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Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 10 2006, 02:21 PM
New episode to begin here, carrying on from where we finnished up on 1.7 - although I would request that inital posts take into account that the Intrepid is docked and is being worked on by Starbase personnel for now. This will not, however, be the case for too long

Posted by: Leona Davish Nov 10 2006, 06:25 PM
Leona walked back to her quarters feeling sad. Was it possible to really fall in love with someone at first glance? She had heard the old wives tales, she had argued it couldn’t possibly happen. But now as she laid on her bed she was beginning to think maybe it was true.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. She remembered his laugh, the way his eyes twinkled when he had teased her. It was no good, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. There had been something about him that had just clicked with her and she knew that he would be a man she often thought about.

Maybe one day, when she had more experience under her belt, she could apply to serve with him. She wondered what ship he was on, he said something about repairs and upgrades, so the ship was obviously having a refit done. Maybe she could find him on the computer.

She stood, and walked across, bringing up the various ships, but none had Anil on their manifests. Maybe he went under another name. She closed the page after searching for a few minutes and then tapped in the name of the Intrepid. Sure enough it was there, but it was under refit so no details were available.

“Computer, is the USS Intrepid’s Captain on board the ship?” She queried.

“The Commanding Officer of the USS Intrepid is in his quarters.” The cold female voice replied and Leona stood, did she go now and report to him, or should she wait till the morning.

Thing is, right now she had a feeling she wouldn’t sleep. All she could think of was Anil. She sighed, walking around the quarters. Then an idea hit her, maybe an informal meeting. Would he accept her invite to join her for dinner?

She really didn’t know, but she had nothing to lose. He would either accept and they would get on, or they would hate each other on first sight and she would ask for a transfer straight away.

With a grin she tapped her commbadge.

=/\=Commander Davish to Captain Reyan. Sir was wondering if you would care to join me for an informal meeting. I was thinking the Garden CafĂ©, by the Moon Gardens in an hour?=/\= she said, her heart pounding, she hadn’t done anything like this ever before.

=/\=Reyan to Davish. An hour. Looking forward to meeting you Commander. Reyan out.=/\= The curt reply came through and Leona shrugged, maybe he would take a bit to get to know, as was expected.

She headed to the bathroom, time to shower and get looking good. She suddenly felt like a first year Cadet preparing for her first day. She grinned, hoping she would get on well with her new CO. Then switched on the sonic shower, thinking about what lay before her.

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Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 11 2006, 05:08 AM
Having closed the comm channel, Anil smiled, delighted that he had been presented with anothe chance to meet with Commander Davish, and that she would be serving as his Executive Officer

He pondered her communication - it had been very formal, although despite their time together he hadn't actually told her his Bajoran family name, and there would be little for her to associate the name Reyan with, and it was very unlikely that she was aware that he was her new Commanding Officer

He walked to his mirror, straighted his uniform and brushed his hair back, and left his quaters, desperate not to be late, but needing to visit Engineering before he departed for his rendevous

He strode into Engineering, which was unusally tidy considering the mess that the rest of the ship was in

"Ensign - has the new Chief Engineer reported aboard yet?" he asked

"Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver you mean? No Sir, although we have received word that he is en-route"

"Very good - how are the repairs and upgrades coming?"

"Proceeding on scedule - the plasma injectors have been replaced, we restocked the ship's torpedo supply, and we're currently working on improving the shields" the Ensign replied enthusiastically

"Keep up the good work, and please tell Commander Gulliver to advise me when he is aboard" Anil replied, patting the Ensign on the back before departing

The Moon Gardens
Starbase 173

Anil had made a point of arriving a few minutes early, and took a seat at one of the tables, a slightly secluded one, overlooking the gardens. Leona had been in his thoughts since they parted ways for what they thought was the last time, and he had to admit that he was eager to see her again

The enterance doors whispered open, and Commander Davish stepped through and began looking for her new Commanding Officer. Reyan paused for a moment, admiring her lovely figure and wondering if she would spot him. She didn't, and looked disappointed

Anil stood and made his way over to her

"Leona - fantastic to see you again" he called, taking her by surprise

"Anil! great to see you too, but what are you doing here?" she exclaimed

"Too many engineers on my ship, buzzing around and interferring with everything" Anil stated, trying to surpress a grin

"Well, I'm here to meet with my new Captain - Captain Reyan" Leona replied

"Reyan? Good luck - he's a tyrant!" Anil replied, trying to maintain a serious expression

"Really?" Leona asked

"Absoulutely" Anil replied, before laughing

"What's so funny?" she asked, grinning at Anil's fit of laughter

Anil stopped laughing and invite her to sit; they preceeded back to the table that Anil had been sat at. Anil hesitated for a moment, admiring her and staring into her lovely eyes

"Leona - I didn't think I'd see you again.... but the person you've come here to meet is me" he exclaimed

Leona paused for a moment, allowing his words to sink in

"Captain Reyan...... is you?" she asked

"Captain Reyan Anil, USS Intrepid, and your new Commanding Officer" Anil replied

Leona smiled, as did Anil

"And I can't think of anyone I'd rather have as my new XO" he stated

"Well - at least that's all the formality out of the way" she replied

"Well, XO, fancy a tour of the Intrepid?" he asked

"I'd like that" she replied

"We might have to kick some engineers out of the way" Anil replied, grinning

Leona laughed, and they stood and made their way out of the gardens and back toward the dock, and the Intrepid.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 11 2006, 08:25 AM
With his bag slung over his shoulder and PADD in his right hand, Liam took a deep breath and readied himself to board the USS Intrepid.

The ship was in for repairs, restocking and resupplying, and now this fell to him to over see. No menial task at that. It would also give him the oppourtunity to study the Intrepid inside and out whilst she was powered down.

