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Posted by: Tinde Nov 4 2006, 01:31 PM
”All hands, battle stati-” Sparks flew silencing the Captain. A thud signifying his fall.

Tinde Diren maneuvered the helm onboard the USS Delphinus. Suddenly the ship took an unexpected nose dive. The Defiant class’ hull glowed as it entered the planet’s atmosphere. Tinde pulled the nose up, narrowly missing a mountain cliff and leveling off the ship.

“Damn it, I hate when you do that.” The XO stood from where he’d fell during the plummet.

“The alternate would’ve been worse.” Tinde glanced back to the XO. “Is he okay?” indicating the captain lying unconscious on the floor.

Lieutenant Commander Morganson knelt down to check the captain, tapping his comm badge. “Medical emergency to the bridge.”

Tinde looked over her shoulder to the science station.

“There’s a suitable clearing, sending coordinates.” Asaph said despite a small trail of blood trickling down his forehead.

The trill helm as gently as she could landed the craft, finally breathing again.

“Tinde.” She turned to the source of the voice. Commander Morgenson sat at the command chair. “Begin docking sequence.”

“Aye, sir.” She looked through the viewscreen as they approached Starbase 173. A skeleton crew staffing the USS Firebolt, Nebula class vessel until it picked up the remainder of the crew. She knew with each moment, the ship inched closer to her CO leaving. They’d been together since she was an ensign joining the Delph, and he was a lieutenant in engineering.

“The Firebolt has docked.” She said as the stocky ship successfully docked to the station.

Morganson stood and tapped his badge. “All hands. This is Commander Morganson. We’ve arrived at the Starbase 173. You’ll be reporting to Lieutenant Diren until the remainder of the Firebolt crew arrives which should be shortly. It’s been a wonderful trip. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Morganson out.” He looked back at Tinde. “Diren you have command until Captain Orlan arrives.” And with that, he left the bridge.

Tinde looked around at the other officers on the bridge before running after him. By the time she caught up with him, he was halfway to the Captain’s quarters, presumably to gather his things.

“Jack!” She exclaimed when she saw him.

“Yes?” He turned around.

“This is it?”

“You know I’m transferring to the Peragus.”

Tinde wrapped her arms around him. “And the Peragus doesn’t need a helm?”

“It’s not that, Tinde.” He looked away.

“Oh.” She pulled her arms back, stepping away.

“You’re a damn good pilot. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” He said, stepping through the doorway into his quarters. She followed before the doors closed.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” She raised her voice as she stood in the captain’s quarters alone with Morganson. “What kind of a saying is that? We spent the better part of four years… that night, not even four days ago, when you gave me my lieutenant’s pip?” She was confused, hurt.

“Please don’t make this harder…” He said setting down the duffle he packed of his things.

“I know.” Diren tried to calm herself. “Being on different ships, is not the same as being on the same ship, which might not even be in the same quadrant.”


“But do you have to act like it means nothing? That I meant nothing to you?”

He leaned over, kissing her, and then left the quarters. She fell back on the couch and stared out into space.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 4 2006, 05:14 PM
Rascal, he wound the word over and over again in his mind. "Just a codename" he'd been told by the shadowy figure calling himself the Padre. This, is all he could remember. Although his memory was a haze through which no light shone he felt strangely complete. He knew his mission, and he was going to complete it. And that is that. He knew everything, he knew his past, he could see his family, but... where he last served, what his name was, or anyone in his past names... these things were a blank.

Dressed all in Black, only his brown hair and pale white face ruined the complete effect, all that was going through his mind was his codename. The details of his mission were of no concern to him, though if asked how he was to carry out his impending assignment he would be unable to tell, but once he arrived at his destination the programming, conditioning, Padre had called it, would kick in and Rascal would know what to do.

"When the time comes," he said under his breath as he gave fleeting looks as both civilians and Starfleet personnel offered him rather queer looks as they walked past.

The entire left side of the heavily trafficed corridor was panel after panel of glass. Until now he'd resisted looking to the stars outside, knowing their hypnotic effect on him, but he decided to treat himself to a quick glance just prior to his route taking him internal to the Starbase and away from the outside vacuum of shiny starlight.

He was stopped dead in his tracks. The sight that lay before his wide blue eyes gave his mind a new word to roll around and around in his mind, "Firebolt..."

Posted by: Erin Kai'an Nov 4 2006, 11:48 PM
[Starbase 173, personnel quarters]

It had taken her two full hours to pack. Not that she carried a lot of items with her, but every time she unpacked a paper book or notebook, she tended to remember that she was looking for a piece of information for either research or memory, and opened up said item to look for it. Fifteen minutes later, she remembered that she was packing and went back to work. And so the cycle continued.

Now Erin was surveying her suitcases with her arms crossed over her chest. One was mostly her personal items; her books, PADDs, notebooks, knick-knacks that couldn't be replicated. The other was stuffed with her clothes. Both were pretty small because she could replicate everything else when she was in her new quarters. Erin looked at the chronometer, frowning. She hadn't realized it had actually taken much longer than expected.

She moved over to her personal computer, typing in a command. Once she had loaded all of her information onto the isolinear chip, she took it out and put it in her pocket. Then she grabbed up her suitcases, walked out the door onto Starbase 173, and headed toward her new posting on the USS Firebolt.

[USS Firebolt, one and a half hours later]

This time around, it hadn't taken her two hours. In fact, it was merely a half hour of unpacking. Instead, the 'getting onto the ship and actually finding her quarters' part had taken up the majority of her time. Starfleet regulations sometimes made her annoyed at their constant vigilance of security. She hadn’t studied the ship’s interior, either, leaving her wandering around on eighth deck. Then, with red cheeks, she found them to actually be on the fifth, a blunder that would never be shared with another living soul.

After unpacking and making sure that everything she would be needing soon was easily accessible, Erin pulled up a schematic of the Firebolt just before leaving, looking for the closest crew lounge. Erin wanted something more quiet than the popular Ten Forward while she waited for the remaining crew to arrive. Luckily there was one just on the other side of the deck, about a five minute walk. Gathering up her current research project, she exited her quarters.

Upon entering the crew lounge, she instantly noticed another officer sitting near the window, staring outside. Clearing her throat, Erin slowly moved toward the woman. "Hey," she greeted, putting on a smile. When the other looked up, there was sadness written plainly on her face, or at least plain to Erin. "I'm Erin Kai'an. Glad to meet someone around here." Erin put out a hand to shake, juggling the notebooks under her other arm.

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Posted by: Tinde Nov 5 2006, 01:53 AM
[USS Firebolt, Starview Lounge]

Tinde had spent an undetermined length of time sitting in the captain’s quarters before realizing how awkward it would be for the new captain to arrive to find his helm officer lounging inside. She’d since moved to the Starview Lounge, a smaller version of Ten Forward.

Though she still stared into the space, mostly collecting her thoughts on recent events between Jack and herself. Not really noticing the view she was staring at wasn’t even that of space and stars, but that of Starbase 173.

“Hey, I’m Erin Kai’an. Glad to meet someone around here.” Tinde turned around at the voice directed at her.

She smiled, taking the out stretched hand and shaking it. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Tinde Diren.” She gestured for Erin to take the opposing seat at the table, glad for something to take her mind off other matters. Tinde noted the blue uniform, the Lieutenant JG pips, and a mass of notes. Scientists….

“Are you new here too?” Erin asked placing her notebooks on the table.

Tinde took a deep breath. “Yes, and no.” She paused at the contradiction. “I was onboard the Delphinus, but recently transferred to the Firebolt. We traveled from Jupiter Station with a skeleton crew to pick up the remainder here at Starbase 173.”

"Well, at least you're more familiar with the ship. You have a one up." Erin looked at Tinde, wondering if it would help if she shared the incident that had happened to earlier. The one she swore wouldn't pass her lips. "I got lost earlier. Supposedly my quarters are on this deck, and not on the eighth," she confessed with a slight blush and grin.

"Ah," Tinde grinned. "Nebula class ships are quite large. My last post was a defiant." Tinde raised her cup of hot ginger tea, sipping the steaming liquid.

"A Defiant? That's... really, really small." Erin shook her head. "It wasn't the size, just the lack of preparation before setting foot on this thing."

"But with the small size, you get really close to your fellow shipmates."

"Which can backfire and explode in your face," Erin pointed out.

"Don't I know it," Tinde said quietly, sipping her tea again.

"Had some trouble with that, then?" Erin asked, picking up a pencil for her fingers to play with. It was an idle habit she picked up over a decade ago.

"Not something I want to go into at the moment," Tinde said.

"Okay." Erin paused, glancing out the window for a moment. "So, what's your position on the ship?" she asked, unable to think of a more interesting topic.

"Helm," Tinde replied, thankful for a change in subject. "And you? Science?" Tinde grabbed the pencil from Erin's hand. The tapping on the table was annoying.

"Well, I'm sure that was pretty obvious," Erin joked, gesturing toward her stack of notes.

"I wouldn't know too many people to be studying Trill literature comparisons to ancient Earth compositions." Tinde pointed to the bits of paper infront of Erin. "And in Trill no doubt." Tinde raised an eyebrow in traditional vulcan fashion that would make a vulcan proud.

Erin almost laughed at Tinde's expression that greatly reminded her of her family. "I'm a language buff," she admitted. "I'm not exactly fluent in Trill, but I know it pretty well. It seemed like a good study topic."

"Yeah, I had to do a report for a school project once. Except the teacher didn't appreciate my correcting his trill translation." Tinde laughed.

Erin fully grinned at that. "I can relate. Teachers tend to react badly when their students correct them."

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Posted by: Asaph Nov 5 2006, 02:58 AM
Lieutenant Asaph sat in the physics laboratory on deck six. If he was excited, he showed no emotions. But he had every reason to be excited. He and the few other officers on board had operated with a skeleton crew for the past several weeks. Today, they had docked with Starbase 173 and would finally fill some of the void positions. It would be the first time Asaph served with a full crew since being on the Orbiter. The Delphinus was so small and he didn't consider its complete compliment a full crew.

Instead of displaying emotions to the empty science lab, he stared blankly at the datapadd before him. He had read the same sentence 100 times. Supposedly, he was reading the bio of his new assistant officer, Erin some-body-or-other. He scanned the top of the screen again. Kai'an. It sounded Vulcan. And yet, she was human. She had taken the name of her adopted parents who were Vulcans living on earth. What are the odds?

He had met his own Vulcan father only a handful of times in his life. Having been raised by his human mother, he definitely behaved more like a human but a part of him was still Vulcan, nonetheless. He wondered how Lieutenant Kai'an behaved. Having been raised by two Vulcans, he was sure she would be logical and orderly, everything he hated in his father.

Having sat in his office for over an hour, he finally retired to the lounge on deck 10. The lounge was empty except for two attractive young females talking near the window. One, he knew: Tinde served with him aboard the Delphinus. They were on the bridge together on the mission when it went down, when the Captain was killed, when--Asaph's memories were irritating him. He'd have to talk to the counsellor about it later, after she beamed aboard.

The other female, he did not know. Comparing her to the picture still displayed on his datapadd, he knew her to be none other than his own Assistant Science Officer. He must introduce himself to her, but as he approached the table, he felt suddenly awkward.

He wished his new wife were there with him. They had had a short honeymoon after their wedding, but he hadn't seen her in over a month. She had a few affairs to get in order and would be arriving on Starbase 173 in the next day or two. That would be the day he showed his emotions. Today was just business. And in his most business-like manner, he approached the table with the two females.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Kai'an," he said in his normal rigid demenour. "I am Asaph, the Chief Science Officer."

She looked astonished. "How did you know who I was?" she said.

He turned his padd around, showing her own picture to Erin and Tinde. "There's not much to do today. I've been looking forward to your arrival."

Posted by: Erin Kai'an Nov 5 2006, 09:11 PM
Erin had read that her new Chief was part Vulcan, but he didn't exactly act like any she had come across. Instead he was more like a vaguely detached human. "Ragel-tor odu sanoyalik," she greeted. Translated, she had said 'pleasure to meet you' with the honorific 'you.' Erin smiled, standing and putting out a hand to shake. Asaph took it, giving it one shake before letting go. Sitting back down, she gestured toward the extra chair. "Sanu." Please.

Asaph looked surprised as he took the chair. When Erin looked over at Tinde, she saw that the older woman deep in thought as if trying to translate what had just been said with her limited knowledge of the Vulcan language.

"Sorry," Erin said, returning to Federation standard. "I just said hello."

"It's okay," Tinde replied. "Asaph, how have you been?"

"I have been well."

"Good to hear."

Asaph looked over at Erin. "One day, and already you're working on research?"

Erin shook her head. "Personal research. I'm comparing Trill literature to ancient Earth's."

"Have you found anything?"

"Not yet," Erin admitted. "But there's plenty of centuries to look back on. The idea behind it is that a species similar to our own may have evolved in a way close to our own..."

"Trills and humans are similar," Tinde said.

Erin nodded, excited that someone hadn't given her a blank look. She had noticed earlier that Tinde was Trill. "Yeah. They share several biological and personality characteristics, some similar history events. I'm hoping to hit something in the next century I cover."

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Posted by: Asaph Nov 6 2006, 12:43 AM
"That's very interesting," replied Asaph. "I haven't given much thought to inter-galactic literature studies. When I was at the Conservatory in Paris, I did learn to appreciate European literature, and while studying at the Vulcan Science Institute, I read up on a lot of Vulcan stories as well. Of course, they all thought I was odd having not read the philosophies of Surak until I was fifty years old. It is usually studied by teenagers in grade school."

Erin listened intently and replied, "And what correlations can you derive from your literary comparisons?"

"Honestly, I don't know. As I said before, I've never given it much thought. My passions have alsways been music and now physics. The two are interrelated to each other as you can't have one without the other."

When Asaph said the word, "passion," she seemed to start listening again. She may have tuned him out for a brief moment, but when Gideon was done speaking, she had her own comment. "A Vulcan with a passion," she said. "Isn't that a contradiction in terms."

