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Posted by: Gaia Moore Mar 7 2005, 01:02 PM
Gaia had been keepign a close eye on the temperature of the Warp Core as the signs that the speed they had been going was beginning to take it's toll on the Intrepid's core. So far, they had narrowly avoided a coolant leakage, a severe burn from a fracture in the line leading to the core. Highly corrosive plasma coolant sprayed everywhere on that occasion, so now Gaia was left light handed. She had also been forced to use a custom interface probe to repair the fracture. That didn't help lessen her mood. Gaia had been keeping a very close eye on the Accelerometer, they had not slowed despite the numerous warnings Gaia had given the Captain and the Commander. A twist of rage boiled up inside her at the mention of the Commander, allbeit not by name. It seemed even his rank brought a rage up from inside her, there was no doubt who that rank referred to, even in her mind...... Ryan Orlan!

"He knew........He knew that I wanted to....." Her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of the Commander in person entering Engineering. It seemed to Gaia as if her very thoughts had conjoured him up. Instead of immediately facing him and doing as protocol demanded, Gaia got back to monitoring the most important readings. The KLS Stabilizer, if the power output went beyond the stability limits, then Gaia was going to have to either shut down the core and take what came......which to her was very tempting to do at that point in time. Or she was going to have to face the Commander and request that they lessen their speed at least until the Warp Core had a chance to restabilize further and to cool down enough to rule out any further problems. Before the Commander had chance to speak or gain Gaia's attention, she stood up and whirled to face him with a face that a raging Red Giant wouldn't come close for comparison purposes. The Commander stepped back slightly, but regained his composure.

"Lieutenant, if this is about the Karcis, then I am sorry. You know as well as I do that I can't control what an Admiral orders, I had no contro-" Gaia didn't give the Commander a chance to finish his sentance, she brandished a Hyperspanner as if she was about to hit him around the head with it.

"Don't! Just don't Ryan!" He opened his mouth as if to protest the use of his name but stopped when she glared at him.

"You knew that I wanted to study the Karcis. I told you on any number of occassions that I was intrigued with it and I wanted to at least work with anyone working on it! Yet you never once, not once! stood up for me and even suggested that I would like to! Instead you let those.......those.......amateur Engineers deal with it! Shows what you think of my skills doesn't it?" With that she turned around back to her work. It made her feel slightly better turning her back on him, because if she hadn't she'd most likely have hit him. Then where would she have been?

"Now Gaia....." Ryan said attempting to calm her down a little. Gaia knew he could detect the hint of jealousy in her tone, even a slight sulk, but she didn't sulk. That is one thing I definitely don't do!.............I don't! Wasn't my fault I never got to discover the information those pathetic excuse for Engineers did....... It isn't!

"Don't you, Now Gaia me!" A whirlwind wouldn't have described the speed she rounded on the Commander. He merely smiled slightly, that mischievous smile he used and began to speak. Gaia let him speak without interrupting this time, just so she wouldn't appear to be too insubordinate.

"Gaia, we've been travelling at warp for over 2 weeks now. This happened, there is nothing we can do about it now, surely you wouldn't hold a grudge like that!"

Her face softened and she stood up, placing the Hyperspanner on the nearest console. "But that isn't what I'm upset about anyway Commander!"

"Could've fooled me!" The Commander whispered, Gaia heard but chose to ignore the comment. For the moment anyway. The Commander continued as if he hadn't spoken what he must have known she had heard.

"What I am upset about is your blatent disreguard of my warnings on the Warp Core!"

"The Captain needed to get to our destination as fast as was possible Gaia. If that meant going slightly longer at maximum warp then that is what had to be done!"

"Tell that to the Ensign in sickbay this very moment with I don't know what burns on his arm, maybe worse! I warned you not to push the core, I warned you to SLOW DOWN! But you didn't listen and that was the result! I have been working my butt off just keeping the core from overheating! If we don't slow down soon, then I don't know if I can stop a warp core breech, I don't know if I even will be able to cool it down again anyway!"

"You warned the Captain and myself, we made a decision that it was a risk worth taking. It wasn't that much over the time!"

"Not much over the.........." Gaia threw her hands up and had to walk a little way before she could regain control to speak calmly again. "Not much over the limit......Commander, we were at maximum warp for over 14 hours! The time allowed, or advised is 12! I'm surprised we didn't have a meltdown!"

"We slowed down didn't we?"

"Yes, after a very, very long discussion with the Captain and after we had already recieved casualties!"

"But we are stable now are we not?"

"Yes we are, now you've finally listened to me! but I'm warning you Commander! you are NOT to push the core that much anymore until it is more stable! I will do it manually if I have to, but I will not risk anymore of my personnel. Captain or no Captain!"

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 7 2005, 08:29 PM
Ryan sighed and looked Gaia directly in the eyes. This was well becomming the first disagreement between the pair since his advancement into the Executiive Officers chair.

"Gaia, I understand your concern for your personnel - but I have the responsibillity to the ship and the mission."

"The invitation from the Romulan's will still be there, that area of space will still be there - I question if this ship will be."

Ryan moved closer to Gaia and lowered his voice even more with the sudden concern that the Engineering staff may think he was unable to moderate the situation.

"Alright, we're a good two a half hours away from our destination. The warp core is now fine. When we arrive you can dismantel it, do a full diagnostic -"

"Oh I see, I stay behind and scrub the warp core while the rest of the crew explore? I don't think so."

"Then perhaps you should start now." Ryan whispered in her ear and drew away with a broad grin, then he stutted towards the door before Gaia could utter a word.

They had been traveling for near two weeks at high warp, problems similar to the Engineering incident had been happening all around the ship, but the Captain continued to press for speed. There was an urgency about the ship, and Ryan had thought it quaint to break the tension and get to know the crew.

The time was passing quickly and Ryan had stayed longer in Engineering that he had intended. His feet moved briskly over the carpeted floor towards holodeck two, never-the-less he would be late yet again.

Ryan indulged in the brief Holodeck simulations - now seemingly countless - before he snapped back to reality. "Uh oh!" He cringed, looking both ways before he quickened his pace. Geo would be disappointed....

"I'm sorry!" Ryan said as he rounded the corner and stoped infront of Geo.

"What kept you? I've spent the last five minutes convincing Ensign Jacobs not to reschedule our session!"

"Sorry," Ryan said again. "Moore had me cornered in Engineering, brandishing a Hyperspanner..."

"Well, atleast you are dressed for the part." Geo beamed a malignant smile and turned to tap on the console nearest the holodeck enterance.

"It's a Starfleet reinactment - what else would I wear?"

"Even if it wasn't you still wouldn't have had time to change in your quaters."

"Hey, when your an Executive Officer you can be as early as you want." Ryan laughed as he removed two of his golden pips and dropped them into a pocket.

"Bring on the drones!" Geo roared and crossed the threshold onto the Bridge of the USS Saragosa.

Ryan followed suite and took his place at the Operations station. A feeling of disorientation swelled within his mind till he once again familiarized himself with the out-of-date Miranda Class console configuration.

"How did we ever manage to use these things?"

"You'll probably say the same thing about the Intrepid's LCARS when they are updated - You ready?"

"Yeah... I think I've got it." Ryan said hesitantly.

"Computer - begin program."


Posted by: Tomsk M'Kang Mar 8 2005, 10:42 AM
Tomsk sat in his quarters, looking over mission briefings, tactical analisis of the neutral zone sector, and known capabilities of Romulan Warbirds for the seventh time. Nothing had changed since his first six times of studying them. No matter how he looked at it, if things went south in the neutral zone, the Intrepid was in serious trouble.

He sighed, pulled the almost empty bottle of Romulan Ale, vintage 2205, out of his desk, and poured the last of it into a glass. Slowly, he drained the glass, and looked at the empty bottle. He looked at the empty bottle with regret. Well, he thought, at least in the neutral zone there was a chance of replenishing his stock, even if the vintage would not be as good.

a4.gif M'Kang to Lieutenant Martek a4.gif

a4.gif Go ahead a4.gif

a4.gif When you have a free moment, may I have a word with you please? a4.gif

a4.gif I'm currently on the bridge. a4.gif

a4.gif On my way. M'Kang out. a4.gif

Tomsk stood, straightend his uniform, and headed to the bridge. When he arived, he strode over to the tactical display, and began speaking with Martek in Klingon. "I have been going over all the information that I have collected, as well as my own memories of this region of space. If memory serves, there are quite a few chared hulks of old Romulan and Federation ships floating about, as well as a minefield in this region of the sector," he said, pointing to an area of the map on her display. "Also, I know you are aware already, but it is not wise to trust Romulans, they always have a reason for the things that they do, one that ultimatly serves their purpose. As someone once said, 'Beware of Romulans bareing gifts'."

Martek acknowledged the information that Tomsk had provided by marking her map accordingly. She continued the conversation in Klingon. "I'm one step ahead of you Lieutenant, I have been keeping the sensors scanning for Tachyon emissions, In case they try to use a cloaking device. Granted, we will only pick them up if they get close, but some warning is better than no warning."

M'Kang nodded in agreement. "Good thinking. By the way Lieutenant, I just want you to know that I am not trying to step on your toes here. I understand that my posting on this ship, with duties that at times overlap yours can be frustrating. If you feel that I overstep my bounds, please feel free to pull me aside, and tell me what the problem is."

Martek nodded. "I will be sure to do that."

M'Kang looked arround the bridge. "I have been meaining to talk to you about your security teams. No offence intended, but have they been properly trained to repel borders, fight prolonged engagements on planetary and zero-g environments, and to make freefall combat drops from orbit? I'm not saying that it will be needed, but one can never be too prepaired."

Martek stared at Tomsk with an icy gaze. "The security teams aboard the Intrepid are prepaired for anything short of storming the docks of Gre'thor (hell)."

Tomsk returned the stare. "Then let us pray that will be sufficiant should the situation turn against us."

With that, Tomsk strode off the bridge, and went to see if any of the holo-decks were unoccupied.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 8 2005, 02:18 PM
Korbin plunged his hands into the water filled basin, that sat dominantly in the en-suite toilet from his quarters. He drew water in his clasped hands and splashed it over his face. It was a refreshing feeling after the two hours he'd spent solitarily playing Biltzball in the holodeck, he hadn't worked up a sweat... he'd made sure the holodeck's enviromental cntrols were set accordingly to avoid one but because of this it made his skin very dry.

Washing had always been an activity that bordered on ceremonial for Betazoids... and though Draconis wasn't particularly a traditional Betazoid it was basically a genetic hunger for clenliness.

Returning to the main section of his quarters he took a quick glance at his Starfleet Uniform, which had uncaringly thrown across the back section of his lounger-sofa. Noting it needed hanging up at some point... and washing in the near future, he strode to the opposite side of his quarters to his wardrobe.
Officer's quarters were, and would be, always more spacious than that of the lower crewmen but on a ship as small as the Intrepid they still weren't much more than the size of standard quarters aboard a Galaxy...

Sliding the wardrobe open gracefully he withdrew the first casual off-duty garment that came to hand, a two piece outfit... the lower half an Earth material "Denim" and the top a Betazoid cotton coloured with black dye.
He had intended to relax into a nice non-regulation drink in the Starview Lounge... but he decided against it. He was aware of the new crewmember aboard the Intrepid, a Human with an apparently obvious Klingon name. Obviously the man had a story...
Korbin, retrieving his combadge from his discarded Starfleet Uniform, said "Korbin to Lieutenant M'Kang. Meet me by Holodeck 1. Care for a game of your choice?"

Posted by: Tomsk M'Kang Mar 8 2005, 03:49 PM
The Bat´leth struck the flesh of his opponent, cutting to the bone, and dealing a fatal wound. Tomsk spun the weapon, and threw it at a fleeing humanoid shape. The blade flew true, and imbedded in the final warriors back. The man fell to the ground, dead. Breathing heavly, Tomsk surveyed the carnage around him. Blood trickled from a small cut above his right eye. Twelve boddies lay scattered about, all killed by a bladed object. The twelve boddies all were human. In fact, all twelve had the same face. The face of the commanding officer that he had murdered. "I'm getting old" Tomsk said. There was a time when he could have dispached the twelve opponents without breaking a sweat, but the years of drinking were getting to him. Moving to the body of his most recent kill, Tomsk pulled the Bat´leth from his back. He noted with pride that the point on the end had pierced the man's heart. At least his aim was still true.

"Computer, restart simulation. Again, disable ALL safety protocalls."

A screaming Cardassian broke through the folliage, blade on a down swing. Tomsk parried the attack, and began a vicious series of counter attacks. Just before he delivered the coup de grace, his combadge chirped. "Computer, Pause simulation."

Tomsk heard the badge chirp again, and tapped his badge, and heard the message.

a4.gif "Korbin to Lieutenant M'Kang. Meet me by Holodeck 1. Care for a game of your choice?" a4.gif

a4.gif "M'Kang here, I am currently in holodeck 1, I name Anbo Jitsu. It is well know among the Klingons that you never truly know someone until you fight them. M'Kang out" a4.gif

"Computer, terminate program, and begin program 'M'Kang Anbo Jitsu ring 3'."

The room suddenly changed to black walls with yellow grids on them, which were quickly replaced by a detailed oriental dojo recreation from Earth centuries past, with an Anbo Jitsu ring in the center. On the floor of the ring was the same design that Tomsk had tatooed on his right shoulder - the Federation symbol with the Klingon emblem in the center.

"Computer, add sparing official, and enable all safety protocalls." Tomsk looked around the tranquil room, and added another being to the simulation. "Computer, bring EMH online, clothed in the garments of the time and setting for this simulation." Tomsk hoped that the EMH would not be needed.

Tomsk then waited for Lieutenant Korbin to arrive at the holodeck, and reminded himself that this would be a points match, damage should not be inflicted to his opponent.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 8 2005, 05:22 PM
Korbin came gingerly up to the doors of Holodeck One. As he approached they slid open in their trademark style. Draconis took in a deep breath and took a step in. Expecting somesort of foul-smelling Klingon dive-pit he was nicely suprised when his eyes were greeted with the smoothly colours of somesort of alien culture, one he could only imagine was from Earth's past, and his nose was greeted with the pleasant aroma of something Draconis couldn't quite put his finger on...

He ventured inside finding Lieutenant Tomsk standing ready bearing his Bat'leth. A second, which Korbin presumed was it, lay by the side of the small circular ring that was painted in a dulled red across the wooden floor. The EMH stood presiding over the proceedings in somsort of strange white robes.

Hearing Korbin's entry Tomsk swung around, shifting his body weight to the opposite foot he launched himself towards Korbin brandishing his Bat'leth at half arms length. Korbin darted backwards quickly, allowing Tomsk's Bat'leth to hover harmlessly above Korbin's head like the sword of Damocles.

"You intend to kill the ship's Chief Operations Officer?" Korbin asked smiling and raising his hand to brush the Bat'leth away.

"A warrior never reveals his intentions to his opponent, it's poor strategy," Tomsk retorted pacing back inside the red ring.

Korbin took the Bat'leth from the side and held it in his hand a moment, savouring it's texture in his hands. He judged it's weight and durability. His weapons assessments done he turned to face Tomsk inside the ring... it had been many years since Korbin's minor fighting training back on Starbase One and he knew he'd be out of practice...