He began the, what seemed like a lightyear, journey down the corridor that was now connected to the Intrepid's airlock. The first order of business, report in. This was the part he hated, the nervousness of meeting a new Captain, a new crew and most of all, getting to know a new ship. sure, he had schematics, hence the PADD, but the precise location of everything was still unknown to him. Luckily, a turbolift was not more than 20 meters away from where he had entered the vessel.

The corridor quickly filled with crew, either leaving the ship, boarding it or just paying a flying visit to family members, it was the same situation with the turbo lift he's chosen to enter. It was almost packed full, even before he'd managed to squeeze himself in. there were that many people in there, it was practically an invasion of his personal space.

"Bridge." He ordered the turbolift.

Seconds later, the turbolift whirred back into motion, stopping every other deck for people to exit the lift. This made Liam feel much more 'free', he wasn't that much of fan of tight closed spaces full of people, a Jefferies Tube wasn't a problem, but stuck in a space with more than 10 people like that, it wasn't the best situation for him, especially when it seemed like the man standing next to him was yet to shower today.

The doors parted, revealing the Bridge of the vessel in all her glory. Captain Reyan was showing the ships new First Officer around. Liam stood to the side for a moment, waiting for the right second to interrupt and report he was aboard.

"Captain," he stood to attention, "Lieutenant Commander Liam Gulliver, reporting in, sir."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 11 2006, 09:08 AM
Anil and Leona stepped onto the bridge, which was almost as busy as engineering, various consoles uncovered and engineers everywhere, making repairs or adjustments

"Sorry about the mess" Anil apologised

"It isn't your mess" Leona replied, smirking

Anil's attention was drawn by the approach of an officer

"Captain, Lieutenant Commander Liam Gulliver, reporting in, sir" the Officer stated, standing to attention

"At ease, Commander - and nice to meet you - I'm Captain Reyan Anil, this is my Executive Officer, Commander Leona Davish" Anil advised, extending a hand for Commander Gulliver to shake

I'm afraid that the Starbase engineers have left quite a mess" Commander Davish stated, also extending her hand for the new chief engineer to shake

Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver took a look at his surroundings, appearing impressed

"I enjoy a challenge, and I'm looking foward to serving aboard this ship" he replied

Anil grinned, and Leona stepped foward

"Well, you've got your work cut out for you for the moment" she stated, grinning

"I'd like you to oversee the repairs and modifications that are being carried out, Commander, since you are the Intrepid's new Chief Engineer" Anil advised

"Aye Sir" Commander Gulliver replied enthusiastically

Anil turned back to Commander Davish, as Commander Gulliver strode to the back of the bridge, toward the Engineering liason station

"Right - now that you've seen the bridge, care to join me for a drink in my ready room, assuming that it isn't littered with engineers?" Anil asked

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 12 2006, 07:59 AM
His next stop was sure enough, Engineering. There were various modifications being made to the warp core and plasma injectors, that he needed to know about and he needed to be satisfied with the level of work done.

There was of course as always, a time restraint. Although he was aiming to get everything done in half the time given, it wasn't practical to rush through the job at hand.

Leaving the Turbolift he found Starfleet Engineers from the Starbase doing what he liked to call, tinkering. Not doing a decent enough job for his liking. He walked over to one of the engineers working on the dilithium chamber, to his horror, he was using the wrong tools. True, the tools the engineer was using would get the job done, but the correct tool in Liam's mind, would get the job done much faster and in a lot of cases, better.

"And just what the bloody hell are you doing to my Warp Core?" he asked, not too pleased with what he saw.

"I'm re-aligning the Dilithium Crystals, sir." the Engineer replied.

"Oh, is that right? With a toy screwdriver? Here, use this." He pulled a tool from his bag, "This will get the job done much quicker and easier. Don't let me catch you using the wrong tools in my Engineering again."

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 12 2006, 09:19 PM
Charles went over reports in his office at the party. Looking over the Marine manifests. They were due aboard later on in the morning. Shutting down the console he went back to his quarters and lay down. He figured there would be a unannouced Senior office meeting as soon as all the crew came aboard

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Nov 13 2006, 04:32 AM
A Science Lab

Now serving as Chief Science Officer, Moesha was inspecting her team and facilities. "Hello." She greeted three of her team.

"Hello." Ensign Cel O'Neill replied first and offered his hand. "You must be Lieutenant Hughes."

"Yes, you are?" She asked.

"Cel O'Neill, two L's." He joked. "These are crewmens Benjamin Val and Jessica Brenna, lab technicians." Cel said.

"Nice to meet you both, thank you for keeping the lab in such perfect order." Moesha smiled.

"We do our best ma'am." Benjamin grinned.

Jessica nudged him aside and offered her hand to Moesha. "Nice to have you with us, would you like a tour?"

"Love one, in the meantime could I get a complete review and team manifest Cel?" Moesha looked to the Ensign.

"No problem ma'am. Have a good tour." Cel waved as Jessica and Moesha headed out of the lab and towards one of the larger labs.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 13 2006, 07:34 AM
Anil took a final sip from his now-empty mug - several hours had passed, although neither Commander Davish or himself had noticed, the time havomg been spent discussing the Intrepid and her command structure

"Looks like engineering have been tampering with the replicators - the coffee tastes dreadful" he complained

"I sometimes wonder if Starbase engineers do that on purpose, to smite Officer's who receive starship postings" Leona laughed

Anil smiled, before tapping his access code into his computer terminal, and accessing the ship's status report

"Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver seems to have made a impact already - repairs are complete, the upgrade to the shields are proceeding ahead of schedule, and the new plasma injectors are being installed as we speak" Anil stated, impressed by what he was reading

"There's no substitute for an Engineer who is proud of his ship" Leona replied, also sounding impressed

"If he keeps this up, we'll be able to depart in approximately twenty-four hours" Anil stated thoughtfully

"We'll need to inform the crew" Leona advised him

"Agreed - but I'll wait until I receive confirmation from Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver first - as soon as he gives me an estimate, we'll recall the crew and depart"

