SimWorld Fleets: USS Yamato: Mission 4: The Q factor

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SimWorld Fleets - 2385 _ Starfleet Command _ Mission 4: The Q factor
Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Nov 28 2006, 05:34 PM
Okay begin where we left off. Let me say one thing. Starfleet Command is more do it yourself type of simm. Yes we may have some missions in between, but as a rule we do more on our own. We have more subplots than anything. This current mission is a joint mission with the Yamato crew, so I'd like everyone to post here and there for continuality. They also will be starting a new mission some time today.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Nov 28 2006, 11:27 PM
The wine was brought out and was poured, Jenn took a taste and it was wonderful, She could drink wine but not alot and would not. Mark looked handsome and smelled good. Jennifer could fall in love with Mark but She wanted to see where He wanted this to go. Mark was a nice guy and She liked Him alot, found Him charming and quite interesting.

"Mark, tell Me about Yourself." She said.

Mark sat and thought a moment.

"Well i'm a career man. Been in the fleet since I was 18." Mark said taking a sip of his wine.

Jenn took a sip Herself "I see, what do You like to do in your offtime " She asked.

"Well, most of the time I play music in the halodeck when there is one available. Besides that I usually find a place with a good bartender and a friendly atmosphere." Mark said smiling.

"I would love to hear You play? What instrument do You play? " She asked?

"Mostly string instruments and a little piano. Mainly I stay with a six string acoustic guitar." Mark said taking another sip of wine.

"I see. Guitars have a nice sound its been quite awhile since I heard one." She said.

"Not many people play them anymore. It's a lost skill and art." Mark said setting his glass back on the table.

Jenn crossed her legs showing a little skin.Salad was brought to the table and Their orders were taken. Jenn asked for sweet tea as well.

Mark ate some of his salad. He wasn't worried about that. He was more interested in the beautiful young lady in front of him.

"But enough about me. Tell me about you." Mark said setting his salad bowl aside.

"Well, I'm not originally from the trill home planet. I'm originally from Earth. My parents were ambassadors to the Trill home planet and due to my high scores inm school. I asked to go thru the ritual, at first I was denied till they looked at my scores in High school. I went thru the rituals and passed every test and was excepted." She said.

"I see. How did you like it?" Mark asked.

"It was the hardest damn thing i have ever done in My life but I would not give it up for anything in the world especially since My symbiont is new He has no past to remember." She said.

"That would be a plus." Mark said taking another sip of wine.

"Mark, I love to sing and I play the Piano, maybe we could play together sometime." She said smiling and finished Her glass. Mark started to refill it and jenn stopped Him. "Save it, I' ll have some later." She said.

"Ok. As far as the offer i'd be delighted to have one of such majesty join me." Mark said setting the wine back in the chill.

Dinner was served and Jenn enjoyed his company. "I got into starfleet in the medicval area mostly because I love to help people and hate to see anyone in pain." She said.

"I had many diffrent motives myself. Some not so.....tasteful."Mark said evaluating his words.

"I see, You said You were married before, what happened to Her may I ask?" She said.

"She left me. For another man. A civilian of all things. Some of the assignments I was sent on weren't the best thing to take a spouse with you on." Mark said answering truthfully.

Jenn smiled and thought to Herself. Mark maybe the one I'm looking for and visa versa. She finished Her dinner and patted Her mouth and sat the napkin back down on Her lap.

"I'm an only Child and My parents are both alive and retired. I do keep in contact with Them. Mom keeps bugging Me wondering when I will find that right Guy." She said laughing.

Mark smiled.

"Today maybe you lucky day." Mark said chuckling trying to avoid the parent subject.

Jenn blinked and smiled. "Ooo, can You tell the future?" She asked smiling.

Mark laughed. "No, but I make a mean cup of coffee that won't stop." He said still laughing at his own joke.

"Sounds good to me, how bout when We finish." She said.

"Where would you like to go?" Mark asked.

"You are the driver surprise Me." She said.

"Hmm. Where shall we go." Mark said aloud.

The waitrress came back to see if They wanted dessert and Jennifer shook Her head that She was just fine.

"No thank you maam. Charge the meal and all arrangements to my account." Mark said.

"Lets go while the night is young." Mark said extending his hand to her and standing.

"The food was Very Good and the flowers are a nice touch and Thank You."She said.

On the way out a man ran up to them and started talking in French.

"Ok, Piere. Slow down. The food was great. Just calm down. I'll see if I can pull some strings." Mark said.

The little french men turned and went back to the Kitchen. Mark turned to Jenn. "Sorry, he's kinda a fruit loop." Mark said smiling.

Jenn nodded. "I understood what He was saying, my french maybe a little rusty but I understood Him." She said.

"How abou that coffee." Mark said gently holding her hand and leading her out to the car. As she got in he gently kissed her hand. "I hope you enjoy this evening and any other time we spend together."

"Sounds good to me. I xcan handle that." She said. She giggled to his Kiss of Her hand. She sat down in the passengers seat and he closed the door the seatbelt wrapped around Her and She straightened the skirt part of Her dress.

Mark drove toward the river. Soon coming up on a little out of the way coffee shop right on the river.

Getting out and walking through they went to the back patio terrace overlooking the river.

He pulled out the char for Her and She sat down and He sat down as well. "This is nice, the sea air smells so good." She said.
He signalled for the waiter to bring two coffee's. Mark adjusted his chair and scooted beside Jennifer.

"A friend of mine owns this shoppe. This deck is for his personal use. He lets me use it when I wish." Mark said smiling.

Jenn turned to him and smiled, She felt heat rising slightly in Her cheeks. "I see thats good We have some privacy then." She said.

"The rivers beautiful with the moon light shining across it and the lights of the old golden gate bridge." Mark said putting his arm around her.

Jennifer scooted closer and laid Her Head on His shoulder. She had not felt this way in a long time and did not want the night to end.

The coffee's were brought to them and the cream and suger condoments left on the table.

"I'm not a bad person. Just one that's misunderstood." Mark said softly.

"I see, and handsome and You smell good as well." She said.

Mark Chuckled.

They drank there coffee's. He could tell she was getting tired.

Jenn drank Her coffee with cream and suger in it, She yawned and was feeling tired.

Mark checked his Chronometer. It was getting late. He thought he would make a joke.

"Your place or mine." He said chuckling.

Jenn looked at Him. "You feeling frisky tonight?" She said giggling.

"Could be, or I don't want to let you out of my sight." Mark said chuckling.

Mark laughed. "Lets go back to my place for a little bit." He said standing.

Jenn stood and followed Him back to the car and got in after He opened the door and closed it once she was settled.

