Seraphim Fleet: USS Relentless: Mission 4: A & Ω

Seraphim Fleet _ U.S.S Relentless _ Mission 4: A & Ω

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 10 2006, 12:33 PM

Xan had been transported to the Castle along with the remainder of the Relentless Crew, everyone was welcome to come to the castle or simply report to the ship when she had been finalised.

Liam had been found Not Guilty by the President, his priviledges were fully restored and his record was unblemished by the events. He did recieve a personal thank you from the President for brining new information about another threat to her.

She now was currently contacting the Commander in Chief of Starfleet, however the Blockade of the Starbase Metatron made it impossible at the moment.

It had taken a 18 hours, but Xan finally awoke, He had been asleep, the ability to control his new 'gifts' was a very welcome ability.

Xan was still unable to return to duty, however, he saw he had a few applications for his Opening on the Relentless, He decided he would work through these to keep him occupied and see the best candidate.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Jul 10 2006, 02:52 PM

Liam sat in his guest quaters in the East Wing of the castle, feeling valiant and thankful to Xan for rescuing from a somewhat, unfortunate situation. He was however, eager to get back to duty, but the Relentless A was still having it's minor interior systems fitted, however the ship class had been kept a secret from all but Xandir and the Builders.

Gulliver wasn't for some reason, too surprised that Xan had acted in the way he had. Too much had happened to him over the past month for him to care. All he was bothered about right now was that his friend was OK.

The door chimed and Liam spoke "Come in,". Ama had arrived to check up on him.

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 10 2006, 06:40 PM

(See the Starfleet HQ posts on Page 2 before reading)

Xan left the Presidents Office, she had already left to meet with the Federation Security Council, probably matters to do with the State and the Assembly and the Borg to which Liam had discovered in time.

He looked around the castle as he walked, He had read up on the history of the Castle while he was in bed, It was difficult to see the murders and the torture that happened in this beautiful place. He had noticed the uneasy feeling in the castle, certain rooms, especially the Library, felt eerie, but he paid no attention too it anymore.

Xan headed towards Liam's Chambers, and knocked on the big heavy wooden doors, "Its Xan, Liam" he said.

Liam opened the door, Lladro walked out and smiled at the Captain, walking in he asked him to shut the door.

"Liam" he said, taking a steady pause, "I would just like to thank you for what you did"

"What did I do?"

"You looked after the ship as best you could, and made a command decision not many could, knowing fine well the conciquences of your actions. You proved to me you are worthy of your title and rank"
Xan smiled, "So as a thank you, Your comming with me, I have the tour of the Relentless in 2 hours, Its only supposed to be me. All Hush Hush and all, however, I want you there too. I think you deserve to have your say on the finalisation of the Interiror and your personal quaters" Xan handed him the information on a data padd, "I leave within the hour, your welcome to come with me, the pilot will take your stuff, as we are not transporting"

Before he could say anything, Xan placed his hand on his shoulder then walked out.

Xandir and Liam had left not long after they had last spoken. Liam's things were on the shuttle, Xan's had been destroyed on the Relentless, so everything was afresh.

The shuttle was unscheduled but expected by the Command staff of the Station, having been cleared they docked and quickly had Liams things taken to the Docking Port.

Captain Justin Credible was awaiting Captain Nefzen at the Docking bay, Justin only knew the Relentless was cloaked and that nobody but the Captain would be allowed onboard while he engaged the new Prototype Security Controls.
"Captain Credible, Nice to meet you at last" Xan said, offering his hand. Justin shook it, "I take it the Relentless is there" he said, pointing to the empty space.
"Apparently so, Captain. Your a lucky man" he said.

"Do you know what class ship it is?" Liam asked, he obviously had been kept in the dark also, "I am sorry, Commander, I do not. My Orders were to ensure the ship remained cloaked and that no ship was allowed to dock while she was here.

Xan started towards the control pannel he needed to be at, "Captain, I thank you for your patience. If you would like, you can remain here while I deactivate the security controls, beam over then run a diagnostic, should not take more then 2 moments, then I can disengage the cloak and be out of your station"

"No problem, Captain" Justin replied, really having no choice. Xan, though the same rank, was his Superior Officer by command of the Flagship.

Xan vanished as he entered the last code, transported to the Relentless A.

The Bridge was in Night Shift, "Computer, Transfer Command to Captain Xandir Nefzen, Neural Authorisation" he felt a small chill, "Transfer Complete" the computer replied.

The New Security Feature was that of Biological and Neural link, transfering command required the other officer to be telling the truth and to allow his brain to be scanned. It was harmeless but very secure as it ensured that the ship could not forcably be taken from the Commanding Officer.

"Engage Primary Diagnostic" he ordered.

A few moments later, "All systems are fully Operational"

"De-Cloak" he ordered. The familiar sound of the cloaking device hummed. There she was, an Excalibur Mark III, the First of the Mark 3's. She had been upgraded to serve as the Command Ship as well as the Protectorate of the Federation. Her Slipstream Drive had been streamlined to produce a better effectivness.

Her Warp Nacelles were glowing purple, this was thanks to the new power system Starfleet Engineering had implimented in her.

