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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Jan 21 2005, 04:27 PM
Full Name: Draconis Gaius Korbin
Species: Betazoid
Date of Birth: 21/08/2345
Place of Birth: Rixx, Betazed
Family: Nosan (Father), Lana (Mother), Caria (Sister) & Jain (Sister)
Marital Status: Divorced

Height: 5ft11
Weight: 157lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown

Starfleet Profession: Operations (2367-PRES)
Starfleet Career:
2363-2367 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy [Studying Operations]
2367-2368 - Ensign, USS Israel [Operations Officer]
2368-2370 - Lieutenant J.G., USS Israel [Deputy Chief Operations Officer]
2370-2375 - Lieutenant, USS Cordial [Deputy Chief Operations Officer]
2375-2379 - Lieutenant, USS Horizon [Deputy Chief Operations Officer]
2379-2380 - Lieutenant, USS Intrepid [Chief of Operations]
2380-2382 - Lieutenant Commander, USS Intrepid [Chief of Operations]
2382-PRES - Status Classified.
Qualifications: Master's Diploma in Starfleet Operations & Engineering
Languages Spoken: Unicode, Zoidian, English, Cardassian

Though both his parents were of Betazoid heritage his father was infact half Trill, making Draconis a quarter Trill. This small degree of Trill genetics made the young Draconis a sickly child... and one that was bedbound whilst his sisters, who were born to their mother in a previous marriage, were out and about the playgrounds of Betazed. His mother's ancestory was a lot less than pure Betazoid too, it consisted of various genetics patterns that could be traced to Orions, Denebians and even Vulcan. This huge genetic splice that Draconis inherited manifested itself first in creating his illness, but as he reached pubity it changed into a strength. This smattering of genetic code from various races had created one of nature's rarest hybrids. As his telepathic abilities were first beginning to develop Draconis was set out because of his unusually high level of telepathic, and even telekenetic powers.
When he reached 17 he applied for Starfleet Academy, but was initially rejected because of his unstable powers and inability to sufficiently control them... at the worst of times inenvertidly reading people's minds. However after a year of intensive mental training on Vulcan with a T'Khasi Master called Vevok his mind became disciplined to a satisfactory extent that Starfleet Academy would accept him.
He completed his course with a full diploma in Starship Operations and at 22, joined the USS Israel as an Ensign. He was aboard the Israel no less than a year before he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and given the role of Deputy Operations Officer.

He transfered to the USS Cordial in 2370 after falling in love with a Betazoid girl named Loovra after meeting on shore leave in the rings of Blue Horizon resort. The Cordial being where Loorva was serving. They married aboard the ship, the ceremony was small and precided over by the ship's Captain and a few friends.

It was whilst serving aboard the USS Cordial that the Dominion War broke out, and for many, including Korbin, this would be the first time they'd see action in an all-out war against a merciless enemy. The Cordial, being a Akira Class, and built for conflict during the Federation last war, the one with the Cardassians a decade before, it was dispatched to the frontline immediately. the ship was disabled in December of 2374, it was Korbin and a few others escaped to find help in a shuttle... this shuttle was captured.

Korbin spent the next three months in a Cardassian prison camp, counting their lucky stars they hadn't been captured by a Jem'Hadar patrol... otherwise they'd have faced certain death. It was odd in a way what happened next, for the prison camp was liberated... not by the usual Federation or even Klingon faces but by the Romulans. The almost dead Korbin and the few other surviving Federation and Klingon captives held at the virtually undefended and rundown prison outpost were to serve aboard the Romulan warbird Rel'kava for two months before being returned to their respective ships.

Korbin returned to serve aboard a recommissioned USS Cordial that had been salvaged by a Ferengi trader off all people and sold back to Starfleet.
Fortunately his wife had transfered away from the Cordial before this ordeal, she had however upon hearing of Draconis' MIA status had put him behind her. Upon his triumphant return from the war he found she had moved on. Devestated they seperated, although by the end amicably. And they remain in contact via subspace bi-monthly.

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