Mark got in and they chatted while he drove back to his place.

"I'll tell ya what why don't we spend the night here and get comfortable around each other. We don't have to do anything tonight. I just want to be with you" Mark said as they got out to the car and headed upstairs to his apartment.

Jenn smiled. "Im ok however You feel is fine with Me." She said.

Mark opened the door and turned on the lights allowing Jennifer to look around.

JP between Jennifer and myself.

Posted by: Vinnie Nov 29 2006, 10:45 PM
Vinnie sat in His temporary quarters and checked the news on the network. Everything was quiet which was good. He was worried about His Captain and hoped She would be ok. He drifted off to sleep and woke up with a start when He heard His door chime. He walked to the door and the door opened outside stood the Dr.

"Hey, I thought You might have forgotten about Our dinner date and You wouldn't answer Your commbadge." She said.

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep and awoke when I heard the door chime. Come on in let Me get a shower and I will be right with You." He said.

The Dr came in and Vinnie went into the bedroom area and got out of His uniform. He had brought a bag from the Ship of clothes just in case. He took a shower and dried off and shaved and got dressed. He walked out of the bedroom and the Dr was patiently waiting for him. They left and went to where the aircars were. He requested one and They left and headed into town and found a nice restaurant, parked the car and went inside and were seated.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Dec 4 2006, 04:29 AM
When it was time for dinner, Alex walked to Vinnie’s quarters and chimed. She walked in and found that he had fallen asleep so he was not ready. She let him get in the shower and get ready while she waited on him.
She couldn’t exactly let him go without taking a shower. Now that gross especially if he hasn’t showered in days, but she didn’t think he hadn’t but then she really didn’t know him very well.

Before she knew it, he was ready and they went to see the town of San Francisco. The first thing of all is that they were going to get dinner together. Alex knew that he was a nice person after all as most of the people she has worked with in Starfleet with.

They walked into the restaurant and were seated rather quickly. They sat down and Alex looked through the menu.

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Posted by: April Dec 4 2006, 04:42 AM
It was getting rather late but she wanted to make a last check on Dianna before she left for the night. April walked into her room and looked in on Dianna. Dianna looked nice and peaceful sleeping. The less she has to worry about the better, she thought. April looked at Dianna stats and everything looked good to her. In the morning she would check and see if Dianna would be able to walk or she’d have to wait. It all depends on if the bones were healed up enough for Dianna to even attempt to walk. She would never do anything to harm her patients.

April then let the night staff know what was going on and then she headed out for the night. She headed to her apartment. She was exhausted as she had a long day. She had a light supper and then headed off to bed.

Posted by: Andrea Torres Dec 4 2006, 04:55 AM
Andrea was worried about her sister. Andrea wanted to run to her sister and tell her everything was going to be okay, but Melissa had to tell her to chill out and let Dianna be but how can she when she’s her sister and she would do anything for Dianna. Yes Dianna drove her nuts, but she loved her with all her heart. She knew Melissa was right. If Melissa was not so close to Dianna, she’d call her on being uncaring and wouldn’t understand what she was feeling. Melissa and Dianna were more like sisters than cousins. They were in fact the best of friends and Andrea knew that.

Melissa had Andrea sit down as Melissa handed her some food for dinner that Melissa replicated from the replicator. They had a long day and Andrea knew that they’d have another long day the next day. Melissa had to eat early as she had another appointment with the doctor in the morning. Andrea knew that Melissa was dreading it but as Melissa had been sick recently she needed a full workup.

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Posted by: Rune Dec 4 2006, 01:54 PM
Rune walked down the corridors of Starfleet Command. He found that the place was as clean and white as most Starfleet ships. He entered his temporary Quarters and found that his cousin was already in there, messing around on the computers.

"What are you doing here?" Rune asked.

Toca shook his head at his console, "Nothing apparently. I don't have much access to the computers at all!"

"That's because no one trusts you, Toca."

The Ferengi turned away from the computer system, "Trust me? I should be the Ferengi they trust the most. Most of our kind cheat and steal from these Humaans. But have I ever done that? Have I ever cheated and stolen?"

"What about that Foods and Goods transfer with the Human family known as the Carmine's?"

Toca waved his hands, "Bah. They had it coming! They were stealing themselves. And where are they now? In Federation prison. Well, at least the father is. I think his kids are sick or something."

"From the food, Toca," Rune reminded him.

The Ferengi laughed, "Ha! Oh yeah. I poisoned that, didn't I?" There was a pause as Rune gave him a disapproving look. "Like I said, they deserved it! That family has been swindling aliens on the market for decades! His children were just an unfortunate accident. Besides, that's my only folley. Other Ferengi have done much worse for profit. Does exterminating an entire wildlife species ring any bells?"

Rune finally gave in, remembering, "Yeah, yeah - Uncle Sabor."

"And killing people for profit?"

Rune nodded to this aswell, "Third Cousin Telsa." He then paused. "Wait. He's barely related to us!"

"Either way, it gets to the point I'm trying to make."

The Exchange officer shook his head at this, "I was the one making the point!"

"No one wants to hear your 'point's Rune. Besides, mine is much better. Which is that you still are required by Ferengi law to make at least a little bit of profit somewhere."

Rune outstretched his arms, "There's no law requiring that!"

"There is if you're on Exchange from a Ferengi Marauder! Didn't we have this conversation already? You said Starfleet acknowledged this and allowed you permission to make a minimal amount of profit."

The Ferengi then dropped his arms, giving in to his cousin for the second time, "Right right. But as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties."

"Well the way I see it.... you're off duty! So get the hell out there and make some business deals. You're on Earth now!"

Rune crossed his arms, "Earth has no money."

"You know as well as I do that that's not true. You just have to look hard. There are business owners here that work for money. Now go! Get out!"

He looked at his cousin, "These are my quarters!"

"You haven't slept in them yet. I have! Now go." Toca pushed Rune out the door in haste. "And don't worry, I'll clean up your coffee table of all the tube grubs when I have time. --I probably won't have time."

Rune turned, "But---", when the door closed on him. Rune shrugged and decided to leave Starfleet Command and go outside.

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Posted by: Q Dec 4 2006, 02:35 PM
Unknown Location

Q tapped her fingers against the table impatiently. Q had told her to come here, but why? She sighed and sat down in a chair and looked around. There was a momentary increase in dislocation of space and another figure was in the room. “About time you showed up. I’ve been waiting for you for over fifteen minutes!” She snapped.

“Now missy, you need to learn some patience. Maybe I should strip you of powers for a little while and let you stay among humans. Now THAT is testing patience!” Q answered her.

