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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 21 2005, 11:09 AM
"Because I intend to take your ship from you."

A shiver instantly ran down Korbin's spine. Having just escaped a time loop, and whilst on the come-down from a promotion Draconis believed he deserved a little slack.

He hadn't delt with a boarding situation since the Dominion War... a barrage of Jem'hadar warriors had poured onto the bridge the second the shield's went down. Draconis clamped his eyes shut, it was a memory he didn't want to revisit.

"Prepare to be boarded."

The Romulan Commander, Kovek, ended the transmission and the Intrepid's fait was clear to all.

"Sir, the Kerchan is closing in," called Korbin.

"We know they want to board us," Anil said, thinking out loud.

"So they won't destroy us," Orlan returned.

"Increasing shielding around shield generators," Korbin said just as the Captain was turning to give the order.

"She's firing!" Korbin yelled.

The Intreid shook... violently. The sheer power of the Kerchan's weapons array was incredible, Korbin had vastly outjudged it's capabilities.

"Shields down to 19%!" Korbin said with a still touch of dispair in his voice.

"Kerchan charging for another volley," came the call from the Tactical console.

Moments later the Intrepid's shields were gone. The Kerchan's second blast had been directed squarely at the shield generators... which were now not only not working, but had been literally destroyed. A gapping hole, soon filled by emergency force fields, now occupied the space in the Intrepid... three lives had been lost.
Korbin had felt their pain and agony as they dispressurized without warning into the vacuum of black space.

"Multiple beam ins!" Korbin called as he activated a device only installed on the Intrepid's last refit, but which proved to save the bridge crew. An emergency shield generators that extended shielding over the bridge itself... preventing beam ins.

The crew went deadly quiet, apart from the bleeping and chirping of emergency consoles.
"Battle stations," Anil said drawing his phaser.

Posted by: Valorin Apr 21 2005, 01:02 PM
"battlestations" Anil said drawing his phaser

my hands flew over the controls as quickly as i could i was determined to get as much data on that vessel before we ran out of time. the console chirped to acknowledge data retreival complete. placing my tri-corder next to the console i downloaded the information .

"sir permission to lead a team to intercept the intruders" i said

Anil turned to face me realising just who had asked the question.

"you were hazard leader on your last ship is that correct?" he questioned.

"i was sir and it was effective on several missions" i replied

"you have a go, take what and who you need stop them" anil replied
i moved over to let miss rydertake science grabbed a phaser from the bridge security locker and made my way to the turbo lift. Kyal stepped in front of me blocking my path.

"going somewhere without me" she said

"your needed on the bridge" i replied

Anil looked over " you still here? go on both of you get those romulans off my ship"

we both darted for the turbolift and the doors closed behind us

stepping out we immediately came under fire. Kayla darted fir the right and i went for the left.

"kayla try to force them my way" i shouted across the phaser fire

kayla opened upo a barrage of short controlled shots that sent the intruders running for the nearest cover which was closer to me than her.
once i had a clear shot i let them have it, three out of the five fell to the floor, realising their mistake they tried to retreat but kayla was not haveing any of it and the last two fell to the floor.

the turbolift doors opened behind us throwing us off guard but fortunately they were security that emerged.

"thought you might need a hand " one of them said looking at the bodies on the floor.

"yes we do thanks" i replied. "keep this area secure while we investigate further."

"aye sir" came the response

"kayla with me"

we made our way as carefully as possible towards engineering .

upon arrival at engineering we were greated by the engineering staff with phasers held aimed at us.

we stepped in and took defensive posts around the department.

"Valorin to the bridge"

"go ahead"

"we have made it to engineering and have taken up defensive posture, awaiting further instructions"

"very well Lt, set a perimeter and then flush out the intruders engineering has orders to get those shield back one way or another. use the internal scanners to locate any of them hiding out , but dont spread yourseves to thin key areas are vital."

"understood Valorin out"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 21 2005, 04:00 PM
Reyan looked over to Valorin

"You still here? go on both of you, get those Romulans off my ship" he called – Valorin was already on the move

He then did a very quick assessment of the bridge – the tactical station was vacant, and he therefore ran over to it and accessed the controls

The Intrepid’s phasers were still online, and torpedo bays loaded, but the readouts suggested that the Kerchan’s shields were still raised, and Reyan surmised that the Intrepid posed absolutely no threat to the gigantic ship whatsoever

The Bridge staff were all working frantically, attempting to restore power to damaged systems, and the sense of urgency meant that no-one dare speak, except to deliver reports

“Sir – they’ve overrun over 95% of the ship – Lieutenant’s Valorin, Martek and Moore are holding Engineering for now, but they beamed at least 200 Soldiers aboard” Lieutenant-Commander Korbin reported

“They won’t be able to hold it forever…… Geo – status of engines”

Lieutenant Revolone turned from his console

“Warp isn’t an option – Lieutenant Moore was forced to shut the warp drive down, due to the chance of a stray phaser or distruptor shot hitting the core” he advised

“How about impulse?” Reyan asked, hoping that the Intrepid might be able to out manoeuvre the Kerchan

“Possible, but to be honest Sir, I don’t think I would be able to avoid the weapons fire that that thing can hand out for long – we need the warpdrive” Geo stated, sounding more than a little disappointed

“We need options people!” Reyan called, but no-one had any to offer

At that moment, an alarm sounded – one that Reyan was not entirely familiar with

Lieutenant-Commander Korbin leapt from his seat, phaser at the ready, as did Lieutenant Revolone

“They are outside the Bridge” Lieutenant-Commander Korbin whispered

All of the officer’s present aimed their weapons at each of the Bridge entrance doors

“Commander Orlan – I am giving you a direct order, and I don’t therefore want to hear a word of argument – I want you to pre-set an emergency beam out to the Runabout, for as many of the Bridge Officers as the transporter and Runabout can manage, and I want you to activate it the second that it appears that we may be overwhelmed – understood?”

Commander Orlan looked as if he wanted to reply, but he simply nodded and entered the command into the command console

a4.gif “Lieutenant Valorin – report a4.gif Reyan then demanded

The sound of both phaser and disruptor fire echoed through the Bridge speakers

a4.gif “Captain – they’ve broken into Engineering – we could use some help down here!” a4.gif

a4.gif “Sorry Lieutenant – it’s not available – get yourself to the Runabout – you’ll be joined by a few others should we loose the Bridge” a4.gif

a4.gif “Aye Captain” a4.gif Valorin replied – having been a First Officer himself, he obviously understood

The sound of distruptor fire began to sound from the other side of the door – the Romulan’s had obviously decided to try and weaken the forcefield around the Bridge

“Korbin – get a transporter lock on the Romulan’s outside the bridge and beam the bastards into space” Reyan shouted, making no attempt to hide his anger

Korbin actually grinned, and entered the command into his console, and the sound of disruptor fire ceased


“It worked Sir – but we won’t be able to do it again – the Romulan’s are blocking our transporters. We can still beam internally, but we can’t beam anything off the Intrepid” Commander Orlan reported

And then, the sound of disruptor fire pounding against the forcefields resumed

“Get ready” Lieutenant Revolone called

a4.gif “Captain – we can’t hold them off – engineering is being overrun” a4.gif Lieuteant Valorin called desperately, over the loud noise of weaponsfire – even an ex-hazard team leader could not stand up to such overwhelming odds

a4.gif “Valorin – get to the Runabout and initiate prelaunch, NOW!” a4.gif Reyan shouted

The Bridge crew all moved into the least venerable positions they could find, aimed at the doors, and waited for the inevitable

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Posted by: Valorin Apr 21 2005, 04:33 PM
“Valorin – get to the Runabout and initiate prelaunch, NOW!” Reyan shouted

already set for the dash to the shuttle bay i had little hope of getting everyone there in one peice

"kayla, you ready"

"no commander ! im staying here"

"Kayla this is not the time for nostalgia we are in this together"

"look we stand a much better chance if you get there and get the ship ready before we get there, and this way we can get out without stopping to fight, go on you know i'm right. now go"

opening an access panel i entered the jefries tubes that ran the length of the ship taking one last look round i entereed the tube and closed the panel behind me.

the journey was short and not hagered at all, setting the tri-corder to scan mode i assessed the area in side the shuttle bay, two romulans were in there trying to gain access to the transporter controls, well at least i know why we cant transport off the ship.

releasing the catch on the panel i carefully climbed out phaser ready, moving closer to them i set the controls for max disintigration level, set the band width to wide and fired just as one turned to face me. Both dissapeared in a haze with a chilling screem.

I ran to the control panel they had been tampering with and reset the controls.

the runabout was un-affected so i got in and set the pre-launch.

while waiting for the pre-launch i drifted to something kayla said she called me commander, we both knew that i was now a Lt so what was she doing ! no ! the thought hit hard she was saying goodbye she knew the situation was useless.

......Pre-launch complete depart when ready ...... the computer announced.

"valorin to bridge.... runabout ready to go, transporters back on line"

there was no reply instead the bridge officers appeared on the runabout.

"ok lets get out of here" Commander Orlan said

"Sir, Kayla, she stayed behind in engineering to cover our exit. permission to go back and get her sir" i said

"Permission denied, we have to go now, before even we cant leave, im sure that whoever is left alive will be treated in accorance with the treaty" Ryan replied

"But sir!"

"No Lt, now take you place we're leaving. we can get our people later"

Just to let you know, Captain Anil will remain on the Intrepid with one or two others - you could not have known this when you posted, so no problem - and great post!

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 22 2005, 06:23 AM
Reyan entered an order into his console, and then ducked for cover as he doors to the Bridge exploded, spraying debris all around the Bridge - Romulan Soliders poured through the steaming hole where they had once been

Reyan didn't have to give the order - his officer's had begun firing the moment that the doors had ceased to exsist

Lieutenant Revolone was doing an excellent job of dispatching the Romulan's, having ducked behind the Helm, and Lieutenant-Commander Korbin was doing equally well, having chosen to duck into the Science station's small alcove - the rest of the crew had taken similar measures, but the Romulan soliders kept pouring onto the bridge

Reyan kept firing his phaser, often point blank, but he had to admit that this was hopeless

"Ryan - get the hell our of here, now!" he shouted, and then,. unoticed to most of the Officer's present, removed his comm-badge

Commander Orlan fired off a few more shots, and then tapped his comm badge

"Energise!" he shouted

Several of the Starfleet bridge officer's demateralised, leaving only Reyan and a few others stood, still firing their phasers

"Computer - activate auto-destruct sequence, authorisation......"

"I would not do that if I were you, Captain" came the voice of Major Kovek

"Stand down" Reyan ordered, as he knelt to place his phaser on the floor, and pick up his comm badge, and then stood, both hands in the Air

"The Romulan's stopped firing and took up postions around the bridge, surrounding the few Starfleet officer's present

"The Intrepid is ours - you loose, Captain" stated Kovek, looking extremely pleased with himself

"That remains to be seen" Reyan replied, grinning - Kovek looked confused

"Major - a Runabout has been launched from this ship's shuttlebay!" one of Kovek's subordinates called from the tactical station

Reyan smiled, and received a strong backhand from Major Kovek in return, which sent him to the floor - one of the younger Starfleet officer's still present dashed foward, but instantly fell to the floor, a gaping hole in his back from a distruptor bolt fired by one of the Romulan officers

"You'll pay for that" Reyan spat, blood dripping from his mouth

"Neither you or your Runabout can stop me, Captain" he sneered

"I don't expect them to try" Reyan replied, wiping blood from his broken lip

"Pursuit course" screamed Kovkek, and one of his junior officers hurried over to the Helm

"They have gone to warp Sir" the officer replied nervously

Kovek looked furious

"Then follow you fool!" he shouted

"Sir - the Intrepid's warpdrive is offline - it'll take our Engineering team at least an hour to reinitalise it"

Kovek took a deep breath, and then turned and walked to Reyan's chair, and sat

"The Runabout is of little consequence - it is no match for the Intrepid, and certainly not the Kerchan - and we are too far from Federation space for reinforcements to arrive in time to stop me from carrying out my mission" Kovek stated thoughtfully

Reyan tapped his commbadge, and himself and his remaining officer's disappeared, the transporters annual confinement beam removing them from the bridge - several Romulan's fired their disruptors, but the bolts passed through the intangible forms of the Starfleet crew

"Human's can be so tiresome" Kovek complained "Find them, immediately, and contact the Kerchan and tell them to continue with their mission as planned" he ordered

Reply anyone - bear in mind that there would only be two or three Senior officer's left aboard the Intrepid, therefore could everyone else please post from aboard the Runabout - thanks

Posted by: Sally Ryder Apr 23 2005, 07:07 AM
OOC---I do not know if I am temporarally considered a Senior officer as Valorin is head of Science but is off ship. If I am way off base with this post, please let me know. Thanks.

Sally was terrified. She never was in a situation like this before. She wished that she could board the shuttle, but as she wasn't a senior officer, she just kept firing away with her phaser while she tried to maintain control of both science and ops. When her phaser ran out, she switched the stations over to "automatic", letting the computer take over. She then waited for the right moment, and when she thought she had a chance, she quickly ran off of the bridge and into the nearest lift and told it to go to sickbay.

When she got there, she told Dr Ele about the injured on the bridge. She asked her if she needed her assistance as a medic, and the doctor said yes, and asked for details about what was happening on the bridge. When Sally told her, they gathered all the necessary equipment, and the doctor called for as many security officers as possible. Then within 20 minutes after Sally left the bridge, a barrage of blue and yellow uniforms returned to the bridge. The security team started firing as Dr Ele, Sally and a few other medics tried to take care of the wounded. Sally couldn't get the thought of how this must have how her ancestors felt when battling in WWII. She tried to stay calm as she was tending a woman in a red uniform. She was bleeding from the right leg, and Sally also noticed that it was broken. She placed a stablizer on it and staunched the bleeding as best as possible. When she felt that the backup helmswoman was stablized, she moved onto Eli Jonas, her backup at science. He was shot in the chest, but the phaser missed his heart by inches, thank goodness. As she was stablizing him he asked "I didn't know that you did double duty?"

"I am a medic only in emergencies, Eli. Now you lay there and hope that the new team of security officers can hold off the Romulans or whomever boarded the ship. I do not even know who we are fighting, as I was trying to control both sicence and Ops when this all began. Right now the computer has taken over and I hope that everything is going smoothly." At that point, two security officers both handed Sally backup phasers, and the Lt.Commander said that Doctor Ele said that things are under control for the time being. So Sally gave Eli a reassuring smile and went back to the science station and transferred ops over to it while keeping a wary eye on the invaders.

Posted by: Baetha Apr 23 2005, 11:53 AM
===== Intrepid, Cargobay 3 =====

Optio Beutel waited patiently behind a box. Some of his men - he was the leader of boarding team 4 - well, at least now, the old leader got shot by those damn starfleetists. He didnt like them, neither did his men, but he could understand why they defended their ship so heavily. He would have done the same... it was their home, and Kovek took it away from them. No wonder they acted like this. Beutel was sorry it had to come this way, but he wasnt the one to challenge the orders, he would follow them. And the orders ment... heck... what did the orders mean? To guard a freight room with freezed tomatos... really challenging. "Kovek doesnt trust me" he thought. But that would change soon...

Too soon... suddenly the middle of the room was glistening with energy. A bomb, now everything was over, Beutel thought. But it wasnt a bomb, it was a federation transporter. As Reyan's team appeared, they were already surrounded by romulan guns, carried by the fitting romulan souldiers. Beutel smiled as he left his cover. "Captain Reyan... good to see you. Dont you know that Kovek is waiting for you desperately? Well, maybe he couldnt tell you, but i could... so i will bring you to him, so his worries about you can have an end..."

Suddenly, a sharp but also mysteriously female voice filled the room. "No, i will... guard your tomatos, Beutel..." The blond haired lady in the black - what was it, aluminium, steel, titanium? - battle dress was definately not romulan. First, she had a pair of nice bat wings on her back, that seemed to be real... second, she weared no romulan uniform or romulan logo on hers either, third, Reyan did not know of such a race, he had never seen it. The lady pointed some kind of weapon at the now disarmed group. "Come, Kovek awaits you." Beutel wanted to interfere, but the lady just looked angrily at him, preventing him from emitting any word. With a handswift, she mentioned some of the romulan soldiers to follow the group as it now want through a corridor.

Tag Reyan only, were completing a certain idea.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 23 2005, 01:25 PM
Reyan allowed the unknown Woman to lead him, and the few other officer's with him, out of the cargo bay

"Where are you taking us?" he asked

"I suggest that, if you want to remain alive, you ask no questions Captain she stated sharply

Reyan remained silent - this woman was a mystery - she was clearly no Romulan, and bore no resemblance to them at all, but she was clearly working either for or with them

She again turned to face Reyan

"I know that you are considering another escape Captain - I would be if I were in your position, but I suggest that you drop any plans that you were formulating for such an attempt" she stated, grinning

Reyan sighed, and hoped that the Runabout crew had somthing in mind, as he was all out of idea's.

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Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Apr 23 2005, 02:00 PM
I so want to stay on the bridge! :P

Backhanding the Captain! That was near inexcusable, at the same moment that Geo bolted forward a young officer was cut down by the Romulan disruptor. Geo was offered a profulent look from the other man holding a disruptor towards the Hermekian, and he stopped before moving.

Gloomy... Geo thought to himself, leaning against the helm station. One of the officers shoved him out of the way and took up control of the station.

"Sir - the Intrepid's warpdrive is offline - it'll take our Engineering team at least an hour to reinitalise it"

Geo saw Koval take that deep breath, his face widening into a grin. He regretted it after, taking a brunt show to the stomach before feeling the relief of being able to breath again. Purple oculars continued to sparkle, but he was out of options, and his face shown that.

"The Runabout is of little consequence - it is no match for the Intrepid, and certainly not the Kerchan - and we are too far from Federation space for reinforcements to arrive in time to stop me from carrying out my mission" Kovek stated thoughtfully

Reyan tapped his commbadge, and himself and his remaining officer's disappeared, the transporters annual confinement beam removing them from the bridge - several Romulan's fired their disruptors, but the bolts passed through the intangible forms of the Starfleet crew

"Now just what the hell! -" Geo cut off as someone else interupted him. Clearly female, but Geo wouldn't comment on it. Instead, his fists clentched, ready to throw a punch and bolt until he noticed that they were entirely surrounded by Romulans. Blasted pointed eared freaks! He was beginning to hate them as much as Klingons.

"Captain Reyan... good to see you. Dont you know that Kovek is waiting for you desperately? Well, maybe he couldnt tell you, but i could... so i will bring you to him, so his worries about you can have an end..."

Geo shot a warning glance towards Anil, then let his head drop before they were slowly led elsewhere.

"Where are you taking us?" Anil seemed partially angry, good, thought Geo, use it man! It's what kept me alive so long. Sadly, the little operative seemed smarter then what Geo had anticipated.

"I suggest that, if you want to remain alive, you ask no questions Captain" she stated sharply

Reyan remained silen - this woman was a mystery - she was clearly no Romulan, and bore no resemblance to them at all, but she was clearly working either for or with them

She again turned to face Reyan

"I know that you are considering another escape Captain - I would be if I were in your position, but I suggest that you drop any plans that you were formulating for such an attempt" she stated, grinning

Geo offered one back, cocking his head to the side and then chuckling. His eyes swept the corridor of the Intrepid as they waltz back to meet Mr. Kovek once more. This lady would definately earn prestige, but Geo would be damned if he would remain hidden that long... He still had some tricks up his sleeves... Damn, this was the worst time for him to sudden go cold shoulder on Section 31, he had no links on the ship, nothing to work with...

I've never felt this helpless!. They walked in silence, but Geo continued to think, his hands clasped behind his back, the red uniform only slightly dirty from the fighting. His left cheek was just bruised, yet he held a dignity befitting a Captain. Not very good, considering arrogance tended to get you a reprimand in Starfleet...

"Clearly you don't know anything federation..." Geo offered, "being pains in the ass comes with the territory..." One of the romulans butted him in the back, and he grunted before falling silent again. Once again shooting Anil a look... This is one of those times I wish I were drunk...

So... Would anyone care to guess who's back? a5.gif I'm sorry, soccer and term finals, as well as several Auditions kept keeping me away, I'm back, hopefully for awhile.

Posted by: Baetha Apr 23 2005, 03:45 PM
===== Corridor, Deck 8 =====

"Clearly you don't know anything federation..." one of the men said, "being pains in the ass comes with the territory..." One of the romulans butted him in the back, and he grunted before falling silent again.

Slowly they walked around the corridors, following the strange winged woman. Somehow, the way was wrong. This wasnt leading to bridge directly. Probably they made sure that noone would know the route and free the captain. But Reyan wasnt sure, what was going on. Without anyone noticing, the blond beauty pressed a little button on a tool attached on an armring.

"Hey you! It is not allowed to hold the captain imprisoned, that is against regulation 635..." A starfleet officer's voice sounded. Well, they knew that it was a starfleet officer since they turned around and saw the man. Reyan did not know him, who was this? "Anyway, have you an allowance to be on the ship after all... i mean the starfleet rules are quite clea-" The officers was either extremly faithful or just dum. One of the romulans target on him and fired. Reyan knew, the weapon wasnt set on stun.