Asaph was confused. Tinde had been his shipmate for several years now aboard the USS Delphinus. She knew that he was only half-Vulcan. He was just about to break the silence to contort her remark, but he didn't have to. "He's only half-Vulcan!" said his new assistant. She turned to Asaph, who must have appeared surprised by her comment, and continued. "Don't worry, Lieutenant. I've read your bio-report, too. But what interested me was your passion for music. How does that have anything to do with physics?"

"If you have read my bio-report, as you say, Lieutenant, then you would realize I performed in the symphony orchestra for over 20 years before joining Starfleet. I am a virtuose horn player as well as clarinet and piano. And the science of music is most certainly in the realm of the phsical sciences by means that I do not have time to explain to you today. However, if you are interested, I will most certainly give you lessons in the future in that most interesting field of study."

Erin replied, "Now you're starting to sound like a Vulcan." She and Tinde laughed. Asaph frowned.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 6 2006, 07:19 AM
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Why did that word have a particular fascination in Korbin's new blank and altered mind.

For what only seemed like a moment of pondering this thought was actually several minutes, only realised when Korbin noticed out of the corner of his eye he'd drawn somewhat of a very small crowd who were gorping at his dazed state.

He offered them a weak smile and muttered something about being new to space before moving along... heading down the corridor that was his original destination before that ship had distracted him.

Dressed very un-Starfleet like made him stick out like a sore thumb aboard what was primarily a military base, though this didn't phase him he did want to get out of the public limelight.

He'd been assigned quarters, or had he requested them? He couldn't remember, on the current deck... room, A-14.6. A fact he could remember...

Rounding the last corner before his room his head began to ache, not a particularly worrying thing to a every human, Bolian and his dog... but to a Betazoid this was usually a bad sign. Holding his head he managed to make it to his quarters, a tiny room... no bigger than those found on Defiants. Korbin paused, his headache easing, he realized he'd never been in this room before.
But he had to have been, his Starfleet unfirom lay strone on the bed, and it was his distinctive travel bag that lay still unopened next to it.

As he was about to take a seat on the bed there was a computerized blip. A first he thought it was the door chime, and it made him immediately edgy. But after he'd stood up and walked a few paces towards the door and the blip sounded again he realized it was an incoming signal on the console that sat atop the only piece of furniture besides the bed.

Pressing a control the screen changed from that of the UFP Logo to almost complete darkness. Although Korbin could make out the rough figure of a humanoid the person's face was a mystery. But Korbin knew it was time to receive his orders. He pulled the small table up next to the bed and sat down.

"Rascal," the figure said, it was deep and obviously scrambled to hide the person's identity.

"Padre," Korbin said, his face was emotionless... his programming had kicked in. Korbin was a pawn, unable to focus on anything but this person's voice.

"You have a mission Rascal."

"I have a mission Padre."

"But there has been a change to that mission. You are to proceed to these coordinates. There you will find a planetoid without designation. You will await your prey there."

Korbin was nodding, "I understand."

And with that the transmission was cut, and Korbin returned to normal. Looking about the room he found himself with no recollection of moving the table, nor sitting, nor anything after entering his quarters. What he did now find was a PADD lying next to the console, which displayed the coordinates he was to head to.

Draconis knew he had to get there. And although he didn't exactly know how he intended to do it, he knew if he went to 173's shuttlebays he would find out more...

Posted by: Tinde Nov 6 2006, 01:29 PM
Learning languages was not a particular forte of Tinde’s. She knew some basics to a few of the more common languages out there, however her only fluency belonged to Trill and Federation Standard.

As the two science officers debated literary comparisons. Tinde just sat back in her chair, relieved to have something else to concentrate on.

She thought of things she’d need to do. Technically, she was the highest ranking officer onboard, and it would be her duty to see it turned over to the next CO. My first command, and it consists of waiting at the dock for the real captain. She sighed. Someday…

"A Vulcan with a passion," Erin said, interrupting Tinde’s thoughts. "Isn't that a contradiction in terms."

Tinde giggled to herself as the look of confusion went over Asaph’s face. She’d worked with him long enough to know he was only half-Vulcan. Before either Asaph or Tinde could say something, Erin realised. "He's only half-Vulcan! Don't worry, Lieutenant. I've read your bio-report, too. But what interested me was your passion for music. How does that have anything to do with physics?"

"If you have read my bio-report, as you say, Lieutenant, then you would realize I performed in the symphony orchestra for over 20 years before joining Starfleet. I am a virtuose horn player as well as clarinet and piano. And the science of music is most certainly in the realm of the phsical sciences by means that I do not have time to explain to you today. However, if you are interested, I will most certainly give you lessons in the future in that most interesting field of study."

Erin replied, "Now you're starting to sound like a Vulcan." She and Tinde laughed. Asaph frowned.

Tinde placed her empty teacup on the table. “Well, if you’ll excuse me, I really should check into when the Intrepid can be expected to arrive with the remaining crew, as well as prepare the Firebolt for the change of command.” Tinde stood, slightly stretching a bit. “Welcome aboard Erin.” Tinde smiled. “Asaph.” She nodded in the half-vulcan’s direction before leaving the table and out of the small crew lounge.

Tinde headed back to the bridge. It didn’t long to find the Intrepid had already in fact docked, and could expect the transferring members any moment. Tinde felt a wave pass over her, eager to leave the space station behind and head for open space.

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 7 2006, 04:25 AM
As Korbin made his way toward the shuttlebay through the winding maze of corridors his head began to ache again. His mind had wandered from his mission back to the backspot of 4 or so minutes that he was in his quarters alone. Although he couldn't remember the conversation he began to remember... he began to see images, flashes pictures.

He stopped dead in his tracks, darting into a maintenance duct which happened to be open to get away from the hussle and bussle. He put his hand to his head, closed his eyes and concentrated. He had a disturbing feeling that the answers he was seeking were in these headaches, these images, visions.

Reopening his eyes, his headache now a fading memory, he was focused upon his mission once again. But he had, to his own satisfaction identified two of the images shown to him...
One was a Federation Officer, from what Korbin could gather high in ranking because of the elegance of his uniform, meeting with two Cardassians... both of whom were Guls judging by their markings and arrogant smirks.

And the second was of his lying on a hospital table, looking up into the eyes of a doctor... a man he sense was of no significance to his mission or his purpose, but was somehow linked to what had happened to him in what Korbin was beginning to refer to as "his forgotten time".

With the programming establishing itself firmly in his conscious thoughts once again he headed for the shuttlebay...

Posted by: Asaph Nov 7 2006, 04:55 PM
After Tinde left, Asaph and Erin spoke for a while longer in the lounge, overlooking stars. If Asaph were nervous going into the room, he was no longer. After a few minutes, the computer chirped. "Incoming transmission for Lieutenant Asaph,"

"Oh, go ahead and patch it through to this room."

"Select a console," came the computer's mechanical voice.

Asaph walked to a data console and pressed the screen. A familiar image appeared. He recognized her; she was a beauty to behold. "Oh, it's so good to see you, Asaph."

"Oh, when can we finally be together again, Ahira?"

"Very soon!! Our ship arrived at Starbase 173 ahead of schedule. As soon as I'm cleared to beam over, we can be together."

"We will, of course, have to get permission from the Captain. Mainly just a formality, but he does have the final say on all non-essential personnel aboard his ship."

"Well, have you met him yet?"

Asaph thought quickly. "No, someone I just met was going to wait for him. Maybe I should go and meet him at the transporter."

His wife reprimanded him gently. "Now, you can't go bugging the Captain as soon as he beams aboard. Give him a little time to adjust and go to his office or his quarters and ask him quietly."

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

"Oh, Asaph. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again!! I've been looking forward to seeing you since the moment we parted after our honeymoon."

"I'm looking forward to tonight. And I will talk to the Captain as soon as it is feasible."

He saw the smiling image on the other side of the console. He smiled back; they both gave their "adieu's" and the image went black. Asaph walked back to his new assistant science officer, to whom he said, "It has been over a month since we parted after our honeymoon. We are very anxious to see each other."

Erin just smiled quietly.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 9 2006, 08:00 PM
Draconis had been stood without a single part of his body in motion for nigh-on a minute. He was captivated by the sight from the windowed balcony he stood within. The corridor, which was to lead him to his intended destination, had slight encoves from time-to-time usually to allow easy access for the seemingly endless repair workers, but very occasionally they were fitting with a window. Presumably the limited number of windows in these enclaves were because there was usually very little of interest to look at. This one however, Korbin decided, was definately worthy of a window. What had captured his vision and his prideful emotions was a view out over the entire shuttlebay. Shuttles, both Starfleet, Civilian and extra-terrestially Commerical, were milling around... arriving and departing in their own time. It was a wonderous site to the Lieutenant Commander without any opinionated memories. It made him feel... just prideful he settled upon.

As he forced himself to finally walk on he decided within himself this pride came from something in his past... Had he fought in somesort of major conflict to secure the survival of this way of life?.

"Depature," he said softly as he entered the turbolift, he'd purposely waited for the rarity of an unshared one. Although he was technically flying solo the bodies around him would always give out their most conscious thoughts, no matter how Draconis attempted to block them.

The turbolift whired away on it's course, thankfully for Korbin not stopping to pick up any passengers between the maintenance deck he'd used to gain access to the lowering docking area of the mushroom shaped station and the shuttlebay itself, a full three decks down.

When the turbolift came to a full stop the doors swung open and Korbin found himself fighting through a sea of people, all of whom pilled into the lift the moment the doors open. It would turn out infinitly fortunate, for Drac in any case, that he had been forced through the crowd of people. One of whom was a young Ensign, he didn't catch the name... but he did catch his most recent thoughts, which were on having to leave a starfleet shuttle unattended for a moment whilst he went off to a meeting with some commander or another.

A sly and cunning grin grew across Korbin face as he searched for the shuttle by visual recognition only from the young man's memories. He finally understood... that Ensign had been called away for Korbin, it was all part of whoever, or whatever, was controlling him.

Finally having found the shuttle, he too found himself already knowing the access code to the already prep'd-for-flight shuttle. It was only small, a Type 15 if Korbin's training served him well. Memory might be gone, but my training has been drilled in so deep even a control device couldn't unravel it.

But what was that? Korbin thought pausing to contemplate for a moment after he'd stepped inside the shuttle over it's high bottom lip and closed the hatch behind him. Thoughts... opinions... independent thoughts, they all seemed to fresh to Korbin, as if he were an 8 year old Ullian discovering his mind's powers for the first time.

The moment passed and Korbin's face returned to the same neutral demenour he'd been wearing the whole time. He strapped himself into the shuttle's singular pilot's seat and hoped to god his conditioning would remind him how to fly this thing.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Nov 12 2006, 05:43 PM
“Orlan, the choice has already been made. Assignments have been given out.” Cartel said forcefully in an attempt to stifle Ryan’s objections.

“I understand that Admiral, but if we could just switch the assignments of Commander’s Ele and Diego so that –“

“Why is it so important for you to have Ele on your crew?”

“She’s… she’s a fine Doctor.” Ryan said. He didn’t want to admit to the Admiral that his First Officer was involved with Kaoru. He certainly didn’t want to concede that he admired Kaoru’s abilities, let alone that he enjoyed their harmless banter.

“So is Lieutenant Commander Diego.” Cartel retorted.

Ryan hesitated for a moment. “There is other reasons that I’d prefer not discuss, but to put it simply Admiral, two of my officers are going to resign if Kaoru isn’t assigned to the same ship as them.”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to tell me the other reasons, because if you crew are trying to hold me to ransom then maybe I should transfer them to the closest garbage scow!”

“No, that’s not it. My First Officer and Kaoru are in a relationship.” Ryan continued before Cartel could respond. “It’s not against regulations… but frankly loosing Commander Revolone over an easy to remedy transfer would be a mistake.”

No matter how Cartel would reply, he couldn’t tell him about Gaia. He couldn’t risk Gaia being reassigned because she is involved with her Commanding Officer.

“Alright Ryan, I’ll grant her transfer.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Now, I have a mission for you.” Cartel said. “As you know, the Science team on the station have been working on this Karcsis project and as you know they have been conducting the tedious task of sifting through all the data that was sent in the transmission. I assume you remember that.”

“Vaguely.” Ryan said, although he remembered it very clearly. Gaia had been running tests and scans on the device that the Intrepid had brought onboard when it began transmitting vast amounts of encrypted data to the major powers of the Alpha quadrant.

“There has to be a riddle in both of the Key’s that the Intrepid crew found in the Mirror Universe, its just a matter of time till my Science team find it.”

“You transferred those two keys off of the Intrepid?”

“Yes, and I would take the Karcsis too if it wasn’t for the fact that it… doesn’t seem to want to be removed.”

“I’d be lying if I said I’ll miss it. I just hope whatever comes from all this, that it’s worth the lives that have been lost.”

“Oh, its worth it alright.” Cartel nodded.

He wondered for a moment what Cartel meant by that statement. Did he know something that Ryan didn’t?

“By chance the USS Quint located another key on a planet deep in the Beta Quadrant about ten light years from the far side of Klingon space. The Quint is now on its way back to Outpost thirty-seven for supplies and to deliver the key.”

“That’s about twelve weeks away at maximum warp.” Ryan said, calculating the distance in his mind, but he couldn’t help wonder why Cartel was volunteering so much information.

“The important part is, the Science Officer on the Quint examined the Key and found another riddle…” Cartel continued as though he hadn’t heard Ryan and then handed him a PADD.

Meditation now reigns, malevolence itself feigns.
Exploration these people savour, calculation and reason that’s what they favour.
The secret with T’Klaas will soon lay bare.
The answers you seek dwell in there.
Beware the surprises lying in wait
For only the prepared may hide from their fate.
There is a chance you could be deceived
Not all appearances should be believed.

“It’s not much, but a search of the historical database quickly revealed that you are going to Vulcan.” Cartel paused. “T’Klass was one of the first Kolinahr masters and a student of Surak.”

OOC: Special thanks to Gaia for the riddle. I couldn't have done as good! She did the one in a previous Intrepid episode also.

Posted by: Tinde Nov 12 2006, 09:29 PM
Tinde sat at the conn. For some reason, she always felt at ease here. Despite the Nebula class being a much larger ship than her last posting, she didn’t feel intimidated in the least by its size.

