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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 8 2005, 01:41 AM
The Intrepid's compass of Romulus slowed to a gentle hault before Geo activated the impulse engines, breaking her orbit from the grey and green flecked planet below.

To Ryan it seemed a shame that shore leave would had to cut so soon, but there were more pressing matters that needed to be dealt with quickly. They're new mission would be one of greatest importance to the Romulan people. Even through the knowledge at what they needed to was right, yet he still couldn't repress the doubts that circulated in the back of his mind.

What if the Tal'Shiar have the opitunity to turn this about... make it look like we violated a Romulan facility to steal from the empire...? That couldn't happen could it?

"Commander," Kaoru said sharply. "why have we left Romulus? I wanted a chance to explore, but -"

"Understandable," Ryan said distractedly, his mind elsewhere. "but we had to leave... orders. Theres a briefing at 0900 hours tomorrow."

"Alright." She responded with a curt nod before stepping past him and approached the turbo lift.

He felt relieved that Kaoru had also seemed reluctant to talk to him, perhaps avoiding one another as much as possible would now be a regular occurrence. There was nothing he could do untill the briefing, of which Captain Riker would apparently be conducting; for now the only thing Ryan wanted to think about was the bet he had made with Gaia the last time they'red had dinner together - he was determined to make eat her words.

"I was beginning to think you had decided to not come." Ryan said when the doors opened.

"I've learnt from experience that it's good practice to keep a man waiting. I was just making sure my dress was on right" Gaia said with a mocking smile as she took off her jacket revealing the red dress underneath with a black thunderbolt streaking it. "I told you I'd wear it. Well, if you will dare me..."

"I knew you'd wear it. Why do you think I dared you?" Ryan said as he stood to one side, winking at Gaia.

Gaia glided in, her dress flowing behind her, revealing the red high heeled shoes underneath. "Something smells delicious, don't tell me you cooked?"

"There are some things I keep quiet you know? I don't always use a replicator, it's amazing what you can find in the archives."

"Yeah, it is isn't it?" Gaia said looking at Ryan from the corner of her eye, a small smile on her lips. "I see you made some changes to the structual integrity of your quaters. I hope you acquired authorization from the Chief Engineer."

Ryan couldn't resist the urge to beam at Gaia, they always joked around. It suddenly occured to him that perhaps he was rubbing off on her. No doubt she'd would put a stop to it.

"Although, I suppose you are fortunate that this is just a simulation. First officer or not, a breach to the structual design of the ship could land an officer in alot of hot water."

"Well then it's a good thing I know a certain Chief Engineer who's willing to cover my caboose now and then. Besides, with that arm of yours, your not supposed to be working!"

Ryan beamed back at her stern, stoney-faced expression; knowing precisely that this was Gaia trying to hold back a giggle. He stepped away from the small bench in his kitchenette and moved closer to Gaia; he could now see her body shaking a little, her breathing unsteady, as if she were trying to suppress a silent giggle but failing miserably.

"Gaia, you know, that dress actually looks better on you than it did crumped on the floor in your quarters."

Ryan smiled as his he saw the effect his words had when they impacted upon Gaia. That short phrase was all it took for Gaia's body to stop shaking, he saw Gaia lift her face to his, only now noticing her green eyes.

"What?" He said, bewilded as to why she was now just gazing at him.

"Oh, nothing..." She said almost dreamily, when suddenly her eyes opened wider as her gaze moved to somewhere over Ryan's shoulder.

Before she could explain her reaction, he half-heartedly spun around to see what Gaia had been looking at. He was expecting this to be some kind of prank of retelliation, but the horror that met his eyes caused a curse to emanate from his lips.

An endless spiral of soft grey smoke was coiled towards the ceiling. Ryan lept foward, his hand snatching at the handle of the sauspan and rappidly tossed it into the stainless steel sink.

"Dammit!" He spat as water now drumbed into the sink, sending the blackened pan to a watery grave. "I think asparagus and white cheese sauce is off the menu. However, I'm pleased to report that char-grilled asparagus and white cheese sauce is now an option... if you want it..."

Ryan scowled down into the murky water. Several stems of asparagus had bobbed to the surface, slowly twitching and swirling as the rippiling water calmed. This dinner was turning into a nightmare. He'd wanted for the evening to be perfect, tonight seemed different somehow, compared to the many times that he and Gaia had reguarly shared a meal.

Why was tonight any different? Could it have been that he had taken up Gaia's challange that he couldn't cook? Was it that he wanted to prove her wrong? Finally extinguish her friendly taunts of him constantly relying so heavily on the replicator? But it wasn't going to plan - the side dish was ruined and now she would never let him live it down, like a dog with a bone.

Gaia was laughing, unable to contain it, it was a pleasant laugh, one he rarely recalled hearing. He saw Gaia with a hand over her mouth, merth clear in her eyes. "I'm sorry, it's just... it's just that I've never seen you cook before and well, it's not funny really, but it's good you tried. Really."

He refused to look at her, his eyes fixated on the mess infront of him. The image reminded him of a swamp; dark cold water littered with small splinters of bamboo.

"Oh Ryan, stop looking like you're trying to chew something hard, I think it was a good attempt, for your first time. What's the main meal? Side dishes are fiddly anyway" Gaia lowered her voice and smiled, leaning closer "I use the replicator sometimes too you know?"

Ryan lifted his head and stepped back a bit so Gaia could see the white casorole dish of lasagne to his left. She grinned and stepped closer to him.

"Well it's big enough - we'll just have to eat all of it."

"I just..." He muttered. "Nevermind, let's just eat."


Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 9 2005, 03:50 AM
Reyan placed the padd that he had been holding on his desk, and picked up his glass, filled with Bolian tonic water, said to calm the nerves. He took a sip from the glass, and placed it back on the table

He had not spent a great deal of time in his quaters of late, and was enjoying the opourtunity to catch up with some leisure reading, as a pose to completeing reports, and he had to admit that he found the odd greenish glow, being reflected through his window from Romulus below, quite soothing

Just as he was about to take another sip from the glass, his computer terminal beeped, indicating an incoming message

"Never a moments peace" Reyan muttered to himself, as he activated the terminal

The terminal displayed pre-recorded message from Admiral Cartel

"Captain - I have been in long discussion with the Romulan Senate, and it has been decided that Colonel Kovek will remain aboard the Intrepid - the Romulan's are demoting him to Sub-Commander, and it has been agreed that he will act as a special Envoy to the Intrepid, whilst you are in Romulan space"

Reyan could not beleive what he was hearing, and felt a sudden rush of anger - Kovek had killed several of the officers of the Intrepid, and now the Romulan's expected Reyan to chaffuer him around?

The message continued

"I know that this turn of events could cause problems, especially considering Kovek's short history onboard the Intrepid, but in the interests of cooperation with the Romulan senate I would like you to do your best to accomodate him. On another note, I have discussed your performance, during the recent crisis, with Starfleet command, and it has been decided that you should be given permanant command of the Intrepid, with a promotion to Full Captain - you have proven yourself more than able. You will receive new orders shortly, Captain. Cartel out"

"Great - do my dirty work, and here's a promotion" Reyan complained to himself, as he left his quaters to confront Sub-commander Kovek.

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jul 11 2005, 09:35 AM
Korbin's shortleavehad been brief but memorable. To most, sitting in the corridor outside the Romulan Senate with no-one more than a humourless guard as company would bore most, but thanks to Korbin's telepathic abilities he was able to gain a great insite into the realm of Romulan politics, post-praetor Shinzon.

Having been brought back aboard the Intrepid with the rest of the crew with news of a new assignment Korbin found himself confused why he couldn't read what this mission was. It was possible no-one aboard new, but it was also possible somebody from the outside was to be brought aboard to give the briefing... and the continued presence of the USS Titan in Romulan orbit suggested this.

Having dumped his belongings in his quarters to visited the lounge, a place he'd not laid eyes on in a few days, too many days, Korbin thought to himself as he took his heavily alchol laiden drink to the quietest corner of the lounge. A place where no-one, even the most eager of waiters, would bother you. It had become known as "Thinker's corner" and Korbin had a lot of that to do.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 11 2005, 10:21 AM
Reyan, still seething following the message that he had received from Admiral Cartel, strode down the corridor leading to the brig - ignoring various officers who stopped to greet him, or give progress reports

The guard at the door to the brig saw the Captain approach, and stood to one side - Reyan strode into the holding area, paying no attention to the guard stationed to watch Kovek

"Ah - Captain Reyan - I was........." Kovek started to say

Reyan stared at him for a moment, and then walked over to the forcefield control pannel, and deactivated the forcefield - Kovek tried to take a step backward, but Reyan already had him pinned to the wall

"I don't want to hear it, Kovek - frankly, all that I want to do is fire you out of a torpedo tube - as it is, our superiors want you to remain aboard the Intrepid as an offical observer" Reyan shouted

Kovek looked surprised

"Me?" he stammered

"You - you've been demoted to Sub-Commander, and I would imagine that the Roulan senate consider your assignment to the Intrepid part of your punnishment - although I'm not sure what I did to deserve such harsh treatment" Reyan spat, as he released his grip on Kovek

Kovek looked momentarily furious, but then composed himself, and managed to look smug

"So we are colleagues" he stated with amusment

Reyan moved closer to Kovek, making no attempt to hide his hatred

"Let's get one thing straight, Kovek - as far as I am concerned, you are a murderer and nothing more - you killed some of my Officers - my friends, and the second I can throw you off this ship, I will - understood?"

"Perfectly" Kovek stated, not sounding quite as confident as he had done

Reyan turned and left the cell, and reactivated the forcefield

"You're leaving me in here?" Kovek asked, disbeleivingly

"Indeed I am Sub-Commander - I'll have the quaters of one of the Officers that you murdered cleaned out, when I find the time - I would make yourself comfortable for now if I were you"

With that, Reyan turned and left the Brig, feeling slightly better about himself.

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Posted by: Gaia Moore Jul 12 2005, 09:00 AM
"It feels odd to be sitting here, when tomorrow we'll be going on a possibly dangerous mission." She said, her tone serious.

"Well I wasn't going to into a hazardous situation without having a good feast first!" He grinned, attempting to lighten the mood.

Neither said a word for a few moments. The meal went on in a form of awkward silence for a while, until Gaia broke the silence.

"Well, I have to say, this lasagne is one of the best I've had, I can't actually fault it....." Gaia paused, thinking, then looked at Ryan as he smiled "Okay, what did you do?" She said dubiously.

"Nothing, I guess I just got lucky." Gaia had a feeling there was something he wasn't telling her, but she decided not to pry. Suddenly a thought struck her that made her smile......no, not smile, she more smirked in Ryan's direction.

"We are still talking about food aren't we?" Gaia raised an eyebrow and she gave a short laugh, until she saw Ryan's head snap back to her. Gaia's eyes went a little wide at his reaction. They had always joked around, since she'd first known Ryan they had. But something seemed different this time, but she didn't know what.

"Go ahead, laugh it up! I proved I could cook! So, you were wrong!" His smile was satisfied, but there was.......something in that smile that made Gaia think.......No, she refused to think that!

"Okay, I admit you can cook lasagne, but you can't cook asparagus, so I believe this is nul and void."

"What? How do you work that one out?" Ryan stated surprised, he really did think he had won the friendly competition between the two of them.

"Well, you failed at the side dish, burned it to cremation standard-" Ryan interrupted her at that point.

"No, that was char-grilled, there's a difference!" Gaia just stared at ryan disbelievingly.

"But the lasagne was amazing, so the decider has to be the dessert......You did do a dessert, didn't you?" Gaia asked skeptically. It was her favourite part of a meal, but like Gaia was going to admit that to Ryan.

"But of course!" Ryan went over to the holographic stove and stirred the sauce.

Gaia was curious, she glided over to where Ryan now stood and looked in the pan. She saw a silky looking liquid, the smell set her saliva glands into overdrive. Chocolate? He really has gone all out! Ryan moved to fetch something from the freezer, obviously he had been planning this meal for a while. Everything seemed just perfect. Gaia just stood there staring at Ryan, she leant back and felt a stab of pain in her hand.....she'd leant on the stove! How stupid can I be?! Gaia thought to herself. She held her hand trying to look as if nothing had happened, but it was throbbing and was beginning to turn a deep scarlet red by this time. The same colour as the dress she wore.

Ryan walked over to Gaia and looked at her suspiciously. She ttempted to give him one of her innocent smiles, but he saw right through it straight away.

"Alright, what did you do?" Ryan said copying almost identically the tone in which Gaia had previously said the same statement to him not so long ago.

"Nothing, really!" Gaia's teeth were slightly gritted, the burn was getting a little more potent, but it was nothing compared to having her arm reset....."Oh Kaoru's going to have a field day with me when she finds out!" Gaia thought.

"Don't give me that Gaia." Ryan noticed Gaia holding her hand under her arm, when the other was at her side, another stupid mistake! "Show me your hand, please Gaia!"

Gaia reluctantly showed Ryan her hand and saw how red it had become. His eyes went wide and faster than she had ever known him go, he shoved her hand under the running water and stood behind her. No doubt to stop any attempts at refusing his help, after all, how could she elude him when he was holding her hand under the water with his arms around her slim waist?

Gaia felt Ryan's breath on her neck as he stood behind her, she was only vaguely aware of him talking, saying she should be less stubborn. Gaia closed her eyes, she could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck, it made the hairs on her neck stand on end. She felt an urge she'd never felt before...not with anyone.

Gaia twisted her head, she kissed him on the lips. His lips were soft, she got lost in it for a moment until her head caught up with her. She opened her eyes, finding Ryan's arms now at his sides, looking stunned. Gaia felt panicked, she had kissed him! how could she have......her eyes darted wildly as she looked for a way out, any way out.....She said thank you to Ryan for the meal hurriedly as she raced towards the door. Gaia couldn't believe what she had just done!

She didn't wait to pick up her jacket, she just ran out into the corridor, slammed into a passing officer and didn't wait to apologise, she just had to get as far away from Ryan as she could possibly get, she had to......Her mind kept racing with that moment, yet she couldn't help but feel the butterlies in her stomach, the feeling of happiness as she recalled what she had done. But as soon as that feeling came, it was replaced with one of worry and of fear......but what of, she couldn't have said had she been asked.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jul 13 2005, 01:37 PM
Geo shook his head, regarding the viewscreen and then the console consecutively as he monitored the display readings. His lips were pursed thinly, and his shift was close to ending -- the ensign already waiting to take over for Geo. Yet the Lieutenant did not rise. He loved the helm, and being that he was captivated as he was, he had forgotten about everything. He was trying everything perfectly right, setting the variance for manual adjustement, and manual input. A dangerous move at warp, considering the deflector dish was not manually adjusting for variances.

In the newly restored sickbay, Kaoru was acting much the same. She had checked and rechecked the biobeds, running diagnostics on almost all of the equipment. Currently the sickbay duty roster was light, for that the doctor was grateful. She had a skeleton staff right now, just herself and another nurse. Finally there was nothing in sickbay to occupy her so she returned to her office, looking over a few of the reports, opening the file that kept all the duty rosters in it. She was very well aware of the afternoon schedule, and who was expected for a physical. She tried not to think about that, though she could not get the dinner out of her mind.

Geo turned as a hand was placed on his shoulder, nodding slowly to the Ensign and then rising from his terminal once signing off and logging the system to restore the system defaults for another user. As always, the Ensign offered a hello before she took her station, but Geo was already starting for the turbolift. The other night had caught most of his attention, but the various work he had to do kept him from dwelling on the dinner overly much. Entering into the turbolift, he ordered it to sickbay, leaning against the wall and closing his eyes slightly fatigued. He finally strolled into sickbay, whistling nonchalantly as he stifled a brief yawn and tried to look at least somewhat pleasant.

The nurse met Geo before Kaoru could get up, taking him to a biobed, "Please remove your shirt and lay down Lieutenant Revelone." The nurse prepared to take the preliminary scans, adjusting the settings on the bio bed for Geo's species.

He nodded, laying on the bed. The secondary rib was slightly cracked, but the healing process was proceeding smoothly. He peeled his shirt easily before lying down, purple orbs already a dark black from the Hermekian night, further sign he had stayed up 'past his bedtime'. He moistened his lips, allowing his eyes to drift shut a moment.

Kaoru stepped out of her office, leaning against the door for a few minutes before going to the nurse and quietly taking the tricorder from her hand, dismissing her with a nod and a smile. She turned back to the table where Geo lay, taking the readings, noting his cracked rib, her fingers reaching expertly to probe the wound.

She leaned over him, "Open your eyes please, Lieutenant."

He chuckled. Hermekians were dual layered. Their rib cages folded over and replicated to prevent damage to sensitive internal organs, but that didn't mean that it was easy to repair. At the least it was something best done on its own... which it was doing... "Perhaps I would like to keep my eyes closed my good doctor..."

Kaoru chuckled as well, "Then you can close them again as soon as I've had a look."

Geo smiled, allowing his eyes to open. The fully oil colored globes looked right at her blue, that smile never falling even once. "Shall I sit up as well -- Kaoru..." He stifled that yawn a second time.

Kaoru's smile was warm and genuine, though her eyes were still on his own. "You're tired. You can sit up if you like Geo." She leaned against the biobed behind her, "Everything looks good...I can give you a hypospray of something that will help your rib heal...and I can give you something for pain if you like...but you need rest."

He didn't manage to catch himself from saying something snide at that moment. "Give me something for pain? If you wanted to have sex you should have just --" he blinked... shaking his head. "I am tired... Hahahah! No need to worry, I can do without the hypospray... Just rest I suppose..." He smiled, sitting up slowly and swinging his legs over the edge.

Kaoru laughed, shaking her head. She would not have accepted that well from anyone else. "I can give you something to help you sleep." She offered. She had been seeing an increased number of crewmembers who were having trouble sleeping. Changing the subject utterly, she watched him, "I enjoyed dinner Geo. It was very nice. We'll have to do it again...hopefully without the near death before hand."

Geo nodded... "A nice... well... massage might work, my necks been kinked out for awhile now, and my backs absolutely killing me..." He muttered, pointedly rubbing it in irritance. "Yes! Without the near death before hand, and perhaps in your quarters the next time.." He winked, "somewhere more livelier then my place."

Kaoru tilted her head, her blue eyes sparkling, "Lay down...on your stomach." It was the least she owed him after that holosuite fiasco.

He laughed, shaking his head. "I don't want to sleep in Sickbay... but I might consider letting you accompany me to my quarters my good doctor..." He chuckled, hopping from the table and catching his balance after landing... He rubbed the bridge of his nose slightly... then smiled again.

Kaoru laughed, "Very well." She gave a few instructions to the nurse, indicating for him to lead the way.

Shrugging, Geo offered a weary smile before heading out of sickbay. He traveled at a rather leisurely pace, heading towards the turbolift and idly deciding to make chatter. "How is sickbay by the by?" He entered into the turbolift, and ordered it to "Deck six..."

Kaoru nodded, her eyes straight ahead in the turbolift, "Like everyplace else right now, overstressed, overworked...in need of some respite."

Geo was watching her to put it simply. Since she didn't seem to really notice it, he made a fine inspection of the high cheekbones and overly attractive blue eyes -- to die for really . "I see... Heh... the ships been overworked, but I think it's only going to get slightly worse in the next few days... We have... quite a bit to be doing, and with the trip to Romulus..." his eyes continued to watch her, "I doubt we'll get any relaxation from the Rommies..."

Kaoru glanced his way, her eyes showing a spark of anger that quickly cooled. "Then we will have to do what we must to hold together...yes?" Her voice was cool and soft, oddly accented, though the accent was light. She had not really noticed him watching her before, but she did now, looking into his purple eyes. "If even you look tired...then I'm really worried."

Geo laughed, waving his hand... "It's not everyday I get to jump through Jefferies tubes avoiding Rommies for dear life and having my undergarments shown to a shi -- nothing... Heh... I suppose we really could use some rest." He made a show as if not to be watching her, and turned to look straight... "The dinner was rather relaxing..."

Kaoru laughed too, one brow quirked curiously, "Shown to a..shi...what?"
"Meaning I had lots of holes in my uniform..." He muttered idly, smirking... "You can review the clothes for reference if you wish... personally --" the lift doors opened, "I would prefer to simply head to sleep after the good doctor... has finished..." He laughed idly, walking the corridor.

Kaoru laughed, "I'll take your word for it." She walked beside him, shaking her head, "You...just you...make me feel more rested Geo...more at ease." She waited outside his door for him to open it.

Geo laughed... "I? Just I my good doctor?" He chuckled, not finishing what he thought and entering in the pin code for his door. It hissed, and opened. Geo made a point to enter first, quickly heading to the coffee table, he collected various PADDs and walked into his room to discard them somewhere... then came back out... "Have a seat... anything to drink?"

Kaoru took a seat, "White wine, please." She set down her bag and crossed her legs. "You know that there are massuese programs in the holodecks? You don't have to wait for you annual physical to get one from me."

"Maybe it's one of those things I can look forward to along with near death experiences?" He asked -- more of a rhetorical question then anything. He quickly replicated a class of white wine, and another glass of a thick oilish liquid. Handing her the drink, he took idle slobs of his own viscuous drink.

Kaoru chuckled, sipping from her own glass, "I can't apologize for that enough Geo...it was so stupid of me." She rose, shaking her head, "Come...you need your rest....and a massage is the very least I can do."

He nodded... setting down his glass and heading towards the bed... "As you wish..." He muttered, slipping his top off yet again, and setting the jacket and undershirt aside before laying down... "Which of course... I will appreciate... the massage I mean..."

She carried her glass in with her, setting it by the bed, "Computer, dim lights please." She glanced at Geo, "Do you have some music that relaxes you that you'd like to hear?"

He shook his head... "I don't... really fathom music... Hermekians... perfect the hum of engines..." He chuckled... at least I do... there are other sounds that are pleasing..."

Kaoru chuckled. "Then..may I?"

"By all means!" He chimed... shaking his head afterwards and chuckling... he let himself rest, allowing his eyes to close burningly...

"Computer...play music file relaxation 5631." The soft soothing sounds of a reed pipe began to play. Kaoru looked back to Geo, opening her bag and taking out a small vial of lavender oil.

He blinked a moment, listening to the music... at first, he didn't find it in the least bit soothing... but soon zoned it out and let himself relax into anticipation fo the rapture. Massages always soothed one's self down afterall.

Kaoru saw his look. She laughed softly, "Don't like that one? Very well...computer, play music file relaxation 4387." This time it was sounds of an earth thunderstorm, with soft music playing behind.

"Better..." he muttered, smirking and still remaining relaxed and at ease.

Kaoru chuckled, shaking her head, surprised at how much he made her smile. She rolled up her sleeves, standing at the side of the bed, putting a few drops of the lavender oil on her hands and rubbing them together to warm the oil, then starting at his shoulders, her hands expertly kneading his tightly bunched muscles.

Geo groaned, feeling his body melt into the bed, "My good doctor..." He lost his train of thought.

Kaoru chuckled, leaning over him, whispering in his ear, "Call me Kaoru, or I'll stop."

"Kaoru!" Geo laughed heartily, glancing over his shoulder at her, "Never took you for power hungry Kao."

She shook her head at him shortening her name, her smile warm, "Relax Geo...you are very tense." She put her hand on the back of his head and gently pushed it back down, "This will only help you if you let it."

Geo almost swore, she was still playing the doctor. But he was at least encouraged by the cracks he'd formed in her shell. Hadn't she told him he relaxed her? He grinned at that thought, letting his head fall back to the bed, playing a card he knew would work. "I think dinner in your quarters, and this massage, will make up for those damned little boats." He shuddered, taking a deep subconscious breath, tensing at the memory of all that water.

Kaoru felt him tense, but tried not to feel guilty. She chuckled after a moment, shaking her head, realizing he was joking. "I'd love to have you for dinner in my quarters...I'd do it even if I hadn't made such a blunder." She leaned over him again to whisper, "Just as I'd be here."

Her hands continued to work at his tense muscles and Geo felt himself relaxing. He didn't exactly enjoy the music, but the feel of her hands was incredible. He was hardly aware when she gently had him turn over, checking his mending rib one more time before leaning over him, her shining blue black curls falling around him.

She smiled, watching his peaceful face for a few seconds before pressing her lips to his briefly.

Geo's eyes opened halfway, his lips curving in a wide smile as his arms wound around her, pulling her down against him, turning that brief gentle kiss into something else entirely.

Kaoru could not help her chuckle, not sure if he had been pretending to sleep or if she had woken him. Those thoughts were completely pushed out of her mind quickly, and she returned his kiss, her hand on his cheek, her sapphire blue eyes closed.

Geo broke the kiss, his own eyes opening, looking at her. "You can't help kissing me, can you my good doctor?"

Kaoru laughed, sitting up. "The first time it was to help you breathe...but you're right, I suppose I can't. Get some rest...and how is tomorrow for dinner?"
Geo nodded, his trademark grin firmly in place, "Too long from now, but it will do."

Kaoru chuckled, picking up her bag, pausing for a moment and leaving the small vial of oil there for him, "Sleep well Geo." She quietly let herself out of his quarters.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 14 2005, 05:40 AM
Reyan walked along the almost deserted corridors - he had been thinking about his reaction when he had confronted Kovek, and despite his many attempts to convince himself that he had acted inappropriately, he could not bring himself to feel that he had done anything wrong. And that troubled him.

He walked into his quaters, and paused for a moment, enjoying the cooler climate of his own living space

"Captain's log - supplimental - Confronting Kovek was more difficult that I had imaged it would be. Having him onboard the Intrepid on a semi-perminant basis is going to be very difficult, espeically considering my dislike and distrust of him.
On another note, due to our overlay and minor refit, and the presence of other Starfleet ships has meant that some of my crew have been reassigned.
I will be receving a moderate number of new Officers in due course too - to replace those lost during recent conflicts. End log"

Reyan sighed - the last few days had been difficult, and the service that had been held in memory of the Officers lost in the Intrepid's recent encounters had been very emotional, and he still felt drained as a result, even days afterward

With the distinct feeling that he needed to be around other people, rather than alone, Reyan left his quaters and made his way to the lounge

As soon as he entered, he looked over to, what the crew referred to as Thinkers Corner - Lieutenant-Commander Korbin was sat there. Reyan grinned, ordered a mug of hot chocolate, and made his way over. Usually, being in thinkers corner meant that you wished to be left alone, but Reyan decided that this would be one occasion where he would use the priviliage of his rank.

"Mind if I join you, Commander"? Reyan asked, knowing that Commander Koribin already knew that he was going to ask

"By all means captain" Korbin replied

Reyan sat, and began to chat to Korbin about nothing in particular, simply appreciating the company.

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 15 2005, 04:43 AM
Ryan felt as though he had been fired upon by a phaser set to stun, yet he did not fall, he simply froze. His mind raced with assumptions.

"Gaia! Wait!" He yelled after her as the last of her red dress swept out of the now exposed holodeck exit.

For a moment he didn't know whether to chase after her. Why did she kiss him? Had she felt like that all along, and hid her feelings for him?

"Computer - end program." Ryan breathed and his modified holographic quaters dematerialized.

Ryan tossed and turned. His mind wouldn't stop pelting with everything that had happened that evening. Scenarios of romance and tragedy flooded his mind. He rolled over again, the bed covers became twisted around him and he kicked them away in frustration before exhaustion forced his brain to slow down and finally enter sleep. His dreams were strange and vague.

Gaia stood at the end of a corridor, her red dress waving from a mysterious breeze.

"You know you always wanted me, Ryan."

"How could you know?" He said, but the voice sounded somewhat unlike his own.

Gaia didn't answer, she started to walk away and around the corner. Her feet bare. Ryan soared foward and stoped at the corner of the corridor. Gaia had broken into a run...

