SimWorld Fleets: USS Yamato: Mission 2: The change of commands

SimWorld Fleets - 2385 _ USS Yamato _ Mission 2: The change of commands
Posted by: Melissa Gilbert May 28 2006, 02:09 AM
Okay start where we left off.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert May 29 2006, 11:26 PM
Melissa was busy sittting in the command chair. They were to start exploring the Alpha Quadrant and that's were their next adventure will lie. What lies ahead is the unknown.

The chief Intelligence officer came onto the bridge to report in.

"Welcome Commander," said Melissa. "I am Flag Admiral Melissa Gilbert at your service."

"Flag Admiral?" Said Timothy "Like........"

"Yes, Commander in chief," Melissa said smiling.

"B.....u...t... your supposed to be at command," said Timothy.

"Yes Commander, but I had some business to deal with here. Anyway," said Melissa changing the subject.

The commander and her had some more words with each other and he departed.

Posted by: Rune Jun 5 2006, 08:46 AM
The Ferengi Mauder, Fortune's Gold, approached the Yamato, hailing them.

- "Greetings, Starfleet ship. I am DiaMon Cide of the Ferengi ship Fortune's Gold."

Melissa looked at the view-screen, "Oh right. I was informed earlier that you'd be meeting up with us."

- "In the interests of better understanding our Federation-- er friends, we have arranged this Officer Exchange Program."

Melissa and Cide, of course, already knew all this. The talk was merely an introduction and a statement. "Our man is in Transporter Room 3 and ready to transport over to your ship."

- "As ours is for you. Transport will begin immediately. DiaMon Cide out."

Transporter Room 3

As a Starfleet Officer was dematerializing, Ferengi officer Rune was beaming-in on the place next to him.

"Welcome to the Yamato," the Transporter operator said.

"Oh, uhh, thank you. This vessel appears to be sufficiently-- uhh large."

"It is, sir. If you don't mind me asking... since when are the Ferengi interested in something like an Exchange Program?"

"The Ferengi are always interested in the pursuit of further knowledge. That and... with that Nagus Rom leading our people, some of our resources have been put to exploration or as they say knowledge-seeking."

"Ah, I see."

Rune shook his head, on a level somewhat disappointed by the Nagus' endeavours. But he went along with them anyway, as he knew it all would tie into the Great Material Continuum somehow. "Besides, who isn't to say there isn't some profit in serving with the Federation?"

He smiled positively and left the Transporter Room. An officer would soon lead him to his quarters.

Posted by: Angel Norris Jun 7 2006, 02:37 PM
As the new Executive Officer approches the Yamato, He had recieved his new orders. He then got to the ship and saw that he was on the flagship of the fleet, he could not be any happier then today. He has a great position and a great ship. They approached the ship and heads to the Transporter room on the other ship, They contacted the Yamato, and said 14.gif"Your new Fiirst Officer is ready to come aboard?" 14.gifThe Captain then said. 14.gif"Ok send him over. Send him to the bridge please, Thank you." 14.gifThey send the Xo over to the Yamato.As the new First Officer steps onto the bridge he reports into the Captain and say's.

XO Angel Norris: " First Officer reporting in Captain."

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Jun 7 2006, 08:07 PM
" First Officer reporting in Captain." Commander Norris said.

"Welcome Commander Norris," said Melissa. "I am actually Flag Admiral Melissa Gilbert."

"Flag Admiral, Sir," said Norris.

"Yes. I had some business here."

"I see," said Norris.

"By the way, have you been to your quarters yet," said Melissa.

"No Not yet," said Noriss.

"I'd suggest you go and report back here ASAP." said Melissa.

Melissa watched as he marched to his quarters. Man she could tell that everyone gets nervous around her, but that's expected. Melissa really wanted to go see if Dianna made up her mind. Either way, they were go to have a banquet in ten forward tomorrow night. Either way Dianna will be getting a promotion. At the very least she will be promoted to Captain.

Posted by: Rune Jun 8 2006, 08:36 AM
Rune entered his Quarters and dropped his duffle bag to the floor. He peered around from left to right and up and down in complete shock. I have never had Quarters so... so... so big before!

"Who needs profit when you can live in luxury???"

He then began scurrying about his Quarters, looking at everything. First he went to the laptop on his desk and started activating it.

"I hear the Federation database is the largest database in the Quadrant!"

He tried accessing it, but found he was restricted to some areas. But that didn't bother him as he waved it off and went over to check out the couch.

"Not exactly in style, but it is so much bigger than what the Ferengi Couch Distribution creates!"

He patted it nicely, and then turned his focus to a vase of lilys on the table. After nudging them curiosly he then went over to look at the replicator.

"Tube grubs!"

The replicator then made tube grubs and he took the plate out.

"Ah nice. Food at my finger tips. There won't be paying for service on this vessel. Heh heh."

He put the food aside and continued to check out the rest of the Quarters. He was beginning to feel more lucky than the other Ferengi on the Fortune's Gold.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 8 2006, 01:03 PM
As soon as Melissa left, Dianna thought about what Melissa had to say. She really was not ready to live on earth yet. If she went to command, she'd be on earth and that was not her. She loved to explore the stars.

Then she heard a comm come therough. It was her sister Andrea. Andrea was on earth and that's all it said.

Dianna decided to go down to the bridge and talk to Melissa as she made her decision. She was staying on the Yamato. This was her home now and she was not going to change that anytime soon.

As she was leaving her quarters she saw JJ. JJ, Said Dianna. Dianna walked right up to her as she JJ was about to walk into her quarters.

"Hi," said JJ.

"You don't remember me do you," said Dianna.

"No. Should I?" said JJ.

"Actually yes. I'm your cousin Dianna."

"Oh my god, Dianna. How's it been? said JJ.

"It's been great said Dianna. I'm about to be the captain of this starship. "

"Really. Captain Cross had to leave and Melissa wanted me to be commander in chief of starfleet but I don't want. Its nice to see you though JJ. "

"I guess I'll see you in a bit on the bridge." Said JJ.

"I guess so."

At that Dianna headed to the bridge. As soon as she was there Melissa and Dianna went into the ready room and Dianna told Melissa that she wanted to stay on as captain. "That's fine," said Melissa.

Melissa let her know that there will be a banquet tomorrow night for all senior staff. Dianna understood and made sure everyone is well aware that there will be a banquet dinner tomorrow night.

OOC: I guess we going to have to watch you rune a bit like odo used to watch quark on ds9

Posted by: JJ Torres Jun 11 2006, 03:48 PM
JJ saw someone walking up to her as she was about to enter her quarters.

She said Hello to the commander.

"You don't remember me do you," said Dianna.

"No. Should I?" said JJ.

"Actually yes. I'm your cousin Dianna."

"Oh my god, Dianna. How's it been? said JJ.

"It's been great said Dianna. I'm about to be the captain of this starship. "

"Really. Captain Cross had to leave and Melissa wanted me to be commander in chief of starfleet but I don't want. Its nice to see you though JJ. "

"I guess I'll see you in a bit on the bridge." Said JJ.

"I guess so."

JJ was being a bit shy. She was new here and as of yet to get to know everyone. She remembered Dianna, but she hardly ever did see her cousin.

After she saw Dianna heading her way, JJ walked into her quarters. They were pretty spacious but it felt great. She put her stuff away and headed to the security office to start of the crew rosters. While down there she got a comm through her console saying all senior staff had a banquet to go to.

"Oh I hate those things," said JJ to herself. Oh dressed up in our white uniform. I guess I have to go to them. As soon as she was done in the office she headed to the bridge.

Posted by: Rune Jun 12 2006, 09:15 PM
Rune was insulted by this Intelligence Officer's rude statementing. But alas, he knew he would have to deal with much racism towards his kind. The Ferengi had nothing but a bad reputation in the Federation...

...the Klingon Empire ...the Breen Confederacy ...the Bajoran Provisional Government ...the Barzanian Planetary Republic ...the Vulcan High Command ...the Tholian Assemby...

Pretty much every race, there's some form of negative perception toward the Ferengi,
he thought in a sudden burst of clairty.

"Well? Are you going to answer me, or continue to stare at the cieling??" Timothy asked with impatience.

Rune then snapped out of it, "Oh right!" He walked over and peered at the padd the Intelligence officer held up for him. With all his might, he leaned in and focused his eyes, trying to identify the Ferengi bestowed before him. He looked familliar, but then again he didn't. Could this Ferengi actually be related to Rune? Is he Uncle Sabor? Cousin Toca? That annoying Ferengi, Legato, that tried to use ancient family connecting assests to join his Family? Rune recalled the day Legato brought his family to court to try to prove that he was actually a part of the Rune family. That fool, Rune thought in spite. Was he that lonely?

Timothy continued to stare at Rune's facial expressions as Rune focused his eyes at the picture. It appeared that the Ferengi was changing from emotion to emotion, on some thought process. If Timothy didn't know any better, Rune must have identified the Ferengi in the picture!

Who the heck is this guy? Rune thought. I know all my Family members, and this one is not one of them.

"Talk!" Timothy ordered. He knew now that if Rune denied knowing this person, he must have been lying.

Rune shook his head, "I don't know! He looks like my Second Uncle Dolan, but Dolan was never able to afford a picture taking! At most, he was able to get a Ferengi-broken image placement in his file." He then thought about it. That broken image thing still cost some amount of money, and his Second Uncle Dolan must have used his remaining latinum to secure his legal files. I should send him a fruit basket sometime. But not those high-end tula-berries, with the juice they use for wine; rather those imitation cove palm melons, with the prickly skin on the outside.

Timothy gritted his teeth. He had no interest in Rune's frivolis backgrounds. He gripped his phaser, and Rune wondered what reason this Intelligence officer had to believe that this Ferengi on the padd was related to him?

<tag Timothy>

Posted by: Rune Jun 13 2006, 12:46 AM
As Timothy left, Rune shrugged and turned back toward his desk. The Intelligence officer had made quite an impression, and blatently called him an 'idiot'. He was obviously angry at something, but it couldn't possibly be him? He didn't do anything! Rune sat at his desk and took out a Ferengi padd, that he kept for his personal logs. He opened the first page, as it was his first day aboard the Yamato and typed a note in his first Log Entry: 'Note - I made my first enemy today.' He then paused after typing a name and wondered, Hmm. Does this thing process long lists?

Not really knowing, he refocused on his log and continued to input his daily experiences. It was then his desk-screen notified him of a banquet.

Posted by: Angel Norris Jun 14 2006, 09:05 PM
As the first Officer walked into his office he asked for a duty roster of his main duties.

XO: " 16.gifCommander I would like a duty roster since it is my first time here and orders are different from my last post, Please send it ASAP. I would like to get to work since it's a new day I have a lot to do. Thank's 16.gif"

As he went about his day, waiting for his job duties. He see's a Ferengi, What the hell is a ferengi got on a uniform thats odd.

While in his office he went over to his replicator and asked for a cup of coffee, and then something to eat, It's going to be a great day . He thought, he sat and did anything to occupy him self until the duty roster got to him.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 14 2006, 11:42 PM
Dianna walked in the ready room. She put her hand on the desk. This will be mine after tomorrow night. After tomorrow night, The commander in chief was going to make it official. That's why there will be a banquet tomorrow night. She then got a comm from the new XO that he needed the duty roster and Dianna sat down at made it up for him. As soon as that was done. Dianna walked out of the ready room and heard that The Admiral was calling for them to head toward earth. Instead of her taking a shuttle back, they were going to take her back to earth as she still had business to attend to til tomorrow night. It was just easier to do it this way. The Admiral let her know that as soon as they drop her off in the next few days, they were to head to Aldea as she wanted to see how they were progressing. The last time when the federation made a visit to them, was when the USS enterprise had accountered them. This time, they were joining the federation. This should be a relaxing mission to where everyone may have a chance to enjoy Aldea.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Jun 14 2006, 11:56 PM
Melissa watched as Dianna walked in the ready room.

She couldn't help but smile. Well tomorrow night is the banquet and after that, I should head back to HQ. It time to leave them alone. I've been away long enough.

Melissa watched as Dianna came back out. That's my cousin

She explained to her that after tomorrow night, they should be heading to Aldea for them to sign into the federation. Its about time for them to join the federation.

Melissa left the bridge and go look for Cecilia. She wanted to see if she could help her get everything planned for tomorrow night. She asked the computer for the location of cecila. She was fixing the replicators.

"Cecilia," said Melissa. "I need your help."

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Posted by: Rune Jun 23 2006, 09:31 PM
Rune was walking through the corridors with a Starfleet padd, trying to memorize the hallways and thier directions. He knew that in a tight situation, he would have to know his way around. Let's see.... Section 24 leads into Corridor 4B, and then to 5A...

He decided that to get this out of the way while he still had a chance. But perhaps it would take a night of memorizing the schematics? he wondered.

It was then he was contacted by the Bridge, "Bridge to Commander Rune. There is a message for you from the Fortune's Gold."

"Yes thank you," Rune said tapping his commbadge for the first time ever, and speaking to the air like he'd never done it before on a Federation ship. He then quickly checked his padd and was right in his thinking that there was a Tech Room nearby. "Please, reroute it to Tech Room 5, in Section 24," he requested with that natural slight Ferengi hesitation in his voice. He then smiled, as if the person on the Bridge could see him.

The female voice replied, "It is rerouted, sir."

"Thank you!" Rune nodded and smiled and then entered through the doors to his right. It was a small room with miscellaneus technology parts on the table. He ignored them and went to the view-screen, activating it.

- "Rune! You've got to help me!"

He was shocked when he saw who it was, "Cousin Bolba?"

- "They're after me, Rune. The Federation is on to me! They know I've stolen some things from them!"

"What are you doing on the Fortune's Gold?" Rune asked.

- "I've been working there for weeks. But I didn't want to disclose my identity to you, until I was ready."

"You didn't want to disclose your identity because the last time we met, you stole money from my account!"

- "That may have been a part of it, yes. But now you've really got to help me! They know of me!"

"The Intelligence Officer came to me and had a picture of you. I had no idea it was a picture of you!"

- "You know they could never get my good side on those things," the Ferengi said. "Will you help me!?"

"No, Bolba. As I recall you stole money from my father's account too. He went weeks without the the lawn care his yard needed!" Rune looked down disappointed in his cousin. "I'm sorry, Bolba, but I'm going to have to report you."

- "No! You have to escape with me! Steal a Shuttle!"

"That's enough Bolba! I'm reporting you. Maybe you'll learn your lesson in a Federation jail cell."

He deactivated the screen and then left the room.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Jun 26 2006, 08:00 PM
OOC: I may be fast forwarding a bit. I want to get Melissa back to SFC where she is needed. This banquet is help everyone be aware of all changes are going on, so pay attention.

Melissa and Cecilia were working hard on getting the banquet set up. They had everthing planned out. While working on this, she got word from starfleet that Starbase Odyssey was about ready to open up. Once they found the Commanding and executive officers for the starbase, she knew it was time to open the starbase up.

"Uh Cecilia, I just got word from Starfleet. Starbase Odyssey is opening up. I know you wanted to be stationed on a starbase and all, but at the time Odyssey had not opened up. Now its ready. Do you still want to go over there. You'd have all the same job duties you have over here. I'd still need you to double as engineering until we can find a full fledged engineer, but the way you are with everything, I think the starbase can use your expertise."

"Sure," Said Cecilia

Melissa told Cecilia that she be back. She had to go talk to JJ Torres. She needed JJ at the starbase and they already had a replacement for JJ if she accepted the transfer.

JJ accepted the transfer and Vinnie Crow would be her replaceement.

This all will not be official until tonight when the ceremony begins. One of which, Dianna Torres will be getting her promotion to Captain and will be commanding this ship officially.

