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Posted by: Reyan Anil May 8 2006, 12:40 PM
The airlock door slid aside, and Anil stepped off the Intrepid, and onto the deck of Deep space nine, and almost colided with the large group of engineers who had been waiting for the Intrepid to dock

Anil stood to one side, and watched the group step through the airlock, onto his ship - he grinned, knowing that Gaia wouldn't be too pleased to see them, and would not give them a particularly easy time. But the Intrepid had sustained damage too extensive and severe for the Intrepid's engineering team to deal with alone, and although she would probably not admit it, Anil guessed that Gaia would probably actually come to appreciate the extra manpower

"Well Anil - I wish I could say that it's good to see you" a familiar voice called

Anil's Father strode toward him, looking iritated

"Nice greeting, Dad, espeically considering how long it's been since we've seen each other" Anil replied

"Admiral Cartel is waiting for you, Anil" his father replied

"Admiral Cartel is even less patient than a drunk Tellarite - he can wait a few more minutes"

"Admiral Cartel didn't seem too pleased about your arrival either" Anil's Father stated

"He never is - but how would you know that?" Anil asked

They stepped onto the turbolift, still bickering

"Come on Anil - the Intrepid is a floating wreck!" the elder Reyan half-shouted

"This isn't about my Command, Dad, this is about your disapproval of my joining Starfleet in the first place!" Anil shouted in reply, as the turbolift swept upward

"Damned right it is - congratuations - you made it to the rank of Captain, gained a command of your own ship, and managed to wreck it!"

The turbolift slid to a halt in the operations centre, and the Father and son received curious glances from the Starfleet and Bajoran officer's present, who had clearly heard the last part of the argument

"We'll talk about my command, and your amazing ability to belittle me, later, Dad" Anil whispered, furious at his Father's lack of concern or respect

The elder Reyan walked over to the tactical station, now ignoring his son altogether - Anil walked over to the door to the C.O's office - it slid aside, Admiral Cartel anticipating his arrival

"You wanted to see me, Admiral?" Anil asked, his voice betraying his lack of enthusiasm

"Hull breaches on almost every deck, shield emitters destroyed, phaserbanks overloaded and burnt to a crisp, torpdeo compliment exhausted, warpdrive systems severed and damaged almost beyond the point of repair, and your ready room is missing - what the hell happened, Reyan?" Admiral Cartel bellowed

"I transmitted my report when we arrived, Sir" Anil replied

An attractive Bajoran woman, holding the rank of Colonel, sat next to Admiral Cartel, stood and took a step toward Reyan

"Yes, the Mirror universe - I've been there - not an experience I'd like to repeat. But I don't understand what prompted the mirror-dominion to attack" she asked

"I'm not certain either, Colonel, they mentioned somthing about a founder who had been stationed on their Terok Nor having been murdered, but they didn't elaborate"

"Their Odo" the Colonel replied

"Colonel Kira only spent a short time on the mirror Terok nor - but several subsequent visits were made by other members of this station's crew" Admiral Cartel replied

"What of my ship, Sir?" Anil asked, the question playing heavily on his mind

"She'll be repaired - although I am seriously considering handing Command over to someone who'll take better care of her" Admiral Cartel replied, sneering

"I'd like to see an Officer take better care of any ship that was faced with what the Intrepid faced, Admiral" Anil countered

"Well, I'll review your report and logs - although I don't see any reason to hand the Intrepid over to anyone else, I expect better in the future, Captain" Admiral Cartel finnished

After a short pause, Admiral Cartel finally dismissed Anil, and he made his way back to the Intrepid, eager to talk to Kaoru, and hoping to avoid his Father

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Posted by: Dianna Torres May 8 2006, 09:43 PM
Dianna started going through the systems to see what was needed to be fixed. This place was a total mess. She could feel what everyoen else was feeling but she pushed it in the back of her mind. Many of the systems needed to be repaired. She knew that she needed to team up with engineering to get these systems back in order.

Posted by: Havannah Essal May 8 2006, 11:09 PM
Since the Intrepid’s return to DS9 word had reached the Symbiosis Commission of the Xandra symbiont change of host. She’d been summoned to the DS9 Trill Diplomat’s Office. Havannah sat on edge outside the doors waiting to be called in.

She could remember being a child, when her father went through the same thing, only he was waiting to find out if he’d been joined.

Surely they wouldn’t remove it? Havannah couldn’t help but worry. She hadn’t been through the years of trials before they were chosen as a host.

“Havannah,” a female called her name. Her head instantly looked up, perhaps too anxiously. “Follow me.”

Havannah stood up from her seat and followed the Trill female to a double door. She opened the door, but didn’t entered. Havannah peered inside. Behind a foreboding desk sat the Trill diplomat. She entered nearly jumping when the door closed behind her.

The Diplomat looked up. “Please have a seat.”

Havannah inched forward before finally taking a seat infront of the desk.

“It has come to our attention, that you’ve become joined.”

“Yes sir.” Havannah squirmed. A thousand thoughts ran through her mind. The dire need for a host else the symbiont would die. Her feelings of going crazy since becoming joined.

“I need to clarify some details. If you don’t mind.” Havannah shook her head. “You were never selected as an initiate.”

“Yes sir.”

“You’re father was.” The Diplomat sifted through a PADD he held nearby. “Tiam Essal?”

“Yes sir.”

He looked up at her. “To the Kal Symbiont, correct?”

“Yes sir.” She paused a second gathering her courage, “Sir, may I ask a question?”


“If you know all this, why are you asking?”

He set aside the PADD. “Well, as you know the Symbiosis Commission regulates who becomes a host. We’re concerned because you niether have the training nor, to be perfectly honest, the qualifications set down by the Commission to become joined.”

“I assure you, it wasn’t my intention to become joined.”

“That is apparent.” He emphasized the word ‘that’.

Havannah reached up touching her temple. Her headache was returning.

“However,” He continued. “We cannot undo the past. It was noble for you to accept the responsibility of becoming a host given the circumstances. The Symbiosis Commission requests that you perform the Zhian'tara ceremony as soon as possible. This office will be at your disposal for any training or counseling you require.”

“Thank you sir.” Havannah said, not sure she’d take him up on the offer. Though inside she doubted it was an offer. More like a demand.

He stood up. Havannah followed suit. “My assistant will see to anything you need.” He motioned for her to leave, which she did with all haste.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 9 2006, 03:28 PM
Anil walked along the long corridors of Deep Space nine, heading back for the Intrepid, eager to be back aboard his own ship, regardless of her condition

He was about to step back through the airlock, and back onto the ship he called home, when a young Ferengi, wearing a Starfleet uniform displaying the rank of Lieutenant, called him

"Captain Reyan!" he called

"Lieutenant?" Anil asked, curious as to why he had been stopped

"Lieutenant Nog, Sir - Admiral Cartel asked I hand you this"

Anil read the padd, and frowned

"Admiral Cartel want's the Intrepid cleared of all nonessential personell" he muttered

"Yes Sir - the engineering teams need to shut power off to almost all decks" Lieutenant Nog advised

"Fine - I'll deal with it - I take it guest quaters are available?" Anil asked

"Some, Sir - but some of your crew will have to share quaters with station personel, as we are expecting a diplomatic detachment from Romulus"

Anil scanned the padd, and inhaled deeply when he read where he had been allocated

"I'm supposed to share quaters with my father?" he exclaimed

"Colonel Kira's orders" Nog replied

"If it's all the same, I'll remain aboard the Intrepid"

"Admiral Cartel's orders, Sir" Nog replied

"Admiral Cartel can shove his orders..." Anil began to say

"Sir?" Nog asked

"Nothing Lieutenant - thankyou - advise Colonel Kira that I'll have the Intrepid cleared immediately"

"Aye Sir" the young Lieutenant replied, and he turned and hurried away

Anil stepped through the open airlock door and almost collided with Kaoru

"Kaoru!" he exclaimed

"Sorry Anil - on my way to the Infirmary - Doctor Bashir has promised some supplies, and considering how depleted our medical supplies are, I could hardly refuse" Kaoru explained

"May as well bring your belongings with you - I'm about to order all non-essential personel off the ship - we're being assigned temporary quaters here on the station - some of our officers are having to bunk with station officers"

"Why are they evacuating the ship?" Kaoru asked

"The Deep Space Nine/Intrepid engineering teams need to shut down her power grid to effect repairs - she'll be without life support on most decks for an unspecified period of time" Anil explained, he then grinned

"I might ask if I can share quaters with you" Anil stated, grinning

"Nice try" Kaoru laughed

"Well - I get to share my Father's quaters" Anil admitted

Kaoru, clearly sensing Anil's discomfort at this prospect, took a step closer to Anil

"I take it that you and he don't get along" she asked

"No, we don't - he didn't approve of me joining Starfleet"


"He wanted me to join the Bajoran militia - he wasn't a big supporter of Stafleet - he resented Starfleet for not dealing with the Cardassian's when they annexed Bajor" Anil admitted

"But surely, after all this time" Kaoru replied

"After all this time, he still resents me - although the circumstances were not always ideal, I received my promotions before him, and my Starfleet rank is higher than his Bajoran one"

"So he's jealous?" Kaoru enquired

"Don't know - we hardly ever talk"

"Well - looks like you'll have your chance now that you've been assigned to live with him for the short-term" Kaoru replied

"Yeah - imagine my joy" Anil replied sarcastically

"You know, Admiral Cartel sent an update just before I left sickbay - we're being assigned a Counsellor - I suggest you talk to her when she arrives" Kaoru stated, patting Anil on the back

"I might just do that" Anil replied

a4.gif "All hands, this is the Captain - any personel not assigned to the Intrepid's repair detail are to report to Deep Space Nine immediately to be assigned temporary quaters - the Intrepid's power systems, including life support, are being taken offline - that's all personel not assigned to the Intrepid repair detail - Anil out" a4.gif

Reply anyone - but as noted, the Intrepid is to be temporarily evacuated so please be mindful of this when you post - thanks

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 9 2006, 04:35 PM
Kaoru hugged Anil, it was impulsively done, and quick, but she was not sorry. "You have my utmost respect and admiration captain." She murmured to him, "No one can take that from you, not your father, or any admiral."

Letting him go, she shook her head, grinning lopsidedly. "Your pardon captain, I'm a little giddy from the exhileration of surviving....all of that."

Anil laughed, a deep and heartfelt, and appreciative laugh. "I understand Kaoru." He tugged a lock of her hair playfully, "Maybe you should see the new counsellor too."

"Oh, I intend to sir. I'm fairly certain I'll be given standing appointments." She turned to walk away, pausing and glancing over her shoulder, "Anil, I'll come collect you at your father's quarters later tonight, all right?" She chuckled a little at how that sounded. "Does one bring flowers to something like that still?"

"Dismissed doctor." Anil raised one brow, trying not to laugh.

Kaoru could not hold back her own laughter, and she drifted down the hall towards the Intrepid's sickbay chuckling about petticoats and corsages.

The rest of the day did not pass quite so happily though. She collected the reports of her team, compiling them into her own report. The debriefing with the senior medical staff of DS9 was long and painful. Kaoru went over each decision that she made during the course of the mission, each death certificate, each major injury.

She was painfully aware, as she answered the questions put to her, that Anil's debriefing was likely many times worse. She made sure that she was quite clear on one thing...the fact that Anil and Ryan had done all they could against terrible odds.

Finally, the debrief was over and Kaoru was free. Walking through the promenade of DS9, she could not help but feel that giddiness wash over her again. They had made it, they were home. Of course, there had been far too many casualties along the way, but somehow, Anil and Ryan had managed to hold the crew and the ship together.

Stopping at a bar, she slid into a seat and ordered a drink, "Arcturian Fizz please." The bartender slid the drink to her, and Kaoru sipped it, glancing around. There was always so much to see on the promenade, and she wasn't disappointed today.

Hopefully, the rest of her team, and the rest of the crew was doing just as Kaoru was, relaxing, taking it easy, coming to terms with the intense few months they had all shared, and the losses they had all known.

Again, Kaoru thought of Anil. He had lost both Kassan and a child...she couldn't imagine what he was feeling. Havannah hosted Kassan's symbiant...and Kaoru wondered if the two of them might find something together. Perhaps that would ease Anil's loss, at least a little.

A certain helmsman had been absent for a long time, Kaoru assumed he was still being debriefed, but she trusted he would know how to find her if he chose to.

Finishing her drink, she set the empty glass down, purchasing a bottle of chilled ginger beer, and returning to her quarters. She changed into civilian clothes, a flowing and feminine silk dress with a uneven hem that swirled around her legs as she walked. Examining herself in a mirror she smiled, brushing her hair, replicating two mugs and a bag to carry everything in. "Computer, locate the quarters of Bajoran officer Reyan."

She was directed to the elder Reyan's quarters, and stood outside them, pressing the doorchime and waiting for a response.

She was taken aback by how much the older bajoran looked like Anil, but she only smiled, "Good evening, I've come to collect your son."

"Anil!" But Anil was already just behind his father, chuckling at his CMO. "I see you decided to forego the flowers."

Anil's father sneered, brushing past Kaoru coldly and striding angrily down the hall.

"Father!" Anil started after him, anger flaring in the depths of his dark eyes.

"No." Kaoru put her hand on his shoulder, "It's not worth it Anil." She shook her head, smiling up at him, "Let him have his petty little world...you have grown so far beyond it."

Anil smiled down at her, his hand covering hers on his arm, shaking his head in disbelief, "You know me far too well. It's downright scary."

Kaoru pulled her hand back, chuckling, "It has been my experience that men are very easy to understand." Her tone was light, teasing. "But come on...let's go see the sights. I have ginger beer." She held up the bag.

Posted by: Havannah Essal May 9 2006, 08:56 PM
After the meeting with the Trill Diplomat, Havannah decided to head back to the Intrepid, only to find mandatory evacuations were ordered. She sighed. Today was not going to be her day.

She wanted to be alone, away from the noise, both from her surroundings and from the voices that came inside her mind. And now, she was going to gather a few belongings and head to DS9 for her temporary quarters assignment.

When she reached her Intrepid quarters, she threw the data PADD the Trill Diplomat’s assistant had given her on her bed. She hadn’t even glanced at it. She pulled a few items here and there, what hadn’t been damaged or broken in the Mirror Universe.

She heard the door chime.

“Come.” Havannah said over her shoulder as she packed her things into the duffle.

She turned around to see a human female handing her a data PADD. “These are your temporary quarter assignments.” Havannah looked at them. She’d been assigned a bunk with two DS9 officers and the Operations Chief from the Intrepid. By the looks of it, her bunkmates were all scheduled to be working on the Intrepid. Which would leave her a semi-private room. Assuming they all worked the same shift.

“Anything else?” Havannah asked when she noticed the female had not left. Dreading what she knew would be the answer.

“Yes, you’re also to report to the debriefing room.”

Of course. Havannah shouldered her duffle. “Thank you Ensign.” She’d run her duffle into her new ‘home’ before heading over to the debriefing. When the Ensign left, Havannah reached over to her personal quarter’s computer terminal grabbing a number of PADD’s with the data regarding the Karcsis.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 10 2006, 03:41 AM
Anil and Kaoru shared a drink, and then took a slow walk around the Promenade, stopping to view the Wormhole as it burst open, it's colour and light illuminating surrounding space

"You know, after all that has happened, I'm not sure that I can look at the wormhole in the same way anymore" Anil admitted

"What you experienced happened in the mirror universe Anil, try not to carry them over to this one" Kaoru answered sympathetically

"It's difficult, Kaoru, the Pah-Wraiths do exist in this universe" Anil replied

"I don't think that this has as much to do with the Wormhole and Pah-wraiths as it does how you are feeling about loosing Kassan, Anil" Kaoru said quietly

Anil turned to her, and stared into her eyes

"No hiding anything from you, is there" he stated

"Tell me I'm wrong" she replied

Anil stared at the floor, momentarily unable to answer

"I can't" he finally admitted

"Anil - you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling - I recommend that you arrange to visit the Intrepid's new Counsellor when he or she arrives, or visit the Counsellor attached to Deep Space Nine" Kaoru advised

"Good advice" Anil replied, as they moved to the oposite side of the Promenade, where they were afforded a view of the Intrepid, docked, and with workbee's floating around her, her damage visible for all to see

"And don't forget - I'm always here for you too" Kaoru finnished

Anil took her hand hin his, and took a step closer to her

"Thankyou Kaoru - but I really don't want to lay this on you - I know I haven't told you this before, but you are my closest friend, the one person who makes my off-duty hours worth somthing, and most importantly, along with my Command, you make my life worth living" he admitted, subsequently feeling his face flush red

She took a breath, clearly about to reply, when Geo approached them

"Having fun?" he asked, frowning as he noticed that they were holding hands

"Just watching the repairs on the Intrepid" Anil replied

"Yeah - some Engineer just booted me off her" Geo answered

"Been given your temporary quaters yet?" Kaoru asked Geo

"Well, thing is - they are not going to be quite as temporary as you think" he replied

Both Anil and Kaoru looked at each other, confused

"Elaborate, Lieutenant" Anil asked

"I've accepted command of Starbase Epsilon-4, in the Artis Cluster and a promotion to Provisional Commander" Geo replied

"Contragulations, Lieutenant!" Anil replied, Kaoru however, looked a little more reserved

"When do you depart?" she asked

"I'm due to depart on the Hood - she'll be arriving tomorrow"

"Command of a Starbase, and being transported by the USS Hood - someone's getting first-class treatment - who did you bribe?" Anil laughed

Geo grinned

"No-one...... this time" he replied, winking

Kaoru and Geo hugged, Kaoru promised to make sure that would give Geo a proper farewell, and Anil stepped foward

"It's been an honour to have you on my crew, Commander - good luck" he stated, patting Geo's shoulder

Geo nodded, and left, leaving Kaoru and Anil alone again

"Well - now I don't have a Second Officer - how would you feel about taking the birdge officer's exam, Kaoru" Anil asked

Kaoru looked momentarily shocked, but cleared her throat

"You want me as your Second Officer?" she asked

"I do" Anil replied

"As long as it doesn't interfere with my Medical duties, I'd be honoured" she replied, smiling

"It won't - I'll contact Ryan and let him know - he oversee's the Bridge officer exam"

"Let's get another drink first" Kaoru replied, linking her arm into his

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Posted by: Havannah Essal May 11 2006, 10:02 PM
Havannah stood off a ways on the promenade. Not readily visible to others, but able to see enough of the crowds. Particularly, she could see clearly see her Captain, and the Doctor discussing something.

