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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jan 17 2005, 11:07 PM
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Reyan sighed, and sat himself in the Captain’s chair; Ryan watched as the acting Captain tried to make himself comfortable. Perhaps he was feeling as if walking over his predecessor's grave, but before he could issue a command, the science Officer addressed him.

“Sir - picking up faint energy readings - a small cave about 3 kilometres from our current position.” Ensign Ryder announced.

“Energy readings? But this planet is unoccupied.” Commander Orlan exclaimed.

"What do you think, Commander?" Reyan asked insecurely.

"It could have something to do with the Nausicaan's, Sir."

“We should check it out before we leave - Commander Orlan, you are with me.” Commander Reyan stated.

The transporter deposited the two officers outside the cave, the shade from the cave providing a small measure of protection from the searing heat. They entered the cave, phasers at the ready, and the deeper they went the darker it became. After several minutes of walking and climbing around boulders the narrow passage opening into a large inner-cavern; in the center a torpedo-shaped object - Anil scanned it with his tricorder.

“This is where the power signature was coming from - low emissions and it’s hard to discern it’s function.” He noted.

“I suggest we beam it to the Intrepid. We can analyse what function it serves later.” Commander Orlan suggested.

“Agreed.” replied Anil.

“Commander Anil to the Intrepid - two people and one object to beam back - energise.”

"Ensign, have this," Anil said, pointing at the object on the transporter pad. "transported to Cargo Bay Two."

"Aye Sir."

"Commander, assemble a team together. I want to know how that thing ticks, and even better, what on earth it is."

"Understood, Sir." Ryan aknowledged.

"In the meantime I'll be on the Bridge. I have ship that needs to be back in orbit."

Ryan smiled to himself then tapped his comm badge.

a4.gif "Orlan to Korbin, Moore, and Ryder. Please report to Cargo Bay two, I have an assignment for you." a4.gif


Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 18 2005, 03:40 AM
Sally was relaxing in her quarters, petting her pet guinea pig Tribblewhile expiramenting with a new stellarcartography program at her room's workstation. She had Tribble ever since her last year at the Academy for a non-harmful science expirament, and could't part with the light brown and white rodent. While she was playing with the program, her comm badge chirped. a4.gif Orlan to Korbin, Moore and Ryder. Please report to Cargo Bay 2. I have an assignment for you." a4.gif

Sally saved the spot where she was in the new program, saved it and powered down the computer. She then put Tribble in what she called the guinea pig's Jeffries Tubes: a series of plastic tubes that went all over Sally's quarters at various angles and bends. There was one large "rest station" where Tribble's food and water was kept, and then some of the other rest stations had small containers of water. One of them had an exercise wheel, and Tribble also had an exercise sphere where Sally opened a seal and placed Tribble in and after locking it, the guinea pig roamed all over the room in it. It had air holes for Tribble to breathe through and sometimes the rodent would get carried away and get stuck under a piece of furniture.

After making sure that everything was fine with her pet, she headed down to Cargo Bay 2 to see what was happening.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Jan 18 2005, 09:12 AM
Gaia was working to get the Auxillary Deflector control the way she needed it to be, when she heard her comm badge going off.

"Great, who can that be? If this is a comm to attend to a broken replicator..........

a4.gif "Orlan to Korbin, Moore and Ryder. Please report to Cargo Bay 2. I have an assignment for you." a4.gif

Typical! just as I was almost finished! Her duty was clear though, the moment she got the message, she left for Cargo Bay 2. Her curiosity had always got the best ofher, even at the Academy, now was no exception.

"I wonder what could be so important........" So many things jumbled her mind as to what it could be. Gaia forced her midn to remain clear, she would find out soon enough, no sense in guessing when the answer was but moments away.

Gaia arrived to see Ryan Orlan there already inspecting the object she saw. Gaia could only describe it as a torpedo shape. But there was somethign odd about it. As she got closer, she seemed to tune out everything, even Orlan's voice. She was awestruck by what she saw.

The object itself looked for all it was like a torpedo, but it was approximately 1.5 metres in length. The appearance was one of a light sandstone or chalk from the late 21st Century, but seemed stronger and less brittle. In fact, somehow, it had a sheen to it, almost as if it had been worn and molded by hand to be the shape it was. This made Gaia more and more curious. she got closer and ignored everything other than this intreguing object.

Gaia looked closely and she saw markings, some shapes she recognised. Though it had a sheen, it wasn't a clean surface, delicate engravings covered it from tip to end. This intrigued her even more. Some shapes had the form of geometrical shapes, squares, rectangles, circles....Others looked like they were ridges, some Gaia associated with cogs from early machinery of the same Century as the material it appeared to be made from.

Though most intriguing of all were the symbols on the body of the object, they seemed to be surrounding by some kind of border, it was raised as if to emphasise some kind of importance. But the question was what importance could it have? Gaia didn't recognise any of the symbols beynd the geometrical shapes. She ran her hands across the body, knowing that it was probably a bad idea, she couldn't resist it. It felt smooth and cold to the touch, which seemed impossible, but even with the raised borders and raised sybols, it was smooth, sleek.........It was perfect in every way, the design was amazing and intriguing to her. Suddenly a voice permeated her thoughts and it made her jump slightly, she'd forgotten that there was someone there.

"What do you mae of it Lieutenant (j.G) Moore?" She looked towards Orlan

"It's an archaeic, ancient architectural marvel. The likes I haven't seen since I was at the Academy in the history books no less, but even that waa nothing compared to this! I can't believe I'm seeing something so beautiful!

"You mean old?"

Gaia glared at theperson who said that but her glare faded when she saw a hansome man with brown eyes smirking at her. Her cheeks went hot and she diverted her gaze from him to the tricorder she now held, seemingly getting it from nowhere.

"In leymon's terms yes!" still feeling the heat in her cheeks, she looked at the readouts from her tricorder.....

"Strange....." Gaia furrowedher brow in concentration, trying to make out what the results were. They were confusing to say the least.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 18 2005, 03:36 PM
Draconis picked himself up from where the force from the unschedueled "landing" had thrown him. After brushing down his uniform he glanced about him. He'd had it better than those that had been at their stations at the time of impact, that much Korbin was certain of, though he felt a throbbing pain in his left temple and, looking down to where he'd just risen from, he saw a dash of blood smeared against the nearest wall and he put 2-and-2 together. He'd been on his way from his shift after the conclusion of the Intrepid's mission to Romulus and had been traversing the ship's decks via the turbolift when the unexpected attack and subsequent crash landing took place.

He went to tap his combadge and discovered it missing. A few moments later, after finally mastering the art of manually starting this particularly uncooperative turbolift he managed to arrive on the bridge. Though in better shape than he had anticipated, obviously the section of the ship where he'd been rendered unconscious briefly had bourn the brunt of the crash, but it was still a state. The Captain was deceased, his lifeless corpse was strune across his command chair with a sea of grim faces, one that of the ship's Executive Officer, Acting Captain Korbin corrected himself, and the other a Nurse.

Korbin began to approach to confirm his fears, but the telepathic sorrow that occupied every inch of the bridge became overwhelming and Draconis took a few steps backward.
Ryan Orlan, now the vessel's Acting XO, approaching the Betazoid Operations Officer after hearing his footsteps come and go.

"That's a nasty gash," he commented tilted his head in the general direction of Korbin's wound, ignoring the fact that he himself had a cut across the cheek and forhead.

"It's nothing sir," Korbin confirmed, "I hardly felt a thing." Betazoids had always had a reputation for being on the soft side, this was a stereotype that had been mostly fostered in the early years of Betazed's membership in the Federation... a time when it was mainly Betazoid females that were representative of their world in both parliament, the senate and Starfleet. However after a century of Federation membership and service in Starfleet the stereotype had failed to fade and now, Draconis especially, found himself having to prove his worth as an Officer.

"Still..." Orlan continued, "...he nurse..." he said turning slightly to indicate the one Draconis had just seen over the Captain, "... should have a look."

"Very well," Korbin finally agreed, "After the bridge staff have been examined."

After the conclusion of his medical repair, which took only a moment of the Nurse's time, Korbin began work to repair the Intrepid. It's systems had been severely hit... but low and behold Subspace communications were soon operational again and a communique was exchanged with Starfleet Command's Admiral Ross.

Korbin headed to Main Engineering shortly afterwards to assist Lieutenant Moore in the repair of, at the very least, the landing/takeoff thrusters and impulse drive.
He found her repairing the Auxilary Deflector Control grid, and he set about working on bringing the Primary Plasma injection systems back to minimum operational standards. Half way through completely these tasks though, both he, Lieutenant Moore and the vessel's Assistant Science Officer Sally Ryder were ordered to Cargo Bay 2. Cargo Bay 1 having been the area mostly effected by the crash and was now knee deep in sand.

Arriving shortly before Ryder, Moore and Korbin found Commander Orlan standing aside a long cylindrical shaped object.

"What do you make of it Lieutenant Moore?" Orlan asked just as Ryder arrived.

"It's an archaeic, ancient architectural marvel. The likes I haven't seen since I was at the Academy in the history books no less, but even that was nothing compared to this! I can't believe I'm seeing something so beautiful!"

"You mean old?" retorted Orlan.

Gaia reached to her side and retrieved her Tricorder. Her eyes focused upon it's basic sensor readouts she declared, "In leymon's terms yes!"

"Strange....." she said letting her eyes wandered from that of the Tricorder's screen to the faces of, first, Orlan then to Ryder and Korbin.

After she didn't elaborate Korbin produced his own Tricorder and ran a scan.
"Indeed," he agreed taking a step closer to the object.

"These letterings," Korbin began, "Are like anything I have seen before."

"Some of the characters look familiar," Ryder commented, having also drawn her tricorder and come to the same conclusions as Korbin and Moore.

"Agreed," Korbin said taking a moment to brush the thin layer of dust from the part of the object closet to him. "This character for instance," he said pointing to a rather odd looking letter that was shaped almost as an Eagle hovering above a small pyramid. "Is almost identical to a character found to me God in ancient Rigellian."

"And this," Moore said doing a similar brushing of the dust as Korbin did. "Mirrors the letter used by the ancient Sumerians on Earth, the first Human civilization."

Korbin took a step around the object to view the other side. Written in indented letters on this side were... in plain Unicode the words "To those children who seek the truth".
Draconis took a step back, why would an artifact as obviously old, and presumably non-human being located within Romulan borders, be using a language created by the Federation?
He rubbed his eyes, managed to use the opposite side of his closed fist to avoid getting sand in them, then took another look. Now the text appeared only in a language he did not understand. Even more alien looking that the opposite side.

"What's the matter Lieutenant?" said Orlan asking the question he and the others all wanted to know.

"Nothing..." Korbin said. Letting this statement stand only for a brief moment he continued, "Well... for a moment there I could've swarn this writing was in Unicode."

"Unicode?" Moore said in disbelief coming around the object to see it from Korbin's point of a view, a move both Orlan and Ryder copied.

"I'm afraid it looks like plain old alien to me Draconis," Moore said, giving the Lieutenant a reassuring pat on the back.

"But I coulda swarn..." he said taking a step back and letting the other three get a closer look.

"No luck?" came the call from the Cargo Bay entrance as the hiss of the doors could be heard as they closed. It was Reyan...

"Unfortunately not sir," Orlan began taking his eyes away from the object to face his superior. Both Ryder and Moore did the same, all three going to greet the Acting Captain at the entrance.
Korbin however stayed stationary at the object.
He reached out towards the object, his arms at their full extent. As his hands impacted gently with the surface Draconis could feel a sudden surge of heat pass from his hands to his head. Being replaced a few seconds later by a surge of pain in the rear of Korbin's head. In an automatic response to this Korbin released his contact with the object falling backwards with an "Urgh..."

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 19 2005, 03:23 AM
Sally saw Draconius start to fall and she dropped her tricorder and reached over to try to break his fall, but all the good that did was to have the both of them land on top of their acting commander, who was quick enough to at least grab one of each of the officer's arms and lower them as gently as possible to the floor.

"Are the two of you alright?" Captain Anil asked.

"I am, but something bothered Lt. Korban's hands," Sally replied. As she left the two men, she went back to the artifact. She read again the message in Unicode, and had memories of the satellite that was launched from Earth in the 1970's that had an universal 'pic-o-gram' as she called it. The picture was of a man and a woman and a map of where they were located in the Milky Way Galaxy. She made a mental note to look up that satellite and find out more details on it, in case it will help them out here. Then she got a thought:

"Sir, if I am recalling correctly, some of the crewmembers who died claimed that they saw doubles of themselves. If this is true, then maybe this was launched from the same paralel universe that the 'twins's' ship came from. What do you think?"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 19 2005, 06:07 AM
Reyan listened, as Ensign Ryder postulated a theory concerning the artifact and the possibility that it had not orginated from their universe, or timeline.

He scratched his chin thoughtfully

"An interesting hypothesis Ensign Ryder - I'll hand over to you to investigate that" he then turned to Lieutenant Korbin

"Lieutenant - report to sickbay immediately" he orderd, concerned at the Lieutenant's injury, and the distant expression he had gained since the incident

Lieutenant Korbin looked at Reyan and nodded, but his face remained expressionless

Reyan turned to address Ensign Moore again

"Ensign - make certain that NO telepath, empath or any crew member with ESP abilities gets anywhere near this thing" he then turned to Lieutenant Moore, who was now kneeling beside Lieutenant Korbin, clearly concerned about his health

a4.gif "Bridge to Commander Anil - we are approaching the Starbase Sir" a4.gif came the voice of Lieutenant Downs over the intercom

a4.gif "Aknowledge - I'm on my way - Anil out" a4.gif - he then turned to Lieutenant Moore

"Lieutenant - I want you to further assist Ensign Ryder - I want to know what that device/artifact is all about" Reyan stated, as he turned and left, headed for the Bridge

As he strode toward the turbolift he could not help but notice that the ship somehow felt different. He could not pinpoint exactly why - the death of the Captain? His current status as Acting Captain? or the simple fact that quite of few of the crew were absent - having been killed during the unprovoked attack that the Intrepid had endured.

As he stepped out of the turbolift, the atmosphere changed to one of business and duty

"Positon?" he asked

"Entering communictions range of the Starbase Sir" came the reply from Ensign Peters, usually a Junior Tactical officer, but having to cover the Helm due to an absense of Helm officers

"Lieutenant Downs - please hail them"

Lieutenant Downs did not reply, instantly patching open a comm channel instead

"They are responding - putting them onscreen" came the eventual reply

Reyan was about to comment on how he generally prefer to choose wether or not to have the communiction on the viewscreen, but instead turned to address the officer who appeared

"I am Acting Captian Anil Reyan, of the USS Intrepid - request permission to dock"

"Permission granted NCC 74600 - welcome to Starbase 107"

Reyan ordered the Intrepid out of warp, and the small ship approached the gigantic starbase, it's spacedoors already open in anticipation of their arrival

"Helm - take us in - quater impulse, thrusters at stationkeeping"

The Intrepid drifted slowly through the spacedoors, and took up berth next to an Akira class starship

a4.gif "Anil to all hands - we are now docked at the Starbase, but I would like you all to remain aboard the Intrepid for now, whilst myself and Commander Orlan meet with Admiral Cartel - Anil out" a4.gif

Reyan then made his way to the turbolift to meet Commander Orlan, so that they could both meet with Admiral Cartel and discuss what he had planned for them, and the Intrepid.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Jan 19 2005, 04:55 PM
Gaia saw Korbin get knoked backwards by something, as he touched whatever it was. She knew it was a bad idea, but the question remained "why had it thrown him off, when I had touched it and stroked it, to feel it?". This was getting cuiouser and curiouser. Gaia was worried for KLorbin, she was at his side in moments making sure he was alright. He seemed shaken and his hands were hot and slightly red. "Yet another question, why was it cool to the touch when I had touched it, but it had obviously burned Korbin somehow?"

"Korbin, are you alright? Look at me!" Gaia moved his head to rest on her knees to elevate it and support it until a medical team could come to tend to him. Though she was concerned for Korbin, she had a duty to perfoem. Though she had heard the Captain's orders to assist Ryder, she refused to leave him unattended, however curious she was abuot solving the mystery facing her with the mysterious object. Soon a med team came to attend to Korbin and she saw them take him away before returning to her duties with this object.

"I believe I can open it Commander! I have deciphered some of these symbols, though not enough to know what it is, it would be flying blind as to what would happen. But I believe I can open it with the help of another officer, with your permission of course Sir!." Gaia added hastily, she knew him from working with him, but as Gaia was so reserved and she kept herself to herself, it had never developed into what could have been called a friendship.

"I say let's open her up, see what happens!"

"If you would assist please Ensign?" She indicated to Ryder that Gaia meant her.

Gaia and Sally Ryder made their way towards the object carefully, not knowing if there were any other operational defense mechanisms to catch them by surprise. When they approached, Gaia showed her which raised symbols to press to press. They were all within the border that Gaia had noticed ealier in the inspection. Gaia pressed the one in the shape of an octogon with a circle inside, as she instructed Ryder to press the symbol in the opposite corner. This continued until something began happening.

Gaia felt something, she saw something too, slight movement from within the object. She looked in amazement and then an alarm from her tricorder made her take a look. That was impossible!

"Commander...........I know it seems strange, but Ensign Ryder has just double checked the readings I have recieved and the object........Whatever it is, is transmitting a signal, some kind of data. Though where and to whom, I don't know! The readings are off the scale Sir!"

Gaia heard a thud as the ship approached and judging by the sound of the thud itself, they were docked, or in the process of docking.

"Keep scanning, I want to know exactly what that thing is transmitting and whom it is sending to!"

Gaia nodded as she watched the Commander leave presumably to the Bridge leaving Gaia there amazed at the readings and even more curious as to what this thing actually was.

Posted by: Robyn Downs Jan 19 2005, 05:26 PM
Downs sat at the security station on the USS Intrepid.

“Must find out who this thing is transmitting to” she thought to herself as she began her search. She noticed it was transmitting in a lot of different languages so she decided to check that out.

As she looked at the opposite console she had sat up just for this task, she realized something.

“Sir! This probe is transmitting to every major power in the quadrant!” Downs announced to the Lieutenant in the Captain's chair. “It’s in Klingon, there’s Romulan, Cardassian… Breen” all the major languages are represented here. Downs noticed it was transmitting in a numerical language as well. She wondered what species this could be for.

Downs worked her way back to the main security console inside the small booth and kept working as she waited for more orders.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jan 20 2005, 06:27 AM
The Captain nodded as Ryan approached the starboard airlock; his message to all the crew had been enough of a hint to dervert Ryan to the nearest airlock instead of the Bridge.

"I was wondering if you would arrive." Anil greeted.

"I was on my way to the Bridge; we've... somewhat had some results with the device."

"Somewhat? What do you mean?"

"Well, Moore and Ryder managed to open it, Sir," Ryan said as he stepped through the airlock and into the stations corridor. "but, its transmitting some kind of signal."

"What? To who?"

"As far as Moore is able to tell, everywhere. She's still running scans, perhaps the ships sensors would be able to elaborate where it's been transmitted to."

Anil sighed. "I don't like this, such impecable timing."

"The Admiral? Have you met him before, Sir?"

"No, but I've heard about his explosive reputation."

"Come!" A stern voice demanded from the other side of the double silver doors.

"Admiral, Lieutenant Commander Anil, reporting as instructed, Sir."

"Oh yes, Admiral Ross informed me of your situation." The balding officer paused. "Sit."

Orlan and Anil quietly sat down in the chairs infront of the Admiral's large, red cedar desk.

"So... any ideas why a Nausican Raider would want to attack the Intrepid?"

"None, Sir."

"And you, were at the Operations console when the attack occured?" Cartel nodded towards Ryan, obviously reading from Ryan's Starfleet records.

"No Sir, Lieutenant Korbin was the Ops officer on duty at the time."

"I see," Cartel paused again. "and taking the Intrepid down into Parel III's surface was the Captain's idea?"

"No, it was my assumption at the time that the Captain was unconscious. A decission needed to be made, and quickly." Reyan paused. "Lieutenant Korbin advised me that Parel III's atmosphere contained ionic interference. Speed was our solid advantage over the Nausicann's. The plan was to wait on the surface till necessary repairs could be made."

"At which point did you attend to your commanding officer?"

"As soon as the Intrepid was out of immeditate danger, there was nothing the medical team could do to save him."

"Right, I have a list of additional officer's for the Intrepid. You will remain as acting Captain and ofcoarse Orlan as Acting Executive officer, for the time being." Cartel handed a PADD to Anil. "Is there anything further you wish to added to the record?"

"Yes Sir. While on Parel III's surface, sensors registered a power signature eminating from a nearby cave. Our first suspicions were the Nausicann's, however on inspection we discovered an ancient device." Anil began.

Orlan lifted his hand and slid a data PADD accross the Admiral's polished desk. Cartel, responded with a frown before picking up the PADD.

"As you can see, it's unlike anything we have seen before."

"So far you have no idea what it is?" The Admiral asked Orlan.

"No Sir. Although, we have managed to open it."


Ryan sighed. He had been hoping the Admiral wouldn't ask that question. "It's transmitting a signal Sir." Ryan started to shake his head slightly. "We're not sure where to, or even how it's tranceiver works."

"Commander Anil, you withdrew a piece of alien technology - technology that you have no idea on how it functions or what it does, and potentially placed your crew in halms way. What if this is some kind of beacon to an invasion force?"

Cartel's resolve had finally boiled to the surface, pouring out over the two Intrepid officer's like scalding lava.

"With all due respect, Sir, none of the Intrepids crew have been halmed by -" Anil began to protest.

"Not according to this." Ryan's data PADD shook in the Admirals out-stretched hand.


"The device will now be transfered to the Stations science laboratories for further study. Your team is welcome to use the equipment, however they will be assisted by the stations Chief Science Officer. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir."


Ryan and Anil parted company back that airlock. Fatigue had started to set in as soon as he walked along corridor past other the senior officer's quaters. His own now the secluded paradise that he looked foward to after each and every shift.

The ice cubes in Ryan's glass crackled slighly as they disolved in the bottom of his empty glass.

Leaning foward he placed the condensation soaked glass down on the coffee table that stood betweent the two softly padded lounge chairs.