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Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 8 2005, 05:44 PM
With a few hours to kill, Reyan decided that the Bridge would not miss him for an hour or two and left it in the capable hands of Lieutenant Martek, who seemed a little irritated

"Everything alright Lieutenant?" he asked carefully, not wanting to insult her honor

"Yes Sir" she stated,

Reyan decided not to press the issue - Lieutenant Martek could and no doubt would deal with the matter herself, although he vowed to address the issue at greater length later

"Computer - locate Commander Orlan"

"Commander Orlan is on holodeck two" the computer replied in it's usual tone

As the doors parted, Reyan was surprised to find himself on the Bridge, although this was a different and somewhat older Bridge to the one he had left only moments ago - he immediately noticed Lieutenant Revolone and Commander Orlan, both sat at the front consoles of the Bridge, and scattered around the bridge stood various officers wearing the Starfleet uniforms of the late 2360's/early 2370's. He turned to view the dedication plaque mounted on the wall

USS Saratoga - NCC-31911 - Miranda class

"Wolf 359" Reyan muttered, too quietly to be overheard by anyone, and considering the activity on the bridge, he doubted that he would have been heard if he had shouted

Maintaining a low profile, Reyan listened to what he could hear of the converstation that Commander Orlan and Lieutenant Revolone were having

"I'm certain that, with the correct piloting, the Saratoga would have lasted a lot longer than it did" Lieutenant Revolone stated

"I don't know - these old Miranda-class ships were past their best by this time" Commander Orlan replied

"I'm telling you, with the right maneuvers......" Lieutenant Revolone started to say

"Let's just see what happens, shall we? This is only a holodeck recreation but it would be interesting to know what exactly would have happened if one of the ships at Wolf 359 had done somthing differently"

"In that case, let's see if a change of Captain would have made a difference too, shall we?" Reyan finally stated, startling both of his Bridge officers

"Aye Sir" Ryan replied, as he turned his attention back to the operations console

On the viewscreen, the USS Melbourne made it's infamous attack run, the first ship to open fire on the Borg, and as they watched, the first ship to be destroyed by the Borg - holodeck recreation or not, they were viewing an event that had actually taken place - the death of the Melbourne and her crew. History recorded that the Saratoga had at this point joined the Yamaguchi and the Bellerophon on an attack run, but Reyan was not going to follow history

"Hard to port, and fire torpedoes as we bank" he shouted, as a Borg cutting beam lashed out from the ugly monstrosity cube fillng their viewscreen

The Saratoga banked and fired, as the Yamaguchi and Bellerophon sprinted past them, firing as they went

Despite everything, Lieutenant Revolone looked up, a look of surprise on his face

"Somthing just occured to me - here I am, sat on the holodeck with my XO and CO, watching a recreation of a ship that my FORMER CO and XO served aboard" he chuckled

"Which particular ship?" Ryan asked

"The Nebula class - USS Bellerophon - Kirol B'son, who was a Lieutenant back then was her Helm Officer and Darion Sequiera, who would have been a Lieutenant-Commander at the time, was her Operations officer, I served under them both aboard the Horizon"

"Nice story- tell us the rest later - Fire phasers" Reyan called as the Saratoga's bridge rocked from the Borg cutting beam skimming the Saratoga's shields

and then, those words which haunted Starfleet Officers everywhere

"We are the Borg - Lower your shields and surrender your ships - your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own - resistance is futile", and it was the half-mechnical face of one of the most famous Starfleet Captain's of recent times that filled the viewscreen - Jean-Luc Picard

The viewscreen reverted back to a view of the attacking Starfleet ships, but they were now being picked off at lesiure by the Borg, treating them as nothing more than a mere inconvienience

"Rotate phaser neutation and fire torpdoes simultainiously - don't give them a chance to adapt or regenerate" Reyan demaned, knowing that this senario was the modern day Kobayashi Maru- there was no possibility of winning

The phaser shots impacted against the Borg ship's hull, causing damage, but clearly not enough to cause the Borg any concern - four large green bolts emerged from the cube, striking down and destroying two Starfleet ships effortlessly

"Attack pattern Sierra" Reyan shouted, just as one of the bolts leapt from the Borg cube and impacted against the Saratoga's shields, collapsing them

Consoles exploded and fire broke out all of the Bridge - holodeck or not, this senario seemed very real and Reyan had no doubt that the Saratoga's bridge probably had looked like this in reality during this battle

"Lieutenant Revolone - ramming speed - lets see if the impact from a starship would have been enough to slow them

reply Geo/Ryan

Posted by: Kayla Martek Mar 8 2005, 05:46 PM
Kayla felt the remanents of irritability and offence as Lt M'Kang turn to leave the bridge. She enjoyed the fact that he had spoken in Klingon, as she didnt get to speak much of her own language anywhere on this ship but the fact that he questioned the abilities of her security team were outrageous!

She had spent many hours herself training the team on ALL areas of combat and tactical response. How dare he say that we should PRAY that this would be sufficient in the event of an attack!!!! Who does he think he is??
The more she thought about it the more her blood began to boil. She let out a slight growl, which grabbed the attention of the Captain as he glanced over at her

"Everything alright Lt?" he questioned.

Kayla looked up briefly "Yes sir!"

The captain knew this was the result of words between her and Lt M'kang. He rubbed is chin for a moment or two and thought about taking it up in the ready room with her later.

In the mean time, Kayla set the scanner on automatic, while she began a weapons diagnostic then turning her attention to the security office she checked for the reports she had requested from the transporter room. All reports were standard with no varations. Kayla still couldnt help feeling, especially after the Lt's comments, how there has got to be some real reason this Lt has joined us unexpectedly. More than that, why was he especially chosen by the Admiral?

Could section 31 be a menacing factor? Could Geo be involved somehow? Geo had been tied into Section 31 on the previous vessel the USS Horizon. But due to the timeline interference, did he remember that?

This was all possible but nothing concrete to even suggest they could. Kayla thought all this could be worth investigating, but now was not the time. She would call into the security office and do some investigating at the end of her shift. Even if this did not amount to anything, it would give her some satisfaction to know the record of Lt M'Kang as she was sure he had investgated most of this crew.

She continued tapping away at her console. She thought, I am doing this just because im angry and frustrated at the Lt? Maybe... but sometimes frustration is good!.


Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Mar 8 2005, 10:19 PM
"Attack pattern Sierra" Reyan shouted, just as one of the bolts leapt from the Borg cube and impacted against the Saratoga's shields, collapsing them

Consoles exploded and fire broke out all of the Bridge - holodeck or not, this senario seemed very real and Reyan had no doubt that the Saratoga's bridge probably had looked like this in reality during this battle

"Lieutenant Revolone - ramming speed - lets see if the impact from a starship would have been enough to slow them"

Geo nodded, adjusting the variance and coordinates of the ship. This would have been the classic time when the ships were formed into a secondary blockade run, and Kirols ship would have been substantially damaged.

"This is going to be hell..." Ryan told himself, and offered a grin towards Geo, who chuckled and shook his head. The intruder klaxons rang, the first of the borg drones were boarding the ship. According to wolf 359, several ships were boarded by borg drones... Geo didn't know the history on it (He hadn't been at Wolf 359, rather... On the other side of the federation).

"Impulse drive down!"


"Simulations good, they took it out to prevent the attack vector..."

"Intruders on Deck Two...! Intruders on the Bri -" the simulation was cut off as the man was propelled into the Captains seat by a fierce explosion from Tactical. Anil grunted, almost launched to his knees before he regained himself. Geo had already risen, snarling happily. "It's time to dance!"

The drones appeared, but the Captain had already shouted the order for the crew to prepare to repel invaders. The phaser felt odd in Geo's hand, clearly of an older design (the rifles looked even worse) but he didn't say anything else.

"Geo!" Anil dived... the Miranda had been afloat, and at that moment collided with the gigantic Borg Cube... The shudder as the intertial dampeners failed to compensate and the ship was torn asunder within the saucer section.

Geo was propelled forward, slamming headlong into the viewscreen - the Holodeck safety protocols hampered the critical damage (and possibly death) that he would have sustained, instead leaving him slightly bruised. Anil quaintly landed within the Helm seat, and a bulk head ruptured above Ryans head...

Phaser fire shone clearly against the hazy smoke that filled the room. Security personel had long since come onto the bridge to lend aid, but the Bridge crew were the ones doing most of the fighting...

"Ryan!" Kaoru was definately in character, charging off to the Turbo lift with the same phaser that was in Geo's hands - he was beginning to think the Federation should have lost - when a sudden volley of a Nebula's ship rocked against the hull of the Borg Cube, causing damage to the Saragosa...


"I blame you!" Geo spun to point at Anil, who raised his hands defensively and barked a laugh. Ryan got up from a spot on the floor, where the bulkhead had covered him moments before... Kaoru was laughing...

"Oh sure... I'm stuck under a bulhead, with you two fighting away and he gets blamed!" Ryan laughed, and Anil offered a mock look of surprise.

"Hey! How was I supposed to know that that would happen..."

"Well if I was captain!"


Geo blinked, looking innocently towards the three, then waved his hands. They all laughed again.

"Well... I hear the Chef made some milkshakes in the Mess Hall..." Reyan nodded, seeming keen to get a drink.

"Why are we still here!" Kaoru shouted, and Ryan pointed towards her.

"Because the Doctor hasn't cleared us for duty..."

"You are now dismissed... pending drinking of fluids in the Mess..."

They all walked out of the Holodeck. A trail of Geo's comments on how he could have done it had it been an Ambassador being repeated...

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Posted by: Sally Ryder Mar 9 2005, 06:52 AM
OOC---Backtracking here a bit. I was a bit confused, still am. If I am going in the wrong direction, please let me know. Thanks!

Sally shut down the holosuite program, as the Karcsis situation was temporarally put on hold, as some of the crewmembers wanted it for recreational purposes. She picked up Tribble in her sphere and headed back to her quarters where she let Tribble out into her Jeffries Tubes, and stored the newest data into her quarter's computer. She replicated dinner and settled down in the tiny dinette area.

She was reading a classic sci fi novel and while reading it, started to think more about the Karcsis. She was hoping that the false signals would lead astray the Romulans or whatever race was after them, and in the morning, she, Korbin and Kayla could go over things again and maybe she could figure out what is happening.

Posted by: Tomsk M'Kang Mar 9 2005, 10:18 AM
((OOC - Sorry, but this is a long one ))

"Do you like the Bat´leth Lieutenant?" Tomsk asked.
"It is an interesting weapon, I'll say that much", was the reply from Draconis.

Tomsk hefted his own Bat´leth, and inspected it carefully. "These two were hand crafted by a master weaponsmith. The one you hold is yours to keep." Tomsk set his Bat´leth down on a stand, and walked over to Draconis . Tomsk studied him carefully, his piercing gaze missing nothing. "It occures to me that you are not familiar with Anbo Jitsu, no?"

"What gave it away?" asked Korbin.

Tomsk laughed. "Well, no offence, but you seemed to think that a Klingon sword is used to participate in it. Would you like for me to educate you on the subject?"

Korbin grinned, "Please do".

Tomsk walked over to the ring, and picked up a long pole with a light on the top. "Anbo Jitsu is considered by many to be the ultimate form of martial arts. This staff is used while performing, and sparring. Also, both opponents are wear these helmats. One is unable to see out of the helmat. This is an ancient art, it is a form that is focused on the mental state, and many have claimed to reach enlightenment from it."

"Your begining to sound like some kind of mystic Tomsk", laughed Korbin.

Tomsk shrugged at the suggestion. "I do not seek enlightenment. I seek a means to defeat my opponent should my sense of sight be taken from me in battle. Allow me to demonstrate." M'Kang donned the helmat and stepped into the ring. He turned his back to Korbin, and said "Take the staff, and strike me. Feel free to attack me from any direction. Please be sure that you do not pull any punches, attack me with all your stregnth if you wish."

Draconis circled the ring, shaking his head. Suddenly he swung the staff at Tomsk, attacking from the flank. Tomsk spun into motion, slipping one arm around the staff, and tucking it under his arm.

"When you practice enough, you learn to depend on sight less and less. Your other senses compensate for the loss of sight. One can hone these other senses to be just as usefull as the eyes during combat. Attack me again."

Time after time, Draconis attempted to strike M'Kang, each attack was unsucessfull.

"Draconis, would you like for me to teach you Anbo Jitsu? As I have pointed out earlyer, it is an exelent way to develop your senses. This, coupled with your Betazoid heratage, could make you a very formidable opponent on the battlefield. " Tomsk said.

"I would be honored", came the other officers reply. "Do you mind if I ask you a question, one not related to Anbo Jitsu?"

"You may ask."

"How is it that a human has a Klingon name, and how did you become an officer in Starfleet."

Tomsk's eyes took on a far away look. "I will tell you. In fact, I will give you my lifes history, under one condition. You may speak of it to no one, and you may never speak of it to me again. Computer, End Program." The holodeck took on its natural state, Tomsk picked up the two Bat´leths, and carfully handed Korbin one of them. "Go, place your weapon in your quarters, and meet me in the ships lounge in ten minutes." Tomsk then strode out of the holodeck.

-----------------> Ships Lounge <--------------------

Tomsk stepped up to the bar, and ordered a bottle of whiskey, and a glass. He then walked to his usual table, and took his usual seat, the one that kept his back to the corner. Korbin walked in, ordered a drink, and joined Tomsk at the table. "Remember, you may speak of this to no one, I must have your word."

"You have it" came the reply.

Tomsk looks down at his whiskey, a faraway look on his scarred face. He tries to begin speaking a couple times, but words escape him. Finaly, he begins to speak in almost a whisper. "I'm going to tell you something that I have told few others. My military career did not start with Starfleet. I attended the Imperial Klingon Acadamy, but due to being a human, I was only allowed to attend marine training. I won't lie to you, it was rough. They almost killed me several times. But I graduated. I was last in my class. My first commander hated me because I am human, even though I was addopted by Klingons, and raised on Qo'noS. The son of a targ lied, and I had to face Discommendation. So I went looking for a job, anything to support myself. I finaly landed a job on a freighter, scrubbing decks, and loading cargo. I hated it... It was not a job for a warrior. After a year or so, the freighter made a delivery to San Fransisco."

Tomsk paused and sipped his whiskey, savoring the burn of the synthahol against his throat. Thinking that Tomsk was finished with his story, Korbin began to speak. Tomsk lifted his hand, and stopped the man before his could utter a word.

"I skipped out on the freighter, figuring that San Fransisco would hold better luck for me. Before I knew it, I was picking up trash off the streets during the day, and drinking my credits away at night. I was on my way home one night, and I saw a man with salt and pepper hair getting robbed in an alley. This was not your ordinary robbery though, you see, there were 6 men beating this guy mercilessly. Even though I was hammered, I decided to help him. I... I don't remember much of the fight, but I know I laid those men a beat down. When I was done fighting, 2 of the men were dead, 3 were unconcious, and one... well one guy I later found out would never walk again. Thats not all. The guy I saved turned out to be an off duty Starfleet Marine Major General. Once I had sobered up, he offered to sponcer me into Starfleet Acadamy, the Marine division. Having no place to go, no home to speak of, I took him up on the offer. Four years later, I graduated from the Acadamy. I graduated top of my class. Guess the Klingon Marine trainging was worth it."

Tomsk sighed, and again took a sip of his drink. He paused for a while, but Korbin made no attempte to speak. Tomsk had his undevided attention. He knew what the other officer was asking himself. Korbin wanted to know how someone who had graduated at the top of the Marine Acadamy 4 years prior, was now a Fleet Lieutenant. He raised his eyes, the scar on his face only reinforcing every word he spoke. "After I graduated, I married a girl that graduated the same day I did. She was the only person in the world that truly cared about me. I quicly became a Captain. It only took me 2 years to do it."