Melissa was so proud of her. Dianna has had enough trouble in her life just like her but she has come out on top.

Posted by: Angel Norris Jun 27 2006, 12:41 PM
The Executive Officer had heard the news that we where returning to the base for transfers. "Great new fresh meat for the grinder,I will be pleased to get new Officers and to hear that Dianna will be taking command of this ship is really great for she has been through a lot and needs this very much." After that he then went to the bridge to see what else was going on.

Angel then jumps on the turbo shaft, and say's. "Bridge." when the turbo lift started moving, he wondered if he will be getting transfered, he then say's to him self. " I hope not I like my ship and command I don't wish to be transfered. But thats all in my head, I never asked for a transfer anywayz, crazy self." As the turbo lift reached the bridge, the doors opened and he walked off onto the bridge and asked the captain for a report on are main statues?

(tag captain)

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Jun 27 2006, 07:54 PM
The Night's event

The Yamato was still heading toward earth. That will be their first stop before they head to Aldea. Before heading to Aldea, the Yamato had one more stop to make; Starbase Odyssey. There they will drop off JJ and Cecilia. Melissa really hoped for the best for those two. They are great people and a great asset to the federation. Melissa did missed being in space so this made her feel so relaxed. She knew it was time to go back to earth.

Melissa and Cecilia worked hard at getting everything together for this evening. She could have just told Cecilia do all the work, but that is not something Melissa does. She always had a knack to help everyone out. That is the way she was, but that won't be changing. Melissa realized something, when she gets back to earth, she really needed to find a place of her own. Right now the place she is living is only a temp place until she could find something better. Melissa has always been picky about things but she hoped to find something to her specs. She wanted something extravagant as she has always lived on ships the quarters were very livable nothing to extravagant.

"Well Cicilia," said Melissa "Are you going to be happy about going to the starbase?"

"Yes. I'll be able to set up shop there."

"That you will," said Melissa.

Shortly later all senior Officers started filing in and sat down to eat and talk. Melissa was very happy to see everyone there.

After everyone was relaxed after eating and dancing and talking, Melissa decided that it was time to do the presentation.

"Dianna Torres, I'd like you to come up here Please." Said Melissa.

Dianna walked up to where Melissa was standing. Melissa had in her hand an extra pip just for Dianna.

"Dianna, I want you to face everyone."

Dianna did just that.

"As Many of you know, Captain Cross had to leave us unexpectedly and that left this ship without a captain in a way. Dianna here was acting captain until we had decided on who is to be captain here. I wanted her to take over command, but she refused. She wanted to work up the ladder like I did. Believe me, Dianna has worked hard for where she is now. There was a time, I didn't know you were going to make it, but you flourished and I'm proud of you. I hereby by the orders of Starfleet Federation of Planets grant you the official rank of Captain and as that rank, you have the full command of the USS Yamato. Congratulations Captain Torres." Melissa put the extra pip on Dianna. Melissa saw Dianna was smiling. Then Dianna sat down with everyone else.

"I have one more thing and then you can all have fun, Cecilia can you come up here please?"

Cecilia came up and Melissa said to her that she thank her for her service and that Cecilia had gratiously agreed to go to the starbase and open shop. Also Melissa said that even though Cecilia had not been to the academy, she still wanted to give her an official rank of Lieutenant commander and with that rank when she is not busy with her shop, she is the head of the engineering department on the starbase. Melissa then gave Cecilia her rank pips.

Then Lastly, she asked JJ to come up. She didn't have a promotion for JJ, but she said don't fret you are Commander after all. When the time comes, you will be promoted but in the meantime she was heading to the Odyssey with Cecilia.

Melissa couldn't help but smile. Soon enough they were going to drop her off. It was bittersweet for her as she loved being with Dianna. Then a comm came through.

16.gifWe are aproaching earth 16.gif

Melissa acknowledged it

She had to say her goodbyes to her Cousin Dianna, but she wanted to keep in contact and that Dianna guarenteed on.

"You better, because I want reports on you travels Captain. That is an order. This is coming from the commander in chief."

Melissa went to her quarters and got her items. By that time, the yamato was orbiting earth. She went to the transporter and was transported to starfleet command.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 28 2006, 02:07 PM
The night festivities

Dianna put on her dress whites. She hated these things, but who likes them?
She put her hair in a french braid. Her hair was rather long and that was the way she liked it.

She was nervous but that was normal, she was about to take full command of this ship and she was worried, but she knew Melissa had faith in her.

Dianna looked in the mirror and was happy. Then she headed off to ten forward where the event was held. Everyone was there which she was happy and knew Melissa was happy. This past few days has been great to her but she new Melissa was going to be leaving her soon. She was sad to see Melissa leave. Growing up, Melissa was her best friends. They both went through it all. She once lost everything, but she flourished and Dianna had come out on top.

The food that was wonderful. Even the dessert was wonderful. Chocolate cake, she had a weakness for.

Then it was time for the announcements and Melissa did that. The biggest was when Dianna was promoted to captain and then Melissa gave other promotions out and transfers. They were loseing JJ and Cecilia. It was sad for Dianna, she never really got to know JJ.

Before she knew it, it was time for Melissa to leave and she gave her a big hug before she left.

This was Dianna's ship now. She was ready for the voyage she is heading toward.

Posted by: Angel Norris Jun 29 2006, 10:58 AM
As the festivities died down for the night, Dianna had the Ship she oned it now and anything that need done will be brought to her. Anf the Executive Officer reached the bridge, he saw that it had it's orignal crew on as schedual.

XO Commander Angel Norris then said to the crew. "Statues report on the Ship please." as he awaited on the ship statues he sat down in the chair next to the Captains and waited for her to come. but instead of waiting he tapped his comm badge and requested for the Captain.

Xo Angel Norris: 16.gif"Captain Torres may you please report to the bridge, I fill we should get on the way, don't we ahave a mission to get on the way to. I am making sure the ship is ready to go, I am awaitng for a ship statues and we should be on the way? Sir." 16.gif

After that the Commander then looked through the Ships Computer LCARS to see if there is a mission that Starfleet needs the Yamato to explore on or any research on. buy the looks of the LCARS it looks like there is nothing to work on. After doing the search he then waied further instructions from the New Captain of the USS Yamato.

OOC Congradulations New Captain!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 1 2006, 04:22 AM
Donnie sat in his office reading over the view screen on his desk that showed all his newest transfers abaord ship. He took the break-up between him and Kaida hard. He took a sip of coffee. He decided to make a personal log.

Personal Log
Marine Captain Donald Alan Nox
Comanding Officer of the StarFleet Marines aboard the U.S.S. Yamato
StarDate: 59996.0

In view of my personal tradgady I haven't seen need for me to let it effect my duty. Thats is apart of the risk a person takes getting close to someone. I did enjoy it throughly. Would do it all again the same way. The Yamato has a new compliment of Marines coming aboard the ship. The fleet command has seen fit to exchange out every so often. I just got the communique about it. I will have to bring it the Captains attention. Besides that all it well and things are going smoothly. Will have to start indoctronation with the new soldiers some. Oh what fun. Donald Alan Nox out.

Posted by: Sarah Coates Jul 1 2006, 07:08 AM
OOC-I am backtracking here a bit. I was on temporary LOA

Sarah entered her office after comming back from a family emergency. She noticed when she logged onto her computer that one of her agents, a Commander Timothy Larsen, had borded the Yamato. She was wondering who gave him orders as she was in command of both Intel and JAG.

She brought up a map of Alpha Quadrant and noticed that the Yamato is close to Earth. She turned to her aide, LtCommander Jacob Hollingsworth and said "Get a shuttle ready. We are going to meet the Yamato."

"Aye, Ma'am". Jacob left to prepare the shuttle and Sarah sent the following message:

Commander Timothy Larsen-

I am back from personal leave and I NEVER gave you orders to go to the Yamato and I also contacted VCIC Aurora Kepler and she also said that she never gave you orders to go there. Expect me to arrive at the Yamato in about 18 hours.

Commodore Sarah Coates

Sarah hit send, went to her car and drove to her house on the Starfleet Compound and gathered a few belongings, threw them into a duffle bag and drove back to the shuttle.

Posted at SFC and Yamato

Posted by: Rune Jul 1 2006, 08:11 PM
"Your Office," answered Rune.

Timothy agreed. “Very well. I’ll see you there."

Rune turned back to the gathering. He had spoken to a few people, but it was possible they were not completely comfortable with a Ferengi around. There was also the fact Rune wore his Ferengi dress uniform. As part of the exchange program, Rune was to continue wearing the uniforms of his own people. That had been the way the Klingon's did it during thier exchange programs, and it was no different here.

"Greetings new Captain, and congratulations," Rune said when he approached Dianna Torres.

"Thank you," Dianna said.

"It is an honour to work with Starfleet. I know there is much to learn," Rune said truthfully. He had hoped he made a good impression.

After that, Rune went on to the food.


Later, after the party had died down, Rune took his place at the forward Ops console on the Bridge, to the left of the Helm.

Commander Angel Norris said to the crew, "Status report on the Ship please," and waited. He sat down in the chair next to the Captain's.

Rune then began re-checking the ship's status. He had purview of Internal Systems control, as with some communications and sensor system usages. He also had the ability of coordinating the scheduling of resources, hardware and system usage.

"Commander," Rune reported, "Internal systems check in: Life Support, Backup power, and structural itegrity. Sensors check in and so do Communications."

Posted by: Timothy Larsen Jul 2 2006, 06:01 PM
Commodore Sarah Coates-

The Yamato is my current assignment. You should have that on file. CIC Gilbert was on the Bridge when I arrived. I am unaware of any problem, and await your arrival.

-Commander Timothy Larsen

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 3 2006, 07:28 AM
She was on the way to the bridge when she got a comm from her first officer.

15.gif"Captain Torres may you please report to the bridge, I feell we should get on the way. Don't we have a mission to get on the way to. I am making sure the ship is ready to go, I am awaitng for a ship statues and we should be on the way? Sir." 15.gif

Dianna walked on the bridge. Saw her first officer in his seat and rune at his seat.

"Commander Noris, I'd like you to come with me to my ready room now. Rune, you have the bridge."

Dianna and Noris walked into her ready room. Dianna walked behind her desk and put her hand on it and went eye to eye with the commander. "Let's catch to the chase. Don't ever call me on that bridge like you just did. Just for your information I was on my way already when you called me. I know when we should be on our way. Did it ever occur to you that maybe we wanted to explore this area before heading onto our next mission? Anyway, we are heading to Starbase Odyssey to do some transfers. Commander Torres and Lieutenant Commander Mancini will be taken there for their next assignment and in return we will be receiving Commander Crow as our head of security. As soon as that transfer is done, we will be heading to Aldea. They are entering the federation and need us to be there for them to sign the treaty. To tell you the truth, its about time they joined the federation and I look forward to see the signing of this treaty. Another thing. It is your job to make the duty rosters up and of course go on the away missions. This mission, I am required to beam down to Aldea."

After that, they headed out to the bridge where Dianna sat down in her captain's chair while her first officer sat in his. "Set course to starbase Odyssey and................Engage." Said Dianna.

Posted by: Angel Norris Jul 3 2006, 12:18 PM
As he took his tough punishment from the Captain in a good way cause he knew he should have not done that anywayz.

He tipped over and said to the Captain. " I am sorry sir, did not mean to offend you in any kind of way, plus I will not do that again, Sir."

He also asked the Captain something else, for the records, well two things.

" Captain I would like to now if we can take marines on an awat team and also do we have more the one security officer on board."

He the waited for the responce.

OOC: do we have any NPC~ at all?

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 8 2006, 04:38 AM
Dianna was happy to be on the way. The sad part was that they were losing 2 crew members even though they were gaining one in the exchange. All these years, she never got to know JJ like she should have.

She sat in her captain's chair. It felt wonderful for her. She couldn't belive this was all hers now. Dianna smiled to herself and then she her her XO talk to her.

Angel appologized to her and then he asked about the Marines to join the away mission. Dianna cringed at Angel suggesting such a thing. "Number one, that is something we have to discuss with captain Nox." Said Dianna.

Then Dianna got up and headed to her ready room and got on her console to starfleet command. She wanted to talk to Melissa. She was told she was not reachable at this time. Then Dianna told them that it was an emergency and still she didn't succeed and thats when she was told that Melissa is at Medical and that she was fighting for her life right now as she collapsed earlier. Dianna understood and now she was worried. She made the decision then and now that after she dropped off JJ and Cecilia at the starbase, they were heading toward earth yet again.

Dianna walked out onto the bridge and told Rune to send a message to Aldea to let them know that there will be a delay on their arrival. They had one more stop after the starbase; Earth.

Posted by: Rune Jul 8 2006, 09:17 PM

Rune nodded in acknowledgement and tapped in a message to Aldea in his console. After directing it to thier location, he sent the subspace message to them:





--When that was over, he called upon a subordinate to take his station temporarily. He knew he needed to get to the Intelligence office to talk to Commander Larsen.

Intelligence Office

He made his way through the Decks until reaching his Office. He then knocked on the door.

--Oh! Rune squinted his eyes in sudden realization, Why the heck am I knocking when I should be using the door-alert??

Either way, a voice from inside prompted, "Come."

The doors swooshed open and in walked Rune. Commander Larsen was at his Desk, apparently seeming to be interrupted by Rune's visit.

"Heh. Sorry to disturb you, but you wanted to know if I found out anything on that Ferengi? Well he contacted me earlier, asking for my assistance."

Rune looked to the side and then back.

"His name is Bolba. You were right, he was related to me. He is my cousin," Rune looked down in a mixed feeling of disapointment in his cousin and anger. "Bolba is a known thief, and not on good terms with my family. He's been known to steal from us!"

"You'd better be telling me the truth," Larsen said. "Why are you willing to sell out a family member so easily? I've seen the noblest Ferengi cover for thier own family members."

"Do not forget, even the noblest Ferengi would not hesitate to sell out thier own Moogie, especially if it meant profit. But my motives are different. I think Bolba needs to be put behind bars. He needs to learn his lesson, and more importantly, put a safe distance from my family's assets. I usually recieve a good profit from them." Rune then paused, thinking about what he was doing, "Just... go easy on him?" he said in an involuntarily reflex into emotion.

"You're doing the right thing. Thank you," Larsen then looked down to his console and began working intently.

Rune found he was just standing there and then decided to turn and leave. "Thank you, Commander," he said. "It will be a burden off my chest before we get to Earth."

"Earth?" Larsen then stopped what he was doing and looked up in surprise.

The Ferengi stopped as well, unsure why it alarmed Larsen so much, "Huh? Oh yes. We are delaying our arrival at Aldea to make a stop at Earth... after our stop at Starbase Odyssey. I believe someone the Captain knows is unwell there at the Humaun homeworld." After an awkward pause as Larsen was processing this, Rune stepped out of the office for mere fear of more awkwardness.

Re-entering the hallway, he decided he would go left. Ah, yes, Rune thought. Left was always the direction of luck.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 9 2006, 12:42 AM
USS Yamato

Dianna sat down and saw that Rune was sending the message to Aldea. Then she saw he left the bridge as his relief had arrived.

Her first officer asked her what the deal was and she explained to him that they needed to land on earth as she had a family emergency. As for Aldea, they won't sign the treaty without her. Starfleet command had no idea that they were coming otherwise they'd probably talk her out of it.

She didn't feel comfortable with her first Officer. What she wanted to talk to Melissa about was for a change of first officers. She wanted someone who she felt comfortable with and this guy, she did not. Now she was worried about Melissa. Melissa has always been the world to her.

Dianna asked the ensign at ops the eta and they said about a hour.

"Good enough," she said to the ensign.

She went on to comm JJ and Cecilia as to the eta.