"I look forward to that" she replied

"Well, our new Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Hughes, has reported aboard too - I've heard good things about her - her previous C.O spoke very highly of her. Just as well, she'll have her work cut out for her - the Karcsis is still baffling the best of us" Anil stated

"I've read the information that is available on the Karcsis, but most of it is classified" Leona stated

"Not for you - not now - you'll find that your Intrepid command codes will permit you access to the karcsis logs" Anil advised her

"I'll be sure to familiarise myself with it"

"Excellent - I have to admit, the Karcsis has put this ship in danger more than once, and officer's have lost their lives because of it. Whatever that thing does, it had better be spectacular" Anil replied, making no attempt to hide the anger he currently felt toward the Karcsis

"Thankfully, we have a small Marine detachment newly assigned, to guard and watch over the Karcsis amongst other things" he continued , fixing his gaze on his model of the Majestic

"We should get back to the bridge - as soon as we get the go-ahead from Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver, I intend for the Intrepid to proceed on it's mission to uncover more information pertaining to the karcsis" Anil advised, standing

"Has your Flight control officer reported aboard yet?" Leona asked

"Aeon - he's one of my original crew - should be aboard somewhere" Anil replied, before he stepped out onto the bridge, Leona close behind

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Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 13 2006, 01:13 PM
Repairs had been completed, all that was left now was to make a few general maintenance checks and replacements along with an upgrade to the shields. The modifications he had made during repairs would make sure of that. It was nothing too heavy. He'd just done the same as he had on all his other assignments, made everything comfortable to work with. An adjustment here, a minor addition or change there, and everything was ready to recieve and power the vessels new shield modulator.

The upgrade to the shields would increase their current output by at least 42%. An advantage that everyone saw as handy.

He was however, still anxious to meet the Chief of Operations aboard the Intrepid. They'd be working fairly closely together and it seemed only right that they were introduced before they set off again.

He paused as he was reading the new power output readings. Something wasn't quite right, or at least, not to the standard he expected. Then it disappeared. A minor fluctuation, but significant enough for him to pick up on it. It wouldn't take long to correct, it was more his instruments than anything else.

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Nov 14 2006, 06:10 PM
Stacy was traveling to starbase 173 on the shuttle Essex. Before docking at the starbase, she had instructed that her items be beamed to the cargo bay on the intrepid. Stacy wanted to see the starbase before reporting in to the intrepid.

Stacy sat at the bar area right next to a young woman. She ordered a drink and then turned her head to the young woman. “Dianna? Dianna Torres,” asked Stacy.

“Yeah,” said Dianna

Stacy put her hand out for Dianna to shake. “Lieutenant (J.G) Stacy Tyler,” said Stacy to Dianna.

Dianna shook her hand. “Oh my goodness,” said Dianna. “You're JJ's friend aren't you.”

“Yes,” said Stacy as she took a sip from her drink. “I remember you coming to Betezed. JJ introduced me to you.”

“Yes,” said Dianna. “Yes, I do remember that. My family was visiting my cousins and I remember having a great time.”

Stacy laughed. “I bet,” said Stacy. “So Dianna what you up to these days?”

“Well I'm just waiting for a shuttle to take me to earth. My sister is stationed down there and I thought I would go see her before I take my next assignment. Its been a long time since I seen her. How about you?”

“Well, I'm about to take the chief of Operations position aboard the intrepid and I decided I'd make a stop here before reporting in,” said Stacy.

Dianna laughed. “So you're the one who stole my job,” said Dianna jokingly.

“Yep, guilty as charged,” said Stacy Jokinly. Stacy got up from her seat. “It was nice seeing you again Dianna. Have a safe trip and I hope everything turns out for you.”

“You too,” said Dianna “The intrepid is a good ship. You take care of her. If anyone was to take my old job, I'm glad it was you. JJ always had a good friend in you.”

“I will,” said Stacy. Stacy headed to the airlock to the intrepid. Once aboard, she asked for the location of the Captain and the computer responded that he was currently on the bridge. Stacy then headed in that direction.

Once she had in fact found him, she found that he was currently talking with his first officer. Stacy waited patiently until they noticed her so that she may report in to them.

Posted by: Vincent Talenos Nov 15 2006, 01:45 PM
A great deal had happened in such a short period of time. First Vincent had found himself transferred to the USS Intrepid where he would serve as second Operations officer. He had not been on the ship long before the ship was under attack causing little if any time for a reunion of sorts with former colleges.

Not long after the ship was docked for repairs at which time Vincent was informed he would be upgraded to Chief Tactical Officer as well as the ranking of full Lieutenant. "My my but I am moving up in the world."

While the others took the time to leave the ship for the many forms of entertainment to be had upon the Star Base Vincent remained on board the ship. He had seen enough of those sorts of activity to last him two life times. Instead he made himself comfortable reviewing the files of those would we be placed under his command along with scheduling training sessions which would take place once the crew reported back to duty.

Twin mirrored spectacles reflected the dieing light of the screen when at last he had accomplished all he had set out for the day. In the blackness of the lifeless monitor a sneering grin began to spread over his lips and both hands rose to smooth over a clean shaven scalp. "Well now, the night is still young it would seem. What mischief can you find for yourself old man?"

