 more days. Why do you ask?"

"Would you like to talk to the students about your job at a school-wide assembly?"

"This is my first assignment on a starship. I was primarally a lab asistant at SFC."

"That is ok. Are you interested?"

"Yes, I would like to speak to the students." Just then her comm badge chirped. exp_minus.gif "Lt Campion, this is Captain Reyan. There has been a mistake and you are to report back to the MiridianIMMEDIATELY!" exp_minus.gif

"Sorry, duty calls. Can you take a raincheck?" Margery asked the teacher.

"Sure thing. I wish you Godspeed on your mission."

"Thank you." Margery turned to the children; "I need to get back to my starship. The next time I am in dock here, I will promise to come back and visit you."

Of course the children were disappointed that Margery had to go. Margery waved good bye to them and headed to the transporter room. 5 minutes later she was back on the bridge. "Lt Campion reporting back to duty, sir."

Posted on both USS Miridian and Starbase Hyperion

Posted by: Karl Logan Feb 16 2006, 12:42 PM

ooc: That's fine Margery. The point being that the communique has been sent and the Meridian can go about its business any time it wishes. However it's dealt with from here is entirely up the crew. Either continue on with the mission or take a little more time for shoreleave, however your Commanding officer wishes to proceed is fine.

Posted by: Tejas Feb 16 2006, 01:15 PM

ooc: thank you for clarifying your post admiral

Tejas relaxed in her quarters, reading the PADD regarding what the engineers had found. Apparently there was a scratch on the interior of some panel in main engineering. Other than that, the ship appeared flawless.

She tossed the PADD onto her desktop.

"Well, I'm so glad we postponed our trip to find that scratch." She stretched. "Could've resulted in a hull breach or something." She rolled her eyes, unconsciously rubbing her elbow.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 17 2006, 04:08 PM

Reyan had almost reached sickbay when he received the message

"Captain - receiving an urgent message from Starfleet - confidental, but top priority" came the unfamilar voice of an officer whom Reyan had clearly not yet met

"I'm on my way" Reyan replied

His quaters were closer to his location than the bridge, and he therefore quickly made his way there, and sat behind his desk

He entered his codes, and the message promptly appeared on his screen

To:Captain Reyan Caius
Commanding Officer
USS Meridian

The USS Meridian has been inspected and declared fit for active duty.

Admiral Karl Logan
Commander Starfleet
Starfleet Headquarters

Reyan smiled, and deactivated his computer

"Reyan to Commander Tejas - cancel shore leave - we depart as soon as everyone is aboard" he stated

"I thought that might be the case, seeing as the Engineering crew found nothing worth mentioning" she replied

Reyan then made his way to the bridge, and when he stepped onto it was pleased to see that all of his Bridge officers were already present

"Cadet Andrews - is that prelaunch sequence you entered still in place?" he asked

"Aye Sir" Andrews replied

"Good work Cadet - be ready for launch - the moment that I hear that everyone is aboard, we depart"

Reyan sat, feeling a little impatient and eager to take the Meridian out of dock and on her first misson with him as Captain

Posted by: Tejas Feb 17 2006, 05:40 PM

exp_minus.gif "Reyan to Commander Tejas - cancel shore leave - we depart as soon as everyone is aboard" he stated.

"I thought that might be the case, seeing as the Engineering crew found nothing worth mentioning" she replied glancing back at the PADD laying atop her desk.

She put out a general hail to the station alerting all Meridian crew to report back to the ship ASAP.

She smiled. "At least it wasn't three days." She stood up from her chair and exited her quarters, making her way to the bridge.

Captain Reyan was already there, as were many of the bridge officers. As she walked from the turbolift to her chair, she spoke to the Captain. "Are you ready to try this again?"

He smiled back. "Of course."

Tejas leaned over and whispered. "Though that scratch the engineers found may present a problem with the functioning of the ship."

Reyan chuckled.

Tejas went to take her chair and sat down. The Captain approached his seat and followed suit.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 18 2006, 05:27 AM

It wasn't long before Reyan received the report that everyone who had taken shore leave was back aboard - no-one had really expected to be gone for long anyway

"Cadet Andrews - clear our departure with Starbase op's"

"Aye Sir" came the nervous reply

"Permission to depart granted" Commander Tejas advised

"Cadet - clear all morings, thrusters at stationkeeping, and take us out" Anil advised

"Morings cleared, thrusters at stationkeeping, ahead full thrusters" Cadet Andrews replied

Reyan touched the button on his command pannel that activated the viewscreen - he took one last look at his former assignment - the USS Resilient, still sat where she had been left, devoid of crew and likely never to see active duty again. The Meridian then drifted past the gigantic USS Draconis, of the Pathfinder class

"That is one big ship!" Reyan muttered

Finally, the Meridian reached the spacedoors, and left the confinement of the Starbase

"Nice piloting, Cadet" Reyan noted

Cadet Andrews looked embarssed, and simply nodded

"Okay - we have a lost ship to find, namely the USS Patron - set a course for the Yelvara Dark Cloud, warp eight"

"Course laid in, Captain" Andrews reported

"Engage" Reyan finally ordered, and the USS Meridian lept to warp, on her first assignment with her new crew.

Reply anyone

Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 18 2006, 05:46 AM

Magery put her Science station control panel in the "ready" position and had the computer to notifiy her by a chime when something serious was heading Meridian's way. She then looked up at the view screen and admired Cadet Andrews's piloting skills. She took one last look at Starbase Hyperion, silently repeating her promise to Teacher Tamara Hampshire that she will speak to the starbase's student body the next time the Meridian docked at Starbase Hyperion.

Martha then let out a heavy sigh, being 100% nervious about her first starship mission and hope that she didn't make too many blunders, and if she did that Captain Caius and Commander Tejas would be understanding.

Posted by: Tovan Andrews Feb 18 2006, 10:24 AM

Tovan engaged the Meridian's warp drive, as ordered, and the Meridian lept to warp, heading along the course that he had entered

He took a deep breath - he had, of course, piloted Runabout's, and even one Cadet-training Starship, out of dock, but never anything the size of a Nebula-class Starship

He remained focused on the Helm console in front of him, ensuring that no course corrections were required and that the ship was travelling at the desired speed

"You'll be fine, Cadet" the young woman sat next to him at Operations said reassuringly

Tovan smiled at her, but had to admit that he was still a little nervous - Cadet's didn't generally receive postings to Senior Starship positions, and he was hoping that he wouldn't do anything to jeprodise his career, especially since he only really had 10 months left at the academy

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Feb 18 2006, 02:57 PM

Kaida looked over all her personnel from the vantage point of the Warp Core, entering into her own little reverie. Having always wanted to be an Engineer, serving onboard as a Chief was beyond her comprehension. She had to keep looking at the PADD informing her of her new post to believe her own eyes. Kaida felt like she needed to get a feel for the ship she was on, her department was important to her, having the ship running smoothly was part of her job, the other was managing her team, the most daunting prospect in her personal opinion.

The doors parted to reveal the ship's XO, Tejas if her memory served her correctly. Kaida watched as Tejas walked towards her and Kaida noticed trailing the XO was a team she definitely didn't recognise. Before she could control it, a crease furrowed her brow until Tejas spoke.

"Commander, these engineers will need to inspect the ship before we can continue underway. They'll need one of your crew to follow them." Tejas told Lieutenant Commander Kaida D'Troy as they stood infront of the warp core.

"I'll personally see to it." Kaida said, handing off a PADD to another Meridian engineer.

Kaida wanted to see to this personally because she didn't liek the idea of Engineering crews other than her own inspecting the department she had worked hard at ensuring ran smoothly. No-one should know Engineering better than the Chief Engineer. Her father had always taught her that and throughout her career, she had seen that be the case with her superiors.

"I'd also like a report on anything they find."

"Understood." Kaida replied with professionalism. She was still unsure whether formalities were what the XO and the Captain preferred to a more informal atmosphere.

Posted by: Tejas Feb 18 2006, 07:37 PM

It would take a couple of days before they reached the Zodai system. Perhaps another day to reach the Yelvara Dark Cloud. Tejas sat at her chair next to the Captain, reading the mission briefing. She didn’t really need to read it too thoroughly. She’d been to the Zodai system. Had been born somewhere on one of the planets surrounding the star, Ben’ah, and had grown up on a vessel which flew heavily throughout the region.

Her former captor’s last words echoing in her mind. ”Mark my words, our paths will cross again.” She closed her eyes and opened them again. “That was fifteen years ago.” She didn’t even know if he were still alive.

Rather she looked at the Patron’s mission status, their reports on any findings, and what was it that they were going to look at anyway. “Knowing science officers…” But that was one of the main purposes, exploration. And Tejas knew that anything was up for investigation.

So she looked up the Yelvara Dark Cloud, from the records the Patron had sent before its disappearence.

Science Report: USS Patron

The Yelvara Dark Cloud is a dark dust cloud located 10.3 lightyears from the Zodai system. It spans approximately 14 parsecs in length and is comprised of various gases found within interesteller space. Due to the fact that the cloud is comprised of interstellar “dust” it appears opaque from surrounding areas. Because of its density, typical scanning fields are useless. Modified manual scanning would be required to find anything of significant value. Temperatures inside the cloud are approximately between 10-15 Kelvin contrasting significantly from typical dark regions of space matter which is 100 Kelvin. It does not emit wavelengths at the optical level, but rather at the radio wavelengths. It is comprised mostly of CO (carbon monoxide) molecules.

The main star in the Zodai system is named Ben’ah, which is infact a binary star, comprised of Ben’ah I and Ben’ah II. Ben’ah I is a B-type star appearing a bluish white to white; while Ben’ah II is an O-type star appearing a blue color. It is estimated that Ben’ah II was once a star similar to Sol but has run its evolutionary line and is nearing the end of its stellar life, whereas Ben’ah I is still on the main sequence of stars according to the H-R diagram.

In these binary stars’ orbit are 8 planets: three jovian, and five terrestrial. Three of the terrestrial planets appear to have broken into smaller asteroids, forming asteroid belts. The distance from the center of mass in the Ben'ah binary stars and the final outlying planet is approximately 45.4 AU. The last planet in the system is an astoroid type planet made primarily of ice. One jovian planet has 5 moons. A second jovian planet has 15 moons. Also, one of the terrestrial planets has two moons. The third moon of the fourth planet (the second jovian planet found from the star Ben’ah) has an atmosphere. It has a rich almost tropical climate and surface water. Remnants of a colony were found, but was not able to conclusively decipher what happened to the occupants of said colony.

Also in this system, lies a pulsar…

Tejas stopped reading. She read as much as should could on the now derelict colony outpost, but it seemed the report just glanced over it. Could it have been the one she’d been born on so many years ago? Could there be any record still existing regarding who her parents were? All she knew about her family was one of her parents was a betazoid, the other a human, and that was only because of a routine physical she had while at the Academy.

She was kinda disappointed that the report didn’t say any more on the colony. Perhaps after they found the Patron, the Captain would allow a detour to follow up on the colony laying in ruins.

After all, we are explorers...

ooc: disregard, this is only a note for myself should there be any need for future reference..

Information was found in my Astronomy Today Volume 2 (Stars and Galaxies)
Dark Dust Clouds ~ page 478
Binary Star Systems ~ page 457
H-R Diagram ~ page 450
Sirius A & B ~ page 530

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 20 2006, 01:26 PM

Although the Meridian's ETA at the Yelvara Dark Cloud was close, Reyan had retreated to his ready room, taking the chance to arrange his belongings and the decor, as well as read the current crew manifest

Reading the manifest, he was surprised to see that a Helm officer had reported aboard, during the Meridian's brief delay whilst the Starbase engineers had been aboard

exp_minus.gif "Lieutenant-Commander Hawku to the Captain's ready room exp_minus.gif Reyan called

After a few minutes, the ready room door chime sounded, and Lieutenant-Commander Hawku stepped into the office

"Commander Hawku reporting as ordered" he stated

Reyan frowned

"When did you come aboard, Commander?" he asked

"About one minute before the ship left dock Sir" he admitted

"And you didn't report to anyone?"

"No Sir - didn't get the chance initially, and when I checked the manifest and saw that you had a Cadet at Helm, I had to question if you needed me - Cadets always need experience"

"True - but in the future please let either myself or Commander Tejas make that judgement - report to the Helm, Commander - and please send Cadet Andrews in to see me"

Lieutenant-Commander Hawku nodded, and left, soon to be replaced by the nervous-as-always Cadet Andrews

"Take a seat, Cadet"

Andrews did as he was ordered, but looked extremely uncomfortable

"Don't worry Cadet - you haven't done anything wrong - in fact, I was very impressed by your piloting skills - but it transpires that we already have a very experienced Helm officer aboard"

Andrews nodded, looking disappointed

"I would like to see how you get on as Acting Chief Tactical/Security Officer, Cadet" Reyan stated quickly

"Captain - I didn't score very highly in the exams I took relating to Tactical operations" Andrews admitted

"That's why I'm assigning you to the post here, on the Meridian" Reyan replied

"Aye sir - I'll do my best" Andrews replied

"I know you will, Cadet - and don't worry, I'm sure Commander Hawku will let you fly the ship sometimes - you could learn a lot from him" Reyan advised "Dismissed, Cadet" he finnished

Andrews left the ready room, closely followed by Reyan, and Reyan took some satisfaction in the fact that Andrews instinctively made his way straight to the Tactical station

"Captain - we're approaching the Yelvara Dark Cloud" Lieutenant-Commander Hawku advised

"Good - bring us out of warp, and approach at Full impulse" Reyan ordered

"I have visual" Andrews advised

"On screen" Commander Tejas ordered

The viewscreen activated, and the view it presented was eerie, and forbidding - a mass of dark nebula gasses, sitting silently in space, daring ships to enter

"Full stop - Lieutenant Campion, Cadet Andrews - when we are one-hundred meters from the cloud entry point, and commence short and long range scans for any signs of a Federation warp signature - we're looking for an Ambassador-class Starship - she's out there somewhere, and I want her found"

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Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 22 2006, 04:44 AM

