Xolani Fleets: USS Meridian: Mission 1

Xolani Fleets, 2384 _ USS Meridian, Nebula Class Starship [NCC-58314] _ Breaking the link in the chain

Posted by: Reyan Caius Apr 7 2006, 04:51 AM

Reyan took a sip from his drink, enjoying both the drink and the company, as well as the chance to get to know his First Officer and Chief Medical Officer better - somthing that he hadn't had a chance to do due to the Meridian's hasty depature from dock

Kaoru and Tejas were conversing together for the moment - they were getting on famously, although Reyan had gotten the impression that Kaoru's reason for asking Tejas to join them was somthing more than a desire for a friendly chat - Kaoru had looked concerned when she had spotted Tejas

Reyan was about to rejoin the conversation, when a blue-uniformed Officer approached

"Sir, sorry if I am interrupting anything, but I have just transferred and am reporting in" the Officer stated

"Welcome aboard, Lieutenant-Commander....?" Reyan asked,

"Lieutenant-Commander Kristr Cleon - Chief Counsellor"

Reyan stood and shook Kristr's hand firmly

"Welcome aboard, Counsellor - I apologise that I was not able to meet with you soon - as you know, the Meridian ordered to leave dock rather hastily - I haven't met too many of the crew yet"

"Understandable" Commander Kristr replied

"And whilst we are all in the same place, these two lovely ladies areCommander Tejas, my Executive Officer, and Doctor Kaoru Ele, Chief Medical Officer" Reyan continued

The three Officers exchanged greetings, before Commander Kristr took his leave

"Apologies for having to cut this meeting short, but I need to bring my office into some kind of order"

"Nice to meet you, Commander" Reyan called

Reyan sat down with Tejas and Kaoru again

"Finally - it feels like some order has been established on this ship" he stated, grinning

"Well, I'll be interested to see what is on the other side of the Nebula" Kaoru stated

"Yes - just a pity that we couldn't go through the Nebula" Reyan replied

"Too dangerous" Tejas replied, a hint of anger in her voice

"Well, we'll know what is on the other side in a few days"

Reyan wanted to ask Tejas about her counselling sessions, but was unsure if it was a subject that Tejas was either willing or ready to discuss

"How are the counselling sessions, Tejas?" Kaoru asked, causing Reyan to almost cough his drink through his nose

"Telepaths" he sighed

"Fine, I suppose" Tejas replied unenthusiastically

"Well, now that our Chief Counsellor has reported in, it might be worth you seeing Kristr" Kaoru advised

"If that is what you feel is best" Tejas replied, clearly not keen to discuss the subject

"Tejas - I don't know exactly what happened to you whilst you were on the Star Tracker, but it was obviously traumatic - I wouldn't be much of a Captain if I didn't keep the wellbeing of my XO at the top of my priority list" he said quietly

A small smile formed on Tejas' face

"Thankyou Captain" she replied

"Call me Reyan" he replied, smiling

And with that, the three Officers took a sip from their drinks, and discussed the Meridian, their previous assignments, their previous Commanding Officers, and enjoyed each others company

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Posted by: Tejas Apr 7 2006, 12:53 PM

Tejas calmed a bit after joining the Captain and Doctor at the table. Reyan even offered to get a drink, which Tejas accepted. Things were almost seeming normal again, as if Tejas wasn't off-duty, until a blue uniformed officer approached the table introducing himself as the new chief counselor.

Tejas made nice when the Captain introduced her, though her mind couldn't've been further from the present. When the counselor left, the three sat there quietly. Tejas sensed something was on Reyan's mind, but hesitant to say.

When Kaoru said "How are the counselling sessions, Tejas?" Even if Tejas hadn't been an empath, she relised that was what Reyan had been thinking. That or the drink that had nearly come out his nose.

"Telepaths." Reyan said quietly, almost under his breath.

"Fine, I suppose." Tejas replied unenthusiastically. This was not where she wanted this convo to lead.

"Well, now that our Chief Counsellor has reported in, it might be worth you seeing Kristr." Kaoru hinted, though it seemed more like a command.

"If that is what you feel is best." Tejas said lowly.

"Tejas - I don't know exactly what happened to you whilst you were on the Star Tracker, but it was obviously traumatic - I wouldn't be much of a Captain if I didn't keep the wellbeing of my XO at the top of my priority list," he said quietly.

A small smile formed on Tejas' face. If anything at least the Captain was sincere. His concern was guinuine.

"Thank you Captain," she replied unsure what to say.

"Call me Reyan." he replied, smiling.

They began talking about their pasts within Star Fleet. Tejas even laughed when she told about the flight instructor at the Academy who'd specifically said he never wanted to be with Tejas when she piloted. The dream long forgotten, and her anger subsided for the moment, Tejas began to relax again.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 7 2006, 01:19 PM

Sarah made her way around Engineering as she prepared a report for the Chief, and thankfully the engineers around her and herself had become great friends after much time socialising in their off duty hours. It was a priority for Sarah to make friends of the engineering staff as soon as she boarded the ship because if she didn't it would be difficult to be their supervisor without knowing their skills and common behaviour in the different situations that the Meridian will face on her missions.

Posted by: Tovan Andrews Apr 7 2006, 05:30 PM

At tactical, Tovan checked his readings, performing frequent scans of the area ahead of the Meridian

He was getting more familiar with the tactical station, and even though he was a helm officer, he felt that he was becomng more compitent as a tactial officer

Commander Torres, who had the bridge in the absense of any other senior officer, turned to Andrews

"Anything, Cadet?" she asked

"No sir, long range sensors are not detecting anything beyond a type three asteroid, and some random static"

"Random static?" Commander Torres asked

"Yes sir. I can't localise it but it's probably nothing"

Commander Torres smiled

"Double check please Cadet, it never hurts not to take things for granted"

"Aye Sir" Andrews replied, as he activated another scan, feeling a little embarrassed

Posted by: Kristr Cleon Apr 8 2006, 12:01 AM

After the brief meeting Kristr headed to his office. This was a smaller ship then his last and found the smaller officer more relaxing. He has half of his "paper" book collection delivered to his office and the other to his room. He had enjoyed reading a good book everynow and then. He perferred the paper copies over the electrionc because he was raised in a culture where technology was shunned. He Also had brought over a notebook for every member of the crew. Where he would take notes and write evauls.

He looked over the list of Patients and sent out a time to meet though out the day. With Commander Tejas first and others after that.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Apr 8 2006, 12:45 AM

The Meridian was continuing on course to its destination, which was the outermost regions of the Zodai system. Jin had maintainted that the Merdian was heading onward at Warp 8, around the Yelvara dark cloud as to avoid it - while Jin himself took relief in that it was the end of his shift.

"Phew! Man it's tough sitting in that chair... and doing nothing," he said to himself as he stepped off the Turbolift onto one of the lower Decks. His Quarters were nearby and he wanted to get some rest before the next thing on his schedule.

But on his way through the Corridors he suddenly decided to meet the new Counselor.

"Counselor?" Jin called out, as he entered his Office.

Sifting through a padd, Kristr Cleon stopped and turned to face Jin. The Helmsmen had noticed the pips on Kritr's collar.

"Yes, that's right," Kritr replied. "My name's Kristr Cleon. It's nice to meet you."

Jin shook his hand.

"It was a wild guess actually," Jin admitted. "Do you think you'd be free sometime for a session or something? Counseling is not normally my thing... but ever since I recieved this Symbiont, I've felt the need to work out some confusing elements. I was thinking a one time session. That's all I'll probably need."

Kristr nodded, "Of course. I can set up an appointment as soon as possible. Thank you, Commander."

Jin nodded back as Kristr allowed Jin to continue on course out the Office. We're all on a journey of some kind, Jin thought philosophically for a moment. We're all pilots of our own destiny. - It was then he realized he was recalling another of his previous Hosts' ambitions-- observational philosophy. Interesting...

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Apr 8 2006, 07:53 AM

Kaida strode into Engineering as the door opened, standing straighter trying to ignore her heart beating and the emotions around her. Easier said than done. She spotted a new face in amoungst the crowd, knowing all her personnel by sight was something she was proud of.

"Sarah I presume? My name is Kaida. It's good to have a new face. Don't worry about formality too much here, we're a close group"

"Yes thats me, Comman-- Kaida." Sarah finished with a blush on her face. "I am pleased to serve on a Nebula-class, I like the design." She said breaking the ice between the two engineers.

"I can tell you're not very comfortable yet. But don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of things. Where were you stationed before your assignment here?" Kaida could feel Sarah easing in her stance and her facial expressions.

"The Crimson Star, before she was decommissioned. I was her Chief Engineer." Sarah answered trying her best to handle her expression and appearance to appear at ease but easier said then done.

"Lieutenant, I know how hard it is going from being a Chief to a deputy. You don't need to fake appearances with me." Kaida couldn't help what she said coming from her mouth. She didn't need anyone else knowing, but she wanted Sarah to feel welcome. "How about we continue geting to know each other off duty. We have a short interim for social time. If you're up for it?" Kaida said smiling.

"Now?" Sarah asked. "But I was getting a report together for you about the ship's systems." Sarah said her entire body completely relaxing and it was noticable, she even used her hands to indicate her slight eagerness to get the report finished. Kaida's smile began to infect Sarah and the Orion smiled.

"See, it isn't that hard to relax." Kaida said as she winked "It does get a little hectic now and then, but we all work together when it does. Don't worry I didn't mean now, you can finish the report and then take a break. You've just come aboard, can't have you working yourself too hard on your first day!" Kaida smiled again and indicated her to carry on "It's been nice meeting you Sarah, any problems,come see me"

"Will do Commander. Don't worry that was deliberate, me using your rank." Sarah continued to smile and then winked back. "I'll meet you later. We have much to chat about." Sarah said as she eyed several of the men in the room hoping to trigger a giggle in Kaida.

Kaida winked back, inwardly giggling. Something told her that Sarah and her would get on fine.

OOC: This was a joint post between Kaida D'Troy and Sarah Kerrigan

Posted by: Reyan Caius Apr 8 2006, 08:45 AM

Reyan finnished off his drink and stood to leave

"Well ladies, I've loved your company, but I need to shower - I'm due back on the bridge in a few hours"

Tejas also stood, sensing that leisure time was over for the moment

"I should head there now - I need to see if Andrews has found anything" Tejas stated

Kaoru also stood, but remained silent

"See you on the bridge in a few hours, Commander - contact me if anything interesting happens in the meantime" Reyan advised

"Aye Sir" Tejas replied, and headed for the door - Reyan headed for the door at the oposite side of the room, closely followed by Kaoru

"What's on your mind, Doctor?" Reyan asked, knowing that she wouldn't be following him unless she didn't feel that she had said everything that she had wanted to say

"Tejas - she won't admit it, but her experience aboard the Star Tracker was a lot more traumatic than she is willing to admit - either to us or herself" Kaoru stated quietly

"Walk with me" Reyan advised, noticing that the corridor that they were stood in was far from quiet, and definitely not the place to hold a converstation about such a delicate matter

They soon arrived at Reyan's quaters, having made small-talk until that point - they entered his quaters, ordered drinks from the replicator, and sat on his couch, Reyan was pleased to note that Kaoru sat very close to him

"Kaoru - I realise that Tejas has had a very difficult experience, but if she doesn't want to discuss it with either you or myself, that is her choice - we can't force her to open her heart to us"

"I know - and you are right - but it's very difficult; it's clear to see that she is struggling, and it's hard not being able to help" Kaoru replied

Reyan stared into Kaoru's eyes

"We'll just have to hope that Counsellor Kristr makes some headway with her" he replied, his voice trailing off

He took a sip from his glass and placed it on the table, almost spilling it as he did

"Well, It's certainly admirable that you care about her" said Kaoru

"I have to - her and all of the Officers under my command" Reyan replied, staring into Kaoru's deep eyes

Kaoru slid slightly closer to Reyan

"I can see why Starfleet gave you your own Command" she replied

"You know, Kaoru, I didn't think I would be offered a Command, nor whether I would accept it - I was First Officer aboard the Majestic, during the Dominion war. She was an old ship, but everyone who served aboard her was proud of her, and she did well, up until the battle to re-take Deep Space Nine from the Dominion - she took two direct hits - only four of us survived"

"And you think that should have had some bearing on your ability to Command a starship?" Kaoru asked

"I don't know - part of me felt responsible for what happened to the Majestic" Reyan replied

"Okay - fine - but if we ran a holodeck simulation of those events, exactly as they happened, could you have done anything differently?"

Reyan thought for a moment, and then took a deep breath

"The Majestic's orders were to assist the Sitak and Defiant, in an attempt to break through the blockade of Dominion ships" he explained

"And you did that?" Kaoru asked

"Well, yes" Reyan replied, unsure of what point Kaoru was trying to make

Kaoru again slid closer to Reyan, their hips almost touching

"Well, the way I see it, you had two options - follow your orders, and flank the Defiant, or have your Captain ignore your orders, which would provide no guarantee of the Majestic's safety - and even if the Majestic had survived, you would have been court-marshalled"

Reyan almost laughed

"Damn, Kaoru, are you sure that you are not Vulcan?" he replied

"Positive" she replied, smiling warmly

Reyan slid closer to Kaoru this time, their hips touched, sending a jolt of electricity through Reyan

"Kaoru.... I just wanted to say, I really do love having you for company" he stated, his voice almost a whisper, taking her hands in his own

Kaoru did not reply, and Reyan gazed into her eyes, lost in their depth and the warmth behind them

He slowly moved closer and closer to her, and when she did not move away, or say anything to discourage him, he took her in his arms and stroked her hair, felt her arms around him, and his lips brushed against hers, their bodies pressed together and they shared a long, deep and passionate kiss.

Posted by: Tejas Apr 8 2006, 11:42 PM

"I should head there now, I need to see if Andrews has found anything," Tejas stated.

Kaoru also stood. Tejas could sense an objection rising from the Doctor, but remained silent.

"See you on the bridge in a few hours, Commander, contact me if anything interesting happens in the meantime," Reyan advised.

"Aye Sir." Tejas replied, and headed for the door, fast before the Doctor could state any objections.

Once out the door, she made her way to the bridge.

Tejas entered the bridge from the turbolift for the first time since before beaming to the Patron. Commander Torres was seated in the command chair. She approached Torres. “Good-day Commander.”

“Commander.” Torres said standing up. “Glad to see you’re back.”

Only until the Doctor pulls me back over the wall. Tejas grinned. “Good to be back.” She paused. “Status?”

“Cadet Andrews found some random static, but it didn’t appear troublesome. We’re monitoring it.”

“Let me see.” Tejas said following Torres to a panel at the back of the bridge.

At the console, Torres brought up the static readings. Tejas’ brow furrowed as she saw the static. Something seemed oddly familiar. Tejas leaned over the console pushing a series of buttons, modifying the readouts.

“It’s a hidden communication setting?” Torres said looking at Tejas.

Tejas sighed. She really didn’t want to deal with more pirates. “Find where these readings are coming from.”

Torres worked furiously at the console. “Found them.” She stated after a few moments.

Tejas turned back to the viewscreen. “On screen.” Black space appeared on the viewscreen. “Magnify.” Tejas said. The screen zoomed in on the section where the ship should’ve been.

“Do pirates have cloaking ability?” Torres asked standing next to Tejas.

“Some do.” Tejas looked back at Torres. Tejas hesitated. "Yellow Alert."

Posted by: Jin Ryku Apr 9 2006, 01:08 AM

Jin was in the Holodeck, running a holodeck program from a friend named Aeon Sith he met at Starfleet Academy. In it, he fought a single Human opponent, dressed in ancient baggy eastern-style clothing. Running toward Jin, the Human lept a kick into the air.

Jin, ready in stance, grabbed the foot in mid-air and redirected his opponent toward one of the wooden poles in the room. The two were fighting in a martial-arts style within a partially open wood-constructed Temple. The room was empty with barely any decorations around except for assorted weapons hanging off a rack at the back wall. Accross the back wall was a partially open view of exotic mountains, proving that the Temple they were fighting in was at an extremely high altitude.

The Human opponent flew right for one of the wooden poles, but angled himself ready for it on his way over. His feet landed against the pole, and he pushed off back toward Jin.

As the Human opponent came in, Jin began deflecting and countering multiple punches and kicks. The Human hit the ground finally and quickly lept to his feet. He swiftly launched leg after leg at Jin, prompting Jin to block each foot with his forearms, while stepping back each time. Jin finally had enough and force-kicked the Human in the chest when he was open. The Human opponent was sent backward onto the ground.

Yellow alert went off throughout the Holodeck program, prompting Jin to snap out of his focus and look around in confusion.

"Computer, end program," Jin suggested. The whole simulation was eliminated, including the opponent, and Jin found himself in the grey mesh and yellow striped reality of the Holodeck.

He left through the doors and headed for the Bridge, in case there was anything he could do to help. Unlike most of his new Symbiont past, the martial-arts knowledge was something his Jin host was bringing in. It was 'him' before he became 'him' in a sense.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 9 2006, 06:48 AM

Finishing up her report and smiling at its completion, Sarah nodded to a few engineers then began walking towards the exit to only be greeted by the Yellow Alert signal on the various consoles around her. Whats going on? She wondered. Tapping her combadge, Sarah contacted Kaida.

=^=Kerrigan to D'Troy, do you know whats going on Lieutenant Commander?=^= Sarah asked.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Apr 9 2006, 01:16 PM

exp_minus.gif Kerrigan to D'Troy, do you know whats going on Lieutenant Commander? exp_minus.gif Kaida heard Sarah ask over the comm.

exp_minus.gif "D'Troy here Lieutenant. From what I can make out, it's purely precautionary. Scans are detecting some form of static, possible communication reading meaning a cloaked ship. Monitoring the situation, it's better to be safe than sorry after what we have just encountered. Continue monitoring all of the ship's systems, especially Warp." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Consider it done Commander" exp_minus.gif A thought suddenly occured to Kaida.

exp_minus.gif "Also Sarah, if you detect any sign of unauthorised transporter activity, lock them out and disrupt the data. Keep me informed if anything is even a micron out of the norm. I'll be on the Bridge, I'm leaving Engineering in your more than capable hands for the time being." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Consider it done Kaida!" exp_minus.gif Kaida felt a sense of pride and some other emotion from Sarah in those words. But it was true, Sarah had proven her eagerness to do the job and this responsibility would gauge her abilities under fire. Kaida had every faith in Sarah to do as she had asked. She was integrating well into the team, all that remained was for Sarah to relax and enjoy herself a little more aboard the Meridian.

Kaida made her way to the Bridge and sat at the Engineering console. Something felt strange, she felt as if she had been here before, it seemed somehow familiar. But as much as she tried to push the feeling aside, it remained. Somehow Kaida knew that feeling was no reflection of someone else's, her adopting that person's feelings as hers. This time......they were her own.