=/\= "Commander, what do you think" =/\= Xan asked over communications.

Both Liam and Captain Credible were beamed aboard the ship, "Just a quick test of the Transporter systems" Xan replied, "What do you think?"

Posted by: Kaz Rein Jul 12 2006, 01:10 PM

Kaz Rein was sitting on a flat bench near a fountain outside of Starfleet Command. His legs were crossed and his eyes were closed, as he was meditating. There was great wisedom to be achieved in clearing his mind and calming his senses. A certain connection to his inner energy, his chi, was achieved in doing this sometimes... not to mention it made time go by a lot faster.

The Lieutenant had recently been called to Headquarters due to talk of a promotion. His previous posting, aboard the U.S.S. Centaur, had proven quite effective for his career. On several occasaions, he had been able to prove himself as a good Security Officer. Now he was coming to Starfleet Headquarters to possibly accept a role as Chief of Security.

"Well," he opened his eyes and relaxed his body. "At least I've made my parents proud." He placed his hands on the edge of the stone bench, behind him, and leaned back, staring up at the tall building of Starfleet Command. Instinctively, he imagined his parents were up there - not in the buidling, but the sky beyond it; in heaven, watching over his fate.

- "Loscendo to Kaz, come in!" a voice broke out from his commbadge.

Kaz snapped out of his trance and then tapped his commbadge, "Huh? Oh, Kaz here."

- "So how are things going, man? Have you been recruited to a new starship yet?"

The officer rolled his eyes at his usually over-excited friend, "No, not yet. Where the heck are you?"

- "I'm at a cafe in Paris right now," Loscendo replied, "With guess who... Carolina! She just went to use the restroom. Man, she is such a knockout!"

Kaz smiled, "I'm happy for you, Loscendo. But aren't you transferring too?"

- "Yeah, but I want to use my wait-time for something more... invigorating, if you know what I mean?"

The Security officer scratched the back of his head, "Yeah, a little too much info Loscendo."

- "Oh! Here she comes. I'll contact you later to tell you where I'm posted. Loscendo out."

The comm quickly cut out, and Kaz was left alone before the fountain again. The sky beamed blue all around him, with the sound of birds chirping in the distance, and conversing voices of passer-byers. Kaz decided to block out the end of that conversation and go into the building. A lot of stuff had been going down recently, and he hoped that he would finally be able to make a difference.

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 12 2006, 02:09 PM

After Captain Credible left the ship, Xandir sent orders to all the Relentless Crew to report to Starbase Metatron. There were 2 Designated Shuttles Leaving Starfleet Command and England.

The Flight Details had been cleared with the Security Council as well as the information passed to Each member of the ship.

Xan and Liam had left the ship, she had cloaked and moved outside the starbase, there she would remain phase cloaked and in orbit of the station until the time came to Christen her.

They sat in VIP area of one of the larger bars on the Station's Promenade deck. They were discussing what had gone on recently, Xan had expressed concern over his new found gifts and wanted a little help and a firm friend to keep him in line.

As they were in deep discussion, a Starfleet Ensign came rushing up to Xandir, "Captain, this just came for you, from the President and the Commander in Chief" he handed him a padd, it was locked and required his access codes to open.

Xan thanked the young lad and offered him a drink, he refused politely and went back to duty, "Wonder what this is" Xan said, puzzled. He entered his codes and started reading.

From: Presidential Office, Chillingham Castle, England, Earth.
To: Captain Xandir Nefzen, USS Relentless.

I have instructed Flag Admiral Christopher Vickers to join you upon your ship for a very important mission. He will be there to aid you whatever way he can, Please see fit that a Command Station is setup for him on the ship where he can continue his duties while en route to the attached Co-Ordinates.

Also, The Admiral, as with new Federation Laws, Cannot assume command of your vessel without your concent, however, bare in mind he does out rank you and this mission is of Top Classification and of Top Priority.

I ask you tell only who you must about this situation. Chris will Arrive with futher instructions for you and your crew.

Good Luck Captain, you were the best choice.

President Scion Lionsbane
Lionsbane Administration

Xan read it again, making sure of what he heard, handed the padd to Liam, "The Commander in Chief will be comming with us, apparently we have a new mission."

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Jul 12 2006, 09:04 PM

As much as she had enjoyed the castle and the countryside, Amarante was eager to be back aboard a starship. It was strange. She always felt a bit behind most of the other crew members she served with, as if they had more of a pioneering spirit than she did. She was there to keep them whole, among other things.

Sometimes keeping them whole was a difficult job, and she forgot that she was also an explorer.

That was, until she was forced to spend too much time in one place. That's usually all it took for the explorer in her to come out.

The shuttle docked at the starbase Metatron and Amarante disembarked, walking towards the promenade. Entering the bar there with a few of Relentless crew members, she took a seat, ordering an Arcturian Fizz and laughing at a story one of her nurses told about having had too many Arcturian Fizzes once.

Even enjoying the company of her shipmates, Amarante's thoughts were distant. She could not quite shake the strange atmosphere of the castle, and her head was spinning from the whirlwind of activity. Liam's courtmartial trial, hearing how close the verdict had been, Xandir's amazing outburst.