Tomsk's voice dropped to a horce whisper. "Then the Domminion War started. My wife and I were in the same unit. My unit was fighting a zero-g battle against the Dominon forces. My commanding officer was totaly incompotent. He attempted to run from the battle, and ordered some marines to cover his retreat. The coward sent them to thier deaths, while he fled in a shuttle. My wife... my wife was one of the ones he ordered to cover his cowardly retreat. So was I. She died, as did the rest of the unit. My commander and I were the only ones left alive from the battle. When I caught up with him on the USS Brisbane, he was on the bridge. I killed him with my bat´leth. I killed him in front of the ships Captain, and the entire bridge crew. It was very bloody. I was court martialed. But the court called it a 'crime of passion', and I was only demoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. I later found out that the General I had saved all those years ago, had called in some favors, and had the life sentance commuted to just a bust in rank." Another sip of whiskey. "I don't care anymore. I fight each battle hoping that it will be my last. That someone on the other side will get lucky, and will take me out, but I am either a victim of my own training, or I am just unlucky, I haven't figured out which one it is just yet. I was a still a lowly Second LT not too long ago, but that... well that is something that I am not at liberty to speak of. We will continue your Anbo Jitsu training at a later date, if you don't mind learning from an old murderer."

Tomsk stood, and walked out of the ships lounge. It almost seemed to Korbin that the man who quicly dissapeared carried a very heavy burden.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 10 2005, 05:20 PM
After leaving the Wolf 359 simulation, Reyan headed straight to his quaters in order to send a short message to his Father on Bajor

As soon as this task was completed he headed back for the Bridge, where he found everything in good order, and Lieutenant Martek sat in the Captain's chair

"Anything to report, Lieutenant?" he asked

"No sir - ETA to arrival on the Romulan border is 4 hours - all systems working normally, although I did receive a complaint from Lieutenant Moore about the warp drive"

Reyan sighed

"I'll deal with the warp core issue later - it's not as if we are pushing the ship very hard, especially not after the last warning she gave us"

Lieutenant Martek simply grinned, and then headed back to the tactical station

"Oh - Lieutenant - I know that I don't really need to tell you this, but remain vigilant - I know that the Romulan's are extending a hand of peace, but this situation with the Isolationists does concern me" Reyan stated as he followed her

"The Romulan's have shown a surprising tendancy toward honor in recent times Captain - but I don't fully trust them either - and I am always vigilant" Lieutenant Martek stated in agreement

Reyan smiled

"I'll be in my ready room if you need me Lieutenant - can't leave that paperwork forever"

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 10 2005, 05:26 PM
The noise from the setting down on the whisky cup was still echoing in Korbin's ears as Tomsk made a hasty exit from the Intrepid's lounge.
Korbin sat back into his chair for a moment, he had found Tomsk a hard mind to read. What he could get from him was often distorted... who knows what kind of hell the Klingons must of put him through...Korbin figured brushing it off, guessing Tomsk's mind was a mess because of this reason.

Draconis finished his drink, a real Betazoid drink called Konem... that by Earth stands would be considered mild... but for a Betazoid it was quite much, then rose up. He wanted to talk more with Tomsk, but had sensed the man's desire to be alone. Though clear thoughts of Tomsk's had been blurred Korbin had easily picked up his general emotions. And he understood how difficult it woz for him to retell the story of his life.

Korbin returned the whisky and Konem glasses to the bar and retired to his quarters. As he walked in he glanced over to the wall on the left where his newly acquired Bat'leth hung... he had replicated a bracket for it and it now hung proudly on the wall. Smiling at it for a brief moment, it symbolizing Korbin's newly found friendship with the tortured soul that was Intrepid's new Strat Ops Officer, before crossing to his bed...

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 10 2005, 07:54 PM
The recreation was exactly what the doctor had needed. It felt so good to laugh. She joined Geo and Ryan in the ships lounge, laughing at Geo's protestations about how he would have handled things. She rather wished the captain had joined them, she had some things she'd like to discuss with him, but she supposed it wasn't exactly appropriate to discuss what she thought was the potentially dangerous overwork of the Intrepid's crew over milkshakes in the ships lounge. She'd visit the captain later when they could speak privately.

In the meantime, she enjoyed the lively and enthusiastic company of Geo and Ryan, hoping that the members of her staff were finding ways to relax and enjoy themselves too, as she had ordered.

Geo told a story about a ferengi freighter pilot trying to use a federation replicator to create organs for the black market. His description of the Ferengi up to his ears in quivering livers had her laughing so hard she was crying. She put her hands to her temple, "Stop..my head's going to explode if I laugh any more." Pushing away her milkshake she rose, nodding to them both, wiping the tears from her eyes, still grinning. "I can't tell you both how much I needed this. Thank you."

She would never admit to anyone how good it had felt to weild that phaser. She was the ship's doctor after all. She wasn't supposed to be blood thirsty, and if she was, it was going to be her little secret.

Still chuckling to herself she went to the quarters of the ensign who had sustained plasma burns on his arm. He was doing very well. Kaoru cleared him for duty on his next shift.

Once she left his quarters, she stood for a while by the turbo lift, hesitating for just a second before she spoke, "Engineering."

Kaoru stepped into engineering, finding Gaia there, as expected. Lt. Moore was bent over her console, her face a blend of concentration and frustration.

"Lieutenant Moore?" Kaoru interrupted her.

Gaia looked up and Kaoru could almost see her cringe, but she succeeded in keeping her face neutral. Kaoru chuckled, "Pleased to see me?"

"You know the answer Doctor." Lt. Moore's tone was business like, and she continued, "If you've come to relieve me from duty I'm going to have to hear the orders from the Captain first, sorry Doctor."

Kaoru held up her hands, stopping that line of thought, "I have no intention of doing that Gaia." She bit her lip, "I was angry when you went against my orders. I won't say I wasn't. It undermined my authority with the crew and I didn't appreciate it." She continued, "I didn't appreciate it, but I did understand it."

"Excuse me?" Gaia looked a bit skeptical.

Kaoru smiled, "It's true. I do understand it. I hope that you understand my position too though. It's not a decision I made lightly, and I still don't think it was the wrong one." Just visually examining Gaia, Kaoru could see the stress and fatigue in her lovely face.

"But I don't want to belabor it Gaia. We've known each other for a few years now, and I don't want the stress of the past few weeks to damage our friendship." Kaoru held out her hand and Gaia shook it, smiling at her.

"Don't worry about that doctor."

"I won't...now." She patted Gaia's arm, "Take care of yourself all right? I'll be checking on you periodically too...and next time I order you to light duty, I'll know to post a guard."

Gaia chuckled and Kaoru did too, winking at the woman once before she left engineering, heading to her quarters.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Mar 11 2005, 12:59 AM
That left Geo and Ryan. A silence slowly developed, as the two drank in silence. Then Ryan actually started another conversation.

"How are you finding the Intrepids Helm controls?"

"I could steer it better if it wasn't so bloody big!"

They both chuckled, and Ryan scrubbed the back of his neck in irritation a moment. It was clear that something was on his mind.

"What's up man? Spill it already?"

"Are you always this inform -"

"Yes, you should see some of the stuff I've gotten into..."

"Your record says it all," Ryan commented, and Geo couldn't help but grin. Whether it was meant slanderous or not, both men appreciated Geo's uncanny ability to get the job done. As Geo appreciated Ryans blunt ability to dish it out. He was a competant commander.

"So it's girl problems?"

"Girl problems? First, I'm a starfleet officer, and relationships are frowned upon. Second, I don't discuss it with underlings and -"

"third, making up excuses leads to denial." Geo smirked, his brows rose as if to comment 'busted' before he finished off his drink and ordered another, synthahol this time.

"Your still on duty Lieutenant,"

"Aye, and you have Girl problems."

"Would you lay off already? I don't have girl problems, not that I'm implying there is a girl."

"Alright, then you have guy problems"

"AH! GEO!?" Ryan glanced both ways, then laughed outright, jutting his index finger towards the Hermekian. "You did this on purpose?"

"Sorry mate, it was all for a good titter..."

"Titter indeed!"

"Very well, it was to prove I can drink more then you..."

Ryan frowned, thinking about the prospect, then chuckled. "On our first R&R man! I'll drink you under then... But we have to remain sober for work."

"No fun and all games is no fun with games..." He nodded matter of factly, then sighed, "very well... But we'll see who drinks who."

"I'd better get ready for my shift," Ryan rose from his seat, smiling. "It's been a pleasure Lieu -"

"you want to get hit Commander,"

"A PLEASURE GEO!" Ryan said louder,

Geo laughed, waiting till the Commander was nearly out the door before replying, "good luck with the girl!"

He heard an exasperated sound from the otherside, but by then he too was making an exit.

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Posted by: Sally Ryder Mar 11 2005, 06:54 AM
Sally entered 10 Forward when it seemed like everyone she wanted to talk to was leaving. She shrugged her shoulders and placed an order for her favorite meal when she was extremely hungry, Chicken Parmisana and Spaghetti with red wine, and headed for one of the window seats. She was extremely surprised that the doctor didn't stop and pulled her over, asking why she flew the coop in Sickbay.

While she was waiting for her meal, she pulled out a padd and started to write a letter to her parents:

Dear Mom and Dad-
This mission has been quite interesting so far, but the only detail I can tell you about is that a couple of weeks ago, due to minor turbulance, I banged my head really bad and was knocked out cold. I was in Sickbay for about a week, but everything is fine now. The stars, novas, etc. are breathtaking out here. You should see them from this perspective.

Has Sarah decided to join Starfleet, or head over to MIT? She would make a great engineer here on a starship. I do not know how she fell in love with tinkering with things and seeing how they work, but, like I said, she would be a natural here.

And how is Sammy and Stewart doing? Are they nervious about entering high school? Is Sammy going to tryout for soccer and swimming? How did Stewart do at the latest junior birdwatchers's competition? I miss birding with him.

Tribble has adjusted well, and has kept me company. I have found an Internet division church of the Universal United Church of Christ, and have been trying to keep worship on Sunday if at all possible. Tell everyone at The Good Shepherd UUCC that I send my love, and would love to hear from them. If anyone, especially the Sunday School kids, have any questions that they want to ask of me, forward to me here on the ship, and I will answer them if possible, without breaking any rules.

Tell the rest of the aunts, uncles and cousins that I miss then, and would love to hear from them.

Take care,
Love, Sally

Sally saved the letter, and shortly thereafter her dinner came. She ate and watched the stars go by.

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Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 12 2005, 05:03 AM
With a short space of time left before the Intrepid reached the Romulan border, Reyan took the opourtunity to visit sickbay

As he entered, he was pleased to see that it was almost empty, with the exception of Doctor Ele, a Nurse whom he did not recognise, and Crewman Peasden who was talking to the Nurse

"Doctor - do you have a moment?" Reyan asked

"I beleive so" she replied

"I need a checkup when you have a moment - I have a condition that requires occasional monitoring......" Reyan began to say, but Doctor Ele raised her hand to cut him off

"Sinus Tachycardia Arrhythmia - Incidentially, I was going to call you in the next few days, so you've saved me the trouble - I'll see you now"

"Really?" Reyan stated, surprised

"Yes - you must be the only Captain in Starfleet who does not run away from his Doctor at every given opourtunity"

Reyan laughed, and moved to sit on one of the bio-beds

"The usual I guess?" he asked

"Yes - it'll only take a few minutes - I'll start by checking your BP and O2 sats, a quick full blood count blood test, and we'll finnish up with an ECG"

"Whatever you say, Doctor - the Romulan's can wait" Reyan said as he let her do her work

"They certainly can - I wonder why they suddenly opened up this area of space to us - they are usually more territorial than this" she stated

"I know - it is unusal - and beleive me, I am taking nothing for granted here" he replied

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 15 2005, 05:54 AM
Korbin had always known the Romulans, some of them at least, had had a capacity for an Alliance with the Federation. His time spent serving aboard the Romulan Warbird Rel'Kava after being liberated by it's crew from a Cardassian prison camp during the war, shortly after the Romulans had joined the effort, had taught him a lot about... not their culture, but their way of thinking. A Romulan's thought processes were a lot different from that of a Human, or even that of a Vulcan. This not only meant the electrons inside the brain that passed mental message about operated differently on a biological level, but also that they conjectured and worked things out in a different and more cold way.

That probably led to the misunderstandings that brought Earth into war with the Romulans two hundred years ago....
During his academy days Korbin had sat and listened to one of the few people left from that war, a Vulcan who's father had frobid him from joining the war effort in the later stages of the conflict when the Andorians, Vulcans, Tellarites and Denobulans finally stepped in too aid Earth.
It had taught him a lot, those talks.

And now it was all he could think of as he laid awake on his bed... waiting for the inevitable red alert as they encountered something out here in Romulan space...

AND then it came...


Posted by: Tomsk M'Kang Mar 15 2005, 09:13 AM
Tomsk sat at the tactical console. His thoughts drifted, and his mind turned to one of the problem facing him, and the oppertunity that a meeting with the Romulans would provide. The restock of Romulan Ale. He scanned the various readings, while thinking. This was strange indeed, They were inside Romulan space, and yet there was still no sign of them.

Suddenly, as if on que, the tactical display alerted him that one of the particals that it was set to search for had be discovered. Tachyons. Lots of them, and really close by. Tomsk quickly ran a check of the source of the tachyon emissions. To his suprise, it was not one source, but three. Tomsk swiviled in his chair, and addressed the XO.

"Commander? I am picking up three different sources of tachyon emmissions. It is possible that they are being emmited from cloaked Romulan Warbirds."

Ryan Orlan walked over to the tactical display. "Where?"

Tomsk pointed out the locations on the map on the display. The the sources of the emmissions were spaced surrounding the Intrepid. "Commander, I highly recomend that we raise shields at the very least. I have encountered the Romulans before, and I have little trust for most of them."

"Continue monitering those emissions Lieutenant."

"Unmderstood, but just a heads up, those emissions are moving with us."

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 15 2005, 02:44 PM
Ryan gazed straight ahead; a field of streaking stars filling the viewscreen. He didn't need to be telepathic to feel the tention that had been building among the crew.

The Captain had decided to take some time to ponder the situation away from the Bridge. It occured to Ryan that perhaps the pressure of the Captaincy role was beginning to weigh more heavily on Anil's shoulders. He had to admit, the aspect of being coerced into accepting complete responsibility for the Intrepid was more than Ryan would appreciate.

"Sir - I'm detecting a debris field, quater of a light-year from our current position."

Ryan stood and leaned on the railing that seperated the Command pit from the rear upper Bridge level.

"Debris field?" Ryan repeated.

"Limited sensor readings... multiple vessels, something appears to be interfering with the scans." Valorin concluded.

"Perhaps this is the location we were invited to." Ryan turned his attention to Tomsk. "Whats the status on those tachyon emissions?"

"They appear to have formed a triangular formation."


"Half an AU." Tomsk responded, his eyes filled with awareness. "I recommend we raise shields."

"No, Lieutenant. It could simply be a masked escort, making sure we find what they want us to find... go to yellow alert."

"Aye sir, but with all due respect - I smell a trap."

Ryan felt the urge to agree with M'Kang, but his judgement told another story. If the Romulan's truely wanted peace, then Ryan did not want to be the one to start any comflict.

"Helm - alter coarse to the debris field. We're here in an explorative capacity, and explore is what we will do."

He felt as though his words had suddenly constructed a dome of silence around the Bridge. It wouldn't have been a great surprise either if Tomsk's eyes were pointed at him like sharpened daggers.

In attempt to cool down what appeared to be a heated situation, Ryan concidered informing the Captain in person - but doing so would mean crossing in front of the Tactical station. On the other hand leaving the Bridge was tempting.