Kaida looked towards Tejas remembering the Doctor's words. What about her could have triggered this and why did it happen now? I've been near her before, served aboard with her.....so what had changed to make this happen to me. It makes no sense! she screamed to herself in her mind. she returned her attention to her console as she noticed Tejas look in her direction, a flush appeared on Kaida's cheeks as she realised how rediculous she was being, there was no way Tejas could have had a hand in what was happening.....was there?

Posted by: Tejas Apr 9 2006, 01:57 PM

As soon as the yellow alert lights went on all over the bridge, reality struck Tejas. She was still restricted from duty.

Damn it. There was no way she could hide this from the doctor. Not only that, she was late for her counseling session.

“Commander, you have the bridge.” Tejas backed into the turbolift, hoping with every ounce of herself that she didn’t run into Kaoru.

Kristr… Tejas thought to herself as she made her way down to the counselor’s office. She’d seen Darinah for her first session, but being that she was an XO… (It’ll be wonder if they don’t take my pips from me..) Tejas would be seeing the new chief counselor.

She approached his office, which he was already standing outside.

“Was beginning to wonder if you were coming.” He smiled.

Oh goddess, I’m in so much trouble. She walked briskly into his office sitting down on a couch identical to the one she’d sat on just yesterday.

“So, why were you late?” Kristr asked.

Tejas sat there and retold everything that had happened since her last therapy session: running into Kaida in the hallway, waking from the nightmare, meeting the captain and doctor in the mess hall, and the events on the bridge.

“So why did you go to the bridge?”

Tejas opened her mouth to speak. What can I say? I knew I shouldn’t’ve. “I didn’t mean to get involved.”

“But you did.” He paused. “How do you feel about being off-duty?”

“I hate it.”

“Elaborate. What do you ‘hate’ about it?”

“That I can’t do what I’m used to doing. Like I’m being punished for something.”

“Punished for what?”

“Being kidnapped.” Anger was welling inside her.

“So who is punishing you?”

“Kaoru.” Tejas stated flatly.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because she took me off duty.” Her anger peaking.

“Why did she take you off duty?”

“Because she thinks horrible things happened on the Star Tracker.”

“Did they?”

The anger turned to overwhelming sadness as the events began recalling into her mind, fresh as though they’d happened in just the moments preceding. Tears formed in her eyes as she looked away from Kristr.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 10 2006, 02:05 AM

"You heard her peoples, monitor all systems and especially the Transporter and Warp drive." Sarah announced to the rest of the engineers. "Slight external access to any systems, block them."

Several engineers called back their acknowledgement.

Sarah was at one of the main consoles watching it with a somewhat eager eye. "Computer I want to know the second that any transmission externally is attempting to access anything onboard."

exp_minus.gif Acknowledged, alert set Lieutenant. exp_minus.gif

Posted by: Margery Campion Apr 10 2006, 08:22 AM

Margery was in sickbay, hearing the Yellow Alert, and finally starting to feel fine.

"May I return to the bridge, Doctor?" She asked.

While waiting for the doctor's permission, she also wanted to talk to Tejas in private. While she may be at least 15 years her XO's junior, she knew that Tejas needed a friend right now, and Margery privately wished that she could be that friend.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 10 2006, 03:56 PM

"Anything, Cadet?" Said Dianna.

"No sir, long range sensors are not detecting anything beyond a type three asteroid, and some random static"

"Random static?" Said Dianna.

"Yes sir. I can't localise it but it's probably nothing"

Dianna Smiled at that.

"Double check please Cadet, it never hurts not to take things for granted"

"Aye Sir" Andrews replied, as he activated another scan, feeling a little embarrassed

Dianna was a bit suprised when she saw the executive officer on the bridge as she was suppose to be off duty until she is cleared. She asked the status and Dianna explained to how Cadet Andrews found some static and that they were monitoring it. Tejas wanted to see. Dianna sensed that Tejas was not supposed to be on the bridge, but she didn't say a word about it. It was not her place to say anything about it.

They went over the static readings and fouund that it might be of those pirate ships that had kidnapped Tejas in the first place. Dianna can feel the fear in Tejas as she really did fear the pirates contrary to what she was saying to everyone. She was not one to interfere with those thoughts.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Apr 12 2006, 03:28 PM

It was at least an hour later when she finally left the captain's quarters. He saw her to the door, kissing her again, making her feel dizzy and disoriented, and perfectly delicious....

"Good night Kaoru." He let her go at last, his dark eyes meeting hers.

"Good night Reyan." She kissed him once more, opening the door, not giving herself a chance to change her mind. "Thank you for a lovely evening."

"Let's do it again...say, tonight?" He stepped out into the corridor with her.

"You would make me wait that long?" She arched one sable brow, smiling warmly, earning a laugh from him.

"If I had my way...no." He watched her walk away, shaking his head and grinning.

Kaoru felt his thoughts, glancing over her shoulder once and winking just as she rounded a corner. Blessed Rixx! Had she ever felt this way before?

It was a struggle to calm her pounding heart, but she did so, going to her quarters and finally falling asleep, after trying for what seemed like hours.

The next morning, she found out that Tejas had indeed gone on duty. Kaoru rubbed her temples, trying to cool her anger, deciding that a distraction was in order. She had always been able to lose herself in her work. Hitting her commbadge, she glanced up towards the ceiling, "Sickbay to D'Troy."

Posted by: Kristr Cleon Apr 13 2006, 01:37 AM

Kristr now had another one of the crew in his office. This ones problem is a normal problem one that he is sure to get many times again. He was able to let the officer work though his problem with just a few kind words. He then took this time between sessions to relax and regain his composher and get back in touch with him self. Being on a starship seeing the stars seemed to make him get disconnected with his upteachings. Kristr would normaly have many words to someone that can not let go of the past and move on with his new life. It was almost time for another session so he started to go though a report for the next session.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 13 2006, 02:39 AM

"Alright Don, your in command. I'm going to give this to Kaida, be right back." Sarah said to one the engineers. Don nodded back as he continued to work on the console. Sarah smiled then turned to leave.

< Bridge >

Sarah stepped off the turbolift to find Kaida and found her at one of the Engineering consoles towards the front of the Bridge. Approaching Kaida, Sarah tapped the Chief Engineer gently and moved the padd in front of Kaida's view of the console. "Here Kai, can I call you Kai?" She smiled at the Chief Engineer.

Posted by: Margery Campion Apr 13 2006, 06:16 AM

Martha was getting cabin fever. She got up from the biobed and walked out of her room and over to a wall communicator.

exp_minus.gif "Lt Campion to Commander D'Troy." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "D'Troy here." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "I am in sickbay still, but I am feeling fine. I heard the Yellow Alert and was wondering if there was anything important going on in general and if you needed any help from science." exp_minus.gif

Margery awaited Kaida's response

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy Apr 13 2006, 10:45 AM

Kaida held a hand to her forhead, her head was throbbing. Taking deep breaths helped but she knew she would have to see Kaoru soon, since Yellow Alert, she hadn't had a break. She felt responsible for Tejas' kidnap from the ship, if she had been more perceptive then maybe Kaida could have stopped it from even happening in the first place....A gentle tap on her shoulder brought her attention back to the present, back to the Bridge. She removed her hand from her forhead and took the PADD that had appeared in front of her. Kaida composed herself, turning around she saw her deputy Sarah.

"Here Kai, can I call you Kai?" She smiled at the Chief Engineer.

"I haven't been called that for years!" Kaida smiled at Sarah, perhaps she looked a little more tired than she thought, her deputy's smile turned to one of concern perhaps? "Of course you can call me that, my friends used to call me that in the Academy." Sarah's smile returned, but the concern didn't leave her eyes, or the wave that now assaulted Kaida, even though it may have been slight it felt worse to her senses. Sarah opened her mouth as if to say something when Kaida's comm went off. "Saved by the comm she thought to herself.

exp_minus.gif "Lt Campion to Commander D'Troy." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "D'Troy here." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "I am in sickbay still, but I am feeling fine. I heard the Yellow Alert and was wondering if there was anything important going on in general and if you needed any help from science." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Not right now Margery, it's purely precautionary from what I understand. Monitor what you can and get back to the relevent station. Just look after yourself, I'm sure you'll be contacted if you're needed. D'Troy out exp_minus.gif

"Sarah, this report is impressive, very detailed and precise. Has anything happened with anyone attempting access to transporter systems or other internal systems?"

Sarah was about to answer when Kaida's comm badge chirped again. Kaida rolled her eyes. She really was in demand today.

exp_minus.gif "Sickbay to D'Troy." exp_minus.gif

"D'Troy here Doctor, go ahead"

Posted by: Tejas Apr 13 2006, 11:14 PM

After her counseling session, Tejas returned to her quarters curling up on the couch and just staring out the window into the void of space. A faint glow from the dust cloud hued the unlit room a slight purplish color. Her latest counseling session had run over. Kristr’s words still running through her mind.

Being on the bridge, she’d felt as though her life was finally returning to normal, however after discovering the hidden communications, Tejas realized it wasn’t. That she had to confront her past head on.

She took off and looked at the three pips she now held in her hand. Each one she had earned over many years since being freed the first time from the Star Tracker. Apparently she still had the rebellious streak in her. She sighed. She was a Star Fleet Commander, not the reckless Cadet she’d once been.

And she knew she’d need to report to sickbay shortly to check on how her wounds were healing. Something she dreaded. There would be no hiding the yellow alert status, or who ordered the ship to yellow alert.

The pips still clutched in her hand, she left her quarters heading toward sickbay.

Tejas stood outside the sickbay doors, dreading with each passing second the confrontation she was sure she knew was coming. The Doctor had been adamant about her being restricted from duty. Tejas had knowingly gone against that. She took a deep breath and walked toward the door, hearing the swoosh as the doors opened and closed as Tejas walked through them.

Kaoru was in her office, but she could sense the presence of the XO. It was very rare for someone to dread her personally. Shaking her head, Kaoru stood up, rounding her desk and stepping out of her office, standing in the open doorway and beckoning Tejas through.

Tejas saw the Doctor and began walking toward Kaoru's office. Not a one word had been spoken between the two; words wouldn't have conveyed the tension(?) in the air. Tejas walked into the Doctor's office. The Doctor turned back into the room, closing the door behind her.

"You went on duty." There was no accusation in her voice, but she made no move to hide her anger from the empath. Once Tejas was seated, Kaoru walked behind her desk, sitting as well. "It occurs to me to ask, Commander, what you would recommend as disciplinary action to one of your subordinates who disobeyed a direct command?"

Through her mind flashes of the last few days events went through Tejas' mind. Tejas couldn't look the Doctor in her eyes. Kaoru's anger seemed to be a reflection of all the anger Tejas had inflicted on the Betazoid Doctor.

Kaoru’s question brought numerous thoughts to the surface. If any of the crew had acted as Tejas had done, how would she respond? This was her first XO position. It was very likely she’d have to confront unruly crew.

She didn’t answer the Doctor’s question. Though the thoughts of denying shore leave, manual labor, or being restricted to quarters came to mind.

Shielding her emotions now, she leaned back in her chair, regarding the Commander. "Any physical troubles I should be aware of?"

"None." She sighed. "Doctor." She paused mulling the words carefully in her mind. "I'm sorry for how I've acted. Not just the going on duty bit, but how I've been toward you." She paused again. "There was no excuse for it. I'm a Commander, and if anything that holds me to a higher standard." Tejas said looking up. She then opened her palm showing the three pips.

Kaoru felt the emotions from Tejas, and so was not surprised to see the pips in her hand. "Keep them Commander. They were not given without merit." She met the lovely woman's eyes with her fathomless black ones. "Tejas, what you went through was traumatic. Give yourself a little time to recover.”

Tejas looked away, knowing Kaoru would still sense the emotions swelling inside. Having not been raised by Betazoids, Tejas didn't grow up learning to shield her emotions. "After the session with Kristr, I realized I do need some time."

"You are Commander Tejas Barnard... that is all you need to be reminded of." Leaning forward, Kaoru tried very hard to show Tejas her emotions. "If you set that aside, you give up more of your power Tejas, more of who you are. Please try to understand that."

Tejas' ears perked at the sound of Barnard. She'd never known her birth family other than they were most likely killed or sold before she could remember. When she'd been freed she'd continued to go by the name she always had, just Tejas, no surname. She wasn’t even sure if it was her given name. The last time she’d been onboard the Star Tracker, she’d learned of her family. However, it still left little hope that she’d someday find her mother and a younger sister. Her father having been listed as deceased. She still wasn’t sure how to react to learning about her heritage….

Tejas look into her palm, the three pips glimmering in the light from the office. Looking back at the doctor, she picked them up one by one and put them back on her collar.

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Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 14 2006, 01:14 AM

As Kaida answered her combadge for the second time, Sarah shook her head as to answer Kaida's question of external access to the Meridian's transporter or any other systems for that matter. "No." Sarah wisphered, "but we are keeping an eye on the ship's systems."

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Apr 14 2006, 02:02 AM

exp_minus.gif D'Troy here Doctor, go ahead exp_minus.gif

Kaoru set up an appointment with the engineer for a little later that day, already feeling calmer.

A few minutes later she was still in her office updating crew medical records, but she could sense it when the XO entered sickbay. It was very rare for someone to dread her personally. Shaking her head, Kaoru stood up, rounding her desk and stepping out of her office, standing in the open doorway and beckoning Tejas through.

After the talk she and Tejas had, Kaoru felt better, a little more sure of the woman.

exp_minus.gif Ele to Counsellor Cleon. Would you meet me in my office please?exp_minus.gif

Kristr was going over some reports when the Comm came exp_minus.gif I am on my way commander. exp_minus.gif Kristr put down the report and headed over to Kaoru's office and pressed the chime.

"Come in." Kaoru was sitting behind her desk, going over some datapadds. Looking up at the counselor, Kaoru managed a small smile, "Welcome Kristr, please have a seat."

"Thank you Doctor." Kristr entered, taking a seat. "What can I help you with?"

"I had hoped we might discuss your assessment of Commander Tejas."

"She has a lot of pent up emotions. It is clouding her thinking. I am afraid that if her emotions get to out of control. She will be harmful to the ones around her, particularly considering her empathic abilities." Kristr pulled out a note padd and took down a few notes.

Kaoru sighed, nodding. "I agree completely. Any suggestions for getting her to release those pent up emotions?" For herself, she was still a bit frustrated with the XO.

Kristr scratched his chin thoughtfully. "She is very stubborn. as most COs and XOs's are. I do not think that normal sessions will work...maybe if we create a holo program to have her relive what she went though. to have look at it from a different angle."

That idea impressed her. "Show it to her...almost force her to face it that way." Leaning back in her chair, Kaoru raked her fingers through her sable locks, staring at the ceiling, "Sounds incredibly painful."

"Yes...but i do not see what other option with have aside from isolation and dissmissal from starfleet."

Kaoru sighed, "You think it's that serious Kristr?"

"It could be. I can try another session with her try and get her to open up. But i do not know what good it would do. Even though to do this I would have to get clearance from the Starfleet head of counseling.

"Understandable...it's an intrusive cure, to be sure." She was pale herself, at just the thought of it. "No punishment would be suitable for the pirates."

((Joint Post between Kristr and Kaoru))

Posted by: Margery Campion Apr 14 2006, 11:22 AM

When the doctor was done talking to the newest member of the ship that she didn't recognize, Margery went up to her and asked if she could be released and head back to the bridge to help out during the Yellow Alert.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 17 2006, 02:01 AM

Dianna was working hard on the bridge going over sensor and asking for reports constantly. If it was those stupid Pirates again, they were more than prepared. Nobody is going to harm anyone here.

"Ensign, report" said Dianna.

Dianna was going into autopilot mode and was asking for reports until the captain decided to get his ass back on the bridge. She had control for now until then.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Apr 17 2006, 06:05 PM

Jin had spent his time on the Bridge, and then left again as the excess time passed. He next found himself in 10-Forward, ordering a drink. Thoughts of a past Host, named Sideya, flashed in his mind. She was fast... althetic... and harder to kill than a targ on Boreth.

In fact, she was on Boreth, in the jungles, evading the knife throw of a Klingon woman to her left. Another Klingon woman to her right had launched a knee right for Sideya's stomach-- an attack Sideya quickly blocked by hand, while ducking the knife.

The knife hit a tree behind her, as Sideya decided to jab the woman on her right across the face, and catch the second knife throw from the woman on her right. With the knife in hand, Sideya began to richochet knife after knife of throws by the equally accurate and viscious Klingon blade carrier.

The hand-to-hand combat Klingon female decided to fling a kick at Sideya's face, to which Sideya immediately hooked in mid-air. The Trill swung the Klingon around, achored by her leg - into the firing range of the blade carrying Klingon's final knife throw. The incoming knife struck the used Klingon in her back, and sent her mind into a whirl of chaos. She fell, and the blade carrying Klingon ran at Sideya with a Bat'leth.

"Looks like the heat of the jungle has gotten you into a little competitive spirit," Sideya bated, more amused than in fear.

"Argh!! Since when does a Trill come to this world of meditation?? Besides, I'm merely practicing my ability to kill," the remaining Klingon female said.

"So am I," shrugged Sideya as the Klingon fed her blade-swings left and right. Sideya dodged right and left, and then sped a kick into the Klingon's shoulder as it opened. The Klingon woman arched back from the hit, awkwardly, prompting Sideya to grab the Bat'leth from the handles aswell, and hold it down. Sideya began feeding kick after kick into the Klingon woman's side, until a final forced-kick into her temple knocked the Klingon to the ground.

Sideya looked down upon her fallen opponents. She'd never thought an attempt at learning Klingon-practices and going into one of the most dangerous jungles in all of the Klingon Empire would lead her to this. But then again, maybe she should have expected it? Suddenly, the loud roar of another attack came from behind.

Jin immediately swung his forearm around in defense - he found he was being joined by a fellow officer at the Bar. "Ugh!"

"Oops. Sorry, sir," the Officer backed off in fear. He didn't intend on startling Jin like that.

Jin turned and refaced the bar. He realized where he was and shook his head out of the memories. I suppose I wasn't the only athletic one of my hosts. He looked on, into nothingness as the Bartender offered him something else. This time Jin decided to try another drink. Maybe the taste of some things had connections to his past.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 18 2006, 11:34 PM

Tejas and I have sort of worked this out a bit as the captain has computer issues.

Dianna was still on the bridge when systems started acting up. Practically everything was going offline. This is a rather new ship for things to be acting up, but things were. The captain was on his way to the bridge, but for the time being she was in control until he got there. If everything was going and if he was in the turbolift, then it is very likely that he was having trouble getting to the bridge from wherever he may be.