Margery set up her computer for the specifications that Reyan gave her. As she waited, she watched the "dark cloud" ahead of her. The cloud wasn't totally dark, but it wasn't as bright as most gasious clouds. The reason why is that this one is so thick, the only visible light from the gasses that composed it was around its edges. She knew that starships could withstand the "damage" from clouds such as these by the protective shields that are not related to security for protection from ammo fire, and as she started to scan when the computer "beeped" her a reminder when they were 100 meters away, she kept on reading her screens. She kept on refreshing them everytime she got a negative. She knew that she would be in trouble, but after a dozen tries she said "Sir, I scanned the are 12 times and nothing. The cloud is behaving as it should be and I am finding nothing wrong in the area." She noticed that her hands were starting to tremble out of fear.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 22 2006, 09:48 AM

Reyan frowned, and made his way over to Lieutenant Campion at the Science station - he noticed that the Lieutenant looked rather nervous, and that her hands were shaking a little

"Firstly, calm down Lieutenant - you are not on the spot" he said reassuringly

"Yes Sir" she replied

"Good - now - suggestions or recommendations based on what we have, or as the case may be, haven't found so far?" he asked her

Lieutenant Campion cleared her throat

"I would suggest we launch a class-five sensor probe Sir" she replied, the nervousness still evident in her tone of voice

"Elaborate" Reyan stated, putting a hand on her shoulder to reassure her

"Well sir, the class-five probe is a medium-range reconnaissance probe, with extended passive data-gathering and recording systems, and shouldn't be hampered by the Nebula" she explained

"Great - do it" Reyan replied

"Sir?" she enquired

"Launch the probe, Lieutenant - and good work" he replied, making his way back to his chair

"Probe away, Captain" she soon advised him

"Monitor it's progress, Ms Campion" Commander Tejas advised

"Shouldn't we take the Meridian into the Nebula?" Commander Hawku asked

"Not yet, Commander - I don't want to take my ship in there until I have to" Reyan replied, staring at the dark, forbidding mass of cloud sat in front of the Meridian

"Captain - receiving feedback from the probe - it's located a fairly large durainum reading - also detecting traces of warp-plasma in the same area" Lieutenant Campion excitedly reported

"Excellent work, Lieutenant - relay the readings and coordinates to the Helm and tactical" Anil advised

"Cadet Andrews, raise shields, Commander Hawku - take us in, half impulse" Commander Tejas ordered

"Will transporters work in the Nebula, Lieutenant, if we need to beam over to the Patron?" Anil asked, addressing Lieutenant Campion again

"Yes Sir - long distance transports won't work, but a short distance transport won't be a problem, especially if we move to a positon close to the Patron" she replied, sounding more confident

"Approaching coordinates" Andrews advised

The viewscreen initally showed nothing other than the black nebula cloud, gathering agressively around the Meridian, but the faint siloutte of an Ambassador-class Starship appared, and as the Meridian approached, became clearer

"Bring us up alongside her, one-hundred meters off her port bow, and all-stop" Commander Tejas advised

The Meridian drifted alongside her Ambassador-class cousin, and came to a stop

Reyan whistled, the damage on the Patron suddenly very visible, numerous hull breaches evident all over the ship, and various burns and scars streaked along her saucer

"Lifesigns?" Reyan demanded

Both Cadet Andrews and Lieutenant Campion shook their heads, indicating that the reply was a definite negative

"Commander Tejas - I'd like you to lead an away team over there - download her logs - I want to know what the hell happened to her" Reyan stated, a little angry at what he was seeing

Commander Tejas stood

"Andrews, Campion, you are with me" she called, and the three made their way to the turbolift

"Good luck people" Reyan called, as he stared at the wounded, lifeless hulk of the Patron

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Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 22 2006, 10:35 AM

As soon as they landed on the 'ghost ship', Magery quickly apologized to Tejas. "I am such a bundle of nerves. I do not know why Starfleet assigned a green lt jg to you and Captain Caius." She looked out of a window, seeing the same cloud. "One of these days I am going to figure out why that class of gas cloud has baffled numerous astonomers as to why it will not let light penetrate it!" It was clear that Margery was still mad and frustrated at herself.

Posted by: Tejas Feb 22 2006, 01:56 PM

"Commander Tejas - I'd like you to lead an away team over there - download her logs - I want to know what the hell happened to her." Reyan stated. Tejas could easily sense his anger at the situation.

She stood up. "Andrews, Campion, you are with me" She called, and the three made their way to the turbolift.

The doors were closing as they hear Reyan call out "Good luck people."

"Deck two." Tejas said as the turbolift came to life shortly as it dropped down one level.

Tejas quickly had a thought. Hadn't the report said sensor readings were difficult in the nebula? "What if the reports were wrong and someone is alive down there." She tapped her comm badge. "Tejas to Doctor Ele."

exp_minus.gif "Ele here."

"We've found the Patron. I need one of your medical personel for an away mission."

exp_minus.gif "Understood. On my way. Ele out."

Tejas led the way to Transporter Room 1. Where they met the Doctor. All four stepped on the telepad. Tejas had quite an uneasiness as she dematerialized, and then rematerialized on the Patron bridge.

The ship looked just as bad on the inside as it had on the outside. Obviously they'd encountered quite a battle.

Ele already had her tricorder out and was running scans. Tejas went over to the system's computer. The controls had been locked. Tejas pulled off the panel to bypass the security. Campion spoke up. "I am such a bundle of nerves. I do not know why Starfleet assigned a green Lieutenant JG to you and Captain Caius."

Just as Tejas was manipulating the wiring, a spark jolted, narrowly missing Tejas, however the console lit.

Tejas turned to Campion. "Life is about experience. If you just stay within you're comfort zone, you're not gaining that experience and progression becomes impossible." She placed her hand on Campion's shoulder.

With the security was overridden, Andrews and Campion began downloading the ships' logs.

Tejas went to the helm station. To see what the fly-ability was of the ship. "Hmmm. Power drained. Shields gone. They must've taken one hellva beating."

Posted by: Tovan Andrews Feb 22 2006, 03:12 PM

Andrews stood at what remained of the Operations station, assisting Commander Tejas with downloading the Patron's logs and sensor data. He didn't like this bridge - the emergency lighting was far from adequate, and with the faint, cold, fog being created by the damanged enviromental systems, created an unsettling atmosphere

"I'm not sure just how much of this data is going to be useable - the Patron's main computer is a mess" Andrews advised

"Well, we'll get whatever we can, there must be somthing that we can use" said Commander Tejas

Andrews resumed his work, but stopped for a second and whirrled around

"What was that?" he asked nervously, prompting an equally nervous reaction from Lieutenant Campion

"What was what?" Commander Tejas asked

"That noise" Andrews replied

All of the Officers present stopped working for a moment and listened intently; the computers that were still working chirped, but aside from that, nothing, until the sound of the deck creaking sounded, followed by an odd shuffling noise

Andrews drew his phaser, as did the Ensign and chief from security, who had accompanied the away team

"Campion - forget the download for a moment and scan for lifesigns" Commander Tejas demanded

Lieutenant Campion did as she was told, and scanned the immediate area with her tricorder, just as an odd scatching sound carried across the bridge, startling everone

"Work fast, people" Commander Tejas ordered

"I really don't like this!" Andrews exclaimed

"At ease, Cadet - don't let paranoia get to you" commander Tejas stated confidentally

Andrews couldn't help but wonder if she was really as confident as she was making herself out to be

Posted by: Tejas Feb 22 2006, 11:37 PM

Tejas didn’t like the situation any more than Cadet Andrews. “In this region of space. I’d rather pass on eerie noises, thank you.

Tejas held her phaser. “Continue the download.” She said, not that it had really stopped.

She walked around the bridge and over to the Doctor. “Find anything?” Though Tejas knew the answer before the Doctor said anything.

“No. Perhaps using the internal ship sensors, we might pick up something, assuming there is anything.”

“Good idea.” Tejas said. They walked over to a console, powering it up.

“I’m detecting faint energy reading. Can’t tell what exactly it is.” Ele said. “It appears to be coming from main engineering.”

Tejas turned to the Cadet and Lieutenant JG busy working on downloading various logs. “Surely they’d be fine if we went to investigate a possible life sign…

“Andrews, Campion finish downloading. The Doctor and I are going to investigate a possible life sign.”

They looked at each other but nodded in acknowledgement. Tejas could sense the nervousness from both. The Doctor and Commander went to the turbolift.

“You’ll be fine.” Tejas said as the doors closed, hoping she was right.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Feb 24 2006, 07:29 PM

The scratching noise was unidentifiable, but Kaoru had to agree with Andrews. She didn't like it either. Andrews' nervousness, combined with Campion's flooded over her, threatening her own composure. Inhaling deeply, she forced herself to calm down, to let those emotions simply rush past her, and not get swept up in the fear.

When she found the faint energy signal, she had to rescan the area, trying to strengthen the signal. It was there, but faint. “I’m detecting faint energy reading. Can’t tell what exactly it is.” Ele said. “It appears to be coming from main engineering.”

She could feel the nervousness of the two green officers as she and Tejas made their way to the turbolift.

Kaoru was silent in the turbolift, her head bent over her tricorder. When the doors opened, she stopped out, "Whatever it is, it's faint." She sensed no sentient thoughts either, but that she kept silent, knowing the XO would not be interested in unscientific findings.

"Someone hurt?" Tejas glanced in her direction.

"A strong possibility." Kaoru did not lift her eyes from the tricorder, "But I'm not finding a heartbeat."

Tejas nodding, her phaser in her hand, leading the way towards engineering. Kaoru followed, her right hand on her holstered phaser, her left holding the tricorder. She opened all of her senses, trying to get some idea of what lay ahead of them, feeling only a vague unease.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 25 2006, 04:48 PM

Reyan sat, fingers tapping impatiently against the arm of his chair - although it was not yet time for an away team report, somthing just didn't feel right about the Patron. Where was her crew? What had happened - all questions that required answers, answers which were not forthcoming yet

He was about to stand, and pester the Ensign now covering tactical, but just as he began to push himself up, the comm channel opend

exp_minus.gif "Commander Tejas to the Meridian" exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Meridian here - go ahead" exp_minus.gif Reyan quickly replied

exp_minus.gif "Captain - we're still investigating this ship - Andrews and Campion are downloading her logs - Doctor Ele and myself are heading toward engineering, as there are some odd sounds coming from there" exp_minus.gif

Odd sounds - a statement which instantly set alarms off in Reyan's mind

exp_minus.gif "Commander - don't put yourselves in unecessary danger exp_minus.gif he warned

exp_minus.gif "Captain - this is Doctor Ele - could you scan the Patron's engineering section from the Meridian? Our tricorders are not reading anything substancial, but they are picking up somthing" exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Standby, Doctor" exp_minus.gif Reyan advised

"Bartell - scan the Patron's engineering section" he ordered

"Aye Sir - what am I looking for?" the attractive young deputy science officer asked

Reyan grinned

"If I knew that, I wouldn't need to ask you to scan" he joked

Bartell gave Reyan a half-grin - clearly not sure how to react

"Scanning..... faint energy readings, but nothing discernable - it could just be a malfunction in the drive systems, or a minor energy leak" she explained

"Hmm - what are the chances that it isn't one of those things?" Reyan quieried

"I'd say fifty-fifty Sir - even with the Meridian's sensors, we can't tell for certain what the energy reading is"

exp_minus.gif "Reyan to Doctor Ele - we've performed the scan - it didn't tell us anything that your tricorders didn't tell you - if you really must enter the engineering section of that hulk, I advise extreme caution" he called

exp_minus.gif "Understood, Captain - Kaoru out" exp_minus.gif came the prompt reply

Reyan sat again, and again found his fingers nervously tapping the chair, and again admitting to himself that somthing felt wrong about the USS Patron.

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Posted by: Margery Campion Feb 26 2006, 02:39 PM

Margery kept part of her sensors on the "cloud", and had the computer gather the science data from the cloud and the other ship and sent them over to Reyan's station. She then transferred all of her station's power over to the monitoring of the cloud. After watching the cloud and her station's sensors and monitors, the vast majority of the sensors started to turn to red. "Cadet Andrews, how soon to warp? If my sensors are correct, that cloud is going to something similar to going super nova in about 7 minutes!"

Posted by: Tejas Feb 26 2006, 03:28 PM

Down in engineering things were still eerie. Doctor Ele reading her tricorder just a step behind Tejas with a drawn phaser.

“This way.” Ele said stepping toward the chief engineer’s office. “This is it.” Ele said pointing atop the desk. There sat a potted flower.

“We came down here over a plant?” Tejas cocked an eyebrow in a traditional Vulcan manner.

“A Chrysanthemum leucanthemum to be exact.” Ele stated running her tricorder over it. “But it matches the energy reading I was getting from the bridge.”

Tejas rolled her eyes. “Shall we rescue it?”

Ele laughed, but picked up the potted daisies.

“Anything else?”

“Not from my readings.”

“Good, let’s get back up to the bridge.” Tejas began walking out of the chief engineer’s office, still holding her phaser, but not offensively. “Maybe they’ve finished downloading the logs.”

As Tejas passed one of the engineering consoles, she saw something. “Hold on.” She said, holstering her phaser. The doctor walked over. “There’s an incoming ship.”

“Federation?” Ele asked.

Oh dear Goddess.” Tejas thought. “Not him. Anyone, but not him.” “No, not federation.”

Another realization occurred to her. She wasn’t under the protection of the Meridian shielding. “We have to get to the bridge, now.”

They reached the bridge in record time, only a fraction of what it took for them to get down to engineering.

When they reached the bridge, Andrews and Campion were still there, downloading, chatting. They came to alert when Tejas entered the bridge, followed closely by the Doctor, panting and out of breath.

“How much of the download do you have left?” Tejas managed to get out.

“We’re at around 60% Ma’am.” Andrews stated, picking up on the terror and fear rising from Tejas.

Tejas began to feel the familiar sensation of being teleported. The interior of the Patron Bridge slowly disappeared, then darkness as she materialized in an eerily familiar setting.

Two guards greeted her, each carrying phaser rifles. One of them stepped forward and took her phaser from its holster at her side. “Follow me.” The other stated dryly. Defenceless, Tejas had no choice to but to do as commanded. So one led the way, as the other followed. She had no doubt they’d fire if she tried any attempt to escape. She knew who the captain of this ship was, and knew that was who she was being taken to. She dreaded the meeting more and more with each step.

