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Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 4 2006, 02:20 PM
Name: Liam Richard Gulliver
Age: 26
Race: Human
Born: Leicester, United Kingdom, Earth, Sol Sector
Parentage: Richard Gulliver (Father) and Nicole Gulliver (Mother)
Medical History: Appendicitis at the age of 14, Broken Leg at the age of 12
Interests: Liam enjoys music as a whole, and in his spare time can usually be found either on a holodeck or in his quarters listening to all kinds of music. He also has a tendency to participate in extra curricular activities.

Liam's childhood was more than any child could have asked for. Living in the countryside of Leicestershire in the UK he was very active and had a lot of space to play with. He, along with his friends, would often build mock starships and play out missions together.

He took a strong interest in warp technologies at the age of 12 and has since then moved into all aspects of engineering.

He joined the Academy at the age of 16 and graduated with honors, before being posted aboard the USS Challenger as an Operations Officer. He served there for 2 years, progressing to the rank of Lieutenant before being transferred to the USS Victory. There he met Commander Ellen Jordan, who befriended him and taught him much more about engineering in the field and he managed to volunteer a few ideas of his own, increasing the efficiency of the Victory's engines, increasing the amount of time they could run at maximum warp for. Other notable actions aboard the Victory include the diversion of an almost warp core breach, in an attack by Romulan forces, in which Commander Jordan was killed and Gulliver made acting Chief Engineer, with a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Upon return to Starbase 173, he was given permanent promotion to Lieutenant Commander and is now awaiting transfer to the USS Intrepid.

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