She had seen the President's bodyguards moving towards him, and she had been terrified for him. They had moved like nothing she had ever seen, fluidy, graceful, faster than she could truly believe, and he had thrown them back like they were ragdolls. Amarante could still hear the female's snarls.

Then there had been the attempt on Scion's life, and the security lockdown that had followed.

Amarante shook her head, Lark was touching her hand gently, "Ama? Are you all right? You left us there for a minute."

Amarante smiled, a little embarassed. "Oh, I'm fine. A lot on my mind I suppose. It will be good to be back on the Relentless."

Posted by: Kaz Rein Jul 14 2006, 11:13 PM

When Kaz entered Starfleet Command, he was quickly greeted and assigned to the U.S.S. Relentless. Apparently, they had him in mind for the job for some time. The Admiral he had spoken to just happened to have found pleasure in surprising Kaz himself.

"Thank you, Admiral," Kaz said with more of a surprise to his new posting. It turned out he was to be Chief of Security and Tactical.

Admiral Parsons nodded, "I knew your father, Kaz. He was perhaps closest to me during his stay at Starfleet Command. He was an honourable man."

Kaz nodded. He had wondered who his father was always going on about at Starfleet Command, and it was now obvious that Parsons was responsible. Kaz smiled and shook his hand, then left the building. He made his way to a Shuttle Complex and boarded a Shuttle that would take him to Metatron Station.

It was at this station that Kaz would be directed to the Relentless. It was all just steps for him. He felt no apprehension, or hesitation for his first big promotion. Somehow all he seemed to be waiting for is what to do next. Maybe I just need to occupy my mind, Kaz wondered.

He got up and began forcefully jabbing his fists into the air. Keeping his body active, kept his mind active. It was through the practice of martial arts that he found a better understanding of the world. It was a year before he joined Starfleet Academy that he had completed his life-long training at the Temple. His father had gone through the same thing, and decided at a young age that Kaz would also.

Growing up, almost isolated from the rest of the world, Kaz came to learn creative and set ways to fight and meditate. It was a flowing martial arts that he'd gravitate towards, that would allow him to grow and take on skills his own father had understood. In time he'd pit these skills against some of the other students, and would prove himself to be quite good.

The Academy just embraced his already aquired understanding of movement and serenity, making it a bit easier on the Tactical side of things. During his time on the U.S.S. Centaur, he had learned how to fire phasers in space combat during the times when thier Chief Tactical officer was away.

Kaz jump-spun a kick around in a mere half a meter of distance and landed with two open palmed jabs in mid air. The inertial dampeners were slightly off, as he could tell by the end of this move. It was then he was finally able to admit a certain level of anticipation, or worry, of his new position - questioning if he'd do a good job at whatever mission he was going to be on.

The type-9 Shuttle-craft dropped warp and approached Metatron Station. He left, and took a bag with him inside. After speaking to a few Officer's he decided he would wait at the bar, where he had heard some of the other crew were. Kaz entered and ordered a drink, blending in easily into the background of the crew.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Jul 15 2006, 09:30 AM

Liam stood on the bridge, shortly having been transported aboard the Relentless. It smelt 'new' and looked clean and untouched.

She was fully operational and ready to go. Liam was however, still amazed that Xan was alive! There was simply no logical explanation for it. The Citadel had the crap blown out of it and more.

Right now, he didn't care too much about it either. What was important now was getting back to duty, seeking out new life and new civilizations and boldly going where they have all probably gone before.

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 18 2006, 11:19 PM

///Shuttle T'Pol\\\

Chris wasn't very happy about the instructions to be on board the Relentless, when he had much better command facilities on the Coronado-A. But arguing that point with the President had proven useless in the past, so there was little point in trying it now.

"Damnit," Chris said to himself, "perhaps I should have argues the point. Area 71 spared no expense in putting the command facilities together on the Coronado-A. I should have tried to tell her that, but as the Borg loved to put it, resistance is futile."

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Jul 19 2006, 02:44 PM

"Sir, Admiral Vickers incoming." The ensign currently stationed at the Conn reported.

Liam sneered, replying to her sarcastically, "Oh. Great. He does realise we're cloaked doesn't he? Idiot."

"Should I disengage the cloak sir?"

Xan stood and laughed, "No, let's see how long it takes him. His precious Coronado hasn't got a phase cloaking device. Let's see how the little bitch likes that."

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 19 2006, 07:14 PM

OOC: Last paragraph of previous post edited out. And FYI, yes it is equipped with a phase cloak. All A71 starships are.


Chris had come within visual of where the ship should be, but saw nothing. Must be cloaked, he thought. The oldest trick in the book.

He activated the comm and said, "Relentless, this is the shuttle T'Pol. Request that you disengage your cloaking device and allow me to board. I could make it an order, if you decide to play this gag on me any further."

Nice try, he mused to himself. God knows how many times I've pulled that stunt as the leader of A71 in my past.

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 20 2006, 10:48 AM

"Admiral, you are to disembark at the station and await until the Relentless is ready to Launch." Xan instructed, "I suggest you have your stuff sent Directly to the Relentless" he finished before closing the channel.

