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Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 6 2005, 11:04 AM
The crew of the Enterprise-J relaxes on board their ship, having just completed another journey into the unknown. They rest uneasily, knowing that soon they may need to be called upon again to serve both Starfleet and humanity. The crew thinks they finally be able to have a break from the bizarre missions they have been experiencing for the last few years. Unfortunately the crew is dead wrong and the dangers and intrigue of the past will be no match for what they will soon encounter on the very planet where Starfleet HQ is located.

While the crew of the J moves about performing their day to day affairs blissfully unaware of the danger so close, terror and darkness steadily spreads across the planet. The time for the Order of the Foxes to make their final move is close, and there are few still alive who can stop them.

Meanwhile thousands of miles below their feet on the streets of the Earth city, St. Mary's....

Shadows move silenty and swiftly in the darkness. Figures unseen and unheard prowl the darkest corners of the industrial city. The people here live in fear for their lives, uncertain of when a shrouded figure will emerge from the darkness to take their lives. The land is dark and sullen, the streets are deserted, and there is no activity to be seen apart from large Starfleet security forces that routinely sweep the city. But the frequency and numbers of these patrols have fallen precipitously as of late, and they only offer momentary respite to the frightened denizens.

On the night the crew of the enterprise-J was to celebrate the birthday of one of their officers, the Order of the Foxes made their final move. The relics they had been searching for were just out of reach, and all it would take was one final corrdinated attack to seize what was rightfully theirs.

The guards at the Starfleet base were caught totally by surprise. Actually they didn't even have the time to be surprised. The base was in the hands of the Order within 5 minutes.

"Now" said one of the shadowy figures emerging from the darkness, "the prophecies will be fulfilled. At last we shall have what has been hidden from us for so long. We must move quickly, to the crypts."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 6 2005, 12:44 PM
Jake sat at the tactical/security station reading through some reports and making some adjustments to the firing systems it had been a whirlwind ride since arriving back at Earth spacedock the senior staff had beamed down for the cermony leaving the rest of the staff to relax and await their new orders. Most of the crew he had seen were taking the time for some R&R on board and the bar was busier than ever.

Running ordinary checks and making notes he continued to monitor incoming transmissions and out going transmissions as was his way it was almost the end of his shift so he was making sure that his report was ready for the next tactical officer on duty he had found himself more at ease these last couple of days and had plans to visit Mars if he had time before they left space dock.

Upon relief he headed for the turbolift happy to be at the end of his shift and decided to head for the bar then the holodeck for some peace of mind and training. Upon arriving at the bar he order a whiskey then headed over to the replicator to order a meal he saw no point in eating in his quarters with no company and saw a couple of his colleagues from tactical and decided to join them.

"Lt. its good to see you please have a seat"

"Thanks Micali how are things? Been a little hectic around here lately"

"Just fine Jake I thought that you had forgotten where we are since you seem to be spending more time on the bridge now. Congratulations on the promotion as well not often someone jumps up two ranks that quickly"

"Vice Admiral Pudlo as shown some faith in me since the incident involving Q"

"It is the talk of the ship and from what little I have heard of the news feeds back home they cant stop talking about it either. You were on the planet during the fight werent you what happened anything interesting"

"I wish my team didnt see any of the action V. Admiral Pudlo's team saw that we just hitched a ride though I have to say that it was a hell of a lot of fun leading a team down there"

"You know where we are heading next Jake?"

"Haven't got the foggiest but this being the Enterprise you can bet it will be an interesting ride to say the least"

"Thats true"

Jake finished his meal then stood smiling at Micali as he made for the exit.

"Dont leave it so long next time your make us feel unwanted"

"Now why would I want to do that see you later unless you guys fancy some fun in the holodeck"

At that they rose and joined him.

"I would never turn down a chance to beat you at snooker Jake"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 6 2005, 01:32 PM
Commander Reynolds, back in his engineering uniform, entered the bar.

"Sir!" said Jake, standing at attention, and the others followed.

"As you were," said Don, "Don't worry about it when I just walk by. To tell you the truth, Mr. Rilen, I accidentaly came to attention for Commander Forrest yesterday- I'm still not used to my new rank. Congrats on yours as well- took me much longer to reach that many pips."

"Thankyou sir."

"I'm off duty, Jake, just call me Don."

"Okay, Don," said Rilen, "Would you like to join us?"

"I'll have to do that some other time. Unfortunately I've got a briefing, so I only have time for a quick drink. Would you like anything while I'm at the replicator?"

"No thanks, I'm fine right now."

"Okay. Computer, one Root Beer Float," Don turned to Rilen, "Helps me unwind."

He took a sip, and it was good. He spotted Bates.

"Good morning, captain," he said, taking another sip.

"Commander," she answered, "Are you part of this briefing as well?"

"Yep. Must be something strange- it's only commanders and above allowed in this meeting, and Jeff told me it was only three people."

"Well, it might be something 'top secret!"

Don chuckled. He looked at the time.

"We better get going then, or else I'm scared that his new rank will get him all 'command'-y, if you know what I mean."

"He's been a commodore for a long time. Three years, I believe," said Robin.

"I think that's it. I've never seen any vice admiral without gray hair before. Must be some sort of accomplishment."

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 6 2005, 03:27 PM
Jeff was sitting in the officer's lounge. He liked it there, becaue it was so often quiet. Everyone else was in ten forward, so he was sust watching the earth through the framing of the Nacelles. ON the table in front of him, his award box rested, opened to show the Medal inside. He closed it, And took it to his quarters. There was a briefing coming up, and it wasn't exactly open.

"What the heck." He muttered, and headed to ten forward. Perhaps he could unwind some.
Jeff saw his seinior staff all talking over in one corner near the bar. he walked up quietly, and overhead Don's comment.

"I don't plan to." He whispered.

"sir!" don jumped a foot in the air. "I didn't know you were there."

Robin and Jake tried to stifile a laugh as Jeff announced quite clalmly, "That much is Evident." before chuckling himslef. "Relax Don. We're off duty, remember?"

They found a table, with Jeff explaining- "On earth they have a thing called daylight savings time to reflect the hour depending on the light. It's different in the northern and Southern hemisheres, and there are time zones to consider too. HQ doesn't use time zones, but it uses Daylight savings time for some reason. They just came off of it in the north, so they're an hour behind us. We just run off of standard time."

"What burocrat thought of that?" Bates asked as a waiter brought Jeff's Tea- a Vulcan blend for a change.

"Somebody whos clocks were set wrong accidentally." Jake monotoned, sending a chuckle around the table.

"Anyone going to do anything specal with their meadal?"

"Mine's located for prominet display in my quarters right now, but it'll be going into my safebox after that." Jake responded.

"what else do you use a safebox for? It's for the Stuff that's closest to you in case the ship blows up. Would you like to have your cat in the escape pod with you?" Jeff commented, drawing another chuckle.

"I keep a few photos in mine, along with my awards." Don Commented.

"Keepsakes, souvineers..." Bates added.

"If I was going to put all of my souvineers in ther, I'd need a bigger box. I just keep a few photos and my awrds and formal rank pins in there, along with something from the ship."


"If imminent destruction is coming, I'v arranged for th ecommisioning placue to be beamed into it."

"on a lighter note.... I think that We're all due in for some leave time, proided we don't gat anothe mission in our laps. If we do, When It's over, I'm going to use this rank for a good cause: keeping my crew from truning to mutiny.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 6 2005, 04:42 PM
"I don't know how long you can keep that from happening sir," said Don smiling.

"Well, in that case, I better enjoy my vacation. Does anyone have any plans?" asked Jeff.

"I'm going to the Smithsonian," commented Bates, "I've heard that all of Earth's history can be summed up there."

"Yeah, that's a good place," said Jake, "I'm going to look up some relatives in Toronto, then I don't know."

"I'm going to go sailing on Azati Prime- the old fashioned way. I'm trying to get inspiration for a Federation Sail Ship I'm designing," said Don, "What about you sir? Do you even have the time?"

"Yes, a little bit. I'm first of all going to go to all my relatives- there are still people who believe I'm dead," he laughed, "Other than that I'll be relaxing on the beaches of some tropical island devoid of technology- save a phaser and a communicator."


Before Don left for his homeworld of Azati Prime, he had a few things to do. He went down to his quarters and looked at everything. He was suddenly hit by emotion, and staggered to the floor. He didn't know why, but he thought he saw four men walk out of his quarters in a blur. He thought nothing of it, picked up his cat Duster, and a few bags, and left for the transporter room.

Jeff met him along the way.

"Don," he said, "Something odd just happened. There looked like four white blurs just screamed down the hall and I almost collapsed. Did you have that happen too?"

"A little bit," answered Don, "What do you think happened?"

"I don't know," said Jeff.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 6 2005, 06:00 PM
"I think it's time to drop in on the admiralty..." Jeff commented. "Besides, the briefing's in 15 minutes."

"What do you think those were?"

"Something strange. I didn't' get the impression that they were natural, so much as some sort of weapon. they're a diversionary tactic, I would think."


"Zia Scanned me and found no damage of any sort. not even on the deepest and smallest layers."

"Why would somebody do that now?"

"So we investigate it. They don't want us at the briefing."

"Or do they?"

"Well, we're going all the same."
Bates joined them in the transporter room. apparently she had had the same experience.

"It's not natural." She commented. "But we have the briefing. I say we ignore it."

"Agreed." Jeff commented.

they beamed directly int Starfleet Headquarters. the meeting was going to be in the lock-down safe area, known as "the vault" you had to walk there- everything was on it's own system down there.
"Security clearance approved." A computer terminal checked their clearances, and a heavy metal door slid up. It closed with a muted thud behind them.

They passed through several more stations, all requiring Starfleet codes. One required that you match design classes correctly and name a ship of each class other then the pathfinder. Eventually, they were in.

Robonson was there, along with several other fleet admirals. The C in C started.
"Congratulations." he said once they were seated. "You have another mission."

"We had to come here to learn that?" Don asked. "or is it the particulars?"

"both." An admiral form the Secrets department said. "your going on a mission and the facts of the mission are both highly classified. Any Starfleet record is available down here, and this is the only place, except for a backup data storage area that's updated by data solids. I cannot reveal it's location."

"I can though. It's on an asteroid in the Bajor system- nobody would ever find it." Robonson commented.

"anyway, those are the two places that will have the logs of this mission." the Admiral continued.

"okay, shall we get started?" the C in C's aide was standing in the corner. "we have a bit to go through."

"certainly." Jeff said, and angled his chair towards the viewer.

The aide began, along with a presentation- a crude one, obviously not done by a formal team, but by the one aide. Very secret.
"last night we lost contact with a fairly remote outpost- remote for earth standards. it was located in the Canadian region. The base was part of the emergency defence system. the area grew unstable after we built it, for an unknown reason. We suspect it has been taken."

"how do you know that?" Jeff asked.

"I'll get to that. Anyway, the organization that did this has a headquarters- problem is, it's a secret location. however, they do have ships registered for them, they use a secondary 'country' flag underneath the ship's normal planetary registry. E know who they are because this was the lastr thing the station broadcast."

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 6 2005, 06:10 PM
"your orders are simnple. Find their HQ and destroy it. If you take captives, use a atomic level anilizer to make sure they're safe. Nothing less."

"That's a challenge." Bates Commented.

"And you are to cloacked at all times." the aide commented, almost as an afterthought. "The Commander in Cheif will formally present the ship's orders for command use. They are stored on computer only here."

robonson took out a pad of paper- the operational directives, flipped to the last page and signed it in front of Jeff. he then took a meatl casingthat opened by pulling a pin- a pen was used- and springs flipped it open. he slid the pad in there, and handed it to jeff after closing it.

"Keep that safe."

"I wold like to remind everyone that this was a top level breifing. No information from this breifing is to be shared with anyone with a security clearance lower then 14A." An admiral announced. "Mr. Pudlo has the rank neccicarry to grant clearnces. Use it wisely. This breifing is concluded."

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 6 2005, 07:12 PM
"Well so much for our vacation", said Bates. "It appears that we have a really important mission this time. At least this time we are on familiar ground. Earth is the center of the Federation. if we require help there will be plenty of people around to come to our aid."

Jeff didn't look nearly as optimistic. "Starfleet wants this kept a secret, and they certainly have shown us that they are willing to guard it with the most advanced defense systems imaginable. I don't need to remind you two of the punishment for disobeying orders. I think for now we had better not let anyone else into our little group until we can figure out what is going on."

Don nodded and motioned for the party to continue walking toward a lower security area.

The group had just left "the Vault" and had almost reached the location where they were to be transported back to the J when an emergency klaxon sounded in the base."

"Intruder Alert", shouted the computer's voice for the area. After about 5 minutes and a few confused looks from nearby personnel in a limited security area the warning stopped. One of the command staff in the area suggested to the gropu that it was most likely a test of the emergency warning system. Content with this explanation from a seasoned command officer, the away team went back to the J.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 6 2005, 07:30 PM
"Huh?" said Don, startled. He had been woken up by something. He asked the computer for the time.

"Midnight" it exclaimed.

Don looked around- what had woken him? He looked down to the source of a flashing red light- it was a standard PADD. He picked it up. It had something written above the starfleet logo.

"For Second Officer" was what it read.

Don turned it on, and was immediatly shocked by what was written on it.

You will not move, or you will die.
You will continue reading.
This PADD has just sent a datafile to your ship's computer. The file tells the computer to remove the atmosphere from your quarters for five minutes. It will begin in about one minute unless you complete the following instructions, very carefully. You will not go near the door, and if you do you will set off nine bombs around the Earth in succesion, in populated places.
You will notice that your communicator is gone, and in two seconds the computer will not respond to you.
Quickly, get up and walk over to your replicator and request a coffee. This will help you stay awake. Do so now, or the bridge of the USS Faragut will explode.
Good, evidently you followed the first instruction, for the Farragut is still detected at the other end of this live feed.
Now, you must type out everything you know about the briefing you attended yesterday. EVERYTHING. Type it into this PADD, or the bombs will start to go off.

Don took out his emergency communicator and phasered the PADD. It blew up and Don was able to exit.

When he got to the turbolift, he met Bates.

"Did you recieve a PADD as well?" asked Bates, making sure nobody was around.

"Yes," whispered Don. He told her what it said.

"Mine said the same thing. Do you think it was a bluff?"

"I don't know. I phasered the PADD. Where's yours?"

"Phasered as well. Level One," she added to the computer.

Jeff was there when they immerged, and Bates started to explain what had happened.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 7 2005, 12:57 AM
Bates explained the situation to the vice admiral and added how really frightened she had been during the experience.

"I waited after reading the first section to see if the atmosphere would decrease. However, nothing happened. I was very upset and ran for my phaser. I then used it and was immediately relieved when there were no explosions and I was still very much alive."

Bates had just finished telling her story when she heard noises outside the room. She pulled out her weapon and motioned to the First Officer and the Vice Admiral that there was someone outside the room. She positioned herself on one side of the door and the First Officer went to the other side, leaving the Vice Admiral in front of the door.

Bates motioned her hand and they opened the door, moving quickly to intercept the intruder. They stopped after realizing who was there. Bound and gagged from head to foot was Jake Rilen, leaning against the wall opposite the door to the Vice Admiral's room. Jake was conscious but visibly shaken. In his left hand was a PADD. The vice admiral picked it up and read it. The following was written on it.

"We have your Chief Medical Officer, Crystal Monroe. If you do not follow our instructions to the letter you will never see her again. You will not carry out the mission that Starfleet has assigned you. You will leave Earth's orbit immediately. If you remain in orbit one hour after this message is read, Crystal Monroe will be terminated."

There was a beeping sound coming from Jake's right hand, which was closed around a metallic object that appeared to be transmitting data.

Bates immediately tried to contact Crystal. "Crystal Monroe is currently not on board this vessel", said the computer. A thorough search turned up no signs of the missing doctor.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 7 2005, 09:25 AM
Jake had just finished beating Stephens at pool for the third time when he heard his name on the intercom being called to the bridge Jake looked at Stephens apologeticaly before heading for the door he wonder what could possibly be important enough to bring him back on duty while on downtime. He walked on to the bridge and looked around he saw that V. Admiral Pudlow was standing by his chair with Captain Bates.

"Sir you requested my presence on the bridge? How may I be of assistance?" Jake said.

"Thanks for coming Jake read this"

Pudlow handed him a padd which he read his face growing darker with each passing moment.

"Sir when did this arrive"

"About ten minutes ago"

"I would suggest we break orbit to save the doctors life"

"I am not leaving one of my people down their Lt."

"I didnt say that I was willing to do that Admiral but if we dont break orbit they will kill her what we need to do is get behind the IO or one of Jupiters moons and hope to god that they arent watcing us to closely I want the doctor back as much as the next person but staying here sounds a little foolish to me. And I am assuming you brought me up here for a reason"

"I hate to admit it Jeff but he has a point if we stay here we will only endanger her life further, at least if we break orbit we will buy us some more time to come up with a solution"

"I would also suggest we move to yellow alert and raise the shields if they can take an officer of the best ship in the fleet with out notice it stands to reason that they may have ways to damage if not completely destroy Enterprise"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 7 2005, 03:22 PM
OFF: It's Pudlo- note no w wink.gif

Tehre wasnt' much levity. Monroe had just been promoted to head of starfleet medical, and she would have had a very important positon there.

"Accually, on second thought, use the holigraphic projector to make it look like we're leaving orbit, but stay here claoked." Jeff ordered. "We'll get to the bottom of this yet."

"where do you think they're holding her?" Bates asked.

Jeff didn't ansewr directly. "open a channel to Earth defense post 43. Force the signal through, if you must."

"Not nessicarry, but they're transmitting Audio only."

"Give her up."

"Not a chance." a voice on the other end growled.

"Listen- I don't know what your rank is, but I know the Order of the Foxes has some demands."

"yes. We wish starfleet to stop it's medling in space trade."

"We don't meddle. we Enforce the laws of the federation."

"We will kill her if you continue stopping our vessels."

"That can be arranged. I presume you monitor all Starfleet communications?"


"I'll arrange it. The order should go out in about 45 minutes. it will be encoded, but I will transmit the encripion standarad."

"And how should I know this is valid? Why are you doing this?"

"Because I know her much too well to give her up." A lie, jeff thought, but it implied things- and it ight make him think he was sincere. "Transmitting the code now."

"We cannot return her to you."

"Then the order won't come out."

"No, we will release her into the wilderness. Once you are safely out of orbit."

"Very well." Jeff gustured, cutting the channel.

"Send out a message- don't bother with command- to let all Order of the Fox ships go un searced. send with code 27B."

"The opposite order code... brilliant." Bates breathed.

"Exactly. They'll regard it as an acual encrypted order, but anyone in starfleet who recives it will know to do the exact opposite of that order since it's in that code."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 8 2005, 09:13 AM
Rilen looked on in slight bemusement to what was happening he couldnt believe that people could be so stupid sometimes.