"Okay," said Dianna," I want these systems up and running. I don't want the captain to think I can't do this job."

Dianna tried calling the engineers, but the comms where down too. In fact all the important systems were down.

Good lord thought Dianna. We got to get these systems back on. We are sitting ducks. Those darn space pirates may be after us. They could easily board us if we are down and we never know.

"Ensign,"said Dianna "do you have any controls whatso ever,"


"Crap," said Dianna "We need these systems on now."

Posted by: Kristr Cleon Apr 18 2006, 11:35 PM

Kristr was back in office. He was sending a Comm the The Cheif of Counsleing.

{Starfleet Chief of Counciling; Admiral Aaralyn Alexys}

"As I am sure that you have been informed. The Xo of the Merridan. Tejas. Has been deemed unfit for duty after a traumaitc incendent took place. It is my observation that she relive the experince through a re-anacment of the event in quesiton. From there I will be able to help her though it. And hopefully set her mind at ease. Every other way that i know of and the cousnler before me has not worked. She is too strong willed. as per orders. I request permission to attempt this radical threapy.

{Chief Counsler: Lt.Commander Kristr Cleon}

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 19 2006, 01:31 AM


"Everythings down," some Ensign reported.

"Weapons, shields, warp, deflectors, and communications, aye everything." Sarah replied. "Get communications online asap then shields then weapons, if you can work on the deflectors at the same time do so but should you can't its weapons then deflectors." Sarah slapped her forehead, "oh and sensors."

"Working on it," the Ensign replied as the engineers quickly went to work.

"Rico, get this report to the Bridge and the Chief." Sarah ordered.

"Aye," Rico rushed off.

Posted by: Aaralyn Alexys Apr 19 2006, 04:42 PM

[Lt Commander Kristr Cleon
Chief Counsellor
USS Meridian

Counsellor Cleon,

While I agree with the asessment, the method is a radical one, and not without dangers. Keep me well appraised of the situation. If it fails, we will try other alternative means for restoring the XO to herself.
God Speed, and good luck.

Admiral Aaralyn Alexys
Starfleet Chief of Counselling

Posted by: Jin Ryku Apr 22 2006, 01:04 AM

Jin made his way to the Bridge, stepping off the Turbolift before it malfunctioned. He looked around, where everyone was busy and Dianna Torres was taking care of things. He quickly took the Helm and began checking it.

"Damn! The Helm controls are gone!" He cursed to himself. Jin had left 10-Forward to his Quarters where he had made a communication with his brother over sub-space. It wasn't long until he was inputting a personal Log and the Log System hiccuped. He worried something was going on, so he made his way to the Bridge. Now that he was here, he knew the Meridian was in for it. I wonder what's going on? Jin thought.

Dianna walked over.

"I... I just don't get it," Jin said. "There's no explaination."

Before she could respond, his Helm console beeped aloud.

"Wait!" he checked it. "The Impulse system is sitting on some kind of multi-system overlap... I might be able to bring it online." He continued tapping at the controls. He didn't know how useful it would be, but at least it might help.

In the meantime, he began recalling a past incident from a previous Host of his. Jin shook his head - this isn't the time. But when the incident he recalled was during the transport of a previous Federation President, it was hard to ignore. I crashed a Shuttle with the President inside? I can't believe it! Jin thought.

He shook his head out of it, and returned his focus to the Helm.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 23 2006, 04:56 AM

Dianna walked over to Jin who was working helm at the moment.

"I... I just don't get it," Jin said. "There's no explaination,"said Jin.

Before she could say anything, his console beeped.

"Wait!" he checked it. "The Impulse system is sitting on some kind of multi-system overlap... I might be able to bring it online."

"Make it so," said Dianna. "I hate this. These systems should not be acting up."

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Posted by: Margery Campion Apr 25 2006, 12:05 AM

Margery was starting to get "cabin fever"; she was finally feeling fine from the bump on the head she got from fainting from watching Tejas fight her ex commanding officer. When things had settled down, Margery left her room in Sicbay and knocked on Dr Kaoru's door.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Apr 28 2006, 01:20 AM

"I got it." Rico called.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Communications." Rico answered.

"Nice, now focus on weapons, shields and sensors." Sarah ordered.

"Working on it." Rico replied.

Sarah was still working on the warp drive and she was making progress as she got the matter/antimatter reaction chamber online but the reaction was cold. Crap, she thought. The containment field was active also so all she had to do was get the reaction going again. Radioactive particles should do the trick, where do I get some? She thought.

exp_minus.gif Kerrigan to D'Troy, we have a problem. The matter antimatter reaction is cold. I thought we could use radioactive particles to get it going again but where do we get some? exp_minus.gif

Posted by: Margery Campion May 2 2006, 07:30 PM

OOC-I do not mean any disrespect to the rest of the crew, but I have been in Sickbay since April 6th. I am assuming that I have been given permission to return to duty and to answer the Yellow Alert I am doing this to get the story moving again, hopefully. Margery

Margery was glad that she received permission to get back to duty. When she reached her station on the bridge, there was a message waiting for her from Kaida. Margery hit her comm badge and said exp_minus.gif "Kaida, Margery. What do you want from me?" exp_minus.gif

Posted by: Dianna Torres May 3 2006, 12:01 AM

OOC: Sorry everyone for not posting as I have some personal issues and working alot lately. To much pain to even think about posting.

Once Dianna knew that the communication systems were up, she got on the comm.

exp_minus.gif Engineering, I need the systems up now. exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif We're working on it exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Working on it is not good enough exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Well, its gonna have to be. Engineering out exp_minus.gif

"Okay," said Dianna feriously "I've had it. I'm going to engineering. Jin you are in charge until I return unless someone objects. I can't stand here and this place is falling apart. I know these systems, I know I can help."

Dianna ran to the turbolift.

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Posted by: Kaoru Ele May 5 2006, 05:52 PM

"Sir. Comm systems are functioning again." The nurse peeked her head in Kaoru's office.

"Very good." Kaoru was updating Campion's file, the woman had been released from sickbay earlier that day.

"Please notify Lt. Commander Ryku that I'd like to see him."

"Yes sir." The nurse left, sending the requested communication to the Helm officer.

Kaoru's fingers tapped the top of her desk idly, her thoughts on those crew members that she had seen most recently. Recalling in particular the conversation she had had with the Chief Engineer Kaida D'Troy.

Kaoru had asked Kaida to come to her office, knowing how little the woman cared for sickbay, and so trying to ease her worry with soothing thoughts. She had been surprised at how responsive Kaida was to her projected emotions. "How are you managing your empathic abilities." She was startled really, with how strong an empath Kaida was.

"As well as can be expected I guess. I managed to make my deputy feel at ease without trying. All I did was smile! I didn't mean to exactly. That's not a bad thing is it?" Kaida asked a little worried it meant she had compelled Sarah to be at ease because of her newfound abilities.

Kaoru smiled, indicating a seat for Kaida, "It wasn't your ability that put Sarah at ease." Kaoru picked up the name from Kaida's thoughts, "Empathic means that you are sensitive to the emotions of others. Only another empath, or a telepath, would be able to feel your own." Tilting her head, Kaoru considered the lovely woman, "However, being empathic can make you rather easy to get along with. I'm sure you put people at ease around you frequently."

"I wasn't sure if there were rules to this. I mean it is new to me and judging by your reactions and how quickly you curtailed your projected feelings of calm, it's highly unlikely to be a dormant gene isn't it?" Kaida asked, wanting to get to the bottom of this. Had her parents lied?

Kaoru nodded, sitting back down behind her desk, sipping her tea, "It's not a dormant gene Kaida. I did some checking. You are part betazoid."

Kaida's face fell. Her heart felt like it had stopped. "But.....but both my parents were...are human! They're in Starfleet!"

Kaoru pushed a datapadd across her desk towards Kaida, "You and I both know there is more to parenting than simply giving birth. Both of your parents *are* human. Beyond that, I cannot say what happened, it would be better coming from them." The datapadd showed the results of dna tests done on Kaida and both her parents. There was no way that Kaida was related to either of the two.

"Kaoru, you're hiding something. I can feel it, not just in your words....this is just wierd." Kaida put a hand to her temple "Why am I feeling things now, it's only been since you told me that this has even remotely started happening!"

Kaoru smiled, slowly strengthening her own telepathic shields, "You're a stronger empath than I realized Kaida. But I only mean that, whatever your parents didn't tell you about your birth, I'm sure they had reasons."

"I believe you, I just need your help. I can't stop some emotions getting to me and believing them to be my own. I don't want to feel angry because of someone else and then attack someone!" Kaida's voice became lower, quieter "Starfleet are going to have to be informed now aren't they? And the Captain."

Kaoru leaned forward, her hands extended towards the Chief Engineer, "It will be added to your file, the fact that you have this ability. But it's my job to make sure that you are equipped to deal with it. You needn't fear any repercussions Kaida." She sent calming and reassuring thoughtse to Kaida. "It will be your responsibility however, to recognize it if you feel yourself struggling with the ability. Does that make sense?"

"And what if I can't handle this ability? What happens to me then? I can't....What I mean to say is, what if whatever triggered this happens again in some way? Kaoru, will you help me? Please" Her eyes became desperate, she wouldn't let anything stop her being the Chief Engineer, especially after what happened to Tejas.

The lovely engineer's thoughts battered at her, and Kaoru stiffened, "Of course I'll help you...but, what do you think has happened to Tejas Kaida?"

Startled, Kaida tried to calm down, but her thoughts were a flurry. "I.....I know she's been taken off duty and I know from what I saw she was almost void of hope. I don't want to be taken off duty Kaoru! I've worked so hard! You won't will you, promise me you won't!" pleeding and urgency eminated from her, mixed with fear and anger at thinking the doctor would have even consider it.....yet anyway

Kaoru's dark eyes were angry for the briefest moment, but she cooled that emotion quickly, sending only soothing thoughts to Kaida, rising and crouching near Kaida's chair, her hand on the engineer's shoulder, "Tejas's situation has nothing to do with yours Kaida. This...ability, is a gift Kaida. It can enrich your life. I know that it's frightening...and I know that it doesn't suit the idea that you have of yourself right now. But I ask you to be calm and to try and understand it. I will do all I can to help you learn to use it."

Taking deep calming breath, Kaida calmed herself down. "This is what worries me, it doesn't seem to be a gift. I'm not ready for it, 28 years and nothing all of a sudden now it appears. It's laughable!" "Thank you Kaoru, I'm not sure what to do right now. Yellow alert is making everyone jumpy and edgy. Can you teach me something to let them wash over me?"

Kaoru nodded, pulling up another chair and facing Kaida directly, her knees almost touching Kaida's. "Look into my eyes Kaida, open yourself to my thoughts and emotions. I'll slowly build up my own wall, blocking you out, pay attention to how it feels as it's going up...and consider how you'd construct your own." Settling herself in her chair, she leaned forward a little, her hands on the arms of her chair, "It's a little like imagining a wall in your mind. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready" Kaida opened herself fully to the emotions and thoughts of the woman sitting in front on her. It was like a torrent.

Kaoru kept much of it back, Kaida was a remarkably sensitve empath. Once she felt Kaida had adjusted to what she was feeling, Kaoru slowly began to raise the shields that she had learned to build long, long ago.

Kaida felt something, like a rock blocking the flow of a river. She felt the flow stemming, gradually more and more of what she had felt before was disappearing. Kaida gazed in wonder as if she had never truly seen the woman sitting before her. An admiration flowed through her, nothing to do with Kaoru. Purely her own. She studied the technique as the block was formed more fully.

Kaoru could feel Kaida's comprehension, and she smiled, leaning back in her chair, "Good...now you try."
"Kaoru, is this something like you mean?" Concentrating as hard as she could, Kaida furrowed her brow and focussed on a symbolic metaphor of the emotions she kept feeling. With each breath she took, more of a blockade was formed until the metaphoric flow of water had stopped completely.

She watched Kaida, feeling the woman block herself from the ebb and flow of emotions around her, nodding in approval. "Very good... now let me test your shield." Saying that, she let a rush of emotions flow over Kaida, nothing harsh or angry, not yet, simply testing Kaida's shields.

Kaida could feel that emotions were coming at her, but her shield seemed to be holding. Until an emotion of loss struck her, seeing a weakness she knew it wasn't strong enough. Kaida knew she shouldn't panick, finding the 'hole' in the shield she had made she set about blocking the flow once more. It seemed to be holding now.

Kaoru smiled, pleased at how well she had compensated for that weakness. "Next Kaida...I'm going to send you sharper, stronger emotions, the kind that you would feel from others in a tense situation. Be ready." With that said, she fully allowed herself to unleash the anger she felt at the pirates they were currently searching for.

Kaida braced herself, shifting in her chair. Strength of will overcoming an unease she felt at Kaoru's statement. A lump formed in Kaida's throat as she felt emotions pommeling her shield. She thought the bombardment was endless, hiding behind and holding her shield together seemed impossible at that moment. But her will fortified her mind and her shield along with it.

As quickly as the emotions had come, Kaoru pulled them back, giving herself a few seconds to let her anger cool before speaking. "Very well done Kaida. How do you feel?"

Kaida panted, sweat beading her forhead. "I'm...I'm a little winded. How can you build a shield without using so much energy, it took everything I had even to keep that from reaching me!"

((OOC: Joint post between Kaida and Kaoru))

Posted by: Jin Ryku May 8 2006, 07:07 PM

Jin signed off the Helm and allowed a subordinate to take the seat. The Lieutenant Commander then went over to the Captain's chair and sat down.

"This is really weird. What's going on here?"

As he surveyed the Bridge, he could see that everyone was busy at work. Dianna had just left to take care of things in Engineering. Hopefully she would be successful. In the meantime, his Helm systems would have to wait for the Warp to come online.

Posted by: Tejas May 8 2006, 09:09 PM

Tejas sat in the Lounge, sipping a cup of chamomile tea, replaying the discussion with the Doctor in her mind. She decided to take her mind off of recent events. For once…. Making up her mind she left the table and cup, nodding to the barkeeper at the Starlight Lounge and left heading toward the holodeck.

When she left the lounge, she headed over to the holodeck on that deck.

The corridor seemed deserted, the lights dimmed. She reminded herself they were still at yellow alert. By the time she reached the holodeck, it seemed only the emergency lights were lit.

It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She closed her eyes, taking in her senses, silently wishing for a tricorder. She could tell she wasn’t alone.

She reached to the computer panel on the wall, touching it. Damn. Nothing. Computer must be offline.

She moved to tap her comm badge, but then realized, if the computers were down, the comm system probably was as well.

Further down the hall, she caught a glint of some metallic item, long and slender. Now she wished for a phaser.

Posted by: Margery Campion May 9 2006, 01:31 AM

Now that she was freed from sickbay, Margery left her assistant at the science station on the bridge and started to work on that program that would transform one of the holosuites into a stellarcartography room. She downloaded it into the holosuite's computer database and then keyed in the command codes to start it running. The doors did open, but the familiar yellow grid lines were there, not the Sol Solar System.

"What did I do wrong?" Margery said to herself. She tried a few things, but instead of getting better, things were getting worse. Then all of a sudden a "fuse" or whatever it's "cousin" is in a computer blew, and everything went dark. She pulled out her silver battery-operated torch and headed out of the room. Something made the metal show up and she heard footsteps. She turned the torch on and shined it on the floor, not wanting to accidentally blind the person with the light. She slowly started to raise the torch and said at the same time "This is Lieutenant Margery Campion of Science. Who's there?" Margery heard a sigh of relief.

"It's me, Margery, Tejas. What is going on here?"

"My fault, ma'am. I left Herbert Raliegh in charge on the bridge as I wanted to get back to installing that stellarcartography program that I was wanting to do before I banged my head as I fainted watching you fight that guy that held you captive. I obviously did something wrong and can't figure out what. I deeply apologize, ma'am about that, but I am glad you are back with us, safe and sound." This was Margery's first time seeing Tejas since she was beamed back to the Miridian.

Posted by: Dianna Torres May 9 2006, 03:13 AM

Dianna found her way to engineering. She saw that Sarah was working hard at getting things working.

"Okay," said Dianna, "What the F is going on here?"

"I'm not sure."

"We need these systems up now," said Dianna.

"I know that. Like I said on the comm, we working the best we can."

"Your best is not good enough."

"Well its gonna have to be commander."

"Okay, what have you done so far?"

"Sarah gave Dianna a quick overview of what was done."

Well apparently she's doing her job

All of a sudden, they got upgraded from yellow alert to red alert. There was an intruder onboard and that security was on the prol.

What the the blaze is wrong with this place said Dianna not meaning to say it outloud.

"I not sure," said Sarah.

"Don't ya love it," said Dianna.

Going back over the systems, Dianna found the problem.

Dianna brought Sarah over the system she was going through. She showed her that there was a virus in the system and thats why they were malfunctioning.

"How'd I miss that?" said Sarah.

"Anyone could have missed that," said Dianna "There is only one way to get them out."

"How," said Sarah.

"Purge the system. Full system shutdown and restart. Did you ever remember reading about the enterprise at the academy when they came in contact with a probe."

"Yeah," said Sarah. "The software was incompatible though. This is different."

"How is it different?"

"I don't know,"

Dianna smiled

"Really, both are incompatibilities. This will work. Trust me"

exp_minus.gif Torres to Captain exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Captain here exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif We found the problem exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif What is it and can you fix it exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Apparently we caught a virus and yes we can fix it but that requires us to shut all system down and purging the systems exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Security already has the intruder so you can go ahead a do it exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Thank You sir. Torress out exp_minus.gif

"You heard him," said Dianna to Sarah "let's get these systems up and running. We don't want what happened to the Yamato to happen to us?"

"What happened?"

"Oh Sarah." said Dianna. "They got destroyed before they figured out the problem."

"I knew they were destroyed, but didn't remember why."

"I was only a little kid when that happened, but I remembered."

They were busy working on shuttind down the system and purging them while they were talking. Dianna showed Sarah how to do some of these things.

"You were only a kid?" Said Sarah.

"I was living on the enterprise when that happened and boy was that scary."

"I bet."

They shut the systems down and purged them before turning them back on.

Dianna notified that they were about to turn the systems back on.

"Okay ready," said Dianna to Sarah.

"You bet."

The systems came back online with no sign of problems.

At that, Dianna headed back to the bridge where now the captain resides.