Ryan and Anil parted company back that airlock. Fatigue had started to set in as soon as he walked along corridor past other the senior officer's quaters. His own now the secluded paradise that he looked foward to after each and every shift.

The ice cubes in Ryan's glass crackled slighly as they disolved in the bottom of his empty glass.

Leaning foward he placed the condensation soaked glass down on the coffee table that stood betweent the two softly padded lounge chairs.

Ryan watched intently as LCARS flashed and danced across the screen of his personal computer. Atleast an hour had past since he had sent the duty assignment request's out to the Horizon command crew. Though he now unexpected any of the new officers to report to him at this late hour, but anything was possible when the enterance to his quaters chimed.


Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jan 20 2005, 07:01 AM
~ ~ ~ ~ 0800 // USS HORIZON // SICK BAY ~ ~ ~ ~

He was wounded, dying. People were all about him, scurrying like tiny insects about there regular lives. He was deep in his subconcious, reliving the lives he had thrown away in the past. How reckless he had been, but he wouldn't make the same mistake again.

The ship shuddered, a lone figured danced into the Sickbay. Something cool was pressed against Geo's neck, and suddenly conciousness splashed back against him. With a gasp, the Lieutenant Command was awake, his purple eyes rapidly inspecting the room in that unnaturally bright glow...

Only to find similar eyes staring back at him. "What in the Nine Hells of Risa!" He bolted upright, nearly instantly regretting. A hand placed on his chest kept in still on the Biobed.

"You know you were always a fool." His own voice spoke softly, this person was Geo! He looked exactly like him, in every form and every way... Those purple eyes examined the room, and the man pushed a PADD underneath Geo, who still lay on the Biobed.

"You'll know what to do," the other Geo spoke, slowly turning on his heels and leaving... The Hypospray was crushed in his hands, then discarded into the folds of his uniform, which from this perspective was almost worn.

"What? What are you doing?" Geo sat up from the Biobed, watching his mirror reflection head for the door... The other turned, smiling faintly.

"Always so stupid too... small wonder Aurora tried to best me... Never did, did she? I'm correcting the Timeline."

"Timeline?" Geo quirked a brow, but his other self had already vanished. He briefly skimmed the PADD, his eyes widening before he hefted himself off the Bed, and bolted -- before Sickbay could really complain -- to the Bridge.

Somewhere, somehow... A Romulan ship transited to Warp. It's cloak was activated, and it was well hidden. The Horizon so intent on getting home, hadn't noticed the small ship. Then, suddenly, once away, and alone, it exploded...



~ ~ ~ ~ 1700 // STARBASE 107 // RUNABOUT XAVIER ~ ~ ~ ~

"This is runabout Xavier on final approach to Starbase 107... requesting permission to dock." The guard looked at Geo, then towards the LCARs again, his eyes reviewing the docking procedures.

"Amateur," Geo stated simply, causing the second officer to grunt in protest, but neither offered a word to the contrary. He had already proved what Zero G meant to a Hermek.

The shuttle touched down in the Docking Bay. Geo was escorted off, and shown to some brief quarterings that he could stay at. He had snuck aboard the shuttle, nearly enthralled by a PADD that he had recieved sometime ago. He could still faintly remember them, that person who resembled him so much. Of course, the officer had been more then happy to give Geo a free look about the station, given permission of course. Something had happened... something which had called all available shuttles back to dock because of a unique problem. Lock down no doubt.

As the hatch parted... Geo nodded to the two men, then started down the Ramp. He was met by Darion and the Chief Armory Officer. The man was familiar, and Geo immediately placed him as one of the few that Geo had admired working with.

"Geo... someone wants to speak with you... Ryan Orland... something along those lines, Commanding Officer of the Intrepid."

Geo nodded. Darion had been surprised when Geo told him he wouldn't be on the Horizon. He needed a change. There were too many sore memories, and too many ties to Geo that he had to severe. He needed out from that underground sect that followed him, and a transfer could just about do it.

"Mess Hall?"

"His quarters actually... Spruce up then head over,"

He nodded.

~ ~ ~ ~ MR. ORLANDS ROOM // USS INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~

The chime rang, and the Officer answered. Geo tsk'd lightly, but otherwise said nothing... Making a kind gesture to nod his head in the general direction of the man. "I was told you wanted to see me,"

"Yes... Mr. Revolone was it? We need a Helm Officer." It was quite evident that the Officer had other people due, or that he was annoyed with Geo. Geo however, was persistent.

"I'm stationed on the Horizon..."

"Yes, but the transfer can be completed easily. Admiral Cartel has already cleared the transfered, and your -"

"Perhaps I'll simply resign... I've had enough in my... One hundred and some years of service."

Ryan frowned... then tsk'd lightly. Only causing Geo's grin to widen. Which in turn caused the Commanders to.

"I think we know each other better then we think," the Commander commented.

"Then I look forward to working with you... IF I accept it."

Ryan laughed... turning and snatching a PADD from the table, then handing it to Geo. "See you at your station," with another laugh, the door swished shut...

Geo smirked... Heading of the Intrepid and back to the starbase's Mess Hall... God helps those who help themselves.

~ ~ ~ ~ MESS HALL // STARBASE 107 ~ ~ ~ ~

And Geo tended to never help himself... He was always the root of problems. As he sat down, a Klingon Officer entered. Now, Geo wasn't the fondest of Klingons, and could only stand about one or two in his life time. This one, reeked with the typical Klingon stench, and was so cocky in his stance that he nearly wanted to get hit. Geo rubbed sore knuckles, reminiscant, but at peace.

"Problem?" The Klingon had clearly noted the way Geo had looked at him. Funny think about those brutes, how they took honor so seriously.

"Just go away,"

"That wasn't my question," the Klingon sneered. Was he Federation? Or simply an Idiot... sometimes, things were just too much.

"Yes, there's a problem... Sore knuckles, that's all."

"Most who are not Klingons are weak in any case, you should have a doctor look at it."

"And you might want to get your brain checked, I didn't ask for an opinion," the Lieutenant-Commander shifted his weight, peering towards the Klingon.

"I think you have an attitude?"

"I think I can fix it..." They were both deadlocked, before the Klingon sneered and lunged forward, muttering some odd Klingon profanity that he would learn was a common insult later on. Geo pivoted, out of his chair before the bulking mass had even taken two steps. His foot swung wide, catching the warrior offguard and sending him sprawling unto the floor. Stiffling a yawn, he hardly expected the women who had been with the Klingon to take part.

She gutted him with her fist, causing him to doubt over. Not in time to save himself, he was crashed into by that large mass, and send flying into the Bar Counter. He stiffled another grunt, throwing his weight to nudge the Klingon off him, then wrapping his hand about the mans throat. The first punch connected with the ridges, the second with the cheek, but the third hit him square in the nose.

Something shimmered, and he heard the faint signature of weapons fire. Before blackness hit...

God... was definately not on his side at the moment.

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 20 2005, 09:07 AM
Sally didn't give a damn if it was breaking protocol procedures or not, but she set her tricorder to pick up all of the data that the artifact was releasing. After gathering it all together she looked at Gaia and said "I think that I got the most of it, mam. I might have missed the first few sentences, but I know that I got the rest of it." I am going to take it to my workstation in my room and see if I can decipher it. I may not be much of a linguist, but I will do my best."

"I think that you should work with Lieutenant Downs, ensign. Just in case this is a security matter."

Sally nodded and headed for security.

Posted by: Robyn Downs Jan 20 2005, 04:56 PM
Downs sat in her seat at the security booth. She had been going over all the sensor information available from the probe; but hadn’t came up with much other than that it was transmitting to all the major powers in the quadrant.

“I wonder what’s really going on here?” she thought as she went back to the main tactical console and looked over the information that was coming in there. Nothing new, just a lot of communications chatter between the ships in the Stardock and shipping lanes; a good sign as she was already flooded with keeping security at a max while still keeping the probe information straight.

The nice thing about being Assistant Chief Security officer was you always had something to do. Be it an away team mission, security checks or bridge duty, you were always busy. It meant that you got to hear a lot of the news from the “lower decks” but you weren’t in the fire with the rest of the department heads; but you still had a great sense of what was going on.

Downs was at the side of the booth opposite of the entrance, she got the feeling someone was behind her; and then she knew someone was behind her for sure. She jumped as she turned around.

Behind her stood a young ensign. Assistant Science Officer Ensign Sally Ryder stood there with a PADD. “Commander’ thought this might be of your interest” she said as she handed it to Downs.

“Very well, carry on” Downs said as she began transferring the information to her work station.

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 21 2005, 01:31 AM
OOC---Is there an online database listing the catagories of planet types and their descriptions? Sally

After she left the securty department's office, Sally went to her quarters and attached her tricorder to her workstation' computer and downloaded the information. It was exactly the same as the information that she gave Lt Downs on the data paddd. While the information was being transferred, she replicated a hot ham and cheese sandwich and a root beer, placed it on her desk and then started to hunt for Tribble. She found the guinea pig sleeping in one of the upper "corners" of her quarters and she gently tapped the creature awake. Tribble slowly awaken and then scurried down to the nearest "rest station" and Sally took her out.

"I have some lettuce waiting for you, sweetheart." She went back to the computer and proceeded to set up a Rosetta Stone. Some of the languages were obvious: Romulan, Vulcan, Orion. But there were a lot she didn't know. She took a bite of her sandwich and gave Tribble some of the lettuce. She petted the rodent's head and was thinking what this could all mean.

"Data downloaded", the computer said.

"Identify the languages."


"Identify the languages to their homeworlds and make a map." Sally ate some more of the sandwich and as the map was slowly being made, there were 2 planets she didn't recognize. What are the names of the planets in sections 9.2 and 3.5?"

"Siri VI at 9.2, orbiting around the star Sirius, and Gemmaus III, orbiting around Gemma. Both are M class."

"Are they currently in our time line and universe?"

"Negative. Siri VI is aproxamately 500 years ahead of this present time and 3 universes soutwest and Gemmaus III is 325 ahead of this present time an 7 universes northeast."

"Please construct as accurate of a map of the timelines and universes as possible, using solid lines for the universes and broken lines for the timelines."


Sally picked up Tribble and said to her "I wonder what is happening here, sweetheart." A few moments later, a well-detailed map came up on the screen. When that was done, she went back to the now completed "Rosetta Stone" and noticed that there were well over 250 species whose languages were listed.

"Computer, add to the map all of the planets names and locations in all three universes, in alpabetical order and number the planets on the maps starting with the number one for the first planet in the alphabetical list."

"Complying." Sally's brain was going into overtime. She never stumbled onto something like this. A lot of it was way over her knowledge. When the computer was done with the updated map, she knew that she had a lot of researching to do.


"Computer, download the data onto these data padds." While that was being done, Sally was hoping that a holosuite was available. She finished her lunch and placed Tribble inside her exercise sphere. She gathered all of the dada padds and stuffed them into a shoulder pouch and slung it over her shoulder. She picked up Tribble in the exercise sphere and headed for the holosuites.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 21 2005, 04:39 PM
OOC1: What's all this about different universes and stuff, it's got me rather confused!
OOC2: There isn't a planetary classification thing online, but I've got the most canon one you can find in the Star Trek Star Charts.. just tell me the conditions of the planet, age etc. n I can give u classifications, specifications etc.

Draconis opened his eyes. His vision was blurred, but only for a moment, and as his perception cleared he began to recognize the trappings of consciousness. Epsecially the brightness of the light that was located directly above where he lay.

"Ah," the Doctor proclaimed. Her face coming in over Draconis' now scrunched up eyes.

"What happened?" Draconis asked sitting up, using both hands to do so then immediately attending them to the throbbing pain at the top of his scalp.

"From the reports I've heard from the witnessing officers you came into contact with the device we recovered from Parel III," the Doctor explained as she went about the usual doctory tasks of checking the computer displayed vitals of her patient.

"The Karcsis," said Korbin, he seemed to atonish even himself that he appeared to know the designation of the object.

"The wha?"

"Karcsis," Draconis repeated, partly for the doctor's clarification... partly for his own. He didn't understand where the word came from or how it had entered his head, or indeed his vocabulary.

"Summon the Captain," Korbin suggested in a rather forceful manor.

The doctor shook her head. "He's in a meeting with Admiral Cartel."

"Admir... we've reached the Starbase?" Korbin asked having guessed the answer but wanted verification.

The doctor answered only with a nod before turning to the patient in the next bio-bed over... who appeared to have rather more severe injuries than Draconis.

Korbin sat up, apart from the injured officer in the bed next to his and the doctor the Intrepid's sickbay was deserted... the remainder of the patients and nursing staff most likely having been taken aboard the Starbase.

The Lieutenant slipped his legs off the biobed and stood up upon his own two feet, he took a few steps towards the exit.... freedom was within his sights.

"Hold it there Lieutenant," came the doctor's voice, as stern as he'd ever heard it. Korbin spun back around on the spot.

"I want you to remain here for further observation, who knows what that thing has -"

Korbin cut the doctor's concerned gabble off before she had the opportunity to render it complete.

"I need to speak with the Captain immediately. I... I... don't know how, but I understand, sort-of, what the Karcsis is. And what it's doing."

With that Korbin left Sickbay...

Posted by: Robyn Downs Jan 21 2005, 06:31 PM
Downs sat patiently in the security booth.

“No new reading coming in.” she spoke loud and clearly as she moved back to the front of the small booth and started going over the security sweeps. Nothing was out of place, all the security personnel were on their usually patrols and all was cool in the armory. All of the security personnel were still on Intrepid except for a party of five that had went aboard the Starbase to get ammunition and ordinance.

a4.gif Fuller (NPC) to Downs, we’re back aboard with the supplies now; our armory is currently a mess while we re-catalogue all of our weapons but it shouldn’t interfere with ships systems or operations. a4.gif

Downs responded with her usual operations voice as she documented the message and kept going over the reports in the security booth. Now that some of the science personnel were working on the probe with her, she didn’t have the huge workload.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 23 2005, 03:55 AM
Reyan made his way back to the Intrepid's Bridge, and that one sentence that Admiral Cartel had spoken, ordering him to remain as the Intrepid's acting Captain remained at the forefront of his mind.

As he walked through the corridors toward the turbolift, he could not help but notice that the ship was busier than it had been, no doubt due to many of the newly-assigned officers and crew that Admiral Cartel had mentioned having arrived aboard, he greeted them as he passed, and then stepped into the turbolift.


"Captain on the Bridge" called a voice, from an Officer he didn't recognise

"As you were" Reyan ordered, as he looked around - most of the usual officer's were at their posts, but their were a number of Officers he did not know, and the Bridge was immaculate suggesting that those present had put a lot of hard work and effort into repairing the damage that the Intrepid had sustained.

He noticed Ensign Nagel sat at the Bridge Engineering station, and made his way over

"Report, Ensign how are things holding up?"

"Fine Sir - all systems now repaired, thanks to the assistance we received from the Starbase's Operations team - we can leave whenever you wish" she stated cheerfully

"Thanks Ensign - although, we wont be leaving just yet - we're still receiving new crew"

The young Ensign did not reply, and just as Reyan decided that he should check on what progress the team assigned to study the device were making, but before he could reach the Captain's chair the intercom sounded

a4.gif "Sickbay to Captain Anil" a4.gif

a4.gif "Go ahead" a4.gif Reyan replied

a4.gif "Sir - Lieutenant Korbin just discharged himself - he's on his way to see you about somthing called a Karcsis"

a4.gif "A what a4.gif Reyan asked, puzzled by the comment

a4.gif "Karcsis Sir - from what I understand, it's Lieutenant Korbin's designation for the device we recovered" a4.gif

a4.gif "Thankyou - I'll discuss it with him when he arrives here - Anil out" a4.gif

Almost as soon as the comm channel closed, as if on que, the doors from the turbolift swooshed open, and out stepped a very pale looking Lieutenant Korbin

"Lieutenant - you look terrible - report back to sickbay" Reyan ordered

"I will Sir - but I can't until I've told you what I think I know about the Karcsis" he replied

"In my ready room" Reyan replied, his curiosity about the device, now identified as the Karcsis, getting the better of him

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 23 2005, 07:49 AM
"Lieutenant," Reyan said as Korbin tottered from the turbolift, he was still feeling a bit weak.

"You look terrible," the Acting CO continued, pleasantries had never been his strong point. "Report back to sickbay."

"I will Sir," Korbin said steadying himself against the railing that ran along the top half of the Intrepid's bridge.
"...but I can't. Until I've told you what I think I know about the Karcsis."

"In my ready room," Reyan replied bluntly turning towards his ready room.

The Ready Room doors slid shut behind the Captain. Korbin had entered first and now awaited permission to take the seat that was situated on the opposite side of the table to where Reyan had sat.

"Please sit," Reyan said.

Korbin took a pew...
"Now what is this Karcsis?" Reyan asked, the tone of his voice making it evident he was more than just a little curious.

"The object we found on Parel III..." Korbin began, speaking in ernst, "When I made physical contact with it I had somesort of vision."

"Vision?" Reyan said skeptically.

"Well, of sorts," Korbin said wanting to explain himself more thoroughly, "My mind's perception was bombarded with a series of words... images... meanings. It was overwhelming at first, which is why I passed out. But in the space of time between me coming into proximity to the object, the Karcsis, and my awakening in Sickbay my mind had worked the majority of these meanings, images and words out."

"So what is this Karcsis?" Reyan asked again, wanting his officer to jump to the point.

"Am I correct in the assumption that it's begun to transmission the message?" Korbin asked taking a different approach to his explanation.

"It has."

Korbin paused for a brief moment.

"Why is it sending out this message?" Reyan pestered.

"Because it's a legacy left not only for us, but for all," Korbin stated after having clenched his eyes tightly shut, as if in pain, then opening them once again.

"This thing is transmitting in English, Romulan, Vulcan, Andorian, Klingon, Cardassian, BREEN, and hundreds of other languages. Some of which we've never even come across before," stated Reyan, wanting to emphasize the situation.

"What does the message read?" Korbin asked calmly.

"It's jibberish," Reyan admitted.


"Correct. It's in english, but it's not grammically meaningful. It has no meaning."

"Odd," was all Korbin could offer after a second's silence.

"Why has the device only worked through you?" Reyan said coming at the problem from a different angle.

"Other offers came into contact with the device yet haven't suffered any of the same experiences?"

"Perhaps because of my telepathic abilities," Korbin offered, it was the only reason at this point, with the information he had, could fathom.

reply any1, shall we head off soon? Fnd out that a Klingon + Romulan + Gorn ships have all converged on the same place sumwhere or somet?? IE: they've decifered the jibberish first, perhaps??

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jan 23 2005, 04:03 PM
Doctor Ele was clearly unhappy that Lieutenant Korbin had discharged himself from sickbay. She hoped the Captain would have the good sense to send him right back. She looked again over the puzzling readings she had gotten from the Lieutenant, shaking her head and sitting at her desk, going over the results of her tests.

Whatever had happened to Korbin, and to others, was hard to explain physcially.

A noise disturbed her concentration and Kaoru looked up, only one other patient was in sickbay, and he was terribly ill. She approached Geo, her scanner out, reading his vital signs.

Posted by: Kayla Martek Jan 23 2005, 06:46 PM
"If you will please follow me, Sir." One of the starbases security officer said to Kayla and Cammander Valorin.

"Don't say anything." Valorin whispered a warning in Kayla's ear.

Martek's feet pounded the carpeted corridor. Being captured by the USS had been humilliating enough; now having starbase security escort the pair through populated areas of the station was edging Kayla's resolve to the outer limits.

The turbolift came to a gentle hault on deck 12. Kayla had been carefully eyeing her surroundings when their escort suddenly stopped and unlocked the enterance to a small office.

"The Chief Security Officer will be in to see you shortly." The Lieutenant reached out and placed a guiding hand on Kayla's upper arm.

Kayla's lungs drew in a sharp breath of air and her free hand quickly shifted upward in a hasty attempt to forcefully remove the security officer's touch.

Inticipating Martek's action, Valorin needed to react fast to put a stop toanymore trouble.

"Commander..." Valorin warned again.

Kayla scowled and grunted at the security officer before she pushed her way into the office.

The lighting focused down onto the table and chairs in the center of the otherwise empty room. Kayla gripped the back of the nearest chair and renched it away from the table in order for her to sit.

"I could be wrong, but it looks like we are about to be interogated." Valorin noted when the doors had once again closed.

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 23 2005, 09:38 PM
OOC---For your information, the picture of the woman to the left is Sally Ride, the first American woman astronaut. Hence my name. Sally

It was stange seeing Tribble's exercise sphere rolling around amongst the holographic space map, but Sally wanted the company. She had downloaded all of the data she and the other crewmembers that are assinged to the Karcsis into her stellarcartography program and was walking around the various planet systems. All of a sudden she noticed something that automatically debunked her theory of paralel universes.

"If it isn't paralel universes, then what do you think it could be, Tribble?" The guinea pig paused on Lornar IV, and cocked her head, as in thought.

"Computer, reconfigure this space map with the new data that I just programmed in." The planets swirled and zoomed from one location to another, some disappeared completely. When things settled down, one big solar system was staring her in the face.

"Computer, what am I looking at?"

"The Vilmora system."

"Can you tell me something about this planetary system?"

"Searching... The second planet was inhabited at one time. According to records, Vilmora II is the only explored planet in the system."

OOC---Ryan sent me some background info, but since my computer printer is out of ink, I cannot print it out to look at it more easily. I am planning to go to the library tomorrow and I will print it out there. Will continue on Monday or Tuesday. Sally

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jan 23 2005, 11:12 PM
A faint hum near his ear, Geo awoke with a start... Blinking. "I don't think I'm in heaven..."

"Hardly," the Doctor frowned thoughtfully.

"Shame... I could have mistaken you for an Angel," Geo chuckled, sitting up, and stretching. His back ached, stinging from the phaser shot. He had forgotten how the stun setting felt afterwards. Nothing compared to TDA, but... it packed a punch. "Just joking of course... Uh, what happened?"

"You took multiple phaser wounds to your back, I'm guessing it's the modern day sedative."