"Sir I respect you all but what is to say that they dont know our codes or dont have someonbe on board that does. Or that they wont break into our communication and work it out. With respect to you and the rest of the command staff you are playing a dangerous game with someones life here we arent just talking about another nameless person we are talking about Robin Munroe"

"Whats your point Lt?"

"Sir intelligence has been breaking through ordinary fleet communications for years centuries even no code is unbreakable and no communique cant be intercepted we do this we will get her killed. As for cloaking dont you think they already know that we'll try that. If you send that communication out I estimate your buy us a day maybe two at the most, What you have to ask yourselves is it worth it"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 8 2005, 04:43 PM
"i'm expecting them to break the code- that's the thing. I would tell you, but I don't know if you're clared for the information offhand." jeff responded.

"I have a level 14 clearance."

"As of this date then, and noted in the ship's log, I am increading your clearance to 14B."

"Thank you."

"You'll need the clarance for this mission anyway. The code is encrypted like any other- that is, with and algorithim, and broken like any other. However, when a coded message comes in, It's SOP to ask what code it was in. If you go for command you'll learn that if it's signaled under code 27B- the acual algorithim changes, but the title doesn't. It it comes in that code, the orders are to do the exact opposite of the orders in the transmission. So the acual message will read to let Order of the Fox vessels through- the opposite is to stop them. so the orders I sent out and the real orders are different."

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 8 2005, 11:45 PM
"I see" said Rilen.

Don turned to Jeff.

"Sir, if we were to jam their signal icons, would they be able to distinguish between a code and a hidden code?"

"No- good idea. Get right on it, just in case."

Don leapt to the transporter net into engineering. He got to his office and started punching in the controls.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 9 2005, 09:42 AM
"I'll have the marines on standby sir when your ready to go and collect Commander Munroe they will be on standbye"

"Get to it Jake"

Jake walked over to the security station hitting his commbadge in the process requesting that the marine commander meet him in his office in ten minutes and ask them to step up their alert status.

"Sir their is another line of thought that we have to take in to consideration"

"What line of thought is that?"

"Well sir what is to say that the Order of the Foxes doesnt have spies on the ship it would explain how they got ahold of Munroe with no resistance"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 9 2005, 04:58 PM
"Good thought- I'd considered it myself. And now that we're accually doing something on the ship... I want you to run a drill with the marines, nothing mor, for right now. Once e get monroe I'll bring you up to date."

"Good idea."

"One more thing- route all shipboard communications to requirring moritoring by a member of the senior staff. block all comms except for ship computer baised ones."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 10 2005, 08:16 AM
"Sir my sugestion would we be we go black we send our message and cut all outgoing and incoming messages then we hide in a polar orbit with the cloak activated that will give them no chance of finding us one way or the other"

"It's a good idea"

"If we start sending communiques out while cloaked they will lock onto us like a beacon. If their is a spy onboard and we order a black out, if they try and get a message out we'll know. I need to speak to the communications chief give me twenty minutes and well be ready"

"Get to it Jake"

"Anyone needs me after that I will be down in the holodeck making sure that my team is ready to go in when the time is right"

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 12 2005, 06:13 PM
The Lt. on the bridge listened in on the bridge officer's conversation. As soon as Mr. Rilen had left the bridge the figure left the communications post where the Lt. had been performing some special "maintenance" on the computer system. The figure waited until some of the bridge crew relieved themselves for the night.

The first officer to come out was Bates. Bates walked slowly but was not suspicious of anything until the figure grabbed her from behind. She tried to scream out in warning but it was to late. The figure dragged her body into an empty room nearby, locked it with a special password, and then headed back to the hall to wait for more officers. Reynolds was the second one to come out. Again the process was repeated, although Reynolds put up one hell of a fight. Then the third person came out. This was the last person the officer needed to capture to complete this stage of the operation.

As Pudlo walked down the hallway he noticed some spots of blood on the floor. He stopped for a moment and glanced around. He then called sickbay to come down and remove some blood stains from the floor. He also asked for a report to be filed on the incident.

Pudlo then contacted Rilen. "Is everything ready yet?" He didn't have time to hear the response.

Pudlo looked up to see a figure approaching him from behind.
Pudlo- "ah, Lt., so good to see you again. I hope that's not your blood on the floor over there. I haven't seen you in a while since our last away mission together."
The Lt. was silent, pulling out a long, sharp knife which was thrown at the vice admiral's head. It missed but hit him in the foot. Screaming out no so much in pain but in surprise and disillusionment at the sudden turn of events, the Lt. knocked out the vice admiral and dragged him off to the special room.

After having secured the hostages the Lt. entered the self destruct code and set it to go off in 24 hours. The Lt. then waited for the ship to explode. The Lt. wasn't planning on leaving the ship so there was no need to have an escape plan. The Lt. had to remain behind to ensure the success of the mission. Failure was not an option for a Order of the Foxes operative and the ship's crew had become to much of a liability. They had to be terminated.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 13 2005, 08:11 AM
Pudlo then contacted Rilen. "Is everything ready yet?" He didn't have time to hear the response.

Pudlo looked up to see a figure approaching him from behind.
Pudlo- "ah, Lt., so good to see you again. I hope that's not your blood on the floor over there. I haven't seen you in a while since our last away mission together."
The Lt. was silent, pulling out a long, sharp knife which was thrown at the vice admiral's head. It missed but hit him in the foot. Screaming out no so much in pain but in surprise and disillusionment at the sudden turn of events............

Rilen had heard the scream in pain and the grunt in the presence of the marine commander.

"Major get these people armed I want a team on the bridge the rest of you team up in groups of four and scour this ship, I will have security start doing the same"

"Computer locate V. Admiral Pudlo"

"V. Admiral Pudlo is on deck six"

"Rilen to transporter room 1 lock onto admiral Pudlo's comm signal and beam him to my location"


"Do it"

Rilen heard the whin of the transporter and saw a comm badge only where the transporter beam had once been.#

"Major do what ever is nessacary to locate Admiral Pudlo. Rilen to Bates....... Rilen to Donovan......."

No answer from anyone in the command staff wasnt good.

"Locate the rest of the command staff Major I need you on the bridge with me at the moment we are the only two command level staff that are still moving freely among the ship"

"On my way Lt."

"Rilen to transporter room 1"

"Go ahead"

"Lock on to Captain Bates and Commander Donovans Comm signals and beam them to my location"

"Aye sir"

Rilen looked on in dis believe as he saw two more comm badges appear.

"Rilen to bridge"

"Go ahead Lt"

"Shields up now"

"Sir I need the Admiral to okay that"

"Raise the Shields I'll explain when I get their I am not having this conversation on an open line"

"Aye sir"

Rilen ran out of the armory with the Major by his side with his commbadge in his hand pointed directly in front of him and a tricorder scanning the local area. They arrived at a local transporter and set the setting for the bridge. Rilen arrived on the bridge to see that it was alive with activity.

"Sir whats going on?" a ensign asked as he approached the command well.

"The Admiral and Captain Bates As well as Commander Reynolds have been taken hostage I assume to force me to comply with their demands"

"And what are we going to do about it"

"We wait and see what happens next, till then I want all security details to search this ship top to bottom for the Admiral and the rest of the command staff. Untill then as of 19:36 hundred hours I am assuming temporary command of the Enterprise cut all communications activate the cloak and get us out of this orbit and move us to a polar orbit"


"Ensign right now we have to assume that the rest of the command staff are being held on this ship I want the ship searched top to bottom have all comand staff issued with phasers set to heavy stun"

"Sir shall I watch for incoming transmissions?"

"Yes and I want to know the minute someone tries to get a message out from Enterprise"

"Shouldnt we contact Starfleet Command"

"Ensign normaly I would agree with you but we have to assume that our communications are being monitored and we also have to assume command has been compromised. Find me Admiral Pudlo and the rest of the staff and quickly"

"Untill then sir?"

"We wait and see what their next move is. Thats all we can do. Lt Petrov start passively scanning the surface for our staff and commader munroe"

"Why not actively scan?"

"Because they will know we are here if we use the full power of our sensors. Shut down all non essential systems we need to go to silent running as well a ship this size stands out in a small area like this even when we are cloaked"

"Aye sir"

Jake sat and watched as the crew around him got to work the Major was standing by his side watching the activity on the bridge he couldnt help but worry that one of the members of staff on the bridge was a traitor to them all and that he had never been closer to serious danger till now. He saw security arrive on the bridge and walk over to him and the Major.

"Sir we have been asked to make sure that you stay safe, and not to leave your side till this is over"

Rilen looked at the major and smiled "I guess that means I wont be able to go to the toilet alone for the time being"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 14 2005, 12:52 AM
Jeff propped himself up.
"Careful" Bates warned, hovering near him. "You're foot's in pretty bad shape."

"Wonderful." Jeff moved himself to a couch in the room. "arewired confidental discussion room. Interior of the ship, and, quite apperentlly, No way out."

"It's not your fault." Don chimed in. He had only just came to himself.

"Oh, but it is.... at least their starfleet oprative."


"Lt. Miller Grouse. Commodore Pudlo's first Cheif of staff. He was assigned to me, and was the model of a starfleet officer. On his record, iit merely looks like I picked someone of my own liking- and as he was assigned to me, that was excusable. But tehre was a reason."

"What?" Bates asked.

"That is something I loath to tell, though I suppose I must."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 14 2005, 08:10 AM
Rilen was pacing the brdige it had been nearly an hour since the attack and still nothing not from the hostages or the hostage takers.

"Lt to search this ship from top to bottom will take days this clearly isnt going to work"

"I agree but we dont have much choice in the matter"

"Crewman from Admiral Pudlos last transmission to me can you determine where he was on the ship what deck he was on?"

"I'll try sir"

"What are you thinking?"

"That if I was going to kidnap the command staff i wouldnt take them far from where I attacked them I might get seen then I would have to kill the person that saw me. He will be close to where he was taken I am guessing"

"Sir I have a fix on the last known location of Admiral Pudlo, Deck 3 sir was where the transmission came from though from where on deck three I cant be sure"

"Keep working on it"

"Aye sir"

"Rilen to all security teams convene on deck three I want a room by room search any door that is locked anbd you dont get any reply blow it out of exsistence if you meet with any resistence shoot them but dont kill them"

Turning to the engineering station.

"I want a system wide check who ever is responsible for this has had to much time to do whatever he needs to do"

"Major I need you to compile a list of people on this ship that has a grudge against the command staff I also need you to go through the manifest to find people that have any possible affiliations with out law groups specificaly the Order of the foxes if you find any arest them if they resist you have permission to use non lethal methods to bring them in"

Turning to communications.

"Anything yet ensign?"

"No sir just constant transmissions from command asking where the hell are we and why he have activated our cloak shall I respond?"

"No they think we have left orbit lets leave it that way for now"

Turning to the science station.

"Anything on commander Munroe yet?"

"Not yet sir but I am working on it we have her bio on record so if shes on earth well find her"

"Sir you should look at this"

Rilen walked over to the engineering station looking over the crewmans shoulder to see what he was looking at.

"Oh c**p well we have a little over 23 hours to find the Admiral"

"Whys that?"

"Thats when we all need to hold our breath. Crewman is their a way to eject the core while on auto destruct"

"Yes but thats not advisable when we are in orbit of a planet"

"How about the sun if we fire the core in to the sun will that be safe"

"It would be like riding a level four shock wave but it would cause much damage to us or the ship"

"Okay we stay in orbit as long as we can searching for commander Munroe how long will it take us to get to the sun"

"At warp one 15 minutes"

"Helm standby to take us to warp"

"Aye sir"

"Crewman coordinate with Reynolds assistant down in engineering so that they know what we are planning. Major join the search teams make sure we find the Admiral"

"You got it"

Rilen stepped down into the command well with his Raktajino and sat in the command chair he only prayed that he could get to Pudlo and the rest of the staff before it was to late.

"Sir we may have a possible location for Munroe what you want to do?"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 14 2005, 11:50 AM
Don had woken up just before Pudlo.

"What's going on?" he asked when he noticed Bates standing at the door and Jeff lying on the couch.

"I have no idea," answered Bates.

"I'd better get to engineering-" started Don, but was interrupted by Robin.

"No use, we're trapped in," she said.

"Well, even if I'm confined I'm still hungry. Computer- Root Beer Float."

"You can have a root beer float at a time like this?"

"Calms me down. I need something cold and sugary. This is good for that."

Just then Pudlo awoke with a start.

"Careful," Bates warned him, "Your foot's in pretty bad shape."

Don stood up and started pacing.

"Wonderful," said Jeff, "Our wired confidential discussion room. Interior of the ship and, quite apparently, no way out."

Don put down his drink after taking a sip.

"It's not your fault," he said, putting his hands on his hips.

"Oh, but it is," said Jeff slowly, "At least their starfleet operative."

Don was confused.

"What?" he asked.

Don explained about Lieutenant Miller Grouse. Don listened intently.

Jeff finished.

"What?" asked Bates, wanting to know a reason for something- Don hadn't been paying that close attention.

"There is something I loathe to tell, though I suppose I must."

Don sat back.

"It's okay," he said, trying to comfort the admiral.

"Ah... It's just... it's just that..."

Don waited.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 14 2005, 07:27 PM
"i didn't know just whaqt to make of him." Jeff finally began. "He was a model officer- took after his father, I supposed, Who had been decalred MIA on a confidental mission. His father had been a Commander- a first officer. He never mentioneed it... But I knew he thought about it.
" It wasn't his work that got him fired- he was outstanding at that. However, he did have a tarit that wasn't too desirable- he didn't seem to know what to do with classified information. He didn't leak it or anything, but one day I found that he had scanned and kept copies on his terminal of many documents that were only suposed to exist in Starfleet's most protected archives. His terminal was chock full of them- but not ones that were still classified. But all of them- every single one- was declassified the instant before they went on his computer."

"Not grounds fo a dismissal from starfleet."

"But enough to make me suspicious. A young Lt. Commander shouldn't have all that as his personal reading... Anyway, I decided that I would take the perogitive to search his computer. It turns out that while some of those documents wern't classified, they were still marked as Starfllet disrabution only."

"What happened?" Don asked.

"A slap on the wrist and he was busted a grade in rank."

"did you know who he had been sending the documents to?"

"Yes- various people belonging to a secret society known as the order of the foxes."

"Wow." Bates breathed.

"Wow indeed." Jeff repied.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 14 2005, 07:34 PM
Meanwhile on planet Earth....

Several figures leave the now deserted ruins which they had successfully stormed earlier and move silently in the shadows of the buildings nearby. When they reach a designated safe point they begin to whisper to each other.

1st person- "I have instructed all of the ships to leave save one ship for ourselves. They have already begun the long journey home. Soon we shall have what was wrongfully stolen from our home planet so many years ago by those coniving Vulcans. Because of them our people have suffered debilitating diseases and our lands have been covered in darkness ever since one of their away teams decided that our relic was more useful in a museum than it was with the people who rightfully owned it."

2nd person- "We are lucky that they decided to transfer it here for safekeeping. It would have been far harder to locate otherwise. That Lt. you hired from Starfleet did his work well. It is to bad that we will have to eliminate him after the operation. He proved highly resourceful."

1st person- "Yes, well we can't let Starfleet find out where we came from and he knows to much about us. You knew from the beginning that he would have to be silenced eventually."

3rd person- "Enough! I hear the words of our people calling out to us. Every moment we delay here leads to thousands of our people suffering and dieing horrible deaths. We must leave before it is to late. Let's take our relic and finish the mission."

1st person- "Right, I have the coordinates of the Enterprise-J. Let's go there and now and destroy the ship and our contact. Remember, if we fail then our entire planet is doomed to an eternity of darkness, despair and death. There is no other option."

The figures headed for their ship and prepared for their attack.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 14 2005, 11:58 PM
The thing was, the Order of the Foxes was not the only enemy starfleet had at that moment.

Another group which had staged all their murders to look like the Order of the Foxes had done it.

Starfleet had thought that they had gotten rid of Unit 344T, but that was incorrect.

Unit 344T was back, and nobody knew it. They had planned their presumed destruction in order to remain undetected. The leaders of the Unit were about to stage an attack on an unsuspecting starship.

The USS Avril Arrow was in spacedock. Captain Ron DeCourt was in a shuttle doing the ceremonial inspection of the outside of the ship.

A beautiful prototype vessel, the Arrow class had been designed to remind people of the brilliant ancient Earth aircraft of the same name.

"I like this ship," he said to his first officer, "Let's not let it get into any trouble."

The shuttle entered the main hanger deck and landed, perfectly. The entire crew, save four officers on the bridge, were standing in two ranks facing the shuttle, waiting for the commanding officer.

"Attention!" yelled Lt. Jeremy Reynolds.

The sound of a gunblast hit as all 500 people stomped their foot to the ground.

The captain emmerged.

"At ease," he said. Again another gunshot-like sound.

"Sir!" exclaimed Jeremy Reynolds, and stood at attention before the captain.

"I trust my crew is ready for departure?" asked DeCourt.

"Affirmative, captain."

"Good. Relax, too. I don't want my second officer stressed."


The entire ship exploded like twelve atomic bombs, and everyone onboard was instantly killed.


Don woke up to find himself again in the locked room.

"Any news, sir?" he asked.

It had been two hours and Don had barely gotten twelve minutes of sleep.

"I think the crew has found us- I hear drilling sounds at the door," said Jeff.

"Two ships flew by while you were asleep, commander. Neither of us could recognise them," commented Bates.


"WHAT?!?!" screamed the federation president.

"I told you, sir, the Arrow exploded. It looks like subspace implosion bombs, and not the warp couplings."

"I don't believe it. How could the Order of the Foxes be so dumb as to destroy a starship that held most of the secrets they needed? Not to mention that they are holding three of the Enterprise's senior staff hostage somewhere..."

"We have reports from Lt. Rilen that they have been detected."

"I see. How many dead in the blast?"

"More than five hundred, sir. Including Captain DeCourt and Lt. Reynolds."

"I wonder how Commander Reynolds will take that... scan the immediate area for the Foxes ships, and do not let anyone leave or enter the solar system or Earth. Unless they are the Enterprise. We are catching the order right here and now."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 15 2005, 02:01 AM
Aeon Rune had been sitting in his Quarters within the Enterprise-J. The new member of the crew had just transferred over, after the Award Ceremonies on Earth. But now there seemed to be some kind of full-scale Lock Down going on throughout the ship.

He wasn't scheduled to begin any Starfleet shifts for a week, as to get accustomed to the Enterprise first. But this Lock Down had him worried; one of the reasons was that he had planned on contacting a friend before leaving the Solar System, but was unable to do so anymore. Rune sat in a chair, hunched over his table and holographic-hovering computer screens. He'd been watching intently and focused at the constantly changing events and general orders of the ship.

Leaving his Quarters now would probably not have been a good idea.

Rune sat back, in his darkly dimmed room. He relaxed and decided to let the professionals handle this. "They know what thier doing," he said to himself for re-assurance.

The new guy calmed himself and accepted it. He stood to his window and looked out at the polar ice-caps of Earth. They accentuated a state of reaffirmed relaxation.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 15 2005, 07:35 AM
OCC: Just a small question what department is Lt Rune in. And just a small point when the ship is at general quarters all personel should be at their posts or at least reporting in.