"Now also shooting on an starfleet officer... you know what that might cost you?" The man continued, the beam just passed exactly through his ribcage, but the man still stood... A hologram!

One of the romulans screamed as a hard object hit his head and sent him to lie on the floor, have a little break after all. The three left romulans turned around. They took too long for this little action, one of them, just held his chest, as a ashy hole in it was visible, caused by a phaser, he collapsed.

The winged woman swung her staff with the precision of a klingon warrior, and the agility of a denubian slime devil... bad comparison, but working. Before the group chief could fire, the end of the staff hit his hands and threw the weapon away. It was just a part of a spinning rounnd motion of the attacker, that made the long part of the staff impackt on his back, and send him to the floor aswell.

But now weapon fire spoke, the lest standing romulan fired his disruptor, as he was trained for. Unfortunately, he was not trained for evasion of his own fire. The blond lady deflected his deadly disruptor impulse with her staff, after she had pounced hardly on Captain Reyan and thrown him against a wall quite hardly to get him out of the range of the disruptor. Well, she didnt deflect it, she reflected it... bad... the romulan got desintegrated by his own fire.

The large aluminum -whatever strange metal it was- staff somehow went into itself, it retracted its ends into the handle, like some old klingon blade weapons, and now was the strange handleweapon, the captain had seen her escort them with, before she emerged the full size of it behind their backs, while they were distracted from the romulans. Now, she just used it to shoot the romulan she had thrown on the floor before. The whole thing happend so quick, that the starfleet officers were as dazed as the romulans had been, but now the fog was gone, aswell was the hologram.

The winged woman offered a hand to Reyan, who was now lying on the floor still. "Lieutenant Baetha, Starfleet Intelligence, Section 25-B" She introduced herself with a warmly smile on her ruby lips "Sorry, i could not come and get you out of trouble earlier, these isolationists are pretty paranoid..."

Tag anyone, its good to be with you, folks ^-^

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Apr 23 2005, 04:03 PM
It was time for Geo to spring into action, or rather, spring from the action and towards a local console. Quickly tapping into the main archived files, he entered in the systematic control function, checking the lock on the main computer before looking over at the women. Indeed... She was a mysterious person.

"Lieutenant Baetha, Starfleet Intelligence, Section 25-B"

Geo had no time for fanciful people, especially ones who came to his rescue! The audacity of have needed to be saved was a bite to his confidence, but he took pride that the Romulans would find it almost impossible to get into the main computer. He hadn't been an expert on computer controls for no reason... Perhaps one of those hidden traits again.

"Well... the main computers locked out... I can reroute control through to engineer, or even the messhall if we can get there..."

Anil nodded, acting like a true captain and managing to improvise against the new circumstances. Geo was surprised that the Romulan... no... the Federation women had saved them, but again, he had seen strange things in his life...

"Disruptors..." Anil ordered, and Geo began to scrounge for them. The Hermekian had a plan formulating in his mind, but of utmost importance was the lives of his captain, and the ship...

"Orders sir?" Geo asked, checking the setting on the disruptor (They only have on setting isn't that right?) and then sighing...


"Personally Anil..." Always informal... "we should take control of the ship. We can knock out key sections..." The corridor had one of the LCAR schematics on the ship, "of the ship so that we can move about... maybe get in touch with the Runabout from here..." It was one of the private quarters... Geo's to be exact.

"They would trace the signal..."

"No... they won't..." Anil quirked a brow, but Geo only smirked. Then looked at the other person. "So... Lieutenant... I also have a job for you..."

The three exchanged glances... Anil shrugged and quirked a brow. "What do you have in mind Geo?

"We hardly have enough numbers to do much. I'm thinking, we need to get in touch with the Runabout, and come up with a plan. In the meantime, we should have some scouts out and about the ship, maybe keeping tabs on what the Romulans are up to. I'm sure Section... ah... 25-B could manage that..." He nodded towards Baetha... then looked at Anil... "In the meantime, we can come up with a better plan... Or does someone else have a plan?"

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 24 2005, 07:48 AM
The runabout, now crowded with the surviving members of Valorin's Hazard Team and the bridge crew the transporters managed to pick before the Romulans managed to scramble internal transporters as well, pulled sharply out of the Intrepid's shuttlebay. The violent acceleration sent all those forced to stand collapsing to the floor. Valorin was at the helm, Korbin had taken tactical because of his quicker reactions with anti-weapons fire, and Orlan had taken to the Operations console... he needed to find somewhere for them to go...

"Shields at 15%," Korbin yelled over all the other noise.

"Do we still have warp drive?" Orlan asked having now looked up from the Operations console.

"We do," Korbin said without having to check the computer.

"Set a course, heading five-six-one mark nine," said Orlan confidently.

"Got us somewhere to go deep inside Romulan territory?" Valorin asked.

Korbin already knew, "There's a world no morethan a few lightyears... it's L-Class, habitable... but not inhabited."

"Setting a course, warp 6," Valroin said punching in the controls.

The runabout took one hit after another as the nacelles, damaged themselves, slowly charged. A runabout wasn't designed to jump to warp 6 immediately... their warp drives weren't as advanced or as large as starship ones.

"Inertial dampeners only functioning at 75%... this isn't going to be a pleasant ride!" Korbin exclaimed just as the warp drive fired up. The runabout fired itself away from the battle field, leaving the Intrepid in Romulan hands... the huge shadow of the Kerchan hanging over it like a vulture.

The G-Forces were being felt inside the runabout, the ineterial dampeners making movement etc. uncontrollable. The poor crewmen standing up were now stuck to the rear wall. Fortunately the trip would not be long... and they would all survive.

The runabout left warp, coming to it's pre-programmed perfect syncrionous orbit around the world designated by the Federation as RRF-657 IV. Korbin turned to the others, "A plan anyone?"

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Apr 26 2005, 10:21 AM
Kaoru made her way to sickbay after the red alert, firing at some of the intruders, but mostly avoiding them, using Jeffries tubes and avoiding the turbolifts. When she finally made it to to sickbay she was sweating and out of breath.

Her team was assembled there, and Lieutenant Ryder appeared not long after, informing them of injured on the bridge. Kaoru immediately accepted Ryder's offer of help, glancing around at her team, "I need volunteers to remain on board." Every hand went up and Kaoru grinned inspite of the circumstances.

"Let me try this again...I need volunteers to go on the runabout." All the hands lowered and Kaoru shook her head, still grinning. "Sorry people...some of you are going to have to live through this." She sent half of her team to the runabout with as many medical supplies as they could carry.

With that settled, Kaoru gave orders to the rest of her team, "Phasers ready, there is no time for taking prisoners, we're heavily outnumbered...just fire." The doors to sickbay opened then, as if on cue, and Romulans stormed in. Kaoru ducked behind a biobed, pulling a stunned Lieutenant Marix down beside her. "Be alert!" She fired at the Romulans, knowing they were trapped there in sickbay, they had to get to the doors.

But it was no good. Kaoru could see that her team struggled in the firefight. They were doctors and nurses, not warriors. She nudged Lt. Marix, who was looking very, very pale. "I'm going to draw their fire, you get everyone out, understand? Get to the runabout. I'll join you there."

He nodded and she dashed out from behind the biobed, running for another of the chambers in sickbay. Her plan worked better than she had hoped, she drew the Romulan's fire, taking a hit in her shoulder that spun her, throwing her back against the wall, the breath knocked out of her, the pain from the phaser burn making it impossible to think straight. She lost consciousness, not knowing that Marix and the rest of her team had made it past the Romulans.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 30 2005, 12:17 PM
All eyes turned to Orlan, he was the most senior officer that had made it off the Intrepid... and the few bodies that were left that remained from the Intrepid's crew that had escaped Romulan entrapment stood around the crampt runabout.

"I would've thought more of us would've got off the Intrepid," Korbin commented.

"More shuttles attempt to leave... the Kerchan musta got 'em... it was luck we escaped," Orlan was with a grim expression.

"What's our next move Commander?" the doctor asked, she was treating a mild looking cut on a nearby crewman as she spoke.

Orlan opened his mouth, closing it again a moment later... he wasn't really sure.

"Sir," called Korbin, having his attention distracted by a bleeping control on the LCARS display that was laid out before him.

All eyes suddenly shifted to the resident Betazoid.
"There's more things here in orbit of the planet sir," Korbin said confirming the findings with another scan.

"It could be Romulans, cease scans. They'll detect us," Orlan ordered.

Korbin did as the Commander had requested but turned to address him, "Sensors detect Federation signals..."

"It could still be somekind of Romulan trick to lure us out," Orlan said.

Korbin detected a slight edge of paranoia in the Orlan's speak, he didn't have to read his mind to sense it.

"Doubtful the Romulans would use such a Tactic Commander, they are in their own territory... with overwhelming firepower and numbers," Korbin said concerning himself with how Vulcan he sounded... but somtimes those pointy eared ***** go it right.

"Possibly," Orlan said still wary. "Move us around in orbit, and hail them..."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 30 2005, 02:32 PM
"We need to access the computer somehow" Reyan wispered, as they approached a turn in the corridor

Baetha stopped, and peered around the corner, and then turned to face Reyan

"Three guards - I'll take the one on the right, you two take the ones on the left"

Baetha then lept from out of her hiding place and fired her disruptor - Reyan abd Geo followed a second behind, and dispatched the other two Romulan's before they could retaliate

"Stellar cartography!" Reyan stated suddenly "We could scramble the navigational computer - the Romulan's would never figure out which way the Intrepid is heading"

"Good idea" Geo muttered "except that we are likely already on the course that they intended to take.......... unless we make it look like the course was incorrect in the first place

The Starfleet team entered the Stellar cartograhpy office, only to be confronted by
Lieutenant Ryder, a security guard and an Ensign from the science department, all pointing phasers at them

"At ease Lieutenant - report" Reyan ordered

"Captain - thank goodness it's you - sickbay was overrun - some of us escaped, but it looks like most of us were captured - we made our way here, and we've tried to access the main computer, but we are locked out"

"Good thinking Lieutenant - as you are here I need your help anyway - if we can access the comouter, we intend to access navigational control and scramble it, so that the Helm computer will indicate that the Intrepid is on the wrong course" Reyan advised

"That should not be a problem, if we can access the computer - I could also make the computer feed false information to the Helm, so that any course correction that they make would also be scambled" Lieutenant Ryder stated, not looking up from her console

Reyan grinnned, thankful for the resoursefulness of his crew

"Be careful - it is likely that once we crack their code, we won't have much time before our tampering sets off an alarm on the bridge - as soon as the code is broken, do what you have to do and then we get the hell out of here" Reyan stated, pausing, and then continuing "We also need to find a way of contacting the Runabout - Geo - work on that" he finnished

Baetha walked over to the doors and sealed them, whilst the rest of the Officer's worked furiously at their respective consoles

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Posted by: Baetha May 2 2005, 09:15 AM
"That should not be a problem, if we can access the computer - I could also make the computer feed false information to the Helm, so that any course correction that they make would also be scambled" Lieutenant Ryder stated, not looking up from her console

Baetha walked over to the doors and sealed them, whilst the rest of the Officer's worked furiously at their respective consoles. After that, she went to the stellar cartography main console and sent a construction sheme of the intrepid onto the screen. She was in thoughts, her mind wandering through the construction plans of the intrepid just stared at. Then something rang inside her head.

"Captain Reyan..." Baetha started, and waited until she had his attention. Well, she wasnt quite sure she had it, but he had turned around, so she simply tried to propose her idea, maybe he listened. "We are here, this is the stellar cartography lab" A room on the plan was surrounded by a yellow circle. "The computer core room is 6 decks below us, and there are many guards. We have to believe they put sensor traps on the jeffries, so noone can use them." The captain didnt look to happy, she could understand the reaction. Someone putting up traps on HIS ship... she would have killed someone who dared that. There is an airlock at the computer core bottom, to expell hot gasses in case the computer overloads. But we could also use it to suck the romulans out of the room, enter it and manipulate the computer. To bridge, it would look like an airlock failure, and they wouldnt be very alerted." She said and smiled. "Only another corridor away is also an airlock, if we could exit there, we could pass around half the ship in space and enter on the other side... that should be no really problem but..."

Then she suddenly stopped. "I forgot... you need special suits to move in open space... thats a problem..."

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Posted by: Gaia Moore May 5 2005, 09:03 AM
Gaia was waiting phaser and tools ready, each of her personnel looked scared, but determined, they were Engineers, not warriors! Gaia had to make a decision, some of her personnel had to leave, preferably the majority of them. She directed some to leave via Jeffries tubes and other to varyin parts of the ship, hopefully, if the ship couldn't be retaken, then they could make things difficult for the Romulans enough to ensure that help would arrive.

Gaia saw it was Valorin and Kayla. Standing down, Gaia made her way over to the nearest Engineering console. She had to leave a few surprises before they locked her out completely. She wasn't going to give them an easy ride. Valorin and Kayla were doing a great job of holding them off. She turned specifically to her Deputy then.

"I want you to go with Valorin, I cannot allow both of us to stay and I'm needed here to keep them busy, I know these systems like the back of my hand, I need you to take charge of the systems on the runabout, if anything happens........Well, you'll be the one they turn to!" Her deputy opened his mouth to object, but she shut him up with a glare, one he knew to be a don't argue with me look. He nodded and went with Valorin to the runabout. Valorin left for the runabout, leaving Kayla to lay down covering fire........things had just got a little more interesting. Gaia had almost finished a virus that would make helm readings unrecognisable, when Kayla and the remaining Engineering personnel were overrun.

Gaia couldn't finish the virus, perhaps someone else could...though who she didn't know, all she knew is she had to hurry and cover her tracks. Gaia fed into the console a few pieces of data she knew would overload the console itself, making it look like a botched attempt at something. As it fizzles and shut down, Gaia cursed to make it look realistic, she then turned round and appeared to look surprised at the Romulan officer now standing in front of her, looking at her in the eyes, she refused to back down or lower her eyes. His face grew angry and he all but threw her to the floor behind him, studying the now useless console. He then looked at Gaia once more, his face dark with rage at how she had not stood down from his stare. Then he looked at the rest of the personnel his collegues had gathered together.

"Who is the Chief here?" silence answered him and it seemed to make him angry, though Gaia noticed, everything seemed to make this particular Romulan angry. "I said WHO is the Chief? Do I have to make examples, kill each of you in turn until someone tells me what I want to know? I wouldn't dream of killing any of you of course......unless I am provoked, and who's to say that each of you resisted, tried to kill me, it would be self defense would it not?" There was a glint in his eye and Gaia knew he would do it. She couldn't allow that to happen.

"I'm the Chief!" Gaia answered, still defiantly, perhaps now wasn't the best time for her to be stubborn, but they were messing with her Engineering, they were threatening her friends and collegues.

"You? What's your name human?" He said the name like it was bitter on his tongue.

"My name is Lieutenant Gaia Moore, Chief Engineer on the USS Intrepid!" She tried to keep the resentment out of her voice, but she was proud of her title, she was proud of the ship she served on and she wasn't about to let some snot nosed poor excuse for a science experiment get away with what they were doing.

"Well Miss Moore, I suggest you come with me! Kovek wishes to speak with you!"

"Well, please inform our grascious host that I must refuse his kind offer, I believe I'm washing my hair!" Gaia realised sarcasm and stubborness probably weren't the best attitudes but they worked for her and she wasn't exactly diplomatic! Her comments only earned her a blackslap across her face from the officer standing in front of her. She bent over in the direction he moved in and she stood back straight. "I can't say that's making me anymore willing to accept his offer though" She said as she felt a copper tasting liquid swirl inside her mouth. She could feel the blood mixing with her own saliva, but she swallowed refusing to show that the slap hurt like hell or that it had made her bleed.

"Alright, fine, take me to your leader!" A smile spread across her face then, she would have laughed had she not been in the situation she was. She had always wanted to say that, an afterthought came to her, she'd always wanted to say that......before she died!

"No need, he has come to you!" Gaia looked confused, he thought she would be going to him on the Bridge, why would he........

"As you requested Sir, this is the Chief Engineer, or so she claims...." The officer looked at her with doubt filling his voice. She replied with an indignant stare, almost challenging the officer to dare critisise her.

"Ah, good. I hear you and your collegues put up a little resistance. It was of no consequence, a mere irritation, nothing more......Now, I have requested your presence to aska little favour of you!"

"I doubt you asked me here for a little favour as you call it. I wouldn't help you if you were on fire in the middle of an ocean!" Gaia spat at him this time, she was angry now, how DARE he ask her to help HIM! The officer that brought her there hit her in the face again, the same, already swollen cheek. Another of the officers hit her in the stomach and she doubled over. She was beginning to regret being sarcastic and losing her temper.....maybe there was something to diplomacy after all. She had little chance to consider it.

"My dear, you don't have a choice! Not even much of one. Either you assist my men in getting the warp core and shields operational again, or I will have to take matters into my own hands and I really don't wish to do that as it can be........bloody unecessarily." The glint that was in the officer's eye was now evident in Kovek's. Gaia was afraid when she looked into those eyes, she saw that he was sincere, but she really did have no choice.

"Alright, you win!" She lowered her head in frustration, her hands closed in fists, turning almost white as it dawned she had no choice......she was going to betray her friends on the ship, her friends who had escaped on the runabout, all because she had no choice!

Gaia was being pushed this way and that by Romulan officers. She suddenly knew what a pizza felt like. She decided to take refuge in one of the console's hatches, she located the master access panel and opened it, crawling inside, as she did so, she heard the shout of one of the guards to not try anything funny. Like she could even move in there! Like she even could do anything now. Except follow orders she'd rather burn!

Gaia was callibrating the shield generators to give the minimal output, she hated doing anything less than her best, anything less than 110% or more efficiency. But on this occasion, she had to accept it. She hoped that it would still satisfy Kovek.

Suddenly an alarm blazed, someone was attempting to access the computer. Gaia was physically pulled from the access panel with some force, her uniform became ripped from a sharp piece of metal which should not have been there. Blood began seeping slowly out of the scratches in her skin. Gaia was fuming now, until she saw why the alarms were going off. She repressed a smile, just in case......

"Okay, Gaia-"

"It's Guy-a! Not Gay-a!" She interrupted them in an attept to stall, she knew exactly who was doing what and she had to give them as much time as she could. She was lucky that Kovek didn't know how to pronounce her name, not many people did.

"That is of no consequence, tell me what those alarms mean?"

"They mean that someone is attempting to access the computer systems. Though what for, or why, I would know because someone locked me out, and of course, I'm not permitted anywhere near the computer core because I might try something smart!" Gaia knew she was provoking him, but the more she kept him busy with trying to think of whether to allow her access or what to do if he didn't. Either way, Gaia and Reyan, it had to be Reyan, knowing him as she did, she knew he wouldn't allow Ryan to remain onboard. That would mean that Ryan was on the runabout! I prey he's on the runabout! Gaia thought to herself.

Unfortunately, Kovek was more intelligent than Gaia had given him credit for. He grabbed the nearest officer by the collar of their uniform and went over to a console, he ordered the now petrified officer to activate a ship wide announcement. Gaia hoped Downs wouldn't comply, but the Lt. did. Kovek's loud and hard voice eminated around Engineering, without the aid of the communication, what it was like around the ship, Gaia didn't know, she wasn't sure she wanted to either.

"I know that has to be you Captain Reyan and likely you have co-conspirators with you! So I suggest you listen closely. If you do not cease your operations and give yourselves up immediately, I will be forced to take action! I have someone here who wishes to say something. The name Downs ring a bell? I presume it does as this is your ship.......well, for every 15 minutes you delay in surrendering yourself and your coconspirators, one officer will die. Starting with Lieutenant Downs here!"

Gaia saw one of the guards take a blaster and aim it towards Downs's head, At least he will die quickly Gaia thought to herself. There was nothing she could do, she constantly had two guards watching her, they hadn't left her since Kovek had arrived. She was helpess.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Kayla appeared and tackled the officer holding the phaser to Downs' head, she fought like a Klingon posessed and Gaia was astounded just how much energy the woman actually had left, she had already taken down at least 4 at the last count, though they seemed endless, Kayla didn't see one guard coming up behind her.

"Kayla! Watch out!" Gaia shouted at the top of her lungs, she tried to reach Kayla, but she was restrained with the two guards both arms holding her back with surprising strength. All Gaia could do was watch as a dagger was driven into Kayla's back and she fell. A smile on her lips. Gaia went limp as the same guard took a phaser to Downs........Two officers, two friends.....Gaia sank, she held back the tear that threatened to fall, she had to be string, she had to be.....But it was hard. Kovek turned back to the communications.

"As you heard Captain This Kayla woman has also been dealth with, as you will be, it's your choice Captain.......Your surrender, or I keep going until every last Starfleet officer is destroyed! Again Captain, it's your choice, Their lives are on your hands, not mine! The longer you don't surrender, the more lives are on your conscience!" With that Kovek cut the connection himself, he could have done it all along, but he was proving a point.......and Gaia saw it all.

Gaia overheard a conversation between the officer that she had encountered before and Kovek himself.