Q narrowed her eyes at Q. “What do you want?” She asked in a demanding tone.

“I’ve been told by the hierarchy to let you know of their disapproval of your actions on Taurus.” Q responded. He waved his hand nonchalantly.

Q laughed. “They had that coming! It’s no worse than what you did to humans so many years ago!” She continued to laugh.

Q raised his eyebrows but there was a prideful gleam in his eyes. “Indeed. But nevertheless, they want you to do something good for the evil that you spread.”

Q suddenly stopped laughing and stood, knocking her chair over. “You’re joking!”

“Calm yourself my dear.” Q told her. “Never lose your cool. They love spreading destruction over us as we do over defenseless planets.”

“Yes. That’s why they send us to be messengers.” Q grumbled softly while thinking. She suddenly gained a grin. “Thank you for the message, Q.”

Q gave her a knowing smile. “Whatever helps you, my dear.” He gave a bow and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Q began thinking over the newly sprung idea that would provide her next enjoyment while doing as she was ordered. She walked around the table. “Something good for something evil. Both intertwine so easily. Something learned even if learned by means of ill can be good. are a genius.” She said to herself then disappeared along with the room that merely existed because she made it so.

Posted by: Vinnie Dec 5 2006, 11:34 PM
Vinnie had been woken by the door chime and He looked at the chronometer on the wall and realized the time. He got up and knew it was the Dr and opened the door.

"Hi, I fell asleep,. Come on in and i will go grab a quick shower and We can go from there." He said.

"Ok." Alex said.

Vinnie went into His bedroom and got undressed and took a shower and shaved. He got dressed and walked back out into the livingroom and smiled at the Dr. They left and headed into San Francisco and went to a restaurant and were seated. they were given menus, water and silverwear. He looked over His menu and peeked over the menu at the Dr, when She looked up He looked back down. She was very beautiful and He liked Her.

"Dr, How is Melissa doing. I'm worried about Her?" He asked.

"Commander, could We talk about something besides work?" She asked.

"Sure, calle Me Vinnie please." He said.

"Ok Vinnie call Me alex." She said with a smile.

The waitress walked up and took their orders and brought them both something to drink.

"Alex, tell me about Yourself if You wouldn't mind?" He asled.

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Posted by: Casper Nova Dec 6 2006, 11:22 AM
| Starfleet Command
| Security Office

Casper sat at his desk filing reports and so on into his terminal while awaiting his assistant chief to turn up for their appointment. They were to discuss the department and other issues on Earth then across the Federation. What could be keeping him? Casper wondered as he looked at the chronometer.

Double posted, SFC and Yamato

Posted by: Vessik Dec 6 2006, 07:36 PM
Richard Dyke frowned at the report in front of him. It was his bad luck to inherit something like this, he thought. It wasn't enough for his legs to be destroyed, or for their repair to more or less fail, or for him to get landed in some office. No, now he got to read about the latest little skirmish which would probably require long - no, endless - political busywork which Richard Dyke should never need be made privy to. According to the report, some neo-barbarianistic world in an isolated star system had managed to discover the secret to warp drive. They were even more insane than some of Earth's old religious fanatics, and apparently, when they first saw Starbase 481, they had decided to destroy what they termed 'the godless abomination of the evil one.' The Marines stationed on Starbase 481 had been able to fend off the attackers, but many people had been killed, and the Marines didn't stop after they had beaten back the attackers. No, they had kept at it, and what began as a battle turned into a massacre. Only a handful of wounded survivors had been left alive for the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps to interview and attempt to make something work after that disasterous first contact scenario. And it was Richard Dyke's job to talk with the surviving Marines, and the JAG officials in charge of civilian lawsuits (both those who opposed the massacre of the attackers and those who wished their relatives hadn't died), and possibly even the Ambassadors and other members of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. It was a very messy problem, and Richard Dyke hadn't become a Marine to play the political game. On the other hand, some had it worse than others...

...and the one who had it much, much worse than Richard Dyke was Colonel Vessik. Before him, on three separate viewscreens, were Bethany Hill, the Diplomatic Corps attache to the Marine Corps in this particular case, Captain James Tressel, the senior surviving Marine officer from Starbase 481, and the elderly but still potent Hillary Candless, the JAG official in charge of overseeing the many court cases.

"I think it is obvious," said Hill in a very annoying tone, "that the late Major Sorrensen made a fatal mistake in failing to call back his troops. They had already routed the Letharians, and the best thing to have done at that point would have been to re-organise and offer aid to any injured."

Captain Tressel was practically shaking in rage, but Vessik had (thankfully) been able to speak with the man before the four-way meeting. Still, Tressel was growing dangerously, and Vessik's teeth were clenched in a rare display of intense anger. "Hindsight is twenty-twenty, Miss Hill," he practically spat. "But you will keep quiet when it comes to questioning Major Sorrensen's actions, or you will be replaced. You do not posses the required skills to evaluate the military situation as it stands, and you certainly do not posses the required skills or knowledge to evaluate the military situation now." Vessik barely managed to avoiding indicating Hill's lack of intelligence as well. "It is your job to asses the diplomatic situation and begin peace negotiations with the Letharians before this gets out of hand. I will inform you of what the Marine Corps feels the military situation is."

"Colonel Vessik is correct in his statement," interjected Candless. "And I may add, Miss Hill," she said in a dry voice, "that you have not made yourself very popular."

Hill assumed a dignified, hurt expression, and then sniffed. "Fine. I won't bother with the petty details. But the point remains that the actions of Major Sorrensen had resulted in a diplomatic crisis."

"It was the initial attack by the Letharians which triggered the crisis, Miss Hill," replied Candless calmly. "Now be quiet. Vessik, what is your opinion on our course of actions?" Hill gaped, astonished that the JAG official had so flagrantly discarded her. But none of the other three were very concerned with Hill, although they were more than a little upset.

"I believe that Major Sorrensen acted as best he could, under the circumstances," replied Vessik promptly. "It was not his fault that Commodore Harris failed to raise shields before the enemy was too close for it to make a difference. He did all he could to neutralise the hostiles, and his time of death is very close to the time it became apparent that the enemy was being beaten. Furthermore, it is uncertain that he was even aware of the fact, as he was in no ideal position from which to direct such a battle. Anyone who wishes to file lawsuits cannot do so against the Marine Corps. Sorrensen was repelling the enemy within half a minute of their boarding, and it is not his fault he was so outnumbered, or that Commodore Harris allowed the enemy into such close range before raising defenses. Additionally, I strongly adivse the Letharians be punished, politically at the very least, for their unprovoked attack. I will also personally make sure that Major Sorrensen is honored for his efforts."