Rilen was standing at the door while the others worked to get it out of its frame they had spent some time trying to locate the Admiral on deck six and finally managed to locate the one door that would not open to them with all their attempts to over ride the system though the engineer had been against vaporizing the door so they coud get to the people inside.

"How much longer ensign?"

"We are almost there sir arr done"

"If you can here me inside step back from the door we are going to push it inwards" He shouted stepping back from the door he nodded to the security staff.

The door was pushed through he could see that the command staff was inside he stepped in.

"Admiral this is what we call an old fashioned jail break"

"You never looked better Jake"

"Sir before I brief you would you mind deactivating the self destruct I like to keep my innards on the inside for the time being"

"Rilen to the bridge contact command tell them that we have freed Admiral Pudlo and are heading for the edge of the system. Helm lay in a persute course for the last ship to leave this system and standby"

"Whats going on Jake?"

"Commander Reynolds I am sorry to be the one to tell you this a little while ago the USS Aril Arrow was destroyed in space dock among her casualties was a Lt Jeremy Reynolds and the ships captain. Admiral a number of ships we presume to be Order of the foxes have left the system we have yet to arrest the person responsible for your kidnapping and up to an hour ago we had a fixed location on commander Munroe"

"When the ships left the system so did she?"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 15 2005, 08:20 AM
OOC: Oops. Rune is Intelligence Officer.


Rune continued to stare out the large window in his Quarters, in relaxation. "Ahh. This is what Starship life should be like all the time."

Just then, he decided to pick up the Starfleet manual for some light reading. On it he discovered that during an emergency such as this, he was required to report in for duty.

"Wow. That's a great manual..." Then it hit him, "Oh crap! Some Intelligence Officer I turned out to be."

He quickly threw the manual aside and grabbed his communications device. Placing it on, he hurridly stepped out his Quarters without taking the time to put on his uniform.

Around the corner, he found the nearest Transporter Net and saw a picture mounted on its side of a stick-figure 'walking'. The men's washroom? Rune first thought. Then he realized what this device was.

Tapping a code for Bridge on its hovering holo-panel, he then stepped through.

Rune found himself instantaneously on the Main Bridge.

"Whoa. That's incredible."

One of the Main Bridge officer's noticed his entrance, and his comment, forcing them to turn from thier post and address him. "Huh? You sound as if you've never seen a transporter-net before."

"Oh, heh, heh. Of course I have... because I'm the Intelligence Officer. Heh, heh," Rune hoped the other officer wouldn't notice the naivte'. He wanted to fit in on this ship, not stand out.

As Rune hurridly went over to a hover-screen on the other side of the Bridge, the Officer he just had spoken to couldn't help but wonder about Rune. There was something different about him... something odd; because he should've known what a transporter-net was. "Oh well," the officer shrugged and got back to work.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 15 2005, 10:51 AM
OOC: Welcome to the site, Aeon Rune. I'm glad that you are so eager to join us, but there doesn't appear to be confirmation in the proper forum. I'm second officer on the ship and sort-of second in command of the whole site, so I will confirm your registration. I just wanted to know if you had read the FAQ and the previous two missions before posting? I don't want to be a bother or anything but I don't want anyone getting confused.

EDIT: those are excellent posts. I see that you're a LT. JG so obviously Jeff has approved you, so never mind the above statement. Really good job for some first posts.

IC: Don tried not to collapse.

It was too late, he fell onto the couch.

"No," he said quietly.

"Was Jeremy Reynolds your brother?" asked Jeff.

"Half-Brother. I grew up with him, though, sir. I know how hard it must have been for Mr. Rilen to say that."

"I'm sorry," said Jeff, and Robin followed suit.

Don got up and forced himself to hold back a tear.

"Alright, admiral, you, Captain Bates and I need to get to the bridge to deactivate that self-destruct."

"Right," said the captain.

Jake stepped out of the way, letting the senior staff through.

Don noticed his assistant.

"Lt. Hill please repair that door. You can use two assistants."

The three of them went through the transporter net to the bridge, and noticed a new face with the name of Aeon Rune.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 15 2005, 06:53 PM
"Report!" jeff ordered to the crew. Before they ansewed, he went on. "I need a comprehensive anlyisis of the order of the foxes- Who could be theri enemys, thgeri friends, what are they trying to acomplish? Mr. Rune, I belive thtat's your job."

"Aye sir." he hadn't gotten a welcome, but it was a red alert.

"And If sombody from sickbay could get up here- my foot hurts." Jeff commented.

Jake started to fill him in. "We havent' learned much, but just a few minutes ago, the Arrow exploded. We are now orbiting the sun, as a safety measure."

"this is frustrating- we don't know who our enemy is, and we don't even know what they really want. Monroe is a hostage as far as we know.... Starfleet medical is going to suffer without their new head."

"Sir! news from starfleet!" the ensign at the comm station reported. "The Admralty has been attacked by members of the order- security managed to stop them, with few losses. They have many in custody, and have diararmed them, and discovered suicide devices, which were removed."

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 15 2005, 07:15 PM
Don sat at his station and contacted engineering.

"Sir," he said, "something's wrong."

"What is it, commander?"

"The warp core and the impulse engines have been sabotaged- we can't leave."

"Alright. I want a full crew onboard the sub-ship. They are to pursue the Foxes ship. Don, you're in command of that crew."

"Yes sir!" he said and entered the transporter net just as a medical officer exited and proceeded to Jeff.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 15 2005, 09:56 PM
OOC: Thanks for the welcome, Donothan. biggrin.gif


Aeon Rune had taken a seat at the back of the Command Bridge. He was facing the back computers, with hover-screens that he constantly activated and de-activated around him. He began tapping at hover panels, with great speed.

When the Ensign that had spoke to him before noticed this, he walked over to see what was going on. As he peered over Rune's shoulder, he noticed how fast Rune was actually tapping at the panels. It was like Rune knew the interface inside out, "Whoa. You're fast!"

"Huh?" Rune looked over and saw the same officer from before. "Oh thanks. But I've seen faster."

The Ensign shook his head as Rune got back to work. "No, but you're fast. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were an android." The Ensign had finally realized why this almost transporer-net naive person was chosen as a Bridge Officer. The Ensign turned and got back to his own work, just as Rune opened a critical hover-screen.

On it, divuldged information on the Relic that was stolen from Starfleet.

The Admiral had been wandering around, and decided to pay Rune a visit. He approached, looking in over Rune's shoulder to the data.

"What have you found?" Pudlo asked.

Rune shook his head slightly, "It appears to be a Vulcan Relic, or multiple Relics. These are artifacts the Vulcan Science Directorite had researched in great detail, under the supposed prospect that they could save lives. Unfortunately, the research was inconclusive and they eventually decided to put it in the Museum at Starfleet. Last night the Museum was raided by the Order of the Foxes."

"Why would the Order of the Foxes want a Vulcan Relic? ...Unless they're Vulcan themselves?"

Rune looked at the screens inquisitively, "Thier patterns of attack are far more vicious and messy, illogical if you will, than even that group of Vulcans who had turned against logic could have attempted. It's possible these are not Vulcans."

"Wait," Pudlo said, "What were these Relics supposed to do again?"

Aeon Rune scrolled the screen back to check, "They were supposedly able to save lives, lots of lives. The document doesn't show anymore detail than that." Rune scrolled through pictures, "...Take a look at this. The details of these Relics don't look Vulcan at all."

"What are they?"

He shook his head at a loss for words, "I don't know, Admiral."

There was a pause as Pudlo stood back in thought.

"...The Order of the Foxes."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 16 2005, 06:58 AM
"Their is another possibility Admiral"

"Whats that Jake?"

"Well sir their is a similar type of arctitecture/art in the galaxy"

"What would that be?"


"You cant be sure of that though can you"

"I wish, Lt Rune is the Intellingence officer so it would full under his jurisdiction. I have to make sure that Don has enough cover on the sub ship I was going to suggest that he take a marine troop with him"

"That sounds like a good idea, just in case they have to board a ship"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 16 2005, 02:45 PM
Jeff pressed abutton activating a sonic feild around them.
"By telling you this, I'm increasing your security level to 14B- if you need more, you can get selected bits, but not much more. That wasn't a museum, it was a secure storage outpost."

"And what else? there''s more to it, I know."

"Yes. There is more. they sent us an image of who tey are: the order of the foxes. they have their own flag on vesels, as a sub-regestry."

"So you can rack tem down."

"only if you know what you're loking for."

"and that's the problem"

"No, that's the challenge." he turned the feild off. "that part is up to you. WE have detailed pictures, wich can't be brought up on computer. those are in the hardcopy only library section. I'd like you to look those Over."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 16 2005, 09:22 PM
"Understood, sir," Rune replied enthusiastically.

He made his way to the Library Section and began sorting through files. He found what he was looking for... the identification of who these Order of the Foxes were.

"...This can't be."

The symbols being used were similar to a lower class sub-group he once encountered. Here, on the information he'd been given, they matched present intelligence.

It wasn't too much later, that Rune had finished some critical research. He made his way to the Admiral's Ready Room, where Pudlo had stepped in momentarily.

"Did you find anything?" Pudlo asked.

Rune was reluctant, but began telling him, "Sir... according to the information, they're more than just Romulan; they're Remen. The ancient artifacts they had stolen were powerful devices capable of reconfiguring the molecules in any world's atmosphere. It could help them cultivate land, or create water... but one of it's biggest abilities are its control on the Planet's magnetic alignment. The power it contained could avert Remus from its dark and dismal existence in shadow. If not used properly it could destroy thier entire civilization."

The Admrial looked at him, taking all this information in.

"But even worse," Rune continued, "If used properly, it could be a weapon of mass destruction. I suspect, that is why the Vulcans stole it from them when they had the chance."

Pudlo nodded, "Thank you, Mr. Rune."

"--Sir, thier base of operations may be in Romulan territory. If we scan all thier space for the right symbolistic markings, we may be able to pinpoint thier co-ordinates; and more specifically, we can scan for thier ships. There's also the probability that thier base is on thier homeworld."

The Admiral stepped past his desk and began heading for the Bridge, "Good work. What's the matter, you seem confused?"

As he walked by, he noticed Rune's furrowed eye brows. It was as if he wasn't satisfied with his work.

"It's just that... the Order's pattern of destruction are usually based on critical points. To those places they attacked, it seemed not all of the locations were prime targets. It's almost like not all the hits on Earth and the shipyards were done by the Order, but another vigilante group."

Pudlo thought about it, "We'll have to look into that. Come with me to the Bridge."

Rune nodded and they both entered the Command Bridge of the Enterprise - J.

OCC: I kind of went out on a limb there, trying to figure out who they were. I hope that's okay that they're Remen. If not, I can edit my post or something.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 16 2005, 09:33 PM
OOC: No, that's quite alright. Everyone can do stuff like that- it's the surprise that makes this RPG fun.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 16 2005, 09:39 PM
OFF: Accually, It was an interesting idea. It's fine to do things like that. Just remember that by now, the Federation extends into several other galaxies, and all fo the milky way. So they are federation members...


Jeff was troubled by that news. The federation had been trying to correct the orbit of that planet for years, but nothing suceeded. Eventually, the Remans told the rest of the Federation that they were content to live on the dark side, as they had evolved to the point where they could no longer live in light and it would be a long time before It could be done. Now the order of the foxes- a group that seemed like it might be reman, but something about that bugged Jeff. The Remans had been a race too far beyond the need for such a device- they wouldn't be able to live if it had been used correctly.

"Mr. Rune, are there any others in history who could have found out about this device? Wanted it?"

"it seems like a few have run into it, but none have ever suceeded in using it."

"who, and why?"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 16 2005, 09:55 PM
"According to the information, the Romulans had attempted to use it. They hoped its power could help them... then there are the Ferengi, the Gorn, and a few of those miscellaenus groups, you know like that Unit 344T."

"--What did you say?" Admiral Pudlo stopped him.

"Oh, on the information it listed the people all the artifacts went through the Vulcans had to chase down. It was quite an adventure I assume, but that 344T were one of whom who tried to keep it for themselves."

OCC: Wow. I seem to have so much information. laugh.gif

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 16 2005, 10:26 PM
Don contacted Jeff.

"Admiral, the Speilberg is ready for takeoff."

"Take her out."

Don had not yet come to grips with the death of his brother, but had been able to supress his emotion for the time being.

The doors on the bottom of the saucer opened up and the Capricorn-class USS Spielberg slipped out of the gates.

It went to warp to pursue the Order, and Don had a realization.

"Sir, the Order of the Foxes was not responsible for the attack on the Avril Arrow- it was someone else."

"What do you mean, Don?"

"I don't know- but the Order wouldn't resort to such extreme violence, I just know it."

"I thought the same thing. Don, Mr. Rune has some inside information that may link one of your favorite captors to this problem."

Don remembered the time he was taken captive by Unit 344T for just over two weeks. It had not been a pleasent experience, but something was wrong.

"They're dead..."

"Well, maybe not..."

OFF: I think that it would be wise for anyone who has not done so yet to go read episode 5: Unit 344T. It is very important. Also, Jeff, it looks like we had the same thought just a moment ago!

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 17 2005, 07:55 AM
OCC: Looks like I have some reading to do at the weekend till then I will have to make do.


Jake stood and listened to what was being said between Pudlo and Rune.

"What your describing Aeon is the Gensis project"

"What is that when it is at home?" Pudlo demanded.

"Well sir in the late 23th century a Scientist by the name of Carol Marcus and her son David tried to come up with a technology to terraform planets that would normaly be uninhabitable into planets that could be lived on"

"What happened?"

"Well if my family history serves me correctly sir a 20th century reject by the name of Noonien Singh Kahn who had been exiled to a desert plaent escaped on a research vessel attacked the Regula station that kept the Genesis device stealing the device killing almost all of the staff on board Carol Marcus and her son David survived. Kahn went after the man who had exiled him then Admiral James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701, Kahn was killed in the attack after setting of the Genesis device while then Captain Spock later Ambassador Spock who would be instrumental in bringing the Federation and Klingon disputes to an end as well as bringing Romulus and Remus together after so long. Died saving the Enterprise from the same fate as Kahn"

"How can someone create peace when they are dead?"

"Simple he placed his Katra in to the body of Dr Leonard McCoy and his body was sent to the newly formed Genesis planet. Where it regenerated. Unfortunatly the matter that they used in the Genesis device was to unstable and later on the planet destroyed itself. That was the mission when the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was destroyed to stop the Klingons getting hold of it"

"What does your family history have to do with it?"

"One of my ancestors was a research scientist on that station he died along with the rest of the crew"

"How do you know about project Genesis I thought that was top classified?"

"It is but not all of us come from mainstream star fleet training"

"Thats all your willing to say on the matter isnt it?"

"If I told you the rest I would have to kill you sir so yes that is all I have to say on the matter"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 17 2005, 08:37 AM
OCC: That was a good movie. biggrin.gif


Lieutenant Rune almost smiled at the joke, but when Rilen and Pudlo glanced over, he realized Rilen wasn't even joking.

Quickly returning to a straight face, Rune decided to return to the Library Section to see if there was anything else he could find. He made his way towards the Transporter-Net but stopped when he noticed the Turbolift nearby.

"Hmm. There seem to be a lot of modes of shipwide transportation." He approached the Turbolift and entered through it. The Enterprise had been his third or fourth Federation Starship he'd been on since the Update Academy; but it was the first Starship he'd intended on serving since that Academy.

As the doors closed, he called out his destination and the Tubrolift immediately shot through the ship on course.

Exiting on Deck 38, he found the Corridors not as busy as he saw they were before. Rune began walking fast toward his destination when a shadowy figure reached out and grabbed arms around him.

"Yuah!" Rune didn't expect it, and thought someone had been trying to hug him. When he realized what was going on, Rude pushed himself back towards the wall, where the other guy smacked into in pain.

Letting go, Rune turned to see who it was. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Rune didn't know anyone onboard, so the fact it was Lieutenant Miller didn't faze him.

"You're dead!" Miller pulled out a long knife and threw it at Rune.

Rune dodged back and let the knife fly past to the other wall. In anger, Rune jumped up at Miller and kneed him in the face with great speed. The knock completely sent Miller into submission, as the impact sent the back of his head against the wall again.

When Rune landed to his feet, Miller fell unconcsious on the floor. Aeon Rune quickly called over the communications, "Uhhh, Aeon to Rilen. Someone just attacked me, on Deck 38, Section V7."

- "That's the kidnapper," Rilen realized. "I'm sending a team down."


Aeon Rune glanced down at the guy... he was not going to be waking up anytime soon.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 17 2005, 09:14 AM
Rilen Asked for the location at which Rune was at looked at the Admiral and smiled he knew full well that the Admiral knew what was on his mind.

"I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this. Rilen to security have a team meet me on deck 38 scetion 129 fully armed"

"Just make sure you get him here in one piece Jake"

"Of course sir I wouldnt want to bring him any other way but this is a conversation I have been wanting to have with him since he kidnapped yourself and Bates and Don. He may wish that he had died by the time I am finished with him"

Rilen walked in to the turbolift and ordered it to Runes location when he stepped out of the turbolift he could here the voices down the corridor he walked calmly down their with what could only be considered a dangerous smile.

"Is he awake?"

"No Sir he had this on him"

Aeon handed him a rather ornate looking dagger.

"Okay well that compells things this is Romulan in origin what ever the order is planning they plan on blaming it on the Remans and or the Romulans. Get this peTaq in to the brig leave him with out anything that he could use to kill himself get medical up here I want this guy kept sedated until I am ready to interrogate him"

"Aye sir"

Turning to Aeon he looks him over.

"Are you okay Lt"

"Yes sir I am fine he didnt get near me with that dagger I didnt givce him the chance"

"Okay I think you should get checked out anyway Lt then we are going to need you back on the bridge as soon as possible"

"I'm fine"

"Do I need to make that an order I out rank you and I feel it unwise to not get you checked out even if it is just a precautionary measure. Aeon I trust that you know your okay but humor me okay if they can cripple a ship like Enterprise then they are capable of anything"

"Yes sir"

"Good. You did good here I turned this ship inside out looking for this guy. Rilen to all security and marine personnel the perp has been found return to your stations and await further instructions"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 17 2005, 03:20 PM
Rune began heading toward the Sickbay. Although he was certain he was alright, he went anyway. Rilen was right that anything could have happened. But most importantly, he continued on so Rilen would know he respected his orders and his position.

Aeon Rune did know what it was like being Chief Tactical and Security after all. He held the position himself back in the day, on the U.S.S. Bozeman. If not for unfortunate circumstances, he would have remained... ah, but that was the past.

The distant past.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 17 2005, 07:50 PM
Jeff was thinking about that- The genesis project. he knew all the details, probably more then Rune Knew, but Rune Technically didn't have the authorization. So if it really was Genesis, then could it not be that somebody had figured it out and was now looking for the original data patterns? If they could make it work, What would happen?