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 15 2006, 03:25 PM
As they stepped back out onto the bridge they were pleased to see less engineers and more of what appeared to be bridge officers present

"I think that about covers everything" Anil stated to Leona, as they moved to take their seats

As he turned, he noticed a young Lieutenant stood to their side

"Can I help you?" Anil asked

"Lieutenant Stacy Tyler - I'm your new Chief Operations Officer" the young woman replied

"Excellent - good to meet you" Anil stated, shaking her hand

"Thankyou Sir" she replied

"Actually, I'm glad you've arrived - I'd like a pre-launch systems evaluation" Anil asked

Stacy smiled

"I'll get right on it" she replied, heading for the operations station at the aft of the bridge

"Well, looks like almost everyone is aboard, although haven't heard from the new tactical officer yet, nor the helm officer" Leona stated

"Hopefully they'll appear soon - if Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver and Lieutenant Tyler give the go-ahead, I intend for the Intrepid to depart in the next few hours" Anil replied

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 15 2006, 04:06 PM
2-3 hours later

The upgrades were complete, all that was left to do now was to give them a good test. There was no better way than to do this in the field, and all the simulated tests Liam and his team had run already, ended with promising results. He'd even managed to fit in time to fix a squeak in the chair he had been sitting in.

He tapped his communicator,

a4.gif Gulliver to Bridge a4.gif

It was Captain Reyan who answered, with an almost immediate reply of,

a4.gif Go ahead Chief. a4.gif

Liam cleared his throat and took a PADD offered to him by one of the Engineers.

a4.gif Captain, repairs and modifications are complete here, we're ready when you are. Simulations of new systems have given us above expected results. a4.gif

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 15 2006, 09:36 PM
Charles walked along the corridores reading a datapadd of the Marine Personnel under his command. The next thing he knew he had inadvertantly bumped into the new Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Sending his datapadd flying and whatever Vincent had in his hand.

"What in the...." Is all he heard from Vincent.

"Oh I do apologize Lt. I wasn't paying attention where I was going. To busy looking over my marine personnel roster. Oh excuse my rudeness. Let me introduce myself." Charles offered his hand for a hand shake. "I am Marine Captain Charles Nox. Marine unit CO and Security/Tactical XO. How do you do?"

Posted by: Sam Nov 17 2006, 08:30 AM
The Turbolift doors opened, and the recent academy graduate stepped onto the Bridge. The Bridge seemed to be a whole lot bigger than Sam expected. He noticed his station right in front of the massive viewscreen. It was much bigger than when he was training in the Danube class Runabout. He noticed the Captain, Sam was about to introduce himself but he just couldn't get the words to come out. But then the spoke to him

"Can i help you?" Reyan asked.

"Lieutenant Sam reporting on board." Sam responded

"Done It" Sam said to himself

"Ah yes, you must be the new Assistant Helm Officer." Reyan Recognized

"That's Me." Sam Said to the Captain

"If you'd like to take your station, Lieutenant. It's at the front of the bridge by the ma-" Reyan was then interrupted

"I know where it is, Captain" Sam said to Reyan somewhat rudely. He then realized what he'd said and how he said it.

"Sorry about that, Captain. I'm just under a bit of pressure. I'm just not used to this. " The new Lieutenant Explained to his Commanding Officer.

"That's quite alright, Lieutenant. Now, would you like to take your station?" Reyan said.

"Aye Sir." Then Sam went and took the Helm.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 18 2006, 04:49 AM
Having received the go ahead from Lieutenant-Commander Gulliver, Anil turned to Lieutenant Tyler at operations

"All systems report ready" she advised

Anil smiled

"In that case, commence pre-launch system checks - we leave in one hour" Anil stated

"Sam, hail Captain Orlan, of the USS Firebolt for me please" Anil ordered, as he sat in the Command chair

"Aye Sir" the young Ensign replied

Moments later the familiar face of Ryan Orlan appeared on the screen, the large bridge behind him displaying just how busy his new crew clearly were

"Seems odd seeing you on that side of the screen" Anil joked

"Likewise - what can I do for you?" he asked

"Nothing - the Intrepid is preparing to depart - thought I'd just check up on my former X.O"

Ryan smiled

"You're too kind" he stated sarcastically

"And try and encourage Geo to behave himself" Anil finished

"Now that I can't promise" Ryan laughed

"Safe journey, Old friend" Anil stated

"And to you" Ryan replied, before the channel closed

Anil smiled - most of his former crew were gone, and they would be missed, but he had a new crew; Officer's who appeared just as capable as those they had replaced - and they would soon be put to the test

"Ensign Sam - lay in a course for the Kaldea sector - we're going to pick up from where we left off" Anil advised

"Aye Sir" Sam replied, his hands expertly working the Helm console

"Lieutenant Tyler - clear our departure time with Starbase operations"

"Aye Sir" Lieutenant Tyler reported, turning to him again moments later "Starbase operations want to talk to you"

"On screen" Anil requested

Admiral Cartel appeared on the viewscreen, a sight that Anil was far from pleased to see

"Reyan - your departure time has been approved - as you know, the Kaldea sector is close to the Romulan neutral zone, so be on your guard" he stated

Anil frowned, unsure of how to react to the Admiral's unusally helpful statement and demeanor

"I will.... thankyou Sir" he finally replied

"And try and keep your ship in one piece this time!" he finnished, before ending the communication

Anil sighed, noticing the mixture of confused/worried expressions of the faces of his officers, and the amused expression on Commander Davish's face

"Don't worry about him - he's just jealous" Anil stated

His Officer's returned to their work, and Anil leaned toward Leona

"I'm really going to have to have words with Admiral Cartel about undermining me in front of my crew" he muttered

"All systems report launch ready" Lieutenant Tyler called

"Okay - please ask all senior officers to report to the bridge, Lieutenant" Leona ordered

"Ensign - clear all moorings - quarter thrusters ahead to space-doors" Anil ordered

The Intrepid seemed to suddenly burst into life, and Anil sat back in his chair to monitor the performance of his new officer's

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Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 18 2006, 12:08 PM
Charles was in his office when the announcement came across the overhead for all senior officers to report to the bridge.

"Looks like it's time to get to work." Charles said to himself.

He left his office and went up to the bridge and waited to be told where he was to serve.

Posted by: Julia Diego Nov 18 2006, 03:18 PM

She was enroute to the Firebolt, no more than 100 yards from the ship actually, when a breathless ensign ran up to her. "Lt. Commander Diego?"