Making a decision, Ryan treded the few steps onto the upper level and strode past Tomsk. He keyed the door chime and waited for the invitation.

"What do you think it could be?" Ryan asked after he had finished explaining to his Captain everything he knew about the forth-comming conditions.

"With the way the peace between the Federation and the Romulan's is going, I doubt they would stage any kind of attack."

"Proably not, but it could be another one of their mind games?"

"Possibly, I suppose we will soon know for certain." Anil said, raising out of his chair. Ryan followed suit and the pair reappeared on the Bridge.

"Status report?"

"We're entering visual range, sir."

"Good, onscreen."

A field of green flooded the viewer. Both Ryan and Anil took a step closer to the screen and squinted.

"Can you extrapolate that section?"

Anil pointed to the left of the screen and without a verbal response the image changed. Now six aging Romulan and two Federation vessels filled their eyes.

"It's a graveyard." Anil announced in a loud whisper, and began to sound excited. "Look at the age and decomposition in the hulls. The Romulan-Earth war."

"Valorin - Sensor sweeps."

"Sir, I've isolated the interference. It's comming from numerous ruptured power cores - Romulan power cores."

"A Quantum Singularity?" Ryan queried.

"Yes sir. I'm trying to compensate - I'm detecting approximately one hundred and sixty ships - atleast thirty of them, Federation."

"Quantum Singularity?" Anil repeated. "I've heard little about them."

"Yeah, the problem is, once it's active it can't be shutdown." Ryan said and looked around as Korbin entered the Bridge.

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Posted by: Sally Ryder Mar 15 2005, 04:32 PM
Sally was about done with dinner when she heard the a2.gif . She saved the letter to home on the data padd and pocketed it and headed for the bridge. She entered and slipped into the seat at the auxillary science station that the ensign gave up for her.

She looked at the scene on the screen, and when she heard Captain Anil say that it was a graveyard, she automatically set the scanners on, in a coordinative effort with Valorin who sat at the primary science console.

After a few moments, she announced "I do not detect any lifesigns, which would be obvious, but also, I do not detect any dead bodies. The sesnors are on the fritz due to ruptures in the quantum singularities of several vessels. Is there anything in this area you want me to scan for in case there is anything worth rescuing?"

As Sally awaited a response, she said a prayer of respect for the lost lives that those ships represented. She was gateful that she wasn't involved in the incident, but if she was asked to serve, she would have.

She made a few more adjustments, and awaited for someone to respond.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 15 2005, 10:54 PM
To say she was surprised when the captain came voluntarily to sick bay would have been an incredible understatement. Doctor Ele smiled warmly at him, knowing he was trying to set an example for the crew and appreciating the gesture very much.

It took only a few minutes to actually perform the tests that verified Reyan's heart was functioning normally.

"Whatever you say, Doctor - the Romulan's can wait" Reyan said as he let her do her work

"They certainly can - I wonder why they suddenly opened up this area of space to us - they are usually more territorial than this" she stated

"I know - it is unusal - and beleive me, I am taking nothing for granted here." he replied.

Kaoru nodded, "There was never any doubt in my mind Anil."

Once she was through she set down her scanner, "All your tests are fine Captain. Blood levels well within the normal range, nothing out of the ordinary in your ECG."

"Thanks Doctor." The Captain stood and Kaoru walked towards her office.

"Can I offer you something to drink Captain? I actually wanted to speak to you about the crew." Without waiting for a response she requested two glasses of a juice from the replicator in her office, offering one to the captain.

Reyan took the glass, but did not sit. "What about the crew?" He sipped his juice more for the sake of politeness than actual thirst. Kaoru set her glass down and sat on her desk, facing the captain.

"They are overworked, and overstressed, every one of them. No time was allowed for them to recover from the...incident."

She paused, remembering, raking her fingers through her thick black hair. "I know that none of this is news to you, but I want to officially voice my concerns. If the pressure keeps up this steadily, we're going to start to see some stress fractures." She picked up a med padd she had on her desk, "I've been looking over the rosters, and I'd like to talk to the department supervisors about recognizing signs of overload in their staffs. I'm sure with some creative scheduling we can arrange some down time for those who need it."

Reyan glanced around the empty sick bay, looking back at her with one eyebrow raised, "Like your staff, for example?"

Kaoru smiled softly, "In many ways, events took the most toll on them." She knew she did not have to remind him of the fallen crew members that her staff had tended.

Reyan only nodded, "Make it so, Doctor. Just don't leave me too short staffed anywhere critical." He turned towards the door, "Sickbay, for example."

Kaoru opened her mouth to reply but Reyan continued, smiling at her over his shoulder, "I'm joking, of course. You have my complete confidence. Thank you for seeing me, and for voicing your concerns."

Kaoru replied, "Any time Captain." and Reyan nodded again to Kaoru, "We'll continue later if necessary." He strode out of sick bay, almost colliding with Ryan in the hall, walking with his XO to the bridge.

After he had gone Kaoru sat at her desk, making notes in her log about the captain's visit and updating his records. The new medical officer, Lieutenant Marix, entered sickbay, Kaoru looked up and smiled.

He smiled back, "Reporting for duty doctor."

Kaoru nodded, "I'm glad you're here." She rose, "I'll be on the bridge if you need me." She left sick bay then, stepping onto the bridge and glancing around to get her bearings. Ryan and Anil were studying the view screen and she stepped closer, her eyes widening when she saw the old ships floating in space.

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Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 17 2005, 02:19 PM
OOC: Orlan, it wasn't a Romulan-Federation war. It was a Romulan-Earth war. They'd be Earth ships, not Federation. Tho in the l8a stages of the war the Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians and Centaurians (Or Denobulans, depending on which continuity you believe in) did help towards the end.

Korbin lept from his bed, his mind alive with a thousand thoughts once again. He almost fell into his uniform as if it were tying itself around him, knowing it was needed, and made for the door.

Once in the corridor he made the few sharp left turns and a final right that led him to the Turbolift doors. Pressing the call button a few moments of waiting in the half lite light that accompanied yellow alert passed and the lift arrived, the doors hissing open. Stepping inside he was met by about five other officers, making the lift rather crampt but it was expecting during an alert status for many officers to be reporting for duty at the same time.

The lift came to a halt and Korbin, now alone in the lift, went out onto the bridge. Relieving the Ensign at his station he signed himself into the computer system and took in the events proceeding around him.

The Intrepid had stumbled upon somesort of graveyard, one inhabited not by people, but by the hulls of two hundred year old vessels... some of obvious Romulan design and the others, mostly NX and Daedalus Class, were recognizably Federation... but bore Earth signatures.
Korbin already knew, but also deduced from the thoughts of his fellow officers that these ships were from a time before the Federation excisted... before the Betazoid race had even developed Warp Drive.

"Mister Korbin, we've got a Quantum Singularity somewhere out there, can you configure the..." Ryan began.

"Done sir," Korbin interupted having executed the command immediately. "The Singularity was causing an amount of interference... there appears to be Singularities aboard all of the larger Romulan ships."

Korbin ran another scan. "I've configured the sensors... I've found locations for all the singularities. Except..."

"Except what Lieutenant?" Ryan enquired.

"Three of the singularities I'm detecting aren't coming from ships in the debris field."

"Then where are they coming from?"

"According to the sensors, empty space."

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Mar 18 2005, 09:09 PM
"Computer, play Bob Marley, Burnin' and Lootin'. No pause, faster tempo with increased volume to sound varible 9 of Ten..."

Geo quickly walked to his bathroom, letting the previous room fill with the sound of the all well known Jamaican. Of course, Geo himself didn't know the man, nor what Jamaica was, but he didn't comment on it. Mostly, he enjoyed the music for it's beat, even if the linguistics were rather hard to interpret.

After quickly washing up, he dressed in the red tunic. Picking at the small spots of lint that lined across his Uniform. After nearly fifty years, he had never truly mastered the Federation Art of looking after one's clothes.

"End music..." He stated, strolling from the room and taking the first available TL to the Bridge.

~ ~ ~ ~ BRIDGE // USS INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~

He stepped off, quickly assuming his station and configuring the ship to his own statistical set up. Afterwards, he loaded the Operations data to his console - with the permission of Operations - and ran it through the Navigations chart. Finally set, Geo resumed his post.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Mar 22 2005, 12:08 PM
The ships on the screen had captured Ryan and his fellow officers in a dumbfounded like trance, as though the Intrepid had suddenly been propelled back in time.

Ryan's attention snapped back to reality with the abrupt realization that Doctor Ele had appeared and was standing beside him. He gave a quick glance around the Bridge and noted Ensign Ryder seating herself behind the auxillary science station.

Anil continued to stare at the viewscreen while Ryder gave a recap of the details being produced by her console; then ended with a request for further orders.

Allowing the request to linger for a moment, Ryan paused to consider all the options. Something about the whole situation didn't seem right - perhaps M'Kang was right, this could all be an elaborate trap.

Just as he was about to speak the enterance to the turbolift opened with a hiss and Korbin entered and assumed the Operation console.

"Mister Korbin, we've got a Quantum Singularity somewhere out there, can you configure the..."

"Done sir," Korbin interupted, clearly benefitting from his typical use of telepathy. "The Singularity was causing an amount of interference... there appears to be Singularities aboard all of the larger Romulan ships."

Ryan watched from afar as Korbin's fingers labored over the Operations console. "I've configured the sensors... I've found locations for all the singularities. Except..."

"Except what Lieutenant?" Ryan enquired.

"Three of the singularities I'm detecting aren't coming from ships in the debris field."

"Then where are they coming from?"

"According to the sensors, empty space."

"Empty space?" Ryan echoed and looked around at the crew for answers. "Lieutenant, those tachyon surges you believe are tailing us - Korbin, position of those three isolated singularities?"

"Approximately four AU's."

"Comfirmed," Tomsk said. "Sir, they are moving away."

"Did they approach the debris field?" Ryan asked, then gave Geo a friendly nod as he entered and took his seat infront of the Helm station.

"No sir."

"It would seem that we are where they want us." Anil said, his transfixion with the viewscreen now over. "M'Kang, raise shields."

Ryan turned to face the Captain. He had almost forgotten that Anil had been standing behind him since the first images of the debris field had appeared on the screen.

"Sir, I don't feel I need to remind you, however, the fact we are -"

"That's right, Commander." Anil almost barked. "You don't need to remind me of where we are and how it may appear if our shields are raised, but if we have been led into a potentially hazardous situation then I can't allow the ship or the crew to be placed in jeopardy."

"Understood sir." A dry invisible heat creeped it's way up Ryan's neck and spread across his face.

"Ryan," Anil lowered his voice and moved closer to his First Officer. "I know your starting to take your new duties seriously, but -"

"Sir." Valorin's voice seemed to boom across the Bridge. "The reconfigured sensors are now receiving detailed readings from nearby vessels within the field."


"As expected sir. Skeletal remains are on almost all of the intact vessel remnants we have scanned so far."

"Even the Romulan vessels?" Ryan questioned, to which Valorin simply nodded. His brow furrowed with comfusion. "It doesn't make sense."

"There's somethign else sir." Korbin stated before anymore was said. "According to the readings, there's a ship out there."

"There's a lot of ships out there Lieutenant! Specify!"

"Sir... I've double and triple checked - it's the Intrepid, sir!"

"Intrepid?" Anil spun around on the spot to gaze at him. Enthusiasm peaked in his voice as he spoke. "You mean... the Intrepid?"

"Yes sir. The first." Korbin nodded.

"Incredible!" Reyan whispered as Korbin anticipated the next order and placed the rusting Intrepid in the center of the viewscreen. "She should be in a museum, not rotting away out here... can you gain control of it?"

"There isn't alot to gain control of, sir. I'll need to establish a power transfer."

"Good, do it."

"I'm starting the Intrepid's computer core - vindicating the authorization." Korbin informed, not even attempting to hide how easy it was for him to compromise the outdated system. "I'm in."

"Can you access the visual sensors on the Bridge?"

Korbin's response came with another change to the viewscreen. Ryan's lower jaw dropped slightly as the sight of the ancient command centre entered his eyes.

"Is that -"

"Yes, ice." Korbin comfirmed. "The evironmental controls are offline."

"It's a warpable icecube..." Ryan said, his gaze still glued to the screen.

"Assemble an away team - this I want to see first hand."

"Sir, protocol -" Ryan began to protest.

"Oh, cluck - cluck - cluck, Commander." Anil beamed broadly. "I'm going, and that's that."

Ryan sighed and face the upper section of the Bridge. "Valorin, Korbin, M'Kang and Revolone."

"I'd also like the doctor to take a look at those bodies," Anil said nodding to the skeletal remains of the Intrepids crew on the viewscreen, then lowered his voice. "and a certain engineer would never forgive you if she didn't have the oppitunity to inspect the warp engine of this age without it being behind a forcefield in a Starfleet display."

"Yes sir." Ryan eventually responded when Anil was already entering the turbolift. Sighing again he tapped his comm badge.

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Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 22 2005, 03:50 PM
Lieutenant M'Kang handed out a small number of phasers to the Officers and crewman of the away team - as well as the Officer's that Reyan had specified, Lieutenant M'Kang had also selected a small number of security officers to accompany them, his reasoning being a very Klingon "It is always best to be prepared for anything"

Reyan could not help but agree, especially with the Intrepid - his Intrepid being deep inside Romulan space - ceasefire or not, these were uncertain times

The team placed their phasers in their holsters, and dressed into their aptly named cold weather suits, being issued by Crewman Siotar - the orginal Intrepid was a floating igloo, and no-one wanted to freeze

The team assembled in the transporter room, the security team beamed over first, and the remainer of the team took their places on the platform

"I have to admit, I am surprised that you are joining us, Captain" Doctor Ele admitted

"Well - I have somthing of an interest in Starfleet's earlier ship classes - I couldn't pass up the opourtunity to see one of Starfleet's first real starship types firsthand" he answered

Doctor Ele simply smiled, and put her medical kit bag over her shoulder

The transporter chief, Lieutenant Aikasa, looked up from her console

"Sir - according to scans of the original Intrepid, there is no transporter room onboard - where would you like me to send you?"

Reyan paused - the NX class had been the first ship-type of the Intrepid's era to have transporters, the Intrepid type, having been designed and built before the NX class therefore didn't have them

"Engineering will do, Lieutenant - Energise " Reyan finally said

The confinement beam deposited the team in the Engine room of the first Starfleet ship to bear the name Intrepid - the team viewed their surroundings with awe

The centuries-old warp drive stood frozen and lifeless, and the clothed bodies of Starfleet officer's laid scattered at various locations throughout the room - Lieutenant M'kang indicated that there were no concerns, and the away team began scanning the room

"Try and re-activate life support and enviromental controls" Reyan said to Lieutenant Moore, who nodded, but remained transfixed with the ancient, and frozen, warp drive

Reyan then turned to Ensign Burton, CPO Walters and Lieutenant Valorin

"You three, scout ahead - make your way to the bridge if you can and see what you can do from there" he ordered, and the two security guards left, closely followwed by Lieutenant Valorin

Lieutenant Revolone then walked up to Reyan, his feet scrunching on the frost beneath his boots

"She was only capable of warp 3" Lieutenant Revolone stated - Reyan surmised that Geo probably remembered these ships in service considering his age

He then turned to Lieutenant Korbin, who was seemingly glued to the spot, not having moved since the transporter had deposited them

"Somthing wrong Lieutenant?" Reyan asked

"Korbin's expression was one of severe concern, but he turned to answer the Captain's question

"Somthing is very wrong Captain - I can't explain exactly what, but.........somthing is not right about this" he said, the anxiety clear in his voice

"Are we in any immediate danger, Lieutenant" Reyan asked quickly

Lieutenant Korbin paused, taking a deep breath before he continued

"No - I'd say that we are safe for now" he stated

Reyan frowned, and glanced around the Engine room, slightly paranoid about this old ship now that one of his trusted Officers, with a perception beyond what Reyan could understad, was saying

Lieutenant Korbin noticed Reyan's discomfort

"I'm sorry, Captain - I really wish I could elaborate, but......."