Jeff walked in to his ready room. The wide sprawling desk of Earth Chestnut- real, not replicated, awaited him. He sat there, and after cleaning the shelf behind him, he opened a channel to Command. and not just anybody in command. The commander of Special projects, of Which the community of interior matters was a part. He had access to the highest and deepest secrets of Starfleet.

"Admiral Lombardi here." a disguised voice said from a heavily disguised screen. Jeff keyed in his code, and a Women's face showed up.

"Admiral, I have a request for you."

"You're not in the business of requests. I classify them as demands."

"You're right. However, I need something done that will have quite a few repercussions, not the least of which will be galactic attempts to increase information on the topic at hand."

"Jeff, I know you. the only reason you're taking this long is because you're nervous to say it."

"Dammed right I'm nervous. I need you to open up two mission logs in their entirety. The first is NCC-1701 Wrath of Khan and the other is NCC-1701 Search for Spock."

"That's not much- only information that cold destabilize the universe." Lombardi rolled here eyes. "I will put them at Security level 14. Anything else?"

"yes. Full project genesis Data. every bit of it."

"That I can't do. I can send it under a special circumstances tag to a few of you officers on a bio-code detection player."

"Good enough. Pudlo out."

OOC: This should help with our analysis....

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 18 2005, 12:14 PM
Joshua stepped out onto the bridge and looked around he had gotten word the the Admiral wanted a Doctor to take a look at his ankle he tapped the comm panel on the door and waited.


"Amiral Pudlo I believe you asked a doctor to come and take a look at your leg so here I am"

"Ahh you must be Doctor Clan please come in"

Joshua took out his medical tricorder and started a scan on the leg making sure not to touch the ankle in question taking out some medical gear he ran the tissue repair tool and swiped it over the area.

"You have a severe sprain of the ankle Admiral I would suggest that you take the wait of it for a while I have done all that I can for it here it will be sore for a couple of days but is nothing to be worried about"

"Thank you Doctor for coming up here"

"Not a problem its always fun to be need somewhere"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 18 2005, 10:33 PM
Aeon Rune entered Sickbay, looking around. As he approached the Office, he found that no one was there. Apparently the Doctor had left to do some on-call business.

"What the? This is completely inconvienient," said an Ensign as he walked in.

Turning around, Rune saw that it was the Ensign from the Bridge. "It's you?"

"Hi, Ensign Telven," he walked over and shook his hand.

When they finished, Rune replied, "Aeon Rune."

"Nice to meet you," he replied. "I was supposed to meet the Doctor for results of a scan on me. Wait a minute, did you just say your name was Aeon?"

He shrugged, "Yeah."

"Heh. That's a girl's name!"

Rune shook his head, "No it's not."

"Yes it is," Telven replied. "You have a girl's name!"

Rune crossed his arms, "Well what the hell kind of name is Telven?"

Telven just looked at him.


Telven glanced over and asked, "So I heard you knocked out the Order guy? Heh. I saw the way you work. You seem to have some kind of ability. Where'd you learn all that?"

Rune shook his head, "I was born on an Asteroid Colony that lived the old ways of solitude and martial-arts. Those are years and years of painful life I wish I could've got back."

"Yeah but you know that tricky-stuff," Telven replied, making jabbing motions with his hands. "That stuff people wear themselves out taking courses on for years, just to be good. At least you learned it early. Where is this Colony anyway?"

"In the Morgana Quadrant," Rune said, "But the colony was attacked and everyone moved somewhere else."

Telven thought for a moment, "That can't be... As far as I can tell, that region of space has been occupied by a spacial anomaly for the past Century. The aliens living there decided to run some really bad experiements."

"Well, uhhh... You see... I'm not really from this t---"

Just then a Nurse came in and interrupted them. "Oh! The new Doctor is just out for the moment. Why don't you two come back later?"

Telven shrugged, "Sure no problem. Talk to you later, Rune."

As he left, Rune turned and spoke to the Nurse, "Unfortunately I have orders to be here for a check-up."

The Nurse nodded, "Oh that's easy. Follow me."

She led him into another room where the scans would be made.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 20 2005, 01:50 AM
Reynolds' ship approached the other ship, which had for some reason, stopped.

"Hail them," Don ordered to the officer at communications.

Ten seconds passed.

"No response."

"Hail the Enterprise."

"Hailing frequencies open, commander," said the ensign.

"Sir, do I have permission to beam a team over?" asked Don over the comm.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 20 2005, 11:32 AM
Jake had listened to the communique before turning to Pudlo.

"Admiral I would strongly advise caution we have no reason to believe that they wont start killing our people if we beam on board. Commander if you go in send the Marines and a tactical squad I would advise against going your self"

"Understood Jake You get that Don use extreme caution"

"Aye sir"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 20 2005, 06:40 PM
Rune was about to leave Sickbay when the computer alerted him of a Special Circumstances Tag.... apparently a top-secret data file was sent directly to him from Starfleet Intelligence.

He made his way to the Bridge, and activated the screen at the back. Sitting down, he began reading about the Genesis project. "Ah, this project was quite well rumoured back in the day. But it seems not as known in this Century..." He read through. Hmm. I never knew the details of it. This is fascinating.

He learned that through the reconfiguration of molecules, a special torpedo was able to convert an entire gas giant of appropriate particles into a planetary body.

But how does that help against the Foxes Artifact?

Comparing the two data files, it showed that the Artifacts were reinforced with natural energy. The shape configuration and the natural-composition of the artifacts were the main reasons it worked; that, and the fact you needed to be near the polar-magnetism of a Planet.

"So a local must've found this material on his planet and somehow knew of its power; then carved these artifacts to control thier world."

Not bad, Rune thought, impressed.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 22 2005, 02:37 PM
The transporter beamed four marines and five starfleet security guards over to a cargo bay.

Don was also there. He lead the way.

"Alright, you three take over the bridge. The rest of you I want split up into three groups. One group lead by Mr. Johnston will patrol the halls. Mr. Mirlin's group will follow my group, which will be finding out where Monroe is being held captive. Go!"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 22 2005, 06:31 PM
Jeff was on the Bridge when Rune walked in, with a padd in his hand.
"Find something?"

"yes. I'd better discuss this with you- privately."

"my ready room."

"So what did you find?" Jeff asked, once they were seated.

"Genesis. Ramarak- the same devices."


"My nickname for the thing they stole. The rough translation is danger. Fitting."


"It's intended for the same idea, only it's designed to be selective about what it picks off and uses it's effect on. for instance, it could be programed to change sand to water, or grasses and plants to stone- or living creatures into, well you get the point."

"I do indeed. Why haven't they used it?"

"We don't know yet. However, If they decide to, it's not going to be pleasant."

"To put it mildly."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 22 2005, 09:57 PM
When the meeting was over, the Admiral dismissed Rune and Rune re-entered the Bridge. As he got there, he found Jake Rilen at the Tactical, who was working very consistently at the controls.

Rilen noticed his approach and they both nodded in acknoledgment of each other. "Sir," Rune said.

"Lieutenant," Rilen replied, having a free moment. "How did the scans turn out?"

Rune glanced at his arms instinctively, "You were right. I caught a mild form of the Gorn Strain. But since it's completely harmless and practically everyone on Earth got it in the past two months; the dangers were practically non-existent. The Nurse cured me perfectly... as it was my second time catching it."

"Oh, that virus. I suppose it's not that all inconcievable that even Miller got it," Rilen said.

Rune nodded in agreement, and then looked out onto the viewscreen. They were waiting to see what Reynolds' results would be... hopefully not catastrophic.

OCC: ...Oops. I noticed I used Ensign Monroe in my second last post when that name is already in use. I just changed the name to Telven.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 23 2005, 07:36 AM
Rilen walked over to the security console and continued to scan the local region when he noticed Pudlo standing next to him.

"Jake I need a word with you for a minute"

"Sure thing Admiral"

Stepping around the console he followed Pudlo into his ready room quietly.

"How is the interrogation of the prisoner going?"

"It hasnt started yet I was called away to deal with a problem concerning my son I will make sure that the situation is dealt with by the end of the day"

"Everything alright"

"Yes Sir everythng is fine, now what was it you wanted of me or me to do?"

"The order is using Genesis Jake I wanted to discuss our options, if indeed we have any"

"Sir, Jeff if they launch an attack with a Genesis wave or device their would be nothing we would be able to do short of getting in the way of it ourselves and taking the blast. That was why the use of the Genesis device was outlawed once the initial test went so horribly wrong, their is only one other example of a similar effect that took place in the late 24th century the USS Enterprise-E was involved under the command of Jean-Luc Picard it nearly detstroyed an entire sector before they stopped it"

"How'd they stop it?"

"Sir my clearance only goes so far the only reason I know anything about the Genesis project is because I am ex intelligence that was asked to step in and help out when the Romulans got the idea of using one a few years ago. They never got past the planning stages"

"Hows that?"

"Of the record. The scientist they were using to create the Genesis device disappeared and was never seen again, Unfortunatly the device itself was never found so its conceivable that the order found the device and used it as a prototype. They would never have been able to use the device it was into an early stage of development for them to use it"

"How did the scientist disappear?"

Pudlo seemed to know the answer before Jake Said it.

"He was assainated"

"You said that you dealt with the situation so that means"

"Yes Jeff I killed the man to protect the Federation not something that I am proud of but at that stage of my life I was just looking to pick a fight just before that mission my wife had been killed taken hostage with two of my sons. I am not proud of my actions on that mission sir but I did what was nessacary to stop an attack on an unknowing enemy"

"The order you have had dealings with them before?"

"Yes I am one of a few people that have tried to bring down the organisation from the inside that particular mission ended with my family being killed I have never managed to catch up with them, so you can see I am rather looking forward to this mission"

"The genesis devicde how do we stop it"

"We find out what ship is holding it and we blow it out of the sky is the safest way to get rid of it"

"Jake can you deal with Miller?"

"Would you put a man in the room with a person that was of the same order that killed his wife and two of his children"

"No I wouldnt"

"Their is your answer"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 23 2005, 07:40 PM
Rune was tapping at the hover panels on the Bridge, when the Nurse from Sickbay stepped out of the Turbolift. She began looking around.

"Umm, hi," Rune greeted a bit confused.

The Nurse smiled and then picked up a med kit on the floor. She had found what she was looking for. "Oh there it is. The new Doctor seemed to have forgotten it here."

"Heh," Rune smiled. "By the way, I never even asked your name earlier?"

She walked over, "The name's Syrina," and shook his hand. "You look like the new guy who can't stop introducing himself to people."

"No kidding," Rune laughed. "I almost introduced myself to the computer yesterday."

Syrina picked up on the sarcasm and then pointed in satire, "Now there's a friend you may need."

They both smiled and Rune thought of something. "Hey after this whole mess is over with, want to go for a drink somewhere? ...Although I'm not sure where."

Syrina laughed, "Sure. There's a place called 10-Forward. I'll show you later... I have a feeling you'll be pretty impressed."

"Hmm. 10-Forward, huh? Not many ships have that area; though the few that do are usually deemed lucky vessels," Rune recalled.

The Nurse leaned in, "Well the Enterprise is more than a lucky vessel." She smiled and then she moved off towards the Turbolift. When the doors closed on her, Rune returned to his console.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 23 2005, 08:19 PM
"Pudlo to mr. Rune." Rune's combadge announced.

"Rune here. he answered, this time without touching his chest. It was one thing he was getting used to.

"If you would, I'd like to talk to you."

"On my way." he responded, and entered the nearest transporter web, going to Jeff's personal signal.

"Over here." Jeff said as he materilized. they were in a bar like area, with huge windows overhead, with thick supports holding them up.

"Captian." he resopned. "where are we?" he said, looking around.

"The Ten Forward Lounge on this vessle. they used to be on deck ten, but now they just put them at the front of the saucer, or near to it. we're accually 10 decks up from the leading edge." Jeff answered, not finding it an unusual question.

"So what deck are we on?"

"Well, The enterprise is a big ship. Deck 590 I think. there are about a 1500. That's the kind of the thing I wnat to talk to you about."

"Why? I'm doing fine, arn't I?"

"Better then most from 2358." Jeff responded. Before Rune could speak, he answered. "I read your service record. The two year update doesn't cover everything. I put together a little reading for you- detailed replicator stuff, computer interfaces, mind scanner controls, if you want to use them... and recreation facilities. The nuts and bolts of starship life thaty they dont' cover."

"Thank you."

"Anytime. How about a relaxation tea blend?"

"I'll settle for coffee."

"Suit yourself."

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 24 2005, 12:15 AM
The complexity of the situation was starting to become very frustrating for Captain Bates so she decided to take a slow walk to the intelligence department so she could have time to think things over. Eventually she reached the department area but the doors would not open.

"Computer, open the doors"

The computer answered. "There are no doors. There is no intelligence department on this ship."

"What do you mean by that, computer? I didn't mention this department?"

The computer made no reply but then the doors opened.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 24 2005, 07:52 AM
Rilen stepped off the turbolift heading for ten forward having just come of duty he needed some company and a stiff drink. Walking into the main room he noticed Aeon and Jeff he turned to the bar and walked over ordering a neat whiskey before walking over to Aeon and Jeff.

"Gentleman may I join you?"

"Of Course"

Rilen took his seat and sipped his whiskey.

"I hope your off duty Lt that looks neat"

"I am and it is, what I told you earlier I would appreciate it if you kept that private"

"Of course, what have you got planned for this evening"

"Some holodeck time Sam has a new program sent from home something to do with watching a famous F! race from the early 21st century"

"Sounds like fun"

"Bates to Rilen"

"Go ahead captain"

"Would you join me down at the Intelligence department"

"Would you like me to bring Aeon with Captain it just so happens his sitting opposite me?"

"Yes that would be a good idea"

"On our way, sorry Admiral looks like this will have to wait for another day"

Rilen downed the rest of his drink before heading for the transporter to go down to Intelligence.

"So Jake whos Sam"

"Oh Sam is my son looks like he may have to go on his own Rilen to Rilen"

"Hey dad"

"I'm going to be late i have some work to do so I will meet you on the Holodeck"

"Okay Rilen out"

"He seems understanding"

"Sometimes I dont Understand why"

Aeon and Jake arrived at the Intelligence department to see Bates standing at the door having an argument with the computer.

"Captain something I can help you with, though if you want me to blow the door of the hinges its coming out of your pay not mine"

"The Computer insists that this is not the Intelligence department and that we dont have such a department on board. When I know we do can you get this door open?"

"I can try I am not an engineer though so I might be a little more crude than ususual"

Rilen walked over to the door and looked at it seeing that Bates had already tried to override it using her own access code.

"Computer Initalise program Rilen delta 1 alpha and iniate"

"What the hell is that?"

"When you and the Admiral were kidnapped I created a program so that if I couldnt gain access to a room for one reason or another I could use the program to find whats blocking my access and either override it if its the ships computer or if its a foreign program that isnt original to the ship trace it and destroy it"

"Sounds like you have been working hard"

"Lets just say I have had some bad experience at hostage situations and dont take kindly to them"

"Program Complete"

The doors whooshed open...............

<Okay thats a tag to one of you guys the hole into wonderland is open who wants to go in and see whats out there>

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 25 2005, 01:35 PM
Joshua walked into ten forward as he saw a couple of officers bearing down on him he nodded at them as they went by and seemed to ignore him though going by their emotions they were a little perplexed by something.

"Doctor please join me"

Joshua looked over in the direction that the voice called him from and walked towards Admiral Pudlo.

"Admiral I didn't expect to see you in here"

"How are you settling in?"

"Just fine thank you Admiral, Captain Bates has been most helpful. Although her bed side manner could use soming working on"

"What can I get for you sir"

"Raktajinko please"

"You like that stuff"

"My wife would prefer it if I didnt she hates the smell but it is the one vice I allow myself"

"Sorry we havent had much chance to talk its been a little hectic here since you came aboard"

"Yes I heard about what happened to my predecessor, I wish I didnt have to come on board under such horrible circumstances. The emotions and to some extent the thoughts that are coming of the crew in floods are over whelming at times"

"One of the down falls of being a telepath I suppose"

"Thats one way to put it, most of the time I can block it out but when your asleep you tend to be more open to it"

"Of course"

"Admiral you cant blame yourself for what is happening I sense the conflict that you are having over this. You could not have forseen something that you know nothing about, if you would like I could set up a counselling session and we could discuss this further in a less intrusive place"

"I thought you were just the doctor"

"I am but I am also a Betazoid and happen to be a good listener, no pressure but if you need someone to talk to you know where I am"

"Thank you doctor I will keep that in mind"

"On the other hand if you would like at some point I am also open to a game of Snooker or pool and can play darts"

"That sounds good doctor let me no when you are free"

"Of Course admiral. Good day to you Admiral"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 25 2005, 04:02 PM
Jeff, Jake and Aeon were standing at the entrance to the intelligence department, Bates was behind them, looking at something on a computer terminal.

"I'm going in." Jeff informed the rest. "Your phaser please, Jake?"

Jake handed him a Phaser two. Jeff took the weapon and set it on self ajust- starting at level 4, a step above heavy stun. Anyone he shot would come out concussed at best.

"Good luck." somone said. "I'll get your back." it was Rune.

"You don't have to. It's not your job."

"it's my department. It used to be my job. I'm going in."

together, they headed in. At first, they saw

"Nothing. It's almost as if they just did this out of spite." Jeff commented.

Then he heard something bee. there was a countdown on it- a phaser cannon pointed to shoot everyone in the room.

"Or not." jeff fired at it, and just before the timer hit 0, the phasers combined melted it.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 26 2005, 07:33 AM
Jake Looked at Pudlo and their was a hint of barely surpressed rage on his face and a look that said he had, had enough.

"Now I am really P***** the people who are responsible for this had better wish I dont get my hands on them I might be tempted to put them in front of a phaser cannon. No one and I mean no one starts shooting up a room on this ship while I am standing in it and gets away with it"

Jake turned around and stalked out of the room he could here footsteps coming down the hall towards him it must have been security to see who had fired a weapon with out authorisation.

"I want that room checked for any evidence"

"Aye sir"

Jake walked into the brig five minutes later he nodded to the brig officer who lowered the shielding around the one occupied cell.

"Lt Rilen I wondered how long it would be before you turned up"

Rilen took his commbadge off and through the open doorway.

"Crewman you are dismissed"


"Your dismissed and deactivate the camera in this cell before you go"

"Sir I could get in to trouble for this"

"Thats an order I will take full responsibility for this"

"Aye sir"

Jake watched the clearly worried young man leave the room before he turned to face Miller.

"You and me are going to have a little chat Miller"

"I am looking forward to it"

"I want to know what you have done to this ship and what your friends are planning"

"Whats in it for me?"

"We put in a good word for you with the Judge, and maybe the treason charge will turn in to something a little less servere who knows"

"I want a full pardon"

"It is never going to happne Lt so why bother asking you are going down for this"

"Then I have nothing to say "

"Do you know what it feels like to be stuck up against a force field and held their?"