Pausing, the blonde doctor turned, examining the young ensign critically. "The same."

He held out a padd, "New orders sir. They just came through."

She took the padd, one golden brow quirked, the other raising as she read the assignment. "You've got to be kidding me."

But the ensign only shrugged, "Sorry ma'am. I was only instructed to get to you fast."

"You made it just in time." She was puzzled by the sudden change in assignment, but not entirely dissatisfied. "Thank you ensign." Tucking the padd under her arm she started walking down the corridor, away from the Firebolt.

The young man smiled, nodding and walking off in the other direction. Julia checked the padd again, swearing softly under her breath when she noted the time she was required to report in. She was already late.

Hurrying, she managed not to get lost, finding her way to the bay that led to the Intrepid, giving the padd that contained her orders to the security officer who guarded the passage to the ship.

"You're late." He smirked at her.

"You're right." She said nothing else as she headed down the umbilical that led to the ship.


She had just set foot on the Intrepid when she heard the call for all Senior Officers to report to the bridge. A sure sign the ship was about to be underway.

Another small curse escaped her as she started towards the bridge, "I'm so glad I studied the schematics for a Nebula class..." But she had a vague idea of where the bridge was.

Still, she couldn't help the brilliant smile that lit her features when she actually set foot on it. It was a small victory, sure...but right now, it was good enough.

If she allowed herself to think about it, she could easily start to panic thinking of how much there was to do before the ship was underway. Technically, she should have been aboard days ago.

If there was any silver lining, Julia thought as her eyes glanced around the bridge, it was the fact that she would get to see the look on Liam's face when he saw her on the Intrepid.

"Lt. Commander Julia Diego, reporting for duty." She approached the command chairs, getting her first look at the Captain and XO.

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Nov 18 2006, 03:39 PM
Stacy was going through all systems before she told the Captain that all systems were a go. Once she did say that the systems were a go, Leona told her that she should contact all senior officers and ask them to report to the bridge.

Stacy got on the Comm system to let all senior staff to report to the bridge. As fast as she made the announcement, the senior staff trickled in on the bridge. It was a flood of activity around her.

Stacy noticed the Marine Captain walking on the bridge. Stacy smiled to herself. He looks nice, thought Stacy.

Before they knew it, they were off to their next assignment; the Kaldea sector.

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 19 2006, 01:38 AM
Charles stood off to the side and watched as the Senior Bridge Staff did there jobs. A young brunette caught his eye in the Chief of Operations slot. Thats when Anil spoke to him.

"Marine Captain Nox. Is there anything I can help you with?" Anil said.

"No sir. I was responding to the Senior officers call over the comm." Charles replied.

"Well as Marine CO you don't have to report to the bridge." Anil stated.

"I know sir. I also wanted to watch the ship as it left dock. Fond memories I guess you could call it sir." Charles stated.

"So be it." Anil said going back to his work.

Charles watched as the nerve center of the ship exploded in activity as they prepared the ship to leave space dock.

Posted by: Hawku Nov 19 2006, 02:43 AM
Aeon entered the Bridge, where the rest of the senoir staff had taken their stations.

"A little late, Lieutenant?" Anil turned his head and noticed.

Aeon nodded, "Sorry, Captain. The Holodeck on the Starbase failed to notify of the time, and I... well, there's no excuse--" he finished in realization.

"Just don't let it happen again," the Captain ordered, while the new XO sat next to him, watching.

The Helmsmen nodded, "No, sir," and turned to the Helm. He then saw the new Assistant Helmsmen at the right-hand controls. Aeon took the left and greeted him.

"Lieutenant Aeon Sith, Chief Helm controller," Aeon reached out his hand.

The officer hesitated for a moment and then quickly shook it, "Sam--" he stated. "Ensign."

"I look forward to working with you," Aeon said, taking the course-correction module.

Sam was handling the flight module, ready to recieve and course-corrections Aeon might have.

"Just to let you know - there'll be a lot of times when our positions are switched, and you'll be the one feeding me course-corrections. So we should probably log in equal time on both modules for you to get used to working in a two-man operating situation. There'll be a lot of times when you'll handle both operations in one module when I'm not here, and vise versa with me."

Sam nodded, "Yes, sir."

"So, you fresh from the Academy?" Aeon asked, changing his tone to just small talk. Aeon got bored fast when he explained pretty straight-forward things.

OCC: Well there's the extent of my helm knowledge. I hope it's at least close to some sort of accuracy. But it's probably not. lol

Posted by: Leona Davish Nov 21 2006, 09:33 AM
Leona had watched the comings and goings on the bridge. She had meet new and seasoned crew and watched as the ship was prepared to leave the base. The whole time she was aware of Anil next to her. And couldn’t help but grin at the fact they were working together after getting off to such a great start.

The ship now had final clearance and even as she listened, the familiar hums and buzzies sounded around her and she grinned, it was good to be getting back out into space once more.

She leant across toe Anil, her eyes sparkling happily. “Are you ready Captain?” She asked him, her hand laying on his arm.

“As ready as I will ever be.” He grinned back and she felt her heart do a little jump. He was really getting to her.

"Lt. Commander Julia Diego, reporting for duty." Leona looked up at the woman and smiled.

“Doctor, welcome on board.” She said, holding out her hand. “I hope you’ll find everything you need. I dare say you will want to issue a request for the crews medicals.” She said, “I will make sure this lot come down as soon as we are away from here.” She said.

“Thank you Commander. I will see you then.” The good Doctor said, Leona watched as the Captain said a few words to her and then turned to leave. Leona looked at Anil. “I guess I’ll head down in a few, get it done and out the way.” she smiled, her fingers idly caressing his arm.

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Nov 24 2006, 02:30 AM
Moesha stepped off the turbolift and onto the Bridge. She caught the reference to crew medicals and instantly cringed, oh god, don't like sickbay that much. She thought walking to the sciences console. She caught the Captain's gaze and smiled. "Hello Captain, sciences are ready for departure."