They finally reached the doors leading to the bridge. Her escorts just marched her into the Captain’s presence. She could tell from the little she glimpsed of the helm console, that they had jumped to warp, probably shortly after having kidnapped her.

He barely looked at her. She glared at him, her body posture betraying the fear that was now consuming her.

“Report.” He ordered down to the helm.

“We’ve left them in the dust, Capt’n.”

“The Meridian?”

“The engine’s were disabled before we went to warp.”

“Good.” The Captain smirked and turned to Tejas. She stared defiantly back. “And now to deal with you.” He stood up, and approached Tejas. “How long has it been?”

Not long enough.” Tejas followed him with her gaze as he walked around her.

“Fifteen years since I vowed our paths would cross again. I didn’t take kindly for those people to take you from me then. And now that you’ve returned, I assure you, you will be dealt with harshly.” He paused. “I believe ten lashes ought to do it.” Tejas breathed again, not breaking her eye contact. Ten lashes wouldn’t be that bad. He continued, “per year you’ve been gone.” Tejas felt her strength drain from her body. “For a total of one-hundred and fifty lashes.” When she’d been part of a mutiny, she’d only received sixty-two then, and that had been awful enough. He smirked as he’d finished walking around her, he looked down at her. “Are you not going to beg for mercy?”

“You have none to give.” Tejas dared to speak. A hush fell over the bridge as someone to confront the captain.

“Right you are. Saunders, Dainel take her to the chamber. Instruct Leonel she is to receive now two hundred lashes.” He paused looking over to her. “You didn’t expect to receive nothing for daring to speak to me.” He spoke again to the guards relishing in Tejas’ reaction. “From there, take her to my quarters. Stand guard until I arrive.”

“Aye Capt’n.” Both stated. One using the butt of his weapon to motion for Tejas to move. She was ushered off the StarTracker’s bridge, but not before she shot a look of contempt at her captor.

He viewed ahead into the viewscreen, not bothering to see her escorted away. “And Tejas.” He paused as the guards stopped from forcing her off the bridge, she looked back at him. “Welcome home.”

Posted by: Reyan Caius Feb 26 2006, 03:48 PM

They are still not answering hails, Sir" Ensign Bartell advised

"Keep trying" Reyan ordered - this new ship that had just appeared was a mystery, and he only had time for one mystery today

"Captain - they've locked on to Commander Tejas!" Bartell suddenly called

"Get her ba...." Reyan began to say

"They are charging weapons!"

"Shields!" Reyan shouted, just as the Meridian rocked, the phasers impacting against her

"Please tell me that the shields took that impact" Reyan asked

"Most of it - they were still building" Bartell replied, sounding iritated

"Drop shields and get the away team off the Patron - she has no shields!"

"Aye Sir"

"Captain - the other ship is turning - she's leaving"

A shimmering effect appeared in the centre of the bridge, and Doctor Ele, Cadet Andrews, and Lieutenant Campion materalised

"Andrews - take the Helm!" Reyan ordered

Andrews didn't hesitate and dashed over to the helm, wondering where Lieutenant-Commander Hawku had gone

"Sir - we have impulse, but warp drive is offline - engineering estimate that it'll be back online in five minutes" Andrews reported

Reyan stared at the screen as the mystery ship leapt to warp

"Five minutes too long - I want all sensor data on that ship anaylsed - notifiy Starfleet of what happened, although I know for a fact that we are the only ship in this sector - we'll go after them as soon as warpdrive is back online, and then we'll show them what happens to anyone stupid enough to mess with Starfleet"

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Posted by: Tejas Feb 26 2006, 04:30 PM

~ meanwhile, on the Star Tracker ~

Four hours she had been kept in the chamber. Receiving lash after lash. The rod used was special in that it didn’t break the skin, but it still hurt like hell. It was a severe form of punishment, and Caine’s preferred form of punishment as well.

Her entire body ached. She had been forced to walk back to Caine’s quarters. Every stumble was met with the butt of a rifle in her already sore back. She collapsed on the bed, however unable to fall asleep.

She listened to the gentle hum of the ship’s engines as they lulled her into sound slumber.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Feb 26 2006, 06:09 PM

Kaoru practically dove for a science station, the potted plant falling with a crash to the floor of the Meridian's bridge. Her fingers flew over the LCARS, trying to engage a tractor beam on the fast disappearing ship. "Captain! They're out of range!"

"Understood Doctor."

She spun from the panel, looking at the view screen, remembering all she had learned from Tejas during her brief physical, trying to reach across that wide expanse of space and brush the woman's awareness, if she could.

Her eyes closed as she concentrated, actually getting some small amounts of data from a few of the minds aboard the ship that Tejas had been taken to, not liking what she felt.

"Doctor?" She did not know that she had shuddered until Reyan touched her shoulder and she felt his concern for her.

"I'm all right." She met his eyes with her dark, "But I'm terrified for her."

"I know." Reyan's expression was grim and angry, "We'll get her back."

Posted by: Tejas Feb 28 2006, 09:05 PM

ooc: just forewarning, the following post is a bit graphic, but no more than PG-13, if however you don't wish to read it, suffice to say, Tejas is not enjoying her time on the Star Tracker

~ meanwhile, on the Star Tracker ~

Tejas laid asleep in the bed; her eyes closed, breathing relaxed. The covers were pulled up to her chin, her legs bent so that she slept curled up.

The door slamming awoke her, but she didn’t move.
She dreaded what she knew to come next. Maybe if she didn’t acknowledge the sound, he would go away. Nice wish.

The covers were pulled off the bed; thrown onto the floor. Tejas turned her body to face him. The pain reminding her of earlier. His silhouette climbed onto the bed and straddled over her legs. The stench of alcohol was suffocating. He’s been drinking heavily.

She could feel him. Despite her best efforts to squash any emotion, the physical sensation always broke through. The weight of him on top of her legs evaded blocking. He used his hands to pin both of Tejas’ shoulders to the bed.

There was no escaping who…what she was. In the eyes of Caine she had one purpose to life, and this was it. She carried his brandmark on her shoulder, the mark of his slave.

Her heart sank. The pain in her chest overwhelmed her. She held nothing.

the next morning...

She awoke the following morning, the sheet draped around her, covering only what needed to be covered. She was alone in the room. Pulling the sheet around her, she walked across the room to the dresser containing her clothes. She opened a drawer looking for some clothing to change into.

Oddly enough, her old clothes were still here, neatly folded resting in the drawer. It was nice to know she hadn’t gained that much weight, her figure still that of her seventeen year old self, though the leather outfit was a bit tight. She glanced at herself in the mirror. She still had nice abs, which this outfit greatly showed off, as well as the toned muscles in her legs underneath the leather pants.

She then went to the window overlooking the stars moving outside. It was obvious they were still at warp. Perhaps putting as much distance between them and the Meridian as possible. She smiled at the thought of the Meridian. She knew they wouldn’t abandon an officer.

Tejas stood viewing out the window into the stars. She already missed life on the Meridian. A door opened behind her. She didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "Tejas," His low voice said. "With everything I've given you here, you still pine for that wretched ship?"

"My life was better." Tejas muttered under her breath, careful so that Caine wouldn't hear.

The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the chamber as Caine walked to the window. He took Tejas's right hand with his left, her right with his left, so that her arms were crossed infront of her. She made no attempt to stop him.

"You still care for them." Leaning his head down, he began kissing her neck.

"They're good people. Star Fleet has -" She cut herself off.

Caine maneuvered his arms so Tejas turned around. "This is where you belong." He paused releasing her wrists and running a finger along her jawbone as he spoke.

"You took me from my blood family, and now-" She turned away from him back to facing the stars.

"For your own good."

"I won't buy that anymore Caine. I know better than that. I want-"

"You want? What about what I want?" Caine said sitting down. “And you will call me by my titled as Master.”

“Yes, Master.” Tejas said hating herself for saying it, but also knowing to survive she’d have to do a lot of things she didn’t want. She paused before continuing. "You only want me for your own pleasure."

"Know me so well do you?" He raised an eyebrow. ”Well, guess what? You're staying here!" He stood up yelling to Tejas. "So forget about Star Fleet and the Meridian, as I'm sure they'll forget about you."

"Hardly likely." Tejas realized she'd spoken too loud when Caine walked across the room toward her. Backed into a corner, Tejas lowered herself, cowering.

"I suggest you revert back to your old ways little girl. I grow tired of your insubordination." He reached down and picked her up off the ground to a standing position. Then he slapped her. Her face stung as she fell from the blow. She sat there a moment on the floor.
You've gotta survive. She quickly told herself. Even to this expense, the Meridian wouldn't abandon you, not to this. She began crying.

“Stop it.” He yelled, his voice echoing in the captain’s quarters. She couldn’t stop.

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Posted by: Reyan Caius Mar 1 2006, 06:15 AM

The Meridian sat next to the Patron, still unable to give chase

Nonetheless, Reyan had made good use of the time - the Meridian's sensors had been given ample time to scan the pirate ship, which was apparently referred to as the Star Tracker. Reyan and Lieutenant Campion had poured over the data, anaylsed every fraction of it, and fed the information into the main computer

"Good work, lieutenant - they could run all the way to the Delta quadrant now, and we'd still find them" Reyan stated

Lieutenant Campion nodded in agreement, but they both knew that being able to track the Star Tracker was of little use whilst the Meridian's warp-drive was offline.

And for reasons unknown, they were no closer to getting it back online either. A situation that troubled Reyan - every attempt made to reactivate the warpdrive had failed, and engineering had reported that there was no obvious reason for it. Oddly, Engineering had not reported in for quite some time

exp_minus.gif "Reyan to engineering" exp_minus.gif he called, eager for an update

No reply

exp_minus.gif "Engineering?" exp_minus.gif

Still the comm remained silent

Reyan stood

"Campion - you are with me - Jin, you have the bridge" Reyan advised, striding toward the tubolift with Lieutenant Campion close behind

The turbolift arrived on the engineering deck - the lights were out, and it was unusally cold; frost beginning to form on the carpet on the deck beneath them

"Not good!" Reyan exclaimed, his voice echoing down the empty corridor

"I'd suggest we find ourselves some phasers" Lieutenant Campion stated, sounding nervous

Reyan had to admit that it was a good suggestion, and they stepped into the corridor, their feet almost sliding out from beneath them on the frost

They quickly slipped into a store room, and removed two hand phasers and wrist-mounted flashlights from the emergency locker, and stepped back out into the cold corridor, phasers instinctively held out in front of them

The atmosphere was eerie, the only sounds they could hear were their own footsteps and their breathing

And then, a scraping sound

"What was that?" Lieutenant Campion exclaimed

"Quiet!" Anil demanded, listening carefully - after a moment he touched his comm-badge

exp_minus.gif "Andrews - if you can hear me, get a security team down here on the double!" exp_minus.gif he called, doubting that Andrews received the message

Lieutenant Campion's tricorder began to beep alarmingly - she quickly activated it

"Odd readings coming from engineering, Sir" she advised, reading the data from her tricorder

"Elaborate" Reyan asked

"Hard to tell exactly - they are vauge - but if I am reading the data correctly, there is some kind of subspace tear in there" she continued

They inched closer to the doors to engineering, apprehensive about entering

The doors slowly slid open, and they cautiously walked in

The first thing they noticed was that the engineering teams were no where to be seen, the second thing they noticed was the illumination, coming from the warpcore, which for all intents and purposes, looked as if it was active, but there was an odd, purple glow surrounding it

They inched closer

"Readings?" Reyan asked Lieutenant Campion, who was looking extremely nervous

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Posted by: Hawku Mar 1 2006, 09:15 AM

Hawku had been trying to get to Sickbay as quickly as possible, but was finding it difficult. Ever since recent events, he began feeling a strain to his cells. Something... on the ship was fluxuating them... pulling them apart. "Ugghh..."

He moaned in another attempt to walk through the corridors - but it only resulted in him stopping and slamming his side into the wall for support. An Ensign Jin was walking in the opposite direction when he noticed the Lieutenant-Commander.

"Sir!" the Ensign called out. "Are you alright!"

It was more shock than a question, as he tried helping Hawku up. Jin put Hawku's arm around his shoulders and attempted to half-carry him.

"Jin to Sickbay, medical emergency!"

It was the Ensign's first starship assignment and was worried that he'd do something wrong. Sickbay was on thier way, but was there anything he could actually do for this Officer?

"Uggghhhhh--- I can feel it.... in Engineering...." Hawku managed to get out.

But Jin was beginning to notice Hawku's cells start to fluxuate. It was like the Lieutenant-Commander's existence was going in and out of reality.

"Just hold on, sir! You're getting help!" Jin called out, in an attempt to get through the dilusional helmsmen.

"Heh..." Hawku managed to let out in strain. "I didn't even get the chance to actually pilot the ship the way I wanted. I should have taken that Cadet's place sooner...." He breathed in deeply.

"Whatever's happening to you, we will get help!" Jin said, not even listening to Hawku. But as the Commander fluxuated again, around the Ensign, Jin began to feel the fluxuation spill onto his own cells. "Ahh!"

Jin quickly pushed Hawku away in reaction. Hawku hit the wall hard and fell to the floor... leaving Jin to stare at his hands in fear.

"What did you do to me??"

OCC: Sorry for being late. tongue.gif I noticed that Hawku was being used as a character, so here's a weird storyline to merge him into Jin. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Margery Campion Mar 1 2006, 10:41 AM

While Margery was trying to gather the tricorder readings, she heard the scratching sound again. It sounded like the same sound that they heard on Patron. She gathered the readings and set the tricorder to pick up the data she received from her station.

"Sir, the readings here in the 'breach', for lack of a better word, is pretty much identical when I was scanning the 'cloud' that the Meridian is near to and when I said that the 'cloud' was going to go supernova in 7 minutes, instead of exploding us to Kingdom Come, this anomaly opened up in engineering. I know that it is about 12 minutes past the time I predicted that the cloud was going to go supernova and it didn't."