Hour Later
They did the officer exchange. Shortly before their arrival, they received a notification from starfleet command as they had an assistant medical officer comming aboard in addition to their new security officer coming aboard. She knew about Vinnie already but did not know about Alexandria until now. Alexandria had just been assigned moments ago and was waiting at the starbase.

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Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 9 2006, 04:49 AM
Donnie was standing there. Watching the new troops go throught the punishment the SGT Major was dolling out. 2nd Lt. Sanders came up and stood beside Donnie.

"Whats wrong Donnie." Sanders asked.

"Oh um nothing. Mind just wandered." Donnie said kind of complacent

"Your thinking of her aren't you." John said.

"Well yeah. Something is just hard for the mind to let go." Donnie said looking at his boots.

"Well Donnie you got to. The marines lives depend on you. Why don't you take a couple of days off. Take up a new hobby. Something to stimulate you mind." John said patting him on the back.

"We'll see. Thats all I can give you on that." Donnie said looking back up.

"Good enough." John replied.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Jul 9 2006, 02:42 PM
Starbase Odyssey

Alexandria was sitting at the bar when she got the notification that the Yamato had just docked. On schedule, she thought

Alexandria headed toward the airlock to the Yamato.

She was greeted by an ensign on the Yamato and told that the captain was on the bridge and that she should head there right away. Alex reported in to the captain to at which the captain took her into her readyroom with her. The captain welcomed her onboard and gave Alex her quarters assignment. Alex thanked her for it. Then the captain said that they were heading to earth as she had an emergency. Dianna mentioned to her that she might need her. Alex understood and graciously understood. The captain dismissed her and she headed to he quarters before reporting in at sickbay. Alex couldn't help but smile.

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Posted by: Vinnie Jul 9 2006, 04:20 PM
Starbase Odyssey

Vinnie had noticed the dr walk in and would say hello sometime later. He finished his tea and was notified that the yamato had just docked. He left and headed to his quarters and found his things had already been beamed over and the quarters were cleared. He left and headed to the docking ring and noted security was giving someone a hard time and walked up. He didnt see the dr so he assumed she had gone onboard. The security officer wasn't paying him any attention as he was giving a lady who was having trouble finding her pass while tending to her child and two bags. The officer looked bored and he noticed his associate started towards the officer when he saw vinnie, vinnie gave him a look that stopped him.

"Lt." vinnie said.

"Wait your turn." The Lt. said with a gruff tone.

"Lt." he said his tone a little more stiffer.

"Cant you hear i said wait." he said not being polite.

Vinnie stepped around the lady and walked up to the lt and got right into his face.

"Lt. i suggest you cease and dissest what you are doing and either help the lady or confine yourself to quarters till i get settled." he said showing his anger a little.

"You are out of line and this is not your concern...." he stopped when he recognized the uniform and the pips and realized his misstake.

"Sir im...." he started to apologise and vinnie stopped him

"You lt are relieved, go to your quarters get ypur things ready to get the hell off the ship. I will not tolerate insolence with crew under my authority and especially in my presence. No thats too good for you, you are hereby demoted to ensign, remove a pip and hand it here and i want your name and service number and you are confined to quarters." Vinnie said.

"Im Lt. doug arthur service number....." he stopped when vinnie hushed him and held out his hand.

The man removed one pip and handed it to him and left, vinnie watched as he gave a angered look at the ensign standing near the doorway. Vinnie motioned for him to come over and he did slowly but did.

"Whats your name son?" vinnie asked.

"Ensign Victor Lane sir." He said.

"Ensign consider yourself promoted, you are a full Lt, and i want to see you in my office tomorrow at 0900 hours and let this be a lesson to you, you never know who maybe watching." he said.

He placed the pip on the mans collar, he knew hed have to get the ok from the captain or the xo but he was sure that the they would agree. The two of them helped the lady find her padd and vinnie picked up the child just to assist her and handed his own padd to the now Lt and followed the lady inside.

U.S.S. Yamato.

Once he helped the lady to her quarters he headed to the turbolift and went up to the bridge. He did not see the xo or co on the bridge and found a lt at tactical.

"Lt where might i find the captain?" he asked.

She looked up and gave him a smile he knew who it was.

"Vinnie, its been awhile hasnt it." she said amd hugged him.

"Hello Jessica, yes it has glad to have one familiar face onboard hows DFoug?" he asked.

"Hes enjoying working at sce, it keeps him busy. I just received a strange message from a former ensign now lt lane about you having a problem at the dock is it true?" she asked.

"Yes, some snappy lt was giving a lady with a child a hard time, doug arthur now ensign is confied to quarters for now till i decide what to do with him." he said with a smile.

"I see, anyway the captain is in her ready room." she said.

"Thank you Jessica, its going to be hard deciding my second but i think i can handle it." he said with a wink.

He walked over to the door and rang the chime and heard enter and the doors opened.

"Commander Vinnie Crow reporting for duty maam." he said.

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Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 10 2006, 02:06 AM
Donnie mind wandered to the point he had to do something. So he left the squad bay and went to the turbolift.

"Bridge." He ordered.

They turbolift swept away quietly. Moving very quickly. It finally opened up on the bridge. He stepped out in full battle BDU's and looked around the bridge. He took the Datapadd out of his pocket he had been carrying. Marine troop reports that he need to turn into the captain.

"Where is the Captain?" he asked.

One of the bridge crew told him she was in her ready room. The also said they would inform her he was here. Donnie quietly waited patiently for her to show back up on the bridge.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 11 2006, 02:20 AM
Dianna was sitting in her captain's chair worried about Melissa when Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Taylor came in to report to her. She went on to lead Alexandria into her ready room where she welcomed her and gave Alexandria her quarters assignment. In Dianna's eyes, she like Alexandria immediately. She seemed very open and sweet and a person she'd like to get to know, if Alexandria would let her.

Dianna made notice to Alexandria that they were heading to earth as her cousin was in trouble and she needed to be there. She told Alexandria that she may need her help as Alexandria is a doctor and she may need her support. She understood and dismissed Alex.

She wasn't in her ready room very long when Commander Crow chimed to report in. There Vinnie stood in front of her. Dianna recognized the name and the eyes looked vaguely familiar, but this can't be the same Vinne that she once knew. Vinnie's supposed to be dead. Dianna had Vinnie sit down and she sat down at her baren desk as she just took over as captain, so there really wasn't much in her ready room right now. A tear came down her eye.

"Vinnie," said Dianna quietly to the point that she almost couldn't speak. Dianna walked over to the replicator and ordered some coffee for her and him. She handed him his.

"Vinnie can I ask you a question?'

"Certainly," said Vinnie.

"I want to know something, Did I know you once upon a time?"

"Yes you did. We were best friends at the academy." Said Vinnie.

"Vinnie," said Dianna looking at her coffee and tapping her desk. "I thought you were dead."

"I was," said Vinnie "but I was revived."

"Oh I see," said Dianna. "Why didn't you tell me you were alive?"

"I don't know. Maybe I was afraid at the time and then I got stationed here."

Dianna smiled

"Anyway Commander, Welcome. " Dianna handed him his quarters assignment and saw him head off.

Oh good lord, she thought. Vinnie of all People is here.

Dianna sat at her desk for a while when she decided she head back to bridge when she saw Donnie was waiting for her. He had some reports for her. She took him into her ready room with her. She wanted to go over the reports with him.

Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 11 2006, 03:04 AM
Donnie sat in the chair in front of her desk.

"As you notice Captain these are all mental evals, physical evals, and phycological evals of all ground forces and pilots under my watch. There are a couple of areas a little shaping up is in order with each of the soldiers but beside that it all checks out good. Very good. Matter of fact I haven't had a group of men check out as well as they did." Donnie said taking a deep breath.

He sat there in the chair fidgiting with his fingers and waited for the Captain to speak.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Jul 11 2006, 03:25 AM
After Leaving the Captain's readyroom, Alex headed toward the direction of her quarters. Looking at her assignment, she saw that she was on deck 11; one deck lower than sickbay. Once she found her quarters, she walked inside and looked around. She was totally amazed as to how big they were. She never dreamed they be this big, but they were. Living on a galaxy class starship definately had its advantages. There she started puting her items away. She always had a knack for organization. In the field of medicine, you needed to be after all. She got into the shower and then headed to sickbay.

Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 11 2006, 03:44 PM
Donnie sat in the chair in front of her desk.

"As you notice Captain these are all mental evals, physical evals, and phycological evals of all ground
forces and pilots under my watch. There are a couple of areas a little shaping up is in order with each of
the soldiers but beside that it all checks out good. Very good. Matter of fact I haven't had a group of men
check out as well as they did." Donnie said taking a deep breath.

He sat there in the chair fidgiting with his fingers and waited for the Captain to speak.

"Yeah I see that Captain," said Dianna. "It seems to me that you are a bit happy with this crew. Are you

"Yes. Like I said this one of the best batch of Marines Mars Training Center yet. Who is in charge of training
over there?" Donnie asked.

"I'd have to pull up the information, but I think it may be General Richards," said Dianna

"Interesting, he is the man that decided to rearrange the whole order structure for the STF Marines. His
way seems to be working for recruit training." Donnie said acknowledging General Richards.

"I see," said Dianna as she sat next to Donnie. "I suppose he is doing something right."

"I don't mind as long as he send me men that follow orders instead crying children." Donnie
said chuckling.

" I suppose you are right," said Dianna.

"Captain I've been on this ship since it was first commissioned. I've seen a lot
of troops come and go, but whe change in ships CO's and XO's all of a sudden." Donnie asked

"I know," said Dianna. "When things changed, I had to step up. I've been here since the
beginning. I never dreamed that I'd become the captain; at least not this soon."

"So....are the reports to you liking captain." Donnie asked.

"Yes." said Dianna

"Would it be to presumptious to ask you to join me for a cup of coffee sometime." Donnie
said letting his nervousness show.

"Not at all," said Dianna "I'd like that. I have a question for you though. We are
scheduled to make a visit to Aldea after we make a trip to Earth. Angel was wondering
about having the marines going on the away mission, but I told him that I had to ask you."

"Shouldn't be a problem. Breathing 'real' air for a change would be nice." Donnie said chuckling

"Yes. I not sure what this mission entails. You've heard the tales of Aldea. They were
once a cloaked planet, but when the enterprise D had encountered them when I was only a child and
they saved them from radiation poisoning. Now they are joining the federation to at which
I have to be there for them to sign the treaty. We had to delay our trip to Aldea though.
I have an emergency on Earth. They don't know that I am coming, in fact," said Dianna

"Ok. Just let me know the mission perameters when we get there and I will set up a marine
away team on you order maam." Donnie said. "Will do," said Dianna. "Keep up the good
work with your marines and I'll let you know when I am ready for a cup of coffee with you.
The next day or so is going to be very stressful," said Dianna as she and Donnie headed out of her

"No matter what marine flight control will be brought online and there will be hourly patrols
around the ship and planet. To ensure to ensure the safety of the Treaty process." Donnie said
looking at Dianna.

"Okay." said Dianna

Donnie quickly left the bridge and went back to the office. Reading the the military readiness reports. He reached over to the replicator and got a cup of hot coffee and resumed reading his reports.

JP between Dianna Torres and Donnie Nox.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Jul 12 2006, 12:48 AM
Alex found her way to Sickbay without a problem. She was a bit nervous as she had no idea what the CMO is like. The captain didn't even give her an explanation of whomever it is. So far Alex liked it here as the Captain seemed warm enough for her. She seemed as open as she is. Alex walked through the sickbay doors and looked around looking for Kaida.

Tag Kaida

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 12 2006, 02:11 PM
Dianna walked out onto the bridge as Donnie was heading his way. She asked the ops officer what their ETA toward earth was and she was told about 5 hours. She thanked him. She left the bridge to her executive officer and said that if she is needed, she'd be in her quarters trying to get shuteye. She still was in her old quarters, but planned on moving to the quarters for the captains. In such a short time, things have changed. She moved from ops to executive to captain. She hardly had any time to breath. She was worried about Melissa, but she knew she needed some rest as she needed to be rested before she gets to earth. She got on her console and left a message for starfleet saying that she'd be coming down. She had not have to wait long when she received a message back saying that she is not to come to earth by orders of Flag Admiral Melissa Gilbert. Dianna refused to obey this order. They can court marshall me all they want, but I will not ovey that order. She knew Melissa was bad if she was asking them not to let her down there. Dianna had no idea how bad or why Melissa refused to let Dianna come.

Posted by: Vinnie Jul 12 2006, 08:50 PM
Vinnie left the ready room and headed to his quarters long enough to make sure all is there and it was and started to return to the bridge when his computer beeped. He walked over to it and got on and received a message.

To Vinnie Crow

From: a friend.


Watch out for certain officers on the yamato especially one intel officer, something is going to happen and we are aware that captain Torres has changed course and is heading for earth.

A Friend.

Vinnie did not know who sent the message but would definitely keep and eye on this tim larson. He hated intel but it serves its purpose, but how dangerous could this guy be is the question. He shut off the computer after deleting message and returned to the bridge and took over at tactical and ran a full scan.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 12 2006, 11:52 PM
Dianna was not alsleep long, when she heard a chime.

Who in the hell is chiming? It better be a emergency or else hell will pay.

She sleepily came to the door and said Come. It was Tim.

What the hell does he want?

Sorry to trouble you at this hour, Captain, However, I have a question concerning our new Mr. Crow. I understand you two were friends earlier."

Dianna hated people waking her up and yet interrogating her. She's had enough of that in her lifetime.

Then she spoke:
"Larsen... do you have any idea what time it is?" If you want to interview me, it'll need to wait until later. I don't think anything's that urgent. We'll be in the middle of Federation space. I'll talk to you in a few hours, or after I visit Admiral Gilbert."

If anything irittates her, its being awoken.

Dianna slammed the door on his face. From time to time Dianna's temper flairs up on her. During these moments, she wanted to drink, but she is not allowed to do so. Long, Long time ago she had a drinking problem and from to time she relapses back into her old ways.

As soon as he was gone, Dianna started punching the wall to the point her knuckles were bleeding.

Posted by: JJ Torres Jul 13 2006, 04:58 PM
OOC: I am backtracking slightly


JJ was in her quarters getting her stuff together when she got a comm from Dianna. They would be at the starbase within an hour.

She wished she'd had time to get to know Dianna, but things changed as the starbase needed her.

Starbase Odyssey
JJ walked through the airlock and headed to the Captain's office. She rang the chime and waited for a response.

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Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 15 2006, 04:26 PM
The Sargent-Major came into his office.

"Hey Mac." Donnie said acknowlaging him without looking up.

"What are you doing Don?" Mac replied back

"Well going over the last of these reports that I have to file with Marine command." Donnie replied.

"How about some skeet shooting at the halodeck?" Mac asked.

"Hey thats a good idea." Donnie replied looking up and smiling.

Within moments they had quickly vacated the office and went to the skeet range.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 21 2006, 07:33 PM

Dianna went back to bed and within a few hours she got a comm that they were moments away from earth and she acknowledged them and she made a shipwide announcent saying that they were landing momentarily on earth and that they have shoreleave so that she can get her business done. She went on to comm starfleet that they were landing. They told her no but she refused to listen.

Dianna went on to the transporter room and gave them the coordinates as they were landing.

Starfleet Command

Dianna was greeted by Aurora; the vice commander in chief.

"Dianna Torres, did we make our postition clear? You were not supposed to come."

"Yes, said Dianna coughing.

"Oh god," said Aurora. "That's what we feared. You are coughing Dianna. Come with me. We are going to medical. I know you were heading that way, but you need to be checked out first, then you can see your cousin and sister."

"My sister?" Said Dianna.