"If you don't follow you'll loose me, Ryan!" She yelled over her shoulder.

He broke into a run but before he reached the next corner she had vanished and his surroundings seemed to shatter.

Ryan woke with a start. The room was still dark and his breathing was raggid. The dream was slowly fading away, but Gaia's last words rang in his head, the image of her still in his mind... he couldn't lose her... but could he risk keeping her?

Ryan turned and looked at the time. Too early yet to get up, he got out of bed and splashed his face. He said out loud to himself that it was just a dream. He took a drink of water and lay back down on his bed, His muscles had just begun to relax when he slowly drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Ryan found himself next to Gaia in what looked to be a shuttle. She was smiling and he could see something in her eyes, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He smiled back. He saw a planet in the viewscreen, he recognised it somehow.

He heard Gaia speak, she seemed excited. "Ryan, you realise that when we land, I'm going to have to hit you for tricking me into doing this?" Gaia laughed, she seemed happy though despite her words.

Ryan leaned back in his chair and watched as Gaia piloted the shuttle through the upper atmosphere and towards the surface.

"Theres a clearing ahead." He said, pointing out the foward window.

"I'll set it down, can you go look in the back. There's a surprise in the box back there. I have a feelign you're going to like it." Gaia smiled and caught Ryan's arm as he stood up, pulling him down towards her, kissing him, then letting him go.

Ryan felt a small dull thud under his feet as Gaia brought the shuttle to rest on the ground below.

"Ryan, are you coming? It can't be that hard to find! I'll meet you outside."

Ryan smiled. He felt happy, it seemed he that this was the happiest he'd been for many years. He didn't want this feeling to end. He heard something that made his stomach curl, and his heart drop... Gaia's scream. He dropped the box and ran for the door of the shuttle.

The golden glow illuminated the cabin and Ryan came to a hault at the door as torrent of heat lashing out at his face.

"Gaia!" He called.

He tried to see past the roaring flames, but they were too bright, leaving streaks in his vision, all he could do was hear Gaia's screams.

"GAIA!" He roared and his throat immediately felt raspy and dry.

He knew he needed to get past the flames, but his fear froze him, he felt helpess, Gaia's screams echoed in his head. But what could he do? How could he get to her? His heart pounded, echoing in chorus with her screams.

Ryan didn't know how, but he no longer felt the heat of the flames. He lowered his arms he had risen to protect himself from the heat. All he could see was charred forest and two figures, one lying down, one kneeling. He couldn't make out any more than that, the brightness of the flames still left trails in his vision. He couldn't run, he more staggered in a straight line.

Whisps of smoke and ash drifted past him and the face of the Kneeling figure came into view.

"There was nothing more I could do." Kaoru said sorrowfully, then she looked up at Ryan, her blue eyes ablaze "Look what you've done, this is all your fault! You weren't here! I told you you'd get us all killed didn't I? It only starts with her."

"Gaia..." He said with a shaking voice and stroked the side of her face with his hand. "Gaia..."

Ryan just stared at her face. He felt his eyes going misty, but he refused to cry, instead, he kept it to himself, causeing anger to boil inside him. He wasn't sure if it was anger at himself, for not being there to protect her or at the Doctor for not saving her. The doctor - his eyes narrowed as he twisted sharply rounding on Kaoru, Gaia still motionless in his arms.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He hissed savagely.

"You tell me, it's your mind!" Kaoru said, her voice now cold like ice and without another word dissapeared.

Ryan looked back at Gaia, and held her head close to his. A tear slipped down his cheek and splashed against her face. Parting his mouth he took her lips in his. It felt like the moment could last a life time - he wished it would, but it was a goodbye. The last time he would hold her in his embrace. The last time he'd be able to stroke her hair. The last time he would kiss her lips.

Ryan was ripped out of the dream by a sound in his quarters. He woke with his eyes wide and misty. It took a few moments for him to realize where he was after the nightmare he had just experienced.

"Ah - just a - a minute." He stammered and glanced at himself in the mirror on his bedroom wall.

His grey night shirt was stained with sweat. He wiped his eyes and cleared his throat. Even out of his dream it still felt dry and his mood mellow.

"Enter." He said as he walked out into the main living area of his quaters. Immediately the doors hissed appart and Anil appeared in the doorway.

"Oh, Captain."

"Good morning, Ryan. Did you forget to set your alarm?"


"The briefing with Captain Riker - it starts in twenty minutes."

"Oh, oh." Ryan said looking around, as if searching for the quickest way to get ready. "I'll be there."

"Good, I just thought I'd see if you were still here. I wanted to discuss something with you before the meeting - but it can wait." Anil nodded and gracefully left Ryan to get dressed.

Gaia's gaze remained focused on the table, only occasionally did she raise her face to glance at the screen where Captain Riker was pointing.

Dispite Ryan's wishes, she wouldn't dare look him in the eyes. He continued to glance at her whenever he thought that Riker's attention was directed anywhere but the table which seperated himself and Gaia.

"This," Riker said, his finger pointing to the main display in the Intrepid's Briefing Room. "is conduate fifty-four-tango - it leads into an isolated primary control centre on level one. After the main enterence has been fortified, Charlie team will follow this conduate and secure the primary control room."

"Once inside they will be able to dissable the security sensors for the elevators. If we do encounter Romulan security, the teams are authorized to take whatever necessary action is needed."

"Where will Alpha and Beta teams move to?" Geo asked.

"The elevator shafts at the end of this corridor," Riker's hand tapped a portion of the schematic and it scrolled horizontally to reveal two vertical shafts at the end of a long corridor. "Both teams will proceed down to level two. Beta team will taking this passage way to the secondary control room. However we need to pass through several security checkpoints, which we have been given details on how to override."

"Once Beta team have penetrated the section they will be able to deactivate most of the security lockouts and monitoring sensors for the lower three levels, Alpha team will have a practically clear route into the vault on level five."

There was a few moments of silence where it seemed Captain Riker was waiting for further questions.

"Sir May I ask who will be leading these teams?"

"As I said, the teams will be comprised of both Intrepid and Titan crew, however I have completed the assignments. Commander Orlan, you will be joining me on Alpha team. I'd like for Lieutenant-Commander Korbin to assist my Chief Tactical officer in the leading of Charlie team."

Now was Ryan's chance - the chance that would hopefully compell Gaia to look at him.

"I would like to suggest that Lieutenant Moore be assigned to lead Beta team, Sir." Ryan said, daring a quick glance a Gaia. "Going by these schematics the Secondary Control would be rather difficault to gain access -"

"Ofcoarse, however we can't be ignorant to the fact that the Primary control room is more heavily patrolled - the main security office for the complex is located close by. It is cruicial that we all work as one team and in phase. If one system is overlooked from either control rooms - the mission will certainetly be a failure."

There was another brief silence and Ryan shot fictitious looks at those standing and sitting around the Briefing Room as though searching for someone to ask a question. Gaia was facing him, but her eyes seemed to be focused somwhere over his shoulder, no doubt studying his reactions.

"Right, I think that clarifies the general plan. You will all be recieving specific information shortly, regarding which team you'll be in, and who from both the Intrepid and the Titan you will be working with - dismissed."

There was a sudden flutter of low chatter and moving chairs as Intrepid and Titan officers urged towards the two exits. Ryan watched Gaia follow a huddle of Titan crew through the passage that bypassed the Bridge - or more to the point, the way that bypassed where Ryan was standing.

Several people were blocking his way, he wouldn't have been able to get to her before the crowd dispensed. Sighing lightly he turned, passed through the set of doors and climbed the few steps onto the upper level of the Bridge.

"Helm - time till we reach Velore II?" Ryan asked blandly.

"Thirty three minutes, sir."

"Good, I'll be in Engineering."

"Aye sir." The Ensign said as Ryan strode into the turbolift.

The upper Engineering level was vacant except for the two of them. Gaia knew he would appear sooner or later, she knew he would want to confront her. To talk about what had happened, or so Ryan conjectured.

"I think we have some things to discuss." He said softly to the back of Gaia's head. She knew he was there, but he didn't have any choice but to confront her.

"Sorry Commander. There isn't enough time -"

"So," Ryan said, becomming more irritated with Gaia's new attitude. His voice not far above a whisper. "were are back to formallities now are we, Lieutenant?"

"Theres too much work here. We left Romulus before even two-thirds of the repairs were complete."

"Keldorn can handle it."

Gaia didn't answer for a few minutes, she continued to tap at the console, apparently changing the settings of the warpcore diagnostic.

"Gaia... dammit!"

He placed a hand on her shoulder and forcibly spun her around, her back flat against the console. Several beeps sounded as she squirmed to get escape. One hand on her should wouldn't have been enough to pin her there, but miraculously she couldn't break free or perhaps she didn't want to...

Ryan urged foward, his outstrenched arm bending at the elbow as he got closer to Gaia. Somehow instinct seemed to be taking a hold, pulling him closer and inexorably manipulating his position.

Gaia started to breathe more deeply; he could feel her chest rise and fall, now that they were in each others brace. Her warm breath warming his neck. He leaned downward, his lips easing apart.

No... no... I can't! It's too much... not again...

Ryan surged back upright before their lips met. He could feel the few beads of sweat twitching at his temples.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered sadly. "It's not fair - to us..."

"Ryan?" She said, her eyes becomming misty.

He shook his head slowly and withdrew from her arms. He watched her for a moment and his heart plumetted with what he'd done. Her eyes now welling with tears.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered again before making a hasty retreat.


Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 16 2005, 02:58 AM
Reyan and Captain Riker walked into the Intrepid's ready room - the briefing may have ended, but there were still points to discuss, and Captain Riker was also very interested in the Intrepid's encounter with the Kerchan and the Romulan isolationists

"We knew about the isolationists, but we didn't realise that their movement had grown so large - the intelligence that Starfleet was receiving was not as accurate as we were led to beleive" Captain Riker explained

"It would seem not - and that worries me - perhaps our operatives were fed false intelligence" Reyan stated, as he sat behind his desk

"Well - that's for Starfleet intelligence to worry about " Captain Riker stated - he glanced around the ready room "You did well to keep the Intrepid in one piece - I've read the reports about the Kerchan - I doubt that there is any ship in the Fleet that would be a match for that thing" he stated, grinning

"Maybe the Prometheus" Reyan stated thoughtfully

Captain Riker laughed

"Agreed - but this isn't the Prometheus, and you did will to defend her against those odds - I'm glad Admiral Cartel gave you perminant command" Riker finnished

"Well - I have to admit that I was surprised - the Intrepid was badly damaged in the Kerchan attack - I thought Cartel would give command to someone else considering" Reyan stated

"That brings me back to the mission - I'd like the Intrepid to remain in orbit, just in case of any trouble on the surface" Captain Riker stated

"So that we can beam the away team up?" Reyan asked

"Yes and no - I doubt that it'll be possible to beam the team through that much rock from orbit, but as the Intrepid has landing capability, you could take the ship down to the surface and beam them aboard from there if somthing really does go wrong" Captain Riker expained

Reyan nodded

"But couldn't a Runabout do the same job?" he asked

"Yes - but a Runabout would be less able to defend itself against any surface or spacebound Romulan resistance, and it's transporters wouldn't be able to beam up the entire team in one transport either" Captain Riker stated, clealy having given the matter some thought

"True - but a Runabout is less conspicuous - I doubt the Romulan's will be able to miss an Intrepid class starship diving through their atmosphere - and that's if we can make it past their spacebound defenses" Reyan complained

"Their spacefleet won't give you too much trouble - the Intrepid is faster than anything they have - but I can't account for surface resistance" Riker stated

"Fine - we'll go with your plan" Reyan stated "Join me for a drink in our lounge?" he finnished

Captain Riker smiled

"Definitely - I was hoping you'd ask"

Reply anyone

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jul 16 2005, 03:42 PM
Geo smirked, getting cozy on the bed for a moment after the Doctor had left -- then he groaned as a beep signalled from his console screen on the desk. Quickly bringing himself to sitting up position, he plucked a PADD and hurled it at the console, but those damned Engineers were sneaky -- the console was part of the desk so it did nothing. The beeping continued.

Finally easing into the chair, Geo looked up towards the door of his quarters before he looked down and pressed the accept button.

Subject Matter Classified to Officer #24551
For eyes and ears only
-=- Encoded Commodore Grieves -=-
-=- Coded Frequency 031 -=-

Geo grimaced, looking up at the door one more time and then sighing.

"Computer, lock personal quarters of Geovanie Revolone, authorization Brigade 411"

The intermitable signal routed itself as a Security officers code, and locked the door. Since Kayla was dead -- he still felt a stab of pain for her, she was one of his friends, even if she never considered it so -- there was no Tacitcal of Security officer with a high enough standing to counter act his mandated order.

Beginning Linkup on Channel 031

"What do you want?"

"You know what you have to do" the Commodore stated. Geo shook his head, his lips pursed. They met each others gaze for awhile, before Geo sighed and nodded.

"Send me the link up details..."

"Make sure the Tal Shiar is to blame for it..."

"Understood Commodore... Geo out"

Geo sighed, brushing dust from a PADD, then then reviewing the contents. He idly checked his teeth with his tongue as he read, then smashed the PADD on the corner of the desk to prevent anyone else from finding the contents.

"Computer, open up a direct link to Admiral Darion Sequera."


After the Operations cleared the tramission, Darions face popped up on the screen.

"Problems old friend?"

"Yeah...." Geo replied, "it seems that more then one person is planning to take advantage of our situation."

"Your situation? Damnit! I wish people would keep me informed around here."

"I'm thinking it might be classified to Admiral Cartel Darion, but we have bigger fish..." Geo looked at his door again, then back down at the console screen.

"You think there might be a bug aboard?"

"I do..." Geo answered.

"Alright -- I'll send you a detail roster account of people who freshly transfered to the Intrepid, but it's not going to be enough. If this bug was planted before, then it means Cartel might be in on it."

"Or completely oblivious."

"In anycase Geo, you have to try to keep that spy from carrying through with his mission..." Darion looked off screen a moment, waving away a child.

"Family man Darion?"

"You handle your problems, I'll handle mine... It's good to hear from you old man."

Geo grinned... "Not old enough to slap you around Admiral... You do what you can for me, and I'll fix up this mess."

"I would do more if I knew more, but seeing as how it's classified, or you can't on this channel, I'll just see about getting that roster. Sequera out..."

Geo sighed, "just like the Horizon..." he muttered, strolling from his quarters, thinking about stellar computations to keep his mind busy, that way Korbin couldn't read his mind -- he hoped. In anycase, he felt thirsty, and there was no better place to clear your mind then the Mess Hall and a good bottle of synthahol... So much for sleep..

:P Don't mind me, just throwing in some sub plots :P Edit as needed, delete if necessary

OOC: a9.gif Bravo! Perhaps my old character might make a guest appearance. a7.gif ~ Ryan

Posted by: Keldorn Reefs Jul 18 2005, 01:43 AM
Keldorn sneered momentarily, slapping the PADD against the chief engineers desk and then starting out of the room.

"Okay? Who stole my pencil?" All the engineers looked in his direction, but then went back to there work. Keldorn's eyes narrowed, and he started towards Ensign Naives...

"You Nave!... Naives... However you say it! Where is my pencil? Hmmm... No? You won't tell, a giant conspiracy is it?"

Naives tried to speak, but Keldorn cut him off.

"Don't you dare interupt me Ensign. I want those conduits on Deck four cleaned up as soon as possible, and I want the plasma injectors done with your toothbrush, do you hear me! Get to it..."

The ensign frowned, then turned and went about her business. A lieutenant happened to be walking by, and Keldorn rounded on him...

"Your head!" the Lieutenant shouted and scrambled for the console to seem like he was busy. Keldorn sniffed defensively, "as if I hadn't checked there al -" he broke off, feeling the skinny piece of wood.

"I need a drink..." he muttered, starting out of Engineering.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MESS HALL // INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Umm... Coffee, black..."

Keldorn noticed Korbin, all along and by himself, then decided to join him.

"Is this seat taken?"

After a brief look at Keldorn, Korbin nodded, and Keldorn sat down, he drank in silence... Then took out his pencil and paper and began to scribble.

"What are you doing?" Korbin turned slightly, peering at the paper curiously. It was evident that Keldorn had roused him from thought.

"Originally I join people who look like they aren't going to talk and are anti-social. That way I don't end up blabbering on about formula's and such. Look... it's simple, this is a diagram of the Warp naucelles, and there generated warp fields..."

Korbin quirked a brow..

"Why on paper?"

"Because..." Keldorn paused... "Because Paper is easier to store."

"But a PADD can store multiple files and data units..."

"It's inefficient. I perfer a more hands on approach... Look to you want to know about these naucelles or not!"

"Of course of course continue..." Korbin smirked, no doubt reading that Keldorn was utterly thrilled to be talking about it; though he seemed somewhat bored with the discussion...

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 22 2005, 04:06 AM
Ryan hesitated at the foot of the small step. Why is it that such a small step seemed so hard to take? Gaia's distraught face remained etched into his brain; he had to hurt her. There wasn't another way...

"Are you comming Commander?" Riker's said, somewhat heaving Ryan back to reality.

Begrudgingly he stepped up onto the transporter pad alongside the five other Alpha team members.

"Phasers on stun... energize."

The phaser in Ryan's hand twitched as he checked that it was on stun before the Angular Confinement Beam took hold and deposited him and the others onto the surface below the encircling Intrepid.

Ryan looked around him, squinting as the dazzeling sun on the horizon stung his eyes. He glanced down, allowing him to adjust to the difference in lighting than he had become accustomed to on the Intrepid.

Alpha team had been beamed down onto a flat slab of solid rock, scarcely big enough for the team to stand on. A wide stream beside him gushed white and froamy as it whipped around small boulders. As though they had been given the all clear, the other two teams were appeared nearby.

"This way." Riker said, frowning at his beeping tricorder and pointing up a small muddy embankment that lead into a cluster of trees that seperated the stream from the low-set Tal'Shiar structure in the center of a field.

"Sir, are you sure this is it?" A Titan Officer from Charlie team asked. "Isn't there supposed to be five levels?"

"If you had listened correctly Montague," Snapped a woman behind him. "you'd know that its underground."

"Are you suggesting that I -"

"Enough." Riker said after watching his bickering officers for a moment before cutting in. Silence fell instantly and he turned and reached out for the limb of a nearby tree to pull himself up the muddy slope.

Ryan followed suite, his hands pushing underbrush out of his face. Riker directed the path through the trees; sometimes stopping and crouching behind a shrub to ensure that no security officers were making patrols around the perimeter of the building.

"Let's go." He whispered to the three huddling teams.

Lunging silently out of the tree line, they sprinted across the shortly kept grass. Ryan noticed Gaia moving towards the front of the pack and he increased his speed; trying to stay ahead of her.

The rejected look she had had in her eyes back in Engineering flashed in his mind again. Why was she trying to get to the front? Did she want to look him in the eyes?

It seemed as though they had swapped roles, now he found himself trying to avoid her. She started it with that kiss! A scornfull voice in his mind hissed.

Riker pointed to the right and the team changed veered slightly to follow his command. A set of stairs came into view, a set of doors perched at the top between two ominous stone pillars.

They climbed the stairs; Geo's eyes darted over the vast building searching for an unsuspecting Romulan to sniper with his phaser rifle.

"I've got it..." Said Riker's Chief Tactical Officer who had been attempting to open the doors via a keypad.

The doors swung inward and the team filed into an enterance hall that Ryan felt was typical of Romulan design.

Ryan and the others dispersed over the flagstoned floor. He glanced around, taking the dome shaped ceiling and more pillars with high glass windows. By no means was it to the same caliber as the Romulan Senate had been, but still exquisite in it's own right.

"Pan out - search those rooms." Riker said in a hushed voice and pointed to several doors on the oposite side of the dome room while Draconis lead Charlie team into a dimly lit corridor to the left while the rest made sure the vacinity was clear.

EDIT: Previously I had been going on the assumption that both the Intrepid and Titan were going on the mission - this has changed to just the Intrepid - of coarse the Titan crew that are joining the away teams are still here. ~ Ryan


Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 22 2005, 06:45 AM
Captain - the away team have been inserted" Kaoru advised, sat in the First Officer's chair. Of course, with Ryan, Korbin and Geo being off-ship, Kaoru was the next highest ranking officer and had therefore assumed the role of Acting XO.

"Helm - get us out of here - Captain Riker's contact may not have had a problem with us being here but that does not mean that we should outstay our welcome"

"Aye Captain" the young, and somewhat inexperienced, Ensign at the Helm answered

The Intrepid swung around and dashed toward a nearby asteroid field, where a hollow asteroid had been located - it had been determined that the Intrepid could hide inside the asteroid, undetected, with the added advantage that the ship would still be within communications range of the away team, although just barely

Kaoru fidgeted uncomfortably in her chair

"Comfy, Lieutenant?" Reyan asked, grinning

Doctor Ele returned his grin, but declined to answer, as the sensor pannel next to the Command seats beeped a warning

"Captain - a Romulan scout has entered the sector" Lieutenant Presest called from Tactical

"Status?" Reyan asked

"It appears to be on patrol, Sir" the Lieutenant replied

"They should not detect us here" Kaoru noted

Reyan took a deep breath

"Whilst I have faith in this plan, I don't want to take any chances - power down all nonessential systems - I don't want to give anyone the slightest hint of our presense here. Be ready to go to full tactical alert at a second's notice" Reyan stated

The lights dimmed, and some of the consoles that were not occupied deactivated themselves. Reyan could not help but feel that the Bridge felt colder somehow, even though life support and enviromental controls were not affected.

"Tactical - I want passive sensors locked on the teams, and monitor all comm channels on coded frequency epsilon 4-b - we need to be ready - anything could happen" Reyan said

"...And probably will" Doctor Ele finnished, stating out loud exactly what Reyan had been thinking

Reply anyone - and PLEASE take note of which team you are in- for details see http://www.distanthorizon.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=391&st=0&#entry4409

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Jul 24 2005, 07:17 PM
Kassan stood at tactical, her fingers danced over the panel in front of her.

"Tactical - I want passive sensors locked on the teams, and monitor all comm channels on coded frequency epsilon 4-b - we need to be ready - anything could happen" Reyan said

"...And probably will" Doctor Ele finnished.

"Aye Sir." Kassan replied smartly as she set the scan, coding in the frequency she had been ordered.

The bridge was a hive of near silent activety and she could feel the tension. She smiled to herself as she remembered the words of one of the security team on her arrival.

"I am glad to meet you Ma'am, I just hope you are with us a little longer than the others."

She had looked at him with a degree of surprise. "What do you mean by that?"

He had colored slightly "Well Ma'am, scuttle butt around the ship has it, that the Tactical station is Jinxed."

"Ensign, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see," she laughed, chiding him slightly.

But now standing at Tactical for the first time, a shiver ran through her as his words had come back to her. She had seen some of the files and it seemed that not many security officers remained long on this ship, for one reason or another. She felt almost like she was being watched and perhaps even assesed by some of the previous Officers, who had once proudly stood this station.

She shook off the feeling as 'first day nerves' and chided herself on her stupidity.

She looked up. " Passive sensors locked on the teams, Sir!"

She then quickly ran her fingers over the consol again.

"All Comms channels coded and frequencies opened for monitoring." she continued. " a smile playing over her lips as she looked at the Captain.

He isnt half bad looking, the stray thought ran through her mind.

Then just as quickly she looked back down and continued watching and monitoring for any trouble, that might occur.

She glanced at the Ensign on the secondary panel.

"Make sure all systems are running at peak, I want to know if we have even a whisper of a glitch and run a diagnostic on all weapons, also." she ordered quietly.

"Aye Ma'am," he replied

She went back to work on her consol, the silent tapping of the Ensign beside her assuring her that he was doing his job. She was not as yet comfortable in her role aboard this ship, it was all new to her, but so far, she had been greeted with acceptance and friendlyness at the best and indifference at the worst. It was better than she had expected.

New crewmen, much less Officers, were usually given a hard time when first boarding a new vessel and with the tragic circumstances surrounding the demise of the last Security Chief, she was expecting nothing less than resistance and perhaps even dislike, from most.

Again she glanced in the direction of the Command chairs. She had still to meet most of the Officers and wondered how they would respond to her.

Posted by: Valorin Jul 25 2005, 04:50 PM
Since the service i had taken leave of duty and spent most of the time in my quarters. the Captain had reluctantly agreed a transfer for me at the earliest oportunity but i had had a long time to think things through and and now was the time to sort things out.

most of the senior officers were of ship on the away mission but my quest now was to see the Captain.

Getting cleaned up and dressed in a freshly pressed uniform i left my cabin with data pad in hand and headed straight to the bridge.

the doors parted and i stepped onto the bridge, it felt very strange indeed. looking straight over to tactical i noticed the new tactical officer and instantly felt a sinking feeling for the loss of Kayla, i wuld have to meet this new officer, but for now the Captain.

Aproaching he noticed me before i had realised he was looking.

"Valorin! , problem?," He asked

"not really, but i would like a moment of your time if that would be possible" i said

the Capatin stood and entered the ready room closely folowed by myself.

"what on your mind Lt"

"its about my re-assignment"

"go on is there a problem?"

"well sir i would like to withdraw the request and stay on board"

"may i ask why the change of heart"

"i think i owe it to Kayla sir, i think she would have stayed if the roles had been reversed"

"I see and how soon do you think you would be ready to retake your possition if i allow this to happen"

"straightaway sir"

Reyan sat back in his chair and thought for a while.

"I personally think you acted in haste asking for the transfer in the first place and i do think that you would be better off with people whom you know and have aslo suffered the loss of friends"

"i realise that sir"

"good then welcome back, i'll have you rostered in as soon as commander orlan is back from the mission untill then you are to get reaquanted with the crew and check in with sickbay for a phisical".

"aye sir, thankyou".

i trned and left this time i didn't look at tactical, i entered the turbo lift and headed for sickbay.

sorry for dragging on, long time out of the loop

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 28 2005, 08:42 PM
OOC: Welcome back Valorin. Come on away teams, lets see the imaginations! I think murphy's law applies here.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jul 29 2005, 01:49 PM
Kaoru misliked the whole mission, and she had made her opinions clear to Reyan. With the possible exception of Geo, the Intrepid crew were not elite forces, or battle troops of any kind.

Letting the matter drop was difficult, but she did so, taking comfort from the fact that she had at least gone on record with her objections.

Of course, it was more than likely part of her issues had to do with where she sat at that moment, in the XO's seat. She would have much preferred being part of the away teams.

Her sapphire blue eyes studied the new tactical officer and offered a brief smile and a nod. She had met Kassan in sickbay, clearing the woman for her duties aboard the Intrepid. Rising she went to the woman's side, "Settling in well?"

Kassan nodded, "Yes Doctor, thank you."

Kaoru nodded in response, and was about to say more when Valorin, still looking rather pale and shaken, stood before the captain.

Reyan dismissed Valorin to sickbay and Kaoru excused herself from Kassan quietly, stepping into the turbolift with Valorin, offering him a reassuring smile, "This won't take long."

Valorin barely managed a smile in return. In silence the two made their way to sickbay.

Kaoru ran a few tests on Valorin and performed a full scan, everything was well within normal ranges. "Everything looks good Valorin." She was silent for a while, watching Valorin tug his shirt back on. "I'm sorry for your loss....she was a fine officer, and a good friend. But I'm glad you're staying."

Kaoru said nothing more, squeezing his shoulder once and then leaving sickbay, returning to the bridge, settling in the XO's chair again, nodding to Reyan as she did so.

Posted by: Valorin Jul 31 2005, 03:16 PM
we stepped into the turbolift together and went to sickbay.

"this wont take long" kaoru said giving a reassuring smile

it was the most i could do to return the smile.

the testing was indeed very short which was a welcome thing.