"Would you like to find out what it feels like?"

"You cant you wouldnt?"

"Wrong on both counts Lt this is one day you really dont want to annoy me now what have you done to this ship"

Jake waited to hear whether he had anything to say he didnt. Grabbing his commbadge he stepped back in to the cell.

"Computer activate force filed to cell 4"

He saw the slight hue of the force field then turned to face Miller with a look of pure hatrid.

"Jake what the hell do you think you are doing"

"Stay out of this Jeff, it seems these people only react to violence"

"This isnt going to help"

"Maybe not but it will make me feel better, I am going to do what no one else was willing to do"

Rilen grabbed Miller and slammed him up against the wall.

"Last chance Miller want to talk"

"Not a chance"

Rilen threw him into the forcefield which he hit with a sizzle Miller staggered back he grabs Miller by the hair and puts his face inches away from the forcefield.

"I have always wanted to see what a forcefield will do to a man when his face touches it. Now talk to me Miller what have you dont to this ship"

"Jake stand down, some one override the force field before he kills him"

Jake inched the mans face closer to the force field.

"I will tell you I'll tell you"

Jake relaxed his grip but kept the mans face close to the force field.

"I gave the ships of their fleet our shield frequency and designed a program to drop the shields after the first blow"

"Anything else?"

"No nothing else"

Rilen let the man drop not caring in which direction.

"Computer deactivate the force field to cell 4"

Jake marched out from behind the force field looked straight at Pudlo who was now talking on his comm badge to someone in engineering walked over to the console and reactivated the force field.

"Jake their were other ways to deal with that situation much better ways. What the hell were you thinking?"

"I did what was nessacary to get the information we needed it would have been a hell of a lot easier if you hadnt been standing there"

"You have done that before?"

"Yes. Has engineering been made aware of the situation"


Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 26 2005, 08:18 AM
Rune sat at a table in 10-Forward, with a mug of hot tea. He was leaning over the table and tapping his fingers on it, in succession. The news of the Order's advantage over tthe Enterprise had just been delivered to him, and he was worried.

"Man... I don't think there's anything I can do to help," he said to himself.

As he was sitting there, the Doctor came over and introduced himself. "Greetings, I'm Doctor Joshua Clan."

"Oh, please, have a seat," Rune gestured.

The Doctor sat down, and clamped his hands together. "There's something I wanted to talk to you about. Your file says your not from this time-peroid. Is that true?"

Rune nodded reluctantly, "Yes, Doctor. I'm actually from the 24th Century."

Clan shook his head in astonishment. "Wow. That's exactly two Centuries into the past. How is it you're here?"

Rune took a deep breath, hoping that he would never had to go through it. But he realized it would have been foolish not to be open about it, "Well, I was on a mission involving a time-travel species. When things went horribly wrong, my Away Team was sent into random timelines. I was sent to this time..."

Clan looked at him, "I see."

"Yeah," Rune looked away in thought, "I spoke to Starfleet about helping me get back, but they advised against it. So I started to accept my fate and live in the 26th Century..." He sat back in a relaxed mode. "It's just that I was worried that it wouldn't be easy fitting in... especially since to many people, my kind would be out of date."

"Indeed. But you're serving in Starfleet, so you must have done well to survive in this Century," Clan observed.

Rune nodded, "I suppose you're right. I have been updated on most technologies, and have been here for a couple years. I've even been on infiltration missions. --It's just hard for people to understand." He looked around, suddenly feeling better. "Hey, that talk helped. You seem to be good at Councilling."

Clan laughed, "Ah. You see, I'm telepathic, so it's in my nature."

"Oh. Well thanks. I didn't even realize I was in a councilling session."

"Heh, heh. That wasn't my intention, but you're welcome," Clan said.

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 26 2005, 12:01 PM
OCC: Hey Aeon a small note to you he is a full betazoid so he gets everything unlike Troi but I love the way you used the character.


Josh sat and listened to the man for a while drinking his coffee he enjoyed the company though the emotions of people not to mention their thoughts at times were overwhelming.

"Pudlo to Clan"

"Go ahead Admiral"

"Sorry Josh I need you down in the brig someone has had a little accident"

Josh looked over at Aeon and smiled apologeticaly.

"I am on my way Admiral Clan out. Sorry Aeon I have to dash it would seem well speak again I hope"

"Of course Doctor"

Clan smiled at the man before getting up cup in hand and heading for the door dropping by sickbay to pick up a medi kit arriving ten minutes after being called down. The scene he walked in to was one of anger the Admiral was pulsating with anger though he wasnt sure at who yet.

"You called Admiral"

"Yes Lt Miller meet with the force field in his cell a little while ago we need him checked over"

"Of course Admiral"

Clan took out his tricorder and started a scan he had a severe concussion and what looked like a couple of broken ribs.

"He met with the forcefield or was he forced against it"

"He was thrown against it actualy doctor"

"Jake you really dont need to be here"

"I am under control of my emotions for now Admiral and this scrot is not leaving my sight until he is back behind that cells force field"

"Gentleman please it is hard enough to concentrate when one of you is angry but the two of you shouting is a little overwhelming if you want to argue please step outside and let me work in peace"

"Sorry Doctor"

"Thats quite alright Jake I am guessing that you did this to him"

"Yes I am responsible for his injuries"

"Well he needs to go to surgary so I can repair his injuries but he'll live"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 26 2005, 01:19 PM
Don Reynolds ran into the room.

"DON?" asked Jeff.

Don's uniform was torn up, and there were scratch marks on his face.

"When did you get back?" asked Mr. Clan.

"No time to explain. It's the Unit 344T. They have five klingon and a cardassian ship coming to us cloaked!"

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 26 2005, 01:37 PM
Jake stood in silence for a second before he could react to what had just been said even the doctor turned his head at the news.

"Rilen to the bridge"

"Go ahead Lt"

He looked at Pudlo who nodded once.

"All hands to battle stations I repeat all hands to battle station, raise the shields we are on our way. Don we need our shield frequency chaged and fast this idiot here gave them the frequency we use oh and theirs a program that he has going so that the first shot will not knock the shields out"

"I didnt think he would talk"

"I persuaded him a little bit of force never hurt anyone"

"You almost killed the man by the looks of things"

"Did I? You know I hadnt noticed" The coldness in his voice all to evident but also just a hint of what could only be personal pain. He knew that he had let down Pudlo today.

Rilen turned toward the door and broke out into a run at about the same time everyone else that needed to be somewhere else did. The klaon was blaring as he arrived on the bridge taking his position at tactical.

"Tactical scanning the system for cloaked ships nothing so far. Sir if I may make a suggestion deploy the support craft and we can make a Tachyon grid of sorts to detect them as they enter in to the system"

<Tag Everyone>


Now I am off to get blindingly drunk so I will be back monday or late tomorrow

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 26 2005, 03:09 PM
"We'll discuss this incident later, but it will be discussed." Jeff said to Jake. he noded in response.

"okay, everyone get ready." Jeff said. "When they decloak, I nt the most comprehensive scan you can give me of each vessel. Then I want us to wap out to the andromida galaxy into the most backwater area you cna find there."

"maximum Slidewarp?" the ensign at helm asked.

"Dammed right." Jeff nodded. "Sheilds up."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 26 2005, 04:50 PM
Jake nodded at the admiral in acknowledgement of the comment then looked back down at the screen in from of him he was intensely scanning the sector for signs of their company.

"Admiral ships bearin 327 mark 120 they match what Commander Reynolds gave me they will be in firing range in ten seconds"

"Understood Lt. Helm stand by"

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 27 2005, 02:38 PM
Josh asked for a beam out to sickbay for himself and the prisoner Jake Rilen had insisted that a security team join them.

"Nurse I need you to prepare the patient for surgery"

"Yes doctor I knew you were coming we have prepared the surgery bay for you"

"Thanks. Clan to Pudlo"

"We are a little busy up here doctor"

"I am about to go into surgery so please try and keep her steady"

"Well try our best doctor Pudlo out"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 27 2005, 02:47 PM
"Sir, we have full scans of all of them!" the OPS manager called out.

"Get us out of here." Jeff ordered.

"Taking us to the ervini system in the andromida. The most backwater place I can think of." the helmsman commented. "isolated too. it's got some form of barrier around it, an old natural one. It's hard to acess."

"Eta?" Bates asked.

"About 4 hours, at this speed."

"very good."

"alright, I need all seinior staff to gather in the Officer's lounge." Jeff gustured up front. "Except for you, Mr. Rilen. I wish to see you in my ready room first."
"Jake, explain yourself. Now." jeff wasn';t the look of kidness right now. He was pretty mad. furious, accually.

"I got information. That's my job when it comes to that kind of scum."

"You need to realize that that's not how we can get information. it is against regualtions to tourture."

"Sir, that's not classified directly as torture."

"What is? No, don't answer. I wnat you to think about what is torture. Not according to law, but according to common sense."

"Common sense is often wrong." Jake replied.

"Try book definition, I don't care. It may not have been against the letter of the law, but it was sure as hell aginst the spirit of it."

"begging the admiral's pardon, but what are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet. Dismised."

Jeff gathered up a few padds before folowing Jake into the officer's lounge.

"ladies and gentleman, ideas." it was an order. "But first, let's bring our new CMO up to speed on the siuation. Unfortunatly, I think He'll need to know."

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 27 2005, 05:54 PM
"Wait, wait, wait... what's going on with this 'prisoner'?" asked Don, "I need to be filled in as well."

"Very well," said Jeff, "Mrs. Bates, would you kindly give an explanation on what is going on?"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 27 2005, 10:32 PM
OCC: Hey Joshua, thanks for the compliment. I also fixed what I wrote for him. cool.gif


Rune sat in the Briefing Room intently, with everyone else. He had sat back with both sets of fingers crossed over his mouth, trying to think of a way out of the situation. He had a few ideas, but it would take a few minutes of thought to work out thier plausibility. The likiness they would have made any sense was doubtful. In the meantime, he payed strict attention to what was going on at the table.

The mere fact they had escaped this far away had blown his mind. To him the universe suddenly seemed far bigger than he could have possibly imagined.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 27 2005, 11:58 PM
"Very well." jeff said once everyone had completed. "We are not in the confrence rom like usual. You might have noticed that. depends on how good you are with holograms. Projector off." Abruptly, the room flashed into the standard relaxation lounge in front of the bridge. "The normal conference room is bugged. face conversation is being fed in there as we speak. taht's why we're here in much more comftorble settings."

"So why are we even here?"

"Ideas, ideas. We're n short supply. that's why we're in the most backwater place we could find in the most relaxed room on the ship. We have a group that can use genesis if they find it, and are eminently logical in their moves. we ahve another group who don't seem to work the same way."

"Any idea of who the second one is?"

"I don't know. Perhaps what happened in the boarding party might enlighten us. Don?"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Nov 28 2005, 12:33 AM
"Well," said Don, "We found out that Unit 344T have re-named themselves the Order of the Foxes for saftey issues. However, once we took over their ship we noticed that there was another species onboard. We have no idea who they were, but they looked almost... well, reman."

"So we were right," said Lt. Rune.

"Yes, but based on my experiences with the Unit, I don't think they are as big a threat as we had thought. They are probably bluffing about anything involving hostage situations. We found Commander Monroe's signature as well. It appears she's been hidden right under our noses, and is in fact, on this ship."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 28 2005, 07:28 AM
Jake listened to Don while he gave the report he was tired and exhausted but kept his attentiveness he had a cxurious feeling the doc was watching him.

"Then we have a problem?"

"Go ahead" Pudlo said.

"Well if Don is right and I have no doubt that he is, its berings up a serious question. How did unit 344t get hold of Genesis? I mean to say that I was the only one on board that had ready access to the information, Genesis isnt known to everyone for a very specific reason"

"So what is your point?"

"Well Jeff that would seem to suggest a group inside starfleet is helping unit 344T"

"No one inside starfleet would help terrorists"

"That isnt true and we both know it. Their is one group that would help if it furthered their aims"

"Which group?"

"For the last 100 years starfleet security and intelligence have known of the exsistence of a group by the Name of section 31 but every time we have managed to get anywhere near it the operatives have disappeared or been killed"

"You think they could be involved"

"Its possible, but if they are involved we may be in a hell of a lot more trouble than we think"


"Meaning that they may have operatives on board sir, they are not above killing people to protect their dirty secrets and if I may say so neither are unit 344 T"

"How do you know that"

"I have lost a wife and two children to the cause of trying top bring down these groups that how I know. I have more then a vested interest in the out come of this mission I want to bring these people down more than anyone else on this ship, and has you have fount out I will do anything to make sure that happens"


Jake waited till the rest of the staff left to speak to Pudlo alone.

"Admiral a word"

"Whats on your mind Jake?"

"I wanted to speak to you about earlier"

"Have a seat"

"I know you dont understand why I did what I did and that you think my actions are unforgiveable but just hear me out"

"Okay I am listening"

"I did what I did because I knew that I would never be able to break him in time using the normal interrogation methods. If I had used the ususual techniques then we would likely have died in the fire fight that is coming"

"That doesnt excuse what you did"

"No it doesnt, let me say this Admiral I wish you hadnt have walked in on that I did what I did to protect you and this ship. I have thought these guys and lost people I love, this ship was my second chance. A chance to rebuild my life and leave behind a past that will haunt me till the day I die. Those shadowy intelligence operatives that the fleet hate, I was one of them it got some of my family killed because of my work. I have to live with that but hear and now we have a chance no matter how small that chance is to bring these guys down once and for all. No one has ever got that close, if we fail we may never get a better oppotunity. I understand that you can not forgive me for what I did but if it helps to bring down this group then the means will justify the ends"

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 28 2005, 07:35 AM
Josh stood and waited having just come out of surgery minutes before the call for a meeting in the officers lounge.

"Commander did you bring back one of these aliens for me to examine"

"Yes doctor"

"Okay well I will see what I can come up with"

"Do you know of any race that looks like a Reman?"

"Of the top of my head you mean"

"Yes of the top of your head"

"Not really, appearance wise the Hirogn are similar but genetically they are nothing a like. They could be a sub speices of Reman that we havent seen before"

"How likely is that?"

"About as likely as any other scenario I am able to come up with at the moment"

"Okay see what you can come up with"

"Aye sir"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 28 2005, 02:38 PM
Jeff sighed, looking at Jake.
"The ends never justify the means. Unfotunatly, others have tried that argument. It didn't work. Kirk may have been unorthodox in his approaches, claiming the same thing, but the means were always justified already. You see, if the actions you take aren't built on a solid justification, they are pre-emtive. They are used before the damage can be done. But then damage is done because people are maddened by the means."

"I would say that my means were justified."

"By what were they justified? the possible loss of this ship? We had Don working for us over there, and the ship was battle ready. Or do you not have confidence in your own skills?"

Jake was at a loss.


Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 28 2005, 07:08 PM
Rune had been going through file after file on the scans taken of the Order's Klingon and Cardassian ship's. He had been doing it in the Intelligence Department, which was booby-trapped earlier to take down anyone who tried to get in. Only, now everything seemed to be fine in there, except for a few broken terminals, and broken doors to other rooms that furthered the area.

This deficiency of the Department caused serveral areas of the place to be shrouded in complete shadow--- others, with spots of light and blinking holographic panels. It was moody and unforgiving inside.

"Ugh.... man. I'm getting nowhere with this data," Rune said. He then took a moment to himself and looked around the place. "This Department is a complete mess." It was quite probable that Miller had been making use of it, and placed that trap in it to throw everyone all off on his trail.

As Rune began walking through the Department, he stepped over broken glass and half-emitted holographic objects. There was an eerie feeling that he wasn't alone in there, so he took out a tricorder-padd. The Lieutenant began scanning the area for life-signs just incase the Enterprise computers were being fooled by an intruder. Alas, he found nothing.

Rune de-activated his tricorder-padd and shrugged. He left the Department to take a five to ten minute break in his Quarters. The whole situation was probably getting to him, and he needed to release tension........ Little did he know, there actually was someone in the room, watching his every move.

When Rune entered his Quarters, he approached what was known as a punching-bag. It hung from his cieling, custom-replicated for his own athletic persuits. He had always found that the best way to release his emotions were through physical training.

He looked up at the huge punching-bag and launched a kick into its side. The entire bag shifted slightly due to the impact. Rune jumped up and down to loosen himself out and then jabbed one fist after the other at it. The punching-bag started jolting left, right, back and forth as Rune forced kick, after jab, after kick into its overly-stuffed entity.

The punches and jabs flew out continuously, as he considered that it was time to get back to his work. Suddenly, he heard a vase fall off one of the tables in his Quarters. He quickly turned around with his hands in ready-attack mode as he saw a man standing next to his coffee table, who had accidentally knocked the vase over.

"I hope I didn't disturb you, Rune..." the man said.

Rune immediately called out to the communications system, "Lieutenant Aeon Rune to Security! There's an intruder----"

"--Oh I don't think that will be working in here. I've dampened these Quarters with false readings."

Rune dropped his arms and looked at the guy. "Oh yeah? Well my crew's going to be looking for me, since I'm on duty right now."

"Don't worry about that," the guy stretched his spine and neck in comfort. "We have a holograpic version of you taking over your duties on the Enterprise."

Rune scratched the back of his head, trying to think of any more ways these people may of screwed up, "Uhhh... then what about.... ummmm.... uhhh.... Hmmm...."

"Argh, that's enough! I didn't come here to stump you!" The guy was beggining to get frustrated. "My name's Karnell, and I've got your precious Monroe on this ship. We nearly had your Admiral and Engineer, but that elusive Jake Rilen had to screw things up!"

Rune tried to process everything quickly, "Wait-- who's Monroe again?"

"UGGGHH! SHE'S THE KIDNAPPED OFFICER YOU'RE TRYING TO GET BACK! It's a wonder that you're with Starfleet Intelligence when you're so completely stupid! How did someone from 2000 years in the past get such a job???"

Rune pointed at him, "Like you should talk. This whole time we've been just one step ahead of you. Your plans have been continuously foiled by the crew, because we keep finding out things about who you are!"

"Yes, that is quite annoying. That's why we decided to take you on first-- That, and the fact you were the only one to take out Miller!" He held out a phaser and aimed it at Rune. "This time, I'm shooting to kill."

Rune crouched slightly, and clenched his fist in tension. "If I die here, the crew won't stop until you're captured."

"A thing I fear not due to thier ineptitude," he laughed and then fired his phaser.

The beam shot out and Rune immeidately ran forward, while it flew past him. In a matter of a second, Rune lept a kick into Karnell's chest, sending him straight back into the wall. The phaser went flying behind his couch-setup somewhere, as Rune landed on his feet before the fallen man.

"Ugh!!" Karnell grasped his chest in pain as he was on the floor. "How the hell did you dodge that!? Those beams are instantaneous!!"

Rune slammed his foot into his chest again, holding him down. "I didn't dodge it," he said annoyed. "I saw where you were aiming, and moved an instant before you fired. It's not a difficult technique."