"Yes. Isn't Andrea your sister?" Said Aurora.

"Yes," said Dianna. "They both are at medical dealing with the same problem. They both are being watched closely."

The two walked together toward medical and Dianna was coughing and wheezing on the way there. That felt wierd to her. Dianna was sent right away to an examining room to which they checked her out and found that she was suffering from Asthma to at which she was told both her sister and her cousin was suffering from. She had a lot of fluid in her lungs by now. They gave her a hypo to open the lungs up.

"Can I go see Melissa now?" said Dianna.

"In a bit," said the Doctor. The doctor looked at her and said to Dianna that she was to stay at least overnight as to make sure that she was okay. "We have a bit of a delemna here. You, your sister, and your cousin suffer from the same problem. When you guys have a problem, its by the numbers. You guys don't do anything small."

"I guess so," said Dianna. She was then led to a biobed right next to Melissa. Melissa was sleeping right next to Andrea. The looked piecefull sleeping. Dianna looked at them before she was told to get up there.

She didn't want to. Dianna held Melissa's hand before she got up. Melissa's eyes opened up when she held it. Melissa looked at her.

"Dianna," said Melissa. "You are not supposed to be here.

"I know, but I had to come."

Dianna then got up on the biobed.

Melissa then looked at the doctor.

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Since you all are on shoreleave right now go have fun on earth and post on both threads please.

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Jul 21 2006, 08:21 PM
Starfleet Medical

Melissa awoke to find someone holding her hand. Melisssa was still weak as the distress was putting a toll on her. She looked up and saw that Dianna was standing next to her hold her hand.

She told her that she was not supposed to come but she knew Dianna's answer would be as when anyone in family was worried about the other, they'd drop everything for each other. Then she saw Dianna got up on the bio bed next to her and laid down.

Melissa looked at the doctor and was told that she'd be okay as the doctor gave Dianna a hypo so that she'd get some sleep. The doctor walked over to Melissa and sat down. Melissa asked the doctor if it was the same and the doctor nodded.

Melissa sighed.

"What's going to happen to us?" Said Melissa.

"You going to have to manage it the best of your abilities and try not to get stressed out."

Melissa laughed. 'Easy said than done."

Melissa then started coughing. The doctor ran for a hypo and gave it to her.

"Easy, Melissa."

Melissa then relaxed and saw Andrea opening her eyes. Andrea smiled at her.

"Nice finding you here, Melissa," said Andrea with a hint of a joke.

"Not my idea of fun," said Melissa to Andrea. "Its all your fault."

"Like hell it is," said Andrea.

"Look who is here," said Melissa to Andrea. Melissa pointed to Dianna who was peacefully sleeping. "She came to see me but apparently our problem runs in our family."

Andrea smiled.

Andrea went on to ask the doctor when they could get out and she was answered as soon as they think they are stable enough to be released. They'd have to wait a little longer.

Yamato and SFC

Posted by: Vinnie Jul 21 2006, 10:47 PM
Vinnie had been calibrating the sensors as they reached earth and the captain ordered shoreleave for everyone and they seemed happy, vinnie was concerned for the captain and had felt her get sick but couldn't do anything about it. He wasntg much for shoreleave so stayed on the ship doing a few ods and ends and went to his office to check on a few things but decided to go to his quarters and layed down and took a nap before requesting the computer to waked him in 3 hours.

He dreamed about the old days of the academy and the times he spent with dianna. Dianna didn't know but he loved her and wanted to see her happy. he came out of a dead sleep when he saw her hurt and calling out for him.

Posted by: Rune Jul 22 2006, 12:21 AM
Rune beamed down to Earth, meeting with an old Ferengi freind named Telos. They both entered a Bar, the Ferengi had put up a few years ago. The bar was called, The Ferengi Taste.

"Quite a nice place you've got here," Rune said looking around. He was led to a seat, where his friend had taken a place behind the bar. "But do Humaans really like the taste of our beverages?"

Telos shrugged, "Some of the brave ones do. My business isn't booming or anything-- it's thriving just fine, but not rising."

"Are you happy here?" Rune asked.

Telos nodded, cleaning a glass, "Very. The Humans are very accomodating, and actually very nice. I was worried about discrimination, but I didn't get as much as I expected."

"But you still got it?"

The Ferengi nodded, "Of course. There are those who don't trust the Ferengi. They'll do anything to uncover what secrets I'm hiding. Unfortunately for them, I have no secrets... well, that is the secret ingredient to my beetle snub."

"Heh," Rune shook his head, "I felt some discrimination on my ship, the Yamato. But on the whole, the crew seems pretty legit. Actually, it seems more like they don't even notice I'm there."

Telos put his glass down, "Ah, those Starships are always so busy. Everyone has things to do, as you should."

"I know, I know. But it would be nice to recieve a Hi, or meet someone who is interested in why a Ferengi decided to go into an exchange program with Starfleet."

Telos waved it off, "Give it time. Give it time. There is something quite interesting the Human's play, although. I hear it's rare to find a crew that plays it, but when you do, you know that is a crew that bonds."

"What is it?"

His old friend took out a deck of cards, "It's a game called Poker," he smiled. "I've held a few games here myself. I could teach you to play, if you'd like?"

"Is it like Tongo?"

Telos nodded, "It's like half of Tongo... without the Roulette part. But you gamble."

"Very well. Show me."

Posted by: Donnie Nox Jul 26 2006, 12:12 AM
Donnie shot his Remington Skeetmaster with gas dampening discharge. Hitting his target.

"Got it." he said with delight.

Mac shot and hit his as well.

"Your still 4 clays behind old man. Do I need to take it easy on you." He said with a slight chuckle.

"Allright." Donnie said landing his next shot.

All of a sudden the simlation stopped. It was the captain letting the crew know that they all had shore leave.

"Well, well, well." Donnie said."Looks like it's time for me to check in with command. I hold the right to a rematch."

"Of coarse old man." Mac said.

Donnie quickly left and went back to his quarters.

Posted by: Sarah Coates Jul 29 2006, 08:42 AM
I am backtracking here as I just got back from LOA.

Sarah was in her office contemplating what to say to Larsen when she will first meet him. While she was furrious that she didn't receive any memo about his assignment to the Yamato, she also didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with him with their first meeting.

As she was going through incoming messages, there was one from Aurora:

Commodore Coates:

I received your memo on Commander Landis. I myself do not know why I didn't receive anything about his assignment on the Yamato and I am going to ask Melissa about this. But I do know that the Yamato is going to be docking at Starbase Odyssey for to drop off two officers that were assign to the Yamato and to pick up one more officer. She is Nasaya Singh. Would you mind taking her with you to Starbase Odyssey and then you can also meet with Commander Landis. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Admiral Aurora Kepler
Starfleet Command

Sarah sent the following response:


I wil be glad to have Officer Singh on board with me. And I may be staying on the Yamato indefinately, depending on the cirumstances. Just wanted to give you the heads up. Please have Singh meet me at the shuttleport at 0900 tomorrow.

Commodore Sarah Coates

Sarah then went through Larsen's files but still didn't find a clue about his assignment. She then closed her office and told her clerk that she will be leaving tomorrow for Starbase Odyssey and then going onto the Yamato. I do not know when I will be back." After the clerk acknowledged her commanding officer, Sarah went to her house near SFC and started packing and hoped for a good night's sleep.

The next morning she was at the shuttlebay and was greeted by a Human who is of Indian decent. They boarded the shuttle and chatted for awhile and then she excused herself and went to the back of the shuttle to read over the files again. Then the pilot announced that they were docking in 20 minutes.

After docking procedures, the three women went straight to the docking ring of Starbase Odyssey and the two reported to Captain Dianna Torres. After Nasaya departed, Sarah said "May I speak to you in your Ready Room?"

After settling in the Ready Room and Sarah accepting a cup of tea, she began to speak. "I was away on assignment and I never received word on the reason why Commander Larsen was assigned to your ship. Can you fill me in on the details before I speak with him?"

Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 1 2006, 05:17 AM
Starfleet Medical

Dianna woke up to find her sister and cousin were gone. She snuck out of Medical and headed to Melissa's place.

Dianna could hear some talking inside and then the door opened. There stood Melissa. Dianna walked in.

"Aurora was there also. "Not you too. The three of you are a piece of work. The way you three carry on, I see that your are all related."

Dianna and Melissa headed for Melissa's office. "Well what's the deal you escaping medical," said Melissa.

"You should talk," said Dianna.

"Okay, your right." Said Melissa.

"Well, I know why you didn't want me coming. Your Asthma was acting up." Said Dianna.

"And your sister just found out she had it. Now you have it too. For some reason you don't have to deal with that problem on the ship." Said Melissa.

"Melissa, there is a reason I wanted to talk to you." Said Dianna.

"What is it?"

"Commander Noriss. He's not working out."

"Okay," said Melissa "Is there a reason why."

"Melissa, I don't feel comfortable with him." Said Dianna.

"Okay, fair enough," said Melissa. "I'll send you a file of applicants and then I'll let you choose. Let me know."

"Melissa , Medical took my comm so I can't get back to the Yamato." Said Dianna.

"No problem. Admiral Kepler should be able to take care of that." Said Melissa.

Melissa asked Aurora to make sure that Dianna is back on the Yamato and that all her crew that is currently down there is back on the Yamato so the Yamato would be on its way.

Before Dianna knew it, she beamed back to the Yamato.

Yamato Transporter Pad
Before Dianna knew it, she was back on the Yamato. She headed to her quarters and then to her ready room on the bridge. She had some items she wanted to put in her ready room.

She was not in there very long, when she heard a chime. She said come to whomever was on the other side of the door.

Posted on SFC and Yamato

Posted by: Melissa Gilbert Aug 1 2006, 03:54 PM
Commander Bennie Juarez will be taking over as XO of this ship. Should join us shortly. Angel is no longer with us.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Aug 1 2006, 10:31 PM
Alex looked around for Kaida, but Kaida was not to be found. A nurse told Alex, that Kaida just got reassigned at Alex now was now Chief of medical. She was a bit suprised, but she knew she could do it.

Alex went in to where was now her office and started going through files. She needed to keep on top of the crew and pull them in if they were due for a physical.

Posted by: AF_Reject Aug 2 2006, 10:27 AM
OOC: most of the time when there's a change of command there's a big gruff of it, luckily the storyline doesn't call for it... Thank God.

Was it just Bennie, or did she just get promoted aganist her will? She was happy, she was fine as an Engineer. "Qué?" Bennie asked, "I said WHAT?! Did you need me to spell it out for you Cap'n?"

"I'm sorry Bennie, you're damn good Engineer and you do have Command training," Captain Harrison told her.

Bennie stared at him, "one class sir! ONE! That does not qualify me to become an XO of a ship!"

"Bennie, Bennie, you'll be fine trust me." Said Captain Harrison as helped her pack her things, he was glad to be rid of the loud mouth, reckless, inconsiderate, loving, caring, and hopless romantic Bennie Juarez, although he had a thing for her. What guy didn't?

Bennie was sent from the Berlin to the Yamato and in a matter of hours her life was flipped upside down.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 2 2006, 03:17 PM
Yamato Ready Room

Tim Walked in. Oh god. Not him. She was a bit upset with Tim for waking her up, but she had to talk to him regardless.

"Are you busy, Captain?" he asked.

"No," she said. "I suppose you want to talk about Mr. Crow."

"Yes," replied Timothy, nodding. "I'm interested in his past. The official record is not as detailed as I'd like it to be. Also, would you consider him in any way unstable or dangerous?"

Dianna instructed for him to sit and she sat down behind her desk.

"Listen Commander," said Dianna. "I don't know what you are getting on about. Commander Crow is an old friend of mine from my academy days. As for him being dangerous;I don't think so. Anything else?"

Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 3 2006, 01:24 AM
"Well, this whole business of coming back from the dead is rather interesting. I was unable to find anything detailed concerning that particular event in his life. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?" he asked.

"There's a fine line between being paranoid and prying into people's private lives," said the Dianna.

"I like to think of them as being synonymous. It is, after all, my job to know everything I possibly can about any person or situation I encounter." said Tim.

"I think that you can find everything relavent to your job in Mr. Crow's personal file. Is there anything else?" Said Dianna.

"Not at the moment, save this... our mission is waiting. I personally believe we are wasting time here and that it would be in everyone's best interests to depart immediately."

What gull does he have? Dianna could sense that he had an agenda and she was going to find out. She knew he was hiding something from her.

"Noted in the log. If that's all, then you are dismissed. And please, don't wake me up in the middle of the night again unless it is important." Said Dianna.

"I'll keep that in mind," replied Timothy, before leaving.

After Tim Left, Dianna went over the files for new Xo. She found Bennie Juarez to be the best candidate for the position. From Bennie's file, she knew she'd get along. That's the key; trust. She left a message for Melissa that she had found her XO.

Then she got a message that they needed to head to the Odyssey before heading to their mission. They have a new science officer to pick up.

Dianna walked out onto the bridge and told help to set course back to Starbase Odyssey At warp 4.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 4 2006, 12:28 PM
OOC: Tim, Its perfectly fine. smile.gif

USS Yamato - Ready Room

Dianna was working on some reports when she got a comm saying that Commodore Coates and Lt. Nasaya were waiting to be beamed aboard.

Dianna said she'd be right there.

Dianna stood in the transporter room and saw the two beam aboard. She welcomed both and told the Lt. to get settled in and report for duty after she is done. As soon as the Lt. left, Commodore Coates asked, "May I speak to you in your Ready Room?"

They went to her ready room and talked. Dianna walked up to the replicator ordered some tea and gave one to Sarah.

"I was away on assignment and I never received word on the reason why Commander Larsen was assigned to your ship. Can you fill me in on the details before I speak with him?" Said Sarah.

Dianna sat down. "Commodore, I seriously don't know anything. He came aboard when the Commander in chief was here. I was not even in command as of yet as the Captain had left unexpected." said Dianna.

Posted by: Donnie Nox Aug 4 2006, 09:53 PM
Donnie materialized on the transporter padd just in time.

"Oh thank God sir. I was afraid we had lost you. The warp coils powered up at the same time as you signal transfered in. How do you feel sir." the ensign said.

"Fine Thank You. Was anybody not aware that I was checking in with Marine Command?" Donnie asked.

"I do not know sir. Usually they do a personnel check." the ensign replied.

Donnie nodded and quickly left the transporter room. He went to the bridge and was told that the captain was in her ready room. He walked over and pressed the chime and awaited the order for entry.

Posted by: Sarah Coates Aug 7 2006, 04:31 AM
"Then I will hadle this matter as gently as possible," Sarah said. "Also, I brought along with me your new science officer, LT Nasaya Singh. I told her to find her quarters and that when she was done unpacking, that we should be done with our meeting and..." The room's door chime sounded.

"Come in, please," Dianna said. An attractive woman who was obviously from the Earth's country known as India entered the room. "I am Nasaya Singh, reporting for duty."

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Aug 8 2006, 11:59 AM
Bennie "The Fighter" Juarez, looked at this Commander, who wore gray. Pathetic she thought, it wasn't red, it was the silly Intel people who always thought they knew what was best. She sneered him a look and then she replied, "and what if I am?"

She was a short 5'3 at the most, Puerto Rican/Mexican mix of Latina spice, and no man has been able to handle her not without getting burnt, knocked out, or with a broke limb. "Say hombre, you better watch yourself, asking someone like me that kind of question where are your manners hombre."

She got in real close to him, "your damn lucky you're a Commander because had you been a Lieutenant Commander you would've been pushin' this Starbase." Her famous phrase meaning you would be doing push ups until she got tired of looking at her. "The Fighter" had a rep of being a hard ass, now she can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

At this point she's your worse nightmare because this is a job she doesn't want, but she'll make do with it because its service before self. She puts her work before her, which explains her single status. She just blew him off saying, "watch yourself hombre, if I see you again, mira." Mira being Spanish for look, "it ain't gonna be pretty hombre."