"I'm sorry for your loss....she was a fine officer, and a good friend. But I'm glad you're staying." Kaoru said nothing more, squeezing his shoulder once and then left sickbay

Kaoru had known Kayla for a while and had become good friends with her and that in its self had been quite a feet because klingons were notorious for not getting along with anyone, a warm feeling entered my thoughts, "thankyou" i said realising Kaoru had already left.

i would definately have to catch up with her, and thank her personally.

a tug of guilt also hit me at the same time, i had blamed the commander for not allowing me to reteive Kayla and i had been in this position myself i should have acted better, this i would also rectify on the commander's return.

i straightened my tunic and left sickbay

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Jul 31 2005, 09:21 PM
Kassan continued to monitor the away teams a silent prayer going out to the intrepid people who were now down on the planet.

She glanced at the Command chairs and saw the XO looking at her. Her beautiful blue eyes, were magnetic. They shone like sapphires. Kaoru, give her a brief smile and a nod. Kassan appreciated it, she was feeling still ill at ease in her new postion and the XO, acknowledgement, helped to make her feel as if she was doing her job satisfactorly.

Kassan watched the XO stand and walk over to her, "Settling in well? she asked.

"Yes Doctor, thank you." Kassan replied, nodding.

She looked like she was going to say more, when her attention was drawn to the science officer now standing in front of the Captain.

She heard the Captain dismiss the man to sickbay and Kaoru excused herself and walked over to the man, walking him to sickbay.

She watched Kaoru leave, she was a beautiful woman and from the small amount of interaction she had, had with her during her physical when she first came on board, she found she had instantly found her both intellegent and friendly.

Her mind dwelt on her for a few more seconds as she considered, that in another host, or if Kaoru was of a like mind, she might even have enjoyed her company, in a more, lets say, biblical sense. She smiled to herself, control, Kassan, concentrate on your work.

"Captain, we have movement down on the planet." Kassan said.

Reyan looked around and nodded.

"Report." he ordered.

"Sir, three destinct groups, moving slowly and merging." she replied.

Reyan nodded as reports flooded from other stations.

Kassans fingers again danced over the control in front of her. Occasional reports coming from the Ensign at the secondary, tactical control next to her. Everything was running smoothly for now and she smiled slightly, relaxing a little.

Then she almost lost signal and tapped the control before her, re calibrating and adjusting.

"Their signal has damped slightly, I believe they may have entered the densly wooded area, we were told they would be entering, before making there way, to the structure." Kassan reported.

"Are you sure of your readings Lieutenant?" he questioned.

Kassan recalibrated and ran the scan again.

"Yes Sir." she replied, "the readings are weak, as we are on passive scan only, but the timing and the dampening of their fields line up with them entering the wooded area."

Reyan again nodded.

She continued to scan and watch for anything unusual, when suddenly the signal became stronger again.

"I believe they have now exited the wooded area and are making there way across the open area, leading to the building."

The lift doors opened and the XO stepped back onto the Bridge and took her seat beside the CO.

Suddenly Kassan noticed something unusual.

"Sir.....I believe they have company." she reported.

Reyan stood and walked over to her looking down at the panel. His close proximity, made her shiver slightly.

"Here and here," she said pointing to the areas on the screen.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 2 2005, 08:57 AM
Reyan stood and walked over to the Tactial station

"Here and here," she said pointing to the areas on the screen

Reyan could not help but notice that Lieutenant Xandra seemed distracted by his sudden presense. He looked at her, in an attempt to ascertain if she was uncomfortable with him being so close, but found himself staring at the stunning Lieutenant's blue eyes and Redish-Gold hair, which simply served to distract him

He coughed, trying to avert his gaze, and focused on the screen that Lieutenant Xandra had been wanting to bring to his attention

The screen showed a small number of red dots, representing a party of unidentifyable individuals

"Can we alert the teams?" Reyan asked

"Not from this distance, Sir" Lieutenant Xandra replied

"Well - we'll just have to hope that the teams are paying attention in that case" Reyan muttered

Lieutenant Xandra nodded

"Status of the Romulan scout?" Reyan asked, knowing the answer, but wanting an excuse to admire Lieutenant Xandra for a few more moments

"Still in the area, but moving away from us slowly" she replied

"Thankyou Lieutenant" Reyan replied, smiliing, and gazing into her eyes - he was about to ask her if she would join him for a drink later, but decided that it would be inappropriate to make such a request on the Bridge. He resolved to ask her as soon as a more appropriate oppourtunity presented itself.

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 2 2005, 10:25 AM
Kassan turned to look at him and found herself looking directly into his eyes, almost losing herself in there depth for a second. He coughed, bringing her back to the job at hand.

"Can we alert the teams?" Reyan asked.

"Not from this distance, Sir" Kassan replied.

"Well - we'll just have to hope that the teams are paying attention in that case" Reyan muttered.

He didnt seem happy about the situation and she was feeling as helpless as he obviously did. She hoped he was right about them taking notice and nodded.

"Status of the Romulan scout?" Reyan asked.

Kassan tapped the keys on the panel, her fingers dancing over the controls. She again looked at him.

"Still in the area, but moving away from us slowly" she replied

"Thank you Lieutenant" The CO replied, smiling.

She found herself returning the smile and again found herself gazing into his eyes. She pulled her gaze away with effort, trying not to let him see the affect he was having on her as she again looked down at the monitor, hoping to see something that might hold him there, just a little bit longer. She could smell the masculine scent of him and found it enjoyably distracting. Kassans attention was soon diverted fully back to the monitor though, as the dots began to move.

"Sir." she said pointing, "the two groups appear to be moving, one towards the approximate location of Charlie team and one to the approximate location of Beta team."

He moved closer, she could almost feel his hot breath on her as he leaned over to get a closer look. She looked at him as he examined the screen, the frustration clearly etched on his face.

"If you will notice here." she pointed "...and again here and here you will see the teams have reached the structure."

He nodded, as he watched the movement of the dots on the screen.

"Now see here." she said pointing, her voice tinged with excitement.

Again he nodded, his attention fully on the screen.

"There is a break away of some of the dots from the main mass. I believe that our away teams are sending lookouts. With any luck they will, see these..." again she pointed,"....guards or whatever they are, before its too late."

The Captain smiled his attention on the screen. She smiled as she glanced at his profile. He was a very handsome man and his nearness was certainly very pleasant. She wondered for a second if she should be foreward and ask him out for a drink at the end of shift, then gave herself a mental shake.

Dont be so stupid, girl, what are you thinking. He probably has someone anyway, a man that good looking could not possibly last long without someone grabbing him up quickly.

She again turned her attention back to the screen, aware of the proximity of his body to hers and the affect it was having on her.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 2 2005, 12:58 PM
Hidden from sensors, and with nothing more to do than wait, the Intrepid remained in it's makeshift hiding place, waiting for a sign from the away teams

Reyan found himself becoming restless - he didn't enjoy having the ship basically sitting around doing next to nothing. He decided that a break was in order, as was the opourtunity to invite his very attractive Tactical Officer to join him.

"Doctor Ele - you have the bridge" he stated, picking up a pad and typing a short message into it - he then stood and made his way to the turbolift, but handed the padd to Lieutenant Xandra as he passed the Tactical station. He noticed the look of surprise on her face as the turbolift doors snapped shut

Once in his quaters, he ordered a Bolian tonic water, and sat down on his sofa to drink it, wondering if Lieutenant Xandra would accept the invite that he had given to her, in written form on the padd he had handed to her.

His answer came fairly quickly, as the his door chimed

"Enter" he called, trying not to sound too hopeful

The doors slid open and the stunning Lieutenant walked into his quaters - Reyan was instantly captivated by her presence, he could not recall having seen anything so beautiful

He cleared his throat

"Welcome Lieutenant - thankyou for accepting my invitation" he stated, smiling, and loosing himself in her deep blue eyes

"Thankyou for the invite Captain" she replied

"Please - take a seat - can an I offer you a drink" Reyan asked, standing

"Whatever you are drinking Sir" she replied

Reyan ordered another glass of Bolian tonic water, and sat down next to the Lieutenant whom he was becoming very attracted to

Trying to find an excuse for having invited her to his quaters, he decided to srike up a converation relevant to both of them namely work, in the hope that it would lead to a more relaxed subject.

"How are you finding your new post?" he asked, her closeness and scent having a profound effect on him

renames the ship the USS Jollies, since all the males seem to be jolly a7.gif... Nice post Anil! - Anonymous

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 3 2005, 04:17 AM
Kassan was surprised when the Captain handed a PADD to her as he walked past her on his way out the door. She examined the PADD for a moment and then handed her station to the Ensign standing beside her.

"Keep passive sensors running at all times and inform the XO if there are any changes." she told him.

She walked to the Command Chair, "Ma'am, I have been ordered to see the Captain." she said, handing her the PADD.

The Doctor took the PADD and looked it over, a look of surprise on her face, but nodded.

"Dismissed Lieutenant." she smiled.

She made her way through the ship until she found his quarters. She stood for a moment a little nervously outside his door and straightened her uniform. Then with a slightly shaking hand, she pressed the chime.

"Enter" , she heard his voice from inside as the door slid open.

She stood, self conciously to attention a blush on her face as she looked at him. He was so heart stoppingly handsome. She was just glad he couldnt read minds...at least, she hoped he couldnt.

He cleared his throat

"Welcome Lieutenant - thankyou for accepting my invitation" he stated, smiling, and loosing himself in her deep blue eyes.

She stood for a moment, captivated again bye his eyes. Then realising she was staring, she smiled.

"Thankyou for the invite Captain" she replied, hoping he couldnt hear the nervousness in her voice.

"Please - take a seat - can an I offer you a drink" Reyan asked, standing

"Whatever you are drinking Sir" she replied, taking a seat.

Reyan walked over to the replicator and ordered a glass of Bolian tonic water, and handing her the drink, he sat down next to her. She shivered slightly at the closeness of his body to hers.

I am like a lovesick school girl, she chided herself.

"How are you finding your new post?" he asked.

She sipped her drink. "Well sir, if I may be frank with you."

"You may," he smiled.

"I am still very nervous and have barely met anyone as yet, but I think I am going to enjoy being here." she blushed, smiling slightly shyly at him.

Pull yourself together woman, he is going to think touched in the head..

He sat back relaxing slightly as he took another sip of his drink.

"You seem a little uncomfortable. I hope I dont scare you at all. I dont bite you know...unless you want me too." he grinned mischieviously.

At that she laughed and relaxed visibly. He had the most irrestistable grin, like a naughty school boy.

"Well, then," she grinned back. "I will file that for future reference."

She had placed her glass on the small table in front of the sofa as they sat talking, she really liked this man and he was obviously very intellegent and had a wonderful sense of humour.

"Would you like another?" he asked nodding at her empty glass.

"Thank you that would be nice," she replied, bending forward and reaching for the glass at the same time he did.

His fingers brushed hers and it was like an electric shock ran through her. She turned and looked at him. His face was only inches from hers as he too leaned forward to reach for the glass. She was again captivated by his eyes, lost in their depth. Then without thinking, she moved forward slightly and her lips brushed his.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Aug 3 2005, 12:21 PM
Kaoru looked up when Kassan stood before the Command Chair, "Ma'am, I have been ordered to see the Captain." she said, handing her a PADD.

The Doctor took the PADD and looked it over, a look of surprise on her face, but nodded.

"Dismissed Lieutenant." she smiled.

To say Kaoru was amused would be an understatement. She watched Kassan walk towards the turbolift, quite sure that Reyan had not meant his invitation to be shown to her.

Kaoru thoughtfully tapped the PADD she still held, mulling over the many things she might be able to use the short little note to blackmail Reyan for...new biobeds in sickbay....one of those genetic scanners...the possibilities were endless.

Kaoru chuckled to herself, blackmail was such a harsh word...she much preferred words like...leveraging. Yes...she would not blackmail..she would simply leverage. Setting the PADD down in her lap Kaoru settled more comfortably in her chair.

Of course, she would not actually carry out any of her plots, but she would be sure to tease Reyan...it wouldn't be any fun if he didn't know she'd seen the invitation.

"Sir." The ensign at the tactical station spoke quickly, his voice sharp, "We're picking up some transmission from the surface."

Immediately Kaoru was snapped back to reality, "From the away teams?"

"Unknown sir, but not likely, the transmission is not intended for us." He did not look up from his console, trying to filter out the transmission, make it clearer. "It appears to be a subspace transmission...from the structure."

Kaoru nodded, "Clean it up Ensign, and find out who it's meant for and what it contains." She turned from the Ensign, a4.gif Bridge to Captain Anil... a4.gif

The response was quick in coming, a4.gif Anil here. a4.gif

a4.gif Captain, we're picking up a subspace transmission from the structure below...we're attempting to decipher it and determine who it's meant for. a4.gif

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 3 2005, 12:53 PM
Thank you that would be nice," Kassan replied, bending forward and reaching for the glass at the same time he did.

His fingers brushed hers, and Reyan felt somthing akin to an electric shock shoot through him. She turned and looked at him. His face was only inches from hers as he too leaned forward to reach for the glass. He was again captivated by her eyes, lost in their depth. Then without thinking, she moved forward slightly and her lips brushed his

Although surprised for a second, Reyan took her hands in his, pressed his lips against hers, and they shared a long, passionate kiss, which was ended only by the chirp of the comm system

a4.gif "Bridge to Captain Anil" a4.gif

Although his inital reaction was to ignore it, he slowly pulled away from Kassan, smiled at her and hit his comm

a4.gif "Anil here" a4.gif he replied, sounding a little more short of breath than he would have liked - he hoped that Doctor Ele would not notice

a4.gif "Captain, we're picking up a subspace transmission from the structure below...we're attempting to decipher it and determine who it's meant for" a4.gif

Reyan sighed

a4.gif "Continue trying to decipher the signal - I'll be with you in a few moments" a4.gif Reyan replied, dissappointed at not being able to share more time with Kassan

He turned to her, and again held her hands within his own

"Duty calls" he stated, making no attempt to hide his obvious dissappointment

"I understand" Kassan replied, smiliing

"I know that things have developed rather.......quickly between us, but I would very much like to see you again, if possible" Reyan asked, as he stood and straightend his uniform

"I'd like that" she replied, her honest smile captivating Reyan again

Reyan moved to her, and planted a small kiss on her lips

"We will, of course, have to keep things professional between us whilst we are on duty" he stated, grinning, and knowing that he was stating the obvious

"Of course" she replied

"In that case, I'll see you on the bridge, and hopefully later, when we are both off duty" Reyan stated, gazing into her eyes

With that he left his quaters and made his way to the Bridge

Posted by: Gaia Moore Aug 4 2005, 10:23 AM
Gaia crawled with her fists leading the way, not caring if they got scraped, she saw Ryan ahead and if she could just catch up to him.....Ryan looked back for a moment and his pace increased, obviously not wanting to confront her. Gaia decided to let it be, now wasn't the time for a confrontation anyway. Geo was on her team, Gaia knew he was more qualified than her to lead, but there was no changing it now, she was in charge and she intended to do just that.

The two teams moved swiftly, the complex was larger than Gaia could have imagined and she imagined it to be huge. It looked archaic, age radiated in every crack and carving that seemed to cover the complex’s entrances. Gaia could see the scale, but if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed it. They made their way to the entrance and this was where she and the others hoped Charlie team had done their job. They found themselves in a large corridor, it could have fit 10 men abreast easily, shoulder to shoulder and even with room to spare.

Ryan and Ryker leaned on the wall, either side of the entrance to the shaft intelligence had gathered led to the level they needed. The shaft was vertical and looked to be a long drop if any of them fell, Gaia’s heart pounded as she watched Ryan abseil down with Ryker first. Ryan’s eyes looked a little glazed, Gaia wished she knew what was running through his mind. “Probably how he can avoid me!” she thought bitterly, then snapped her thoughts back to the present. She sided where Ryker was, two could play this game….. He motioned for the teams to carry on, still alert for any guards that may have slipped their notice.

Both Alpha and Beta team took the shaft that led to level two, Gaia was the first of her team to abseil down the shaft, she was the leader and she intended to do just that. No alarms had yet sounded, proving that Charlie team had done their part of the mission. Now it was Gaia’s turn to do hers………..The shaft ended and the teams gathered at the end of the shaft, Gaia’s muscles tensed and her eyes narrowed, something didn’t feel right.

When the rest of the team had come down the shaft, Gaia motioned her team to separate from Ryan’s. She glanced at Ryan before racing down the adjoining passageway, Geo following closely behind. Gaia knew that time was of the essence. Intelligence had told them that there would be three doors leading to the secondary control room, sure enough they came to the first door. A simple code was all that was needed to open this door, a case of bypassing the primary control systems that is specific to that door. Gaia had to do that so as not to set off any alarms that may have been in stealth mode, the Romulans were a tricky species and she wouldn’t put it past them to have set a booby trap unnoticed until it was set off. A few taps later, the door opened revealing another length of passageway. She went ahead alone first, to ensure it was safe, then waved geo and the others over to where she now crouched.

“Geo, I believe you’re familiar with hacking into computer systems…….I need your skills here to open this door. I don’t recognise the configuration of the lock, which means there’s a trick to it. You’re the trickiest person I know, can you make out what it is and how to open it?”

“I’ll give it my best shot Miss Engineer!” Gaia decided to let the comment slide, she had a job to do.

“Mason, I want you to position yourself 100 metres down that corridor to give us warning should any Romulans appear. Michaels, I want you to keep an eye out for any uninvited guests and provide cover fire for Mason to get back should they decide to pay us a visit.” Gaia turned to face Geo, already hard at work deciphering the code. “Geo, how’s that door coming? We don’t have a lot of time!”

“I’m working as fast as I can, give me a bit of breathing room would you?” Geo didn’t even stop what he was doing to answer, or turn to face her, he kept working. Gaia was getting a bit hot under the collar, first Ryan stuffs her in this position and now……

“Is it that time of the month or something Lieutenant, we don’t have to take any orders you give us! Revolone is the senior officer here, not you!” Gaia turned round slowly, suppressing the majority of her anger. She couldn’t tell whether it was Michaels or Mason who had made that comment, but they both had the look that whoever said it, they both agreed on it. It was obvious they resented her being in charge, but like it or not, she was.

“He may be the senior officer here, but I am the leader of this team and what I say goes! So get to your position, or I’ll put you through that door and I’m not talking when it’s open!!!!!”

Gaia couldn’t keep the heat from her voice, she was the leader and she would do her duty! She took a deep breathe and, after making sure the Titan crew with her team did what she had asked, moved over to where Geo was working. He glanced at her briefly and she just shot him a daring look, daring him to say a word. Gaia knew some of her anger was due to Ryan putting her in this position in the first place, part of it was for him ignoring her. However, no matter how she felt about the situation, there was nothing she could do to change it, she was the leader of this team and she intended to lead it to conclusion.

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 4 2005, 10:31 PM
Kassan headed to the Bridge, her lips tingled from the kiss and she kept touching them with her fingertips barely able to believe what had happened. Her heart was beating madly and she stopped an closed her eyes for a moment, trying to regain her composure before entering the turbo lift.

Having settled somewhat she stepped in.


As the doors opened, she saw that the Captain had already taken his seat next to the Doctor and science were trying to decifer the signal that had been sent. Kassan walked in and the Captain acknowledged her with a nod and the Doctor smiled.

She walked over to her station and again the young Ensign moved across to the secondary consol.

"Report." she ordered quietly.

"It appears they have moved inside the building, the signal has been all bar lost, but doing the best I can."

"Have you recalibrated?" she asked.

"Aye Sir ahh Ma'am..ahh." he stuttered.

"Which ever you are comfortable with Ensign. Thank you, carry on." she replied.

Kassan listened as the Science station continued to give intermittant reports on the signal they were trying to decifer and Kassan went to work trying to clear the scan's signal enough to track the away teams. Her fingers danced over the controls narrowing the field width of the scanning frequency, she could now make out movement within the structure, but the signal was tenuous at best. Slipping on and off screen. She sighed with frustration and tried again.

"Tactical Report." the XO ordered.

"I believe they have entered the building." Kassan replied. "The scan signal has degraded. I am recalibrating and narrowing the scans freqency in the hope of getting a better signal." Kassan replied.

"Science." the Doctor asked.

"We are getting radiation readings in the upper atmosphere, nothing of any consequence to the teams, but I believe it is some of the source of interference with the signals. We have not decifered the other signal as yet." replied the officer at Science.

"I am going to adjust the calibrations to compensate for the radiation and the fluctuations it is causing in the magnetic fields, that may help some." Kassan said. "Even as weak as they are they are exceeding the normal operating range of this vessel's equipment."

Again her fingers danced over the panel in front of her. She swore quietly under her breath as the signal was lost completely. Furiously she again played with the calibration. Suddenly the blips appeared back on screen. She let out her pent up breath in a quiet sigh.

She continued to monitor, giveing reports when needed and listening to the reports from other stations.

Her mind wandered to the encounter with Reyan in his quarters, her face blushing slightly as again her fingers went to her lips.

He is so good looking, she thought dreamily, and so ......

"I said....Report Lieutenant."

Kassan looked to the front of the room and noticed all eyes were now on her. She colored as she cleared her throat.

"Sorry Ma'am...ahh...." she looked quickly down and then back up.

"I believe that one team has possibly cleared their level bcause the other team looks to be heading down to the next." Kassan replied, redening more as the Doctor grinned at her.

Having been caught in a day dream she strove to keep her mind more on her work and less on the Captain, for the moment. But occasionally she found herself looking at him and thinking back to the visit to his quarters.

He must think I am awful, she worried. I dont know what has come over me. No one has this affect on me. But he did say he wants to see me again.

She again looked at the Captain, feeling a warmth radiating through her at the very thought of his touch. Her fingers going to her lips where he kissed her.

What had he said as he was leaving, oh yes, "In that case, I'll see you on the bridge, and hopefully later, when we are both off duty" Was that an offer of a date...or am I reading more into it than there actually was...I hope I am not making a fool of myself

She heard a noise and looked at the Ensign beside her. She bought her gaze away from the Captain with a start and looked at the Ensign, He was looking at her and grinning.

Oh god, how embarrassing. Is it that obvious.

She put her fingers down and looked at the Ensign trying not to blush, "Eyes down Ensign. We cant afford to miss anything."

"Aye Sir," he replied, going back to work, but the grin remaining on his face.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 5 2005, 06:53 AM
With the surface being scanned, and little else happening, Reyan was pleased to see the change of duty-shift team arrive

"Lieutenant McNeil - you have the bridge - you know the routine - I want to know about anything that happens down there"

"Aye Sir" the young Lieutenant replied

He then immidately looked over to the Tactical station, where Lieutenant Xandra was handing her report over to Ensign Desav, but she did, however, glance over at Reyan, and gave him a warm smile which he duly returned

He began to make his way to the turbolift, when Doctor Ele intercepted him

"Don't do anything that I wouldn't do" she stated, grinning - she then vannished into the turbolift, leaving Reyan lost for words

He nevertheless made his way over to tactical, and ordered Ensign Desav keep a close eye on the complex which the teams had entered - he then followed Lieutenant Xandra into the turbolift

The doors slid shut, and Reyan immediately turned to her

"Your place or mine" he stated teasingly

"I don't really mind" she replied

"Well - ever tried Bajoran Hasparat?" he asked

"My Third host, Greva Namay, was familiar with that dish - he sampled it when he was assigned as Cultural Diplomat for Bajor" she replied

"Good - I make a pretty mean hasparat myself - care to sample it?" Reyan continued

"I'd love to - although, I hope you have some water nearby - I remember the burning sensation that it left in Greva's mouth!" she replied, smiliing

They soon arrived at Reyan's quaters, darkened by the hollow asteroid that the Intrepid was perched inside. Reyan quickly set the door lock and made his way over to the replicator, to replicate the ingredients for hasparat

"Would you care for a drink?" he asked

Kassan nodded, and Reyan produced a large bottle of Romulan Ale from behind his counter

Kassan laughed

"Romulan Ale is illegal!" she exclaimed

"I won't tell if you won't" Reyan replied, winking, and pouring a glass for them both

An hour later, the Hasparat sat burnt in the replicator, and Reyan was sat down with Kassan, both having underestimated the potentcy of Romulan Ale

"And there was this one time, when I was a Junior operations officer aboard the Ramillies, when we gave the Cargobay Officer a heart attack - he was emptying it, so that he could reorganise things the way he wanted them, so we beamed a shuttle into his cargobay when he wasn't paying attention - all he could say was 'that was a stupid place to leave a shuttle!'"

Both officers laughed

"More Ale" Reyan asked, feeling slightly lightheaded

"No thanks - one glass is plenty" Kassan replied

"You know, we should make this a regular event" Reyan stated

"I agree" Kassan replied

Reyan moved closer to her

"I hope that you didn't think that I was being too foward earlier" he wispered

"I was hoping that YOU didn't think that" Kassan replied

Reyan smiled, and held her hands

"I realise that we have not known each other for long, and that the Romulan ale is likely going to my head, but I would like to see you more often Kassan - like this- I've never felt this way about anyone"

She did not reply - instead she smiled, and pushed herself close to him, he wrapped his arms aroud her and they shared a long, deep, and uniterrupted, kiss.

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 5 2005, 11:25 AM
End of shift came quickly and Kassan was very pleasantly surprised when Captain Reyan followed her into the lift. She tried to maintain a calm demeaner, which she was finding very difficult to do with him so close in such confined quarters. The doors slid shut, and Reyan immediately turned to her

"Your place or mine" he asked his, his voice had a teasing quality to it.

"I don't really mind" Kassan replied, her cheeks burning.

"Well - ever tried Bajoran Hasparat?" he asked

They chatted for a while as they headed to Reyan's quaters. Once outside she stood waiting as he coded the door and it slid open. They walked inside and Reyan locked the door and walked over to the replicator, to replicate the meal.

"Would you care for a drink?" he asked

Kassan nodded, and Reyan produced a large bottle of Romulan Ale from behind his counter

Kassan laughed

"Romulan Ale is illegal!" she exclaimed

"I won't tell if you won't" Reyan replied, winking, and pouring a glass for them both

Kassan had no idea how long they had been chatting and drinking, but she was feeling very light headed and was thoroughly enjoying her evening with Anil. They had been telling each other amusing stories and both been laughing. She found him not only unbelievably attractive and intellegent, but very amusing. She loved his sense of humour.

"More Ale" Reyan asked, feeling slightly lightheaded

"No thanks - one glass is plenty" Kassan replied

"You know, we should make this a regular event" Reyan stated

"I agree" Kassan replied

Anil moved closer to her and Kassan shivered as his arm brushed against hers.

"I hope that you didn't think that I was being too foward earlier" he wispered

"I was hoping that YOU didn't think that" Kassan replied, feeling her cheeks color again.

Reyan smiled and took her hands in his. She again found herself looking deep into his eyes and drowning in his gaze.

"I realise that we have not known each other for long, and that the Romulan ale is likely going to my head, but I would like to see you more often Kassan - like this- I've never felt this way about anyone"

Her heart leapt and she tried not to show the effect his words had on her. She smiled, and moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms aroud her and they shared a long, deep, and uniterrupted, kiss. Her heart was beating rapidly and she was sure he would be able to feel it, as there bodys molded against one another.

She was breathless as they moved apart and she looked deep into his eyes, she felt sure that if she kept looking she would lose herself forever in their depths. Without a word, there lips again brushed and she felt herself melting into him, a soft moan escaping from her as she kissed him deeper.

Without a word, Anil stood and held out his hand to her. She took his hand and stood. Again, she found herself in his arms, this time their bodys moulded to each other as their kisses became more demanding and their bodies began to respond automatically to each other.