Tressel wore a grim smile which seemed to shift into a scowl whenever he looked at Hill, and she in turn seemed both horrified and disgusted with Vessik. Candless smiled. "Thank you, Vessik. Is there anything you'd like to say, Miss Hill?" She was careful to keep her vocie neutral. Hill shook her head wordlessly. "Very good. I'll keep all of the civies I can off your back, Vessik, but you may need to speak in one or two especially extreme cases. I'll notify you if that's the case. Candless out."

Hill had already signed off without another word, and Tressel smiled his first true smile. "Thanks, sir," he said. "I'm sorry about the... well, you know..." he trailed off and sighed.

Vessik's smile was more grim. "Don't worry about me, Captain. You are about to find yourself in very hot water, despite the fact you did everything right. Idiots like Hill are going to be waiting for any excuse to make you look like the 'bad guy.' But I'll try and find you some newsies who aren't so far out. Hurry home, Captain."

"I will, sir," promised Tressel. "Tressel out."

Posted by: Mark Nelson Dec 6 2006, 08:06 PM
Previous Night

Mark woke up early with a message from SFC. It was about 2:30. Jennifer was sleeping soundly next to him. He got up and dressed quickly. Leaving a message for Jennifer on the nightstand beside the bed. He was needed urgently. There was a problem with the security lockouts. Making the heating and cooling units of the building kick in and out. They needed him to come straighten out the security side of it so engineering could go back in and fix it.

Next Morning

Mark was in one of the Atmospheric Control Closets in the maintenance area of SFC.

"Now son don't you need to calm down. Put the phaser on the floor and kick it away. This isn't what you want besides. Life on the Pluto prison colony is ranked at being pretty bad. Time there is hard time. If you just stop now we can make it to where it's not so bad." Mark said sweating.

"I want the security lockouts now. I don't want any guff. I don't want any excuses I want them now. You've been over SFC Security for a short while. The computer will recognize you. Just give them to me and I won't have to hurt you." He said gripping the phaser even tighter.

"The only lockouts I have is for lower level security functions. Like this atmospheric cooling unit for the buildings and other non-essential systems. You won't get very far with them." Mark said trying to distract the young man from his mission.

"Your lying!!!!!!!!!!" The young man yelled at him and shot his phaser. "I'll make you talk. Whether you like it or not!!!!!!!!" He yelled again shooting the same arm twice.

Mark fell to the ground in pain.

"You don't understand son." Mark said through gritted teeth.

"I understand enough old man." He said coarsely.

"Bull hockey." Mark swore at him standing slowly holding the now wounded arm.

"I understand plenty!!" The young man yelled at him and shot again. This time hitting him in the knee. "NOW TELL ME!!!" He yelled rather loudly.

Mark fell back to the ground once again. Gritting his teeth in pain.
Without knowing it he hit a open channel button on the lower communications of the security grid that he had been working on.

"Why do you want it anyway?" Mark said loudly through gritted teeth. He was really in pain now.

"To get Mr. Larson out and to take him with me." The young man said moving a little closer.

"You've got to be kidding me." Mark said through gritted teeth.

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Posted by: Christopher S. Vickers Dec 6 2006, 08:34 PM
***Spaceport outside Starfleet Headquarters***

Chris and T'Prae stepped out, and Chris had a couple of rolled vellum sheets under his arm. He had to get the plans to the original Royal Gorge Bridge, as that was a major tourist attraction until 2060, when it was vaporized. He had to rebuild the damned thing, or at least try. He then took T'Prae to the shuttle that was marked for the Coronado, and it left for the ship. He checked in on his personal messages when getting there, and saw none. Can you feel the love, Commodore? he thought as he went up to the bridge.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Dec 8 2006, 11:45 PM
Melissa woke up to Andrea trying to wake her up.

“Get up Melissa,” said Andrea.

“Give me five more minutes.” Said Melissa groggy.

“No now,” said Andrea. “You have an appointment with the doctor.”

Melissa throws a pillow at Andrea and Andrea catches it.

“So you are throwing pillows at me now,” said Andrea jokingly. Andrea then hit Melissa with the pillow. Melissa grabbed another pillow and they were having a pillow fight until they had enough of it.

“Now get dressed Melissa,” said Andrea.

“Yes mother,” said Melissa jokingly at her cousin. Melissa saw a smile come across her cousin’s face.

As soon as Andrea left the room, Melissa dressed into her duty uniform.

Before she knew it, she was out the door with her cousin. Andrea was heading to her office and she was heading to medical. Melissa really dreaded physicals, but she knew she needed it. She had no idea what April was going to put her through as it scared her. From what she gathered, it was going to be a full work up.

Melissa walked into medical and told the nurse at the desk that she had an appointment with the doctor. She was then led to an examining room where she was told that April will be with her shortly.

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Posted by: Andrea Torres Dec 9 2006, 04:42 AM
Andrea knew that she had to get her cousin up this morning. She just knew that Melissa would try to sleep in of hope to miss her appointment but Andrea was not going to buy into it this time. Melissa needed her physical no matter if she liked it or not. Andrea walked into Melissa’s room and started on her to get up. She could tell that Melissa didn’t want to get up but eventually she managed to get her cousin up and when she did they had a pillow fight. It was like they were little kids having fun but they didn’t care that they were adults. For goodness sake, they were only family.

Once they had settled down, Andrea told Melissa to get her rear end dressed. While Melissa was dressing, Andrea grabbed something quick to eat. They then headed out the door together. Melissa went her direction and she went hers. Andrea walked into her office and started going over reports. Andrea sighed. There were time that she missed being out there in space but this she liked. She loved spending time with Melissa like she missed her sister. She hoped everything come out alright for Melissa and she hoped Melissa can see Dianna so that she can tell her how her sister was. Dianna has always been her world even though they always drove each other nuts.

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Posted by: April Dec 9 2006, 05:35 AM
April got up early in the morning. The first thing she did was grab a cup of coffee as she needed some caffeine to kickstart her morning. She had a physical to do for Admiral Gilbert which would take up a good portion of the morning and then she had to see how Dianna was doing and then she had to check to see how the rest of the patients were doing.

Before long April was out the door and on her way to medical. She headed right in and headed to her office. She went over some of the reports from the night before. Since she had time before Melissa was to come in, she went over to Dianna’s room to see how she was doing.

“Hi captain,” said April.

“Hi,” said Dianna quietly.

April smiled. “Captain do me a favor,” said April. “Please can you sit up so that I can check you up.”

April watched as Dianna sat up for her. Dianna did ask her to stop calling her captain as she prefer to be called by her name. April obliged.