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Mar 2 2006, 02:25 PM

Kaida bustled about with the rest of her personnel, everyone was stressed and working overtime and then some to figure out why the core wasn't working. It was suppoed to take 5 minutes to bring the dam thing online, but everything she had tried had ended with the same result, absolutely nothing, diddley squat and they were no closer to figuring out why! Kaida's eyes were fire, snapping at anyone doing so much as a fast walk. The truth of it was that she felt as much of a lost kitten as the rest of them looked. She could as much figure out what was wrong with the core as a Ferengi could the meaning of doing anything not involving profit. Kaida shook her head exasperated with the whole situation.

exp_minus.gif Engineering to Bridge exp_minus.gif nothing, she tried again.

exp_minus.gif Engineering to Bridge, please respond! exp_minus.gif still nothing. There was some kind of interferance, that she could at least figure out. One thing from this whole situation, only another zillion to go she thought sourly.

What the.....Kaida turned slowly and saw something, the warp core, it was glowing bright purple. This is not good. Her last thought before her vision turned white.

Posted by: Margery Campion Mar 3 2006, 07:19 AM

As Margery was trying to do 2+2 with the relationships between the 'cloud' and the 'purple wormhole' that was appearing near the warp engine core. As she was doing so, she noticed that the activity of the purple wormhole was getting stronger, and that she noticed a small cluster of lifeforms near it.

"Sir, we need to get to the warp engine core now. The worm hole is becoming mre active and a group of peole just went near it!"

They ran over to it and saw Kadia and a group of Starfleet inspectors. Kadia looked like she was in a trance. Margery ran over to her and shook her awake. Kadia snapped out of her revelry. "Everyone, away from the warp engine core as fast as you can and get out of the building. I think that the core is going to breech!" She ran to an engineer and told him to start shut down procedures of the room. He did so and the 60 second countdown began. A RED ALERT was sounded and everyone made a mad dash out of the room before the re-enforced titanium doors came down. No more than 10 seconds after the door shut down, there was an explosion. Kaidia did a head count, and everyone was safely out.

I hope that I didn't mess up the story line again! sad.gif

Posted by: Margery Campion Mar 5 2006, 03:43 AM

As Margery was trying to do 2+2 with the relationships between the 'cloud' and the 'purple wormhole' that was appearing near the warp engine core. As she was doing so, she noticed that the activity of the purple wormhole was getting stronger, and that she noticed a small cluster of lifeforms near it.

"Sir, we need to get to the warp engine core now. The worm hole is becoming mre active and a group of peole just went near it!"

They ran over to it and saw Kadia and a group of Starfleet inspectors. Kadia looked like she was in a trance. Margery ran over to her and shook her awake. Kadia snapped out of her revelry. "Everyone, away from the warp engine core as fast as you can and get out of the building. I think that the core is going to breech!" She ran to an engineer and told him to start shut down procedures of the room. He did so and the 60 second countdown began. A RED ALERT was sounded and everyone made a mad dash out of the room before the re-enforced titanium doors came down. No more than 10 seconds after the door shut down, there was an explosion. Kaidia did a head count, and everyone was safely out.

To be edited: I received a PM from Kaida and we are going to edit this post and are working on a side thread. Reyan please contact Kaida as she was the one who contacted me, I did not contact her. Thanks, Margery

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Mar 6 2006, 08:36 PM

Kaoru was left on the bridge, monitoring the lifesigns of the ship's crew, growing more and more frightened as they started disappearing one by one.

exp_minus.gif Ele to Caius. exp_minus.gif

When she didn't get a response, she didn't wait to try opening the channel again, rising and picking up her tricorder, shouldering her medkit and walking to the turbolift, pausing long enough to look at the frightened Cadet. "Lock down the bridge as soon as I'm gone Cadet, and monitor the ship's computer for unauthorized access."

"Sir...protocol demands...I mean...you should stay here." Cadet Andrews was clearly frustrated. Kaoru didn't have to be a betazoid to know that.

"Be calm Cadet." She smiled reassuringly. "Take comfort in the fact that we're establishing protocol for this particular situation as we speak. We can write the procedures as soon as all of this is over."

He returned her smile, "Yes sir."

With a satisfied nod, Kaoru left the bridge, stopping at the same supply room the captain and Campion and visited, arming herself before starting towards engineering.

She lowered her telepathic shields completely, opening her mind to the thoughts of the scattered crew, getting a good sense of who was where, a very effective scanning tool, particularly when combined with her tricorder.

The further she went towards engineering, the fewer lifesigns she sensed, and the emptier the ship seemed.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Mar 9 2006, 04:18 PM

Kaida felt strange, she knew she wasn't dead.....was she? She looked up, down, left, right and she was at ground level, not floating or transparent. Then again, that could be a myth she thought to herself. But she knew somehow she wasn't, it felt almost like she was physically in this world, but she wasn't mentally. Distantly she could almost hear her slow and deep breathing, almost dreamlike. The only thing she could liken the feeling to was when her father showed her a trick that she was awed by. It felt almost like she was walking in a dream, but awed at what she saw and felt. This feeling was only surpassed by the warp core, she turned....the purple glow was brighter, more a florescent violet purple than it had been moments before, or what seemed moments to her spiritual self. She found herself drawn to the glow like a moth to a flame, unable to take her eyes from the sight and also unable to stop her feet from moving closer towards it. As she moved, she heard a voice shouting, but it seemed distant, faint to her ears.

"Sir, we need to get to the warp engine core now. The worm hole is becoming mre active and a group of peole just went near it!"

A name caught her ears, "Margery" followed by a thought that flashed through her mind, How can she see me? But as quickly as the though came, it vanished. In a flash of bright light, Kaida was drawn into the core itself. When her eyes reoriented themselves, she was no longer where she stood not long before in Engineering. She was in a room on a ship class she didn't recognise. Nor would she unless she saw the view from outside. This is such a wierd dream she said silently to herself. In the corner of the room she saw a figure that looked vaguely familiar... Kaida's form glided rather than walked, but sh ebarely noticed that fact. Curiosity getting the best of her, she peeked at the face. Had she been in her physical body, she would have stumbled backwards and fallen flat on her backside, but as it was she just stared. It was Tejas, the ship's XO. This dream has gone from wierd to freaky wierd, to wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! What was she doing out of uniform, in a black skin tight leather looking cat suit of all things? Brows furrowing, Kaida was brought out of her questioning reverie when Tejas looked up, seemingly directly at her. But how? A ghost of a smile appeared on the XO's face as recognition reached her eyes. There was something else in those eyes that she saw.....was it hope? relief? Kaida didn't get a chance to find out. Before she could contemplate what she had seen, she was dragged back to reality with a vengeance.

Taking a deep breath, Kaida sat bolt upright with fear evident on her face. She looked around frantically. She was back in Engineering again, on the floor with someone beside her, more than one person she realised as she began taking everything in once more. She recognised Kaoru, the chief medical officer, Captain Reyan and someone she didn't recognise, but her memory put a face to the name from her spiritual self's perspective....Margery? Yes, that was it.

"Margery?" The woman smiled and nodded, but a little surprised too it seemed that Kaida knew her name. Oh no, if this part of her dream was true....

"Captain, where's Tejas?" She didn't care about the informality of addressing the ship's XO by her surname, she just wanted to know what it was she had seen. Was it truly a dream.......or something more real?

Posted by: Margery Campion Mar 9 2006, 08:40 PM

OOC---This is a bit of an adjustment from my last post. Margery

Margery and the other officers got the Engineering crew out and then notied that Kaida wasn't with them. She and Reyan ran back in and saw her being mesmerized by the purple wormhole. She saw her laying on the floor, coming to. She was calling for Tejas.

"We will tell you about Tejas in a moment. We need to close down this room and then when everyone is accounted for, I need to figure out this purple wormhole after you are checked out by the doctor. I know that I am the second most junior officer here, but I am still chief of the Science department." She and Reyan helped Kaida onto her feet. One of the engineering officers took Reyans place and the two of them got into the nearest turbolift. They went to Sickbay where Margery left Kaida with her officer. But before Margery left, she told Kaida not to worry about Tejas, and as soon as the doctor pronounced her fit, for the two of them to figure the purple wormhole out. Kaida nodded and Margery left.

Margery then went to the Science station on the bridge, and downloaded her tricorder data into the station's computer. While she was doing so, she walked over to the viewscreen that was still focused on the "cloud", wondering what it and the purple wormhole in Engineering have in common.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Mar 11 2006, 04:19 AM

Reyan had told Kaida the truth about Tejas - he didn't really know where she was - he had decided to make his way to engineering, wanting to see the warp-core for himself

He strode into engineering

"Report" he barked, transfixed by the purple glow around the core

"The warp core appears to be functional, but that purple haze seems to be preventing access to it" Lieutenant D'troy advised

"Can we dump the core?" Reyan asked; although it was a course of action he didn't want to take it was better than risking the entire ship

"Ensign Preslan investigated that possibility, but the ejection system is locked" she replied

"We need answers as soon as possible - I don't want to stay here a second longer than we have to" Reyan replied

He was about to continue, when the core began glowing; the purple slowly turned to an aggressive red - Reyan and the others drew their phasers

"You know, these things are not going to be any good to us - we can't shoot at the warp core!" Kaida shouted

"Everyone out - evacuate engineering!" Reyan called, they turned to run, but pitch black tenticles shot out from the warp core, or whatever was surrounding it

Ensign Preslan screamed, and Reyan instantly turned and fired his phaser at the tenticle. which retracted - the others were doing the same as multiple tenticles shot out from the cloud surrounding the core. Tenciles and phaser fire filled engineering, the crew trying desperately not to hit the warp core

"Somthing in there recognises us as a life form - we need to get Doctor Ele back over here, to see if she can reach it telepathically" Reyan shouted

The doors to engineering slid open and Reyan, Kaida and the others dived through them - they slid shut, slicing a piece of tenticle as they did

"Let's take this sample to Lieutenant Campion and see what she makes of it" Reyan stated, brushing himself off

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Mar 12 2006, 05:12 PM

She would have thought the tricorder was broken if she hadn't been sensing the same readings with her telepathy. Lifesigns seemed to just pop in and out randomly, the frequency of the phenomenon increasing as she moved closer to Engineering.

She could feel tightly controlled panic, the type that she had sensed many times from a frantically working engineer or scientist. It was almost reassuring to her, because it meant that someone was wresting with whatever problem they faced, not simply shutting down.

But she also felt fear, terror really. Something she had rarely felt from anyone on board a federation ship. There was a scream, and Kaoru almost jumped, the sharp stab of pain and fear that accompanied that cry making her head spin. She was very close now, to those she sensed, and their thoughts and emotions battered at her like a storm, forcing her to raise her shields slightly, to buffer the effects.

Kaoru watched as the doors to engineering slid open, knowing exactly who would be coming out, and in what order, raising her shields more completely now that she had found the captain and several of the missing crew.

Reyan said something about Lt. Campion, but Kaoru wasn't listening. Her dark eyes were wide, fixed on the door to engineering, stepping towards it, lifting a hand and touching it, feeling the strange, alien awareness that pulsed just beyond. It was afraid, she could feel that clearly...but it was also angry.

Posted by: Tejas Mar 12 2006, 05:30 PM

ooc: still sleeping at least 15 hrs a day, getting drains out tomorrow, doing great though and recovering nicely

~ meanwhile, on the Star Tracker ~

Tejas gazed out of Caine's window into the void of space. She was alone but sensed something, or someone. She turned around.

Almost in a hazy ghost-like image she could see someone lying on the floor looking up at Tejas, and in Star Fleet yellow. Tejas recognized her as the Chief Engineer aboard the Meridian. Tejas smiled at the reminder of her life after the Federation had freed her. A confused Commander looked back. The image faded as did Tejas' smile.

A thought struck Tejas. Do they even realise I'm gone?

Posted by: Jin Ryku Mar 13 2006, 08:37 AM

Jin fell to his knees, staring at his hands. It appeared as if his whole body was fluxuating. Looking to his right, he saw Hawku, who was fading in and out.

"Ugh... the Captain ordered me to Engineering to check up on D'Troy... but I came into contact with the Warp core when it---" he struggled in his strength, "I don't know what happened to it-- But it changed my cells somehow..."

Jin just stared at Hawku. The fluxuation to Jins cells was temporary and faded away. It was the Lieutenant Commander who was feeling most of the pain.

"I... have to do something about my Symbiont. If my body goes, someone has to take it..." He looked over to Jin. "I'm a joined Trill."

Jin nodded, "Just hold on, sir. Everything's going to be alright."

Suddenly, in Main Engineering, pitch black tentacles shot out from a cloud that was surrounding the Warp Core. Everyone began screaming and running out of there!

Back on Deck 16, Hawku was struck with the most shock to his system. It knocked him completely out, prompting Jin to move over to him. "Commander!"

He tried waking him, but there was no hope. The Lieutenant Commander was out. Just then two medics ran over and began working on him.

"Is he going to be alright?" Jin asked.

"He's in critical condition. If we don't take out his Symbiont soon, it could die," one of the medics said.

"Where are we going to put it?" the other asked.

"--Wait! Give it to me," Jin spoke up. "I'm a Trill too."

Posted by: Tejas Mar 19 2006, 12:28 AM

~ meanwhile, on the Star Tracker ~

A stream of thoughts raced through Tejas' mind.

"Will the Meridian come after me? Why would Star Fleet risk all to come after one officer? Star Fleet would go to whatever lengths to rescue an officer. But would they really? What if the Meridian can't find me? I'll be stuck here for eternity. Caine won't let the others talk with me. I'll only have him. "

She shook her head.

"Of course the Merdian will find me."

She continued staring out the window. One night had already passed, miserably. A tear ran down Tejas' sheek, dripping from her chin, though she made no effort to obstruct its path.

She heard footsteps from the hall and cringed, recognizing who was walking. She held her breath as the footsteps stopped outside the door, but then turned around and walked back down the hall.

"So will the Meridian come after me? Why would Star Fleet risk all to come after just one officer? Star Fleet would go to whatever lengths to rescue an officer. Is it worth it? Could I even get out myself if they didn’t? It would be forty against one—stop it. They’ll come for you. They wouldn’t leave you with pirates. What if Caine come back? I can’t—okay. Okay, calm down. It’ll be fine. Fine. Delude yourself, it’ll be okay, it’ll be fine. How could I let this happen? It’s been fifteen years; I’ve been free fifteen years. I haven’t heard a word from him in fifteen years, and I’ve been free. Am I that pathetic? Am I as weak as he says I am? Delusion, Tejas. Delusionment, fine, okay... Am I missed at all on the ship? Have they cared that I’m gone? I’m the XO, who wouldn’t care even a little bit? Probably most of the crew... What about their engines, have they been repaired at all? They shouldn’t come after me, I’m not worth it. If something happens to them, it’ll be my fault; I’ll be to blame for hundreds of deaths and failed lives. Master will kill them all, and then me, eventually..."