Posted by: Reyan Caius May 9 2006, 09:07 AM

Although the virus had apparently been dealt with, Reyan couldn't help but feel a little disoncerted about the fact that the Meridian's computer had been exposed to a virus in the first place

He stood, and walked to the aft Engineering station, receiving a nervous glance from the CPO stationed there

"Relax, Chief, I just want you to double-check the Meridian's systems are all functioning as they should" he advised

"Aye Sir" the young Chief stated enthusiastically

At that moment, Lieutenant-Commander Torres stepped onto the bridge

"Commander - you have the bridge - I have a..... situation that I need to discuss with Doctor Ele" Reyan quickly stated - Commander Torres gave him a questioning look, but simply nodded her approval

Reyan stepped into the turbolift, eager to see Kaoru - recent events had not afforded either of them the luxury of any worthwhile time together, and his ever-growing feelings toward her were making him more eager to spend time with her

The turbolift reached it's destination, and Reyan stepped out, quickly making his way to sickbay

"Kaoru?" he called, and was pleased when the door to Kaoru's office slid open and she stepped out

"Great to see you!" he stated, taking her in his arms in a tight embrace

"You too - with all that has been going on, it seems like spare time has been almost non-existant" she replied

Reyan was about to reply, when the lights flickered, dimmed and then died

exp_minus.gif "Reyan to the Bridge - report!" exp_minus.gif

No reply - Kaoru tapped her commbadge

exp_minus.gif "Sickbay to bridge - respond" exp_minus.gif she called

"Nothing" Reyan stated

Kaoru slowly made her way to her office, and emerged carrying a wrist-mount flashlight and phaser for both of them

"I sincerely hope that I never require your medical expertise, if these are your tools of choice" Reyan laughed

"But I have such a wonderful bedside manner" she jokingly replied

Reyan accessed one of the computer terminals, which was barely operational

"Almost everything is offline - but how?" Kaoru stated, leaning over his shoulder

"Must be that virus - but it was removed - how could it have done this?", he replied entering commands into the console

"Most likely a self-replicating virus" Kaoru replied

"You know, under different circumstances......" Reyan said quietly, and squeezed Kaoru's hand gently

"I know - but right now we need to find out what's happened and restore power" Kaoru replied

"Well, at least I'm in good company" Reyan stated, as the doors to sickbay slowly and reluctantly parted, and they stepped out into the dim corridor.

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Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan May 9 2006, 10:53 AM

After Dianna left Sarah worked on the other malfunctioning systems throughout the ship. To say the least they were not co-operating with her or anyone else for that matter. "Oh work for the love of..." Sarah was about to hit the console with her right hand when the console beeped its activation sound. "The sensors are online but its too good to be true." Sarah said as she faced another engineer and they both shrugged.

The console beeped again then flickered. "You're right as usual Lieutenant." The other engineer said as the sensors shut down again. Sarah eyes the console before hitting it and backing off from it.

"Piece of gra'tai." She said as the universal translator alters swear words back to the native language of the speaker as to not add to already largely tension between races in the Federation. Sarah looked to the engineers around and shrugged, "what?" She asked.

"Nothing." The engineer standing next to her said as another system crashed, which another coming back online again. "Definately a shut down and reboot situation here." He said.

"Better do it soon, or we won't have a ship to shut down and reboot soon." Sarah said.

"Agreed. Len, start the shut down procedures and Rohenna you reprogram the computer to purge itself of anything not in the factory specs." The engineer announced then turned back to Sarah. "With your permission of course Lieutenant, but I am the computer specialist." He grinned.

"That you are. Proceed." She nodded.

Posted by: Margery Campion May 9 2006, 04:00 PM

Tejas accepted Margery's apology. "Leave your stellarcartography program alone for now and return to the bridge until this virus is taken care of."

"Understood. And again, it is great seeing you again," Margery said with a big smile on her face. As Margery headed for the turbolift, the Yellow Alert was changed to a Red Alert. As soon as the turbolift stopped, the science officer sprinted for the bridge. Margery took over science and started to run diagnostics on the computer program again.

"Still no known cause of the virus, sir," Margery reported.

Posted by: Jin Ryku May 9 2006, 11:26 PM

Jin stared blankly out into space. Everyone was doing everything they could to get the ship back online, but it just seemed so impossible. If only there was something more I could do... he thought. But I'd better let those already working on the problem deal with it. When more efforts to fix one problem clashed, it meant nothing but conflicting trouble. Luckily Starfleet was no fool's organization.

He was about to recall another memory from his new Symbiont when the person at Operations spoke up. "Sir, I'm reading an alien lifesign aboard the Meridian!"

"Huh?" Jin sat up and clenched the arm of his chair. "What deck, and what species?"

The Ops guy shook his head, "Unknown, sir. The internal sensors are sketchy at best."

"Do we have the comm system working?"

Another person from a station to his left spoke up, "Partially. It works in some areas and then stops working suddenly. It is all very erradic."

Jin stood immediately, "Red Alert!! If there's an intruder on board, everyone has to know about it." He turned to the Operations Manager, "Locate the Deck the intruder's at least on??"

The Ops guy tapped at the panels in frustration. "Ugghh... It's too hard to--- Got it! He's on Deck 1, heading for the Bridge." He paused, just processing what he just said.

"What? The Bridge?" Jin asked.

Suddenly the lights throughout the Bridge went out, and secondary lighting came online. The Bridge Turbolift doors were prying open, to which the Security Guards all raised thier phasers at. As soon as they opened, one of the Security Officer's tapped the fire button on their phaser. But nothing came out. "The phasers are offline on this Deck!" he exclaimed. --- But luckily the people in the Turbolift were mere Starfleet officers.

Behind Jin, came the sound of a slashing blade!

He turned to see one of the Science Officer's cut through the chest by a Humanoid man, carrying a strange blade.

The Humanoid grabbed the leg of an incoming kick by a Security Officer and side-stabbed the blade into the Officer's shoulder. The Humanoid pushed the Officer off and into two incoming Officer's, knocking them to the floor.

"Who the hell are you?" Jin yelled out.

But the Humanoid lept over the three falling Officer's and landed before Jin. "The last thing you'll ever see..." he replied before jabbing his blade forward.

Jin immediately grabbed the arm as it was coming for him, and force-palmed the inner-elbow of the Humanoid's arm. The Humanoid dropped his blade in anger, and decided to swing a punch at Jin.


Jin dodged back, letting go of the other arm, and knocking away this one. The Humanoid launched his now other free arm for a jab at Jin again, to which Jin used his own other fore-arm to deflect. Jin, with increasing speed, swung his leg around to the Humanoid and hooked it around the Humaoid's body. Jin forced the other man down and right into the Captain's chair, in a sitting position.

Before the man could react, Jin used his turning momentum to force-palm the Humanoid across the face. The force was strong enough to knock the man out into an unconscious state.


When the Lieutenant Commander was sure he was out, he signalled to two Security Officer's to watch him, as he sat unconscious in the Captain's Chair. Jin ran over to the other Bridge Officer's who were tending to their slashed comrades. Hopefully they were alright.

Security would next somehow get in contact with the Captain-- even though comm systems were sporadic--- and let him know the intruder was captured. The Captain would then get in contact with Dianna Torres in Engineering. Margery entered the Bridge and got to work quickly. A few minutes later, a complete shipwide system purge would happen next, shutting everything down on the Meridian.

Hopefully the Captain would find the Bridge soon... Jin thought.

The systems then came back online.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele May 10 2006, 12:33 AM

"You know, under different circumstances......" Reyan said quietly, and squeezed Kaoru's hand gently.

"I know - but right now we need to find out what's happened and restore power" Kaoru replied.

"Well, at least I'm in good company" Reyan stated, as the doors to sickbay slowly and reluctantly parted, and they stepped out into the dim corridor.

They had only taken a few steps down the hall when Kaoru paused, shaking her head, holding her hand to her temple. Fear crashed over her from every direction, and it was disorienting at first.

"Captain, something's wrong. There's more to this than systems not working."

Reyan was already striding towards the bridge, "Tell me what you sense Doctor."

"Fear and anger...first and foremost. But more than just fear of the dark or of the unknown. This fear is specific...more like panic." She nodded in the direction of the bridge. "From there."

"A boarding party." Reyan made the only logical conclusion. "The virus cut down enough of our systems to allow it."

Kaoru winced, feeling a blinding flash of pain, someone was hurt. It took all of her will not to run blindly towards where she had felt that pain emanate from, but she held herself in check. "Someone's been hurt. We have to hurry." Her hand squeezed the captain's tightly, his emotions reassuring her. She felt his fear and his anger, but she also felt how very in control he was.

He paused, opening a panel to a jeffrey's tube, "We'll take this to the bridge deck....just in case." He waited for her to enter, following her closely as they climbed.

"Tell me what you can feel Kaoru...if you can tell how many there are, or where they are...it will help."

She nodded, opening her senses more fully, though the rush of emotions distracted her from other things. "There are two here, on the bridge." Reyan opened the panel to the jeffery's tube, helping her out. "Those are the only two I can sense right now."

From where they stood, the sound of a skirmish in the bridge reached them clearly. "Come on Doctor." Reyan drew his phaser, crouching as the bridge doors whispered open, ready to leap into the fray, Kaoru right behind him.

Posted by: Tejas May 11 2006, 12:04 AM

When the science officer left, Tejas couldn’t shake the feeling she wasn’t alone in the corridor, and there was something familiar. She crouched touching the wall computer panel. The panel lit, if only briefly. Then she was tackled from behind.

She used the momentum of her attacker to continue the movement further down the hall. She shifted her weight to roll with the attacker. Once free she grabbed his arm and flung him into the paneling.

He fell to the floor, as the lights flickered on, temporarily blinding Tejas. He made another lunge, this time pinning her to the ground.

“Tejas?” He finally spoke.

Tejas looked up at the person who was now offering her a hand to aid her up. She glared at his hand, then moved to his face.

“Areven?” She accepted his hand as he helped her stand up. “It’s been…”

“A long time.”

“But you, he…” The words weren’t coming. “I thought you were dead.”

“I almost was, until this other pirate ship happened by. Since then I’ve made my way up. I hope one day to be a Captain myself.” He paused. “How did you get here?”

“This is my ship.” Her brow furrowed. “And what the hell has your boarding party done to my ship?”

“Relax, it’s just a small self-replicating computer virus. After twenty-seven hours it deletes itself.” He tried to reassure Tejas.

“And what about before the twenty-seven hours?” The lights flickered back off. “Never mind, I think I got my answer.” Tejas said in the dark.

ooc: i edited the name of Revan to Areven to avoid confusion with Reyan

Posted by: Reyan Caius May 11 2006, 01:16 PM

Reyan and Kaoru stood at the bridge doors as they whispered open, revealing the bridge, illuminated only by the consoles that were still active

The two stepped cautiously through the door, unable to ascertain who was who

"Commander Tejas?" Reyan called

"Well, so much for stealth" Kaoru whispered

"She isn't here, Captain" Lieutenant-Commander Ryku replied

"Report" Reyan replied

"From what we can tell, the Meridian has a self-replicating virus in it's computer system - we've tried purging the system, but it resisted that" Ryku replied, as the lights flickered and restored themselves

"Okay - we have power for now, so let's find out what's happening" Reyan ordered

"We have intruders aboard" Lieutenant-Commander Torres advised

"Power still fluctuating" Lieutenant Campion reported

"Security teams?" Reyan asked

"I haven't been able to coordinate them due to the power failures" Cadet Andrews replied



"Great" Reyan replied, "Is there anything that does work?"

"Small comfort, but the virus appears to be loosing power each time the Meridian's systems come back online" Lieutenant Campion called

"Elaborate" Reyan demanded

"The virus is still active, but each time the Meridian's computer reinitialises, the virus's becomes less effective - for example, a few hours ago the transporter systems were not only offline, but totally inaccessable. We can access those systems now, but still can't get them back online" she explained

"Estimate on how long it'll be before we can?" Reyan asked

"I'd say that if the virus continues to loose influence at the rate it has been, we should be able to re-establish major systems in approximately two hours" Ryku advised

The bridge lights flickered, and dimmed again - Reyan sighed

"Well - at least we know that when the power does come back on, we'll be one step closer to system restoration" Reyan said, taking little comfort in from his words

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Posted by: Tejas May 13 2006, 01:12 AM

When the emergency lights came on online, Tejas looked at her former crewmate. “Areven, why? You saw what that kinda of life leads to. First hand.”

“This Capt’n’s different.”

Tejas turned her head. Someone else was coming. Areven pulled his phaser out aiming directly at Tejas. Another pirate appeared.

“Hey Arev-” The pirate paused. “Who’s she?”

“Never you mind Jonas.” Areven’s tone changed to that of hostile keeping the aim on Commander, who remained still. “What’s your status?”

“We’ve gotten the loot ready to transport.”

“Good. I’ll meet you there in a few. Now go.” Areven gave a menacing glare to the pirate who smirked but left in a jog down the corridor.

“What the hell was that-” Tejas started before noticing Areven raising the phaser at her to point blank range. “Now what?”

“Had to keep appearances you understand.”

“What are you transporting off?”

“Just some supplies, technology.”

“Areven, I can’t let you do this.”

“Let me? I’m currently the one armed.”

“And if I remember, your aim is lousy.” His brow furrowed at her comment. “Besides, you have the safety on.”

He lowered his phaser. “Hey, you know, we could use a good pilot.”

Sensing his intentions, she replied, “Arey, my place is here. My life.” She paused touching the computer paneling on the wall, noticing it coming to life. “And I can’t let you take Star Fleet property.” She tapped her comm badge.

“Tejas to Reyan.”

exp_minus.gif “Reyan here.”

“Send security to the shuttle bay.”

exp_minus.gif “They’re on their way.” Tejas sensed the concern from Reyan’s voice. “How’re-” Then the comm link died.

“Where’s your loyalties?” Areven asked raising the phaser again this time setting the phaser settings.

“Areven, please don’t do this.”

“I would never kill you.” He said firing the phaser point blank at Tejas.

The faint lights totally blacked out as Tejas hit the floor.

Posted by: Margery Campion May 15 2006, 04:55 PM

As Margery was monitoring her station, OPS forwarded her a message addressed to her:

To LTjg Margery Campion-

Due to the aftermath of the Mechanoid War, your family's home has been severly damaged and your family has secured permission for you to return to Earth to give them a hand.

Starfleet command.

Margery forwarded the message to Reyan an awaited his response.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan May 17 2006, 02:34 AM

"Well lets shut down all external to Engineering and the Bridge access to all systems, see if that has any effect?" Sarah asked the Orion already beginning the procedure and re-routing power to Engineering and the Bridge as needed. "Communications seem to be online still. That's reassuring." She commented.

"Yeah that's a bit odd but I guess we could establish another channel to run off an independent power supply." Len suggested.

"Genius." Sarah smiled as she rushed over to the communications grid workstation.

Len took a few seconds to grin and be proud of his suggestion then hopped to his tasks.

Posted by: Dianna Torres May 19 2006, 12:44 AM

The moment that Dianna got onto the bridge, the Captain was dashing off to do something else.

How Dianna loved to be in command.

She wasn't there long when the lights started flickering and the comms were down yet again.

With the lights out, nobody could really see anything, but they did the best that they could.

There was a scuttle going on and Dianna sensed that someone was hurt.

Once the comms where somewhat back online, Dianna got on the comm to let the captain know what was happening.

Dianna was doing whatever she could to help everyone on the bridge. She sensed nervousness, but she brushed it aside for the moment.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy May 23 2006, 03:59 PM

Kaida had been meandering through the bowels of the ship ducking in and out of jeffries tubes trying to fix what systems she could. But this virus was so complex, it was a masterpiece mix of Science and Engineering. However she marvelled at it, this virus was preventing the ship from functioning and to Kaida, this was a puzzle that she would solve no matter what it took out of her. Her brow was beading with sweat by this time, her breath was becoming more raggid, her eyes narrowed as she became more determined. She had an idea, but she did have to consult the Captain first. It involved diverting the majority of power the ship had recovered so far from the virus.

Passing through the entry to one of the many corridors throughout the ship, Kaida noticed someone walking towards her, in rather a hurry. She slid the rest of her body out of the small cubby hole with ease, the muscles in her arms bunching as she heaved her body up and fully out. She took a moment to reorientate herself to being upright and standing on her feet again before confronting the stranger. As the unidentified person came close, his face became more illuminated just when the lights became brighter. It was the Captain. "Talk about the mother of all coincidences" Kaida thought to herself, it was like she conjured him from her very thoughts.

"Captain Reyan, I was about to go and find you. I have an idea about what's going on-"

"I know what's been going on Lieutenant, but you seem to have been nowhere to be found for quite some time."

"Captain, I've been doing as much running around as I can trying to keep up with this virus, but to no avail. I have however come up with a plan on how to stop the infiltrators from leaving. Even getting back whatever it is that they may have taken, if anything."

"Go on, I'm listening" She seemed to have his full attention, she'd need it for him to follow what she had in store.

"Sir, the Meridian is a Nebula class starship and as such has certain capabilities that other ships of other classes do not posess. One of which is the Shield Disruptor. I know what you're going to say Captain, it's meant to disable shields only so that an enemy's systems can be targeted directly. But if I can make a few adjustments - with the help of Kerrigan and the rest of my team - to it's overall effect and in a sense make it a new kind of disruptor, it can in theory null and void the omtruder ship's cloaking technology. It will only work however if we can draw some of the power that's been regained already from this virus, if we can redirect that power from all non-essential systems, in theory we should then be able send a team to retrieve whatever information can be gathered, either about this virus, or what this obvious distraction is really designed to divert our attention from. Captain, it's a long shot, but it's the only thing I can think of until this plays itself out. The virus moves simply too quickly from one place to another for us to keep up with, let alone isolate it!"

Kaida's eyes were full of hope, both that her idea could work and that the Captain would possibly consider it to be worth attempting. She didn't know what it was, but something told her that this virus wasn't designed to infect and destroy, merely to infect, immobilise and distract. At least.....she hoped that she was right.

Posted by: Reyan Caius May 25 2006, 04:56 PM

Reyan smiled

"It's a good idea, Commander - do it" he replied, pleased that some idea's were forthcoming

He patted her shoulders

"Do what you have to - I have other matters to attend to" he called, as he strode out of engineering, eager to check on what was happening in the shuttlebay

He arrived at the bay doors quickly, to find a firefight in progress, and Commander Tejas lying unconcious next to a security officer, who was doing her damnedest to protect the fallen Commander

Reyan unholstered his own phaser, and fired into the shuttlebay

"Get Commander Tejas out of there!" he demaned

"We've tried - we have a stalemate - we've pinned them, but we can't go anywhere either" one of the Officers replied, continuing to fire into the shuttlebay

"And they haven't tried using a shuttle?" he asked

"They can't - the shuttles are isolated, and the virus is playing havoc with the control systems in there"

"Good - let's just get Tejas out of there" Reyan called, as a distruptor bolt shot past him, impacting against the wall behind

Posted by: Kaoru Ele May 26 2006, 08:02 PM

Kaoru was tending wounded in sickbay, with a security detail posted in case the pirates decided they needed bandaids.