"Now that's done with, what's the status on the runabout, how much time do they have on us?"

"They have a 10 minute lead - the Kerchan will catch that useless Runabout."

"I know, just Humans have a way of squirming their way out of situations." Kovek wrinkled his nose. "Worse than the damn Ferengi!"

Gaia presumed they thought she had fainted, as they spoke so openly in front of her, or perhaps they thought she couldn't do anything about it even if she did hear.....the troubling thing was, she knew she probably couldn't.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin May 5 2005, 01:37 PM
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The runabout carefully maneavoured around the planet they'd escaped the Kerchan to seek refuge. The ship they'd detected on the other site of this world had been apparently been Federation but full sensor readings were needed for a 100% positive identification.

There were a few tense minutes amongst the crew as the runabout, using maneavouring thrusters, slowly positioned itself the furtherest possible distance from the object in order to get a good scan.

"Huh?" Orlan was the first to say what they were all thinking. Something they were this close to could've easily been seen on the viewscreen without even the need for magnification.

"You took the words from my mouth," Korbin said, "Sure you're not the mind reader?" he joked.

Orlan didn't reply, instead worked the console to run a full sensor sweep. "There's still definately something there... giving what appears to be a Federation identicode, just..."

"Wait," Korbin said, his console was now bleeping. "The signal is moving off..."

"It's a ship?" the Doctor asked, as mystified as everyone else.

"Seems that way," Orlan said.

"Cloaked?" Korbin offered.

"With Federation signals? Never," Orlan confirmed.

"Something cloaked giving out a Federation signal though?" Korbin said, not really asking anyone, as no-one knew, but trying to sort the situation for himself.

"Sir!" cried Korbin a second later. Orlan was still focused on the strange signal, going over and double checking the sensor readouts for anomalies.

"Commander?" Orlan said spinning around in his chair, having just enough room to do so in the crampt confiements of the runabout.

"I'm detecting the Kerchan... she's closing in. FAST"

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 5 2005, 02:18 PM
Reyan pulled the magentic door grips out of their locker and pressed them against the door. Geo had warned that inputting the door code would alert the bridge, which they didn't want to do

The doors slid open, and the fully suited team stepped out onto the hull of the Intrepid - Reyan instantly unholstered the phaser that he had collected from the EVA suit locker

The team plodded slowly across the deck, until Geo noticed a small team of Engineers working on the Hull, with a single Romulan guard overseeing them

"Looks like the Romulan's are putting our Engineering crew to good use - they are repairing the shield generators" Geo's voice filted through the EVA suit comm speaker

"Good - we'll need the shields when we retake the ship" Reyan replied "But they don't need a Romulan taskmaser"; Reyan raised his phaser and shot the Romulan guard, who's body lurched foward, but remained in place, fixed to the hull by his own EVA suit's magnetic boots

Reyan pressed his suit's commlink

"Who's in charge of this engineering team?" he asked

"Me Sir, Ensign Peter Lees - Lieutenant Moore is in engineering - the Romulan's are forcing her to repair the warp drive"

"Continue your work, Ensign - this ordeal should be over soon"

Baetha forced the outer airlock door to the computer core, and the team entered

Baetha looked very uncomfortable

"It's very loud" she complained

"I guess so - let's get to work and find out where they are taking our ship" Geo stated

Accessing the navigational computer, Geo looked confused

"They appear to be heading for Kevara 5 - if memory serves me, it's a Romulan colony near the neutral zone"

For a moment, the team looked puzzled, but then it dawned on them

"They must be planning to use the Intrepid to attack that colony - and from the perspective of anyone on that colony, it would be Starfleet attacking them!" Reyan shouted

Reyan's outburst was interupted by the sound of the shipwide comm system activation, and then the voice of Kovek came through the speakers

"I know that has to be you Captain Reyan and likely you have co-conspirators with you! So I suggest you listen closely. If you do not cease your operations and give yourselves up immediately, I will be forced to take action! I have someone here who wishes to say something. The name Downs ring a bell? I presume it does as this is your ship.......well, for every 15 minutes you delay in surrendering yourself and your coconspirators, one officer will die. Starting with Lieutenant Downs here!"

Reyan was about to reply, but before he could, the sound of a disruptor being fired sounded, followed by commotion

"Kayla - watch out!" Lieutenant Moore's voice boomed, followed by more unfamiliar sounds

"As you heard Captain This Kayla woman has also been dealt with, as you will be, it's your choice Captain.......Your surrender, or I keep going until every last Starfleet officer is destroyed! Again Captain, it's your choice, Their lives are on your hands, not mine! The longer you don't surrender, the more lives are on your conscience!" the comm system then went dead

Reyan was stunned, as were all of the other officer's present, except Baetha who looked furious

Finally, Reyan looked up, Red faced and fists clenched

"Enough creeping around - we are taking this ship back - I don't care how many guards these Romulan cowards have, this is MY ship and we are taking her back!" he stated, making no attempt to hide his anger and contempt. He thumbed his phaser to a setting above stun

"Any plan of action, Sir?" Geo asked

"Not really - just shoot every damned Romulan you see - head for transporter room 2, as it's the closest, we'll overide their lockout codes and beam to the bridge. And I DON'T want anyone playing the hero" Reyan ordered

And with that, he burst out into the corridor, blasting the guard that had been stationed outside the door as he went

"Let's go - we've a ship to retake" he demaned, and the team sprinted down the corridors, phasers in hand, determined to retake their ship.

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 6 2005, 06:37 AM
Ryan gazed at Korbin's alarmed expression and an unearthly chill slivered it's way up his spine. He wished that time could just stand still - even for an instant. A plan was needed, and fast.

"Then I'm assuming they know exactly where we are."

"It would seem so - three minutes and closing. Theres no indication that their weapons have been charged."

"Bring us about - we're going in." Ryan suddenly snapped after realizing he had remained absent minded for a moment longer than deemed acceptable. "I think I speak for all of us when I say I'd rather face whatever that is than the Kerchan."

"Aye sir." Valorin immediately about-faced his chair and vigourously began working the Helm console to exploit all he could from the runabouts engines.

"What now?" Korbin whispered.

I don't know, Orlan thought, knowing his former Deputy Opperations officer would intercept the words. But I suspect we are about to find out.

"Something about all this is wrong!" A worried voice said from the huddling survivers pinned to the back wall of the runabout.

"Ofcoarse theres something wrong! The Intrepid! remember?" Another crewman spat.

"Enough - just everybody remain calm." Ryan attempted to assure his frightened crew, to little avail.

"Commander," Doctor Ele spoke softly. "these people are concerned. They need to know that they can -"

"Lieutenant," Ryan turned around briefly and lowered his voice. "I'm trying to save lives. Not nurture them till this ordeal is over."

"I just thought..."

"Theres no use me running around here screaming 'Oh shit we're gonna die!'"

Silence abruptly descended over the leading section of the Runabouts cabin, as though someone had slammed closed the door to an inescapable vault.

Ryan's attention was re-captured now that Valorin had brought the runabout to a halt along side where the mysterious object was said to be lurking. He glared at the empty space through the foward window infront of him. Stars in the distance a restrained reminder of how far from home the crew really were.

"Maybe the Kerchan's weopons caused more damage to the sensor array than first thought." Valorin offered.

"Perhaps, but that doesn't explain the presence of a Federation transponder signal - status of the Kerchan?"

"One minute till intercept."

Ryan pushed the circling questions to the back of his mind. It was nor the time or place to investigate who or what could be using a Federation Identicode. Nor was it necessary for him to ponder what the Kerchan's plans were. Charged weopons or not, the runabout crew would surely die if a diversion wasn't found quickly.

He tapped at the Operations to open a Starfleet communications channel designated for the region.

a4.gif "This is Commander Orlan of the USS Intrepid to any vessel. We're in need of urgent assistance..." a4.gif

"Continue transmitting that message - all subspace bands." Ryan instructed Korbin and turned to face Valorin. "Lieutenant, can you safely get us to these coordinates?"

Valorin's eyes moved down to the numbers near Ryan's pointing finger. Ryan watched as an expression of interest or skepticism became more pronounced apon the Lieutenant's face.

"It won't be easy."

"Agreed, let's do it." Ryan concered. "Everyone hold on!"

The runabout pivoted on the spot before thrusting down into the upper atmosphere of the L Class planet below. Whisps of scattered cloud appeared to whip at the windows as they glided towards the surface.

"Sensors down to forty-five percent effencientcy." Korbin advised. "There appears to be an iron storm heading in this direction."

"Exactly. We're going to shelter under it. I'm betting that the Kerchan can't penetrate this atmosphere." Ryan said.

"The Intrepid can - hopefully it's warpcore is still offline."

The runabout swept low over the surface on it's final approach towards even ground. Valorin's finger tips reacted as fast as possible to the surroundings ahead.

The crew were suddenly thrown foward in their seats when a jaggered outcropping of stone grazed the remnants of the shields.

"Sorry!" Valorin shouted apologetically and finally set the craft down.

"Environmental readings?" Ryan asked, daring for the first time since his outburst to look at Kaoru.

"Carbon deoxcide at 273ppm's. Breathable oxygen - nitrogen atmosphere. As Chief Medical Officer I'm denying anyone permission to leave the runabout, these levels are too hight extended exposure."

"Understandable doctor, far be it for me to tred on your territory." As the words left his mouth and Ryan concidered them he realized he had once again lept before he looked. No doubt igniting more irratation in Kaoru.

"Commander, the iron storm - it's set to dissapate within the hour."

"I see. Doctor, exactly how long can someone survive out there?"

"About forty minutes."

Ryan frowned, it was one thing to arrive on this planet in one peace - surviving it could prove to be another.

"Sir, we have a problem." A voice announced. Ryan recognized the accent immediately. The man he had spent many hours along side in a jefferies tube, repairing one system or another - Dillian Reed. Sighing, Ryan swiveled his chair to face the man.

"Do I really want to know?"

"Well, when we touched those rocks, it took out our ventral shielding."

"Just add it to the list of repairs, we won't really be needing it if we are forced to stay down here."

"Thats the problem, sir. Theres a micro-fracture in the hull. Carbon Deoxcide is slowly leaking in."

Ryan turned and confirmed Reed's diagnosis from the Operations console. This situation was just getting worse.

"So, we stay in here - a confined space - or we go out there." Ryan felt like cursing again but held back the urge. "We stay put for the time being. Ideas?"

"I still think that... whatever it is orbiting may be able to help." Korbin offered.

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Posted by: Reyan Anil May 7 2005, 12:55 PM
The small team continued to battle their way through their ship, their determination overcoming their small numbers

Although, their numbers had increased very slightly - they had managed to overwhelm the guards outside the brig, and had released 5 Officer's whom the Romulan isolationists controlling the ship had likely intended to use as bait, or to torture for information. Those very same officers were now weilding Romulan disruptors, taken from their fallen captors.

"I would suggest we take the Jefferies tubes, but as I noted earlier, they will have traps within them" Baetha wispered

Reyan frowned, and placed a new power-pack into his phaser

"Well - we've gotten this far without them - problem is, the closer we get to the transporter room, the more guards we'll likely encouter" Reyan wispered in reply

Baetha nodded

"Correct - they will post large numbers of guards in key areas, and as the transporter rooms qualify, we can expect heavy resistance"

Geo looked agitated

"Can't we just access the transporter systems from somewhere else?" he muttered

"No - usually the answer would be yes, but the only place that we can access and operator the transporters before the Romulan's can act is a transporter room - anywhere else would set off an alert on the Bridge" Reyan advised

Ensign Siosa, a transporter chief, looked very uncomfortable

"The Captain is right - even if we did manage to initiate transport, they would know - they would be able to override it and beam us into space, or just leave us in the transporter buffer to degrade beyond salvage"

"I suddenly hate this idea" Geo mumbled

"That's why we are going to the transporter room" Reyan stated

"Captain - I'll stay behind - you chances for sucess are much greater if someone remains at the transporter station - I'm certain that I can cover your tracks" Ensign Siosa stated

Reyan took a deep breath - Ensign Siosar was right, but allowing her to remain in the transporter room meant her capture, and almost certainly, death if and when the Romulan's did manage to regain control of the transporter systems. And the chances of Reyan and his team retaking the ship were too slim to take into account. He would effectively be ordering the young Ensign to her death - and the death of Kayla Martek and Robyn Downs still echoed in his mind.

"Thanks Ensign - or should I say, Lieutenant - you were overdue a promotion anyway" - the young Ensign smiled, proud of what she had offered to do, and would do, as well as the fact that it had earned her a field promotion.

"We still have to get to the transporter room" Geo noted, as the sound of footsteps echoed through the corridor

Reyan, still fueled by his anger toward those who murdered Kayla and Down's, waved Lieutenant's Baetha and Revolone foward - the two Lieutenants dashed to the other side of the corridor and concealed themselves around a corner

Reyan then stepped out

"I surrender" he stated

Four Romulan guards dashed toward him, disruptors raised

"You must be Captain Reyan - drop your weapon" the Romulan Centurion, clearly the senior officer, stated, looking very pleased with himself

"Captain Anil, actually" Reyan stated - and at that second, Baetha and Geo leapt from their hiding places and shot three of the four guards - the fourth guard found himself the unwilling owner of a swift uppercut, courtesy of Captain Anil, followed by a disruptor shot in the face by Lieutenant Siosar

"Good shot Lieutenant" Reyan stated

"I was aiming for his chest, Sir" she admitted

"Where have I heard that before?" Geo complained

"Your crew seems to have an odd preoccupation with making statements, intended as humor, in tense situations Captain" Baetha observed

Reyan grinned, but didn't reply

"Press on - we are almost there" he finally stated, raising his phaser and moving cautiously foward

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin May 8 2005, 04:52 PM
"We have an unknown heading into the atmosphere," Ryan called over. Immediately Korbin and Reed looked up from their work directly at where the Commander was sat.

"The sensors aren't exactly 100% but what I'm detecting is something small..."

"Well I doubt even the Kerchan can enter the atmopshere of a planet," the Doctor said, adding her own comical touch to the proceedings.

Korbin rushed back to his console, his own words: "I still think that... whatever it is orbiting may be able to help", still echoing in his mind. He could only wish he was right.

"They're tracking somesort of targetting sensor onto us," Korbin said from the Tactical console. "With the shields down we're..."

Korbin was cut off. What had been going through his mind, and had occupied the thoughts of all the crew of the runabout were what exactly was the ship coming towards them and what was this targetting sensor was about to do.

In that instant after Korbin had said the word "We're" he and everyone else had the answer.

Korbin caught a quick glimpse of Starfleet uniforms flashing towards him. Then the rest is a blur... no images, but thoughts were all he had to fill the gap. His unconscious mind was like a sponge, absorbing everything. His training with Vulcan Mind experts had allowed him to control what he remembered upon awaking from slumber, but now some thoughts were filtering through.

All he caught were sentences and sentence fragments:
"... keep them in the brig."

"... they're a liability, they should be taken care of."

The thing that most stood out to Korbin was that the words were in English.

It was strange what things went through one's mind the moments before they died. Korbin was now in such a situation, as were the rest of the crew of the runabout. At least that was the impression Korbin was getting from the man that now stood before them.

A cargo bay was the site of this confrontation. And the site the crew had been dumped into after being rendered unconscious the moment after being beamed from their down runabouts by the approaching vessel.

They had been left to stew for only a matter of minutes, obviously time was still a comodity in short supply. However the strange thing was the man that had come to confront the group of remaining Intrepid personnel... was a Human... and was in a Starfleet uniform.


Posted by: Geovanie Revolone May 8 2005, 07:07 PM
Sorry for the delayed post... ::sigh:: I feel like I'm one of those people who should be getting yelled at...

A stream of phaser fire rocked against the bulkheads and the inner lining of the corridor... The Romulans were aware of a resistance movement heading around on the ship, and had easily moved to intercept it. Alas, they were slightly too late, for the small team was already outside the Transporter room.

After several minutes, the expert shooting of the Section 25-B operative, as well as the Captain had dispatched the remaining guards, and the team flooded into the Transporter room. Acting on quick instant Lieutenant Siosar headed off towards the console, but was intercepted by Geo.

"To the transporter pad..."

"Transporter Pad? With all due respect we have no time for games, I need to input the codes.."

"I know... I know... I'm going to stay behind."

"GEO! I said no playing Hero!" Anil started towards the Transporter Pad, but his words were followed by the harsh laughter from the Hermekian.

"This isn't the Hero gig... No offense toots..." he nodded at Siosar, "but I'm more qualified for this."

"Geo... I'm ordering you to the Transport Pad"

Siosar started for the console once again, but Geo regarded her. "Stand down Ensign..."

"I'm equal rank to you..."

"Field promotions do not outrank me... Stand Down!"

She did so, but Anil looked flustered, clearly he was angered by Geo... Who merely resumed smiling and began keying in the order and location of the transit...

"Captain.. I'm not afraid to knock you in the face if we have to. I'd perfer to dance later on with you if you don't mind.. Everyone, to the Pad..."

"You can't possibly be serious..." Anil muttered. Baetha nodded, looking like she was ready to leap at the Helmsmen. She was well trained, no doubt she could easily handle the Hermekian.

"Captain... I can survive more then her... I have some tricks up my sleeve..." Geo nodded towards the team. Following a brief huff of frustration from Siosar and Anil, the team settled onto the Pads...

"God speed...." Geo muttered, engaging the beam. Anil muttered something - probably a swear - before they shimmered away. Geo had a few seconds to react to the whole ordeal, quickly accessing the one data stream he knew was still operational - since he had created it. The Transporter Room door swished open, but Geo continued to work.

First, he implimented a system wide infection, which offered him control of the primary door functions and bulkhead power distribution on the deck, then he transfered it too a panel console some two meters to his left - so that he could duck and still impliment codes.

Then, he noticed something else. A partial algorythm which had been created as a viral infection. The cause didn't suite Geo's purposes, but the signature read from the private combination of the Chief engineer. I'll kiss that women... I swear he thought to himself, rigging the virus and completing the last segment. Much like a virus within the body, it manipulating the existing files and replicated, but in replicating the files were distorted and fused, making all information irrelevant and wrong. The helms station would probably be on the fritz, but the full Opations manifest would be slaved to the transporter room.

Following that, he used the loop back feature, implimenting a overload in all transporter room consoles. Quickly leaping from his console, it would explode, followed by other consoles exploding in the other transporter rooms.

"There! Now you can't get beamed anywhere..." Geo muttered... quickly bending to the panel he had slaved control to. He activated it, and peeked over the top of the destroyed console, getting ready for a barrage of attackers... Oh... he had tricks up his sleeves...


The first Romulan moved into the room, firing his disrupter into the black emptiness. The door swished shut even as he stepped forward, instantly slicing the poor man in half. Geo cringed at the green spew across the doorframe, but aimed his phaser. From the other side the blasts rocketed against the door, the Romulans were trying to shoot there way into the room.

The Hermekian smirked, his purple eyes glinting. Instantly, the light in the room began to dim, making it hard for anyone but Geo to see... Quickly keying in the overload sequence, the panels next to the Transporter room door exploded, sending shards and literal shrapnel into the Romulan guards. Unfortunately, it also blew the door clean open...

Inhaling quickly, Geo wheeled his phaser towards the Jefferies tube, and he quickly bolted for it. Before the next barrage had time to react, Geo had shot himself behind the small wall setting, taking deep breaths before he leaned forward.

The disrupter fire knocked against the wall he was against, and he gasped in surprise, before returning fire.... He hoped to god that Anil and the rest would be successful... but for some reason, he felt sad...Almost, angry that he had done anything... Now... it meant...

It was that one thing that bothered him...

"I'm going to get demoted for this..."

Modify as needed, I realize this might... mess the plot.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 12 2005, 10:40 PM
Not everyone who had been on the runabout was in the cargo bay... Kaoru noted that immediately when she regained consciousness. She glanced around, mentally taking note of who was not present. Her blue eyes swept over Orlan and she barely suppressed a snarl, shaking it off quickly and rising, going to check on a few wounded. Marix touched her shoulder, "Doctor...you should sit down." She looked down at her shoulder, the field dressing was very well done, she'd expect no less from her staff, the pain was not intolerable. Smiling she shook her head, "I'm sure it look worse than it feels."

Marix said something else, but Kaoru did not hear, most of her attention was given to the guard. She rose, going to the man in the starfleet uniform. "I am Doctor Kaoru Ele, and I request permission to see to the other members of this group."

The guard looked her over, noting the charred hole in her uniform that was clearly from a phaser. "I have orders not to let any of you leave the cargo bay."

Kaoru's patience broke, the tenuous hold she had on her emotions snapped and her rage boiled over. "Tremendous! I'd have given the same bloody orders if I had prisoners! However, I do not think you heard me correctly. I did not ask to go traipsing around your ship, I asked only to be moved from one cell to another so that I may tend to any wounded." She could not help a scathing glance at Orlan, "Inspite of popular opinion, I am not some hysterical female whose hormones are running amuck."

Marix and another crewman exchanged glances, Kaoru's rages were rare, but they were spectacular.

The lips of the guard Kaoru spoke to thinned, angry color flecking his cheek. "I will see if you can be moved." His words were forced through gritted teeth.