Her fingers ran across the console, putting together the reports needed to turn into the new CO when he arrived. All navigational and helm systems were reporting in normal. Not that any of this surprised her. It hadn’t been long since the Firebolt had docked. And it wouldn’t be much longer until they departed.

Tinde’s thoughts drifted back to Jack. Commander Morgenson. She reminded herself. He’d been assigned to the USS Peragus, a Nova class vessel departing Starbase 173 momentarily. They’d both been assigned to the Del, before a catastrophic battle, resulting in a crash landing of the Defiant class vessel, utterly destroying its hull, but only one casualty.

“Captain on the bridge.” A voice called from behind her. One she didn’t recognize, but quickly turned from the console to stand and face the Captain entering the bridge from the turbolift, a Commander beside him. The PADD’s from her lap falling to the floor at her feet. A few others had quietly been working, stopped what they’d been doing to stand at attention for Captain Orlan’s entry.

“At ease.” Orlan said.

Tinde reached down to collect the PADDs and approached Orlan as the two made their way to the Captain’s ready room. “Captain Orlan, Lieutenant Diren.” She handed him the PADDs. “Reports from engineering, ops, helm, security, science, medical, and updated crew manifest.” She handed Orlan a new PADD as she said each department. When she got to the crew manifest, the Commander took the PADD before she could hand it to the Captain.

“Updated?” The Commander asked quickly scanning the PADD for changes.

“Kaoru Ele, Commander, Chief Medical Officer.” A female voice said. All three officers turned to see a woman with Commander pips in medical blue approach.

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Posted by: James Leyton Nov 13 2006, 07:13 PM
The adventures that i had taken part on the intrepid had now come to an end, a new assignment a new ship but still some familiar faces.

we had docked and work had commenced on the intrepid.

gathering my things from my quarters i made my way onto the station and then onto the firebolt.

a rather big ship and not nearly enough crew, aproaching the main hatch Gaia rounded the corridor and aproached,
"all set" she said
"of course" i replied

"good once you get settled come see me, we'll see if we can work out what to do next. i have to go check in with the captain, but i will see you in main engineering in say an hour"

"sounds good to me" i replied

we both entered the main hatch and signed in gaia left for the bridge and i left for my assigned quarters.

An hour later i walked through the main engineering doors a was instantly struck but the sheer size of the warp core, standing mezmerised not moving i didnt hear gaia aproach.

"nice isnt it"

"what can i say" i responded

"ok now your're here lets get to work" .

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 14 2006, 04:50 PM
~~~Starbase 173: Central Operations~~~

"Sir," Gibbons said hailing the Station Commandant from across Ops. Gibbons was a tall burly Human, the sort you would've seen cutting down trees on Terra a few centuries before. Although he seemed to look rather out of place in his passive Starfleet jumpsuit he wore two gold pips across his collar, so he must've being doing something right.

The Station Commandant, one Fleet Captain Tiris Jast, crossed Ops being careful to avoid the rushing of personnel during the usual hussle and bussle of this hour at a busy Federation starbase. Jast was a Bolian, she was considering very beautiful by many, but not by herself anymore: down the left side of her face she wore a large scar of war. The long lasting aftermath of one-to-many battles during the Dominion War... a wound no Bolian doctor could fix was the one inside.

"What is it Gibbons?" she asked, her tone straight, sharp and to the point... she was a busy woman afterall.

"There's a Type-15 shuttle leaving the station," Gibbons reported jabbing his large index finger at a small dot on the LCARS screen in his console.

"What's so odd about that?" Jast retorted, having already lost her fained interest and had taken to reading a PADD a passing Ensign had handed her.

"It hasn't logged any flight plans. A Type-15 doesn't even usually head out too far. It's only for a Warp 7 engine and - " Gibbons was cut off as Jast reached over and pressed a control on his screen, changing it to display the Federation logo.

Lieutenant Gibbons turned on his stool to face his Commandant, "Sir?" he said, completely baffled.

"Why don't you take a break, Richard," Jast said having set her thumb-print on that PADD and handed it to another passing Ensign, and smiling at Gibbons. She was using his familiar name to gode his favour, she knew others still thought of her as quite attractive.

"Sir?" Gibbons stuttered, more than a little shy'd by his beautiful Commander's smile. When she offered nothing more he tipped his head slighly and said "Yes sir. Right away. 15 minutes sir?"

"Make it 20," she said gently pushing him away from the stool. She turned her head to the side and watched out of the corner of her eye Lieutenant Gibbons walking away, before being lost in the sea of red, teal and gold.

She reached over and tapped the control again, returning the screen to the numerical data and small grid-quadrat map it had displayed before. She tapped a few controls and as she did the dot that represented that Type-15 shuttle disappeared. She glanced side-to-side again to make sure her work was going undetected, then stood away from the console and resumed her normal activities.

Her job was done.

~~~SS Pike, Type-15 Shuttle~~~

Korbin glanced at his surroundings and couldn't help but feel slightly clostraphobic. The shuttles he'd become accustomed to, why can i remember what I'm used to but can't remember anything but my damned codename!, the Type-15s had been originally designed in the late 23rd Century and then facelifted and retrofitted ever since, although their compact design seemed to be the common denominator.

The shuttle had only one pilot's seat, centred at the front with two rows of three seats behind it, and a small cargo bay and loading area at the very rear, where both the hatchlike entrances were. There were no weapons, no transporter and only polaric hull-plates for shielding. It was going to be an uncomfortable ride, but the Padre had warned him, or had he? who was he anyway?.

Korbin could feel it. Inch, by inch he was slowly regaining some of his ability to endeavour independent thoughts and even independent actions. For example a few hours into his non-stop flight to Destination X, he'd found the computer reprogrammed with a flightplan entitled this and Korbin wasn't a good enough navigator to decifer where he was headed from a list of meaningless statistics about headings and astral coordinates etc., he'd gone to the replicator and remembered his favourite beverage. Unfortunately the pathetic 20 year old replicator hadn't understand his request, even after he'd manually input the receipt. In the end he'd made do with some Human drink called "Root beer".

It was the 26th hour of his flight, a full day now and Korbin was fast asleep stretched out across the first row of three chairs, curled up in a small ball. He remained like this until something at the front of the ship began to bleep. That was all Korbin, in his half dozed off state could ascertain anyway. When he come more too, the memory of his dream fading fast and his normal mind and the conditioning creeping back, he identified that the bleep was coming from the communications console. Although the conditioning would have normally told him to ignore this attempt to raise him, on the chance his mission had been discovered and the individual sending the transmission would attempt to sway him from his path, Korbin felt strange... as if he had to answer this call. Was it more than conditioning? Was there something somewhere sending him signals that is actually giving me instructions... like a pawn on a chess board.

He sat in the pilot's chair and punching the control.

[OOC: Me finx that's long enuf 4 now. I'll keep it going soonish a7.gif]

Posted by: L'ehsia Nov 15 2006, 03:22 AM
Arriving at her assigned quarters, on the Firebolt, L’ehsia was happy to finally reach her new posting. There had been some confusion as to exactly where it was going to be after the USS Victory was decommissioned.

Thoughts rattled through her mind…..when she arrived at Starbase 173, she was told very little about it and only that it would be on a Nebula class ship. She hated that, feeling like a 3rd wheel and having to wait around. Eventually details where patched through to her quarters and she was pleased to finally have confirmation of a posting.

She entered the lounge and looked around with Padd in hand and was happy to note some of the crew looking relaxed and chatting with friendly faces.

She walked over and ordered a drink and sat down to contemplate her future as she read the scamatics of the ship that she had downloaded from her console earlier. She sat and read them quietly, hoping someone friendly would pop by.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Nov 15 2006, 01:59 PM
"You told him what!?" Geo nearly shouted at the screen as he stared at Ryans face. The Captain was still undergoing a debriefing, which shouldn't have taken this long, but intelligence on the keys had kept him busy. Fortunately the Commander managed to keep his voice down, listening to the remainder of Ryans statement.

"I told him you two were in a relationship, he has granted her transfer. I can't say it made him too happy," Ryan smiled at that - pissing off the Admirable was one thing that both the Hermekian and the Captain took pride in. Cartel was still furious with Geovanie, which is why Ryan was a likely candidate to request the transfer.

"I can't say that I appreciate him knowing it - but thanks Ryan, I owe you o -"

"You owe me two!"

"Fine old man!" He hissed, interupting the Captain, "when are you due back?"

"We're still going over some information, but I'd probably say within the hour."

"Are we to have the ship ready to depart?" Geo asked, and Ryan nodded. The Hermekian nodded likewise then signed out of the terminal. Another hour - one more boring hour.

~ ~ ~ ~ USS Firebolt // Turbolift ~ ~ ~ ~

"I really do appreciate it," Geovanie was stating as they entered the turbolift. Ryan simply dismissed him, waving a curt hand over the whole affair as if it had been that easy. Certainly Ryan was fitting in with the whole commanding thing - but Geo would have to make sure he didn't let it get to his head.

"It was nothing," Ryan stated.

"Oh I'm sure it was nothing, you probably enjoyed it," the two left the lift, heading towards his ready room - smiles beaming on both of their faces. Afterall, Ryan had his own command, and Geovanie could finally order around people. Though he glanced at the Helm with a mournful sign. No more pilotting for him - next it would probably be a desk job! I'll end up fat he thought, picturing the good Engineer laughing at him.

“Captain on the bridge.” Who said that? Geo turned to try and catch the culprit, but he supposed that amount of respect was due to Orlan after everything he had been through. Ryan on the other hand - seemed slightly baffled by it. He was a Captain, and a leader true enough - but he didn't like the formalities, one of the things that Geovanie liked about his Captain.

“At ease.” Ryan said; the authority clear in his voice. He would definately fit in. For his part, the Hermekian remained silent, listening intentively at the banter and chatter of the bridge. Oh what music it did create.

“Captain Orlan, Lieutenant Diren. Reports from engineering, ops, helm, security, science, medical, and updated crew manifest.” Geovanie glanced sidelong at the PADD, which was updating every second through the Operations network so that it kept all the information compressed into one PADD. Orland didn't have a stack of reports to read, but of course once he took it the link would severe and another PADD would be used. Maybe being a Captain wasn't such a bad idea, but Geovanie didn't want the paperwork. Wait... I'm a commander, now he was regretting it.

“Updated?” He asked Lieutenant Diren, glancing at her face quickly as he grabbed the PADD. He scanned it haphazardly for Doctor Ele's name - attempting all the while to see like he didn't care. Afterall, why would a commander care? Damn! He hated anticipation.

“Kaoru Ele, Commander, Chief Medical Officer.” That was a voice he knew all too well. The Commanders eyes drifted to Kaoru as she stepped off the turbolift, a smile spreading graciously on his lips. Then he realized he was smiling like a moron. Luckily it wasn't so long a smile, and he quickly (and devilishly) covered up with a rebuke.

"Well well my good doctor. If I had known you'd be present I'd of brought out the champaign." That caused a chuckle from Ryan, but he didn't look in Kaoru's direction. Geo handed the PADD to the Captain, who went into his ready room, stopping long enough to glance back.

"You have the bridge..."

He had the bridge? Lets hope he didn't crash it.

"Lieutenant," what was her name? He had to go through the manifest again, "I understand that it's standard procedure in Starfleet to understand the standard procedure for departure in a drydock. Spacedocks aren't too far apart from that are they?" He grinned, "take us out Lieutenant," he strolled towards the chair, swinging it towards her, "assuming that we are cleared for departure of course."

"The last of the group should be coming aboard shortly," Kaoru noted, easing to the other side of the chair. From this angle (with Lieutenant Diren in the Captains chair) they made a tripod of authority; quite effective for scaring ensigns fresh to the Helm, or Lieutenants commanding the departure. But then - control under fire was what Starfleet needed didn't it? Geo just smiled. Oh I'm going to have fun...

Edit as needed. Last call for everyone... All aboard!

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Nov 15 2006, 03:20 PM
U.S.S. Firebolt | Roslyn's Quarters


You burden me with your questions
You'd have me tell no lies
You're always asking what it's all about
But don't listen to my replies
You say to me I don't talk enough
But when I do I'm a fool
These times I've spent, I've realized
I'm going to shoot through
And leave you

Ross air guitared in her quarters loving the fact that she was a Chief finally, she lip synched, and tossed her uniform on her bed moonwalking backwards and head banging occassionaly glancing in the mirror, and smile at her unborn son she then danced her way into the shower and sang to the song.

The things, you say
Your purple prose just gives you away
The things, you say
You're unbelievable


Coming out practically buck naked, with a slinky towel around her she dried off and got into a clean set of pants then discoed it back to the mirror to do her hair, and lip synche some more.

You burden me with your problems
By telling me more than mine
I'm always so concerned
With the way you say
You've always go to stop
To think of us being one
Is more than I ever know
But god this time, I realize
I'm going to shoot through
And leave you

The things, you say
Your purple prose just gives you away
The things, you say
You're unbelievable


Seemingly lastless, don't mean
You can ask us
Pushing down the relative
Bringing out your higher self
Think of the fine times
Pushing down the better few
Instead of bringing out the clues
To what the world and everything anger to
Brace yourself with the grace of ease
I know this world ain't what it seems.

What the fuck was that
It's unbelievable

You burden me with your questions
You'd have me tell no lies
You're always asking what it's all about
But don't listen to my replies
You say to me I don't talk enough
But when I do I'm a fool
These times I've spent, I've realized
I'm going to shoot through
And leave you

The things, you say
Your purple prose just gives you away
The things, you say, is why i love you more
The things, you say
Your purple prose just gives you away
The things, you say
You're unbelievable

you're so unbelievable

you're unbelievable

Her uniform nicely done flowing over each curve she loved her new job looked at the cup of coffee grabbed and headed out the door and toward the bridge still humming the tune.

Posted by: James Leyton Nov 15 2006, 05:38 PM
Finishing with gaia and making surethat my pads were in order i made my way out bu was intercepted by another rew member.

"Whats with her?" she asked

"and you are?" i replied

"oh sorry my name is clara, and you must be james"

"that i am, nice to meet you clara, Have you been on board long?" i asked

"Since we put out from the last starbase, someone had to brng your ship." she said with a slight sarcastic tone.