Lieutenant Korbin was interputted by the flickering of lights, and the engine room was suddenly illuminated, the right lights shining against the ice and frost coverng the engine room

"Auxiliary power restored, Captain" Lieutenant Moore stated proudly

"Good work Lieutenant" Reyan stated

At that moment, Reyan's comm badge chirped

a4.gif "Ensign Burton to Captain Reyan - Walters has vannished Sir!" a4.gif

a4.gif "Vannished? what do you mean vannished?" a4.gif Reyan demanded

Lieutenant Valroin replied this time

a4.gif "Captain - we were heading for one of the jefferies tubes that leads to an emergency bridge access ladder - Walters rounded the corner to the corridor that leads to the tube first - we followed, but when we rounded the corner, he was gone" a4.gif

a4.gif "Stay alert Lieutenant - Korbin said that there is somthing odd about this ship, and I would tend to agree at this point" a4.gif

No reply was forthcoming

a4.gif "Lieutenant?" a4.gif

Still no reply - just static, and then the voice of Ensign Burton

a4.gif "Captain - I turned away from Lieutenant Valorin for a moment, so that I could scan the area with my tricorder - he's gone Sir!" a4.gif

a4.gif "Get back here, Ensign, on the double" a4.gif Reyan called

a4.gif "Aye Sir" a4.gif came the Ensign's anxious reply

"Captain - we've lost contact with the Intrepid" Lieutenant M'Kang shouted from the other end of the engine room

"Create an interface and use the comm systems of this ship to get a channel Lieutenant" Reyan replied

Lieutenant M'Kang opened his mouth to reply, but the faint sound of a scream echoed through one of the corridors, and into the Engine room

The security officer's wipped around, phaser rifiles pointed at the open, frozen, door leading into the corridor - Reyan and the other officers instinctively reached for their phasers too

"Captain - I've lost Ensign Burton's lifesigns!" called Doctor Ele

Reyan turned to Lieutenant Korbin

"I see what you mean, Lieutenant" he stated

"We have to find out what happened to them - Lieutenant Moore, Ensign Anderton, stay here and get the commlink to the Intrepid working again - everyone else - let's go"

Lieutenant Korbin, looking as apprehensive as Reyan guessed he himself looked nodded at him, and the group, flanked by Lieutenant M'kang, slowly made their way across the frost-covered room toward the door

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Posted by: Gaia Moore Mar 23 2005, 12:18 PM
It had been a while since Gaia had cornered Ryan in Engineering, and she wasn’t fuming now, but she was still simmering with the cheek of him. Like she could strip the core that way, like she even would! He was impossible! In Gaia’s opinion, Ryan had become even more insufferable since becoming XO of the Intrepid. He had been bad since they had worked side by side together when he was in the ops position, but now he was worse. Ryan was arrogant, egotistical, charming and intelligent, which were good traits in themselves. The trouble arose because Ryan was actually those things, but he knew it, that’s what made it worse. That’s what made him worse!

Gaia was attempting not to admit the fact that she was trying to avoid Ryan. She had always found some excuse or other to be somewhere, anywhere other than where he was. Being a typical male, he probably hadn’t even noticed. Gaia chuckled at the thought,

“Ryan, a typical male?” Now Gaia was laughing out loud causing the rest of the Engineering personnel to stop and stare at her. At that moment, Gaia didn’t really care, she was doing anything other than thinking about……. “Dammit! I am thinking about him! Damn him!”

As if her thoughts had once again conjoured him from her thoughts. Ryan came over the comm.

“Orlan to Moore”

Gaia was so distracted, that she hadn’t realised the USS Intrepid had dropped out of warp and had entered realspace. She cursed herself for her lack of observation. Why was it that everytime she thought of the commander, her thoughts drifted and became distracted? Gaia suddenly remembered to answer the comm.

“Moore here, go ahead”

“Please report to the transporter room, your presence is requested on an away team”

“Oh so nooooow you consider me for an away team, what’s the away team for? I do have work that needs to be done here in Engineering……sir!”

Gaia added the sir as an afterthought and to show the proper respect, but also she wasn’t very happy about being left out of the Karcis, Gaia could forgive, but one thing she never did was forget!

“It’s to explore the original Intrepid class!”

Gaia wondered if she had heard him right, the Intrepid, the original, the first in it’s class. She couldn’t believe it, she was actually going on an away mission to see first hand? No matter how she felt about the Commander, she couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. After a short pause, thinking the pros to the cons, Gaia decided she could stand being in the same room and the same mission as Ryan.

“On my way sir!”

“Understood. Orlan out!”

If Gaia didn’t know any better, she could have sworn that he was smug, whenever he smiled, he had a tone to his voice, that was present then. Gaia could have screamed if it weren’t for the fact she’d get the chance to lay her eyes on the first Intrepid’s warp core.

Onboard the Intrepid

"We have to find out what happened to them - Lieutenant Moore, Ensign Anderton, stay here and get the commlink to the Intrepid working again - everyone else - let's go"

“Sir, I think you need to take a look at this! I may have found a reason for all the disappearances and it doesn’t look good.” Gaia said over the comm. To the Captain, but she was met with silence.

Gaia looked around and saw no-one there, Ensign Anderton who had been helping Gaia was no longer there. They had all disappeared now and it seemd like she was the only one left, she tried one last ditch effort to try and communicate with the Captain, but she was almost certain that he had disappeared aswel.

It was impossible…….Gaia rechecked her calculations and the readings she was receiving from what little systems she had operational access to. The controls were old and unfamiliar but she could still make out some from her knowledge back at the Academy. Gaia was beginning to feel slight panick, she was trying to control it, but her lone attempts to restore communications with the USS Intrepid had thus far failed and she knew she had very little time before she was also taken.

The feeling of loneliness was alarming to Gaia. She was alone and a sense she had never felt before began to overwhem her, it was a sense of hopelessness that began to fill her. It seemed to freeze her to the spot. Suddenly her thoughts turned to Ryan and how she never actually made up with him. That she would regret if anything happened and the worst thing about it was, he’d never know what happened. Gaia mentally said sorry to Ryan when suddenly she was taken somewhere. Her vision blurred and when she regained her composure, she saw the rest of the team standing there watching something. She strained to see what, but couldn’t. Her cautious streak took over and she gradually walked, more stalked was the word. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They had all come to the same place. Then what had happened to them sunk in and it all seemed to fit, but she had no way of letting the USS Intrepid know and that gauled her! She had no way of letting Ryan know they were safe. But her main concern was what the team were watching. It seemed a playback, some sort of history role maybe. But the crew of the Intrepid were around them bustling as normal. They were no longer frozen……..Temporal travel! Gaia’s eyes widened in realisation, Geo must know what this is. He knows more about temporal travel than anyone according to his file.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 23 2005, 12:58 PM
Reyan could not remember much about the last few moments - he had been searching the Intrepid, and then there had been a bright flash, and he had been surrounded by crewmen wearing blue jumpsuits, with divisional lining around the shoulder area, and square rank pips.

"Who are you?" one of them demanded, clearly the senior officer present

Reyan paused

"Where are we?" he asked

"I ask the questions mister" the Officer barked

"I am Captain Anil Reyan, of the Federation Starship USS Intrepid" Reyan replied - he knew the reaction this would receive

"Federation Starship?"

"Captain - we appear to have moved backwards through time - I would guess that we are in the Intrepid's own timeframe now" Lieutenant Korbin said

The Intrepid officer stared at them

"Backwards through time? so you guys are from the future?"

"It would appear that way" Lieutenant Korbin replied

Reyan took a deep breath

"As hard as this may be to beleive, we are from the future - my ship, the USS Intrepid, is a desendant of this ship - we were..........."

Reyan paused, remembering that it would not be wise to reveal to them what his crew had seen of this ship in their own time

"We were investigating this area of space when we were pulled here" he finnished

"Well - to be honest, I don't really have time for you anyway - our ship drifted into this area of space a few days ago - she was damaged anyway, thanks to the Romulans, but since we entered this area we have been loosing life support and we don't seem to be able to fix it" the officer said quickly

"Lieutenant Moore - help these people out" Reyan ordered

Lieutenant Moore was gazing around the engine room, and had clearly noticed that Ryan was not present, but she aknowledged the Captain's order and followed one of the Intrepid's crewmen

Lieutenant Revolone wispered in Reyan's ear

"Sir - we can't risk changing the timeline too much" he stated

"I know Lieutenant - but if we don't help these people, we could very well suffer their fate"

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 23 2005, 09:57 PM
Kaoru shivered slightly in the cold, the breath of the entire away party leaving tiny puffs of steam as it escaped their lips. She glanced around the old, old ship, not really noticing any of the engineering details, looking rather for human remains. They had seen the bodies on the bridge, Kaoru was slightly surprised there were none in engineering.

It was hard to contain herself, she wanted to simply run off and explore the mystery that they had found dropped in their lap. What had actually killed the crew? How had the ship come to rest here? There were many questions she was curious to delve into.

She adjusted her medical bag on her shoulder, using her tricorder to scan the ice that coated everything. "Strange." She murmured to herself, reaching into her bag for a sample dish and scraping a bit of the ice into it. The ice was mineral rich, a chemical composition that she had never come across before.

She heard the captain order Ensign Burton, CPO Walters and Lieutenant Valorin to the bridge and she followed them, wanting to examine the remains up there. She walked slowly, her eyes glued to her tricorder, miraculously not falling over anything as she continued to collect data.

Kaoru caught up with Burton, Walters, and Valorin. Burton and Valorin were just rounding a corner. Kaoru lowered her tricorder momentarily coming round the corner and seeing only two men. Valorin was already talking to the captain. Kaoru examined the entry to the emergency bridge ladder, thinking perhaps Walters had gone ahead. There was no sign of him.

She heard an almost panicked gasp from Ensign Burton and spun, "Where's Valorin?"

"Gone." The ensign's face was paper white and his hand shook slightly as he hit his comm badge.

Kaoru put a hand on his shoulder after the captain had ordered them back. "Let's go." She led the way back to engineering, using her tricorder to search for the life signs of the two missing crew members.

She could not locate either of their life signs, and then, just as Kaoru neared engineering she suddenly stopped hearing the sounds of Ensign Burton's breathing. She spun, already knowing what she would see. The Ensign was gone. Kaoru's blue eyes narrowed, and she touched her comm badge, "Captain! I've lost Ensign Burton's lifesigns!"

She got no response.

Kaoru reentered engineering, fighting down her panic, trying to approach the problem logically. Communications had been lost with their Intrepid, there would be no help from the ship. She inhaled deeply, letting her breath out slowly, calming herself as she considered possible solutions.

It wasn't until she saw the rest of the away team and several others she did not know wearing old fashioned uniforms that she finally realized what had happened. She approached the group, suddenly very aware of the phaser that she carried, the Wolf 359 simulation still very fresh in her mind.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 25 2005, 09:39 AM
Draconis stumbled along the corridor slightly ahead of M'Kang and Reyan, his mind was buzzing to the point of overload with telepathic messages. It didn't make any sense... it was as if there were hundreds of people aboard the vessel... but there wasn't. Infact there were even less than the away team had started with, since the beginning of the disappearances...

Finally Korbin gave in and sank to one of the corridor, clutching the hand rail as he slid down. He heard the footsteps of M'Kang and the Captain coming over to help him up, and felt the touch of one of their hands reach his back but then... silence.

Korbin looked up to find nothing but the iced over corridor and the darkness. They'd gone now to.

Draconis staggered up, he was determined to find just what the hell was going on. However as he reached his feet a strange yellow vortex can at great velocity towards his eyes... he clenched them tightly shut and when he opened them again he was stearing at the face of a Human, dressed in somesort of Blue uniform, one completely unfamiliar to Korbin.

Korbin sat on a chair, next to him were the Captain, M'Kang, Moore and the doctor. Korbin's mind was quiet, for none, the temporal distortions must have amplified his abilities he conjectured.

"Who are you?" said the man in the blue uniform, his voice as grim as it possibly could be. Others men in blue uniforms were bustling about the small conference type room but theirs differed slightly. Some had Red designs, some had teal... the man about to grill the away team was the only one who wore gold.

"Where are we?" the Captain asked, being well aware of the Prime Directive when it came to matters of temporal incursions.

"I ask the questions mister" the Officer yelled.

"I am Captain Anil Reyan, of the Federation Starship USS Intrepid" the Captain answered, finally giving a little something up. Korbin could sense the Captain's response, and it wasn't as totally dismissing as you would've thought... as if this man had encountered Time Travel before.

"Federation Starship?" the Officer continued, his voice had obviously changed. Korbin could sense, somehow this man knew the Federation was something good.

The Officer explained that his vessel, the Earth Vessel USS Intrepid NX-101 had been attacked by the Romulans and had fled to this area of space to avoid further battle and make time for repairs... however for them things had turned from bad to worse and now their vessel was losing life support.

Reyan offered Lieutenant Moore's services, which the Captain of the old Intrepid found most agreeable, at which point the Lieutenant disappeared away, presumably to the Engine-Room.

"I'm suprised you have not shackled us," M'Kang commented directing his question squarely at the Intrepid's Captain.

"I did not deem it necessary," he retorted.

"Did your security officer not insist?"

"He did... but Captain's progative and all."

Korbin suddenly got a sense of comfort from the Captain, a very strange thing indeed from someone who's supposedly just encountered for the first time a set of time travellers.

"You never gave a name?" Reyan said wanting to test his boundaries at the same time and stood up, taking a few paces away from his chair.

"That's right," the Captain said still witholding the information.

Reyan turned on the spot to face the Captain, "Any particular reason?"

"Malcolm Reid," Korbin said.

Everyone turned to face him. Betazoids had completely Human appearance, on the surface anyway, and in a period of history when Earth was at war with the Romulans meant their first contact with the Betazoids was 60 years away still and telepathic ability something quite knew to them.

"How did you..." Reid, the Captain, said rising from his chair as his security officer came over.

Reyan came over to cool the situation, "Is he correct?" he asked.

"He is," the Captain responded not looking away from Korbin, perhaps this had been his first encounter with a Betazoid... but maybe not his first with a Telepath. The last possibly being not a pleasant one.

"I apologize," Korbin said, "When a thought rises to the surface of one's mind... it's very hard not to strafully read it."

Reid's stare at Korbin was interupted with a jolt. The ship had been impacted by... nothing.
Reid looked away, pulling a communicator from his pocket... flipping it open he spoke, "What on Earth was that?"

"Romulans... inbound," came the response....

Posted by: Reyan Anil Mar 28 2005, 10:20 AM
The ship jolted as somthing impacted against her hull

What on Earth was that?" asked the officer whom Korbin had identified as Reed

"Romulans... inbound," came the response

a1.gif "Red Alert" a1.gif the Intrepid Captain called, and the group rushed to the bridge

The bridge was a shambles, and Reyan had to step over several large chunks of debris - the Intrepid Captain made his way to his seat, but it was clear that he was desperately short of Bridge officers

Reyan looked over at Geo, who was viewing the bridge as if it were a long-lost friend

"Geo - if the Captain consents, would you take the Helm?"

