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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jan 17 2005, 07:23 AM
~ ~ ~ ~ 0340 // U.S.S INTREPID // NEUTRAL ZONE ~ ~ ~ ~

Lieutenant-Commander Anil Reyan stepped off the landing strut ladder and onto the dusty desert sand to join the repair crew, who had just finished repairs on the Intrepid’s hull - Lieutenant (j.g) Gaia Moore looked exhausted, the heat of the desert sun clearly having taken it’s toll.

“Acting Captain’s log - supplemental - we had not expected to end up here. The Intrepid had been assigned to the task group, led by Captain Riker, to Romulus following the incident involving the Enterprise and the Scimitar. Our orders had been simple - assist with escorting the USS Titan to Romulus. We did so, and the USS Venture had arrived to relieve us. But on our way out of Romulan space, when a Nausicaan Raider attempted to disable the Intrepid’s warp-drive. The Intrepid was able to retreat and escape, but not without sustaining heavy damage from the attack. A large percentage of the crew, including the Captain, have been killed in the battle, and the Intrepid has been forced to land on a desert-planet to permit essential repairs to be carried out so that we can proceed to the closest Starbase for full repairs and fresh crew. The Captain will be greatly missed, as will all the other officers who perished in the unprovoked attack - end log.”

Lieutenant-Commander Reyan, being the First Officer had been forced to assume command of the ship, and he had assigned Lieutenant-Commander Ryan Orlan as his acting First Officer.

“I can’t get the sand out of my boots!” Anil complained.

“At least the repairs are complete.” Commander Orlan stated.

“Yeah - hopefully we can get the holodeck back online, and create a simulation of the Antarctic on Earth!” Anil retorted as Lieutenant Moore snapped closed her engineering kit.

“She’s ready to go, Commander.” Moore stated, and then preceded to climb the ladder back up to the ship - the two Commander’s quickly following.

Moments later, they arrived back on the Intrepid’s bridge.

The Assistant Tactical officer, Lieutenant Downs, spoke immediately.

“Sir - subspace communications are back online - we are receiving an incoming message from Starfleet.”

“On screen.” Commander Reyan requested.

The familiar-to-most face of Admiral Ross appeared on the viewscreen

“Intrepid - this is Admiral Ross - the Venture reported that they received word that you had come under attack. What is your status?”

“Admiral - I am Lieutenant-Commander Anil Reyan - I have had to assume Command of the Intrepid - the Captain was killed when we came under attack by a Nausicaan Raider; we lost at least 48 other Officers - but all systems are back online now and we are preparing to head for the nearest Starbase.”

“Very good - the nearest Starbase to your position is Starbase 107, report to Admiral Cartel when you arrive there - Ross out.”

~ ~ ~ ~ 0500 // STARBASE 107 ~ ~ ~ ~

"Are you sure you can get us in?" Kayla whispered in Valorin's ear.

"My clearance level is more than high enough. Permission on the other hand..."

"If Admiral Sequeira or Captain B'son knew what we were going to do they would not be pleased."

"Yes, but if this works, it will be very honorable." Valorin grinned widely. He gazed at her but a noise nearby suddenly snapped him back to reality.

"Quick, in here." Kayla Martek said, almost heaving Valorin through the outer airlock doors.

Valorin's fingers tapped at the wall mounted console till the computers resistant beeps subsided and the inner airlock doors granted them access to the runnabout on the other side.

"We're being hailed by the Starbase." Martek announced after the launch had taken place.

=/\= "Starbase 107 to Runnabout USS Thames. You are in violation of station code..."=/\=

"Try not to think about it. We're doing the right thing, they could still be out there."

~ ~ ~ ~ 0630 // USS THAMES // SECTOR J-29 ~ ~ ~ ~

The Danube Class runnabout dropped out of warp and cruised towards the coordinates that Valorin had specified.

"Well, this is it. Bring the modifications online."

Kayla pressed the controls at her station, the changes to the navigation deflector weren't having any un-inticipated effects. "Modifications online."

"I'm activating the Anti-chroniton particles - it's working."

"Enhancing subspace sensors... nothing."

"How can that be? It should have worked! We did everything right, just like the simulation. This is the exact spot - where it all happened, and nothing!"

Kayla clutched Valorin's hand and gave it a light squeeze. "Maybe it's for the best. Hey, it all turned out okay. We're still here."

"No it's not okay. The Firebolt crew are dead."

"They may have been our counterparts, but we are still alive. We've done all we can to find them."

"The chroniton particles were there when the Horizon scanned. That means the USS Firebolt and the rest of the fleet are still there - somewhere. Well that's it then."

"Perimeter alert - vessel on intercept course." Announced the computer.

"Computer - identify vessel."

"Federation, USS Zanndra."


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