"perhaps we can get together some time" i said

"that would be good" she replied

"ok thanks catch you later" i said turning to leave

"wait you didnt answer my question" she stated

"Oh sorry, no nothing is wrong with her, she makes a department her own and considers everyone to earn there place in her world. not to mention that she needs time to get settled."

"thanks james i'll bear that in mind when i speak to her".

"no problem see you later clara"

turningagain i left enineering.

where to now? i thought to myself
I know lets find the bar.

A short while later the double doors parted and i entered the lounge area which on the enterprise would be called 10 forward. scanning the area i noticed lots of friendly looking faces all consumed in their conversation all but one, a young looking not quite klingon woman sat at a chair on her own with a drink and a pile of padds.

i grabbed a drink and went over to her.

"hi there my name is"

"James Leyton" she interupted

"sorry you have me at a disadvantage, how do you know that" i asked

"simple really i check to see whom i may be working with"

"that would do it" i responded.

"and you are?"

"my name...... my name is L'ehsia, please sit if you wish"

"Thankyou", pulling the chair out from under the table i sat.

Posted by: L'ehsia Nov 15 2006, 09:51 PM
"James Leyton" she spat out nervously as his jaw dropped. "Sit down if you wish".

With that, he sat down, beginning to relax as she smiled at him.
James and L'ehsia sat and chatted for awhile. They discussed the ship and its scamatics in depth as they talked. He offered to show her around to which she agreed. James lead the way as they took a tour and continued to chat.

L'ehsia was not as forthcoming with questions about his life as much as James seemed to be about hers. She was not ready to open up to anyone. However, she was impressed with James and his service record, which is always what she looked at first.... A trust factor, she needed to be able to trust before she let anyone near her.

That done, they parted company agreeing to catching up at a later time. Le'hsia headed back to Security to find Lt Carter.

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Posted by: Roslyn Carter Nov 16 2006, 03:01 AM
U.S.S. Firebolt | Enroute to Bridge : Bridge

"The things you say, you're unbelievable," Ross sung under her breath as she walked down the corridors, and thought to herself. Damn this uniform is tight, either that or I'm starting to gain more weight, damn it. Getting into a turbolift she tapped her foot to the beat, she drank the final drop of her coffee before recycling it at the replicator. She walked onto the bridge and took a happy breath in and exhaled. Heading toward her console she dismissed a junior officer and stood in his place, she did have an assistant now a job she used to maintain on the Intrepid. She'd have to speak with her after her shift on the bridge because as of now nothing could spoil her little buzz.

Posted by: Asaph Nov 16 2006, 04:08 AM
While Asaph spoke with his wife on the viewscreen, the lounge began to fill in with people, new officers to the ship ready for the adventures of space. When he said, "Good-bye" to her--no, he said, "See ya soon, sweet one"--the lounge was about 50% full. He turned back to his assistant science officer. "Shall we visit the laboratories?"

Erin smiled. "Of course, sir. I thought you'd never ask."

"No, it's Asaph." They began walking out of the lounge, down the hall toward the turbolift, to the science labs on deck six, where they eventually settled.

"Of course, Asaph. That's awfully informal for a Vulcan."

"But, as you, yourself have pointed out, Erin, I am only half-Vulcan, raised by a human mother. I never saw my father. He was always away doing some kind of diplomatic stuff. Never home."

"You claim to detest the Vulcan culture, Asaph, yet you speak their language and you even studied at the institute on Vulcan."

"It's the best science academy in the quadrant. I wanted to go to a good school."

"Is that the logical thing to do? There are plenty of good science schools on earth."

"Don't insult me by talking about logic. Logic is, in fact, not the source of wisdom but only the beginning of it. I can certainly be logical without losing my personality."

"It's going to be very interesting working with you, Asaph."

"I try to keep the interest level high."

By this time, they had reached the main science labs on deck six. Erin looked around a bit, seeming to be moderately fascinated by the new equipment scattered around the laboratory. Finally, she asked Asaph, "So what are we doing here, anyway?"

"Inspecting." Asaph was silent other than this single word. He wondered what she was thinking, if she thought the lab was adequate. He had, of course, been aboard for a few months prior to docking with Starbase 173. He was familiar with most of the systems available, still expiramenting once in a while with the different computer controls. But he knew another set of eyes might find things which could be corrected before leaving the starbase.

"So," he finally said, breaking the silence. "I read your paper on Stellar Physics."

She laughed. "Oh, you did? You must have been really bored."

"Actually, I found it very insightful. I'd like to put you in charge of all the Spacial and Stellar anomolae we encounter in our missions. I will, then take all the geophysical and biological. You are, of course, our language expert, so anything deemed to be 'intelligent' life will require your expertise."

He didn't really say it as a question. It was more like a briefing. This is the way it is going to be. He wondered how she would react to this speech. Still, he waited patiently for Erin to respond.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 16 2006, 10:28 AM
Korbin sat stead fast in the pilot's seat as the transmission played out across the viewscreen, which doubled as the shuttle's only window. It turned out the communication that had sterred the Betazoid from his slumber had infact just been a recording, rather than something 2-way... neither the less Korbin had been unabled not to answer it.

The same shadowy figure appeared on the screen, their face hidden and their voice distorted. This being the case, Korbin still managed to get a sense that this person was male... perhaps of some status wherever he came from. But as Korbin managed to think that his conditioning took hold and he sat motionless watching the recording.

"Rascal," the shadowy figure, the Padre, said.

"Your mission Rascal. You know your mission," the Padre continued. Korbin was nodding, although he didn't realise it. His conscious mind was in the figurative handcuffs of the mesmerizing transmission, but for the first time his subconscious was awake and aware. Perhaps regular contact through these transmissions is necessary for the continued sustenance of the conditioning?.

"Your shuttle is headed to Vulcan."

"To Vulcan," Korbin echoed, although nobody was there to hear him.

"When there you are to set down at P'Nel. Then proceed to the Tomb of T'Klass. Your transportation and import documentation are taken of."

Korbin's mind was suddenly bombared with images, a human... a man in somesort of white uniform... a Starfleet uniform... all around him vipers, hundreds of vipers, aboard a ship... a big ship... a Cardassian ship. The images made his head hurt, and made him miss the next bit of the transmission. He doubted he'd missed anything particularly interesting.

Again, more images... no not images this time. It was continous... He was lying back on somesort of medical trolley, he could see his body as if he were someone else.

Korbin was laid out, dressed in the usual white pre-operation garment, his arms tied at the wrists and his legs tied at the ankle. Although he was unable to move he was aware, aware of where he was... what was going on and what was about to happen to him. All of a sudden memories flodded back to the in-chains Betazoid... he'd been aboard the Intrepid, but offered a high profile re-assignment. He'd taken it in the hopes of progressing his career... it hadn't turned out that way. He'd been at the mercy of some high ranking Starfleet official and now he was suffering for his ambitions.

He heard forsteps approach and managed to raise his head far enough up to see a slim attractive nurse (Aren't they all!) approaching him with a hypospray raised. "No!" Korbin cried as she edged ever closer. Draconis struggled to get away, "NO!" he cried out, this time even louder but to no avail. The Nurse was finally upon the helpless Korbin and the hypospray was in the side of his neck.

If Korbin had been any of species besides a Betazoid this would have been all he would've seen, would've remember. His body, now lifeless, limp and out of his control was too simply lay there. His mind, however, was scanning that of the others and he managed to see the scene unfolding around his body.

Two more men entered, one looked older than the other and wore a long white coat in a classic crazy scientist look, and the other... the other... his face was blacked out. He couldn't see it, although he knew instantly he was the man making the transmissions he still couldn't see his face... it must be the strongest part of the conditioning...
"Has he responded to the mental retardent?" the man in the white coat asked.

The Nurse looked at the small display in the headboard of the hospital trolley inwhich Korbin lay. Turning back to the Doctor she shook her head, "It may take a while longer because of that streak of Trill DNA," she said flatly.

The Doctor turned to the man with the blacked out face, for the first time now Korbin notiched the spots that ran down the Doctor's face... he was Trill. The Nurse too, she was not entirely Human, she had a small head ridge, a member of an annoymous Federation species perhaps.

The man with the blacked out face approached the trolley where Korbin lay, "It's of no consequence," he said, his voice blurred the same way as the transmission was, "It doesn't matter if he can feel and know what we're doing to him." Korbin could hear a smile in the man's voice in that sentence, as if he were somesort of cartoon villain.

Suddenly Korbin's eyes opened again. The viewscreen that had presented him with the recorded transmission from Padre had now been replaced once again with the shooting stars that never ceased to look beautiful when travelling at warp. Draconis slammed his fist against the shuttle's nearest panel, "Dammit," he muttered under his breath... he knew his subconscious knew more than it was letting on. He was about to know, about to find out...

As if a switch had turned in his mind Draconis was once again focused. He had his mission, he had his orders, and he had his destination: VULCAN.

Posted by: Erin Kai'an Nov 16 2006, 08:52 PM
Asaph was unusual, Erin decided. Even the few Vulcan/human hybrids that Erin had met growing up acted more Vulcan-ish than human. But Asaph had steadfastly rejected that part of him. They were similar in that way; both of them were the opposite of what one would expect them to be. But he hated the Vulcan culture while she all but embraced it.

Being under his command would be interesting, to say the least.

Erin had looked around the science lab, inspecting as Asaph had suggested. She only lingered a few minutes at a console, checking over the systems. The lab was impressive, more modern than the USS Airwave. She wondered how well-equipped the Astrometry labs were.

The two stayed in comfortable silence until Asaph brought up her paper which segued directly into their specific duties. "I'd be glad to not be in biology," Erin said, turning to fully face him. "Not my strong point." To be honest, she had expected to be put in charge of language, if not space phenomena. She would have had to put in days of study to be efficient in anything else.

*tag Asaph*
Sorry for the 'cliffhanger'... I have to leave before actually finishing it well.

Posted by: Tinde Nov 19 2006, 01:27 AM
Tinde looked at the Executive Officer, who was offering her the command chair to lead out the ship from dock. She’d expected to be the one at helm. An ensign helm officer took her place as she sat down at the chair in the center of the bridge.

The Hermekian took his seat next to her, with the Doctor beside him.

“Seal the airlocks. Clear our departure with starbase ops.” Tinde said.

“We’re clear to depart.” Someone responded.

“Disengage docking clamps.”

The ensign at helm replied, still facing forward. “Docking clamps released.” Tinde could hear a loud clunk signifying the docking clamps un-attaching themselves from the station and fold into the ship itself.

“Thrusters at station-keeping. Ease us out.” Tinde remembered a simulation at flight instruction where she’d departed a simulated Jupiter Station in a simulated Galaxy class at one quarter impulse. Even though it was entirely a holographic simulation, her instructor still had nails dug into the arms of his chair.

The viewscreen before the bridge crew showed the many ships currently docked. She saw the Peragus, and momentarily thought about opening phaser fire on the vessel…

The screen focused on the space dock doors, slowly opening, the Nebula class ship gently gliding through into open space.

“Once we’ve cleared the station…” Tinde realized she didn’t know where they were going. She looked apprehensively toward the Commanders.

“Set a course for Vulcan, warp 7.” Commander Revolone said.

“Course laid in.” The ensign helm officer said.

Tinde looked back at Revolone, unsure for a moment, seeing his smile, she turned back to helm and the viewscreen.

“Engage.” Tinde said confidently.

The stars on the viewscreen turned to streaks as the ship moved as the warp drive propelled them into the dark space.

“E.T.A. for Vulcan ensign?” Tinde asked.

“Estimated time for reaching Vulcan,” The ensign paused as she calculated speed and distance into the console. “Five days ma’am.”

“Thank you.” Tinde said looking back at Revolone with a smile on her face.

Posted by: Asaph Nov 19 2006, 05:29 AM
After acquainting Erin with the science labs, Asaphs target became the Captain, whom he heard had come aboard. He took the short turbolift ride to the bridge and approached the Captain, who was situationed in his ready room.

"Sir, Lieutenant Asaph, Chief Science Officer."

"Ah, Lieutenant!" replied the Captain. "I've heard good things about you!"

"Yes, sir. I have a requested that my wife, Ahira, travel with us, of course staying with me in my quarters."

The Captain was calm. Quickly, he checked his dataPADD. "Yes, I see it here, Lieutenant. I have no problem with bringing your wife on board. Have you made all the arrangements?"

"Yes, sir. Just waiting for your confirmation."

"And now I have given it. Please hurry as we will be departing the starbase shortly."

"Yes, sir."

In fifteen minutes, after a short time in the transporter room, Asaph was helping his young wife unpack her things. Fifteen minutes after that, he was back on the bridge, helping Tinde and the rest of the bridge crew depart for Vulcan, warp seven.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 19 2006, 06:12 PM
The stars ceased to fly by the shuttle's tiny window and soon the image of the giant orangey-yellow ball, that was Vulcanis, appeared in the window.

The shuttle's dials began to light up with incoming hails from Vulcan Space-Traffic control. Korbin ignored the hails, simply sending the code of clarification the padre had given him. Upon transmitting this the calls stopped the the shuttle was send coordinates to dock with Vulcan's orbital platform.


"Welcome to the T'Nair facility mister...?" the Vulcan greeting him was in Starfleet standards, a lieutenant judging by the pips on his collar. Korbin's craft had entered the facility's giantic shuttle bay only moments ago, his hatch opening at the perfect time for the strut from the outer wall to join with it. The Vulcan who was now greeting his walked the strut as it was extending. If it was possible, this Vulcan looked even more serious than the rest of them.

"My name is unimportant Lieutenant," Korbin stated, his conditioning was fully in-control at this point. Korbin's natural apprehension had forced his awareness into his unconscious, allowing the conditioning to take hold.

"You are to led me to your nearest transporter pad and transport me to these coordinates. My travel on the surface has already been arranged," Korbin said, ordered, passing the Vulcan a padd.

The Vulcan frowned at Korbin at he took the padd from Korbin's outstretched hand. He gave it a quick glance to check it's authorization and the coordinates Korbin was being sent.
"I am Lieutenant Veenran, I am the Commanding Officer of Delta Shift. Please walk this way."