"Hah! Your funny, should have been a comedian," he groaned, "because your Medical just sucks..." Her eyes twinkled angrily, and Geo chuckled, throwing his hands up, "it's nothing like that Doc. I was just making a joke. Ah -" he sighed, "I can see I won't fit in on this ship... too many beaurocrats. Can I leave?"

"I have to run some more tests."

"Is that your only excuse?" Geo wiggled his brows, then laughed a third time. To him, he was on a roll today!

"Well, I do need to get you out quickly, your to report to CONN as soon as possible... Your also taking a grade reduction, for the sake of your position."

"Wow, talk about restraint from killing the messanger," he groaned, "I've served too long to care... Right, get this over with, and let me get back to duty..." He laid back down, stiffling a groan.

"I think you just want to stay here," she turned, heading for a hypospray, and to get the PADD that was beside his biobed. Geo grinned.

"Maybe it won't be so bad afterall..."

Sometime later, the definitive time which he had been released had been lost to him, he been counting and examining the lights in sickbay -- a thoroughly boring job -- and had concluded that two were close to burning out. Was that even possible? He shook his head, strolling the corridor towards the Turbolift. Nearly immediately, he scowled... "I hate Intrepids," he murmured, ordering it to the bridge... Then changing his mind and ordering it to his quarters. He figured he had best changed, and have a shave...

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jan 24 2005, 05:01 AM
Doctor Ele's eyebrow seemed perpetually quirked as she tended to Geo. He was like no starfleet officer she had ever encountered before. She utterly surprised herself when she joked back.

Once she had discharged Geo, she touched the comm button, a4.gif Sickbay to Lieutenant Korbin. a4.gif

Lieutenant Korbin responded over his comm, a4.gif Korbin here, go ahead Doctor Ele. a4.gif

a4.gif I was wondering when I can expect you back Lieutenant? I have a few more tests I'd like to run. a4.gif

a4.gif I'll arrange it as soon as possible doctor. a4.gif

a4.gif See that you do Lieutenant. I'm concerned about your symptoms. Ele out a4.gif

Doctor Ele touched the comm button again,

a4.gif Computer, locate Second Officer Revelone. a4.gif

a4.gif Officer Revelone is in his quarters a4.gif

Doctor Ele left sick bay, waiting outside the door of Geo's quarters, entering when the doors opened and he spoke, "Come in."

Geo grinned when he saw Kaoru, "Doctor, missed me already?"

Kaoru smiled, holding up her tricorder, studying the readings, "I've come to clear you for duty." She nodded, pleased at the readings, "You're free to go back to duty, no restrictions."

Geo rubbed his hands together, "No restrictions? Excellent...so you'll join me for dinner then?"

Kaoru laughed, surprised, shaking her head and lowering the tricorder, "Maybe a few restrictions...I'm allergic to shellfish."

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 24 2005, 12:54 PM
"Starfleet has come across instances in the past where Betazoids have been more saseptable(??) to such things," Reyan said rising to his feet.

"The Preservers," Korbin stated raising to match the Captain.

Reyan was stopped dead, his expression blank.

"It's not suprising you haven't heard of this race Captain," Korbin began retaking his seat. "They're a race older than our sun," he said after Reyan had followed suit.

"They roamed our galaxy four billion years ago. They were the first race of humanoids and they spread their DNA across the galaxy... seeding hundreds of worlds. Planets such as Earth, Vulcan, Qo'noS and Cardassia Prime were all seeded by this ancient race. On stardate 46731.5 the USS Enterprise aided one Professor Galen... a brilliant scientist who had become convinced these ancient Presevers, who we also built the Guardian of Forever and hundreds of ancient ruins across the galaxy, had left a message to their children, to us, hidden in our DNA sequences. Once the correct DNA sequences had been appropriately collected together they created a message... this message was from a Presever."

Reyan's face was one of intense concentration, he wasn't a Captain of Science but he was doing better than most would after a lecture from the would-be Science Officer.

"You're saying these ancient Presevers built the device in our cargo bay? this Karcsis?" Reyan said confirmation.

"I believe so," Korbin said concluding their talk...

Reply Anyone

Posted by: Valorin Jan 25 2005, 02:04 PM
The door closed behind them, leaving the pair alone, "I could be wrong, but it looks like we are about to be interogated." i said

"listen kayla we cannot let them know what we were up to unless we absolutely have to"

"you're in charge"

"this is rather strange though, we should have been seperated from each other to find out what was going on from each of us"

"cant argue with that" she said

30 minutes later the door opened and the chief security officer and two juniors stepped into the office.

"Commanders! ..... Please be seated" she said

Kayla and i both sat in front of the desk

"right" she continued
"would you like to explain yourself Valorin"

Kayla juped straight away "thats commander Valorin" She snapped

"of course my appoligies (Commander Valorin)" she replied with a sarcastic tone
"like i said would you like to explain yoursel commander"

"what would you like to know" i replied

kayla smiled she knew i was going to have a little fun before they even came close to knowing what was going on.

"this is not a laughing matter commander you are facing a court marshal for stealing a starfleet runabout and without any explanation your case is very compelling, now tell me what were you doing with a runabout and why were you using croniton particals in that region"

"sorry but that is classified" i responded

"under whoes authority" she demmanded

"It was classified by admiral Darion Sequeira Uss Firebolt"

"well commander we will have to check this with starfleet"!

"I know " i replied "when you have please call back" i reponded

this made her aggitated and she stormed out of the room followed by her two friends

"you really must stop playing" Kayla laughed

Posted by: Kayla Martek Jan 25 2005, 08:29 PM
Kayla stood up and started to pace as she spoke.

"Well, we cant play games for too long, where do we head with this?
You know they wont let us go until they have something and I dont want to hang around here, its been humiliating enough!"

Before Valorin could answer her the door burst open and the Chief Security Officer returned.

"Right ," the chief lady shouted. "I have checked out your story and it doesnt add up at all. Starfleet have no record of a USS Firebolt or of any classified information being stored by an Admiral Sequira on our records".

"I encourage you to reveal your reason for stealing the runabout, or i have no other option but to set a trial date for your court marshall. What is it going to be Commander?"

Kayla frowned and growled at the security chief before Valorin could do or say anything. "So you are calling us liars?" The chief stood up and moved over to Kayla staring at her face intentensely. Kayla stood her ground and stared back.

"I will call you what i like, you have no authority while under arrest here and I am addressing your superior here, not you, so back off!" She shouted.

"Kayla lifted her head backward to prepare to spit on this P'Tak, but Valorin stepped in front of her just in time and calmly spoke to the woman.

"Well, as I stated previously, this information is classified, regardless of what your records say. However, I will speak with someone from starfleet intelligence if you can arrange that?"

Kayla looked shocked and began to feel somewhat betrayed.

Is he giving in? she thought to herself c25.gif


Posted by: Valorin Jan 26 2005, 03:02 AM
" I will speak to someone from starfleet intelligence" i responded

"Commander you dont have any options and im afraid that i am in charge here, and you WILL tell me what i want to know " she continued

"i have told you that it is classified , i will not discuss this further until starfleet intel is here"

Kayla looked betayed, but i was not about to let her take the blame for something that i should not have let her get involved with.

The chief sat back in her chair looking at me probably wondering if she could get any further with me

"ok commander if thats the way you want it" she replied reluctantly
she stood gathered her data padds and left the room.

"that went well" kayla responded "but i dont like being betrayed"

"no Kayla i didnt betray you, but like you said this is not going to go away and you should not have been involved with this. I outrank you and more than that you are my friend.... so many times i would like our friendship to go one step further, i care about you."

"as i do you" she replied

"but with this in our way we are likely to be courtmarshalled and that means neither of us will be around"

"yes but"

"no Kayla i have to let intel know what really went on and perhaps we can save our careers"

"I still have the data padd that we downloaded on the horizon from the firebolt, that should get us out of here" i said
"trust me kayla i wont let you take the blame for this"

"you are stubborn, i can look out for myself you know" she replied
"I know"

the door opened and instepped a quite tall not too young man dressed only in black, no insignia was visable but he held the air of authority.

"you requested starfllet intelligence commander Valorin"!!!

"i did, and you are?"

"I am Agent Mathews, starfleet intel. now shall we" gesturing to our seats

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 26 2005, 05:25 PM
USS Intrepid

"You're saying these ancient Presevers built the device in our cargo bay? this Karcsis?" Reyan asked Korbin, as if needing the hear it again, for it to be clear in his mind

"I believe so," Korbin said - he then stood uneasily

Reyan stood too, but turned to stare out of the ready-room window, at the gigantic interior of the Starbase and the other ships in dock, standing static but proud, and like the Intrepid, awaiting their next orders to proceed on whatever mission Starfleet had planned for them. Finally he turned back to Lieutenant Korbin

"Thanks for the report Lieutenant - we need to investigate the Karcsis further; I'll report your findings to the Starbase - dismissed - and please report back to sickbay, I'm concerned about you" Reyan stated, trying to sound more sympathetic than he had when Lieutenant Korbin had walked onto the bridge

Lieutenant Korbin nodded and then left the ready room, with Reyan close behind

Back on the Bridge, Reyan noted that Commander Orlan was now present

"Commander - I need to visit the Starbase, to discuss the Karcsis with our friend the Admiral - I doubt I will be long" he stated, trying not to sound too unenthusiastic

"While you are there, Captain, perhaps you could ask him why it is taking so long for the new crew to report aboard?" Commander Orlan remarked

Reyan laughed

"I'll do that Commander - and according the last report they still have not obtained a replacement Chief Tactical Officer or Chief Science Officer for us" Reyan replied, making no effort to hide his irritation toward the matter

Commander Orlan shrugged

"Well, that's the Admiralty for you - they make the ship's former X.O an Acting Captain, and take their time assigning a crew" he replied, grinning

Reyan chuckled, and then left the Bridge to make his way to the Starbase and address the issues of the Karcsis and the slow pace of the crew transfer with Admiral Cartel.

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 26 2005, 06:19 PM
The spacemap rotated around Sally, and Tribble's exercise sphere appeared to be balancing in the middle of a galaxy. The galaxy comes closer and focuses on the planets, the 2nd one looming larger than the rest of them.

"This is Velmora II. The planet no longer supports much life, but once did, showing evidence of an ancient ocean. I am going to play for you a part of a log entry from Captain Jean-Luc Picard's log, stardate 46731.5 'When we reached the cave that was indicated by the data that our scientists compiled that might hold the last key needed to figure out what this Karcsis is all about. Commander Crusher scraped off a piece of moss, hoping that the DNA was still viable. She placed it into her tricorder, and all of a sudden it projects the image of a humanoid figure. It stares out into empty space and delivers a statement, saying: "You're wondering who we are...whay we have done this...how it has come that I stand before you, the image of a being from so long ago. Life evolved on my planet before all others in this part of the galaxy. We left our world, explored the stars, and found none like ourselves. Our civilization thrived for ages-but what is the life of one race, compared to the vast stretches of cosmic time? We knew that one day we would be gone, and nothing of us would survive-so we left you. Our scientists seeded the primordial oceans of many worlds, where life was in its infancy. The seed codes directed your evolution toward a physical form resembling ours: this body you see before you, which is of course shaped as yours is shaped, for you are the end result. The seed codes also contain this message, which is scattered in fragments on many different worlds. It was our hope that you would have to come together in fellowship and companionship to hear this message-and if you can see and hear me, our hope has been fulfilled. you are a monument, not to our greatness, but to our existence. That was our wish: that you too would know life, and would keep alive our memory. There is something of us in each of you, and so, something of you in each other. Remember us."

"Computer, please bring up a big, overstuffed chair." A few moments later, a royal blue chair meeting her specifications appeared. Sally hunted down Tribble, and removed her from her exercising sphere and sat down holding the guinea pig. She was starting to cry. "If this is true, Tribble, everything that my faith and religion is based upon is a complete hoax. What I was brought to believe is this: In the begining God created Heaven and Earth. The Earth was without form and void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wiend from God swept over the face of the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and god separated the light from the dakness. God called the light Day and the darkness he called Night. And there was eveng and there was morning, the first day. And God said "Let thre be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let is eparate the wates from the waters, and let it separate the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome. And it was so. God called the dome Sky. And there was evening and thee was morning, the second day. And god said "Let the waters under the sky be gathered together into one place, nad let the dry land appear." And it was so. God callled the dry land Earth and and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, "Let the Earth put forth vegitation: plants yeilding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on Earth that bear fruit with the seed in it." And it was so. The Earth brought forth vegetation: plants vielding seed of every kind, and trees of everykind bearing fruit with the seed in it. And god saw that is was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the third day. And God said "Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, and let them be lights in the dome of the sky to give light upon the Earth. And it was so. God made the two great lights-the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light torule the night-and the stars. God set them in the dome of the sky to give light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day. And God said "Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the Earth across the dome of the sky." So God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, of every knd, with which the waters swarm, and every winged bird of every kind. And God saw that it was good. God blessed them, saying "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the Earth. And there was evening and there was morning, the fifth day. And God said "Let the Earth bring forth living creatures of every kind, and everything that creeps upon the ground of every kind. And God saw that it was good. Then God said "Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all he wild animals of the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the Earth." So God created humankind inhis image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them. God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the Earth." God said, "See, I hyave given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. And to every beast of the Earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the Earth, everyting that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food." And it was so. god saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. Thus the heavens and the Earthwere finished, and all their multitude. And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested n the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.

"That is what I believe, Tribble. If this ancient alien is my God, it will take a lot of convincing. I never could believe in Darwinism. Computer, please bring up Captain Picard's log in its entirety and download it into my workstation in my quarters and into the databases in the science lab, and the science station on the bridge. If I think of any other places, I will let you know."

"Acknowleded and completed."

"Save data for future reference." The planets and stars and galaxies, along with the chair disappeared, and the familiar yellow grid lines resurfaced. Sally placed Tribble into her excercising sphere and headed for sick bay, hoping that Draconius can have visitors.

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 27 2005, 09:13 AM
Korbin nodded, finally admitting defeat in his fight to avoid a return to Sickbay. Entering the turbolift he ordered it on it's way and after only a few moments of uninterupted travel it reached Deck 5, location of the Intrepid's medical facility.

The doors slid open and he was greeted by the Doctor, who wore a face of concern. She'd been reviewing the scan of Draconis' she'd taken before Korbin's AWOL from Sickbay.

"Lieutenant," she began immediately rushing and forcefully moving the Betazoid to become seating on the nearest biobed.

"According to these readings your brain has received somesort of down - "

Korbin held up his hand to pause the doctor, "I am aware of that Doctor," Draconis said. "It's hard to explain... but it has no caused any harm."

"Hasn't caused any harm?!" the doctor yelped. She waved the medical PADD infront of Korbin's face a few times, "Have you seen your scan results?"

"Those were taken during my period of unconsciousness... my mind was unprepared to receive such a large amount of biologically transmitted data, but it has had time in order to process this information."

The doctor looked blankly for a second.

"I'm fine," Korbin said returning his feet to the floor and standing up tall.

"I still want you in for regular scans," the Doctor concluded.

"I agree," Draconis said. The doctor was a little taken aback by this, it was unusual for an Officer to agree with their doctor's assessments in such a matter.

Just as Korbin was preparing to leave the teal uniform adnored by Ensign Ryder whisked in...

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 27 2005, 09:49 AM
Sally went straight to sickbay, with Tribble in tow. She wanted to ask Draconius a few questions, if the new, hard-nosed doctor will let her. Besides, maybe Tribble will cheer him up a bit.

She entered, and sure enough, the first thing that Doctor Ele said was "Get that that that creature out of here!" she stammered.

"I am acting Science Chief Ryder and I have a few questions for Draconious, and I brought Tribble along to possibly cheer her up. Did you ever read up on 20th and 21st century reports on pet therapy?"

"Never heard of it. If you stay confined to Draconious's room with that THING, I will allow you to see him."

"Thanks, Doctor." Sally was pointed in the right direction by a nurse who said that when her shift was over, she would like to hear about the pet therapy theory when Sally had the time, and she said that she will keep the nurse posted. She then knocked on Draconious's door and he said "Enter."

"Hi Draconious. Tribble and I spent about three hours in Holosuite 3 with the stellarcartography program. I have downloaded the info that the ship's computer provided that might be pertinent to that Karcsis. And if this is true, this assignment is going to be a real test on my faith, beliefs and religion."

Draconius read the data padd and the Bible quote from the Christian's Bible's book of Genesis. Sally had taken Tribble out of her exercising sphere and was holding her. She had pulled a chair over and was sitting at the foot of his biobed.

"I can see how this can be a real test of your faith, Ensign." He paused for a moment, thinking about what to say next. While he was gathering his thoughts, he saw Tribble and asked "What is that?"

"It is an Earth animal that is a pet that is called a guinea pig. I named her Tribble after the alien pet. Want to hold her?"

He nodded and Sally handed the light brown and white animal over to Draconious. "She is sure soft. Now where to begin to tell you about what you have stumbled upon..."

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jan 27 2005, 12:25 PM
Doctor Ele was surprised that Lieutenant Korbin knew what the results of her scans showed. Her blue eyes remained fixed on the medical PADD as she assessed the new readings. The Lieutenant was right, the newer readings were a vast improvement. The betazoid's mind seemed to be adjusting well to the download...integrating it, leaving little or no indication that the information had not always been a part of the Lieutenant's mind.

Kaoru looked up from her scanner when Ensign Ryder entered, clearly displeased about the rodent the ensign carried.

She allowed the animal into Korbin's room, but no where else. She was not worried about infection or germs from the animal, the biofilters in sickbay would eliminate any of those risks, and likely, the animal was as clean as any creature on board the Intrepid.

She had in fact heard of the pet therapies that had proven effective on earth in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, but to her recollection, those animals had been well trained, and had been larger, smarter breeds. Further, if she remembered her history correctly, the therapy had worked best with children, or patients suffering from depression. So, while she was fairly certain the small rodent would not aid Korbin's recovery, she was equally sure it wouldn't be a detriment either.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 27 2005, 02:52 PM
"Now where to begin to tell you about what you have stumbled upon..." Korbin said, it would be the start of a tale he would have to explain to a number of officers... Reyan being the first, Sally the second, and the Admiralty would no doubtably be somewhere down the line.

It was a story containing everything Draconis had learnt through his mind's decifering of the huge amount of data that had been telepathically/biologically passed from the Karcsis. The Presevers... how they created the Karcsis but the reason why still remained a mystery to even Korbin. It was a mystery he hoped would be resolved in his lifetime. But he knew first the Intrepid would need the go ahead from Starfleet Command... because only thrugh exploration of the heavans could the mysterious of the creators be revealed.

Sally left the room, finding she had only gained more questions than she had had answered.

Though the two had agreed upon one single factor. Evidence gathered by the USS Enterprise, and the primary Starfleet researcher into the Presevers of the past 30 years Professor Galen, as well as the location of the Karcsis and sketchy details at the very limit of Korbin's mind have managed to fathom a name.

Not a name of a person, a species or a city... but the name of a world. A world the Preservers called "Prime". The location of this world neither were sure of. But they knew where they had to begin looking...
Gemmaus III

Posted by: Sally Ryder Jan 27 2005, 05:51 PM
OOC---The denomination mentioned here is a real denomination---minus the word Universal. I belong to the United Church of Christ, and if you want to see how our cross looks like, the webpage address is: http://www.ucc.org.

Sally went back to her quarters to put Tribble back into her Jeffries Tubes and gathered her leather-bound Bible and headed towards 10 Forward for dinner. She entered the lounge-diner and saw the barkeep and asked for a sweet red wine and she would like to have chicken parmegian with spaghetti and breadsticks for dinner. She took her favorite spot, near a window that looked out into space. She opened her Bible back to Genesis Chapter 1 and re-read the passage that she quoted out loud in Holosuite 3 just a few hours earlier.

"God, if you are one of these spiecies that claim that have put their DNA in Earth's "primordial soup", I will accept it IF there is 'proof in the pudding', as the old saying goes. You know how I strive to serve you in every step that I take and every deed that I perform. Please give me strength during this upcoming mission. It is going to really test me spiritually." She reached in under the front of her uniform and pulled out her small Universal United Church of Christ cross that has a crown on top of a cross and the cross on top of a circle that is divided in half, and the top half is divided in half again vertically. The crown represents that the members recognize that Jesus is the Son of God and our King. And the circle represents the Earth and the statement that Jesus declared saying that we should proclaim the good news in Judea, Galatia and to the ends of the Earth.

Sally's dinner arrived, and she ate in silence as she watched the stars go by, lost in thought.

Posted by: Kayla Martek Jan 27 2005, 11:55 PM
Kayla eyed the Stafleet intelligence officer closely as he calmly walked in the sparcely furnished interogation room.

"You requested Starfllet intelligence Commander Valorin"!!!

"That I did, and you are?"

"I am Agent Mathews, starfleet intel. now shall we?" gesturing to the seating arrangements over the other end of the room.

Valorin nodded and took his seat. Kayla decided to stand, arms folded tightly.

"I understand you have stolen a runabout with no explanation?" he stated quickly tapping his fingers on the desk. "Obviously, you both know what the consequences are, so why have you requested this meeting?" He shifted around unsettled on his chair.

Kayla stepped toward the officer, wanting to butt in and take over - a natural response for a klingon security chief. Valorin held up his hand in gesture to wait and began to speak.


Posted by: Valorin Jan 30 2005, 03:56 AM
the meeting with agent Mathews went on for about two maybe three hours while Valorin Nad Martek told each side of their story.

Agent Mathews sat back in his chair and stretched "well it's definately interesting" he said
"but if what you have told me is true then we are at threat from a race that we have never even heard of" he continued

"what we have told you happened why would we say otherwise, yes i stole a runabout, but why if i just wanted the ship did i not try to leave the system and then when confronted why didnt i try to run." i replied

"well you have put your case across very well and obviously you thought it through about asking for starfleet intel, I don't suppose you have proof of any of this do you either of you? " he questioned

"because if you did this might get you a lighter sentence i would even talk to the admiral myself".

i stood up and paced the room thinking about the circumstance
"come on valorin just show him. this has taken too long." Kayla said.
she was getting more than agitated being held.

"ok Kayla you sure?"
"just do it"

walking back over to the desk i put my hand behind my back and into my tunic top and pulled out a data pad.

agent mathews seemed to liven a little although trying not to show his pleasure at this find.