A streak of emotion washed over her. Jealously? Why would she have need to be jealous? She watched as the Captain took the Doctor’s hands in his own and step closer.

Havannah turned around, placing her hand against her temple. This is insane. She told herself. He’s my Captain, not ….

A memory flooded Havannah’s mind of a very passionate embrace. The face of her lover that of Anil…

Captain Reyan. She reminded herself. And who are you? She paused. She actually had to think on this? Kas-…. Havannah Essal. You are Havannah Mina Essal…. Xandra.

Havannah half walked, half ran to her temporary quarters, leaving the scene of the Captain and Doctor on the Promenade, unable to leave the images rising in her own mind.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 11 2006, 10:31 PM
Geo's news, the careless and breezy way he spoke of it left her shaken and breathless, struggling to hold herself together in front of Anil and the Hermekian.

"Congratulations. When do you depart?" He answered her, his eyes meeting hers, conveying more than she knew he could say just then.

Anil asked her to be second officer, and she accepted, her thoughts still light years distant, feeling disasocciated, detached from herself.

Forcing a cheerfulness she did not feel, she linked her arm with Anil's. ""Let's get another drink first....we need more drinks."

Finally, Anil seemed to really see her, realizing how upset she likely was about Geo's news. "Oh....Kao...." Hugging her, he inhaled the scent of her hair. How had it been that he had never noticed it smelled like lavender? "I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about." She held tightly to him, trying her damnedest not to cry, trying to push her feelings down...for probably the hundredth time in months. "You know, I think I was due a nervous breakdown anyway." She tried to joke, to pretend her heart wasn't breaking.

"Stop Kaoru. You're going to be fine. I'm here, and I'll be here until you are."

Sapphire blue eyes met his dark, closing just after, crystal tears slipping down her cheeks. "Thank you Anil. I'm really all right."

And she meant it then. Reminding herself that he had suffered much more loss than she had, she choked down the rest of what she was feeling. "How about that drink?"

"I don't remember me telling you that I liked ginger beer." He was happy to move past the intense emotions.

"You mentioned it once or twice I think..."

Posted by: Charles Nox May 12 2006, 12:17 AM
After finishing up with Anil. Charles was standing at the Security station watching the Station security chief do his work.

"Do you have a problem Lt. Nox?" he asked looking up giving his unquivical stare of not caring.

"No sir, just watching so that I may do my job better." Nox replied.

The Chief scoffed.

"Starbase security and Starship security are two diffrent things." he said looking back at his datapadd.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone May 12 2006, 12:05 PM
~ ~ ~ ~ 0700 // Temporary Quartres / / Starbase ~ ~ ~ ~

"With all due respect," Geo was saying into the viewscreen in his quartres as he spoke with the captain about the recent change in command; "I don't want to take over a starbase -- that's a command not fit for cadets sir..."

Captain Skkye didn't seem in the least bit pleased to hear that, but he ignored the sentiment and continued right through -- waving a dismissive hand towards Geovanie. "Nonetheless it is your new station -- you are to report here as soon as is prudently possible."

"Sir, with all due res -"

"Noted Lieutenant, you ave being given the provisional rank of commander and a field promotion for the duration of your stationed command aboard Starbase Epsilon-4."

"That's all the way in the Gorn neutral zone. You know I'm an incapable captain; I'm meant to be steering ships not commanding stations."

"Noted Lieutenant -- proceed to Starbase Epsilon-4 when your orders have been drafted; they should be available within the next 24 hours."

"James, you're a real...." the El Aurian only grinned from the other side of the viewscreen, offering the lieutenant a wink. James Skkye; El Aurian, the very same James Skkye whom had served with Geovanie back in starfleet command -- and who still loathed Geovanie for being readmitted to starfleet.

"See you later Geo," the screen cut to black, with the logo of the United Federation of Planets gleaming outward towards Geo's face -- mocking him for it's travesty it had just offered him. The Hermekians eyes gleamed a malicious purple; his right hand swiping the console clear off the desk in anger.

~ ~ ~ ~ 1100 // Promenade // Starbase ~ ~ ~ ~

After the encounter with Kaoru and Anil he really needed that drink, and there was no better way to lose your problems then a nice vintage brand of Romulane Ale -- but since such was illegal in the Federation Tarkalean Ale would have to do. Geo walked down the Promenade with little in the way of activities; looking for any vendor that he could procur alchohol. Instead he found Ryan walking in the opposite direction; his pace rather quick like something was on his mind and he wanted to try and walk right past it.

"Ryan," Geo began, his feet easily falling in place alongside his friend.

"What," definately not in a good mood at the moment. Geo brought up different subjects for the time; walking with the first officer through the promenade three times before they had returned towards the bar, taking up vacant seats near the back.

A few drinks managed to loosen their tongues.

"So what's bothering you Ryan, and don't tell me nothing -- I think I've helped you through enough to be able to tell when something is bothering you."

Ryan sighed, "it's just everything. We've lost men, we've lost women, we've... lost friends. Atop of that, we've just been through so much -- I guess it takes a bit to be able to calm down."

"Women problems?" Geo asked Ryan, whom looked over at him then sighed - raising his glass.

"To women," Ryan offered...

"And their unbearable attitude!" Geo exclaimed afterwards, both downed there drinks easily. Ryan went somber afterwards.

"I'm going to miss you Geo," he stated.

"Oh come on now -- I'll be sure to phone," he chortled softly towards Ryan; whom likewise chuckled back. The two had another round before they went there separate ways; Geo back towards his quartres.

OOC: I will try and get another post or two in before I disappear again -- that way I can finish up loose ends. a5.gif Sorry for having to leave, as stated before; hopefully I can come back.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 13 2006, 02:39 AM
"What will it be?" the grinning Ferengi behind the bar asked, as Kaoru and Anil took seats

"A ginger beer" Anil requested

"Make that two" Kaoru interjected

"Two gingerbeers coming right up" the Ferengi replied

"I didn't know you drank it too?" Anil asked Kaoru

"I don't - but since you seem to enjoy it so much I thought I'd try it" she replied

Anil chuckled

"Hope you like it - it's not a Bajoran drink - I discovered this stuff on Earth, and haven't stopped drinking it since" Anil explained, gazing into Kaoru's deep eyes

The Ferengi returned and handed two cold glasses over

"So, you two must be from that shipwreck docked on the upper-pylons" the Ferengi asked, although it was obviously more of a statement than a question

Anil frowned

"That shipwreck happens to be my shipwreck" Anil informed the inquisitive bartender

"Well Captain, I don't know what you did to her, but congratuations - I don't think I've ever seen a ship docked here that was as badly beat up as yours" the Ferengi replied, surpressing a laugh

Anil moved foward, about to give the Ferengi a piece of his mind, when Kaoru interjected

"If you are not careful, there will never have been a Ferengi on this station as badly beat-up as you" said Kaoru

"No sense of humor" the Ferengi complained, and moved to the oposite side of the bar

Anil laughed

"You are a woman of many talents" he compliment her, taking a long sip of his drink "Fancy a visit to one of the station's holosuites?" he asked hestitantly

"Sounds nice - what program would we run?" she asked

"How about the Hoobishan Baths?" Anil asked

"Did I hear somthing about holosuites?" the Ferengi asked, suddenly reappearing in front of them

"As a matter of fact you did...." Kaoru started to say

The Ferengi handed them a isolinear rod

"Hoobishan Baths program - holosuite two is ready for you" he stated, before disappearing to deal with other customers again

"I take it that they'll have bathing wear for us?" Anil whispered

"I would imagine so" Kaoru replied, clearly not certain of the answer, and finding some measure of amusment as a result

Anil chuckled

"Well, ready when you are, Kaoru" Anil replied, unable to supress either a grin, or the happiness he felt whenever he was in Kaoru's company

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 13 2006, 03:34 PM
Kaoru rose, smoothing the front of her silken skirts, smiling warmly at Anil. "Have you visited the real baths Anil?"

He shook his head, leading the way to the holosuite. "I've never had the pleasure. I've actually never visited them in a holosuite either, this will be a brand new experience." The door to the holosuite whispered open, and Anil waved Kaoru ahead of him. "Have you Kaoru?"

"No." She stepped into the holosuite, immediately ensconced by warm, humid air, the humidity making her sable locks curl slightly. "It's beautiful."

He stood beside her, looking around, "It certainly is."

The entire atmosphere was relaxing, soothing. The sounds of the baths were muted, the lights dimmed. Soft music played somewhere, but the most soothing sounds were those of the many baths themselves, from all around them they could hear the sounds of water falling, running over rocks, and splashing into deep clear pools.

Kaoru sighed, feeling herself relax. "I don't know how you did it, but I think this is exactly what I needed."

Anil smiled, watching her, "Me too."

They were approached by a trill male and female. The male wore very little, a brief bathing suit of multicolored, shimmering material. The female wore a pretty, flowing bathing suit of a similar material. Kaoru and Anil were each led to a changing area and given attire that matched their hosts. Once they were changed, they were led to a private grotto with a deep, clear pool, and a waterfall at one end.

Kaoru smiled at Anil's appearance, "You look very nice Captain. I think that should be the new dress uniform for Starfleet."

Anil laughed, "I could say the same to you Doctor. I think your problem of crew members avoiding sickbay would be solved if that were your uniform."

"We'd have to increase the standard temperature aboard the Intrepid by ten degrees or so." The same trill couple entered the grotto bearing drinks and a platter of exotic fruits. "But if it would mean the end of chasing people down to give them their physicals, then I'm all for it."

Posted by: Kimarri Abrahamsson May 14 2006, 12:29 AM
Lt. Commander Kimarri Abrahamsson felt very much as if nothing, short of suddenly falling over dead, could ruin her mood today. Things all seemed to, finally, be going her way and she would take advantage of this sudden change in her luck come death, pestilence, famine or high water. For the past two years she had been stuck in a series of exceptionally unfulfilling duty assignments at the mental hospital on Elba II while completing her Doctorate of Psychology but now that she was officially done with school, and carried the credentials of both MD and PsyD behind her name, doors were finally beginning to open for her that she never thought possible. Just last month, she had received new orders instructing her to report to DS9 for two weeks of briefings and acclimation before being assigned as the new ships counselor aboard the USS Intrepid and, though she enjoyed spending the past few weeks reminiscing about the old days at Starfleet Medical with her old roommate Ezri Dax, Kimarri found herself chomping at the proverbial bit to get started with her duties and settle into her new home aboard the Intrepid.

With more than a few hugs and a promise to see each other again the next time either of them had leave coming, Kimarri exited the office of her pal and headed off through the docking port and onto the Intrepid to find her own office. Her entire body tingled with nervous anticipation but, before she could get more than ten steps aboard ship, she heard the following and sighed disappointedly.

"All hands, this is the Captain - any personnel not assigned to the Intrepid's repair detail are to report to Deep Space Nine immediately to be assigned temporary quarters - the Intrepid's power systems, including life support, are being taken offline - that's all personnel not assigned to the Intrepid repair detail - Anil out"

* Well, I’ve waited this long so I guess a few more days, weeks, months or whatever will not kill me but I‘d better make sure to find the Captain and officially report for duty* she thought to herself as she turned, left the Intrepid and found herself wandering aimlessly around the Promenade while trying to decide whether to report for duty two days early, like she planned, or to take the evacuation as a sign and spend her remaining two days reading up on the crew’s last psych evals and secretly watching her new shipmates’ interactions with others from afar.

She decided on her second option as she took a seat at one of the many bistro style tables that lined the Promenade in front of various eateries and began to pull up the pictures of various Intrepid crew members on her PaDD.

Posted by: Hawku May 14 2006, 01:37 AM
It had been a tough adventure, being in that Mirror Universe - but Aeon Sith was finally home. For now he'd put thoughts of his arrogant mirror duplicate to rest, sure that he would never see him again. The crew of the U.S.S. Intrepid were excused from the ship as it underwent repairs. Aeon was given temporary Quarters on Deep Space 9.

"But that can wait!" He said as he coupled a few isolinear rods in his hand. He stretched his arms over his head in a relaxed state - having had enough sleep the past few days - and having just entered Quark's Bar. "Hey Quark," Aeon said casually, walking by the bar, and stretching.

"Hi," Quark replied at half attention, as he was busy cleaning a glass. It wasn't until Aeon walked passed, that Quark suddenly knew who he just said Hi to. "--Hey wait, what are you doing here!?" - Quark dropped his glass onto the bar-counter and ran around to block Aeon's path.

Aeon dropped his arms, having momentarily snapped out of his daze, "Huh? Oh I'm going to use your holosuites."

"Aeon Sith," Quark recited the name from memory, "Every single time you come to Deep Space 9, you use up my holosuites, with your programs! Not only that, but you have a blatent disregard for the time you're in there, and on two consecutive occassions I found you messing with the holomatrix!!"

Aeon then thought back to the two or three times he had visited Deep Space 9 in the past. They were during his time working at Utopia Planitia, when he would join some of the test-flight teams as they took Staships out into deep space. Aeon, having come from a family in the holographic trades business, could instantly tell the difference between Quark's holosuites and Starfleet holosuites. There were barely anyone that could tell the differences, but having spent his whole life playing around with hologram programs, Quark's holosuites were like a new taste he couldn't get enough of. There was, in fact, an artistic curvature to how the photons and forecields were created in these holosuites - something minute that he usually had to work hard to achieve in any of his personally created programs on Starfleet ships.

"Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you. Are you listening to me, or are you drifting in thought?" Quark snapped his fingers in front of Aeon's face.

Aeon snapped out of it and re-addressed Quark, "Oh yeah. I was just adjusting your emitters that day; they were slightly off-frequency, you know? As for my time," he shrugged, "I'm sorry, I just got a little caught up. I was running the Organian Transformation program... it was quite fascinating."

"I remember that day, and you were in there with a girl!"

Aeon shrugged and decided to continue walking by. He then remembered the girl. "Oh yeah. She was fascinating too."

"Not as fascinating as the cell you'll be in, after I have Security throw you in there!" Quark came around and blocked Aeon's path again--- But the Tongo wheel in the background went off, and Quark found that one of his regular's had won for the eighth time that day. Cutting his losses, Quark groaned, and decided to go deal with the Tongo player... perhaps get him off that wheel before he'd lose all his money. "Uggh!"