"Glady" Geo replied enthusiastically

The Intrepid Captain simply nodded, and then turned his attention back to ordered his own staff to take positions

"Target that Romulan ship's weapons and fire at will" the Captain called

Two photonic torpeodoes sprinted toward the Romulan ship, which returned fire, but subsequently exploded as the Intrepid's torpedoes impacted against it's hull

Reyan grabbed a railing as the Romulan plasma bolt impacted against the Intrepid, buring away her more weakended hull plates - the tactical console exploded, sending it's user to a quick death - the Helm began to spark violently, and Geo leapt away from it

"Helm is down" he called, knowing that he was stating the obvious

Reyan fought his way toward one of the consoles which was still active - the ship was dead - the only operational system appeared to be emergency lights l- the life support system had been destroyed along with everything else

a4.gif "Moore to Captain Anil - I can't do anything more now sir - all systems are down and the life support systems were obliterated when we were hit" a4.gif

Reyan looked at Korbin

"We should have checked to see if WE were on this ship in our time" Reyan muttered to him, too quietly for the Intrepid Captain to hear

Lieutenant Korbin nodded in agreement

"It does seem like history is repeating itself - I sincerely hope that this isn't a predestination paradox"

"As do I Lieutenant, as do I" Reyan replied

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Mar 30 2005, 11:12 AM
"Looks like this is it," called the officer at Tactical. The Intrepid was being pounded time and time again by a multified spread of Romulan Plasma Torpedoes.

Captain Reid sat motionless in his Command Chair, he was determined to face death in the proper and traditional British Naval manor.

"Sir!" called the Tactical Officer, a new ray of hope in his voice was clearly apparent. Korbin scanned the officer's mind, Another ship?.

"Sensors are damaged... I can't quite pinpoint what ship, but it's definately of NX Class configuration just attacked the Romulans... those pointy eyed bastards are retreating!"

Reid shot up from his seat, "It surely is a miracle," he announced.

"We're being hailed," came the call from the Communications Officer.

"On Screen," Reid commanded.

"Viewscreen isn't functioning, audio only," she responded.

Reid just nodded, "Saving your ass again a Malcolm?" came the obviously Southern American accent that could only belong to Reid's long time friend Charles Tucker III, now Commanding Officer of the NX Atlantis.

"I don't think I've ever been so glad to have an American around Captain," Reid said playfully.

"Hold on Malcolm, we're not out of the woods yet. We were at warp being chased by three Rommies when we received your distress signal... they broke off pursuit when we dropped to impulse but you can sure as hell beat they're gonna be back..."

Where is everyone?

Posted by: Sally Ryder Mar 30 2005, 05:13 PM
Sally was manning the science station while Valorin was on the away team. She kept an open link to the communications station in case something should come up. She was glad that she did so, as 2 hours into the mission she heard someone say that he was gone.

a4.gif "Ryder to away team. What do you mean that Valorin is gone?" a4.gif She didn't get a response, but kept on listening. It seemed like that either they or the ship that they encountered traveled back in time, and the away team were talking with the crew of the other ship.

"Sir," Sally gasped. "The away team - their all gone. I don't have their lifesigns on sensors - I can't contact them other - but the comm channel is still open."

"Ensign, re-establish the link to the visual sensors on the Intrepid's Bridge. Let's see for ourselves whats going on." Commander Orlan instructed.

"Aye, sir." The Operations officer replied.

Sally looked up at the viewscreen, it looked much as it had done the first time she'd laid eyes upon it. The away team no-where to be seen.

"The Captain would be on the Bridge - why isn't he.....?" The Commander's voice trailed off. "Ensign, you said the comm chanel is still open - let's hear it."

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Mar 31 2005, 02:24 PM
Geo rubbed his chin... staring at the viewscreen as if death walked towards them. He hated to lose helm, but wasn't too fond of Romulans at this point. Of course, it was better then having to deal with Klingons - just thinking about them made him snarl briefly. He wheeled around, walking towards Tactical that continued to spark from it's distroyed state...

He drew a breath, tapping his commbadge, "Medics to the bridge!" then knelt over the Tactical officer, feeling no pulse in his arm and in his neck. Geo let his head drop, though in the meantime he looked at tha mans face, making sure the timeline continued as it should.

Shaking his head, he rose to his feet - he had left that life behind. Helm was in shabbles, and wasn't much use, so the Helmsmen had to do something else. He ripped a panel from the rear LCARS, and started to pull chips and circuitry, quickly rewiring. "Slaving Helm to Command Panel 4... It will offer some maneuverability. Not much sir." Then the power failed... and he was left cursing again - several of the vulgar expressions were terran.

"This just can't be happening!" He shouted... suddenly barking a laugh, "I refuse to die without biting into flesh first!" Shaking his head... he sat down next to the bare panel that he had torn apart... resigning himself to thinking on how to help....

It's crap, I know... I'm just trying to keep us going forward...

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Mar 31 2005, 05:38 PM
Kaoru stayed mostly silent through much of the conversation with the crew of the old Intrepid, quietly scanning them and saving the data. She was very curious about the nutrients and antibodies she would find in the systems of the crew. Papers had been written about the effects of long term space travel aboard the cruder vessels of the past, she would be able to evaluate such things first hand.

She grinned, earning a puzzled look from the captain, but she only shook her head, composing herself and continuing to take her readings.

She was pulled abruptly from her data collection by the jolt and the alarm klaxons. Following the team to the bridge, she looked around, holstering her tricorder and eyeing what she thought was a science station. Given the lack of bridge officers she made her way to the antiquated station. "Permission to man the science station, sir." She requested politely.

"By all means..." The Intrepid captain faltered, not knowing her rank.

Kaoru made no move to correct him or clarify her rank for him, it just wasn't important right then and there. She sat at the station and tried to look like she knew what she was doing. On board her own ship, or any of the newer starships, she could muddle her way through manning a science station, but she wasn't anywhere near qualified to man this antiquated version. She was a doctor, not a historian.

She found the life form sensors and the life support system indicators just as the plasma bolt connected with the Intrepid. She was nearly thrown from her seat, but managed to hang on, watching as the sensor array went berserk, and then started arcing. She dove to the ground, just before the entire panel went up in flames, rolling quickly to her feet and backing away from the fire. "Science station is down too." She called just after Geo did about the helm.

There was no help for the officer who had been manning the tactical console. Kaoru realized that immediately. But there were others on the bridge who had sustained injuries, and surely more in other places of the ship.

a4.gif "Moore to Captain Anil - I can't do anything more now sir - all systems are down and the life support systems were obliterated when we were hit" a4.gif

Her blue eyes were very calm as she sought to get Anil's attention. "I've got to see to the injured." As if Moore's proclamation had not phased her at all.

She did not wait for a response from Anil, having already identified the bridge officer who had sustained the worst injuries. In the middle of treating a rather nasty cut the officer had sustained on his abdomen. It was a dangerous injury, a very clean and deep cut from flying debris when the tactical console had exploded. The cut was nearly surgical, like one she would have made with an old fashioned scalpel, and thus bled profusely. Left alone, it would take a long time for the flesh to heal together, the patient would bleed to death long before.

Thus occupied, she listened with relief to the banter between the captain of the Atlantis and the captain of the Intrepid, finally looking up, her blue eyes snapping with impatience, "May I suggest you continue this reunion when we actually have life support?"

She looked down at her blood stained hands, "I'd hate for all this work to be for nothing."

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Apr 2 2005, 10:16 AM
Ryan turned his attention away from the viewscreen and looked directly at Ensign Ryder. He watched as she gave the Science console a single tap.

The ears of the Bridge crew were suddenly filled with shrill tormented voices. Anxious cries for assistance were smothered by the scattering of orders.

Closing his eyes, Ryan tried to concentrate in an attempt to single out the muddle of voices. After a few moments his eyes shot open with a start. His mind flashed back to the academy where he'd experienced the sound of the Borg Collective's hive mind - the similarity was compelling to say the least.


"The transmission isn't comming from the away team, Sir. It's just... there." Lieutenant Downs said from the Tactical station.

"What? Elaberate." Ryan said, comfusion and frustration shining clearly in his tone.

"The signal, it's not initiating from the away team -"

"Yes, yes, Lieutenant. I understood the first time. Perhaps you could tell me where it is comming from." Ryan said through almost gritted teeth.

"Well..." Down's stammered. "The Intrepid, Sir."

"That Intrepid?" He confirmed, jabbing a finger towards the dilapidated Intrepid Bridge on the viewscreen.

"Yes Sir. There is no specific source to isolate."

"I see. Then can we atleast sort out these voices?"

"Applying a narrow band filter to the transponder signal may decriminate some of the interference." The Operations Officer apprized.

"Great - do it."

Numerous voices faded into a distant whisper, leaving the more dominant ones to shout out around the Bridge.

"Pass that tool kit... ack online!"

"Gladly." Someone said simply.

"- that Romulan ship's weapons... at will." An authoritive voice ordered.

"Come on Nelson... get... escape pods!" A woman cried, panic rippling in her voice.

In Ryan's opinion, voices seemed to be coming from all directions at once, echoing together, overlapping, integrating together to form a loud chatter but growing in intensity. Now and then a voice became clearer almost as if they came to the forefront of all the commotion.

"Lower the filter band by another point three kilohertz." Ensign Ryder was saying to the Operations officer.

Suddenly another voice came to the forefront as clear as if someone were stood right in front of him.

"...to Captain Anil - I can't... more now sir... are down and the life support systems were obliterated when we..."

Ryan took gave a short silent gasp and closed his eyes again. He knew who's voice that was, but where was she? Then a thought struck him - if Gaia was there, the others would be too.

"Can you get it any clearer?"

"We're working on it, Sir." Ryder said, her hands tapping at the science console. "Computer, boost the tranceiver gain by thirty percent."

The voices continued to sound, some more distorted than others, but gradually the quality became sharper word by word.

"May I suggest you continue this reunion when we actually have life support?"

"That was the Doctor!" Ensign Ryder exclaimed. "Try another point -"

"Sally," Ryan cut her sentence short and then suddenly realized he had used her first name. "can you isolate the frequency of the nearest Quantum Singularity?"

Ryder tapped her console. "3482.4125 megahertz."

Ryan strode towards and braced himself agains the Ops console. "Ensign, try recalibrating the signal processor to match the frequency of that singularity."

"Sir, that isn't a Starfleet communications channel."

"No but it's close. It seems that Quantum Singularity is creating a phased carrier wave."

The Ensign tapped his console and immediately the chattering thinned into a steady stream of random voices. The sapless smile on Ryan's face quickly diminished as the thought of what was needed next swam into his mind.

"Alright, let's work on establishing two-way communications with the away team - I'll be in my office. Downs, you have the Bridge." He gave one more glance at the crew before backing away from the Operations console and leaving for the office space behind the Bridge module.

A thin vapour of steam from the surface of Ryan's coffee drifted upwards causing moisture to adhere to his face. His eyes gazed lazily at the rippling liquid, his throughts aimless like a daydream.

Ryan lowered the silver mug away from his chin. He usually took comfort in the brown liquid, but it didn't seem to be working this time. As he placed the disguarded mug onto the replicator tray, his thoughts were distracted.

"Computer - recycle." He instructed.

a4.gif "Bridge to Commander Orlan - please report to the Bridge." a4.gif

Sighing lightly, he gave his comm badge a tap. a4.gif "Acknowledged." a4.gif

"Commander, I believe we may have found a way to communicate with the away team." Lieutenant Downs announced as Ryan reappeared on the Bridge.

"What have you found?"

"As we already suspected, Sir, the quantum signularity is conveying the events that our away team is experiencing and channeling them into a phased carrier wave."

"Do you think this can work both ways?"

"Yes Sir," Sally continued where Downs left off. "the problem is that we can't contact a particular member of the away team. In theory the whole Intrepid would hear us, just as we hear all of them."

"Alright, then we should wait and see what happens with the away team. It would seem that they have already unintentionally influenced the Intrepid's crew." Ryan said aloud, as though still reasoning the decission in his own mind.


Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 3 2005, 11:10 AM
Reyan surveyed the wreckage, which had been the old Intrepid's bridge, and sighed inwardly

The Atlantis had beamed supplies and an Engineering team aboard the Intrepid, and had subsequently left to deal with a Romulan ship that they had detected lurking in the area. Sadly, the Atlantis had yet to return, and Reyan could only assume the worst in view of this, and afforded no reassurance to the team from NCC 74600, who had seen the outcome of this crew's brave efforts to restore power to the ruined ship.

And, to the extreme concern of Reyan’s away team, the ship already seemed a lot colder than it should, considering the amount of life support power the old ship still had.

Despite this, several members of the old Intrepid’s crew were shivering, and frost was beginning to form in various places on the bridge

“Do any of these old consoles work” Reyan asked, addressing a young, and strikingly attractive female Lieutenant from the Intrepid’s crew

“Only the science station sir” she replied, shivering

Reyan walked over to the science console, which had amassed a fairly thick layer of frost, and tapped into the ships systems

“Oh my………..” he began to say – the old Intrepid’s computer had been in error – there was not several hours of life support left – there was now only seconds of it, due to a hull breach that was leaking atmosphere, and Reyan began to choke as he found that the air on the wrecked bridge was no longer breathable.

He fell to his knees, as did many of the others, but tried to stand and use the console in a last-ditch effort to restore life support to the bridge, but the console replied only with a power-failure warning, before it’s lights blinked and failed

“What a way to die” he thought to himself as he clutched his throat as a useless reflex, Reyan fell to the floor, his last breath stolen from him to be replaced by darkness and oblivion…………..

The confinement beam deposited the team in the Engine room of the first Starfleet ship to bear the name Intrepid - the team viewed their surroundings with awe

The centuries-old warp drive stood frozen and lifeless, and the clothed bodies of Starfleet officer's laid scattered at various locations throughout the room - Lieutenant M'kang indicated that there were no concerns, and the away team began scanning the room

"Try and re-activate life support and environmental…” Reyan began to say, but he stopped, due to a sudden feeling of de-ja-vu

“What just happened?” he asked, his voice betraying the fear he was feeling - he found himself taking an involuntary deep breath, not knowing why he felt the need to do so and almost instantly noticed that he was not the only one to have done so.

Ok - this may confuse some, so a little explaination - to add some tension, the away team is trapped in a causality loop, meaning that they are stuck repeating a certain peroid of time/chain of evnts. In this case, they arrive on the OLD Intrepid, eventually die, as per my post, but a milisecond after their death they return to the point where they initally beamed to the OLD Intrepid and the events play out all over again. Hope that makes sense

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 5 2005, 08:26 AM
Korbin, M'Kang and the Captain had gone on ahead in search of members of their away team that had vanished mysteriously.

Draconis stumbled too and froe, his mind was alive with telepathic messages. All of which were overwhelmed by a overall feeling of repatition.

Finally Korbin gave in and sank to one of the corridor, clutching the hand rail as he slid down. He heard the footsteps of M'Kang and the Captain coming over to help him up, and felt the touch of one of their hands reach his back but then... silence.

Korbin looked up to find nothing but the iced over corridor and the darkness. They'd gone now to.

Draconis staggered up, he was determined to find just what the hell was going on. However as he reached his feet a strange yellow vortex can at great velocity towards his eyes... he clenched them tightly shut and when he opened them again he was stearing at the face of a Human, dressed in somesort of Blue uniform, one completely unfamiliar to Korbin, or at least that's what he thought... his memory though was telling him smething different.

"Reed," Korbin burst out before the man in the blue uniform could say a word.

All eyes went to Korbin as if he'd uttered something of complete madness...