"ARGHH!! WHATEVER!" Karnell knocked Rune's leg away and jumped from the floor to a high-kick at Rune's head. Rune dodged back as Karnell landed to his feet. They both took a stance and then began fighting each other.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 28 2005, 07:32 PM
Bates heard her perosnal communications equipment beep and she answered it.

"Yes, this is Captain Bates."

Ensign Alice- "We have a problem here. We just discovered that Aeon Rune is merely a hologram. Apparently a cleverly concealed emitter failed. We don't know where the real officer Rune is right now."

Bates consoled the officer and asked her to accompany her to Rune's quarters to see what they could discover. Usually searching a missing officer's room was a good place to start.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 28 2005, 08:52 PM
Karnell flung out his leg at Rune, to which Rune blocked with his forearm. Rune immediately used his other free hand to force-palm Karnell in the stomach-- but Karnell just took the hit and remained standing. He kicked at Rune's head again, but Rune dodged back and grabbed his foot.

Just then, the doors to his Quarters were broken down. Ensign Alice had been carrying a pretty powerful rifle, which was smoking from being fired. Bates stood next to her as they saw that Rune was fighting some guy in his Quarters.

"What is going on here?" Bates declared her voice.

Karnell, who's leg was being held in mid-air by Rune, looked over and noticed thier entrance.

"Dammit!!! The implications of this crew continue to get ever so persistent!" Karnell cursed.

Rune pulled Karnell towards him, "Face it. It's over!" But Karnell brought up his arms to block the punch Rune had coming for him. Karnell flipped his whole body on an angle at Rune, kneeing Rune in the side of the head. Both men fell to the floor as Karnell kneed Rune again from atop him.

The bad guy flipped himself up into the air, as Bates ordered Alice to fire immediately, "Fire!!"

But as Karnell was flipping through the air, the phaser-pulse missed his direction and cracked the window behind. It's protective force-fields went up, as Karnell landed on his feet and tapped a few buttons on a wrist-control. He then disappeared in a beam-out.

Bates ran over and helped Rune up, as Rune struggled to his feet. "Are you alright, Lieutenant?"

"Ugh... I'm alright," he said while she led him to a computer-frame for him to lean against. He then noticed where he was and began tapping at the controls. "Computer, can you track the previous transport location?"

- "Unable to locate," came the computer's response.

"I have an idea," Bates said as she moved in next to him and accessed the control panel. "If we can localize the frequency of the spot he just beamed out from, it may be possible to search the ship for the same frequency location."

Alice walked over to watch the two of them at work.

"Hmm," Rune said. "You should run a subspace sensor sweep to bypass any force-fields or dampening fields in place. It may not pick up life-signs, but I'm sure it'll pick up the frequency."

Bates nodded, "Good idea. .....................I found it!"

She ran the scan and the computer began searching the ship. "How are we going to beam in though? We can't beam through shields," Rune said.

Bates walked over to the part of the room where Karnell had escaped. "Easy," she said. "We'll ride the same transporter signal. If he got through any shielding with that, so will we." Bates then glanced over at Alice, "Alert the others of the situation. We're going in now before they relocate."

Alice nodded and tossed her the rifle.

Rune was tapping at the controls, working the transporter systems to recognize the frequency and lock onto the signal that was in use. The control panel had located the Order's hideout-room on the Enterprise. He then left the console and approached Bates.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Lieutenant Aeon Rune," he shook her hand.

Bates was caught off guard, and had forgotten that they never formally introduced themselves. "Huh? Oh, Robin Megan Bates. Nice to meet you." She finished shaking his hand and smiled. Bates then turned her head to the room, "Computer, beam us through Rune's previous transporter settings."

The computer chirped in understanding and the two beamed out.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 28 2005, 10:27 PM
Immediately after the transport Bates secured the perimeter of the room and checked to see if anyone else was there. The figure that had attacked ... what was his name, Rune was no longer in the hideout. There was equipment scattered everywhere and at the far side of the room there was a body bag leaning against the wall. However, the bag was moving slightly, and most bodies in body bags don't move. Bates nodded to Rune as the officer approached the bag. Bates had the better gun and needed to make sure no one else decided to join them.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 28 2005, 11:08 PM
Rune opened the body-bag to find someone inside. She was partially beaten, and exhausted.

"Monroe?" Rune asked.

She barely was able to look over, but she nodded. Rune helped her out, and attempted to bring her to her feet.

"They... they're trying to escape the Enterprise," Monroe said. "They're going to rejoin thier associates in the Order and launch an attack against thier own people."

Bates checked her rifle, "They won't get far. The Enterprise is no where near the other Order ships."

"Hmm," Rune glanced around at the room. It was dark, but there was something familliar about it. When he opened the broken door, he found it was one of the sub-rooms within the Intelligence Department. It would appear that there was a dampening field around this sub-section, giving out false readings... Fortunately not enough to suede a general sensor-detection of Monroe's signature on the ship. They knew she was onboard, but never knew exactly where. Now, that they followed Karnell here, they had found her.

Suddenly, it occured to Rune what Monroe had said.

"Wait," Rune turned to her, "Why would the Order attack thier own people?"

Monroe glanced up at both Bates and Rune, "I heard everything they were talking about. The Order of the Foxes has a lot of people involved... Section 31... Unit 344T... even a species similar to the Remens... Unfortunately, one part of the organization want to use the stolen Artifacts to help thier civilization better thier planet physcially, but the more 344T part of the organization want to use it as a weapon. Whatever way you look at it, the Order has thier own problems, and that attack on thier own people will involve using the stolen Artifacts. It's going to happen soon."

She then cringed in pain.

"We have to get you to Sickbay," Bates said. "We'll meet up with Rilen and the others to track the rest of the onboard operatives. They may use thier program which controls the Enterprise Shields to help them escape."

Rune then helped Monroe up and began walking with her out of the Intelligence Department towards Sickbay.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Nov 29 2005, 04:58 AM
Bates contacted the senior officers and asked that they meet in sickbay because she had information for them to hear. She also mentioned that Monroe had been found. She wasn't exactly in top shape after the harrowing ordeal, but she was going to make it. She had been through much worse situations.

When the senior crew arrived in sickbay Bates asked the doctor to explain the patient's injuries because she had just learned that Monroe was having some unforseen medical complications.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 29 2005, 05:51 AM
Rilen walked into sickbay to see the doctors past and present discussing something Rune was in the med bay for some reason as well.

"Someone wanted to see me?"

"Jake we have someone for you to interrogate"

"You do know what I did to the last suspect I interrogated right"

Rilen jacked his thumb in the direction of Miller who was still in recovery.

"Jeff may have something to say about me interrogating another prisoner on this mission at least on my own"

"Take Aeon with you"

"Yes cause an Intelligence officer is going to be any more help after being attacked by them. What is this about anyway"

"We have section 31 operatives on board"

"Thats impossible they wouldnt expose themselves like that"

"Well they are"

"Look Aeon I know how these people work their is no way in hell that section 31 would be onboard and us know about it they arent stupid"

"The guy I captured thinks they are on board as does commander Munroe"

"Great so now I am supposed to take the word of a traitor and the word of a doctor that has just spent the last couple of days captured by that traitor. Not exactly spoilt for choise am I. Aeon give me what you got is Commander Munroe fit to talk Doctor?"

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 29 2005, 06:10 AM
"I am affraid not Jake their is a fast moving toxin moving through Commander Munroes system. If I dont find a antidote for it she will be dead before the day is over. I have just informed her of the bad news"

"What are the chances of you finding a cure for it?"

"With you people standing around here small please give myself and my people the space we need to work"

They stood there for a second in silence watching him.

"Maybe I didnt make myself clear people that was an order to get out of my Sickbay I will update you when I have something new"

He watched them leave then returned to the monitor and Robin Munroe he checked her vitals and started to scan her. He heard the doors whisk open and sighed heavily. "I said to get out and let us work what part of that dont you people understand"


"Admiral I am sorry I just ordered the rest of the staff out of here I thought you were one of them come back"

"Quite alright doctor how is she?"

"If I dont find a cure for her in the next few hours she will be dead she is slowly slipping into a coma when the rest of the staff arrived she was talking she is barely conscious"

"Do you think you can save her?"

"Sir if mister Rilen or Rune cant find out what she has been infected with their will be nothing I can do"

"What do you think their chances are of finding out what that substance is?"

"You would have to ask them sir I am not the one that they will have to interrogate him"

"Understood doctor try your best"

"I will admiral but I hold little hope for her if we dont find out what she was infected with soon"

He heard the warning beep on the console behind him and ran back towards the bed.

"Her stats are dropping Admiral"

He ran around the bed to get to the hypospray hitting it against her neck with a hiss. He checked her vitals she was stable for now.

"I have induced a coma that should by us a couple of hours, but Admiral it is only a couple of hours I wont be able to stop the toxin after that it is unstoppable"

"Understood doctor"

He watched the Admiral depart he could sense the distress and sadness emanting from certain members of the crew. The admiral it seems to be a mask of pain sadness and anger.

"Nurse Wyatt I need you to keep an eye on the patient"

"Yes doctor"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 29 2005, 07:27 PM
Ensign Alice returned to the Science Lab, where her co-worker Ensign Telven had been operating a computer console. As she walked into the room, she noticed a critical missing subject.

"Hey, where's the Rune Hologram? We were supposed to be filtering through his sub-routines," She said.

Telven pulled his head up in response, "Oh crap. I've been so caught up in all this work, I didn't even notice he left."


Meanwhile, in 10-Forward, the Holographic Rune had made himself at home, not even realizing he was a hologram.

"Can I get you anything, sir?" the Waiter asked.

The Holographic Rune glanced over at him, "Oh sure. I'll have a tea."

"Coming right up," the Waiter said.

Just then, the female Nurse, by the name of Syrina, entered the place. She noticed Rune and smiled her way over. "Hey," she said. "Want any company?"

"Please," Rune gestured. "My name's Rune."

Syrina laughed, "I see you're still caught up in that introducing-phase." The Waiter then came over and took her order. She then turned to Rune, "So how's the Bridge Officer status been treating you?"

"Not bad," the Holographic Rune said. "Although it's hard for people to understand how hard it is for me to fit in, due to the fact I'm not from this time-period."

Syrina widened her eyes in surprise, "Oh no?"

"Yeah," the Holographic Rune shrugged, "I was sent here from the past by accident, and now Starfleet won't let me go back. So I'm starting new again."

The Waiter brought thier drinks back for them. "Wow. That sounds so intriguing... I never really thought what would happen to a person if they were sent to another time-line. I guess Starfleet isn't one for ruining the space-time continuum."

"Tell me about it. Ah well, I'm actually finding it great here. The crew is wonderful and this ship is amazing," the Holographic Rune said.

Syrina smiled, "Well we're lucky to have you."

- "Analysis complete," the computer said out of nowhere.

Syrina looked around and then remembered that she told the computer to alert her when it was done, "Oh that's right. The Doctor asked me to finish scanning an alien patient in Sickbay. I have get going."

"Oh okay, good luck. I actually have to get back to the Science Lab myself," Rune said as he stood in gesture.

Syrina got up and glanced at him, "We should do this again sometime?"

"Yes, definitely," the Holographic Rune replied.

Syrina crept a smile along the edge of her lips and then turned to leave. The Holographic Aeon Rune smiled back and turned to leave also.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Nov 30 2005, 08:34 AM
Jake walked with Aeon to the transporter pad clset to their current location in silence he knew he wwouldnt have long to find out what they had infected Munroe with.

"Jake how are you going to handle this?"

"We have to break him, if he is section 31 that is going to be close to impossible using normal interrogating methods"

"Want to play good cop bad cop?"

"Wont work with this guy operatives of section 31 are trained in case of capture trust me on that"

"So how do we play it?"

"Anyway we have to, to get the information to help Munroe and the doctor"


Rilen turned to see Pudlo walking towards him and Aeon.

"Whats your plan?"

"I have to break him. Sir I wont lie to you but I doubt that if I ask him nicely he will just give me the information I want. I may need to use more forceful means"

"You are not to torture him am I understood"

"Yes sir, actualy I was going to ask if I could borrow a Vulcan crew member for an hour or so. One that would be willing to perform a mind meld"

"I'll have one waiting for you in the brig Lt"

"Thank you sir its most appreciated"

"Why didnt you try that on Miller?"

"Miller was different their wasnt enough time to be nice about it I need answers and quick"

Rilen stepped onto the transporter with Aeon. Upon their arrival at the brig they could smell ozone coming from inside the brig area. Rilen pulled his phaser out and motioned to Aeon to do the same.

"Cover me Aeon we go on three"

"Got your back Jake"

Jake went in on three running low accross the room. He could see one dead body by the console and another in one of the cells.

"Damnit they got here first okay I concur that we have operatives on board Aeon seal this place of. Rilen to Pudlo"

"Go ahead Lt."

"Sir the prisoner is dead along with the guard down here no sign of the vulcan that you were going to send down"

"I sent one down their he should have been their by the time you arrived"

"His not here Jeff and we have two dead bodies down here, Which means either the Vulcan did it or he was vaporised when these two were killed"

"Are you sure the prisoners dead"

"Yes I am sure he has a blackened hole where his chest once was its a mess down here"

"Understood I am sending a security team down their to help in the search you are looking for Ensign Morik"

He heard the door whisk open and swund round to see a Vulcan standing there in the door.

"Ensign Morik I presume.........." A phaser can be heard going of over the comm line.

"Jake are you their?"

"Admiral this is Aeon I need a medical team down here now Jake is hurt bad but he is alive Morik is the man we are looking for"

Posted by: Aeon Rune Nov 30 2005, 09:15 AM
Aeon Rune knelt down beside Jake Rilen who was wounded by a phaser-beam. "Jake! Are you alright?" Rune asked.

The Vulcan at the doorway just watched for a moment, taking some sort of unemotional pleasure in crippling another officer.

Rune tried lifting Jake's head, "Ugh... just get... him," Jake Rilen said.

The Vulcan, Morik, then quickly raised his phaser rifle and aimed it at Aeon Rune. Rune looked over and let Jake rest on the floor as a sudden phaser beam was shot out at them.

"Ugh!!" Rune saw its direction and dodged it. He then got up and ran towards Morik.

Morik dropped his jaw in shock, "What the hell?!" He turned and made a run for it down the corridors.

Aeon Rune ran after him down the large corridors until an automatic force-field came up and contained the both of them. Morik turned and aimed his rifle at Rune in close-range. "I'm afraid your time is up, Lieutenant," Morik said.

But Rune grabbed the rifle and mis-directed it to the side as it was fired again. The shot blasted the force-field out behind Rune. Morik quickly punched for Rune, as Rune blocked the punch and jabbed back.

Morik angled his rifle to deflect the jab, but was kicked in the side. After Rune had kicked him in the side, Morik re-aimed the rifle back into Rune's face. A fire was shot, but not before Rune shoved the direction of the rifle up into the air.

A part of the cieling blew apart, raining debris that they both jumped away from each other to avoid. Morik then used this opportunity to make another run for it.

He ran past Rune, who was busy deflecting a falling tube from the cieling. Rune turned and ran after Morik who threw his rifle to the floor. Rune lept over the rifle as Morik began tapping a control-device on his wrist.

In the next second, Morik was going to start dematerializing-- but as Aeon was in mid air, he was also flying straight towards Morik. Rune tackled Morik in mid-transport, and they both were transported out.

Posted by: Joshua Clan Nov 30 2005, 09:25 AM
"Pudlo to sickbay"

"Go ahead Admiral"

"We need a team in the brig Jake Rilen has been injured"

"Well Lock on to him and transport him to us Clan out"

Joshua walked over to the medical transporter and found what he was looking for locked on to Jake and energised.

"Clan to Pudlo we have the patient here with us sir"

"Understood how is he?"

"I will get back to you on that"

Josh walked over to the patient and started to scan him working fast and eyeing the readings on his medical tricorder.

"Tissue regenerator"

He worked fast the man had suffered some major injuries mainly from the impact with the floor than anything else he had sustained a few burns and brusies on the outside it was what was on the inside that he had to worry about at the moment.

"Clan to Pudlo"

"Go ahead"

"Mister Rilen has sustained a hefty wounds but should live I am about to go in to surgery to repair the damage now"

"Should live?"

"Well it isnt an exact science but I believe his odds are good 90% chance of survival. But he will have a bad headache when he wakes up"

"Understood Doctor do your best"

"Clan out"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Nov 30 2005, 03:22 PM
Jeff was not happy. He was sick and tired of this violence about who knows what inside of a secret society. And this group was good. They hid their secrets well, even from intelligence teams.

The door chime rang.

A lieutenants walked in. He was a Dock bay engineer, a pretty inconspicuous job, walked .

"Hello Lieutenant..."

"Ramos sir. I'm here for a simple reason. I'm here to invite you to join the order of the Foxes."

"You're going to have to explain a lot. sit down, and tell me exactly what the order does."

He moved to the couch and sat down.
"We're peaceful. That's probably your main concern. However, other fringe groups have hijacked the order. That's why I'm here. I need you to join and set things straight."

"I would be too obvious to work on your side. If you would be willing, There's somebody who could probably blend in better. you can describe the order to both of us."


"Captain Bates."

"I think that would work."

"Very well then." Jeff nodded. "Pudlo to Bates. please report to my ready room immediately."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Dec 2 2005, 12:39 PM
Rune and Morik beamed onto a low-lit Bridge within the Enterprise. It appeared as if they were on a smaller ship in the Shuttle Bays. It was one of the Promtheus ships.

"Ugh!" Morik pushed Rune off him as he got up. On the Bridge was other members of his team. They all aimed thier rifles at Rune.

As Rune was getting up in pain, he began to notice Karnell's approach. "Well, well, look who it is. You know, you just keep causing problems with us."

Rune was suddenly grabbed by the others.

"Prehaps I was too hastey in trying to kill you. The skills you possess are very impressive," Karnell said. "I wonder if they could be of use to us."

Morik looked at him, a broken-emotional Vulcan, "He's an annoyance. I nearly didn't get away."

"Thanks for all the kind words," Rune replied, as he struggled with his arms held behind his back.

Karnell pointed at him, "We'll just keep you in hostage form, for the time-being."

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Dec 2 2005, 03:04 PM
Bates heard the vice admiral call for her so she went to see what he wanted. What on earth could he want at this time of night? There are so many crazy things happening on this ship it will take years to file all the inceident reports.

Finally she reached the door and entered. There were two people there, the vice admiral Pudlo and some other unrecognizable person.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 2 2005, 05:31 PM
"Bates, we have been extended an offer to join the Order of the Foxes."

"And kill our own people?" Bates gasped. "My lord NO!"

"Calm down. I'll let him explain to us what the order really is."

a"um. Lieutenant Ramos sir. The Order is a peaceful group that's dedicated to Basically the same things as starfleet. we just operate in secrecy. if a merchant wants something shipped safely to the frontier or quite safely, They look to us. Our ships are flagged differently- that's because they're armed better, and they have well trained crews. We explore as well, though for technological improvements and scientific discoveries, not to make first contact. We invite only the best of the best, and it's prestige. there are other fox vessels in starfleet, including the late USS Arrow."