April asked her if she was still feeling any pain and she answered yes. April did mention that it can take some time before she will fully heal, but she did say that if the pain get to great to call her. April then headed out of Dianna’s room when a nurse let her know that security had called. Fleet Captain Nelson was hurt. April told the nurse to send him in as soon as he gets there. “Yes doctor,” said the nurse. April then walked into her office and started to going through reports. She then was notified that Melissa was in examination room one.

April then walked into the room where Melissa sat quietly.

“Hello Admiral,” said April.

“Doctor, please call me Melissa.” Said Melissa.

“Well in that case, you may call me April if you like.”

Melissa smiled.

April looked at Melissa. “Well lets get this physical underway.”

April heard Melissa sighing. “I know you hate them but we need to get to the bottom of things and to do that we have to do a full physical on you.”

“I just don’t like them,” said Melissa.

“Let me tell you a little secret,” said April “Nobody like them and to think your bad just imagine how bad us doctors are.” April was trying to get Melissa to laugh.

April saw a smile come out of Melissa’s mouth.

April had Melissa lay down as she was going to take care of the female part of Melissa and take the samples she needed. April called the nurse into the room for a little help. “No Melissa I know you are not going to like this, but I need you to relax. I am not going to use technology on this so it may hurt and feel a bit uncomfortable but we need to do this.” April said to Melissa. April then went about scraping the insides of Melissa and managed to get the sample she needed. She put the sample in the dish and handed it to the nurse to take it up to the lab for diagnosis. It took a while for Melissa to get comfortable but they managed to get it.

April then left Melissa to rest for a little while before she started the next phase of her testing.

April then got notice that Mark was there. April walked into the room that they placed Mark. “Okay Captain,” said April “What happened?” April listened to what Mark had to say. April walked over to where the medical replicator was. She ordered the drug she needed and set it up in a hyperspray and walked back over to where Mark was laying. She administered the hyperspray after she explained to him that this will help with the pain that he was experiencing.

April then had Mark relax while she took care of Mark’s arm. It was rather gruesome to say the least, but April fixed it up the best she can. She used a dermal regenerator on him. It took a while but she managed to get it back to its old state.
“When your ready,” said April “You may leave, but if you feel any pain, please come back and I’ll take care of you.”

Posted on SFC and Yamato

Posted by: Christopher S. Vickers Dec 9 2006, 12:10 PM
OOC: I have to say, that although I like this typeface, I'd have gone more for Book Antiqua myself...but nice job with this board, though!


Chris walked around the bridge, and took inventory of the refit process that was going on. Apparently, someone had gained a pretty high position in Starfleet to have suggested that the Coronado be stepped back to a standard Galaxy II class. He checked the tactical inventory, and the armor system, the phasers he installed himself, and most of the popup torpedo turrets had been stripped from the ship during his time away. He opened a channel and said, "Admiral Gilbert, this is Commodore Vickers aboard the USS Coronado. Please come in..."

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Dec 13 2006, 06:10 AM
"Alex, tell me about Yourself if You wouldn't mind?" Vinnie asked.

“There is not much to say. I’m a doctor and I love being one.” Said Alex.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Dec 13 2006, 08:14 PM
“When your ready,” said April “You may leave, but if you feel any pain, please come back and I’ll take care of you.”

"Right now I've got to much to deal with to just stay put for to long. I've got a young man to find and disarm. He's lucky I don't deal him the same as me." Mark said rather agitatedly.

He got up rather stiffly. Which torched him off even worse. Not only had he been ambushed he had been shot multiple times. And on top of that he hated doctors!!!!!!!!!

(occ-- No offense April)

=^= Captain Nelson to ALL off duty security. You are to report to my office in 10 minutes. Nelson out. =^= Mark yelled into his communicator as he walked stiffly out of sickbay.

There were a couple of off-duty low level technicians down the hall just talking.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY NOW!!!!!!!!" Mark said not stopping and plowing right through them.

Finally getting to his office he sat down behind his desk, and waited for the security personnel to arrive so he can start the emergency meeting.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Dec 14 2006, 05:31 AM
Melissa was not really a happy camper with the physical. April was nice though but she was putting her through the ringer. She was so uncomfortable when April was getting a sample from her internals. It was so uncomfortable that if she didn’t have to have it done, she wouldn’t. It took a while before they had gotten the sample they needed from her as she kept squirmed when they tried to get it from her. After a while they left the room so that Melissa could rest a bit before the next stage of the physical started up.

Posted by: Casper Nova Dec 14 2006, 11:21 AM
| Office

Hearing the call from Mark, Casper tapped his commbadge. =^= Is there a problem Captain Nelson? =^= Casper asked about to get out of his chair and hand reaching for a phaser. Wish people would cue me in on emergencies, although it's normally me who doesn't cue others in so I guess this is the grand plan getting back at me. He thought awaiting Mark's reply.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Dec 14 2006, 08:55 PM
=^= Problem. Problem Sir. Nope. I wouldn't call getting shot 3 times and hitting the community comm channel as I went down and nobody assisting a problem. It's all my fault. Nelson out. =^=

Is all Mark said and cut the comm. He was watching as security personnel was filtering in. He was not happy by any means. By any means what so ever.

Posted by: April Dec 15 2006, 06:12 AM
April watched as Mark plowed through some techs as he ran out of medical. damm he's nuts April limped to the guys and asked if they were okay and they said they were. They asked who that guy was and she said thats fleet captain Mark Nelson whom was the assistant chief of security/tactical here at command.

April heard some comments about him but she pretended that she didn't hear it. April knee was starting to cause her trouble and she was holding her hands on the wall at this point. One of the nurses saw that she was having a problem and asked if she was okay. She said that all she needs at this point is her cane in her office. The nurse went off to retrieve her nurse. April thanked the nurse when she came back with her cane. She then mentioned that she needed her to get ahold of Jennifer Wolf whom was starfleets vice commander in chief now. The nurse abliged and then April headed to where Melissa was resting.

April set the biobed for a bioscan so that she can monitor Melissa for a bit. She also managed to get another blood sample of Melissa's just to see what's up.

“Hey Sleepy head,” said April.

“Huh,” said Melissa.

“It looks like you fell asleep,” said April “but thats okay.”

“I didn't realize I fell asleep.”

“I know,” said April. “It makes time go by faster when you just zonk out.”

“Yeah,” said Melissa quietly.

“I already did a bioscan on you and managed to get another blood sample of you.” said April.

“And..” said Melissa.

“Well your bioscan readings look fine so far and the blood sample won't be back for a while.” said April.

“It figures,” said Melissa.