"you will find everthing you need on the data pad, Names, Vessels, and even the whole mission report plus of course the recorded logs from the firebolt with video footage of the battles that took place." i sat back and waited Kayla relaxed a little but was still far from happy

Mathews stood and gathered all his things together including the data pad

"i would like that back when you have finished with it "i said pointing at the data pad

"we'll see Mathews replied i wont be long as i said i will talk to the admiral on your behalf". with that he left the room


about an hour passed before anyone came back .

the door again opened and mathews stepped in along with about five other security and command personel

I looked at Kayla and she back at me, we knew this to be the procedure for a court marshal

then the Admiral stepped in through the door.
taking the centre possition evryone stood to attention

"commander Valorin you stole a starfleet runabout how do you plead" mathews stated

"guilty" i replied

"commander Martek, yu aided commander Valorin with this theft how do you plead"

"guilty" she replied

the admiral stood and reviewed the case notes
"i have taken into account your mitigating circumstances, and it is the courts decision that instaed of you oing to prison for your crimes, you be reduced in rank and re-assigned to vessels that are in need of experienced personel".

"commander Valorin. you are to be reduced in rank to Lieutenant and you are to report to the intrepid as soon as possible"

"Commander Martek, the court has decided to reduce your rank also but to Lieutenant junior grade asl to report to the intrepid."

"these are the findings of this court, case closed, you are both free to go". the Admiral finished.

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jan 30 2005, 10:37 AM
Ryan stared at the blank viewscreen. Anil's abscence gave Ryan a sense of authority; a feeling he had rarely felt during the past six years aboard the Intrepid.

Without realizing, six years of standing at an operations console had slowly become his comfort zone. Ryan's comfort zone was no longer a testomony to the deeds in his past. Though his incarseration at the New Zealand penal colony had been brief, Ryan had believed till this moment, that he would never be free to fullfill his life further; to be trusted again.

The Executive Officers' chair seemed to gather all of Orlans random thoughts - as if a search light had suddenly been switched on. In the back of his mind he knew he would most likely end up back behind the Operations console; no doubt Admiral Cartel would assign somemone with a cleaner, trust worthy track record to be the permanent First Officer - but this was a moment to enjoy.

"Sir Engineering reports that they have completed repairs to the damaged systems. I have the report."

"Thank you, crewman." Ryan replied as he took the data PADD from the officer, leaned back and began to read.

It was ironic, two days ago Ryan would have been coordinating one the repair teams. So far as maintenance went, now all he was required to do was read the reports - it seemed almost lame.

Orlan craned his neck when he heard a set of doors open with a soft hiss. Several officers piled out of the turbo lift and made their way to various stations around the Bridge.

Ryan and Downs exchanged a friendly nod as she stode towards the exit. A hint of jealousy washed over him as he thought of Downs winding down in the holodeck after a lengthy shift. A smile broke out on the Commanders face before he picked up the manifest PADD he had previously been working on.

Serveral moments passed when the turbo lift doors opened once again, and Ryan's several hours of waiting had finally come to an end. Standing, he attempted to read his acting Captain's expression, but Anil simply gave a sharp nod and entered the Ready Room.

"Well, it was certainetly an interesting four hours." Reyan said as he took the seat behind his desk. "According to Admiral Cartel, the Starbase has recieved numerous transmissions requesting information about the Karcsis."

"Transmissions, from who? What do they want to know? Surely we're not going to give them anything."

"All I know is that most of the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant are interested in a piece of that thing. The Romulan's are insisting that with the new treaty it could go along way to insuring peace -"

"I don't understand? I thought it was just proving to be an artifact from the Preservers."

"I think it's clear that the other powers that be know theres more to it than that. Otherwise why would they be so keen to know more?" Anil said with a hint of suspicion.

"Then somehow we need to catch up. The Karcsis is under Starfleet control, all we need to do is decifer the message it's transmitting. It stands to reason that if we have that message and the Karcsis, it would be the Federation that has the advantage."

"As it turns out Cartel agrees with you. He thinks that bargining with a Yridian trader would be the best option."

"You can't be serious!" Ryan blurted took the seat oposite Anil. "Who is he sending?"

Anil stood out of the chair and braced himself against the desk with outstretched arms. "Us."

Orlan remained quiet for a moment; the news came almost as a shock and it was clear that Admiral Cartel was using Ryan's past as an advantage.

"I see the Admiral has been doing some checking."

Anil nodded slightly. "I know you didn't get in deep, but if we're lucky we might meet with a Yridian you already know."

"I'd rather not... and may I ask how Cartel expects us to launch with no permanent Science or Tactical officers?"

"That's no longer a problem, our new Chief Tactical Officer and Chief Science Officer should be reporting aboard within the hour. As soon as they have arrived we can leave."

Ryan's hightened demeaner eased with the news that the Intrepid would soon be moving and for the time being he would remain as the ship's Executive Officer.

"Understood, I'll see to it that their pillows have been fluffed." The Commander said almost sarcastically, but gave a grin none-the-less.

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Posted by: Kayla Martek Jan 31 2005, 01:28 AM
Kayla heard the resounding voice of the Admiral's sentence and let out a sigh of relief but not for long as the mixed feelings started to stir inside her .

She could see Valorin from the corner of her eye as she stood to attention while the Admiral left the room followed by his entourage and couldnt wait to look back at him.

Agent Matthews waited while the crew filed out and turned to face both the sentenced officers.

"Well, Lieutenants, that was the best i could do under the circumstances. Count yourself lucky stafleet are understaffed with experienced officers and my suggestion of demotion and re-assignment was well received." he stated sternly with a hint of pride.

"Thank you sir, you saved us from a lot of trouble, i appreciate it".

Kayla nodded in agreement. She started to relax a little.

"You have both been assigned to the USS Intrepid and need to report to Captain Anil immediately!" and with that he turned and left the room.

"Ok, Lt, that was pretty cool, i must say, you really know how to handle yourself." Kayla smiled.

"Your welcome Lt Jnr Grade"

"Hey dont rub it in!" Kayla laughted.

Well, all I can say is someone must be watching over us!" Valorin smiled as they hugged each other gratefully.

"Lets make the most of it , Valorin whispered. As i said before, i want more than just friends, i have for sometime" He held Kayla tightly, sighing in relief that it was all over.

"Yes, lets, its about time Lt." She whispered and melted into his arms.

Suddenly they both felt a case of de-ja-vu and looked at each other surprislingly as they let go, somehow being strangely aware of it both at the same time.

"Hey .. that was...strange, i feel like we have done this before?" Valorin looked puzzled.

"Yes, me too," said Kayla slowly.

"It feels right to me"

"Me too." Valorin wrapped his arms around her and hugged and kissed her softly.

Kayla melted, but only for a few seconds "Ok, Lt, lets get going, im busting to get out of here.

And with that they both headed off for the Intrepid.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Feb 3 2005, 05:15 PM
Geo hadn't really been serious in organizing the dinner... but kindly inclined that at a LATER date, he would arrange for it... It was often his nature to be as such, but he rarely tried to show it.

Stretching out on the sofa in his quarters, the Helmsmen quickly snatched a PADD from his table. Reviewing it's contents and writing a quick reply before the soft clank of metal on glass resignated in his ear. He hoped he hadn't scratched the table, but it was his own little way of getting back at those damned Engineers who thought so highly of building such fragile things. In a Hermekian ship, it would most likely be of metal. he thought, then admitted it would probably have less of a glamor or appeal to the eye.

Stiffling a yawn, Geo rose to his feet, inclining his head and sniffing his room. It smelled fresh, almost too fresh for his taste, but none the less fresh. Another smile eased across the youthful face, and he headed towards the replicator. Tilting his head to the side, he quickly entered in a sequence into the machine, rendering his credit account substantially higher. "Always have secrets," he reminded himself, strongly reminded of those times when him and Aurora would fight for dominance and... prestige perhaps?

The table was set, and he ordered Eggs with bacon and pancakes, just to try it... Nearly instantly, he was repulsed by the syrup, and pushed it back. "I always fall for it don't I?" He asked himself, ordering soup.

~ ~ ~ ~ BRIGDE // INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~

Geo stepped off the Turbolift, purple eyes sparkling brightly as they searched out the remenants of those on the bridge. He inclined his head in greeting to those that met his stare, but mostly headed for his station. That same inclination was offered to the Captain and Commander, Geo rarely showed respect when unearned.

He sat at his station, entering in another sequence, and quickly rearranging the preferences and settings to match his own unique style. Which in itself included only twenty percent of computer operated controlled - the standard is sixty percent - and eighty percent manual. It was nothing to fear however, Geo had earned several recommendations on his pilotting skills... As well as some heated insults.

More like a simple statement to a colleague as opposed to a Captain, Geo stated: "Helm systems operating at one hundred and five percent. Impulse engines are on standby and powered. Warp Field is online, and on standby as well... Ship is at zero forward motion, with one hundred percent power available to helm."

Clearing his throat, he added, "and this chair sucks..."

Posted by: Valorin Feb 4 2005, 03:09 AM
I let go of kayla and stepped back "this isn't going to be easy"

"i know" she replied "but we just have to try"

"come on we have a ship to get aboard" i said

we headed to our quarters to pick up our kits ready to embark on the intrepid.

"any idea what the new Captain is like" i said

"dont know i've not had time to check the manifest, i'm sure we'll be fine though and at least we still have a ship to go to" she replied

"true it could have been worse"

we made our way through the corridors to the transporter room the doors swished open and we took our places on the transporter pad.

"where would you like to go " came a voice from behind the console

"two to beam to the intrepid" i announced

"very well, energising" he replied

"permission to come aboard" i announced as we materialised on the intrepid

"permission granted, welcome aboard" come the reply

i suppose we should find our quarters and then report to the captain

A little while later and the bridge doors opened and we stepped out on to the bridge immediately we made our way to the centre seat and waited for the captain to finsish

Lt's Valorin and Martek reporting for duty "i announced

"welcome aboard, please take your possitions we will be departing shortly

"thankyou Captain i said and headed for the science station kayla headed for the tactical station and she was the first to notice. touching my arm to get my attention,

"you notice who's at the helm" she said
"No" turning to look

"geo" i said "sure is" kayla replied

"well at least we know someone here"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 4 2005, 02:26 PM
Anil watched as Lieutenant Valorin and Lieutenant Martek made their way to their new stations

Commander Orlan leaned over and whispered to him

"You know, their personel files did have those two listed as Commanders" he muttered, hoping that he could not be heard

"I know - I tried to find out why they received demotions, but the information is classifed" Anil stated, not wanting to elaborate further

He then stood, took a quick glance around the bridge to make certain that every post was covered, and then took a step foward toward the Helm

"Ok, Commander Revolone - clear us for depature" Reyan ordered

"Aye sir - Station op's confirm permission granted" Commander Revolone replied

"Ok - take us out, one-quater impulse, port and starboard thrusters at stationkeeping - once we clear spacedoors, set a course for the Badlands, warp 6"

"Aye Sir" replied Commander Revolone, although Reyan noticed his head turn for a second, and his face wore an expression that said - why the Badlands?

The Intrepid cleared the spacedoors, and then leapt to warp

"Why the Bandlands, if I may ask?" Ryan enquired

"Admiral Cartel gave us information regarding a Yridian ship that had some information that Admiral Cartel stated could be very useful - he wants us to rendevous with that ship and discuss their trade terms" Reyan replied

"Great - sounds like a mission better suited to a Ferengi crew" said Geo, looking up from the Helm

Anil and Ryan could not help but laugh at the statment, and the fact that there was a hint of truth in it

"We should have asked Deep Space Nine if we could borrow Lieutenant Nog" Ryan stated jokingly

Reyan sat back down in his chair and decided that perhaps this assignment may not be so bad after all

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 4 2005, 02:55 PM
Draconis had been discharged from Sickbay less than an hour previously, and had immediately taken to his station upon hearing the news of orders from Starfleet Command. He hadn't even been introduced to the new members of the Intrepid's crew as the vessel began to leave the haven of drydock that the Starbase presented.

The crew had been presented with the task of rendezousing with a mysterious Yridian trader, one whose entire proffession had been built around selling information to the various Intelligence Agencies at work in the Alpha Quadrant, most notably the Obsidian Order, Klingon Honour Guard and more recently the Tal'Shiar and Federation Secret Service (FSS). Now apparently this Yridian, who's alias was only known to Starfleet as "Mobius", had been told to hold information regarding the Presevers. Whether this information would be relevant to the Federation's study of the Karcsis or not remained to be seen... but one thing was for certain and that was the need to investigate every possible lead regarding the mysterious four billion year old object.

"Set a course for the Badlands," the Captain ordered, "Warp Six."

The Intrepid's warp nacelles folded into possible gracefully and the familiar lights that were associated with tearing a hole into subspace appeared. In that moment... the Intrepid was gone, it's destination: The Badlands.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Feb 5 2005, 01:13 AM
The doctor spent much of the day reviewing the medical records of the new crew memebers. She also had the less pleasant duty of archiving the medical records of those who had been killed. She saved the most pleasant task for last, making sure the medical records were updated for all of those still with the ship. She sifted through some of the records on her PADD, noting the many promotions, a subtle and unhappy reminder of the recent losses.

Leaving sickbay, she walked past the cargo bay that had served as a makeshift morgue. She couldn't help but glance at it, shaking her head slightly, as if to clear the memories from her mind. The turblolift doors opened and she stepped inside, speaking in a clear, commanding voice. "Bridge."

But once the doors were closed, she leaned against the wall, bowing her head and struggling not to cry. It just didn't seem right, so many good men and women had lost their lives, and the Intrepid was ready to be underway again with a different crew, as if they had never even been there. She sometimes felt things were moving more quickly than she could keep up with.

That thought was easy to shake off. It was impossible to think she was the only one affected. She imagined the ship's counselor had a very busy few months ahead.

When the turbolift reached the bridge she straightened her shoulders, the brief flicker of weakness and doubt over. By the time the doors opened, there was no sign on her face that she had ever wept at all for the tragic loss of life. She walked onto the bridge to meet the captain, impassively noting the many new faces, and the few familiar ones.

Posted by: Sally Ryder Feb 5 2005, 03:03 AM
OOC---Sorry for taking so long to respond, but this is the first time I was able to get back on here since the crash. Sally

Sally was glad to see her commanding officer. She didn't inquire about why it took so long for him to join the crew, but she filled him in on all that she came up with in reguards with the Karcsis and he dismissed her with a "Well done", and said that she was off duty until something came up. While she appreciated the break, she was still worried about the message that the Karcsis contained and what it may mean to the known Milky Way galaxy and who knows how many more galaxies.

She got off of the turbolift and entered her quarters. Tribble was running on her exercise wheel and paused and looked at her mistress, and Sally felt that she actually saw concern in her guinea pig's eyes. She took her out of the habitat and sat down on her couch and picked up her Bible padd. She read some of her favorite passages and started to think again. "If that alien really is our God and ancestor, I do not know what that would do to me and my beliefs." She placed her electronic Bible back down, kicked off her boots, gathered the pillows that were on the couch and placed them behind her back, swung her legs up and snuggled with Tribble while tears trickled down her face from her eyes and fear and concern that her spiritual beliefs that she grew up believing were being taken away from her.

Posted by: Kayla Martek Feb 5 2005, 04:43 AM
After arriving on the bridge and going through the formalities, Kayla walked over to the Tactical Station, glancing back at Geo parked at the helm. Well, the Intrepid doesnt know what it's in for she smirked to herself. Not a dull moment! Although Geo was not a close collegue of the klingon officer, he had made a lasting impression.

Kayla tapped quickly away at the console checking the crew manifest. She noticed the name of her assistant and made note to introduce herself as soon as possible.

Scanning the ship for anomilies, she picked up strange readings coming from Cargo bay 2. Reading the notes she found the Intrepid was accomodating a strange 400 yr old object called a 'Karcis'. It was transmitting an undeciferable message which intrigued her. She updated herself as much as she could with the available info, not much in the records, but read up on the mission to familiarise herself with what starfleet intended to do with it. In the mean time, the transmission sequence was bothering her.

"Lt Valorin, may i have a word?" Kayla stated officially.

"Certaninly, what is it" he said looking up at her.

"What do you know about the 'Karcis' being held in the cargo bay?"

"Just whats written here, and i know what you are thinking Kayla, i am just working on decoding the message its transmitting for the Captain. My Assistant has taken a break so if you can give me a hand ill appreciate it."

"Of course,". she announced as she reached the science station.

Valorin nodded and smiled as he continued to work.

OOC: I think its cargo bay 2, edit if needed please.


Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 7 2005, 03:56 PM
OOC: Actually I think the Karcsis was transfered aboard the starbase...

NOTE: Yes, the Karcis was onboard the starbase (science labs) for further testing due to more advance equipment than the Intrepid, so far as the posts go it didn't get transfered back to the Intrepid, but we'll just assume Admiral Cartel released it, easier that way. Besides we can make more of a story about it. ~ Orlan

"Sir," called out the Intrepid's new helmsman, a Hermekian by the name of Geovanie Revolone who'd freshly come aboard the Intrepid before it had left on this, it's first mission since the recovery of the Karcsis.

"Yes Lieutenant?" the Captain's voice resounded out across the almost silent bridge, an eir of worry or wonder, or both kept the crew mostly quiet.

"We're approaching the specified coordinates in the Badlands, but I'm not detecting any Yridian vessels... infact I'm not reading any vessels at all," Geo reported reading out the information from his LCARS display.

The Captain came from his seat and towards the viewscreen, which now displayed the empty scene of nebulas and ion storms ahead of them.

"What the..."

Reply Anyone !!

Posted by: Valorin Feb 8 2005, 03:03 PM
working through the information both kayla and myself had started working together to try and decode the transmittions.

"Fascinating" i said

"what" kayla said

"there is so much here that we dont know and the shere thought of this being a message for all of us just makes me tingle"

"Yes me too , but why fascinating?"

"these markings on the casing, i've seen something like these before".

"dont suppose you remember where"

"no not yet , but i will get there".

"We're approaching the specified coordinates in the Badlands, but I'm not detecting any Yridian vessels... infact I'm not reading any vessels at all," Geo reported reading out the information from his LCARS display.

switching layouts i did a quick scan of the area.

"captain, scans indicate no starships, no energy readings and no residuals of any ships being here in at least the last day or so" i reported

Posted by: Gaia Moore Feb 10 2005, 10:06 AM

Gaia knew that the Intrepid's instruments wouldn't be able to hold up to the Starbase's but when she entered, she felt like she had just come from the Academy again. Like when she was a child in a candystore full of sweets, she stood in the entry looking at all the tools she had access to. Almost made herwish she'd taken that position on the starbase, but she hated being cooped up in small spaces. Though looking around at all the "toys" she had access to on a starbase compared with that on a ship like the Intrepid, she was reconsidering. But not for long.

Soon Gaia was standing in front of what she now knew to be the Karcis. She looked at it intently and felt the smooth exterior of the Karcis. She was fascinatedby what she was seeing, every bone in her body said there was more to what she was seeing, but now she was proven right, the question was what more was there to find and what other secrets did it contain? The first task at hand was to decode the transmission, when that was accomplished, she would be able to move on to more important questions. Hopefully perhaps even stringing them all together to form a picture of what in essence this Karcis was attempting to do.....but most importantly, why!

First she pulled out a microoptic drill, with that she could see if there was any body underneath without too much damage to the interior. It allowed Gaia to make a minute hole in the outer casing of the Karcis, but something was wrong........As she attempted to use it, it didn't even dent it. This puzzled Gaia, she decided to analyse the Karcis further with the tricorder, then set about mapping each individual marking on the Karcis.

Her logic behind what she was doing was that she could perhaps compare and contrast similar markings in the Federation database, perhaps see if any are similar but have been changed in the evolution of some races. It was one hell of a longshot, but it was worth taking if she could find out what she needed to know. For Gaia it was no longer a simple case of needs must, it was a case of something to solve and she wanted to be the one to find the answers. The Karcis intrigued her a lot, but it was only a matter of time before she unravelled and pieced together this mystery. She'd just need a little help. But the question remained, who to get that could help her, and who wouldn't mind doing what it took to uncover the truth..........

When Gaia was ordered back onboard the Intrepid, she was more than grieved that she couldn't spend any longer using the majority of the equipment she had access to on the Starbase, but she wasn't one to remain in an enclosed space, even if it meant more chances to decode whatever the Karcis's message was. Gaia sighed, resigned to the fact that she had her duty to do. Gaia was stubborn, she had set a goal for herself and she planned on achieving it whatever the cost. If she couldn’t, then she would at least have fun trying. That thought made her smile as she made her way down the corridors to her home in Engineering. Gaia always called it that because she seemed to spend most of her time in there. She was a loner, but not by choice, since she was a child, people were always seeing her as somehow not belonging in the Academy, she didn’t know why then and she still didn’t, perhaps she would find the answer given time.

Gaia found out the Intrepid was heading for the Badlands and she didn’t like that one iota. She had heard the stories of the Badlands, though she preferred to know for herself, what she heard didn’t make her feel what you would call comfortable. Her uneasiness didn’t get any less when she discovered that they were attempting to find the Yridians. A race she had previous dealings with and none of those were very pleasant. Hopefully it wouldn’t be the same individual I dealt with last time, if it is going to be then I’m not going anywhere near……

Her thoughts were interrupted when she received a communication that the Karcis had been moved to Cargo Bay 2. It wasn’t staying on the starbase! That made her eyes light up, she had more chance to study it! Now one more question remained for her to answer before she could move any further with her plans…….Who could she enlist to help her do what needed to be done? Before making her way to the Cargo Bay where the Karcis was now being held, she checked the crew manifest for who best fit the specifications for what she needed. As she scrolled down, her eyes fell on one name……

“Geovanie Revolone?” Her eyes went wide and then returned to normal, if anyone saw her, they’d see the glint in her eye at that moment and a smile seemed to split her face in two. She had found who she was looking for.