The injured trickled in slowly, systems were still not functioning normally, so they couldn't be beamed directly to sickbay, and in some cases, the injuries were too severe for them to be moved. The betazoid doctor could feel intense pulses of pain in various places on the ship, though it was hard to tell, with so much going on, whether the sources were her people or pirates.

The breaking point was reached rather quickly actually. Shouldering her medkit, Kaoru strode out of sickbay, past the security detail. "Doctor, where are you going?" The two officers exchanged glances before one of them asked.

"House calls. Maintain your posts." Again, they exchanged glances, clearly unhappy with the orders.

"Doctor, I think that you should remain here."

But Kaoru hardly cared. There were seriously hurt crewmembers scattered all over the ship who could not get to sickbay. "I can sense anyone and hide long before they're aware of me." She offered the parting words over her shoulder.

Reluctantly, the senior officer nodded, "Yes sir. Be careful."

She smiled at the serious young woman, "I will be."

Climbing through the jeffrey's tubes was a royal pain in the rear, and she had to hide from stray pirates twice, but she managed to make it to the side of two ensigns, one who had taken a phaser shot to the chest. He was in shock, his breathing rapid and shallow, his skin far too pale, and clammy to the touch. Her friend had done all that he could to help her, had even done a decent field dressing, but beyond that was helpless, only staying by her. The enormous relief he felt at seeing the doctor nearly bowled Kaoru over.

She got the ensign stabilized, treating the injury and leaving, instructing her friend to find safer hiding places for them both before she did.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan May 27 2006, 07:30 AM

"I swear one more malfunction and I'll scream." Sarah muttered. The Orion now at one of the power relay consoles and tapping madly at it. She was beside one of the power specialists who was working with her to fix the power shortages onboard, especially around the weapons control systems and the shields control matrices. To say the least they weren't having much luck and just then it turned horribly wrong.

The console exploded catching both the specialist and Sarah unawares. Both were flung back onto the Engineering floor and sparks everywhere. One of the other engineers tapped their combadge. =^=Medical emergency, Main Engineering. Now!=^= The engineer called as he hovered over Sarah and the specialist. The specialist wasn't badly hurt but as Sarah was in the middle of the console she got the brunt of the blast.

Tag Commander Ele

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy May 27 2006, 03:11 PM

She didn't know what it was, but the Captain saying what he did, patting her shoulders, something seemed odd. Like he either wasn't listening to her, or he saw her as one of the guys. That had always been her problem, she was a tom boy, but it didn't mean she couldn't be feminine in other ways. As Kaida moved to return to Engineering, she heard the familiar sound that came from something blowing up. There was a time before she joined Starfleet that she had been the one making things blow up and explode, but things had changed.

She ran to see Sarah on her back with severe burns on her chest and arms. Kaida's breath caught in her throat.

"Sarah, no. Come on, stay with me!" She tore a piece of her own uniform off and wet it as best she could - which wasn't much - she placed it on the worst of her Deputy's wounds. "Come on Sarah, this isn't the time to take a nap. You prove to me you deserve this post, prove to me that you deserve to be serving here!" She knew of course that Sarah did deserve to be there, of course she did, she had proven herself more than capable while she had been chasing the illusive virus. But if her Deputy became more angry, determined and focussed then she would be able to stay awake long enough for someone to get help. It was only then that Kaida realised that she had numerous cuts, and a few minor burns herself from her adventures in the ship's bowels and jeffries tubes. None severe and certainly not impeding her duties.

"What are you waiting for Mason?! Go and find Doctor Ele, if Kerrigan doesn't get help soon, she'll be scarred in more than one way! Again she turned to her deputy seeing what she had gone through. I should have been here in Engineering, I should have known this virus wasn't curableb this way. I should be lying there, not her. She wanted to stay with Sarah, but she had no choice but to leave her. All she could do was hope Mason would get to her friend soon. She had the plan to implement and though it would be immenseley harder without Sarah's help, she had to try. With one last look back, Kaida made her way to the shield emmitters, she had work to do.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan May 29 2006, 11:30 AM

Having been hit by the brunt of an explosion, Sarah lay on her back and blood smudged all over her face and some coming out of her now ruined uniform. She was barely conscious and her body moving slightly. She could barely hear anything but she was able to hear her superior officer's voice but couldn't comprehend what she was saying due to the overwhelming pain of the experience. She was growing angry at the virus for what it did to her and that began to strengthen her consciousness.

"Ch......ie..f." Sarah tried to say.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy May 29 2006, 01:07 PM

Kaida heard a weak voice coming from where she knew Sarah lay. She stopped what she was doing, almost done with the modifications, she couldn't leave her Deputy there alone. The other Engineering crew should be able to finish what she had started.

"Ch......ie..f." Sarah repeated softly, obviously trying to stay conscious. Kaida remembered something then, a precaution her and the ship's Doctor had both agreed would be useful....She had stored a dermal regenerator in a small cubbyhole by one of the main consoles.

"Hold on Sarah, I'll be back in a minute, please stay awake!" Kaida broke into a dead run to the small cubbyhole. Taking out the box inside, she checked that the instrument she needed was still inside. To her relief it was.

"Ch....ie..f." Sarah said as she tried again to speak but her voice was losing its intergity as was many of the ships systems because of the stupid virus. Sarah began trying to move and get into a sitting up position but her body was refusing to co-operate. She screamed as the pain shockwaved through her. "Ar..rghhh!"

Kaida heard Sarah's scream and was at her side in a matter of moments. "Sarah, don't move, lie still until the doctor can get here. Please!" She looked concerned and felt a pain in her own right side as Sarah tried to sit up again. She raised her mental shields as the Doctor had instructed, it seemed to work. Kaida picked up the dermal regenerator and moved it to the worst affected burns, watching as it healed. The blood was still flowing, even though the burns were now healing, it still left the worst. She was no Doctor, she couldn't do much more.

"Sarah, can you hear me? If you can, try and talk to me, stay awake. Don't close your eyes!"

Sarah feeling the life somewhat drain from her, causing her eyes to close every now and again. She then heard her superior officer again but still couldn't make out what was being said but beside the pain she was feeling, Sarah assumed that her superior officer would be trying to keep her consciouus.

"Arr....gh." Sarah moaned against the pain as she was trying to move. Her eyes again was closing but by sheer determination they snapped back open or mostly open and she looked at Kaida. "Ch..i..ef." She managed.

"Sarah, open your eyes. Look at me, listen to my voice, focus on my face, my words. Open your eyes!" Kaida reached out, trying to give Sarah some of her own energy, to help her in some way, any way to stay awake. Sarah's eyes opened more fully, Kaida smiled "Welcome back Deputy" She tried talking to her again "Keep talking, I know it's hard, but you have to try." Kaida pressed on the wound still bleeding trying to make it close or at least delay the loss of blood.

Sarah developed a smile on her face amongst the blood and then the pain worsened. Her body lurched upwards and Sarah's eyes slammed shut and her whole face was compacting. "Arrr..gh, p..pl..ea..s.s.se he..lp, thh..e. p...ain." Sarah's body was doing its best to heal but it was having to fight to keep her awake.

Kaida felt helpess, she was no doctor she was doing all she could. Pushing Sarah down to a lying position, Kaida had to look away seeing how much pain her deputy was in. It was excrutiating, but she had no pain killers in Engineering, transporters were down and Mason still hadn't come back with her friend Kaoru "Sarah..." She wiped the blood from Sarah's face trying to read her lips. "I'm trying."

What Sarah would have given to be telepathic to communicate in this moment. Yet she wasn't and she wanted to at least tell everyone that she'll be alright but it was looking very negative at the moment. She was beginning to lose her vision again as her eyes started closing and her determination wasn't having any effect. Her consciousness being pushed aside so her body could focus on the injuries.

Kaida saw her slipping away again, she had no choice. "Sarah, please listen and try to understand me. I'm going to find Doctor Ele myself. I have to leave you with Kesla but I'll be back believe that and hold on." She squeezed Sarah's hand and sent comforting emotions to her, hoping they would renew her strength.

Sarah nodded, her pain doubling as she did. "Arr..." This time she didn't finish the sentence and her eyes closed the instant after. She just couldn't stay awake any longer, hopefully to allow her body to heal. She didn't want to consider the other possibility. She drifted away in hopes her body would heal.

"Kesla! Keep putting pressure on her wound here, even if your hand goes numb do not let the pressure lessen do you understand?" She said with urgency, the second she was satsfied Kesla knew her duty, Kaida broke into a dead run out into the corridor to hunt down Kaoru. She hoped it would not be long, she feared Sarah's will was giving in to the otherworldly promise of peace.

This was a joint post between Kaida D'Troy and Sarah Kerrigan

Posted by: Tejas May 29 2006, 02:00 PM

Tejas groggily awoke amid the phaser fire in the shuttlebay. The phaser blast from Areven had been on a low enough setting to stun her, but not enough to do serious damage.

"Get Commander Tejas out of there!" Reyan’s voice said firmly.

"We've tried - we have a stalemate - we've pinned them, but we can't go anywhere either," one of the Officers replied. Another round of phaser fire sounded.

"And they haven't tried using a shuttle?" Reyan’s voice came again.

"They can't - the shuttles are isolated, and the virus is playing havoc with the control systems in there"

"Good - let's just get Tejas out of there" Reyan called, as a distruptor bolt shot past him, impacting against the wall behind.

The doors to the shuttlebay opened. Footsteps sounded and approached Tejas. She looked up. It was the male doctor, Marix. Tejas tried to get up, only to be gently pushed back down. “Please Commander, let me finish the readings.”

Tejas lay back down, for the first time following doctor orders. “Areven. Please stop.” She sensed Areven was in the shuttle, frantically working to bypass the virus.

It was a good solid minute before Arevan responded. “I’m getting back to my ship.

Tejas closed her eyes. “Arey, can you feel them? You know the code.” Tejas and Areven had always been able to speak with each other, telepathically since they'd known each other. Tejas knew Areven would sense the same thing she sensed. Whatever ship he'd come on had already left. The pirate's code: any man who falls behind, is left behind.

A moment passed, with phaser fire continuing. Slowly the phaser fire coming from the shuttle lessened. Tejas heard the star fleet security team move in. The sounds of resistance continued as security took custody of the pirates.

Reyan knelt beside Tejas. “How are you?”

Tejas managed a weak smiled. “I’ve been better.”

“Sir, I need to get her to sickbay.”

“Do it.” Reyan said, helping Marix with lifting Tejas to her feet. Marix took one of Tejas’ arms over his shoulder. Tejas looked over her shoulder at the shuttle, just as the security team were lining up the remaining pirates aside the shuttle. Five pirates so far, Areven being one of them.

The shuttlebay doors closed behind them as Tejas and Marix slowly made their way to sickbay.

Posted by: Jin Ryku May 29 2006, 11:23 PM

Jin took a seat at the Helm, and wondered when it would come online. The view-screen and external sensors were still down, pretty much placing all those on the Bridge in the metaphorical dark. From behind him, was Dianna Torres, pacing and every now and then checking with other Bridge crew to see if everything was ok. But the hard fact still remained, that they had to wait for the results from Engineering.

From the Operations console next to the Helm console, he could see that Engineering had been working on a procedure but then suddenly stopped. Jin wondered what could have been so important that the Chief Engineer stopped one of the most important procedures that had to be done presently? Putting all that aside, he drifted his thoughts to who the Chief Engineer was.

Had he ever met her? I think her name was... Kaida D'something... D'Troy! That was it.

Jin wondered what she was attending to, because from what he could tell from the Ops console next to him, was that the Engineering crew were taking the procedures slowly... slowly but surely. Whoever was in Engineering wasn't half as good as D'Troy apparently.

But alas, all Jin could do was sit there and wait patiently. He had that scuffle earlier to distract his bordom, but that was it. It did in fact get his heart pumping for a while, which seemed to be good for the new Symbiont. From what he heard from quiet murmurs at the back, was that the ship that had dispensed Pirates aboard the Meridian was now quite possibly gone - and that the Security Teams were escorting a group of Pirates to the Brig. Well at least that guy I knocked out -- who was already in the Brig now -- will have company, Jin thought.

He then turned his gaze to his dead Helm. Deep inside, he wished he was piloting the ship in some direction-- although he would never admit it.

Posted by: Kaida D'Troy May 30 2006, 09:20 AM

Kaida raced through the hallways only to find Mason coming fast down the corridor, a woman in tow behind him. She looked as exhausted as she herself felt. Spotting Kaida ahead, Mason stopped momentarily to catch his breath as did the woman. On closer inspection, she saw that the lovely woman behind Mason was Doctor Ele. Kaida smiled in relief, she hated that she had left such an important procedure to find the doctor herself. But Sarah was more important, she would not lose such a fine officer.

"Kaoru! Am I ever glad to see you. Kerrigan is hurt badly, she needs urgent medical assistance, I've done all I can for her. Looks like we were right to stash that dermal regenerator in Engineering, but that won't stop the bleeding, though it has healed the majority of the burns she's sustained....You'd better see for yourself."

She ran along with the doctor and Mason back to main Engineering. Kesla was still pressurising the wound, the pieces of uniform torn from before now covered in blood. Kaida couldn't look anymore, there was nothing she could do but hope that Kaoru had arrived in time. She was in ear shot long enough to hear Kaoru spouting some medical jargon, commandeering Mason as her assistant. Something about pain killers. Beyond that she blocked everything out except for her task at hand - To finish the modifications to the shield disruptor. Her fingers flew over the controls, close to completing the modifications she needed to implament the plan. The rest of her team were hard at work trying, and for the most part succeding in getting communications up and running again. Kesla raced over to her, a huge smile pasted on her face it seemed she could not remove it even in front of Kaida.

"Ma'am, communications are back online! The virus' hold on the ship is weakening." Kaida couldn't help smiling back at her, this was great news!

"Kesla, see if you can get transporters and power online, I'm sure there are more injured that can't be moved and the Doctor can't be in two dozen places at once." Kesla scurried off to relate her orders to the rest of the Engineering team.

Kaida turned once more to the console she was working on and inputted a few extra codes and alterations, this hadn't been done before so she hopeded that she had covered all eventualities. Finally, after going over the modifications she had made one last time, she decided that was as good as she was going to get it and opened a comm chanel to the Helm and Tactical Officer.

exp_minus.gif "I'm ready to try this thing out, we're about to discover if the infiltrator's ship has indeed left this area of space, or if that's what they want us to think. Monitor the sensors and visual, if I'm right then it shouldn't take long for their ship to be revealed and immobilised. Keep your eyes open and do what you can to monitor the situation, if they're still there, they won't be happy about being discovered. D'Troy out." exp_minus.gif

With that, Kaida tripped the modified shield disruptor. She hoped against all hope that it worked, but now it was up to the Bridge personnel to monitor the situation and report back if anything went wrong. She slumped on the console, feeling like all the strength she had before had now left her. Her head spun, but she held herself up by grasping the console with both hand. If Sarah could stand all the pain she was experiencing, then Kaida could cope with her own tiredness. She couldn't afford to be weak, not at this critical moment.

Posted by: Jin Ryku May 31 2006, 09:05 AM

- "...if they're still there, they won't be happy about being discovered. D'Troy out."

"Acknowledged," Dianna Torres said before the channel closed. She then nodded to the Bridge crew, who then turned back to thier stations.

The panels throughout the Bridge all began to light up partially, and the crew started to work quickly. The next thing to blink on was the view-screen, and at that point the Tactical Officer began spitting out readings.

Meanwhile, Tejas and the pirates aboard the Meridian all somehow knew the pirate code; that any man who falls behind is left behind.

"I'm picking up a cloaked vessel on the move!" Andrews said on the Bridge.

"Weapons?" Dianna Torres asked with the possibility of disabling the enemy ship before it left.

"They're partially online," Andrews replied. "We'll be able to get in one or two torpedoes before they escape!"

Torres went to check her Ops deck to be sure. He was right. Engineering was still in a process of getting most systems online, but they at least had two shots. She then turned to glance at Jin, "Get us near the cloaked ship."

Jin nodded having been thinking the same thing. He tapped at the Helm, finding the impulse engines actually responding now. The Meridian sped forward in space, toward nothing that could be seen with the naked eye.

Before the cloaked vessel could Warp out of there, Andrews fired a torpedo out in thier direction. The torpedo craned across the vast distance between both ship's and hit the cloaked vessel. An explosion of debris blew out from nothingness, until part of the enemy vessel became visable.

"The ship appears to be losing its cloak," Dianna read off her Ops panel.

Andrews nodded, "The ship is an Arkonian vessel... well... kind of. The ship is fused with so much stolen technologies, it's hard to tell."

"Pirates," Jin shook his head as he continued to focus on the Meridian's position. He wondered if these pirates were Orion Pirates. But he couldn't be sure. There had also been the fact that the Orion Syndicate never worked so slopilly... so it may have been possible that these people were working on contract with the Orion Syndicate. Again, Jin couldn't be too sure. It was just speculation.

The enemy ship began to light up and lose its cloak. It turned in space, deciding to put off Warp for a moment, and opened fire at the Meridian. A torpedo flung across the way and impacted on the Meridian's shields! Engineering was doing all it could to keep the structural integrity of an already weak Nebula class.

Andrews returned fire, blasting a quantum torpedo onto the hull of the Arkonian ship. Since thier shields were down due to thier cloak, the hit blew a good portion of thier dorsal plating. Pieces of ship material and plasma exploded out into space, and the Pirates decided to warp out of there before it was too late.

The pirate ship brought up a warp field and stretched into a tiny point of light. This caused Andrews to sigh in absolution.

"What's the matter?" Jin asked, turning to see his relieved expression.

"Oh nothing. It's just that they knocked our shields out. If they had stayed, they would had made things a lot worse for us," he replied in relief.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele May 31 2006, 02:27 PM

Kaoru heard the comm from Kaida, touching her own commbadge, "Acknowledged D'Troy. I'm on my way." It occured to her to give Kaida all sorts of instructions, but she held back. All Starfleet personnel were cross trained in field medicine. The best thing that Kaoru could do for Kerrigan and Kaida was to get there quickly.

Encouraged by the fact that she had gotten the comm at all, Kaoru touched her commbadge again, "Ele to transporter room one." She got no response, and tried again, "Ele to transporter room two."

This time, she got a garbled response, but nothing she could understand. She was already near engineering by that time, stepping over the bodies of one of the pirates and climbing into another jeffrey's tube.

She felt the sudden awareness when the pirate came to, and she practically dove for the safety of the jeffrey's tube, praying the pirate would be too hurt and disoriented to do anything. She cried out in surprise when she felt a grip like steel close over her right ankle, bringing her crashing to the ground, her right knee connecting hard with the raised edge of the jeffrey's tube entrance, her chin smacking against the floor of the inside. The wounded pirate tried to drag her back, using her for leverage as he tried to rise. Kaoru rolled onto her back, kicking out at his hand on her ankle, reaching for her phaser at the same time unholstering it and taking aim, "Step back." Her voice was commanding, angry.