Aeon watched Quark flutter off in a haste, leaving an open path to the holosuites. Going up the stairs to the entrances, and having not payed for any holosuite time-- mostly due to laziness, rather than disrespect-- and Aeon began to search for a vacancy.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 14 2006, 06:14 PM
The warm, soothing water and relaxing atmosphere were enough to allow Anil to momentarily forget the problems that had been weighing so heavily on his mind, and Kaoru even had to nudge him occasionally, ensuring that he remained awake and didn't slip beneath the very water that was providing such relaxation. A few hours had passed, although Anil hadn't been keeping track of time

"Remind that I need to visit the real version of this place one-day, Kaoru" Anil muttered, his thoughts preoccupied with images of beaches and how wonderful Kaoru looked in a bathing costume

"I'll be certain to do so" she replied, not appearing quite as relaxed as Anil - Anil suddenly felt slightly less relaxed

There had not been a great deal of conversation between them since Anil had made his wisecrack regarding how sickbay would find itself with more patients that Kaoru could deal with should she wear her swimsuit on duty - despite being relaxed, Anil had to question whether or not that statement, regardless of how it had been intended, had offended her. Problem was, he could not bring himself to ask her

Unfortunately, the silence persisted, and the relaxing atmosphere became less and less so with each passing minute

"Kaoru - have I said somthing..... done somthing to upset you?" Anil finally asked, realising that the only way to gain an answer would be ask her outright

"No, Anil, I was just thinking about Geo, and the fact that he's leaving - it doesn't seem quite real yet" she replied, staring at the ceiling

"Yes - he's a fine Officer, and a good friend - one of the best" Anil replied, trying to spot whatever it was on the ceiling that had attracted Kaoru's interest

"Anil - he was somthing a little more than a friend to me" Kaoru replied quietly

"I know, Kaoru - as was Kassan to me" Anil said solemly, not certain of how else to reply

"You don't talk about Kassan much" Kaoru replied

"I know - and I should - it's just difficult to come to terms with" Anil admitted, looking away from Kaoru

"I realise that" Kaoru replied sympathetically, placing a hand on Anil's shoulder "And I realise that you need someone to talk to, which is why I am here now"

Anil whipped around and met her gaze

"Let me get this straight Kaoru - you're spending time with me because you want me to talk about how I feel about loosing Kassan?" Anil said quietly, a hint of upset underlying in his tone of voice

"No - I'm your friend Anil - I'm always here for you" she answered

Anil almost stood, but then realised that he was wearing little other than bathing shorts, and remained seated

"Sorry Kaoru - I guess I thought that I sensed somthing that isn't there - I wasn't seeking sympathy. I should leave, and you probably want to spend time with Geo" Anil said quietly, as he grabbed a towel lying alongside the pool, pulled himself out and wrapped the towel around his waist

"Anil....." Kaoru called, but Anil was already in the changing locker

By the time Kaoru had left the pool Anil was already fully dressed, and walked to the holosuite door

"Kaoru - if you can hear me, I'm really sorry" he called, before stepping out of the holosuite

He then made his way to the upper level promenade viewing area, where the Intrepid could be seen, it's repairs clearly progressing well

*Kassan is dead, you wrecked your ship, upset Kaoru, and why? because all of your desisions were bad ones. Are you really fit to command that ship?* Anil thought to himself

And he could not help but beleive that the answer was *No, you're not*

Posted by: Dianna Torres May 14 2006, 07:57 PM
a4.gif All hands, this is the Captain - any personel not assigned to the Intrepid's repair detail are to report to Deep Space Nine immediately to be assigned temporary quaters - the Intrepid's power systems, including life support, are being taken offline - that's all personel not assigned to the Intrepid repair detail - Anil out" a4.gif

Dianna headed toward her quarter and grabbed her stuff that she would need on the starbase. She was given her temporary assignment. She saw who she was to be bunking with. Ah she loved having quarters to herself but she knew she had to rough it for the time being. She went to the Chief Science officer's quarters to hand her the padd as they were assigned to the same quarters together.

“Anything else?” Said Havanah.

"Yes, you’re also to report to the debriefing room,” Said Dianna.

Once on the starbase, she found that she could sense a jumble of feelings. She was trying to close them off. Thats part of the reason why she hated starbase. There was always a jumble of emotions. She hated the days that she was stationed on a starbase and hoped that it would never happen to her again.

Posted by: Havannah Essal May 14 2006, 08:01 PM
Havannah laid on her bed in the temporary quarters. She’d be so thankful to be back in her own quarters aboard the Intrepid. She’d been curled in the fetal position for a few hours, before finally falling asleep. And the noise coming from the other room, roused her from her dream-state.

Various scenes had gone through her mind, memories of past hosts. For now, the voices seemed diluted, almost as faint whispers. She debated whether it would be wise to leave the quarters until the Intrepid was ready to leave DS9.

And then what? Continue to further lose your mind while on board there? Perhaps the Doctor… Havannah’s mind froze at the thought of the Doctor, reliving seeing her in the arms of her love. Captain. She reminded herself. And what if I see him while I’m out? Can I control myself? She shook her head trying to disengage the thoughts from her mind.

Despite that she desperately wanted to remain alone, she knew there was still work to be done on the Karcsis, and the DS9 labs were much better equipped than those of the Intrepid.

She went to leave the room, hesitantly poking her head out of the quarters and down each side of the hall before leaving for one of the science labs, clutching the reports on the Karcsis and its relevant data on a handful of PADDs.

In a hurry, she didn’t slow down at a corridor juncture and ran into someone. She lost her footing, with whomever she’d crashed into catching her. PADDs scattered across the hallway.

“Sorry,” a male voice said. Havannah’s ears perked. She knew that voice! He helped her stand up.

“Anil!” She wrapped her arms around him, and was within seconds of a kiss, when reality took hold. She released her grip, and fervently went to collect her strewn data PADDs. “Sorry.” She muttered picking up that last one, trying to back away from the scene.

“Wait.” Reyan said but she was already around the corner and out of sight.

She reached the science lab, out of breath from the dead run she’d gone in. She chose an empty console and began a few analysis’s of the data she’d brought with her.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 14 2006, 08:59 PM
The station's Promenade bustled with activity. Species from all corners of the quadrant herded into the various stores and restaurants.

Ryan looked down at the PADD he was holding in his hand. It contained a list of all the crew that had requested to leave the Intrepid, as well as those that had accepted promotions to other vessels. His eyes scrolled down the list of names, Geo and Draconis were two of his best friends aboard the Intrepid, he would miss them.

It was still uncertain if Geo would ever return. His assignment to an isolated starbase was one that would provide many adventures for the Hermekian; adventures that Geo couldn't pass up the opitunity to experience.

"Commander," Draconis' familiar voice called across the promenade. "did you hear the news?"

"I did, congratulations."

"Ah, thanks, but I wasn't refering to... well... Ensign Telda has organised a farewell party in Quarks bar at 1600."

"Excellent. I won't miss it." Ryan replied, trying to sound enthusiastic about celebrating the departure of his friends.

"Anyway, Ryan, I need to start packing." Draconis said and Ryan suddenly realised that this must have been the first and probably the last time that Draconis would refer to him by his first name.

Ryan turned around and gazed out of the window, his hands came to rest on the elegantly modelled frame. The sea of stars and one of the station's pylons met his gaze. The crowded lower level of the Promenade continued it's sounds of happy shoppers, diners and gamblers. His Betazoid friend, the man he'd come to respect and trust, had greater things to attend to and he merged back into the crowd and disappeared.

He had time to think, too much time. Where had Gaia gone to? Why was she being so descrete? Images of their kiss replayed again and again in Ryan's mind, like a short movie that was set to repeat itself every few seconds.

"There you are." Gaia said softly in his ear.

He didn't hear her approach him, he had become lost in a memory, so lost that the sounds of the station and it's occupants had faded into mere background noise. "I've been waiting for you."

"I'm sorry it took so long." Her hand slid across his back, her palm caressing his spine.

"It's okay. This station seems to have a relaxing feel to it. So much diversity. Looks like the Hood has arrived." Ryan noted and pointed a ship that was slowly coming into view and appeared to be maneuvering into a docking position. "Are you going to tell me where you were, or do I need to guess?"

"Uh, it wasn't anything important. Just something I had to take care of. It's sorted now." Gaia suddenly looked nervous and uncomfortable. Her eyes drifted toward the USS Hood.

"Something's wrong? What is it?"

"Nothing is wrong, just..." Gaia paused and looked up at Ryan for a moment but her eyes returned to the approach Hood. "I was offered a position."

He didn't answer for a moment. "On the Hood?"


"I see..."

"I havn't accepted it. How can I? Ryan, I've waited months for something to happen between us and now that it has... do you think I'd throw that away?"

"It would be a real boost to your career though."

"I've heard that subspace relationship's rarely work out..."

"Rarely? That doesn't mean they can't." Ryan felt happy for her, but his stomache sank with the thought of Gaia leaving. They could be lightyears appart. Maybe not even seeing each other for over a year and then it was likely to be just a few weeks at a time. "Promise me you won't make your decission based on me?"

"Okay." Gaia sighed, but to Ryan it didn't sound like a very convincing agreement. "Do you want to take a walk?"



Posted by: Reyan Anil May 15 2006, 09:00 AM
Anil again found himself stood watching the repairs being carried out on the Intrepid - he was impressed, the beginnings of a new ready room appeared to be taking shape, and the majority of the hull damage appeared to have been repaired. He had managed to avoid most of his crew, and was still trying to make sense of what had happened when he had literally bumped into Lieutenant Essal. He had felt somthing when he looked at her, looked into her eyes, somthing that he had only felt when he had been with Kassan - a situation that confused him, and that he would have to address. And Kaoru wanted to be with Geo, not him

He sighed, wondering if it was time that he visited the ship, to get an update from the repair team - the sudden appearance of Geo and Kaoru, walking and laughing together on the lower level prompted him further, and he quickly made his way to the exit, hoping that Kaoru hadn't spotted him

Anil arrived at the docking pylon airlock, and placed his hand on the security pannel

"Captain Anil Reyan - Starfleet" he spoke - the computer beeped twice, confirming access, and the door rolled aside

The corridor was littered with Engineering tool kits, placed next to wall pannels that had been removed to allow access to various power systems - Engineers stood at various points, hard at work

Anil slipped past them unnoticed, and made his way to the turbolift, which was thankfully operational now

The Bridge was no less cluttered - some new consoles were being fitted, and the old ones, that had survived the Intrepid's ordeal, had been dismantled

A Lieutenant walked over to Anil

"Can I help you, Sir" she asked

"I'm Captain Anil Reyan - C.O of this ship - I just wanted a progress report" Anil asked

"Well, estimate another two weeks before the Intrepid is space-worthy again Captain" she stated - she held up her hand, indicating that she wasn't finnished, and dashed over to the spot where the science station used to be, collecting a padd

"This is the full report Sir" she advised

"Thankyou Lieutenant" Anil replied, and he turned and left the bridge

He decided to make his way to his temporary Deep Space Nine quaters, but first he wanted to find Lieutenant Essal

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Posted by: Geovanie Revolone May 16 2006, 02:24 AM
It had taken sometime before Kaoru had come to Geo's quartres; and by that time most of his stuff had been shoved into a duffel bag and was ready to be sent off to the shuttle that would escort him to the fringes of known space. Epsilon-4, the only place in all the sectors so close to Gorn space that I could have frog legs for breakfast and hurt someone's feelings he thought to himself; but his fingers squeezed the hands of the duffel bag as he tossed it aside towards the door. It chimed.


"Geo," Kaoru took two steps into the room; nearly tripping on the duffel bag but managing to show the fluid grace of a woman whom had her medical station filled with people and managed to sidestep them all.

"A pleasure my good doctor," the Hermekian didn't meet her gaze, decidedly busying himself with tidying up the place; setting some of the PADDs he had left on the desk, righting the console; anything to keep his distance from the harlot.

"I just," she paused -- was he such an arrogant prick as to not see her off properly? He had never confessed anything to her; save that he had feelings for the woman -- that in itself didn't constitute any commitment did it? "I wanted to know if it was Starfleet that wanted you to leave -- or me."

"Does it really matter; I know you're in capable hands." Geo turned so his posterior rested against the edge of the desk; purple eyes gazing angrily towards the doctors direction -- watching her own hurt blues. The very same blues he had been so hopelessly attracted too before.

"You know that wasn't it. He's a capable commander, and one of my closest friends."

"Oh he was close alright. Perhaps I should be thanking him for taking care of you." Geo turned back towards the desk, but found that he was pressed against it the next moment. The very same Doctor that had scorned Ryan (a close personal friend of Geo's), the very same woman who's cold resolve was unabating, who's undying loyalty to the well being of the crew had often drew more conflict then good, who's cold heartedness Geo had witnessed; now broke down.

"Geo please... please tell me..."

"I chose to leave," he told her calmly, turning as carefully as he could so that he could pry the womans hands apart. Her face was burried in his chest, but she lifted it to rest her chin against it and look up into his haphazard eyes; the hurt was evident. Best to leave it now, "it was fun while it lasted Miss Ele, but that is strictly what it was -- fun..."

"Tell me..."

"Tell you what? That I want to stay with you? That I'll run amock and think about you every moment of my waking life. That you're foremost on my mind; who are we kidding Kaoru... You're a ships doctor, I'm a station commander."

"Then it's over," she told him; and Geo sighed -- easing around her towards the door, plucking the duffel bag and preparing to leave, her voice catching him.

"Just remember that this time around, try not to kill the one you love -- Anil might not take it well."

"DAMNIT," there was her rage. She would be too angry to miss him now. The PADD flew just past his head, catching the corner of the wall next to the doors and shattering; it seemed PADDs had a short life expectancy within Geo's room, "his lost his family; his lover, his child -- and you can't even see past your own purple eyes at the blatantly obvious..." Her chest huffed with the anger; and Geo whirled around.

"I CAN'T SEE PAST THE OBVIOUS!" He shouted right back at her, the duffel bag was forgotten on the ground as he took a step towards her, "why you stupid little..."

"...good for nothing..."

"woman..." "man...."

They both stared at one another -- then she started forward, so did Geo. His arms wrapped about her at the same moment as her own snuggly squeezed his waist; drawing themselves against one another. He revelled in what he was missing -- what he was leaving, his face burried against the side of her neck; the aroma of lavender so thick that he nearly closed his eyes to embrace the very fragrance.

The hug went on for a duration, then he finally withdrew. His right hand caressing her cheek; before he leaned forward to embrace her lips -- sharing on one last beautiful kiss with her.

"I love you..." and with that -- he made his departure.

OOC: Remember the good old days -- when we were explorers? :P LMFAO, I tried to make it as good as I could muster, though I'm not sure if I managed it.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 16 2006, 11:53 AM
Anil's attempts to locate Lieutenant Essal had been unsuccessful - although he had asked the station computer for her whereabouts, each time he arrived at the noted location, she was no-where to be found

He had therefore decided to retire to his temporary quaters, hoping that Kaoru would not be present. Although part of him desperately wanted to see her, and apologise for his behaviour toward her in the holosuite, he realised that she would be spending time with Geo, which Anil had to admit would be a far more worthwhile use of her time under the circumstances

But his temporary quater's were uncomfortable, he couldn't relax, and decided to take a walk rather than sit in his quater's thinking over recent events

He strode out of the quaters, just as Kaoru rounded the corner

He glanced at her, noticing that she appeared upset, but paused for a moment, unsure if it would be appropriate for him to ask what was troubling her, and if she would really want his attention

"Geo's departed then?" he asked, saying the words before he had time to think otherwise

Kaoru, not quite able to meet Anil's gaze, simply replied


"I'm sorry Doctor" Anil replied

"What for?" Karou asked, frowning at his useage of her title rather than her name

"For you having to say goodbye to Geo, and for the way I treated you in the holosuite"

"Well, so far as the holosuite is concerned - I understand, but you have to understand that I wasn't spending time with you out of sympathy toward what you've been through - I was spending time with you because you are my friend"

Anil suddenly felt ashamed of himself, especially for having questioned her motives for spending time with him, and for having tried to avoid her following their time in the holosuite

"I'm heading to the Promenade - if you'd like to join me, please do, but I'll understand if you don't" Anil stated, realising that Kaoru might prefer to be alone under the circumstances

"You go ahead, Anil - I might join you later" Kaoru replied, stepping through the open doors of their quaters

"That's fine, Kaoru" Anil replied quietly, as the doors slid closed

Back on the Promenade, Anil found himself gazing at the stars, and the Intrepid docked on one of upper pylons - he took a sip from a drink he had collected, and almost spat it out, as an Intrepid-class starship slowly passed by - he rubbed his eyes, but noticed that the Intrepid herself was still present

Following the second Intrepid class ship was a Romulan Warbird, dwarfing the Starfleet ship, which was clearly providing escort for the larger vessel

"That's right Anil, take a second look - that's what your ship should look like" came a familiar voice from behind

"Dad - if all you've come to do is make snide remarks, you might as well leave me alone" Anil replied

"Where's your girlfriend gone?" he asked

"She isn't my girlfriend" Anil replied angrily, realising that the admission of the fact actually hurt for some reason

"Hm - should have guessed"

"Thanks a lot, Dad"

"You're welcome - now, the USS Bellerophon will be docking in a moment - I'm needed in op's - enjoy the view" his father stated, striding away

"I still need to find Lieutenant Essal" Anil muttered to himself as his father disappeared

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Posted by: James Leyton May 16 2006, 04:32 PM
"approaching rendezvous point dropping out of warp".
the starlines dissapeared as the ship entered normal space.

"where is she? are we late?"
"no we're early but keep an eye open we dont want to step on anyones toes out here".

"hey jimmy why th relocation any way, you not happy with us"?

"of course i am, but if you rememberi had a hard time when i first came out here when i had that run in with that demon you call the administrator. so i put in for a posting on a starship".

"well dont forget us will ya"

"how could I"

from across the control room a pannel beeped

"incomming vessel"

Where? what? who?" i said

"a little jumpy arn't you"

"no" i snapped

"federation starship and she's hailing, it's the Akito"

"on screen"

"I an Captain Robertson of the Akito here to take on a James Leyton"

"he's here and ready for transfer i'll have him beemed across"

"thankyou Akito out"

"well jimmy time to go on your big adventure" jeff said sarcastically with a big grin across his face."

A short while later i stepped on to the padd and said my good byes and then dissapeared.

the Akito signalled receipt and jumped to warp.
It was only a short jump about 10 hours so i couldnt settle in.
The Akito dropped out of warp and DS9 came into view

I accessed the screen controls to get a glimpse of my next assignment but what greete me was something that looked like it had flown to hell and back and then repeated the journey just to make sure. how the hell could something that dameaged fly.

the akito docked and clearence was given to disembark. i made my way straight to the deck officer to report in and get instructions on where i was birthed

once instructed i made my way up to the promanade, walking through the crowds of people meandering through the different shopsi came across several crew members who pointed me in the right direction for my quarters, once there i dumped everthing in a pile and accessed the computer terminal, contacted the duty officerto report my arrival and readiness for duty.

Edit as Needed.