Posted by: Jin Ryku Mar 20 2006, 10:19 AM

OCC: Maybe we need the helmsmen to get the ship there. I'll get him up and running as soon as possible. cool.gif

Jin awoke in Sickbay, suddenly realizing there was an operation. He was lying on a medical bed next to another medical bed where the other Trill was. Above him was Doctor Kaoru, and a few other medics.

"What happened?" Jin asked.

Kaoru getured, "We transferred the Ryku Symbiont from him to you. It's strange... but his cells were affected by the... thing in Engineering." Just the thought of it disturbed her. Jin could see that it was troubling her somehow.

"You have telepathic ability?" Jin sat up in realization.

Kaoru began putting away tools, "It helps being Betazoid," she said partially amused. But unfortunately the situation at hand didn't lend itself to much more amusement. "He's gone, though," she looked at the other Trill.

"I'm him," Jin glanced over. "I mean... I'm myself, but with his experiences, and others..."

Kaoru placed her hand on Jin's shoulder. "You'll get used to it." She then turned to get back to business. She was too preoccupied with the angry emotions coming from Engineering to really be concerned with other matters. Jin could almost sense that himself.

As she left, Jin got to his feet. He watched as the other medics were cleaning up the tables. They were just about to remove the other Trill. As they did so, Jin began to think about his experiences. Now that he'd considered it, Jin actually had some Helm experience... it was as if he was an expert in the field.

Jin shook his head.

"I have to report to the Captain," he realized. "He may need my help."

With that, he quickly left Sickbay.

Posted by: Margery Campion Mar 21 2006, 01:55 PM

Margery was on the bridge, still puzzled over that purple wormhole in engineering, and still didn't have a clue. She asked the computer to break down and list all of the elements in the purple wormhole and to do the same with the "cloud" that was still hovering outside just starboard of the Meridian. As she waited for the computer to come up with the results, she walked up to the viewscreen and looked at the "angry" cloud, which has acted up some since their arrival to the specific location. It was sparking a bit more than before the purple wormhole incident, but nothing to worry about---yet.

The science station's computer beeped, jerking Margery out of her reverie. She ran over to it, and with the exception of 4 elements, the contents of the purple wormhole and the "cloud" were identical.

Margery hit her comm badge: exp_minus.gif exp_minus.gif "Captain, Campion here. Can you come to the bridge ASAP? I am 98% sure that there is a connection between the purple wormhole and the "cloud"! exp_minus.gif

Posted by: Reyan Caius Mar 22 2006, 07:13 AM

Reyan strode onto the Bridge, answering the call received from Lieutenant Campion

"You needed me, Lieutenant?" he asked

"Yes Sir - take a look at this" she replied enthusiastically

Reyan read through the findings on the science station terminal

"Excellent work - and if I am reading this correctly, one of the elements missing from the wormhole-thing in engineering is one of the elements needed to actually force the wormhole to return to a gaseous state" Reyan asked

"Exactly" Campion replied

"Good - would a high-level tachyon burst do the trick?"

"In theory, yes"

"Then do it" Reyan replied

Lieutenant Campion worked her console quickly and efficently, and quickly looked up

"Ready sir" she advised

"Then do it" Reyan ordered

Lieutenant Campion activated the burst, the ship shuddered and rocked violently

"It's working - the anomoly is reverting to a gaseous state!" she cried

"Vent it!" Reyan demanded

"Warp drive coming back online" Ensign Porterman called

"Campion - keep venting the gas, Porterman, get us away from here, full impulse!" Reyan called

The turbolift doors whispered open and Commander Ryku stepped out

"Good timing, Commander - take the Helm - we need to track that damned pirate ship that took off with out XO - maximum warp as soon as engineering has vented the nebula gass"

"Aye Sir" Commander Ryku replied, taking his seat at the helm

"We're clear Captain" Lieutenant Campion advised

"Maximum warp - give her everything we've got!" Reyan called, eager to catch the Star Tracker

The Meridian burst to warp, her engines pushed to capacity, and headed for the Star Tracker's position

Posted by: Tejas Mar 22 2006, 09:02 PM

ooc: sorry, really long post

~ meanwhile, on the Star Tracker ~

Several days passed. Tejas was beginning to fully succumb back to her old life. She’d hacked into the computer, burying her traces very carefully. Leaving a small trail, hoping the Meridian would pick it up, but so far, she’d had no evidence to support her efforts. If Caine discovered her doing this, she’d be in more than just trouble.

Caine allowed Tejas free access to the ship once again. She could go anywhere she chose, as long as a few conditions were met. One, a guard of Caine’s choosing would follow her; two Tejas was not to leave the ship, even when the rest of the crew had shoreleave; three she had to make herself available at any time Caine called on her. Not that it much mattered. She spent most of her time in Caine’s quarters anyway. No one spoke to her. If she said something, she might as well have been talking to a wall as no one would respond, even when she directed her statement to them.

Her heart ached. Deep inside her chest, the pain grew every day. She missed her friends, her family. A single tear formed and ran down her cheek. She made no attempt to stop it. It reached the edge of her jawbone and dripped onto her shirt, forming a small watermark.

Sounds of men brawling broke her from her thoughts of self-pity. She was down the hall from the galley. One of her ‘privileges’ was not having to eat out of the galley. Something she was grateful for. She’d always hated eating her meals there. Now she was allowed to eat in the solitude of Caine’s personal quarters. Well, solitude minus the companion of a personal escort, one of whom never spoke to her, never made any faint resemblance of communicating with her.

Currently he stood about ten feet from her, across the small room. Tejas turned back to view the stars. She watched them more than anything else, a constant reminder of where she’d be taken from.

She rubbed her hand against her face: from her forehead down to her neck. She walked over to the panel and punched a few buttons. Concentrate on here and now; on survival. Escape will present itself again. The Meridian wouldn’t abandon you.

A man entered the room, placing a tray of various food on a table, before leaving without speaking. Lunchtime. She walked over to the tray. It contained a bowl of soup, and some meat perhaps veal. The drink was a light transparent blue. A serving of vegetables sat lumped in one of the serving potions. She sat on the floor before the meal and began eating.

After eating her lunch, she abandoned the tray on the table, and went to shower. Stepping out of the shower, she dressed and returned to staring out the window. A planet appeared. She dreaded what she knew was coming. A raid. She’s seen hundreds if not thousands of raids during her previous stay aboard the Star Tracker.

So why is this effecting you so now? She asked herself, knowing the answer. Before she hadn’t known different, thought this was just a fact of life.

She could hear the rambunctious chatter outside the door. The crew was certainly excited, as they always were about the raids. As the ship neared the planet, her guard spoke. “You’re summoned.” She hesitated, but followed the armed guard.

Eventually he led her onto the bridge, where Caine sat at the Captain’s chair. She approached Caine, who made a motion. Tejas sat on the floor beside Caine. Eerily remembering how small she’d been when she’d been trained to do just that. Focus. She told herself.

Caine leaned over. “Raid today.” Tejas looked back at Caine. His rough features showing the life of a pirate. From her inferior position, she felt so helpless, overwhelmed.

“Captain, the men are ready to go.”

“Good, procede.” Caine told the first officer leaning back into his chair. He placed his hand on Tejas’ shoulder. It was all she could do to not flinch, memories of the night before still echoing through her mind.

She closed her eyes, knowing a portion of the crew was then going down to the planet’s surface via shuttle and teleportation, raiding, plundering, and pillaging the colony below.

“Three thousand inhabitants.” Caine finally said. “How many do you think will be profitable?” He smirked. Tejas frowned. “You would do best to remember your place.” He said noticing her reaction.

She bit her tongue to keep from replying. She’d always been headstrong, defiant even, yet fearful of Caine.

“Take helm.” Caine told Tejas. Tejas rose from where she was sitting and went over to the helm console. It had been fifteen years since she’d last sat at this chair, last sat in it, touched it. “Take the Star Tracker to the surface.”

Tejas ran her fingers over the console, and took the ship through the atmosphere. The ship shuttered as it went through the upper layers of atmosphere surrounding the planet. Clouds parted and it became apparent the raid on the planet was taking its toll.

Buildings were ransacked, burning. As they approached closer, humanoid forms were discernable through the smoke. Her fingers began trembling. She tried desperately to bury her feelings. She knew the fate that would pass on to these people.

She landed the Star Tracker outside the settlement. A smooth landing, betraying the feelings of uneasiness she felt. She sat at helm a moment staring ahead at the viewscreen, not noticing the surroundings.

“Come.” Caine said, standing from his chair and walking off the bridge. Tejas scrambled out of her chair to follow.

They headed toward the cargo bay. The doors opened, and Tejas froze in the doorway. It was like her own past, all the bits she’d tried desperately to forget, to consume her mind with something, anything, to avoid facing that which confronted her now. People of all ages, ranging in injury from just scratches to major trauma, stood there, some huddled together.

She followed closely, shielding her emotions as best she could, burying them deep within herself.

“Sort them.” Caine ordered. The pirate crew members inside the readily filling cargo bay began pulling children from their mothers, separating couples, organizing the new inventory by gender, and approximate age.

It was then the children stood out, alone, visibly crying, obviously hurt with traces of blood everywhere.

She was forced to watch the sorting and classification of the former inhabitatants as if they were mere stock. Not in just one cargo bay, but all five cargo bays. Those that weren’t deemed profitable were left on the planet’s surface. Some were killed outright. At least once person Caine personally raised a phaser to the man who refused to be separated from his family, killing him instantly. The eyes of the children told the shock and horror of the scene.

If someone asked Tejas about the specifics of the remainder of the afternoon she wouldn’t have been able to answer. A haze, emotionless, painfully empty as the haunting trauma of her own past was creeping up.

later that evening…

She watched as Caine ate his meal. Dinner time was their meal together. She despised him, hated him, and waited patiently to be given permission to eat her own food, sitting on the plate in front of her growing colder with each passing moment.

After she was allowed to eat, she picked up the trays, plates, and carried them over to the door, placing them next to the door, then returned to Caine.

He was in a relatively good mood. As was no surprise. It had been several days since they’d last seen the Meridian. And today would be extremely profitable with the 1,742 captives they’d taken.


“Yes, Tey.”

“May I ask a question?”

“Certainly.” He replied.

“Why..” She paused, she may only get one chance to ask. “Why do you seem so insistent to keep me?”

“A very good question little one.” He paused. “You see, I am the great feared pirate of this sector. I’m not known to have many enemies. Do you know what that is?”

“Because you kill them.” Tejas said quietly.

“Right. Imagine how much my image was tarnished when one of my personal slaves manages to escape. I was not very happy.” He paused. “It took several years to overcome losing that one slave.”

Tejas scrunched her forehead. There was one more answer she was dying to know. “Master?”


“May I ask another question?”


“Who are my parents?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t hacked into the database for that infomation by now.”

Tejas looked intently at him, pleading. “Please sir, I must know who my parents are. What happened to them?”

Caine stood up and walked across the room. He sat at his computer console, and turned it on, loading a database of perhaps thousands of people he’d sold into slavery. Billions of tons of stolen or illegal goods. Tejas followed him, and watched over his shoulder as he brought up the needed information.

He stood up, allowing Tejas to sit in his chair. She timidly took the seat and read the screen.

Raid: 742
(Federation Outpost 156; Zodai System)
Stock Taken: 351


Stock: 49
Name: Anton Barnard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years
Status: Deceased.

Stock: 50
Name: : Jezibelle Myakka Barnard
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Status: Sold §4500

Stock: 51
Name: Tejas Barnard
Race: Half Betazoid
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Status: Slave - Keep

Stock: 52
Name: Kyla Barnard
Race: Half Betazoid
Gender: Female
Age: 2 months
Status: Sold §7600

Tejas turned to him. “I had a sister?”

very early the next morning…

The images of the screen flashed through her mind, well after Caine was asleep. She laid awake staring off into space, trying to recall a sister. But to every recollection she’d had, she couldn’t remember. Not surprising though, she had few memories of her life before the pirate raid.

The database hadn’t said much. “Who were they sold to? Why was my father listed as deceased? What happened to him?” Questions raced in and out of her mind.

She got out of the bed, pulling a robe to cover her body and walked over to the small replicator type machine. “Chamomile Tea, hot.” She whispered, not wanting to wake Caine.

She took the materialized teacup and walked over to the massive windows overlooking the stars. She sipped her tea, allowing the questions arising to flow.

After some time, and another five cups of tea later, she returned to sleep.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Mar 23 2006, 05:48 AM

The Bridge trembled, the Meridian's engines being pushed to their limit, and beyond

"Warp 9.99" Commander Ryku reported

"Captain - we're pushing the engines too hard" Ensign Rogers, the Engineering officer present on the bridge, liasing between the bridge and engineering, advised

Reyan turned to him

"The engines will hold" he stated

"But Sir - if we keep pushing them like this the ship could fly apart"

"To quote Captain Sulu of the Excelsior; Fly her apart then!" Reyan demanded

"Captain - picking up a faint ion trail that matches the Star-trackers readings" Commander Ryku called

Reyan stood and walked over to the helm

"That's them alright" he muttered

Reyan studied the ion trail

"According to this, the trail ends at the third planet of this star system" he stated, pointing at a planet on the star-charts

"Population: three thousand" Commander Ryku observed

"And there is only one reason that they could be there..." Andrews exlcaimed

"Ryku - ETA?"

"Approximately one hour"

"Good - our XO is in danger, as are those three thousand colonists - as soon as we arrive, I'm going to get our XO back and blow the bastard who commands that garbage scowl out of the stars" Reyan stated through gritted teeth

OOC - sorry it's short - I have very limited computer access at present

Posted by: Tejas Mar 26 2006, 02:56 PM

~ meanwhile, on the Star Tracker ~

Tejas woke to a sudden jolt. Barely coherent as to where she was, she reached to tap her comm badge, noticing it was missing. Then her surroundings took in. She was still on the Star Tracker. Her comm badge had been crushed right infront of her the first night she’d been there.