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 24 2006, 12:16 PM
Liam sat in Engineering, a PADD in his hand. He was preparing to monitor the ships systems as they made the jump to warp speed. The engineering here was smaller and full of up-to-date technology and systems he'd yet to familarise himself with.

The warp core itself was even new to him, and to his knowledge the Intrepid class was the only class in the fleet with this particular design.

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 26 2006, 10:49 PM
Charles watched as final preperations were made to shove off. He always liked to watch a ship disconnet from base. It had a sense of adventure about it. Charles turned and walked over toward the turbolift once they cleared space dock.

He turned back and looked at that brunette. Man she looks good. Charles thought to himself as he stepped onto the turbolift. Going down to the KSR (Karsis Security Room) He went to check on how things were shaping up. He had every confidence in his Marines.

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Nov 27 2006, 11:51 PM
OOC: Since its been rather slow here, I hope everyone here doesn’t mind I do something here to spice it up a bit.

Sarah was getting some Tachyon Particle readings as they were nearing the neutral zone. They were at this point in the sensor grid area. Sarah did not take to long to alert the captain that there was a problem and she just knew that it was a cloaked Romulan warbird.

“Captain,” said Sarah “I am detecting tachyon particles on our starboard bough. I believe it’s a cloaked Romulan warbird.”

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Nov 28 2006, 04:44 AM
At the science console, Moesha had detected the same thing and was about to announce it but Stacy beat her to it. She looked over at the Operations officer and nodded. "Confirmed, Romulan in origin. What the frack are they doing here?"

OoC: I don't mind. a1.gif

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 30 2006, 04:41 AM
The Romulan warbird, now fully visible, came to a stop

"Lieutenant Sith - take the helm and bring us to all stop" Anil ordered

"Aye Sir" he promptly replied, bringing the Intrepid to a stop

"Captain - the warbird!" Commander Davish exclaimed

Anil turned his attention back to the viewscreen, to see what had caught Commander Davish's attention

The bridge fell momentarily silent - the Warbird was damaged - badly damaged, and the cause of the gaping hull breaches, scars and burns that were scattered across her hull could only mean that she had been attacked

"Hail them!" Anil called

"Aye Sir - they're responding" Vincent replied

The image of the crippled Warbird was replaced by that of a bridge that had, without a doubt, seen better days, and a Romulan officer stepped forward, green blood slowly dripping from a gash on his forehead

"I am Captain Reyan Anil of the Federation Starship Intrepid... What happened?" Anil bluntly asked

"Intrepid - I am Sublieutenant Sivak of the Decius - I have wounded aboard - may we have access to your medical facilities?"

"By all means - I'll alert my medical staff, and have you transported over immediately" Anil replied

"Thankyou Captain" Sivak replied, nodding, before the viewscreen reverted back to the image of the wounded warbird


Anil strode into sickbay, which was filled to capacity - Doctor Diego was tending to Sublieutenant Sivak, and Anil made his way through the crowd of injured Romulan's and Starfleet medical staff

"Sublieutenant - I'm Captain Reyan" Anil stated, offering his hand for the Romulan officer to shake

Sivak took his hand, and shook it

"What happened to your ship, and where is your Captain?" Anil asked

"Dead - I am the most senior officer remaining aboard the Decius - we were attacked" he replied, wincing - Anil couldn't tell if he was wincing from the pain of his injuries or from having to discuss what had happened with a Starfleet Officer

"I know this must be difficult for you, Lieutenant, but who attacked you?" Anil asked, pressing the issue further

"It was..... the Remans" Sivak admitted

"Remans?!" Anil asked

"Yes - with the Tal Shiar not being quite what it once was, due to the losses it took during the Dominion war, we had no way of knowing - you are probably aware of the incident involving the former Praetor, Shinzon" Sivak asked

"Yes - if I recall, he was a clone of Captain Picard of the Enterprise - Captain Picard and the Enterprise fought against him"

"Yes - and his ship, the Scimitar" Sivak stated quietly

"Which was destroyed by an Enterprise officer" Anil continued, curious as to why Sivak was referring to the infamous incident

"The scimitar was destroyed - but she wasn't the only ship of her class - Praetor Shinzon had a second one under construction - a fallback, should the Scimitar be unable to complete it's mission for any reason - and the Remans now have it"

"And they used it against you?" Anil asked, shocked

"Yes - it should be no secret that the Reman's hate us Romulans - I imagine that they have every right to hate us, since our goverment see's fit to force them into slave labour - but the second scimitar has given them an oportunity, the chance to strike back at us. Shinzon led the way, and the second scimitar-class was seemingly viewed as a gift, of sorts, from Shinzon to the Reman's, to cast of their proverbial shackles and claim independance"

Anil remained silent, prompting Sivak to continue

"By the time the new Tal Shiar was able to obtain any intelligence regarding the situation it was too late - the new scimitar, which the Reman's have named the Revenge, attacked any and every Romulan ship it encountered - we tried to mount a resistance, but we couldn't track it and it picked our Warbirds off one by one"

Anil stood

"I'll alert Starfleet - but I am not sure of what we can do - our Prime Directive prohibits us from interfering in the internal affairs of any foreign government" Anil explained

Sivak frowned

"Keep in mind, Captain, that the chances are once the Reman's tire of attacking Romulans, they could very well turn their attention to your Federation"

"I am aware of that, and intend to make it clear to Starfleet - in the meantime, rest - I'll come and find you as soon as I receive orders from my superiors" Anil advised

"Thankyou, Captain" Sivak replied, before lying down to allow the nurses to treat his injuries

Posted by: Hawku Dec 1 2006, 12:05 AM
As the Decius and the Intrepid hung in space, Aeon Sith decided to leave the Bridge for a moment. He walked through the corridors, until accidentally running into a Romulan girl.