Without another word, or another attempt at eye contact the Vulcan about turned and walked back down the strut toward the exit of the shuttlebay, as Korbin followed the strut began to retract behind him. The nearest transporter room was only a short walk, followed by a short turbolift ride, and another short walk. Veenran crossed to the controls where he relieved an equally frowning Vulcan and politely as possible asked Korbin to stand on the pad. Normally, to conserve station power people were sent down in groups to major ports on the surface. Korbin's coordinates however were in the middle of nowhere, miles and miles from the nearest settlement. Things didn't make sense to Veenran, but he followed orders, as he always would.

Korbin made a rye smile at his atoms were disintergrated...

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Nov 21 2006, 10:37 PM
The news of her transfer came very last minute. She would have liked the chance to say good bye to more crewmates, Anil at the very least, but time hadn't permitted.

He had known of her transfer before she had, and he had made no move to contact her. Perhaps that was a sign?

Ah well...

She didn't let herself dwell on it. There were too many other things to do before reporting to her new ship.

The best she was able to manage for the new CMO was a very well briefed Marix, and a rather less thorough message, outlining exactly where she had left off with physicals for new crew members.

There was time for a rather tearful farewell with Panea. Kaoru was really stunned by how close she had grown to the counsellor in just the breif time they had known each other.

Jogging to the new ship, actually breaking into a run, suddenly eager to be aboard, eager to start her new assignment. Laughing softly to herself, she had to wonder of Geo was sorry for what he had said.

Perhaps he always said good bye that way? Shaking her head, unable to stop smiling, she new damn well it wasn't true....but it wouldn't hurt to tease...

//USS Firebolt\\

She reported to the bridge first thing, unable to see Geo's grin and not return it. Damn, but the look in his eyes was worth any price. If she thought back to when they had first met, she could honestly say she did not remember seeing his expression light up quite that way before.

She stayed on the bridge long enough for the ship to be underway, turning then and making her way to the turbolift and sickbay.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Nov 22 2006, 12:24 AM
The prominent docking bay dispersed cerulean light through the windows, causing the various shapes to cast towering shadows around the unadorned Ready Room.

Ryan stepped through the doorway. His eyes slowly adjusted to the lowered level of lighting. He crossed the room, detouring the desk… his desk and approached the window.

He watched several Work Bee’s loom over an Excelsior Class ship, like bee’s hovering over a blooming flower.

The reality that this was now his office hadn’t become believable in his mind. He couldn’t stop wondering why he’d been chosen for such a command, especially a ship of the Firebolt’s size. The more he came up with reasons why he shouldn’t have been given it, the more none of it made any sense. Why would Starfleet give me a command? I’ve only been a Commander for just under a year…

He suddenly remembered that he was still yet to add an extra pip onto his collar. Moving through the mottled patches of light guided by the glowing control panel of the replicator on the far wall, he ordered an extra pip and lined it up with the other three on his crimson tunic.

Somehow adding a fourth pip didn’t make his new positions feel anymore real than it had moments early, but now he could see everything from a fresh perspective. I’m a leader… responsibility…

“Computer, lights to standard level.” Ryan said after the door chime sounded. He turned so he was facing the entrance. “Enter.”

"Sir, Lieutenant Asaph, Chief Science Officer."

"Ah, Lieutenant!" Ryan greeted. "I've heard good things about you!"

"Yes, sir. I have a requested that my wife, Ahira, travel with us, of course staying with me in my quarters."

Ryan stepped closer to you his desk and picked up a data PADD and double-checked the information that he’d already read. "Yes, I see it here, Lieutenant. I have no problem with bringing your wife on board. Have you made all the arrangements?"

"Yes, sir. Just waiting for your confirmation."

"And now I have given it. Please hurry as we will be departing the Starbase shortly."

"Yes, sir."

Asaph nodded and quickly departed, leaving Ryan staring at the stack of data PADD’s on his polished rosewood desk. He swivelled the chair around and sat down, noting that it he would probably need to get a more comfortable one.

Taking the first PADD of the top of the pile he began reading the Operations department report. He tried to concentrate on the immense amounts of tedious data, but his thoughts kept drifting to what would happen in the forthcoming mission.

Geo’ll probably ruin some sacred Vulcan artefacts. One word from the Vulcan’s and Cartel will have my head on a platter.

A low rumbling clunk echoed throughout the ship as the docking lamps were disengaged from the hull. The Firebolt crept backwards. Ryan watched the bow of another ship come into view followed by the opening space dock doors.

Stars outside the window became distorted as the Firebolt jumped warp. The computer terminal on his desk beeped, signifying an incoming transmission. He activated the screen and was met with Cartel’s usual contemptuous face.

a4.gif “Ryan, I’ve just heard back from the Vulcan’s. They’ve found a forcefield and a DNA scanner which near T’Klass’ burial site.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Have they tried to get through?” a4.gif

a4.gif “No, It’ll only let the DNA of one person through… you.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Me? Why wouldn’t it be a Vulcan?” a4.gif

a4.gif “I’m not sure, I’m just going by what they told me. I’ve arranged from someone to guide you through the desert and down into the catacombs of the sanctuary ruins. Apparently the Forge is a dangerous place. Godspeed Orlan.” a4.gif Cartel finished before closing the channel.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Nov 22 2006, 05:40 PM
OOC: Glad to see y'all are finally gonna catch me up!! a8.gif


Betazed, or rather the asteroid belt that encircled the planet where the majority of the Betazoid population now resided, (The "Rings of"), were a quiet a tranquil place. The larger four of these asteroids, Kelisa, Kinari, Veri & Fenera had been terraformed to an extent... inside giant domes. There was enough room to comfortably house a hundred thousand people, even space for a small coast line and a pleasant white-sandy beach that mirrored the ones on the surface, before the Dominion invasion that is. Korbin had grown up on the surface, but following the war his surviving family had moved to Kelisa and he'd spent all his shore leave with his nephew Zell on that beach. Drac had too enjoyed the feeling of the sand beneath his feet, the texture of the stuff was something to be admirer. Because of this if someone had asked him if he was a lover of sand, the answer would most definately be a resounding yes. Today, however, Korbin had changed his mind. He HATED sand.

"I hate the desert," Draconis muttered under his breath as he held out his hand infront of his mouth in a vain attempt to prevent the airborne sand from blowing into it. Although the Vulcans had always been ones for punishing themselves, which extending to allowing sand to blow into every crevise on their bodies whilst pilgrimaging across their sacred desert, the last civilized outpost before reaching the boundary of what was considered "The Forge" was equipped with alien friendly goggles. One of the few things Korbin was offered that he took. Having declined all the Vulcan cuisine he'd been offered. Give me a luke-warm caxa bread anyday he'd thought to himself pushing the plate back towards the kindly Vulcan.

That last offer of food had been three hours ago and Korbin, correction Korbin's stomach, was beginning to regret that decision. He was beginning to wonder what the hell could be out here this far inside of the great dust ball of Vulcan. He had little clue of where he was headed, but when he'd arrived at the Outpost, having been beamed down at a small spaceport-town called P'Nel a few klicks north and being transported by air-car, the coordinates he'd offered as his destination to his Vulcan guides made them a bit edgey. The Tomb of T'Klass, Korbin thought to himself, the name sounded strangely familiar... as if he'd heard it in a dream.

Because the forge was so inhospitable and the atmospheric conditions so intolerable all machinery beyond the simpliest of chemical reactions were rendered useless. Another reason why Korbin was on edge, he was unsure whether his phaser would work.
Why? Draconis suddenly thought, Why will I need my phaser?. He was asking the question of himself, but he didn't have an answer to offer back. He'd been having the feeling since leaving the outpost... the Terrans would call it an "Itchy trigger finger", but Korbin just began to feel more than vunerable without a functional weapon. "These are Federation citizens," Korbin said outloud to himself, the first sign of insanity or not, "They aren't just gonna turn around and try to kill you."

He trudged on through the desert, the wind blowing wave upon wave of sound at the three travellers as they walked in a triangular patterns. Korbin was beside the female Vulcan who'd offered him the meal, her name of T'Mar and they were followed closely by an elderly male Vulcan who spoke his native language so gruffly and abruptly that Korbin's universal translator refused to work and therefore did not know his name. All three were wrapped up tight in robes in various classically Vulcan shades of gray, light orange and very pale red, as if they were artic explorers. But it was the only realistic way of keeping the way away from one's self in a blizzard of this nature, besides the wind kept the temperatures down. That's one blessings Korbin thought, there had to be one positive thing about his current situation.

Korbin suddenly stopped in his tracks, causing his two companions to halt a moment later also. The wind had died down slightly, but he still could not hear what the other two were saying, but their faces wore expressions of puzzlement. (But then again Vulcans always look like that, don't they?) He had heard a crystal clear voice off to his right, which was not only strange but nigh on impossible because of the wind. The voice had said "Eneg-Yr...rebneddor." Although he didn't have a clue what those words meant he didn't realise a moment later why he'd been able to hear them.

Shrugging in apology to his sandy comrades he began to trunge on, now falling into single file behind the elderly Vulcan and T'Mar, who he hoped still knew where they were going despite having zero visibilitiy. "It's in my head," he said, as if he believed saying the words outloud would keep them from the other presences in his head.

He'd come to the understanding and the acceptance that he was being used as a tool. Although he could never remember having communictating with anyone since the start of the mission (And by enlarge could remember not a lot about his immediate past before this mission), he did begin to get flashes of someone in Starfleet brass meeting with... with... Cardassians Guls. Odd was how he'd filed it in his mind. But now, there was something different too. He'd begun to feel it as he drew closer to Vulcan, there was another voice. A third voice to accompany Korbin's own and his original conditioning in the crampt space inside his mind.

It all clicks he immediately thought, as if a lightbulb had come on in his head. He'd had his eyes closed, managing to follow those infront by thought alone, and with his eyes shut Draconis had been shown something. Whether it was one of the Vulcans, although he doubted it, or one of the forces inside his head, but he suddenly thought to the Karcsis.

"HEY!" he cried over the sound of the wind. The two Vulcans stopped, apparently glad to have something to listen to beside the wind howling past their ears.
"We've gotta keep moving," T'Mar said finally beginning to look weary.

"Do either of you know what a... a..." Korbin searched for the right words, he could see the item... coffin like, with markings down the sides, but he didn't know it's name. "Know what a Karcsis is?" he said, that lightbulb coming on again.

Both Vulcans shook their heads and turned back around to begin walking again. Korbin shrugged inwardly, putting it down to the craziness inside his mind he walked on with them...

Posted by: L'ehsia Nov 22 2006, 09:56 PM
L'ehsia glanced at the time on the console and noticed her shift on the bridge was about to end. She had checked to make sure all new crew security clearances were finished and ran a final diagnostic of all weapons status as instructed.

She noticed an Ensign hovering around her with Padd in hand trying to look busy, but chose to ignore him, as he waited patiently to take over while she continued.

Finally, she stepped back and nodded towards the ensign.

"I'll be checking the weapons lockers on my way to the holodeck", she announced to him.

"Aye sir" he acknowledged.

With that she left the bridge for the holodeck for some down time and a brush up of her bat'leth skills. Le'hsia kept fit and was always working at be prepared for that sudden away team assignment as Starfleet Security Officer should be.

After thoroughly checking each weapons locker on her way she arrived at the holodeck.

"Computer, activate holodeck program L5294Alpha"

Posted by: Asaph Nov 24 2006, 02:13 AM
While Asaph was assigned to the USS Delphinus, the ship frequently passed through the Pacifica system, and Asaph often spent his mandatory shore leave on its white beaches. Although the aquatic civilization had possession of its waters, they allowed the humans to develop a colony in its M-class atmosphere. Ahira was a young, exceptionally beautiful and talented young human who had grown up on the beaches of this water-planet. In earth years, she would be about 22 years old, making Asaph only 52 years older, but of course, Vulcans live much longer than humans.

Asaph was not sure how he had been lucky enough to marry such a woman, but he stood nervously in the transporter room as she rematerialized on the transporter padd. Her things had already been sent directly to his quarters. He smiled when he saw her, hardly able to believe he was once again in the presence of his love. The pieces of his heart had been pieced together again and he could hardly contain them within his chest. He hugged her instantly and held her soft hand back to his quarters, his face beaming with excitement.

They hardly spoke this whole time; they didn't have to. Both partners were excited just to be with the other and they could not think of the words to share. Finally, when they got to their quarters and closed the door, they hugged again and Ahira said, "I love you! I really missed you!"

"We'll never have to be apart again, Ahira! You'll see!"

"Except when you have to go on an away mission."

Asaph rolled his eyes in an expression quite uncharacteristic for a Vulcan. "Well, our away missions should not last that long, anyhow."

"Has it really been three months?"

He sighed and did not say anything else. He just kissed her and they began unpacking her things. After a short time, he turned and kissed her again. "I hate to do this to you, sweety, but I really need to be on the Bridge when we leave the starbase."

"I understand," she said. "Go do your job. I'll be okay."

His eyes beamed at her with enthusiasm. "You sure?"

"Just go!!" she said, smiling. Then, she changed her expression completely and continued seductively. "I'll be looking forward to when you get back."

She swayed her slender hips in the way that drove Asaph (not the average Vulcan) crazy. For his complete upcoming shift, he was looking forward to his next visit to his quarters. How was I so lucky to marry such a wonderful girl? He never tried to answer that question, but he pondered it...


Posted by: Roslyn Carter Nov 24 2006, 06:59 PM
U.S.S. Firebolt | Brig

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that Vuai," Ross laughed as they sat in her office, "no shut up I don't want to hear it."

He laughed, a few of the guys stayed behind but she still had Va'lak and Vuai her two guys. Vuai smiled and said, "so then."

"Shut up!" Ross said laughing as she him in the arm.

"Now that's not becoming," Vuai joked again Va'lak rolled his eyes, Ross sent a small message to L'eshia from the Brig's console they were down there cleaning the place up.

To: Lt. L'eshia
Frm: Lt. Carter

Dear Lieutenant,

Meet us down in the brig, we are currently cleaning them meet us down here for a few minutes so we can talk about rosters, schedules and cakes. Don't ask Horowitz has an odd thing with cakes, but meet us down here ASAP.