"So why the secrecy?"

"We could be used- as now. there is too much chance that the organization' could be taken over- we began as a small group in this system, actually. You inadvertently stumbled across our headquarters, a place that parts of the order don't even know the location of."

"I can't speak for Bates, But I'll Join." Jeff responeded, calmly.

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Dec 2 2005, 05:43 PM
Jeff called up Don.

"You called, sir?" he said as he stepped through the door.

"There's something you should know."

Jeff proceeded to tell him what Bates had learnt.

Bates and Rameros had just left, and Don was next to be asked.

"What was Bates' answer?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. What do you say?"

Don thought long and hard about the decision. After a minute or two he said no.

"Sorry, sir. I can't join the group that killed my brother."

Don realized that he hadn't thought about that in a long time.

"They didn't," said Jeff, "Your brother was in the order."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Dec 3 2005, 10:32 PM
Aeon sat by the side-wall of the Prometheus Bridge, hand-cuffed. It was obvious the place was being dampened by shields as to hide thier lifesigns, and give off false readings. The leader of the group had left to check up on some business, deserting his cronies to an elongated wait upon the Bridge.

As they waited, a table was set up where they would occupy thier time with cards. The Order group had accepted thier fate of constantly waiting for the next thing to happen, and decided the best way to cope was to make the best of it.

"Hahahah! Looks like my pair beats yours again, Karnell!" One of the guys said, while pulling in a pile of chips to himself.

"Ugh. I had enough of this! I'm going to check up on Morik," Karnell got up and left to another room. Meanwhile, the remaining four or five guys continued playing.

Rune was starting to get bored, and annoyed at his boredom.

"Hey," he said aloud.

But the group just continued on with thier occupational Poker game.

"Hey!" Rune tried interrupting again.

Some of the guys looked over with fierce grins, "Keep it down over there."

"Let me play. I'm dying of boredom here!" Rune said.

One of the other guys shifted his head to to see him, "Are you kidding us?"

"I'm serious. If I have to stay here with you guys, I want to play."

Another guy spoke up, as he held his cards close, "The second we free your hands, you're going to start fighting again!"

"No, I won't. You have the Bridge pretty much voice-activated, so even if I was free, there wouldn't be anything I could do. Look, I can play ten times better than the whole table of you put together. I can see your bad moves from here!" Rune claimed in an honest opinion.

The same guy as before dropped his cards, "You've got to be kidding me. Fine! We'll let you play. But the cuffs stay on." He turned up, "--Computer, release the tractor to Rune's hand-cuffs."

Rune was free from the wall-attatchment, but not the cuffs, and got up to thier table, "I'll be owning your chips as well as these cuffs in a second."

And as was expected, he took a seat at the table. The cards were dealt out, and he began playing.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 4 2005, 07:07 AM
Jake was sitting at the bar drinking a ice cold beer all around him were his friends and family, the people he had come to care for. His second wife was sitting next to him, he hadnt visited this place since her death it was the place where they had been married.

"Baby you have to get up and fight it isn't your time people still need you"

"But your hear why would I want to leave this place?"

"Your friends and shipmates need you now, when the time is right we will meet again until then you need to return to Enterprise"

Jake looked at the face that he had missed so much these past few years, how it hurt to know that he would have to leave her behind again.

"Jake your crew and Sam still need you, what happened to us is not your thought. You need to start living again dont let our memory hold you back"

He heard rather than saw his two children rush towards him.

On Enterprise in sickbay

"I'm losing him come on Jake fight this, prepare the cautical stimulator Frankie I think we are going to need it his heart rate is borderline"

The doctor heard the warning signals from over head then the high pitched alarm as the mans the heart stopped he refused to give up.

"Doctor his gone his injuries were just to great"

"Clan to Pudlo"

His voice was sad as he spoke the words that he knew he had to.

"Go ahead Doctor. How is Mister Rilen?"

"I am sorry to report that Mister Rilen died a few moments ago"

"I understand Doctor Pudlo out"


"Jake your friends need you but you are fading from their world, it is not your time you need to go back fight the future forget the past we will always be here in your heart and in your memory. Don't worry lover we will see each other again"

She kissed him on the lips and nodded he knew that it was the right thing to do, he hugged his children one last time. The idea of leaving them hurt but as he wife said he was needed by his friends.

"How do I get back?"

She touched his lips and his head fell back.

Sickbay Enterprise.

Jake sat bolt upright in his bed and looked around he saw that the nurse was looking at him in shock then let out a scream that attracted the doctor to the bio bed.

"This is impossible"

"No just highly improbable Josh and I have to say reports of my death are wrong"

"You were clinicaly dead for nearly twenty minutes"

"I had some unfinished business to attend to Doc but I am back and alive and kicking"

Jake swung his legs of the biobed and made to get up from the bed.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Their are people that need me doctor sorry to disappoint but I am not sitting in sickbay while people need me I made that mistake once"

Jake slipped back into a duty uniform and headed for the door.

On the bridge.

Jake walked out onto the bridge to see that people were staring at him openly.

"Dont you people have something better to do than stare?"

Most returned to duties but he had caught the attention of Pudlo by saying what he had.

"Jake? How is this possible?"

"No time to explain Aeon is being held on one of the Auxiliary ships in the hangar bays, and no I dont know which one"

"Can I ask how you knew that?"

"You could but you probably wouldnt like the answer and you most certainly wouldnt understand it, I dont understand it I just knew that he was on one of those ships"

"Being held by who?"

"By section 31 of the order of the foxes to be honest I am not sure which is which at the moment or maybe even unit 344t not that that matters right now"

Posted by: Donothan Reynolds Dec 4 2005, 04:18 PM


"Alright, I'm going to need some auxiliary thrust," said Don.

Two engineers worked on the Flow-Through Controls.

Just then an explosion rocked engineering.

"Damn! I just fixed that! What happened?"

"The power coils keep collapsing at thirty second intervals, sir," said Don's assistant engineer.

"Alright, I want you to work on it. Let me know if anything changes."

Jeff walked in and adressed Don.

"What was that bang? I could hear it out through soundproof walls?"

"Good morning sir, we think we know what it is but we can't be sure."

"Tell me," said Jeff, resting his fists on his hips.

"The power coils," said Don as he climbed a ladder to check on them once again, "gave out. They've been fluctuating ever since the incident with the Order."

"I see. Could it be some kind of a trap?"

"I'm not sure."

Jeff walked towards the door, "Just to tell you Don there's a senior staff meeting in twenty minutes."

"I'll be there sir."

Twenty minutes later, Don arrived in the Officer's lounge.

"Have a seat, Don," said Jeff, "Now, we are gathered here today to discuss the mission we just recently participated in. The Order of the Foxes remain an organization on the lunar colonies- they used to be called Terra Prime but, in a few centuries, have changed their goals. Unit 344T has been, for the purpose of this meeting, terminated. Only a handful remain and we won't be hearing from them for a while. Lt. Rune has been rescued and I believe the proof in that matter is that he is sitting directly across from me. Any other comments in order of rank?"

Robin stood up, "None from me sir."

Don did and said the same thing, and so did Jake, Josh and Rune.

"Alright then," said Jeff, "That finishes the debriefing. Not really a bad one at all. Computer, end recording of Debriefing 506.443.3"

The computer beeped it's approval and Don stood back up.

"Sir, How do we know that we won't be hearing from 344T again?"

"We don't. Remember last time? We thought they had been eliminated."

"I see, admiral."

The crew walked out onto the bridge.

Posted by: Aeon Rune Dec 4 2005, 10:18 PM
---------------Normal time------------------

Rune entered 10-Forward and went to the Bar. His arm and leg were still in pain from taking hits by the Order guys.

"Man, those guys were jerks," Rune said as he took a seat at the a stool.

The Bartender brought over a drink, Rune had ordered, and handed it to him. Just then, a girl he had met earlier walked over and joined Rune; it was Syrina.

She smiled at him, "Hey. I heard what happened, when you got kidnapped. You seem so calm about it?"

"You can attribute that to a certain level of passiveness. Plus there's the fact I beat them all at poker," Rune shrugged. "But there's a part of me that wonders... how such a peaceful group had people into and involved with kidnapping the Doctor and causing so much trouble?"

Syrina nudged him, "Ah, don't worry about that. At least you got your health and your life here in the 26th Century."

"What do you mean?"

She recieved a drink from the bartender and thanked him, "Huh? Oh I mean because you're from the 24th Century. How was it like back then anyway? Did you meet those greats, like Picard, or Sisko?"

"Wait a minute. I never told you I was from the 24th Century."

Syrina gulped down part of her drink and smiled, "Of course you did. The last time we ran into each other here, right?"


Meanwhile, up in the Science Lab was Ensign Telven working hard at a control panel again. Ensign Alice entered with reports and updates.

"What the?" She said as she looked up, "Where the heck is the Rune Hologram again?? Here was just here!"

Telven looked up from his control panel, "What? Oh crap. He must've walked out again. I was sorting through his backup subroutines."


Back in 10-Forward, the Holographic Rune made an entrance and decided to take a seat at the bar. There, he found himself taking a seat next to the real Rune and a previous date, Syrina.

"Hey," the Holographic Rune greeted as he took a sip of a drink the bartender put down for him. The bartender was too busy to notice... that there were two Rune's sitting at the table.

"Computer," the real Rune said, annoyed. "De-activate the Holographic Rune."

As the Holographic Rune was taking a drink, he suddenly dissolved into nothingness; dropping the glass of drink onto the stool and then floor.

Syrina looked on in shock and then over to the real Rune, "Errrr, I have to get going now......." - Feeling that the situation was just too odd to deal with, she got up and left.

Rune turned back to the bar in confusion and hopelessness; where the bartender re-approached him. "Hey, your drink is out? Want another one?"

"Hey, couldn't you have stopped that Hologram from coming in here last time?"

The bartender shrugged, "He and the girl looked like they were having such a good time, I didn't have the heart to tell her."

He refilled Rune's drink and walked off to another customer.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 5 2005, 06:54 AM
Jake had finished his report for star fleet and the Admiral after four very long days most of which he had spent in sickbay to try and determine how he had managed to come back from the dead he was now on the way to the holodeck to spend some time with his son.

"Jake its good to see you walking around I cant thank you enough for what you did for me back on the Promethus"

"Aeon would you do me a favor and sort out that damn hologram of you it is becoming a problem, since none of us know which version of you we are talking to"

"Sure thing"

"Where are you of too?"

"I have a date with my son this evening on the holodeck which you are making me late for so if you will excuse me"

"Of course"

Jake walked past the Lt turned back and smiled at the man.

"And your welcome Aeon, goodnight to you"

Jake arrived at the holodeck already active he walked into the program and saw that his son was near by.

"Sorry I am late Aeon Rune stopped me in the corridor or at least I think it was him he has a hologram of himself on the ship as well"

"Its okay Just got here wanted to wait till you got here before I started the program"

Jake walked over handed his son the picnic basket he had brought with him and sat down next to him.

"Is it true what Dr Clan is saying"

"What is he saying?"

"That you died the other day"

"Well yes and no, lets just say that I am out from under that dark cloud I was under"

His son threw his arms around him and hugged him as the program started.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 5 2005, 06:16 PM
Jeff wandered up to the bridge. He then walked over to Bate's ofice, ringing the chime.


Jeff walked through the door, and leaned against the wall.

"I'm getting there. I have all the info on local dress, ecetera. I also have Order uniforms, apparently only used in safe enviroments. There are advantages to both: If I wear civies, nobody will notice me. If I wear a uniform, I could be noticed. However, It might get me higher acess."

"You are a member- I would run with the uniform."

"As would I. However, there are drawbacks to the uniform. As in styling."

"It can't be that bad, can it?"

"Oh it can. look at this."
She pulled up a picture of a women wearing what appeared to be a cape, boots, and a one peice swimsuit.

"I can see your problems with that... IT's not exactly modest, is it?"

"to say the least. My thoughts involved a ruthless dictator.... some amazon warrior."

"Well, what do the civvies look like?"

"roughly the same, though looser, longer, and without the cape. much more modest."

"Well, Perhaps we could talk to the leiutenant..."

"I plan too."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Dec 5 2005, 10:10 PM
Rune had returned to Sickbay where the Doctor was going over some of his previous injuries. Clan passed a regenerator over his arm and leg, adding to the final phase of the recovery.

"Thanks, Doctor," Rune said as he excercised his arm.

Clan shut down his regenerator, "Not a problem. We had to wait until the regeneration fluid set into your cells before we could use this device. It's quite a feat of 26th Century technology."

"I'm surprised how far medical devices have advanced over these Centuries," he shrugged. "Anyway, I have to get going. Thanks again, Doctor."

Clan nodded as Rune left Sickbay.


Rune entered his Quarters and put down an information padd he was holding. It had been a long day and all he wanted to do was rest. Before changing out of his uniform, he dropped himself onto his couch and took a minute to rest.

But then the computer alerted him of a comunication, "Incoming transmission from Starfleet Intelligence to Aeon Rune."

"Put it through to my view-screen, Computer," Rune said in curiosity. He dragged himself off his couch and walked over to his large view-screen.

It blinked on, showing an Intelligence Officer.

"Rune," the officer on-screen greeted.

Aeon Rune looked up at him, "Hey, Cherone, how's it going?"

"Just wanted to see how you were holding up on the Enterprise," Cherone said.

Rune shrugged, "Not bad. The Quarters here are roomy. Thanks again for helping me get transferred here."

"Don't mention it. After a year with us in Intelligence, who would stay?" He joked. "But you deserved it, Rune. We had quite a few interesting missions this past year."

Rune smiled to himself, "Heh. The infiltration missions were so much physical work... and the constant timing made it even more intense."

"Yeah but our stats put us over Starfleet Security for the first time in a decades. It was defnitely worth it."

He chuckled, "I'm glad you see it all as a Starfleet 'department' competition."

"Heh, heh. Well, the Lieutenant sends his regards. Good luck on the Enterprise," Cherone said.

Rune glanced up at him again, "Thank you, Cherone. You've been a good friend from Intelligence."

"Just don't do anymore time-jumping again. You don't want to end up in the 28th Century," he joked again before he cut the screen out.

Rune chuckled to himself and de-activated his view-screen. He then turned and walked to his window, looking out into the stars. It was only the begginning.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 6 2005, 02:41 PM
Jake was enjoying the race way to much to hear the first time his comm badge went off so didnt pay attention to it.

"Pudlo to Rilen"

"Go ahead Admiral"

"What the hell is that racket Lt."

"Sorry Sir its a holodeck program. Computer freeze program. What can I do for you Admiral?"

"Can you join me and Captain Bates in my ready room?"

"Yes sure I am on my way Admiral, Rilen Out"

He turned to face his son and smiled weakly at him.

"Its okay seems like we will never get to see this program"

"Well make time for it when this mission is over I will make sure of that. Next time I forget my communicator alright, or better still you can hide it so I cant answer the thing"

He hugged his son and left heading for the transporter closet to him appearing on the bridge in civilan clothes he nodded to the staff on duty and headed the admirals way.

"You wanted to see me sir"

"Yes please come in I wanted to ask you something"

Posted by: Joshua Clan Dec 6 2005, 03:37 PM
Josh walked on to the bridge to see the usual faces for this time of the day the watch commander had just turned up he nodded in the direction of the lady and headed for the ready room door.


"Admiral may I have a word please"

"Sure thing Josh what can I do for you"

"Would you please tell them to turn the hologram of Aeon of it is extremely disturbing to talk to someone that you know and feel noting from them for a Telepath its somewhat disturbing"

"I will see what I can do Doctor"

"Its even more disturbing to find out that some one is about to go on an extremely unwise mission with the order of the foxes. Stray thoughts are picked up all to easily when in close quarters with someone I hope you are going to tag her before you send her down to the planet or send her down to me so I can do it I would hate to perform a autopsy on such a beautifuly young person such as Robin"

"You pick all of that up just by listening to us"

"Its kinda written all over your faces, if their is anything I can do let me know. But in the mean time just do something with that hologram please"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 6 2005, 05:15 PM
"doctor, I want to clar a few things up. One, we wil be traking her. Two, that hologram is a necessity. there are 344T opritives aboard, and we want them to think that they've suceeded. I can't turn it off. them might panic. We know where Rune is- sor of. He's in a subship somwhere. i don't know if that's one of the firestars, or if it's one of the zeus class vessels that we just got to replace the old proethouses. I don't know."

"well, What about my mental skills?"

"With a crew this big? can you pick out one person?"

"It might take some time, but yes."

"what if I gave you the locations of every sub ship- from the suttlepods to the Three deck Firestars to the Zeus class ships?"

"Taht might be helpful. But din't Jake say what it looked like?"

"The bridge. I'll get those coordinates on the larger ships. It kind of rules out a shuttlecraft."

"alright, you'll have them in five minutes."

Posted by: Joshua Clan Dec 7 2005, 12:21 PM
Josh looked at the locations of the ships and seemed to concentrate.

"You mind if I sit down while I try this"

"Sure thing"

Josh sat down and closed his eyes concentrating.

"What are you going to try?"

"It is sometimes possible for people of my race to contact and interact with people of other races, it tends to happen with people who are a mix of Betazoid and Human or Vulcan"

"And you think you can do this?"

"I am one of the most powerful telepaths on Betazoid its been a long time since I have tried anything like this. It will be a similar link with Aeon that I have with my wife and children, only problem is I am not sure the effects can be reversed"

Josh closed his eyes a second time searching the ships with his mind concentrating his mind on the Zeus class and working out. He hit on something on the Promethus classes.

"Are their meant to be people on the Kirk sir?"


"Then I may have found him hang on I will try and communicate with him"

"Is their a risk to this"

"What I am about to attempt is what a fellow Betazoid would call a gross act it is unwise to link up with a unwilling mind unless you are trained and know what you are doing. I just hope he doesnt fight me on this, now please I need to concentrate"

"Aeon can you hear me if you can then speak to me in your mind not out loud we dont want your captors to know that we are talking this is Doctor Clan"

"Josh how are you doing this and where are you"

"I am in the Admirals ready room and I have created a telepathic link between us. Are you injured?"

"No I am fine they havent tried to hurt me yet?"

"Are you on the Kirk's bridge"


"Okay we are going to try and get a team down to you I will contact you like this when the team is in position"

"Okay Josh I will be waiting"

Josh opened his eyes to see that the Admiral and Bates looking at him in concern.