"Liam, My Ready Room, now" he said, he barged off into the lavish outter room of the Bridge.

He sat there, he knew more than he wanted too, he could still hear the thoughts of everyone around him, it plagued him night and day. The effects of which were starting to show on his face, he was looking tired and very uncomfortable, Liam entered just after Xan, "take a seat" he said. Liam did so, "Whats the problem, Xan?"

Xan handed him a very thin, very strong but expensive feeling padd to him, "Directly from the Agency" he said.

Liam read it, afterwards his only words were, "holy shit"

"My sentiments exactly. This must be kept quiet, we have our orders to follow for now, we are to proceed to the Assembly HQ"

"Captain?" Liam quizzed, Xan just shook his head.

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 26 2006, 06:30 AM

Chris followed the captain's directions, but before he left for the base, he bumped into Chris Knight III. He told him to give the Coronado clearance to depart, on the CIC's authority. They were to use the phase cloak the entire way, tracking the Relentless. As soon as he could afford the opportunity, he was going to disembark from the Relentless and board the Coronado, from where he'd make damned certain that the AoA paid for all of their crimes against the Federation, past AND present.

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 26 2006, 08:44 AM

A few hours later...

"Captain, everyone has reported aboard, we are ready to disembark"

"Excellent, Liam" he said, turning to helm, "Helm, Engage Phase Cloak, set course for the Base, the co-ordinates are already in the database. Enter Slipstream and engage the Radion Stealth Field."

"Aye Captain"

Liam looked at the Captain, "Whats the 'Radion Stealth Field', sir?"

"Part of the Cloaking Device is experrimental technology, it is used to fold space so we leave nothing of our presence, no noise, radiation. Nothing. Even out of cloak, we can be 'seen' with the naked eye, but not by sensors or a shps view screen. However, it has been tested and is fully functional, the only flaw is its ability to take its time to dis-engage, and we can't fire while its active."

"Impressive" he said, Xan nodded, "Quite, but if we are seen by the naked eye and we are fired on, we are screwed really"

"Good job the ship is cloaked" Liam laughed.

The ship shuddered slightly as it entered slipstream, "I'll be in my ready room if you need me" Xan stood up, just as he reached his door he turned to see the Commander in Chief enter the bridge, he continued in and closed the door.

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 26 2006, 11:30 PM

Chris was impressed with the phase cloak they were using, but wondered why A71 didn't get first crack at it like he was promised 15 years ago. Figuring some promises were made to be broken, he walked over to the tectical console and said, "Impressive device, Commander Gulliver. Can use the specs on it for the A71 engineers. They'd have a hayday with it."

"Don't think A71 is getting this," Liam said.

They were promised first shot at experimental technology...what the hell's going on? Chris thought.

"Oh well. I was an engineer myself in a past life," he jested. "Any chance you can give an old engine chief the specs?"

"That's not up to me, sir," Liam said.

"Okay, I can take a hint there," Chris said. He then positioned himself between the helm and ops consoles. "I put Chris Knight IV here to protect him from the ravages of those seeking to kill his father and his bloodline. He had just gotten married a month before that first mission the old version of this ship was on."

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 27 2006, 06:03 PM

Xandir had been informed of thier hour distance from the base, he had ordered the ship to leave the slipstream tunnel and continue in stealth mode towards the base at maximum impulse.

He stood from his chair, put himself right and exited the ready room. The Bridge looked as it always did, Liam was on the command chair, he went to stand but Xan shook his head, Where is he?
Quaters, resting
Makes a change, status?
Be there within the hour, sir

The telepathy ended, "If you need me, i'll be in Holodeck 1" he smiled and exited.

Entering the holodeck he punched in codes, the doors opened to reveal blackness, Xan walked into it as the doors closed. It was time he explored himself and his abilities.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Jul 28 2006, 12:01 PM

Amarante busied herself getting familiar with the very well appointed sickbay, feeling somewhat like a kid in a candy store. She could not have envisioned a more perfectly laid out or stocked sickbay had she tried.

Her staff was equally impressed. Amarante couldn't help but chuckle at their oohs and aahs, feeling very old suddenly, especially considering she was by far one of the youngest members of the medical staff. She settled down to work finally, going over the crew records, making annotations in the records of those few crew members she had flagged for follow up testing upon clearing them for duty.

It took her the better part of a day to update the medical records of the crew. Downloading the information onto a data PADD, she left sickbay, going to the bridge to deliver her report to the captain.

Xandir wasn't on the bridge though, and Amarante glanced to Liam curiously.

"In his ready room." The XO seemed to read her mind.

Amarante smiled, "Thank you sir." She stood outside the ready room, hearing the faint chimes that notified the captain of a visitor.

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 28 2006, 10:18 PM

Chris walked into his temporary office and knew something was missing...the place seemed empty to him. He then figured it out, and set the portrait of himself with his family on the desk. He knew that Brandon was a mere newborn, but his future was being written for him nonetheless. His mother was arguing the Vulcan Science Academy for him, but Chris knew that Brandon, once he was old enough, would be trying for Starfleet Academy, which at this point was being built in Colorado Springs. As he began to set up shop, his earcomm sounded with Don Farrels accessing the channel, saying, "USS Coronado is now en route. With any luck we'll beat the Relentless there."