Kaoru nodded curtly, "I appreciate it." She did not move away though, waiting for the guard to relay her request to whoever it was he needed to. Her eyes flashed blue fire, but she said nothing else.

The guard finally decided to make the call, nodding to another guard to relieve him while he did so. Kaoru did not move while she waited.

After making her wait for several minutes, the guard returned, mumbling something under his breath.

"I beg your pardon?" Kaoru stepped forward, her tone confrontational, almost daring him to provoke her.

"I said you can go." The guard was clearly not pleased to give her the good news. He touched the commbadge on his shoulder,

a4.gif Two to beam to Cargo Bay 3 on my signal...energize. a4.gif

Kaoru stepped away from him as soon as they were in the cargo bay, moving among the Intrepid crew members, checking for injured. There were none. She looked again towards the guard.

"There are no injured...but thank you." Her tone was only slightly more pleasant.

"Don't thank me." The guard was still fuming over her words, "If it were up to me I'd have denied you."

Kaoru smiled icily, "Then I suppose I should thank whoever it was that did not promote you too highly above goon." Kaoru turned her attention from the guard then, examining her own field dressing, given the lack of any other wounds to tend. She almost hoped for a fight with the guard, it would help vent some of the anger she still felt.

For a moment it looked as though he would oblige her, but another guard had heard the exchange and stepped over, "I'll take her from here." He calmly ushered the seething guard aside, sending him back to the other cargo bay.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 16 2005, 01:26 AM
Ryan cocked his head from side to side, and heared a few small clicks as his neck recouporated from the awkward position he'd woken up in.

"Is everyone alright?" he said, noticing that only a portion of the runabout crew were in the same room as him.

"Concidering the circumstances..." Valorin trailed off.

A disarray of questions swelled in his mind, circling like a swarm of crows waiting for their prey to die. It was clear they were on a Federation vessel - or an environment intended to resemble the interior of a Federation ship.

"Can you tell me anything that might indicate where we are?" Ryan asked while staring directly at Korbin.

"I... I'm not sure." Korbin said apprehensively.

Ryan knew Draconis well enough to recognize hesitation on his face and in his voice. If only he could have a moment alone with him - away from the junior officers. If only I were telepathic aswell... Ryan thought and felt a warm surge of heat creep up his neck; knowing Droconis would inadvertently hear the thought.

Ryan nodded before turning his back to the crew and stared at the sour-faced guard on the other side of the cargo bay. If this is a Federation ship, then why would we be prisoners? Why hasn't someone been to talk...

"Sir something did happen while you were still unconcious along with most of the crew." Korbin began - making it appear as though he wasn't directly answering Ryan's questions. "It was the Captain of this vessel."

"And you couldn't have told me this sooner?" He spun around on the spot and responded almost sarcastically. "What happened?"

"I didn't catch all of what was said. The Captain tried to find out who was in command of the runabout crew. His mind... he was desperate."

"For What?"

Korbin pushed himself away from the wall and came to stop infront of Ryan. He rested his arm against a large yellow cargo barrel and stared into the commanders confused eyes.

"You." He said in a hushed voice. "I felt his anxiety, his desperation - to speak with you."

Ryan narrowed his eyes and more questions added to the spinning mass; his mind now racing faster than the opening of a wormhole.

"Draco, I need you to try and -"

"I can't." He said, shaking his head. "I think I was given something to stop me from reaching out..."

"I don't understand if you know what I'm going to say, why can't -"

"Sir, it's getting stronger. My mind is closing off - its becomming weaker..." Korbin's head arched foward and cleared his throat before looking back at Ryan. "Don't worry, I'll be fine, it's just..."

"Your not used to the silence. We'll get out of this, but I need you."

Korbin opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the doors of the Cargo Bay opening and an officer enclothed in a red uniform casually strolled towards them.

"Commander, good to see you are now awake. Would you mind if we have a word?"

"May I know whom I am addressing?" Ryan said, trying to cloak his distaste of the situation.

"I'm Captain Brier of the USS Ritsuko." Brier said, his hand gesturing towards the exit.

Ryan nodded in agreement before he and Korbin followed the Captain out of the Cargo Bay.


Posted by: Gaia Moore May 16 2005, 10:24 AM
Since Kovek had sent that shipwide communication, Gaia had been in shock, the pain from all the small abbrasions and the pace that she had been forced to work under combined, were all beginning to take their toll on her. She could see Kayla dying over and over in her head, she had lost two friends and one she hadn't got chance to know. One thing she did know was that if it weren't for Kayla, Gaia wouldn't have been able to delay completion of the Warp Drive, without Kayla, Gaia would never have even survived up to the point she had. But there was nothing she could do now. She remembered the smile on Kayla's face, the feeling of......freedom? No, it wasn't that, could it have been a feeling of satisfaction, of pride perhaps?

Gaia was being pushed around by her 2 Romulan guards again, they followed her everywhere and it seemed that Kovek kept turning his eyes to watch her......did she have something in her teeth or something. He didn't trust her, at least, she hoped he kept looking because he didn't trust her. What other reason could there be? Perhaps because should anything happen, Gaia might be next? Whatever the reason, Kovek turned away again but he stayed in Engineering. That fact puzzled her, why not go to the Bridge where he was supposed to be? Why not be commanding his aquired ship from the central base of operations..........

A thought struck Gaia then, like a lighning bolt. Could it be that he remained here because he feared something may happen, perhaps he knew Anil wouldn't concur with his demands, that he would head for the very bridge Kovek had previously taken.......It made sense, which meant that Anil would be heading there right now!!!! That still begged the question, why head for a colony that was their own people? Gaia understood that it was to make it look as if the Federation were responsible, but why risk everything on a possibility, Gaia knew the Federation beurocrats could talk themselves out of anything. This would be no different. So why risk taking a Federation vessel at all? It made no sense.

Just then Gaia got pushed rather violently towards Kovek, likely he wanted something. Typically always getting cronies to do his dirty work, she expected no less of him.

"Miss Moore, Report on the status of Warp Drive capability, how soon?"

"A please might be nice" A glare answered her in return, to which Gaia maintained a calm exterior, anger wouldn't help the situation, however much she wanted to rearrange this particular Romulan's face.

"You're gutsy human, would you like another demonstration of who is in charge here?"

"Any more scrapes and bruises and i'll be a work of art......So go right ahead, because without me, you won't get anything done! Judging by your worried expression, I'd say speed is of the essence for you!"

"I can get it done easily, with or without you Miss Moore. I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about another officer, I'd say it's been almost fifteen minutes. But I'm willing to make an allowance.......IF you do what I want, when I want, do you understand Miss Moore.

"Crystal clear......." Gaia said not succeding in attempting to hide her contempt for the Romulan Isolationist leader.

"Good, get to work then, that warp core better be online in the next fifteen, or it won't only be Reyan's hands their deaths will be on!"

Gaia had a flashback of Kayla and Downs being killed, the helplessness she felt returned and she did not want to be responsible for another crew member, No.......another friend's death. She did as she was instructed, she didn't have much other choice.

As she worked, Gaia suddenly felt a familiar presence, not one, but two. Though she knew they weren't, well that they couldn't be on the ship..........She didn't know who, only that she knew them. That she was comforted by their presence, wherever the hell that was.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin May 19 2005, 05:57 AM
"Your not used to the silence," said Orlan... and for the first time in a long while Korbin actually heard the words. Not in his mind a split second before Orlan spoke... the audio actually entered Korbin's mind through his ears. It was a strange sensation and one he hadn't encountered since puberty.

"We'll get out of this, but I need you," Orlan continued.

Draconis tried to speak, but his mouth felt dry and the throbbing pain in the back of his neck that he'd assumed was from the crash was getting worse...

There was a hiss from the direction of the Cargo Bay doors, Korbin looked up... for the first time in over a decade he was without his Sixth Sense.
After the doors had heaved themselves open a tall dark haired man of medium build and distinguished and warn features, wearing the Red of a Starfleet uniform, came swaggering in.

"Commander, good to see you are now awake," the man said smiling broadly... but Korbin didn't need his telepathy to know it was false.

"Would you mind if we have a word?" the man continued.

"May I know whom I am addressing?" Orlan asked rising to his feet, Korbin following suit.

"I am Captain Brier," the man said, his four pips across his collar only now becoming obvious to Korbin.
"Of the USS Ritsuko."

This Brier then gestured curtiously towards the door.

Orlan looked at Korbin, the Betazoid was trying to keep the pain he felt from showing on his face. Before the two followed Brier..

Brier took a few steps, with one foot out of the cargo bay before turning, taking a moment during the turn to give a look to the left sided one of the two armed guards posted outside the cargo bay.
"I asked for only you Commander," he said in the same patronizingly friendly voice he'd been using since the encounter began.

Orlan was unsure of how to respond and before he could Brier interupted him, "If you're hoping Mister Korbin's telepathic abilities will help you in any way I've made sure the Lieutenant won't be reading any minds for quite some time."

"What have you done to me?" Korbin said, finally allowing the panic, pain and fear to be read across his face and easily identifable in his tone.

"Calm down Mister Korbin," Brier said keeping his cool composure. "We've injected your brain with a nurotoxin that supresses your telepathic abilities. That pain you're feeling at the back of your neck is where the injection was made. The toxin should flush out of your system in... oh, a month or so."

"A month?!" Korbin yelled leaping forward towards Brier. This sudden movement triggered a response from the guards. Within second the two had rushed to Brier side, branishing Type III Phasers into the head and gut of Korbin.

"Gentlemen please," Brier said sending the guards back. "My apologies Lieutenant, commander, my guards are a little too well trained."

The three just stood looking at their counterparts for amoment, the silence was broken finally by Brier.
"Please," he said gesturing for Orlan to come. "Your Lieutenant may come as well if you insist."

Orlan finally nodded and joined Brier and Korbin walking along the corridor outside the cargo bay... shortly afterwards entering a turbolift.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 19 2005, 06:51 AM
Not a second of hesitation

Reyan, crouched behind the tactical console, with a now-deceased Romulan who had been the previous occupier of the station, could not help but feel a certain amount of pride and admiration toward his Officers

The transporter had deposited them in various different spots on the Bridge - no doubt Geo's doing - and they had opened fire the second that the transporter effect had worn off. The Romulan's had clearly not been prepared for this - they had been expecting the team to materalise in one place and were not prepared for any other strategy

Most of the Romulan's had fallen, the inured Geo had been beamed to the bridge by Ensign Kado, and Reyan watched as Lieutenant Siosar despatched another who had been attempting to use the science station as cover.

Reyan ducked out from behind the console and shot another of the intruders down, and noted that there only appeared to be two of them left. Reyan stood, and walked toward them, phaser aimed

"Incase you have not noticed, you are outnumbered - the Bridge is ours - now, where is Kovek?"

The Romulan looked around him, clearly trying to ascertain if there were any means of escape, but there were not - he turned to Reyan

"I don't know" he stated defiantly

"Not good enough" Reyan replied, taking another step toward him

The Romulan shifted nervously, but maintained his composure

"I do not know" he repeated

"I suggest you tell me, otherwise you have a date with my phaser" Reyan growled

"Are you treatening me, Captain?" the Romulan sneered

"I don't have time for this" Reyan stated, as his phaser discharged, sending the uncooperative Romulan to the floor

The other Romulan, an attractive female, looked impressed

"I would not have thought you would have it in you, Captain" she stated

"Neither would I - tell me where Kovek is" Reyan demaned

"He said he had matters to deal with in Engineering" she admitted

"Finally - thanks, but why did you tell me? I was expecting another show of defiance"

"A show of defiance that would have resulted in my depature from consciousness" she pointed out

Reyan shrugged

"Besides - Colonel Kovek's frame of mind is becoming an increasing cause for concern" she continued

"Who's concern" Reyan asked

"Mine for one - but other members of the Kerchan's crew had also secretly expressed their concern - when we boarded the Kerchan it was under the impression that we were to cause trouble and bad relations between Starfleet and the Romulan senate, but Kovek's idea's went from being ones of semi-aggressive attacks on federation ships, to stealing one outright"

"In order to use it to attack the colony?" Reyan asked

"Yes" she replied "And whilst there are many officers of his that support his mission, many of the officers are only following him through blind loyalty"

Reyan looked into her green eyes, and wished that Korbin was with him, to advise on wether she was telling the truth, but Reyan could not sense any deception from her

"Siosar - lock the bridge down and try to regain transporter control" Reyan demaned, then turning to Geo

"Geo - I............" he was cut off by the proximity alert siren

"What now" he exclaimed, dashing over to the tactical console

Geo, now sat at the helm, but clutching his sides with his left hand, answered

"Federation Starship incoming - Sovereign class - USS Ritsuko"

Reyan's attention switched to the viewscreen, where a Sovereign-class starship now stood, shields up and weapons charged, clearly waiting to see what action the Intrepid would take in response to it's presense.

Reply anyone

Posted by: Draconis Korbin May 19 2005, 07:32 AM
This Ritsuko that Brier had informed the captured runabout crew were aboard wasn't the usual Starfleet style every Federation citizen had grown up with. Everything seemed much darker. Korbin's attentions had focused on the pain he was experiencing rather than his immediate surroundings but it was obvious this wasn't your usual run-of the mill Starfleet vessel.

The conference room was the place Brier finally led Orlan and Korbin too. This mysterious Captain took a seat at the far end of the long conference table, Korbin and Orlan following suit.

"When will you be returning us too our ship?" Orlan demanded, getting to the point from the off.

Brier smiled, "We're on course for your USS Intrepid as we speak."

The room went deadly silent again. Orlan decided to ask another question, "Why have we been held captive? And why has Mister Korbin's telepathic abilities been supressed?"


Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 19 2005, 02:39 PM
The guards rounded up all the Intrepid crew members in the cargo bay, "Come..you're being moved." The Intrepid crew looked to Valorin and Kaoru as Senior Officers.

Kaoru rose slowly, she had been seated on the floor, her back against the wall, her knees drawn up, "Where are we being taken?"

The guard smirked, "To better accomodations...one of the conference rooms, there's a replicator and much more comfortable seating."

They had been there for several hours and Kaoru knew the crew was hungry. She nodded, and the Intrepid crew prepared to follow the guards.

They were led through a series of empty hallways, Kaoru looked around curiously, wondering briefly about escaping. Though unarmed, they outnumbered the guards. She was shoved roughly in the back by the guard she had insulted earlier, "Keep moving."

She nearly knocked over Valorin when she stumbled forward, wincing as the newly healed flesh on her shoulder stretched. Valorin held her up, glaring at the guard, "Watch it goon." He had heard her insults to him. "Can't you see she's hurt?"

The guard snarled, "Too bad it's not her tongue that took the hit."

Kaoru shook off Valorin's help, standing on her own and glaring at the guard, opening her mouth to speak when Valorin edged in front of her, reaching out and grabbing the front of the guard's uniform. "You are a poorly trained excuse for a security officer." He shoved the man away, "Now get out of my sight before I teach you a lesson."

The guard leveled his phaser at Valorin. By now everyone had stopped and was watching. Kaoru was ready to shove Valorin out of the way when another guard stepped forward, "Linu...lower your weapon."

Kaoru shouldered Valorin aside now, wincing again, watching the standoff between the guards.

The calmer guard spoke again, "Lower it now. Go on ahead and make sure the rest of the corridors are cleared." That had already been done, but he just wanted to get Linu out of the area before things escalated. When Linu had left, the guard turned to the watching crewmembers, "Go on now...we'll get you folks some food."

Kaoru's sapphire blue eyes narrowed and for a moment she considered resisting. Valorin seemed to sense this and nudged her arm, "Not now...come on. We're in no condition."

He looked back at the reasonable seeming guard, "I'm Lieutenant Valorin and this is Lieutenant Ele, we demand to be taken to the captain of this vessel."

The guard looked bored, shrugging, "The captain is already speaking with your XO. I doubt your presence is required." He nodded in the direction they were being herded, "Go on now. I'll have the XO brought to you as soon as the captain's done with him."

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone May 19 2005, 09:36 PM
Geo rushed through the jefferies tube, a stream of sparks following every movement. The console outside the transporter room was rigged with a thirty second delay, and the next set of Romulan insurgencies were quickly blown back into the corridor as the Transporter Room lit up brilliantly. Transporter controls would be minimal, but sufficient if someone could manage to redivert the Operations console.

That seemed to be the case, since the next moment Geo was crawling around on the bridge floor, more disrupter shots reigning over his head into the floor next to him.

The bridge fell silent momentarily, then the captains commanding voice once again demanded attention. Phasing to reality, Geo clamored back up to his feet, clearing his throat to seem somewhat presentable in his current state.

"Siosar - lock the bridge down and try to regain transporter control" Reyan demaned, then turning to Geo

"Geo - I............" he was cut off by the proximity alert siren

"What now" he exclaimed, dashing over to the tactical console

Geo bolted for the Helmstation, quickly retrieving the guidance network relay and setting the station to read acturately. This negated the virus within the ship, but the Operations console manually locked out further Romulan interception. Geo had no time to consider if the Romulans would try and take the ships main computer now that the virus was unlocked, the sensors read a Federation ship. In a near astounding shout of glee he bellowed.

"Federation Starship incoming - Sovereign class - USS Ritsuko"

Reyan's attention switched to the viewscreen, where a Sovereign-class starship now stood, shields up and weapons charged, clearly waiting to see what action the Intrepid would take in response to it's presense... Silence once again followed..

Geo hated silences...

"How about we say hello?" he tried...

Posted by: Sally Ryder May 21 2005, 05:52 PM
OOC---I am hoping that I am correct that the last few incidents have been happening on our ship and not the "ghost ship". If I am wrong, please correct me. And I HOPE this makes it. I have been loosing a lot of posts at my other RPGs. Sally

Sally was left in charge of Sickbay, as for some reason Dr. Ele's XO managed to get onto the shuttle, and who knew where the good doctor was. Eli was being closely monitored and she hoped that he will pull it through. This was his first mission, and he made her think of her younger brother.

All of a sudden she heard the proximity alarm. "Computer, where are we?"

Holding position - intercepted by Federation Starship USS Ritsuko

She found the highest ranking officer in sickbay, told him that he is in charge and that she is heading for security and rounding up some guards. She dashed out of the doors and quickly climbed down 6 flights of Jeffries Tubes and entered security.

"Who is in charge here?" Sally asked.

"I am." A lieutenant JG replied. Those Romulans took the Chief."

"I know we are the same rank, but I am the only one of the command staff that the Romulans haven't taken yet. I need a team on each floor with fully-charged phasers and be prepaired for anything. I want you and 5 others to come with me with phasers and rifles. Does everyone understand?"

"Aye, Sir"! the security crew shouted. They quickly assembled and Sally took the names of the leaders and the deck they are taking and quickly jotted the information on a padd and then slipped the padd into her hidden pocket in he uniform. "Let's Lock and Load and get this ship back int our control!" With the exception of 6 officers that stayed behind to monitor the stations, Sally and the rest headed out. Since they were armed now, Sally and her team took the turbolift to the bridge deck. The door opened and they had their phasers ready, but the coast was cleared, and Captain Reyan was apparently back in control.

The image of a Sovereign class starship filled the viewscreen, and sally heard a report that it had it's weapons armed and locked.

Sally ordered the security officers to take positions at stations that were unmanned, and dashed over to the science station to await orders

Posted by: Gaia Moore May 26 2005, 04:26 AM
Gaia noted that Kovek seemed like he was into intimidation rather than subtle action. Gaia had to think what what Ryan would do, he was the diplomat. "Dammit I'm no diplomat!" she thought to herself, then scorned herself. She could be a diplomat and she would.

She felt a pair of eyes bearing down on her, perhaps it was a sixth sense......or she'd spent waaaay too long with Korbin. She turned to see a Romulan was behind her, looking at her, his face and eyes unreadable. Gaia felt uncomfortable, he was after a fight. He was bigger and stronger than she was, he was one of the biggest Romulans she had ever seen. Though Gaia noted that his face was the most ugly she had ever seen, "he looks like he could make an onion cry!". He was thick in proportion-not fat-but very wide. Gaia realised though that she was not afraid, she stood back straightstaring at the stocky Romulan defiantly.The Romulans eyes burned and he hit Gaia so hard she met the floor with force, she heard a snap followed by sharp pain in her arm causing her to wince. But before she knew it, Gaia was picked up and throes over the Romulan's shoulder heading for her small office. Gaia kicked furiously, seeming to have no effect-The man was built like a stone-She could only hope somene would help her, at that moment, Gaia really didn't care who. She heard a deep, authoritive voice address her no name manhandler.

"Put her down now!"

"But Sir, she can be best kept in there if what the readings say are true. The ship's Captain has retaken the bridge and weaponsfire has been detected!"

"I gave you a direct order, put her down! She will be taken where and when I say, not when you decide! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir!"

Gaia found herself being roughly set on the floor, she winced as the impact jolted her arm. She heard the familiar sound of a phaser discharging, Gaia looked up from her arm to find Kovek standing with a phaser over the body of the Romulan who had treated Gaia like a sack of potatoes. She looked up at her rescuer with confusion "Why did he help me?" Gaia would have sooner killed him as look at him, yet he had saved her.