The pirate didn't let her go though her kicks made him wince in pain. He pulled at her, she felt her body being dragged forward, another few inches and she would be dragged out of the tube. Without another second of hesitation, she fired and the pirate fell away, releasing his grip on her ankle. Kaoru rolled over again, getting to her feet, catching herself against the wall of the jeffrey's tube when her knee nearly gave out on her. Pausing only long enough to get her bearings and to make sure her knee would hold her, she limped on, finally meeting up with Mason, and then Kaida.

"Did someone call for a doctor?" Kaoru tried to joke, to alleviate the intensity of the emotions that she felt so keenly. Kaida nodded grimly, in no mood for jokes, leading Kaoru as quickly as possible to where Kerrigan lay. Kaoru hurried, and came down badly on her knee, wincing and slowing down a little, following Kaida. She forced herself to kneel beside Kerrigan, opening her medkit, shaking her head in frustration at the well shaken contents inside and digging around for her medical tricorder.

"You did a tremendous job treating her Kaida." Kaoru scanned the fallen engineer, impressed. "But for you, she might have died." She gave Kerrigan a hypospray of sedative to keep her calm and out of shock while Kaoru. The woman required surgery. "Kaida, how soon before she can be transported to sickbay?"

Kaida didn't pause to consider the question. "We're already working on it doctor. How quickly do you need her there?"

"As soon as possible." Kerrigan would require surgery to close the wound she had sustained, it was too much of a job for a dermal regenerator. She looked down at the fallen engineer, her face was pale, her smooth skin slightly cool. "Preferably now."

Posted by: Dianna Torres May 31 2006, 04:28 PM

Dianna was going from one member to member on the bridge checking everything. She can feel the emotions running high as everyone was a bit stresses as it would be this way.

Dianna got a comm from engineering as they had a idea to show the pirates and she undertood completely what they were trying to do.

"I'm picking up a cloaked vessel on the move!" Andrews said on the Bridge.

"Weapons?" Dianna Torres asked with the possibility of disabling the enemy ship before it left.

"They're partially online," Andrews replied. "We'll be able to get in one or two torpedoes before they escape!"

Dianna went to check her Ops deck to be sure. He was right. Engineering was still in a process of getting most systems online, but they at least had two shots. She then turned to glance at Jin, "Get us near the cloaked ship."

"The ship appears to be losing its cloak," Dianna read off her Ops panel.

Andrews nodded, "The ship is an Arkonian vessel... well... kind of. The ship is fused with so much stolen technologies, it's hard to tell."

Andrews returned fire, blasting a quantum torpedo onto the hull of the Arkonian ship. Since thier shields were down due to thier cloak, the hit blew a good portion of thier dorsal plating. Pieces of ship material and plasma exploded out into space, and the Pirates decided to warp out of there before it was too late.

The pirate ship brought up a warp field and stretched into a tiny point of light. This caused Andrews to sigh in absolution.

"What's the matter?" Jin asked, turning to see his relieved expression.

"Oh nothing. It's just that they knocked our shields out. If they had stayed, they would had made things a lot worse for us," he replied in relief.

"Lets get things backonline," said Dianna.

Dianna was starting to get a throbbing headache as the emotions were way to high for her to manage anymore. Dianna took a deep breath and continued helping and giving orders out. Dianna Held her head of hope the pain would go away.

Posted by: Harjein May 31 2006, 11:11 PM

Taylor was tired. There was no other word to describe it; ‘exhausted’ was too severe and ‘weary’ was too weak.

Just as she entered the Shuttlebay, she had practically tripped over their XO, Tejas. Surprised, and also very aware that she was barely ten feet away from the doors—inside, no less—Taylor took it upon herself to stand guard, dragging the woman away from the line of fire while still looking out for stray pirates. Reyan had made an appearance, ordering her to get Tejas out of the Shuttlebay. Taylor had enough learning in medicine to know to wait until medical help arrived, which someone assured was on its way.

Less than an hour later, they had fully apprehended the pirates. Tejas was on her way to the Sickbay, only shot the one time. The pirates, on the other hand, were on their way to the Brig, nine of them just enough to not cram the holding areas.

And now she was leaning on the console in the Brig, volunteering to take first watch even though she was one of the higher-ranked officers. Her fingers were tapping the metal, glancing over the prisoners. There was one of them that had a certain stance about him, as if he were taller than anyone else.

The doors opened, and a cadet walked through with another security officer. “I thought an interrogation...” he started.

“Right,” Taylor replied, standing up straighter, checking the console one last time. After a moment’s study, she recognized him as Andrews, and the other as Jenkins. “Jenkins, take over. I’ll work with Andrews. Which one, Cadet?” she asked him, moving to the side to allow Jenkins to get to the console.

Andrews’ eyes widened, obviously not expecting the responsibility of choosing. Though, he did become Acting Chief, Taylor thought, so he shouldn’t be all surprised.

Evidently, Andrews had scanned the crowd as she was thinking and picked out the one she had laid eyes on earlier. “You,” he said, pointing straight at him. Taylor nodded to Jenkins, and the force field was disabled. The man hesitantly stepped out of the Brig, and instantly the force field was put back up.

“Name?” Taylor asked, taking control of the situation for now.

“Areven,” the man replied, his face twisting with a charming smile.

Posted by: Tejas Jun 4 2006, 05:33 PM

With the transporters offline, Tejas and Marix made their way to sickbay by walking. IT was a long, slow, silent walk.

The moments she’d spent with Areven, prior to his attempt to leave, replaying over and over in her mind. On the one hand, she wanted to be furious at him, and on the other, she understood. They’d been through a lot together, and she thought him dead.

When they finally arrived, Marix led Tejas over to a bed and helped her to lay down. He gave her a pain killer and sedative. Other casualties arrived, and Marix left Tejas to attend to them.

It wasn’t long before she went into a dreamless sleep.

~ later… ~

“That was good work, Doctor.”

“I’m just thankful they got transporters online. Another minute, we might’ve lost her.”

Tejas recognized the two voices as belonging Marix and Kaoru.

Tejas opened her eyes and turned her head slightly toward the voices. She saw the Orion engineer laying unconscious in the bio bed next to hers. A rhythmic pulse indicating her heart rate.

“She’s awake.” Marix said motioning towards Tejas.

Kaoru moved from Kerrigan’s bed to Tejas, who was now fully awake. Kaoru ran her medical tricorder over Tejas.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” Tejas managed to say.

“Not the way I prefer to meet my shipmates.” Kaoru said finishing her readings. “For a point blank shot, you’ll be fine.” She paused, “I’d like you to remain in sickbay a while though.” For once, Tejas held no objections, nodding her head in agreement. “Get some rest.” Kaoru said patting Tejas’ shoulder, taking a short detour to recheck Kerrigan’s vital signs before heading toward her office.

A short time later, the doors to sickbay opened, and in walked the chief engineer, Kaida D’Troy, who quickly spotted Kerrigan and rushed to her side.

About that time, sleepness took hold of Tejas once again.

Posted by: Harjein Jun 4 2006, 08:14 PM

Taylor looked down at the man in the chair. Andrews was five feet away from her on her right, looking excited to begin, even though he was there strictly in observation. Areven simply smiled across from them, glancing between the two. They were in a conference room, away from prying eyes. A table stood between the criminal and the Starfleet officers. Above them, the computer was taking audio notes for future reference.

“State your name for the record, please,” she started, being hit with déjà vu of being a lawyer.

"Areven." He smiled coolly. He matched her glare without blinking.

"No last name?" Taylor asked, raising an eyebrow.

"People with my past have no last name." He stated bluntly. He'd been raised a slave as well, and, like Tejas, did not know his family name or heritage.

“I see. Well, let’s start with the basics. What’s the name of your ship?”

“Does it matter what the ship name is? It's gone isn't it?”

“You didn’t hear the ‘basics’ part, did you? Humor us.”

"What's in it for me and my fellow crew mates if I do?"

Taylor sighed, crossing her arms in frustration. “Probably a lesser sentence when you get in front of the Court,” she told him bluntly.

"Like I thought." He mimicked her behavior sitting back into his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. "We'd still be going away for a long time regardless. In the world of pirates, there are good pirates and there are bad. The batch I run with is of the good. I do however know things about the bad side."

“Okay, fine,” Taylor said, relenting. “Tell us about the bad side, and the differences of. Because the way I see it, raiding a ship is not ‘good.’”

"It's survival, what can I say? We didn't come aboard planning on confronting the occupants. We just wanted select technological advances. Other ships would've outright gone to taking over the entire ship. Ever heard of the Star Tracker?" He reached up to place his hands behind his head.

“Vaguely. Just the name.” She left out the part of the Meridian saving Tejas from it purposely, refusing to allow him higher ground.

"You know more than you're telling." Areven smiled smugly. He'd realized at a young age he could sense things about certain people. Later one he'd discovered he was at least part Betazoid.

“Like you aren’t?” Taylor asked, raising her eyebrows. “Don’t give me that unless you’re willing to play by the same rules.”

"Yes, but my not forthcoming is about loyalties; your lack of forthcoming is to deceive me into telling what I’m not saying. Correct?"

“Just get to the point about the Star Tracker,” she snapped, annoyed at the constant off-subject approach.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Klingon temper?" Areven taunted the security officer. He laughed before returning to a serious face. "I just might happen to know where she goes when, say they've sustained damage."

“I’m expecting some nebula that weakens sensors?”

"You'd think that wouldn't you?" He muttered 'Starfleet officers' under his breath.

“All right. Then where?”

"Let my crew and myself go and I just might tell you."

“Out of the question.”

Taylor glanced sharply at Andrews as he spoke, who instantly fell quiet again. “No,” she told Areven. “That’s not my decision, anyway. The best I can promise is years off your sentence when it comes around.”

"Then I guess we have nothing to discuss."

“I guess we don’t. Tovan, take him back to the Brig, please.” Andrews nodded, moving along the table to follow Areven out of the room. He didn’t say anything, just simply stood and walked out the way he came in. Taylor slid into a chair, sliding over a PADD on the table. “Computer, stop recording.” A beep resounded, and she slid down farther, her index finger poking at the PADD to start her report.

Joint post with Tejas and Harjein

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Jun 5 2006, 09:22 AM


Recovering and regaining consciousness, Sarah opened her eyes and found her superior officer standing above her. "Ch..ief.." She said or tried to say rather. Her voice was somewhat shaken and not willing to calm down just yet, Sarah had just been through a serious injury and shock was still showing its ugly head.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 6 2006, 12:09 AM

Jin sat back at the Helm and stared out into the view-screen. He had been relaxing since the incident because there wasn't much else to do. The Helmsmen had worked hard at repairs to the console, and refitted the piloting systems. He had in that moment taken satisfaction for a job well done. At a just happenstance, he glanced over to see what was going on around the Bridge when he saw that Dianna Torres was rubbing her temple.

"Everything okay?" Jin asked, getting half of her attention. "You seem a bit preoccupied?"

Dianna was concentrating on controling her empathic senses and trying to put her shield up, but it was not working.

"Huh," Said Dianna.

"Are you okay?" said Jin. "I've seen some Betazoids in my time succumb to some very emotional groups, and almost could not handle it."

Jin's mind expressed very little emotion at times, mostly due to a serene and calm mindset that he achieved through daily meditation. He sat at his Helm, half turned in Dianna's direction wondering if she was alright.

"Oh yeah," said Dianna half listening. "To be truthful here, I am having some problems with my empathic senses right now. I can't seem to get a grip with the emotions. The emotions on this ship are very strong and I am struggling to keep control."

Jin glanced to the side, processing this. He did not want to seem too forward, or pry into it anymore as it wasn't really his business. So instead he said, "I had a Betazoid friend once who learned to control the feed of emotions by strengthening his own base emotion." Jin wondered whatever happened to his friend, but that would something to think about another day.

"Yeah," said Dianna. "I really don't think it will help. I am calm right now, except for the fact that I am feeling everyone's emotions and that I cannot get my shield up no matter what. If I do not get it up, Its going to kill me. Its a matter of life and death."

Jin glanced to the side in thought and then back, again. "Hmm. Then perhaps it would be wise for you to get some rest, or see another empath for the proper assistance?" Jin wondered. If something were to happen again, like with the pirate ship, the crews emotions were defintely going to rise again. "I can take over the Bridge until the Captain returns."

"I hate the idea of leaving." Dianna said. Dianna grabbed one of the chairs nearby as she felt a bit dizzy. Dianna took in a deep breath. "Besides, I'd worry about everyone here and that everything is in control. I know everyone is capable, but I'd still worry."

The Helmsmen nodded, "I understand. If I were in your position, I'd probably want to stay too and make sure everything was operating properly." This, he at least could actually relate to. One of his previous Hosts, a Gherlh, had been a temporary Starship Captain once and would never leave the Bridge even under his most sickest circumstances. - Jin turned back to his Helm and tapped at it, making sure Meridian was remaining in a fixed position in space. "If you feel you must, then I have no objections." He hoped the Doctor would come by the Bridge to check her out. He seemed to remember that the Doctor was a telepath as well... and Dianna did say that she was caught in a life or death situation. If anything were to go wrong, Jin made a mental note that he would take over quickly.

Dianna grabbed a seat on the command chair. She asked for reports every so often. Her ops control were currently routed over to where she was seated so she can monitor things from there until the captain returns. She kept working until everything went black on her. She had no idea that she had just blacked out right on the bridge. She had attempted to stay in control until the captain had returned.

Joint Post between Jin Ryku and Dianna Torres

Posted by: Reyan Caius Jun 7 2006, 05:51 AM

Reyan marched back onto the bridge, feeling a sense of accomplishment, since things seemed to be back under control - the only matter for attention now was the virus which was still causing various degree's of chaos and confusion

"Report" he demaned, as he made his way to the command chair - as he approached the chair, his interest in the ship's status disappeared - Lieutenant-Commander Torres was slumped in front of the command chair, a prominent bruise forming on her forehead - Lieutenant -Commander Ryku, kneeling next to her with a medkit

"What happened?" Reyan asked

"Not certain Sir - I was working, but turned to give Commander Torres a status report - she was as you see her" Commander Ryku advised

"Have you called sickbay?" Reyan asked

"Aye Sir - they're sending someone up"

"Good - keep her comfortable until someone arrives" Reyan asked

Rather than ask for a status report on the ship again, he sat at the operations console and quickly accessed the information himself - the virus did appear to be weakening - it's primary purpose had been confirmed as being a delaying tactic. The pirates had not suceeded, and the virus was clearly not intended to function for an extended period of time. With persistant effort from Lieutenant-Commander D'troy, the virus was very much loosing it's grip on the Meridian's computer and systems

"Commander Ryku - as soon as a medic arrives, I'd like you to enter a course for the nearest Starbase - as soon as main power, and the engines, are back online we'll need a brief layover to ensure that all traces of the virus are gone"

"Aye Sir" Ryku replied, still preoccupied with Commander Torres

"As for those pirates - I hope that they enjoy Federation prison rations" Reyan muttered

"Might be a good idea to investigate how they knew we were here" Commander Ryku stated

Reyan considered this for a moment - the suggestion was sound, and it was quite clear that the pirates had known that the Meridian was in the sector

"You know, Commander, I think it's time that I spoke with the Meridian's chief Intel Officer - I'm sure he'd welcome the chance to get his proverbial hands dirty - the pirates had information about us, I think it's time that we gained some insight into them"

Reply Lieutenant Ronin/anyone

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Jun 7 2006, 11:44 AM

Kaoru stepped onto the bridge, glancing around quickly, looking rather harried and still limping. She hadn't had time to clean the blood off of her uniform. Though it wasn't hers, it made her look rather gruesome. Her telepathic shields were firmly in place, the expression in her dark eyes rather cold and distant. In the few years since her graduation from Starfleet Academy, she had never had her shields so sorely tested as she had in the short days since her assignment aboard the Meridian.

Briefly, she wondered if the presence of so many other empaths made a difference. It was possible.

Kneeling down opposite Jin, she nodded to the helmsman. "Thank you Lieutenant Commander, I'll take it from here."

She scanned Torres's form with her medical tricorder, shaking her head in frustration. Dianna's brain wave patterns were erratic...the readings textbook examples of a person with empathic abilities who was unable to shield themselves, resulting in tumultous spikes of seratonin in the brain, which in turn sent brain wave activity into overdrive. "Are the transporters online?"

Kaoru asked the question of no one in particular. It was the captain who answered her. "Yes Doctor, though not fully operational."

An engineering ensign spoke just after Reyan, "Actually sir, they've just gone off line again."

"I need to get her to sickbay. I can give her something to repress her empathy until she can get control of it again." Kaoru put away her tricorder, resting her hands on her thighs and looking up at Reyan, her expression cold and unreadable. "So we either beam her there or carry her. Physically, there is nothing wrong with her."

"Understood doctor." Reyan was somewhat surprised by the coldness that emanated from the CMO. She was usually so warm.

Kaoru rose a hypospray in her hand, "I can replicate the serum here Captain, if you'll allow me to use your ready room."

"Of course." Reyan nodded, "Engineering, how long before the transporters are back online?"

The ensign answered right away. "Unknown sir, the virus is slowing, but the transporters were a primary system target." He tapped his console, continuing, "Estimated time to repair, one hour sir."

Kaoru emerged from Reyan's ready room, the hypospray loaded. Kneeling again beside Torres she administered the drug that would block the woman's empathic abilities. There was no way that she could carry the Lt. Commander to sickbay.

"Ryku, you have the bridge." Suddenly, Reyan was there, scooping up Torres's limp form and standing with her cradled in his arms. "Shall we doctor?" He smiled at her.

Kaoru's smile was barely evident, but she led the way off the bridge, pausing in the corridor outside to wait for him, walking just ahead of him, her hand on the sidearm that was holstered at her thigh, her limp still evident, her knee pained by the fall that she had taken. "I should be able to sense anyone hostile before we come across them, but it never hurts to be cautious."

Reyan nodded, "The ship has been cleared Doctor." Still though, he understood her wariness, watching her as she walked ahead of him. "Doctor...Kaoru..are you all right?"

She looked back at him, and he saw utter surprise in her eyes and a hint of something else for an instant, before she quelled it. "I'm fine sir."

He smiled, "Of course."

They reached sickbay quickly, and Reyan set Torres down gently on a biobed, straightening, worried by how very pale the lovely woman was.

Kaoru sensed his worry, stepping forward, "She'll be fine Captain."

Reyan turned, looking down into Kaoru's dark eyes. "I know she will, with you to care for her." He lifted his hand to Kaoru's cheek. "But make sure that you let someone care for you, understand?"