Another blast. The ship rocked. She glanced toward the window and did a double take. Rushing to the window, she’d never been so glad to see a Nebula Class starboard the pirating vessel.

They did come for you. Tejas told herself, smiling.

One of the guards opened the door. “Follow me.” He grunted. Pointing the phaser rifle towards Tejas. Tejas backed away, shaking her head.

“I said follow me.” He stormed in grabbing her by the arm and dragged her out the door. She kicked and fought, but he retaliated with a swift hit from the butt of his rifle against her back. She collapsed on the ground, the wind totally knocked out of her. He pulled her back up. “Are you gonna cooperate now?” She bit her lip, but nodded.

When she arrived on the bridge, she smiled at seeing Captain Reyan on the viewscreen. Her delight was short-lived. There on the same bridge as she was, was Caine. Who motioned for her to join him.

“See Captain. This is my property. She bears my mark.” He turned Tejas around so the brand back on her shoulder was clearly visible.

“And we’ll be taking her back. She is a Star Fleet Officer.” Reyan said flatly. “You have no recourse. You’re ship is about to fall apart.”

Tejas looked between her captor and her Captain and back. His presence always radiated evil. As a child, she wondered how she was so perceptive of this. It hadn’t been until a physical when she entered the Academy that she learned she was half Betazoid.

She noticed a slight movement of Caine’s hand. He was reaching toward his phaser. Then in one swift motion, he grabbed her and pulled her toward him, holding her against his chest. He pulled the phaser and aimed it to her head. She closed her eyes.

“I will give you back your officer, but first, allow my ship to leave.” Tejas cringed. Caine didn’t mean he would return her alive. So this was how her life would end?

“This is not a negation.” Reyan stated. The screen went blank.

“Get us out of here.” Caine shouted.

“But Sir, our engines were disabled.” The helmsman said.

Caine looked at him in contempt. “I don’t care –“ The ship rocked again. Caine moved his attention to Tejas. “They are not taking you again.” He raised his phaser.

“Isn’t it a coward’s feat to harm an unarmed opponent?” Tejas said. The Meridian’s presence had given her a renewed sense of strength. She knew the comment would only anger him. But right now, any distraction might give the Meridian enough time to disable their shielding and beam her off.

Caine huffed. “Do you wish to fight me?” He turned her around so she faced him.

She breathed deep. “If you win, I’m yours. If I win, I’m free.”

He thought for a moment. “Hail the Star Fleet vessel.”

A moment later, Reyan appeared on the screen. “A change in plans Captain.” Caine pointed toward Tejas. “She has agreed to a wager which will insure I will keep her.”

“Commander?” Reyan directed to Tejas.

“You will address me, Captain.” Caine spoke.

“I wish to hear it from her own mouth.”

“We’ve agreed to a hand-to-hand combat. The winner, which will be me I assure you, will chose the outcome of whether she stays or goes.” Caine ignored Reyan's comment.

Meanwhile, while the Captains were discussing things, Tejas tried as best she could to “speak” with the ship’s doctor, who presently was sitting in the first officer’s chair. Tejas’ had noticed she could speak telepathically when she was at the Academy, but was limited to full telepaths only. “I can only stall. His skills far outmatched my own. Get me off this ship as soon as ya’ll can.

“Infact, you can watch your own Officer’s demise.” Caine motioned toward the helmsman. “Keep the channel open.” Then he walked over to his chair, and pulled out a variety of bladed arms. “Chose your weapon.”

Tejas picked out twin typhoon blades. The smaller one was a fourth the size of the other, but fitted into Tejas’ hand perfectly. The larger one had roughly a twelve inch blade. Both identical except for size, the curved blades looked menacing enough, then factor in the hook at the end of the handle.

Tejas held the larger one in her left hand, the smaller one in her right. She took four steps away from Caine as he chose his blades. Jagged edged, and long, with a split through the center of the double blade, which Tejas remembered could snap another in two. He slashed the blade toward a console, cutting it cleanly. Sparks flew from the cut cables. If he was trying to intimidate her, he was succeeding.

Tejas summon her courage, looking forlornly back at the view screen.

“Ready?” Caine said.

She ran her blades together, listening to the sound the two made: a beautiful ring. She nodded her head.

Caine took the first swing, lunging toward her, narrowly missing contact with Tejas’ arm. She somersaulted away from him, rising with one knee down, the other raised. He took another step toward her, bringing the blade down. She raised her left hand holding the blade, shielding herself. Blade against blade clashed as it took most of her strength to keep his blade from bearing down more. She took the smaller blade and stabbed into the thickness of his calf, pulling the blade back as he recoiled, blood trickling down his leg.

“I’d forgotten, you favored duel-wielding weapons.” He half grunted.

She grinned, half hiding behind a console.

The fighting continued for several minutes as the two circled around the bridge. Tejas managed to deflect most of the swings. The crew members stationed on the bridge watched with interest, only moving when one of the two came close enough to threaten harm with the circling blades. Of course this was after the Captain, hit the helmsman, who fell to the floor, already dead. She was growing tired. As she was backing up from one attack and another, eventually, she tripped over the fallen helmsman.

He swung his blade over his head wielding it with both hands for more power. And then, she felt herself being transported. She dematerialized in a haze of blue, as his blade came down slashing into nothing.

Tejas opened her eyes seeing the scenery of sickbay. She released her death-grip on her weapons. She felt such relief. Thankful for her escape of the StarTracker, she just collapsed on the floor, a wave of emotion taking over.

Posted by: Tejas Mar 26 2006, 07:34 PM

ooc: if you wanna know what the typhon blades look like, here's a pic
IPB Image

Posted by: Margery Campion Mar 27 2006, 07:11 AM

Margery was beaming after Reyan's praise. Being the one of the junior members of the main command team, she was still very hesitant whenever she wanted to say or submit something.

"Sir, venting is done." Margery then hit her comm badge. exp_minus.gif Campion to engineering-plese give me the status of the purple wormhole ASAP. Thanks, Campion out." exp_minus.gif

While she was awaiting the update from engineering, the picture on the viewscreen changed from that of streaking stars to a meanacing face. So that is what had happen to my XO Margery thought. As she heard the man speak to her captain, she felt her stomach knot and started to get goose bumps and tremble all over.

When she heard the captain of the other ship challenge Reyan to a duel, fear took over her entire body. She didn't want to see either one die, as she thought of them as her surrogate parents. When the other captain, Caine she thought she heard the other captain say that that was his name. When she heard Cain say that Tejas agreed to a duel, Margery lost control of her tears. When she started to see the blood coming, she fainted, falling out of her chair.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Mar 27 2006, 11:54 AM

As soon as Tejas collapsed in sickbay she was lifted gently and transferred to a biobed. Kaoru steeled herself against the woman's strong emotions, and against her own, running her tricorder over her, growing angrier and angrier when the truth of her condition was slowly revealed.

Contusions, bruises, a few factures...in all there were no serious injuries, but by the sheer number of them it was clear that Tejas had been tortured. "1 cc of Trianoline."

A nurse held the hypospray out to her and Kaoru administered the painkiller to Tejas before treating the rest of her injuries. She was able to remove the calcium deposits around the old injury to the woman's arm as well.

Once she was through, she nodded to Martinez, who took over caring for Tejas, treating the less severe injuries. Kaoru watched for a while, her dark eyes intent on Tejas's face, contemplating the lasting effects of the experience the XO had endured. In a way, she was glad that Tejas was unconscious. It made it easier for Kaoru, not having to feel the intense emotions she had before Tejas had crumpled to the ground.

Returning to her office, Kaoru completed the report on Tejas's injuries and treatment, adding a comment lastly, "Given the circumstances that surround these injuries, simply treating them is insufficient to ensure complete recovery. I recommend Commander Tejas undergo counselling and undergo a thorough psychiatric exam before being cleared for duty."

Posted by: Tejas Mar 27 2006, 06:55 PM

Tejas was barely aware of her surroundings, at first in fear for where she had been, and then relaxed as she realized where she was. She could hear people chattering, the sounds of her own bio-rhythms from the biobed.

She attempted to sit up, but only succeeded in bring her head up. She saw the Captain standing across the desk from the Doctor, who was sitting. She let he head fall back against the headrest.

A nurse motioned to the Doctor and Captain, who immediately rushed to Tejas’ side.

“How are you feeling?” Kaoru asked.

Tejas smirked. “You tell me.” Kaoru helped Tejas as she tried to sit up. Tejas looked at Kaoru whose face looked very serious.

“Well..” Kaoru started. Tejas had a feeling what she was gonna say.

“But, Captain!” Tejas exclaimed moving her head to look at the Captain. “I swear I’m fine.” She stood up from the biobed as if to prove she was recovered, stumbling back against the bed.

Reyan raised his hand. “I understand Tejas, but the Doctor isn’t being unreasonable.” Tejas glared at him. “You’ve had quite an ordeal, and she believes it best for you to take awhile off of active duty.”

“But Sir!” Tejas objected.

“Look.” He paused gathering the words. “It is Doctor Ele’s responsibility to see to the physical and mental well-being of this crew. I understand your objection. I’m sure I would be doing the same thing if the roles would be reversed. Which is why I would hope you’d do what I’m going to do. It is my responsibility for the entire welfare of this crew, and that includes you. You are off duty.”

Tejas looked down, not wanting to face him. She was angry, but knew they was right, which made it that much worse. She took a breath then muttered, “Yes, Sir” finally able to look at him.

The Doctor handed her a PADD. “I would like you to attend some counseling sessions while you’re off-duty.” Tejas sensed she was very serious about this as well. She was also picking up concern. Tejas rolled her eyes, but accepted the PADD, glancing over it.

“Permission to go to my quarters then?”

The Captain looked over at the Doctor who was nodding before saying, “Granted.”

Tejas turned to walk out the door reaching her quarters in no time. Once inside and alone, she sat on the couch, throwing the PADD the Doctor had given her onto the table, joining some others and just began to cry. She’d been so overwhelmed. Her last recourse would had been the captain to reverse the doctor’s orders, but that had failed. Now, in the darkness she was left with only her thoughts. Thoughts that now she’d have to confront.

“Computer play music selection Alpha Gamma Seven.” The music began to play: a mass of electronic sounds. Sound would best describe it, as the tones were very discordant, and unstructured. Most people didn’t much care for the modern Talarian music. The music played on very loudly.

The door chimed. She almost didn’t hear it over the music and Tejas let it go. She didn’t feel like company. She wanted to be alone.

The chime sounded again. Tejas rolled her eyes, holding the pillow while she sat on the couch staring out the window. Maybe if she just ignored them, whoever was at the door would go away.

And the chime sounded again. Tejas threw the pillow, knocking several PADD’s off the coffee table, clattering on the floor below. “Computer pause music.” The noise ceased. Tejas got up and stormed over to the door, pressing the button to open.

“What?” She said defiantly to the doctor, unable to hide the tears streaming down her face.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Mar 27 2006, 08:13 PM

OOC: Okay I'm back from LOA for now. I'm just gonna jump in and assume I'm on the bridge. If I am reading things right the captain and the XO are in sickbay at the moment. If I understand chain of command, as I am the chief of ops and chief of ops is usually third in command. That should be leaving me in charge of the bridge until the captain returns.

Dianna was on the bridge keeping watch. It was a relief that the XO was found but she was rushed to sickbay as she had collapsed. Dianna could feel the emotions rising throughout the ship. Even if she closed her mind to things, she felt whatever everyone else felt. She was not a strong empath compared to her older sister Andrea.

Periodically, Dianna asked for status reports from all the stations on the bridge.,

Posted by: Reyan Caius Mar 28 2006, 03:41 PM

Reyan walked onto the Bridge and sat - all repairs had been completed, and with Commander Tejas back aboard, the ship was settling back into a more standard routine

"Captain - all repairs are complete - we're awaiting orders" Commander Ryku advised

Reyan smiled

"Well - I've reported to Starfleet - they are sending a Starship retrival team to deal with the Patron"

"And us?" Ryku asked

"The Meridian has been ordered to explore the outer-edge of the Zodai system, as it's basically uncharted" Reyan replied

"But wouldn't that mean going back into the Yelvara dark coud?" Cadet Andrews asked aprehensively

"We're going around it this time" Reyan replied "Ryku - lay in a course for the Zodai system, avoiding the dark-cloud - warp 8" Reyan stated enthusiastically. He then stood

"Commander Ryku - you have the bridge" he advised, and stepping into the turbolift, eager to catch up with doctor Ele.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Mar 28 2006, 11:35 PM

Jin Ryku nodded and took the Bridge. He watched as the Captain went for the Turbolift. After having put in the co-ordinates into the Helm and Engaging the ship into Warp again, Jin Ryku went over to the Captain's Chair and took a seat.

"I can't believe it... Ensign to Lieutenant Commander-- to having the Bridge in one day," he said. Jin looked back and recalled the communication he recieved from the Captain after he had left Sickbay: The Captain had been informed of the Symbiont transfer and immediately promoted Jin to Chief Helm. It had been exciting and adventurous for Jin, having never been put up against a ship like the Star Tracker before.

He glanced on screen at where the events involving Tejas and the Star Tracker were once exhibited. It's just a good thing we got to her when we did. There was no telling how bad she could have gotten it, he thought.

Jin continued to watch the stars speed by on the view-screen when he was approached by Diana Torres. "I just want you to know, that I feel no competition against you for having the Bridge."

"Huh?" Jin glanced over at her.

Diana explained, "When I had the Bridge earlier. I was certain that I was the next person in line for commanding it."

"Oh," Jin replied in realization, "Of course. I was actually going to say the same thing to you. I hope we can learn to work together, and help one another out when needed."

Diana nodded and partially smiled, "Thank you."

Jin wanted to keep talking, but she walked away to continue her work at a console at the back of the Bridge. He looked over and saw that Diana went back to tapping at consoles. She seems quiet. I hope she comes back later to talk or something. Being in this chair is starting to seem lonely.

He looked around as an Ensign walked by. Jin tried obtaining eye contact to start up conversation, but the Ensign just continued on his own business.

Well that was rude, he thought falsely. His reaction was more of a reaction for the sake of reaction.