"Thank you" was all she could think to say to Kovek at that moment.

"I didn't ask for gratitude. He disobeyed a direct order, he knew the consequences."

Gaia walked into the box she called an office in pain. Everytime she moved her arm, it brought a fresh twinge of agony through it. She sat down and saw Kovek was still watching her. Kovek approached her, getting so close to her that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her face. She looked into his eyes, what was he doing? Kovek grabbed and tore both of Gaia's sleeves off, revealing the toned muscles underneah. With her sleeves removed, the cuts and bruises were now visible and standing out on Gaia's pale skin. To her surprise, Kovek was making a sling for her from her sleeves. She was on the brink of snapping at him-she could make it herself thank you very much!-But she swallowed the words. Her brain was the only real weapon she had access to, Gaia understood that she had to use it instead of letting her temper have control of her.

"You'll need to splint that, the sling won't do on it's own. But there's nothing I know of to support it with. You're resourceful, I'm sure you'll think of something."

Gaia wasn't sure whether to believe him, was he just saying that to seem helpful but then as a way of causing her pain? This Kovek was a confusing Romulan. He gave mixed signals. He quite easily executed Downs and watched as Kayla was also "taken out", yet here he was, helping her with her arm.....Gaia tested the sling and determined it would hold until she could be attended to properly. She shivered at the thought of another trip to sickbay. Gaia looked at Kovek who was again staring at her in silence.

"Thank you" Gaia said smiling slightly at Kovek, something she never thought she would do, least of all to him. Kovek actually smiled back. It was a small smile, barely noticable. Then again, Romulans weren't known to be demonstrative of such things. Romulans could and did seem stone faced until you became used to them, at least in Gaia's opinion and she'd had time to grow accustomed. Kovek finally spoke as he still stared at her, more curiously this time.

"I have observed you, you are fierce, strong and not afraid I think. Most of the other Starfleeters are frightened half out of their minds. They dither and stumble until their errors are......pointed out to them, then they cower or cry. I think you are a woman of much courage."

"I am afraid, I just try not to show it. Weeping never does any good."

"There are times to cry and times to laugh. I for one would like to see you laugh"

"Well Colonel, there are very few reasons to while I'm in this situation." Gaia smiled and managed a short, sharp laugh at what she had just said. Kovek smiled, more visibly this time.

"A smile suits your face, a laugh would suit it more.I'm not a monster Miss Moore, what I am doing, I am doing for the good of the Romulan Empire. I don't want to hurt anyone, merely ensure that the Romulan Empire will survive and joining the Federation will not benefit either of us. Think about that Miss Moore, before you make a judgement on me or on my collegues."

With that Kovek escorted Gaia back through to main Engineering with her arm in the makeshift sling, it still hurt but she put the pain to the back of her mind. Was what he said true, if it is, was she being blinded, or was he trying to make her think that? She had a job to do, her mind would just have to mull this over while she did as she was told.......... For now anyway.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 26 2005, 07:17 AM
"Commander, you are by no means being held captive. Your runabout was not in the best of shape when we found you and your crew trapped on the surface. Ofcoarse it took some time to accurately establish who you all were."

"We're Starfleet officers, regulations would not exhibit your medical staff treating my crew in sickbay -"

"Ordinarally yes, and I appologize for the inconvenience to you and your crew, but I'm not at liberty to explain why we needed to keep you confined to the cargo bays for such a prolonged period before your identities could be confirmed by your quaint little vessel." Briar turned to Korbin. "I'm sorry I had to have your telepathic abillities suppressed untill I could assertain where you and your Commander stand."

Ryan nodded to show some sign of approval, but somewhere deep in his mind he couldn't except or navigate any excuse that could explain the delay.

"With all due respect, Captain," Ryan began. "this was more than an inconvenience. It would have been obvious that we were indeed Starfleet officers, yet you kept us enclosed in a cargo bay for several hours and I am reluctant to assist you until I am satisfied the reason is a valid one."

"Alright Commander, I'm certain the seized Intrepid is all the demonstration you need to understand the scale of the isolationists situation."

Ryan slowly nodded in agreement "Admittedly it does appear as though niether Starfleet or the Romulan government are taking any measures to prevent an incident like this."

"Yes! Exactly!" Briar burst out so eagerly he almost sprang out of his seat. "We must retelliate now while the iron is still hot."

"From what I understand, retelliation is only going to aggrivate the situation. Responding with equal force to regain control of the Intrepid is the priority. Starfleet -"

Briar abruptly pushed himself away from the conferrence table and began pacing back and forth.

"You don't really understand. You think the Kerchan was just going to let all of your crew go on it's merry way? Or trouble themselves to abandon them on some planet? No!" Briar swallowed hard. "They will kill every last one of them - tell me I'm wrong."

Ryan unwillingly held his silence, paralysed as the foreboding vision played out in his mind. The Intrepid crew were more than just his comrades, without realizing, they had forged close friendships. The Intrepid was home... his family....

Leaning foward Ryan rested his elbows on the edge of the table and his eyes began to canvass the polished surface.

"Starfleet rules and regulations - they've dominated my every action ever since I rejoined. I make a suggestion, someone would just dissmiss it as though it were worthless - the fact is... I'm not trusted anymore!"

"The Maquis." Briar said, trying to hide his surprise of Ryan's outburst.

"Exactly..." Ryan raised his head, his eyes now blazing like a raging bronse fire. "and if I hadn't of got involved with them - I'd be a Captain by now..."

Ryan curbed the dare to glance at Korbin. If his sneaking suspicion was correct, Draconis was staring directly at him.

"Isn't it just great being First Officer - keep the command chair warm... it's not the same. The Captain only a few decks away, ready to take over at the first sign of trouble."

"Though you're in charge for those few moments, you feel like you belong there more than the Captain does. That you deserve to be there, but they don't trust you enough and that galls you doesn't it commander? You're capable of so much more - but Executive Officer is all you can be..." Briar moved closer to Ryan and almost whispered to him, so Korbin was excluded.

"But the Captain isn't just a few decks away now. You are responsible for the Intrepid now - this is your decision to make. It is your chance to shine... use it as you know you must!"

"You sound like you have a plan." Ryan said, keeping his voice as low as Briar had done.

Briar stood upright and began to pace once again. "Actually, I've already taken the initiative to regain control of the Intrepid. I'm sure you'd be pleased to know that the Kerchan has been dealt with and as I mentioned earlier, we are due to soon rendezvous with the Intrepid."

"You dealt with the Kerchan?" Korbin asked eagerly. "How?"

"The truth is, we've been tracking the Kerchan for about a week now. Studying her strengths... her weaknesses. It just so happens that not being able to enter the atmosphere of a planet without being crushed like a bug... is a weakness." He said grinning slightly.

"You murdered over two thousand Romulans!" Korbin asked.

"Murdered is such a harsh word. Besides, it was purely self defence." Briar said effortlessly and turned his attention to Korbin. "Let me ask you Lieutenant - if you saw a tactical oppertunity that would allow you to dissable an enemy that wishes to kill you, would you honestly not take it?"

Korbin remained motionless, his unblinking eyes boaring straight back at the Captain's.

a4.gif "Bridge to Briar. We have located the Intrepid." a4.gif

a4.gif "We're on our way." a4.gif Briar responded without breaking eye contact with Korbin, but finally broke away as he stood up and ushered his guests towards the exit.


"Tactical maneuver twenty-nine engaged. No response from the Intrepid, sir." The Ritsuko's Executive Officer responded.

Briar questioning face loomed at Ryan; longing for concent to proceed with recapturing his vessel. The viewscreen cast a frontal perspective of the blackballing Intrepid, making it appeared as though the Ritsuko had positioned itself directly opposite - to look them in the eye.

You're capable of so much more - but Executive Officer is all you can be... The words circulated over and over in his mind. It is your decision to make. This is your chance to shine... use it as you know you must!

"Alright," Ryan spoke softly. "but my team and I are leading."

Nodding Briar, turned and notioned his for his Chief Of security to make the essential prparations. "Lieutenant Pascoe will escort both of you to the transporter room where you shall find the rest of your crew. Ofcoarse, several of my own security personel will assist in your mission."

"Let's go." Ryan mumbled to a speechless Draconis Korbin.

OOC: Sorry it's taken me a long time to complete this post! I think I'm loosing the plot. lol a7.gif This has been a difficult episode for most of us. Although in theory it shouldn't be because no guidelines or parameters have been set - so it's just up to our imaginations.


Posted by: Reyan Anil May 26 2005, 04:01 PM
There had been a long, silence following the arrival of the USS Ritsuko, broken only by Geo's voice

"How about we say hello?"

Reyan made his way to the Command chair - certainly, hailing the Ritsuko was an option, and the members of Lieutenant Ryder's security team had taken postions at various stations on the Bridge, and although some of them were manning posts that they were unfamiliar with, he knew that they were doing their best under trying circumstances

"Hail them" Reyan finally replied to Geo's question

Geo did so, but looked up moments later, an expression of confusion on his face

"No response"

"They probably don't trust that we are not still under Romulan control" Reyan muttered - "Status of shields?" he called to the Ensign now manning tactical, a station that the Ensign, being a security officer, was having no problem with at all

"Maintainance crew boarded a few moments ago - they have advised that shields should be online in approximately 5 minutes" the Ensign swiftly replied

Reyan clenched his fist - normally five minutes would be excellent timing, but then they would not normally be facing a Sovereign-class starship with a Captain that was assuming that the Intrepid was still under Romulan control

"Report coming in that we've retaken Engineering - Lieutenant Moore reports that Colonel Kovek didn't put up much resistance" came the report from the same Ensign

"Good - let security down there know that all captured Romulan's are to be taken to the cargo bay where a forcefield will be errected around them - open the door and blow them into space if they attempt anything" Reyan stated coldly

No sooner had his sentence finnished, when the a1.gif Red alert a1.gif klaxons sounded

"Report!" he called

"Multiple transports, Captain - deck 8, 5, 4, 2 and. 1" the Ensign's was then interrupted by the shimmer of the transport effect, and six figures began to materalise in the command area

Reyan grabbed his phaser, but before he could aim, the transporter effect disappated revealing six Starfleet Officers

Reyan cleared his throad "Welcome aboard the Intrepid" was the only response he could muster

"The Romulan's?" asked the Lieutenant who appeared to be the team leader

"We managed to retake the Bridge and engineering, but I can't comment on the rest of the ship" Reyan advised

a4.gif "Orlan to Lieutenant Pascoe - Engineering has aparently already been secured" a4.gif came the familiar voice over the comm

a4.gif "Excellent - you might want to make your way to the Bridge, commander - Captain Anil would like his XO back" a4.gif

a4.gif "Glad to hear he survived - I'll make my way up as soon as we've contained the remaining Romulan's - Orlan out" a4.gif

Lieutenant Pascoe turned to Reyan

"Well, Captain - seems like our task has changed from being a rescue crew to a cleanup crew - I'll inform Captain Briar of your status, and advise my people to return to the Ritsuko"

"Thanks for your assistance" Reyan called to the Lieutenant, as she stepped into the turbolift

"Sir - incoming hail from the Ritsuko" Lieutenant Revolone advised from the Helm

"Onscreen" ordered Reyan

The image of the Ritsuko was replaced with that of her Captain

"Captain Reyan - Lieutenant Pascoe advises me that you retook the Intrepid without our assitance - admirable"

"Thanks - and a little extra manpower never hurts" Reyan replied

Captain Briar grinned, but then cleared his throat

"I have also beamed all of the crew of your runabout aboard your ship, Captain"

"Appreciated - I take it that they are in good health?" Reyan asked

"Indeed" Captain Briar stated, although he appeared distracted

"What is the tactical status of the Intrepid?" he asked, changing the subject completely and catching Reyan off-guard

"Shields will be back online momentarily, weapons systems all fully-functional, and warp-drive functional"

Captain Briar paused for a moment, looking thoughtful, but then continued

"I would like the Intrepid to assist the Ritsuko on her current assignment, Captain" he stated quickly

Reyan frowned

"Well - considering that we've only just effected repairs, may I ask what exactly the Ritsuko's assignment is?" he asked

"We are heading for a Romulan isolationist colonly at heading 205 mark 192"

"To do what?" Reyan asked, becoming skeptical

Captain Briar stood and moved toward his viewscreen

"To deal with them" he stated, his voice sharp

"Elaborate" Reyan demaned, attempting to remain impartial

"I intend to eliminate the isolationist problem once and for all, Captain Reyan - the Ritsuko has details of an Isolationist base at the aforementioned coordinates - do I need to spell the rest out to you?" Captain Briar stated coldly

Reyan paused, stunned at what he was hearing, but then composed himself

"You are going to attack a Romulan colony? I refuse to beleive that you have Starfleet's permission to do that"

"No - they didn't give permission - but I am not acting without orders, but I cannot elaborate any further on that particular matter, Captain - can I expect assitance from the Intrepid or not?" he replied

"Absoulutely not - I want no part of your murder mission!" Reyan shouted, startling some of his bridge officers with his sudden outburst

"Commander Orlan does not share your view, Captain" Briar replied, attempting to sound calm, but his voice betrayed the anger he was clearly feeling

"I'll take that up with him, Captain - regardless, I will not have the Intrepid attack a defensless colony"

"Fine - don't then - the Ritsuko is more than capable of dealing with this matter - I had just assumed that you would sympathise with our mission, considering that your little ship was property of the isolationists until recently" Captain Briar continued

"The punnishment does not fit the crime, Captain - yes, they took my ship, but they failed, and retailiating by wiping out an entire colony is NOT what we are about!" Reyan shouted

"You just don't understand, do you Captain? They have to be stopped, and a passifist attitude such as yours is not the answer - you have your officers, I'll be on my way now - Briar out"

"Wait...." Reyan called, but the viewscreen reverted back to the view of the Ritsuko, which suddenly banked upward and burst away at warp

"Geo - what is their course - quickly!" Reyan demaned

"205 mark 192" Geo replied, clearly having anticipated the question before Captain Anil had asked it

"Pursuit course - maximum warp, now - try and overtake them, Lieutenant" Anil ordered as he made his way back to the Command chair

"Aye sir - although, they have quite a head start, and the Sovereign class is a very near match for us in terms of speed" Geo advised

"Give it all you've got, Lieutenant - we have to intercept them at the very least" Anil stated with a sense of urgency

The Intrepid sprinted away from the area as fast as her warp drive would carry her, shaking and rumbling as she went

"Warp 9.980 Captain - best we can do - she'll fly apart otherwise"

"To quote Captain Sulu - Fly her apart then!" Reyan replied

Reply anyone

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone May 26 2005, 10:05 PM
"Geo - what is their course - quickly!" Reyan demaned

"205 mark 192" Geo replied smoothly, already having anticipated the question and quickly laying in an intercept course. Naturally they'd need all available power to intercept the cruiser, but the Hermekian was skeptical in the least about taking on the famous Sovereign class vessel.

"Pursuit course - maximum warp, now - try and overtake them, Lieutenant" Anil ordered as he made his way back to the Command chair

"Aye sir - although, they have quite a head start, and the Sovereign class is a very near match for us in terms of speed" Geo advised

"Give it all you've got, Lieutenant - we have to intercept them at the very least" Anil stated with a sense of urgency. Geo sighed, not liking the sound of that. His fingers idly played with the LCAR systems on the console, quickly relaying the course and power diversion through the Operations console before the Intrepid soared to Warp.

"Warp 9.980 Captain - best we can do - she'll fly apart otherwise"

"To quote Captain Sulu - Fly her apart then!" Reyan replied.

Geo grinned, monitoring the speed meter as he tried to match the coordinates of the Sovereign vessel.

"I feel obligated at this moment to state the design specifications of the Sovereign..." Naturally the former-operation would have known of the most advanced ship in the fleet....

"Twelve phaser strips, four rapid fire photon and quantum torpedo tubes... With a yield of some four hundred stored torpedos. That's in comparison to our thirteen phaser strips and four standard torpedo launchers, with a yield of a good fifty torpedo's... maybe more... Were outmatched..."

"Never tell me the odds..." Came a stern remark from the tactical station and Geo grinned...

"What do you mean odds? -" he wheeled around to look at the entire bridge, "I was telling you guys about the challenge... Afterall, what is it that the Klingons say? Perhaps today is a good day to die..."

The Captain chuckled momentarily, but Geo continued.

"Well I think the Klingons have drank a little too much... I intend to live..." He grinned, nodding to the rest, then resumed his work...

"Just steer..." someone commented behind him, "and we'll do the shooting..."

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 30 2005, 03:08 AM
a4.gif "Report" Reyan called as the bridge vibrated beneath his feet, as the warp drive was pushed harder in an effort to intercept the Ritsuko

Lieutenant Revolone didn't turn away from his console

"Still giving it all she's got - not sure how long we can maintain this speed" he advised

"Status?" Reyan asked

"We're not going to catch them Sir - we are gaining on them, very slowly, but they will still arrive at the colony before us" Geo reported, sounding irriated

"How far behind them will we be?" he demaned

"Approximately two minutes" Geo calculated

"Two minutes - they could have done any amount of damage in that time, and we'd be powerless to do anything about it" Reyan muttered

Lieutenant Ryder, at the sceience station, turned to Captain Anil

"Captain - we should send out a distress call - there are several other Starfleet ships in the sector - perhaps they could assist" she advised

Captain Anil paused, pondering this statement - somthing that he had already considered doing

"It's a good suggestion, Lieutenant - but what if the Romulan's intercepted the message - it could provoke some serious hostility toward Starfleet" he commented

"We could encript the message though, Sir - perhaps a compressed data-burst, hidden with a message which would appear to be nothing more than static to any third party who might intercept it" she suggested

Reyan smiled

"Good thinking, Lieutenant - do it"

Lieutenant Ryder turned back to her station and immediately set to work

a4.gif "Commander Orlan to the Bridge - any chance that you'll be giving these warp engines a break anytime soon - it's getting pretty hot down here" a4.gif he called

a4.gif "Good to hear your voice, Commander , and no - the warp drive will have to cope - we're maintaining our distance from the Ritsuko and I want to keep it that way" a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood - I'll stay in engineering to assist Lieutenant Moore in that case - Orlan out" a4.gif

Reyan sighed, and hoped that the two of them would be able to keep the ship at the pace it was currently struggling to maintain.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 31 2005, 12:44 AM
"Pan out - Gamma team, secure the upper deck. Reed, Makenzie, I want a detailed account of all primary systems."

The silver door gleamed in the sights of Ryan's phaser rifle; anticipation barely getting a chance to make a stand in the back of his mind.

Ready? On three... Ryan mouthed. One, two, three!

A finger jabbed blindly at the door release button. Without haste, he and the accompanying security officer plowed into the small room.

Ryan thrust the muzzle of his phaser upward, ensuring that the above vertical jeffories tube was clear of any Romulan intruders.

"All clear." The crewman said and bumped shoulders with the Commander apon leaving the access shaft.

"Sir, all sections of both upper and lower levels are secure. However, it would appear that our duties have already been completed for us." The Gamma security force leader announced.

"Elaborate, Ensign." He asked curiously.

"Apparently several of the Engineering personell decided to mount a resistance," The Vulcan quirked his upturned brows as he spoke. "effectively neutralizing the Romulan intruders."

a4.gif "Orlan to Lieutenant Pascoe - Engineering has aparently already been secured." a4.gif Ryan informed after clapping his non-phaser wielding hand to his communications badge.

a4.gif "Excellent - you might want to make your way to the Bridge, Commander - Captain Anil would like his XO back." a4.gif

a4.gif "Glad to hear he survived - I'll make my way up as soon as we've contained the remaining Romulan's - Orlan out." a4.gif

"Good work, Ensign. Your assistance is appreciated, but the situation now seems to be in hand, you may return to the Ritsuko."

"Thank you, sir."

Ryan didn't much care to watch the Ritsuko security team beam out - he just wanted them gone now that the Intrepid had been relinquished into the correct hands. A dull thump riveted through the palm of his hand as he carelessly rested the rifle on the top of the nearest console and sighed heavily.

"Trust you to miss out on all the fun, you get here when it's all over!" Gaia's hushed voice mocked from somewhere above. "Typical male."

Tilting his head upwards, Ryan tried to contort his face into a scowl, but the sight of his dearest friend foiled the plan.

"Typical woman," He beamed. "reclaim Engineering and take all the credit... no waiting for a man to show up."

"Since you have returned in time for the cleanup, I'll make sure to acknowledge your efforts in my duty log."

"I don't recall volunteering," He said over the sound of the raising elevator that was carrying him to the upper level. "but I'll still be acknowledged won't I?"

"You havn't done anything!" Gaia retorted.

"But, I like being thanked..." Ryan's sentence trailed off and his mind suddenly felt deprived of air when his eyes fell upon an un-obscured view of Gaia. Bruises and scratches covered her arms and shoulders; the jacket from her shredded uniform now being used as a sling.

Ryan urged forward allowing Gaia to ease into his embrace and a sharp gasp of air escaped her mouth.

"Sorry..." He whispered in her ear. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here..."

"Don't - it's not your fault."

"If I hadn't... we were lucky."