Gaia had never actually met him but her tutors at the Academy always talked about the roguish Hermekian some with fondness, some with frustration or anger at some of his antics. He would be perfect, but she also knew about his cautiousness, it wouldn’t be easy to convince him. She’d just have to use her charm and wit to convince him that she needed him to do what she would be asking him to assist her with. She laughed, her with charm and wit? That was almost laughable in itself, but she was going to try anyway. She decided to make her way to the bridge and talk to him, sum him up in person, get a better idea of what he was like. Gaia always tried to gain an impression of someone from her experiences, rather than relying on second hand information. Things can be twisted if they go through enough people.

On the bridge, she saw who she was looking for. At the helm station was Geo himself, hard at work. She had to talk to him now, she was itching to get to the Karcis again and as quickly as she possibly could.

“My Revolone I presume?”

“The one and only, what can I do you for?”

“Well, I’d like to talk to you in private if you would permit me?”

“Anything for a pretty lady. Dinner, tonight?”

“My quarters or yours?” Gaia said with a joking smile, she presumed he wouldn’t agree to either, which is why she said it.

“I think my room will be sufficient” Geo replied with a grin that said he knew what she was thinking. Gaia stood there, rolled her eyes once and smiled back, almost laughing this time.

“I’ll see you tonight then!” with that she walked away thinking she’d just dropped herself right in it, she knew what he was like from his profile but she had neglected to take into account how much he was like his profile. But it should be fun! she thought to herself.

Cargo Bay 2

As Gaia entered the cargo bay there in the middle she saw the Karcis, it still fascinated her to the point of distraction. Since she had laid eyes on it and felt the smooth exterior, she had nothing but the Karcis in the back of her mind. It was like a constant presence that she couldn’t shift from her consciousness. But somehow she didn’t mind, there were secrets contained in the Karcis that she was going to find and unlock. It was just a matter of how and where to start.

Gaia was intensely studying the Karcis and it’s mysterious symbols, that she didn’t notice the light from a materialisation of a transporter beam until it was too late. She heard a voice and slowly turned around, her heart seemed to have stopped beating and as soon as she saw a phaser pointed in her direction, Gaia was certain that it had. She couldn’t see his face, somehow he was always in the shadows, even as he came closer towards her, she couldn’t place the voice, however hard she tried, all she could focus on was the phaser and the fact that she couldn’t see the setting, it could have been set on stun or on kill., But she didn’t plan on finding out if she could help it. She stood still beside the Karcis until she remembered she still had her portable console by her waist, luckily, her hands were there when the intruder had stopped her. She had the controls memorised and inputted the code she needed to activate the intruder alarm. She knew it was probably a bad idea, but she had to protect the Karcis, it had to be what the intruder was after. She had to at least attempt to raise the alarm.

Suddenly the intruder alarms began blazing, Gaia let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding until the intruder bounded towards her and grabbed her, twirling her until they were both behind the Karcis. By this time, the intruder had the phaser he had pointed at her earlier to her head and his arm around her throat. By this time Gaia knew her heart was there, it felt like it was about to jump out of her chest. They stood parallel to the door facing it, he must have been expecting someone to come through them, probably because of the alarms, he must know what’s going to happen, but how? At that moment, she wasn’t bothered about finding out, she was bothered about nothing except perhaps fighting for her life.

Posted by: Sally Ryder Feb 10 2005, 06:42 PM
Sally was still stroking Tribble who was on her stomach and going through the data she gathered again when a possible thought struck her. She carefully got up and placed Tribble back into her Jeffries Tubes and headed for Cargo Bay 2. As she approcached, she heard alarms going off.

She hit her com badge and said a4.gif "Security, this is Ensign Sally Ryder. I need security in the cargo bay area, most likely bay 2. And hurry. I do not have a phaser on me!" a4.gif

She hurried to Cargo Bay 2 and saw Gaia wrestling with a person dressed in black, including a mask over his/her head, covering it entirely. Sally snuck up behind the person and tried pulling the person's arms behind the body, but the person caught on and kicked Gaia in the legs and swung Sally so bad that she lost her balance and knocked her out cold when Sally's head landed on the Karcsis.

Gaia knew that she couldn't do anything for Sally and went back for the stranger. As she turned around to face the assailant, they were gone. Gaia remained numb for a moment, it had all happened so fast, but her priorities came to order and she crouched down beside Sally.

"Are you Ensign Sally Ryder?" A crisp voice asked.

"No, I am Lt Moore. That is Ensign Sally Ryder, the one who is knocked out cold. Did she call you for help?" Gaia said to the security officer while she noticed another unfamiliar officer inspect the room.

"Yes. It seems that intruder alert had been activated, and called for help."

"I activated intruder alert." Gaia hit her com badge. a4.gif "Lieutenant Moore to Sickbay. Medical emergency in Cargo Bay 2!"

Posted by: Kayla Martek Feb 10 2005, 06:22 PM
The intrepid arrived at the badlands. Valorin announced the sensor readings.

"Captain, scans indicate no starships, no energy readings and no residuals of any ships being here in at least the last day or so."

Just then, my console started beeping. "Captain, intruder alert in cargo bay 2". Kayla announced as she looked over to Downs, her assistant ordering her to send a team to meet her in the cargo bay. Downs straight away took over the main security station.

"Who or what is it?" the Captain queried.

"Im picking up 3 life forms, one injured." Downs replied

"Who is injured?" Anil stood to his feet and began to walk towards the security station.

"Lt Ryder sir, sickbay has been notified"

"Right, just what we need, All stop!" the Captain annouced


Kayla arrived with the security team of 5 right behind her.

Reaching the door, instructions flowed. "Roberts and Gorlan, guard the door,
the rest of you cover me and keep you phasers on stun."

Kayla burst in the door, immediately taking cover behind the nearest bulkhead.

She could see Ensign Ryder on the ground, unconscious while Lt Moore kneeled down beside her. Scanning the vicinity with her tricorder Kayla listened to one of her personel question Moore; but she continued scanning and adjusting her tricorder to pick up any strange readings just to be sure.

Kayla signalled for the medical team to attend to Ensign Ryder.

a4.gif "Reyan to Martek, report!" a4.gif

a4.gif "Martek here, Ryder is unconscious and their is no sign of an intruder here, sir." a4.gif


Posted by: Ryan Orlan Feb 13 2005, 08:47 AM
a4.gif "Martek here, Ryder is unconscious and their is no sign of an intruder here, sir." a4.gif

Ryan remained quiet as he listened to the Captain and Martek's voice conversation through the communications channel.

a4.gif "Organize search teams to keep scanning decks to eleven." a4.gif Reyan paused and deactivated his comm badge. "Lieutenant Downs - level six forcefields."

Downs nodded and tapped at the Tactical console in front of her. "Forcefields in place."

The turbo lift doors near Downs, their regular hiss dampered with the buzz of activity around the Bridge. Ryan turned to see the Assistant Engineer step out and approach the Captain.

Looking around the Bridge, Orlan's head stopping when his eyes met the image of the new Chief Science Officer. He had breifly met with the man when he and the Chief Tactical Officer had reported aboard, but as with many of the crew Ryan had made little effort to socialize with them. I must take more effort to that. He thought as he approached the Science station.

"Theres still nothing unusual on sensors." Valorin said as Ryan leaned against the console.

"Nothing on internal sensors either?"

Valorin shook his head.

"Your last assignment was Executive Officer of the Horizon was it? Are you sure you remember how to operate the sensor array?" Ryan asked with an air of sarcasm.

"Admitidly it has been a while, Sir." Valorin smiled as he recalibrated the aft sensors.

"Wait a minute - what was that?" Ryan said pointing to the small screen. "Did you see it?"

"Yes briefly. Whatever it was, it appears to be some form of echo location. I'm attempting to isolate it's origin."

"Captain." Orlan said, gaining Reyan's concentration. "We've found something."

"I'm reading an irregular distortion emerging from one of the plasma surges. It's moving closer."


The vacant viewscreen changed instantly to an image of the Bad Lands; an small shimmering objected rappidly grew larger and focused.

"Yridians. They must have been using a plasma surge in some way to mask their energy readings." Anil summized.

"There appears to be a probe off our starboard section. I can't make this out..." Valorin said, his face confused by the readings on the monitor infront of him.

"Captain, I recommend we raise sheilds."

Reyan's expressionless eyes continued to stare at the screen for several moments while the crew waited for an order.

"Captain, ten seconds till transporter range." Ryan pointed out.

"Yes. Raise shields."


Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 13 2005, 12:49 PM
Korbin watched on in dismay as the Yridian Ship came from under it's veil of shroud and came menacingly towards the Intrepid. The Yridian were known as Galactic Traders, mostly of information... but their ships had always been considered a sizable military threat to all those they delt with because of the way they were built. Though the majority of Yridian vessels came of the same hull design, apart from those salvaged or bought from the Ferengi or other ship dealer, but the systems inside would be pieced together from many different species. It was occasionally known for them to even use the immensely powerful Ion based weapons so heralded by the Breen navy. This knowledge, coupled with the fact they'd, presumably, already brought a person to invade the interior of the Intrepid from such a distance... means at least their transporter's were not advanced than that of the 8 year old USS Intrepid.

"They're hailing us sir," Draconis called as he put the transmission through without hearing the Captain's order, which followed just as the face of the Yridian Captain appeared upon the Intrepid's viewscreen.

The twisted and grotesque face of the Yridian was nearly as repulse as their smell, which fortunately for the Intrepid's crew was one sense that anyone had yet to master sending thru subspace. Korbin had been forced to have an audience with a Yridian during a previous assignment, it was an experience he never wished to repeat.

"I am Krona, Director of this vessel. Why have you raised your shields?" the Yridian Captain asked.

"We are working under the assumption your vessel has made aggressive gestures towards ours," Reyan replied rising from his seat.

"We have made no aggressive actions. We are here to meet with the Federation represenative as specified during our communications to said organisation through Space Station Deep Space 9."

"There is an intruder aboard our vessel," Reyan said... his anger growing.

"We have sent no such person aboard your vessel Captain..." Krona said in ernst.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Feb 13 2005, 03:09 PM
"We have sent no such person aboard your vessel Captain..." Krona said in ernst.

"My Tarkalean Slug Butt," Geo commented, setting in various commands to his console. At the current rate, he had three possible retreat factors already inputted and awaiting command to activate. The first would merely send the ship hard to starboard in the hopes of losing an assailant, the second was more tricky, and the third further more so. He was always prepared. Looking over his shoulder, he offered one brief glance to the Captain, before he thought about exactly what was happening about the ship.

Rising from his station, he walked to the Turbolift. A ensign assumed the Helm, recalibrating the station for the mans specific requirements, and continuing Geo's work.

"Cargo Bay..." he frowned, and entered it in manually

~ ~ ~ ~ CARGO BAY ~ ~ ~ ~

The Medical teams were in the midst of reviving the unconcious officer when Geo strode threw. Kayla offered a skeptical look towards him, but he only grinned that cheeky smile towards her.

"This is currently the scene of investigation Helmsmen,"

"Always so formal eh Kayla?" Geo chortled, but waved a dismissive hand, "I suppose I can lend a hand..."

"And how do you plan on lending a hand exactly? Your a helmsmen, I think we are better equipped to handle this problem then you,"

"Of course you are," Geo replied absently, his eyes were navigating about the room. Searching out several different routes the crook could have taken, and what he would have been after. "Motive?"

"Geo! Stop this... I'm the Chief Security Officer... This is none of your concern,"

"Kayla... Frankly, I know your better, and could clearly do better then me, but I'm bored. This ship can literally fly itself... I'm offering my help, or have you forgotten the stuff I can do?"

Her eyes narrowed, but she finally nodded.

"They were most likely after that thing..." She indicated the Karcsis, but was already starting off towards Ryder, who would no doubt be revived and awakening anytime soon. Hopefully she wouldn't be stupid enough (he doubted it was possible for her to be stupid, she was an Engineer... there usually stubborn) to tell them about any plans she had, and Geo's involvement. Now, the Helmsmen was guessing that indeed the Engineer had wanted help on the Karcsis, or something of that standard... further investigation led him to believe, that this Engineer was right up his alley.

"That thing? The Karcsis, interesting... If I knew the Captain better, I'd ask for information on it, but it seems that everyone else but me is in the loop again..." so it's time for me to get back into the loop he finished. "I'll check the records," he stated, heading to the terminal and bringing it to life.

He quickly hacked into the Starfleet databanks, and brought up all records known on the Karcsis... but the subject matter wasn't thorough, at least that he could access, and he quickly checked for the Transporter signature... It had been fused and imbedded through several transporters, relating that the system was nearly accessed through four different terminals... "Sneaky..."

"What?" Kayla strode towards him, but Geo waved absently,

"This person knew enough about Engineering to know how to reroute subsystems and cover there tracks... It'll take time to get through and track them, but... Engineers could do a better job then me..."

"Well... Ryder should be concious anytime... I'll have her attend you once she's returned to conciousness and given her report."

"Very well Kayla... Oh..." He turned, unable to resist humor, "could you get me a Coffee,"

She growled, muttering something in Klingon and walking towards the exit. Geo smirked... continuing his work...

"Where are you going?" He called, and Kayla spun around.

"We have search parties out searching the decks. Since your here, I trust you can manage. I will be helping search the ship."

"Alright... remember that Coffee!" Geo did grin this time.

Honestly! I tried... c25.gif sorry the mistakes and what not

Posted by: Sally Ryder Feb 13 2005, 10:07 PM
The Med team tried for over 30 minutes to revive Ryder, but she still remained unconcious. One of them hit her com badge and said :comm:Doctor, Lee here. I have Ensign Ryder here and she isn't responding to anything. I am bringing her to Sickbay. a4.gif

a4.gif "I will have to try to do a direct beamover as there are forcefields up and a yellow alert." a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood. We are ready for the beamover." a4.gif

A few moments later, they materialized into Sickbay and rushed Sally over into the intensive care section. After hooking her up to a lot of monitors, the Doctor made a report to Captain Reyan. Another of the medical staff who had worked with Sally on a previous mission asked to leave for a moment to see if Tribble was ok. She got permission and asked for a security guard to let her into Sally's quarters.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 14 2005, 04:27 AM
"There is an intruder aboard our vessel," Reyan said... his anger growing.

"We have sent no such person aboard your vessel Captain..." Krona said in ernst.

Reyan was about to reply, when he noticed his new Helm officer, Geo, stand and make his way to the turbolift, to be replaced by an Ensign. Although curious about where Geo was going, Reyan decided to focus on the task at hand and took a deep breath, thinking his options over for a second - it was clear that this Yridian was attempting to decive him, and the fact that he had masked his ship was further evidence, and the fact that the ship had appeared almost imediately after the intruder had appeared was also more than a coincidence

"Sorry Mr Krona - I'll have to request you standby - I'm not willing to do anything until my ship is secure" Anil finally replied, prompting a look of annoyance from Krona

"Unacceptable, Captain - I came here to trade and I intend to do so"

"Sorry - I am not dropping the Intrepid's shields until we have our uninivited guest in the brig" Anil stated, trying to hold his temper

"In that case, I suggest haste - you have one hour" Krona replied calmly - the viewscreen then reverted back to the view of Krona's ship

"Damn!" Reyan excalaimed

"Problem?" Commander Orlan asked

"Yes - that didn't exactly go to plan" Reyan replied, feeling deflated

Commander Orlan grinned

"I don't see the problem - he is obviously hiding somthing, and he does not seem pleased that we have our shields up - not the character traits of a trustworthy person" he stated

"True - but I can't help but think that we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt - that's what Starfleet is meant to do - but I can't help but feel that giving Krona the benefit of the doubt will leave us without the Karcsis, and no doubt our mystery guest would vannish with it"

"Sir - the Yrididan ship is scanning us!" Lieutenant Downs reported from tactical

"Any idea what they are looking for?" Reyan asked, turning to face Lieutenant Downs

"Not certain Sir - but if you asked me to theorise, I would say that they are trying to find either the Karcsis or our intruder"

"Good work Lieutenant - report to Lieutenant Martek - the sooner we find this intruder the better - I want to know why sensors are not detecting him or her. Reyan then turned to face Lieutenant Korbin, remembering his Operations officer race and abilities

"Lieutenant Korbin - could you please expand your scan to detect any moving chemical or bioeletrical readings on this ship"

"Aye Sir" Lieutenant Korbin replied, although judging by his expression, he had already commenced the scan prior to Reyan finnishing his sentence - Reyan assumed this to be due to the abilities that were recorded in his personell file

His abilities.......

"By the way Lieutenant... did you sense anything from Mr Krona?" he asked

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 14 2005, 07:36 AM
"Lieutenant Korbin," called the Captain's voice, the moment the words had left the lips of Reyan Draconis already knew the order coming and immediately implamented it before the verbal instruction came out.

"Aye Sir" Lieutenant Korbin replied looking up after beginning the scanning process that would take mere moments.

"By the way Lieutenant... did you sense anything from Mr Krona?" the Captain asked, the viewscreen now devoid of the Yridian's face.

"Nothing of clarity," Korbin sighed. "Yridians are notoriously hard to scan. "

"I did however," Korbin said just checking the scan process... 76% complete.
"Get the overall sense of..."

"Of what Lieutenant?"

"He's telling the truth sir," Korbin said profoundly. "The intruder aboard our vessel isn't under their instruction."

The impact of Korbin's words were such they echoed throughout the bridge and through the ears and mind of every body there.

"We have the intruder sir," Korbin said as his console bleeped at him.

"Where?" the Captain demanded.


Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 15 2005, 03:22 PM
As the report came in that the intruder had been aprehended, Lieutenant Korbin's word still echoed in Reyan's mind - the intruder was NOT associated with the Yridian's - he could not help but think that this raised more questions than it could possibly answer

a4.gif "Captain Anil to the security team - take our uninvited guest to the brig and hold him there until either myself or Commander Orlan are free to question him - Anil out" a4.gif - Reyan spoke into the comm system, his voice betraying the haste in which he wanted this matter dealt with

He then turned back to Lieutenant Korbin

"Hail our good friend Director Krona please Lieutenant"

Lieutenant Korbin did not reply, but then Reyan had already come to expect that of him - wether it be due to his abilities, or some form of sixth sense, Lieutenant Korbin seemed to know what needed to be done before the words had been spoken

The unpleasant face of Director Krona appeared on the viewscreen, a little larger than Reyan, and other members of the bridge crew, found comfortable

"Have you dealt with the third-party aboard your ship yet Captain - I am a busy man and do not like to be kept waiting" he stated, with a great deal of arrogance which he clearly beleived was justified

"Indeed we have Director - that matter is in hand - now, would you like to beam over to my ship so that we can discuss the terms of the trade that you wanted to make that interested my superiors" Reyan continued, making a point of showing that he held no interest in Krona's opinion of himself

Krona muttered to himself

"Starfleet ships are so uncomfortable - and too many blasted blues and purples everywhere - is that the only part of the spectrum that you Human's can see?"

Ingoring his remarks, Reyan continued

"I could, of course, arrange for myself and two of my officers to transport over to your ship - I'm sure you could teach us a thing or two about decor"

Krona's expression shifted to one of discomfort, and he cleared his throat before he spoke again

"I'm sure the Intrepid is as comfortable as your Starfleet ships get - I'll beam over as soon as possible, if you will of course drop your shields"

"Consider it done, Director - I'll meet you in our transporter room in twenty minutes - Reyan out"

Reyan then turned and walked back toward his chair, but noticed Commander Orlan smirking in his seat

"What's so funny?" asked Reyan in a quiet voice, not wanting to be overheard

"Nothing - you dealt with him pretty well - I just loved his reaction when you suggested we beam over to his ship"

"I noticed that too - you think he is hiding somthing?" Reyan asked

"Almost definitely - he's a Yridian - nearly as bad as the Ferengi for being misleading and deceitful" Commander Orlan finnished

Reyan sighed

"Well - would you be so kind as to visit our intruder in the Brig? - I have to meet with Mr Krona"

"Will do Sir" Commander Orlan replied as he stood and headed for the turbolift

"Lieutenant Korbin - you have the Bridge - keep a close eye on our visitors if you can" Reyan stated, as he too stood and followed Commander Orlan to the turbolift, taking note that Lieutenant Korbin had already stepped away from the op's console before Reyan had begun to talk.

That'll taking some getting used to he thought to himself as he stepped into the turbolift.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 16 2005, 12:40 PM
Korbin descended the two steps that seperated the pit of the bridge with the top shelf, where the Ops Officer would normally work, it was a rare opporunity for Draconis to take to the Captain's Chair... it was a dream he'd had for many years.

"Keep sensors locked on that Yridian cruiser, if someone even passed their hand over the big button marked fire I wanna know about it," Korbin said in his best authorative tone.

The Officer who had taken his place at Ops replied, but Korbin had already sensed the action being carried out.

The Captain and Commander Orlan had twenty minutes in which to question the Intruder, before the Yridian and his accomplaces would be beamed over. Korbin hoped this would be enough time, he didn't look forward to having to take on either job in the case the two events overlapped...

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Feb 16 2005, 08:02 PM
Doctor Ele attended to Ensign Ryder, recognizing her as the young woman who had brought in the rodent into sick bay. She took Ryder's vitals, not sure what was wrong with her.

Ensign Ryder had sustained a fairly severe head injury, the doctor glanced up from the biobed, "What did she hit her head on? Please find out. I might need a sample of it. The injury itself was not severe enough to keep her unconscious and unresponsive for so long. Something else was going on."

The medical officer complied quickly with the doctor's request, going into the cargo bay and inquiring of the securify officers there who had tended to Ensign Ryder. He was directed to the Karciss, crouching as he examined the area of the hull the security officer pointed to. He touched the comm badge on his shoulder, telling the doctor what he'd found.

In sick bay, Doctor Ele listened to Palmer's report, using the hypospray to inject a mild bloodthinner into Ensign Ryder, "See if you can get a scan of that hull Palmer, see what exactly it's made of. Let me know if you find out anything else, Ele out."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 18 2005, 03:43 AM
Reyan sat in his ready room, studying the data padd for the umpteenth time

Krona had handed the padd over durng their brief meeting, saying that it contained the information that Admiral Cartel was interested in. He had soon discovered that, whatever the information was, it was for Admiral Cartel's eyes only - Krona had downloaded the data on the padd into the Intrepid's computer, transmitted the message to Admiral Cartel, who subsequently uploaded it and sent a code which effectively wiped all trace of the data from the Intrepid's computer.