This time it was Anil who moaned. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bedroom. She had her arms round his neck and her head resting on his shoulder as he carried her. Gently he lay her on the bed and bent to kiss her, she pulled him down to her and before long they were in each others arms kissing deeply. Her breathing had increased as they explored each other.

"Computer; Lights dim 70 percent." Anil said, his voice husky with desire.

Slowly they undressed each other savouring every moment.

"You are so sexy," she whispered, her breath hot on his neck.

He moaned and pulled her closer.

"Computer; Lights out." he said.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Aug 7 2005, 05:03 AM
Kaoru returned to the bridge not long after shift change, utterly unable to relax. It was hard not to think of…well…him, hard not to worry about the safety of the entire away team. The puzzle of that subspace transmission offered a welcome distraction.

She struggled for the name of the Ensign at the science station trying to decipher the message. Damn, there were too many new faces...and so young. She shook her head, The Intrepid was not gaining a good reputation, she was sure.

The ensign, whose name had turned out to be Ensign Taylor, replayed the message she had been working on, Kaoru listened carefully, leaning against the science station, her arms crossed.

// Subspace Transmission //
// Received 58194.125 //
// Filtered 58194.129 //

Status Report: USS Titan

Mission parameters exceeded, repeat, parameters exceeded. Objective gained.

// End Transmission //

Kaoru and the science ensign exchanged glances, “That makes no sense.” The ensign nodded her agreement.

“Shall I contact the Titan for clarification sir?”

Kaoru shook her head, “No…it was a fluke we picked up that transmission at all, it wasn’t meant for us.” She was thoughtful for a long time, finally glancing around the bridge.

“Ensign Taylor, keep the message playing…loop it, please.” Kaoru taking the XO’s seat, a4.gif Transporter room, beam Subcommander Kovek to the bridge. a4.gif

The Romulan appeared on the bridge in the next few seconds. Kaoru did not rise from her seat, watching him for a few long seconds then turning her attention to a small data PADD, the one that still held Reyan’s drink invitation actually. Kaoru didn’t need to really be doing work, she only needed for Kovek to think she was.

For his part, the Romulan subcommander glanced around the bridge curiously. His eyes fell on Ensign Taylor and he heard the message looping,

Kaoru saw him start and rose, taking his arm and pulling him into the small conference room just off of the bridge, “What is it?”

Kovek’s expression was disdainful and he pulled his arm from her grasp, straightening his uniform, “What is what?” But Kaoru could see clearly that he was hiding something.

The door to the conference room opened and Kaoru glared, not recognizing the security ensign who stepped in. He was Vulkan, and Kaoru was just about to ask his business when he unholstered his phaser and fired at Kovek.

Kaoru did not waste time, she hit the commbadge on her shoulder, a4.gif Security to the bridge conference room! a4.gif The ensign raised the phaser, aiming at her next, but was tackled to the ground before he could fire.

She did not wait until the Ensign was subdued, but went immediately to Kovek, kneeling beside him, touching her commbadge again, a4.gif Transporter room, two to beam to sickbay…energize. a4.gif

She gave orders for Reyan to be informed, and for security to be heightened ship wide, then went to work on Kovek. He was bad off…and she could not be sure he would make it.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 7 2005, 01:12 PM
Reyan awoke, and looked at his clock - several hours had passed, unnoticed to him

He looked over at Kassan, who lay next to him in his bed, still sleeping - he stroked her hair gently, and smiled. He then glanced around his room, noting how cluttered it was, and that their uniforms and underwear still lay on the floor where they had been left

He slipped carefully and quietly out of the bed, and slipped his shorts on, and walked over to his replicator

"Computer - water - cold" he orded, and the glass obligingly appeared

"Could you get me one while you are at at?" came Kassan's voice from behind him

Reyan turned, to see Kassan sat up in his bed, the duvet covering her

"Computer - another water" he ordered, and prompty carried it over to her, and sat on the bed next to her

"How do you feel?" he asked awkwardly

"Fine thankyou" she replied, taking a mouthful of water from the cold glass

There was an awkward silence for a moment, broken only when Reyan cleared his throat

"I really enjoyed last night, Kassan - again, I know things are happening quickly between us, but I would like to see more of you if possible"

Kassan smiled again

"I think, after last night, that I agree, Anil" she replied

They moved closer together, Reyan took her in his arms and they shared a passionate kiss

"I feel like a teenager" Reyan admitted, when the kiss finally ended

At that moment, the comm system beeped

a4.gif "Lieutenant McNeil to the Captain" a4.gif came the voice over the intercom

Reyan looked at Kassan, and rolled his eyes

"Always somthing" he muttered to her, grinning

He scrambled around, trying to find his commbadge, and instead finding Kassan's

"Captain Reyan here - go ahead" he called

a4.gif "Sir - we received what appeared to be a message from the USS Titan - we summoned Sub-Commander Kovek to the Bridge, and an unknown Vulcan Ensign tried to shoot him. Doctor Ele is in sickbay with Commander Kovek as we speak" a4.gif

a4.gif "Is the situation under conrol?" a4.gif Reyan demanded

a4.gif "Aye Sir - the Ensign is in custody" a4.gif

a4.gif "Good work Lieutenant" - he paused, and glanced over at the beautiful Lieutenant Kassan, who was slipping her uniform back on "And contact Lieutenant Kassan - we'll need to question this Ensign friend of ours" a4.gif he finnished

a4.gif "Aye Sir" a4.gif Lieutenant McNeil replied

"You had better report to your Office" Reyan stated, watching as Kassan finnished dressing

"As you said, always somthing" she replied

"We can spend some personal time together later" he stated, smiling at her and loosing himself in her eyes

He moved closer to her, and kissed her gently

She returned his kiss, smiled back at him, and then turn and made her way to the door

"I'll join you in your office in a few minutes - I need to see how Kovek is before I do anything else" Reyan called

"See you there" she replied, smiling at him as she left his quaters

He sighed as the doors closed behind her

a4.gif "Computer - initiate site-to-site transport to sickbay - energise" a4.gif he stated, not wanting to appear tardy

His quaters demateralised around him, and his surrounding reformed into sickbay, where Doctor Ele was trying to convince Sub-Commander Kovek to remain on his bed

"If it is all the same to you, Doctor, I felt safer in your Brig!" he shouted angrily

Reyan walked over, cathing Doctor Ele's attention, and receiving a grin from her as she walked toward him

"Mr Kovek is being a little uncooperative, Captain" she stated

"Not surprised" Reyan grunted

"What do you intend to do about it!?" Kovek demanded

"Not sure yet to be honest - I'm a little upset that our imposter didn't suceed myself, but then there would be questions, reports........." Reyan stated, trying to sound disinterested

"Very amusing, Captain - but one of your Ensigns tried to kill me, and you WILL adress the issue" Kovek stated

"I intend to - just so long as YOU let Doctor Ele treat you" Reyan finnished

Kovek snorted, but nodded in agreement - Reyan walked into the Doctor's office

"He's all yours - I....." he began to say, but then noticed the padd on her desk - the one which he had used to invite Kassan for their initial drink

"Ohhhhhh" he stated "That's why you keep throwing me those odd looks" Reyan stated, feeling a little embarrassed

"Odd looks?" Doctor Ele stated innocently, clearly trying very hard to surpress a grin

Reyan grinned

"I would very much appreciate it if you kept this to yourself" he asked polietly

Doctor Ele laughed

"Of course - incidentially - how are you two getting on?" she asked

Reyan smiled

"Very well indeed, thankyou" he replied, uncharacteristically feeling his cheeks flush a little

"Your hair is somthing of a testiment to how well you two are getting along, Anil, but your secret is safe with me" she replied, still grinning

Reyan smiled at her, and walked out of sickbay - he had to join Kassan to question the mystery Ensign, who posed a large, unanswered, question - and Reyan didn't like unanswered questions.

Reply anyone

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Aug 7 2005, 03:39 PM
“I’ll give it my best shot Miss Engineer!” Geo snorted. He had been an engineering officer on the USS Reaent, as well as a partial engineer aboard the USS Victory. The USS Intrepid engineer was no different then any other engineer! Nonetheless, Geo took two steps towards the console and spliced into the mainframe. Of course, it wasn't that easy, Romulans were careful crafted to prevent such things from happening -- so Geo had to be slightly smarter.

“Mason, I want you to position yourself 100 metres down that corridor to give us warning should any Romulans appear. Michaels, I want you to keep an eye out for any uninvited guests and provide cover fire for Mason to get back should they decide to pay us a visit.” Gaia turned to face Geo, already hard at work deciphering the code. “Geo, how’s that door coming? We don’t have a lot of time!”

“I’m working as fast as I can, give me a bit of breathing room would you?” Again, he didn't bother to do anything; instead he continued to work, not even turning around to regard Gaia as he murmured that. He had a hot spot for being bossed around by a underling who thought she knew what she was doing. She didn't have to sound so demanding when she did it! Gritting his teeth together, Geo fused the last of the bionumerical software before finally entering into the mainstream data.

“Is it that time of the month or something Lieutenant, we don’t have to take any orders you give us! Revolone is the senior officer here, not you!” Ooooo, he mentally chuckled at the comment, his eyes nearly daring to glance behind him. At another time, say with Aurora, he probably would have been the one to say that, but since this was a different Engineer, he didn't bother.

“He may be the senior officer here, but I am the leader of this team and what I say goes! So get to your position, or I’ll put you through that door and I’m not talking when it’s open!!!!!”

Geo looked over his shoulder as Gaia shot him that dirty look, his face stilled from showing a scowl. "I said give me some space Gaia, I've passed into the secondary relay, now I'm routing through to the tertiary quadrance bay, it'll take some time before I can activate the circuit datastream and get this damned thing open."

Gaia's lips pursed, clearly unsatisfied, but Geo only chuckled, "patience is a virtue you engineers never had."

She snorted at that, but Geo shrugged his shoulders and continued to work. In little over two minutes, he had cracked through the door, which swished open rather quickly.


"Typical man, takes too long to do anything of use."

"Typical woman," he snorted in return, rising to his feet. "Doesn't have patience and can't seem to thank a man for doing a job out of her league." He strolled through the door, drawing his phaser as he moved. Gaia looked infuriated, but after a moment laughed, "I think I'm going to like working with you."

"Pleasure to help," the group moved forward.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Aug 9 2005, 12:01 AM
"What the hell? Isn't the elevator supposed to be here, on the first level?"

"The details we obtained from Kovek were sketchy, or perhaps someone is already on one of the lower levels." Riker suggested.

"Yeah, maybe..." Ryan said skeptcially and he stretched his neck again to look down into the narrow shaft.

A warm yellow light engulfted the section of shaft several metres below, apparently they had clear access to level two, but it was the pit of complete darkness below that level that concerned Ryan.

"We won't know unless we proceed." Riker said and checked the time. "Charlie team should be finished, let's go."

Ryan gave his safety line a hearty tug to insure that it was ankered securely to the wall.

He pushed away from the safety of the ledge and sunk down into the shaft. Ryan rammbed the heels of his boots into the decaying stone wall. Moments later he and the teams reached level two's pool of light.

Beta team scurried into the corridor and hastily vanished through a distant doorway. Ryan looked upwards to watch the remaining two Alpha crew desend. He slid down his line slightly to provide more room.

"What the...?" Ryan gasped and looked down at his feet.

He found himself standing on something solid about half a metre below the ledge of the corridor.

"The elevator -"

"Everybody into the corridor - now." Riker demanded.

No-one paused to argue, it had been a possibillity in Ryan's mind that the elevator could be near by, but it's close proximity un-nerved him.

"I don't recall this part being in the mission briefing." Sally said as the last officer lunged into the corridor. "I thought we were going to use that elevator."

Ryan pressed his back against the stone wall and felt it's coolness seep into his uniform. There was nothing more that Alpha team could do but wait for Beta team to complete their task.

The minutes seemed to crawl foward; how long he stood there, Ryan didn't know.

a4.gif "Korbin to Alpha team!" a4.gif

Riker hesitated for a moment. This mission was ment to be conducted in comm silence.

a4.gif "Go ahead." a4.gif

a4.gif "Sir, the Romulans have barricaded us in the secondary control room." a4.gif

Ryan listened to the fragmented sounds of phaser fire that overlapped Korbin's voice.

a4.gif "You must stand your ground Commander - keep me apprized." a4.gif

a4.gif "Aye sir." a4.gif

"So much for a covert operation." Riker breathed after closing the comm channel.

"Beta team should be notified."


a4.gif "Orlan to Revolone." a4.gif

a4.gif "Sir?" a4.gif

a4.gif "Let's step up the pace Geo - Charlie team have encounted resistance." a4.gif

a4.gif "Thanks, allow me to be the courier of bad news." a4.gif

Ryan smiled grimly, he knew what Geo had ment. Granted, he'd only known Geo for a couple of months; but Geo knew Gaia.

OOC: Sorry I havn't posted in a while. I've been on a medical LOA for those who didn't know, but I guess this post signifies that I'm back - to posting atleast. a5.gif


Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 10 2005, 07:59 AM
"I feel like a teenager" Reyan admitted, when the kiss finally ended

Kassan blushed as Anil statement reflected what she had been feeling. But before she could reply the com system in his room beeped.

a4.gif Lieutenant McNeil to the Captain a4.gif

Reyan looked at Kassan, and rolled his eyes. She smiled at him wishing they could have had just a few more moments together uninterupted.

"Always somthing" he muttered to her, grinning

She almost giggled as she watched him looking around among the debris of clothing that lay scattered around the floor, for his com badge. She nearly lost it when he surfaced from the floor, looking like a man who had just found the perfect pearl after diving, her com badge in his hand and a triuphent grin on his face.

a4.gif Captain Reyan here - go ahead a4.gif

a4.gif Sir - we received what appeared to be a message from the USS Titan - we summoned Sub-Commander Kovek to the Bridge, and an unknown Vulcan Ensign tried to shoot him. Doctor Ele is in sickbay with Commander Kovek as we speak a4.gif

Kassan started to pull her clothes on as she listened to Anil talk to the Lieutenant. She fumed that there had been a breach of security and it had taken the Captain to order them to notify her. Particularly when the breach had involved the Bridge crews safety and had resulted in an injury. She would not broach this type of laxness within her security teams. She should have been notified, by the on duty officer the moment the incedent had happened. Her mind came back to the conversation Anil was having.

a4.gif Is the situation under conrol? a4.gif

a4.gif Aye Sir - the Ensign is in custody a4.gif

a4.gif Good work Lieutenant ..and contact Lieutenant Kassan - we'll need to question this Ensign friend of ours a4.gif

a4.gif Aye Sir a4.gif

"You had better report to your Office" Reyan said, turning to Kassan

"As you said, always somthing" she replied, now almost dressed, her hand out for the comm badge he held.

He grinned at her selfconciously and handed her, the badge. She attatched it to her uniform.

"We can spend some personal time together later" he stated, smiling at her and and again she found herself losing herself in his eyes.

He moved closer to her, and kissed her gently, she melted against him and returned the kiss, then smiled back at him. She then turned and headed out the door.

"I'll join you in your office in a few minutes - I need to see how Kovek is before I do anything else" Reyan called as she walked out.

"See you there" she called back.

Kassan made her way down to her office. She had only walked to the end of the corridor when her com badge chirped. She reached up and tapped it.

:comm:Lieutenant Xandra, Lieutenant McNeil a4.gif

a4.gif Xandra here Lieutenant. What can I do for you. a4.gif

a4.gif There has been a security breach on the Bridge, a Vulcan Ensign shot at Sub-Commander Kovek after he was called to the Bridge. a4.gif

a4.gif Anybody hurt or killed. a4.gif

a4.gif Not sure Ma'am, Kovek was taken to sickbay, the Ensign to the Brig. a4.gif

a4.gif Thank you Lieutenant. Xandra out. a4.gif

Kassan entered the lift and tapped her com.

a4.gif Xandra to Scara a4.gif

a4.gif Scara here Ma'am a4.gif

a4.gif You are the duty officer at the moment? a4.gif

a4.gif Aye Ma'am a4.gif

a4.gif There has been a high level security breach and I was not informed immediately. I want no excuses we will be discussing this protocol breach and steps will be taken to fix the problem in future. a4.gif

a4.gif Aye Ma'am a4.gif

a4.gif I want a two guards placed on Kovek, as of now. a4.gif

a4.gif Aye Ma'am, on it. a4.gif

a4.gif Xandra out. a4.gif

The lift doors opened and Kassan headed down to her Office. She keyed in her code and entered. She was going to have to interigate the prisoner, but first she wanted to read the official reports and access the video of the incedent in question, before Anil arrived.

She walked to the replicator and ordered a coffee and then walked to her desk and sat down, bringing up the monitor. She entered her security code and the screen came to life. She examined the security reports as she sipped her coffee, a sigh escaped her.

Great start to the day, she thought to herself.

Finally after reading the rather bland reports, she stretched and stood and walked over to the replicator again and got herself another drink. Then sitting down again she bought up the security tape of the incedent and watched it.

The screen showed Dr Kaoru returning to the bridge seeming by her stature to be either worried or somewhat agitated.

She had asked for a replay of the message and the science station had played it on main speakers. She watched the Doctors face, she was listening carefully and with great concentration as she leaned her arms crossed against the science station consol.

// Subspace Transmission //
// Received 58194.125 //
// Filtered 58194.129 //

Status Report: USS Titan

Mission parameters exceeded, repeat, parameters exceeded. Objective gained.

// End Transmission //

She watched the look that passed between the Doctor and the Ensign at science.“That makes no sense.”

The ensign nodded her agreement. “Shall I contact the Titan for clarification sir?”

“No…it was a fluke we picked up that transmission at all, it wasn’t meant for us.” The doctor replied after thinking for a while and looking round the bridge.

“Ensign Taylor, keep the message playing…loop it, please.” The Doctor ordered as she sat down in the XO’s seat, " Transporter room, beam Subcommander Kovek to the bridge."

Kassan watched the screen with interest as a Romulan appeared on the bridge in a sparkle of the transporter beam lights. The Doctor did not move or speak, then glanced at a PADD.

Kassan returned her concentration to the Romulan. He seemed to be glancing round the Bridge curiously. Then his eyes fell on the Ensign at Science as he heard the message.

The Doctor appeared to be watching the Romulan surrepticiously and when she had seen that he had heard the message she stood and pulled him into the conference room.

Kassan tapped the consol and took another sip of coffee as the camera view now showed the inside of the conference room.

“What is it?” the Doctor asked her hand still restraining the Romulan.

The Romulan looked disdainful and he pulled his arm from her grasp, straightening his uniform, “What is what?”

Kassan felt the Romulans body language looked like he was hiding something. She stopped the recording and rewound and watched his face and movements again and again as the Doctor asked him what the recording was. She was convinced that he knew something but was not letting on.

Kassan's attention was taken momentarily to the door of the conference room as it slid open. A Vulcan Ensign in a security uniform entered.

She stopped the viewer and tried a cross match with the Ensigns face and came up a blank. She tried again, still nothing.

Interesting, she thought, her face showing her annoyance. I am going to have to do a complete security upgrade and give the place a complete reaming, this should not have occured.

She restarted the viewer and watched as the Doctor looked at the security Ensign and glared appearing not recognizing him. It was then he quickly unholstered his phaser and fired at the Romulan.

The Doctor quickly hit the commbadge on her shoulder, "Security to the bridge conference room! "

Kassan again watched the Ensign as he raised the phaser again and aimed it at the doctor, but security had entered behind him and ascertaining what was happening tackled the ensign to the ground, before he could fire. They disarmed him and Kassan noticed the Doctor had knelt beside the downed Romulan and tapped her com badge again.

" Transporter room, two to beam to sickbay…energize. " she stated.

Kassan watched the security video over and over, trying to get a better idea of what had occured or perhaps even what had spurred the attack, but came up a blank.

Kassan tapped her com and ordered Scara to her office. She waited looking again at the video. She heard her door chime.

She looked up. "Enter."

Scara walked in and stood to attention. Kassan stood.

"Scara, I want security upped to Alpha Delta 4 immediately." she ordered.

"Aye Ma'am," he replied.

"I am not happy with what has occured and it will not be tolerated on my watch. I am ordering double duty for all security and I want extra close combat training. I will have my security working at peak efficiency." she told him.

"Aye Ma'am, I will start work on rosters as soon as I have upped the security level on the ship." he replied.

"Very good. I also want all personell files checked and a complete check run on every member of security. I dont want any more incedent like just occured." she ordered.

"Aye Ma'am." he again replied.

"Very good. I want a report on my desk in the next two hours." she ordered. "Dismissed."

She watched as he left the office and she walked over to the view window and looked out at the star scape. Her mind wandering to Anil as a tingle went through her body.

"Penny for your thoughts." came a voice behind her.

She jumped and turned round her face hot and flush, it was Anil.

"A penny?" she asked, trying to regain her composure.

"An old saying "he laughed. "A penny I believe was an old earth form of currency."

She smiled at Anil and then her face became serious. "Sir, I have done a check and I cannot find record of the ensign who shot the Romulan anywhere on file. I will be running a more thorough search with dna samples later, but for the moment, I do not believe he is a member of this crew."

"I suspected as much." Anil replied.

She gave him a report on the upgrades ordered and he seemed happy with them.

"I will be filing a full report to you as soon as I can, Sir." she told him.

"Thank you Lieutenant." he replied.

"Sir, if I could ask. Who is the Romulan and why is he on this ship?" she asked.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 10 2005, 09:48 AM
Reyan sighed following Kassan's question

"Sir, if I could ask. Who is the Romulan and why is he on this ship?" she had asked, all traces of their intimate relationship placed to one side for the moment, to be replaced by her no-nonsense Security Officer attitude

Reyan sat himself down in the chair facing Kassan, feeling a little as if he were under interrogation; which he was forced to assume was exactly the point

"He is Sub-Commander, formerly Colonel, Kovek - assigned to us by the Romulan Senate to act as an Offical Envoy whilst the Intrepid is parading around Romulan space" Reyan answered, the distaste of the orders clear in his tone of voice

"And Starfleet agreed to this?" she asked

"The order came from Admiral Cartel himself" Reyan replied "May I?" he asked, as he turned the computer terminal so that both himself and Kassan could see it

"Computer - access personal message log, Captain Anil Reyan, authorisation Reyan Gamma 2-9 - replay last message received from Admiral Cartel"

The computer beeped obediently, and the previous screen changed to the Federation banner, and the text:
*Classified - personal messages - Captain Anil Reyan U.S.S Intrepid NCC-74600*

Kassan watched with interest, as Reyan pushed the button to replay the message, and Admiral Cartel appeared on the screen

"Captain - I have been in long discussion with the Romulan Senate, and it has been decided that Colonel Kovek will remain aboard the Intrepid - the Romulan's are demoting him to Sub-Commander, and it has been agreed that he will act as a special Envoy to the Intrepid, whilst you are in Romulan space"

I know that this turn of events could cause problems, especially considering Kovek's short history onboard the Intrepid, but in the interests of cooperation with the Romulan senate I would like you to do your best to accomodate him. On another note, I have discussed your performance, during the recent crisis, with Starfleet command, and it has been decided that you should be given permanant command of the Intrepid, with a promotion to Full Captain - you have proven yourself more than able. You will receive new orders shortly, Captain. Cartel out"

Reyan deactivated the computer terminal

"That's how he ended up aboard" Reyan stated

"He mentioned Kovek's short history?" Kassan queried

"Yeah - he had a part in the murder of my former security Officer, Kayla Martek" Reyan confirmed, realising that his voice still conveyed the bitterness that he felt about this

"Lieutenant, formerly Commander, Kayla Martek - previously of the USS Horizon under Captain Kirol B'son" she muttered to herself, having re-activated the computer terminal and accessed the crew's personal records

"That's her" Reyan confirmed, puzzled as to why Kassan was accessing the personal file of a deceased officer "Can I ask where you are going with this line of thought?" he asked her

"To be honest, I have to question the authenticity of the message that you received from Admiral Cartel" she replied, still looking at the computer terminal

"Elaborate" Reyan replied, interested to hear her theory

"Well - don't you find it unusal that Starfleet authorised Sub-Commander Kovek to remain onboad the Intrepid despite the fact that he murdered at least one of your Officers?" Kassan stated

Reyan paused, her words sinking in

"I did wonder about that - but with recent happenings, and the Kerchan incident, the issue fell by the wayside" Reyan stated thoughtfully "But that does not explain why our mystery Romulan disguised as a Vulcan Ensign tried to kill him" he finnished

"Well - I don't doubt that parts of the message are authentic, but I'd like to analyse it to be certain - It seems a little odd to me - And I have a theory about why that Ensign tried to shoot Kovek, but first I would like to ask Mr Kovek himself some questions, if you don't mind Captain" Kassan stated, finally looking up from her console

"Be my guest - I'll accompany you" Reyan replied, as they both stood

"Oh - and by the way - I would very much like your company for dinner later, if you are available - and I promise not to burn it this time" he noted, slipping the comment in before she could reach the door

Kassan smiled

"If I didn't know better, I'd say that buring that hasparat was part of some kind of ulterior motive" she replied, grinning

"You saw through my evil scheme! Foiled again!" Reyan replied, laughing

"I'd love to join you later - but work first, Dinner later" she replied, smiling

Reyan returned her smile, trying not to loose himself in her eyes

"Absoulutely, Lieutenant" he replied, winking at her, as the doors to her office slid open and they both made their way to visit Kovek

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Aug 10 2005, 06:41 PM
Kaoru was left alone with Kovek and several security officers....not that she had much faith in them at the moment. She dismissed them, ordering to stand guard outside of sickbay, turning her attention back to Kovek's injuries.

The Subcommander was in a great deal of pain, which suited Kaoru just fine.

The Romulun groaned, sweating, letting his head fall back to the biobed while Kaoru took several readings, monitoring him. He had been very lucky, she intended to tell him so when he was more rational, had she not been right at hand when he was hit, he likely would not have lived.

She made a small adjustment to the anabolic protoplaser that was slowly reknitting his damaged tissue. Only when she was satisfied that his body was healing well would she give him something for the pain. Without looking up from the bioscanners she spoke, "Marix, give him 20 ccs of Kelotane."

Lt. Marix was obviously reluctant, but he obeyed, and after he had administered the drug Kovek relaxed visibly. Even daring to smile at Kaoru. "Ah...thank you doctor."

Kaoru's blue eyes were cold, "For what? For not being a vicious killer like you? Keep your thanks Kovek...and your silence too, if you don't mind."

Kaoru did not wait to hear a response, nodding to Lt. Marix, "Notify me immediately if his situation changes."

She needed a break, but first she wanted to learn if Reyan or Xandra had uncovered anything from the security ensign.

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 12 2005, 01:25 AM
Reyan and Xandra arrived at the sick bay. She noticed the guards guarding the doors.

"I thought I ordered Kovek under high guard." she barked.

"The Doc ordered us out of the sickbay, this is as close as she would allow us." One of the guards answered nervously.

"Doctors privilage." Xandra nodded. "Carry on."

She walked into the sickbay and looked around her. It was a hive of organised activity. An Ensign saw them enter and walked over.

"Sir," he said standing to attention. "Ma'am"

"At ease...at ease....Is the Doctor here." Reyan asked.

The Ensign relaxed noticeably then shook his head. "No sir. She left a few moments ago."

"We will catch up with her shortly. We wish to question Kovek." Reyan told him.

The ensign pointed to a bio bed and Reyan headed over followed by Kassan, a look of distaste on his face. Kovek looked up at their approach.

"Come to gloat?" he asked.

"I am above that." Reyan replied.

"Then what do I owe the dubious pleasure of this visit too? I see you dont have flowers or chocolates. It cant be a social call." Kovek retorted.

Kassan looked at Reyan and he nodded.

"This is our new Chief of Security, she would like to ask you a few questions." Reyan replied.