"Not all of us." Gaia said dolefully drawing herself backward in order to face Ryan. "Martek and Downs..."

Ryan sighed lightly. His hopes of no-one being hurt, now crushed. "How?"

Gaia pivoted her head to glace at the motionless body of a Romulan. A ruffled patch of blood stained hair highlighted the evident lesion on the side of the Romulan's head.

"Kovek, he had them... killed." She said swollowing hard.

"Valorin is with Korbin on deck five, securing the area - he needs to be told..."

For a moment Ryan wondered how he could - how he would break the news to Valorin. Although the relationship the couple had shared kept them rather reclusive, it was all the certainty he needed, to know that even the most consolatory of words that Ryan envisaged would be of little comfort to Valorin.

"Is he still alive?"

"Yeah. I guess I didn't hit him as hard as I first thought."

Gaia nodded and timidly held up the magnetic spanner for Ryan to see; the smear of green blood, a new decoration.

"You did that?" His mouth partically open in surprise, but recovered with a half-witted joke. "Remind me not to ever take over Engineering..."

A shower of sparks suddenly errupted from a nearby console, causing them to take a step backwards.

"Now what?" Gaia groaned.

"Sir! We just went to warp... 9.980!" Reed shouted from the lower level.

"Get me primary sensors," Ryan ordered as he and Gaia took the elevator to the bottom. "is it the Ritsuko?"

"Err - yes sir. Heading 205 mark 192."

"If we continue to maintain this speed we're going to have a core breach!" Gaia said, tapping the console directly infront of the warp core. "Rerouting power to the containment field."

a4.gif "Commander Orlan to the Bridge - any chance that you'll be giving these warp engines a break anytime soon - it's getting pretty hot down here." a4.gif

a4.gif "Good to hear your voice, Commander, and no - the warp drive will have to cope - we're maintaining our distance from the Ritsuko and I want to keep it that way." a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood - I'll stay in Engineering to assist Lieutenant Moore in that case - Orlan out." a4.gif

"Ensign Reed, prepare to initiate core shutdown sequence -"

"Belay that!" Ryan instructed then turned his attention on Gaia. "Lieutenant, a word alone."

"The antimatter flow is stable, injector ports are aligned." He began once they were out of earshot. "There's little we can do about the coolant -"

"And as I keep saying," Gaia snapped. "the core just isn't designed to handle this kind of stress."

"I know," He tried to reason. "the Captain is adamant that we remaining at this speed and trust me, he has good reason to!"

"In the interests of the ship, I have to shutdown the core before we're all killed! Unless there is a worthy enough -"

"How about the reputation of the Federation? Or preventing war with the Romulans?" Ryan continued after Gaia's undevoted attention was gained. "I'm not certain, but the Ritsuko appears to be launching some kind of reteliation against the Romulan's."


"Does this mean I have your word to keep us at warp as long as possible?"

"Ofcoarse." Gaia agreed. "You should be on the Bridge. You probably need to tell the Captain what you know."

"Something tells me he knows more than I do already." He said, giving her a quick nod before leaving for the Bridge.


Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 31 2005, 10:29 AM
There was no shortage of work when Kaoru returned to the Intrepid. Thanks to the Romulan invaders, sickbay was unusable for the time being. Even if it had been operational, it likely would not have accomodated the large number of crewmembers who had been wounded during the attempted takeover.

Kaoru and her crew prepared one of the cargo bays to use as a triage and temporary sick bay.

The task of caring for the fallen crew members fell to Kaoru and her team as well. The bodies were beamed to another cargo bay, where she completed the inenviable task of filling out death certificates, recording the preliminary details of each, autopsies would be conducted later...treating the living was top priority.

Kaoru worked methodically, with Lieutenant Marix. Five crew members in all had lost their lives. Kayla, Downs, Temsk and two security officers. Kayla and Downs were the only ones who had been...executed, the others appeared to have died in phaser fights. Many more Romulans had fallen, eleven, more than twice the number of Intrepid crew members. The bodies of the enemy were beamed into the same cargo bay, an irony that was not lost on Kaoru.

Kaoru stood for a long time over Kayla's body, in all honesty it was one she never expected to have to see on a gurney that way. Kayla had always conveyed such tremendous strength and vitality. Kaoru pulled the sheet over the proud warrior's head, her only show of emotion a small sigh.

Lieutenant Marix heard it anyway, looking to her, "Doctor?"

She shook her head, "I'm fine Lieutenant." Glancing around the shrouded tables she nodded, "Run another ship wide scan, make sure we haven't missed anyone. Notify me if the scan turns up anything."

Marix nodded, "Yes, sir." And Kaoru left the cargo bay turned morgue making her way to the much busier cargo bay turned sick bay, making sure everything there was under control. She spent a few hours tending to the worst of the wounded, finally managing to get away.

Kayla and Downs had been executed in engineering, and Kaoru needed to gather some evidence. She grabbed a tricorder, calibrating it as she walked, she had this uncanny skill to walk and work a tricorder at the same time.

Even looking down at the tricorder she did not miss Ryan leaving Engineering. "Commander Orlan." She looked up, her sapphire blue eyes flashing.

Ryan nodded to her absently, "Doctor."

Kaoru stiffened slightly at the absent nod, realizing suddenly that she got that nod quite a bit from Orlan. She spun quickly, "Commander."

Orlan turned, clearly in a hurry and clearly unhappy, Kaoru knew nothing of the condition he had found Gaia in. "Yes?"

Kaoru's voice was low, her words not meant to be shouted for everyone to hear. "The next time you feel the need to question my competence, be prepared to follow up with a request for my resignation, because I do not work as hard as I do to be dismissed as hysterical by my XO."

She paused, giving her words a chance to sink in, her intense blue eyes still aflame. She was still in her ruined uniform, a large burn hole on her shoulder where she had taken the phaser hit, the field dressing over the wound still mostly in place.

Ryan seemed unsure what to say, which was fine with Kaoru. She nodded again, turning away, "Thank you sir."

She entered engineering without a backward glance.

The first thing she saw when she entered was Gaia, bent busily over a console, swearing to herself. Kaoru was stunned, moving to the Chief Engineer and taking a few readings. For the most part, Gaia's wounds were superficial, dermal abrasions and cuts and bruises, all painful, but things that would heal just fine on their own.

However...the break in Gaia's arm was badly splinted, Kaoru didn't need the tricorder to see it, but the readings confirmed it for her. It would have to be reset.

Gaia noticed Kaoru and the tricorder, smiling weakly, taking in the doctor's somewhat ragged appearance as well. "Don't we look a pair?"

Kaoru chuckled, "I think you would win." She nodded towards Gaia's arm, "I'm going to have to reset that break Gaia. It will hurt quite a bit less when I'm done." She could not imagine the pain Gaia must have been in.

Gaia paled, her soft blue eyes widening a bit. "Reset?"

"Yes..." She glanced around, noting the flurry of activity. "When you can get away." Kaoru studied Gaia for a bit longer, finally offering, "I can give you something for the pain, in the meantime."

Gaia arched a brow, shaking her head, "No thanks doc."

Kaoru sighed, raking her fingers through her messy raven locks, and forcing a grin. "Call me when you're ready...I'll make a housecall just for you."

"You're the best doc." Gaia returned her grin, still busy.

Kaoru bowed mockingly, "The best what...well, that remains to be seen." She took the readings that she needed and turned towards the door, "Take it easy on that wrist." She called back to Gaia, "You could damage the muscle and tissue around it if you don't."

Gaia was quick to respond, "When have you known me to not take it easy?"

Kaoru laughed, shaking her head, "Oh...only for as long as I've known you Gaia." She left engineering then, her mood lightened quite a bit, all things considered.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jun 4 2005, 11:23 AM
I am assuming that Korbin proceeded to his post on the Bridge, if not, modify as needed.

"This is so damned frustrating..." The captain muttered... pacing just slightly behind the helm station. Geo hated having people looking over his shoulder, or seeming so anxious. But then again -- mass genocide was not what Geo had in mind of what the Federation would do. It was a maquis tactic at best, to make the Federation listen... or...

Geo glanced over his shoulder again, making sure the Captain was not so close before bringing up a schematic overlay on his console. He quickly accessed the subordinate port and relayed his readings through several replicator systems, before accessing the main computer core and bringing up data on the Captain of that Sovereign ship...

Nothing Geo breathed safely afterwards, and exited the program, monitoring the fuel injector system and subsystem power relay. Engineer would have to buckle down and work this out -- otherwise they all would face bitter death.


"Were still too far behind," Geo commented. The Captain offered a look as if to say that had not been his question, but then offered a smile afterward. He knew -- or at least should have -- that Geo was accurate, and had judged the motive behind the question.

"Geo -- you've been in hostile situations. I mean hell -- you were onboard the Horizon, and that was about as tricky as it got -"

you're telling me Geo thought idly.

"- do you have any suggestions as to how to beat the Ritsuko."

The Hermek glanced over his shoulder towards Tactical, where the office was monitoring the LCARS. Clearly they were more fit to come up with ideas, but Geo had a nature about him that sparked near ingenuity...

"Captain -- Gaia is my hero quite literally. I was in the transporter room and it was her virus that helped me secure the helm station and etc. We can't impliment one of those viruses through the Intrepid... but if we can hit them in a key spot -" Geo brought up the schematics for the Sovereign, and pointed just slightly forward from the port naucelle. "There is an overlap on the shielding, which means the remodulation lags in that quadrant, making it vulnerable to attack... If we hit it enough, we might be able to bypass the security grid enough to transport a team over. On The Horizon, we had a team called the Hazard Team -- they pretty much did all those hostile take overs.

My point is... If I can get onboard, I can take control of the ship -- unless they have an Android or a Vulcan aboard."


"Yes sir... bastards were always too knowledgeable for there own good."

Anil chuckled, patting Geo's shoulder. "It's a far fetched plan Lieutenant."

"Well... take it back a step..." someone muttered from Tactical, and Korbin came around from his station.

"We can do something else..." The young operations officer state, pondering exactly what he was thinking. "The ID signature was no doubt changed to prevent us from taking them over -- similar to what so many officers used (Reference to Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan) -- but we might to able to modify the ID signature since were also a federation vessel. We can hicup it onto the Sovereign, and automatically force it to assume our own ID, gaining control..."

"Damn..." Geo muttered, the three gazed towards him, but Geo grinned. "Why didn't I think about that..."

"Maybe you did..." Korbin tapped his head... Geo quirked a brow, but the both of them shared a brief humorous laugh before continuing on with the debate.

"I could work, it might just damn work. If Korbin could hicup our signal towards the Sovereign, we could get her to drop her shields... Gaia can transmit the virus easily -- and I can encode it so it's not read. The ship would be rendered useless, and we can easily transport men aboard... Or transport there men off --"

"One problem... We still don't have enough time to catch the Ritsuko before she arrives at the destination..."

The Hermeks eyes darkened angrily and he nodded in agreeance with the Tactical officer... Afterall -- what good was there plan if they couldn't intercept the Ritsuko...

"Then first things first -" sounded the now confident Captain (he needed to be, as an example) "we catch the Ritsuko."

I trust that was satisfactory? I'm not sure how I could have furthered it any other way.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 11 2005, 01:39 PM
The Intrepid continued to cannonball along in hot pursuit of the USS Ritsuko, her engines just short of glowing like scalding embers.

"Sir, the Ritsuko is slowing down... Warp eight - seven point three - six..." Korbin announced from behind his Operations console. "now holding coarse at warp five."

Anil craned his neck and shot a questioning glance. "It could be a trap. Analysis?"

"Their warp core appears to be overloading - we're being hailed..."

"Ignore it! Ready weopons and prepare a tractor beam."

"Sir, if the Ritsuko's core breaches while we have a tractor beam locked onto -"

"It won't breach, Ensign." Anil said, stifling the Tactical Officer's objection. "He's playing possum. Time till intercept?"

"Ninety seconds..." Geo's cool, calm and collected voice advised.

"Can we destablize their warp field?"

"Doing so may cause their core to breach."

"Then we'll just have to take that risk." Anil paused for a moment to concider the consequences. "Mr. Revelone, get us ahead of the Ritsuko and match their coarse and speed. Perhaps we can create a little surprise of our own. Korbin - initiate the tractor beam at your discretion."

"Aye Captain." Both Geovanie and Draconis acknowledged.

The Intrepid sprinted onwards, the distance between her and the Soveriegn class vessel ahead lessened as the seconds slipped by.

"Ininiating tractor beam." Korbins fingertips propelled across his console. "They're trying to create a feedback pulse."

The Ritsuko's engines screamed with it's efforts to outflank the Intrepids unrelenting tractor beam.

"Compensate!" Ryan shouted while being hurled to the floor when the ship suddenly careened sharply. His hands pushed against the carpet in effort to return to his feet, but it was impossible.

"Hold on! I'm slowing to impulse!" Geo said, who'd amazingly had remained seated at the Helm.

There was little to hold onto - Ryan heaved himself back into the chair, his knuckles now turning white from the tightening grip on the arm rests.

The Intrepid keeled and tilted uncontrollably like an insane skier braving treturous water. The preverbial lasso on Ritsuko, still holding strong.

A bright flash followed by a shower of sparks errupted from the primary science station causing Ensign Ryder to leap backwards, her hands shielding her eyes.

Silence rappidly enclosed around the Bridge - Ryan almost sighed aloud with the relief that both ships had emerged from such a dangerous manoeuver relatively unscaved.

"Damage?" He asked and twisted his neck to try and relieve an ache from the recent fall.

"Ruptured EPS conduates on deck nine and eleven, damage reports are still comming in. Suffice to say, the aft tractor emitter is offline."

"Perhaps we should rename the ship to White Knuckle Transport..." Ryan said dryly.

"Captain!" The Ensign Tactical officer cried out. "The Ritsuko, their charging phasers..."


Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 13 2005, 03:18 PM
Reyan had not been surprised when he had been informed that the Ritsuko had armed phasers - the only question was wether or not she would use them. He sighed, and then issued an order that he had been forced to issue a little too often for his liking in recent times

"All hands to battlestations"

He then stood from his chair and took a few steps toward Lieutenant Revolone

"Lieutenant - bring us foward of the Ritsuko, so that we are blocking their path to the colony"

"Aye Sir" Geo replied, with a faint hint of question showing in his expression

The Intrepid moved foward, slowly but confidently, as if to show the Ritsuko that she meant business, but was in no hurry to prove a point

"Sir - incoming hail from the Ritsuko" Ensign Jacobs, one of the senior Tactical Officers, called

Reyan moved back to his chair and sat, next to Ryan

"On screen" he ordered

Almost instantly, their view of the Sovereign class Starship USS Ritsuko changed to that of her Captain, Captain Briar

"I was hoping that you would change your mind - instead you put your ship and mine in danger with that foolhardy tractor beam manevuer - I have to admit that I credited you with more sense than that, Captain" he stated, stroking his chin thoughtfully

Ryan looked angry, but Reyan simply shrugged

"Sorry Captain - changing my mind was never an option - I thought that I had made it clear that I would not allow you to proceed with your foolhardy mission to destroy innocent lives on that colony - I would have credited you with more sense"

Captain Briar grinned

"Fine - have it your way - but you know that it has to be done. Starfleet does not have the courage to do it, and don't think that I won't do what Starfleet cannot just because you have parked your ship in the path of mine. Perhaps no-one told you, but the Intrepid is no match for the Ritsuko"

Reyan stood, fists clenched, and moved slowly toward the viewscreen, provoking a few interested looks from the more junior members of his crew, as well as some of the senior ones who had not seen this side of him

"Listen Briar, I don't ive a DAMN if the Intrepid is a match for your glorfied fortress or not - you are NOT getting past us, and you are NOT going to open fire on that colony - DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?!" he shouted, his anger evident to all present

Captain Briar lookeed momentarily shocked, but his expression then changed to one of anger, and the viewscreen reverted to the view of the Ritsuko

"Auxiliary power to foward shields" Reyan called, as he moved back to sit in his chair - no sooner had he sat then the first impact from the Ritsuko's phasers impacted against the Intrepid's newly-restored shields

"Shields holding Captain" Ensign Jacobs reported.

"They are moving Captain - attempting a course that will take them straight over us" Lieutenant Revolone advised

"Geo - don't let them pass" Reyan called, knowing that he did not need to elaborate - his Helm officer knew exactly what to do

The Ritsuko began to dash foward, but as it did the Intrepid's thrusters pushed the smaller ship backward, and upward, blocking the Ritsuko's attempt

The Ritsuko's answer was a barrage of phaser fire

"Target their weapons array and fire at will!" Commander Orlan called

The Intrepid let loose a volley of return fire, which illuminated the Ritsuko's shields and earned the Intrepid a volley of photon torpedoes

"Shields at 92%" Ensign Jacobs called.

"Any sign of reinforcements? someone must have received our message by now?" Reyan asked

"Not yet Sir" Lieutenant-Commander Korbin replied, as the bridge rocked from another phaser hit

"Sir - the Ritsuko....." called Geo - the Ritsuko had managed to slip past the Intrepid whilst she had been dodging phaser fire

"Target their engines and fire torpedoes!" Reyan demaned

The Intrepid fired a volley of torpedoes, which impacted relentlessly against the shields around the Ritsuko's engines

"Keep firing!" Reyan ordered

The Ritsuko followed suit and the Intrepid's shields blazed as several quantum torpdpoes slammed into them

"Direct hit!" called Ryan, as they watched one of the Intrepid's torpedpes slip through a gap in the Ritsuko's shields - the Ritsuko turned and fired everything it had at the Intrepid

As the Bridge rocked, and consoles sparked and roof sections fell, Ryan turned to Reyan

"I think you pissed them off" he stated

"You think?" Reyan replied

"Captain - shields down to 28%"

"Geo - ahead full - Jacobs, Return fire - at will - phasers and torpeodes"

The Intrepid again sprinted foward, this time catching the Ritsuko off-guard; the smaller ship sept over the Sovereign class ship, scattering her with phaser and torpdeo fire as she went

"Ritsuko's shields at 55% Sir" Jacobs called

"We aren't cutting it" Korbin called

At that moment, the Ritsuko's foward torpdeo launcher fired a round of five, which dashed toward the Intrepid

"Fire torpedoes" Reyan cried, watching as two photon torpdoes leapt from the Intrepid and made their way toward the Ritsuko - Reyan knew that they would not cause the Ritsuko much trouble, but they served as an act of defiance if nothing else

"Our shields won't protect us from those Quantum torpedoes" Ryan muttered

Reyan stood, wanting to give an order, anything that would stop the inevitable impact of five torpeodes which the Intrepid's weakened shilds would not repel - what was worse was that Captain Briar would be able to contine his quest, unhindered

There was a flash, and for a moment Reyan thought that it was all over, but that moment became another, and another, and he looked at the viewscreen, which now showed a Galaxy-class Starship, which had placed itself between the Intrepid and the Ritsuko

"Captain - it's the Venture!" Ryan noted

Another flash filled the viewscreen, and an Excelsior class ship burst out of warp and pulled up alongside the Intrepid, extending her shields around the smaller ship

"The USS Evening Star just put her shields around us - she's hailing the Ritsuko"

"On speakers"

"Captain Briar, this is Captain Dako of the USS Evening Star - stand down immediately"

Reyan sighed, releived at this turn of events

"Commander - as soon as Captain Dako has finnished with Briar, please hail him"

And Reyan sat back in his chair for a moment, allowing himself to relax and let someone else deal with Briar.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jun 14 2005, 01:08 AM
The bridge buckled with every maneuver, but Geo focused his purple orbs on the viewscreen. As always, he seemed more intent on watching himself steer then the computed coordinates that the computer continued to feed him.

Another barrage of phaser fire knocked most of the coordination from Geo. His console sparked and flared to life, setting his left shoulder a blaze before he quickly put it out. This was one of those days where he wished he were a Klingon. Then maybe he'd of liked to die.

Sadly he wasn't, and that rebellious nature of his would keep him fighting. But the Ritsuko Captain is right... We can not allow this to happen, and we must put a stop to it... if Anil does not have the courage perhaps -- no no... those days are over... Geo glanced over his shoulder at the Captain, then heaved a sigh of relief as the Cavalry arrived.

"Commander - as soon as Captain Dako has finnished with Briar, please hail him"

And Reyan sat back in his chair for a moment, allowing himself to relax and let someone else deal with Briar. Geo chose that moment to come up with his many smart ass remarks.

"Does anyone have an extra uniform? I think I might have just shat myself..."

from the corner of his eye -- he caught Korbin grinning.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jun 17 2005, 11:48 AM
{{{{{Sickbay…prior to catching up to the Risuko}}}}}

When Kaoru returned to the makeshift sickbay Lieutenant Marix was waiting for her.

"Doctor...the scan turned up three more bodies, two Romulan." Kaoru noted the slight hesitation in his voice when he named the third, "Ensign Lark."

Ensign Lark was a science officer, new to the Intrepid, it was her first assignment out of the academy. Kaoru had only met her a few times, but she had been bright and energetic and clever, she had had a very promising future.

Kaoru put her hand on Marix's shoulder, "I'll see to these."

