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Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 15 2005, 04:54 AM
Name: Reyan Anil (usually referred to as "Anil")
Age: 34
Race: Bajoran
Parentage: Reyan Keram (Father) and Reyan Jesal (Mother)
Medical History: Sinus Tachycardia Arrhythmia – treated, but requires infrequent monitoring
Interests: Reyan enjoys playing the Cornet, taught to him by Lieutenant Winstanley

Rank: Captain
Posting: U.S.S. Intrepid
Position: Commanding Officer

Reyan has led a somewhat erratic existence to date. He was born on Bajor, although was not subject to the Cardassian occupation, as he was transported (method not known) to Earth at the age of 2, by his parents who served in the Bajoran resistance and feared for his safety.
Whilst on Earth he remained in the care of a Lieutenant Duncan Winstanley, a Starfleet shuttle pilot.

Reyan was reluctant to return to Bajor when the time came, as he considered Earth to be his home, but agreed to depart on the USS Resilient, accompanied by Lieutenant Winstanley.
When he arrived back on Bajor, no longer under Cardassian occupation, he discovered that his Mother and Father had moved to Deep Space Nine, as his Father’s commission with the Bajoran militia had been reactivated.
Although he lived with his parents for a short time, he eventually decided that he wished to apply to join Starfleet, a decision that disappointed his father, as he had wanted Reyan to enrol in the Bajoran militia.

Reyan’s application was eventually accepted and he departed DS9, headed back to Earth, and Starfleet academy.

He worked exceedingly hard at the Academy and was found to have a certain aptitude toward the Operations department.
Following graduation he was assigned, as an Ensign, to the USS Ramillies as a Junior Operations Officer. He remained on the Ramillies for seven years, eventually receiving promotion to the rank of Full Lieutenant, and being offered the position of Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Majestic.

During his time aboard the Majestic, Reyan received promotion to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, and position of Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer, when the Majestic’s First Officer was given her own Command and her former second officer received promotion to First Officer.
Sadly, the USS Majestic fought and was lost, attempting to cover the USS Defiant during the battle to reclaim Deep Space Nine during the Dominion war. The loss of the ship was to have a profound effect on Reyan, being one of only four members of the Majestic crew to have survived.

Starfleet soon reassigned Reyan to the USS Intrepid, where he initally assumed the position of First Officer, but following a classified incident, was given Command of the ship, with the Rank of Captain.


First assignment: USS Ramillies
Rank: Ensign
Position: Junior Operations Officer

Second assignment: USS Ramillies
Rank: Lieutenant JG
Position: Operations Officer

Third Assignment: USS Ramillies
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Operations Officer

Fourth Assignment: USS Ramillies
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Operations Officer

Fifth Assignment: USS Majestic
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Position: Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer

Sixth Assignment: USS Intrepid
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer

Current Assignment: USS Intrepid
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 14 2006, 09:50 AM
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