She grew up between the hard streets of San Antonio, Texas and the Bronx, New York. Everyone knew that "The Fighter" wasn't someone to be messed with, she thinks with her heart and not with her head, she's a giver, but doesn't let anyone take advantage of her.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 8 2006, 06:21 PM
OOC: I am going to be slightly backtracking a bit. I hate doing that but I like to acknowledge everyone if at all possible.

Dianna was in her ready room when she heard a chime. It was Donnie Nox. He was upset that they almost left without him. Dianna explained to him that she knew him as they were going to warp.

<<<Current time >>>>>>
Lt. Nasaya Singh reported in and Dianna welcomed her aboard and then she excused both of them.

It was not long til she received another chime. This time it was her new XO reporting in. Dianna talked to her for a bit. Dianna liked what she saw and then excused her but told Bennie to report to the bridge as soon as she can as she figured that Bennie needed to get situated in her quarters.

Then Dianna walked out onto the bridge and watched as they were now heading to Aldea now.

Posted by: Donnie Nox Aug 8 2006, 11:33 PM
Donnie finished talking to Dianna about the incident. He still wasn't particullarly happy about it but there was no use of making anymore acknowledgement over it. He went back to his quarters. Grabbing a Synthehol out from the replicator he sat there at his desk in his quarters.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Aug 9 2006, 10:54 AM
Bennie went inside her quarters and had the lights dimmed, she pulled out a picture of her Domingo, "mi amor," she said quitely kissing the picture as tears ran down her face, "damn you and you're code of honor."

She put his picture between the candles, took a shower, and dressed herself in a clean uniform and went out to the bridge. Most personnel steered clear of her, and most knew that ever since Commodore Santos of Starfleet Intel in the Sol Sector, died, Bennie has been getting worse and worse, some say on a path to self destruction, others to greatness.

She doesn't concern herself with details like that, the only thing that matters now is her job.

Posted by: Vinnie Aug 9 2006, 09:00 PM
Vinnie had returned to the bridge after a good nights sleep and saw the new exec on the bridge and walked over to introduce himself.

"Commander Juarez, im commander Vinnie Crow, security/tactical officer." he said holding out his hand.


Vinnie went back to hs station and took over from the Lt. manning it. He checked the security logs from the night before and all was quiet, which made his job easier and he liked that. He noticed the intel officer go by and gave him a glare. Vinnie had a hunch he had beeen up to something but what he did not know.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Aug 10 2006, 11:19 AM
"Este, you're a Commander?" Bennie couldn't believe her eyes, "aye no wonder why they were so happy to get rid of me your ship doesn't need an Executive Officer! Hell you can put on a red uniform and be the XO!"

Bennie proceeded to cruse in Spanish as she sat in the XO's chair, "this feels so stupid!" She yelled, and crused some more in Spanish.

Posted by: Rune Aug 12 2006, 01:16 AM
"Could you two keep it down?" Rune said, annoyed a bit. He rubbed his bulging head slightly in pain, as both Bennie and Vinnie glanced over at this interruption. "Uggh. I have such a blazing headache. I was up all night playing poker and drinking Human drinks with some of the Ensigns."

The Ferengi had gotten up from the Ops console at the front of the Bridge to speak to two officer's who just happened to out rank him.

Posted by: Phillip Mcintyre Aug 13 2006, 03:28 AM
Mac walked up to Donnies door and rang the chime.

"Enter" He heard the order.

"Hey Don. Whats wrong man. I never saw you after you left." Mac said.

"I was talking to the Marine CO for the Alpha Quadrant. He transferred all out weapons out for new ones. Were gonna get our hands on the new phased compression rifle coming out soon to. It's still in beta testing. Seems to be wanting to jam." Donnie informed him.

"Thats not good." Mac said.

"No its not. By the way Mac. You want something to drink and please have a seat." He said

"I'll take a seat. The drink can wait. If we got a new shipment of weapons then I need to take a inventory. Looks like it's gonna be a long night." Mac said sitting down and lighting a synthecigerrete.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Aug 14 2006, 11:11 AM
"Qué?" She looked at him, "get back to work eh."

She settled down in her XO's chair, with that classic "Fighter from the Bronx," look, the she's one tough bleep and you don't wanna bleep with the Fighter. Not less you wanna loose. Her thoughts flew to her Domingo Santos, former Commodore of Intel in the Sol Sector.

But wouldn't have phased any one on the bridge that on the inside she ached so much and really if she had it her way would retire but Starfleet won't let her and until then it will be service before self.

Posted by: Sarah Coates Aug 16 2006, 01:48 AM
OOC- Been having broadband problems and just got back to normal now.

Sarah was furrious by Larsen's uppityness, for lack of a better word. She was still mad at SFC for not knowing what was going on and she tried contacting him a few hours later, but got no response. She started to go through files to see what was happening with Section 31 and other secret agencies, but nothing. Being thuroughly frustrated and totally angry and fustrated with Larsen, she sent the following message:

Commander Larsen-

I would like for you to meet me in my guest quarters ASAP and I DEMAND, as your Commanding Officer to give me the full details. I will stay put here and not go anywhere.

Commodore Sarah Coates

Sarah then send the following message to Captain Torres:


I request that you make yourself available as I am trying to get down to the bottom of why Larsen is on the Yamato and I want you to add any new information that you may have aquired since my arrival. Even if you didn't, maybe you can pull something out of him that I cannot.

Thank You
Commodore Sarah Coates

Since Sarah couldn't come up with anything else, she reached for the latest book padd and settled down to read "Shakespeare's Planet" by Clifford Simak.

Posted by: Nasaya Singh Aug 16 2006, 03:22 AM
Nasaya was escorted to her quarters by an ensign and she thanked him for his help with her baggage. She stepped into a very spacious quarters. After a couple of trips with her bags, she shut the door and started to unpack the necessary items, including her Koran and Bible. While she was 100% Indian, her father was Muslem and her mother was Christian. They married out of love, not duty and both sets of Nasaya's grandparents were against their marraige. But Gohpal and Indera didn't mind. Even though their parents threatened to disown them, they didin't have the heart to do so.

To be continued. I am falling asleep with my laptop on. The Cubs game finally ended at 12 50. They won 8 to 6 in 18 innings.


Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 16 2006, 11:08 AM
Yamato Bridge

Dianna walked out of her ready room and heard the commotion that was going on with Vinnie, Bennie and Rune. Dianna couldn't help but smile. In a way it was funny. Dianna sat down right next to Bennie and whispered in Bennie's ear to behave. Dianna went on to ask helm as to their eta and they were within an hour away.

1hr later

They had reached their coordinates to Aldea. Dianna was heading to the transporter room. She had asked DR. Taylor and Commander Crow to accompany her to the planet. Dianna left the bridge to Bennie. They beamed down to the planet

Once beamed down, they were greeted by the same people who had greeted the USS Enterprise D so many years ago. The only change from what she knew of their trip was that the planet was full of children now. Back then, the people almost became extinct because of the radiation poisoning. Now they are a thriving planet and had a lot to offer to the federation.

Posted by: Vinnie Aug 16 2006, 09:51 PM

Vinnie looked at rune then at the exec and thought for a minute.

"Look shorty, i could bend you in more ways then you can count on your fingers and toes, so i suggest you go back to your helm position and remain in your seat till you are relieved." Vinnie said with a grin.


Once they reached aldea he followed the captain to the transporter room and they and the dr beamed down to the planet.


Vinnie stood next to the captain as she met a welcoming committee. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back.

Posted by: Sarah Coates Aug 19 2006, 07:05 PM
"Glad to meet you finally, Larsen," Sarah said. "Care for a drink?" After giving him what he asked for, she replicated an iced tea for herself and she indicated a chair for him to sit on.

"Now, I would like to know what your assignment is as I have no record about this present assignment of yours on record at Intel headquarters and CIC Gilbert doesn't have a clue either. Under whose authority are you doing what you are doing? I want to know so that I can wring that person's neck!"

Posted by: Sarah Coates Aug 20 2006, 10:25 PM
When Larsen showed Sarah the hard copy orders, the signature looked exactly like hers, but she knew that she didn't authorize it. "This is a forgery. I NEVER authorized it. I would like to have a detailed account on your assingment here and I would like to have your help in finding out who forged my signature. Also, I do NOT have a Pamela Hamilton on my office staff." She took another sip of her tea and pondered who could be behind this.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Aug 21 2006, 03:23 PM

Alex beamed down with the captain and Commander Crow. When they beamed down, they were greeted by Radu. Then went on and walked into the other room. Alex looked around and saw alot of kids running around. Alex felt that Radu was open as he was not hiding anything from anyone. They all sat down and talked with Radu. Rashella walked in and Radu introduced her to them. She greeted them and sat down and joined in on the meeting.

"We are glad you have come," said Rashella. "As you can tell we are ready to join the federation. I believe that we have alot to offer."

"Yes," I agree said Dianna. "I have heard alot of this planet. I grew up on the enterise when they last visited you many years ago. I was only a kid at the time, but there were always stories of Aldea."

'Yes," said Radu "All stories are true. We were once a cloaked planet but by some unforseen events, we are not cloaked anymore but I know stories will continued to told about our past. "

Dianna smiled. "I know of the stories all to well. It's nice to see that you are flourishing now." Dianna looked around. "I see children now and I'm glad."

"Yeah, the effects radiation poisoning had been reversed," said Radu.

Joint Post between Dianna Torres and Alexandria Taylor

Posted by: Vinnie Aug 21 2006, 07:25 PM
Vinnie listened in and kept his eyes on everything around. Radu asked if they would like to dine with them and remain for the night.

Dianna nodded and said that they would.

Vinnie looked at his captain and nodded, he was prepared for anything just in case. They were lead to the dining area and seated near the front of the table, vinnie sitting between the dr and the captain.

Alex listened to what was being said. It was decided that they would be staying the night on the planet. When they sat down, Alex sat right next to Vinnnie while the captain sat on the other side of him. They were then served. They were even served wine with their meal

The food looked delicious and the wine tasted pretty good. "Captain, you mentioned you were on the enterprise when it visited us some time ago, did you hapen to be one of the children we brought down here?" asked Radu

"No," said Dianna. "I'd remember if I were, but I was not."

"I know you were desperate, but why take the children ?"

"Your ignorance of your technology, could have made you extinct some years down the line." Said Dianna.

"Captain, this is true but we thought it was for the best and now with captain picards help and the drs we are back to somewhat normal." Stated Radu.

"I'm actually glad," said Dianna "I love seeing kids running around." Dianna was smiling

Vinnie looked at her and gave her a small smile.

"Captain , dont get me wrong, we are not without our problems but we still would like to join the federation. I do realize the federation has had its problems, what with the borg and the dominion." stated Radu with a smile.

"And I'm all for it," said Dianna.

Dinner was finished and they talked a little longer a young girl walked in. "Captain this is treyna, she will show you and the dr and the commander to your quarters, get plenty of rest abd talk to you some more in the morning." Radu stated.

J/p Between Dianna Torres, alexandria Taylor and Vinnie Crow

Posted by: Phillip Mcintyre Aug 22 2006, 12:35 AM
Donnie and Mac had worked together most of the day catologing all new weapons. Active lock guided anti-grav granade laucher down to the last marine tactical phaser.

"You didn't have to help me with that Don. I know how busy you are." Mac said after finishing.

"Well I had nothing else to do." Don replied as they sat down and leaned against the bulk head.

"What you think about calling it a night boss." Mac asked.

"I think I second that thought." Donnie said mentally exausted.

Posted by: Rune Aug 22 2006, 09:42 PM
"Look shorty. I could bend you in more ways than you can count on your fingers and toes, so I suggest you go back to your helm position and remain in your seat till you are relieved," Vinnie said with a grin.

Rune looked on in shock, "The helm position? Well I would if I worked there! This is Ferengi discrimination, isn't it? Calling me shorty? Not trying to learn what position I work in? Making fun of my fingers and toes???" Rune continued grumbling and talking to himself as he turned and took his position at Operations. The others just looked at his back in confusion.

Later, an Away Team beamed down to Aldea.

Rune's shift was over and the Ferengi decided to go to the Holodeck for some rest and relaxation. But all of that would be interrupted, when he got a call over subspace. A Ferengi freightor was in the System, and had decided to get into contact with Rune.

Activating the Arch during a poker game simulation, Rune addressed the side-viewscreen.

"Cousin Toca?"

- "Hello Rune. Join Starfleet I see?"

"Actually no. I am still part of the Ferengi. Notice my uniform? It's not Starfleet. It's Ferengi."

- "Oh. Well, I had heard your ship was heading this way, so I altered course to intercept a hailing range."

"That was nice of you."

- "Well my freightor business hasn't been booming lately. Everyone seems to be carrying things on Shuttles themselves nowadays!"

"You should explain how more cost efficient it would be on thier part to have it shipped. Less expenses on fuel consumption."

- "Brilliant! Now why didn't I think of that? I always said you had a smart business sense."

"Thank you. But like I said before, business was never my main interest. There is something about operating a ship I find satisfying."

- "Please. Please don't talk like that. You're hurting my loabs!"

Rune watched the view-screen as Toca was rubbing his ears in evident pain.

- "Anyway. Let me come visit you. I really would appreciate some business advice. Please? I want to show you my marketting plan."

"Uggh. Is that really necessary, Toca?"

- "Please, Rune! --I'm... I'm desperate! -- err, I mean, I'm ameliorate... ing."

"Oh alright. I'll contact my superiors and see if they'll let you visit me."

- "Thank you so much. I could really use a shower."

Rune then just looked at him.

- "What? Mine's broken."

When the screen clicked off, Rune deactivated the Holodeck. He had been getting better at poker, and was now beginning to see its similarities to tongo. The only thing was, that he rarely played tongo, having barely any interest in it. But for some reason, he had an interest in poker. He decided it was just a passing fad in his mind. He would eventually tire of it, and move on to something else.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Aug 23 2006, 12:34 PM
If Bennie could sulk then she would sulking on the bridge in her chair. If a woman's face could speak her's would say keep back if you want to live. She believed if someone wanted to do something then they should do it.

She believed a lot of things Bennie did. Of course if she had her way the Ferengi would be tossed out into the could belts of space. And if she had her way everyone but her would be put back to Lieutenant.

Her mind wrestled with the days events, and the years past. Had she wasted her life, what was worth more than this. Growing questions caused her to shake off a part of herself that she hadn't known for years, the softer side of Bennie Juarez.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Aug 25 2006, 04:21 PM
Vinnie, Dianna and Alexandria were escorted to their quarters that they will be staying in for the night. Alexandria and Dianna were going to share one room while Vinnie stayed in his room right next door to them. On the way up to their rooms, Dianna had notified the Yamato that they will be staying down there for diplomatic reasons. Her Executive Officer understood.

The three said their goodnights to each other and headed into their respectable rooms. This gave Alexandria and Dianna a chance to get to know each other.

Alex was a bit nervous staying with the captain as she had no idea what kind of person she is.

Dianna could tell that Alex was a bit hesitant about staying with her. “Commander,” said Dianna “You don’t have to be nervous around me. I don’t really bite.”

Alex couldn’t help but laugh at that comment that Dianna had just made. “Are you sure about that,” said Alex to Dianna.

“I’m positive,” said Dianna.

“Its just a bit weird for me staying with you. That’s all.” Said Alex.

“I know,” said Dianna. “We don’t really know each other yet, but this gives us time to.”

“Yeah. I guess so,” said Alex.

“So Alex, how do you like the Yamato so far? Said Dianna.