Marix cleared his throat, "With all due respect doctor, I'm a professional...and perfectly capable..."

Kaoru glanced around sickbay one last time while she listened to Marix, her eyes fell on the wounded Romulans that were being treated, under guard of course and she stiffened only slightly, remembering Kayla...and Downs...and Gaia's arm.

She nodded to Marix, cutting off his speech, looking him in the eye, “My apologies Lieutenant. I did not intend to disparage your capabilities.”

If Marix was surprised by her apology he gave no sign, only nodding. “Quite all right doctor.” He remembered her anger at Ryan, “There’s a bit of that going around these days.”

Kaoru shook her head with a smile, but said nothing, walking with Marix to the cargo bay where the three bodies waited.

When she and Marix were finished Kaoru took the datapad containing the death records to the bridge for the captain to review when he was able.

She stepped onto the busy bridge where Reyan, Geo and Korbin discussed how the Intrepid might catch up to the Risuko. Kaoru’s sapphire blue eyes immediately noticed Geo’s injuries, she shook her head, leaving the data pad in the Reyan’s ready room and returning, standing next to Geo, who had turned from the conversation back towards his console.

“I’ll expect you in sickbay Revolone.” She meant to turn before he could retort, but it was no use.

“Sorry my good doctor.” Geo shook his head, grinning. “I might agree to dinner with you…but that’s about it.”

Had it been anyone but Geo, Kaoru would have simply walked away, leaving the command to stand, but for reasons she could not exactly understand, the Hermekian had this way of getting her to open up.

“Fine…” She grinned, throwing up her hands, “I’ll get you to sickbay via the messhall, if that’s what it takes.”

She was about to say more when the turbolift doors opened and Gaia stormed onto the bridge.. Gaia’s eyes fell on Kaoru and Geo and she smirked a little, winking at Kaoru before turning her angry eyes towards Reyan and Ryan, speaking sarcastically, “There are easier ways to kill us all you know…it’s what you seem hell bent on doing.”

Kaoru did not hear anything else…the Intrepid careened wildly when the tractor beam took hold of the Ritsuko, sending her crashing to the floor, hitting her injured shoulder hard enough to force a cry from her.

But Gaia screamed….

Kaoru got to her as soon as she could, the chief engineer was trying to get to her feet. Kaoru stopped her, holding her down gently, looking for the injury. It was very easy to spot. Gaia’s broken arm was now a compound fracture, when she had been hurled to the ground she had likely tried to catch herself with it. The bones were broken raggedly, protruding through the woman’s skin and uniform. Kaoru bound it lightly, trying to calm the lovely woman, murmuring softly to her as she worked, “Don’t look at it Gaia...I’m going to have to take you to sickbay…there’s no help for it…but I promise, I’ll get you back to your quarters as soon as possible.”

She touched the commbadge on her shoulder and had herself and Gaia beamed directly to the cargo bay turned sickbay.

Kaoru insisted on a hypospray of pain medication which Gaia reluctantly agreed to. It was a bad break, but nothing life threatening. A few weeks of solid rest and some strength building and Gaia would be perfectly healed. Kaoru murmured all of this to the pale woman as she set the bone, going to work mending the damaged tissue around the bone, explaining each step as she went. She chuckled, seeing Gaia pale further when she mentioned a few weeks of solid rest.

“Of course, knowing you, I’ll be lucky to get two…so I’ll take it.”

Gaia grinned humorlessly, “Maybe.”

Posted by: Gaia Moore Jun 17 2005, 12:28 PM
Gaia was fed up of how far they were pushing the Intrepid, she had told them often enough that it couldn't withstand much more, yet the Captain refused to take heed of what she was saying to him. Not to mention Ryan knew and he was supposed to tell Captain Reyan on her behalf. With her arm the way it was she was doing the best she could, but there was no way she could keep up much longer. Yet it seemed there was no way she could stop trying to keep up either. She knew the Intrepid like the back of her hand and she wasn’t going to allow anyone else…… under this amount of strain anyway, to take over from her, no matter how painful her arm was now becoming.

Gaia decided that enough was enough…..she made up her mind to go to the Bridge and sort this out herself. If she had to throw the fool man to the wall and corner him to make him listen to her…..then she would do it. He just had no idea how close the Intrepid was getting to coming apart at the seems.

Gaia left Engineering in the capable hands of her Deputy, for the moment anyway. She wasn’t going to be long……. or so she thought. She set a fast pace down the corridor, forcing crew members out of her way. They could sense her mood, her pace and her facial expressions were all they needed to know to keep out of her way it seemed. Apparently, they didn’t have to be Korbin to figure that out. She entered the turbolift and folded her arms, all the while muttering: “men they never know when to cool their heads and lose their pride…….!”

As the turbolift doors opened, her aura was more like a thunderstorm’s would be, it hadn’t cooled on the ride from Engineering. If anything, it had got worse……..Her head moved, scanning the room in search of the Captain as a hawk would her prey. Her eyes fell on Kaoru with Geo, Gaia had to smile and wink, she knew that look. Kaoru seemed to blush, but Gaia had a score to settle and her piece to say…..so she took her eyes off Kaoru and found who she was after….the Captain.

Ryan seemed to see her and find a reason to move towards the Ops console, he exchanged a few words with Korbin who was looking very wary at Gaia…..he was a mind reader. Ryan could sense her mood and was visibly making himself busy…… chatting to Korbin, while every so often seeing if Gaia's gaze had moved....it hadn't.”If he’s talking about me, I swear he’s going to get it in the neck!” Gaia thought to herself. Gaia stormed towards Reyan

“There are easier ways to kill us all you know…it’s what you seem hell bent on doing.” Gaia said in a rather loud voice, filled with sarcasm, all the while getting closer to the Captain. Her eyes blazing green, obviously angry.

Gaia was almost to the Captain, when the Intrepid careened wildly. Gaia knew what was happening..... the tractor beam was attempting to take hold of the Ritsuko, which sent Gaia crashing to the floor along with several other members on the bridge. She tried to fling her arm to stop her fall, but she soon realised her mistake. Gaia felt a burst of severe pain in her arm, she couldn't move it now........she screamed as the pain overwhelmed her, she couldn't vbreathe the amount of pain she was in now.....Gaia gritted her teeth and held her arm, unable to get up. She made muffled noises attempting to control the pain.

Kaoru was soon to her, holding her back from standing up....."It must be bad" Gaia thought to herself

Kaoru bound her arm lightly, trying to calm her down, murmuring softly to Gaia as she worked, “Don’t look at it Gaia...I’m going to have to take you to sickbay…there’s no help for it…but I promise, I’ll get you back to your quarters as soon as possible.” Gaia couldn't move, she was too paralysed from the pain she was feeling, but she did look at her arm.......it was bad. She grunted at knowing what was coming........sickbay.

Kaoru touched the commbadge on her shoulder and had herself and Gaia beamed directly to the cargo bay turned sickbay.

Kaoru insisted on a hypospray of pain medication which Gaia reluctantly agreed to. It was a bad break, but nothing life threatening. A few weeks of solid rest and some strength building and Gaia would be perfectly healed. Kaoru murmured all of this to Gaia, who was already pale. Kaoru was getting to work mending the damaged tissue around the bone, doing a great job by the looks of things. She was also explaining each step as she went. Kaoru chuckled, Gaia paled further when Kaoru mentioned a few weeks of solid rest. That she hadn't expected!

“Of course, knowing you, I’ll be lucky to get two…so I’ll take it.”

Gaia grinned humorlessly, “Maybe.”

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 19 2005, 04:22 AM
"The report you requested, sir." Ryan said entering the Ready Room and placing the data PADD on the desk infront of his Captain.

"As soon as Gaia has finished stabalizing the warp core again, we'll be underway. I don't think I would like to be a member of her Engineering staff for a day or two." He grinned slightly.

"The Ritsuko?" Anil asked, ignoring the report.

"The Venture's First Officer has assumed command - both ships providing a substitute crew to see that the Ritsuko safely reaches Romulus."

"Three vessels escorting her, somehow I doubt the crew would attempt any kind of escape. Never-the-less, the crew needs some shoreleave - not to mention the unapparent repairs to the Intrepid."

"Including her Captain..."

"Starfleet will want to debrief us on the situation. " Anil continued, ignoring Ryan's last observation. "This isn't an easy transition for the Federation. let alone the Romulans."

"Frankly I don't think we have seen the last of the isolationists. According to Captain Dako, Kovek and his comrades were able to compromise Romulan secturity in order to capture the Kerchan. It is prudent to expect others to make a similar attept."

"Agreed." The Captain sighed. "It would seem that years of distrust for outside species has inadvertently taken it's toll on the Empire."

"Captain, are you suggesting that this could be the beginning of a civil war..."

"Off the record - I wouldn't rule it out."

"It's compelling to think that in our efforts to prevent one tragedy we may have pathed the way for an even bigger one..."

"No Ryan, we may have put an end to Kovek's intentions, but it's not as though the Federation convinced him to go ahead with it. We can just be thankful that we were able to stop them - this time."

"Somehow that doesn't make it much easier..."

Reyan opened his mouth to speak but his words were interupted by a repetitive beep from his computer console. Ryan glanced at the screen, trying not to make his curiosity too obvious.

Incoming transmission
To: Acting Captain Anil - USS Intrepid - NCC-74600
From: Starfleet Command

"Damn! How the hell did Admiral Cartel get wind of this so soon?" The Captain grumbled under his breath and jabbed a finger at his computer console in order to activate the awaiting channel.

"Admiral." Anil said as pleasant as he could muster his voice to go.

"Captain - I've been informed about the events with the Kerchan and the Ritsuko. I'm sending you a report on what we know already -"

Cartel paused and tapped at a console out of view of the monitor.

"When you arrive at Romulus you will receive further details on the situation in a more secure manner."

"Understood sir."

"Anil, you and your crew certainly gave justice to the Intrepid today. I'm impressed, it proves you indeed have what it takes to be a distinguished Commanding Officer."

"Thank you, sir." Anil said, practically lost for words.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Ryan spat sarcastically as soon as the channel closed.

A sapless smile broke out across Reyan's face. "He did acknowledge the crew in general. It would seem we have at last made an impression."

a4.gif "Bridge to Captain Anil - Engineering advises that the warp core is back online." a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood, layin a coarse for Romulus - warp five." a4.gif

"You should report to Sickbay and have that looked at." The Captain advised after noticing Ryan rubbing the side of his neck again. "When you return, we'll need to begin reassigning officers to replace those who we lost..."

Ryan nodded slowly, turned and before entering the Bridge he overheard Anil summon Lieutenant Valorin to his Ready Room.

"If you would just take a seat here, sir." The nurse said, ushering him to sit down on an unused cargo container.

"Is there any indication when Sickbay will be usable again?"

"The last report suggested about two hours untill the primary systems on deck five will be restored. I don't know how much longer we could have sustained if it wasn't for reinforcements from the other ships."

"I'm sure you would have done your best." Ryan tried to re-ensure the nurse, before she moved away to tend to other superficial injuries.

The makeshift Sickbay buzzed with activity, undoubtably a change to how things would have appeared prior to the assistance of the USS Evening Star and the Venture.

"This injury is of low priority - I'm sure you hold the skills to operate a Dermal Regenerator."

Kaoru's usually void of compassion voice scorned from somewhere behind. Ryan instinctively swiveled his head in her direction causing another wave of pain to radiate from his neck.

It was evident to Ryan that Kaoru was still fuming over their prior encounter in the corridor and the Bridge. For him to simply downplay her attitude as 'tiredness' would be wishful thinking.

With the Ritsuko and Kerchan issues now comming to a close it allowed Ryan reflect on the words she had said to him outside Engineering. He knew exactly what had caused the outburst - Kaoru's jurisdiction had been trampled whilst onboard the Runabout. Then again, perhaps it ran deeper than her professional judgment over his.

"Doctor, it's understandable that all of the crew are tired and stressed. It has been a long couple of days - but it won't help if you go projecting your hostilities upon another." He said, deciding to test the preverbial water.

"Permission to speak candidly?"


"While onboard the Runabout you allowed your hostillity - your emotions - to be projected onto me." Kaoru took a deep shuttering breath and allowed her words to linger for a moment before continuing. "I can respect the chain of command, but there are Starfleet regulations in place to specifically safeguard the crew against command officials taking unnecessary risk."

"Doctor -"

"I have been leanient since I came aboard the Intrepid four years ago. There is a line, not that shouldn't be crossed, but that won't be crossed."

"Doctor - I'm sorry..." Ryan yielded empathetically. "However, your concerns while on the Runabout were valid, but irrelevent to the immediate situation. Our survival was my primary objective."

"A point that you could have made a bit better, but apology accepted." Kaoru responded. "Lieutenant Marix will take care of that sprain for you. If there is nothing else..."

"No. Thank you Doctor." Ryan said and settled back down on the cargo container to wait for Marix to see to his injury.


Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jun 20 2005, 08:09 PM
Geo quirked a brow, navigating the stern gaze towards the turbolift doors. For a brief moment, he could have easily fasaded being the Captain of the bridge, but the next moment his gaze was diverted back towards Kaoru... This woman will be the death of me! he shouted to himself, but offered a mental chuckle... At least her eyes were attractive... The next minute was bound back to work as he set the ship into the easy position along the Ritsuko...


Still monitoring the pressure gauge and primary power conduit power readings for the Warp Naucelles, Geo indulged in thinking about what he would eat once his shifted ended -- which was due to happen soon...

a4.gif "Bridge to Captain Anil - Engineering advises that the warp core is back online." a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood, layin a coarse for Romulus - warp five." a4.gif

Geo nodded, having been the one to relay the information to the Captain. He quickly plotted the variable and the ship blitzed off to work, jumping immediately into the fast paced bending of space that the Hermekians have never really learned...

Just then Ensign Valaltez stepped from the Turbolift, relieving Geo of his position and permitting him that eating he wanted so fathomly bad. Brushing his dirty uniform, Geo headed back into the turbolift, and promptly commanded --

"Mess Hall..."


The doors widened -- much to the frustration of the lieutenant -- and a female science officer got on... The turbo lift redirected it's route to drop her off on a different deck before proceeding to deposit himself. Despite being slightly delayed, he enjoyed brief socialization with several Engineers -- mostly disassociating that they did more then hold the bugger together... Afterwards, ordering Tarkalean Tea and a food unknown to anyone save those who had visited Hermes... It looked like purple grass... but tasted like meat and slightly sour wine.

"Indeed... I've found you..."

Geo raised his head, offering one brief quirk of his brow before he smiled, "my good doctor, what a pleasant surprise. Had I been expected you I would have ordered extra..."

She laughed, sitting down just as Geo commented for her to have a seat, and ordering something to her liking... It didn't sound particularly exciting a beverage... but he didn't understand much about tastes......

"You know you'll have to come to Sickbay to have that checked out right?"

Ahh, the slow leisurely way is it doctor? Let's play your game... but with a twist.... Geo shrugged, regarding his rather sore shoulder. Mostly his back ached, from the shot he had taken while fleeing into the Jefferies Tube to escape those damned Romulans... almost as bad as Klingons in his mind...

"My good doctor, didn't you know I've been trying to get you alone for sometime now?"

Now it was her turn to quirk a brow, and Geo offered a grin... Her eyes sparkled briefly, revealing the hidden ploy behind his own grin -- she knew...

"Indeed -- then you shall have some alone time for me..." She paused... considering just how to break a Hermek... "A Holodeck simulation... Afterall, you are a pilot are you not? Maybe we should test that?"

"Hmmm... I like the sound of that... and what are we wagering on?"

She paused a moment... then smiled again...

"If I win, you come to Sickbay to be treated... If you win...."

"If I win... you have dinner at my quarters..." Geo commented.


"No deal -" he stated after a moment. Her face lit in brief surprise, but he was already reclining in his chair as if he had won... His mind like a chess board, gently laying the pieces...

"If I win, we have dinner at my quarters... you can mend me there if you insist... if you win, we have dinner in your quarters, and you can still mend me... that's my terms..." He let his head fall back, uncaring... After a moment, he heard her laughter, and straightened to hear the answer.


Check mate... he thought to himself, smiling and leaning forward to look at her...

"And how is sickbay?"

the talk continued....

Hahah! All I could think about...

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jun 21 2005, 01:26 PM
Chief Medical Officer Log
Stardate 58135.33

Sickbay is usable again, thanks to help from the Venture and the Evening Star. All injured have been treated, with one noteable exception.

The wounded romulans have been transferred to the Evening Star, the larger vessel is better equipped to treat them and keep them under guard.

Lt. Moore has been returned to her quarters, it will be up to Commander Orlan and I to make sure she gets the recovery time she needs for her injury.

I've ordered Lt. Mason, the new tactical officer, to report to sickbay as soon as possible for his routine exam so that he can be declared fit for his new duty.

Lt. Marix deserves recognition, I've added a few comments to his record regarding his actions during the difficult situations we've all had to endure. He is quickly becoming someone I rely very heavily on.

Now that the immediate danger has passed...again, I intend to speak to the captain regarding the crew. There have been more losses in the ranks, and that is always difficult to deal with, but I still have my concerns about the effects of such constant stress. I will make the captain aware of my concerns.

::::End log entry::::

Kaoru waited for Geo in the holodeck suite, having already entered the program, thinking her challenge for the Hermekian would be something unexpected.

When Geo entered Kaoru shook her head, "I'd really rather you let me treat you before this challenge." Her sapphire blue eyes sparkled, "I'd rather you not have the excuse of being injured to fall back on."

Geo laughed loudly, his head falling back, "My good doctor...you should know by now I never use excuses."

Kaoru started the holosuite program, instead of the bridge of a ship, they found themselves on a long pier extending over the rolling gentle swells of a deep ocean. For as far as they could see in any directin there was nothing save the water and the sky. Kaoru grinned at Geo's confusion, pointing to several small one person boats bobbing alongside the pier.

"They can submerge, and they're outfitted with phasers. You and I will each have one and the rest will be piloted automatically. We'll count hits...winner hosts the other for dinner, and either way you get your injuries treated. Sound fair?"

Geo eyed the rolling swells, he had never seen so much water, but he looked back to her, noting the sapphire of her eyes matched none of the other colors around them. He found himself distracted, thinking of what would match that blue, finally laughing, throwing up his hands, "I accept your challenge, my good doctor."

Kaoru made a face, "Kaoru...please...everyone who is about to get a thrashing from me deserves to call me Kaoru."

"Ha!!" He pointed at her with his good arm, "You will have to eat those words...Kaoru."

Kaoru climbed into one of the boats, waiting for him, "Prove it then Geo." She strapped herself in, her hands settling on the controls.

Geo did the same, waiting for Kaoru's signal. When she gave it, the engines of all six boats leaped to life. Kaoru urged hers to dive, coming up beneath his, firing the phasers at him, missing by a good margin. His skill was not exagerated, he had earned his reputation by rights.

He quickly proved that, scoring several hits, two on her, three on most of the other boats, four on one of them. Kaoru had only a few hits to her credit.

Geo fired on her boat his own on the surface of the water, hers beneath, Kaoru unstrapped herself, disabling the forcefield and kicking off from the craft, swimming up towards his, coming up beneath it. Geo unstrapped himself too, thinking they were moving to hand to hand.

Kaoru pulled herself up onto his craft, the weight shift unsettling one end, lifting it, sending the Hermekian into the rolling swells. Kaoru watched in horror as he sank like a stone.

"Computer...end simulation!!" She leaped to where Geo lay on the yellow grid, kneeling beside him, checking for a pulse, tilting his head back to clear his airway. She knew there was no water in his lungs, but his brain might still think there was. She pinched his nose, sealing her lips over his and breathing three hard puffs of air into him.

She was rewarded by a large shuddering gasp. His purple eyes flew open, not recognizing her at first.

She smiled, relieved that he was all right, and horrified that she had almost killed him. "Geo...I'm so sorry."

She expected him to be angry, at least a bit irritated, but he just laughed, "My good doctor...did you just kiss me?"

Kaoru blushed, nudging him gently, "You weren't breathing."

"I wasn't? Well that's no good." He rose to his feet, offering her his hand, "In any case, I believe I've won our little wager. Though the kiss was a nice distraction."

Kaoru took his hand and let him help her to her feet. She still felt horrible about what had happened.

Geo laughed again, touching her chin, "Don't look so glum Kaoru...I won't serve anything horrid for dinner. You have my word."

Kaoru smiled, finally meeting his purple eyes with her blue. "I believe you...and I will be there...is there anything I can bring?"

"Just yourself, my good doctor." He turned and left then, without looking back, not sure he could hide how very shaken up he had been by the pressure of all that water around him. He shuddered in the hall after the doors had closed, "I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon."

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 27 2005, 03:40 AM
"A decission needs to be made shortly." Ryan was saying from his side of Anil's desk. "He has more than enough experience -"

"To replace her? I don't know. It would have been nice to just... keep things in the family."

"Understandable Captain, but neither Ensigns Staiblor or O'Connor have the experience to permanently manage security aboard the Intrepid.

"Alright, send the necessary notification to the Venture for Lieutenant Mason to report aboard for reassignment." Anil yielded and turned his computer console so it was within Ryan's easy reach.

