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Posted by: Tinde Nov 14 2006, 01:54 AM
[USS Tempest, shuttlebay]

Tinde stood anxiously in the shuttlebay next to her father. She was finally being allowed to join one of the away missions. It only took countless years of begging and pleading… She thought as she watched her father help load supplies into the shuttle. She reshouldered her small duffle, adjusting the strap on her shoulder. But I am 15. And my teachers say I have a good chance at the Academy, if I should go that route.

She’d been raised on a Star Fleet vessel. Her father, Timor Oton, had been a science officer onboard the USS Tempest while on leave while she’d been born. Medical complications during childbirth left him an only father to the newborn girl.

“Come Tinde.” Tinde looked up at the sound of her father’s voice.

“Yes Father.” She said following him onto the shuttle. She stored her duffle into a locker, before following her father to the cockpit of the shuttle.

He took a seat at the science console once onboard. Tinde glanced around, excited about being involved in the mission, even if it was just collecting samples of the flora on the planet’s surface. She knew he was testing the science systems onboard, running last minute tests on the scanning abilities.

A few other science officers, a security officer S.O.P. ops, and helm all took their positions.

“Tinde,” The pilot leaned back in his chair. Tinde looked up. “It appears they didn’t assign a co-pilot.” He gestured toward the empty seat next to him.

A still standing Tinde looked down at her father, her eyes pleading.

“Go on.” Timor said smiling.

“Thank you Father.” She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek before rushing to take the co-pilot’s seat.

Posted by: Tinde Nov 16 2006, 01:39 PM
Despite the USS Tempest being a rather large ship, she knew the pilot, Lieutenant Griggs. She smiled taking the seat. All the stations checked in after running their system start ups.

“Beginning take off sequence.” Griggs said as he began running his fingers over the console. Tinde felt the shuttle seem to rumble to life and lift from the ground as it made its way out of the shuttlebay and into open space. “So Tinde,” Griggs started. “Ever flown a shuttle?”

“I’m only 15.” She said quietly. Griggs was a family friend, but she was always shy, even in her classes, and as excited as she was, still soft-spoken.

Griggs laughed. “I saw your last science project….”

“Operating Mechanics of Starship Flight?” She looked up, recalling the report she’d presented, including a miniaturized ship that flew around sort of like a model airplane.

He nodded. “Why don’t you take the controls a bit?”

She was shocked he would offer. A Star Fleet shuttle. What if I wreck it? And the people….

“I’ll be right here.” He said. She nodded turning her chair from facing Griggs to facing the console. It seemed so overwhelming. “Here’s your motion control, and thrusters.” She nodded taking her fingers onto the console for the first time. “This monitor shows the course. Just a little to the left.” Griggs sat back in his chair. “You’re getting it.”

“Griggs, she’s a child.” The vulcan operations officer objected from behind.

“And she’ll make a fine helm officer one day.” Griggs shot back, winking at Tinde, who smiled back.

They approached the planet they were sent to retrieve flora samples. “I probably ought to handle this one.” He said moving his fingers back to the controls. He kept it on manual steering reaching the planet’s surface after a quick drop into the atmosphere, where he landed the shuttle into an open field.

Tinde was mesmerized. Even after the shuttle doors opened, and the crew began stepping out, canisters in hand. Tinde remained at the helm station.

“Tinde, come on. The shuttle will still be here when we get back.” Her father called from the back of the shuttle, holding her duffle, as well as his own pack.

She turned the chair and stood to follow her father, glancing back at the helm one last time.

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