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Posted by: Havannah Essal May 16 2006, 10:04 PM
Havannah sat at the computer console hardly noticing the analysis was done. She’d compiled the known data with that of the new key they’d uncovered in the mirror universe.

She continued to rub her temples. Her headache was returning. Perhaps I should see a doctor over this? But she pushed the thought aside. What if something in really wrong?


Havannah froze, not looking around. She knew that voice. She glanced down at the PADD in her hand, wishing she could disappear.

She turned around to face him, looking up. “Yes, Captain?”

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 17 2006, 05:21 PM
The actual farewell, after she had taken a walk to cool off a bit, running into Anil again; and after Geo had stowed his gear aboard the shuttle and returned, was warmer, sweeter, all together more satisfying to her than the shouting, angry confrontation had been.

She didn't ask him why, and he did not offer, except to say once, in a husky voice, when they were entangled in each other's arms, "It's not my choice."

"I know." She kissed him again, needing no further explanation.

"I'll come back."

"You'd better."

He had smiled at that, and let it go, losing himself in her, as she did in him.

Posted by: Gaia Moore May 18 2006, 06:04 PM
-------Gaia's Temporary Quarters-------

Gaia and Ryan both lay on her bed, they had shed their dirt ridden outer uniforms waiting for them to be cleaned in the sonic wash. They had both previously decided they would have had a lot of explaining to do if they had taken their uniforms to be cleaned as normal so opted for a sonic shower clean. The temporary quarters were comfortable, but it was obvious that the beds weren't meant to fit two people in the same one. Seeing him lying there made her remember how covered he was from head to foot in dust and cobwebs, his body rolling in the dust to get the spiders off. She felt it was time to come clean, grinning slightly at the choice of words in her mind.

"You know how in the Holosuite I said rolling in the dirt would get those spiders off?" Ryan nodded "Well.....it didn't. I deactivated that part of the programme. But I did make it so the cobwebs would remain on your uniform. A little bit of reality in fantasy, aside from that it was hilarious seeing you react that way." She put on an innocent face but couldn't help a laugh escaping her.

“You just wanted to be able to dust me off in public, didn’t you?” Ryan said with a slightly suggestive look on his face, it was his old humour. She’d forgotten how much she had missed that about him. She couldn’t help but smile, not at what he had said, but what it meant to be able to see the same old Ryan she had always known.

"Yeah, right. In your dreams dusty man."

Ryan leaned up on his elbow looking deep into Gaia's eyes, he leaned closer using his elbow for support, shifting his body to bring their bodies touching. Now only wearing their inner garments, Ryan's figure and muscles showed. As his face came closer to hers, she could feel her lips tingling as his lips met hers. His free arm wrapped around her back, she felt her whole body melt into his embrace. Suddenly a thought came to her, it had beena round for a while and she needed an answer to what had been bothering her for so long.

“Ryan, there’s something I need to ask you” She said as she pulled reluctantly away from his embrace, looking down unable to meet his gaze. “In the holosuite, it seemed like you had been holding back how you felt. It just seemed too passionate, too much of a release to be something you decided there and then to say to me. Why did you not tell me sooner, why hold back when you knew how I felt?” Gaia’s eyes shone with hurt and confusion. She had to know before they could go any further, she couldn’t go on with that between them. Ryan’s head bowed as if he knew that question would come soon, but he had the look of he wished it had come later. ”Maybe he thought he was going to score She thought fleetingly, but thought better of it. That wasn’t the Ryan she knew and here lying in front of her was the man she had kissed for the first time. It seemed so long ago since that day he had cooked her a meal.

“Gaia….There’s just too much to say and it’s a long story, believe me when I say that.” His eyes made her want to believe him, long to trust his word, but she had to know.

“Ryan, whatever it is, we can’t have something obviously as big as this is, hanging between us. I need to know, please Ryan. You owe me that much” Now it was her turn to look him in the eyes, she lifted his chin up. He must have seen the tears beginning to well in her eyes because he looked pained to be confronted by the sight.

“It was a long time ago now. I’ve only ever had two women in my life in the way you are. One I can barely remember, we were both considered just children, we didn’t see it that way. It was the second woman though that truly hit me the hardest in my heart.”

Gaia leaned closer towards him, trying as best as she could to listen fearing if she did, he would pull back, or realise what he was saying. So she held back.

"Some time later, when I was in the Maquis - you already know most of what happened there…. But not all" Ryan's voice turned solumn, as if the mere memory pained him. "I met this woman who I then worked with, she was always near me and being as close as we were - resulted in us gradually becoming something more. We weren't friends exactly, we just worked closely together."

Gaia wasn't sure she wanted to hear this, she felt her heart go out to Ryan seeing how it hurt him, but another feeling took her too. It was jealousy at someone else being that close to him - however long ago it had been seemed to bring this new side out of her.

“We had a few drinks, talked about how many Cardies we’d killed that day, or that week. Made it almost like a competition, a bit of what in the Maquis you could call friendly flirting.” Ryan’s smile was both warm and sorrowful. “Anyway, a little time after that I was taken to the prison.”

Gaia remembered this part of his history, he had told her before when he had found out she smpathised with the Maquis, even if she never actively took part in their activities they had shared something private with each other even then.

"Being apart from her for so long. The first few days were torture and that had nothing to do with the prison. I was empty, hollow - a shell. I didn't care what was happening, I don't even remember much of those days. Maybe it was weeks, I don't know.....Anyway. It felt like I had lost a limb, my right arm. As weeks turned into months, I could feel my attitude changing. I knew I had to sober up and try to protect myself, protect her memory so I could go back to her, that thought was the only thing that kept me going in that retchid place!" Gaia saw his face harden then, she'd hardly ever seen him as he was now. But his face soon softened as he turned. Now looking straight into her eyes, she could see how much it was taking out of him to tell her all of this. To explain what she had asked of him, she now wasn’t sure whether she should have asked, but still she said nothing, she couldn’t do anything except listen and understand.

“After finally being released from prison, my first thought was of getting back to the woman I loved.” Hearing that, even after everything else made Gaia’s heart stop, her throat caught and her eyes threaten to well fresh tears. She couldn’t believe those three words had caused such a reaction, but they had. She had too pull herself together to hear the rest, but still her mind kept running those words over and over again in her mind. “I became a regular at this shadey little bar on a side street. You had to be looking for it to find it, the perfect way to earn enough so I could get back to her.” Every time he mentioned her, Gaia began adding a little more bitterness to it in her mind. Even though Ryan hadn’t said it in that way, it made her feel better. “It was all I could think about at the time, I hadn’t met you then, I didn’t know anything other than she was stranded near those dam Cardies and I was stranded somewhere else.” Gaia met his eyes, seeing both sincerity, and an apology. “I played every game you could think of and unfortunately - or fortunately – whoever’s point of view you look at - I wasn’t good at all of them. The one game I was good at, I couldn’t play often as I wanted to. In a place like that, one person yells cheater and the whole place went to hell like an infectious virus. Lust for violence mostly. Eventually though, I earned enough latinum.”

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 19 2006, 03:00 PM
Lieutenant Essal turned, her expression one of apprehension, causing Anil to hesitate before he spoke

"Lieutenant - about what happened in the corridor" he started to say, unable to understand why his pulse was suddenly racing

"Yes - I meant to apologise again" she replied

Anil tried to stop himself from gazing into her eyes, but couldn't

"Lieutenant - I'm sorry, but there is somthing very familiar about you" he stated, almost whispering "I don't understand why"

He stepped closer to her

"I'm sorry Lieutenant - it's not you who should be apologising, it's me"

"No, it isn't" she replied, averting her gaze

"Lieutenant......" Anil started to say, but Havannah turned and looked at him again

"You're right, Anil - there is somthing that you would find familiar about me" she said to him, in a voice that was less her own and more....

"Kassan?!" Anil exclaimed

"The Xandra symbiant to be presise" she confirmed

"But why? how? when?" Anil asked, the mixture of curiosity and heartache overwhelming him

"It's a long story, and not one that I want to tell - it wasn't through choice - I'll ask Doctor Ele to release my medical records to you so that you can read for yourself" she replied, actually beginning to sound slightly emotional herself

He turned away, and took a deep breath

"Havannah - I don't fully understand Trill joinings - but if any part of you is still Kassan, I just want to say that I'm sorry - we parted on bad terms before...... I haven't forgiven myself for what happened, I probably never will"

Anil started to move away, but Havannah stood, and simply said


Anil did as he was instructed, but did not turn

"I am not her, Anil..." she began

"I realise that" Anil replied

"Please let me finnish" she continued

Anil finally turned to face her

"She didn't resent you, Anil, the bitterness that you assume that she felt before she died wasn't there - she was in love with you, and she died loving you"

Anil managed a small smile

"Thankyou, Kas.... Havanah" Anil stated, before turning to leave a second time

"You're welcome, Anil" she replied, in a voice that again, to Anil, sounded like Kassan's

Posted by: James Leyton May 19 2006, 03:49 PM
I had managed to find a nice little place in which to stow my equipment, had showered and was now ready to go on a little expedition.
i had been on many stations before but never one this large.

making note of my quarters and who i was sharing with i set off on my little jaunt.

the promonade! a place i had heard tales of all the way from the romulan border.

although there were a lot of people i knew no one here and trying to find intrepid crew members was hampered due to off duty attire.

passing shop after shop i was drawn to the bar , Quarks ! a lot of noise comming from within so i went in myself. standing at the bar a small well dressed ferengi,
the moment approached his eyes lit up and he produced a small box.

"new here" he said

"sure am" i replied

" may i interest you in some rare gems from the delta quadrant" he said opening the chest he was holding so tightly

"no i think I'll pass on them thank you all i want is a drink and maybe a little insight into whats going on round here".

"a drink you can have but information costs"
"if you get stuck come see me"

" i will thanks.

i swallowed my drink in one and left lets go see what the ship looks like i said to my self.

i reached the upper pylon and the airlock for the ship a two man detail was on the door

"sorry sir you cant go in there authorised personnel only" they said in unison

"if you want access you will have to see the captain and i think he is on ops"

"OK thanks" i said turned and left. i couldn't exactly go to ops out of uniform so i headed back to my quarters.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 21 2006, 03:26 AM
Gaia's eyes remained focused upon Ryan. She hadn't uttered a word since he had begun his story. In all the time that they had been friends he never imagined himself telling her about the first woman that had captured his heart.

"I was finally on my way. I'd booked passage on a Lissepian transport which took me to Marva IV, a planet near the badlands. I searched everywhere for her. Every shelter, every bar... but I couldn't find her. Eventually I found out that I had arrived too late."

"Elliot was..." Ryan trailed off and suddenly realised that this was the first time he'd mentioned her name to Gaia. He felt a lump form in his throat as he thought of what he was to say next, but he needed to continue, he had to let Gaia know the cause of his recent behavior. "she was killed in some kind of accident. I never found out how, at the time I didn't really want to know."

"The Maquis didn't have anything to offer me anymore so I returned to Earth. It was only a few weeks later that the Dominion came pouring through the womhole and headed straight for Cardassia. Well you know everything that happened after that, I soon rejoined Starfleet and we first met on the Intrepid."

Ryan rub his eyes with the palms of his hands and sat upright when the door chime sounded. He and Gaia had talked till early hours of the morning when they fell asleep in each others embrace. They're uniforms had finished been cleaned hours ago and still lay forgotten at the bottom of Gaia's sonic shower.

"I'll get it." Gaia smiled as she left the bathroom, walked past the foot of the bed and entered the living area of the quaters that had been assigned to her.obliterated

He listened carefully to hear who had arrived unannounced.

"I thought you would have been here last night."

"No, I... I managed to organise other quaters." The stranger said, but this was no stranger, it was Kaoru.

"Oh? You spent the night with Geo -"

"No, actually the Captain was reluctant to remain in the quaters he was assigned to... his father lives here on DS9. Long story short, I managed to convince one of the station's personel to let us... Anil and I, use her quaters."

"You... you spent the night with him?" Gaia said in a slightly higher voice that accentuated her astonishment.

"No!" Kaoru said, quickly extinguishing Gaia's apparent thoughts of Kaoru being insubordinate with Anil. "It wasn't like that. We just shared quaters... we have seperate rooms..."

Ryan got to his feet, picked up his undershirt and pushed his arms into the sleeves. He couldn't help but take the oppitunity that had been handed to him. "Really? Did you braid each others hair and trade your favourite dresses?"

The words had left Ryan's mouth before he stopped to think how distasteful and unsavoury the comment was, especially that he and Kaoru had recently accepted their differences. Kaoru spun around and stared at Ryan who now stood in the doorway of the bedroom. Kaoru's eyes quickly reviewed the underclothing that Ryan was wearing and her eyes flashed for an instant. "Atleast we managed to keep our clothes on. If you must know, I didn't return to my quaters. I spent the evening with Geo."

"Just the evening? What about the rest of the night?" Ryan asked enquisitively.

Kaoru fixed Ryan with a cool stare, "The evening is the rest of the night." she then turned her attention back to Gaia. Kaoru was about to continue when Ryan's comm badge chirped.

a4.gif "Captain Anil Reyan, Commander Ryan Orlan - please report to station conference room one, in one hour, for debriefing" a4.gif A voice that Ryan had only heard once before entered his ears, the voice of Colonel Kira.


Posted by: Reyan Anil May 21 2006, 04:08 AM
Anil was considering visiting the Intrepid again, to check progress, even though such a check was far from necessary. His conversation with Havannah had actually made him feel a little better, answering questions that had been weighing heavily on his mind

a4.gif "Captain Anil Reyan, Commander Ryan Orlan - please report to staton conference room one, in one hour, for debriefing" a4.gif Came the voice of Colonel Kira over the station tannoy

Anil sighed - a debriefing was unavoidable, especially considering what the Intrepid had been through, and the fact that she was carrying the Karcsis

The hour passed quickly, and Anil and Ryan arrived at the doors to the conference room, loud talking could be heard from inside

"I'm not looking foward to this" Ryan complained

"You know, neither am I" Anil replied, stepping foward, allowing the door to noisily roll to one side

The room was filled with Starfleet, Bajoran and Romulan officers, and fell silent as the two Intrepid Officer's stepped into the room

Admiral Cartel stood

"Ah - gentlemen - thanks for coming" he stated, not sounding sincere in the least

Neither Ryan or Anil answered

"We, and our Romulan friends, have some questions regarding the Intrepid's recent...... adventure" Admiral Cartel continued

"I'd hardly call it an adventure" Anil replied, feeling a little insulted over the Admiral's poor description over what the Intrepid crew would generally call either a tragedy or a disaster

Cartel coughed, looking annoyed at Anil's rebuke, continued

"Our Romulan friends are unclear about some of the details outlined in your report" he advised

One of the Romulan's sat at the table, stood

"The report that you submitted claims that you were transported to, what you describe as, the Mirror universe" the Romulan asked, managing to sound accusing despite not having made an accusation

"That's correct" Anil replied

"And the report also claims that your transportation to that universe was facilitated by the artefact that has come to be known as the Karcsis"

"Also correct" Anil replied

"But the report also states that your ship's systems played a part in that transportation"

"They did" Ryan replied

"Please elaborate" the Romulan demanded

Anil looked over to Admiral Cartel, who simply nodded

"We don't acutually know how, but the Karcsis overrode the Intrepid's systems and somehow created the means for our transporation to the mirror universe" Anil explained

"And you can't explain how - convienient, wouldn't you say?" the Romulan replied, his accusation clear this time

"Not really - our computers had no record of the Karcsis override - the Karcsis wiped the computer record of what had happened"

"But how do we know that it was not indeed one of your Officer's who cleared that information?" the Romulan asked, maintaining the accusations

"To what end?" Ryan asked

"If the Karcsis had left a record of how it transported us to the mirror universe, we would have simply recreated those conditions and returned rather than remaining there, which resulted in my ship sustaining heavy damage, and the deaths of several of my crew" Anil continued, trying desperately to remain calm

"As it is, we did devise a method of return based on the method that transported Colonel Kira to the mirror-universe and back - it failed" Ryan explained

"And you tried to use the Wormhole for that independant return attempt? Admiral Cartel asked

Anil frowned, knowing that Cartel had read the report and was basically asking Anil to repeat himself

"Yes - which sadly resulted in the mirror-dominion making their appearance"

"And you involved yourself in the battle that ensued against the Dominion?" the Romulan asked

"Yes - upon my orders, the Intrepid fought against the mirror-dominion - I felt a measure of responsibilty toward what had happened"

No further reply or question was forthcoming from the Romulan officer, prompting Admiral Cartel to continue

"Fine - if all questions have been asked, I would like to advise Captain Reyan and Commander Orlan of my desision to have the Karcsis removed from the Intrepid" Admiral Cartel advised

Ryan looked momentarily surprised, and looked to Anil, who didn't share Ryan's surprise, and appeared disinterested

Admiral Cartel continued, although looked mildly disapppoined at Anil's apparent lack of interest in what he had been told

"The Karcsis will be removed by one of my science/engineering inspection teams, to be transferred to Deep Space Nine until such time we can transfer it to another ship" Admiral Cartel finnished "That will be all"

Anil and Ryan quickly retreated from the conference room, releived to be away from Cartel and the Romulans

Posted by: Havannah Essal May 21 2006, 01:22 PM
When Anil turned and left the science lab, Havannah shakily returned to the console she had been working at. If asked later, she wouldn’t’ve been able to recall details of her conversation with Captain Reyan. She seemed in a haze, even now; unsure of where she was, or who she was.