As status reports came in, he began to feel his stomach. It was apparent that his new Symbiont was doing well. The chemical balance was perfectly, well, balanced. He always thought he wasn't able to carry a Symbiont, but now it was obvious that he was. This was defintely something odd to think about. Jin didn't even want to think of the possible answers... one of them being the Trill government covering up a truth that most Trills were compatible, unlike previously reported. An urban myth, he thought. I guess I just got lucky.

He looked on at the Bridge, and decided to get up and check the Helm status for himself. There was a temp Helmsmen there, but he'd prefer to make a few course corrections to his own discresion. It was something his previous Host would do a lot. Jin adjusted the heading, nodding to the Crewman at the Helm, and returned his gaze at the viewscreen. The Meridian was well on its way around the Nebula.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Mar 30 2006, 02:00 AM

OOC:Jin be careful on how you use my character please. My character would not be as rude as you made her. She would not have said what you put in for her when you had her interact with your character. You don't know my character quite well enough to know that about her yet. I'll work with it as I am an experienced simmer

Dianna was a bit upset when the captain said that Lieutenant Commander Ryku had the bridge instead of her. I thought the chief of operations is third in command Her competativeness was coming out so she told him that there were no hard feelings about what just happened. She explained to him how she thought that she was next in line when the captain and the executive officer can't be on the bridge for some reason or another. He actually thought the same thing and how he hoped that they will work together.

Dianna gave him a weak smile and walked off back to her station. She was monitoring everything.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Mar 30 2006, 11:42 PM

Entering Tejas's quarters, Kaoru found she could not block all of Tejas's pain, and she sighed, her shoulders sagging slightly, pulling her tricorder from her medkit and scanning the XO. It was a good way to gather her thoughts. Finishing her scans of Tejas, Kaoru was pleased that her physical injuries at least were very nearly healed. Setting her tricorder aside she stood near the door, regarding the XO steadily. "I'd ask for your cooperation in this discussion Tejas. I know I don't have to stress the importance of it to you. You would insist that your subordinates undergo it." She smiled for the first time since entering the XO's quarters, "It will only help you...and you know that."

Tejas tapped the button to close her quarter doors after Kaoru entered. It was clear she wasn't going away. Tejas rolled her eyes before approaching her. "What's there to talk about?" She eyed the doctor. "Spent a few days there, now I'm back. Thank you for rescuing me, but really, I'm fine"

Tejas took in a breath, though she huffed it back out. "Will you only be satisfied when I've told my entire life story?" She pointed to herself. "I don't remember much of my childhood, okay? What little I do recall wasn't pleasant by any means."

She looked at the Doctor. "Surely you can tell what I went through." Her defiant nature was not helping. Since her initial rescue 15 years prior, Tejas had been headstrong. She'd once been told it was a defense mechanism. "We were on an away mission on the USS Patron to find out what had happened to her crew. How did I feel?" She shrugged. "Things didn't change."

Kaoru set her medkit aside, sitting down on the couch, trying to sift through everything she felt from the XO, "I'm sure there is more to it than what I can sense or scan Tejas, that's why I've ordered the psychiatric evaluation before clearing you for duty. What happened was horrible and unfair, if I could undo it, then I would. But I cannot. I cannot do anything for you except to help you come to terms with it and move on. As unfair and injust as that sounds...it's all that any of us here can do."

"Starfleet is all I have doctor." Tejas was still angry, obviously unconvinced. Kaoru could see it and sense it.

Rising, she shouldered her medkit, "You still have starfleet, that will not change. In fact, your duty to starfleet behooves you to follow these orders. The lives of everyone on this ship depend on you every day Tejas. You owe it to them to be whole, mentally and physically, to put your inner demons to rest."

Tejas seemed about to argue, but she did not. "It's not as if I have much choice anyway."

"You have more choices than you think." Turning towards the door, Kaoru glanced over her shoulder, "For example, the process will be quicker if you choose to actively participate and allow the counsellor to help you."

Kaoru left Teja's quarters then, meaning to check on Jin, see how he was doing with the symbiont. She waited in the corridor for the turbolift, stepping inside before she really took the time to look at the person who stood there.

"Doctor?" Reyan's voice cut through her reverie and she smiled genuinely.

"Captain, what a pleasant surprise."

Posted by: Tejas Mar 31 2006, 02:04 PM

Tejas sat on the couch a long time after the Doctor had left, mostly just staring at the floor. Could she be right? Tejas thought a moment longer, before standing, and heading toward the replicator.

"Camomile tea, hot." Tejas said. A teacup holding an almost transparent liquid materalized. She sipped it, enjoying the heat from the cup, the steam rising from the tea, the scent of the drink. This drink had always relaxed her, soothing her nerves.

She thought back to her years at the Academy, when she'd been introduced to it by her then roommate, Charity Harness, who was now a Lieutenant Commander and chief helm onboard the USS Perchenon. They'd been the best of friends, since a fight between them nearly had them expelled from the Academy. They'd been assigned on various ships, sometimes together, sometimes apart. They'd both been on the Perch together, but when Tejas was promoted and reassigned, Charity was given the chief helm position.

Tejas walked over to her computer console, placing a call to her friend. Tejas guinuinely smiled.

=/\= "Hey Tey." Charity said. "How've you been?"

"Don't ask."

=/\= "That good eh?"

"I've been taken off active duty."

=/\= "Not even XO for a week and they've already taken you off?" Charity noted the serious look on Tejas' face. "What on earth for?"

"Remember how I told you I'd been raised by space pirates? Well, we came across them. I spent a few days being held captive, again."

=/\= "Oh no. But you've always been strong with that."

"I tried to explain that, but the Doctor won't listen." Tejas sighed.

=/\= "Well, you know doctors."

Tejas couldn't help but laugh. "So true."

=/\= "How did we get promoted this far anyway?"

"I don't know, but I still don't think he ever suspected us behind that." Tejas and Charity both laughed. They'd been known as the 'Terrible Twins' when together, sometimes pulling off pranks on other officers. Though those days were long behind them now.

=/\= "So what are you gonna do with your time off?"

Tejas frowned. "I'm ordered to see the ship's counselor for a psych eval." Tejas picked up the PADD that contained her schedule of appointments for the next week. "Damn, actually, I have one in 10 minutes." She looked back at the screen. "I'd better go. The Doctor said -"

=/\= "Meh, what do Doctor's know?"

"I'll catch ya later."

=/\= "Cya." The screen went black as Charity's face vanished.

Tejas held the PADD and left her quarters for the counselor's office. Maybe this won't be that bad.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 1 2006, 05:28 PM

Sitting at her counsel, Dianna was making sure everything was operational and in order. All systems were a go. She sensed what the Commander Ryku was thinking about things. She didn't want to know and its not her place to know. She had to close her mind to it as she is not supposed to intrude on other's thought. That is what she was taught as a child once her empathic ability came along. Her father whom was a betezoid had taught her older sister and her how to use these abilities and if they didn't use them right, they would go crazy. Dianna always had problems with them. She felt her sister handled these abilites better than she did. They drove her crazy. Her sister was so "perfect". Andrea could do anything. Dianna never felt that she was a strong empath even though she wanted to be and she was trained by her father. These things became hard to her. Her sister helped a bit, but she refused to listen to her. Dianna rather spend time with her cousin Melissa than be in training. So she never became a strong empath and even if she tried to close her mind and put up the shield, she was never strong. She never intentionally intruded on anyone's emotions. It just was the way she was. She had problems dealing with it, but she also saw the good side of it too. She could help people if she can.

Everything seem to be working and what wasn't she fixed. She felt bad about the way she talked to Commander Ryku. She didn't mean to be mean to him, it just infuriated her. Sometimes her mouth talks faster than her mind. She's not that type of female. She hated confrontations but in the course of her life time, she has been in a few. As a rule, she got into a lot of trouble because of her mouth and her curiousity. Her parents used to say to her, curiosity can kill the cat. She always remembered that as she always got in trouble for it.

"Commander Ryku," said Dianna "All systems are good."

"Carry on," said Commander Ryku.

Dianna had no idea how to appologize to him for her behavior. She really wanted to. She didn't feel it was fair for her to have treated him the way she did. The captain must have had his reason why he wanted him in charge instead of her.

At that, Dianna got up from her counsel and walked over to Commander Ryku whom was sitting at the command chair. "Commander Ryku," said Dianna "I'd like to appologize for the way I acted earlier." Dianna looked at him directly to where both had direct eye contact on each other.

Posted by: Tejas Apr 2 2006, 01:50 PM

Tejas clutched the PADD as she approached the Counselor’s office. This is ludicrous. I’m perfectly fine. Yet why was her hand trembling as she went to ring the bell?

You’re being silly. Tejas told herself, ringing the bell.

“Come.” A voice from behind the door called as the doors opened. “Good day, Commander,” said the woman rising from behind her desk, motioning for a more informal seating area.

Tejas followed her, sitting on the couch, which was surprisingly quite comfortable. She tried to keep her emotions calm.

The Counselor took a seat across from Tejas. “I’m Darinah Tir’evra. You can call me Dana. Do you mind if I call you Tejas?”

Tejas nodded, still taking in her surroundings.

“Why don’t we take this time to get to know each other?” Dana suggested.

Tejas leaned back against the couch, the Doctor’s voice echoing through her mind about actively participating in this. She crossed her arms.

“So you were a helm officer before taking this position?” Dana said trying to start conversation.

“Yes’m. I've lived my entire life amongst the stars. I thought being stuck on Earth for my Academy days would do me in. By being at helm, I was nearly guaranteed a starship position.” Tejas uncrossed her arms, beginning to relax.

“How do you feel when you’re flying a ship?”

“Like I have control. The entire ship, no matter how big or small, is under my control.”

“How do you feel when you don’t have that control?”

Tejas frowned, squirming in her seat. “Like back on that ship.” Lightning fast change of topics, the Counselor and Tejas began discussing a variety of things, slowly going back and forth from good memories to bad memories, from the Academy, to being Chief Helm, mischief between Tejas and Charity, and finally her life aboard the Star Tracker. The time passed quicker than Tejas realized.

“Well, Tejas. That’s our session for today. How do you think it went?”

“Fine, I guess.”

“I think you did very well.” Tejas sensed the Counselor had been pleased. Tejas had quite a record for being strong-willed, as apparently the Counselor also seemed surprised at how readily Tejas had participated.

“Am I free to go now?” Tejas said.

Dana nodded standing up. “Yes, but I’ll see you same time tomorrow.”

Tejas nodded, standing up, collecting her PADD and leaving the counselor’s office.

She felt drained, and decided to just go to her quarters for some much needed sleep.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Apr 4 2006, 07:54 AM

OCC: sad.gif Sorry Dianna. I didn't realize how unconfrontational your character was. Let me know next time if I make any more mistakes - I don't mind editing my post. tongue.gif

Diana came over and apologized for earlier. Jin was honestly not offended and did not hold it against her at all, when he realized what may have been the cause. "It's really oka--- Wait a minute. You're a telepath, right?"

She nodded, "Yes, I'm half Betazoid."

"That makes perfect sense. One of my previous hosts had this confrontational way of thinking, which would once in a while affect the odd Betazoid. He was an Ambassador to Betazoid once and he had learned of a way to kind of manipulate what other Betazoids read in his mind..." as Jin recalled this, he began to realize how cerebral his past host had been. "Maybe I somehow echoed part of this by accident, and it caught on into your personal habits?"

Dianna processed this and glanced over, "That is quite an explaination."

"You see, I just got this Symbiont this morning, and it may not be fully chemically balanced with my system... Lieutenant..." Jin glanced down for a moment, "If anyone deserves an apology, it's you. I'm sorry."

Could he be right? Dianna thought. Even so it was still something I--- But before Dianna could say anything, the Turbolift doors to their back-left swooshed open. They glanced over and saw one of Doctor Kaoru's medics enter.

"Lieutenant Commander Jin Ryku, I've come to check up on your Symbiont," Martinez said.

Jin blinked, "Really? Doctor Kaoru said she'd be coming by for that sometime today."

"Oh crap," Martinez said as she checked her padd, "Did we get the schedules mixed up?"

Jin almost chuckled, "That's okay. How is Lieutenant Champion doing in Sickbay?"

When Dianna had taken the Bridge earlier, she sent two guards to carry Margery Champion down to see the Doctor's. Unfortuantely, the confrontation between the Star Tracker and the Meridian had caused her to faint at her console. Most of the Bridge crew had hoped she was alright.

"She's doing fine down there," Martinez replied. "Are you two alright? I'm not interrupting something am I?"

Jin and Dianna glanced at each other, realizing that they had been apologizing to each other for the past few minutes. "We're okay," Jin almost smiled. "We were just discussing... ethics of space travel," he made up for fun.

Martinez laughed and decided to continue the scans. Dianna returned to her work-station, and Jin began explaining a possible chemical imbalance in his system.

"Hmm..." Martinez said, "I don't think it's too bad. But just to be safe, I want to get Doctor Kaoru to look at these scans."

Jin nodded, "I understand. Thanks."

Martinez nodded back and left the Bridge. As Jin returned a boring gaze to the viewscreen, he began to remember some previous host's for the first time since his joining. Some things, he feared, were not what he wanted to know...

Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 4 2006, 02:58 PM

OOC: It's all cool Jin. I just work my way around it anyway. I hardly ever edit posts unless there are spelling mistakes anyway.

Jin relized that she had betezoid in her and she explained to him that she is half betezoid. Her father was betezoid, her mother was human. A nice combination.

Jin had explained to her that he was a newly joined trill and that he just received a simbiont this morning. He was still getting used to it as the it is not quite chemically balanced yet. Soon enough medical was up on the bridge checking him and at that she headed back to her console busy working. Systems always have to be ship shape. Whatever needed fixing, she fixed. She made a mental note, when her relief came on, she'd go to engineer and see how everything is going and see if they need her help in anyway. Diannna was good in things like that.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Apr 4 2006, 03:04 PM

Tejas walked down the cooridor after her counseling session. She wasn't really paying much attention to who was in the hallway, just following the path to her quarters. Just as she came to a junction and turned a corner, she plowed right into someone wearing Star Fleet yellow. Crashing to the ground it took a moment to register who it was, the chief engineer.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Kaida's words trailed off as she saw her XO. Flashback of seeing the very same woman standing before her in very different clothing entered her mind. "I'm sorry Ma'am, I didn't see you, I apologise"

Kaida was in a daze, it was like her thoughts had conjured the XO to flesh and blood in front of her. Once minute she was thinking about whether what she had seen was a dream and the next...here she was.