Posted by: Vinnie Dec 15 2006, 12:54 PM
Vinnie sat and alex was not forthcoming about her.

"Do you have any family, siblings, what do you liike to do for fun?" He asked.

Vinnie should have been more specific when he asked the original question. The dr was pretty and he found he liked her and would like to get to know her better is she will let him.

Posted by: Jennifer Dec 15 2006, 01:17 PM
jennifer woke up and noticed mark had left but a note was on the pillow telling her that he had been called in early to work and that he would see her later maybe for dinner. She got up, mark had given her one of his old t-shirts to wear and they had slept together only and had done nothing but sleep. She enjoyed being with him, he was handsome and sweet.

She took a shower and got dressed, she had pinned her pips and her commbadge on and went to fix a cup of coffee. She had just took a sip when her commbadge chirped.

"Lt. Johnson to Admiral Wolf." Came the voice of one of the nurses in starfleet medical.

'Go ahead Jackie." Jenn said tapping her commbadge.

"Admiral, Dr Bachman needs to see you as soon as possible." She said.

"Ok Jackie tell her I will be there in 30 minutes." Jenn said.

"Yes ma'am." She said

Jennifer finished her coffee and left and walked to starfleet and the security checked her badge and let her in, she walked to medical and entered and headed to the main area where the biobeds were to check on melissa. She saw April talking to Melissa as she approached, jenn gave them both a warm smile.

"Good morning ladies." She said smiling.

"Good morning they both said.

"Melissa how are you?" She asked.

"I am ok i suppose." She said.

'Thats good, so april you wish to see me?" She said.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Dec 16 2006, 07:29 AM
'So what next,” asked Melissa.

“Well since your bioscans are done and we'd be sitting forever for your blood test, you can go Melissa, but I'll be calling you either way and there is always a possibility that I will be calling you back for more tests. I know you hate them, but we need to get to the bottom of things. Anyway i'm keeping you on light duty until we know otherwise,” said April.

“okay,” said Melissa.

Melissa then headed to her office to go over some paperwork.

Posted by: April Dec 16 2006, 07:41 AM
April watched as Melissa left then she spoke to Jennifer.

“Yeah, I asked to see you,” said April. “Come on lets go to my office and we can talk.”

“Sure,” said jennifer

They headed to her office. April sat down in her chair as soon as they managed to get to the office.

“Okay, Admiral,” said April. As you know i walk with a limp and this cane comes out when i got a problem really walking and right now that is just the case. Since you are the only other doctor I know here, I need you to give me a hypo for the pain and document that you had administered it to me. Here's the catch with this, for the next few hours at least, I'll be fast asleep as it does have a tendency to knock me out.”

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Dec 16 2006, 07:51 AM
"Do you have any family, siblings, what do you like to do for fun?" Vinnie asked.

“Well I have a mother and a father and no brothers and sisters. I not sure what I do for fun but I am good at martial arts.” said Alex.

Posted by: Christopher S. Vickers Dec 18 2006, 11:51 PM
Chris had been waiting for Melissa to respond for nearly an hour, and finally switched channels. "Admiral Wolf, this is Commodore Vickers on the USS Coronado. Are you reading?"

As he sat back and waited for the reply, T'Prae said, "Perhaps something went on while you were out getting married to me, Christopher. They may not be able to respond at the moment."

"That thought's crossed my mind," Chris said. "I'm beaming down if I don't get a response from Admiral Wolf. She's usually good about responding, but then again, Melissa's just as good. Unfortunately, she's been tied up with Medical lately. Something about her being a possible empath."

"I see."

"Any ideas on what happened?"



Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Dec 22 2006, 04:43 AM
As soon as Jennifer got back to the office, she wanted to see her so that they could take care of the Yamato crew. Both her and Jennifer should meet with them so that they are well aware of the going ons with Tim and all.

Posted by: Jennifer Dec 25 2006, 12:41 PM
Jennifer nodded to the Dr.

"Dr, there are ways of fixing your knee problem i can do so within the most minimal amount of down time for you, its your choice but eventually it will have to be done and now with nothing going on at starfleet it might not be such aa bad idea." Jenn told her.

April shook her head and was deadset on things remaining as is for now. Jenn readied the hypo and administered it, within minutes the dr was was sound asleep on the biobed. Jenn pulled a cover over her so she would be warm. She turned to one of the nurses.

"I have to go see Admiral Gilbert, if she or you need me just call me and i can be here in seconds." Jenn told the nurse.

"Yes ma'am." The nurse said.

Jenn left and headed over to the main building and entered, it was decorated for christmas with lights and a tree in the main entrance area. She smiled at security as she walked by and headed to melissas office. The door was open and she approached it.

"Come in Jenn, we need to talk." Melissa said.

Jenn entered and took a seat at melissas desk.

Posted by: Christopher S. Vickers Dec 26 2006, 12:33 AM
Chris was getting irritated with nothing coming through. He finally said, "I'm going down there to find out what the hell is going on. Damn, I'm out of it for a short time, and apparently, all hell breaks loose."

"Perhaps that's what Command had in mind the whole time," T'Prae suggested.

Ignoring his new wife, he tapped the comm and said, "Transporter Room One, this is Vickers. Get the transporter fired up, I'm beaming down to Starfleet Command to find out what the hell is going on down there."

"Aye sir," was the reply.

Chris then headed out of the ready room for the main transporter room.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Dec 29 2006, 01:15 AM
Mark stood behind the desk in his office and consistently chewed on the on duty security personnel.

"What is the first thing? I mean the first thing Security teaches you at academy as well as reinforces it throughout the coarse basic?" Mark said.

A young man raised his hand.

"To have one's head on a swivel at all times. Another words to watch for any discrepancies." He said out loud.

"Correct, and why wasn't this procedure followed?" Mark asked agitatedly.

"We don't know sir, We heard the commotion over the overhead communications system, but didn't think of it it as a issue." Another young man said.

"Well let this be a lesson learned. Everyone on shift at the time pulls 10 extra hours duty. I don't care how it's dispersed. As long as it's worked. Understood." Mark said starting to calm down.

"Aye" They replied.

"You are all dismissed." Mark said dismissing them.

They all quickly filed out. Commodore Nova came in just as Mark was sitting down. Mark went to stand again.

"Please." Commodore Nova said waiving at him to stay seated.

He sat down in one of the chairs in front of Mark's desk.

"Is everything ok? How are you feeling?" Commodore Nova asked.

"Better now than earlier Sir." Mark replied.

"Please we haven't had a chance to properly get to know each other. The name's Casper." He said reaching across the desk to shake Mark's hand.

Mark smiled and grasped it firmly.