She stopped the analysis and picked up her PADD’s, dropping them into a small satchel, before leaving the science lab herself. Through the fog, she made her way towards the DS9 sickbay.

Once inside, she could see Kaoru and some of the Intrepid medical staff with some help from the DS9 staff, going over an assortment of medical supplies in crates.

“Can I help you?” Havannah was vaguely aware someone asked her a question.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

What? He approached me. What was I supposed to do?

Trill Symbiosis Commission has rules against seeing those you’ve become roman-

He's this host's captain.

I spent several years on the Commission.

You spent two.

If I hadn't interjected, we'd be banished from Trill society. Is that what you want?

STOP IT!” Havannah yelled. Those two had been constantly going at each other since she first ran into Captain Reyan. She reached her hands to her ears, not realizing that the sounds were coming from her own mind, and physical movement would do nothing to silence the war growing within herself. She fell to her knees in sickbay.

“Doctor Ele.” Lark, sensing the chaos stirring within the science officer, called over her shoulder.

Kaoru turned her head from the crates to see Havannah curl on the floor in a fetal position, openly crying.

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 22 2006, 09:06 AM
//Docking Station\\
Kaoru saw Geo off, he was the last person to board the Hood, holding her, not wanting to let go, appreciating that she wasn't crying, seeing how hard she fought it. "Don't expect love letters." He wanted to see her smile, and his efforts were rewarded. "I have to go."

"I know."

"I love you."

"I love you too Geo." She kissed him one last time and let him go. "I'd better get at least one."

Now it was his turn to smile, "We'll see." With that he was gone.

She watched the Hood depart, returning to her temporary quarters and changing out of the dress she had been wearing into her uniform again. She stopped in to see Gaia, but ended up seeing Gaia and Ryan both.

She was thrilled to get a message from Dr. Bashir, asking her to come to the infirmary. Cutting her visit with Gaia and Ryan short, she reported to the infirmary, not surprised when Lark and Marix showed up not long after. They were going through crates of supplies that Bashir had offered them, Kaoru and Julian were in the middle of an intense and serious discussion about where the best chocolate was made, when Havannah entered the infirmary.


“Doctor Ele.” Lark, sensing the chaos stirring within the science officer, called over her shoulder.

Kaoru turned her head from the crates to see Havannah curl on the floor in a fetal position, openly crying. Grabbing a tricorder, Kaoru hurried to the trill's side, crouching beside her, the medical wand in her hand, sapphire blue eyes intent on the readings. "Activity in the cerebral cortex is elevated."

Dr. Bashir had joined her at Essel's side, "Who is she?"

"Havannah Essel, a recently joined Trill."

He nodded, having read the reports. "Rejection?"

"No sign of it." Kaoru shook her head, touching the woman's shoulder lightly. "Havannah? Look at me please. Can you tell me what's wrong?"

But the woman seemed incapable of doing so, she only wept brokenly, pulling away from Kaoru's touch almost violently.

"Lark, Marix, get her to a biobed please." Rising, Kaoru touched her commbadge, "Ele to Reyan."

"Reyan here doctor."

"Sir, Lt. Essal just collapsed in the infirmary." Lark and Marix helped Havannah to a biobed, where the woman just curled up helplessly. Dr. Bashir began callibrating the biobed and running scans.

"On my way, Reyan out." Anil knew that Kaoru had contacted him so that he would come. She seemed to believe he could help Havannah somehow. At the moment however, Anil did not believe that he could help anyone.

Havannah heard Anil's voice, heard him say that he was on his way. "NO!" She screamed, sitting up quickly, upsetting the scanner that Dr. Bashir had just placed, sending the doctor himself stumbling back a step or two.

Kaoru was at her side in an instant, her hands on her shoulders, trying to get her to calm down. "Easy Havannah...you're all right. We'll take care of you."

Havannah pushed at the doctor, trying to get away from her, clawing at Kaoru's hair, her face. "Marix. 2 ccs of sedative." Kaoru maintained her calm though she was inwardly alarmed by Havannah's behavior.

Marix administered the sedative and Havannah relaxed, slumping backwards, her arms falling to her sides, her eyes still wild for a few lingering seconds before they closed in slumber.

Kaoru smoothed back Havannah's soft hair, shaking her head in confusion. "Lark, contact the Trill Symbiont Commission, and search the starfleet medical databases. See if you can find any similar reactions to joining."

Dr. Bashir interrupted, "Marix, take over for Doctor Ele. Doctor, come here." Kaoru looked up in surprise, her eyes flashing dangerously. Bashir met her gaze steadily, "You're bleeding doctor." Kaoru's cheek bore two parallel scratches.

"That hardly hinders me from my duty."

Marix and Lark exchanged amused glances, waiting to see how the confrontation played out.

"I gave you an order Dr. Ele. Report for treatment."

Rolling her eyes, Kaoru took the two steps over to the next biobed, "Reporting for treatment as ordered, sir." Marix snickered, and Dr. Bashir could not help his smirk.

"I do not envy your CO." He indicated that Kaoru should sit on the biobed, and then proceeded to clean the scratches on her cheek, closing them.

Anil strode into the infirmary, stopping short when he saw Dr. Bashir treating a decidedly disheveled looking Kaoru, and Havannah asleep in the next biobed. Too many emotions to name swept through him quickly, and Lark glanced at him sympathetically.

"Here's my CO now." Anil was relieved to hear Kaoru's voice, she certainly did not sound wounded. "Why don't you ask him."

"Ask me what?" Anil moved to Havannah's side, avoiding Kaoru's gaze.

"I was just saying that you must be saint captain, to have such a stubborn CMO." Bashir smiled as he finished up treating the scratches. He noticed Anil's concern for Havannah. "We're not sure what's happening just yet Captain. It doesn't look like rejection of the symbiont. But activity in her cerebral cortex is elevated well beyond normal."

Kaoru rose, "We're looking into it sir." She did not use his first name in front of Bashir. "Have you noticed any unusual behavior from her in the past few days?"

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 23 2006, 06:44 AM
"Any unusal behaviour?" Anil asked Kaoru, who looked at him expectantly

"Yes - anything at all" she prompted

"No - but I have to admit that I did approach her a few hours back" Anil admitted

"And?" Kaoru asked, sensing that there was more to Anil's admission than he had said

"I shouldn't have - I had no idea that the Xandra symbiant had been given to her"

"How did she react when you approached her?" Doctor Bashir asked

"Well, as I said, I didn't realise, beyond the fact that I felt some familiarity toward her - when I addressed that issue, she herself told me about the joining - I told her that, if any part of her was still Kassan, that I was sorry for what happened. She then told me how Kassan had felt before she died - I left shortly afterward" he explained

"That doesn't explain her condition though" Doctor Bashir said quietly, looking thoughtful

"I agree - a simple conversation with someone whom a previous host was intimate with isn't enough to cause her current condition" Kaoru agreed

"So perhaps there is some Psychological conflict?" Doctor Bashir asked

"Very possible" Kaoru replied

"What we need right now is a Vulcan, to mind-meld with her" Anil interjected

Before Anil could elaborate, Admiral Cartel strode into the infirmary

"Captain - I have new orders for you - with the Hood already despatched, and the Belerephon already assigned a mission, I've ordered extra repair crew's to the Intrepid - you'll be escorting the Romulan's home" he advised

"And the Karcsis?" Anil asked

"My science team are aboard your ship, attempting to remove it as we speak" Cartel replied, still looking disappointed in Anil's lack of emotion regarding the Karcsis

"Fine - when do we leave?" Anil asked

"Estimate twenty-four hours for the repair crews to finnish - I suggest you tell your crew to report back aboard the ship" Cartel then turned and marched importantly out of the infirmary

"Great" Kaoru muttered

Anil turned to Kaoru and gazed at her for a moment, as if trying to make a desision that he knew that she might not agree with

"Kaoru - please contact Commander Orlan and advise him that all Intrepid crew are to report back aboard immediately - I have other matters that I need to discuss with Admiral Cartel"

"Aye Sir" Kaoru replied

Anil smiled at her, and then dashed to intercept Admiral Cartel

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 25 2006, 02:10 PM
"Kaoru - please contact Commander Orlan and advise him that all Intrepid crew are to report back aboard immediately - I have other matters that I need to discuss with Admiral Cartel"

"Aye sir." Kaoru watched him go, more than a little curious about what he needed to discuss with the admiral.

"Doctor, look at this." Dr. Bashir called her attention back to the infirmary. He was reviewing the results of Havannah's brain scans. Kaoru stood next to him, studying the brain activity.

"It looks like..." She began.

"Two distinct patterns." He finished for her, nodding, "Activity is most prevalent in the frontal lobe..."

"Where emotions are derived." This time, she finished for him.

He grinned at her, "Stop that."

She returned his grin, replying, "It's disconcerting."

"I mean it!" He laughed, and so did she.

Nodding towards the scans, her fingers danced over the LCARs, "Let's see if we can isolate the correct wave pattern and simulate repressing the other."

He nodded, bending over the panel with her, "You took the words right out of my mouth."

"Before we do, I have to contact Commander Ryan." Kaoru straightened, hitting her commbadge.

a4.gif Ele to Ryan. a4.gif

a4.gif Ryan here doctor. a4.gif

a4.gif Commander, the captain asked me to contact you and request that you advise the crew to report back aboard. a4.gif She anticipated his next question. a4.gif He said he had some business with Admiral Cartel. a4.gif

She could almost hear the sigh in Ryan's voice, a4.gif Understood Doctor, Ryan out. a4.gif

It took the better part of an hour before Julian and Kaoru had isolated Havannah's unique brain wave pattern. The woman herself had begun to stir, slowly coming awake from the sedative.

It was another hour before they had created a serum that effectively suppressed the other brain waves in every simulation they tried. "We're ready to administer it." Bashir looked at Kaoru, who nodded.

The communication from Ryan had gone out more than an hour ago, recalling all Intrepid crew back aboard. "We only have time for one attempt, if it doesn't work, she'll have to remain here."

Kaoru nodded, though she didn't like that idea. "Yes sir."

He watched as Kaoru put the serum in the hypospray, administering it to the more and more alert Havannah. The two of them watched the scans almost breathlessly. Kaoru relaxed when she saw the second pattern of brain activity slowly fade. "It worked."

Bashir nodded, "You'll have to monitor her."

"Verify how long the serum remains effective." She nodded as well, grinning at him.

"I suggest you beam her back aboard the Intrepid." He smirked at Kaoru, "Though I'm certain you had the same thought."

Kaoru held out her hand to him, shaking his, "Thank you for everything Julian. I owe you."

He waved his hand dismissively, "It was my pleasure Kaoru."

She had Havannah beamed directly to the Intrepid's sickbay, going herself to collect her things, and Havannah's. She shouldered Havannah's bag, starting for the Intrepid, pausing and touching her commbadge, "Computer, locate Captain Reyan."

Posted by: James Leyton May 25 2006, 04:32 PM
the order had been given to return to the intrepid and make ready for departure.
i had grabbed my kit and reported double time to the ship. the repair crews were still hard at work and the ship still looked a mess but this would become my home.

the deck officer had assigned me quarters and i had made my way there and dumped my kit.

the turbolift doors opened and i stepped out onto the bridge. the busle of life didnt even change key when the doors opened.

walking over to the command chair i waited until the person there noticed me.

"Lt jnr grade James Leyton reporting for duty sir"

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 27 2006, 04:06 AM
Anil arrived at the Intrepid's airlock, expecting to find Officer's reporting back aboard the Intrepid

Instead he found a small number of disgruntled officer's arguing with an engineering team stood at the airlock, and Intrepid officer's being ushered off the Intrepid

He stood back, and listened for a moment

"We were told to report back to our ship, and that's what we're doing"

"Your ship isn't ready for you yet"

"So you are overriding our First Officer's orders?"


"You can't do that! you..."

Anil decided that it was time to step in

"What's happening here?" he asked

"Captain - we've had to deny access to the Intrepid" the lead engineer replied

"Why?" Anil asked simply

"We attempted to bring auxiliary power back online, but we blew almost all of the ship's EPS relays when we did so - we're having to start from stratch with the auxiliary power systems"

"Have you informed Admiral Cartel, Commander?" Anil asked

"Yes, Sir - it was the first thing I did"

Anil nodded, and turned to his Officer's

"It seems that our ship isn't quite ready to accomodate us yet - I recommend that you report back to your temporary quater's or find somthing else to do for the time being - I'll talk to Admiral Cartel"

The Intrepid Officer's began to filter away, aside from one

"Sir - we haven't had a chance to meet, as I've only just been assigned to the Intrepid - I'm Lieutenant James Leyton, your new Assistant Chief Engineer"

"Good to meet you Lieutenant" Anil stated, shaking his hand"

"Not quite the introduction to the ship I was expecting" Lieutenant Leyton joked

"No - but she did take quite a beating - it's a wonder she's still in one piece at all" Anil admitted

Admiral Cartel suddenly appeared, displaying his usual talent for appearing from nowhere

"Captain - apologies - I couldn't get down here to deal with this myself, but I see the problem is resolved"

"It is, Admiral, but I wasn't expecting to have to deal with it - not considering what I discussed with you" Anil replied

"Well, regardless of that - the Romulan's are eager to return, and I promised them an escort - your crew are the only available" the Admiral stated

"Admiral - I sympathise with you - but what use are my crew when the Intrepid is far from being spaceworthy?" Anil asked, confused at the Admiral's statement

"The Intrepid may not be ready, but the Excelsior-class USS Courageous is stitting on lower pylon two, without a Command staff"

"The Courageous? What happened to Captain T'saev, and her command staff?" Anil quickly asked

"Captain T'saev was promoted to Admiral - her X.O took command of the USS Quasar" Cartel replied, not wishing to elaborate

"Well, you know where I stand on this Admiral" Anil said quietly

"That I do, Captain - I suggest that you inform your First Officer" Admiral Cartel advised

"I'll do that - what about the Intrepid though?"

"She's going nowhere for now Captain - now, I have a meeting to attend with Colonel Kira - she doesn't like to be kept waiting" Admiral Cartel advised, and he turned and disappeared


After a great deal of wandering, Anil finally located Commander Orlan, sat in Quark's with Lieutenant Moore, enjoying the atmosphere in the busy bar

"Commander" Anil called

"Captain - have a seat" Ryan replied cheerily

"Sorry to have to talk business, but I've just been with Admiral Cartel - the Intrepid isn't ready yet..." Anil began to say

"I told them that it wouldn't be" Gaia stated wearing an expression that very much said I told you so

"As I was saying, the Intrepid isn't ready yet - but Admiral Cartel still wants the Romulan's escorted back to their space, and he assigned the USS Courageous to us" Anil explained

"The Courageous!?" Ryan exclaimed

"Yes - a temporary assignment - she'll be used to escort the Romulan's, and then returned here to Deep space nine, for a permanant Command crew to be assigned - for now, we need to gather our crew and tell them to report to the Courageous"

"Shouldn't be a problem" Ryan replied, taking long sip from his drink

"One more thing, Ryan - somthing very important" Anil said quietly, causing both Gaia and Ryan to ignore their drinks for a moment

"You are taking her our, Commander - as acting Captain - I'm not going" Anil finnished


"Why?!" came the similtanious reply

"Was this the Admiral's doing?" Ryan asked, appearing angry

"No, Ryan - my choice - I wrecked the Intrepid, Kassan died as a result - I'm not convinced that I'm fit to Command. I need more time to think" Anil admitted

"Anil... Captain, I...." Ryan started to say

"Sorry Commander - the Courageous is yours for this mission - Kaoru will have to act as your XO - I'm staying on DS9 - I'll have made my choice by the time you return"

Ryan and Gaia looked stunned, but did not reply

"Good luck, Captain" Anil stated, as he stood, leaving Ryan looking confused

Anil began to walk away, but turned quickly, having forgotten to ask one more thing of Ryan and Gaia

"One last thing - please don't tell Kaoru - I want to tell her myself" he asked

"We won't" Ryan replied

Anil smiled, and left, keen to find Kaoru, hoping that she would understand

Reply anyone - and please bear in mind that the crew is to report to the Courageous for temporary assignment

Posted by: Ryan Orlan May 28 2006, 06:41 AM
“This mission should be interesting.”

“Oh thanks for the vote of confidence!”

“You know what I mean.” Gaia laughed as she scooped up Ryan’s hand into hers and cradled it firmly. “I know you can do this. You’ve had to take command before. This is no different, is it?”

“I guess not.”

“You’ll have a good First Officer.”

“Kaoru? That’s what bothers me.” Ryan suddenly smiled when a new thought entered his mind. “At least I’ll have one of the best Chief Engineers in the sector to guide me, not to mention that she is the most gorgeous one.”

“Aw, you always know just what to say.” Gaia gave his hand a gentle squeeze and stood up. “Come on, we’d better get going. We’ve got a ship and crew to prepare.”

Ryan followed Gaia’s footsteps through Deep Space Nine’s airlock and onto the carpeted entrance of the Excelsior class vessel. Together they wandered along several corridors until they located the nearest turbo lift.

“I read that she was nearly lost in the Dominion war.” Gaia said while the turbo lift ascended toward the Bridge.