Kaoru smiled, Reyan was relieved to see it. "Yes sir."

He nodded, his thumb brushing over her cheekbone before he lowered his hand, "I need to get back to the bridge. But I'll see you later Doctor."

"You will indeed, captain." She was still smiling when Reyan left, leaving sickbay and returning to the bridge.

Posted by: Pariah Ronin Jun 7 2006, 11:44 AM

At that moment, the Lieutenant was staring at the cieling as he lay on his bed. The room was dark not even the stars could light it up... nothing save the faint flicker of the alert lights within the room. He had ignored them... as they weren't of importance to him. This ship and it's crew weren't of importance to him.

Or were they? He didn't know. Not yet anyways...

That's when the door bell rang... he didn't say a word, simply leap to his feet and went to answer it... upon openning the door, and seeing one of his superiors before him, the only word emerging from his lips was "Yes?"

Who ever called me please reply

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 7 2006, 02:02 PM

In the subconscious dreamstate

All of a sudden it was all white around her. She had no idea where she was. One moment she was on the bridge of the Meridian and the next, she was here. Where was here? She had no idea where here was. She walked around a bit until she found herself in the cooridors of a ship. At first she thought it was the Meridian, but as she walked around a bit more. The people made her think otherwise. She was on her childhood home ship; the USS enterprise.

She was looking through things of the eyes of her child self. This was her home then and she loved it. There was a vision of Melissa and Melissa was talking to her. During those days, they spent all the time with each other. Melissa was her cousin that was the exact same age she was to very day. Those days on the enterprise were great and she loved it. Those were the days. It felt like she was reliving the days on the entrprise.

Then the image changed again but still being on the enterprise with Melissa. This is when Melissa was beating the living daylights out of her. This she remembered all to well. Melissa almost killed her that time, but she managed to live through it. Dianna knew it was not her fault Nor Melissa's. Melissa was possessed then but in the years to come it was found out what had happened and she would be fixed before its too late. Now Melissa is stationed in a remote sector of space and she hardly hears from her.

The image changes again. This time it was the image of her with Melissa and Andrea when they were all on betezed with their parents. From that moment on, Dianna remembered that Melissa had changed. She never got the connection with Melissa's problems until later on when Melissa's problems got resolved.

Another image. This time it was an image of her and Andrea. Andrea is her older sister. She was trying to convince her to spend more time with father.

"Dianna, you need to spend time with dad. He needs to work with you. If you don't you not going to be able to use your empathic abilities to their full capacity. There is a chance that you'd go crazy with them." Said Andrea.

Dianna never listened. Even Andrea used to try to help her to use them but Dianna was stubborn. She knew then she should listen to them, but she was a teenager then and didn't want to take the time to fully develop her senses. Since she been on the Meridian, her abilities have been put to the max. A little to much for her to handle.

Dianna started stressing out a bit then the image changed yet again.

End of the dreamstate

Dianna opened up her eyes slowly to see that she was laying on the biobed in the sickbay of the Meridian. She had no knowledge of what had happened to her. She started breathing very hard because of the stress that had overcome her. The dream was very vivid and real.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Jun 7 2006, 06:16 PM

There had been a delay before the door had been answered, and despite having double-checked before leaving the bridge he found himself wondering if he had the right quaters.

However, the doors finally whispered open, revealing an almost pitch-black room; the owner of the room stepped out of the shadows.

"Yes?" he asked, squinting slightly as his eyes adjusted to the lights in the corridor.

"You must be Lieutenant Ronin?" Reyan asked, despite already knowing the answer.

"It's the name I currently respond to - who is asking?" the Lieutenant asked. Though he was young, he did not have the look of youth, his eyes seemed burdened by unseen troubles.

"I'm sorry Lieutenant, our departure was so hurried that I haven't had time to meet some of my officers - I'm Captain Reyan" he replied.

"Sorry for inquiring Captain," Lieutenant Ronin answered.

"Don't worry Lieutenant - this wasn't exactly an expected visit - but it is a necessary one" Reyan explained, peering into the dark quaters behind the young Lieutenant.

"An assignment for me?" the Lieutenant asked.

"Presumptuous, but correct" Reyan replied, handing the young Officer a padd with the details of what it was that Reyan wanted done.

The Lieutenant paused to read the content of the padd.

"Needless to say, that information is confidential, and your assignment is to be discussed with no-one other than myself and Commander Tejas" he quietly advised

The Lieutenant looked up from the padd.

"I'll get to work on it," he stated, showing no interest on the assignment whatsoever. It was as if it were just something he was asked to do.

"Excellent - as said, report either to Commander Tejas or myself with any relevant information you gather regarding the pirates that attacked us, how they knew we were here and where they came from" Reyan replied.

The Lieutenant simply nodded, and turned to re-enter the darkness of his room.

"Oh, and Lieutenant....." Reyan called, causing the Lieutenant to pause.

"Welcome aboard the Meridian" Reyan finnished, grinning

"Sir" the Lieutenant nodded, before he disappeared into the darkness, and the doors whispered closed behind him.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 7 2006, 07:13 PM

Dianna laid awake. She felt a bit weak so she didn't move. She looked at the ceiling. At that moment, she realized she was not feeling any emotions flooding through her mind like she normally feels. She had no idea what was going on. Tears started coming down. Yes it drove her nuts having her empathic abilities, but it was conforting to her knowing that it was there when she needed it. Now she felt so all alone. She called for the doctor. She wanted to know what was going on. She was confused and worried that she had lost her empathic abilities. There was a time that she thought she could not live with her empathic abilities, but she understood that this was part of her. She refused to live without it. Its been part of her for so long that she could not live without these senses even if they drove her nuts. These senses had helped her cousin on many occasions. By this point Dianna was panicing of fear that she had lost her empathic abilities.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Jun 7 2006, 10:18 PM

Captain Reyan thought about what Jin said for a second. "You know, Commander, I think it's time that I spoke with the Meridian's chief Intel Officer - I'm sure he'd welcome the chance to get his proverbial hands dirty - the pirates had information about us, I think it's time that we gained some insight into them."

Kaoru then stepped onto the bridge, glancing around quickly. Jin noticed that her clothes were blood-stained, and that she limped when she came over. Kneeling down opposite Jin, she nodded to the helmsman, "Thank you Lieutenant Commander. I'll take it from here."

Jin nodded silently as to not interfere with her thought process. He got up and strode over to the back of the Bridge. There he found an unused computer station, and began programming it to reveal the Federation database. On the screen, display's of the Zodai system and the Yelvara dark cloud panned by in an Astrometrics-fashion, only it was just what was recorded in the database memory so far. The map seemed to end at some points, due to the fact that space hadn't been explored beyond some regions.

"Hmm... I know there was a Starbase around here..." Jin said to himself, trying to recall. He had seen a readout back at Starbase 01, before he boarded the Meridian - and he had also overheard conversations about it. Here! he cheered out in his head, as to avoid odd looks from people. The screen stopped panning and detailed Starbase 256.

Lucky, Jin thought in reference to the Meridian and its crew. The odds of a station having been out here were slim.

But he arched a half smile in thankfulness that there was.

He then logged off the station and left it - about to stride accross the Bridge for the Helm when the Captain said, "Ryku, you have the Bridge."

Jin Ryku stopped in his tracks and glanced over to the Captain to see what was going on. Reyan was scooping up Torres's limp form and standing with her cradled in his arms.

"Shall we doctor?" Reyan smiled at Kaoru before she led them both off the Bridge.

Jin walked around the Tactical deck to the centre of the Bridge where the Captain and Doctor had previously occupied. He was shocked and pretty impressed that Captain Reyan would carry Torres himself to Sickbay. As he thought about it, an Ensign took the Helm as the usual temp-replacement for Jin.

"Tactical," Jin turned around in pre-question, noticing that another Ensign was manning the station. Even Andrews is busy somewhere else, Jin realized. He also realized that he hadn't learned the names of the replacement Ensigns, "How is Engineering doing?"

"They report that the Engines will be online soon," the Ensign reported.

Jin turned back forward to face the viewscreen area, "Helm - set a course for Starbase 256."

"Course layed in," the Ensign there quickly tapped in the co-ordinates.

The Commander then worried about the answer to his next inquiry, "How long will it take to get there-- avoiding the Yelvara dark cloud?"

"It will take..." the Ensign tapped at the console, trying to figure it out. She seemed to take a little longer than should have, but Jin found comfort in her helm-efforts "...a day. Less than twenty-four hours, sir."

Jin nodded in acknowledgement, "Very well. Thanks." He then paused to relay his thoughts to this substitute Bridge crew he did not know the names of yet, "We'll be Engaging as soon as the Engines are online," and for a second Jin felt like he was a Captain in command of his own crew on his own ship. The feeling was unexplainable; the feeling was a good one, that he somehow wondered was how the Captain felt about his own crew and ship.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Jun 8 2006, 10:31 AM


"You have not lost your abilities." Kaoru felt the woman's fear quite clearly, leaving her office and standing beside the near panicked Dianna. "I gave you something that will suppress your empathy for a few days." Kaoru's dark eyes appraised the woman. "Physically, you're fine. But your empathy disabled you on the bridge, while you were in command." She needed to make certain that she made that point very clear to Dianna.

"I'm going to assign you to light duty for a while. Until I'm sure that your empathy is under control. If you cannot shield yourself from the emotions of others, then there is no way I can release you for command duty. Do you understand?"

Dianna's collapse did not sit well with Kaoru. The lives of everyone on board the Meridian depended on those in command of the bridge, even moreso during a crisis. Kaoru had removed Tejas from duty for that very reason, and she had no qualms about doing the same with Dianna.

Even now, Kaoru felt Dianna's panic welling up. "I know it's disorienting, not being able to feel right now." Kaoru was aware of the Lt. Commander's pulse elevating. "I know that it feels unnervingly quiet in your mind. But you must be able to control your empathy Dianna. Why were you never trained?" It was atypical for betazoid parents to leave their offspring so ill equipped to handle their abilities. Kaida's case was a rare exception...the lovely engineer hadn't known she was part betazoid. But Dianna did.

"My father tried, I never paid close attention. I can usually handle it just fine."

Kaoru nodded, feeling the woman's emotions, as well as her words. "Have you collapsed before?" There was nothing in the woman's service record, but Kaoru knew that did not necessarily preclude other incidents.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 8 2006, 11:13 AM

"You have not lost your abilities." Said the Doctor. "I gave you something that will suppress your empathy for a few days. Physically, you're fine. But your empathy disabled you on the bridge, while you were in command. I'm going to assign you to light duty for a while. Until I'm sure that your empathy is under control. If you cannot shield yourself from the emotions of others, then there is no way I can release you for command duty. Do you understand"

Dianna nodded. Dianna was not happy about this. Those emotions were a part of her and they just ripped them away without a moments notice. Yes she realized she collapsed on the bridge and no this never happened before. She always knew she was a weak empath, but she thought she could handle it as long as she was assigned to a starship. Starbases were not for her.

"I know it's disorienting, not being able to feel right now." Said the Doctor.

Even though Dianna knew this was temporary, she was panicking more by the moment.

"I know that it feels unnervingly quiet in your mind. But you must be able to control your empathy Dianna. Why were you never trained?"

"My father tried, I never paid close attention. I can usually handle it just fine." Said Dianna.

The doctor nodded, "Have you collapsed before?"

"NO said Dianna.

Dianna's eyes were sad. She had no idea if she could live without those senses even for a few days.

"Let me explain something to you. I have never been a strong empath, but a weak empath. I've never have had problems with this ever. Yes my father worked with me, but I never could grasp the concepts even when I actually sat down with him to let him teach me. Even my sister Andrea would help me. By the time my empathic senses started, Andrea was already at the academy. When she came home for a visit, she tried to help me, but I just would not listen. By this time, I was spending a lot of time with my cousin Melissa. I thought Melissa needed me more than I needing to be trained as a empath. My sister and my cousin JJ are strong empath's compared to me and I am content most of time knowing that I am not strong. On the bridge, I tried to put my shield up, but everything was so strong and I couldn't do it. I tried. If these senses are taken away from, I don't know what I am going to do."

Dianna was very sad about not feeling anything right now. She wanted to curl up in a ball and never come out. She waited for the doctor's response.

By this point, Dianna was in total panic mode even though she knew this was only temporary.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Jun 9 2006, 10:21 AM

Kaoru sighed inwardly, though her expression never changed as she listened to the attractive woman. Dianna's rising panic alarmed her, and Kaoru glanced at Marix, "2 ccs of sedative." Marix nodded and Kaoru looked back to Dianna, resting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to give you something to help you rest Dianna. Your brain wave activity is still abnormal, even with the empathy repressed. I want you to relax." She spoke those words, but the next she sent telepathically, hoping that it would soothe the woman's growing fear. ~Everything will be all right Dianna. We'll get you trained in shielding, and life should be much more comfortable for you.~

The drug that she had given Dianna to repress her empathy would not hinder telepathy, which was a different ability entirely.

Marix administered the sedative and Kaoru turned from Dianna's bedside, joining Kaida beside Sarah's biobed. The doctor smiled warmly, sensing how close Kaida and Sarah were. "She'll be fine." She answered Kaida's question before the lovely engineer asked.

Kaida looked relieved, and Kaoru studied the scans from the biobed, her fingers dancing over the panel, "The surgery went well, there was less internal damage than I thought, and her vital signs are very strong." Kaoru looked up from the readings she was studying, "You did well Kaida, you likely saved her life." Kaoru was still worried about the effects of shock on the engineer, but the readings that she took were all very positive.

Sarah's lovely eyes fluttered open just in time to hear Kaoru's words, and she smiled, looking at Kaida, "Thank you."

Kaoru felt herself relaxing further, pleased with Sarah's level of awareness. Her eyes were clear and focused, if exhausted.

Kaida was uncomfortable with the praise, her cheeks coloring slightly. "It was nothing."

Kaoru laughed softly, shaking her head. Sarah chuckled as well, though the action made her wince with pain. "Oww. I thought you said I was fine."

Kaida was immediately concerned again, her hand on Sarah's arm.

Kaoru chuckled, "You engineers are so impatient. You're not machines you know. It takes time for damaged tissue to heal. I can't just replace parts and flick a switch to bring you back online."

Sarah and Kaida exchanged amused glances, "Not yet anyway." Kaida spoke first. "We should look into improving the efficiency of that process."

Sarah caught on, nodding weakly, her voice strained when she spoke, "Yes sir. I'll begin right away. With luck, we can phase out the need for doctors aboard starships."

Kaoru laughed, "I hope you do. It would be a blessing not to have to deal with engineers who are so crammed full of knowledge about warp coils and conduits that they can't remember how to shower."

Kaida laughed, Sarah tried not to, knowing it would hurt, but she couldn't hold it back any longer, chuckling a little, though it brought instant tears to her eyes. "Ow ow ow! Don't make me laugh."

Marix approached, holding a hypospray of mild painkiller for Sarah, and Kaoru stepped aside, letting him administer it. "Get some rest Sarah. You'll feel better in a day or so." Sarah nodded, her stamina depleted from just that small interaction.

Kaoru left Sarah's bedside, chuckling as Marix flirted with both engineers. She moved to Tejas's bedside, taking readings. The woman's eyes opened slowly, and Kaoru smiled, "I have good news."

"It's about time I heard some." Tejas smiled in return, watching the doctor.

"The counselor has cleared you for duty. Now you just need me to do the same."

Tejas closed her eyes, inhaling slowly. "How likely is that?"

"Now? Not very." Tejas bit her lip, fighting back her frustration, and Kaoru continued, "But tomorrow the likelihood of it will increase, depending on your recovery."

Tejas opened her eyes, looking at Kaoru, "That's not funny."

Kaoru smiled back, "It's a little funny."

Tejas couldn't help but smile in return. "Fine, but only a little."

Kaoru chuckled, patting Tejas's shoulder. "Good enough. Now rest." She didn't have Marix give Tejas anything, the XO was progressing very well on her own. "If you experience any pain, let Marix know."

"Yes doctor."

Kaoru left sickbay then. She had one more patient she wanted to check on, and after verifying with the computer that Lt. Commander Ryku was on the bridge, Kaoru made her way there.

Posted by: Sarah Kerrigan Jun 9 2006, 10:25 PM

Sarah after her encounter with the nurse and chit chat with her superior officer decided to get some sleep. He was painful for her to shift any parts of her body but she did it regardless to get comfortable. Not that any position was comfortable in this condition. Once she settled down she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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Posted by: Tejas Jun 10 2006, 12:27 AM

Tejas opened her eyes to see the Doctor taking readings. When the Doctor turned to look at Tejas, she smiled. “I have good news.”

“It’s about time I heard some.” Tejas smiled, looking up at Kaoru.

“The counselor has cleared you for duty. Now you just need me to do the same.”

Tejas closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. “How likely is that?”

“Now? Not very.” Tejas bit her lip, holding back the frustration rising. It wasn’t my fault what happened. But Kaoru continued, “But tomorrow the likelihood of it will increase, depending on your recovery.”

Tejas opened her eyes, flatly staring at Kaoru. “That’s not funny.” She said in a strait tone.

Kaoru smiled again. “It’s a little funny.”

“Fine, but only a little.” Tejas couldn’t hide the small smile forming on her face.

Kaoru chuckled, patting Tejas’ shoulder. “Good enough. Now rest. If you experience any pain, let Marix know.”

“Yes Doctor.” Tejas said, and then Kaoru left her bedside, leaving sickbay altogether.

She pulled her arms up behind her head, resting comfortably. Her mind racing. It had seemed forever since she’d returned to the Meridian from the Star Tracker. And her childhood friend was most likely being detained in the brig.

Her chest still had some discomfort, but it wasn’t worth a distraction from her thoughts to ask Marix for something.

Areven… She thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Jun 10 2006, 11:03 AM

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Gulliver sat at his desk in the ships lab, working his way through unfinished research in the LCARS database. He liked to proceed with this task when there was nothing specific to the ship's mission that he needed to be working on. His current point of interest was cloning, research that had been started in the 20th century but never finished. What captivated him was the ability to clone fully organic organs or even create new ones from nothing. Something that was still yet to be achieved in the 24th Century. However, the same morals and ethnics still wrapped the subject in contraversy.

He closed the topic on the console in front of him and returned to reading up on the latest developments in Borg research.

Nothing new there, though the Federation is now working on cracking transwarp technology.

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Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 10 2006, 03:32 PM

Dianna looked at the Doctor with her sad pathetic eyes. Dianna could tell that Doctor Ele was telling her assistant something, but was not sure what. She really was not paying to close attention to that. Dianna was in her own little world of sadness and panicing. Dianna was hurting on the inside emotionally. She ripped her empathy from her. Dianna really did understand why but it hurt regardless.