He then looked at the coordinates prescribed by the President and noticed something: it was an existing Federation colony. He activated the comm and said, "Captain Nefzen, could you come to my office please? Something I would like to discuss with you that I'd rather not talk about over the intercom."

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 29 2006, 12:06 PM

Xandir recieved the call from the Admiral, =/\= "On my way, sir" =/\= he repled as he pulled the blade from the the skulls of 2 enemies before him, "Computer end program" he ordered and walked out of the holodeck. The Visage in front of him faded as he exited. He made his way to the temporary offices to which the Admiral had been allocated, Xandir's Yeoman come running to him, "Sir, this message has just come to the ship" he said, a little out of breath, "thanks" he smiled. Obviously he was the first on the ship to recieve the message, he glanced over it, "Oh good lord" he grunted, he handed the padd back, "Ensure this message is deleted, nobody and I mean nobody is to get thier eyes on it"
The Yeoman gave Xan a odd look, Secrecy is of the utmost importance Xan scanned his mind, the message had come from the secure channel he didn't want it too.

We have Code Hellbent imminent he felt his thoughts speed into his targets head, he knew they got the message.

He hit the chime on the door and entered after he was allowed access.

He walked in with his hands behind his back and a face showing the millions of thoughts running through his mind, "You wanted me, Admiral?"

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 30 2006, 12:22 AM

Chris picked turned the monitor on his desk to where Xan could see it. He then said, "Xan, I've just compared the data I've been receiving with the coordinates the President prescribed. The coordinates are an existing Federation colony. Stop me if I'm wrong, but would a detachment of Marines not be more suitable for this mission than bombarding innocent civilians with a barrage of quantum torpedoes?"


He then said, "Over channels only A71 has, I've alerted the Coronado and asked them to join us on this mission with a full Marine detachment in case something like this happened. What's your take on them being inside a colony where they're outnumbered by civilians nearly five million to one?"

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 30 2006, 05:36 AM

"Admiral, in my vast experience I have found marines to be clumsy. barbaric and to use the term loosly, useless. They do thier job, granted, but they do not have the finesse that is required to tackle such an infiltration, Marines are used, as i'm sure you aware, for takeovers, ground combat at its messiests."

"Over channels only A71 has, I've alerted the Coronado and asked them to join us on this mission with a full Marine detachment in case something like this happened. What's your take on them being inside a colony where they're outnumbered by civilians nearly five million to one?"

"Well first off, I was under the Impression the President wanted only us to go here, however that is your issue not mine. As for my take on the situation, You should know better, this Assembly are far more intelligent than you give them credit for. A Civilian Population is nothing too them, you should understand that better than anyone."

=/\= "Bridge to Captain Nefzen, we have arrived at the co-ordinates" =/\=

=/\= "That was fast" =/\=

=/\= "Aye, this ship isn't as slow as you would think" =/\=

=/\= "Very well, I'm on my way" =/\=

Xan cut the communication, "Appears we have arrived, if you will exscuse me, Admiral"

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 30 2006, 10:52 AM

The idea that they would take a location in the middle of a civilian city was something new to Chris, as in his experience with them, they hadn't been known to put innocents on the line like that. It was something of a credit to who usually led them, but this new leader didn't seem to give a damn. He was willing to engage in the midst of a civilian population, and quite possibly, use them as humanoid shields if the situation called for it. He got on the earcomm and thought into it, "Miller, this is Vickers. Alert the Thunderhawk and any other starship in A71TF1 to rendezvous here. And have them bring the best combat specialists on that base, as the Marines will need some backup."

The Thunderhawk and Kittyhawk launched side by side from the base, with a host of non-Federation starships in their wing. Just about every starship the Federation had come in contact with, save Delta-quadrant ships, were present in the fleet. All were carrying specialized infiltration units and the necessary robotics needed to begin such invasions.

Among them were one Klingon Negh'Vahr, one K'Vort, and one B'Rel class; two Tholian raiders; a Cardassian Galor-class battleship; a Romulan D'deridex type warbird, and a small handful of fighters with warp capability. Chris wanted the Assembly to know what happened when you tangled with the Federation and Area 71. All starships left cloaked, including the Coronado, which was still ten hours off at maximum warp.

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 30 2006, 07:16 PM

Xan entered the bridge, "Captain, there is a transmission comming through"

"On Screen" he said.

The screen showed a silhouette of a humanoid, when it spoke the voice was a-sexual, neither man nor woman, obviously distorted through the transmission.

"Federation Vessel, leave this space immediatly" it said.

Xan turned to Ops and Conn, they were trying to find out the voice,

"Who are you?" Xan asked.

"That is not your concern, Captain. Leave this space immediatly"

"You know we can't do that" he replied. He turned, both stations gave a negative.

"If I must, I shall destroy you"

"Who are you?" Xan asked again,

"I am the power behind this whole operation, I am the one who controls every string of every puppet."

As it said that, Chris entered the bridge,

"Okay, so your the leader of this group, but 'who' are you?" Xan persisted.

