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Posted by: Reyan Anil May 14 2006, 03:14 PM
Here is where any member can post a short backstory pertaining to their character, BEFORE they reported aboard the Intrepid

It isn't a necessity to post here, but many members here have impressive character bio's, and I thought that this thread could be used for anyone who wishes to write a short-story style post about their character's life/family/previous assignment etc before they reported aboard the Intrepid a5.gif

As I mentioned, it isn't a necessity to post here - this is simply for those members wanting to add a little depth to their character/develop their character further by revealing somthing of their character's past

Thanks for reading!

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 14 2006, 03:17 PM
"We're in position" Lieutenant Amanda Rice reported from tactical

"Will you look at them all!" Ensign Aaron Peters, sat at the Helm, exclaimed, gazing at the multitude of Dominion ships on the screen, being harassed by the Starfleet fighters swarming them

"Easy, Ensign - focus on the task at hand" Lieutenant-Commander Anil Reyan advised

"But they outnumber us, two-to-one" he continued

"Just makes it harder to miss them" Anil replied, grinning

"Sir - message from the Defiant - Captain Sisko is ordering us to take position alongside the Venture and the Galaxy" Lieutenant Rice reported

Captain Vasal stood and stode toward the Helm, causing Ensign Peters to shift nervously in his seat - Captain Vasal was a large man, with a very commanding presense and a no-nonsense attitude

"Please try and avoid idle chatter, Ensign, and bring the Majestic into position" he demanded

"Aye Captain" Ensign Peters replied, managing to sound even less confident than usual

"Captain - reading a point-five-percent drop in shield power" Anil reported as the operation's console warned him of the power drop

"Get that power back, Commander, I want one-hundred percent, not ninety-nine-point five"

"Aye Sir" Anil replied, as he began rerouting power from other systems to suppliment the shields

"Captain - the Defiant is signaling" Lieutenant Rice called excitedly "They've spotted a hole in the enemy lines - shall I put Captain Sisko on speakers?"

"Yes, Lieutenant" the Captain replied, as he sat himself back down in his chair

"......we're going to try to break through - no-one stops until we reach Deep Space Nine"

And with that, the Federation Fleet surged foward, charging at the waiting Dominion Fleet - the enemy ship's began firing at the Starfleet ships, managing to damage a small number before they could fire a shot

"Ensign, evasive manuvers, pattern beta - Amanda, target the enemy ships at will and open fire"

The Majestic wove through the enemy fleet, firing as she went, managing to cause minor damage to some of the Dominion ships in their path, but taking a number of hits herself

"Shields at seventy-nine percent" Rice called, as the Majestic rocked, another disruptor bolt slamming into her ailing shields

"Make that seventy percent" she repeated

"Auxiliary power to shields" Commander Perkins, the XO, demaned

Anil did as he was instructed, and activated the Auxilary power systems, rerouting the required power to the shields

"Captain - message from the Defiant coming in" Rice called

"USS Sitak, USS Majestic - flank the Defiant - we're going to try and break through" Captain Sisko's voice spoke over the comm system

"You heard the man, Ensign - bring us into position the the Defiant's portside"

Still attempting to avoid persistant attacks, the Majestic dodged it's way through the onslaught of oncoming ships, until she was parallel with the Defiant - the Sitak took up postion on the Defiant's starboard side

"Target any ship in our path and fire - torpedoes and phasers" Commander Perkins ordered

All present watched the viewscreen, as torpedoes from the Defiant, Sitak and the Majestic slammed into oncoming Cardassian/Dominon ships, damaging some, destroying others

"Maintain fire" Captain Vasal ordered, almost sounding excited about the progress that the three ships were making

"This is working, Sir - the Galaxy-wings are keeping any ships behind from pursing!" Ensign Peters exclaimed, not as adept at hiding his emotions as the Captain

His joy was short lived

"Sir - incoming Cardassian ship, vector zero-one-three mark six" Anil reported

"Dominion warship closing from Starboard" Rice advised

"Maintain fire - additional power to shields - let the Sitak deal with the Dominion warship - target the Cardassian vessel" the Captain ordered, maintaining composure

Lieutenant Rice fired the Majestic's phasers, but suceeded only in snagging a Dominion attack ship that swept past below them, blocking the Majestic's otherwise clear shot

"Damn!" Rice shouted, and the ship suddered violently again, from a retalitory shot

And on the viewscreen, matters were not improving - the battle raged, and the Cardassian ship that had the Majestic in it's sights opened fire on the Sitak, blowing a portion of her main hull into obilivion

"We've lost the Sitak!" Lieutenant Rice exclaimed

"Fire torpedoes!" Commander Perkins demanded - Lieutenant Rice managed to fire two, before the same Cardassian ship opened fire