Krona had then made some rude comments regarding the ship's decor and departed, leaving a large number of unanswered questions.

Reyan took a deep breath, and again considered joining and assisting Commander Orlan, who was questioning their guest in the brig, but decided against this as it would likely make the Commander feel that Reyan was undermining his authority

Instead, Reyan punched a button on his desk, prompting his comm screen/computer to slide up from it's hiding place within the desk

"Computer - open a channel to Earth spacedock and direct message to the office of Captain Duncan Winstanley - spacedock XO"

the computer chirped in confirmation, and the Federation logo appeared on the small screen in front of him

Moments later, his adoptive Father, Captain Duncan Winstanley, appeared on the screen

"Reyan - about time you got in touch - how are you?" he stated cheerfully

"Same as ever, Duncan - you look well" Reyan replied, trying to sound equally as cheerful

"I hear that you are a Captain now, and have been given Command of the Intrepid - quite an honour" Duncan continued

"Acting Captain - I had no choice - had to take Command of the Intrepid following an incident, and Starfleet ordered me to take Command of her for the time being, but they were not willing to give me a full promotion for some reason" Reyan stated, trying to hide the disappointment he felt from his voice

"Bah - what do they know - it took them 7 years to promote me from Commander to Captain, and they still don't know what to do with me" Duncan laughed

"Well - I seem to recall you telling me, back when I was a Cadet, that you've never had the desire to Command a Starship" Reyan reminded him

"True - so I command a desk instead - fair deal if you ask me" Duncan laughed again

Reyan returned the laugh, but was cut off by the chirp of the computer

"Incoming message from Admiral Cartel"

Reyan sighed

"Sorry Duncan - Admiral Cartel has business he wants to discuss - I'd better sign off"

Duncan frowned

"What does that pompous old windbag Cartel want with you?" he asked

"Good question" Reyan replied

"Watch yourself with him lad - I'll say no more - just watch yourself - Duncan out"

Kirol then disengaged his converstation with Captain Winstanley and pressed the button on the pannel which opened the channel to Admiral Cartel.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 18 2005, 08:47 AM
Anil came back out onto the bridge, it was obvious by his face he'd heard from Admiral Cartel... Draconis could realise that without even using his abilities.

Commander Orlan was still in the process of interigating the captured intruder down in the Intrepid's bridge along with the ship's Chief Security Officer, Martek. The distance was such Draconis couldn't get a reading on how the questioning was proceeding and thus he pondered the situation.

"I've just received word from Admiral Cartel," the Captain announced. "Regarding the information traded to us by Krona and his vessel."

The mere mention of the Yridians sent a small shiver down Draconis' back, thankfully the ship had disappeared off long range sensors a while ago but he still didn't trust them... he never trusted anyone who's loyalty was to the highest bidder. Probably why he never got along with mercenaries or Ferengi...

"Have we received new orders?" Draconis asked when the Captain paused.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Feb 19 2005, 03:07 AM
"Look, if you don't start telling the truth I can't help you."

Sighing Ryan pushed away from the hard bench beneif him and started to slowly pace the small holding cell.

"How many times do I have to explain it to you?" The intruder's resolve continued to remain firmly planted.

"Well I'm sure it won't come at any great surprise that I don't believe your claims."

"I've told you how it is, if you don't believe me, then I'll just wait out the rest of the trip till we arrive at whatever Starbase it is you'll take me to."

"Alright, hypothetically you are telling the truth and you are the legal owner of the Karcsis, then why -"

"- did I not just contact you in the regular Starfleet way? Oh I can see that would have got me a long way. 'Captain if you would just hand over the Karcsis then we can both be on our seperate ways...' Do you honestly think that would work?"

"For one you would not be in the brig." Ryan responded. "Besides, I'm sure Starfleet would have been willing to return the Karcsis if you could have provided documentation."

"Such devotion... I guess the academy continues it's high standards of indoctrination."

A low growl of resentment rattled from Martek' mouth. Her irritation had clearly reached boiling point - her folded arms still clamped tightly to her chest.

"Commander - I cannot stand here and listen to this toh-pah' insults."

"Sorry Lieutenant, I need you here - our guest might require some of your various techniques in persuasion." Ryan said, and turned to look the intruder directly in the eyes.

Ryan of coarse had no idea if Martek knew any manipulative techniques; nor did he even know if she had a temper. If Martek wasn't the stereo-type Klingon, then Ryan was greatful that her intuition was precise and knew when to play along.

"Oh come now, Commander - such atrocities would never take place on a Federation vessel."

"Yes, but it would if it were run by Klingon warriors!" Kayla almost shouted in an attempt to prevoke their captive.

"Then I am thankful that the Intrepid is not dominated by Klingon's." The intruder retorted. "Alright, as a sign of good faith - my name is Karl Lichas. I'm sure one of you Starfleet go-getter's can figure out the rest."

"I'm sure we will. Thank you Mr. Lichas for your cooperation so far." Ryan said and nodded to the security officer on the other side of the forcefield.

"I've got a match - Lichas, Karl Brenton. Birth date August 23, 2334."

Kayla tapped the console to reveal further information as Ryan steped away from the replicator carrying a mug of steamy coffee.

"According to these records, Lichas has rarely been seen within the past four years. He was last -"

"Oh, how rude of me," Ryan interupted. "did you want anything fron the replicator?"

"No thank you - He was last seen on stardate 56381.6 traveling in the Kaleb sector by the USS Apollo. Stardate 56014.0, Lichas' craft was spotted by the Klingon vessel IKS Mogens orbiting Davlos III. Stardate 55479.2, a long range probe encounted Lichas' craft heading for the Vilmora system. Suffice to say, Commander, the man gets around."

"Wait a minute, the Vilmora system. The Captain spoke about that system - The Presevers were from Vilmora II. Display a star chart showing the systems he was seen in."

Kayla complied and a vast section of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants appeared on the display.

"He's gone from the Vilmora system - Davlos III, near the Klingon boarder - and then onto the Kaleb sector, but why?"

"The Karcsis was found in the Romulun Neutral Zone. It appears he has been folling a trail of sorts." Kayla suggested.

"Indeed it does. Then it would seem he could have been the first to find the Karcsis - we need to inform the Captain."

In haste Ryan placed his almost empty cup back into the replicator and followed Martek out of the science lab.

"I hope your return means good news." Anil said when Martek and Orlan appeared in the open door of the turbo lift.

"Actually it does." Ryan began and stepped down into the command pit of the Bridge. "Our visitor wasn't all that cooperative but he did give us his name - Lieutenant Martek discovered some - let's just say 'interesting' information."

"I would suggest Mr. Lichas remain comfined to the brig. I don't trust his intentions." Kayla said handing a data PADD to the Captain.

"I would happen to agree with you for the time being Lieutenant. He is responsible for the assult on a member of my crew and must be held accountable." Anil replied and sat down in his chair to read the information Martek had provided.

Ryan watched Kayla slowly walk away towards the Science console where she began to softly talk to Lieutenant Valorin.

"Commander, I'd like you and Martek to go and find out what else Lichas knows about the Karcsis - see if he can help us figure out exactly what it does." Reyan said looking up from the PADD. "Second thoughts, take Korbin with you too - he knows more about the Karcsis than any of us, not to mention he might sense something."

"Yes sir."

Martek turned around in what seemed to be mid-sentence in her conversation with Valorin. Ryan nodded and she proptly followed him into the turbo lift where Draconis was already waiting.

"Deck thirteen - Brig."

OOC: It would be really great if everyone could read http://stng.36el.com/st-tng/episodes/246.html. It is a TNG episode that is the basis for ths series of Distant Horizon. It'll give you background information (in a way) where the Karcsis came from. Although the Karcsis idea was made by Korbin (thanks Korbin!) and clearly its not made by paramount.


Posted by: Kayla Martek Feb 21 2005, 07:00 AM
Kayla took a few moments to walk over to the science station to try to confirm dinner with Valorin after her shift, but she overheard Orlan's orders directed at her. This Lichas P'tak was a becoming a drain on her energy resources and the thought of spending sometime with Valorin afterwards, would get her through.

Quickly raising her eyebrows at Valorin to suggest the answer would be yes to their liason, Valorin winked at her as she walked away swiftly gathering her pace to meet the Commander and Korbin at the turbo lift.

"Commander, I want to clear this up quickly, as I am sure you do as well."
Ryan nodded in agreement. "May I suggest that we threaten to destroy the Karcis if he doesnt co-operate? He obviously wants it back badly for some reason and it just may 'help' him be a bit more co-operative?" Kayla sighed

"We could but he probably will be more co-operative if we offer indemnity from the charge of assaulting a starfleet officer, because with his history of running from the law, he could be put away this time."

Kayla's jaw dropped ready to object as the turbo lift came to a halt.

"Korbin, what do you think? Ryan continued ignoring Kayla's expression. "You know a lot more about this Karcis than we do, what do you think maybe our best option?" Kayla looked on intrigued.


Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 21 2005, 07:25 AM
"If what I know is true, and I've found no evidence to make me believe otherwise, then the Karcsis can legally belong to no-one," Korbin said as the Turbolift began to ground to a halt, reaching it's destination.

As the turbolift doors swung open Korbin continued, "The Karcsis was built by the Preservers... a billion years ago. Unless this Lichas is a Preserver and a billion years old it cannot be his. Though this does beg the question how does he know about it... and why has he been attempting to find it. The only Human to have done any research into the Preservers was..."

The three officers entered the brig to find Lichas standing at the very edge of his cell, only centimeters from his entrapping forcefield... he'd overheard their conversation..

"Was Proffessor Galen," Lichas finished.

The three paused just far enough inside the brig corridor to allow the main door to hiss shut.
"Exactly," Korbin said nodding.

"I'm suprising you hadn't already put that one together actually," Lichas said once again pacing the confines of his cell.

"I guess research never was a Klingon's strongest point," he said laughing to himself.

Korbin and Orlan were forced to hold Martek back at this commet, he'd made quite a number of jibes about Klingons Korbin sensed...

"However," Lichas said taking a seat on the singular bench inside his cell, "I am not long for your company," he said grinning widely.

"OH yeah? Planning on going on vacation?" Martek growled.

"Not quite. Though I plan to be off this annoying vessel as quickly as possible. Though without my property."
Lichas stood again, "I will give you one piece of solid information though..." Lichas said gesturing Orlan closer.

"Proffessor Galen had no idea of what he had stumbled onto. The secrets of the Preservers.... he had only scratched the surface."

Before another word could be said there was a boom and the ship shook, as if an explosion had occured elsewhere on the ship.

Martek was the first to reach for her combadge. "Martek to bridge, WHAT the hell was that?"

"There was an explosion near the shield generators in engineering... shields are down!" came the reply from Geo.

By the time the three had turned their attentions back to the cell's occupant they had only time to see him dematerialize, grinning and waving as it happened.

"Damn!" Orlan said rushing forward as if he could do something.

"Let's get back to the bridge. Korbin go help in engineering... I'm sure Lieutenant Moore will need some assistance..."

OOC: Right so the explosion, either he set it before he was captured... or we have a saboteur amungst our ranks.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Feb 23 2005, 08:55 AM
Gaia had just finished her own blend of herbal iced tea to calm herself down after what had happened in Cargo Bay 2 and was on her way to Engineering when she felt her legs go from under her. The ship seemed to shake, followed shortly after by a loud, booming sound. At first Gaia thought that it was her nerves getting the best of her from what had happened to her. That was until she looked around her and saw a number of the crew racing to their stations, in too much of a hurry and too many for it not to mean something. This kicked Gaia's natural instinct to check in on Engineering. Because of this, she ran the rest of the way, even though her legs still felt like jelly.

Gaia entered Engineering to find her staff bustling about doing their assigned tasks. Looking around, Gaia saw her deputy already hard at work finding the cause of the comotion.

Gaia never was one for taking charge, but it was in her genes. Most of Gaia's family, when they were alive were in positions of leadership. That part of her seemed to take over in situations such as this.

"Chief McFerren! I want to know the who, what where and why's! Are there any
major systems affected by this?"
Gaia's eyes were cold and hard, her face could have been carved from stone the amount of emotion that she was showing. Oh she was all business now.

"Not so far, I don't think so Ma'am, No."

"Not good enough Chief! Get to it! I want a full report, warp core integrity, coolant injector systems, hull damage, even the slightest scratch, I want to and will know about it! Anything and everything, even if it was nowhere near the blast radius. I mean everything! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

Sarah seemed to try and leave as fast as she could, trying not to make it obvious that she was. However it was plain to Gaia due to her frequent contact with politicians. She hated them but sometimes it was necessary and useful to be in their presence.

Suddenly Gaia's commbadge beeped and the CMO's voice came over clearly, almost authoritively. Warning bells started ringing in Gaia's head, the only time a CMO had that tone of voice with her was when they wanted her to report to sickbay and knew she would resist, avoid, sneak and downright evade to get out of it.

a4.gif "Kaoru Ele to Moore!" a4.gif

a4.gif "Moore here, go ahead.....doctor" a4.gif

a4.gif "Report to sickbay immediately, I have some query as to your mental health and ability to complete tasks effectively after the incident!" a4.gif

This made Gaia slightly angry, "She's questioning my ability now is she? Well my ability is JUST FINE!"

a4.gif "Permission to report in one hour, things need to be attended to in Engineering." a4.gif

Gaia made her voice sound calm, collected but urgent so the doctor knew that she really did have things to do, though Gaia had made her voice make it sound more urgent than it in fact was. Gaia knew it was a flimsy excuse but anything to avoid any kind of contact with sickbay was worth a try. As she expected, it didn't work.

a4.gif "Not an option Lieutenant! Report in now before I come down and get you. I'd rather not, I have patients here who need my attention! But no fear if I have to, I will!" a4.gif

Gaia sighed visibly. There was no getting out of it this time.

a4.gif "On my way Doc. Moore out!" a4.gif She said in a resigned, slightly aggrivated tone.

Gaia left instructions to her Deputy Engineer on what to do. She was to report to the Captain directly once the cause and effects were determined from whatever had happened. Gaia had her own suspicions but she would have to wait until the analysis came back to find out if her theory was correct or not.

After going to sickbay and being ordered on a temporary place of light duty on her, Gaia was feeling fed up. "I can't believe that she almost called security to escort me to my quarters for rest! I am NOT that bad! By the time she had thought this over and over, crew members were going out of their way to avoid her. When she was angry, it did take her a while to calm down once the act of dispelling anger had failed.

In her quarters, Gaia took out her PADDs and began reading them, she was going to do some kind of work despite what the Doctor had said. She wouldn't be able to get any rest anyway, not until the questions she had in her head about what happened were answered anyway.

After a few hours of reading through reports and PADDs, she began to become tired but she ignored it. Suddenly the door to her quarters chimed, showing she had a guest. She quickly attempted to hide the PADDs se was reading incase it was the Doctor under the covers and made like she was just woken up by the chime.

"Come" Gaia acted tired and even yawned, though she didn't actually have to fake that.

To her surprise it was Ryan Orlan, the last person she expected to see. She relaxed though and it was obvious that she had made a mistake trying to hide so many PADDs in the same place, he was looking at the two piles of bulges either side of her. Gaia blushed a little and Ryan just smiled.

"I thought the Doc said you were to take it easy? if this is your idea of light duty, I'd hate to see your idea of heavy duty!"

Gaia just laughed silently and uncovered the piles, gently putting them to the floor.

"I was just trying to get some work done, you won't tell the doc will you? I wouldn't put it past her to seek security on me and have all my PADDs confiscated more thank likely!"

Posted by: Sally Ryder Feb 23 2005, 03:21 PM
The explosion that rattled the cargo bay also rattled sickbay, and Sally was almost knocked out of her biobed. She still had a nastly lump on her head from where it hit the Karcsis, and a nasty headache too, but other than that, she felt fine and wanted to know what was happening. She tried to call her superior, but Dr Ele wouldn't let her.

"I wish that I knew what was happening here and with the info I transfered over to him about the Karcsis." she thought. "Oh well, at least someone is looking over Tribble, and she was kind enough to bring me my Bible padd and reading padd to help me pass the time away." She went to her Bible and started to read.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 23 2005, 05:36 PM
Korbin had just reached Engineering as the Chief, Gaia Moore, swept past him... Sickbay and an attempt to quell anger were the only things the Lieutenant was transmitting as she passed the Betazoid.

He ventured inside Main Engineering, an area he'd spent a lot of his time during his four and a half years stationed aboard the Intrepid. The scene that greeted him upon entering was one that enforced the worry that had been first implanted at the time of explosion, loss of shields and loss of the man called Lichas...
Engineers ran too and frow, he spotted Deputy McFerren. Recognizing her as the most senior officer with the departure of Lieutenant Moore Korbin directed his first questions towards her.

"How the hell was an explosive device smuggled inside the shield generators?" Korbin demanded.

McFerren didn't offer and answer, she was too busy checking systems and coordinating other engineers fixing various systems that were upset at the loss of the shield generators... a system that was still yet to be brought online.

"Do you want to be of any help?" McFerren said turning to Korbin... catching the Lieutenant off guard and dead in his tracks.

"Of course," Korbin assured her.

"Then assist Crewmans Thompsons, Stevens and Aranek in repairing the shield generators."

Korbin nodded and moved as quick as the confinement of the ship and his uniform would allow to where the two humans and a vulcan were working deep inside the Intrepid's arteries.

Meanwhile on the bridge...

Martek had just exited the turbolift and relieved the Crewman at her station when a rather menacing red light began flashing at her from her console.
Touching it a tactical overview of the nearby scene outlayed itself before her.
"Sir," he called gaining the Captain's attention, who had been attempting to get damage control teams to appropriate areas from the engineering console at the time.

"We've got a problem..." Martek said ominously.

The Captain approached, his eyes widening upon seeing the tactical display.

A small dot that represented the Intrepid, which currently was operating without shields and warp drive, was in the centre. And approaching at high warp was a big orange dot... that one, the two knew, represented the Yridians.

"A big problem," the Captain said echoing Martek's words.

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Feb 23 2005, 11:59 PM
The explosion rocked the sickbay, Dr. Ele leaped out of her chair, giving quick and curt orders as her staff scrambled to secure the patients they had and prepare for more.

Once Kaoru was satisfied with the progress she hit her comm button.

a4.gif Ele to bridge...what's the status? a4.gif

a4.gif Minor explosion in engineering, shields are offline. Engineering reports some injuries. a4.gif

Kaoru remembered that Gaia was in charge of engineering, and she hadn't yet seen Gaia since the incident in the cargo bay. She could not let the fate of the entire crew rest in hands she was not certain of, so she summoned Lt. Moore to sickbay. The entire crew was Kaoru's responsibility, and she could not let someone attend their duties unless she was completely sure of their ability to do so.

Kaoru knew Lt. Moore. In truth she did not think her work ability was compromised, but it was her duty to be sure of it.

Ensign Ryder asked to contact her superior and Kaoru flatly refused, shaking her head, sending her long black curls tumbling. "They don't need to be pulled away from what they're doing to answer our questions right now." She explained rather impatiently, "We'll all be fully briefed once it's over, I'm sure. In the meantime, you should simply try and relax and recover."

Kaoru examined Lt. Moore when she arrived in sickbay, and she was very glad she had insisted that Gaia come. "You're close to being in shock Gaia...I'm putting you on light duty for two days. I'll reevaluate you after that. I'm sure you'll be better." She prescribed something to help Gaia sleep, knowing full well she wouldn't take it, and released her to her quarters.

Finally, Kaoru hit the comm again,

a4.gif Ele to bridge...requesting status. a4.gif

She received the news of the incomming vessel, and paled imperceptibly, giving a few more quiet orders to her staff.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Feb 24 2005, 05:31 AM
A small dot that represented the Intrepid, which currently was operating without shields and warp drive, was in the centre. And approaching at high warp was a big orange dot... that one, the two knew, represented the Yridians.

Reyan echoed the comment that Lieutenant Martek had made, and then made his way back to his chair

A request for a report came in from sickbay, which Lieutenant Martek dealt with - Reyan was pleased that Doctor Ele was updated - she was a very efficent and dependabe Doctor and Reyan knew, from experience, that she was always on top of any situation, and her haste in requesting a report was an indication of the fact that she was certainly on top of this situation too

Turning his attention back to the Bridge, Reyan touched the comm control on his pannel

a1.gif "Red Alert - all available power to weapons and impulse engines" a1.gif - we may not have shields or warp drive, but we are not completely helpless"

The Red alert klaxon sounded, and the bridge dimmed - Commander Orlan strode onto the bridge - interrogation or not, during battlestations he had to be on the bridge

"The Yridians seem to have convieniently discovered that we are without shields and warp drive Commander" Reyan advised his first officer

"What do they want though - the trade was completed, and we don't have anything else of.........." his words trailed off as he realised

"The Karcsis!"

"Lieutenant Martek - assign a security patrol to the cargo bay and station them around the Karcsis and outside the enterance to the cargobay"

Lieutenant Martek immediately relayed her orders to Lieutenant Downs, and then turned her attention back to her tactical console

"If there intentions are as we suspect, which for now we will have to assume that they are, old Krona is going to have a nasty surprise - we don't have shields but, as I noted, we still have our weapons - Lieutenant Martek - as soon as their ship comes into range, target torpedoes at their weapon systems"

Lieutenant Martek grinned, clearly pleased to hear such an order

Reyan turned his attention back to the readouts on his command console - the Yridian ship had dropped out of warp and was on final approach

Lieutenant Revelone then strode onto the Bridge and took his place at the Helm

"Lieutenant - Bring the Intrepid around, and at the first sign of weapons-fire, engage evasive patterns"

"Aye Sir" he replied, as he began inputting evasive patterns into his console

a4.gif "Reyan to Engineering - Lieutenant Korbin, Chief McFerren - I need those shields a4.gif

"Security teams report that they are in postion" Lieutenant Martek reported

"Good - now we wait to see what the Yridians intend to do" Reyan stated, as the Yridian ship drew closer and came to a stop.