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Apr 9 2005, 03:07 PM
Geo looked at Anil, then the rest of the crew inhaling deep - only to find that he himself did so. Shaking his head, he pointed two teams to specific areas, then started off towards Anil. The perplexed look on the mans face was enough for this dejavu to seem all too real for Geo. Then again - dejavu was caused by the brain telemetry slowly down down to a point where it processes it twice, making it feel like you had done something again. This had to be a similar instance.

a1.gif "Red Alert" a1.gif the Intrepid Captain called, and the group rushed to the bridge

"Geo - if the Captain consents, would you take the Helm?"

"Glady" Geo replied enthusiastically, sliding into the Helm seat. The firefight that ensued would kill the Tactical officer, and cause Geo to suffer a burn in his arm. He leapt from his console,

"Helms down," he chimed, shaking his head for the second time. He needed something to do, and headed for Tactical. In it's destroyed state, it served no purpose, but Geo suspected that the officer was still alive. Alas, the man was dead.

In on final desperate act, he ripped the rear console panel, rewiring the station and slaving helm to the LCAR menu system. Power failed, and Geo stared at the now deadened bridge.

"Oh my...." someone stated... Purple eyes glittered almost as a source of light within the darkness... then the choking began.... Slowly... those eyes winked out...

~ ~ ~ ~ ENGINEERING // INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~

Geo looked at Anil, then the rest of the crew inhaling deeply and clinging to there necks as if they had been choking. All those eyes still mimiced fear, before they all seemed to shake from there daze. Anil and Geo met gazes, but then Geo got to work. Indicating two teams to specific locations before proceeding towards Anil.

a1.gif "Red Alert" a1.gif the Intrepid Captain called, and the group rushed to the bridge

"Geo - if the Captain consents, would you take the Helm?"

"Glady" Geo replied enthusiastically, sliding into the Helm seat. The firefight ensued and Geo leapt from his station only seconds before it exploded. He caught sight of the Tactical officer staring at him perplexed, before his station exploded.

"Helms down," he chimed, shaking his head for the second time. He needed something to do, and headed for Tactical. He knew it was destroyed, so he quickly checked the Tactical officer... only stopping as he felt the neck. Dead.

In on final desperate act, he ripped the rear console panel, rewiring the station and slaving helm to the LCAR menu system. Power failed, and Geo stared at the now deadened bridge.

"Oh my...." someone stated... Purple eyes glittered almost as a source of light within the darkness... then the choking began.... Slowly... those eyes winked out...

~ ~ ~ ~ ENGINEERING // INTREPID ~ ~ ~ ~

Geo looked at Anil, then the rest of the crew inhaling deeply with wide mouths as if sucking in air. Anil and Geo met gazes, before the Helmsmen got to work and indicated two teams to specific areas. He approached Anil, and frowned.

"This is the damnest thing..."

"You're telling me..."

"Next is the -"

a1.gif "Red Alert" a1.gif both Geo and Anil looked at one another - Geo also caught sight of Korbin out of the corner of his eye. Apparently these two weren't the only ones suffering. They ran for the bridge.

"Geo - if the Captain consents, would you take the Helm?"

"Glady" Geo replied enthusiastically, sliding into the Helm seat. He noticed the firefight, and instead of pilotting, diverted control to the rear LCAR. The Helm station exploded... causing a spark from that LCAR. Tactical was down, the officer dead. Geo didn't bother to check on the man, he headed straight for his LCAR.
Power failed... and Geo stared at the now deadened bridge.

"Oh my...." someone stated... Purple eyes glittered almost as a source of light within the darkness... then the choking began.... Slowly... those eyes winked out...

The Saga Continues... I realize it's missing critical points... Considering that I posted it strictly from Geo's perspective of events...If anyone wants to add to it, by all means.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 9 2005, 03:58 PM
The confinement beam deposited the team in the Engine room of the first Starfleet ship to bear the name Intrepid - the team viewed their surroundings with awe

The centuries-old warp drive stood frozen and lifeless, and the clothed bodies of Starfleet officer's laid scattered at various locations throughout the room - Lieutenant M'kang indicated that there were no concerns, and the away team began scanning the room...........

"Again?" said Doctor Ele, the anger clear in her voice - several of the other away team members were still clutching at their throats

"You know, I would not mind this to and fro through time lark if not for the fact that we all choke to death before we jump back to this point" Anil stated

Korbin looked pained, and Geo looked iritated, but both agreed with him

"We need a way to prevent this from happening over and over again - any suggestions anyone?"

"Well - if this ship was in working condition, which it clearly isn't, we could use it's sensors but that isn't an option" Korbin noted

"Well - couldn't we repair them?" asked Geo, looking at Lieutenant Moore who simply shrugged

"Perhaps - but how would we explain our actions or presense to the old Intrepid's crew in that case" Reyan asked

"Well - what if we could prevent the timejump that we know happens in a few moments?" Geo questioned

Reyan paused, and took a deep breath, pondering the question

"That would be the ideal answer - prevent the time jump from happening in the first place, but how?"

Reyan looked over to Geo, who seemed to be pondering the question - Reyan guessed that Geo had some experience in matters of time travel, especially in view of his age.

Finally, Geo looked up, a small grin on his face

"Okay - first of all, we need to try and contact the Intrepid - our Intrepid - we'll have to work fast - modulate your tricorders to a frequency of........."

Geo's words were cut off by the blinding flash that the away team had experienced so many times already, and they found themselves in the old Intrepid's timeframe once again, surrounded by Officers whom the away team now knew, having met them each time that they had returned to this time peroid, but who didn't know them"

"Here we go again" Korbin stated, exasperated

"Still no reason not to configure the tricorders - that way they'll be ready for the next time we return to the start of this damned loop" Reyan stated, realising that he sounded just as exasperated as Korbin had

"Lieutenant Moore - make the usual introductions and get to work helping these people out - try and focus on the sensors - we need to know what is causing this - the rest of you, get to work on your tricorders" Reyan ordered.

Reply anyone

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 10 2005, 04:33 PM
Korbin stood fast on the bridge, this Intrepid was again being faced down by the unavoidable march of doom... and as always it came in the shape of that antiquated Romulan Ship that Korbin now stood fixed staring at.

His mind, having spent so much time with this crew managing to block out their telepathic signals, was clear... free to ponder the away team's situation as he awaited death, and rebirth, death and rebirth.
He'd already tried and failed several times to use the Intrepid's sensors to find somesort of clue. Whether the Intrepid's sensors were too primative to find anything, or whether it simply wasn't there Korbin was unsure of though.

He'd even thrown the idea of it being the cause of the Quantum Singularity aboard the Romulan ship causing something. An idea quickly shot down by the history accustomed Captain who'd informed Korbin the Vulcan half breeds weren't using Quantum Singularities at this period of time.

Wait a moment, Korbin thought.
His mind went back to a point before the away team had left their Intrepid. They had detected several Quantum Singularities... they had presumed it was overseeing and cloaked Romulan vessels that meant no harm. But even if they meant no harm their Singularities could have caused something...

Just as Korbin was getting somewhere there was a blinding flash and the tightness in his throat began to kick in. Within moments the Betazoid Lieutenant, and everyone around him, were dead... and he was once again stood around in the Intrepid's engineer-room in the 24th Century.

"Captain," Korbin launched immediately wanting as much time as possible.

"It's been documented in Starfleet before that Quantum Singularities can cause temporal distortions."

"If I remember correctly on that particular occasion the ship in question was frozen in time, it did not capture a crew in a time loop," M'Kang said.

"It's still a possibility," Anil accepted.

They'd tried contacting their Intrepid every single time they'd been brought back to this point... since realizing they were in a time loop anyway. Everytime they'd only been met by interference. Nevertheless the Captain proceeded to attempt a hail.

This time though a thought struck him, "Lieutenant," he said gaining the attention of Moore.
"Can you adjust my combadge signal to transmit on a non-Quantum frequency?"

Korbin didn't have to read minds to figure out the Captain's plan. All subspace communications were sent out on Quantum Frequencies, had been done since the beginning of the 23rd Century... simply because these frequencies travelled quicker through the void of space. But before these Quantum Frequencies all communications used an Analog system.

"Our combadges aren't designed to send analog signals. However..." Moore trailed off. She turned around to attempt to work a frozen console. She returned her attention to the Captain, having failed to ignite any life in the computer systems.

"If we could reactivate this ship's analog transmitter, we could get a message to our Intrepid," she said.

"Could take some time," Anil said as the crew around him began to disappear.

"I'll make a start as soon as we loop again," Moore managed to finish before disappearing herself.

Anil turned to Korbin, the last two left. "See you in a few," the Captain said smiling...

this loop was starting to feel TOO comfortable...

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Apr 10 2005, 07:46 PM
The ice...she always ended up coming back to the thrice-bedamned ice. The strange mineral rich ice that she had taken the sample of when they first boarded...it was always the first thing she saw in engineering.

She swore under her breath when she saw it again, almost throwing her tricorder in frustration. She had figured out the reason for the mineral composition of the ice on the second go round through the time loop. The lack of life support, the hull breach, the suffocation of the entire crew, all of that combined to produce the mineral rich ice.

She avoided everyone's gaze when they appeared in engineering on the old Intrepid. It was getting to her, seeing those deaths over and over. Everytime she tried to save that bridge officer hurt by the flying debris, everytime her hands were bloodied, and everytime she watched him die before her eyes. It was damn frustrating. Not to mention the fact that she always died just after.

The tricorder readings were the same as they always were, no matter what she tried she couldn't seem to come up with any way to break out of the loop. Perhaps the fact that she was not the technical genius that Moore was, or Geo, made it harder for her to deal with the loop. For them it was probably a fun puzzle, for her it was a horrible endless, repetitive parade of death.

The hope that she had felt when they first figured it out was nearly gone now. She shook her head, "I'm going to be a raving lunatic before too many more of these little jaunts." The words were muttered under her breath just as the blinding flash that signalled the beginning of their lovely little adventure appeared. Kaoru held her tricorder firmly in hands that shook slightly, steeling herself for what lay ahead...again...

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 11 2005, 01:43 PM
Korbin felt the tightness in his throat die away and the lack of oxygen causing agony in his lungs, transfering throughout his body, all disipate instantly as he opened his eyes... to be faced with the frozen decor of this Intrepid.

Things were all move this time. The away team would only have a few minutes before their continous loop would have them ripped back to the mid 22nd Century, only to be destroyed moments later by an attacking Romulan.

Thanks for the collective efforts of the mind's of the team they now had a theory. Quantum Singularities from the Cloaked Romulan vessels in the 24th Century were causing interference across normal subspace channels, making it impossible to communicate with their Intrepid. It was also speculated that it is the Quantum Singularites that was causing the time loop, but this was less of a certainity.

Lieutenant Moore moved swiftly, going immediately to the nearest least frozen console. Korbin and Anil moved in too help, both removing their combadges. Anil's would be used as the transmitter, converted using the Intrepid's computers to transmit an analog signal that could get through the Quantum interference, and Korbin's would provide the power source.

"Powered up," Moore said confidentially, but obviously under the pressure of a strict time limit.

Korbin's combadge was now connected, giving a semi-life to the centuries old computer system. Anil's was now connected via a cable to the computer. As Moore began to attempt to adjust the combadge's output people began disappearing... Valorin went next.

Korbin and Anil both watched the Science Officer disappear before turning back to the Engineer, neither had to say "hurry"... she was well aware.

Suddenly Moore disappeared and Anil's combadge fell to the floor.

"Damn, we were so close," Anil said.

"We'll try again next time," said Korbin, attempting to invest some confidence in their plan...

Posted by: Gaia Moore Apr 12 2005, 07:14 AM
Gaia's thoughts of awe at the ancient design of the old warp core and Intrepid's interior were interrupted when the Captain volunteered her services to assist in sustaining life support aboard the Intrepid. Gaia couldn't say she was very happy being volunteered for anythingbut if life support cut out before they could figure a way out of this wannabe twilight zone situation......This in mind, Gaia acknowledged the Captain's order with a nod. She picked up her toolkit and kept it close to her chest, she was going to make sure nobody other than her could so much as glance at the tools she carried.

A young officer escorted Gaia to the engine room to do what she could for life support. As she entered, it was almost identical to the one she had left upon appointment to the away team, except the uniforms the personnel were wearing and the less advanced technology. That was one thing, it seemed the only thing Gaia had expected throughout this whole mess they were all in.

The uniforms on the majority of personnel around her, Gaia estimated approximately 90% had blue stripes on their sleeves. Gaia remembered reading something on that in a book at the Academy once. She never was good at History, but strangely she quickly picked up on any facts relating to Engineering that somehow always seemed to crop up. Gaia noticed the most authoritive presence in the room and made her way across to him to ask for assisstance in locating certain master access panels. He saw Gaia approach and looked her up and down, then smiled. If she didn't know any better, she would have sworn that smile was.......inviting? No, that smile was one of a cat seeing a mouse. Whether her was the cat and her toolkit the mouse or.........."Oh it better not be!" the thought struck her could it be that he thought himself the cat and Gaia the mouse? "Well, I am no mouse and if this guy thinks he can chase me then oooooh will he ever be surprised!"

The officer's eyes seemed to take in Gaia's strange uniform and pips, then they roamed to the toolkit she carried now at her side. His eyes took on a gleam and he licked his lips, he was no longer a cat, that was the look of a wolf stalking and waiting for opportunity. Obviously word had travelled fast of strangers onboard and judging by the gleam she had seen in the Engineer's eyes previously, rumours of time travel too. The "rumour mill" as her mother used to say, seemed to have been busy for the Engineers to know. "If it's anything like the present.......or is it the future?........DAM I hate time travel! If it's anything like my time, Engineers are usually the last to know. That fact was true, but Gaia didn't have to like it. In fact, she hated that particular fact.

Gaia had just gained access to one of the master access panels when the ship jolted and the panel, complete with sparks, exploded. Unfortunately any hope for reviving life support systems. They were helpess, though with enough to sustain them for a time according to the computers.

a4.gif "Moore to Captain Anil - I can't do anything more now sir - all systems are down and the life support systems were obliterated when we were hit" a4.gif

Gaia began feeling the cold slightly after only a few minutes of analysing if there was indeed any hope. She could see a number of the presonnel in Engineering huddling together looking from all stages of fear. From afraid, to hysterical. Gaia could smell smoke. She turned around to see that unfortunately, one of the Engineers had taken matters into their own hands. They had lit a fire and instead of getting warmer, it was getting colder. Gaia raced over to them and snuffed the fire out with her foot as quickly as possible, with the help of the old Intrepid's Chief Engineer. Her eyes blazed as the fire did, she couldn't believe how stupid the man was!

"Are you trying to kill us? Fires need oxygen to burn, life support is non existent and you were attempting to snuff out any and all chance we have of living through this?"

"I thought a fire would warm us all, it would make working a solution easier. I was just so cold!"

There, the real reason for his starting the fire had come out. He wasn't thinking, it was an instinct. Gaia's temper cooled as quickly as the atmosphere around her was cooling. Her eyes softened and she knew getting angry wouldn't help his nerves or the situation in general.

"I know, we all are, huddle together, keep warm that way, conserve as much oxygen as you can! I'm going to try and work on life support, I'm not giving up yet!" Gaia looked at the Chief Engineer in the eye and said in a serious tone "Look after the others, make sure no-one else tries something as foolish as that!"