"We're hit!" Ensign Peter's cried, his inexperience evident

The Majestic was still firing it's torpedoes when the Cardassian distruptor tore through her ailing shields, and coninued, blasting a gaping hole through her main hull; as the Majestic tumbled away, almost lifeless, the Dominion warship behind fired at point-blank range, destoying a large chunk of the Majestic's aft section, and with it any hope of the Majestic's survival

And on what was left of the Bridge, the situation seemed dire - Lieutenant-Commander Anil Reyan pulled himself out from under the debris that had once been his operations console, his arm slashed and bleeding slowly. He pulled himself up, clutching his arm, and looked around - the Captain was dead, as was Commander Perkins, Lieutenant Rice was stood at Tactical, and Ensign Peters was sat up against the remains of the science console, nursing a head wound

"Report" Anil demanded, coughing as the smoke from various small fires where consoles had been penetrated his lungs

A short pause ensued, and Lieutenant Rice coughed, although Anil was sure that it was more of a what a stupid question cough than a genuine one

"Absoulutely everything is offline, hull breaches on decks two through six, main power down, auxiliary power down, estimate 30 minutes of emergency power, which is maintaining life supprt, Sir" Rice replied, waving smoke from her face

Anil stood and made his way to the Helm, desperate to ascertain if the Majestic was able to move

"Helm is dead" he muttered to himself

"Sir - look" Ensign Peters said, indicating at the barely functional viewscreen

The battle was still raging, various ships, both friendly and enemy were still sweeping past, firing at their targets

"Damn!" Anil exclaimed, feeling an urgent rush of adrenaline; he leaned against the helm to check if the comm system was functional, but the console was damaged and unable to give a definite answer - he pressed the activation button anyhow, hoping that the message would be heard

"All hands, this is Lieutenant-Commander Reyan - abandon ship - I repeat, abandon ship" he called, his order activing the abandon ship klaxon

He then joined Lieutenant Rice and Ensign Peters, who were prying open the emergency escape hatch, leading to the jefferies tubes on deck two

"Commander - I could get torpedoes online and nail some of those bastards!" Lieutenant Rice shouted

"What good would that do? We're dead in the water - if the torpedo launchers work, they are about the only things that do!" he shouted back, angry that the tactical officer would make such a suggestion

Moments later, they opened the Jefferies tube pannel leading to shuttlebay one, and were greeted by a forcefield, and a stunning view of the battle outside

"Well, we're not leaving the ship this way" Peters moaned

"Let's hope shuttlebay two is intact" Anil replied, feeling overwhelming angry about the whole situation

When they arrived at shuttlebay two, they were relived to find that it was intact, although one of the two shuttles present had a large piece of debris embedded in it's side - what concerened them even more was that only one officer was present

"Where is everyone, Lieutenant?" Anil demaned, barely able to beleive that only four officers had managed to reach the shuttlebay

The young Lieutenant, a Betazoid, looked at Anil, tearful and shaking, fear in her eyes

"We are everyone" she replied, dropping to her knees and raising her hands against her face

"Easy, Lieutenant - are you certain?" Anil asked

"Yes" she sobbed "I'm telepathic - if there were anyone else still alive on this ship, I'd sense them"

The ship suddered as one of the many ships outside thundered past

"We have to get out of here!" Anil called, ushering the three fellow survivors onto the remaining shuttle

He placed his arm around the young Betazoid Lieutenant to support her, and they stepped onto the shuttle - as soon as they were aboard he sat at the Shuttle's pilot seat and lifted her off the deck, which again rocked, her inertia dampeners loosing power by the second

"The doors won't open" Rice called from the shuttle's operations console behind

"Then do what you do best, Lieutenant" Anil called

Rice did not reply, instead doing as she was ordered - the shuttles phasers lashed out against the exterior doors, and blew them apart - Anil immediately threw the shuttle to half impulse, and the small craft sprinted out of the Majestic, into open space. He gazed back at the Majestic, her damage even more evident from the exterior

"Hold tight!" he called, throwing the shuttle into a starboard dive in order to avoid a Jem'Hadar attack ship that was suddenly in their path, and took a sudden interest in them

"Damn - I did NOT get us off the Majestic just to be taken out by YOU!" Anil shouted, cursing their pursuer - he quickly dropped the shuttles impluse engines, allowing the attack ship to sweep past them, and fired the shuttle's torpedoes

"Direct hit - their shields are at 89 percent" Rice called

The attack ship manuvered around to face the shuttle - Anil fired the shuttle's phasers, but they impacted harmlessly against the shields of the larger ship

"Well, at least we tried" Anil sighed

And just when the situation looked hopeless, the attack ship's shields flared violently, a number of photon torpedoes slamming into them - the attack ship turned, attempting to escape, but the USS Venture, still firing, sprinted past the shuttle, persistently firing her phasers at the attack ship until the shields of the enemy vessel caved in, destroying it

"Yes!" Rice exclaimed, her feeling of relief shared by all present

"Engaging warp drive!" Anil called, and the shuttle leapt to warp, on a course away from the desperate battle

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