"Jolan-Tru...Daise'Erai'Riov Kovek, I would like to introduce myself. I am Vriha'Erein Kassan Xandra." she told Kovek.

"Jolan-Tru...A pleasure." Kovek replied, looking anything but pleased and yet a little surprise at her use of Rihansu, to address him.

"Sir, I would like to ask you a few questions if I might?" she said, moving closer to his bed.

"Ask away. I doubt, I can be of any help to you." he replied, his face set stubbornly.

"First up, you look a little parched, can I get a drink for you?" he looked surprised for a moment, then his face went blank.

"No, I am fine, but thank you for asking." He replied.

Xandra looked down at him, "You seem a little uncomfortable. Let me help you."

She placed her hand gently under his head and lifted slightly, her other adjusting the pillow and then lowered his head.

"Thank you Lieutenant." he said, his face registering genuine surprise this time.

"Call me Kassan." she replied, a smile on her face.

"Then..thank you Kassan...but you realise, I am still not going to tell you what I do not know." he replied.

"That is quite all right, I realise you are probably as much in the dark as we are." She replied with a smile, sitting down on the chair beside the bio bed.

She sighed deeply, "But it is my job and I must do, what I must do." she smiled a little sadly. "..and being..well...new here..it is all that much harder."

He nodded slightly looking at her with a mix of suspicion and understanding. She watched his face closely as she spoke, the gentle smile never leaving her face.

"Do you have any idea, who the supposed Vulcan Ensign was who shot you?" she asked gently, knowing full well what his answer would be.

He looked at her for the moment, his face again blank. "No idea, I was hoping you would be able to tell me." then he smiled.

Kassan smiled back. "I know and as soon as I have any idea, I will let you know."

He seemed surprised and shocked. "You surprise me Lieutenant, you do realise I am being treated as responsible for the death of some of this crew, dont you? Or perhaps you havent been informed."

"Kassan...my name is Kassan." she smiled. "and yes, I am aware of the stories." she replied looking sad. "skuttle butt and rumour, travel fast on a ship this size."

He nodded.

"So tell me, talking of skuttle butt. A man accused of such atrocities. Who would so cruelly dispatch crew in such a manner. Why would he then turn round and save the life of a meer Lieutenant JG, with a broken arm?" she asked.

His face lost its neutrality for a moment, as if she had hit upon a raw nerve, then immediately regained its composure.

"Its ok, no need to answer, skuttle butt you understand." she smiled.

"Can you tell me why someone would want to kill you?" she asked, carefully watching his face. She saw the same tell tail flicker, she saw on the tape when asked about the message.

"I have no idea," he replied. "But I suspect any member of this crew might be so inclined. I do not have many friends aboard this vessel."

She nodded her understanding.

"But the Ensign was possibly not a member of this crew." she said, watching intently, the gentle smile never leaving her face.

Again she saw the flicker of something, again she couldnt help but feel he knew more than he was saying.

"Gaia Moore..Chief Engineer." she said out of the blue as if the name just sprang to mind.

This time caught off guard, she saw him pale slightly "I dont know who you are talking about." he replied, regaining his composure fast.

"Oh sorry, that is the name of the Lieutenant you reportadly saved." she replied, shrugging it off as if it were nothing.

"You seem to like her for some reason." She watched his eyes as the pupils dilated slightly and softened.

"I do not know what you are talking about." he replied, steadily.

She reached over and gently touched his hand. "It is alright, nothing important."

He looked at her confusion clouding his face for a moment.

"What was the recorded message, that was looping on the Bridge, just before you were shot." she asked.

"I.. am not sure..I have no idea." he replied, regaining his composure. But not before she saw the lie writen all over his face.

"hann'yyo (thank you) Daise'Erai'Riov Kovek. I will leave you to rest. I do not believe, I have any other questions for the moment. I hope your recovery is speedy.

He nodded and smiled tightly as he watched Xandra and Reyan leave the sickbay.

"Keep tight guard on the sickbay, if anything happens to him, it will be directly on your heads." she snarled at the guards outside the doors.

"You speak Romulan?" he asked Xandra surprised.

"Aye Sir, a little." she replied.

He grinned, " well I'll be, you are a grab bag of small surprises."

Kassan laughed, then turned again serious. "Sir, we had better head down to the brig..I want to interrigate the prisoner."

They headed quickly down to the brig.

"How has the prisoner been?" she asked the head guard, before heading down to the guarded cell.

"Quiet and uncooperative." He replied. "We havent been able to ascertain yet whether he is Romulan or Vulcan even. Although it is a pretty good guess he is Romulan."

"I am going down now. Inform the guards I am on my way." she ordered as she set off towards the cells.

She rounded the corner quietly and watched the sleeping prisoner.

vaed'rae y' eneh hwau' kllhwnia na imirrhlhhse kllhe rhifv Rihanha Daise'Erai'Riov plhere (attention you *obscenity* worm when a Romulan Commander enters.), Kassan yelled.

She watched a grin on her face as the Ensign in the cell jumped and stood to attention, the sleep vanishing from his face and fear, replacing it.

"I believe that answers our question." she smiled at Reyan. "So what were you thinking of cooking tonight."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 13 2005, 03:27 AM
The Romulan in the cell, posing as an Ensign, jumped up and stood to attention, clearly caught off guard by Lieutenant Xandra - he looked around, paranoia evident on his face

"I believe that answers our question." Kassan stated, smiling at Reyan, who was doing his best to surpress a laugh. "So what were you thinking of cooking tonight?" she finnished

"Beautfiul and intelligent - I'm a lucky man" Reyan wispered to her, causing her face to redden very slightly "I was thinking of trying an Earth dish - Beef casserole" Reyan stated, before he walked over to the holding cell

He took a quick look at the bewildered Romulan in the holding cell, who had clearly figured out that he had been taken for a fool

"Well Mr Romulan - it seems that my Chief of security caught you off guard - now - who do you work for and why did you attempt to kill our friend Kovek?" Reyan asked

"I wil answer no questions" the Romulan answered defiantly

"Fine - I have to say, I really don't want you on my ship - and incase you didn't notice, the Intrepid is currently parked inside a hollow asteriod. I would be more than happy to leave you here, although I'm not convinced that it would make a very good home for anyone, I mean, lack of breathable atmosphere would make it somewhat uncomfortable" Reyan stated

"Threaten me all you want, Captain - I'll answer no questions" the Romulan repeated, turning his back on Reyan and Kassan

"Fine - I'm not interested in your attitude - I'll hand you over to our friends in the Romulan senate - they'll know what to do with you" Reyan called

"The Romulan senate is governed by simpering fools, too wrapped up in talk of peace and cooperation to remember what the Romulans stand for!" the Romulan shouted suddenly

Kassan shouted somthing in Romulan in reply, which seemed to anger him even more, and he spat a reply back at Kassan, also in the native Romulan launguage

Reyan scratched his head, having no idea what had just been said

"He won't tell us any more - but safe to assume that he is either an isolationist or Tal-shiar who strongly disagrees with the Federation/Romulan cooperation" Kassan stated

"Very clever, but I'm afraid not clever enough - you don't really think I would come aboard a Federation Starship without a backup plan did you?" the Romulan sneered - he lifted his arm, puzzling Reyan and Kassan for a moment

Then both of them realised

"Ensign - drop the forcefield!" Kassan shouted, as she raised her phaser and pointed it at the Romulan, ready for the forcefield to drop

But it was too late - the Romulan slammed his arm, the forcefield dropped, and Kassan stunned him with two very quick phaser bursts, but the damage was done

"Subdermal transceiver - should have realised - he's probably alerted someone of our presence" Reyan complained

"Under his skin, in his bloodstream - how could we have known - they don't show up on scans" Kassan replied

"Ensign - call a medical team to deal with Mr Stealth there - but he is not to leave the brig under any circumstances" Reyan ordered

Kassan and Reyan strode out of the brig

"Wonder how long we have until some Romulan ship shows up?" Reyan thought out loud

"Who knows - all that I know is that I am annoyed" Kassan replied

"Why?" Reyan asked

"Looks like our dinner date will have to wait for now" she replied, smiling, although a trace of dissappointment was evident in her expression - Reyan could not help but feel the same measure of disappointment; he had been looking foward to spending more time with Kassan

"Beleive me, I wish I could wisk you away to my quaters right now, Kassan - I can almost smell that casserole"

"Just don't burn it this time!" she replied, laughing

"I though that we had established that burning the last meal I cooked was all part of an ulterior motive?" Reyan replied, pretending to be hurt by her comment

"You don't need an ulterior motive this time, Anil" Kassan replied, giving him that smile that seemed to melt him

Reyan was about to reply, but a sudden jolt that almost threw them off their feet swtiched his chain of thought

a1.gif "Red Alert - Captain Reyan to the Bridge" a1.gif Lieutenant McNeil's voice blared over the comm system

Reyan and Kassan both sprinted to the closest turbolift, and soon arrived on the bridge - Kassan made her way to Tactical, and Reyan moved to his command chair

"Report" he ordered

"Romulan scout decloaked moments ago, and opened fire sir - I've orded us out of the asteriod, seeing as there was danger of the cavern collasping on top of the ship"

"Good thinking McNeil - take over at Op's" Reyan ordered

"All hands to Battlestations - Helm - full impulse - tactical, target their weapon systems and fire at will" Reyan ordered, hoping that they fared better aginst this ship then they had the last Romulan ship that the Intrepid had battled.

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Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Aug 15 2005, 06:25 AM
"This wasn't that hard," Gaia stated simply, dropping to her knees next to Geo, who was already scrumaging about the access panel for the wiring. Twice now he had nearly lost a brow because of the sparking panel, and she said it wasn't that hard! It almost brought a slight grin to his lips, save that instead it had twisted into a wry frown of disappointment.

"If I bypass the secondary grid I should be able to replicate the signature of the mark and --" his eyes drifted to the door as if expecting it to unlock.

After several moments he frowned, "what the hell..." Geo's eyes swept back to the panel, which sparked and then exploded. Naturally, the Hermekian recoiled away from the panel, the flare of light causing his eyes to brighten considerably before he managed to shield them.

"Geo! What was that for!?"

"I'm sorry!" He shouted just as harshly, not catching her hiss as he blinked away the momentarily disallusion and tried to get back to work. Damn, his eyes couldn't adjust properly, and he could barely make it out.

"Here," trusty Gaia, almost like Aurora in so many ways, she scooted towards him, her hands reaching into the panel to feel for the wires.

"Cross circuit guidance system A with Z, and B with D. That should bring up the overlay, my tricorders there," Geo pointed in towards his left, but Gaia reached to the right and picked it up, flipping it open.

"Readouts say that the guidance variable is within a point seven isofrequency."

"Adjust the variable to point nine one two, and coordinate with the proper chipset, then bypass the secondary grid via the tricorder before replacing D with B and moving that D to E."

"Readout indicates a point seven variable change, frequency changed to point thirty four."

"Readjust to twenty, divert E with A and place A to I." Geo's eyes were slowly getting better, nonetheless he continued to blink like an utter fool. One of the other officers scattered towards him, his rifle aimed down the hall, "regular patrol Ma'am, there heading off towards Section B Level 5. We're good to go," Gaia nodded.

There was a faint click, then a hiss. Geo smiled slightly, eyes finally adjusted to the lighting.

"There! Not so hard," the Hermekian made the mistake of being the first to rise, walking around the corner to find three Romulans guards posted. It was a close draw as to who fired first, all of them seemingly disrupted by momentary confusion. In the end, Geo fell back with the stunned sensation of a romulan disruptor killing the nerve endings in his left leg, one of the officers stunned several times till it would certainly have killed.

The firefight seemed to follow, with the blue pulse of Federation rifle fire over the green of Romulan, with streaks of Orange from Gaia's and Geo's weapons. Several of the pulses rang against the bulkhead behind the Hermekian, but he kicked with his good leg to bring him back away from the fighting. Thanks to one of Gaia's percise shots, another of the guards fell, the last was impacted with three to four blue pulses before falling dead.

"Great," Gaia muttered, "two dead, one stunned. This is going to look just great to the Captain."

Geo groaned slightly, "at least we have someone to interrogate if something goes wrong yeah? Here, help me up Ma'am, I need to get that other door open."

Gaia glared in Geo's direction, but his toothy grin silenced her and instead she helped him up. At first, the door seemed normal, and the panel next to it just like the rest. Yet it was evident that the ocular retinal scan would be required.

"Seems like we kept one alive for a purpose," Geo stifled a brief groan as Gaia set him down roughly and ordered the Romulan be brought to them.

~ ~ ~ ~

"Go ahead.." Geo urged, Gaia forced the mans head closer to the Retinal scanner, and he grumbled about his treatment as the scanner began to test his eyes. The Hermekian let his eyelids drift shut, squeezing out the pain in his leg. There was no time to ask for a dermal regenerator, he just hoped he could use his leg after this.

"Wait!" Geo shouted, purple orbs flaring to life as he noticed the Romulan enter in an access code. The Retinal scanner seemed to shut down, the door hissing as it slammed further shut to keep them out.

Gaia jerked the man away, one of the officers butting him in the neck with his gun before they dragged his lifeless body away.

"Great! Just bloody great," Geo was murmuring even as the Engineer inspected the door.

"Now what! What now?" She glanced at Geo.

"What? You want me to come up with an explination or idea for everything?"

"Hey! I had this perfect until you decided to shoot the rest of the guards, or come around the corner! I'm the commanding officer of this group not you," she didn't believe her qualifications, but she was sticking by the choice, "so you had better start following MY orders."

"Well soooooorrrrrrrrry," Geo's eyes narrowed, "I got us through those first two doors."

"That's just like a male! Always thinking about what they do good, about brute force, instead of using your head!"

Geo blinked, "what did you say?"

Gaia paused in her rant, her right hand inclined with the index finger pointing upward. Her eyes were wide in surprise for a moment, lips set as if begging Geo to make a joke of this so she could hit him.

Geo didn't, instead he rolled slightly, looking towards the officer with the rifle. Then towards the door. "Blow it," he stated simply.

"Blow it?"

"Yeah, the door,"

"The door?"

"YES!" Geo stifled a growl, "blow the door..."

"Lieutenant..." Gaia was about to make another lecture before pausing. With that, she glanced towards one of the officers. "Blow it now,"

"I'm glad you see it my way."

"It's not stupidity to see a mans right... sometimes"

Geo only chuckled. WOMEN!

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 16 2005, 09:39 AM
"Return fire!" Reyan called, as the Intrepid's shields withstood the impact of another barrage of Romulan distruptor fire

The Romulan ship was not a recent design, and Reyan surmised that the Intrepid would be a good match for it, if not for the hit-and-run tactics that the Romulan commanding the ship was deploying

The Intrepid's phasers burst across space, but the Romulan scout had again cloaked, and the phasers streaked away uselessly, hitting nothing

"This is becoming annoying" Reyan thought out loud - he turned to check if Lieutenant Xandra had found a countermeasure - Kassan didn't look up from her console, but clearly sensed that she was being

"I'm working on it, Sir" she stated quickly

"They're decloaking again Captain!" the Helm officer called

"Hard to starboard - Kassan, target them and fire!" Reyan called - the Intrepid dodged aside, as a Romulan torpdeo narrowly missed her. At hte same moment Lieutenant Xandra released a retalatory burst of phaser fire which flared against the Romulan ship's shields. The Romulan vessel sprinted away and cloaked again

"Got them!" she called

Reyan turned to Kassan

"They are being very one-track minded Sir - they've been using the same attack pattern - I should be able to pinpoint where and when they intend to decloak next"

"Excellent work - pinpoint where you beleive they will decloak next, and take out their engines - I want whoever is on that ship to answer a few questions" Reyan stated, sitting foward in his seat, in anticipation

The space in front of them shimmered, and the Romulan vessel began to decloak. As the ship became visible, Lieutenant Xandra fired two torpeodes which slammed into the unprotected ship, destroying it's engines

"Excellent shot Lieutenant!" Reyan called "Hail them please" he finnished, as he stood

"Captain - they've enabled a core overload!" the Helm Officer reported

"Beam them out of there!" Reyan ordered, but no sooner as he finnished giving the order than the Romulan ship exploded in a burst of green/yellow light

"Damn" he muttered to himself

He moved to the rear of the bridge

"Well - I guess I had better meet Mister Kovek and ask him about this little incident" he stated

"Need a hand?" Kassan asked

Reyan grinned

"Not with Mister Kovek" he replied, moving closer to her "But I will require your presense afterward, for dinner" he wispered to her, making sure that no-one else was in earshot

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Posted by: Keldorn Reefs Aug 16 2005, 01:53 PM
"Return fire!" Reyan called, as the Intrepid's shields withstood the impact of another barrage of Romulan distruptor fire.

Leave it to humans to think that they can simply return fire and avoid being destroyed into a thousand pieces, Keldorn thought to himself, tapping the Engineering console on the bridge as he brought up the power overlay. He glanced at Operations, making sure there was enough available power for the Operations console to handle the diversion towards Tactical, and thus allow for the ship to fire. A sudden volley of torpedo's rocked against the Intrepid, causing it to lurch and tussling Keldorn about.

"Come up Helm! Steer this thing, you call yourself a pilot!" He scowled towards the helmsmen, trying to reenter the equation he had been working, relaying several of the warp field statistics towards the Operation and Helms consoles if needed.

His eyes drifted up in time to catch it as the phaser bolt streaked into space, missing everything. Keldorn had a sudden idea, what if they traced the frequency and time dialations, and thus coordinated for shield impacts and for the attack patter? Unfortunately Xandra seemed more then adamant about the counter measure, easily finding it. Good girl, thought the blue skinned Benzite, the steam of vapor rising as he inhaled the nitrogen supply.

"This is becoming annoying" Reyan thought out loud - he turned to check if Lieutenant Xandra had found a countermeasure - Kassan didn't look up from her console, but clearly sensed that she was being

"I'm working on it, Sir" she stated quickly

"Work quicker," Keldorn stated rather calmly, glancing at helm as he stated that they were decloaking. The ship slowly lurched to the starboard, the inertial dampeners failing to compensate for a point four micron, causing some of the people to lean slightly in there seat.

"Got them!" she called

About time, he thought to himself, slowly bringing the micronic variable within check and then writing it down on the piece of paper. Some of the officers still found it odd that he wrote on paper, but it helped him get his work done fast. He formulated further equations, laying them into the Engineering console.

The space in front of them shimmered, and the Romulan vessel began to decloak. As the ship became visible, Lieutenant Xandra fired two torpeodes which slammed into the unprotected ship, destroying it's engines

"The ships disabled," Keldorn told himself, but someone called for a Core explosion, and the Benzite was already bringing up more power for the secondary forcefields incase the ship was attacked through the shields.

The ship exploded, leaving nothing but debris, which rocked against the ship, but the deflector dish easily knocked it away. Mr. Reefs inspected the power ratio of the deflector dish before rising to his feet, walking towards the turbo lift, and catching,

"Need a hand?" From the Tactical officer towards the Captain, and his grin was more then friendly, of course both looked in his direction as he past, making sure he was a sizable distance before the Captain whispered something towards her, then followed Keldorn into the turbolift.

"Well, I'm off to Engineering, someone has to keep this ship together while you guys tear it apart,"

"and you're doing such a good job Mr. Reefs,"

"Yeah yeah, save it for when this ship ends up with a core explosion." Anil laughed as if Keldorn was joking, but the Benzite was all too serious. Humans, Bajorans, they were all the same. When did anyone but a Benzite take anything serious! Gah! The turbolift doors swished shut.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Aug 17 2005, 03:22 PM
"They should be there now." Riker said as he paced again. "If they got in they may as well let us know... we've broken comm silence already."

"Maybe they think that they should still keep a low profile - it would be prudent."

"Hmm, yes. I suppose your right."

As much as Ryan wanted to believe his own words, he couldn't quell the feeling that Beta team would somehow come to harm or perhaps a part of him wanted to prove that his judgement would be impaired if he were to commit to Gaia?

a4.gif "Moore to Alpha team." a4.gif

a4.gif "Go ahead." a4.gif Ryan tapped his badge and responded.

a4.gif "Sir, we weren't expecting to encounter any resistance. Ge... Lieutenant Revolone is hurt, but is able to continue. There's a complication, intelligence said three doors... they were wrong - there are four!" a4.gif

a4.gif "A fourth door, you're certain? How long before you can get in, Lieutenant? We're running out of time. We need those sensors and alarms off before we can get to level five!" a4.gif

a4.gif "Yes, of course I'm certain! I'm standing right in front of it! Unless we're all imagining it! I don't know what's going to happen, it seems it can only be opened by the DNA of Romulans it identifies as cleared to enter. Very few by looks of it too. This could take a while, give me twenty minutes." a4.gif

a4.gif "You've got ten - Orlan out." a4.gif

After an agonising wait of what seemed to be hours, not minutes, Ryan was wrenched from his train of thought by Griffin's alert that the lift was moving upward and he instinctively looked towards the gaping shaft. Sure enough the lift was slowly rising into position to stop at level two.

"Pan out - take cover." Riker grunted and waved a hand to usher his team away from the now haulted lift.

Ryan concealed himself behind a stone pillar and aimed his phaser as the doors parted. He prepared himself to fire but the lift was empty.

a4.gif "Moore to Alpha team." a4.gif Gaia's voice came over the comm once again. Ryan's heart gave a jolt, now was the moment of truth... had she done what was needed? No, expected of her?

Riker didn't respond, he seemed too intent on ensuring that the lift was vacant and that a Romulan wasn't going to leap out from nowhere.

a4.gif "Did you trigger something, Lieutenant? The lift has risen into -" a4.gif

a4.gif "Yes, we're in. I suspected you needed a lift Commander? There it is!" a4.gif Gaia said, and Ryan could not have missed the tone of satisfaction in her voice.

a4.gif "Good work, Lieutenant." a4.gif Ryan said, trying to maintain the shroud of professionalism.

"It's clear." Riker announced, his determination to reveal any deceitful Romulan trap faded and the rest of Alpha team filed into the lift.

As the lift rattled it's way to the bottom of the shaft, Ryan felt the tension in his shoulders ease with the realisation that Gaia had completed her task; that his recommendation for her to lead Beta team hadn't lead to her demise. Did this mean that it was safe for him to love her?

Of coarse it's not! Oh yes, you proved that you could send her, but what if she died? The words quickly scalded Ryan's hope, but it was true. She could still die. No! she is safe now.

The lift came to a abrupt hault, a thud resonated through the floor before the doors parted, allowing the team to scramble out into another passage. This one much narrower and darker than the rest had been. Rough stone walls wound directed them foward, giving Ryan a feeling that they were heading into a circular maze.

"Looks like nobody's been down here for a while." Riker said activating the flashlight attached to his wrist and the path ahead gleamed.

Ryan followed in Riker's gangly obscured shaddow caused by his flashlight. They rounded several corners till the path widened and unfolded into a spacious constructed cavern; in the center stood a filthy stone gargoyle that reminded Ryan of a similar one he'd seen in the Romulan Senate.

"Hold on," Riker said comming to a stand-still infront of the ornament. "it might be some kind of defence."

"But Beta disabled the security functions."

"True, but this is the Tal'Shiar we're talking about... alright, it seems clear, this way."

a4.gif "Revolone to Alpha team - We're under attack! Six Romulans..." a4.gif Geo's voice became distorted for a moment as the sounds of disruptor and phaser fire forced their way to the forefront of the comm channel. a4.gif "...but the wounds look bad, she needs medical..." a4.gif

Ryan froze, did he hear Geo right? Did he say 'she'? He felt as though all the blood had suddenly been bled from his face. His throat tightened. Gaia was the only one. He knew it would have to be Gaia and without intending to, her name escaped his lips.

Isn't this just what you wanted to prove...? The hardhearted words echoed in Ryan's mind and he felt a bright flame ignite and spread blistering guilt through his chest.

"Sir, I don't think you need me here now... permission to return -?" Ryan asked, trying to hide his urgency.

"No, Commander. It's too risky." Riker said and immediatetly palmed his badge with more force than was deemed necessary, but before Ryan could attempt to argue with the decission Geo's voice entered their ears again.

a4.gif "Revolone to Alpha team, please respond! We've knocked off several guards - the situation is in hand but we really need a medical team in here." a4.gif

a4.gif "Standby Revolone - Riker to the Intrepid." a4.gif

There was a short pause before Captain Anil sounded from Riker's badge and it was clear in his tone that he was concerned that the away team were no longer in grey mode. a4.gif "Captain? What's your situation?" a4.gif

a4.gif "Anil, we have injured down here... would it be asking to much for a medical team?" a4.gif

a4.gif "At this point, yes, Captain. I'll see what I can do. Anil out." a4.gif

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Posted by: Keldorn Reefs Aug 18 2005, 02:39 AM
a4.gif "Anil to Keldorn," a4.gif

a4.gif "Keldorn here sir, if you're looking for an update I have to say that I can hardly give one to you. We have some ruptured bulkheads, and some fried conduits, but we should be running at one hundred percent efficiency in little over twenty minutes," a4.gif

a4.gif "Actually Mr. Reefs you have four minutes to secure whatever repairs can be made, we'll be taking the Intrepid into a combat situation, I need all available power." a4.gif

a4.gif "You can't be serious? What type of combat are we expecting sir?" a4.gif

a4.gif "Amospheric if need be, most likely attacks from outlying ships that will move to secure the location. We have a wounded crewmember down there and I'm taking her in. Now Lieutenant, get me all available power!" a4.gif

Keldorns brow slowly rose, his eyes glancing about the Engineering room as he pursed his lips, then started for Gaia's office. It was too big an office for her! But he had no time to complain. Instead, he entered into the room, plucked the repair PADD and began to read it.

a4.gif "I'll have this bugger up and running if I have to get out and push. Keldorn Out." a4.gif

"Let's move people!" Keldorn shouted, already heading towards the main engineering doors. He'd have this thing up alright, yes he would.


"Hand me the spulator, and then get ready to give me the readout on the power flow regulators okay?" He heard the muffled yes before shaking his head. This Jefferies tube was too small, almost smaller then the rest in his eyes, but he was growing slightly claustrophobic that was all.

"Regulator reads at ninety nine percent. Chief, theres a build up of particles in the system,"

"what sort of particles?" Keldorn raised his head, bunking into the bulkhead and letting out a stream of swears before he tried again, this time avoiding bumping his head.

"Unknown, the Tricorders having a hard time deciphering the variables. It's not a scientific tricorder sir, it's an Engineering one."

"Log it, we'll let Science analyse it later on,"

"Sir, there's a feedback loop in the circuitry."

"Shut down the access port now!" Keldorn tried to crawl away from the conduit, but it ruptured and injured his shoulder before he really get away. Releasing a sudden ferocious scream, he straightened once out of the jefferies tube.

"Give me that!" He snatched the tricorder angrily from the ensign, deleting the entire information and logging that the conduit had ruptured. Then he remembered the particles, and nearly growled at his mistake.

"You should have that looked at,"

"You should work the plasma injectors," he scoffed. The ensign fell silent, and Keldorn sighed, waving towards him, "dismissed Ensign, report to Lieutenant Campbell for further instructions."

With that, Keldorn started towards sickbay.

a4.gif "Keldorn to Operations. Power flow regulators are running at one hundred percent -" a4.gif he glanced back towards the conduit, a4.gif "Deck Nine structural integrity field is weak, I'd suggest not taking too many hits here..." a4.gif

Something to work with :P

Posted by: Gaia Moore Aug 18 2005, 08:36 PM
"Lieutenant..." Gaia was about to make another lecture before pausing. With that, she glanced towards one of the officers. "Blow it now,"

"I'm glad you see it my way."