"I do not have an odd thing with cakes!" Horowitz threw his hands up in the air and Ross laughed and giggled.

She then went to one of the chairs and sprayed it down, "you know you'd think they'd put automatic cleaners down here."

"Yeah but then who'd get to enjoy the view?" Salvatore stated as he whistled, Ross shoved him backward as she handed him the scrub and gloves.

Everyone chucked a bit as she gave them all her best evil eye look.

Posted by: L'ehsia Nov 27 2006, 12:53 AM
Relaxing in her quarters after her workout, L'hesia decided to check her messages.
Should be hearing from the Chief pretty soon. she thought to herself.

To: Lt. L'eshia
Frm: Lt. Carter

Dear Lieutenant,

Meet us down in the brig, we are currently cleaning them meet us down here for a few minutes so we can talk about rosters, schedules and cakes. Don't ask Horowitz has an odd thing with cakes, but meet us down here ASAP.


L'ehsia smiled as she closed the message. Cleaning the brig 'ey?, well better get down there and find out what's going on. Sounds like they might be enjoying it? b11.gif


The doors hissed open as she entered and L'ehsia just followed the sound of voices. Seeing Lt Carter standing with some of the secuirty crew she continued over to them.
Lt Carter looked up as she noticed the half human/klingon officer standing before her.

"Lt L'ehsia reporting for duty sir"

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Nov 27 2006, 01:07 PM
"Hey L'eshia, I'm your new boss Lieutenant Roslyn Carter, these are some of the boys James Vuai, Iroqua Va'lak, and David Horowitz and the big Italian guy is Bennie Salvatore." Ross said as she then went to the bucket and tossed L'eshia a sponge, "start scrubin' apparently the new plastic got stuck to the cells and guess who gets to clean it all up."

"Rocky?" Bennie stated with a sly grin, and Ross just handed him a window cleaner.

Vuai and Va'lak leaned back a bit and then Ross said, "hey lift me up damn it! I can't reach the ceiling." The two lifted her on their shoulders as she cleaned up a bit.

David then cleaned up the console a bit and asked, "so Ross what are you naming him?"

"Uh I'm not sure yet, why?" Ross asked in return.

"Just wondering I mean, the kid needs a name." David bent down to clean up the sides, she then looked down.

Ross thought for a moment then spoke, "well my son won't be born for another eight months and at this rate his name is flu because thats what he's been giving me."

"How's it hangin L'eshia," Ross asked as she still sat on Vuai and Va'lak's shoulders.

Posted by: James Leyton Nov 27 2006, 03:36 PM
Working shifts on a starship is quite different from shifts planet side there is no feeling of night or day.

Several shifts had been and gone since i last saw L'eshia she had made me feel welcome on this vastely larger ship. I would have to make a point to visit her again.

my quarters still felt too large for one one person but space on this vessel was at a premium.

leaving them behind i made my way towards engineering, rounding the corner into corridor three i was greted with the view of of access panels removed from the walls and bare circuits on view. no one around working there and no tools left to signify that someone had been there.

a4.gif Leyton to moore a4.gif

a4.gif what is it a4.gif

a4.gif i'm on main enineering level coridor three section 12, do you have any work being undertaken in this area? a4.gif

a4.gif stand by a4.gif

a4.gif no why do you ask a4.gif

a4.gif there are panels removed and sensitive circuits are open, what do you want me to do? a4.gif

a4.gif stay where you are i'm on my way get security down there will you. moore out a4.gif

moving away from the immediate area i checked again that no one else was around .

a4.gif Leyton to security . i need some one down here please engineering level 1 corridor three section 12 a4.gif

a4.gif understood, sending some one now a4.gif

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Posted by: L'ehsia Nov 27 2006, 09:17 PM
After the formalities of introduction and smiles all round, L'ehsia felt relaxed and was ready to get stuck into it. Before she new it, a wet sponge in hand and was scrubbing the brig walls.

She was listening to the conversation trying to pick up on where it was heading. Listening intently it was clear Lt Carter was pregnant and not too far along as she looked great with not much of a bulge.

"Hows it hanging L'ehsia?" Ross bellowed from the ceiling.

"Fine..... before she could finish she was interupted the comm.

a4.gif Leyton to security . I need someone down here please engineering level 1 corridor three section 12 a4.gif

Thats James, she thought to herself as the communication continued.

a4.gif Acknowledged, on my way a4.gif replied Ross. L'ehsia looked at Ross and waited for the order.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Nov 28 2006, 05:24 PM
Damn it! At this rate the brig will never be cleaned!

"C'mon L'eshia lets have the boys finish cleaning this one up," Ross had them put her down and as they walked out of the brig together and Ross introduced herself more.

She casted a sideways look at L'eshia, "so where you from? I'm from Brooklyn near Fleet Alley, you? Where'd you grow up?"

Ross and L'eshia shared a turbolift as they went to engineering. Here they waited for Officer Moore, head of engineering to get there, as Ross spotted the damage she tapped her communication badge.

a4.gif Carter to Rivers, Ko'tah and Travok, get down here with a few squints while, L'eshia and I secure the scene on engineering level 1, section 12 a4.gif

a4.gif Aye a4.gif

They all chimed in, and Ross waited a few moments as Blackwell came, tossing her the security tape, Ross handed one end to L'eshia, "alright lets seal off these sections."

Ross then approached James, "was this all here when you got here?"

Posted by: Gaia Moore Nov 30 2006, 11:59 AM
Gaia only barely registered what Leyton was saying to her before he got distracted by a woman who seemed to have got his attention. She only followed enough to form coherent responses anyway, so it was just as well he didn’t keep talking to her. Her mind was busy, trying to comprehend what she had done to Ryan. She and Geo had basically given him an ultimatum, Kaoru on the ship or they would resign… Were they being unfair on him, would it be so bad if Kaoru wasn’t there? She was just trying to reason with herself, Kaoru had gone out of her way in the past to help her, especially as she knew her hatred of both doctors and sickbay after what happened to her parents. Kaoru had changed Gaia’s mind about Starfleet doctors and doctors in general, she was understanding and gentle, always thinking about her patient’s wellbeing. Would the new doctor be the same way? Unlikely, she thought to herself.

She knew she had meant what she said to Ryan, it was true she wouldn’t leave him, not after everything they had been through together, both personally and professionally. But she couldn’t allow Geo and Kaoru to be split up, they were her closest friends and she didn’t trust people easily. Still, she had to apologise, clear everything up with Ryan. She wouldn’t apologise for what she said, but she would for the way she said it and the position she had put him in by saying it.

“Computer locate Command…I mean Captain Orlan” She still couldn’t get used to him being Captain now, would that mean they couldn’t be together anymore. Starfleet didn’t forbid Captain having relations with their crew… but they didn’t exactly condone it either. Perhaps that was something they’d have to discuss too once she apologised.

Captain Orlan is on the Bridge came the computerised voice.

Once out of Engineering, she made a beeline for the Turbolift. Gaia ignored everyone who seemed to want to or who actually approached her. She didn’t want anyone interrupting her on her way to see Ryan. In her mind, she prepared what she was going to say to him.

Posted by: James Leyton Nov 30 2006, 03:59 PM
Ross then approached James, "was this all here when you got here?"

"it was exactly as you see it now " i responded

the corridor had now been seeled so that no one could approach and disturb the scene.

"was anyone else around that you noticed? .... Lt !!!"

"uh sorry.. no i was alone, i was on my way into engineering"

"why? your shift isn't due to start for another hour"

"i like to get my head into gear before starting my shift, am i a suspect?"

"just asking, and your record confirms your statement. It has been noted that you always appear early for your shift, though i dont know why, that will be all for now. if anything comes to mind though let me know."

"i will"

looking across at the rest of the security team i noticed the L'ehsia was there as well .
I hope she doesn't think that i am responsible for this.

knowing that my shift was still not due to start yet i proceeded into engineering.

edit or change as needed

Posted by: L'ehsia Nov 30 2006, 09:04 PM
L'ehsia caught the end of the security tape and started to seal off the section. It was highly unusual for it to be left like that.

She listened intently to the questioning of James by Lt Carter and couldnt help but wonder why he was there on his own.

It all checked out ok, so she didnt pursue those thoughts too much, but reminded herself that all possibilities must be investigated.

She noticed from the corner of her eye that he had stared at her briefly, and looking like he wanted to say something. Hmmm, have to catch up with him after the shift, even if it happens to be for more questioning she laughed to herself.

"Here Blackwell, you finish off", she said throwing him her end of the tape.

"All done here Lt" L'ehsia said. "Do you want me to start scanning for evidence?"

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Dec 4 2006, 06:46 AM
The trio had taken shelter in a small cave, the entrance of which was only found after nearly half a Vulcan hour (A very long time I assure you) feeling along the canyon wall.

Korbin's party, in what proved to be a very vain attempt to escape the sandstorm, had taken what T'Mar had called the secondary route to the Tomb of T'Klass which brought them through a small canyon, then up and around the hills... eventually winding up at the Tomb from behind. Draconis had only agreed the course of action that would stretch their journey out even longer because he was sick to death with pulling sand out of his eyes, ears, mouth, and every other crevise on his Betazoidian body.

They huddled around the fire knowing dusk was fast approaching, and all those who knew the Forge at night would not welcome the darkness. Korbin had derobed from his desert gear, now choosing to attire in a gray one-piece that was reminicant of a Starfleet uniform but wasn't quite as snazzy.

"So T'Mar," he said retreaving a field ration from his overcoat's deep pockets and sitting by the far, a comfortable distance from the two Vulcans.

"What made you wanna be a tour guide to this dusty... place?" Draconis resisted the urge to call it a craphole, but only just.

T'Mar cleared her throat, she was never one for small talk like all Vulcans but had become accustomed to it's necessity with other species to make them feel comfortable. And the Admiral's orders didn't say to make their guest welcome.. she thought to herself as her eyes moved up and down Korbin, sureying him both as a man and looking for something behind his eyes.

She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly shut it again. She was unsure of how much information she was to reveal to the mysterious traveller. She had been quietly minding her own business, going about Starfleet Intelligence's work from their Vulcanis HQ when she'd received the odd request from a still annoymous Admiral, obviously in the loop as he knew all the correct command and authroisation codes. Her instructions had been to pose as a simple guide and help a Betazoid with the name Korbin to the Tomb of T'Klass. As she had little knowledge of the Forge herself she brought along an actual guide, Qanai... the elderly Vulcan who had spent all his years walking to and fro in the Forge.

"It is definately a new experience," she finally decided upon, her expression unchanging as always. To deter any further questions about her role she decided to spark to conversation, "Have you been to Vulcan before?"

Draconis nodded taking another bite from his ration bar and being unable to take his eyes away from the Vulcan female... without her harsh exterior shielding and all that desert geat she was actually quite attractive.
"Not really my kinda place I'm afraid. I like beaches, but not sand on this scale."

"Vulcan is indeed a barren world. Though she is our home, our life giver. We must cherish that if nothing else," she said, having watched her Betazoid counterpart she too decided it was time to chow on a ration bar.

"What is Betazed like?" T'Mar asked, trying to break from Draconis' eye contact... although it did not make her uncomfortable you didn't need to be 100% telepathic to be able to pick up his Betazoidian male urges.

"To be truthful I haven't been to homeworld in a while. I wasn't born planetside you see."

"Born on the rings?" T'Mar interupted.

"Yeah. Life is so much more idealised up there. Few leave."

Although the conversation dried up at that point Korbin couldn't help to still be thinking about T'mar as he began to drift off to sleep that night. Perhaps it was because she was the first female he'd spoken to... well... as long as he could remember, or perhaps his mind was just overwelcome to the prospect of thinking about something besides the conditioning...

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Dec 5 2006, 06:56 PM
"No, L'eshia you're free for now, I'll call you up if I need you again. Look's like Rivers and crew brought the squints." Ross replied as she whistled to them.

Rivers, Ko'tah and Travok along with a few squints or scientist came around, "alright you two over here, Rivers I want you here and I want you, Ko'tah to get recordings of this area, and Travok, make sure to track down Moore, I want confirmation on that Leyton guy." Ross ordered.

She then pulled in a few other people from off duty as they worked the scene.

Posted by: L'ehsia Dec 5 2006, 07:54 PM
"No, L'eshia you're free for now, I'll call you up if I need you again. Look's like Rivers and crew brought the squints." Ross replied as she whistled to them.

L'ehsia nodded in agreement and headed back to security. Walking briskly along the corridor she tapped her comm badge.

"Computer, where is Lt Leyton?"

"Lt Leyton is in engineering", the computer stated.

L'ehsia kept walking back to security wondering if she should be the one to follow up and confirm James whereabouts at the time of the report. She knew that would not go down well with him and may put a spanner in the works of their budding friendship if he found out.

Her human curiosity found it necessary to put feelings aside and put her duites as a Security Officer first this time, and anyway, she reasoned if he was innocent, then there was nothing to fear about being friends with him.

She arrived back at Security and went straight to her console. She ran scans immediately to find that James' story had checked out, the computer had verified his whereabouts prior to his call. It also confirmed that Lt Leyton often reported for duty earlier than required and had no previous record of suspicious behaviour.

L'ehsia released a rather loud sigh in relief.

"What was that big sigh for Lt?" joked Ko'tah as he walked back into the office with his tricorder ready to download his scans into the computer.

"Oh, nothin really, just glad my shift is almost over." she said rubbing her neck.

L'eshia finished off her daily report while Ko'tah made small talk. She wasnt really paying attention. She nodded and smiled occassionally in acknowledgement, but her mind was elsewhere.

"Well im outta here!" she announced and gave a quick flick of her hand in gesture and left.

Posted by: James Leyton Dec 6 2006, 05:25 PM
This shift was a particularly hard one as i knew that suspicion was laid at my door even though i had no part in it.

i had been in engineering for just undere an hour when Gaia had come back and requested my presence in her office.

"i have had security quizzing me about you and your habbits, personally i have known you long enough to know that you had no part in this matter. However i need to hear it from you"

"did you remove the access panels?. "

"No, like i told you over the comm i was on my way down here and that is what i found. and i reported my findings straight away."