“It’s not so bad .” Said Alex. “I can’t believe its so big and sickbay is such a dream.”

“Yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming,” said Dianna. “For me its no big deal as I grew up on a galaxy class ship so I know my way around the ship without a problem, but for someone like you, it can be overwhelming.”

“Yeah,” said Alex.

“Think about this. With a ship as big as ours, you’d always find something to do.”

“That’s for sure.” Said Alex “And I am doing double duty so its even more busy for me. I would not have it any other way. I get to practice both being a doctor and a counselor. It’s the best of both world.”

“Definitely.” Said Dianna.

Joint post between Alexandria Taylor and Dianna Torres.

Posted by: Vinnie Aug 26 2006, 12:28 AM
Vinnie had gone with the dr and captain to their respective quarters. He checked the room over with his tricorder and found nothing as far as bugs and such. He found an old style shower and bath and decided to take a shower figuring out the controls. He showered and dried off.

He layed down on the bed and tried to fall asleep but all he could do is stare at the ceiling. He made a decision and got dressed and went outside. he went out the door to the courtyard and saw a young lady sitting and drawing. She looked up as he approached.

"Hi, you must be from the earth ship. im trelayna." she said.

"Hi trelayna, you may call me vinnie. May i see what you are drawing?" he asked.

She showed him a picture of a lake and a blue sky. She also showed him some other pictures she had drawn.

"I could not go to sleep and thought id come out here and look at the stars and possibly go for a walk." he said.

"I have to go back inside, nice meeting you vinnie and enjoy your walk." she said and got up and left.

He started to head towards the courtyard gate when his commbadge chirped.

"Caoptain torres to commander crow emergency we....." The voice stopped.

Vinnie tapped his commbadge and headed directly to the quarters area at a run.

"Commander crow to captain torres or dr taylor." he said.

He received no response and got to their quarters area and found his door ajar and theirs as well. He went into his quarters and noone was in their and found the spot where he had hid his hand phaser and checked the setting and went directly to the captains and the drs quarters and found signs of a struggle but the captain and dr were gone their commbadhes left in the room. He tapped his commbadge and spoke.

"Commander crow to commander Juarez, sorry for calling so late but this is an emergency. the captain and the dr have been abducted. I need a full security team down here asap." He said.


Vinnie headed directly for the main area where they had last talked to radu, he found rashella just coming into the room and radu appeared.

"Commander crow, i was just told that a security team and your first offiocer has beamed down at your request and heading here, id like to know why?" he asked.

"Radu, my captain and dr have been abducted and since we beamed down something has seemed amiss and i feel you are hiding something." he stated.

Radu sat down and the security team and the first officer entered the room.

"Commander, again sorry for waking you but this is radu he is their leader. Radu this is commander Bennie Juarez." Vinnie said.

"Commanders, theres a group of dissedents that do not wish us to join the federation, i have had threats andmore threats and now they take your captain and the dr, where i do not know." he said.

"I was putside talking to a young girl named treylanna when they were taken and from seeing my room door ajar i would bet that they would have taked me as well if i had been in there." he said frowning.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Aug 30 2006, 07:18 PM
Alex and Dianna were busy talking and getting to know each other when they were barged in and grabbed by some strong men.

Dianna tried to struggle and comm Vinnie. She didn’t get to far with that as the men pulled the comm badges off of them so that they can’t contact anyone. The men had a tight handle of her arms. Then she felt that they threw something in her mouth. They made her swallow it and then everything went black. When Dianna was fighting them, she noticed Alexandria was doing the exact same thing she was doing;fighting.

Both of them had blacked out.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Aug 31 2006, 03:18 PM
Bennie was cursing in Spanish, the bridge had been in full on mode tracking the situtation, don't ask how, who, what or why but Bennie had it, "ALRIGHT I NEED TWO PEOPLE TO FOLLOW ME."

She then ordered, "I want you locking on their position when I give the command."

She walked off the bridge and down to the transporter room, armed with a TR-921 a powerful machine phaser gun, the poor Ensign just stared at her typing away and beaming her down to last known location.

Posted by: Phillip Mcintyre Sep 1 2006, 04:02 AM
Mac went back to his quarters. The door swooshed familiarly behind him. Pulling off his commbadge and camoflouge blouse and throwing them on the couch he sat at his desk. Checking his messages finding he had none.

"Nobody love me." Mac said chuckling.

Posted by: Rune Sep 1 2006, 04:51 PM
"Leave? The politicians got finished that quickly?" wondered the Ferengi.

=^= "Change of plans," said Timothy. "The Captain and most of the senior staff will remain planetside. We will rendevous with an affiliate of mine. Keep the engines running, Commander. Larsen out." =^=

Toca was standing with Rune in the corridors outside the Transporter Room when the call came.

"You - go to my Quarters and don't touch anything," Rune ordered.

Toca raised his hands up, "Of course."

Rune nodded and headed to Engineering. He began checking the systems, and working with the Engineering staff, to make sure everything was okay with the Warp core. The systems checked out. He wasn't sure as to what was going on, other than the fact the Captain and the others were on the surface.

He had saw Commander Juarez enter the Transporter room and beam down with two Security officers - not knowing what was up.

But for now, he assumed something important related to the mission was going on - and that the Yamato was needed somewhere else. Rune wanted to help function, so he waited to ask the questions later. He checked the Warp core and it was showing that it was running at Warp 8. In nearly 15 to 20 minutes they were due to thier rondezvous.

But before that, Rune tapped his commbadge and contacted the Bridge, "Rune to Larsen. I would like to meet for a briefing, if possible."

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 1 2006, 07:24 PM

Slowly Alex was waking up. Her head was in a fog, but she was waking up. Her vision was blurry so she really could not see what was going on around her or where she was. Alex tried to move, but she found that she could not as she was retrained. What she did find is that she was restrained to a bed though. She could not move no matter what she tried.

Alex heard Dianna screaming and crying in the background. She knew she was near but she didn't know how far away. Then Alex realized that Dianna was in fact laying in the bed right next to her. Alex could feel the confusion in the captain's mind. The captain was scared. She didn't know where she was and on top of it all she couldn't see and that frightened her.

Alex was scared too, but Alex knew that she needed to keep the captain calm.

"Dianna," said Alex. "I know you're scared. I am too."

"Dr," said Dianna "How'd u know?"

"I'm an empath," said Alex. Then Alex felt someone trying to communicate to her telepathically. It was Dianna.

I am too, said Dianna telepathically.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 1 2006, 10:23 PM
"Stay down, and follow my lead," she told them as she crawled through the wild reeds, she stood up and chocked a few guards from behind.

She didn't know if she'd be alive, but you know this was one thing she'd be damned to do, they snuck passed the guards that came running out, the other officers started firing back.

"C'mon this way," Bennie said as they snuck passed the other guards, "shhh."

She said as they crawled into the complex, "lets see what's behind door number two."

Posted by: Rune Sep 3 2006, 09:45 PM
Rune hesitated for a moment, "Wait-- Who are these ships, and who are these VIPs?"

He didn't want to come off too disturbed by the immediate change in plans. But the fact he saw the Commander leave armed to the surface, was starting to worry him.

"Did the Captain sanction this mission?"

Posted by: Andrea Torres Sep 5 2006, 04:54 PM
Subspace Message

To: Captain Dianna Torres, Commanding Officer of USS Yamato
From: Commodore Andrea Torres

Hey sis, when you get the time, I need for your current reports on the going ons on the Yamato.

Thank you,
Commodore Andrea Torres
Starfleet Chief of Operations

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 5 2006, 09:12 PM

Dianna was waking up and she found she could not see. Everything was foggy. She found she was also restrained to a bed and she was scared. She started screaming as she was rather confused as to what was happening to her.

Dianna heard Alex right beside her trying to sooth her. Dianna was crying and upset. Dianna wanted to beat the living daylight out of the people that did this to them. She was innocent. Dianna and Alex had their small talk but enough to know that they can communicate to each other telepathically if they need to.

Then after a while Dianna felt someone was undoing her restraints. It was the guys that had drugged her and had taken to wherever she currently was. She sat up and then she felt them put her hands behind her back and attached them together. They tried taking her off the bed but she kept kicking them but eventually she was led to another room where they started interregating her. They had her sit in a chair. The attached her legs to the chair so that she don't try to escape if she tried.

Dianna tried fighting them and she refused to answer any of their questions. They wanted her to stop the signing of the planet joining the federation. She refused. They were torturing her every time she refused. They hit her with drugs and she was being abused to the point that she felt she had some broken bones. Dianna refused to give up. This people of this planet deserve to join the federation and just because some dissodent don't want them to join doesn't mean they should keep them from joining. As far as Dianna has known, they deserve to join the federation no matter if people don't like it.

Dianna endured the pain they put to her. Dianna wanted to see this treaty through and she'd do anything for that to happen. After a while she was taken back to where Alex was and she was put back on the bed and rerestrained to the bed in pain. Dianna felt that every bone in her body was broken. Dianna should know whats it like to have every broken bone in her body. Melissa had done it to her at once. They left her and Dianna was crying in pain.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 5 2006, 10:52 PM

Alex could hear Dianna being taken away. She kept her eyes closed as to fear they would take her too but they did not. Alex laid there wishing she could see but she could not. This better be reversable or she will have a royal fit.

Before Alex knew it Dianna was back and she was in pain. Alex talked to her empathically telling her that they will get out of this situation. Right now they needed each other until they can be saved and they wished it would be soon. Alex knew that Dianna needed medical attention but for the time being they needed to comfort each other.

Posted by: Vinnie Sep 6 2006, 12:01 AM
Vinnie stood there and made a decision and grabbed the official and pulled him till he was eye to eye with him.

"Listen, my captains out there and in alot of pain, if you know something or at least a way to find her and the dr tell me." Vinnie said.

"Commander, come obver here and i will show you where they maybe holding her." stated his wife.

He let him go and followed his wife to a map and she pointed out a place a bit of a walk from here and vinnie was about to tap his commbadge when someone came in,

"Ma'am, your excellency, the federation starship has left, it warped out according to our sattelites a few minutes ago." The man stated.

Vince felt his anger boiling.

"Ma'am if you have a way i can get to this complex so i can find them i would appreciate it." He said.

She led him to theuir transporter room.

"Here commander take this this will help us retrieve you when you are ready." She said placing a device on his arm underneath,

He was transported into a dark room and saw light under a door and went to it and found the wall light and turned it on. He was in a office of some sort. He opened the door after unholstering his phaser. He thought for a minute and closed his eyes.

Dianna alex if you can hear me, say something its commander crow.

Commander, its me alex. The captain is in trouble and i cannot help her or see.

Alex keep talking ill home in on you.

She kept on talking to him and he made his way down the hall keeping close to the wall and turned down another and was about to make another turn when he stopped at a corner and looked down and saw two guards standing near a door. He set his phaser to stun and wide beam and took out the guards. He walkked down quickly and the door had a keylock. He checked the guards and found the keys, he tried each one till one clicked. He opened the door and the room is dark. He found a lightswitch on the wall and pushed it and the lights came on. He saw the dr restrained to a bed. He went over to her and undid the restraints.

"Dr its me vinnie, its ok. You are safe, let me take the cover over your eyes." He said.

Vinnie removed the cover over her eyes and she can move freely.

"Dr, do you know how to use a phaser?" He asked.

"Yes, how can i help?" she asked.

Vinnie handed her his phaser and in his head said. please guard the door.

She got up and went to the main door. He went to the other door and slowly opened it. He stepped into a lowlighted room and found a guy dropping his pants and his captain laying on the floor and looked to be in pain and that was all vinnie could handle. he slammed the door closed and the guy turned around and vince kicked him right in the face with a roundhouse kick. Vinnie grabbed him and punched him in the face four times and slammed the guiys head into the wall and he grabbed him by the head and twisted and felt the bones snap. He let the guy drop to the floor and vinnie knew he just killed a man. He walked over to where the captain layed and gently scooped her up in his arms and headed to the door and opened it.

"Oh my God, commander is she alive?" asled the dr.

All vinnie could do is nod, he felt her presence.

"Dr grab my arm and touch the device on it we will be beamed from here." Vinnie stated.

The dr did and just heard the door opening when they were beamed away and back to the main aldean facility. they got the captain to their medical facility and the dr had gone to get her med kit and vinnie stayed with the captain.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 6 2006, 05:25 PM
Bennie could hear the commotion, but she and her two security officers, were busy. Phasers going off and containers exploding here and there. "Go find them, and I'll try to contact the ship."

The two security officers were about out of breath when they found Crow, Alex and Dianna.

"Sir, Ma'ams. Commander Juarez is trying to contact-" They were cut off when Bennie came in.

"Damn it, the ship's gone." She stomped her foot, as she about threw her comm badge to the floor.

Crow looked at her and said, "I could have told you that."

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 6 2006, 10:35 PM

Dianna laid in pain. Then she heard voices but they were distant. She felt someone pick her up carefully and then she felt that she was being transported somewhere and then laid down on a nice soft bed. Dianna looked up and saw Vinnie looking down at her.

“Vinnie,” said Dianna in pain, “Can you get Radu so that we can get that treaty signed. I not going to let anyone come in and mess that up.

“Are you sure about it Captain? You seem to look like you are in a lot of pain.” Said Vinnie.

“I am sure,” said Dianna, “and I am in a lot of pain, but this needs to be done. As long as Alex can give me someone for the pain, I think I can manage,” said Dianna. “After that, we can get back to the ship and Alex can do her stuff.”

“Okay,” said Vinne, “ but it may be awhile as the ship left orbit.”

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Said Dianna.

“I was just notified when I came to get you two and we will get to bottom of this,” said Vinnie.

“You better,” said Dianna “or hell will pay.”

“Captain,” said Vinnie “just settle down and I’ll go see about Radu,”

“Okay,” said Dianna in pain.

As Vinnie was leaving to get Radu, Alex came down with her med kit.

Dianna knew Alex knew that Dianna was in pain. Alex got some medication out of her kit and started setting a hypo up for Dianna.

“Here Dianna,” said Alex, “I going to give you a sedative which will help you sleep until we can get you to the ship.”

“Alex,” said Dianna. “No sedative.”

“Dianna, it will help,” said Alex.

“I know,” said Dianna, “but I need to get the signing of the treaty done first.”

“Okay,” said Alex.

Dianna watched as Alex switched the medicine for the hypos and this time Alex gave her something for the pain. The pain throughout Dianna’s body subsided, but not a whole lot as the injuries were rather extensive.

Then Dianna saw Vinnie walk in with Radu and Rashella. Dianna heard Vinnie ask how she was and Dianna heard Alex say that she knew that Dianna is in a lot of pain and that they really needed to get Dianna back to the ship.

Dianna heard Radu say that they could wait on the signing of the treaty if she not up to it and Dianna said that she may be hurt but she won’t wait another day to sign the treaty. She wanted to see them joined and she didn’t care if people were against them joining the federation. In her eyes she wanted them there and now. Dianna had Vincent pull out the papers that needed signed and Dianna relayed everything to them all as to what to sign. After they all had everything signed then Dianna went over the papers herself as she had to sign them to as a witness to this occasion. It was hard, but she managed as her arms were in pain to but she was not going to wait on this. Once everything was taken care of, they put the papers away for safe keeping and she made her welcome speech to Radu and how they all will benefit on them all joined together.

Dianna was relieved that it was finally over. Radu applogized to her about the problem she is going through because of their dissodents but she said to him not to worry and that she will be fine in no time. Alex is a good doctor.

Dianna watched as Rashella and Radu left so that they all could get quiet. Dianna asked Vinnie to try to get hold of the ship but still there were still out of comm range.

“Okay, Dianna,” said Alex, “You ready to get some sleep.”