"All hands - standby"

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Feb 24 2005, 12:20 PM
Ryan eased himself down into the chair opposite Gaia, and his eyes probed the two bulges of poorly hidden data PADDS.

"I thought the Doc said you were to take it easy? if this is your idea of light duty, I'd hate to see your idea of heavy duty!"

A light crimson heat drifted up Gaia's neck and nestled itself into her cheeks. Ryan smiled and convertly prided himself at the result his comment had achieved.

Gaia simply laughed silently and uncovered the piles, gently putting them to the floor.

"I was just trying to get some work done, you won't tell the doc will you? I wouldn't put it past her to seek security on me and have all my PADDs confiscated more thank likely!" Gaia said, her voice filled with both amusement and sarcasm.

"Your secret is safe with me..." Ryan smiled. "I'll add it to the proverbial list, shall I?"

"Hey, come on! You make it sound like I'm the only one with skeletons in the closet. Your unbelievable you know that?"

"Yes, I know. I think you might have mentioned that before."

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Oh sure."

Gaia made a move to rise from her seat, but Ryan was already in a standing a position.

"It's okay, I know my way to the replicator." He said walking across the darkened floor, when his foot suddenly snagged on something soft and flexible. The Commander' hand grasped at the material lifting it into the air.

A long red silk dress, with a lightning bolt of black silk down the front, uncrumpled and extended towards the floor. Ryan stared inquiringly but suddenly he could feel Gaia' eyes watching him and suddenly turned to face her.

"What? A woman can't have at least one dress? It's an old one and it's not like I've ever worn it, no-one's seen me in it since my father..." Gaia looked down, clearly feeling uncomfortable. "Well you already know that anyway."

Ryan gently folded the dress in half and placed it on the nearby table, but suddenly felt guilty for the way he had stared at it - and worse for being seen by Gaia.

"It's a beautiful dress - a shame you no longer wear it. I'm no fashion designer, but I think it would suit you."

"Oh, I could strut around the corridors in it!" She said over a small laugh.

"Now that I would like to see." Ryan said, unable to prevent a grin from breaking out.

"Isn't that against ship's regulations?"

"Oh - yes - ofcoarse, it's innapropriate for me to -"

"Well," Gaia laughed again. "I did mean uniform regulations."

Ryan looked away for a moment, embarrassed by his sudden and uncommon blush.

"Since when has that ever stopped you from breaching regulations?" He said facing Gaia again after regaining his composure.

"Are you trying to make a wager?" Gaia was now on her feet and walking towards Ryan. "You know I would do it just to win - no mater what it was -"

At that moment red alert sounded and Ryan almost let out a sigh of relief. Talk about being saved by the bell. Ryan thought.

"I better get going - I came by to see how you are. Can we catch up later?"

"Sure - meanwhile I'll just sit here and count how many times I could strangle the doctor." Gaia said as she walked her companion to the door.

Ryan listend as the Captain explained the incomming threat and together they determined exactly what the Yridians intensions were.

"All hands - standby." Anil said as all eyes were glued to the viewscreen or the various control panels.

A bright flash of phaser fire swept towards the center of the viewscreen - a light vibration rippled through the Bridge.

"Captain - either their targeting sensors need to be realigned or they are just trying to rattle our cage. Their barely scratching the hull." Martek announced.

"How long will they keep this up? Status on the Karcsis?" Orlan barked at the Chief Tactical Officer.

"The Karcsis is still secure -" Martek' body heaved forward as a harder shock forced Ryan and Anil to retreat to their chairs.

"Captain, we should return fire." Ryan suggested. "We must strike while the irons hot, if they don't know that our weapons systems are online -"

"No - hold your fire."

The bombardment of in-direct weapons fire continued for a several minutes. "Captain - multiple microfractions are forming on the hull, deck nine - section three." Valorin reported, who was monitoring the Operations console during Korbin' absence.

"They'll keep lieutenant." Anil simply replied.

"Captain... we're being hailed."


Posted by: Gaia Moore Feb 24 2005, 01:19 PM
"Are you trying to make a wager?" Gaia was now on her feet and walking towards Ryan. "You know I would do it just to win - no mater what it was -"

At that moment red alert sounded and Ryan seemed almost let out a sigh of relief. This always seemed to happen, whenever they were trying to catch up off duty, duty always got in the way. "I swear at some point I will get some one on one time with him."

"I better get going - I came by to see how you are. Can we catch up later?"

"Sure - meanwhile I'll just sit here and count how many times I could strangle the doctor." Gaia said, smiling and laughing. It was always what they did usually at the end of a conversation. Gaia smiled and said goodbye as she walked her companion to the door.

Watching Ryan walk down the corridor, Gaia remembered the dress that he had folded on the table.

"I suppose it isn't that bad. Perhaps I will wear it sometime."

Gaia shook her head but still held the dress for some reason. "Yeah right! like there's going to be need for a dignitary occasion to warrant that kind of dress anytime soon!" Finally with a sigh, Gaia put the dress down where Ryan had placed it. It somehow fitted that at least one thing should be tidy in her quarters.

Sudden;y Gaia stopped mid way between standing up and walking to the chair she was sitting at. Red alert. It was red alert and she was stuck here on light duties. Gaia knew her deputy was capable, but she wasn't ready to handle a red alert and the shields weren't up yet! With who knows what offline! Gaia couldn't just sit here, even if she was stuck in her quarters, she wasn't confined just yet. "You will be soon enough if the Doc ever catches you!" a little voice inside Gaia's head uttered. She ignored it with a simple reply "In which case, they'd have to catch me first!"

Gaia put on her ironed uniform in place of her old one to at least look like she'd had some rest, when in fact she hadn't had any for a while. She peeked her head out of the door and looked both ways, making sure that no-one was around. She knew Ryan would be on the Bridge by now, she had given him enough time to get clear. When she saw the coast was clear, Gaia raced towards Engineering, using all the shortcuts and jeffries tubes she knew to avoid as many people as possible. Her running wouldn't attract any attention either because of the ship being on red alert.

By the time Gaia actually got into Engineering, she saw that Lieutenant Korbin was assissting her Deputy with getting the shield generator back online. The place was a state, people running around, obviously trying to look like they were doing something, but having no clue what to do. The only people who seemed to was the Chief and Draconis.

"Okay everybody, red alert is not something we are all unaccustomed to, so let's act like it. Ensign, get me a diagnostic of the warp core and the amount and pressure of the coolant. Chief! I need a full report and I need it ASAP. We're at red alert and from what I could tell, no shields. That has to be the main priority!"

"Nice to see you again lieutenant, sorry it's so hectic, usually we're more organised than this."

"I thought the Doc had put you on light duty?" Korbin said looking slightly confused.

"She has, but you need allt he help you can get, I am the Chief Engineer you know, whateevr happens I do know my stuff!"

"And what the Doctor doesn't know, won't come back to bite me in the ass later!" Gaia thought to herself. Then slapped her head. Korbin is a Betazoid! He probably just heard what I said........thought! Okay, stop thinking right now Gaia, he'll feel more than you want him to!"

By this time Gaia was just tanding there, seemingly staring at nothing, but she snapped herself out of it long enough to walk as far away as possible to where she needed to go. The reports were coming in thick and fast, shield generators wouldn't be online in time for the arrival of the ship. Not unless they started work now.......and fast!

"Korbin, Chief, let's get to work, we got jobs to do!"

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Feb 24 2005, 05:16 PM
Korbin looked up for the first time from the work at hand, it took a moment for his eyes to readjust to the lighting of the room at large rather than the darkened section he was working in... with only a series of lights and bleeping alarms to illuminate his efforts.

Lieutenant Moore had re-entered Main Engineering.
"Nice to see you again lieutenant, sorry it's so hectic, usually we're more organised than this," she said reintroducing her authroity.

"I thought the Doc had put you on light duty?" Korbin questioned.

"She has, but you need allt he help you can get, I am the Chief Engineer you know, whatever happens I do know my stuff! And what the Doctor doesn't know, won't come back to bite me in the ass later!"

Korbin turned back towards the work he'd left unfinished,
"Korbin, Chief, let's get to work, we got jobs to do!" the Lieutenant announced. Korbin nodded to Gaia then got back to work, he wondered how things we going on the bridge... he assumed they weren't doing to badly as the Intrepid hadn't suffered a rumble since Moore had entered engineering...

Posted by: Valorin Feb 26 2005, 02:33 PM
The Atmosphere was electric on the bridge, in all the time i had served with starfleet the last few months i had seen so much action and life was definately not dull.

"Captain... we're being hailed" Kayla announced

"Ignore it for now Lieutenant, lets see how far they take this assult"

The Yridians were persistant and we had something they wanted and unless we were carfull they were more than likely to get.

changing a few commands on the console i amnaged to change the settings for science and began running a few simulations keying every so often for the pannel to return to previous setting, just to make sure that we were still in control of the situation.
A short beep sounded to signal that the sim had finished, checking the data i smiled, ok we may not have shields just yet but that would work.

motioning for a junior officer to take my place i filled him in on the current overlay of systems and then left him to man the station while i returned to the science station.

i input the simulation readings and ran the numbers again just to make sure.
the Yridians were still firing at us but they were concentrating their fire on key locations now not just random.
the console again beeped and the answer was the same so i began working.

the XO noticed my movements nd gave an enquiring look in my direction but i ignored it for the time being and carried on.

a very short time later a warning beep went off on Kayla's station which she reacted to immediately
"Captain someone has just put a sheild up around the Karcsis" she announced with concern

"what do you mean a shield? dont you mean a forcefeild" he replied

"no a sheild"she replied

"find out who and fast" he replied

"Captain it was me i rerouted some sub-systems and managed to put a sheild arount the karcsis so even without our main shields we can at least save that from dissapearing", "sorry i should have said what i was doing but i was unsure if it would work" i replied

"make sure you do in future, we dont need surprises like that" he replied

The Xo came over to my station "Ithought you were up to something when i looked over could you not have said something then" he said

"sorry commander hold habbits, it wont happen again"
"very well Lt, and well done good thinking" he replied as he turned and returned to his seat.

Posted by: Kayla Martek Feb 27 2005, 04:22 AM
"Make sure you do in future, we dont need surprises like that" the XO announced.

"sorry commander old habits, it wont happen again" Valorin stated

"Very well Lt, and well done, good thinking" he replied as he returned to his seat.

Kayla was impressed! Looking over at Valorin, she smiled and shook her head at him.

"Amazing, but im not surprised you came up with it Lt!" she commented.

I remembered his tenacity back at the academy and how he would not give up finding a solution or an answer, digging around and spending hours simulating things. He would always rope me into helping him and once he woke me up after only 2 hours sleep because he wanted to go back and try something new he'd just thought of.

She checked her console as it began to flash repeatedly.

"Captain, "their weapons fire is still erractic, but i urge you to respond, we will be unable to sustain this damage much longer!"

"Target their phaser banks!" stated the Captain. "that should quieten things down a bit!"

"Direct hit!" Kayla stated withholding an urge to growl loudly

"We are receiving another hail Captain!" "Audio only"


Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Feb 28 2005, 12:57 AM
"Were the guard detail for the Karcsis..."

Geo turned his head slightly, purple eyes flashed in a bit of trepidation, wondering exactly how these people got here... He couldn't remember anything... except that he had been staring at the.... the Object?

"Karcsis?" He asked, he remembered asking that question again... What was happening at the moment? Another volley rocked the ship, and Geo shook his head.

"Sir? We have been asked to secure the area... you'll have to leave."

"Oh... right..." Geo shook his head, walking down the corridor and into the Turbolift. Then he paused... looking in an almost confused daze about the turbolift before he shook it off and ran his hands along the turbolift controls. His throat felt parched... as if it hadn't been used in sometime. The turbolift took off, promptly arriving at.... the Auxiliary Thruster control deck.

~ ~ ~ ~ BRIDGE // USS INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~

After getting lost roughly twice, Geo ended up on the Bridge, stepping off the turbolift and took his place at the Helm

"Lieutenant - Bring the Intrepid around, and at the first sign of weapons-fire, engage evasive patterns"

"Aye Sir" he replied, as he began inputting evasive patterns into his console. Before, he had a chance to touch his console, another shot rocked the ship. His eyes were downcaste, watching the console. His mind flashing through the many different scenerios as a child... He shook them off, relaying the first set of evasive maneuvers. To bring the ship parallel to a phaser assault, and to the starboard and port for a torpedo assault... Unfortunately, it also meant he had to keep an eye on the screens. Geo found it hard to keep his concentration, but tried.... Then another shock hit the ship, and he growled and swore in Hermek...

"This isn't a good day..."

Posted by: Sally Ryder Feb 28 2005, 03:43 AM
Sally, back in Sickbay, was frustrated that she couldn't do anything during the a1.gif Red Alert a1.gif . She didn't know who was firing at them, but she knew that it was all about the Karcsis. The doctor was in another area, looking after other patients, and she snuck into the doctor's office, and contacted Valorian over the intercom.

a4.gif "Sir, this is Ensign Ryder. I know that we are in a middle of a a1.gif Red Alert , a1.gif but the doctor is busy doing something else right now and all I wanted to say to you is that the instant you are free, please see me in Sickbay. I want to know what is going on. Thanks." a4.gif

Sally slowly looked around the doctor's office and didn't see her at all. She casually walked around and started to talk to another patient that was a rookie and very scared. She was calming the other woman down, when the doctor saw her talking to her. Sally told her that she was just calming her down when the a1.gif Red Alert a1.gif started. After a firm reprimand of getting back to her own biobed, Sally piced up her novel padd, and was glad that the doctor didn't know about her call to Valorian.

TAG: Valorian

Posted by: Valorin Feb 28 2005, 02:28 PM
After finishing with the adjustments i had made to maintain the shields around the Karcsis i put the science routines on standby and shunted them over to Kayla's station.

the second i did she looked at me quizically, so i made a point of going over to her

"Well" she said

"just thought you could watch things for a bit while i go and see Ms Ryder bring her up to speed and see what else she knows about the Karcsis"

"ok dont be long, i shouldnt really" she responded sarcastically

a short time later i walked into sickbay, spotting Ms Ryder i walked over and started to bring her up to speed on what was going on with the Yridians.

once done i made my apologies for not introducing myself earlier.

giving her my wellwishes for her recovery i left sickbay and retuned to the bridge.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 1 2005, 04:47 AM
"That's it!" Korbin exclaimed backing away and rubbing his forehead with the palm of his hand.

He tapped his combadge, "Korbin to bridge," he sounded.

"M'Kang here, go ahead Lieutenant," came the familiar voice of Korbin's Deputy.

"Tomsk, shields generators are back online!" Korbin almost yelled.

"Good," was all M'Kang said as he cut the transmission.

"I trust you can handle the rest of this?" Korbin said coming up to Lieutenant Moore, who'd begun repairing a conduit in a nearby wall.

"I believe so, thank you Lieutenant," she said looking up.

"I think my skills will be needed on the bridge," Korbin said as he began to move off.

"I already have a repair team up there," Moore said.

"I didn't mean those skills," Korbin said pausing a moment to speak then heading back the way he originally intended.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 1 2005, 05:00 AM
OOC: Sorry about the double post

The turbolift doors slid open with their customary hiss and Korbin took his first footsteps on the Intrepid's crampt and, at this point in time, overcrowded bridge since the Yridians had begun their rather uncoordinated and unwarranted attack.

He was just intime to hear the resident Klingon announce:
"Direct hit!"
It sounded almost like a warcry... I reckon Klingon values can be of use in certain situations, Korbin quietly thought to himself.

A second later the very same Klingon called "We are receiving another hail Captain!"

Korbin wasn't suprised. The Yridians might have been a detestiable species but they weren't stupid, infact during some dealings Korbin had witnessed them using an almost Zakdornian level of strategy and tactics. With the Intrepid's shields back operational the Yridians really had no choice but to hail.

"Audio Only," Martek followed up. Korbin was thankful for this, he always found a visual image when speaking to someone helped amplify his telepathic abilities and his stomach was upset enough with all the knocks the ship had taken it was undesirable for him to enter a Yridian's mind.

"It's not coming from the Yridian ship," came M'Kang retracing the signal.

"Wha?" Anil said rising from his seat.

"Put it through," he said a moment later. Now Korbin was intrigued, he had sensed another presence that wasn't Federation and wasn't Yridian... but he couldn't place who it was or where they were.

"I hope you'll remember this favour," came a cold voice, devoid of feeling but not emotion. It sounded almost like the voices warning of death Korbin had learnt to fear during the Dominion War... those coming from Jem'Hadar firsts... or even Cardassians.

The transmission cut before Anil could respond and a moment later a voice came from the Tactical Console.

"A vessel decloaking," Martek called. "I can't identify it's make-up... it's attacking the Yridians. The Yridians are retreating," she said giving the rest of the bridge a running commentary on the scene that was out of the range of their slightly damaged viewscreen.

"Ship recloaking... it's gone sir."


Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 1 2005, 01:27 PM
Casualties arrived in sickbay and Doctor Ele did not have time to worry about keeping Ensign Ryder entertained or up to date on what was happening. Several crew members had suffered plasma burns in the explosion, ranging from very severe third degree burns to minor burns that still stung terribly.

One of the medical staff observed Ryder sneaking into the doctor's office. He simply shook his head and continued his work, he'd inform Doctor Ele later, once the patients were cared for. The more serious burn patients were given a hypospray of hydrocortilene and set up with anabolic protoplasers.

The less severe burn patients were treated with dermal regenerators. Those patients were offered hydrocortilene for the pain, though few opted to take it.

Once the patients in sickbay were settled Doctor Ele gave the order for a medical team to accompany her to engineering. She knew the crew, and she was fairly certain that not all the injured had been brought to sickbay. Some had refused treatment, she was sure, in order to stay behind and assist in whatever way they could.

She and her team carried medkits down to engineering, entering main engineering just as Korbin announced the shield generators were back online. Kaoru's grin at that news was shortlived. Her sapphire blue eyes feel on Lt. Moore and her smile faded just that quickly.

She shook her head, her blue eyes blazing, but she said nothing. Now was not the time to confront the Leiutenant about disobeying orders. Doctor Ele evaluated the engineering crew, pleased that she saw only minor wounds. All the severely wounded personnel had actually gone to sickbay.

Those crewmembers with minor wounds tried not to meet the doctor's gaze, busying themselves with their consoles. Kaoru set her medkit on a table, opening it up and pulling out a hypospray. "Right..." She spoke in a clear commanding voice, getting everyone's attention. "Anyone who sustained even a minor wound in the explosion, report for treatment." She avoided looking at Moore, waiting for the Chief Engineer to approach her.

It was only a few seconds before the first of the wounded approached the doctor. Kaoru had been CMO on the Intrepid for four years now, and she was trusted and respected. Kaoru treated the minor wounds much as she had those in sickbay.

She noted with approval that the new medical officer watched her very closely, paying careful attention to what she did. Kaoru glanced at him, then nodded down to the plasma burn she was treating. "Ensign Luzod's burn is a little trickier, do you see why?" The burn was on the Ensign's shoulder, Luzod had clearly been facing away from the explosion. Kaoru was gently tilting back the Ensign's head, taking readings from the burn on her tricorder.

The new Medical Officer leaned closer, examining the wound. He nodded, seeing what the doctor saw, indicating the more serious burn within the larger, less severe plasma burn. "Two burns..."

Ensign Luzod tried to glance over her shoulder to see what they were talking about. Kaoru nodded, "Exactly."

To Ensign Luzod she said, "You were very near to the initial explosion, your back was to it, after it happened you threw your arm up to protect your head and turned sideways as you were thrown forward." She shook her head, giving the Ensign a hypospray of hydrocortilene. "You must be in terrible pain. You should have come to sickbay."

The Ensign breathed easier as the pain killer started to work. "It didn't look bad. I thought plasma burns were supposed to hurt like hell." She was not sure of the doctor's account of what had happened. It had been so fast, she barely remembered herself.

Kaoru chuckled, gently raising the Ensign's arm, "You were burned twice, the more severe burn was hidden." She considered the burn briefly, "If I don't treat you in sickbay you may have a scar, and that's a sensitive place for one." She nodded to the new medical officer. "Finish up here and report back to sickbay." He nodded and she gave one final order before beaming back to sickbay with Ensign Luzod. "Lieutenant Moore, report to my office once your through here."

She then touched the comm button on her shoulder,

a4.gif Transporter room...two to beam to sickbay. a4.gif

a4.gif Transporter room ready Doctor. a4.gif

a4.gif Energize. a4.gif

Ensign Luzod was quickly taken care of and Doctor Ele glanced around the busy sickbay. She saw the fatigue clearly on the faces of her staff, knowing it was evident on her own face as well. She sighed, propping her elbows on her desk and resting her chin in her hands. The last few weeks had taken quite a toll on everyone, not just her staff. But the Intrepid had been sent out against her recommendation and there was nothing she could do but try her damndest to make sure everyone held together.

She pulled out the padd that held the medical staff schedule, looking it over carefully, trying to find some way to give her people some downtime.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 1 2005, 01:29 PM
"Analysis?" Anil asked no-one in particular.

"Sir sensors detected limited amount of data on... whatever that vessel was. The last brandishing from the Yridian damaged the sensor control relays on deck five. Long range sensors are also offline."

"Try and gather all the data you can, Lieutenant Korbin will be of assistance - I want a report within the hour."

"Aye sir." Valorin replied as he began to piece together the incomplete data.

"What I'd like to know is why our good samaritan decided to recloak. Why not show themselves." Ryan said quietly to Anil.

"Interesting question, but I think you are going to have to wait for the answers, Commander."


"I think we'll be seeing them again someday soon - and I want to be prepared -"

"Sir. we're receiving a hail. It's Admiral Cartel."

Anil's head snapped in the direction of the Operations console, an anxious expression formed on his face. "Is it code 47?"

"No Sir, but it is a secured Starfleet subspace channel."

Reyan's fingers tapped the alpha four seven authorization code into the Command console between his and Orlan's chairs.

An image Ryan would have rathered forget appeared on the large screen at the front of the Bridge. The expression on Ryan and Anil's faces seemed to match each others as they saw the face of the Admiral they both loved to loath. Ryan remembered the old Admiral's face as being like stone, cold and hard. But somethign was different and it wasn't for the better. His face was stone before, it seemed more akin to Terranium now. His eyes were as cold as they had ever been.