"I'm going to give you something to help you rest Dianna. Your brain wave activity is still abnormal, even with the empathy repressed. I want you to relax." Said Doctor Ele.

Then Dianna felt something telepathically. It was the doctor talking to her telepathically. Dianna was a bit suprised. She didn't know that she was a empath at least.

Everything will be all right Dianna. We'll get you trained in shielding, and life should be much more comfortable for you.

Dianna did not know if it was possible.

The doctor's assistant gave her something to calm her down. Dianna knew that her sister was right all along, but there was no changing that. She did miss her sister and she loved her. Neither ever said anything like that, but they had an unwritten rule of loving each other. They loved each other regardless of their faults. They are sisters after all.

Before Dianna knew it, she was fast asleep.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Jun 11 2006, 12:09 AM

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Kaoru re-entered the Bridge, but this time with more of a calmer approach to her. As the Turbolift doors closed behind her, Jin turned his head to see that she was walking over. Kaoru held a tri-corder in her hands.

"Is Dianna Torres alright?" Jin asked.

Kaoru nodded subtly, "She'll be fine for now. But her empathic abilities have reached abnormal levels."

"Oh man," Jin replied. "That's terrible."

The Doctor nodded, "It is. But, as I'm done with my immediate patients, guess who's next?"


Kaoru nodded a devious smile this time.

"Don't you have other ways to get your kicks?" Jin smiled back.

She opened her tri-corder and began scanning the Lieutenant Commander. "Not at the moment," she said amusingly.

Jin rolled his eyes, but stopped when they came upon hers. Kaoru was staring at her tri-corder in momentary shock-- but let go quickly and cooly to report what she found.

"That's odd. I'm detecting a strange misalignment in your Symbiont."

The Helmsmen thought about this, "That can't be. I'm perfectly balanced. In fact, I've been feeling completely fine for the past few hours, considering all that had been going on."

"Are you sure?" Kaoru quizzed. "There hasn't been anything abnormal at all in the past day or so?"

Jin then considered this even deeper. He then realized that she may have been right, "Actually. There was a one time in 10-Forward, when I had fallen into a Symbiont-flashback. Now that you mention it; it felt more real than it probably should have."

"The misalignment may be a temporary micro-shift of the Symbiont. This kind of thing doesn't normally happen, but theoretically, the way its moved according to my readings, could be harmless. The Symbiont is likely to shift back into a balanced state."

The Commander nodded in understanding.

"But I want to get you into Sickbay for some further testing." She then stopped talking and continued to look at him.

Jin widened his eyes when he realized what she meant, "--Huh? Right now?"

"The sooner the better," she insisted. "Besides, how else am I going to get my kicks?"

The man caught her amusement and rolled his eyes again. She had a way of lightening the situation at times. But it remained that he felt he needed to stay on the Bridge. "You've already got two senior officers down there. I don't want to make three."

"It's really not unusual for Sickbay to get that busy. You aren't letting all this command stuff go to your head, are you?"

Jin this time refrained from rolling his eyes. He thought he'd done that enough and decided to give in. "Alright alright," he held up his hands and smiled. "I meant to go down and visit Dianna anyway. As soon as I'm done a shift-length here, I'll head down to Sickbay. You do have crowd-control down there don't you?"

Kaoru rolled her eyes and turned for the Turbolift smirking, she had to compare her scans to earlier ones she had of Jin.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 13 2006, 10:35 PM

Dianna was asleep for at least a few hours.

Dianna laid awake just laying there. She just stared at the ceiling. Why'd it happen now? Why'd I pass out. This has never happened to me before. I thought I was safe from emotions on a ship. I thought starbases would cause the trouble, not here.

Before Dianna had a chance to call for the doctor and find out how long she had to stay there, Jin walked into sickbay.

Dianna did feel a little weak and she didn't know why. She just laid there and hoped that Jin would come over to her and keep her company. She was sad and bored out of her mind. She never stayed put. Thats why she didn't want to go to her quarters before she collapsed. Besides she'd be going nuts not knowing what is going on, on the bridge. As it is she worried about what is going on. She loved being on the bridge and now she's cooped up in sickbay and god knows when she'd be back to active duty.

Posted by: Jin Ryku Jun 14 2006, 02:26 AM

The doors swooshed open and Lieutenant Commander Jin entered Sickbay. He paused for a moment and looked around at it. The last time he was here, he had the Symbiont-transfer. Now he was back, and on some subconscious level was re-living feelings of fear and doubt. Yet I was completely unconscious for the proceedure? Jin thought, then realized the feelings were in response to 'transfer-memories' from the Symbiont. The feelings were quickly countered by acceptance and a drive to live. How odd, he thought again and then shrugged it off.

It was a passing feeling anyway - and he continued to look around. Doctor Kaoru wasn't around, or may have been in the other room or her office working on something. He then glanced to his left and found some bio-beds. There were three women on thier own bio-beds, near each other.

Two half-Human half-Betazoid's; one, he recognized as Commander Tejas - the second, he knew as Dianna Torres - but the third woman, an Orion girl, was someone he hadn't met before.

They couldn't possibly want me to see them this way, Jin thought out of respect. He rubbed the back of his neck, wondering, Maybe I should leave and come back later?

Tejas and the Orion girl were in a deep sleep, while Dianna on the other hand was awake. He walked over when he noticed this. "Oh hey. How are you doing?"

"Well," said Dianna "Other than being exhausted and bored, I'm fine."

Jin nodded, "You just suddenly blacked out on the Bridge. It was weird. But at least you're alright. Sickbay isn't one of the more fun places to be-- at least for an extended period of time."

"All I want to do is get the hell out of here," said Dianna. "I'm not one to stay still. I'm sorry I blacked out. I really didn't think that would have happened."

Jin shrugged, "It's alright. Your well-being is more important. --Hey, who's that Orion woman?"

"Her name is Sarah. I had the pleasure of working with her in engineering when the systems first went down," said Dianna.

The Commander then realized, "Oh, an Engineer." He then thought about the downed systems Dianna mentioned. "By the way, the Engines are just about to go online, at which point we'll be heading for Starbase 256 for a quick layover. The Captain wants to ensure the virus is completely gone."

"Thats great," said Dianna "But I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy the downtime If I'm stuck in here. And if I am out of here, I'm probably going to have to work with my empathic senses to get them under control."

Jin smiled. "Cest la vie," he said, shrugging. But then Dianna looked at him, confused. "--Oh it's an old Earth expression my Symbiont heard once. I can't remember the exact translation... but I think it means 'to continue on with life no matter what'." He hoped that was right. Dianna had some hard work to deal with, of which he also hoped she would be able to handle.

"Oh Okay," said Dianna. Her eyes started getting heavy and before she knew it she was back in dreamland. Dianna still had not gotten her full strength back yet so she got a bit exhausted easily.

Joint Post between Jin Ryku and Dianna Torres

Posted by: Reyan Caius Jun 16 2006, 06:09 PM

The Meridian appeared almost Virus-free, and Reyan paced the bridge, eager to get the ship en-route to a Starbase for inspection

"Are subspace communications back online yet?" Reyan asked - the external comm system had been totally scrambled by the virus, and Reyan wanted to transmit a message to Starfleet command, advising them of their status and intentions

"Coming back online now, Sir" Chief Aliane, one of Commandere D'Troy's subordinates, replied

"Excellent - good work" Reyan replied, as he opened a channel

"Lieutenant-Commander Harjein, open a secure channel to Starfleet" Reyan ordered

"Aye Sir" came the prompt reply, followed by "Secure channel open"

Reyan stood, out of habit rather than necessity

exp_minus.gif "Starfleet Command, this is Captain Reyan Caius of the USS Meridian - encoded into this message are the details of our location and position. The Meridian's main computer and critical systems were infected by pirates, who ambushed our ship - the Virus has now been contained and we intend to head for Starbase two-five-six so that the Meridian's computer can be purged. We will resume our mission as soon as the necessary repairs and maintainance are complete. Reyan out exp_minus.gif

He took a deep breath, releived that the message had been transmitted, and that Starfleet would, very soon, be aware of what had happened to the Meridian as well as where they were

He decide to make his way to sickbay - he hadn't seen much of Kaoru and as well as needing a report from her, he had decided to invite her for dinner again, so long as either of them could find the time


Sickbay was hetic - Kaoru and her team had clearly been busy, although the small number of engineer's scattered around the area were probably not helping

"Kaoru" Reyan called, making little effort to hide his delight in seeing her

Kaoru turned, momentarily looking iriated, but seemed to brighten when she actually noticed who was addressing her

"Good to see you Captain" she replied

"Reyan" Reyan teasingly corrected

"Reyan" she corrected, grinning

"Kaoru - the computer virus is all but contained - would you like dinner?" he asked

"Supper, Reyan - you need to pay more attention to the time!" Kaoru laughed

"Supper it is - are you free?" he asked

"Well, my shift doesn't end for another hour, but I'm sure that my colleagues can handle things" she replied

They both walked to Reyan's quaters, laughing and joking, and quickly entered his quaters, which were dimly lit - Reyan was pleased he had left it that way, as it set the mood

"Drink?" he asked her, stepping toward her, and taking in her scent

"Please" she replied, her voice almost a whisper

Reyan stepped foward again, half-intending to make his way toward his replicator, but instead took Kaoru in his arms and kissed her passionately - a kiss that lasted several minutes

"Sorry" he eventually apologised

"For what?" Kaoru replied

"I..... that was a little presumptious of me" Reyan whispered

"In that case...." Kaoru stated, as she initated another kiss

The two officers kissed passionately; Reyan slowly guided her to his bed as they kissed, assisting her as she slipped out of her uniform down to her underwear, and he did the same

They fell onto the bed, still kissing, and Reyan finally disengaged the lights

Posted by: Harjein Jun 17 2006, 12:33 AM

Taylor stood at the Tactical/Security station, her fingers running over the console with practiced ease. The computer was free of the virus, but she continued to run diagnostics over every system even remotely tied to Security and Tactical. It was possible that even the most trained team of could have missed something vital. But as it turned out, nothing exciting came up.

A touch on her shoulder told her that her duty time was finished. Smiling at the officer in greeting, Taylor took up her PADD from the console and made her way to the turbo lift. After a muttered order to the computer, she read over the report of the interrogation. “Questioning was essentially unsuccessful. In return for information, Areven wanted more than the Meridian crew could promise: freedom for his crew and himself. Information he holds includes the location of the Star Tracker and...”

The lift’s doors opened, and she stepped out, still looking over the PADD. Automatically she side-stepped passing fellow crewmembers, a habit long ago formed since she could read and walk at the same time. After a few moments, she looked up, stopping in front of the Intel Chief’s office. The Captain had told her to give a copy of the report to Ronin.

She pushed the button, hearing the faint ring inside. “Yes?” a quiet reply came.

Taylor entered, blinking her eyes at the unexpected darkness of the room. It seemed utterly desolate. Taylor wondered if that was just his nature to have a barren office, or he hadn't had time to unpack his personal things. “Lt. Cmdr. Harjein. Taylor,” she greeted as was custom, semi-formally sticking out a hand to shake. Ronin simply glanced at it, then back up to her face. Slowly she retracted her hand. “Right. I have the report for the pirates,” she said, giving the PADD to the Chief Intel. “Let me know if there’s anything else you need,” she offered, pausing to see if there was a request.

tag Ronin

Posted by: Pariah Ronin Jun 17 2006, 12:53 AM

The lieutenent took a quick inventory of his condition as well as the information presented to him in approximately 8 seconds... he would be needing to interiogate the prisoners soon and given the nature of pirate life he would probably need to establish authority over the prisoner.

The Federation had a history of caring for their prisoners humanely... or so he had read. Destroy that image, and present the subject with pain lest he reveals the truth. Basic strategy.

"I require a knife..." he said finally. The words were spoken simply. As if there was nothing unusual about the request.

Tag Taylor

Posted by: Harjein Jun 17 2006, 01:35 AM

“A knife,” Taylor repeated, her mind instantly going to the same idea Ronin had. “Well, as much as I’m for intimidation, that’s not exactly Starfleet.”

“I realize that.”

Taylor stared at him, loosely crossing her arms. Ronin had a thing about him, something dark and unusual. She could tell that he would rarely work the way the Prime Directive and Starfleet customs told the officers how to behave. “Using that kind of threat is against the code of prisoners. Use whatever mind tricks you have, though.” She turned to leave, then paused. “If I hear that you tried to physically threaten him, I will not hesitate to go to the Captain,” she warned before exiting the office.

Posted by: Tejas Jun 17 2006, 01:36 AM


Tejas slowly opened her eyes, reminding herself that she was once again in sickbay. But with any luck, she’d be not only released but returned to active duty. She wondered what she would do first.


Her smile turned to a frown as her brow furrowed.

“Good morning Commander.” Tejas looked to see Kaoru.

“Morning Doctor.” Tejas smiled. Though in her gut, it troubled her about this latest reason why she was in sickbay. The only person she’d ever considered a friend from her childhood, whom she’d assumed for dead, had shot her. She took a deep breath clearing her mind.

Kaoru ran a scanner over Tejas before helping her up. Kaoru closed the medical tricorder. “How do you feel?” It was almost as though Kaoru could sense Tejas’ prior emotions.

“Eager to be back on duty.” Tejas said as she sat up on the biobed.

“Medically you are fit. And being that the counselor has cleared you for duty, you may return to active duty.” Kaoru said. Tejas smiled starting to get down from the biobed. “However,” Tejas paused her motion. “I do believe it to be a good idea for you to continue your counseling sessions.”

“Agreed.” Tejas said. Perhaps it would do her some good with some sessions.

After leaving sickbay, Tejas asked the computer where Lieutenant Commander Harjein was and headed toward Ten Forward. The doors to the lounge opening, Tejas noted Taylor sitting near a port hole overlooking the stars outside the ship’s hull.

“Commander Harjein?”

Taylor wrenched her gaze away from the window, her eyes locking with the XO’s. Instantly she stood, pushing her chair back. “Commander,” she replied. “Take a seat, if you’d like.”

"Thank you." Tejas said sitting across from Harjein. "Have you had a chance to interview the pirates?" Tejas said trying to sound casual.

“Yeah.” Taylor leaned back in her seat, the role of command usually forgone in the Ten Forward. “I interviewed Areven. He was incredibly stubborn. Honestly, he spiked my temper more than once.”

"Did he say anything?" Tejas said after a long pause of thought.

“Not really. Just that he knew the hiding place of the Star Tracker.” Taylor glanced up then, slightly frowning as she tried to read the XO’s expression. However, it wasn’t her strong suit to read more than tense situations. “Maybe you could try,” she suggested offhandedly.

"I know the hiding place of the Star Tracker." Tejas muttered under her breath. She stood up. "I assume they're in the brig?" Harjein nodded. Tejas nodded back. “I’ll go have a chat with Arey.. er.. this Areven.” She quickly corrected herself slipping out of Ten Forward, hoping the Security Officer hadn’t caught her slip.

Tejas entered the brig, nodding to the security officer on duty. She walked over to the cell which held Areven. Stared at him through the force field.

“Lower the force field.” Tejas said not bothering to look at the security officer, her eyes still harshly glaring into her former crewmate. The force field flickered off. “Follow me.”

Areven stood up and followed Tejas as they left the brig and entered an interrogation room. A lieutenant junior grade security officer followed as well.

“Let me speak to him alone.” Tejas said when the doors closed.

“Ma’am, standard protocol…” The lieutenant started, reminding her that interrogations required two officers present.

“I said alone.” Tejas momentarily took her eyes off Areven to address the lieutenant.

“Yes, ma’am.” The lieutenant said quietly leaving the room.

Areven took one quick step covering the ground between him and Tejas, wrapping his arms around her embracing her, deeply kissing her. She found herself returning the kiss, before pushing him away, looking briefly out the window into space.

Tejas’ gaze turned back to Areven. “Sit.” She ordered. Areven tentatively sat down at one of the chairs by the table. “Now. What the hell were you thinking Arey?” Tejas continued not giving Areven the chance to respond. “Yes, I know. You’re on a pirate ship, probably in line for Captainhood, looking out for your crew. Your mission failed. It failed Arey. You couldn’t get off this ship. Felt trapped.” Tejas paused. “Am I right so far?”

“So far. Look Tey, I’m sorry, okay?”

“No, not okay. Damnit, Arey I could’ve been seriously hurt.” She pointed herself. Her clean uniform not showing the charred burn from the phaser blast a day prior.

“I would never kill you.” Areven started, but Tejas raised her hand to silence him.

“Save it.” Tejas said taking a seat across the table from the pirate leader. “I’ve spoken with the Chief of Security. You need to cooperate with the interrogations.”

“Or what?”

“This isn’t parley. And I can’t intercede on your behalf. Best you can do for you and your team is to cooperate. A judiciary committee might show leniency.”

“What about loyalties?”

“Arey, I couldn’t then, I can’t now.” Her reference to when they had both been on the Star Tracker, and had participated in a mutiny. He, of course, had understood then she couldn’t persuade the captain to spare his life then. She’d had her own punishments for her insubordination, as did he. “I’m a Commander and I have a duty to the welfare of this ship and her crew.”

“So this is the end between us.” He said gruffly leaning back in his chair crossing her arms.

“Arey, don’t turn this into a personal thing.” Tejas started, then recomposing herself. She could sense the anger rising in him, as though he were counting on her to get him out of the mess he’d created. She brought up the shielding she’d been taught when she was at the Academy. She stood. “It’s out of my hands.”

She went back to the door, opening it, summoning a security officer, not noticing the intel officer entering the interrogation room. “Take him back to his cell.” Tejas said before quickly leaving the room, the brig, and headed swiftly to her quarters where she could be alone.

partial joint post with Taylor

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 17 2006, 09:22 AM


Dianna was awake again and she was getting a bit stir crazy. She called for the doctor. She wanted some information.

'She called for the doctor."

She asked to doctor how long does she have to stay in sickbay and what's going to happen to as it seems she needs some work with her empathic senses to be up to par.

Dianna was worried.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Jun 18 2006, 06:05 AM

Reyan had woken with Kaoru by his side, in the bed

He looked at the time, made his apologies to her, and hastily dressed - he was needed on the bridge, and was eager to confirm if the Meridian was able to get underway

Several hours had passed, and the Meridian's engines were back online - Reyan had ordered last-minute system checks, but all seemed clear

"Commander Ryku - engage the pre-set course to Starbase 289, and engage at best possible speed" he ordered

"Aye Sir" Commander Ryku replied

A sense of relief flooded the bridge - not only was the Meridian underway, but the pirate problem was contained, and they could look foward to a short shoreleave on the Starbase when they arrived

Sorry it's short, but really intended as an "intermission" - we'll start the next mission asap
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