Gaia knew there was no hope for the life support systems, but she had to keep warm somehow and perhaps there was a chance.........however slight. The room was getting colder and colder, she was finding it harder to breathe with every second that ticked by. Suddenly, the air around her was too thick, she felt her throat tighten and her lungs plead for air. Spots danced like black fireflies across her vision and then Gaia knew that was it. Her last thought was one of defeat. "I tried my best Ryan, I'm sorry...... I tried!" With that, darkness overtook her.

Gaia suddenly found herself standing in the ice covered Intrepid's engine room. Confusion set in, there was no-one there, the away team was there as they should be, but no-one else was. Gaia could have sworn that she had just been surrounded by people. She took an involuntary deep breath, revelling in the feel of air in her lungs, but she didn't know why. She looked around and some of the away team had disappeared. Gaia felt like she'd been through all of this before, but why? How could she when they'd only just beamed down? Bright light filled her eyes and she was standing on the bridge of the Intrepid, with no ice covering the railings, or the consoles.

The Captain volunteered her services to aid the Engineers in re-establishing life support, again Gaia got the feeling of Deja Vu. Even more so when the life support got obliterated and the fire started, the loss of breath, the darkness.

Again she was standing on the ice covered ship. This time, Gaia remembered more of what had happened. She could see the faces of the other members of the away team, she didn't seem alone in her confusion, which made her feel better.

"It wasn't just my imagination then!" She said out loud, though monotonous. She was fed up of doing the loop over and over again.

Events repeated themselves over and over. Gaia had mere moments before she would disappear into the loop again. She frantically moved her fingers swiftly in an attempt to bypass the interferance.

"Powered up," Gaia said confidentially, she couldn't help but show in her voice that she was under pressure from a strict time limit. Speed was of the essence, she knew that, but she was doing her best.

Gaia attempted to change the output of the comm badges to accomplish her task, but she was fast running out of time. Her head was pounding, her heart was racing, but she carried on.

"Almost there!" She was so close, she was going to do it, it was going to work!

Then she was surrounded with people, back in time again with the crew of the Intrepid. Gaia wanted to cry, it showed on her face the disappointment she felt. They were so close, just a microsecond longer and she would have had it! She would have had it! Gaia held her hands to her face and just sank to the floor. Her toolkit abandoned next to her, something she would never have done before. She wasn't sure how much longer she could go through the motions of the loop. The endless loop they seemed destined to spend a long time in.

Korbin either noticed her sinking to the floor, or else sensed the hopelessness she was feeling at that moment. He walked over to comfort her maybe? There was something about his eyes that seemed to bore straight through her. He reminded Gaia of someone she knew, a friend, a close friend? What was his name? Somewhere in the back of her mind, a voice came through. Her eyes shot open as realisation dawned on her. She bounded to her feet and tried to get the attention of Anil.

"Sir, may I have a word, it's urgent!"

"What is it Lt? something wrong?"

"No, no, something's very right!"

"You're not making much sense at the moment Lt. What is it you're trying to say?"

"I'm trying to say that I know why the Intrepid........ourIntrepid haven't been able to help, it's not because they can't. I think maybe it's because they won't!"

"Care to elaborate Lt?"

"Well sir, I believe that the USS Intrepid is afraid of damaging the timeline, but what they don't know is that because we have been brought back here, the timeline has already been altered! If we can get communications working in the next loop, we may stand a chance of letting them know what's going on.........It's a BIG if though. If they know we have affected the timeline, if they can find a way of getting us out. It stands a chance that they haven't been affected by this loop, just us. If I can get word to Rya.......I mean the Commander, or my Deputy, then they can find a way out of this for us. We've already found out that we never have enough time between loops, but while we go back and forth, they haven't been affected...."

"Giving them time to come up with a plan?"


"It's worth a shot, do you think you can manage to set that communications link up on the next loop?"

"I can but try!"

"You're going to have to do more than try if what you suggest is true."

Gaia nodded and all that was left was for her to wait for the next loop and prey she had enough time.

Posted by: Valorin Apr 13 2005, 01:22 PM
We were all getting a little frustrated at the amount of times we had been through the loop, for some strange reason i had been seperated from the main group every single time but was back with them just before we jumped.
some interesting theories had come out in the amount of times we had jumped but none of the attempts to stop the loop had worked and the one with the comms was now not only the best hope but the only hope of making contact with our own ship across the void.
reveiwing the data we had i gave this a slightly better than average chance of working, as long as we could get things moving before we got looped again.

A blinding white flaash and i was again back in amongst the old intrepid crew while they werefrantically trying to save their dying ship. this time round i did not try to help i went to a quiet room off one of the coridors and just sat waiting for the inevitable end to come.

Tapping my com badge "Valorin to away team" i said

"go ahead"anil replied

"how are you going on those modifications?" i asked

"getting there but if you could come give us a hand then we may get there a little faster"

"sorry sir but this section as been cut off by the damage and i cant get to you, i have done all i can from down here but that has made no difference"

"Understood, bear with us. Anil out"

Having the experience with alternate timelines and other galaxies not to mention the loss of the firebolt and the rest of the ships that we had managed to recruit on our last mission, i thought that things could not get any worse.

i had lost count now how many times i had died and started the mission again, i was sure that one way or another our own ship would be trying everything they could to get us back again.

What if they couldnt get us back, would we be stuck in this loop for eternity.

Kayla!, what about Kayla would i see her again. The way things were going that was very unlikely.

I miss her, i miss the dinners, the conversation the intamacy of our relationship.

we had only been together for a short while as a couple and now, would we be able to share anything again.

The ship rocked with the impact of a weapon and the lights failed. Here we go again i thought.

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 18 2005, 03:34 PM
Korbin was again sitting in the Intrepid's Ready Room. His Intrepid. Not the 22nd Century one, unfrozen or otherwise, he was back home aboard the ship he'd called such for half a decade.

Lieutenant Moore's attempts to re-establish subspace communications with their Intrepid had failed. Not because the plan was flawed, or her skills not up to the task, but because the time restrictions before being sucked against their will back into the past were simply too great.

Quantum Singularities made sure Subspace communications using Quantum Frequencies were out of the question. And the time restrictions had made an analog communication impossible also.

The Away Team had turned to a final resort. One that almost cost the life of the entire team.
Korbin's telepathic powers had always been stronger than your average Betazoids. He sensed things most Betazoids wouldn't, it was both an asset and a hinderance. However even he could not have projected thoughts back to their Intrepid. A plan hatched through desperation however allowed to him to do. Human only use 10% of their brains, somewhere in that other 90% lays dorment telepathic genes... by tapping into these Korbin was now able to project his thoughts... even his will across the empty space that lay between the Intrepid that had become his prison and the Intrepid that was not only his home, but now his sanctuary.

He was now back in the Ready Room of his Intrepid, though not in body. But in spirit.

He was speaking with Orlan, who'd been alone in the room when Korbin had finally managed to make contact.

Suddenly Korbin broke contact, the timeshifts had started... his message no doubt however had gotten across. And knowledge taken from the Commander's mind meant Korbin also knew that their Intrepid was outside the loop, meaning when the loop restarted they'd been there waiting for the away team with transporters armed...

Posted by: Draconis Korbin Apr 19 2005, 05:29 AM
Korbin was home. His mind was finally at ease.

He, and the other members of the away team, stepped down from the transporter of their Intrepid. Korbin's plan had been successful and the away team had been beamed from the frozen 22nd Century Intrepid and back aboard their own... safe from the temporal loop they'd become trapped in.

After speaking with Orlan it had been revealed the away team had been stuck in the loop for three days. In that time the Quantum Singularities, suspected to be Romulan vessels, had moved closer.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Apr 19 2005, 11:38 AM
Reyan leaned back in his chair, and placed the padd that he had been holding on his desk.

Two days had passed since himself and the away team had returned to their Intrepid - they were now moving out of the area, and had dropped out of warp close to the Neutral Zone border

The padd that he had placed on his desk contained the history of the original Intrepid - the one that they had been aboard two days ago. He had studied it extensively, and compaired it to the hisorical records that he had downloaded prior to their visit to the old Intrepid - thankfully, their escapade had not made any difference to the timeline, but Lieutenant Korbin had surmied that it could not have really anyway - the crew of the Original Intrepid would not have had time to record the details of the away team's visit anywhere, let alone transmit a miessage about them.

Reyan sighed, and picked up another padd from the small pile that had collected on his desk - this one was a little more pleasant - crew promotions that were due.

Draconis Korbin, Kaorou Ele and Sally Ryder wer e the names listed - Reyan decided that he didn't really have enough time to see them individually, and therefore called them to attend their Promotions together.

He then walked over to his storage draw and removed three rank pips - two black and one gold, and placed them on his desk

Lieutenant Korbin was the first to arrive, closely followed by Ensign Ryder and Doctor Ele

Reyan smiled

"Well - I can't honestly say that I can tihnk of three Officer's who deserve this more - I apologise for not having been able to deal with this matter sooner, but your service records indicate that you are due promotions, at your Captain's discretion. In view of recent events I feel that you are more than overdue, and you are all, therefore, to be promoted"

Lieutenant Korbin was the only one of the three who didn't look surprised by this revelation, but then, Reyan surmised that he would have known anyway.

"Lieutenant Korbin, you are hereby Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander" he continued, hading Lieutenant-Commander Korbin one of the black pips

"Ensign Ryder - you are hereby Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade" he said to a smiling Lieutenant Ryder

"Doctor Ele - you are hereby Promoted to the rank of Full Lieutenant" he finnished, handing the gold pip to Doctor Ele

Reyan was about to continue, when the a2.gif Yellow Alert klaxon sounded a2.gif

The four officers strode out of the ready room and onto the bridge

"Report" Reyan demanded

Commander Orlan stood

"Captain - we are picking up large amounts of Neutrino emissions - could be a cloaked ship"

Reyan frowned

"Cloaked? why would a cloaked Romulan ship be watching us?" Reyan asked, not really expecting an answer

"Well - it's in front of us and approaching fast" Lieutenant-Commander Korbin reported

"On-screen" Reyan ordered - the viewscreen changed to a view of open space, but an odd shimmering effect was distorting the image

"The cloak?" Commander Orlan asked

Lieutenant-Commander Korbin looked up from his console

"Yes - it's a cloaking field - a very large cloaking field" he stated, looking uncharacteristically anxious

"Well, we don't know what their intentions are, and we can't reverse course as that would take us deeper into Romulan space" Lieutenant Valorin said, from the Science station, as he worked his console at a feverish pace

"Sir - look!" exclaimed Lieutenant Ryder

The cloaking field was rippling and shimmering, and slowly, a ship began to take shape. An extremely large ship

The Bridge crew stood, stunned at what they were seeing, as the cloaking field finally disappated

The silence finally broke

"My god, look at the size of that thing......." Lieutenant-Commander Korbin muttered

"I have never seen anything like it" Lieutenant Revelone stated

"Kerchan class - Starfleet intelligence filed a report on it - the Romulan's only built two - they were intended to be used against Praetor Shinzon, should he have decided to betray the Romulans at that time"

a1.gif "Red Alert - all hands to battlestations" a1.gif shouted Reyan

"We can't possibly fight that Commander Orlan exclaimed

"I don't intend to - I intend to run like hell - Geo - get us away from that thing, maximum warp!" Reyan replied

"They are hailing Sir" Lieutenant Martek reported from behind

"- Hold on the escape course Geo - On screen" Reyan replied

A Romulan Major appeared on the screen, looking quite pleased with himself

"Well - you survived the dead zone, as we call it, I see Captain"

"Yes - sorry to disappoint you" Reyan replied

"Well - it is only a minor inconvienience" Kovek replied, smirking

"I hope you realise that our visit to Romulan space was sanctioned by your goverment"

Kovek's smile faded

"I'm afraid not, Captain - I sent you the invite"

"And you are not part of the Romulan military?"

Kovek laughed

"No - far from it - my crew and myself stole this ship from under their noses - we are an isolationist group, who beleive that Romulus should be left for the Romulan's"

"Good for you - but why are you telling us this?" Commander Orlan asked

"Because I intend to take your ship from you - prepare to be boarded" the Romulan laughed

Posted by: Baetha Apr 19 2005, 12:27 PM
===== USS Lighthawk NX-97736 =====
===== SFI Tactical Dreadnought, Akira II class =====

Admiral Horatio Baltimore Hornblower, Commander of Starfleet Intelligence Section 31, sat in his chair of the huge conference room of the Lighthawk, the new SFI flasgship, built by an alliance of his section and 2 others, 25-B and 12-A. Its mass could cover that of 4 sovereigns, or 3 warbirds, he remembered, and that was why it was not commanded by just one person, but also by his 2 collegues, who were most likely running some facts through the computer again. It had been 2 hours, since they had dropped the dissembler, and entered the orbit of romulan prime colony 60 on Gamlit III, to meet the Demonhawk Flagship of the Romulan Secret Service Tal Shiar. The Tal Shiar had called his collegue, David Forester with alpha priority, a relict from the war against the dominion. Hornblower was worried, this code was supposed to be only used in ultimate danger. He supposed the presence of a such heavily fortified ship as the Lighthawk would gave stabilisation to the sector, most likely noone dared to attack the planet right now.

Suddenly, as he looked up, the massive doors of the room opened, and 2 starfleet officers he knew walked in, followed by aswell 3 officers of the Tal Shiar, he knew only one, Centurio Tres'mak. The other admirals took their place next to Hornblower, the romulans sat on the other side of the table. Hornblower leaned back, it was stated as rule, that the threatened side presented their problem before any comments could be made. Tres'mak activated a holographic device and a massive romulan ship circled around in the air.

"This is the RFS Kerchan, one of two prototypes we constructed to stop shinzon or his remaining followers if needed."

Hornblower and the others seemed surprised. This ship was enourmous, at least the size of the Lighthawk, if not a bit larger. The other admirals seemed pretty impressed aswell. Hornblower already sensed what was to came... it was more instinctive. "Dont tell me you lost it..."

"Not really." Tres'mak replied. "It was stolen by... well... our old friends..."

Hornblower gasped. He didnt know if he should look angry, surprised or something between both. "Isolationists?" As the romulan Tal Shiar member just nodded, Hornblower's fist smashed on the table. "I thought we got them all, heck, damn it..."

"Well, we thought that aswell... they caught us off guard, and stole the ship, most likely heading for federation terretory now. The problem is, its revolutionary hull makes it intrackable for any long range sensors we discovered so far. This means we cannot spot and eliminate it, and neither can you..."

Hornblower got even more angry, just David Forester, a young but engaged admiral, who lead Section 25-B, the section that mostly worked with special alien agents, remained cool and even surpressed a knowing smile. Hornblower gazed angrily at him. He stood up and took the word. "Well, maybe they caught you off guard, but we luckily had the chance to prepare a trap for them, and they took the bait. We cannot find out where they went to, but we got an agent on board..."

Now the romulans gasped for air. Forester just smiled a bit more...

===== Romulan Warship Kerchan ======

Major Kovek grinned at the rest of his bridge staff. He was self-confident... well, in the world he grew up, he had to be or got killed... so he decided for the first and somehow always survived. And he would survive much more, he was sure of it. His plan was brilliant, a masterpiece dropped out of his own imaginative mind. It would work, and lead to the ultimative war between romulans and federationists. And finally, when both sides were weakned, his group would beat them, and take over half the alpha quadrant. A cunning plan, but he needed the Intrepid. "Prepare boarding teams immideately" he ordered. "Better more than the usual, we shouldnt fail" he added.

Still, he didnt know about one factor, that could scrap all his plans and futural views. He didnt know of what followed the romulan ship since it was stolen. He didnt know of what danger it presented. He didnt know, that he didnt know...

Great post Baetha! - that's it for this episode - we'll start the next asap - thanks all

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