He was interrupted by Tactical, "Captain, we have a power surge heading this way"

"You know the drill" he replied, sure enough the Relentless dodged the bolt, it just skimmed the shields, "That was not very nice" Xan said, he turned to Tactical, "Any idea where that came from?"

"The Planet somewhere, I'm trying to find a precise location"

The figure spoke again, "You will find the weapon, but you will never find us"

Xan ordered the transmission cut, "Where was that comming from?"

"Sorry Captain, we have no link"

"Captain, 3 ships headed for us"


"Federation Alternate, orders?"

"Their status?"


"Very well, take them down. If its war they want, I shall bring the war to them"

Without effort or movement the Relentless released a barrage of torpedoes, they sored through space and slammed through the shields into the hulls of the 3 vessels, phasers sliced through thier shields then cutting the hull that hadn't been damaged, the ships exploded without firing a single weapon upon the Excalibur Class behmoth.

"Any enemy vessels, destory them, show no mercy as they showed our people none"

Suddenly Xan stood in a white abyss, nothing before him, nothing after him but a brilliant white light, he looked around but saw only this brightness, "Xandir, the time is nearing, you know your duty to us, you have a debt to repay" He went to turn to face the voice, but he felt somene's back against his, they were stronger than he and they refused to move. "You know who we are, you can't forget. Your new gifts will allow you to fulfil your debt to us and save what you hold most dear too you"

His eyes showed him the bridge of the Relentless, Everyone seemed to be fussing over him, "Back off!" he roared, everyone around him, Liam, Chris, Lladro all seemed to be knocked back by an unseen force, "I'll be in my ready room, Liam you have the bridge" without another word he entered his room and sealed the door.

His Judgement Day had arrived after so many years, what would his course of action be?

Posted by: Chris Vickers Jul 30 2006, 09:15 PM

As the weapons struck, Chris said, "That weapon seemed awful familiar. Tactical, scan for a protomatter signature. If I'm right, I've seen and wrecked a cannon like that before. There's something awfully familiar about that cannon they're using, and a weakness to it."

Posted by: Xandir Nefzen Jul 31 2006, 05:51 PM

Xan exited his ready room, Chris was sitting next to Liam, "Admiral" he greeted as he took his seat, the Relentless had only taken very minor damage, shields mostly. The Vessels they sent had been buglike to the Size of the Excalibur Class.

"Report" he ordered.

"Sir, everything reports fully functional" Came Helm

"Fully Operational, Captain" Security and Tactical had always been good for Xan, maybe because he chose the best for the job.

Every station reported in 100% or fully operational.

"Tactical, whats our status"

"Sir, we have replicated a full barrage of our arsenal, we are ready when you are"

"Very well, take us into low orbit of the planet" he ordered. The Deaths of the civilians were not worth the destruction of the Assembly, but Xandir had had his eyes opened in the last few months, especially on the Planet of Life. "Avalon showed me something bigger, may these souls forgive me" he said, "Ready all weapons" he said.

As the Relentless cruised towards the planet the Dark figure appeared on screen again, "Fools" it said, in the same sexless voice, "You honestly think we are on the planet?" it started to laugh.

As the ship cruised steadily towards the M Class planet, several Warships De-cloaked in front of them, a Behmoth Class vessel directly behind the Relentless.

Xandir ordered full stop, "What the...?" he roared. He had totally missed them, how could he miss those? HE should have heard them, felt them, he should have knew they were there. Xandir, Liam, Lladro, Chris and other Bridge Crew were transported off the Relentless.

Blenhell - Capital Vessel-

They all stood in an ampitheatre, around them on every level stood guards in white, brilliant white. The Lionsbane Crest was embossed behind the dark figure. There in front of them was a throne, in it the figure who had contacted them sat, arms in an archway. The Lionsbane Crest glowed, enshrouding the person from all light.

Beside the throne stood two creatures, their wings were the prominant things about them, they too were black fron the front. One seemed to have angel-like wings, the other had leathery batlike wings. They were obviously the Bodyguards of whomever sat in that throne.

Chris barged forward, the Guards around them moved quickly, Chris could feel the weapons aimed on him, "Who are you?!" he roared.

"You know who I am, Mr Vickers, You have always known who I am" the laugh broke the sexless tone, it was female. The Lights came forth a little, "I am the one who commands you, I am the one you serve, I am the one you vowed to give your life for!"

"Scion!" he gasped. The lights continued to become brighter, and there she stood in her glory, Scion Lionsbane.

Posted by: Scion Lionsbane Jul 31 2006, 05:52 PM

"Oh your not the Man I thought you were" she spat, "You couldn't even figure it out" she shook her head and walked towards him. On her robes her rank was displayed within the family, 1 single gold pip with the platinum star embossed over it covered in a golden square. She was the first in the stepping stones to the Agency.

"I played you both off against each other, and you never got it! The Agency sat back and watched as we played this little game of power struggles. The Assembly was not originally ours, but once our agents infiltrated and killed the origianl leaders, placing these..." her arm spread out to the winged creatures beside her, then to the guards everywhere, "we were unstoppable, their memories and plans were ours, but we had the power to bring the Federation to its knee's"

"Why, you are the President?!"