"Well call me Mark then." Mark replied smiling.

Posted by: Casper Nova Dec 29 2006, 07:47 AM
"Mark." Casper tested then smiled, after a few moments his expression returned to serious mode. "Perhaps it's time we establish some emergency macros into the computer system. I have a few ideas that we should discuss with the Corps of Engineers and Sciences." He said shifting once in the chair to get comfortable.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Dec 29 2006, 07:53 PM
"Come in Jenn, we need to talk." Melissa said.

Melissa watched as Jen walked down and sat down. Melissa walked over to the replicator and ordered themselves each a drink. Melissa set the drink down for Jen in front of her.

“Okay the Yamato crew,” said Melissa.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Dec 30 2006, 07:46 PM
"Mark." Casper tested then smiled, after a few moments his expression returned to serious mode. "Perhaps it's time we establish some emergency macros into the computer system. I have a few ideas that we should discuss with the Corps of Engineers and Sciences." He said shifting once in the chair to get comfortable.

"Agreed." Mark said and leaned onto his elbows on his desk rubbing his temples. "Some security protocols have to be set in place to. Particularly concerning access to certain parts of HQ." Mark said still rubbing his temples.

Posted by: Christopher S. Vickers Dec 31 2006, 10:53 AM
Chris materialized in his office, via the popup transporter pad he had designed into the office. He then said, "Arthur, is there an explanation for Starfleet failing to respond to my hails from the ship?"

"Nothing, Christopher," Arthur said. "I don't have much information on what's going on, but I can assure you it's something interesting."

"Yeah," Chris said. "Well, as long as it has nothing to do with that omnipotent pain in Starfleet's backside, we're fine."

"Agreed, Commodore."

"Private messages?"

"None, sir. Apparently, they're leaving you alone for the honeymoon."

"That's over and done with," Chris said. "Send that message to Admirals Gilbert and Wolf immediately, Arthur."

"You got it," Arthur said. "Anything else?"

"Not really, Arthur. Carry on."

"Roger that."

Posted by: Casper Nova Jan 1 2007, 02:32 AM
"Agreed." Mark said and leaned onto his elbows on his desk rubbing his temples. "Some security protocols have to be set in place to. Particularly concerning access to certain parts of HQ." Mark said still rubbing his temples.

"I'd double that, the access to certain areas Mark. Probably should increase the number of patrolling guards and surveillance as well." Casper offered. "Perhaps an open commlink between guards at all times? Of course not when off duty but that seems to be the time where trouble comes from. The computer can monitor and on keywords employ forcefields or emergency site-to-site if need be. You should go to sickbay again, if you haven't already."

Posted by: Mark Nelson Jan 1 2007, 11:13 PM
"I'd double that, the access to certain areas Mark. Probably should increase the number of patrolling guards and surveillance as well." Casper offered. "Perhaps an open commlink between guards at all times? Of course not when off duty but that seems to be the time where trouble comes from. The computer can monitor and on keywords employ forcefields or emergency site-to-site if need be. You should go to sickbay again, if you haven't already."

"Right." Mark said looking up. "Don't worry about me Casper. Just a little stressed from earlier with the situation and the security breakdown of basic protocol. Getting shot isn't my thought on having a good time." Mark said cracking a wry smile.

Posted by: Casper Nova Jan 2 2007, 03:09 AM
Casper made an eyebrow rise, "perhaps this person who attacked you did modify the comm system so we couldn't of heard you until after the exchange and the computer had repaired the fault." He smiled back at Mark, "I tend to agree with you about the not a good time. Maybe a headquarters lockdown would be advisable?"

Posted by: Mark Nelson Jan 2 2007, 10:53 PM
"Well i've got all entrance's and exits heavily guarded. I ordered that right after the incident. Didn't even give the perp time to get out. So he's still here in HQ somewhere. All Fleet ID must be shown coming and going. If someone can't produce the proper Identification there being detained for questioning and validity of serving statis." Mark said looking back at Casper.

Posted by: Casper Nova Jan 3 2007, 12:55 AM
"Excellent. Now we must wait for the offender to make a mistake." Casper said interlocking both hands' fingers and leaning back in the chair. "Although we could evacuate headquarters and shut power down, that way the offender would fall unconscious without lifesupport."

Posted by: Mark Nelson Jan 3 2007, 10:34 PM
"Could..." Mark said his mind diving into deep thought. "How about a old fashioned head count. Department by department." Mark said focusing back on Casper.

Posted by: Casper Nova Jan 4 2007, 01:12 AM
"Proceed. Dismissed and Captain see to it you go to sickbay at the first sign of feeling ill." Casper ordered.

Posted by: Jennifer Jan 4 2007, 01:20 PM
Jennifer gave the yamato crew somethinking.

"Melissa, i'd suggest a recrewing and i believe the yamato is now without a exec is there anyone qualified for the position?" She asked.

Melissa passed her a padd and it had the crew of the yamato and she went down the list and one name stuck out for his work in capturing the intel officer now sitting in starfleet brig. She highlighted his name Commander Vinnie Crow.

"Melissa, of the crew heres my recommendation for executive officer." Jenn said.

Melissa looked at it and nodded.

"Yes, i agree and i think i will promote the crew as well, i will consider to what rank each will go to including vinnie and dianna the ships captain." Melissa said.

Her comp chirped and she had two messages.

"Jenn sems mark was attacked and shot, i have a two part message one from security other from sickbay and i have a message from Chris Vickers, its copied to you as well, he has returned from vulcan and wants to know why we didn't answer him on his return. I will advise him that we have had a few problems that came up, so go check on mark and let me know how he is." Melissa said smiling.

Jennifer got up and bolted out the door almost running down melissas secretary.

"Computer, give me the location of Captain mark nelson please."

"Captain mark nelson is in his office." The computer said.

Jennifer headed straight for his office and the door opened for her and mark was sitting behind his desk as she entered.

"Mark, i just found out you had been shot, are you ok?" She asked.

Posted by: Vinnie Jan 4 2007, 01:31 PM
"Do you have any family, siblings, what do you like to do for fun?" Vinnie asked.

“Well I have a mother and a father and no brothers and sisters. I not sure what I do for fun but I am good at martial arts.” said Alex.

Vinnie nodded.

"I am well versed in martial arts, maybe sometime you and i could spar, i will warn you though, i have worked with female security officers and i go no easier on them then i do on the males. I hope this isn't to forward but i like you and i find you very attractive, have you ever considered getting married and having a family?" He asked.

"He did find her very attractive and a warm personality.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Jan 4 2007, 10:06 PM
"Proceed. Dismissed and Captain see to it you go to sickbay at the first sign of feeling ill." Casper ordered.