"It's not stupidity to see a mans right... sometimes"

Geo only chuckled. It was the kind of chucked she’d heard before, the kind that said women! She let it go, he was right and time was of the essence. Alpha team, and more importantly – Ryan was counting on her to do this with time to spare. If she failed, everything failed, the mission, her chance to prove herself….everything! That was a lot of pressure on her shoulders, but she had always worked well under pressure. Just not quite this much, it was a challenge, one she intended to face head on!

"Moore to Alpha team." Gaia said professionally, expecting to hear Ryker’s voice answer her.

"Go ahead." Ryan tapped his badge and responded. Gaia paused a moment, she was hoping it wouldn’t have been him, but she had a job to do and she needed to update Alpha team, especially with this news.

"Sir, we weren't expecting to encounter any resistance. Ge...Lieutenant Revolone is hurt, but is able to continue. There's a complication, intelligence said three doors... they were wrong – there are four!" Gaia scolded herself for slipping up, nearly calling Geo by his first name to a senior officer, even if that officer was Ryan.

"A fourth door, you're certain? How long before you can get in, Lieutenant? We're running out of time. We need those sensors and alarms off before we can get to level five!" Gaia had to control her emotions, her face was turning slightly red, “What, does he think I’m making it up? Gaia thought angrily.

"Yes, of course I'm certain! I'm standing right in front of it! Unless we're all imagining it! I don't know what's going to happen, it seems it can only be opened by the DNA of Romulans it identifies as
cleared to enter. Very few by looks of it too. This could take a while, give me twenty minutes." As her speech continued, Gaia found her anger dispersing, she would be professional, she would not let her emotions get the best of her at the cost of her team!

"You've got ten - Orlan out." Gaia always gave leighway for time, she could just get it open by then………. she hoped. Gaia made her way towards the door, Geo already analysing it. Gaia noted that he seemed to be ignoring his leg, but it was obviously causing him some amount of discomfort, wincing every so often and covering it by making it look like confusion at the door, Gaia knew better.

“Geo, now for this door, you can’t say you can blow it, it’s at least double the thickness and density as the others, I’d say they don’t want anyone intruding, don’t you?” Gaia said with a smirk, she was roguish and for the short time she had known Geo, she recognised that streak in him……unlike her, he made no effort to hide it.

“You’re right there…….and it’s not stupidity to admit when a woman’s right either!” Geo smirked and Gaia couldn’t help but laugh, it really was good to work with someone who could lessen the tension in the room, and there was no doubting that Geo could do that!

“Okay, I have an idea……..Geo, do you think you can get into the computer core’s database without setting off any hidden traps, it should have one particular ‘memory’ for this door, more than likely the Romulans have made it so we can’t add the DNA of a human to the system…….. but no-one ever said anything about Hermekian DNA being part of the equation!” Gaia gave a roguish grin, it was the grin that always meant trouble. Geo seemed to be considering this and after a few moments smiled with the same glint in his eye that Gaia knew was in her own, Geo nodded, getting to work. He knew what she was planning.

Gaia paced, it was coming up to 6 minutes since her last comm with Ryan and if she knew him as well as she thought, and she did, then he would be pacing and worrying the same as she was. Gaia had to hope that Geo knew what he was doing. She knelt down to Geo as he was working and plucked a little of his hair causing Geo to round on her out of instinct she presumed by the look in his eyes, she just smiled and Geo continued on with his work.

While Geo was working to gain access to the computer core, Gaia placed Geo’s hair containing his DNA onto a medical tricorder she had obtained from Michaels. She placed a link line into the tricorder and began to turn the physical DNA into a series of letters identifying who Geo was, what made him Geo. The process took less than a minute to complete and when she had an entire strand of Geo’s DNA, she took it over to Geo and passed it over to him.

“This was why I took your hair, now you can enter it easier, with time to spare, less hassle, don’t you agree?”

Geo took the tricorder as he swiftly messed around with the internals of the panel adjacent to the door, entering his genetic code from the tricorder into the computer core’s memory. Geo stood up, seemingly now satisfied that the plan had been carried out, all that was left was to try it out and hope no alerts would be raised.

Geo placed his hand into a hole in the wall, it looked like a child’s hand wouldn’t fit into it, but as soon as Geo’s hand got close to it, it appeared to grow. It fit his hand perfectly, Gaia’s heart stopped beating, if anything went wrong, if they’d miscalculated just one thing…….

The door creaked trying to open, slowly but surely the doors parted, revealing the secondary control room. Gaia released the breath she had been holding as they all filed into the room to complete their task. They all worked as a team, tapping at this console and that, shutting down and disabling all of the security protocols they encountered on the complex web that was the security grid, all on level five. If they shut everything down, it would flag their presence to the Romulans and they just couldn’t afford for that to happen, not when they were so close!

"Moore to Alpha team"

"Did you trigger something, Lieutenant? The lift has risen into -" Ryan’s voice came over the comm once again, the only difference being she was expecting it this time.

"Yes, we're in. I suspected you needed a lift Commander? There it is!" Gaia said, unable to keep the satisfaction she was feeling from her voice as she spoke.

"Good work, Lieutenant." Ryan said, obviously an attempt at professionalism. But Gaia smiled at the compliment, they had done it!

Michales was guarding the door, when he turned, his eyes a little wild. He gave the warning before Romulans appeared from nowhere, surrounding them inside the small control room. Gaia’s mind raced, what could she do? Her attention was diverted to Geo, he had slumped which was very unlike the Hermekian. He complained about his knee, there wasn’t much chance of him getting to cover with his knee the way it was. They hadn’t yet formed an attack circle, not a firm one at least, there was still time……

“Michaels, Mason, cover us. When we’re behind that console, lessen your fire until we can assist, I don’t want anyone to be lost today!” They both gave unquestioning Yes Ma’am they could see the situation and weren’t about to argue.

“Come on Geo, Kaoru would never forgive me if I let anything happen to you. I don’t want to encur her wrath!”

Gaia grabbed Geo’s arm and put it across the back of her neck, hoisting him up, with his help on his good leg. They were slow, but Michaels and Mason were doing their jobs well. They were keeping the Romulans busy. Gaia heard Geo grimace as he was hit by rogue disruptor fire on his shoulder. They were sitting ducks at the moment. Gaia moved him more to her front, so she was shielding him, she could take more as she hadn’t been injured previously. Gaia was almost to the shelter of the console but a shot found it’s mark……the conduit behind Gaia erupted and exploded, sending her and Geo flying to the ground. She couldn’t feel anything, she just felt numb all the way down her back, but for one moment, she could move, she turned her head and saw Geo next to her, protecting her. He moved her the rest of the way to the shelter, Gaia taking another hit to her chest as he struggled with her weight and his knee…….pain spread like wildfire through her. There was nothing she could do, she felt so helpless, at that moment, she felt nothing……….As Geo fired from behind the console they were using as a shelter, her thoughts were that it was all over for her. She wouldn’t see Ryan again, their last conversation was more of an argument, she would never have a chance to cement their friendship again. That thought only brought more despair to Gaia, she truly had lost hope.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 19 2005, 02:31 AM
Confident that the Intrepid was prepared, following his coversation with Lieutenant Reefs, Reyan sat in his chair. Lieutenant Xandra had taken her place at tactical again too - the questions that they needed to put to Mr Kovek would have to wait

The Intrepid sped toward the planet - she already had at least one Romulan warbird in pursuit, but thankfully, the much smaller Intrepid had them completely outpaced

"Captain - another Romulan ship on sensors, on an intercept course - Norexan class" Lieutenant Xandra reported

Reyan turned to Lieutenant Xandra, concerned at this turn of events - a Norexan class ship had a fair chance of gaining on the Intrepid

"Will they intercept us Lieutenant?" he asked

"It'll be close Sir - in fact, when we drop to impulse we'll have very little time to get ourselves planetside" she advised

"How little time?" Reyan asked

"Well, they are maintaining the gap between us at warp, and from what I've read about them, Norexan class should be faster than Intrepid at impulse" she stated

"One minute it is - Helm - keep us ahead of that ship" he demanded

"Captain - problem" the Helm officer reported

"What kind of problem, Ensign?" Reyan asked, not overly impressed by the lack of elaboration

"Two Romulan Warbirds ahead of us Sir - if we continue this course we'll be forced to drop out of warp earlier than we intended" the Ensign advised

"This just gets better and better" Reyan complained

"Captain - receiveing another message from the surface - they require our assistance - the situation down there is deteriorating" Doctor Ele reported

"Captain - we are within rage of the planet, but the Warbirds have moved into position" The helm officer advised

"Drop us out of warp, auxiliary power to impulse engines and shields, full impulse the second that we drop out of warp" Reyan quickly ordered

The Intrepid burst out of warp, and before her nacelles had even re-set themselves into their normal position, her impulse engines roared to life and threw her foward

The one of the Romulan warbirds fired at the Intrepid, which darted out of the line of fire

"Captain - the Norexan-class just dropped out of warp!" the Ensign at the Helm shouted a little too excitedly

A Romulan distruptor bolt slammed into the Intrepid's aft shields

"They are hailing" Lieutenant Xandra called

"On speakers" Reyan ordered

"Federation Starship Intrepid - you have NO business being here - leave or be destroyed"

"Charming" Reyan muttered to himself

The Intepid continued it's sprint, taking occasional hits from two of the Romulan ships - the Norexan class ship darted in front of the Intrepid, blocking her path

"Damn - I didn't want to have to fire on them" Reyan complained "Lieutenant Xandra - target their weapon systems and.........."

Reyan's sentence was cut off

"Captain - the third warbird is firing on the Norexan-class!" Lieutenant Xandra called

Reyan stood and walked toward the viewscreen

Sure enough, the third warbird, which had previously been inactive, had begun firing on the Norexan-class, providing the Intrepid with the diversion it needed

"Take us down" Reyan orded

a3.gif "All hands, blue alert" a3.gif Reyan called, and the Intrepid dove into the planet's atmosphere

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Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 19 2005, 11:03 AM
The Romulan ship had engaged them in a dog fight, it had been one sided as everytime Kassan fired they cloaked and streaked away. The frustration levels on the Bridge were rising and Kassans was becoming frustrated, but controlled herself. Anger and frustration would solve nothing, she needed to find a pattern.

"This is becoming annoying" Reyan said.

"I'm working on it, Sir". Kassan said.

"They're decloaking again Captain!" the Helm officer called

"Hard to starboard - Kassan, target them and fire!" Reyan called

Kassan fired a burst of phaser fire before it cloaked and again moved out of range.

"Got them!" she called

It was one hell of a dog fight and while she worked at tactical her mind ran over the pattern that she had seen developing. She coded some coordinates and numbers into the consol. Then suddenly she had what she had been looking for hit her.

"They are being very one-track minded Sir - they've been using the same attack pattern - I should be able to pinpoint where and when they intend to decloak next"

"Excellent work - pinpoint where you beleive they will decloak next, and take out their engines - I want whoever is on that ship to answer a few questions" Reyan stated.

She noticed the power boost to the weapons systems and shielding and quietly nodded to the Benzite acknowledging his expertise and silently thanking him. Then immediatly shifted her mind back to the tactical control panel.

It was at this point that all hell broke loose, they decloaked and she hit them in the engines, but their ship went into core overload. Reyan ordered them beamed out, but before anyone could act on the order the ship exploded.

"Damn" he muttered to himself

He moved to the rear of the bridge

"Well - I guess I had better meet Mister Kovek and ask him about this little incident" he stated

"Need a hand?" Kassan asked

Reyan grinned

"Not with Mister Kovek" he replied, moving closer to her "But I will require your presense afterward, for dinner" he wispered to her, making sure that no-one else was in earshot

Kassan blushed brightly as she watched him follow the Benzite to the lift. She then went back to work on her consol, hoping no one had noticed. Her mind running over the previous evening with Anil.

She found just his presence near her was enough to distract her, she didnt understand it. No man had ever made her feel this way before. She continued to work, running a much needed diagnostic on all systems but couldnt keep her mind on it as all that kept flashing through her mind was Anil's face.

She found herself for the hundredth time that day, waiting impatiently for her shift to change. But it seemed it was not to be. Half an hour after he left, Anil stepped back onto the Bridge.

"We have wounded down on the planet. We are going in. Prepare for anything.. battle ready." he ordered.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Aug 23 2005, 01:20 PM
The report of wounded among the away team came as no surprise to Kaoru. She rose from the XO seat, pacing the bridge.

a4.gif Ele to sickbay…assemble an away team, Lt. Marix and Ensign Tucker, meet me in Transporter Room 3 in 15 minutes. a4.gif

a4.gif Acknowledged Doctor. Marix out. a4.gif

Lt. Marix had just released Keldorn after treating his shoulder injury. He exchanged glances with Ensign Tucker, and then the two began pulling together the equipment they would need.

Kaoru could not relax. She had been against this mission from the beginning. The crew of the Intrepid had no business acting as elite forces. And now some of them were hurt down there!! Kaoru had conducted enough autopsies to last her a lifetime, and if she had to do more…

Her thoughts stopped there…if she had to do more, she would do them. She had a duty…it was as simple as that.

But that didn’t mean she had to like it.

She left the bridge then, without a word. She would oversee the away team’s preparation herself. Marix and Tucker had everything prepared, while that pleased her, it also left her with little to do. She reviewed the roster from the last few hours, including Keldorn’s treatments, finally going to Kovek.

The Romulan only smiled at her evident anger, “Problems, doctor?”

Kaoru snarled, leaning over him, “More crew members are hurt…and I find that this comes back to you as well….”

Kovek’s smile only widened, “You’ll what? I know you’re powerless to do anything.”

Kaoru’s sapphire blue eyes flashed, her voice dropping lower. “I will kill you…slowly.”

“You wouldn’t.” His stunned expression clearly showed how uncertain he was of his words.

“Oh…I would…believe me.” She straightened, no longer whispering, “At worst I’ll be put in the brig, at best I’ll be demoted…don’t think I haven’t thought this through.” She never touched him, though she wanted to. She wanted to claw at his bandages, make him hurt, hear him cry out. But she did nothing, only turned away and left sickbay, Marix and Tucker following behind her.

In the transporter room her team met up with the rest of those going to the surface, the muscle really…to protect her team so they could do their jobs. Kaoru set her own phaser on stun, not really certain whether she hoped to have to use it or not.

They beamed down to the surface, locked in on the locations of the wounded, and Kaoru didn’t have time to think anymore.

Gaia and Geo were both wounded, Gaia very seriously, Geo only slightly less so. She and Marix gathered around Gaia. Tucker worked on getting Geo stabilized and ready to beam back aboard. Marix and Kaoru took considerably longer working on Gaia.

“Her spinal cord has been severed Doctor.” Kaoru nodded, listening, catching a glimpse of Geo out of the corner of her eye, the Hermekian looked stricken.

“2 ccs of Delactovine, start the Protodynoplaser.” The device would help keep Gaia stabilized. While Marix worked, Kaoru surveyed the rest of the scene. Gaia and Geo were the two worst injured, but several others had taken phaser shots as well…and she had not yet seen Ryan’s team.

Gaia opened her eyes, Kaoru went to take her hand, but realized she might not be able to feel it. Instead she brushed a strand of hair back from Gaia’s sweaty brow, “Shh…” She saw the panic in Gaia’s eyes. “Rest Gaia…we’re doing all we can…”

It was meager hope, and Kaoru knew it, but at that point, she could not even say for certain whether Gaia would live.

Gaia’s lovely eyes fell closed, but she whispered, “Geo?”

Kaoru smiled, “Geo is hurt…but he’s being treated…as you are. Relax now my friend.”

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Aug 24 2005, 01:25 AM
"We need to keep moving." Riker said shortly after Anil had closed the comm channel.

"Uh, yeah - of coarse..."

Ryan's attention refocused on what Alpha team had been sent there to do. Now wasn't the time to concern himself with Gaia's condition; he knew nothing of what had happened to her beside the fact that she needed medical attention hastily and not willing to show Riker how he was feeling he took several steps closer to the gargoyle.

Without warning the Romulan's eyes flared into life, glowing like fluerecent emeralds in the darkened cavern.

Frantic beeps erupted from Riker's tricorder. "Get back! Theres some kind of energy surge powering up within -"

Ryan backpedaled rappidly to where he had been standing moments earlier and the minacious eyes dimmed untill they were again nothing more than stone orbs.

"The energy surge has powered down."

The cavern had fallen eerily silent and a sense of failure seemed to be looming in the back of their minds like ominous stormy clouds. They were running out of time to retrieve the key. Ryan was still gazing intently at the statue asthough at any second it would reactivate and strive harder to kill him next time.

"I don't get it, Orlan. Why didn't this thing go offline when Beta team shutdown... maybe they overlooked something."

"Or maybe they just failed!" The female Titan officer blurted.

"Ruelek," Riker barked. "I won't warn you again about your conduct, next time I'm putting you on report!"

Ryan was all for officers giving their opinions, but this woman had just crossed the line in his book. He suddenly didn't care if Ruelek was under Riker's command. He needed to retaliate, he couldn't bite his tongue when such a vindictive comment was made against his crew. He turned slowly, the sleeve of his uniform narrowly brushed against Riker's as he moved to position himself between Ruelek and her Captain.

"You think they failed do you?" He snapped. "Well then perhaps I should volunteer you to go back on your own to assist them - considering that you believe you could have done a better job!"

For an instant Ryan saw her eyes blaze with Bajoran pride and heritage and her lips eased appart slightly, like she was on the verge of retaliation, but Riker's last words seemed to be appealing to her self-control.

He continued to glower at Ruelek. How dare she even attempt to insult his friends, especially Gaia. Ruelek didn't answer, but she made it clear she wanted desperately to retort. Ryan felt a charge of satisfaction and triumph sizzle through him.

Now ready to return his attention to the gargoyle, he about faced and tried to avoid the eyes of an amused Riker.

"Perhaps this is seperate from the rest of the security protocols." Ryan suggested. "Or it could simply be some kind of welcoming device."

Riker sniffed at the laughable prospect that the Tal'Shiar would wish to go to such elaborate means to welcome unwanted visitors. Unfortunetly the words had left his mouth before the ridiculousness of the suggestion had fully been thought out and the slightest shade of pink crept into his face.

"Commander, we've come to the end of the tunnel down here. All that seperates us from other side of this room is that hideous statue. So where is the treaty and the key?"

Ryan looked to the rockface on far side of the grimey stone gargoyle. Riker was right, where could they be? With all the distraction of the gargoyle and Ruelek, he'd neglected to notice that the treaty and key were nowhere to be seen.

"It could have been moved or..."


"Perhaps it doesn't exist."

Riker paused for a bit to contemplate Ryan's theory. "I don't think so. It could just be concealed. This statue is likely the means of revealing it."

"Precisely Captain Riker - it's a genic scanner." Ryan almost jumped when the cold, dry voice echoed around the cavern. "It's programed only to detect Romulan DNA."

Ryan felt a chill sliver up his spine and came to rest at the nape of his neck. Yet, he'd been expecting Romulans to arrive at some point. It was unlikely the Tal'Shiar would give up on derailing their mission, the somewhat failed attacks on Charlie and Beta teams had been a clear message in Ryan's mind that Alpha would be next.

The only male from Riker's crew that had been assigned to Alpha team sidestepped wearily so that the three Romulan's crossed comfidently to where Ryan and Riker were standing, but they're paranoid perceptions of outsiders kept them from been within physical striking range of the Starfleet officers.

Looking over their shoulds Ryan could make out Sally's hand which was cautiously reaching for the phaser holstered at her waist, but it was too late. "Take their weapons." The lead Romulan demanded.

"Your making a mistake. We're here to -"

"Silence!" He hissed to Riker's attempt for explaination. "We know exactly why you are here. The Empire and the Federation might be forging friendships, but you have not been given permission to enter this sector."

"Actually, we have."

"Yes, the Romulan military... how else do you think we have been able to dispatch starships here so quickly?" He let the sentence hang, trying to unnerve Riker. "As we speak your quaint little Intrepid has been boarded. It's computer banks will be of great interest -"

A self-assured expressed quickly etched into Riker's face and it was clear to Ryan that he knew this Romulan was bluffing. "That's going to be quite difficault. Do you think that in the year I have been assigned to lead the diplomatic taskforce at Romulus, that I wouldn't have made plenty of friends in the Empire?"

"And who do you think governs the Romulan goverment?"

"People will only take so much before they start to fight back."

Nobody spoke for several moments. The Romulan seemed to be reflecting on the simple, yet effective way in which Riker had managed to reinforce this Romulan's insecurities and mistrust - even in his own kind. Instead of responding he strode fowards, around the gargoyle and to the other side of the cavern.

"By all means, join me."

Ryan cautiously stretched out his hand to the point where the eyes would have glowed brightly, but nothing happened. Deciding that whatever the man had done, the gargoyle was now deactive.

"You," The Romulan begain as he waved a hand infront of a particuarly jagged rock and before their eyes an alove appeared in the rockface. There in large case stood the treaty. "would be the first humans to have seen this in centuries. Unfortunetly, you shall be the last. I'm sure you can understand our reasons."

To be continued...


Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 24 2005, 05:33 PM
The Intrepid had landed within a small outcrop of rocks, not far from the away teams locations.

Doctor Ele had been very quick to order triage teams to deal with the wounded officers from the first two teams - and two of the Officers from the Titan, who had been allocated to one of the failed away missons, had been quick to make their way to the bridge to voice their opinions

"The mission was a damned disaster, Captain" the first Officer shouted

"In my ready room, Commander" Reyan stated calmly, as he stood and strode to his ready room

The two officers entered close behind, and the doors slid shut behind them - Reyan wasted no time

"Firstly, I really DON'T appreciate being addressed like that on my bridge, Commander" Reyan stated angrily

"And I don't appreciate....." the Commander began to say

"Secondly, I don't really care who you are, what rank you hold, which ship you serve on or whom your Captain is, you DO NOT address a senior officer in that manner" Reyan continued

"Fine - but the away mission was a mess, and your officers were not up to the task" the second officer, a Lieutenant, blurted

"And what makes you make an accusation like that, Lieutenant?" Reyan demaned

"Read the report" the Commander stated arrogantly

"I have - and I've come to the conclusion that it would not have mattered if Starfleet intelligence themselves had gone in there - they would have failed. Quite frankly, the Romulans were ready for you" Reyan stated

"You don't know that" the Lieuteant replied

"Oh I do - because I have two Romulan's onboard this ship - the Intrepid has been in Romulan space for weeks now, and was battered by a Kerchan class warship. If nothing else, I know what the Romulan's are capable of" Reyan stated, moving closer to the two officers

"Well, the Titan has been dealing with the Romulan's since the Schimitar incident and....." the Commander began to say

"Yes, and exactly how much contact have you yourself had with the Romulans?" Reyan asked

The Commander didn't reply, and the Lieutenant simply stared at the floor

"Thought so - now, get out before I report you to Captain Riker" Reyan demaned, taking a small measure of pleasure at the haste in which the two Titan officers left the room.

a4.gif "Lieutenant Xandra to my Readyroom" a4.gif Reyan then stated

Moments later, Lieutenant Xandra walked into the room, instantly setting Reyan's pulse racing

"Kassan - apologies that our dinner-date has been postponded he stated as he walked over to her

"It can't be helped - we both knew that it would be like this sometimes" she replied

Reyan smiled, appreciating her understanding, and planted a kiss on her lips

"I'll make it up to you, I promise" he wispered to her

"I'll hold you to that" she replied, smiling

"Back to work I guess - we've got a new science offier, transferred from the Titan, need to get him to work on the Karcsis" Reyan stated, and they both made their way back to the bridge.

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Posted by: Tolar Jalovel Aug 25 2005, 05:56 AM
Tolar was sat in his new quaters, studying the details that had been passed to him

This Karcsis that the Intrepid was carting around was real mystery, but he loved mysteries and was determined to discover the secrets of the strange device, if it could be called a device.

"Hmm - it's acted very stangely on occasion" he spoke out loud, not actually addressing anyone, rather, displaying an old habit he had of talking to himself

He tapped away at his workstation, oblivious to anything else, careful only to peform passive scans on the Karcsis. He failed to notice the doors slide open, and a person enter the room

"You must be Lieutenant Jalovel" the voice behind him spoke

"And you must be distrubing my work" Tolar retorted

The Officer cleared his throat, causing Tolar to whirl around, ready to give the person a piece of his mind

"I'm Captain Anil Reyan" the Officer said

"Ah" Tolar coughed

"Lets start again shall we?" the Captain asked, looking amused

"Sorry Sir, yes I am Lieutenant Tolar Jalovel" Tolar replied, feeling stupid

"Transferred from the Titan?" the captain asked

"Yes Sir, I was told that the Intrepid required a research officer, and there was no room for advancement on the Titan so I accepted"

"Good, welcome aboard Lieutenant. I see that you are studying the Karcsis" the captain noted

"Yes Sir, it's a very interesting device" Tolar said turning back to his station

"Well, I would like you to report to the Bridge Lieutenant. Two of the away teams have returned, some injured, and I need every available Senior officer on the Bridge"

"No problem Sir" Tolar replied, and he saved his work and followed the Captain to the Bridge.

Posted by: Kassan Xandra Aug 27 2005, 07:07 AM
"Lieutenant Xandra to my Readyroom" Reyan ordered.

Kassan looked to the junior officer beside her on the secondary tactical consol and nodded. He took over the primary consol as she headed to the readroom. She stood for a second outside the door and straightened her uniform then entered.

Her heart skipped a beat seeing him standing there. Anil somehow managed to get her head spinning just from being close to him. he walked over to her and her breath caught.

"Kassan - apologies that our dinner-date has been postponded he stated as he walked over to her.

She smiled at him.

Get it together girl, she thought to herself.

"It can't be helped - we both knew that it would be like this sometimes" she replied

Anil smiled, then kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss, her heart pounding in her chest. She was sure he must be able to hear it.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise" he wispered to her.

"I'll hold you to that" she replied, smiling

"Back to work I guess - we've got a new science offier, transferred from the Titan, need to get him to work on the Karcsis" Reyan said.

Kassan smiled and followed him back out onto the bridge. She walked over to the Tactical Station and took over from the junior officer. He moved back to the secondary consol.

"So, Ma'am, have you got...ahhh...something going with the Captain?" he asked, quietly.

"Mind your business Ensign or you will find yourself on the wrong side of the brig," she blushed.

She continued working her station, her mind occasionally turning to Anil.

Is this wrong, should I be avoiding him. Will this hurt his command? she wondered.

Just then the doors of the turbolift opened and the Captain walked back onto the bridge. He glanced across at Kassan and smiled, then took his command seat.

Another officer walked in behind him and looked around the bridge.
Must be the new science officer Anil had mentioned. Kassan thought, as she watched him walk over to the Science consol and take station. She looked across and smiled slightly at him.

He nodded back and began to work.

Kassan looked down at her consol, trying to get her mind back to work. Before too long her fingers were dancing over the consol.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 29 2005, 02:38 AM
Reyan walked out of the ready-room and sat himself down in his chair, a little concious of the fact that one or two of the Bridge officers present had been watching Kassan and himself as they left the ready room.

Damn - I'm getting paranoid Reyan thought to himself

He made a mental note to follow-up the request that he had placed for the Intrepid to be assigned a Counsellor - she certainly needed one.