"Oh you just dont get it, do you?" she hissed, "The Federation was never to succumb to Assembily Power, no, it was for show, to bring out our true enemies, and to which point it has." Behind her displayed the ongoing battle between Agency vessels and another race, "They have dogged us since 2185, President Archer had a lot to answer for" she spat. The other vessels were doing some damage to the Agency ships, "They were formed to combat us, to ensure we stayed in line and followed the Federation, but oh how little they know" she continued, everyone had been brought to their knee's, "Lionsbane has existed for over five thousand years, we answer to nobody, we never have. We were there at the birth of Rome, we funded it! we were there at the fall of Troy, the Birth of the Roman Catholic Empire, we were at every major and minor historical event. We were the ones who ensured the American Colonies gained independance from the British Empire. We are major players in this galaxy, Mr Knight" she continued, "And these fools dare to challenge us, but oh they have not seen our new weapon" she laughed. Just as she said that the opposing vessels seemed to burn, not explode, not implode, but simply turn to ash. There in the very core of the battle was a small disklike object, "Solar Plexus" he have named it, it produces enough power to consider itself a star going Nova. The Shockwave devistates everything that has not attuned to its temporal frequency" she grinned as the vessels burned away to nothing, "These are the first to die, Admiral" she said, "But you refused to ... "she stopped, one of the winged creatures whispered in Scion's ear, "It seems your Area 71 has arrived, Chris. Of course, with our help" she laughed.

The 3d image of the sector showed the Area 71 vessels comming in, both cloaked and de-cloaked vessels, "I had them created to aid the Federation when the Agency was no longer here, but they have grown far far too ... similar" she said.

"ENOUGH!" the voice roared over the room, Scion dropped to her knee's. "Scion, you have been pissing around far too long, I'm taking over this personally" the voice commanded. It seemed to strike fear into everyone's hearts, even that of chris. It seemed to be comming from everywhere, but distorted.

Xandir, Liam and Amarante stood and walked towards Scion, "You have done your duty" Xandir said, she rose from her feet, off the ground, Xandir had complete control over her. "You have disgraced the Family" he said, before she slammed into the throne and then hit the very centre of the Lionsbane Crest. There she remained, pinned. Liam and Lladro vanished for a moment, only to return wearing a uniform of Black Leather trousers, a PVC looking top and body hugging leather trench coat, on the collars of the shirt was pinned 5 pips of gold and plantinum, without the gold bars. Xandir wore the same, however his clothes merely changed, he controlled them at the sub-atomic level. He was now concentrating on fighting Scion as she struggled to release herself from her fate.

The crew on the floor of the Ampitheatre seemed to flee, chris jumped to the first step. Though the guards ensured he stayed exactly where he landed.

5 stone claws rose through the metal, each one carved with runes and symbols which had been lost in time.
Each one crackled with energies, as the final one hit its peak they released their energy into the very core. There stood a familiar figure.

The boots were heavy and thick, they hit metal with a force, the clothes were black leather, tight, revealing the pure toned muscles. Every inch was black, the coat was similar to those Xan, Liam and Amarante wore. However, this one had the ranks on the shoulders. On each one it had 5 Pips embossed with plantinum stars, they were surrounded by a gold rectangle. The Coat flowed effortlessly down to his feet, His hair was black, but his eyes had never changed, they were as bright blue as the skies over Earth.

"I'll finish this" he said, passing everyone. The Guards bowed as he came close to them. Xandir brought her down to the 5 Star Admiral-Generals feet, "Arkarious, NO!" she screamed. He gripped her shoulders and picked her up, without even putting effort into it, "You have disgraced us, You were to become one of the greatest of us, but you had to let your love of people and life get in the way, you had to play this little game, you have only yourself to blame. I'll see you in Avalon"
As he continued that sentence, his tone got more aggressive, filled with hate and anger. He thrust her up into the air, he grabbed his sword and went to work.

To the guards they saw everything as if in slow motion, her lifting into the air, but still the movement of the blade was a blur to them. To the human officers behind everything happened so fast.

What fell to the floor was nothing but slime, her head hit with a thud and splatterd into the mess.

Arkarious turned, "As for you" he said to chris. The blood on his sword still dripping, "You are not fullfilling your duty" Arkarious started his way over to Chris. The boots echoing a thud each time he placed a foot down. Chris grabbed a weapon from his back and shot at Arkarious, who dodged the blast. Chris was taken by the guards, he struggled but to no avail. "Your duty is to RUN the Starfleet branch of the Federation, not to go piss farting around the galaxy in your own personal crusier acting like a god, you stand before a god as you breathe now, and you are only mortal, old friend." The viewscreen showed the Area 71 fleet surrounding the Agency Vessels, they out numbered the Agency 3 to 1.

"Is there anything you would like to say too them?" Arkarious said, but he didn't give chris enough time to answer, "I give you your only option. Return to the Federation and run starfleet as you are meant too. As of this moment, Area 71 no longer exists" as he said that, the image of the fleet showed each of the Area 71 vessels implode. "Scion's will no longer extends to protection of the 71... ah but your thinking of the bases you have" Arkarious laughed, "Xandir, show him" he barked.

