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Posted by: Tinde Nov 4 2006, 01:04 PM
Name: Tinde Diren
Parents: Kell (mother, deceased) Timor (father) Oton
Siblings: none
Race: Trill (joined, Diren symbiont)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair/Eye Color: Dk Brown/Green
Birthplace: Trillus Prime
Birthday: January 12th
Age: 28

Biography/Personal Background:
Tinde’s mother, Kell, died in childbirth. Her father Timor, did his best to raise the young trill. Timor was a science officer onboard a Star Fleet vessel, the USS Tempest, and being the sole parent of Tinde, she was brought onboard as well. She was not the only child onboard, though she excelled in her coursework, showing aptitude for computers. Around age 15, she joined her father on a scientific away mission via shuttle to a planet’s surface. She spent the entire time in the shuttle seated as co-pilot, fascinated. Even though her father had been in science, Tinde grew interested in Ops, and on that away mission, fell in love with flight. When she was old enough, she applied for the Academy, and was granted admission. While at the Academy, she was in the Nova Squadron flight team. Her senior year, she was voted captain of the flight team. Despite successfully attempting a dangerous and banned maneuver, the Kolvoord Starburst, in a holodeck simulation, the team was not allowed to perform the act at the graduation where she graduated 3rd in her class. She double majored in both Helm and Operations.

Quiet, assertive, confident, self assured. Smart (IQ 137). Speaks her mind, though realizes sometimes it’s best to remain silent.

Personal History:
2354 – Tinde born, her mother dies in childbirth
2369 – Tinde accompanies her father on a scientific away mission
2380 – joined as fifth host to the Diren symbiont

Star Fleet History:
2372 – entered Star Fleet Academy
2376 – graduated from Star Fleet Academy, cadet cruise aboard the USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign Class)
2377 – first assignment aboard the USS Delphinus (Defiant Class) as Junior Helm Officer, gained rank of Ensign
2379 – promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, remaining on the Delphinus as Helm Officer
2380 – takes an LOA to attend Trill Initiate Program, returns to StarFleet, given duty as Medic on board the Delphinus
2382 – transferred to the USS Firebolt upon promotion of full Lieutenant, and Chief Helm Officer, brings the ship in to meet with new CO, Capt. Ryan Orlan

Diren Symbiont: (189 yrs)
Previous Hosts

2193-2255 (62 yrs)
Fila Suzah (Diren)
Composer/Concert Pianist

Fila wrote a few pieces for the Trill Piano, and even preformed a few works of her own in concert. Though remained very much a regional celebrity only, not gaining much worldwide fame, hardly known on other planets.

2255-2303 (48 yrs)
Jaisa Kerr (Diren)
Astronomer/Trill Science Ministry professor

Jaisa was an astronomer, working in a Trill Space Station for a time. She was accepted into the Trill Symbiont Initiates, and became joined. After which, she was able to pursue a career in 2276 as a professor at the Trill Science Ministry until her death in 2303.

2303-2326 (23 yrs)
Kei Kime (Diren)
Flight Instructor

Kei was fascinated with flying space craft from an early age. She built small models, and studied how they flew. When she was old enough, she went on to learn to fly, and wanting to share it with others, she began to teach others the joy of flying. She became a Trill Initiate and was joined in her 30s. On one particular windy day, she took a student out flying in a glider craft, where a strong gust took control and crashed the small craft. The student died at the impact, and Kei survived only long enough to save the symbiont.

2326-2380 (54 yrs)
Lana Tragel (Diren)
Spouse: Torin Tragel
Children: none
Trill Diplomat to Delta Dorado II/Doctor

Lana studied and became a doctor on the Trill home world. For nearly 20 years, she served the Trill government as a Diplomatic medical liaison between Trill and Delta Dorado II. During the Dominion War (2373-2375), Lana was commissioned by Star Fleet and given a field rank of Lieutenant. After this brief time serving in Star Fleet she returned to her civilian physician role. Lana retired shortly before her death in 2380.

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