He turned his attention to the viewscreen, which showed nothing more than the outcrop of rocks which the Intrepid was using as a makeshift hideout

"Any sign of Alpha team?" he asked, not addressing any person in particular

"No Sir" the Ensign covering Op's replied

"Kassan - perform a scan - search for Starfleet comm-badge signals, Human life signs, anything - we need options" Reyan orded

Kassan paused for a moment

"Captain - Romulan life signs approaching - I tihnk we've been discovered" she stated

"Shields up" Reyan ordered

The Intrepid's shields raised the very moment that one of the approaching Romulan's opened fire with a large plasma based portable canon. The plasma bolt flared against the Intrepid's shields

"No damage - but if they keep doing that, we may have problems" Kassan reported

"How do you think they found us?" Lieutenant Jalovel asked

"I don't think we've been giving our friends the Romulan's enough credit" Reyan replied "Kassan - please ask one of your security officers to escort Mr Kovek to the bridge - I'd like him to have a word with our welcoming party"

Kassan simply nodded, and entered the command into her console

"Now people, we need to find a way of locating the away team, assuming that they can't activate their transport enhancers - work on it, people" Reyan ordered

Reply anyone

Posted by: Valorin Aug 29 2005, 02:50 PM
After a very long chat with the xo we had finally managed to bury the hatchet over the incident with Kayla and now things were back on track i had been re-rostered back onto active duty so it was time to get back to work

the ship had been through a rough time i couldnt help thinking it was all about the karcsis they were carrying around the galaxy.

the captain was busy on the bridge sorting the problems out that we were having with the romulans and there was nothing i could do on the bridge that tolar couldnt handle.

stepping out of the turbo lift i headed straight for the cargo bay and the Karcsis this was going to be a long shift.

a tricorder lay next to the Karcsis where tolar had left it, picking it up and opening it i scanned through the data he had been reviewing, all of this had been covered and gone over time and again and for something that was meant to give us information it was definately not being very forth coming.

starting a new scan sequence i changed the variables to include the colour spectrum as well as the sound spectrum, and to my surprise the Karcsis was eminating a very low band hum. why had this not shown before on any other scan.

this thing was definately working a light at the end of the tunnel i thought.

an hour or so later and nothing had changed the Karcsis was not giving anything up, again i decided to change the variable on the tricorder. i reprogramed it to emit a low level sound wave starting just below the frequency of the Karcsis but nothig happend, very slowly i brought the lvels up step by step. finally the Karcsis readings started to change bringing the levels even high and into the uhf band the reading went off the scale and a small panel opened on the side of the Karcsis.

Instantly logging the readings i pressed on, this was finally starting to get the adrenalin going.

to be continued

Posted by: Tolar Jalovel Aug 29 2005, 04:39 PM
Tolar was busy carrying out the Captain's orders, trying to find a way of locating the away team, which was proving a difficult task

He was about to try another scan when the console in front of him beeped a warning

"Captain, I'm getting odd readings from the Karcsis"

"What kind of readings?" the Captain asked, appearing a little annoyed at having been distrurbed from the task concerning the away team

"Not sure Captain but it started emitting some kind of low band signal"

"Lieutenant Valorin is down there, so I'll leave it in his capable hands" the Captain said and turned his attention back to the problem with the away team

Tolar shrugged, and continued his work, deciding to scan the surface of the cavern instead of attempting to scan the interior. Although, despite several attempts his scans were being bounced back

Tolar decided to try again, using a lower band scan, but the same thing happened. And then he realised what was causing it. he altered the sensor output to emit an anti-proton signature which revealed the problem

"Captain, I tried scanning the exterior of the cavern, but my scans were bounced back" he called

Captain Reyan walked over to Tolar

"I'm not sure what you are getting at Lt" he said

"I could not scan through to the inside of the cavern sir, which seemed odd to me as even if we take into account that there are several meters of rock between the surface and the cavern we should still be able to read the away teams commbadge signals with scanners"

Captain Reyan didnt reply and Tolar took that as a hint to continue

"I tried to scan the exterior of the cavern but couldn't as the scan signal was bounced back"

The captain appeared to be following

"Anyway, I performed a low level scan and picked up faint traces of a cloak"

"What were they cloaking?" Reyan asked

"A small observation post sir. They knew we were coming"

The Captain turned and strode back to the centre seat

"Lt Xandra, tie your controls into Lt Jalovel's console. Target phasers on the coordinates he has stored and fire at low power when ready" the Captain asked

"Lt Xandra did as the Captain had asked, and the Intrepid's phasers struck out against the coorindates that Tolar had supplied, revealing a small base implanted into the rockface

"Disable it" the Captain demanded

The Intrepid's phasers again struck out, this time rendering the small station useless

"That should do the job, Try and hail the away team now" the Captain ordered

Posted by: Reyan Anil Sep 2 2005, 01:09 PM
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Posted by: Kassan Xandra Sep 3 2005, 12:25 AM
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Kassan continued to scan and had sent the order for Kovak to join them on the Bridge, she sighed something was amiss and she couldnt work out what. She could see the worry lining Anils face and her heart went out to him.

Kassan went back to her scan, trying different bandwidths to see if she could find any sign of the away team but her scans were turning up useless. Just then Tolar spoke.

"Captain, I tried scanning the exterior of the cavern, but my scans were bounced back" he called

Kassan watched as Anil walked over to Tolar and watched his display over his shoulder.

"I'm not sure what you are getting at Lt" Anil said, concentration now lining his face.

"I could not scan through to the inside of the cavern sir, which seemed odd to me as even if we take into account that there are several meters of rock between the surface and the cavern we should still be able to read the away teams commbadge signals with scanners"

Captain Reyan didnt reply and Tolar took that as a hint to continue

"I tried to scan the exterior of the cavern but couldn't as the scan signal was bounced back"

Anil looked like he was understanding what he was being told. Kassan frowned, that is really strange, are they hiding something in there, was the building just a ruse? she wondered to herself, then went back to listening.

"Anyway, I performed a low level scan and picked up faint traces of a cloak"

"What were they cloaking?" Reyan asked

"A small observation post sir. They knew we were coming"

So that was it, Kassan thought, well I'll be. She sighed to herself that answers a lot of questions. Oh great what sort of security officer am I,she chided herself. I should have suspected, I should have know.

She watched Anil as he turned and strode back to the centre seat.

"Lt Xandra, tie your controls into Lt Jalovel's console. Target phasers on the coordinates he has stored and fire at low power when ready" Anil ordered.

Kassan did as the Captain had asked, her fingers working quickly and uneringly over the controls in front of her. She had the other console tied in with hers now and quickly checked the grid, she locked on the co-ordinants then her fingers again danced over the control panel in front of her. She dropped the Phaser power then fired.

The phaser leapt out hitting the co-ordinants that Tolar had fed her. She grinned, he had been right. The rock shattered revealing a small base nestled and obviously previously well hidden in the rock face. She smiled quickly at Tolar and nodded her thanks then Anil again spoke.

"Disable it" he ordered.

"Aye Sir," she replied

Her fingers again danced over the panel in front of her and the phasers again lashed out, rendering the small station useless.

"That should do the job, Try and hail the away team now" Anil ordered.

She waited with bated breath as the away team was hailed as did the rest of the bridge crew. It seemed that minutes they waited, not making a sound, the stress levels so bad you could cut it with a knife, but it must have been barely seconds.

"No reply sir."

"Try again" Anil ordered.

Again silence, Kassan stood, barely game to breath as they waited to see if there would be a reply.

Just then the doors of the turbo lift opened and Kovek walked out onto the bridge. Anil turned sharply towards him and all eyes on the bridge turned to him.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Sep 3 2005, 02:38 AM
Memories emerged from Ryan's mind of when he and Anil had been told by Captain Riker and Admiral Cartel that such a treaty exists. Even then, the prospect of it's authentisity seemed implausible. After all why would both the Federation and the Romulan Empire deny it's existance or the fact that a physical first contact ever took place over two hundred years ago?

"The social value is compelling isn't it? If only it could be made public, it could forge our two peoples closer than they are now."

"But of coarse the Talshiar have other plans." Riker said.


"Well, concidering your most likely going to dispose of us now that we know the truth, would you care to explain how this treaty came to exist?"

"As records show, the Treaty of Algeron was negotiated over subspace and hence the Neutral Zone was established. Beyond that, we don't know how or why this data rod was created. We can only speculate that at some point either Federation or the Empire deemed it necessary for a digitally writen and signed version of the treaty to be made."

At that moment, Riker's commbadge chirped and a woman's voice called for the team to respond. Ryan shared the Captain's yerning to tap it and respond, even it it only gave the Intrepid a brief warning of what was happening.

The Romulan infront of them raised his disrupter slightly and held out his hand. Grudgingly they removed the commbadges from their uniform and placed them in his hand.

"I don't believe Humans would have wanted such an event to go undisclosed in our history books." Riker said as though the communicae from the ship had never occured.

"Perhaps your records a flawed or perhaps Humans really are Romulan at heart?"

"And would you deny that in recent years the Empire has shown a more humanitarian side?"

Before the Romulan could answer an alarm roared into life. The Romulan's looked around anxiously as though trying to find the cause for an alarm to be activated.

"Proximaty alert, find out what is -"

"Starfleet Security, lower your weapons!"

Ryan heard the bellowing voice before he saw the cluster of grey and black storm in and take up tactful positions. Several green disrupter blasts split through the gloom of the cavern and a shower of dust rained down onto the security team as they blasts impacted with rocks, causing them to implode.

"Return fire." The womans voice demanded again and followed quickly by phaser fire from her team.

Riker lept backwards as the Romulan was struck in the chest and thrown to the ground.

"Hold your fire."

The cavern fell silent. Clouds of dust and debris slowly drifted before dissapating into nothingness.

"Captain, Commander, are you alright?" The woman asked, carefully making her way towards them.

"Yes, thank you." Riker replied.

"Lieutenant Xandra, Assistant Security Officer."

The name suddenly triggered a memory in Ryan, he'd seen her name on the transfer logs prior to their departure from Romulus.

"You make an impressive enterance Lieutenant." Ryan said, but there was no smile on his face. The events of the past half an hour still rang in his mind. He still needed to find the key.


Posted by: Kassan Xandra Sep 3 2005, 11:11 AM
No answer came from the away teams. These people, although she had met none of them, were her comrades and she could feel the tension and the fear, for their safety, from the rest of the Bridge crew, not the least being Anil himself.

She watched as Kovek stepped onto the Bridge, his face neutral. His eyes flickered around quickly, taking in what was happening. Kassan could swear she saw a momentary flicker of a smile, cross his face.

"Sir," Kassan said, her voice shocking even her in the quiet of the Bridge." We need to get a team down there."

Anil turned sharply and looked at her. She could see the objection even before he voiced it.

"I am not risking anymore of this crew until we know what is going on." he replied.

Kassan knew she should keep quiet, but something inside her made her vocalise her thoughts.

"Sir, we are literally between a rock and a hard place. Our position is compramised and our teams and most of our crewmates are down there somewhere. We have to do something, the longer we wait, the worse this is going to become." she said.

Anil looked at her for a moment, his mind running over the possibilities. Then he looked at her again.

"How, Lieutenant do you propose we get you in there, we are not even sure, where, within that structure the teams are and two we are shielded at the moment so could not get you to them even if we did know. If we were to drop the shields for any amount of time we would be sitting ducks. They would have us before we could raise them again." he replied.

Kassan nodded, of course he was right, it was a flight of fancy and yet the stuborn streak in her would not allow her to give up.

Then she noticed Kovek had made his way to her consol as she and Anil were distracted.

"Jolan-Tru Lieutenant Xandra." he said.

Jolan-Tru Daise'Erai'Riov Kovek," Kassan replied. "I hope you are improved in health."

"I thank you for your earlier kindness to me and I am in much better health thank you Lieutenant." her replied.

"I am glad to hear it Daise'Erai'Riov Kovek," she smiled.

"You show great insite, for one so young and wisdom is not easily come by. Respect of those one sees as enemies is always very wise." her told her.

Kassan grinned. "I heard an old saying once, keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

"Wise, very wise." her replied.

"Kovek, please leave the Lieutenant to her job or I will have you removed from the bridge and the way I feel at the moment it will be dead." Anil snarled.

Kovek reached into his tunic and one of the security guards nearbye, seeing it, pulled his phaser.

Kovek ignored him and handed her something with a slight smile. "Sometimes the easiest solution is the hardest to see. Sometimes reality is an illusion and illusion becomes reality. hann'yyo (thank you) Lieutenant Xandra for your small kindness to me in the sickbay and your respect in addressing me in my own language."

Kovek walked away from her and over to Anil. She did not hear what was being said, she was looking at the small trinket she had been handed by Kovek. His words running over and over in her mind.

Sometimes the easiest solution is the hardest to see. Sometimes reality is an illusion and illusion becomes reality.

She held the trinket up, it was a small embellished mirror, with unusual symbols around it, she looked at her face reflected back at her and then again thought of his words.

Sometimes the easiest solution is the hardest to see. Sometimes reality is an illusion and illusion becomes reality.

She again looked at her reflection. "the solution is hard to see. reality is an illusion, illusion becoming reality." she mumbled below her breath.

She looked up at Koveks back as he and Anil seemed to be in heated debate and then down at the mirror. "Make the solution hard to see. Turn reality into an illusion and an illusion into reality." she said loudly.

Anil turned to her and the rest of the Bridge crew looked at her as if she were mad. She blushed.

"Would you mind explaining, your outburst, Lieutenant" Anil asked.

She glanced from Anil to Kovek and saw him smile slightly, almost imperceptibly. Then she looked at Anil. Straightening she tried to muster as much courage as she could.

"Sir, the answer is here," she said, showing him the small mirror in her hand. He looked at the mirror and at her and looked like he was about to have her sent to medical to be sectioned.

Before he could say anything she continued. "One of the first rules of tacticians is the easiest solution is sometimes the best. If you can confuse your enemy or distract them, then you can sometimes out manouver them. For example if you are in a close quarter fight, both sides pinned down and you have some of your team, lay cover fire, you can sometimes manage to get some of your team into a better position to take out the enemy 'nest'. They are distracted by the cover fire and do not see the other members of the team, moving."

She hoped she was making sense here, but continued.

"Sir, I see my reflection in this mirror, it is as real to me as you seeing me. What we need, is a distraction. Someone outside and away from this ship, to draw fire away from us, for just long enough for us to drop the shields and beam down." Kassan said.

"That is all very well Lieutenant, but we are not in some holo movie and we are not going to suddenly have some sf ships suddenly come to our rescue and draw fire, conveniently so we can beam you to the teams." Anil replied.

"But sir, you just said it. Holo movie." she said. "Reality an illusion and illusion becoming the reality.

Suddenly his eyes took on a look of comprehension. He turned to the Engineering station. "Is it possible to project a Holo image, that will be believeable enought to take the heat off us long enough to drop shield and beam a team into that building?" Anil asked.

"Sir, it will take some doing but I believe we could have a 'ship' landing over there and be convincing enough to completely fool them, at least for a few seconds. It should, all going well be long enough, if our timeing is good, to get a team beamed to the building." he replied.

"How long will it take to set up?" Anil asked.

"20 minutes sir."

"Make it ten." Anil grinned.

"Aye sir." he replied.

"Lieutenant you have ten minutes to get your away team ready and into the transporter room." Anil smiled.

Kassan nodded and took off. She tapped her com and ordered a team of six to the armoury.

She coded the security clearance code into the PADD and the doors to the armoury opened and Kassan quickly handed out the weapons.

"Weapons check. "She ordered as she started to check her own equipment. All was in working order. She shouldered the strap on her phaser rifle and locked down the armoury. Then slipped a blade into her boot and another into her belt under the tunic top. She gave last minute instructions and headed off to the transporter room at a trot. She just hoped the ploy would work. Finally they stood on the Padd and waited for the order to be given. She tapped her com badge.

"Sir, we I have six guards and we are on the padd and ready to go, when you are."

"Thank you Lieutanant. Beam out in 1 minute. Good luck to you all." his voice became gentle. "and Kassan....come back safely to me."

"I will Anil..." she half whispered, her voice choking with emotion. " Besides " she laughed. "you still owe me dinner."

Suddenly the room became a sparkle of lights and disappeared, only to be replaced by the dark interior of a building. She signalled with her hand, and checked with the tricorder. They were close to the centre of the building.

Keeping to the walls and shadows they silently made there way towards the location of the elevator shafts. Suddenly the sound of footsteps warned them of the approach of someone. She signalled the one of the guards to the oposite wall and as the foot steps approached they waited silently blending with the darkness. Two Romulans walked past and Kassan and one of the guards jumped out behind them. Kassan drew her blade quickly and silently across the neck of the one she had jumped. Blood splattered her uniform and pumped from his neck. He dropped to the ground, the only sound a gurgle. She looked across and saw the same fate had befallen the other Romulan. She wiped her blade and sheithed it. She gave a signal and the bodies were silently dragged into the darkness.

They continued until they came to the shaft and with another series of silent signals she and her teams were soon absieling on ropes down into the abbys of the empty shafts. As they bottomed they waited for the next two and the next until all six were safely down. This one much narrower and darker than the rest had been. Rough stone walls wound round.They were using their night vision goggles by now, any light may have allerted someone to their position.

Again they moved silently down the corridor, watching and waiting if they heard a noise. Silently in the shadows. She continued to scan with the tricorder, leading them in the direction of the signal. They dispatched six more romulans, with very little noise, suddenly they could hear voices up ahead, the tricorder was giving a strong reading on Romulan and crew lifesigns, she was also reading a large chamber or cavern. She held up her hand to stop and they again took to the shadows against the walls as she checked her bearings. She checked her cronometer and what had seemed hours since she left the ship had only been minutes. Her team were working like a well oiled commando unit. But now was not the time for reflection. She again signalled, all weapons were now armed and the took formation. Silently they moved to the cavern the voices now discernable.

"I don't believe Humans would have wanted such an event to go undisclosed in our history books." a male voice said.

"Perhaps your records a flawed or perhaps Humans really are Romulan at heart?"

"And would you deny that in recent years the Empire has shown a more humanitarian side?"

Kassan signalled again and they moved forward, Suddenly an alarm roared to life.

Shit, I hadnt counted on a proximity alarm she thought. She signalled and they ran full pelt into the cavern.

"Proximaty alert, find out what is -" a Romulan yelled above the noise that reverberated around the cavern.

"Starfleet Security, lower your weapons!" Kassan yelled, as she and her men covered the Romulans with their own. "Back two, lookout." she yelled. Two of her men at the rear took rear gaurd at the entrance to the cavern. The rest took tactical positions inside.

Suddenly everything happened at once, several green disrupter blasts split through the gloom of the cavern and a shower of dust rained down onto the security team as they blasts impacted with rocks, causing them to implode.

"Return fire." Kassan ordered.

The room became a miasma of phaser fire and disrupter fire.

As the last romulan fell. Kassan yelled again. "Hold your fire."

The cavern fell silent. Clouds of dust and debris slowly drifted before dissapating into nothingness.

"Captain, Commander, are you alright?" Kassan asked, as she carefully made her way towards them.

"Yes, thank you." One of the Officers replied.

"Lieutenant Xandra, Assistant Security Officer." Kassan barked, standing to attention.

"You make an impressive enterance Lieutenant." Ryan said.

"Sir. Yes Sir." she replied. "Sir, if I may be so bold as to suggest calling the ship"

"Of course." The officer replied as they picked up their com badges and replaced them on their uniforms.

Kassan again gave a silent signal to her men and they spread into a defensive tactical position, now guarding the chamber. She stood to and awaited further orders. Subconciously playing with the trinket Kovek had given her, that hung round her neck.

Posted by: Phaedra Rain Sep 5 2005, 03:58 PM
The captain was lost in thought for a moment,for the safety of the away team,for the safety of Kassan....With a sharp tug on the front bottom of his uniform he collected his thoughts and prepared to welcome the newest crew member Counsellor Phaedra Rain.

Phaedra scrolled thought the crew personnel files,trying to get an idea of the Intrepid and her Crew.

She blew out a long sigh.And thought...Printing on a terminal screen will tell me little....

*door chime*

"Come" Phaedra said.

In strode Captain Anil Reyan.

"Counsellor Rain I presume,Welcome Aboard "Said Anil.

"Phaedra Rain Sir,And Thank You"

Phaedra noted that the Captain had a nice strong hand shake,her father taught her that you can tell alot about a man by a hand shake.

"I trust you are comfortable ,if there is anything you need,do not hesitate to ask."Said Anil.

"Thank You Captain"Responded Phaedra.

"Well I shall leave you to your settling in,I trust you found the crew manifest,evaluations and so forth"Questioned Anil.

"Yes,I have been glancing through them just now,I would like to start as soon as possible.With your Permission of course Captain."Replied Phaedra.

"Yes,Ofcourse.And Counsellor glad to have you with us"Anil Smiled.

"Glad to be aboard,Captain"Phaedra Returned his smile.

Phaedra moved back to her terminal and continued to scroll,landing on the Captains file she stopped to study it.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Sep 6 2005, 05:07 AM
The away team had just returned, and the Intrepid was lifting off - he had retreated to his Office to deal with his administration work, but had found that the Crew transfers from the Titan were the only matters that required his attention.

He made his way to the previously-unoccupied counsellors office and pressed the door chime

"Come" came the voice from inside

Reyan strode into the office, taking a moment to admire the decore

"Counsellor Rain I presume? Welcome Aboard" He stated, smiling, and holding out his hand, which she shook

"I trust you are comfortable ,if there is anything you need,do not hesitate to ask."Said Anil.

"Thank You Captain"Responded Phaedra.

"Well, I shall leave you to your settling in - I trust you found the crew manifest, evaluations and so forth" Anil asked, hoping that the files had been fowarded

"Yes, I have been glancing through them just now, I would like to start as soon as possible. With your Permission of course Captain." Replied Phaedra.

"Yes, Of course. And Counsellor glad to have you with us" Anil Smiled.

"Glad to be aboard, Captain" Phaedra Returned his smile.

Reyan left her to work and made his way back to his office

Sat behind his desk, he completed his logs, and pulled up Kassan's file

He admired the picture of her for a moment, and then studied her file.

Her service record was impressive, and Reyan himself had been impressed by the skill that she had displayed when in action.

He entered a record of a Promotion into her file, and then closed the terminal. He decided he would tell Kassan of her promotion to Lieutenant-Commander in person, when she returned from the away mission.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Sep 6 2005, 11:09 PM
"Of course." Riker said distractedly, apparently he was having the same thoughts as Ryan. The key was all that mattered at this point, they needed to find it before the stunned Romulan's gained consciosness.

He started touching the stone walls, his tricorder wining as if frustrated at not finding a thing.

a4.gif "Xandra to the Intrepid, lock onto my signal and standby to beam us up." a4.gif The Lieutenant advised before she started setting up transport enhancers.

"It has to be here. Unless this is just some wild goose chase..." Riker said. "3591.754 - got it!"


"What Admiral Cartel and I didn't specify to you and Captain Anil back on Romulus is that the keys seem to be hidden by some kind of thoron field. While the Admiral's scientific team were decrypting the Karcsis transmission, they discovered frequency in the file containing information on the objects we've come to know as the keys."

"So it's possible the Romulans havn't finished decrypting their transmission?"

"No, they've decrypted it alright. They were sending Kovek here, they had to have known about the frequency if they knew key was hidden here." Riker stopped and waved his tricorder over the surface wall in front of him. "This is it."

He took a few steps backwar, unholstered his phaser, changed it's setting before firing at the rock face. Ryan half closed his eyes to shield them from the debris cascading to the cavern floor.

The phaser beam died away and as the dust cleared he understood why the broken stone at the base of the Riker's target was minimal. He'd barely drilled into the wall at all.

"Only quater of a metre in." Riker stepped foward again and reached into the gaping hole. He carefull withdrew his hand holding a metalic cylinder then looked down at the object and smiled broadly.

"That's it?" Ryan asked, his voice unintentially sounding with dissapointment.

"Yes, but I think the Federation council will be interested in taking a look at that treaty. We may never get another chance."

Ryan nodded, the Captain was right. If it had shread of truth to it, they needed to know. Together they removed the data rod from it's clear cabnet and rejoined an awaiting Xandra.

"We need to beam everybody up at once. Transporter rooms two and three are standing by, sir."

"At your earliest convenience, Lieutenant." Ryan said. "Before these Romulan's wake up and find out they have been heisted."

a4.gif "Xandra to the Intrepid, ten to beam up." a4.gif

a4.gif "One moment, Lieutenant." a4.gif

There was a fleeting pause before Ryan found himself incased within the transporter beam. He looked around at the dim carven now obscured by the transporter's blue haze.

"Why the delay, crewman?" Xandra asked of the woman behind the console infront of them.

"The Romulan soldiers are still firing at our forward hull, we had to lower the shields around the starboard transporter emitters in order to get your out."

"The holographic projection wouldn't have fooled them long enough for us to get in an out... we knew that when we went in." Xandra thought aloud and Ryan's face become a testimony to his incomprehention. "I'll explain on the way to the Bridge, sir."

Captain Riker, Ryan, and Xandra discussed the deception she had created in order to beam into the Tal Shiar complex.

"I must say, I'm surprised Anil let you enter the building at all." Riker said as the turbo lift doors parted allowing the three officers to step onto the Bridge and approach an awaiting Captain Anil.

"Welcome back." He said. "I trust everyone is in one piece?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now let's get the hell off this rock before those soldiers lower bring down our shields."

The Intrepid soared upwards like an injured bird returning to the fight to unleash the last of it's energy in a futile effort to escape the circling Warbirds in the planet's orbit.

The Warbirds had countinued to trade jolts of disrupter fire, all taking heavy damage and at a race to finish repairs before the others.

"Captain it appears the Norexan class has been firing on the two other warbirds."

"Onscreen." Anil ordered.

Ryan, still largely unaware of all that had happened to the Intrepid during his abscence gazed into the viewscreen. Four Romulan vessels seemed to be involved in a standoff.

"Why would have the Norexan allied itself with the third vessel that had fired apon it?" Anil questioned.

Nobody had a chance to offer an opinion as two green burst of weopons fire came from apparent opposing Romulan ships and the Bridge agitated benief their feet.

"Lieutenant, try to disable their warp dirve and instruct Mr. Reefs to be ready for maximum warp." Anil said after turning fully to face Lieutenant Xandra.

"Captain, incomming vessel... it's the Titan!" Korbin said, who had returned to his Operations console.

Riker spun around to glance at him; clearly proud that his vessel was comming to join the squirmish.

"Use a secure channel and send our attack strategy to the Titan, coordinate our efforts."

"Aye sir."

The Titan swept into the battlefield, her shields flaring as the two targeted vessels attempted to incapacitate the new threat. Together the pair of Federation ships achieved they're goal and lept to warp.

"Keep us at maximum warp for as long as you can, Ensign. We need to put as much distance between them and us as possible."

"Captain, I expect you are anxious to return to your ship. She's a fine vessel."

"Absolutely. Besides, I don't think the Intrepid is big enough for the both of us." Riker smiled. "It's been a pleasure to work with you, Orlan. Now that we're returning to Romulus -"

"No!" All eyes darted towards the Tactical console where the infamous Kovek stood staring at Riker with a touch of urgency. "No, we can't return to Romulus."

A feeling of the deepest loathing crept into Ryan's mouth like acidulous bile and before he could restrain himself, he leaned closer to Anil and lowered his voice. "What the hell is he doing on the Intrepid?"

"That is what I wanted to talk to you about earlier this morning." Anil answered.

He recalled the moment where the Captain had come to his quaters on the pretense of walking him to the briefing that Riker would be holding; but due to Ryan's disturbing dreams, he didn't have the time to listen to Anil.

"We can't go back to Romulus, not with the key." Kovek continued.

"Our orders are to return to Romulus."

"I was given orders that if the away team were detected, the Intrepid is asked to treat to Federation territory, with the key."

"That is very trustworthy of the Empire." Riker retorted skeptically.

"The order comes from the very people you have been conversing with regarding the key. The rest of the senate don't know you have been dealing with it. It's not their order."

"Do you have some kind of evidence to back this up?"

"Yes." Kovek delve into a pocket of his apparel and withdrew a data PADD. "I'm certain you will find it legitimate. This is the best for our interests."