"Oh! Sorry about that," Aeon said, bumping into her.

She was being escorted by a Medical officer, who was helping her walk on her injured leg.

"It's alright," she held up her hand and smiled. "They let me out of Sickbay to test my legs."

"How are they doing?" Aeon asked.

She nodded, "Not bad. I'll be ready to make the trip to my flight controller's chair in no time."

"You're a pilot? So am I," Aeon smiled.

She looked over, "What a coincidence. My name's Tekana."

"Lieutenant Aeon Sith," he shook her hand. "You know, if you guys are busy in Sickbay, I can take it from here?" Sith asked the Crewmen.

The Crewmen nodded and took Tekana's arm from around him and let it go around Aeon's shoulders.

"How generous of you," Tekana said as the Crewmen left.

Aeon shook his head, "It'd be my pleasure."

Posted by: Charles Nox Dec 6 2006, 07:43 PM
Finishing his rounds he went back to his office to study personnel files some more on his marines. He also decided to make a duty roster out for the Marines that wasn't in the KSR Room. He wanted to weave everybody into a job one way or another.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Dec 7 2006, 02:50 PM
Engineering was keeping Liam busy, with him adjusting to the new ship and the way it works, as well as changing things to suit him. The previous Engineer hadn't done him many favours to say the least.

It would take some time for him to completely adjust, but in the meantime, he'd study the ship specs where he could, although his main priority as soon as he'd knocked off was to meet some of the crew.

Unlike many of this ships he'd servedon previously, this one was a complete new leaf. He knew no-one and not much about the ship herself.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Dec 10 2006, 06:14 AM
Anil closed the comm channel and sighed

Despite the newfound good relations between the Romulan Empire and the Federation, being ordered to enter Romulan space still managed to make the average Starfleet Captain feel uneasy

Starfleet Command had made it clear that several ships would be sent to rendevous in Romulan space but the Intrepid, being the fastest of the ships being sent, would arrive first

And a small number of the Decius crew had elected to remain aboard - since their Warbird would not be able to keep pace with the Intrepid, Starfleet had advised that the USS Hood would be sent to escort the Decius. Having Romulan Officer's aboard was a double-edged sword too - it would prevent hostilities from the Romulan's, and would serve as an instant explaination as to the Intrepid's presence in Romulan space; but it could also serve to antagonise the Reman's

Anil stepped onto the bridge, just as Lieutenant Sith stepped out from the turbolift

"Lieutenant - set a course for Romulan space, maximum warp" Anil ordered, noticing the shocked expressions on the faces of the more junior officers present

"Aye Sir" Aeon replied, and simply sat, immediately inputting the course

"Engage" Anil stated

The Intrepid shot to warp, leaving the wounded Decius behind to await the Hood's arrival

"Hope we don't run into any Romulan's" Anil heard muttered from behind - he didn't turn to see who had spoken

"We have Romulan's aboard, just incase you didn't notice - besides, it isn't them you should be worried about...... it's the Remans" Anil answered

Posted by: Julia Diego Dec 16 2006, 10:37 PM
Julia sent a report to the bridge regarding the status of the Romulans who had been brought aboards. She also sent an additional report verifying that the medical records had all been updated and all crew members, with one notable exception, had been cleared for duty.

She then called Marix into her office, explaining what she wanted him to do. The Lieutenant was hesitant at first, but quickly won over by the effervescent doctor.

Lt. Marix ordered Liam to report to sickbay, under threat of being relieved from duty. Marix smirked at Julia, adding one last thought to Liam, a4.gif I'm sorry to be coming down so heavily on you sir. I know that you've just come on board. But the CMO is a real stickler. She'll relieve you from duty in a heartbeat. I'm just trying to give you some insight here, officer to officer. a4.gif

The comment still didn't make Liam feel any easier as he approached the doors to sickbay. Breathing heavily as he arrived, he stood straight and reassured himself that there would be no problems and that he would be fine.

Marix could tell who Liam was by his paleness, his obvious dislike for sickbay. Approaching, he offered Liam his hand. "Lt. Commander Gulliver? I'm Lt. Marix. Good to meet you." Marix nodded towards the CMO's office. "She's waiting for you inside. She wasn't happy about having to track you down and drag you in. Be prepared."

"Oh...great," he said, as cold sweat trickled into his eye. His nerves were getting the better of him as Marix directed him towards the CMO's office.

Julia was waiting in her office, standing in front of her desk, her arms crossed. When Liam walked in, she almost felt guilty...he looked positively sick. "You should have reported to sickbay hours ago, Lt. Commander Gulliver." She was grinning happily, stepping forward and shutting the door behind him, poking him in the chest lightly, "Gotcha. Now we're even for that stunt you pulled on Reysa with the personal aircraft."

Much to Liam's surprise he felt even worse. "I thought you were on the Firebolt?"

"Last minute change of orders." She tilted her head, her own demeanor sober now. "What's the matter? I thought you'd be happy."

"You know damn well how I feel about Doctor's and general Medical Institutions." He managed to push out a kind of smile. In truth he felt better that it was someone he knew giving him his physical, but he still had to endure it.

She knew how he felt, but she could not say she understood it. "Right, yes. Nice to see you too." Turning, she picked up the tricorder on her desk, scanning him with the wand, ice blue eyes intent on the readings. "Just a few questions, and we'll be through."

He felt sick to his stomach, "No injections, okay?"

She shook her head, "I'll give those to you the way I always have Liam." It was hard to hide how upset she really was. "Any recent injuries or illnesses?"

"None that I know of," he gave a half hearted laugh at the end, trying to lighten the mood, he could see she was upset, but he felt in no state to comfort her.

"Any unexplained pains, sharp or dull?"

"I've had one or two in my wrists, but I put that down to RSI." He looked up, catching a brief glimpse of her eyes, they were just the way he remembered, one's he felt he could lose himself in, but that was then, and this is now, he couldn't drag up old feelings at a time like now.

