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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 9 2006, 08:16 PM
"For all the gold in china," Korbin said slapping his friend on the back, their conversation had started many hours ago... as a casual drink at the bar of the Ten Forward of the USS Cordial, but had since turned into a card game, a drinking contest and now... a stumble back to their quarters which as it happens were opposite one another.

"You even know what China is?!" Korbin's friend exclaimed, he was human, of average height and weight (they all are aren't they?) and liked to be called Simon when off duty and Ensign Fraiser when he was on.

"Nope," Korbin said, at which they both burst out laughing. Infact, besides the four years he'd spent at Starfleet Academy during which time he only left campus twice when forced to by his friends to do some sight seeing in Paris and Sydney, he'd never been too Earth and knew little of it. Ship's operations and the working of a computer had always fascinated him more than what a planet had built on it.

"Right right right," Fraiser said in quick succession leaning up against the nearest bulkhead. "I'll just ask them to beam us home, yeah?" he said smiling again just before he slumped to the floor.

Korbin bent down, enough clarity in his mind to know he'll be sticking to synth-hol next time, to pick his friend up. Grabbing him by the collar and by the arm he heaved Fraiser up onto his feet and drapped the other arm over his own shoulder.

"Come on," Korbin said still smiling, he hadn't had this much fun since leaving Betazed they know how to party at home he thought, adding to his drunken smile.

"I don't think the Captain would be very happy."

"The Captain's never very happy. Although, she's kinda pretty," Fraiser said, having finally found the strength to walk upright under his own steam.

"Shhh," Korbin said missing his mouth with the finger. "Someone'll hear you."

"Hear me saying what?" Fraiser retorted, pushing himself along from bulkhead to bulkhead... surely, we're nearly there?.

"Saying you think... you think..." Korbin paused for a moment, human ales weren't designed to be drunk by Betazoids and absorbed by their more advanced minds.
An elegant way of admitting we're the galaxy's lightweights.

"I've forgotten. Something about Elizabeth. I mean Liz. I mean Captain Halley."

"Yeah..." Fraiser trailed off, having forgotten what they were talking about and now feeling the very early effects of a hangover.

They finally made it too their respestive quarters, bid each other goodnight - just about - and slumped into bed.

Korbin managed to kick off his shoes and throw his shirt in one direction or another before his head inevitably hit the pillow.

[OOC: Was bored, so gonna write a few lil' prologues to Korbin.]

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 12 2006, 02:53 PM
Both Korbin and Fraiser had been friends since Fraiser's posting to the USS Cordial two years ago. He'd come aboard fresh from the Academy into the Cordial's renowned Operations department and Drac (As Fraiser was soon calling him) had originally been charged with escorting the newbie around the Akira Class vessel, explaining how many parts of the ship's internals now differed from the original design scmatic because of various deep space improvisations and the recent refit the ship had undertaken at the Copernicus Shipyards. Since that first meeting their friendship had grown to the point where they even dated two sisters, both of whom they'd had to leave behind after their shore leave on Risa had finished. These events Korbin was replaying because he wanted to know why, oh why, he'd let Simon talk him into drinking so much.

Korbin rolled to the left, and then to the right attempting in his recovering drunken phase to escape from the bed cover, which despite him falling asleep ontop of had somehow entangled him. Finally being released he dropped off the side of his single bed and onto the floor. Picking himself up and managing to stand by himself was an achievement in itself considering the hour... "Computer, time," he requested the thought suddenly coming to his mind. After the computer responded he let out a sigh of relief, he'd feared being late for duty... despite being on the late Gamma shift.

He scrambled in the bedside cabinet to find his combadge, upon finding it he clasped it tightly in his left hand and then moved over to the bathroom where he picked up a flannel and washed some synthetic water over his face. Although feeling immediately a little more refreshed he'd already noted in his mental diary to go to the Doc's before his shift started to get some meds. Gotta love modern medicine.

"Korbin to Fraiser," he said pressing his combadge as it lay in the palm of his hand. He was using their last names, as the com system wasn't really supposed to be used whilst off-duty, to which Korbin's retort to being caught was always I'm never OFF duty. But this time he thought he wouldn't push his luck with Captain Halley, especially as he could still remember him and Simon making fools of themselves in Ten Forward the previous night, the word was bound to get to her, as things always did on a small ship.

There was a long pause, before Korbin tried again. This time, however, he didn't receive silence he got a rather mumbled "Yes," in reply.
"What is it?" Simon asked, his voice a little clearer now, obviously having dispenses with the frog in his throat.

"Are you still asleep?" Korbin asked, he could sense the answer already.

"I was."

"You know you're on Beta Shift today right? And that starts in like fifteen minutes..." Korbin said, a smile already broad across his face as he envisioned Simon's frantic struggle for a unifom, before rushing to sickbay for a pill, before rushing to duty... 5 minutes late, but that was normal for him.