“Well I can assure you now that our mission won’t contain as much adventure. ‘Escort the Romulans home.’”

“Look, I know it’s not exactly what you had in mind… but it is yours.”

“Yeah we might get lucky and be attacked by a Nausicann raider.” Ryan sighed quietly. “I know, I know. I should be more grateful, we both know the chances of me getting a command of my own one-day are slim at best. No one would want an ex-Maquis collaborator to be their Captain.”

“The Intrepid crew trusts you. They know you better than that.” Ryan recognised the ardent warmth in her voice that was rapidly building into an impassioned, but loving reprimand. “You made some mistakes. So what you aided the Maquis! You didn’t join them, you aided them!”

The turbo lift came to a halt and the doors hissed open and the empty Bridge was revealed.

“Starfleet don’t see the difference.” Ryan said as he stood in the doorway to prevent the doors from closing. “I’ll try and enjoy it, okay?”

Gaia didn’t respond, instead she moved closer and nestled herself into his embrace. He gently rubbed her back with his hands. She was there to support him; she had been since they’d met.

“The rest of the crew should be reporting aboard soon and your chair awaits.”

“As does your warp core. I’ll see you after our shift okay?”

“Okay, but remember you need to meet Kaoru in the holosuite tonight for her Bridge Officer’s exam.”

“Uh, don’t remind me.”

“Why can’t you two just get along?”

“We do. It’s just… I don’t even remember what started it all anymore.”

“Anyhow, I better go and sort out my Engineering crew.”


Posted by: Dianna Torres May 28 2006, 01:07 PM
Dianna couldn't handle the feeling any of the emotions anymore on DS9. She ran to where the intrepid was docked and during the same time a comm came through telling everyone can return to the intrepid. Dianna realized that her stuff was in her temp quarters on the base. By this point Dianna was having a panic attack from all the emotions flooding through her mind. She needed to get away from all of this, but before she could go back to her temp quarters to get her stuff, she collapsed on the floor of the space station. She froze from all the emotions and could move as the fear of the emotions have taken over. After a while she went numb and darkness engulfed her.

Posted by: Havannah Essal May 29 2006, 11:53 AM
Havannah woke up, noticing the sickbay environment. For the first time since the joining, her mind was quiet, still. She took a deep breath and slowly sat up, feeling a hand touch her forearm. She looked up to find the smiling face of the Doctor.

“How are you feeling?” Kaoru asked.

Havannah blinked, holding her eyes closed a bit longer than required. “The voices are gone.” She looked around the room.

Kaoru finished running her medical tricorder over the Trill. “Dr. Bashir and I formulated a serum that suppressed the negative symptoms.”

“Will I be okay?” Havannah asked looking into the Kaoru’s eyes.

“I hope so.” Kaoru showed handed her an empty hypospray.

“This isn’t the Intrepid.” Havannah stated noticing the sickbay wasn’t the intrepid class ship’s medical bay.

“No. This is the Courageous. The Intrepid is still being repaired. And we’re assigned to escort Romulans back to Romulas.”

“Oh.” Havannah said lightly. “What’s this for?” She asked holding up the hypospray.

“The serum has already shown signs of weakening in your bloodstream. Meaning you’ll need this re-administered at least every day. Unfortunately, this serum is only a temporary fix. I’m afraid you’ll have to continue treatment for the rest of your life.”

“That’s if I keep the symbiont.” Havannah muttered under her breath.

The doctor looked back at Essal. “Like I said, the rest of your life.” She reiterated, as if to stress what Havannah already knew. Once a trill became joined, separation meant death for the host.

Kaoru showed Havannah how to administer the dosage required to keep the symptoms at bay. When she had mastered applying the empty hypospray, Kaoru handed her a small case which contained enough room for one hypospray plus a dozen doses of the serum, which currently held one vial.

“Now, if you begin to notice the symptoms returning, see me. Even the mildest headache. We’ll adjust the dosage to find what works.” Havannah nodded taking the case. “And for the first couple of weeks, I want you to report to sickbay for follow ups. Okay?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Havannah paused. “Do you know if my things were brought on board?” Havannah said getting down from the biobed.

“Yes, they’re in your quarters already.” Kaoru said.

“Thank you.” She picked up the case and walked toward the door to find her new quarters.

Posted by: Reyan Anil May 29 2006, 12:31 PM
"Computer, locate Doctor Kaoru Ele" Anil called, hoping desperately to intercept her before she took her bridge officer's exam

"Doctor Ele reported aboard the USS Courageous" the computer replied

Anil sighed - he hadn’t planned to visit the Courageous, but realised that if he was to intercept Kaoru, it would have to be aboard the Courageous

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sickbay: USS Courageous

Anil entered sickbay, instantly impressed - the Courageous had clearly received a recent refit, and the sickbay reflected this - Kaoru was busy dealing with Havannah, who had obviously been transferred from the Infirmary on Deep Space nine

"You’re not on your way to take your bridge officer's test?" he asked her

"I am in a moment, yes - I just need to do my final observations on Lieutenant Essal before one of my deputies takes over" she answered

“Such a perfectionist” Anil joked

“Can’t afford to be anything else when you’re a Doctor” Kaoru replied

“Guess not” Anil agreed

"Shouldn't you be on the Bridge, rather than pestering your medical personnel?” Kaoru asked jokingly

“Shouldn’t you be taking your bridge officer’s exam?” Anil countered

“You’re right, Anil, I should - but you should be familiarising yourself with this ship - if memory serves, you’ve never served aboard an Excelsior-class starship” she replied

Anil did not reply, causing Kaoru to pause and stare at him

“Anil - why aren’t you on the Bridge” she asked

Anil sighed

“Kaoru - I’m not coming with you” he stated quickly

Kaoru looked momentarily confused

“What do you mean?” she asked

“Kaoru - I’m not taking command of the Courageous” he replied

“Anil…. Why?” Kaoru asked quietly

Anil took a step toward her

“My ability, or perhaps inability, to command the Intrepid left her wrecked, and minus several good Officers - one of them being Kassan. I’m not convinced that I am command material. I need to time to think - Admiral Cartel has authorised a request that I made to remain on Deep Space Nine for the time being”

“But Anil….” Kaoru began to say

“Sorry Kaoru - I’ve already made up my mind - Commander Orlan is assuming command of the Courageous - you’ll be his X.O, especially since you’ll have passed your Bridge officer’s exam by the time the courageous departs”

Kaoru didn’t reply

“I’m sorry Kaoru - but look at the state the Intrepid is in - she still isn’t space worthy - Kassan is dead, and Lieutenant Essal is suffering psychological trauma as a side-effect of Kassan’s death - how can I honestly believe myself to be a capable Captain under those circumstances?”

“Anil - take the time you need, make your choices - but please, make sure that they are the right choices”

Anil managed a smile

“Thank you, Kaoru - take care of yourself, and good luck with the exam - I’ll see you immediately afterward, when you’ve passed the exam, to deal with your promotion” Anil replied, turning to leave

“I wish that you were as confident in your own abilities as you are in mine” Kaoru called

Anil turned, and stared into Kaoru’s lovely eyes for a moment, and then finally stepped out of the Courageous’ sickbay

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Posted by: Hawku May 30 2006, 12:46 AM
Aeon sped over a rise along the hard-paved gravel road, painted with yellow and white lines. It was sunny out, and he was the only one in the driver's seat of a Dark Red specially modified 76' Corvette, which flew off the ground when the road went up a sharp hill. The Corvette then skidded across the empty road, on an angle, drifting through the streets of this city-setting.

Parked cars, houses, and shops lined the side of the streets, as the side-drifting Corvette Aeon drove wasted out its momentum. Instead of increasing speed, Aeon allowed the car to skid to a stop on its own.

He loved his car-driving program, as it was one of the best Holo-programs he had ever put together. Of course, it wasn't hard for a computer to render the program, but putting the touches of this one and most, himself, payed off so much more.

Not to mention the similarities driving a ground vehicle had to piloting a starship... well they weren't that similar. But they both meant control of direction; a pretty cool thing to be in control of.

Aeon's Corvette was a convertible, and he had been driving without the top. When the vehicle drifted to a stop, on that angle, he lifted himself off his seat and rested his arms above the top-edge of the windshield. Aeon relaxed, looking around his environment. He had programmed a random location-generator, so that he would end up in places he'd never seen before.

Maybe I shouldn't be so tough on Quark, he thought. He is after all, doing business with my family on occasaion.

He turned his head to peer off into another direction of houses, but was interrupted by the computer. "Incoming orders from Commander Ryan Orlan," the computer said.

"Control panel," Aeon ordered as he hopped out of his car and crossed the street to a small convienience store. A panel appeared on the outside wall and he tapped at it. Apparently, the crew were being temporarily re-assigned to the U.S.S. Courageous. "Hm," he muttered in surprise to himself. Aeon found it sort of interesting. It was something worth complying to.

"Computer, end program."

The car disappeared first, and then the environment. Aeon collected his isolinear rods and then left the Holosuites for the U.S.S. Courageous.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele May 31 2006, 08:49 AM
It was very hard to let Anil walk away. She wanted to go after him, to try and force him to see reason...but that's what stopped her. She couldn't make him see things from her perspective, and she couldn't even pretend that she understood all of what he was feeling.

So she let him go, but she had meant what she said about him making the right choice. I'll expect to see you very soon Captain Reyan. She had that thought as she strode into the holodeck where her test would take place. She was early by design, wanting to practice as much as she could before Ryan came to administer the test.

She was running through the third test scenario when the XO entered. Kaoru looked up from her seat in the command chair, "Computer, end program." Rising, Kaoru stood at attention in front of Ryan.

"At ease doctor." Ryan quirked a brow, finding her formality a little amusing.

Kaoru relaxed, her blue eyes sparkling mischeviously, "I bet you're thrilled about this."

That was more like it. Ryan relaxed a bit, shrugging, hiding a smirk. "I've been happier." The truth was, he agreed with Anil's decision, but if Kaoru didn't know it, he wasn't going to be the one to tell her. It would be too much like complimenting her. Somehow, their relationship didn't lend itself to exchanging compliments and niceties.

"So have I. I assure you." She considered asking Ryan what he thought of Anil's decision, but she was fairly certain she knew the answer. She doubted that the XO had been any happier about it than she had been.

"Shall we get underway doctor?" He was the formal one now, and Kaoru nodded.


Ryan stood off to the side, "Computer run program officer test Alpha 7G, subject Ele." The yellow lines in the holodeck faded, replaced by the bridge of a Galaxy class starship, and Kaoru took her seat in the command chair. Geo was at the helm and Kaoru looked up at Ryan in surprise. He nodded, "When he comes back, this is a very likely scenario."

She couldn't argue with that, nor was she then surprised when Gaia's voice sounded over the comm system. a4.gif Engineering to bridge. We're experiencing some energy fluctations in the warp coils, we can't determine the cause. a4.gif

"Helm, slow to impulse. Science." Kaoru looked to the Ensign who manned the science station, "Report."

The ensign's face was lit eerily by the blue light of the LCARS, "We appear to be moving through a particle cloud sir." He looked up at her, "The sensors are detecting only faint traces of particle activity, but the effect on the warp coil is exponentially greater."

"Are any other systems affected?"

"No sir, it doesn't appear so." He looked down again at his station, "Mild power fluctuations reported all over the ship, but nothing that indicates a malfunction."

"How much longer until we're clear of the particle cloud?"

"Three minutes sir."

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Posted by: James Leyton Jun 1 2006, 06:22 AM
After a brief introduction to the captain and the refusal of entry onto the intrepid i managed to gather the rest of my belongings from the temporary quarters i had on the station.

kit in han i made my way to the couragous to report again ready for duty.

the station was now very busy with all sorts of personel going here and there.

i bumped into a few people that i had now made friends with and together we made our way to the courageous.

stepping into the turbo lift the doors closed "engineering" i said

the lift doors opened and i stepped through into the corridor, a gentle hum from the warp core could be heard.

i walked down the corridor and into main engineering.

"reporting for duty" i said

"and you are?" came the reply

"sorry, i am Lt james leyton, ready and able" i replied

"well then james just get yoourself familiar with the layout and i'm sure we will get along fine"

"aye sir"

with that i turned and made my way round engineering familiarising myself with the ships systems and their locations.

a little poor sorry

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Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 3 2006, 05:18 PM
Anil sat at the bar, and took a swig from the frosted glass that Quark had just placed in front of him, and then turned and looked to the upper level for the umpteenth time, curious about how Kaoru was faring with her exam

He allowed the sharp aftertaste of the gingerbeer to linger in his mouth, and then took another swig, emptying the glass

"Thinking of booking a holosuite?" Quark asked him, seeming to have appeared from no-where

"No - I'm waiting for someone" Anil replied

"Pity - you've been staring up for there for the past half-hour - you look like you could use the distraction" Quark replied, shrugging

Anil considered advising Quark to mind his own business, but refrained - besides, Quark had a point - he could use the distraction

"Perhaps I will take some time out"

"Good - holosuite two is all yours" Quark advised

Anil took the isolinear rod that Quark handed him, and made his way to the upper level, and entered holosuite two

"Computer - uplink to the computer on USS Intrepid, NCC-74600, and access LCARS - locate image record for the bridge of Starship USS Majestic, NCC-31060"

The computer beeped, confirming that it was working on Anil's request

"Image record located" the computer quickly replied

"Run program" Anil requested

The hologrid vannished, replaced by the image of the bridge of a Miranda-class starship

Anil walked around the empty bridge, recalling a time where it was filled with old friends - he sat, choosing to sit at his old operations console. He slowly swung the chair around, facing the command chair, Captain Vassal's Command chair

"What would you do?" Anil asked quietly


Anil sighed, and then a thought occured to him

"Computer - are the personel records pertaining to this ship available?" he asked


"Access files, and engage an interactive representations of the Majestic's Captain" Anil ordered

Captain Vassal, sat in his chair, appeared in front of Anil

"Somthing bothering you, Commander?" Captain Vassal asked

Anil paused, the question catching him off-guard

"Well?" Vassal asked, characteristicly impatient

"I was just thinking, Sir...... if, when commanding the ship, you made mistakes that cost you the lives of many of your crew, including someone you loved, what would you do?" Anil asked

"Hard to say, Commander, depends on the circumstances and the Captain - what makes you ask?" the Vassal hologram asked

"I made some bad desisions, and the consequences were as I asked" Anil replied

"If you are looking for a quick answer, I don't have it - I captain my ship my way, you'll Captain your ship your way. The choices you make, the desisions that you chose that affect your crew - they all come from you, not me. You are the only one with the answers to those questions you keep asking yourself"

Anil paused again - hologram or not, it was sound advice, and Anil had no problem beleiving that the real Captain Vassal would have said the same

"Computer, end program" Anil called

The bridge of the Majestic faded, leaving only the hologrid in it's place

Eager to find out if Kaoru's exam was finnished, Anil stepped back out onto the upper level of the Promenade

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Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 3 2006, 07:15 PM
“Two minutes till we clear the particle cloud.”

“Once we’ve cleared continue course, warp six.”

“Aye, Sir.” Geo answered from the Helm console.

Ryan remained outside the command area of the Bridge, his hands braced on the timber banister just below the the Tactical console. He wanted to keep his distance from Kaoru; she needed the space. She had to learn that there would be no one else to guide her if she was called upon to take command. None of the holographic crew took the slightest bit of notice of his presence, clearly acting as they had been programed to do, to ignore him.

“Hold on… it feels like theres a drain on the engines, like we’re being held back.”

Knowing that this could be the beginning of one of her challenges, Kaoru quickly got to her feet and appraoched Geo’s position. “What do you mean?”

“At first I just thought that the impulse reactors were being a bit sluggish in this cloud but, now it feels as though some kind of energy field is pulling us backward.”

“Ensign Preston, run a tachyon sweep for any cloacked vessels.”

“I don’t think that will help,” Lieutenant Torres interjected. “if there is a cloacked ship holding us back they would have to be close and the particle field would light them up like a neon flare.”

“I am aware of that Lieutenant.” Kaoru said, trying to sound authoritive. “Complete the scan anyhow.”

“Scans indicate no cloacked vessels in the vacinity. No anomalous neutreno readings.”

“Reverse shield polarity and –“

Knowing what was going to happen next, Ryan tightened his grip on the railing and as expected the ship trembled as though a disrupter blast had inpacted against it’s shields and the red alert klaxons immediately roared with alarm.

“Report!” Kaoru said, and for the first time during the test Ryan heard the undertone of nervousness in her voice.

“There was a massive plasma discharge in Main Engineering –“

a4.gif “Engineering to Bridge, we’ve got problems down here. We’ve loosing cohesion in the magnetic interlocks and the chief has been injured. I could really use some help.” a4.gif

“Computer, pause program.” Kaoru said and turned around to face Ryan. “If I go to Engineering, who will look after the Bridge?”

The holographic crew suddenly became stupefied in the position they were in before Kaoru had given the command. Ryan looked a Geo for a moment. Less than a day had passed since his friend had left Deep Space Nine on the USS Hood and already they were using him in a simulation, but his presence, albeit a hologram seemed to be placing Kaoru at ease.

“That’s your decission to make, but this is the Engineering section of the exam so it’s essential that you attend.”

