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Posted by: Erin Kai'an Nov 4 2006, 01:22 PM
Name: Erin Kai'an
Age: 25
Birthday: January 10, 2357
Birthplace: Earth
Race: Human
Eyes: Ice blue, bright
Hair: Dark brown/black
Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)

Mother – (Unknown)
Father – (Unknown)
Adopted Mother – Nakara (Vulcan, aged 96)
Adopted Father – Vayu (Vulcan, aged 103)

Medical History:
Three scars: a short, ragged one on the back of her right hand; one on her left forearm that’s a small circle; and another thin one on her left chest between the sixth and seventh rib. Erin played rough and tumble with the children nearby her home, earning her several minor sicknesses and “war wounds.” When she was eight, she broke her leg in an accident involving one of her friends and a tree. Two years later, she came down with Corellium Fever. No other significant illnesses or injuries happened after her childhood.

Erin was three when she was taken in by an Earth-dwelling Vulcan couple. Because she had no last name, she took a shortened version of theirs. Often her curious nature was well-received, though more by Vayu than by Nakara. Vayu was the one to teach her how to play kal-toh at an early age. Nakara was more distant, instead teaching her the more creative subject of playing an instrument. Despite attempting several different ones, Erin never found one she liked and eventually “annoyed” Nakara into quitting the lessons. She learned Vulcan while growing up in their household.
Since Vulcans put emphasis on logic, many of the curiosity-driven questions tended to confuse them. Nakara soon simply told her to ask Vayu, who tried but sometimes used complex logic to confuse Erin into silence. A side-effect of their logical nature was their expectation of academic perfection. Erin graduated at age seventeen, a year earlier than her peers.
Instantly she applied to Starfleet Academy. Throughout the four years, she did exceptionally well in classes specializing in language and astrometry. However, her weakest subject was security. She graduated in the 89th percentile. Because learning languages came easy to her, she was already fairly fluent in Latin and Klingon.
It took two months to be assigned to the USS Airwave as an Astrometry Officer. Despite her position, Erin frequently did double duty as a language specialist. She dabbled in multiple languages during these years, but never fully learned them. Four years later, she was assigned to the USS Firebolt as Assistant Chief Science.

Starfleet Career:
2374-2378 – Starfleet Academy, graduated 89th percentile
2378 – Ensign, Astrometry, USS Airwave
2381 – Lieutenant JG, Astrometry, USS Airwave
2382 – Lieutenant JG, Asst. Science, USS Firebolt

Oddly, growing up with Vulcans never impended her emotional qualities, though it may explain her scientific talent. One of her most basic personality traits is her curiosity; she often asks why or how. She spends much of her time reading or studying, preferring paper books and pencils to PADDs. Something about her seems trustworthy and comforting, meaning she can make friends easily if she chooses to and that people often go to her with problems. When in most social situations, she has a sense of humor about many subjects. When the situation is serious or when she’s caught up in studying/researching, she isn’t really her friendly, humorous self. As most scientists, she can be moderately stubborn.

Learning and decoding languages


Languages Known:
Federation/Common, Vulcan, Klingon, Latin
Cardassian, Betazoid, Trill, common sign language

Subject to change, especially strengths and weakness.

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