"Shi....." was all Korbin got back before the transmission cut off, hung up from his friend's end. Chuckling to himself Korbin sat down on the corner of his bed and contemplated things for a moment, no time for drinking this coming night. And although he had Gamma Shift, after it was done with he was taking his latest sweetheart, a fellow Betazoid called Loorva, whom was another rookie, but she was into the Sciences. He'd met her three weeks prior in Ten Forward and quickly sparked up a conversation over their favourite holiday destination, which ironically turned out to be one in the same: the terraformed world of Blue Horizon. Although the conversation didn't stay on that subject forever the subjects after were obviously good enough as the two had shared a bed that night. Since Drac had been seeing her on-and-off for some time, she was a full Betazoid and knew exactly what Drac, and other young men were like, but didn't seem to mind.

"Where to take her on a ship with only one bar..." he said outloud, unusual for him as he normally kept his thoughts and feelings to himself but this time was an exception as he hoped someone would be listening and be able to offer him an idea...

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 24 2006, 05:47 PM
"The time is nineteen-hundred hours and twenty-seven minutes."

The computer's asexual monotone rang out along the corridor down whilst Korbin was walking briskly. Infact briskly didn't really sum-up the near run he had broken out into during his attempt to reach his date with Loorva after nearly forgetting about it and then taking far too long arranging his hair. He had three minutes to cross the ship.

Entering a crammed turbolift and commanding it on it's way Korbin stopped for a moment to regret falling back on taking her to Ten Forward. He made the decision earlier in the day to think of a more inventive place for their date but had gotten distracted by scrubbing conduits and other fun activities the chief had him doing and in the process forgotten to think.

"Eh," he said to himself stepping out the turbolift on the appropriate level, his walk fast soon leaving the others whom had stopped on that deck. "Maybe she'll suggest a holodeck program," he was speaking to himself, but it was audiable to everyone. Although he received nothing by understanding smiles and nods from all passers-by, word of his impending date had obviously spread and on a deep-space mission gossip was about the strongest tether of crew morale.

He halted at the entrance to Ten Forward, he knew he was at least a minute late. But... anything under five minutes was a fashionably late entrance, right?. He straightened his smart-casual clothes for about the fifth time in the invisible mirror before breathing out deeply and stood simply for a moment routed to the spot trying to think of an opening line and a hookline that would get him a lil' nookie. But he was interupted when someone leaving Ten Forward came out, leaving the doors ajare enough for him to spot his date, wearing a stunning white dress... looking as beautiful as she did in the bikini she was wearing when he'd first met Drac. They both could sense the sexual attraction from that moment on Blue Horizon's primary beach. He made eye contact with her as he entered, offering an immediate smile.

"Hey there good looking" he said telepathically. It was someone of a liberty, speaking within their minds was something Betazoids like to do only with family members and those they were familiar with, but life was about risks...

"Thought you'd like this dress" came Luurva's mental reply a moment later, her smile even broader.

Korbin took the stool next to her at the bar, the Bolian that worked behind the bar approached and Drac ordered a beverage of Betazoid origin (Non-alcholic this time!), before gazing deeply into Luurva's wide beautiful green eyes. The whites of which seemed to disappear into infinity, a place Korbin would like to get lost.

Although their gaze had not broken from one another since Korbin had arrived they had not uttered a single spoken word, bar Draconis' drink order, the entire conversation was in their minds.

They made small talk at first, made observational jokes regarding their work and their mutual comic appriciation for the Grazerite Chief of Science, Lieutenant Braph. The topic of conversation gently drifted to more serious things like where on Betazoid they were from and how the got into Starfleet and about the history of their families. Interestingly enough which revealed their two families had been enemies some 10 generations back, a fact they both laughed audiably at. Which did attract a few queer looks from the other patrons of Ten Forward, who had unanimously agreed the two were having a starring contest.

The hours drifted by as they also do in such occasions, espcially if they're going well, and the conversation as well as the drink had dried up somewhat. Korbin looked up at the barman deciding whether to order another drink or not. At which point Luurva took the liberty of reading his immediate thoughts.
"Another drink? Bit late isn't it?" she said, it was the first time she'd actually spoken. Korbin had forgotten how elegant and soft her tone was. It prompted Draconis took glance back at her with a face he hoped expressed what he wanted it to express.

"Your place or mine?" she said, her mouth curling into a smile that could launch ships and make men fight for her.

Draconis didn't say another word, he didn't have to. He hopped down off his perch on the bar stool and took Luurva by the hand. Gently leading her down from her seat he led her towards the exit...

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Dec 4 2006, 06:51 AM
Draconis couldn't keep the smile from appearing broad across his face. He rolled over in bed, so many times during his Academy days he'd done exactly the same thing and found his partner from the night before had already gone, sometimes leaving a note, contact details, but most times not. This time though, this girl, was still there and she wore a grin just as wide.

"Morning," he said shifting over nearer to her, allowing his arm to reach under her and over her to give her a squeezy embrace.

Luurva reached over and kissed him on the lips. "Sleep well?" she asked although she knew the answer already.

"Very" Korbin said telepathically, they'd been talking like that all the night before... even during their bedroom gynastics, it had been so intimate.

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Seeing you,"
Luurva replied confidently.


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