"It will probably take some time for Lieutenant Valorin to adjust - I'll rearrange the duty shifts and request that the doctor place him on sick leave."

"You may need to do more than that. Valorin is concidering resigning from Starfleet." Anil sighed.

"Damn! This crew has the highest turnover rate than any other ship in the fleet!" Ryan grumbled callously.

The Captain looked up at him, his eyes filled with surprise at such an insensitive remark. Ryan felt as though the pit of his stomach had just plummeted down into the lower decks of the ship. It wasn't Anil's, his, or even the rest of the crew's fault that they had lost so many and it suddenly occured to Ryan that it all seemed to have begun when their previous Captain perished.

He didn't have the right to dump his frustrations out on the Captain. Perhaps it was a lack of sleep that induced such an inept remark to leap from his mouth... but was it the words that snagged Anil's disapproving gaze? Maybe it was simply the attitude behind it.

A feeling as though he were uncontrollably squirming in his seat came over him; it made him nervous when Reyan held this form of gaze for what felt like an eternity.

"Given the events over the past few weeks, I would happen to agree with you."

Ryan's mood suddenly lifted. Deciding to rappidly move on with the task he once again picked up the doctors duty log and scrolled through the attached data.

The casualties from the Romulan and Ritsuko attacks had been extensive; but it was the list of fatalities that recaptured his attention. Six starfleet officers had tragically lost their lives, yet more names and dates that would hardheartedly be added to the Intrepid's growing database.

"Tomsk, Denosa, Lark..."

"Admiral Cartel isn't going to be pleased that his viceroy died while surving under my command." Anil said thoughtfully.

"I wouldn't have said he was the Admiral's viceroy - I think the words are 'obvious spy.'"

Anil scoffed and grinned for a moment before his mind refocused on the list of deceased officers in Ryan's grip; but before he could suggest that they continue when his computer terminal sounded the warning of an incomming message.

Reyan's fingers appeared at the top of the screen, which was still facing Ryan, and turned it so he could read the details before announcing his voice-print recognition for the computer's benefit.

"Instructions from Captain Riker..." Anil explained. The further down his eyes traveled, the more pronounced his scowl became. "I've been summoned to attend the Romulan Imperial Senate... It would seem that I will be there to bear witness to events of the past few days."

The reluctance in Anil's voice was unmistakable and Ryan concured with the Captain's feelings towards the situation; although it was not unexpected that both Starfleet and the Romulans would want to hear every shred of detail that could be given.

"Atleast this means there'll be plenty of time for ship repairs and shoreleave."

"Speaking of which," Ryan said, raising to his feet. "we both should get some sleep while the opitunity is present. Theres only a few hours till we arrive at Romulus."

"Yeah..." Anil mumbled distractedly and looked at the PADD's on his desk. "We can finish this at another time."

Ryan nodded unenthusiastically and forced his legs to carry his exausted body back onto the Bridge and into the turbo lift.

Short curling scrolls of steam drifted upward from Ryan's mug of hot chocolate. )rdinarily rich, creamy coffee would be occupying the mug, but this wasn't ordinary; caffine had done all it could over the past few days to keep his brain functioning and it had now come to the point where it had brought him as far as it was possible.

If only Gaia saw this... I'd never live it down! He thought and softly laughed to himself. Several grouped Ensigns nearby gave him a sideways glance as though concerned about his mental state.

With a shrug he quickly emptied the mug, the hot liquid scorching his throat and mouth, and placed it back onto the replicator tray for recycling.

"Sir." A wretched voice said from behind as he left the Mess Hall and began walking down the corridor.

"Lieutenant," Ryan said spinning on his heel and found himself just gazing at Valorin for a moment, unable to cogitate what to say next that would show his condolences. Valorin turned his head to the side, undoubtedly attempting to stop Ryan from looking directly into his bloodshot and watery eyes.

"Sir," He said again, focusing on something beyond the Commander's shoulder. "If... if I could have just gone back..."

Valorin shook his head numbly and Ryan felt his heart sink heavily, like a stone being thrown into a pond. It was clear that the Lieutenant blamed him for not allowing him to retrieve Martek from Engineering.

No, I had to make that choice... we wouldn't be alive if he'd gone back for Kayla... The thought didn't ease the culpableness, it was now merely masked.

Ryan swallowed hard and opened his mouth to speak but closed it again when Valorin broke in.

"Well... I just wanted to let you know that I'll be placing a request for an extended leave of duty."

"No need, Valorin. The Captain has informed me of the situation - just take all the time you need."

"Er - thank you, sir." He sighed quietly, then nodded before turning and heading in the opisite direction.

If it weren't for the discussion with Valorin, Ryan was sure that the hot chocolate would have begun to relax his mind by now, but the numb feelings now dampened any chance of that and there was only one person that he felt had the abillity to raise his spirits again.

The lighting in Gaia's quaters was down to a minimun and he cautiously crossed to where her shadowy silhouette sat on the couch amongst the gloom.

"Hi, I think visiting hours are over." She said woefully and Ryan sat down beside her.

"I don't think the warden will mind." He smiled weakly, but his chest already felt as though it had begun to inflate with a comforting vibe.

Gaia gave a small sniff and turned to look him in the eyes. "Kaoru is watching me like a hawk..."

"I know what that feels like, I work with Anil."

"I can't believe she had the audacity to post a guard at the door, as though I can't resist the urge to go to Engineering!" She snapped, temper starting to bubble over.

"You can't." Ryan dared and grinned.

"Don't you start." She grunted.

"It hasn't been all that peachy for me either you know."

"I'm sorry." She whispered, moving closer and resting her hand on his shoulder.

Neither of them said another word. Ryan's eyes felt itchy and his heavy eyelids closed with the intention to just rest them; but before long sleep dampened them allowing the long awaited rest he had been craving.


Posted by: Keldorn Reefs Jun 27 2005, 02:20 PM
"NO NO NO! YOU CLUMSY BUFFOON, if you touch another console you'll light this tube into a ARGHHHHH!!!!!" Keldorn leapt from the Jefferies tube in time to see it spark and crackle as the conduit down the far end erupted, sending stray shrapnel and debris in the Benzite's direction. As always, he merely released an exasperated sigh before wheeling on the culprit... Ensigns had to be the stupidest and most idiotic form of human ever concieved. The plumb of vapor that rose from the small device attached to the Benzite's chest gave off the very appearance of an angry man.

"What the hell did I just say Ensign? You get yere A... ARGH.. just get in there and clean this mess up! NOW..." He pursed his lips thinly before starting into the Chief Engineers office. After a moments notice, and placing the PADD down on her desk, Keldorn sighed again...

"Sure... she gets the easy job..." He muttered to himself, laughing and pulling out a pencil and paper... Since Gaia was currently out of commission, the Deputy advisor was now in charge of events, which meant that Keldorn was now the Commanding Engineering Officer... though he hated this much paperwork. Personally, the Benzite loathed PADDs, but he was using more and more of them then he ever thought possible... Still, he perfered the trustly pencil and paper... Quickly scribbling down what was done already and what needed further attendance too -- the Benzite proceeded back towards the bridge, filling out a PADD with the updated list of repairs...


"You're filling in for the Chief Engineer?"

Keldorn offered a scornful look at the Captain, but it was difficult to depict the emotions of a Benzite with the vapor that continued to rise with every steady breath. His words came out slightly slurred, but the majority of it would be well understood.

"With Gaia incapacitated as she is... I have taken the opportunity to help speed along the repairs to the ship. We're running behind schedule because of... some of the Engineer personel, but everythings running good now.. Jefferies Tubes 45 through 72 are still out of limits for repairs... and the Transporter rooms aren't looking much better... We report that Transporter Room Three is operational, but the rest are still offline."

"Mmm... the list gets better and better..." Anil muttered glumly -- and absently -- before setting the PADD down and nodding, his eyes drifted up after a moment and caught the Benzite still in the room... "Anything else?"

"Uhhh... I was wondering if we can have some more people allocated from offduty shifts to help complete the repairs..."

"I don't think it's off the highest priority where we have to disrupt the duty roster... Repairs are proceeding smoothly..."

"Yes sir..." Once again that scornful look was offered. The Benzite was not used to be ignored. As the Captain turned back to a display screen, Keldorn strode from the ready room, heading back for the turbolift and regarding the bridge for only a moment.

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Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Jun 28 2005, 07:49 PM
"Just yourself, my good doctor." He turned and left then, without looking back, not sure he could hide how very shaken up he had been by the pressure of all that water around him. He shuddered in the hall after the doors had closed, "I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon." Geo shivered after a moment, an intense shudder as if the cold water still surrounded him. Hermeks drank a dark liquid that was thick like oil, and water wasn't even a commodity that the Hermekians knew about. All the Hermekian worlds were dry, not one ocean... and that much water had scared him... His own stupidity to never decline a challenge would eventually be his undoing.

Geo spend a moment roaming the halls and thinking to himself silently before strolling into Cargo Bay One... Everything was in disarray, and falling apart since the attacks and the phaser fights, but in the far corner was a series of untouched barrels, one marked for individual personnel storage. Geo quickly found his own -- which he had been so lucky to smuggle aboard via his connections -- and took out two bottles of a greenish liquid. The entire body twisted oddly so it was difficult to hold, and the side bore the markings of the Tarkalean Ale industry... Though they wouldn't publicize this Ale so much...

"This will do just fine..." Geo muttered to himself, but took a second bottle of Vulcan Sweet Tea just incase Kaoru didn't enjoy Tarkalean Drug Ale...


It being in Geo's roguish nature to simply procrastinate was not one of the finer points of his ability to prepare. Having just arrived at the conclusion that he had better prepare for the actual dinner, the Helmsmen stifled a groan and began to clear the room. Several duty uniforms lay scattered on the floor, with the tattered one still in pieces on the couch. He quickly collected these and shoved them into his storage container, before collecting the various PADDs and circuitry that happened to be lying around his room.

Geo was always a fan for writing, or perhaps the PADDs were something else? He stashed several of them in a loose bulkhead behind his desk, securing the bulkhead afterwards and checking to make sure it didn't sound loose, then beginning the replication of food...

"Talk about using my credits..." Geo muttered to himself, setting down the side plate of salad and a main dish of Lasagna on the table. The Lasagna was the only terran food that Geo could stomach. As a secondary side plate, some strange almost pear shaped fruit was placed on the table. As opposed to the typical color, it was purple with yellow dots decorating only one side... The taste was none the less exquisite despite the intense sweetness...

"Yes.... nothing horrid..." A childish thought of putting some worms or something into her plate entered his mind, but Geo stifled a brief laugh before disassociating from such thoughts. It wasn't the way to win the evening. After all, she just might decide to use a thermometer on his next physical... that was something that Geo didn't at all look forward too...

A sudden chime at the door interrupted the Hermekians thoughts, and he turned his head ever so slightly to look in that direction... Heaving a sigh, he realized he had forgotten the change, and was still in semi drenched clothes. Hustling towards the bathroom, he hissed to himself before shouting a quick "Enter" and changing.

From the other room he heard her moving about and inspecting, and Geo spared a glance at the mirror to make sure that his appearance was at least slightly formal, yet after a moment grimaced and strolled out. He was wearing a typical blue shirt and matching black pants. She however had come prepared for a feast, her gown was rather beautiful, with one shoulder bare and the other with the strap.

“Doctor! Had I known you were coming I would have prepared something to eat…” He chimed slightly, heading for the couch where he had deposited the two bottles of TDA previously. He offered her a glass once poured, and finished off his own shortly after. She – as always – had brought the small pack of medical supplies, and presently began unpacking to treat Geo’s wounds. He chuckled, peeling his shirt off to let her take a look at the phaser wounds.

“I hadn’t expected you to try and kill me…”

“Uhh – It wasn’t on purpose! I swear.”

“Oh I know doctor, I just hadn’t expected it. You seem, I haven’t quite seen that much water in all my life. Hermes does have that much water on the whole planet then what I seen today… Not even a cup full of water… If it weren’t for Fred I probably would never have passed Starfleet, swimming was never a strong point.”

There was an eerie silence, the dermal regenerator softly echoing into the silence as Geo poured himself another glass of TDA. After a moment further, Kaoru decided it wise to say something, breaking back into conversation.

“Who’s Fred?”

“Fred Michaels, the Captain of the USS Reaent before it’s destruction shortly before the Zulu Incident. He needed a top pilot, and I was chosen after my… exemption from Starfleet. I was reintroduced, and allowed to continue training.”


“We were under occupation for a good seven hundred years; and I should know since I survived three hundred of those years. I guess our race has bred into rebels, we don’t take orders naturally. Starfleet just can’t handle us… What was the figures last I checked… twenty nine of the thirty enrolled students expelled.”

“Oh… and you think it’s your race? I’ve met one rogue, not twenty nine.”

“Oh I assure you doctor I can be –“ Geo chuckled, rising from his seat after the regenerator had finished its work. “I have to remember to keep my wits and manners about me don’t I… Or I might find myself saying too much to you.”

Geo started for the table, pulling it out for her to sit and then seating himself. Most of the meal would be eaten in silence, with idle chatter happening back and forth. Mostly, the Hermekian learned about her roots, and gained some insight as to why she had joined Starfleet. From him, she learned his roots, and some of his services record was lightened in detail. Always Geo kept away from the subject of the Bestille, and what happened aboard that ship.

After dinner, Kaoru even offered to collect the dishes, and Geo – always the lazy one – happily obligated her most of the work, though appeared to do some of it himself. He laughed afterwards, walking her to the door.

“Thank you for the delightful evening my good doctor…”

“Delightful is definitely one way of phrasing it…”

“Oh?” Geo smirked, “perhaps we will have to do this again…”

Geo stood there, watching her a moment, feeling slightly awkward that they continued to watch one another in silence. He licked his lips, and smiled, “Good night doctor…”

She nodded, offering a smile and then turned down the corridor, heading to her quarters… Geo watched her a moment longer, then eased back into his room, leaning against the wall and sighing. “Next time I’ll just bloody let her shove a thermometer in me then try and kiss her…”

Still laughing, he headed to his terminal to finish some reports.

It's hard to be serious and funny at the same time :P... I hope it was good enough, modify as needed

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 3 2005, 11:51 PM
Ryan woke with a start. His eyes focused upon the ceiling, searching his mind in an attempt to remember where he was.

A door chime rang in his ears and he had a fleeting thought to ignore it, before sitting upright. He opened his mouth to grant the visitor permission to enter but before he could utter a word Gaia's voice sounded from the other side of the room, causing Ryan to jump with surprise.

Damn! I must have drifted off - right here. He thought and quickly scrambled to his feet while trying to straighten his crumpled uniform and hair, but it was too late. The doors swished appart revealing Kaoru on the other side, medkit in her hands.

"Good morning." She exclaimed cheerfully, an amused glow appearing in her cheeks when she looked around Gaia's quaters.

"Oh, good morning Doctor." Ryan said, his voice a higher pitch than normal. He paused for a moment and turned to face Gaia who was looking from Kaoru to him, and back again. He recaptured his composure and cleared his throat. "As I was saying, Lieutenant Reef's seems to be making headway on the repairs."

His stomach seemed to have twisted itself into a knot and he had a feeling that Kaoru's questioning gaze was drilling deep into the side of his scull.

If the situation were different - if he hadn't fallen asleep on Gaia's couch - his awkwardness would be far away and suddenly he felt a warm wave slowly creep upward from under the collar of his red tunic.

"I look forward to seeing his progress." Gaia said in a professional tone.

"Well, duty calls..." He said, giving both women a curt nod and exiting the room as quickly as he dared to be feasible.

The doors hissed closed behind him. Safely out in the corridor Ryan let out a long sigh and made a bee-line for his own quaters.

A pale green halo of light engulfed the windows of the otherwise half dakened room and it suddenly occured to Ryan that the Intrepid had arrived at Romulus.

"Coffee." He barked at the replicator and thrusted his arms into the sleeves of his now clean jacket while he watched the silver cup apperate onto the tray infront of him.

a4.gif "Anil to Commander Orlan." a4.gif

Ryan grunte and forcefully tapped his comm badge. a4.gif "Go ahead, Captain." a4.gif

a4.gif "I need you in trasporter room two - your comming with me to the senate." a4.gif

a4.gif "Understood." a4.gif He responded before the Captains words had had a chance to sink in.

Great! Why on earth do I need to go? He thought as he scowled at his reflection in the brown liquid before taking a long sip. It felt as though days had gone by since he had last enjoyed it's taste. Sighing heavily, he irritably placed the cup back into the replicator slot and left his quaters.

"And this is exactly how you both perceived the events?" A plump faced Romulan asked skeptically after Reyan and Ryan told the room of all that had happened over the past few days; from the Romulan - Earth ship graveyard through to skirmish with the Ritsuko.

Anil nodded before the Romulan added, "Very well, I see no need to withhold the senate any further..."

Ryan felt as if he had just been found 'not guilty' by an inquisitive jury. He turned and shot a glace at Anil who was getting to his feet, along with many other Federation and Romulan officials all around them.

The vast hall was clearing rappidly, but before he and the Captain could make their way towards the exit Captain Riker and Admiral Cartel approached them.

"Captain, Commander - may I have a word?" Cartel's asked, his voice low and his eyes darted around the room to ensure that he could not be overheard. "Theres something we need to discuss - the Karcsis..."

Anil gazed at Cartel blankly, waiting patiently for the Admiral to continue.

"The reason I want to discuss this here is because we are being watched..." Cartel said as though answering the very question that was bouncing around in Ryan's brain. "We can't converge onto one particular ship, it's too risky."

"Who is...? Risky? We're right in the -" Anil began to potest, in the same whispered tone as the Admiral was using.

"Exactly, they would not be expecting that."


"The Tal'Shiar - I'm sure you've heard of them." Riker said, speaking for the first time. "Remember the transmissions that the Karcsis transmitted to the various species? We've heard that the Tal'Shiar have completed decrypted and solved their clue... and it's not good."


"Yes - we've kept that bit quiet. As you know I've had my best Science officers pouring over the data from the transmission that we received from the Karcsis." Cartel explained. "We recently found a riddle burried deep within the data."

"And?" Anil asked with impatient intrigue.

"Long story short, we managed to solve the riddle and the answer led to the discovery of an artifact... some kind of stone-like key. We belive that the Tal'Shiar know where the next one is because when Captain Dako interviewed Kovek, he claimed that the Tal'Shiar had made plans for the isolationists retrieve their key."

"I wouldn't trust a thing that Kovek says." Anil said bitterly. "So according to him the Tal'Shiar are pulling the isolationists strings?"

"It seems that way."

"Even if they have, we can't interfere in Romulan affairs -"

"Oh, yes we can, Commander." Cartel quicly snuffed out Ryan's attempt to quote the rule book. "The Tal'Shiar are going to steal from the Romulan people - we've already spoken to the Romulan government - they can't stop them...."

"Why?" Anil said, clearly unable to accept what he was being told. "What are they going to steal?"

"The Tal'Shiar would be monitoring their movements - they can't be the ones to stop them. We could only advise a few trusted Romulan officals." Riker filled in. "The isolationists are interested in an ancient scroll of emnce centimental value - a signed treaty between the Romulans and Earth after the war."

"What do you mean? There was no -"

"Thats what everyone was told." Cartel said matter-of-factly. "I only found out because of this plot to steal it."

"But the Romulans never showed their faces during... are you saying that there was a physical meeting between Humans and Romulans?"

"I don't know, but it's a possibillity that they did."

"Then, if the isolationists took possession of it...." Ryan said, scenarios racing through his mind. "that would severely swing the balance of power - cause an uproar amongst the civilans."

Cartel nodded. "Although I doubt that that Tal'Shiar are very interested in the scroll, they just want the key. Of coarse they could go in and take it themselves, but having a group of lawless isolationists do your dirty work is even better."

"But wouldn't have been the Tal'Shiar that hid the scroll in the first place? Or atleast had some part in it." Anil asked.

"We don't know." Riker began to explain. "It's our - or rather the Admiral's - theory that the Tal'Shiar's left hand doesn't know what it's right hand is doing."

"I see." Anil said, and Ryan recognised the skepticism in his tone. "So, it's upto Starfleet to put a stop to it... but I don't understand what gives us the right to take key from under the Romulan's nose."

"We're not keeping it. We're retrieving it for the Romulan military. I know, Anil, that this may seem the wrong thing to do, but the trusted Romlulan officials Riker and I spoke to are clear on one thing, they want us to help..."

"And by us helping, we would also be protecting the treaty document aswell?"

"That's right. The complex it's housed in is maximum security. From what Kovek said, it's maintained by a particular division within the Tal'Shiar."

"Hence that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing."

"Exactly - your're going to stop the right hand from causing trouble."

"I am?" Anil said apprehensively and took hold of the data PADD that Cartel had nudged into his hand.

"That is to say - you and Captain Riker - will be stopping them."

OOC: Sorry its taken a long time for this episode to end. I wanted to have this posted at the end of last week but I'm away from home at the moment so took a bit longer. Just so everyone knows we have been down quite alot of people recently, only about 4 of us have had the abillity to post - hopefully that will be all changed in episode 1.4. a5.gif


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