"thankyou james, like i said i needed to hear it from you, you may return to your duties now."

"thankyou" i replied turning to leave

"James ! one more thing, dont let this get on top of you, its a new ship with a new crew, there is going to be a little apprehension from everyone until we get to know each other."

"Understood i'll bear that in mind"

the next few hours of my shift saw many people come and go to engineering including more security officers.

I really couldnt wait for my shift to end, and by the time it did i was exhausted.

i finished my log and handed over to the next shift and left for a shower and some grub.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Dec 12 2006, 01:03 AM
Gaia sat down on the sofa close to Ryan. Since the briefing in the Intrepid’s Briefing Room, they hadn’t spent any time together. He now not only had responsibility over the ships resources as he did as Executive Officer on the Intrepid, but the responsibility of the entire vessel.

“Your doing fine.” She said before either had spoken. Somehow she almost always knew what he was thinking and now was no different. “It will get easier.”

He smiled when he heard her solacing words. He knew she was right and everything would be okay. I hope… He put her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“There is a reason I came… that is, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Gaia said. “In the briefing, I should have been more supportive.”

Ryan stared at her as she continued. “I can’t apologize for what I said because I stand by that, but… I owe you an apology for how I said it. Kaoru not being assigned to the Firebolt wasn’t your fault, I hope I didn’t make you feel that it was.”

“I know. I’m just glad I was able to convince Cartel to re-assign her.“

“How did you get him to agree?”

“I told the Admiral that I’d prefer not to discuss why I wanted Kaoru on the Firebolt, but he wouldn’t have approved it if I hadn’t had told him the truth. I told him it would be a mistake to loose Commander Revolone over a transfer.”

“How did he take it?”

“He was fine with it, but I don’t think he would be as accepting of us.”

“You didn’t tell him?” Gaia asked, her surprise showing in her eyes.

“No, I couldn’t risk him reassigning you because of it.” Ryan said. “He may not have done it right away, but he could have later. Its not prohibited for us to be together, just not recommended.”

Gaia’s tranquil emerald orbs stared into his own. She was studying him; trying to determine what he was thinking and feeling. Then she spoke softly, her voice almost dispirited. “Things will change, we both know they will.”

Ryan sighed and drew her close to him, her head coming to rest on his shoulder. “Don’t believe its over. There’ll be battles ahead, but as long as you need me, I’ll be here.”

Neither said anything else, just the a simple exchange of smiles was all they needed to understand each other. Their moments of silence were soon interrupted by Geo’s voice over the comm..

:comm.: “Captain Orlan, please report to the Bridge.” :comm.:

“No rest for the wicked.” Ryan smiled apologetically and they both stood. He found his hands gently cupped around her upper arms. Her uniform the only barrier between his fingertips and her contracting muscles as she wrapped them around him, drawing him into her embrace.

Their lips met for just a few moments, but the passion she showed him demonstrated how much she wished he didn’t have to depart, and for that moment Ryan regretted accepting his promotion to Commanding Officer.

“Come on, we better go, my favourite Captain.” Gaia said easing away from him. She took his hand in hers and led him out onto the Bridge.

“Captain, security reports that they’ve found evidence of tampering on deck twenty-four, section twelve.” Geo informed.

“Main Engineering.” Ryan noted.

“Numerous wall panels have been removed to gain access to the various systems. Whoever did it, disabled internal sensors in that section. Other than that, it doesn’t appear that they did anything else. We’re still going over the sensor logs.”

“What have you found so far?”

“We’re experiencing a thoron leak in the surrounding jefferies -”

“Thoron leak?” The Captain interrupted Geo. “That’s an old Maquis trick. Thoron particles neutralize tricorder sensors.”

“Has to be...” Gaia said and Ryan met her gaze. She knew what he was thinking. “Its not possible for there to be a thoron leak in that section.”

“Seal off the area and increase security. If I’m right, we have an intruder onboard.” Turning to the Helm station he continued to give instructions. “Lieutenant Diren, slow us to warp five until we can ascertain if any other systems have been compromised.”

For the first time since being onboard the Firebolt he felt what it was to truly be in command and the feeling was exalting. Gaia had been right, it would get easier.

“Gaia, I need you to examine that entire section, if someone has compromised any of our systems, I want to know about it.”

Posted by: Tinde Dec 17 2006, 01:12 AM
Sure, warp 5 was 230 billion kilometers per hour, or 214 times the speed of light, but warp 7 was only 707 billion kilometers per hour, or 656 times the speed of light. And while most people couldn’t tell the difference, outside of seeing the passing stars change velocity, Tinde swore she could. After punching in the commands, Tinde watched the viewscreen’s result of the stars slowing in the display as the ship passed the stars. Though warp 5 was still quite considerable, it would put a delay on Vulcan.

She overheard a bit of the conversation the captain was having with the chief engineer. Another helm officer came up, “Ma’am.” The human said quietly, though Tinde was looking at the console. “Lieutenant?” She didn’t even respond. Something wasn’t right.

The ship was accelerating? Tinde stared at the console baffled. She had set the controls for warp 5, and that was on the display.

“Asaph,” She called over her shoulder. “Check velocity readouts.”

He ran his fingers over the console. “System scans show the ship is approaching warp 8.”

Tinde turned back to her console. Why is this speeding up?

“I said warp 5, Lieutenant.” Orlan said heading to the helm station.

“I know, sir.” Tinde turned to face the captain, feeling her cheeks burn. “According to helm console, we’re traveling at warp 5.”

“Warp 9.” Asaph commented.

Tinde went under the helm console, ripping open the panel. Manuel restart. She jumped back as a spark flew out grazing her hand, and leaving a burn mark on her jacket’s left wrist.

“9.2” Asaph said flatly.

She heard the hum of the console above her as it refreshed itself. She stood back up, hitting her head on the console’s lip. She held back from saying a word, but only barely.

When she again sat in her seat, the console was now showing a speed of 9.4, and rising. And for an added bonus, Captain Orlan was standing right there. She move the controls to slow the ship down.

“Warp 9.” Asaph said. Tinde finally breathing a sigh of relief, as the ship gradually slowed past 5, and went to warp 1, before Orlan called out.

“All stop.”

Tinde ran the consoles over ordering for a complete stop. She turned to Asaph just to make sure. He nodded.

“What the hell happened?” Orlan said. “We are not moving until we find what caused this.”

“Sir, we’re being hailed.” The ops officer said.

“By who?”

“The Vulcan Space Traffic Control.”

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Dec 19 2006, 11:04 PM
The Captain moved closer to the Helm console while Lieutenant Diren resumed her seat. He glanced at the consoles readouts, trying to determine how the Firebolt could accelerate on her own accord.

“Warp nine.” Asaph, the man with prominently Vulcan features who had introduced himself personally to Ryan advised from his console.

The multicoloured streaks on the view screen slowed rapidly until they faded completely. The stars continued to move slowly as the ship was propelled forward by its on inertia.

“All stop.” Ryan ordered, even though they were no longer travelling at warp speed. He didn’t want to take the risk of using warp drive again in case the ship kept accelerating until it tore itself apart.

“What the hell happened? We are not moving until we find what caused this.”

“Sir, we’re being hailed.” The non-commissioned officer at the Ops station reported.

For a fleeting moment Ryan remembered that he still hadn’t chosen a permanent Operations Officer. Generally the assigning of positions was the privilege of a Commanding Officer when he or she was given their own command, but Cartel was one not to allow this opportunity.

At least he did have the choice of an Operations Officer. After all, Ops had been his division since graduating from the academy, thus he had a certain affinity for the role.

The advancement to Executive Officer of the Intrepid had been a triumph indeed, but he still missed his background in Ops. At first glance or to the less educated, Ops appeared to be rather mundane in handling energy output and distribution, but it is much more than that. Ryan felt that Ops was the very backbone of the ship, something that he had felt proud to be a part of when he stood behind its console.

“By who?” Ryan asked when his thoughts of how command was very different from taking commands brought him back to reality.

“The Vulcan Space Traffic Control.”


The viewscreen filled with the image of a moderately aged Vulcan, his straight greying hair trimmed nearly around his pointed ears. a4.gif “This is Vulcan Space Traffic Control, are you in need of assistance?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Captain Orlan, USS Firebolt.” a4.gif Ryan introduced, his title impressing himself. a4.gif “We have orders to meet with Commander –“ a4.gif

a4.gif “Commander Delkor, yes, we have been expecting your arrival. What was unexpected is for your vessels erratic course.” a4.gif

a4.gif “We’ve had some complications, but I’m not willing to use warp drive until we have matters resolved.” a4.gif

Ryan didn’t want to be forthcoming with any details. As it were the Firebolt crew knew very little about the complications that they were experiencing. The Vulcan stared back at him inquisitively for a few moments. Even without grounds, Ryan suspected that this Vulcan was familiar with the fact that this was his first mission in command. The thought of how he was being perceived irritated him.

a4.gif “Very well,” a4.gif He said eventually. a4.gif “I’ll dispatch two cruiser to convey your vessel the rest of the way.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Thank you.” a4.gif

The channel closed per Ryan’s signal and he again approached the Helm station. “How far are we from Vulcan?” He asked, almost grumpily. He didn’t want the embarrassment of having his ship towed into orbit of Vulcan. The thought of it made him feel helpless… inadequate. Whoever had sabotaged with the Firebolt’s systems was going to pay.

“We're not far from the Vulcan system. About thirty minutes at impulse, Sir.” Diren replied.

“Inform all the senior staff that I want a briefing in five minutes.”

He was aware that having briefing now would pull the senior officers away from the duties he'd just insturcted them to do. The investigation near Engineering would be in good hands with the junior Engineering and Security teams. For now, he needed to fill his crew in on what would be happening when they reach Vulcan.

“Yes, Captain.”

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Dec 20 2006, 12:15 AM
"Ridiculous!" Geo shook his head. "We're going to be raiding a tomb that's almost as old as myself!" That brought a laugh from some of the senior staff in the room. Ryan hid his smirk, since his captain-macho-ism had to show through here. Maybe the Hermekian would never get used to that.

"Well, standing orders are that we are to investigate this. The Vulcan consulate has allowed us passage to the planet surface," or at least would (Geo knew that Vulcan customs often sucked), "and we are to proceed to T'klass and help open up the - well whatever it is."

"You said that sensors are virtually useless?" Asaph leaned forward intently, his fingers laced together intricately with elbows propped on the table. Geo offered him a quick look before he regarded the Captain - the question was plausible.

"Not useless, but the forcefield is making it difficult for us to penetrate. Once it's down this problem should be corrected,"

"At least that's what starfleet thinks," Geo laughed, "what you science buffs think."

Asaph quirked a brow, but Ryan continued on.

"Anyway, I - along with Lieutenant Asaph, Lieutenant Kai'an and Lieutenant Diren will be transporting down to the coordinates given in the PADD," Geo skimmed over it, nodding patiently, though a flare of irritation showed on his face. A flare that Ryan caught sight of, but ignored for now, "and we'll proceed by mount to the ruins. The team has to be small, since the Vulcans don't want any outside inteference with one f there sacred tombs."

"What type of scientific mandate have we been granted by the Vulcan science consulate?"

"Starfleet and the Federation Council along with the Vulcan authorities have granted us full authorization to all findings. I want a full anthropological team established between you and Lieutenant Kai'an. The Vulcans have offered us an addition four science members from there academy to join us - they will be waiting at the rendevous coordinates."

"And Lieutenant Diren is there because?" Geovanie asked.

"Because she had background experience in scientific operations," Ryan answered, glancing towards the lieutenant. "She was with her father on," he regarded the PADD "stardate 52239.11, plus she had medical experience in the field. I want Kaoru on the Firebolt."

Now it was Kaoru's turn to quirk a brow.

"I want Commander Ele to lead the investigation into the Thoron problem, and the possible intruder that we have aboard the ship."

"I've been thinking on that," Kaoru pondered, "shouldn't they have triggered the alarm? I mean, beaming unto the ship would have set something off, thoron particles or not."

"They could have been listed in our manifest," Geo asked, "we might be looking at a possible Cardassian operative."

Ryan nodded, "True Way."

"That doesn't explain why the ship sped up." Diren noted.

"Maybe they want whatever this forcefield is hiding." Geovanie concluded.

"Regardless, that only makes it more imperative that we get there first," Ryan sighed, "Kaoru, lead the investigation. The rest of you, back to duty. Away team to assemble as soon as possible."

The people began to file out, Geo last once more.

"A word Captain?"

"I know what your going to say,"

"That you turned Betazed?" Geo asked. Ryan chuckled at that, but raised his hand to stop Geovanie from continue, which was quaint considering he was about the berrate the Captain.

"There isn't any foreseeable danger in me transporting down."

"Regardless, an Away Mission is strictly in the hands of the first officer. With all due respect your lordship," he wouldn't have said that infront of everyone else, "I think that it presents a danger that we don't need to take. Kaoru can easily replace me, but there is no way in hell I want to replace you."

"Geo! The Vulcan Consulate stated that the particular signature that this field will accept is mine. I have to go, regardless of the risk."

"Fine, but I'm going with you."

"Out of the question," Ryan stated, "I want you to help Kaoru if at all possible. I want to know just who the hell is on my ship."

Geo grunted, "Kaoru can handle it just fine. You're taking two science buffs and a helmsmen as your escort. I would have a full detachment of security if I could. So I'll leave you a choice Captain. Either take me, or else I'm telling Roslyn to have a full contingent of security ready to guarantee your safety."

Ryan sighed, "You know I was never this stubborn with Reyan."

"Yeah but you also didn't look this good," Geo grinned.

"Fine fine, you have your outstanding orders. Get Kaoru prepped on the investigation before meeting us in Transporter Room One."

"Understood sir," Geo paused at the door, "and may I say... your fitting in just fine Ryan," the Captain stared after Geo even as the doors hissed shut.

~ ~ ~ ~ BRIDGE // USS FIREBOLT // DECK ONE ~ ~ ~ ~

"Understood SubCommander - sorry what was your name?" Geo was irritated. Ryan had gotten back at him by giving him the task of getting through Vulcan customs, now he was stuck debating the team with this pointed eared fellow.