“Computer, resume program.”

a4.gif “This is Commander Ele, I’m on my way.” a4.gif Kaoru said after hitting her comm badge and then turned to the Helm station. “Geo, you have the Bridge.”

Engineering swarmed with restless officers, each carrying out a role that was cruicial to the ship’s function and survival. Ryan followed Kaoru to the main diagnostic console which held the Assistant Chief Engineer’s undevided attention.

“Commander,” the assistant chief said as he realised that Kaoru had arrived. “we’ve ruptured three plasma relay’s and we’re showing disruptions to the ODN network on almost every deck.”

“Warning warp core micro fracture, breach imminant.” The computer announced just as a torrent of plasma hissed violently from base of the warp core.

“Terrific!” Lieutenant Steven’s, the Assistant Engineer spat.

“What’s the warp core pressure?” Kaoru asked.

“2200 kilopascles and rising.”

“Lock down the magnetic constrictors.”

“We might not be able to reinitilise the anti-matter reaction if we do that.”

“I priority is to save the ship. To do that we have to get those kilopascles down before we can even think about reinitilising the anti-matter reaction chamber.” Kaoru reasoned.

The Engineers scrambled about in there efforts to repair the fracture but their efforts were in vain. The fracture was growing faster than the crew could repair it.

“We looking at a breach if this continues!” A familiar voice shouted over the noise of hissing plasma. Ryan turned around to see Gaia emerge from the chief’s office, closely followed by an irritated looking Medical officer.

“Lieutenant, I insist you come to Sickbay at once.” A male nurse pleaded. “I can’t treat you here, especially if you won’t stay still!”

“Well there won’t be a Sickbay if I don’t get this breach contained!” Gaia roared, her words and demeaner casusing the nurse to instantly fall silent.

“Warning, warp core breach in three minutes.” The computer forewarned.

“It’s still not working. We can’t seal the fracture!”

“We have to eject.”

“Computer prepare to eject the warp core. Authorisation, Ele-4575-gama.”

“Emergency power to warp core ejection system is off-line.”

“That explosion severed the ODN conduate.” Gaia reported.

“Can you reroute the command pathways?”

“There’s not enough time.”

“What now?” Kaoru asked no one in particular, but no response came. The simmulation was to test Kaoru’s abillity, her leadership, they couldn’t give her all the answers.

“They can’t give you the advice you need, Doctor.” Ryan said.

Kaoru’s eyes swept over the engineering diagrams searching frantically for a solution that wouldn’t result in launching all the escape pods and destroying the ship.

“One minute to warp core breach.” The computer said almost tormentingly.

“What about an emergency core shutdown?”

Gaia tapped at the console in front of her. “The magnetic interlocks are fused. We have to ambandon ship, now!”

Kaoru nodded for Gaia to give the go ahead. “Okay, but we have to stay and save the ship.”

“Thirty seconds to warp core breach.”

“It’s too late, we can’t save it.” Gaia shouted as the computer counted backwards.

“…five, four, three, two, one.”

The engine room disapeared and the reality that they were still in the holosuite was comfirmed.

“Congratulations Doctor, you killed everyone in Engineering and destroyed the ship.” Ryan said, and part of him enjoyed saying it.

“This is impossible! I did everything by the book. What did I do wrong?”

“That I can’t tell you.”

“How can I complete it and learn if you won’t tell me what I did wrong?”

“Because if you have to take command, you won’t have anyone to tell you where your going wrong. Situations don’t always go by the book, sometimes you have to improvise. Ready to try again?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“That’s the spirit.” Ryan smiled. He had to admit, he was still enjoying this. If Kaoru wanted to be a commander, he wasn’t going to make it easy. ”Computer, reset Bridge Officer’s Exam, Engineering Qualifications, section three and advance to time index 03:40.”

“Warning, warp core breach in three minutes.”

“It’s still not working. We can’t seal the fracture!” One of the Engineers

“We have to eject.”

“Computer prepare to eject the warp core. Authorisation, Ele-4575-gama.”

“Emergency power to warp core ejection system is off-line.”

“That explosion severed the ODN conduate.” Gaia reported.

“Can you repair the severed conduate?” Kaoru asked.

“Yes, but…”


“The crawspace that houses the conduate runs parallel to the warp plasma shaft, radiation from it would be fatal.”

“But you can fix it?”


Kaoru paused for a moment as she looked around at the Engineering crew. Ryan recognised the look in her eyes. She was concidering what many officers would concider to be un-thinkable. “Gaia, someone needs to go in there and fix it.”

“They’ll be –“

“Gaia,” Kaoru said and stepped closer. “someone has to. I’m… I’m ordering you to repair the conduate.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Suddenly the simulation dematerialised and once again the hologrid of Quarks became there surroundings. “Congratulations Kaoru, you’ve passed the Engineering section. Pass the next three sections and you'll be a Commander.”

“That’s what this was all about wasn’t it? To see if I could order someone to do a task that I knew would be a death sentence.”

“Its important that –“

“I’m a Doctor! I took a Hippocratic oath! I’m sworn to save lives and Gaia! You knew I would hesitate.”

“Yes, but you passed.”

“And that makes it alright?”

“Kaoru, in a command position, we can’t just choose to stop when a situation goes too far. There may come a day that you will need to do exactly what you just did. Ordering someone into a potentially life-threatening situation is the hardest part of being a Starfleet officer. This time it was in a holosuite, but if you know you can’t do that if or when the time occurs, you should seriously concider if command is right for you.”

When Kaoru didn’t respond Ryan turned, walked towards the exit but paused in the open doorway and without facing her he said in solemn voice. “On another note, ordering one of your closest friends… I’m proud of you.”

OOC: If I got any technical information incorrect, someone please let me know.


Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jun 4 2006, 12:48 PM
She stayed in the holosuite after he had left, reliving what had just happened. She knew it was a simulation, she had known it all along. What would it come to if the real thing happened? Could she do as she had done on the holosuite?

She had known that the bridge officer's exam would be difficult. She had always known that command was not for everyone. It took special people to pilot starships...and she had never harbored any illusions that she was one.

"Congratulations." Anil's deep voice made her look up. The captain was standing in the doorway of the holosuite, his dark eyes watching her with a mixture of pride and sympathy.

"Anil." She closed the distance between them in an instant, hugging him tightly, her face buried in his shoulder.

He hesitated putting his arms around her. She loved Geo, not him. But the nearness of her, the anguish that he had heard in her voice. She needed him...and no matter what, she was his friend. His arms wound around her soothingly, and he murmured words of comfort in her ear, trying not to notice the scent of lavender. "You did well Kaoru...only two run throughs...that's impressive."

It means I'm as cold blooded as Ryan thinks I am. She could not help the thought, but she knew it wasn't really true. If she were cold blooded, she wouldn't feel so much like crying.

"It's the worse part of the job." He continued, his voice deep and calming. "But you did what you had to do. You protected your crew as much as you could, saved most of their lives."

She pulled back slightly, her sapphire blue eyes meeting his dark, "It's the ones that you can't save that hurt the worse."

Anil nodded and swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. The parallels between their two situations were hard to ignore. He was glad that she didn't try to shove his own advice back to him, thankful to her for giving him the space he needed. "Not everyone can make the hard choices." He added at last.

"You can." Her blue eyes were liquid, shining with tears that she would not let fall. "I'm not sure I'm capable..."

He cut her off, "You are Kaoru. Of that I have no doubt."

Posted by: Havannah Essal Jun 4 2006, 01:19 PM
Havannah had to get directions from the computer a few times before finding her new quarters. She noticed her duffle and satchel laid neatly on the bed. She set the metal case holding her new medical supplies onto the bed next to the duffle and began unpacking.

Her door chimed.

“Come.” She called out. Not really bothering to look at who was entering.

“Lieutenant, reporting for duty.” Havannah stopped going through her things. She recognized that voice. She turned around.

“Nienna!” Havannah turned around to greet her friend placing her arms around the junior officer in a giant bear hug. “How did you get here?”

“I was transferred to the Intrepid from DS9.”

“Really?” Havannah couldn’t believe it. “The last time we were stationed together…”

“Was our Cadet Cruise, I know.” Nienna smiled as she finished Havannah’s sentence. They both sat on the couch inside Havannah’s quarters.

“I hadn’t had chance to look if we’d gotten new science officers.”


“Let’s just say the last mission was rougher than they prepare you for in the Academy.” She would definitely need time to adjust to her new condition. “Oh, perhaps that you’re here, you can go over these readings on the Karcsis with me.” She quickly changed the subject, not really wanting to go further.

“I thought the Karcsis wasn’t going with us.” Nienna said.

“Doesn’t mean I don’t have copies of my findings and observations.” Havannah pulled out a few PADDs from her duffle. “You were the best linguist I know. Perhaps you can decipher its communication.” Havannah smiled. “Have you been to the science labs here?”

“That was where I first looked for you.” Nienna paused. “I’m guessing you haven’t?”

“No.” Havannah said quietly. The only time she’d spent on board the Courageous thus far had included the medical bay, and getting lost three times on her way to her quarters. “Shall we head to the science lab?” Havannah handed a few PADDs to Nienna.

“Yes.” Nienna said standing up. Nienna and Havannah began out of Havannah’s quarters and toward the science lab.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 7 2006, 06:15 AM
Anil stood at his favorite viewing port on the Promenade. He had lost track of the amount of hours he had spent staring out at either the Wormhole or the Intrepid over the last few days, nor did he care - this was a place that provided escapism and welcome distraction, a place where he could gather his thoughts

The repairs on the Intrepid were progressing fairly well, although he had been told that the Engineering team had failed in their attempt to restore main power. The Courageous was, however, ready and willing to depart, and he knew that his crew were boarding her at that very moment.

Anil's thoughts were diverted by the reflection that suddenly appeared in the clear window of the viewport - a reflection being cast by Commander Orlan

"Shouldn't you be on your ship, Captain?" Anil asked

"Acting Captain, Anil - I'm still hoping that you'll come to your senses" Ryan replied - Anil looked for any signs that Ryan was joking, but there were none - he coughed

"How did Kaoru do?" he asked, eager to change the subject

Ryan frowned, noticing the quick change of subject, but realising that it was a valid question

"She passed - cleared ninety-nine percent of the exam first attempt - the only area she needed to re-take was engineering, and she acheived that one on her second attempt" Ryan replied

"Impressive" Anil remarked, although he was already aware of Kaoru's Engineering pass, as she herself had informed him

"That's why I've come to see you, Anil - you need to record her result on her personal record, and action it accordingly"

Anil was about to ask Ryan why he was either unwilling or unable to do so himself, but decided against it - Ryan undoubtedly had his reasons, and Anil decided to respect his XO's judgement

"In that case, I had better try and find Kaoru" he finally replied

"Better make it quick - I'm taking the Courageous out in one hour"

Anil took a step toward Ryan

"I doubt I'll see you again before the Courageous departs...... Good luck Ryan, and safe journey"

Ryan took Anil's hand and shook it

"Good luck to you too, Captain - I hope you find what you are looking for whilst we are gone"

Anil was about to ask Ryan to elaborate, but almost immediately realised what it was that his friend was saying

"Thanks Ryan - take care" Anil replied - Ryan grinned, and then turned and strode toward the turolift

Anil was about to leave himself, to find Kaoru, but fortunately, she stepped out of the turbolift that arrived to take Ryan to the Courageous

The two officer's exchanged words that Anil couldn't hear, and Kaoru walked to Anil

"Congratuations Kaoru - Ryan informs me that you passed" he said cheerfully

Kaoru smiled, although it was clear that she still hadn't quite come to terms with the method, and only possible solution, to completeing the Engineering section of the exam

"Well, I suggest you find a Gold pip to replace that black one, Kaoru, you are a Full Commander now" he continued

Kaoru managed a smile

"Thankyou Anil - and thanks for having confidence in me" she replied

Anil stared into her eyes for a moment, uncertain of how to respond, the scent of lavender distracting him

"Well, I shouldn't keep you any longer, Kaoru - the Courgeous departs in an hour"

"I know - and no disrespect to Ryan, but I wish you were commanding her"

"Ryan is more than capable" he stated, again trying to avoid the issue

"I know that - but I'm not talking about Ryan - I'm talking about you, Anil" she replied, forcing Anil to address the issue

"Kaoru......." Anil stopped, trying to find some reason to dispute what she was saying

"Anil, you know where I stand on this" she stated

"I do" Anil admitted

"I have to go, Anil - the Courageous is a larger ship than than the Intrepid - most of the original crew are still aboard her, and from what I've seen Doctor Kana whilst an excellent Doctor, wasn't so great at keeping his records updated"

Anil laughed

"Sounds like you have your work cut out for you"

"Certainaly do" she replied, smiling warmly

"Good luck Kaoru" Anil stated - he hesitated for a moment, and then stepped foward, put his arms around and her and hugged her tightly

"I'll miss you" he whispered, trying hard to mask his upset

Her arms wrapped around him for a moment, a moment that to Anil seemed to last an enternity, but they let each other go, and Kaoru took a tiny step backward

"I'll miss you too, Anil" she said, before turning and walking to the turbolift

Anil watched her go, watched the turbolift doors slide open, and watched her enter - she turned, their eyes briefly met, and then the turbolift doors slid closed, leaving Anil, and his thoughts, alone.

Reply anyone

Posted by: Hawku Jun 8 2006, 08:06 AM
Aeon was walking through the corridors of the Courageous. He nodded to people as he passed them, recognizing them from the Intrepid. It wasn't long until he came to his new Quarters.

Stepping inside, he placed his bags on the floor. Aeon looked around, checking the place out, when he noticed there was a message waiting for him on the laptop on the desk.

"What the?"

He walked over and activated the laptop. The message was from the Commander, indicating to him that he got a promotion to the Chief Helm position.

"Whoa!" Aeon said in shock. What happened to Geo?

He then sat at the desk and began checking the database. Apparently Geo was transferring away. So Aeon then went back to the message and shook his head in shock.

The Chief Helm? he wondered. Am I realy qualified for that...? ...I guess I am now. Ever since all that piloting I did in the Mirror Universe. They must see something in me that I don't see. As he thought this, he got up and walked to the window. Or maybe I do see what they see now... That I'm actually something. I came from being an unnoticed Ensign to this... and it was all because I decided to put a little more into myself.

He thought back to the Mirror Universe and how he began flying with more effort there.

There must be something about that place that must have awakened me... he wondered. But then how is my flying in this Universe? I guess we'll find out.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 8 2006, 10:29 AM
Dianna found herself still on the floor of the starbase. She got up and headed to her quarters to get her stuff and headed toward the intrepid. When she got there she found that it was not space worthy but they told her to go to the courageous as that is where they'd be. She found her quarters for this trip and laid down. She was a little weak from passing out on the starbase floor. It was because the starbase had too many emotion flooding through her mind. Thats why she never gets assigned to the starbase as it would probably kill her. She knew she was a weak empath and she was content with it.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jun 8 2006, 02:57 PM
Kaoru met Ryan just outside the turbolift, he nodded to her, offering a small smile, "Good luck trying to talk him out of his madness."

Kaoru sighed, glancing over his shoulder at Anil. "Somehow I doubt I'll be able to do that Commander."

"If anyone can, it would be you...Commander." Ryan entered the turbolift, "Just don't take more than an hour to do it." There was a hint of grim humor in his eyes, and Kaoru smiled in return, but only just.

"Aye sir." The turbolift doors closed and Kaoru turned to Anil, already aware that she would not be able to change his mind.

They spoke briefly, and it was clear to her that Anil was resolute in his decision to stay behind.

He hugged her, and she returned his hug tightly, sensing his anguish by how tightly he held her, unable to imagine really, what he was feeling, especially given her own experience during the bridge officer's exam.

"I'll miss you" he whispered, trying hard to mask his upset. He let her go, and she took a tiny step backward.

"I'll miss you too, Anil" she said, before turning and walking to the turbolift.

Their eyes met briefly as she entered the turbolift, and Kaoru was glad they were far enough way so that he could not see the tears that filled her sapphire blue eyes. She had lost friends, people she cared about, and now she felt like others were abandoning her. Geo had left her, and now Anil.

The turbolift doors closed and Kaoru leaned back against the wall, her eyes closed, brushing a tear from her cheek. She straightened when the turbolift stopped, the doors opened and for an instant, Kaoru thought it was Anil who stood there. It wasn't Anil though, it was his father.

Kaoru said nothing to the older Reyan, who stepped into the turbolift, "Deck 8."

He glanced over his shoulder at her, seeing her upset, no matter how much she wished she could hide it. "He's made a mess of things, hasn't he?" His tone was cold, bitter, and Kaoru snarled in response.

"He's held together quite well, considering the mess that we all were in." She shook her head, trying to rein in her anger, but too much had happened. "You speak of things you have no knowledge of. We might have all died. Your prophets know we came close often enough. But he brought us through it more intact than I thought possible."

"If you mean that he only half destroyed your ship and only got a few of your crew killed, then I agree." He seemed to enjoy her rage.

"I would like to see you do better." She was nearly growling at him, her fists clenched, "But they'd never let a...I'm sorry...what's your rank? Corporal? Yes...well, they'd never let a Corporal pilot a starship." His face purpled in rage and the tables were turned. It was Kaoru now who was enjoying his fury.