"Aye sir. Let me make out a incident report. I'll have the Guard team leaders start the head count." Mark said standing.

"Sounds good. Comm me if you need anything." Casper said.

The two shook hands and Casper turned and left. Mark sat back down behind his desk. Putting on his reading glasses he started using a datapadd to make out the incident report when Jennifer stormed in.

"Mark, i just found out you had been shot, are you ok?" She asked.

Mark waited for the door to close behind her. He stood walking over to her.

"Yes i'm fine." He said softly. She embraced him tightly.

Posted by: Jennifer Jan 4 2007, 10:34 PM
Jennifer returned embrace and allher anxieties released.

"I am so glad you are ok. I care about you and believe it or not you make me happy." Jennifer said softly.

Jennifer was in love with mark but wondered if he fel the same towards her, she would wait and see how things go.

Posted by: Mark Nelson Jan 4 2007, 11:19 PM
"I am so glad you are ok. I care about you and believe it or not you make me happy." Jennifer said softly.

Mark chuckled.

"It'll take more than a kid with a bad attitude and a phaser to kill me." Mark said holding her tight.

"I see." She said smiling. She loved being in his arms and he was so warm.

"He thought he could get information out of me that would free Mr. Larson." Mark said looking at her.

"Hmm, somehow that wuld not surprise me, theres one in every bunch of intel officers. I'am glad you are in security not intel. Security tends to have more intel then intel does." She said kissing him on the cheek.

"Well I just happen to be the detaining officer of Mr. Larson in StarFleet logs." Mark said returning the kiss to her forehead.

Marks moustache tickling her forehead, she giggled. "Your mustache tickles. You are something mark i tink i could fall for a guy like you, you have all the good qualities." She said.

"Well I didn't used to have those good qualities. It took a history. Now your not gonna worry over me and want me protected all the time are you." Mark said laughingly.

Jennifer smiled. "That comes with the territory sweetie, so where do we go from here? " She said.

"Well I need to find that kid that attacked me earlier. Send him to the Pluto prison colony. Brrr. Man thats a cold rock." Mark said making a shivering sound.

"Or did you mean us." Mark said smiling.

"Yes it is, i have seen it and it makes rura penthe look like a hothouse in comparison." Jennifer said shivering to.

"I think us would be correct." She said with a wink.

"Well a home cooked meal would be nice, or atleast one prepared by hand." Mark said smiling.

"I think that could be arranged, is that all? " She asked with a grin.

"I'll bring the wine and choose the music. Maybe make a evening you'll never forget." Mark said.

He hadn't been this happy in a while. He knew it was the company. Which made it so right.

"Sounds good, i make a very good chicken dish with pasta, i think white wine goes with chicken if i remember my wines correctly." She said. Jennifer would look forward to whatever he had in store.

"White wine it will be then. Now I've got some work to get done or Casper will have my head on a platter." Mark said winking.

"He wouldn't dare, he would have me to deal with if tht were to happen." She said with a grin

Mark laughed. He kissed her.

"Now go and behave yourself." He said with a wink.

She kissed him back and smiled. She tossed her hair and gave him a grin on the way out the door. He was sweet, she wondered where this might go, she wanted to get married eventually and have children but would wait to see how things go.

Mark watched her leave. Going back to his desk and picking up his glasses he picked up the datapadd his report was on and sent it to Casper and Jennifer and Melissa.

He then went to facilitate the head count. Checking on his side the hidden belt phaser he had and made sure it was fully charged.

JP between Jennifer and Myself.

Posted by: Rune Jan 9 2007, 12:22 AM
"So what do you say? Do we have a deal?" Rune asked a Bolian cosmetologist who was shaping someone's hair. The Bolian swung the human female around in her swivel palour chair and took a closer look at his alterations.

"Huh? A deal? Look, why does a Ferengi want anything to do with my Beautician Parlour?" the blue alien asked.

Rune tried another angle, "Ah, but I have always appreciated the aspects of beauty and skin care."

"As I recall, you Ferengi used to consider your female's a lower class... oh, and you eat little dirty worms."

He shook his head, "They're called Tube Grubs! And they're a delicacy."

Just then, the woman stood up and thanked the Bolian for his work. She paid him and then left. The Bolian went over to a scheduler and checked his next appointment. It would be a few more minutes before the customer was going to arrive-- that is, it seemed that way before he realized who the occupant was on the list: a Rune, from the U.S.S. Yamato.

"You?? But you don't even have any hair!"

Rune pointed at him, "And niether do you. But it is my understanding that you specialize in skin treatment."

"You know, if you're looking to improve yourself, you may want to see a dentist first."

Rune bared his teeth, "Actually, my teeth are quite healthy thanks to the Doctor's on the Yamato. Starfleet really knows how to take care of its servants."

"Then may I suggest the same Doctor's for your skin treatment? The only reason you scheduled yourself here was to talk to me about business!"

The Ferengi sighed. He knew the Bolian was right. He turned to leave the Parlour, "I suppose so... My apologies." Maybe all his efforts were pointless. It seemed like no one actually cared about profit anymore. The Federation didn't care about it, and neither did the Terrans. How could a Ferengi so immersed in such a culture continue to care about what was supposed to be important to him? It wasn't easy, and Rune was falling out of it.

"Wait--" the Bolian out-reached his hand. "What was that offer again? Perhaps I was a little too blinded earlier by my own misconceptions."

Rune turned momentarily, caught off-guard by his interest, "Huh? Oh. The Tarlac massage oils. I know a guy in the Goren system."

"Tarlac, eh?" the Bolian thought to himself. "Those are pretty rare oils... You say you can arrange to have a shipment delivered to Earth?"

Rune nodded, "In fact I can arrange for continual shipments."

"I may be interested, Ferengi."

The Exchange officer widened his eyes in surprise, "Really? But you just--"

"--I know, I know. It's just my past experiences with dealing with Ferengi haven't been as positive as most. Perhaps I've been worn-down by those experiences."

Rune handed him a padd, still in shock, "Well then. Here are the details of what I can do for you. Shall we go over them?"

"Let's," the Bolian nodded. They both then went over to a table.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Jan 9 2007, 03:23 AM
Okay good job everone. Okay I am sending everyone to the new site from here. I'll iron out all problems from there. If you have not registered yet go ahead and do so over there. The Yamato crew will be basically mixed up with the Horizon crew if that is what everyone wants. We will still have a Q mission over there but it will only be with SFC this time. I'll tie everything up from the new board on my first post at SFC there.

Posted by: Casper Nova Jan 9 2007, 03:50 AM
Pesky Q

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