"Sub-Commander T'Par,"

"Right - well T'nar," he mispronounced the name on purpose, but the Vulcan didn't seem faced. That aggrivated Geo slightly, "our manifest was sent to you over two hours ago, I want to know why we haven't been granted clearance to depart for the planet surface yet?"

"We are processing your request Commander, and we are sure that we will have you on vulcan as steadfast as is possible. Unfortunately, with the influx of refugee's from the outlying sectors we are burdened with landing clearances."

"And people said beaureacracies were supposed to help us," Geo laughed.

"The clearance is coming through now Commander, you are permitted to land at the following coordinates. I will required another detailed account of all equiment and personel, as well as profiles within the computer to log into our accounts before final verification has been granted."

"See to it," Geo told the Operations officer, then signed off the LCAR screen.


"And I hate logic," Geovanie asked to Ryan, the two shared a brief laugh before heading for the turbolift. Diren rose from her seat and followed, an ensign taking over at the conn. Kaoru was already on the bridge, offering a momentary affectionate smile to Geo before the doors hissed shut.


"These things reek," Ryan commented, but he said nothing else about it.

"Most Vulcans find the scent of Terrans to be slightly repulsive," Asaph stated, "in the previous era's Vulcans often had nasal congealers to cut off the smell receptors to make it more pleasant to serve on Federation ships,"

"Is that supposed to make us feel better?" Diren asked, and Geo laughed.

"I think he just related you to this beast."

"Not at all," Asaph glanced between the two, and Geo laughed again.

"Oh I'm only kidding. Back on Hermes we had animals about twice this size, the only problem was that they were flatulent - quite frequently."

"So it's kind of like getting old isn't it? Don't start farting on me Geo," Ryan mounted his beast, which prompted the others to follow. The four Vulcan scientists cleverly ignored the whole banter - it must have looked unprofessional in there eyes. Something that Ryan noted, since his demeanor changed to Captainhood once more.

"Already, let's move out."

"Agreed," Geo answered, and the nine took off...

Woot! Yay for delayed posting!

Posted by: Calvin Cowles Dec 20 2006, 12:48 AM
Calvin Cowles. A MD, was in his room drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea,and reading the shift before his reports. He had always liked to go over the reports to make sure everything got to to ensure the safety of the crew. After some time passed he stood up and got into his Medical Uniform. A teal Pull over duty vest with a White jacket over top. He then checked his uniform with his tricorder to make sure it was sterile.

He still had a little trouble finding his way around a starship. And everynow and then had space sickness,due to the fact that before this posting he was on an out post out side of the federation. He has seen some pretty terrible things out there.

The Sickbay doors opened with a whoosh. He turned to the Nurse.

"What do we got?"

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Dec 20 2006, 05:11 PM
Draconis, Qanai and T'Mar finally arrived at the standing mound of dust that was rather grandly known as the final resting place of T'Klass.

Respectfully Qanai and T'Mar had declined to enter the sacred place, a Vulcan was only allowed to walk the hallowed ground once in their lifetimes and only at particular times.

Korbin was apprehensions to say the least, but something at the back of his mind was nawing at him to continue. Going along with the voices in your head might sound like the wisest idea but at this point it was the only thing subdueing Korbin's headaches. He had blacked out, not once, but twice since awaking and leaving the cave where the intrepid trio had camped for nightfall because of the headaches he'd started to experience, and since he'd found his telepathic abilities reduced to almost zero.

It had all started with a dream...
Korbin was in a small squareish room, one white tiles covered not only the walls but the floor and ceiling too. It was a cold and sterile place, one that looked not entirely well looked after judging by the few tiles that had become dislodged from their housing and not replaced. Although he felt groggy he was aware that he was sat, strapped even, to a chair of generic metal design. At this point in his mind he knew it wasn't real, but how could it not be? He could feel the cold of the chair's metal base and legs seeping through his thin medical clothing, he could sniff the faint oder of dampness that plagued the air. He was there....

The room's only door swung open, in came the nurse he remembered seeing before. She was followed shortly afterward by the Trill Doctor. "Welcome back Draconis," the Doctor said as if speaking to a child. The 6 foot odd Trill bent down to such a degree that he could look right into Draconis' eyes. "How are you feeling today?"

Korbin wanted to speak, he wanted to ask where the hell he was, what the hell he was doing there. But he found himself not in-control of his body, as if he were watching a vid of someone else.

"You come in here," Korbin said, a close up of his face would reveal several
days worth of facial hair growth and several cuts and bruises. "Everyday," Draconis continued, the anger evident in his voice, "And ask me the same damn question."

The Doctor paused a second, a small smirky smile garnishing his otherwise professional appearance. "Yes," he said bluntly. He rose from his crouched position to stand fully. He took a step backward, accepting a PADD from the nurse before looking back in Korbin's direction, "And I'll keep coming back in here. Everyday. Until I get the answer I want." The Doctor pressed a few commands into the PADD and nodded to the nurse, she was excused.

The Doctor patiently waited until the nurse closed the door behind him before taking a few steps back towards where Draconis sat.

Suddenly Korbin felt afraid, he didn't understand why he had no control over his body, maybe they'd given him somekind of drug... maybe he was... dreaming...

The Doctor gracefully rolled up his sleeves and removed the plain white gloves he'd been wearing. All his actions up until this point had been elegance in motion, slow, methodical and controlled... he next action broke this routine however. The Doctor's right fist flew into Korbin's face, then the left. The Doctor stood back, breathing healthy with a satisfactory smile hanging on his lips.

Korbin realled from the attack, he'd known it was coming but still had no way of defending himself. Draconis spat blood to the floor, refusing now to look upon the supposed man of science.

"I have promised results Korbin," the Doctor said rolling his shirt sleeves back down and fasening the button at the bottom. "And your resilience to my..." he seemed to mull over the word for a moment, "... my procedures isn't helping either of us."

The Doctor shook his head and turned to go, but was stopped in his tracks when Korbin spoke: "I can't see the downside for me doc, sorry."

Originally he'd planned to simply walk out, and he'd even got his hand ready on the doorknob but the doctor decided to entertain his subject's words for a brief moment, "That's where you are wrong my friend. We'll simply be taking it to the next level. Bio-organic chipping."

The Doctor was smiling broadly now as he didn't give Korbin another look. He turned the door handle and was gone. Korbin was left to contemplate his fait...

Standing now inside the Tomb of T'Klass that dream and the events that possibly took place seemed like an eon ago. The few days travel from the Starbase aboard shuttlecraft to marching across the Forge was all that Korbin knew, and he could feel the pain in his mind easing as he carried on with the tasks he somehow subconsciously knew he was to do.

Beyond the sarcophogus arrangement, where the Vulcan's ancient remains had long since turned to dust was nothing but walls covered in ancient Vulcan scripture. Free-standing synth-glass lined these walls, translating the faded Vulcan text into both modern Vulcan and unicode for all to read without disturbing the original. Korbin ran his hand across one particular section, it was a piece speaking of Surek, founder of Vulcan logic.

With an action for quick it suprised himself he slammed his fist hard through the synth-glass, causing his hand to bleed profusely and the glass to fracture into several smaller, but blunt shards. Korbin wore a simple blank expression now, any free thought was gone...
He ran his hand across the ancient stone wall now, his palm becoming encrusted with a millenia or twos worth of dust and muck, before he found what he was looking forward. His palm stopped in one place, and he began to feel a warm sensation under it, that sensation started mild but became stronger and stronger until it became unbearable hot. His instincts told him to pull his hand away but he found his could not, it was not the conditioning this time... it was the heat itself, it had enveloped Korbin. All he knew now was the heat, the wall.. and then... nothing.

The pain was gone, Korbin was stood blank faced in a new room. This one devoid of dust, lacking in Vulcan characters and draws or artitectual thrall. it was blank, save for a object in the middle. One that shown with the light from an unknown source, it was silver... and cylinderical in nature. Korbin's mind, all three of his personalities were awe struck. And he was suddenly frozen in his tracks. Unsure of what next to do.

Posted by: Calvin Cowles Dec 21 2006, 12:46 AM
"Oh...Cold" An Lt. Cox exclaimed

"Yes,Sorry...now turn you head and cough for me please" Calvin asked very politely


"Good,now turn your head and cough again please"


"Okay,good you can pull your pants up and take a seat."

"Okay, Doc give it to me straight...how long I got." The man said worried.

"No need to worry, you have an infection called Epididymitis. *points* to a picture. It is this tube here that runs between.... and .... Here is a persciption for you take this three times a day until the bottle is gone."

"What caused this?" the man asked

"According to blood work and your recent medical history It would have been caused by a bladder infection..."

Calvin talked a few more minutes with the Cox before heading on to his next case. A woman with a server migraine

Posted by: Tinde Dec 30 2006, 10:52 PM
Their marching order was thus: Tavek, T’lyn, Captain Orlan, Lieutenant Asaph, Commander Revolone, Lieutenant JG Kai’an, Lieutenant Diren, Nypel, and Jemtek. Each on an Echorka, a camel-like creature native to Vulcan, a descendent to the now extinct Tchorka. Nypel leading a second, smaller Echorka carrying supplies and other essential items not in the packs of the others.

Despite knowing her tricorder wouldn’t work in this region, she still held it out in one hand, controlling the reins to her Echorka with the other. The tricorder, however useless it would seem, was allowing her to keep track of the nineteen life signs in the group: nine humanoid, ten beasts of burden. Which worked, for the most part. The group was spread out enough that with the sand lifting into the air by the wind, she could only make out faint outlines of those leading, and those too far behind her. However, only just worked, in that when the sand became too dense, or the group member too far away (roughly 50 meters) they no longer registered on the tricorder’s readout.

“You know that thing won’t work in this region?” Captain Orlan had said an hour prior as they rode into the Forge.

“Oddly enough, it is.” She said back. Very odd. She remembered thinking. No technology of any sort was supposed to work inside the Forge.

She noticed the pair (a humanoid and Echorka) falter, and fall behind. Tinde pulled back on the reins to see what if anything she could see. An Echorka was lying on its side. She turned her Echorka back and when she was within two meters, she could see Erin with one foot caught underneath the animal.

She tapped her comm. badge. “Captain Orlan, we have an injury.” She wasn’t sure if he received the message, and either way, she received no response.

She tried to move the animal but it didn’t budge.

“Abu.” Tinde said, hoping her pronunciation was correct. The animal responded to the command and slowly stood up, favoring its right foreleg. Tinde knelt down as she pulled out her medical tricorder, running it along Erin’s leg that had been under the weight of the animal. Of course the tricorder didn’t respond with anything. She tried it against the animal itself, receiving the same inconclusive results.

“Can you stand?” Tinde said at first offering her hand to help Erin up, only to discover Erin couldn’t put her weight against the leg. Tinde checked the leg manually, to see if anything was obviously broken. She placed Erin’s arm over her shoulder and led her back to her Echorka, which was now lying in the sand.

Tinde helped Erin onto the camel-like creature, before going back to get the reins of the other beast of burden. She lead the second animal to her mount and fastened the lead rope with a special knot her roommate at the Academy had taught her for tying up horses. She then got back on the animal. “Abu.” She said again. The animal gangly stood. “Haltor.” The animal took a step forward. Erin and Tinde both rode the same animal.

“So, you’re father was a scientist?” Erin asked Tinde as they rode into the sandy terrain.

“He was a botanist.” Tinde said without looking in Erin’s direction.

Erin looked around at the surrounding dust swirling around on the ground, and in the air. “Very useful about now.” She muttered under her breath.

Tinde turned to look at Erin momentarily rolling her eyes. Tinde looked down at her tricorder trying to locate the remainder of the away team. However, in the dust storm arising, visibly was down, and her tricorder had stopped working.

Posted by: Erin Kai'an Jan 1 2007, 03:17 AM
Erin twisted, looking around her. The sandstorm was still going full-force, the sand hitting her exposed skin until it felt constantly prickly. She felt Tinde turning, and did likewise to hear what she had to say. “The pack behind you should have a compass,” Tinde said. “I can’t see where we’re going in this storm.”

Erin nodded, using one hand to shield her eyes while using the other to unzip the survival pack that the Vulcans insisted on giving each of them. Sifting through the various items, she finally found the compass, also coming across a paper map of the area. Quickly zipping up the kit, she handed them to Tinde, who thanked her. “You do know how to read those, right?” she asked.

“No, I just like the colors,” Tinde retorted. Erin grinned.

Moments passed, the wind dying down slightly. Erin’s leg was throbbing and was swollen; from what she could remember of her medical classes, it was probably either a sprain or a hairline fracture, one that wouldn’t be taken care of until they were out of the Forge.

Both of the echrokas stopped in their tracks, making the two women glance around in confusion. The animals were sniffing the air, the whites around their eyes fully visible.

“I don’t suppose your tricorder is working yet?” Erin asked.

“No, it isn’t.”

A loud snarl reached their ears. Erin looked toward the sound, raising her eyebrows. When the animal came in view, she almost gasped. “I’d get out of here, if I were you,” she advised Tinde quietly.


“Because that’s a le-matya,” Erin told her. “It’s not very... friendly.”

Before they had a chance to do anything, the le-matya lept started coming closer. Behind them, the injured echroka started tugging at it’s lead, causing the one they were riding to become more panicked.

“It’s going to break free!” Tinde yelled at her, making Erin twist and lean towards the rope. Too late; the injured animal had already freed itself. The le-matya paused for a moment, then leapt toward the both of them. The echroka they were riding thought that it was coming for it and instantly took off in the opposite direction. It was all the women could do to hold on to the animal.

When it stopped, neither had any idea where they were. Both of them traded glances, trying to catch their breath. When they finally had, Tinde dismounted and started to look around slowly, looking down at the map in her hands.

“I don’t suppose you know where we are?” Erin asked, staying on top of the animal.

Tinde looked at her, then pointed to the ground. “We’re here.”

“So you have no idea.”

“No clue.”

Erin sighed. “Where’s the compass?”

Tinde nearly winced. “I dropped it when the echroka started running.”

“Great. We’re totally lost, aren’t we?”

“Until the storm dies down and we’re able to see some landmarks.”

Erin groaned, slouching in the saddle. “Great.”

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jan 1 2007, 09:38 AM
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