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Posted by: Asaph Nov 4 2006, 07:13 PM
Name: Asaph
Parents: Jodin (father, vulcan), Hanna (mother, human, deceased)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair/Eye Color: Dk Brown/Green
Birthplace: Irving, Texas
Birthday: 2 March 2307
Age: 75

Biography/Personal Background:
Asaph was raised as an only child on Earth by his mother, Hanna. She was 52 years old when he was born. Although he had contact with his father, Jodin was involved in vulcan diplomatic matters most of the time. And so it was agreed that his mother would love and care for him on Earth throughout his childhood and adolesence. She insisted he learn Vulcan and Spanish as well as English. Aside from his linguistic skills, in his childhood, he developed two great passions: music and science.

When Asaph grew to adulthood, he studied music at the Paris Conservatory, playing a multitude of instruments and learning French and Russian fluently. In ten years, he had completed his doctoral studies and moved back to Texas where he played third horn in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for a number of years. When his mother was old, she passed away. He remained in the orchestra for a few years after that, but without her inspiration, he found little joy in the things which used to excite him.

Taking a sabbatical from the orchestra, he took a flight to Vulcan. Initially, he went to escape his routine, but on Vulcan he was reinspired in the fields of Chemistry and Physics. After another couple of years in the orchestra back on Earth, he ended his musical career to study Physics at the Vulcan Institute of Science. Initially the Vulcans were skeptical at teaching someone who had spent his entire life on Earth, but they eventually where he worked hard and acchieved a Master of Science with Emphasis in the Physical Fields of Energy and Matter.

With much opposition from his teachers and peers, Asaph chose to mave back to Earth, continuing his education at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Having already been formally educated, Asaph was advanced in a two-year program through the Academy and given his first assignment on the USS Orbiter, a small scouting vessel which patrolled along the Romulan boarder.

His next ship was the USS Delphinus. While on board the Delphinus, he met, quite unexpectedly, a young human named Ahira who dazzled him with her brilliance. She was an exquisite performer on piano, horn and violin trapped in a small outpost where her talents were not appreciated. Her enthusiasm and skill in music reminded him of his mother and his childhood and he loved her very much. He visited her several times while on leave, and they were eventually married shortly before he was transferred to the Firebolt where they begin their new life together.

Time-Line of Life-Events:
2307 – Asaph born in Irving, TX where his mother raises him through adolesence.
2325 – entered the Paris Conservatoryin New York
2335 – graduates from the conservatory with a PhD. Gets a position near his home town in the Dallas Symphony.
2351 - mother, Hanna, dies at the age 96.
2357 - takes a sabbatical to Vulcan where he rediscovers science.
2362 - begin Studies at Vulcan Institute of Science.
2371 - graduate from the Vulcan Institude and begin training at Starfleet Academy.
2373 - first assignment aboard the USS Orbiter as Junior Sensor Officer and the rank of Ensign.
2375 - promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
2376 – second assignment aboard the USS Delphinus as Assistant Science Officer.
2377 - meets Ahira.
2380 – promoted to full Lieutenant, remaining on the Delphinus.
2381 - marries Ahira.
2381 – transferred to the USS Firebolt as Chief Science Officer.

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