"I'm sure it is." Ryan mumbled.

Riker walked forward, reached over the banister and took the PADD from Kovek. He was silent while he read the information it contained and then nodded. "Alright."

"Helm, alter course... Federation space." Anil instructed the Helm officer.

"Sir, we need to get these to the Science Lab, perhaps this key will somehow react with the Karcsis."

"Captain Anil." Riker said, bidding Reyan goodbye before he and Ryan entered the turbo lift.


Posted by: Gaia Moore Sep 8 2005, 03:52 AM
It was barely audible to Gaia but she heard Kaoru murmur something which, strangely to Gaia, seemed to comfort her. Gaia’s mind raced, even as her breathing slowed. She felt her body relaxing, probably from some relaxant or painkiller that her friend was administering. Gaia felt her eyes flutter and Kaoru’s face being replaced by blackness….she couldn’t resist anymore, the pain was too much, Gaia’s eyes closed and she felt herself drifting slowly away…..

A voice filtered through Gaia’s ears, she recognised it as Kaoru’s. Gaia’s eyes opened slightly to slits, adjusting to the light, pain shot through her as she became more fully aware. The pain was indescribable, it was unlike anything she had experienced before.

“…stimulant now!” Kaoru looked down at Gaia warmly, her blue eyes almost motherly as she noticed her awake. “Welcome back to the land of the living!”

“Where, how…….” Gaia’s voice was edged with pain, she winced, closing her eyes tightly as she waited for it to pass. Opening her eyes again to look at Kaoru, she noticed the lighting and a figure just behind and to the right of Kaoru.

“You’re in sickbay resting, I couldn’t treat you anywhere else not for this. I’m sorry, but you’ll be here for a while.”

The reality of what Kaoru said to her sank in and though it seemed impossible, Gaia sank further into the biobed, her heart dived “How bad is it Kaoru?”

“Bad enough to warrant a long stint in sickbay, just lay still” Though she didn’t raise her voice much, it had enough effect to impose on Gaia how important it was for her to lay still.

“This time Kaoru, I don’t think I’ll argue with you!” Gaia smiled, doing as she was told and for once, not arguing about it.

Gaia’s eyes fell once more on the man standing behind Kaoru, she recognised him as Kovek. He seemed less cocky and arrogant as Gaia remembered him, but she knew how kind he had been to her. The reason why was still a mystery to her. Kaoru turned to Kovek, Gaia couldn’t see her face, but Kaoru’s voice echoed with stern words.

“You will not spend long with her, you’re lucky you’re seeing her at all, if it weren’t for me keeping you under observation……”

“Doctor, no need to be so protective. If I wanted to do any harm to her, I could have done it when I had the chance……yet I didn’t, does that not tell you something?”

Kaoru looked like she was struggling to bite back a retort, but stayed in the background. Kovek moved to the foreground, more firmly into Gaia’s vision.

“Kovek, excuse me if I don’t use your title.” There was no bitterness in Gaia’s voice, she felt more like she was an acquaintance to have the right to call him by his name alone.

“Quite alright, how are you feeling?” He seemed actually genuinely interested.

“I could be better, there’s one thing I wanted to ask you though.” Gaia paused, watching his face carefully. “Why did you help me before, when you could have easily done away with me the same as the others?”

Kovek’s face turned a little paler, his smile vanished for a brief moment and his eyes seemed to dart around searching for a way out, but that could have been Gaia’s vision, it was becoming a little blurred. He opened his mouth, about to say something Gaia presumed when he was called to the Bridge. Gaia couldn’t mistake the look of relief on Kovek’s face, but he turned back to Gaia.

“I can’t explain now, we can discuss it………perhaps later?” Kovek smiled at Gaia, a strange smile, could it have been affectionate? Inviting? a sarcastic taunt? He walked away without another word.

Gaia’s head was hurting, her eyes were blurred and she could feel her lids closing…….why did it have to happen now? She had so much to think about! Kaoru came to Gaia’s side the moment Kovek left. Recognising Gaia trying to resist sleep, Kaoru placed her hand over Gaia’s eyes, and soon she slipped back into unconsciousness.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Sep 9 2005, 11:57 PM
For a moment after entering the Cargo Bay, Ryan could have sworn he'd just stepped into the junk room of the Borg Collective. Several consoles and a diagnostic table had been massed around the form of the karcis and assorted cargo containers. It gave Ryan the shivers making the comparison with collective, but he knew all that technology held the key to unravelling the secrets of the Karcis.

"Commander." Valorin said looking around to see who had crossed the threshold of his domain. He put down the ODN recoupler and a length opti-cable that snaked it's way over the edge of the table and dissapeared into the darkness.

"I see you are back at work. I don't think the Intrepid would have been the same if you'd resigned..." The reasons Valorin had been contemplating resignation seemed to have become a topic that was off-limits, now that they had talked it over.

"Thank you sir. I believe I've made somewhat of a break through with the Karcsis." Ryan looked questioningly at him and the Lieutenant took that as a sign to continue. "Earlier I subjected the Karcsis to a low level sound wave and after some tweaking, this panel opened."

Ryan followed him around to the other side of the Karcsis. There the open section of the Karcsis appeared to be swallowing another stretch opti-cable.

"The manifold configuration is conciderably different to our own, but so far it seems to have no problem interacting with our computers. I isolated the auxiliary computer in the Cargo Bay."

"Good, ensure that it remains isolated. I don't want that thing connected to any critical sources of information. Who knows if it has some kind of resident program designed to scan every sector of the Intrepid's computer core and transmit our data to everything within range."

"Of coarse, sir."

"Excellent, perhaps we will finally get some long awaited answers. Anyway, I brought you a couple of new mysteries."

The Lieutenants interest peaked and he took the grey case from Ryan's hand, taking it back to circular diagnostic table.

Riker had been reluctant to surrender it to Ryan when they parted ways in the corridor. His orders had been to take the key back to Romulus and report their findings to Admiral Carter, however the orders Kovek had presented changed all his plans.

Whether the Romulans gave permission for the key to be taken back to Federation space untill the heat from the Tal Shiar settled down or not, Ryan didn't care. It was a relief to be going where the Tal Shiar could not reach them.

Valorin placed the silver cylinder upright on the table and opened his tricorder. It was Ryan's first opportunity to take his time to view the key. Now in the illumination of the Cargo Bay, he could make out long narrow slots on every side.

"How do you think it works?" Ryan asked impatiently as soon as Valorin began to scan it.

"These refined indentations on the outter casing appear to be some type of ODN interface." Valorin paused and watched the display of his tricorder. "I'm detecting a weak energy signature... I won't know exactly what we're dealing with till a run a full scan and have the computer analyse the results, but if I was to venture a guess, I would say that this device is over a hundred years old."

"I don't think it's going to reveal anything that Admiral Carter doesn't already know. It almost seems like we're being kept out of the loop with some details, so we need to find out for ourselves."

"A Romulan data rod." Valorin said, looking back into the open carry case that he'd taken the silver key out of. "Whats on it?"

"Apparently the Treaty of Algeron." Ryan said. "I need you to prove it's a fake."

"I'll have to replicate an interface to retrieve the data off it. This technology is very old."

"Alright, I'll leave you to it, Lieutenant." Ryan said. "I'll be in Sickbay... Geo and Gaia were injured on the away mission."

"Doctor," Ryan began upon entering Kaoru's office. "what's their condition?"

"Geovanie is resting comfortably, I will be releasing him to his quaters shortly." She paused. "Gaia isn't fairing quite so well."

He followed her eyes to the display behind her desk. The regular synaptic patterns changed to a diagram that represented Gaia's body before enlarging when Kaoru tapped several buttons.

"At first it was thought her spinal cord had been severed, but there is severe trauma to her thoracic region, C-8 and T-1 vertebra to be exact. Fortunetly her upper are uneffected."

Ryan felt as if the Docter was describing terms straight from a text-book, this was Gaia. She wasn't just some case study from Kaoru's medical school days. He felt aggrivation building in his chest but tried to hide it when he spoke. "And what does that mean exactly?"

"It means she may be able to feel certain sensations, and some parts she may not have feeling in anymore."

"Will she be able to walk again?"

"I think so, Commander you must realise that it's her whole body enduring the consequences and it needs time to heal. We just need to be patient." Kaoru let out a long sigh. "She's my friend too."

Ryan didn't say anything. He wanted to shutdown and ignore reality. This is what he had feared. They had just made their feelings known to each other, and on the very first mission Gaia's almost killed.

"The consequences..." He whispered.

She wouldn't be lying their if you hadn't volunteered her! The thoughts wanted to scream, release the anger and hurt he'd kept burried since first hearing Geo's calls for medics.

"I need to see her. I need to tell -"

"Commander, I'm not sure she would want..." Kaoru began to say something, but apparetnly decided to hold back the words. "Alright."

He followed her into the main area of Sickbay. Ryan looked across at the three biobeds along the far wall. Geo was bracing himself upright with an elbow.

"You mustn't stay long when she does wake, she needs her rest and you are the last person who’s likely to give it to her! You're lucky you're here at all! But as you are... any sign of anything!" Kaoru said. Her eyes suddenly flared as though someone had just thrown a cannister of raw plasma into a fire and a finger aimed at his chest.

"Don't worry Doc, I won’t be here long, I just need to talk to her... alone!"

Her mood had doubled it's intensity quicker than Ryan had anticipated. Perhaps it had something to do with her choosing to hold back her words and covert them into actions. He watched her stride away and attend to Geo, but it was obvious she wanted to remain close enough to watch him like a warden.

Ryan turned his back on the doctor and cupped Gaia's hand into his own. She turned her head to face him. He froze for a moment, trying to think of what to say that would make her feel better... that would make him feel better too.


Posted by: Gaia Moore Sep 10 2005, 08:00 AM
Gaia found herself in an un-torn uniform on the bridge of what appeared to be the Intrepid…….but nobody seemed to even know she was there. She saw Ryan sitting where he always was, in his rightful position in the XO’s chair. Gaia walked over to him, being buffered by one officer and then another, none of them paying her any mind. She didn’t seem to care, her only wish was to get to Ryan, to find out if he was okay, to find out whether he cared anything about her being in sickbay……Gaia stopped dead, her mind catching up, she was in sickbay…..how could she be on the bridge, this had to be a dream…..but everything seemed so real! She had to know for sure, she all but ran towards Ryan, when she reached him, he made no acknowledgement of her presence, he stared straight ahead. Gaia tried everything to get his attention, but nothing worked. Soon she was resigned to the fact that it was. This has to be a dream even as the thought ran through her mind, she felt her heart skip beats, become slower, she slid to the floor as her heart sank. She ached all over, but her heart seemed to weigh and ache the most. She cried, alone in her mind.

Gaia was aware of voices around her, she tried to open her eyes, but it was an effort, she couldn’t feel her legs, her arms……but she was aware. She felt a moist tear on her cheek, at least she could feel that. Her eyes fluttered open and she could make out blurred shapes, she blinked hard trying to make them out. Kaoru was staring down at her, the warmth in her eyes evident. But as she looked at the other person, her eyes hardened and her features changed. Gaia’s jumbled mind couldn’t put an emotion to the way her features contorted, but she knew it was bad. Gaia turned her head to face the person Kaoru was giving that look to, it was Ryan. A hint of surprise was obvious in Gaia’s face ”What’s he doing here?” her voice seemed to spit in her mind.

“You mustn’t stay long when she does wake, she needs her rest and you are the last person who’s likely to give it to her! You’re lucky you’re here at all! But as you are…..any sign of anything!” Kaoru had her finger aimed at him as if it was a weapon, her eyes seemed fiery, but Gaia thought that may have been her blurry vision.

“Don’t worry Doctor, I won’t be here long, I just need to talk to her……alone!” Gaia heard Ryan add as he looked Kaoru directly in the face, though from her perspective, it was hard to tell.

Ryan looked down and noticed Gaia’s eyes were on him, he smiled uneasily. He just looked at her and she looked at him. The situation was becoming more awkward and uncomfortable by the minute, until it was broken by Ryan. He seemed troubled, his eyes portrayed sorrow ”No, not sorrow……pity and guilt! He only feels guilty!” Gaia told herself firmly.

"Ryan, before you say anything......Just cut the crypticisms! Ryan, it's obvious you don't feel the same way so come out and say it! For once in your life say what you mean and go... I don't need your pitty right now."

"Gaia, it's hard for me -" Ryan's voice was soft and gentle, he was trying to comfort her, but Gaia didn't feel much like being comforted at that moment, as soon as his words sunk in, she was angry. Gaia spun her head around to face Ryan, her face now twisting with rage.

"Hard? hard? You don't know the meaning of the word! You don't know the meaning of the word! You think it's been easy? You think I wanted this? I may not walk again Ryan! Everything I’ve worked for! Everything that has ever meant anything to me in Starfleet is gone! Do you know how that feels?” she let that sink in, pausing, watching his reactions. “No.....I didn’t think that would mean anything to you!”

Gaia saw Ryan open his mouth, then close it again, he looked upset, he looked.........resigned was the only word Gaia could think of to describe it, but at that moment, she didn't care. After all, he hadn't cared about her when he hurt her, had he? Gaia turned her head the other way as she lay down on the biobed, closing her eyes, attempting to stop the tears that were threatening to fall. Only partly because of the realisation of the truth in her words. A lump formed in her throat, she was finding it hard to swallow, let alone talk. She couldn’t look at him, let alone look him in the eyes. Gaia could feel his eyes still on her, his silence showing he didn’t know what to say, or maybe he couldn’t....either way she couldn’t handle him being there, not now, not at that moment.

"Gaia," he said softly. "you know that's not true." His brown eyes looked pleedingly into her own green. He closed his eyes and turned his head slightly. Gaia knew him, he felt guilty and that was the only reason he was even there. Gaia couldn't take any more.

"Ryan, please Ryan......just go." Even to Gaia, her voice sounded strained, hoarse and very pained. She felt him come closer, she thought she heard him inhale breath to speak, but the words never came. Kaoru came over, seeing Gaia's face, then her lifesigns, heartrate increasing, breathing becoming more raggid. Kaoru's face became a mask, unreadable.

"Comander, if you would please leave now, Gaia needs her rest and you are obvously making her do nothing of the kind." Kaoru ushered him, more bullied him to the door. Gaia turned her body to face Ryan, he was still facing her, walking backwards from Kaoru's constant urging. A male nurse joined Kaoru in ushering Ryan towards the door, obviously seeing that Ryan wasn't going to leave sickbay without a little more force. His face looked sad, resigned, perhaps even a little angry. He obviously didn't want to leave her. "No, he's only feeling guilty for what's happened! He doesn't care about me, he never has." Gaia thought to herself, she then turned over and sobbed, how could she have fallen for him? How could she even like him? He didn't care about her, he made that quite clear!

Posted by: Phaedra Rain Sep 11 2005, 01:44 AM
Counsellor Rain was in her office,just finishing the daunting task of reading all the personnel files.

"Computer end display crew manifest file alpa701"

Phaedra step over to the replicator and asked for Camomile tea.Sipping the tea with a waxing smile she recalled how on earth as a child her mother would make her tea.She could not say the word Camomile being so young at that time,so she called it sleepy bee tea,as on the front of the package of tea,was a bee resting in clover.How she longed now for actual English tea and not replicated.

"Computer display ships log entries for today"

Phaedra skimmed the records and scanned the words sickbay.Striding to the Door,she exited her office and made her way to sickbay.Reaching the Sickbay doors ,she took a deep breath,her first official act as ships Counsellor,She thought and stepped through the doors.....

Posted by: Reyan Anil Sep 12 2005, 12:34 PM
With the Intrepid at warp, heading back toward Federation space, Reyan finally felt that he could leave the Bridge in someone else's hands and catch up on some personal time. Personal time that would involve Kassan if she was willing

He stood and made his way over to Tactical

"Kassan - good work with those Romulan ships - I'd appreciate seeing the tactical analysis of those ships when you have a moment" he stated, descreitly winking at her

Kassan tried to surpress a grin, but composed herself

"I'll have them brought to your quaters, Captain" she replied

Reyan smiled

"Thankyou" he replied, and stepped into the turbolift

He soon arrived back at his quaters, and sat down. Although very hopeful that Kassan would join him as soon as she was able, he had to admit that it was good to sit down somewhere other than the Command chair

He picked up a padd, containing a letter that he had been writing to Commander Winstanley, who had cared for him when he had been sent to Earth as a child. He knew Kassan would delay her visit for a little while, so not to make it too obvious that she was both in a hurry and delivering her report in person.

He finnished his letter, and placed it on his desk ready for transmission - he was about to make his way back to his seat when the door chimed

"Come" he stated quickly

The doors wispered open, and Kassan stepped into his quaters, clutching a padd

"The report I assume?" Reyan asked

"As you ordered" she replied, smiling

"I take it that you received my memo regarding your promotion, Commander?" he asked, noting that she was wearing an additional rank-pip and therefore must have

"I did - but you do realise that some may consider this favortism" she noted

Reyan walked over to her and took the padd from her, he then threw it on the seat and embraced her

"About time I had you to myself" he wispered

They shared a brief, but passionate, kiss and moved to sit down

"You know, the interesting part comes now - one way or another, Commander Orlan will have to know about us. I'd prefer he heard it from me, but I'd imagine that the old rumor-mill might deliver the information to him before I do" Reyan said thoughtfully

"Intrepid is a small ship - rumors travel at Warp 9 around her" Kassan stated

"Well, although I don't beleive that we have anything to hide - regardless of the relatively short space of time that we've been together, I know how I feel" he admitted, moving closer to Kassan

"How do you think he'll react?" Kassan asked

"To be honest I have no idea" Reyan admitted, as he stood and made his way to his replicator "How about that beef stew I promised you?"

"Sounds good to me" Kassan replied

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Sep 14 2005, 05:17 AM
"One, two, three, four, five six seven," his right arm flexed then laxed, trying to draw the strength away from the left that still ached slightly with overuse. A chime flitted to his ears, but Geo continued with his excerise, knowing the good doctor was capable of a security override -- except this time he had been able to get his own security code outfitted to the door before she had come.

Once more there was a chime, and Geo's lips began to curl into a grin. So much for breaking the code, he thought to himself, counting off at, "thirty," before his left arm gave out and he crumbled unto the floor. For a moment he collected his breath, letting that sore arm rest before slowly easing up to his feet.

The Doctor had released him nearly seven hours ago, with strict instructions to 'get rest' though after fighting with Romulans and being half sick about the Engineer one could hardly sleep. I didn't need her help! I don't need anyones, by the makers! Why would she get in the way? It's my fault isn't it, he offered a grim look about the room, hardly polished for one of those fashionable visits from the doctor, but it would have to do.

The journey to the door was less then spectacular, and in truth the good Helmsmen -- his uniform replaced for the blue unformal sleeping outfit that starfleet personel were required to wear -- wound find her company most pleasing, it would be very lonely in space.

The doors swished open, purple oculars meeting those natural blue hues. He had yet to find out why blue eyes were so attractive, nor why he had a hard time drawing his eyes away.

"Doctor, how good to see you. I was just,"

"Overworking," she interjected, drifting into the room after glancing about the corridor. The door swished such as a second time, which was thankful as Geo wheeled on his heels to turn after the woman, nearly colliding with the door as his leg gave out. It wasn't the lack of strength -- though he really should have rested -- but the fact that the pain from the leg continued to throb ever so slightly.

"I told you to sleep, and instead you begin rigorous exercises on the leg, one of which is badly damaged I might add. I didn't put you together to hurt yourself again!"

"My dear doctor," he began, but once more he was cut off.

"Don't dear doctor me! I gave you an order,"

"And I will not be stuck in here doing nothing like a helpless baby. It just doesn't work that way." Geo felt his leg unnumb, and tested it as he headed to the replicator, a slightly stiff walk.

"Tea, warm," she answered to the unspoken question, but instead of taking it rudely he only grinned. Kaoru had grown rather warm within his room, she knew the routine as well as he himself did. I have been spending too much time with this woman, half of him said, the other considering what to drink.

After a moments delay both of the officers collected themselves on the couch, one with a mug of tea, the other with what humans liked to call Hot Chocolate. It wasn't a specifically strong substance, but Hermekians had nothing like it on their planet, nothing so -- chocolatey.

"Now," Kaoru murmured over the rim of her cup, the steam billowing outward as blue eyes once more ensnared the purple, "you will let me heal you, then you're going straight to be."

Geo chuckled, "only if you tuck me in."

Both shared a grin, before the talk began to change to more warmer subjects.

Sorry for the delay, I tried to make this one as lengthy as I could :P

Posted by: Eranys Trusa Sep 15 2005, 06:34 PM
=ooc= I apologize in advance for the shortness of this post -- not much time at the moment...

The cat-box was located in the bathroom, beneath the water dispenser. It was, indeed, a box designed for but a single cat, and had been one of the first things Lieutenant Eranys Trusa saw to upon her arrival from the aptly dubbed Titan. The enormous ginger entity known as “Blue” now took full liberties of his mistress’ decency.

“Oh. Oh, geez. Blue! You could have at least waited ‘til I was finished packin’, for th’ love of…”

He meowed plaintively and stepped out, not bothering to cover the product of his bodily function and spraying sand all over the floor. Eranys’ sense of smell was anything but acute. However, a dreadful smell’s a dreadful smell. She quickly moved over to take care of the problem, glancing at her reflection in the mirror as she did so.

An odd countenance met her gaze; a face illicit. Her Cardassian heritage was very apparent. Prominent bony protuberances and facial and d├ęcolletage ridges, with the inverted tear set point blank in her forehead possessed of a bright cerulean hue. Aristocratic, almost, with her hawkish ridged nose; a tribute to Bajor.

Eranys scoured her hands free of any clinging bacterium before neatly rearranging her hair in an attempt to subdue its chaotic nature. Raven strands could fall this way and that. No problem. But the braid was loose. She pulled it tight before turning back to the task set before her, Blue entwined about her ankles.

Frosty grey hands fiddled with latches and whatnot. Frosty grey skin rimmed eyes of darkest colour. She sucked meditatively at a thick strand of black curl as she laid out her few belongings over the bed. Blue was there, too; furry, fat, and content, a sleepy spherical feline. Some articles of clothing and essentials. The majority of her possessions took the form of archaic paper volumes.

A small, violently yellow cactus.

She began to set them lovingly, carefully, on the provided book shelf. The cactus was secured on her bedside slab.

When nearly finished, Eranys plopped down on the stiff mattress, slightly overwhelmed and at a current loss as to what to do with her free time before reporting in.

Posted by: Elijah_Dolton Sep 17 2005, 11:11 AM
I walked to my quarters. "Finally I'm aboard a ship that gets to see some action." I said to myself. I used the ship to ship transporter to beam my luggage right to my room. I finally got to my room after much walking. I decided to take a quick nap before unpacking and starting my duties. I got in my bed. I couldn't sleep because I was so excited. I just got up and started unpacking. I had the lights dimmed. I have always loved the dark. I found the box marked "Favourite Items" and got everything out. When I found the cage I was so excited. I opened it up and got King out of his cage. I started playing with him and he slithered all over me and got around my neck like he used to. "I'm sorry for having to keep you in a cage in a box for a long time. I wished I could see you for the trip but you had to be quarintined first." I said to the large Boa I've had most of my life. "Don't worry though you're gonna like it here. I heard sometimes on these big ships rats get into the ventilation systems. You know what that means don't you? It means extra food for you!" I put him back in his cage and went to the box marked "King's things" I got out this large container. I opened it up and took out the largest mouse I could find. I put him in the cage with King. "Here you go boy." I said as I watched King eat the mouse. I put him on the floor for now. I got out a big night stand and put King's cage on it. I looked around for other items to get. I found my bat'leth that a few of my friends got me when I graduated the Academy. I hung it 2 feet above my bed. After I hung it up I layed on my bed and went to sleep for about an hour.

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Sep 18 2005, 09:24 PM
The doors snapped closed in Ryan's face. He found himself abandoned in the vacant corridor; ejected like a warp core on the verge of breaching.

He began to walk away, not caring where he was heading. Gaia had been his friend for many years; the injustice that they had now been torn appart was too much for his mind to contend with, but he couldn't stiffle the thoughts that were circling. How could I let this happen?

Was it all his fault though? She kissed me, that's where it all started - how's that my fault? He thought. Perhaps Gaia's love could be the thing to fill a void in his life? But how could he make her understand the way he feels?

He continued to walk, not taking any notice where his feet took him, a world of trouble and confusion on his mind. If only things could be easier...

"Sir, I didn't expect you to be back so soon."

"Yes." The voice hurled Ryan back to reality and he realized he'd returned to the Cargo Bay. He hesitated, trying to think of an excuse. "I thought I'd come and uh, check your progress."

"Right." Valorin said almost skeptically but didn't question the Commander's explanation. "I've just finished scanning the data rod containing the apparant treaty. The interesting thing is, the computer found a encrypted sub-routine embedded into the document. I'm running several decryption algorithms."

"Hopefully we can prove it's a fake."

"This is even more of a mystery..." The Lieutenant pointed to the silver object referred to as a key. "Computer - reset diagnostic, begin specular scan."

The computer terminal beeped and Valorin quickly tapped at it's controls. "There's a power fluctuation building from within the Karcsis -"

"Can you shut it down?"

"No, but it did this earlier. Hold on... what is this?"

Ryan moved around to the other side of the table till he was behind Valorin and able to read aloud the words on the computer display.

"A Kirk depiction of worlds alike.
Where domination replaces exploration.
Where realms collide, acid and alkali now combine.
The creatures of darkness,
Past and present called,
The founder of ages,
The Icons abscond."

"I'm not certain, but if I'm right, it's a riddle that may lead us to the next key."

"Power flow is gradually increasing. I'm attempting to set up a forcefield... it's not working."

The Cargo Bay suddenly shuddered, the vibration causing a container to tumble to the floor from where it had carelessly been placed.

"Did the Karcsis do -?"

"No, sir."

"What now!" Ryan blurted in frustration as soon as the red alert klaxons sounded in their ears. All the events that had occurred in the past couple of days seemed to abruptly grow to a head; the away mission, the attack upon Gaia and the rest of the crew...

a4.gif "Commander Orlan, report to the Bridge." a4.gif

a4.gif "On my way." a4.gif He grumbled in return. "Valorin, get that thing under control or I'll beam into space."

The Bridge seethed with activity. Ryan instictively diverted his focus to the viewscreen. Three Romulan warbirds veered and darted, firing pot shots at the two Federation ships, like savage border collies nipping at the heels of two lost sheep.

"Helm - attack patern omega. Korbin, location of the nearest Starfleet vessel?" An attentive Captain Anil was spouting orders from the comfort of his command chair.

"USS Hood, Excelsior class - patrolling the Neutral Zone."

"Send an emergency request for assistance."

"Shields at seventy-two percent!"

"Kassan - target the lead vessel, quantum torpedoes. Full spread."

"Aye, sir."

"Ryan," Anil said, noticing his arrival. "it would seem that the Tal Shiar managed to call for reinforcements."

"Their warp cores were damaged, they knew they couldn't catch up."


A sizeable explosion erupted from the nacelle of the leading warbird. The Titan swept around for another pass.

"Sir, I'm detecting elevated power readings from the Cargo Bay." Jalovel said from the aft science console.

"It's the Karcsis." Ryan interjected.

"Not again." Anil sighed. "Damn thing is always raring its ugly head at the most inappropriate times."

The closest warbird shimmered on the viewscreen. Anil and Ryan stared at it curiously. "Looks like their trying to cloak."

"Sir, sensors are detecting a massive amount of chromiton particles emitting from the warbird -"

"Navigation is down!"

"What the hell is going on?" Ryan blared when the Bridge lighting flickered before darkness overcame them all.

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