“I really not looking forward to it,” said Dianna, “but I know you’d convince me it would for the best.”

“Yes it would be,” said Alex.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 6 2006, 10:54 PM

Now Alex was finally able to give Dianna something to sleep. It was not long at all, before she saw that the captain was fast asleep.

“Vinnie,” said Alex, “She’s going to be okay.”

“She looks so peaceful,” said Vinnie.

“Nobody should have to endure this.” Said Alex sadly.

“She’ll be okay,” asked Vinnie.

“Yes,” said Alex, “but it looks like I may have surgery to perform. I going to have to relieve her of duty until she recovers.”

Alex brushed Dianna’s hair back.

“In the short time I’ve gotten to know her, I think she’s a wonderful person,” said Alex.

“Yes, she is.” Said Vinnie.

Alex held Dianna’s hand. “Stay with us Dianna and we’ll get you fixed up in no time.”

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 7 2006, 10:49 PM

Dianna sighed. "Fine just give it to me Dr."

"Dianna," said Alex "Get comfortable as this is going to kick in fast."

Dianna got comfortable and then she felt Alex put a hypo to Dianna's neck.

Before long, Dianna felt her eyes get heavy and then darkness had engulfed her. Dianna was fast asleep.

OOC: Tim beware, we will find out that you stole the ship tongue.gif

Posted by: Vinnie Sep 7 2006, 11:07 PM
Vinnie had gone back into the room and was talking to the security officers, he informed them and commander Juarez that the captain would be ok then the same guy that had told him and radu that the yamato had left.

"Radu, the federation starship has returned.." He said.

Commander Juarez tapped her commbadge and spoke to the ship.


The dr came in and spoke to vinnie.


Vinnie went into the room where dianna layed and gently picked her up and was transported directly to sickbay. He layed her on a biobed and the dr took over. He noted that lt anders was laying on a biobed and he had a funny feeling about this.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 8 2006, 09:57 AM
Crow told her the Captain would be okay.

16.gifJuarez to Yamato 16.gif
16.gifThis is Rune 16.gif

She could hear his little butt moving to the damn transporter room she rolled her eyes, and then she said.

16.gifRune, lock on to the Captain and the Doctor, beam them to sickbay 16.gif
16.gifAye, transporting now 16.gif

She looked at her men, and then at Crow.

16.gifRune, four to beam, sickbay 16.gif

Rune complied, and they arrived on the ship, Juarez then noticed in the room. Anders, "nurse can you tell me what happened to him?"

"He collasped," the nurse replied, but Bennie looked him over and replied.

"He didn't collaspe, I wasn't born yesterday nurse."

The nurse sighed, "I can't tell you not here, Larsen..."

Bennie's upper lip curled, she then walked over to Commander Crow, "we need to talk, now."

She told him, as she waited for him in a corner of sickbay.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 8 2006, 01:15 PM
Before they knew it, they were all beamed to sickbay from Aldea. Alex had Vinnie put Dianna on the biobed and Alex went into doctor mode. A nurse asked what happened and Alex explain that she and Dianna were abducted but because Dianna was the captain they abused her to the point that Dianna's injuries were rather extensive. Alex feared she would have been next if Vinnie didn't find them when he did.

Alex did some scans of Dianna before she fully started working on Dianna. It looked like Dianna had many broken bones and some internal bleeding. All of which she will have to repair the best of her abilities.

They prepped Dianna up for surgery. Alex placed an Delta-Wave Inducer on Dianna's forehead. Even though Dianna was already fast asleep from the sedatives she gave her earlier to help her not have to feel the pain from her injuries, she still needed that just in case she woke up but there was an added benefit of this device. It helps the healing process also.

"Okay guys, said Alex to her staff, "this is the captain and we gotta do what we can for her, so come on lets heal her to our best of our abilities. We owe her that much."

Alex worked on all the internal injuries first before Alex even decided to work on the broken bones. When Alex got inside of Dianna, she was able to see all the bleeding and slowly started working on fixing it. Going through all the bleeding, Alex noticed the captain needed her appendix to be removed. She was a bit surprised that Dianna had not come to her complaining of the pain but then captains typically are the worse patients. As soon as that was done, Alex got the protoplaster and started working on repairing the broken bones.

Alex was relieved once that was all done and now Dianna was ready to just recover. She was carefully moved to the recovery area. She may have been fixed up, but she still had some healing to be done. Alex took the Delta-Wave Inducer off of Dianna and let Dianna rest until she decides to wake up.

When Dianna wakes up, Alex had to talk to her. Alex told one of the nurses to keep an eye on Dianna and to let her know when she wakes up.

Alex then walked into her office and started working on her reports. She had some things to add to the captain's report. She also had to put in the report that as of right now until she felt the captain was okay that the captain was relieved of duty until further notice due to extent of her injuries.

Depending on how Dianna recovers, she may have to place Dianna in a support chair on a temporary basis until she's back to 100%. Alex realized that Dianna may be on pain medicine for quite some time, but she will be there for her and help her through the ordeal.

Alex slowly looked over Dianna's records and noticed that Dianna had extensive injuries like this minus the internal bleeding when she was a kid, but there was nothing telling her as to what happened. That would be something that she would have to ask Dianna provided she'd volunteer that to her.

Posted by: Vinnie Sep 8 2006, 05:54 PM
Vinnie walked oveer to where the exec was standing.

"Commander, i have a feeling i know what you are thinking but we need proof and if i were him and i did something wrong, i would eliminate any proof of what occured but i have a way to eliminate that." Vinnie stated.


Vinnie knew exactly what he had to do and bennie agreed to it reluctantly do to the danger he was putting himself into by doing what he had in mind.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 8 2006, 06:25 PM
Dianna was slowly opening her eyes. She found that she was back on the Yamato in sickbay laying on a biobed. She heard monitors going as it was a way to monitor her status. She felt like a train wreck had hit her.
A nurse saw that she was awake and checked in on her.

“Hey captain,” said the nurse, “how are you feeling?”

“I’m hurting and I feel sick,” said Dianna.

“Okay captain,” said the nurse, “I’ll go get the doctor. She wanted to see you when you woke up. I’ll let her know about your discomfort.”

“Thank you,” said Dianna. Dianna watched as the nurse walked off.

Soon enough Dianna saw Alex walk in and pulled a rolling chair up right next to her on the biobed and sat down. Dianna looked at Alex and Alex spoke.

“Captain,” said Alex.

“Doctor, please call me Dianna,” said Dianna.

Dianna noticed that Alex smile and then said, “Okay Dianna it is.” Said Alex.

Dianna felt that Alex was holding her hand.

“Dianna, “ said Alex “I hear you not feeling so well.”

“Yeah. I feel like I going to throw up.” Said Dianna.

Alex put her hand to Dianna’s head.

“You don’t have a fever,” said Alex “but I going to get a nurse to give you something for the nausea.”

“Okay,” said Dianna. Dianna heard Alex get on her comm with one of her nurses to bring something for the nausea that Dianna was feeling.

“Dianna,” said Alex, “I wanted to come here to explain some things to you. I wanted to explain some things about your injuries you sustained along with another problem I found while I fixed you up.”

“Yeah,” said Dianna. Dianna saw the nurse come in and gave her a hypo for the nausea.

“Dianna, you sustained a lot of broken bones but in addition you had a lot of internal bleeding. We fixed you up, but that’s not why you probably feel so nauseous as you do. I found another little problem and I took care of it. I had to remove your appendix. It was rather close to exploding so in my opinion that’s why you feel as bad as you do.”

“Oh, I see,” said Dianna. “Doctor, when you think you will be able to release me?”

“I really not sure, Dianna. We have to see how you are doing. You probably going to be confined to sickbay for at least a few days and then afterwards, I don’t know. It’s going to be a while before I will release you back to duty. I’m not doing this to punish you. It was not your fault. I want to tell you that much. “ Said Alex.

“I know doctor.” Said Dianna.

“So Dianna,” said Alex, “are you feeling any pain.”

Dianna nodded yes.

“Even though I fixed you up, you would still feel that so I’ll get you something for the pain and let you rest quietly enough. A little later when we feel you are stable enough, we’ll move you to a private room.” Said Alex.

“Thank you doctor,” said Dianna.

“Don’t mention it,” said Alex.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 8 2006, 07:01 PM
Alex went to set up a hypos up for Dianna for the pain. She had two just for Dianna. Since the med kits are limited as to what they carry, Dianna didn't have the luxury of the strong stuff to kick in on the pain. Here in sickbay she can make sure Dianna is as comfortable as possible.

Alex walked back to where Dianna was resting.

"Hey there Dianna," said Alex. "I got two hypos just for you."

"Two?" asked Dianna.

"Yep. One is for the pain and the other is to immobolize you. It will keep you calm while you rest the time out."

Alex could hear Dianna sighing, but she knew she needed to keep her as comfortable as much as possible.

Alex quickly gave Dianna the hypos and watched Dianna get comfortable.

"Dianna," said Alex, "If you need anything tonight, Dr. Wilson will be here along with the nurse. Don't hesitate to ask for anything. They will be here to help you. I have to get a little rest, but if I can, I'll check in on you a little later."

Alex then left sickbay as soon as Dr. Wilson showed up and explained everything to him as to the going on. Alex then headed to her quarters. She then got some rest as she was really tired. It was a long exhausting day. She hated being the bearer of bad news, but Dianna needed to know where she stood right now. She didn't let Dianna know everything, but what she could, she told her. Dianna had to do the rest to recover. It was out of her hands. Dianna had to do the hard work now.

Posted by: Rune Sep 8 2006, 08:27 PM
OCC: Larsen - sorry it took so long to post dialogue.

"Either I take the Yamato and attack these people, or they will come and find me. And when they do, if I am on the Yamato, they will destroy the Yamato. At the moment, they are damaged. I must strike now."

Rune gritted his sharp teeth at this. He couldn't risk the Yamato being destroyed, so he nodded uncomfortably.

"Continue the mission," the Ferengi said.

The two walked out onto the Bridge and Larson took the command chair once more. "ETA?" he asked the helmsman.

Rune took an Executive officer's position for this brief mission, even though he out-ranked Larson. The Intelligence officer was more aware of the mission, and Rune knew time was of the essence.

A subordinate took Ops when they picked up the convoy of ships. After a brief dialogue on the view-screen, the Yamato eliminated the three ships while sustaining minimal damage.

The Galaxy class vessel returned to Aldea where it went to pick up the Away Teams. Rune took over the Transporter room.

16.gif"Rune, lock on to the Captain and the Doctor, beam them to sickbay." 16.gif- came Commander Juarez's order.

The Ferengi acknowledged and he transported. After that was over he left the Transporter room.

As he was walking through the corridors, he was left to wonder about the Commander's tone. It seemed like she didn't like him, and didn't care of that fact either. But then again, she always did have a bit of an attitude: a Humaan trait, possibly, Rune thought. But what had he done to get on her bad side. Was it just the fact he was a Ferengi? Was that all there was needed? Oh wait, he then recalled, It's probably that time on the Bridge I told them I was playing poker all night. Dumb move... he thought.

Rune then entered his Quarters and found that his cousin was not there.


He looked around.

"Toca? Computer, locate the Ferengi guest, Toca."

16.gif"Toca is located in 10-Forward," 16.gif- the computer replied.

"Great," Rune sighed. "He'd better not be getting into any trouble."

Rune left his Quarters and returned to the sea of corridors that interconnected the USS Yamato. It would take him a bit a of time just to get to 10-Forward thanks to the size of the ship. But if he knew his cousin well - Toca would be drinking and socializing with the crew. No doubt he had already made some drinking friends and begun trying to leech bargains onto them. It was time Rune put his cousin into place.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 9 2006, 04:46 PM
She and Crow knew exactly what they had to do. Larsen had the nerve to ask her how the assignment fared. The assignment? She went do to. Crow held Juarez back, and she took a deep breath, "the assignment. Larsen. Went fine."

Bennie couldn't take it. Her husband was Bennie had married a Starfleet Intel Officer, who was killed in the line of duty, Domingo Santos was his name, he died, taking out scum bag traitors. She really wanted to knock this guy to bits. She really wanted to kill him. Bennie then said, "if you'll excuse me, Mr. Larsen. I have some catching up to do in my office."

She brushed by him and was about to leave sickbay, "if the Captain so much as coughs, or hiccups someone better call me. Until then, this is my ship, and trust me... nothing is going to slip by me."

16.gifRune, I want you in my quarters. NOW! 16.gif

Bennie made her way to her own quarters, where she was going to set up her alter, and pray over Domingo, who was a Hero to the people, and a legend to the Federation...

Posted by: Rune Sep 9 2006, 06:07 PM
Rune was in the Turbolift when he heard a call over the comm.

16.gif"Rune, I want you in my quarters. NOW!" 16.gif

He rolled his eyes when he heard the voice. That must be the Commander, he thought. Rune tapped his commbadge, "Understood, ma'am. Is there a problem?"

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 10 2006, 12:41 AM
Dianna watched as Alex left her for the night. The hypos that Alex had given her was starting to kick in now and she felt the effect of them. After a while she couldn’t feel anything at all. The pain had subsided and she couldn’t even move anything. It really was scary to Dianna, but she knew what a immobilizer was and that scared her but she understood that Alex was trying to help her. Tears started streaming down Dianna’s eyes. A nurse came and checked on Dianna to see how she was fairing. Dianna was fine, but emotionally Dianna was a basketcase. The nurse looked through her stats and left and then Dr. Wilson walked in to check in on her. Dianna asked for them to see if they could get ahold of Alex and she was told that Alex was off for the night. Dianna pleaded with them to get ahold of Alex and they told her that they will see what they could do.

Before they left Dianna, they moved Dianna onto a wheeled Biobed so that they could move her into a private room. She was then wheeled to the private room and transferred yet again to another biobed that was laying there. Then she was left to rest.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 10 2006, 07:28 PM
16.gifRune, you'll be informed of the problem once you arrive. I must speak with you, its important 16.gif

Her voice almost cracked. Almost she wasn't the kind to break easy, but with Larsen running like he was it didn't help that the anniversary of her husband's death was coming. She needed someone to confide in and, Rune. Was it.

Posted by: Vinnie Sep 10 2006, 09:55 PM
Vinnie had left sickbay not even saying another word to commader larson. He went to his quarters and checked the time and it was 2000 hours. He took a shower and replicated some food and sat down thinking about what had happened. He ate and left and headed down to sickbay and entered. The lights were low and he found a dark area to hide when he heard a door open. A nurse walked out and looked around.

"Hey, is anyone there. I know i heard the doors open." She said.

He stayyed put while she looked around and shook her head and muttered about hearing things and went back into the office and the door closed. He walked up to window and peaked in but was standing where they could not see him unless they looked hard. She was doing some work on a padd. He walked by and headed to the private room area and found the one where dianna was and entered. She was awake and he smiled at her and put his finger to his lips and spole to her in his head.

~Dianna, i want to help you. Its difficult for me to explain what i can do but i need you to trust me, if you do blink once.~

She blinked once.

~Ok, imgoing to touch you, close your eyes and clear your head and go to sleep..~

Vinnie watched her close her eyes and he put his hands to her temples and gave her some of his power to aide in her healing giving it a little help. He stepped away and she was asleep and he could feel it. He left her room and quietly left sickbay.

Posted by: Rune Sep 12 2006, 08:40 AM
The Ferengi could have sworn he heard a difference in her tone - after all his ears were able to pick up that kind of stuff - but he wasn't too sure. Either way, he made his way onto the Deck that the Commander's Quarters were. Stepping off the Turbolift, he walked through the corridors and eventually came to approach her door.