"I have located the intruders they are on the bridge of the Kirk sir Aeon is unhurt and in remarkably good spirits all considered"

"Will you be able to contact him again to let him know we are ready to move in on the bridge"

"Yes but I get the feeling that they are ready for that Admiral you need to think very carefully about the next move or we could get Aeon killed. Their are 8 people on the bridge excluding Aeon 9 in total and from what I could sense they are in very close proximaty"

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 7 2005, 01:31 PM
"I will have our Special ops team standing by Admiral should have a plan in about ten minutes and ready to go inside 30. This attack is going to be short and sweet no way we can play it otherwise I would suggest that we set our phasers to heavy stun we want to take them down quick and we wont kill anyone in the process i am not that they will pay us back in kind though so Admiral I dont want you or the captain anywhere near the bridge of that ship"

"You dont get to make that decision"

"Sir as the chief security chief on this ship I do get to make that decision based on their previous actions they are likely to shoot to kill. I dont fancy having to explain to the admiralty how I managed to get you killed on my first mission in charge in security"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 8 2005, 10:23 AM
"Alright, as I see it, we have several holigrams of rune walking around. One turne off a previous one to make it seem even moree convincing that it was the real one. Meanwhile, Rune is surrounded by captors in one of our old ships that's sceduled fro decommission and scrapping. I feel that I need to go there Jake- to let them know exactly who they're facing in wits."

"And to let them know that that person is lacking in them?"

"Doubtful. In addition to the vest, I've got a phaserproof layer underneath and a small sheild unit to protect my head. I'm pretty safe, and One phaser on wide beam could take all of them out."

"Or one swat team with phaser rifles."

"Don't make me pull rank. I"m going to go down there."

"One condition."

"Jake, If it's I accompany the swat team, I'm not going to do that. I'm going to infiltrate- let them think I'm there by myself. And I want you to have a team tha't ready to phaser the top off of the bridge and leap in when I give the signal."


"They would detect a beam in. It's sitting in a big atnosperic chamber with ladders all over it- the proximity sensors have to be off, because so much junk is lying in there."

"Alright. I reccomend you get ready with a bigger phaser though."

"I'll do fine. Just get the team in position."

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 8 2005, 12:33 PM
"Lets get this straight admiral their is no way in hell that you are going in their alone and that is final"

"Your objection is noted"

"The hell it is I was brought to this position for a reason now you are going to ignore what you should be listening to if I have to I will drag you down to sickbay and have you relieved of command because the stree of being held captive for 8 hours is obviously getting to your head"

"You better watch what your saying Lt thats mutiny"

"You want me to allow you as your chief of security to walk into what is possibly a trap on your own armed with a phaser and that is it. I might as well hand in my pips now their is no way they will ever allow me to stay on if you get killed because I let you walk into a trap. Captain Bates talk some sense into him please before he gets himself killed"

"Your out of line Lt"

"Am I are you happy with a line officer walking on to a bridge that is filled with armed and dangerous people alone"

"We dont know that they are armed for sure"

"The hell we dont they have managed to take you hostage already with no resistence at all you get taken hostage again and I get my hands tied because their is no way that I could risk a open fire fight with you in the room"

"I am willing to take the risk"

"You maybe willing to take the risk Admiral, but I am not willing to let you take the risk"

"Its not your choice"

"I am the Chief security officer on this ship if you dont listen to what I am saying what is the point in asking my opinion and what was the point in disturbing my night with my son its obvious you dont need me. Doctor is it a fair guess that they are armed and ready to attack anyone that tries to enter the bridge"

"Yes its fair they are angry enough"

"can you determine whether a trap has been set up down their by their mood?"

"I can try and get a clearer picture"

Clan closed his eyes.

"Yes they have boobytrapped the lift door according to Aeon"

"Then the only way in their is by beam in and they will be ready for that"

"Yes they are ready for that"

"Then their is no chance you are going in there let alone on your own this is what security and the marines are for I have a special forces group on board that I asked for at the last stop over let me send them in they have a demolitions expert and a little invention we nicked of the Jem Hadar a few centuries ago. A personal transporter/cloak they can beam through any shields and then some or they can go through the front door all guns blazing"

"Aeon what happens to him"

"They will have their guns set to stun thats all"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 8 2005, 02:19 PM
"Well, I think I've got my justifacation. It runs against every grain in the body of my security officer."

"Sir, what are you saying?"

"That it's the exact thng to do. They'll expect a specal forces team. They won't expect me to accually beam in and just seemingly surrender. They'll stun Aeon in all liklyhood, but We can have a weapons inhibitor feild in place before that, and they won't be able for fire. I'll usecompressed air blasts, and that will knock them down, and then you break through the roof."

"It sounds too risky. I really think it's unwise, and I would be booted out of starfleet."

"Not if I have a say. It's on the record that I"m giving the order to do this, so it's not your fault, whatever happens. I'll beam in quietly, using a stealth technoligy, in a crouching position behind a console. they're where on the bridge?"

Clan was taken aback for a second. "The backup stations in the back."

"I'll beam in to the captain's chair, and they won't be able to see me until I reveal myself. consider that an order."

"yes sir."
Jeff soon found himself seated in the captains chair. He heard voices, apparently playing poker. Aeon's voice was among them.

"How does he do that? He only had a triple!" a voice cried out.

"Practice... you've go to learn how to control your faces." Aeon replied. "I belive that puts you out of the game, unless you buy more chips."

"Got nothing better to do with my salary. Get me 60 more credits worth."

Jeff heard clacking, and dealing.

"Five card draw, High ace wild." a gruff voice said.

Jeff chose to come out. he snuck up- not hard- and looked at the closest hand. A 2s, 7d, 7h, 8h, 9h. the hand moved to the 2, 8 and 9.

"go for the straight." Jeff whispered.

"Thanks... HEY" and the room was up in arms, but not before Jeff had pulled out his phaser, set to wide beam stun. Jeff fired quickly, And the players dropped to the floor, one slumping on the table. Jeff reached over and woke up Rune, and security tagged the rest. "beam them out." he said.

"Well, Mr. Rune, how about a portion of those winnings to your rescuer?"

"I won them fairly. They were just lousy players."

"I'll take the rest then." He paused. "pulo to rilen, he's safe. Specal forces not needed, please beam us to the bridge."

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Dec 9 2005, 09:34 PM
Bates couldn't believe that she had accepted so eagerly. She should have thought it over more before making the decision, but there was no going back now. She only hoped the vice admiral would not be angry at her for being so quick to decide to join the Order.

Now for a plan of action.....Hmmm.....I need to think harder.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 11 2005, 08:22 PM
Jeff paced nerviously in his ready room, ready for this to all be over. Bates was taking a longtime, so he began drawing up some action plans of his own. But in order for this to work, He would have to keep it secret.

He pulled up uniform files for the Order, and had one equal to his rank replicated. he also had a concealed phaser, and walked through the confrence room to the First officer's office.
"Bates, I'm going down. I need your help though. I sent a message to Don, and he'll be in command if it's needed. We'll be operating sepratly."

"Does anyone else know?"

"No. I'm going to use the Ready room Transporter, just in case."

"Alright. I won't shoot you if I raid the base."


Posted by: Aeon Rune Dec 12 2005, 10:09 AM
Rune entered 10-Forward and went to the Bar. His arm and leg were still in pain from taking hits by the Order guys.

"Man, those guys were jerks," Rune said as he took a seat at the a stool.

The Bartender brought over a drink, Rune had ordered, and handed it to him. Just then, a girl he had met earlier walked over and joined Rune; it was Syrina.

She smiled at him, "Hey. I heard what happened. That you were still captured when I had been speaking to a Rune Hologram thinking it was you. But this is the real you, right?"

"You can attribute that to a bio scan we have the ship run on all decks. Oh well. At least I beat them all at poker," Rune shrugged. "But there's a part of me that wonders... how such a peaceful group had people into and involved with kidnapping the Doctor and causing so much trouble?"

Syrina nudged him, "Ah, don't worry about that. At least you got your health and your life here in the 26th Century."

"The other holograms tell you that?"

She recieved a drink from the bartender and thanked him, "Yeah. They said you were from the 24th Century. How was it like back then anyway? Did you meet those greats, like Picard, or Sisko?"

"Yeah, they were interesting people."

Syrina gulped down part of her drink and smiled, "Oh that's something I wished we could have talked about the last time we ran into each other here."


Meanwhile, up in the Science Lab was Ensign Telven working hard at a control panel as per the last two times. Ensign Alice entered with reports and updates.

"What the?" She said as she looked up, "Where the heck is the Rune Hologram again?? Here was just here!"

Telven looked up from his control panel, "What? Oh crap. He must've walked out again. This is the third time. I was sorting through his backup subroutines."


Back in 10-Forward, the Holographic Rune made an entrance and decided to take a seat at the bar. There, he found himself taking a seat next to the real Rune and a previous date, Syrina.

"Hey," the Holographic Rune greeted as he took a sip of a drink the bartender put down for him. The bartender was too busy to notice... that there were two Rune's sitting at the table.

"Computer," the real Rune said, annoyed. "De-activate this Holographic Rune."

As the Holographic Rune was taking a drink, he suddenly dissolved into nothingness; dropping the glass of drink onto the stool and then floor.

Syrina looked on in shock and then over to the real Rune, "Hey that's exactly what the other Rune did!" Feeling that she could actually handle the situation this time, she remained seated at took another sip of her drink.

Rune turned back to the bar, where the bartender re-approached him. "Hey, your drink is out? Want another one?"

"Hey can't you stop all these Holograms from entering this place?"

The bartender shrugged, "Hey they're helping business by showing that it's busy here."

He refilled Rune's drink and walked off to another customer.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 12 2005, 07:16 PM
It was cold on the planet's surface. Jeff stood in his order uniform- a n open affair, wilth loose pants, and a loose vest that was open at the top. presuably the planet was in winter. he checked his tricorder. there was a village to the east of him, and a large structure- Headquarters he supposed- to the north. He set out for the headquarters.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 13 2005, 03:31 PM
Jake watched the screen quietly just to keep an eye on things down on the planet he wanted to make sure all was well while Bates was on the Planet he had attached a small homing device on her before leaving the room touching her back as he left the room. He wasnt stupid enough to allow an officer on his watch to leave with out some kind of protection and he should be able to keep an eye on her situation assuming that she wasnt searched to throughly they would never detect the device. Which also doubled over as a listening device so that they coul;d here what was going on and know if she needed immediate help. He had the special forces team standing bye just in case they needed to do a immediate extraction.

"Hows Bates doing down their Jake?"

"Just fine Don I am monitoring her progress the special forces team is on standby just in case we need to get her out in a hurry and transporter lock in strong"

"Understood Lt"

"Where is Admiral Pudlo?"

"Having something to eat last time I checked?"

"Yes cause thats what you do when you are sending your XO in to a hostile situation"

That crazy son of a ***** he had to go and do something insane

"Understood. Any body needs me I am going to go smoke me a kipper if all goes well I'll be back for breakfast"

Rilen stepped around his post and headed for the turbolift.

"Jeff doesnt need you interfering"

"That is why i am stepping away from my post I might be inclined to lock onto his signal and beam his crazy **** back here, I havent eaten all day I need something to eat anyone needs me I will be in the officers mess"

Jake hadnt noticed that Don had moved towards him as he left his post and looked startled but not nearly as ****** as he looked.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 13 2005, 04:53 PM
'Jake should be figuring this out by now.' Jeff thought. he put up a transporter inhibitor signal on his communicator, and proceded on. After 40 minutes of straight walking, he saw a low building agianst the earth. it was large and could have been judged some strange hill, but for the Fox pattern burned in it's side. Matte Black in nightr, it wasn't the most welcoming. He checked his tricorder. The entrance was to the west a little. He found it quickly. there wa a gaurd, in chlothes much warmer then his.

"You missing your winter uniform?" The gaurd inquired, sighing his bright green vest.

"I'm new in the order. I was told to report here to get everything."

"then I'll need to confirm it."

"Very well."

"The door in the west symbolizes what?"

"A new horizon following the sun." Jeff had been given all information after he joined.

"Correct. The Colors Of Blue and black on ur emblem represnt what?"

"the two colors of exploration. the Blue is the Color of the seas and sky, and Black is the color of space. the grey and white interwoven represents pureness."

"The unasked question indicates you are a full member in our botherhood. Very Good, especally for one so new. What is the totem of our organization?"

"The Silent fox from the North."

"Excelent. last. What is the significance of the green vest you wear?"

"it is loose, for freedom. It is bright, to show Pride in it's wearing."

"Enter here brother. Warm yourself by the fire."

"thank you." Jeff walked in. the entrance was completly unsuggestive of what lie within. Inside, it was overflowing in color, like an old earht gypsy camp. Fabricsofall sors were hanging everywhere. people were sitting in floor level chairs around a large wood fire, with a hood on the roof collecting the smoke. Sombody motioned him over.

"We need no name. We use no Names. You are a brother. She is a sister."he indicated a women sitting next to them. "Please Join the Circle of tales. be they truth or entertainment, you are expected to tell one. The stories of exploration and cautions keep us together."

Posted by: Aeon Rune Dec 15 2005, 12:45 AM
Rune had returned to Sickbay where the Doctor was going over some of his previous injuries. Clan passed a regenerator over his arm and leg, adding to the final phase of the recovery.

"Thanks, Doctor," Rune said as he excercised his arm.

Clan shut down his regenerator, "Not a problem. We had to wait until the regeneration fluid set into your cells before we could use this device. It's quite a feat of 26th Century technology."

"Why didn't you detect that your patient was a Rune Hologram the last time you did this test on what was supposedly me?"

Clan shrugged, "Some of the instruments I use can be fooled if a hologram is advanced enough to give out false readings."

"Oh," Rune said. "Anyway, I have to get going. Thanks again, Doctor."

Clan nodded as Rune left Sickbay.


Rune entered his Quarters and put down an information padd he was holding. It had been a long day and all he wanted to do was rest. Before changing out of his uniform, he dropped himself onto his couch and took a minute to rest.

But then the computer alerted him of a comunication, "Incoming transmission from Starfleet Intelligence to Aeon Rune."

"Put it through to my view-screen, Computer," Rune said in curiosity. He dragged himself off his couch and walked over to his large view-screen.

It blinked on, showing an Intelligence Officer.

"Rune," the officer on-screen greeted.

Aeon Rune looked up at him, "Hey, Cherone, how's it going?"

"Just wanted to see how you were holding up on the Enterprise-- the real you this time," Cherone said.

Rune shrugged, "The other Rune fooled you too huh? Yeah, I've been thinking of using him at birthday parties."

"Don't even go there with those holograms. We at Intelligence have had enough trouble with our enemies using them against us. Let's just say the battle for holographic technology advancement has barely begun."

Rune nodded, "Don't worry. I know. I worked with you guys for a year. Remember those infiltration missions? They were so much physical work... and the constant timing made it even more intense."

"Yeah but our stats put us over Starfleet Security for the first time in a decades. It was defnitely worth it."

Rune chuckled, "I'm glad you see it all as a Starfleet 'department' competition."

"Heh, heh. You know, I could have sworn the holographic Rune said the same thing last time. It's really surprising how close they get those holograms to people. I guess that's how advanced we've gotten to by now. I mean, it is the 26th Century," Cherone said.

Rune glanced up at him again, "No kidding. Anyway thanks. I'll talk to you later."

"Just don't do anymore time-jumping again. You don't want to end up in the 28th Century," he joked again before he cut the screen out. Man, I hope that joke worked the same the second time around, Cherone thought to himself.

Back in the Quarters, Rune chuckled to himself and de-activated his view-screen. He then turned and walked to his window, looking out into the stars. It was only the begginning.

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 17 2005, 07:43 PM
The storys were vbaried, ranging from short breifs on new scientific discoverys to long descriptions of a particular mission. It was now the turn of the women on Jeff's left.

"Brethren, a tale of caution. I come from a federation of planets, and our exploritory arm, world search, had found a new device- they found it could help them to explore the galaxy with it's awsome powers for speed. Now, the hotheads in the stellar confedaration wished to use it against our enemys- perhaps rivals is a better term- and they wished to attack. Yet as the debate raged, the plans were stolen. The sky was soon filled with ships- of two of our enemys. We declared nutrality, and whist they faught, we built vessels capable of devistating both their armys. fourtonatly, cooler heads prevailed, an a peace accord was reached. It is now standard tchnoligy on all vessels in our area."

It was Jeff's turn. he paused.
"Brethren, a tale of warning to our order." people stirred at that. Jeff then proceded to tell the tale of thier latest mision- leaving very little out. "Brethren, we muyst unite to stop this treat- from within."

"Why should we belive?"

"Does beliving harm you? If you do not belive, it could be your death."

"I belive that a discussion session is in order. A private one. Call the gaurd in, and seal the doors." The leader to Jeff's right annouced, suddenly sounding less friendly.

Posted by: Robin Megan Bates Dec 21 2005, 12:12 AM
Bates returned to the J, feeling confident that the threat had been completely neutralized and that the crisis was finally over. Many questions remained unsolved, but they could be researched at a later date. For the moment the crew could relax and begin the lengthy rebuilding process. Starfleet had lost many fine crewmen and ships in the last few days and it would take a while to rebuild.

Bates decided not to tell her commanding officer, the vice admiral, about what actions she had taken. Some events must be kept secret for the Order to be protected, and that meant keeping secrets from her commanding officer and anyone else who might potentially misuse the knowledge to cause harm to her order, even if unintentional.

She was one of them now, a full member of the Order. The Order was her new cause. Starfleet would prove to be more of a front for Order activites in the future. Still, her orders were to remain inactive for now, until the time came when her services would again be needed by the Order. She was to retain her rank and duties as a member of the federation, and to follow orders as she had previously. In all appearances everything would remain the same.

Posted by: Jake Rilen Dec 22 2005, 07:59 AM
Jake sat at his console and watched the bridge screen with little interest he noted that Aeon was on the bridge and that Don was on the bridge but he was more than a little concerned about Pudlos position and situation he had no idea what was going on down on the planet and that bothered him a hell of a lot.

"Any sign Of Jeff?"

Rilen looked at Don for a second and shook his head.

"Not yet I have a fix on his location I just cant get him out of their he has activated a transporter inhibitor around himself which makes it impossible to beam him back in one piece. Though the mood I am in at the moment I would settle for a couple of pieces just enough to kick him from here to next week"

"You have a problem?"

He saw that Don had joined him at tactical.

"Yes I donty like being kept in the dark by people that entrust me with their security but throw that out of the window whenever it suits them. I cant do my job if I am not kept in the loop"

"Like the stuint you pulled in the brig the other day"

"I was getting information from a suspect the only way I knew he would respond the man is as good as dead anyway the organisation that recruited him will have him killed to keep him from naming anyone or passing on any information about them to us"

"You cant know that for sure"

"I know that because I know how they think I was trained in a similar fashion, I know what they would do because if I were them I would do it. Insane not stupid these people will do what ever it takes to protect themselves and their believes and it will take more than the Federation flagship to stop them"

Posted by: Jeff Pudlo Dec 22 2005, 12:12 PM
The discussions were over. everybody would be screened carfully before they could join. and there would bve a quiet purging of all of the UNit 344T members in the order- even those that could scarce be deteted. Everyone would work to destroy the secret order...

Jeff walked out of the door. The sentry saluted him. "westward." he said. having been promoted to a higher rank in the order thanks to his warning, Jeff knew the rarely used response. It was simple, but powerful.

"Ever onward." Then he beamed back up to the Enterprise.


Enterprise - J