Xan entered Chris' mind. Xan grabbed Chris' soul and they seemed to speed through the galaxy, there they were outside the Area 71 Main base, it floated in ruins, the planets around it were nothing but new asteroids.

"Gone, we ensured othing would survive. As for your 'friend' from the future" Arkarious had him brought forward, "We got a hold of him" he turned around and took off his head, "And that is what happens to those who violate the Timelines without consideration of the courses of Action"

Posted by: Cruorem Induco Jul 31 2006, 05:55 PM

She watched from the shadows as Scion gave her speach, then as Arkarious returned. Her heart fluttered at the sight of him. She loved him dearly, she adored him. She was not the only one, but she felt something towards him.

As Scion died, she watched as he turned his attention to the Commander in Chief of Starfleet. Induco had tried to warn him, but he would not listen.

The destruction of the Area 71 had been her task, to ensure every base had been found, every ship had been conveyed to this point, those that had not would meet the same fate as the rest at the same time, Warships had been dispatched to ensure the inevitable removal of Area 71 from history.

Khan Lionsbane, the 4 Star Admiral General stood next too her, his task had been to get the Time Fugitive. Khan had been enbued with the ability to travel through time. But his time was nearly up, he had gotten old with each travel, but this final one had taken it out of him.

They watched as Vickers took a shot at Arkarious, but watched in amazment as he subtly dodged it.

It had been quite some time since Arkarious had been seen. It was rumoured he was dead, but that had just been proven wrong. From what they gathered, Tarquin had passed everything too him, they knew of Tarquin's plans to remove himself from the monotony of existance, to be reborn as a mortal without knowledge of his former life. The Family had said no, but they could not stop him.

Arkarious had given something to Chris, not only had he spared his life, he had given him something to search for. It was time for the Federation to enter a state of peace. Arkarious had promised 20 years of no threats against the Federation, no power in the galaxy would come up to the Federation in that time. A new President had already been appointed, Dorcas Sacord. Scion's Presidential Aid. This was to cover the absense of the Vice President and the President, until the new elections in 2 years.
Induco listened into the conversation;

"You have 20 years of peace, Mr Knight. However you use those 20 years We do not care. You have a new President, Dorcas Sacord. You are to convey with her, but nothing we have done here is to ever leave your mind or your mouth. Any record of this, you will end up in Avalon at some point and we will be waiting.
20 Years, Mr Knight, 20 years of pure peace"

Induco watched as Chris vanished. The Crew of the Relentless vanished also, but Xandir, Liam and Lladro still remained.

Arkarious turned to them all, "Now we leave"
Everyone knew where they were headed, this galaxy was beyond redeption, but there were others who cired for the Agency.

[ooc; as of this moment all the characters associated with the Agency are removed from the simm. I have little time to spend simming anymore and must concentrate on my own, Enjoy the fleet and boards, I wont remove them.]

Posted by: Kaz Rein Today, 09:14 AM

Kaz watched in horror at what had been going on. He and the crew were transported back aboard the Relentless, where he found that he was back on the Bridge.

"Where's the Captain?" Kaz asked, but found that only the Flag Admiral was there.

"He hasn't been transported back," Chris replied.

It was then Kaz checked the Tactical console. Sensors indicated that the small disc-like object in space was dormant. The Solar Plexus had done what it was meant to do.

"Sir," Kaz said. "I'm detecting the canon from the surface."

"That's impossible," the Admiral said. "I thought we were hit by the Blenhell? Maybe they used the canon on the surface."

"There are no signs of the enemy anywhere," Kaz said. "But the Canon is still active... I think it's on some kind of autopilot."

"Take us down to the surface and open fire at it," Chris ordered to both the Helm and Tactical.

The Relentless shot down into the atmosphere and began flying over the surface of the planet. Not too far off in the distance was the large Canon. It was arching around and aiming at the Relentless. The Helmmen quickly jerked the Starship upwards, as a blast from the Canon was shot at them.

The pulsating energy shot passed and flew off into the sky.

Kaz locked onto the Canon and fired the torpedoes into it. But the impacts were barely audible. Each hit caused minor damage to the Canon.

"That thing... is powerful," Kaz said.

"It must be reinforced with another energy," Chris said. "Ops, see if you can decode it using this..." he went over to a console and tapped some commands in.

As the Relentless sped around and dodged two more blasts at close range, the codes were sent over. For a moment, it looked like the Canon struggled, but after that it just reasserted itself. "Damn!"

"Wait... I have an idea," Kaz said, thinking on his toes.

The Relentless arched back towards the sky and shot passed the Canon. It flew out the atmosphere and into space, where it came near the Solar Plexus. The small disc in space was just sitting there.

Kaz locked a tractor beam onto it and dragged it along with the Relentless. The starship then dove back towards the planet and down into the atmosphere.

As the ship was passing over the Canon, Kaz dropped the tractor beam and allowed the momentum to carry the Solar Plexus into the Canon. The disc impacted on the Canon, causing a huge explosion.

The Relentless flew around and sped back toward space as the explosion followed and died out. The ship returned to orbit and Kaz let go a sigh of relief.
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