She nodded. The RSI was already part of his medical record. Setting the tricorder down, she met his gaze, trying a smile, but failing. "You're cleared for duty Lt. Commander Gulliver."

With those words he felt nothing but relief, he felt his body relax and the color returning to his face. "Thanks." He paused as he moved to leave, "It's good to see you Jules."

"You too Liam." The lion's share of her attention was given to her tricorder, uploading the data to the medical files.

((Joint post between Liam and Julia))

Posted by: Reyan Anil Dec 19 2006, 02:54 PM
"Captain - approaching the Neutral Zone" Lieutenant Sith advised

"Maintain course and speed" Anil ordered

The stigma attached to entering the Neutral zone still exsisted, and although Anil had both permission and reason to enter it, old habits died hard and he still felt as if he were, somehow, doing somthing wrong

"How did the chat with Starfleet go?" Commander Davish asked

"Well - they are concerned about the potential threat that this renegade Reman ship could cause, both to Starfleet and the Federation's relationship with the Romulan's they informed me that the USS Ajax is close behind us, and that she in turn is being followed by the Starships Reliant, Quest, Prometheus and Galaxy"

"They are taking it seriously!" she replied

"Romulan warbird decloaking to starboard!" Lieutenant Sith advised

"Relax Lieutenant - it's just our escort" Anil advised

The turbolift doors whispered open, and Sub-Commander Sivak stepped out

"Welcome to the bridge, Sub-Commander - the escort you requested appears to have arrived" Anil informed him

"Perfect timing" Sivak replied, smiling

"They are hailing" Lieutenant Sith advised

"Onscreen" Anil requested

"Greetings Intrepid - I am Commander Vasik - may I speak with Sub-Commander Sivak?"

Sivak stepped foward

"Good to see you, Commander - what is the situation?"

"Grave - the Reman's attacked our shipyards, as well as key ships in the second fleet"

"I doubt that they'll stop there" Sivak replied

"We still cannot penetrate their cloak either - they could be anywhere" Vasik replied

"I will remain aboard the Intrepid for now - could you please transmit all data gathered so far about the Reman ship, so that I may discuss the matter further with Captain Reyan?"

"I will see to it immediately" Vasik advised, before closing the channel

"Worrying - they could be right in front of us, and we'd have no idea" Anil whispered

Sivak nodded in agreement

Posted by: Charles Nox Dec 19 2006, 06:02 PM
a4.gif Captain Nelson to Lieutenant Vincent Talenos a4.gif

a4.gif Talenos here. Go ahead. a4.gif

a4.gif I need to speak with you about working some non-statis marines into guard/shift duty. a4.gif

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Dec 20 2006, 10:11 PM
As soon as Stacy was relieved from her relief, she was of search for the marine that was on the bridge when they set out. She found him in his office. The door was open so she peeped her head.

“Hello good looking,” said Stacy.

Posted by: Charles Nox Dec 20 2006, 11:04 PM
Charles was going through routine paperwork when the beautiful young lady stuck her head through the door.

“Hello good looking,” said Stacy.

Donnie stood.

"Well hello. Come in. How can I help you." Charles said smiling.

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Dec 21 2006, 08:12 PM
Stacy walked right on in. “Well I saw you on the bridge and I just had to get to know you and all,” said Stacy.

“Oh I see,” said Charles. “So would you like something to drink?”

“Yes coffee please.” Said Stacy. Stacy watched as Charles walked to the replicator and ordered some drinks for them.

Posted by: Charles Nox Dec 25 2006, 09:42 PM
“Yes coffee please.” Said Stacy. Stacy watched as Charles walked to the replicator and ordered some drinks for them.

Charles retrieved two coffee's from the replicator. Handing one cup to her.

"My name is Charles Nox. What would yours be by chance?" Charles said smiling.

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Dec 25 2006, 11:08 PM
"My name is Stacy Tyler. I'm chief of operations here. I saw you on the bridge and I thought I just had to meet you," said Stacy.

Posted by: Charles Nox Dec 27 2006, 12:22 AM
Taking a sip of his coffee he listened.

"Interesting, tell me more please. Your likes and dislikes and so forth." Charles said sitting the coffee on his desk.

Posted by: Stacy Tyler Dec 29 2006, 04:09 PM
“I not sure where to begin. I have 5 other sister; one of which looks exactly like me.”

“So you’re a twin?” asked Charles.

“Not exactly, I am actually a sextuplet.” Said Stacy.

“Now my sister that looks like me, her name is Sarah. For some odd reason all of managed to get into Starfleet. Goodness we were a sight to see,” said Stacy. “The Tyler sister is what we were always referred as.”

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 1 2007, 08:18 AM

The Intrepid continued to race toward Romulan space

"ETA?" Anil aksed

"Two hours" Lieutenant Sith replied

The ship suddenly trembled

"Report" Anil demanded

The ship trembled again

"It's the Karcsis, Sir" Aeon called

"It's comandeered the main deflector!" a voice called from behind, over the ever-increasing tremors

"Deactivate the deflector!" Anil shouted, but it was too late - the deflector spat a pulse of energy foward, which opened what appeared to be a wormhole

The Intrepid, unable to take any alternative action, fell into it, and emerged in an unfamiliar area of space

The static on the viewscreen cleared, showing a series of pillars forming gates, and a small station-like structure. The Karcsis was, somehow, now outside the Intrepid, proceeding toward the structure

The crew watched with interest as the Karcsis entered the structure, which then began to glow bright blue; and one by one the pillars lit, and wormholes formed within them

"Wormholes! Aeon exclaimed

"So that's what it was - a key to these.... gates to other parts of the galaxy, perhaps even the universe" Anil stated, awestruck by the sight

"We'll have to tell Starfleet" he stated, and he made his way to his ready room, still in awe at their discovery


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