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Posted by: Dianna Torres Apr 23 2006, 03:33 AM
Name: Dianna Torres
Age: 27
Birthday: December 8
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4’11
Species: Human/Betezoid
Gender: Female
Parents: Amy and Cole Torres
Sibling: Andrea Torres

Dianna Grew up and was born on the starship USS Enterprise with her cousin Melissa. Her Mother along with Melissa’s were serving on that ship. They were sisters. It was said that she was destined to follow that path. Her mother was human and her father was betezoid. Her mother had met him on one of her trips to betezed and the rest is history. Growing up on a starship, Dianna had many advantages to contend with along with her sister and her cousin. All of them had become acting ensigns like young Wesley Crusher. He was a legend to them all long before they had become acting ensigns. She was always eager to learn like the rest of her family and that includes her cousin JJ. As Dianna grew up, her betezoid abilities started to go into full bloom. She hated those feelings but in time she learned how to deal with them in an acceptable manner without interference. There were times that she resented those feelings. In the end, she knew that this was only part of her.

Outgoing but quiet until provoked.

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