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Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Mar 24 2004, 12:03 AM
NAME: Geovanie Revolone
RANK: Commander
POSITION: Executive Officer
DOB: 06/10/2020
AGE: 362
SPECIES: Hermekian
HOME PLANET: Hermes, Industrial Sector
EYES: Bright Purple
HAIR: Blondish
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs

    Black Star Of Starfleet Intelligence
    Gold Good Conduct Award
    Pilot Wings
    Starfleet Veterans Cross
Languages Known:
    Father: Ismael Revolone
    Status: Deceased
    Mother: Aine Revolone
    Status: Deceased
    Brother (Through Ritual): John Cassidy
    Status: Deceased
    Geo was born during the rein of the Thallonians. They had conquered several areas and there empire was vast. Among those of the conquered lands was the four Hermekian worlds. Hermek, Fulak, Guit, and Hermes. Geo was born in the Industrial sector.

    The Thallonians never truely managed to hold sway over Hermes or Hermek, and Fulak was never under there control. In one desperate act the Thallonians bombed the Industrial sectors of each of the planets and destroyed them. (A sector in Hermek is a Continent). The devistation killed Geo's parents, and left him to watch over his brother, who died shortly after.

    Now alone Geo joined the Imperial Resistance and earned a nickname that he dropped later on. He be was an ace in the skies, and the best pilot the people had ever seen. He earned the right to meet the Clansmen of the planet Hermes (John Cassidy) and through ritual became a brother to the man. When the Thallonian occupation was lifted from the Hermekian Planets John and Geo were both sent to starfleet to prove that they could do something right for the Federation. This earned the Hermeks a chance to join.

    Geo and John caused trouble in Starfleet. Among them, there were several complains of violent fights that took place, and a distrust for Klingons became to brew between the Hermeks and Klingons. In need to mend these things Geo was expelled and John was allowed to continue. However, this act caused such an outrage that Geo was reinstated and continued his training.

    Among the more sucessful maneuvers, Geo managed to avoid a Maquis fighter in a mere shuttle. He was complimented by his teachers on his potential as a pilot while critisized on his constant lack of obeying authority. After his expulsion the second time he was not allowed back in.

    Until Captain Fred Michaels came into the picture. The Reaent was the newest ship of the line, ambassador refit with Transwarp abilties (Failed as the Excelsior before) and Geo was allowed back in to finish training. Though he went through a week before complaints rose again. The Chief Engineer of the Reaent was John Cassidy and he was transfered to the Yellowstone afterwards.

    After proving his medal repeatedly he was offered several positions, and John Cassidy died after he had accepted a Marine Captain post with the Zulu Fleet. He met Artim and they became friends, but soon another man came into the picture named Mike Bestille, and ..::]Section Deleted[::..

    Geo currently serves on the USS Intrepid, following a classified incident, as the Leading Pilot, and Ace. Upon his return from the Delta Quadrant with the USS Horizon, Geo transfered to Starfleet Headquarters, but was later convicted of the assassintation of Commodore Forest Gray -- who was assumed to be deceased -- and sentenced to the Badlands Remote Installation outpost.

    URGENT: Admiral Cartel has transfered Officer #24551 to USS Intrepid, pending further investigation into the believed Section 31 Operative.

    Geovanie was recently transferred from the USS Intrepid to Starbase Epsilon - 4, offered a minor command position in the currently volatile Altaris Belt System. Following several attacks on the station, Admiral Langdon and the Marine Core commandeered the station for the sake of maintaining peace. Consequently, Geovanie was offered a position on Andoria as a teacher (his exceptional flying abilities made him the likely candidate). Unfortunately Geovanie turned down the position, fighting for a more active role in cosmic events. In the year 2382 Geovanie was transferred back to the Intrepid for a short duration before being immediately reassigned to the USS Firebolt.

    Geovanie is currently the Executive Officer aboard the USS Firebolt.

    Geo has no Medical problems as of yet.

    Geo is overly Cocky and confident in his role. He tends to socialize with the crew alot and makes friends quickly. Those serving under him have noted he can be hard on the case against them, but his discipline manages to get the job done. Those that call him a friend say that he is hard to accept help, but not foolish enough not to. It should be notted he likes to earn his way through anything, and never turns down a challenge. Geovanie harbors a deep resentment for Klingons and Cardassians. Geovanie also has a deep hatred for Marines, and does not like Science officers (culturally his species are not scientifically inclined).

    First assignment: USS Reaent
    Rank: Ensign
    Position: Helmsmen

    Second assignment: USS Reaent
    Rank: Lieutenant JG
    Position: Helmsmen/Operations

    Third Assignment: USS Victory.
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Position: Helmsmen

    Fourth Assignment: USS Victory,
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Position: Chief Conn/Helmsmen

    Fifth Assignment: USS Bestille,
    Rank: Lieutenant (demotion - insubbordination)
    Position: Helmsmen

    Sixth Assignment: USS Bestille,
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Position: Helmsmen

    Seventh Assignment: USS Freedom
    Rank: Commander
    Position: Commanding Officer

    Eighth Assignment: USS Freedom
    Rank: Captain
    Position: Commanding Officer

    Nineth Assignment: USS Yellocard
    Rank: Commander (demotion - insubbordination)
    Position: Chief Engineer

    Tenth Assignment: USS Distant Horizon
    Rank: Lieutenant (double demotion - striking a superior officer)
    Position: Helmsmen

    (Alternate Reality) Eleventh Assignment: USS Firebolt
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Position: Helmsmen

    Eleventh Assignment: USS Intrepid
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Position: Helmsmen

    Twelveth Assignment: Starbase Epsilon - 4
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Position: Commanding Officer

    Thirteenth Assignment: Starbase Epsilon - 4
    Rank: Commander
    Position: Commanding Officer

    Current Assignment: USS Firebolt,
    Rank: Commander
    Position: Executive Officer

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Nov 6 2006, 03:58 PM
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