Rune tapped the bell.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 12 2006, 06:25 PM
Dianna was laying peacefully in the private room that they had set up for her to recouperate in. She was upset that she couldn't move any of her limbs. The doctor had given her some pain medicine but that was not what caused her not to be able to move her limbs. She had given her an immobilizer so that she wouldn't move.

Dianna understood what Alex was trying to do but it was a bit unnerving to her.

Dianna noticed that Vinnie was sneaking into her room. She was going to have a word with him when she got better about that little prank he just pulled. He told her by his body language to stay quiet while he was sneaking in. She listened to what he had to say. She closed her eyes when Vinnie asked her too. She felt a bit wierd and then she was out like a light.

The Next moment Dianna remembered was Alex looking at her.

"Dianna," said Alex, "Did you ask for me?"

"Yes Doctor," said Dianna. "You gave me an immobolizer. I can't move my limbs."

"I know," said Alex. "I didn't want you to move around to much because of your injuries and what I had to remove. It will wear off soon."

"I can't stand it," said Dianna.

"Dianna," said Alex, "I can't reverse it. Just calm down."

"I can't'," said Dianna in tears.

"I'll be right back," said Alex.

Dianna watched as Alex walked back and came back with a nurse in tow.

"Here Dianna," said Alex, "I am holding your hand. I got Lisa here to give you something to sleep."

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Said Dianna.

"Dianna, you need to calm down."

"Please, Please, get that damm immobolizer off me please." Said Dianna.

"I told you Dianna, we can't." Said Alex.

Dianna then started to swear her head off and then she felt a hypo to her neck and then darkness engulfed her.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 12 2006, 06:45 PM
Alex was about to order some food to eat when she got a call from sickbay saying that Dianna needed her. They mentioned they waited a little bit as they knew she needed some rest. Alex thanked them and headed to sickbay to see what was up for Dianna.

Alex could tell that Dianna was in a state. It looked like Dianna did have some rest but now she was rather aggitated. She tried to calm Dianna, but she was not calming down. After a while she heard swear words coming out of her mouth. Alex never knew that Dianna could swear like a sailor but she was swearing just like that. Alex got a nurse to give her a sedative. Alex knew that Dianna needed some sleep. When Dianna finally fell fast asleep, she was relieved. Dianna needed rest right now more than anything.

Alex understood that she had a lot of work to do with Dianna emotionally and physically. Alex pushed Dianna's hair back. Poor captain. Alex telepathically said to Dianna that she will be okay. She just had to have faith. Alex said goodnight to the staff and said that she will be there bright in the morning. There will going to be some tests that she needed to do on Dianna in the morning. She also had to talk to the Commander Juarez in the morning.

Once back in her quarters Alex went to her console and send a message to Commander Juarez

TO: Commander Bennie Juarez, Executive Officer
From: Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Taylor, Chief Medical Officer/Chief Couselor


I would like you to come by sickbay around 0900 in the morning if at all possible. I have a matter to discuss with you.

Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Taylor
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Couselor

Alex then sent the message off.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 12 2006, 07:14 PM
"Get in here," she said as she was dressed up in her boxers and sports bra. "Sit down," she told him pointing to her couch. She replicated herself some strong coffee, and offered him something, "did you want anything? Tea?"

She stood by the replicator and really she leaned up aganist it, "Rune, do you know what tomorrow is?"

He didn't have a chance to speak she answered the question, "tomorrow is the anniversary of my husband's death."

"He was a Starfleet Intel officer," she said and she kept control of herself. Composure was key.

Posted by: Rune Sep 13 2006, 12:21 PM
Rune had entered the Commander's Quarters and taken a seat. He was about to accept the tea, when she told him what was really on her mind.

"Tomorrow is the anniversary of my husband's death. He was a Starfleet Intel officer," she stated.

Rune nodded instinctively, "Oh, I see." - until a second later, it registered in his brain, "...Oh!" he replied in more shock. "I had no idea. Are you alright?" the Ferengi asked.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 14 2006, 10:11 AM
"No, Rune." She admited handing him tea, as she sat down beside him, "I've been okay. Dom, Dom was something else alright, but he never did anything aganist his surperior officers."

She sipped her coffee then spoke, "he was a real good guy, Rune. Quite the trader as well."

Bennie put her coffee down on the table in front of the couch, she to a wall locker in the living room, and opened it up. Inside she grabbed a beautifully hand made Ferengi rug. "This carpet, he said he got for two galloons of Romulan Ale, and Klingon Blood Wine."

She had a faint smile on her face before putting it back in the wall locker, "Rune. You wouldn't lie to me would you?"

Posted by: Rune Sep 14 2006, 09:34 PM
Rune watched as the Commander took out the carpet. He agreed that it was a very nice carpet - of Ferengi origins.

"This carpet, he said he got for two galloons of Romulan Ale, and Klingon Blood Wine."

The Ferengi was beginning to wonder if Juarez was intending on bargaining it with Rune for something she wanted. That would be the Ferengi way. But he was something of a different value structure than normal Ferengi. He didn't go to money first, before all things.

Speaking to Jurez made his mind wander for a moment. He began to think of the time he was talking to Larsen about taking over the Yamato. He recalled his controversial descision to allow him to complete his mission. It was a descision he stuck by. It was apparent, by Larsens regard, that the Yamato would be in danger had he not acted. Even though the command staff were on the planet, and in a danger that was not to Rune's knowledge; Rune had decided the many more lives of the ship needed immediate attention. - Trust, he came to understand from his short time with Humans, was an important aspect in the command structure. Had he not trusted Larsen, Rune may as well had been runnning the ship himself. But his wandering thoughts were quickly interrupted by Juarez. Rune still felt bad for her loss - a feeling, most Ferengi would trade off for latinum.

"Rune. You wouldn't lie to me would you?"

The Ferengi snapped out of it, "Huh? Oh! Of course not, Commander. In fact, that is why I never made it in the Ferengi business world. I rarely lied."

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 14 2006, 11:09 PM
"What was Larsen, doing?" Bennie asked, "your loyalty would be valued highly."

Bennie looked him in the eye, "Rune. You realize if he tries anything now, both you and me are in trouble. Chain of command states, that you should have stopped him. I should have stayed on the bridge, but I felt it my duty to aid my Captain."

She sipped her coffee. "If anything happened, you realize that my husbands honor is on the line, and is your career. Me, I could care less Rune. My husband died a long time ago and my life without him is nothing but a shell."

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 15 2006, 09:38 PM
After leaving sickbay, Alex headed to her quarters so that she could actually eat. She did worry about Dianna. Tomorrow she was going to try to get out of Dianna as what happened to her when she was kid. She needed to know what happened as a doctor and hopefully as a friend. Some doctors bridge that gap, but not Alex. In a way they sort of work together. Alex wanted Dianna to trust her and the only way it would work is if Alex showed her that she cared and that they could be friends. Alex did share one thing with her; they got abducted. Dianna was badly injured so Alex had to help Dianna cope with it and if Dianna had been injured like this before, she didn't know how Dianna was going to take all of this. Dianna would probably be very aware of what it takes to get better.

Before Alex realized it, it was time that she go to bed as morning will be there very soon.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 19 2006, 02:06 AM
It was early morning when Dianna woke up. She still felt like a train reck had attacked her. Her whole body was hurting. A nurse came in to check on her and said that Alex would be in soon to check up on her.

The nurse was not wrong when Alex walked in.

"Hey there Dianna. How you doing." Said Alex

"I would be fine if I was not stuck here."

Dianna saw a smile to the doctor.

"Dianna can you sit up for me please?" Dianna did as instructed. Dianna could feel Alex feeling her back and told her then to lay back down. She saw alex walk around to her legs. Alex wanted her to tell her if she felt anything when alex felt her legs but she couldn't feel anything. Alex told her not to worry. Alex explained to her that this may be only temporary. Dianna did remember the last time this happened to her, it was temporary until all her bones fully all healed.

Dianna watched as Alex left the room and returned with a tray of food for her. She set the try down for Dianna so that she can reach it and eat up. Dianna watched as Alex set up a holomovie just for her.

"You know Dianna, since you are stuck here, I decided that you can enjoy the movie while stuck here. I'll let you eat and enjoy the movie." said Alex.

Dianna then ate and watched the movie. Before Alex left the room, she gave her a hypo for the pain.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 22 2006, 02:26 AM
After a little while, Alex checking back in on Dianna. Alex noticed that Dianna had dozed off watching the holomovie that she had set up for her. Alex took the tray away and put it where it belonged. Alex then found a blanket and put it over Dianna. Alex could hear Diannna snoring a bit and Alex smiled. Captain was definately tired. Alex then went to her office to go over some tests results. The last day or so has been rough.

Posted by: Rune Sep 23 2006, 09:02 PM
OCC: Sorry this took so long.

Rune got up and approached the console. He tapped at it until a list of details appeared. "I was just about to bring this to you, Commander; my report on the events."

He tapped at the console again, scrolling his report text down.

"As you can see, I reported a vague set of events. It says we went out to assist a damaged ship. We discovered three of the attackers and destroyed them. Then we returned home."

Rune took a breath.

"That's the extent of what I was able to report under Larsen's discretion. Of who those ships were, and where they are now, I guess he expected us to not look into it. Strange... I thought he'd have covered it up more. But instead he wiped the computers, hoping that would be enough."

The Ferengi shook his head.

"I took a chance and went along with it. Perhaps, I'd learn something more of what was going on, at the expense of whatever was going on down on Aldea. What I found was... odd. From the conversations I observed, it would seem Larsen is a part of some sort of Agency. He was referred to as 'Agent' on several occasions. We were supposed to save or assist some VIP's - non-Federation to be exact. By destroying those three other vessels, we apparenty did so - and our mission was a success. Not to mention he also phasered Anders."

The Ferengi sat back down and looked around, shaking his head.

"I... I... It is just all so strange." He glanced up. "He also said he would have to dispose of me if I revealed any of this."

The Commander looked at him skeptically, "Quite the brave Ferengi you are."

"Stupid is more like it. It's quite possible Larsen has this room bugged and is waiting to kill me the second I step out of your Quarters. I may have kept it all to myself, but he never spoke to me afterwards. The whole thing has got me confused. What I can say though, is that it looks like he is genuinely trying to do something for the good... and not underhanded."

Posted by: Vinnie Sep 26 2006, 09:40 PM
Vinnie made his way to his security office and he knew the bridge logs would be wiped but not the security logs. His logs that were done in his office were so encrypted it would take alot more then anyone would know to break the codes. He watched the battle unfold and it left him more questions then answers. he checked the videos and also found where commodore coates and mr larson went to the door of his quarters. He came out and she did not.

He tapped his commbadge.

16.gif"Commander crow to commander juarez please come to my quarters as soon as possible." 16.gif

Vinnie left his office and headed directly for his quarters and awaited commander Juarez.

Posted by: Bennie Juarez Sep 28 2006, 11:54 AM
=^= On my Crow =^=

Bennie looked back at Rune, "thanks your help is considered."

She grabbed her rather implusive Phaser 249, a machine phaser rifle that spat out pellets of concentrated phaser energies like small projectiles.

Bennie made her way to Crow's quarters. Once there he sat her down, as she said, "According to Rune, Larsen had the ship taken to conduct some sort of mission."

"Yes, damage reports from Engineering's backup logs came in, they did sustain some damage and so I had one our trusted engineers run a trace on some of the transmissions, they came out of some agency, I gather its much like Section 31." Crow replied to her, as she and he looked at each other.

Bennie nodded toward him, "how do you suggest we handle this?"

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Oct 2 2006, 04:09 AM
Alex sat at her desk going over reports. Her mind kept going to Dianna. What happened to her as a kid? Alex didn't know if she could ever get that out of Dianna, but something told her that Dianna may eventually talk, but she had to give her time. There was alot she didn't know about Dianna, but she wanted to try.

After Alex finished up updated the reports she needed to update, she got up and started doing her rounds. She had other patients to take care of besides Dianna, but she worried about her regardless.

She started checking on her patients and checking on the ones that were still there because of whatever reason it may be. Alex kept a bit busy for a while as she recieved people coming in because of injury or whatnot.

Once she got some time, Alex sat down before checking on Dianna. By the time she went to go check on Dianna, Dianna was wide awake.

Alex walked into the room and grabbed a chair and sat right next to Dianna.

"Hey there doctor," said Dianna.

Alex smiled. "Dianna I was going over your medical reports and I want to know something. I noticed that you have sustained these type of injuries as a kid. What I like to know is what happened."

"I'd rather not say," said Dianna.

"Dianna, I want to help you, but if you don't tell me what happened, how can I help you if you don't let me in?"

"I just can't say," said Dianna. "Doctor, its best you not know what happened."

Posted by: Dianna Torres Oct 3 2006, 02:57 AM
Dianna was not ready to explain to Alex what happened to her. In the back of Dianna's mind, she felt that nobody should know what happened. She wanted to keep the secret. Only certain people knew what happened. There was a reason they did not put everything in her record. Everyone involved thought that is was best not to explain what happened when she was a kid.

She just happened to get hurt and it was nobody's fault.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Oct 15 2006, 06:37 PM
Alex could tell that Dianna was hiding something from her. She sensed that she was holding something in. What was Dianna so afraid of? Who was she protecting?

"Dianna do you think you can handle being in you quarters rather being confined here. I'll check in on you over there and all you'd have is the medics with you."

"I suppose so," said Dianna.

Alex could tell that Dianna was a bit hesitant but Alex gave her a big smile. "It will be okay, Dianna."
Alex walked off to get the support chair and some medics in hand to help with Dianna's needs. "Dianna you know what this is," asked Alex when she got back.

"Yes I do and I hate them," said Dianna.

"Yes, but this is the only way you will get some mobility until you are able to walk again," said Alex.
Alex got the medics to help Dianna to the chair. Alex knew that Dianna didn't want to be confined to one, but until Dianna was able t walk she had to. She could tell Dianna was fighting it, but she was doing this for her own good. Before Alex saw Dianna off to her quarters, Alex gave the medics some orders and was handed a med kit of things that Dianna may need. Alex planned on checking in on Dianna after her shift was over. It was time for Dianna be able to roam the ship, but Alex was not putting her back on duty until she knew that Dianna was emotionally okay at least.

Posted by: Vinnie Oct 17 2006, 08:54 PM
Vinnie waited for Bennie to arrive and she didnt take long and was armed. Vinnie pushed the chime to tims door and stepped aside as the doors opened and pharer fire came from within, the four of them returned fire and heard tim fall to the floor. When no return fire came vinnie peaked around the door asnd saw tim laying on the floor and hand phaser laying near him. Vinnie hurried in and kicked the phaser out of tims reach. Tim was still stunned but breathing. The guards held him up by his arms over their shoulders.

"Wait before taking him to the brig, lets find commodore coates." Suggested bennie.

Vinnie took out his tricorder and noticed it did not work in tims quarters and knew then this guy had some security measures placed to keep out intruders. He heard a banging coming from a closet and bennie went over to the door and opened it and commodore coates was inside.

"I thought id never get out of here, thanks commander." Stated the commodore.

"Thank commander crow as well he deserves as much of the credit as i do." She said.

"Thank you commander and to your security team." She said.

Vinnie nodded and followed the security team and commander larson. They went to the brig.

"Hold on a second guys, i have something special for our guest in case he gets any ideas about leaving or being rescued." Vinnie stated.

Vinnie went into his office and got a new item engineering had created for him fours single cuffs with built in transport inhibiters. He brought them out and put one on each wrist and locked them into place and one on each ankle. The team took tim into the special brig that had just been fixed for tim with a special fprcefield that ran thru the walls with constantly changing frequencies that was never the same at any time. Once tim was placed inside the field went active as soon as the team left him. The sytem had some added things that tim will never know about and neither will the captain.

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