Hairs on the back of Ryan's neck stood on end, whatever the Admiral had to say wasn't going to be good and he knew it.

"Captain Reyan - I see you have managed to keep the Intrepid in one piece so far."

"Admiral, what can we do for you?" Reyan said, trying to sound pleasant.

"I've received the transmission with the details on the Karcsis. Needless to say the Yridian's came through."

"Admiral, we've been attacked by the Yridian's. After the information exchange took place an intruder came aboard -"

"What?" Cartel hissed. "What did you do Reyan?"

"Sir - we didn't do anything to prevoke them. They attacked without cause, when -"

"Stop - I don't want to discuss this over subspace - my vessel will rendezvous with you in approximately fourty-five minutes and I want a report."

Without another word Cartel's face vanished and a star spangled image resumed it's rightful place.

Ryan let our an audible sigh. Anil turned his head and looked Ryan in the eyes. Niether of them wanted to talk to Cartel let alone have him board the Intrepid.

"I better start working on that report." Reyan said over his shoulder to Ryan, then entered his Ready Room.

Ryan forcefully touched his commbadge. a4.gif "Orlan to Engineering." a4.gif

a4.gif "Go ahead, Sir." a4.gif Gaia's voice replied almost immediately.

a4.gif "Lieutenant, I was under the impression -" a4.gif

a4.gif "With all due respect Commander, if I had of remained offduty you wouldn't have those shields right now." a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood Lieutenant - Status on the main sensor array?" a4.gif

a4.gif "If all goes according to plan, you should have short range sensors within the hour." a4.gif

a4.gif "You have thirty minutes - report to me when you have finished." a4.gif

a4.gif "Yes Sir." a4.gif Moore answered whilst keeping their professionalism.

Several minutes had passed when Ensign Ryder entered the Bridge and stepped down into the command pit.

"Sir, Lieutenant Valorin gave me information that you aquired from the intruder." Sally said, and directed a quick glance at Valorin. "I've been doing some research into this Lichas, Sir, he worked for Professor Gailen."

"Professor Gailen... he discovered the Preservers."

"Yes that's right," Sally began to get excited. "In the holodeck, I've calculated the projectory from fragments of Lichas' known flight plans. The last trail leads into to somewhere near the Romulan boarder."

"Parel III." Ryan replied thoughtfully.

"You said you have a demonstration of Lichas' flight plan in the holodeck?" Ryan asked as the Captain reappeared on the Bridge and stopped alongside his Executive Officer.

"Yes Sir."

"Let's go. What can you tell me about Gailen's relationship with Lichas?" Ryand asked as the three entered the turbo lift.

"When Professor Gailen died on stardate 46731.9, his apprentice began to follow up his efforts on the Preservers. It would stand to reason that Lichas believed their was alot more to the Preservers than Captain Picard and the Enterprise found on Vilmora II."

OOC: okay I have some unpleasantries to add; over the past few weeks Anil and I have been discussing the prospect of adding a rule (and I know we don't have many - normally just common sense) but we feel that we need add that if you are going to post, please make it no less than three average length paragraphs per post. Quite simply there isn't much that can be said or described in a one paragraph post. I understand that time is a restriction for most likely all of us, but if you can only manage one paragraph then save it up so you have atleast three, please. This might make me sound like I'm being picky but honestly I know for a fact that everyone here can do better than posts of just two or three paragraphs long - I just want to keep up that quality of posts.

Thanks a5.gif


Posted by: Kayla Martek Mar 2 2005, 07:44 AM
The bridge crew listening intently has Kayla bellowed a running commentary following the unidentifiable audio message previously announcing that they hoped we would remember this favour.

"A vessel decloaking, I can't identify it's make-up... it's attacking the Yridians. The Yridians are retreating, ship recloaking... it's gone sir." "We are receiving a hail sir, its Admiral Cartel!"

Kayla overheard the conversation with the Admrial and wondered what the hell he was coming on board for.

She despised him as much as they did and felt there was something more to this than he was letting on, it was like he was trying to control the situation and make it
work to his advantage. He didnt have to say much for her to work that out, she knew from past encounters with him that he very much wanted things his way and was not a team player.

Kayla rang a diagnostic on all ships weaponary at the same time looking for any trace of the cloaked ship. She remembered the klingon warbird she had worked on with her father at the tender age of 15. He showed her is secret method of how to track and trace which she has used to on the USS Horizon about 5 yrs ago.


Posted by: Sally Ryder Mar 2 2005, 11:27 AM
OOC---Understood, Ryan. I just did that brief post because I wanted to be sprung out of sickbay, and I thank you for that. Sally b10.gif

After Valorian left, and Sally noticed that the doctor was busy, she snuck out of sickbay with her data padds when she hoped that no one was watching, and made a mad dash for her quarters. She quickly changed from her sickbay clothes to a fresh blue uniform, gave Tribble a quick hug and some fresh food and water, picked up her data padds on the Karcsis, and headed for the Bridge.

Several minutes later Ensign Ryder entered the Bridge and stepped down into the command pit.

"Sir, Lieutenant Valorin gave me information that you aquired from the intruder." Sally said, and directed a quick glance at Valorin. "I've been doing some research into this Lichas, Sir, he worked for Professor Gailen."

"Professor Gailen... he discovered the Preservers."

"Yes that's right," Sally began to get excited. "In the holodeck, I've calculated the projectory from fragments of Lichas' known flight plans. The last trail leads into to somewhere near the Romulan boarder."

"Parel III." Ryan replied thoughtfully.

"You said you have a demonstration of Lichas' flight plan in the holodeck?" Ryan asked as the Captain reappeared on the Bridge and stopped alongside his Executive Officer.

"Yes Sir."

"Let's go. What can you tell me about Gailen's relationship with Lichas?" Ryan asked as the three entered the turbo lift.

"When Professor Gailen died on stardate 46731.9, his apprentice began to follow up his efforts on the Preservers. It would stand to reason that Lichas believed their was alot more to the Preservers than Captain Picard and the Enterprise found on Vilmora II."

The small group stepped off of the turbolift and headed for Holodeck 3. "Activate program Ryder 3, approval Ryder Alpha Epsilon 92." The door slid open, and a myriad of plantes, pulsars, quasars and black holes were swarming around in the room. Sally lead them to where Vilmora II's orbit was highlighted in glowing blue, and the information from the Karcsis in red. The information from Captain Picard's journal was in yellow, and the new information on what the Intrpeid crew had written about their expirences with the Karcsis in green. After describing all of this to Captain Reyan and Commander Orlan, she said "Any questions?"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 3 2005, 04:55 AM
The visit to the Holodeck had answered quite a few questions, but as Reyan stepped back onto the Bridge he was immediately called over to Lieutenant Martek's station

"Sir - I was unable to trace back the weapons signature of the ship that decloaked and dealt with the Yridians - there was simply not enough data collected in the brief time that the ship was visible, and the weapon signature dissipated too quickly for an acurate trace" - Reyan listened, and as well as taking in the information she was reporting he could not help but note the hint of disappointment in her tone

"Don't worry Lieutenant - for them to appear like that suggests that they knew where to find us - they'll be back sooner or later - good work"

Lieutenant Martek nodded, seemingly taking a small measure of comfort from what had been said to her

"Sir - long-range sensors have picked up two Starfleet ships entering our sector" Lieutenant Revelone reported from the Helm

"Must be the Admiral - can you identify the ships?" Reyan asked

Lieutenant Revolone worked his console with obvious practised efficiency, and then looked up again

"The first one is Galaxy class, NCC-71854 - USS Venture, and the second ship, that appears to be escorting the Venture, reads as Akira class, NCC-65549 - USS Spector"

Commander Orlan, who had stepped off the turbolift whilst the bridge crew's attention was focused elsewhere, spoke up

“Did he say the Venture?”

Reyan grinned

"Yeah – the Venture”

There was no-one on the bridge who was not aware that the Venture had an extremely impressive reputation - during the final battle of the war she had taken on two of the Dominion’s warships, that the Dominion had been using toward the closing months of the war, and had managed to defeat one of them, and render the other one useless - she also had one of the highest number of ship kills during the war. Even more impressive, she came out of the war in one piece

“Two of Starfleet’s most tactically capable ship classes, and one of them with a reputation like the Venture, one could get the impression that Admiral Cartel does not trust us” said Commander Orlan

“We’ll find out soon enough – they are dropping out of warp” said Commander Martek from behind

And on the viewscreen, the Spector and the Venture dropped out of warp and approached the Intrepid – the Spector held back, but the Venture proceeded to stop directly opposite the Intrepid

“It can only be our friend Admiral Cartel” Commander Orlan said, his contempt toward the Admiral clear from his tone of voice

Reyan stared at the Galaxy class ship on the viewscreen, which was currently making the Intrepid look tiny

“I think he’s trying to intimidate us,” Lieutenant Valorin stated

“Let him try,” replied Reyan

“It’s him alright – he’s hailing,” Lieutenant Martek said, sounding irritated, no doubt due to having to deal with the Admiral again

“On screen” ordered Reyan, having little choice in the matter

The view of the Venture was replaced by that of Admiral Cartel, and the Venture’s Captain sat to the right of him, looking none too happy about being displaced from his seat – judging by his expression, he was no big fan of the Admiral either

“Captain – I continue to remain impressed that you managed to keep the Intrepid in one piece”

“Thank you Admiral – you certainly arrived here quickly” Reyan replied, disregarding the Admiral’s insult

“We were in the area – anyway – I would like yourself and your first officer to beam aboard the Venture – we have to discuss the Karcsis, but I don’t wish to do so over subspace”

“Fine – we’ll be there in 10 minutes Admiral, Anil out”

Reyan stood

“Commander Orlan, Lieutenant Revolone, you are with me – Lieutenant Koribin, you have the bridge – first sign of trouble, get the ship out of here – no questions asksed”

“Aye Captain” replied Lieutenant Koribin, as he moved to take his place in the Command chair

USS Venture-----------------------------------------------------

Captain Anil, Commander Orlan and Lieutenant Revolone materialised on the transporter platform of the Venture and immediately made their way to the bridge, as they stepped onto the Bridge they could not help but admire the size of it – Anil had not been aboard a Galaxy class in the past, and this Bridge belonged to what was arguably the most famous Galaxy class starship still in active service

“Conference room please” the Admiral stated, pointing to the door to the far right of the Bridge

“Great – wonder what he wants now” whispered Commander Orlan, causing Lieutenant Revolone to grin

“Well, We are about to find out” replied Reyan as they followed the Admiral - Reyan noticed that a Lieutenant, wearing Command Red, was following, and indeed, followed them into the conference room - Admiral Cartel turned to address them

"First things first - this is Lieutenant Tomsk M'Kang, one of my Strategic Operations Officer's - I am assigning him to the Intrepid to serve that function" the Admiral explained

reply Tomsk/anyone

Posted by: Tomsk M'Kang Mar 3 2005, 06:52 PM
OOC - Post edited by Tomsk M'Kang. It now includes the text of the message that Tomsk wrote in the ships lounge.

Lieutenant Tomsk M'Kang stepped forward, "Captain, it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance". For a brief moment, it seemed as if his eyes could pierce into ones very soul. "I have heard much about you, and have studied the files of ALL senior crew members on board the Intrepid. It seems to me that the command crew of the Intrepid is extremely compitent, one of the few things that the Admiral and I find ourselves in disagreement apon."

Glancing at the Admiral, Tomsk stage whispered "That may be why the Admiral decided to grace you and your crew with my presence. Or there may be other reasons. I have taken the liberty to forward my personelle file directly to you computer Captain, as you know, it is always best to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

Anil Reyan returned Tomsk's stare, and responeded "I'm not quite sure how to take that comment, Lieutenant." The staredown continued for an uncomfortably long time, until finaly M'Kang broke eye contact, but only when he believed that he was close to insubordination.

"Neither would I Captain." Tomsk again turned his scarred face to Captain Reyan. "Permission to have myself and my belongings transported to the Intrepid, sir?"

This time the piercing gaze was gone. Anil responded to the request with a short "Make it so."

As Tomsk passed the Admiral, he whispered "Pray that I do not live for you to regret this." Before the Admiral could respond, Tomsk was gone.

---------> USS INTREPID <---------

Tomsk beamed aboard the Intrepid, looked at the transporter crew member and said "Transport my effects directly to my quarters." He then strolled out of the transporter room, and headed directly to the ships lounge.

Walking up to the bar, he ordered a pint of Bloodwine, a bottle of Tequila, and a glass. He then proceeded to a table in the corner of the room, and sat with his back to the wall. Pulling out his PADD, he began typing out a message. It read "Commander, the Karcsis has attracted the attention of elements of Starfleet that are unwise to upset without beforehand knowledge. Beware of Admiral Cartel and Section 31." Tomsk then added the appropriate protocalls to the message to ensure that it would arive anonimusly, and that moments after reading it would be errased from the ships memory bank. Quickly double checking his work, Tomsk transmitted the message to the Captain's computer. Soon after he finished his message, his drinks arrived.

Filling his glass with Tequila, Tomsk lifts the glass as if in a toast, and says "To the mighty Intrepid, may your fate be different from most other ships to bare your name."

And with that, he began drinking in earnest.

Reply Anil

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 6 2005, 01:13 AM
Ryan' eyes observed Lieutenant M'Kang as he walked past Captain Reyan and himself. Ryan found his first impressions of M'Kang to be substantially mixed; he wondered if the standoff between Reyan and M'kang was something that would happen again or perhaps it was simply M'Kang' way of earning his place with Reyan.

"Admiral, with all due respect is it not customentry for a Captain to choose his or her own crew?" Anil asked carefully.

"That is normally the case. However Anil, you are a provisional Captain and these are irregular circumstances. I think he will be a valued asset to the Intrepid."

"Understood Sir."

"Now, with that matter settled we can continue." Cartel said as the four officers took seats around the table. "The information I received from the Yridian's has been very helpful in gaining a better understanding about what exactly is in the Karcsis transmission."

"Excuse me Admiral, was there any mention as to where the Yridian's obtained the information?" Geovanie asked.

"A Yridian would rather die than hand over the name of his source." Ryan answered before Cartel had a chance.

"As I was about to say, this is the datastream we have deciphered thus far." Cartel tapped several times at a small console built into the surface of the table. "As you can see it contains a vast array of data."

Ryan looked up at the large monitor on the wall. Pages upon pages of text and star charts scrolled down the screen.

"This would entertain Starfleet for years."

"Not quite Captain, but my crew has sorted through about ten percent of this." Carter replied. "There is approximate half a gigaquad in total."

"Half a gigaquad? Oh well that's typical. The Yridians give us information so we can understand the Karcsis - now it's going to take us too long to sift through it. In the meantime, they have whatever it was you gave them and have already sold it to the highest bidder."

"Commander!" Anil barked in a low voice.

A livid expression grew more and more visible apon Admiral Cartel's stone like face and now focused his attention on Reyan.

"Captain, I have plans for the Intrepid and I want you to be upto speed on exactly what we are doing." Cartel paused and handed Anil a data PADD. "Firstly, several of my Engineers will board the Intrepid and assist in creating a replica of the Karcsis - Then it will be transported here."

"At which point we dissable the communications assembly on the true Karcsis." Reyan concluded.

"Yes, creating the illusion that the Karcsis has been transported to the USS Venture."

"And how exactly do you suggest we stop the transmissions?" Ryan asked sarcastically.

"It's all in this." The Captain explained and waved the PADD infront of Orlan and Revolone.

"My engineering team pieced together the last few details with the help of the decryped transmission. Now Reyan, you have all the details... any questions?"

After a moment and no-one answered, the four officers stood and exited the Observation Lounge. Ryan was thankful to be going back to the Intrepid. He didn't care to be in the Admiral's presence a moment longer than necessary.

Cartel followed Reyan, Revolone, and Orlan into the turbo lift and tapped his communications badge.

a4.gif "Cartel to away team - commence operation stone swap." a4.gif

"Stone swap?" Reyan asked with ammusement.

Ryan looked over at Geo and couldn't help but noticed was trying to conceal a grin.

"The name seemed relevent to the mission." Cartel replied. Ryan thought he almost heard a sense of humor comming from the Admiral. Probably the first and last time I'll ever see that.


Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 6 2005, 08:37 AM
Korbin was down in Cargo Bay 2. An away team from the Venture had beamed over whilst the Captain and XO of the Intrepid were over aboard the Galaxy Class ship with a very impressive record.

They had explained the Admiral's plan outright and Korbin, with Lieutenant Moore, was preparing the "Stone".

The plan was an ingenius one at that. If a cloak ship was following the Intrepid,presumably because of it's interest in the Karcsis and every other major power beginning to take an interest in the Preserver's device it was a good idea to take the focus away from the very vunerable Intrepid Class vessel that was going to be doing the majority of Starfleet's leg work on the matter.
Plus any would-be attacker may be more wary to launch an assault if the Karcsis was being hauled around by the legendary USS Venture.

A small Encoding Device had been set up in Cargo Bay 2 in order to record to later transmit the Karcsis signal. Once a long enough run of the signal had been recorded it would be beamed to the Venture. A thoron field would then be established around the actual Karcsis to mask it's signal to look like a simple warp signature.

"That should be enough. It might not keep them fooled forever, but it should give the Intrepid a good week or so before anyone realises the transmission is on an irregular loop," Korbin announced slapping a transporter tag to the side of the Encoding device.

Moore nodded and tapped his combadge, "Moore to transporter room 2. Beam the Encoding device to the Venture's Cargo Bay."

Before their eyes the encoding device disappeared into a haze of blue particles... then into nothing.
The three members of the Venture's away team bid their farewells to Moore and Korbin and left the cargo bay in the conventional way, headed for the transporter room.

After which Moore returned to engineering, even with help from the Venture's crew there were still systems that needed working on.

Korbin was the last too leave, he wanted to spend a few moments alone with that ancient device. It was older than the Betazoid race, older than their star... He reached out his hand to touch it once again, but he held sted fast when he heard the cargo bay doors hiss open. Coming through was Orlan, Anil... and accompanied by the Admiral, all three deeply wrapped in conversation.

Conversation which came to an abrupt conclusion when they noticed Korbin rather aimlessly standing in proximity to the Karcsis.
"Oh, Lieutenant... we thought you'd have reported back to the bridge already," Orlan said.

"I was just about to go Commander..." Korbin said excusing himself with a nod to each officer is turn. As he was leaving the cargo bay he overheard the Admiral mention something about the Intrepid being returned to the Neutral Zone to go in search of further clues to the Karcsis....

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 6 2005, 04:23 PM
Reyan watched Lieutenant Korbin leave the cargo bay, concerned about his health considering that he had almost come into contact with the Karcsis again

"Anyhow, I need to discuss your new orders, but I would rather not do so in your cargobay if you don't mind Captian?" the Admiral stated, snapping Reyan's attention back to the conversation that himself, the Admiral and Commander Orlan had been having, and of which he had now missed a portion

The small group entered the ready room and seated themselves around the table - Lieuenant M'Kang also entered moments later, somehow looking a little less presentable than he had when they had initally met. Lieutenant M'Kang sat at the far end of the table, attempting not to meet anyone's gaze

"These are your new orders - the Starfleet task force currently assigned to diplomatic relations in Romulan space have been called away to deal with an incident involving a minor group of isolationists, who disagree with Starfleet being in Romulan space, let alone having Starfleet ships orbiting Romulus"

"So this group has taken matters into their own hands?" asked Command Orlan, looking concerned

"In a sense, but the group is too small to be of any real concern" the Admiral answered

"Then why has a task force of ten Starfleet ships been sent to deal with them Admiral?" Tomsk - Reyan grinned at expression of annoyance the Admiral threw at Tomsk; it was a valid point and the Admiral knew it

"The isolationists are not your concern - regardless of their activities, they are a small group, and Starfleet is working closely with the Romulan senate to deal with this group - which leads me to the Intrepid's mission" the Admiral continued

"You are assigning us to the task group?" Ryan asked

Admiral Cartel snorted, which annoyed both Reyan and Ryan, who took it as an unspoken indication of the fact that did not see the Intrepid, or it's command staff as being compitent enough for such a mission

"Despite this isolationist group, the Romulan''s have agreed to open up a portion of a sector of their space that we had not previously been permitted access - your new Strategic operations officer, Lieutenant M'Kang, has studied this sector, which was one of the reasons I assigned him to you"

"So this is a good old-fashioned exploration mission?" Reyan asked

Admiral Cartel activated the viewscreen on the wall of the ready room

"Starfleet is particularly interested in a specific portion of the sector that we have been granted access to - the data that the Romulan's provided on the sector was quite old, but Starfleet intelligence beleive that the last battle of the Earth-Romulan war was fought right here" Admiral Cartel stated, pointing to an isolated region on the map displayed on the screen

"Starfleet has ordered a ship to investigate that region and see if there is any evidence to back their theory" Lieutenant M'Kang finnished

Ryan grinned

"Well - better than arguing with Yridians" he chuckled

Admiral Cartel showed a hint of a grin, but stood

"I have to return to the Venture Captain - the fake Karcsis will be beamed over with me - you should then make best speed to the Neutral zone - that will be all"

Admiral Cartel strode out of the room, and by the time Reyan and the others had left the room, he had already entered the turbolift - he also noted, with interest, that Lieutenant M'Kang had made his way to tactical and was now talking to Lieutenant Martek

"You know, I could have sworn that our friend the Admiral almost grinned at your Yridian comment back there, Ryan" Reyan stated

"I didn't realise that the muscles around his mouth could do that" Ryan replied

"The Admiral has beamed himself and one item over to the Venture, Captain" Lieutenant Korbin reported, as the viewscreen showed the Venture and the Spector sprint away, and then burst away at warp speed

"Lieutenant Revolone - set course heading 323 mark 12, maximum warp and engage when ready"

"Sir - those coordinates are the wrong side of the Neutral zone" Lieutenant Revolone replied

"I am aware of that, Lieutenant, but those were our orders - it seems that the Romulan's have sent somthing of an invite to take a look around"

Lieutenant Revolone looked surprised, and turned back to his console, and seconds later the Intrepid jumped to warp.

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