Tejas stood, picking up the PADD she'd been carrying. "Is okay Commander." Tejas said noting the pips on her collar. "Chief Engineer right?"

"Yes, I ummm I'm sorry we couldn't get to you sooner, we had a few troubles. I'm glad to see you in uniform rather than that uncomfortable looking catsuit you were wearing." Kaida stopped herself before she said much more,it was impossible, the woman in her dream that stared back at her was just a look a like, that was all.

Tejas sat there emotionless, thoughts of her clothing she'd worn on the StarTracker, and now that she was back on the Meridian. It was definately more comfortable, and not near as form-fitting. Tejas held back the tears forming. "I appreciate ya'll getting me out of there." Tejas looked at Kaida in a way she couldn't place the expression.

Kaida's only response was to look down, unwilling to ask what she wanted to ask most of all....whether Tejas had seen what she had seen. "It was a team effort, not just Engineering." was the only response that came from her mouth. No matter how much she wanted to ask, she knew iher place.

Tejas sensed Kaida was holding something back, but that wasn't unusal from any of the crew recently. Most of them hadn't said word one about what they'd obviously seen on the viewscreen, at least not within earshot of Tejas. Not that Tejas had turned to see their reaction as she'd fought her captor on the bridge of the Star Tracker, but she could only imagine.

In some ways, Tejas wished they would just act as though nothing had changed. But how? Everything's changed. She thought to herself.

Tejas shifted her weight, looking uneasy, sensing the confusion and uncomfortableness of the chief engineer.

Kaida sucked her breath in deeply, deciding to take the plunge and ask. "Tejas....I blacked out in Engineering when there was a purple glow to the core. I rememebr seeing you huddled in the corner....I.... I never saw the viewscreen. I know sounds totally ridiculous! But it was probably a dream anyway, I should get to the Doctor, I need to get checked out, no telling what effect contact with the purple core had on me."

"That was you?" Tejas' jaw dropped. She hadn't given much thought since when she's seen the ghostly image of a fellow star fleet officer on board the pirate vessel. "That was the one sense of comfort and reminder of who I am now." Tejas smiled.

Kaida's jaw dropped and her eyes went wider. so it hadn't been a dream! "But....how? I mean, I'm human, I'm not Betazoid!" Though saying that, her parents hadn't actually explained where her birth certificate had got to. They just said they had lost it. "You actually saw me? I mean, you're not just humouring me, are you?" Kaida's brow quirked a little, she wasn't believing what she was hearing.

"No, I'm not kidding. Perhaps there is some explaination as to what happened. However, if you'll excuse me, I am very tired, and need some sleep." Tejas said pointing further down the hall.

"right, yeah, ummm" A bit lost for words Kaida tried not to sound floundering "I'm sorry about before and you should know we never leave someone behind, aside from that... you're the only one who can keep Anil in check!" Kaida laughed at that and smiled nodding, acknowledging what Tejas had said to her

Tejas gave a small laugh. "Well, I'll see you around." Tejas said beginning to walk around Kaida, not really waiting for a response. She didn't want to come across as rude, but she was seriously tired.

Kaida turned unmoving for a while. Could this really be happening, if it was, then why now? Kaida went to sickbay after Kaoru, hoping that perhaps the Doctor could figure this mystery out even if she couldn't. Though sickbay scared her, it had done ever since she was a child around 8 months from what her parents had told her. But the thought of not knowing, of wondering what was happening to her was worse still.

Posted by: Tejas Apr 4 2006, 11:04 PM

The ocean. Deep and blue. She sat on the jib, held in place by the multiple rigging around her. Behind her, crewmen ran across the deck. At the wheel was the captain. She looked down into the clear water below her. Dolphins swam infront of the ship. A symbol of good luck. The waves gentle. Steadily growing into swells. Massive swells rocking the boat. A ship was following them. One with his colors. He would be searching for her. She knew he was looking for her. The ship would be boarded. She would be his again….

She turned back to the water ahead. Scanning the horizon in the distance. She’d traveled these waters before. Fear rose inside her. There was no where to hide. He would always catch her….

Tejas awoke with a start, falling off the side of her bed and landing on the floor. She’d been haunted with bad dreams ever since receiving word of their mission, and since being taken captive again, the dreams were even more so.

She reached to her chest taking deep breaths. The dreams were definitely getting worse, more vivid and real. She lifted her hand to her head before standing up.

“Computer time.” Tejas said rubbing her temples.

#The time is 0128.#

There wouldn’t be any use. The dreams usually kept her awake. Either trying to figure what they meant, as if there was much doubt, or from the terror instilled in them.

She’d never been on a ship that floated on water, except in one holodeck simulation. But the fear of feeling he was after her still got to her.

Standing up, she grabbed her uniform and changed into it. Then left for the mess hall. Perhaps the place would be deserted and getting out of her quarters would take her mind off her dreams.

When she entered, she nearly turned around. Sitting toward the back was the Doctor and the Captain, seemingly sharing a drink together. Of all the people on the ship, the two she didn’t want to run into were those.

Was it not bad enough to be relieved of duty?

Seeing the two stirred up the anger Tejas had for being taken off active duty. Anger which she directly placed on the Captain and Doctor. The dream partially forgotten, Tejas stood in the doorway, unsure whether to enter or turn back.

“Commander, won’t you join us?” Tejas recognized the Doctor’s voice. Tejas reluctantly approached the table.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Apr 5 2006, 01:37 PM

Kaoru smiled, sensing Reyan's pleasure at seeing her, "Ah, doctor...I was hoping we would run into each other."

She stepped into the turbolift beside him, about to speak when he continued, "In fact, I was just about to make sure I ran into you."

Kaoru laughed at that, the turbolift doors shutting, "Bridge." She looked at the captain, "If you hadn't, I would have tracked you down later this evening."

Reyan could not stop smiling, "Speaking of this evening...are you free for dinner?"

"I just happen to be...are you?"

Now it was Reyan's turn to laugh, "Let me check my schedule...umm..yes." The turbolift doors opened onto the bridge and Reyan brushed his hand against her arm, "I've just left the bridge actually. But I'll see you later?"

"It will be my pleasure." Kaoru nearly walked into a science ensign as she stepped off the turbolift, not paying attention. Her cheeks colored when she heard Reyan's chuckle, but she shook off her embarrassment, walking to Jin, surprised to see him sitting in the command chair.

She allowed herself finally to glance towards the turbolift, seeing that the doors had shut and the captain had gone, smiling a little to herself. The expression enough to catch Jin's attention.

"Umm..doctor? Are you blushing?"

"No." She forced herself to push aside those emotions, aware that an empath might be able to read her more easily than she would really like.

"Right." Jin's smile was mischevious...clearly, the symbiont had already given him more confidence.

Just that clinical observation as enough to put her back into the mode of doctor. She lifted the wand of her medical tricorder, scanning Jin, pleased to see no sign of rejection. It happened sometimes with Trills, their bodies trying to reject the symbionts once they were implanted. "Any headaches, or blurred vision?"

"No sir." Jin watched her, and she could feel him willing her to say that everything looked good.

"Everything looks good." She closed the tricorder slowly, puzzled a little by what she felt from him. His emotions, his thoughts, they seemed...drastically different since the joining. Some changes were normal, but a total change was not, and it troubled her. "I'll continue to monitor you closely for the next few days. There are a few more tests I'd like to run. Please report to the sickbay once you're off duty...and right away if you experience any unusual symptoms."

"Yes doctor...thank you."

She could feel his thoughts, feel his belief that the entire blending process for a joined Trill was full of unusual symptoms. For herself, Kaoru couldn't imagine what it must be like.

Her mood when she returned to sickbay was quite a bit less giddy. Her thoughts on Jin. "Pull up all the scans we've done on Lt. Commander Jin Ryku. Send them to the lab."

Martinez nodded, turning from her examination of Campion. "Yes doctor." Her fingers danced over the LCARs panel, "I'm transferring them now."

Lt. Commander D'Troy walked into sickbay then, looking decidedly disoreinted. Kaoru felt fear and unease radiating from the lovely young woman. "Lt. Commander?" She approached her, "What is it?"

D'Troy studied Kaoru, unable to shake the fear she felt. What if she was sick? What if she was crazy? What if she had to leave Starfleet?

Kaoru was rocked by the sharp jabs of fear, feeling them far more sharply than she should have. her hand lifting to her temple. "Be easy Lt. Commander." Along with her words, she sent calming emotions, soothing ones, and was surprised by how much they affected the Engineer.

D'Troy sat on a biobed before Kaoru had the chance to ask her to, looking expectantly at the doctor, much calmer now, already put at ease.

"Did you know that you are a rather strong empath Kaida?"

Even had she not been telepathic, Kaoru would have know by Kaida's stunned expression that she did not.

"You are..." Kaoru touched a few keys on the biobed, pulling up Kaida's file. "I'm surprised it hasn't surfaced before this. Tell me what brought you to sickbay." She listened carefully to D'Troy's story, asking a few questions, nodding and making notes as the two talked. The visions that she and Tejas seemed to have shared took her by surprise.

"How can I be empathic?" Kaida was still struggling with that concept.

"It's not all that unusual...perhaps it's a latent gene in your family history. I can do some checking. In the meantime, you're fine. Just bear in mind that not every emotion you're feeling is your own. I can help you learn to filter your empathic ability, and to block it completely should the need arise."

Kaida nodded, though she seemed unconvinced. She did trust the doctor though.

"Preliminarily, I'd say that something about Commander Tejas triggered this empathy, flipped the switch on it, if you will." Tejas was an empath too, Kaoru recalled, continuing, "I'd like to see you back tomorrow Kaida...in my office. But if you find that the constant influx of other's emotions is too much to handle, come back right away. I can give you something to block the power completely, and we can take it slowly from there, that way you can adjust to it a little at a time."

"Thank you doctor." Kaida eased off the biobed, "If it gets bad, I'll take you up on that offer."

"Of course Kaida. I'll see you here tomorrow."

"Yes sir." D'Troy left sickbay, and Kaoru entered her office, updating both Ryku's files, and D'Troy's.

The rest of her shift she spent in the lab, studying the results of Ryku's scans.

//Off Duty\\

When Kaoru returned to her quarters, there was a message from Reyan, letting her know the details of their dinner. He chose to meet her at her quarters to escort her, a detail that Kaoru was very pleased with. It made it much more formal than if he had simply asked her to meet him in the mess hall.

She was ready when he arrived, dressed in a slinky little cocktail dress, her long sable hair loose, flowing around her bare shoulders. "I'm starving...I hope you plan on feeding me lots."

"Lots...and anything you want Kaoru." His smile was so endearing, open and warm and friendly, Kaoru was completely swept away.

Hours and hours later, they were still in the mess hall talking. They had left the table and were seated near a view port, and Kaoru could not believe how much time had passed.

Intense anger stabbed at her, tearing her attention from Reyan, looking around for the source of the anger, unsurprised when her dark eyes found Tejas.

“Commander, won’t you join us?” Kaoru glanced meaningfully at Reyan, part of her wishing at that moment that he was telepathic.

Posted by: Kristr Cleon Apr 6 2006, 12:07 AM

Some time has passed since the Crimson star has be decomissned. Kristr Cleon and Sarah Kerrigan have now been transferred to the Meridian. They are currently on the USS. Toga. The Toga has been assigned to pick a Prisnor.

=/\=Uss. Toga to the Uss. Meridian. We have you new crew and are beaming them over as we speak. =/\=

"are you ready for this Sarah."

Yes are you"

"I am."

The two of the beamed over. once the beamed over Sarah went to Engineering to report in and Kristr Went to the bridge to report in.

Once Kristr arrived at the bridge He seen that etheir of the Commanding officers where there.

"computer Locate Captain Reyan and Commander Tejas"

"Both located in the Lonuge."

Kristr then headed down to the bridge. He asked around and seen that the Co and the Xo were sitting with the Doctor. Kristr headed over.

"Sir,Sorry if I am interupting anything. But i have just transferred and I am reportin in."

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 6 2006, 02:33 AM

< Engineering >

Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan arrived at her new posting and with renewed determination to make sure that she can be relied on in any situation to the Chief: Lieutenant Commander Kaida D'Troy. So she looked around and the Chief was no where to be seen. She tapped her combadge.

=^=Lieutenant Commander D'Troy, this is your assistant chief engineer Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan. May I report in with you?=^= She called. I hope we get on famously. Sarah thought.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Apr 6 2006, 03:03 PM

Kaida was still reeling from what the doctor had told her. It's impossible for me to be an empath, let alone a strong one! Both my parents were human! Latent genes just do not happen, especially not to me, I'm human! She yelled in her mind. Though in truth, she didn't know who she was trying to convince. With her head jerking ever so often and the occasional mumble escaping her mouth, as she tried to firm in her mind that she wasn't what the doctor said.

exp_minus.gif "Lieutenant Commander D'Troy, this is your assistant chief engineer Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan. May I report in with you?" exp_minus.gif Kaida heard an unfamiliar voice call to her.

exp_minus.gif "D'Troy here, on my way" exp_minus.gif Kaida couldn't help but feel a sensation running through her, of nerves, of new environments and new people. Kaida was suddenly very aware of her appearance for some reason, trying to avoid people's eyes.....Not her feelings! Okay, maybe I should go and see Kaoru tomorrow That decision made, Kaida began the journey to meet her deputy. Perhaps now wasn't the best time for her to be meeting new crew. She knew her presence could be a bit daunting to some.

Posted by: Margery Campion Apr 6 2006, 09:28 PM

Margery came to and found out that she was in sickbay instead of on the bridge. A nurse came by and she asked him "Did Commander Tejas make it back ok?"

"Yes she did."

"What a relief." She laid down again for a few moments, as she was getting dizzy again. She was glad that Tejas was back and that her correlation between the "cloud" and the purple wormhole in engineering was correct. She knew that engineering took care of the wormhole, or else she wouldn't feel the gentle vibration she seem to feel when the ship is moving. It was a comforting feeling to her.

This was her first serious injury since beeing on a starship, and she was wishing that she had her sister's doll and brother's teddy bear for comfort. She knew that she was being childish, but right now she was feeling very homesick and wanted to be home.

USS Meridian