She stepped closer, poking him in the chest with her finger, "While we're on the subject, Corporal. Let me set a few things straight for you. Your son is the best Commanding Officer I have ever had the pleasure of serving under. He is brilliant and capable and clever...in short, he outshines you at every turn. You've no hope of besting him...ever, so I recommend that you swallow your ridiculous pride and open your damned eyes to see that, inspite of how impossible you are, he still loves you."

Kaoru watched the Bajoran officer with glittering sapphire blue eyes, seeing him struggle for control. She almost wished he'd attack her. She had enough pent up frustration and anger that a good fistfight would be damned welcome.

"My son..." The older Reyan sputtered, but finally managed to speak, "Has disappointed me at every turn, including the company that he chooses to keep." It was his feeble attempt to get the upper hand with Kaoru again, but she only laughed it off.

"Oh yes, the company he keeps. You mean star fleet officers who are willing to speak up on his behalf? Or do you mean a woman who loved him enough to want to bear his child, in spite of dire risks?" She shook her head, sending her sable curls tumbling around her shoulders. "Based on my observations, Reyan," She did not do him the courtesy of using his first name, "You are a bitter, angry little man who has no hope of growing personally and so must tear down those around you who threaten to block the sun from shining on your pathetic little existance. It must gnaw at you to know how capable your son is. I wonder how old he was when you realized what a threat to your fragile ego he would be."

Her words were sharp, cutting and clear, her anger in full swing. The turbolift doors opened, but neither of them noticed.

"Shut up!" His hand lashed out, the older Reyan beyond reason now, trying to slap her, anything to get her to be quiet.

Kaoru's own arm lifted, her forearm meeting his before it could connect, pushing out and shoving his arm away. "Pathetic." She sneered again, not bothering to go on the offensive.

A small group of people had gathered around the open turbolift doors, and Kaoru glanced in their direction, then the older Reyan's. "I would dearly love for you to take another swing at me. I'll even let you hit me this time."

He looked sorely tempted, but he knew better. He left the turbolift, the small crowd of onlookers parting to let him pass.

((OOC: I had way too much fun with Anil's father :P edit as needed. Oh, and I know he's not a corporal, it was just insulting to call him one. a5.gif))

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 8 2006, 09:28 PM
The doors to Deep Space Nine’s Security Office opened with a soft mechanical whine. Ryan stepped over the threshold and glanced around the vacant room. He had been summoned to without knowing why. This better not take long, I’ve got a ship to command. Ryan thought as he waited for whomever it was that had requested his presence.

The same low pitched whine reached Ryan’s ears again and he turned to face who had followed him inside. “Captain?” He said to Anil.

“What’s going on?”

“No idea. I take it you were asked to report here also.”

The Captained nodded and took a seat in front of the desk, which was littered with PADD’s which no doubt comprised mostly criminal activity reports. On either side of the room consoles displayed drab images of shady-looking criminals, which are said to be the quadrants most wanted. Ryan couldn’t sit down and wait, he had a ship to attend to. Surely the security personnel would be aware that his ship was due to depart in the next ten minutes; no-one wanted to keep the Romulan’s waiting.

“Ah good, you’ve arrived.” A male Bajoran announced from a doorway at the rear of the office. “I’m afraid I’ve had to detain one of your officers. It would seem that there was some sort of scuffle outside Quark’s.”

Ryan was about to ask who the officer was but Anil beat him to the question by asking if anyone was injured.

“The Bajoran male she was fighting with and Quark received several minor injures and were taken to the Infirmary. Dr Bashir should be finished his report shortly.”

“Who was involved?”

“Quark, Commander Ele, and your father.”

“My father? Kaoru?” Anil exclaimed and leapt to his feet. He didn’t wait to be shown the way to the holding cells. Ryan and the security officer charged after him and the three of them stopped in front of the cell where Kaoru was imprisoned.

Ryan couldn’t keep his silence any longer. He wanted to laugh. Not just at Kaoru behind a forcefield but at the situation itself. “One day you’re a life saving doctor, the next you’re nothing but a common bar room brawler. I never thought you had it in you. What happened, did the Ferengi waiter short-change you?”

“Captain…” Kaoru said, ignoring Ryan’s remark. She had concern in her voice. Anil and Kaoru had become close recently, that was no secret, but would Anil’s opinion of her bring such rapid remorse? Anil didn’t say a word. He simply stared back at Kaoru.
“Captain, I’m afraid it is slightly more complicated than simply locking the pair in a holding cell for a few hours.” The officer continued. “It would seem that Quark decided to intervene in an uncharacteristic act of bravery. The scuffle escalated and consequently Quark was assaulted.”

“The Ferengi shouldn’t have got involved!” Kaoru spouted from behind the forcefield.

“You were fighting on the promenade.” The security officer said.

“It was self defence.”

“And that is your excuse for Quarks lacerated ear and two broken fingers? You should have stopped once Quark intervened.”

“That was an accident.”

“An accident that shouldn’t have happened.” Anil spoke for the first time after entering the vicinity of the holding cells. “Could I have a few minutes alone with Commander Kaoru?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Captain, the Courageous is due to depart.”

“And that she will Ryan.”

Without questioning what Reyan had in mind, Ryan and the security officer returned to the entrance of the Security Office and waited several minutes for the Captain to come out.

“When can you release her?

“That could be difficult to say. Quark is well within his right to press charges, however if he does the magistrate wouldn’t be ready to take her case for another two weeks.”

“So you would be prepared to release her to Commander Orlan’s custody pending a court date.”

“I suppose that could be arranged. I understand that the Courageous was set to depart five minutes ago.” The officer’s wrinkled nose twitched in thought. “Alright, considering the situation I’ll release her.”

“Thank you.” Anil said.

“I should have got them to usher you through the promenade in irons.” Ryan said half jokingly as the turbolift shot upward. “The Captain was with you for quite a while, what did he say to you?”

“That’s between him and I.”

“I see.” Ryan said stepping out onto the Bridge. “Well, I’m sure he’ll sort everything out with Quark. If not, we can both be ex-cons.”

The Bridge of the Courageous sang with the beeping of consoles as her crew ran last minute diagnostics. Ryan seated himself in the chair in the centre of the Bridge. “Standby to get underway.”

“Navigation is ready.” Aeon informed.

“Science and Operations ready.”

“Tactical systems are ready.”

“Impulse engines are online, warp power available on your command.” Gaia reported.

“I’ve cleared our departure with Operations,” Kaoru said from an auxiliary console. “and notified the Romulan vessel that we are ready to depart.”

“Excellent.” Ryan said, grateful that there were no problems. “Seal the airlock, release docking clamps. Aft thrusters at one quarter, port and starboard at station keeping.”

“We’ve cleared the Station.”

“Lay in a course for the Neural Zone, warp seven.”

The Courageous sprinted to warp, the Romulan warbird following closely alongside.

“Good work people.” Ryan said looking around at the officers. The crew got to work on their various tasks. Getting to his feet he crossed to where Kaoru sat.

“I have to say Captain, you certainly have been full of complements recently.” Kaoru said quietly enough so that only he could hear.

“Doctor, I infrequently dish out congratulatory comments, you should be a good little racoon and start stockpiling these acorns of extolment for the bitter months of criticism that lay ahead.”

Kaoru tilted her head, her eyes glittering with a mixture of amusement and exasperation. “Yes Sir, I have just the place for that stockpile too.”

“I’m sure you do. I have some things I need to attend to, you have the Bridge.” Ryan half-heartedly grinned at Kaoru before he turned to Gaia who was seated at the Engineering station. “Lieutenant Moore, could I have a word with you in the Ready Room?”

“So long as the word doesn’t begin with the praise ‘Repair the…’” Gaia said rising out of her seat and lead Ryan into the Ready Room.

The doors hissed closed behind them, giving them privacy. Ryan fought the urge to pounce on her and pull her tightly against him and kiss her. Several hours had passed since he had departed her quarters, but to him it felt like days. Gaia's eyes looked expectant, perhaps she wanted him to pounce on her, but it wasn’t the time for that. He had something he needed to discuss with her first.


Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 9 2006, 10:16 AM
Anil stood at the viewport again, silently watching the USS Courageous depart, and sprint away with the Romulan ship she was escorting following

Part of him regretted not having taken temporary command of the Courageous - she was a fine ship, with an interesting history, and he had never been aboard an Excelsior class starship

The two ships engaged their warp drives, and disappeared from view - Anil sighed, and made his way down the spiral stairs into Quarks

Quarks was as busy as ever, Ferengi waiters dashed around working hard, Dabo girls waved suggestively at passers-by, trying to entice them into a round on the Dabo tables, various species of alien entered and left, and Anil had to admit that the atmosphere was very relaxed

He walked up to the bar

"Saurian brandy please" Anil asked

Quark was busy at the oposite side of the bar, talking to a large Lurian - once handed his glass of brandy, he made his way over

"Not interupting anything am I?" he asked

"Certainly not - Morn and I were just discussing........ wait, you're the Captain of the USS Insipid" Quark exclaimed

"Intrepid" Anil corrected

"Whatever - it was your Doctor who attacked me!" Quark replied

"Odd - I heard that it was my Father that she was fighting with, and that you intervened"

"Good job I did too - who knows what your Doctor would have done if she had carried on!" Quark retored

"Admirable - heroic even" Anil replied

"Well....." Quark stated, flattered, before he continued

"I still don't understand you Federation types - you allow your females to hold high ranks and wear clothes, and you wonder why you can't control them!" Quark said quietly

"They are a law unto themselves - although it's fair to say that I can understand what it was that provoked her"

"Your Father - yes - not a very patient man"

"You know him?" Anil asked, realising how pointless the question was as soon as he had asked it

"There very few people I don't know on this station, Captain - your Father is a good man, but he seems to carry a burden around with him"

Anil decided not to enquire further - he had no dobut that he would encounter his Father again in the near future, and what needed to be said would be said at that time

"Thanks for the drink, Quark" Anil stated as he swallowed back the contents of the glass

"Don't mention it" Quark called

Anil made his way to the turbolift and stepped in

"Level ten" he asked

The turbolift began to move, but no sooner had it started, the comm system chirped

a4.gif "Captain Reyan Anil, please report to Op's - Captain Reyan Anil, report to op's" a4.gif

a4.gif "Aknowledged" a4.gif Anil quickly replied, wondering why he was being asked to report to op's, especially considering that he was off-duty with no current assignment.

Posted by: Havannah Essal Jun 9 2006, 09:56 PM
Nienna and Havannah had been in the science lab, looking at the readouts from the scannings on the Karcsis. Sitting on a lab table were the three keys the Intrepid crew had found thus far.

“This would be great if I could actually see the Karcsis itself.” Nienna stated.

“I could run a holodeck simulation.” Havannah said looking up. “They weren’t able to remove it from the Intrepid.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Admiral Cartel’s team couldn’t remove it. Transporters wouldn’t work, and when the team tried to physically pick it up, it wouldn’t budge.” Havannah paused. “I need to report to the bridge. The Courageous should be leaving DS9 soon.” Havannah stood up, stretched a little. “See you in Ten Forward after shift.”

“See you.” Nienna and Havannah exchanged smiles before Havannah stepped out of the science lab to make her way to the bridge.

She had just made it to her console on the bridge when the turbolift doors opened and in stepped the XO and Doctor. After checking that all ship systems were operational, the Courageous departed DS9 setting course for Romulus.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 11 2006, 06:57 AM
Anil stepped off the turbolift into Deep Space Nine's operations centre - it was, expectedly, busy and almost no-one paid any attention to his arrival

He walked across the deck, and stopped in front of doors of the C.O's office

Colonel Kira was inside, stood, talking to another Bajoran officer - the doors slid aside and Anil strode in, although was not immediately aknowledged - the office was dimly lit, and

"We can't just sit here and do nothing" Colonel Kira shouted

"What do you suggest?" the Officer, a Major, asked Colonel Kira

"What's going on?" Anil finally asked

"And you are?" the Major asked

"Captain Reyan Anil, Starfleet" Anil replied

"Hm - a fellow Bajoran too" the Major observed

"What's happened - why was I called here?" Anil asked

"Initally, I simply wanted to give you a progress report on your ship, but since I called you we received an emergency transmission from Cardassia" Colonel Kira explained

"Emergency?" Anil asked

"Here" the Major stated, stepping foward and activating the computer terminal

The terminal displayed the image of a bloody-faced Bajoran Officer

"........ accident - need help - were helping the Cardassian's...... caved in - we.... URGENT assistance" and the message ended

"He was part of a Bajoran/Starfleet goodwill support team sent to Cardassia a few months ago" Colonel Kira explained

"I assume Starfleet are sending an emergency response team?" Anil asked

"They are" the Major answered

"But there is somthing else you need to know" Colonel Kira advised, sounding almost apologetic

"The lead Bajoran Officer was one Colonel Reyan Jesal..... your Mother"

Reyan gasped, shocked - it was no secret that he and his Father didn't get along, but his Mother was another story altogether - in fact his relationship with his Mother was the exact oposite of that with his Father

"Are you sending the Defiant?" Anil asked

"No - Starfleet has despatched the USS Galaxy - she'll arrive in seven hours" Colonel Kira replied

"In that case, I'll need a Runabout - I need to go there!" Anil demanded

"Two of ours have already been despatched - the Rio Grande is available, but we'd be leaving DS9 without any runabouts" Kira advised

"Fine - I'll use the Intrepid's runabout - but I need to find my Father first - he needs to know about this!" Anil replied

And with that he dashed out of the Office, doing somthing that he wouldn't usually do - looking for his Father

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jun 11 2006, 10:24 AM
Ryan had left the bridge and Kaoru rose, sitting down on the command chair, finding the action incredibly strange. ~I'm in command of an Excelsior class starship....~ She thought to herself. ~Someone, somewhere, made a huge mistake.~

Sapphire blue eyes fell on Aeon, he had received a promotion as well. Rising from her seat gratefully, she crossed to the helmsman.

"Congratulations Lieutenant."

Aeon looked up at her smiling, but only just. It was no secret that she and Geo had been close, though how close was a matter of some speculation. "Thank you sir. I'm sorry about the circumstances of it though. I didn't get the chance to congratulate Geo."

She smiled, patting his arm, "The circumstances couldn't be helped Aeon. And I know that Geo was very impressed with you. I've no doubt you're up to it."

Aeon's smile widened, "Thank you sir." Her praise, especially her saying that Geo had been impressed, made him feel very proud. "Congratulations on your promotion as well, Commander."

"Thank you Aeon." Returning to the command chair, she sat down again, "Estimated time to arrival?" She examined the backs of her knuckles, they were still cut up from the fight on the promenade.

That had been a first for her, but it had felt damn satisfying, punching Anil's father. She wondered how Anil was doing, deciding that she would send messages to both Geo and Anil both once her shift was over.

"Fourteen hours sir." The CSO responded to her query.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jun 11 2006, 10:34 PM
As soon as she got everything settled in her quarters, Dianna headed to the bridge to take her console. Dianna was still a weak from earlier but she figured she'd be okay. She was off the starbase now. Starbases make her nuts. If she had to live on them, she would not survive. That's why she never visits her parents. Her parents live on a starbase. Empathic abilities suffer when she goes to starbases. She has never been able to control them even as much as she would like. She knew she should but how can she?

Dianna walked up to the console and started monitoring everything like she always does.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 12 2006, 06:37 AM
His Father hadn't been difficult to find - the computer had indicated that he was on duty, inspecting the weapons systems

Anil approached him, without hestition, ready for the confrontation that usually resulted when they were in each other's company

"Keram" Anil called, addressing his father by his name

Reyan Keram whipped around

"What do you want - it's bad enough that I have to....." he began to say, but Anil held up his hand

"Forget your petty insults, Dad - I came down here to let you know that Jesal is in in danger - possibly even dead!" Anil spat

"Your mother? In danger? What kind of danger?" Keram replied disbeleivingly

"I don't know exactly what kind of danger - I don't know very much at all - but I do know that the team that she was working with, on Cardassia, were subject to a cave-in of some description - the message was too brief, and the sender wasn't able to elaborate"

Keram's complexion turned pale, and he seemed unable to reply

Anil did not reply either, uncomfortable at his Father's uncharacteristic silence and reaction

"I....need to go there - I'll talk to Colonel Kira.....can use one of Deep Space Nine's runaouts" Keram stammered

"The only runabout still docked is the USS Rio Grande, and the Colonel wasn't willing to release her on the count that she'd be leaving the station without a Runabout" Anil explained

"Well - what about the Defiant, or your ship - the Intrepid" Keram asked

Anil fought back the desire to mention the fact that his Father had shown nothing but contempt toward the Intrepid, and her Captain for that matter, until this point, and instead took a deep breath

"The Intrepid is still not spaceworthy, and Colonel Kira is not willing to commit the Defiant to this matter - Starfleet has despatched the USS Galaxy to provide medical and emergency assistance - but she's still hours away"

"Damn Anil - I can't just sit here and do nothing Keram shouted

"That's why I intend to take the Intrepid's Runabout, the Meridian, there" Anil calmly replied

"When?" Keram replied

"Will take about one hour - the Intrepid's shuttlebay will need to be cleared first" Anil replied

Keram nodded

"I suggest you report aboard.... my ship in forty-five minutes" Anil advised him, hesitant to use the reference of the Intrepid being his ship, still undecided on the matter of whether he would continue to command her following her repair

"I'll be there" Keram replied

USS Intrepid

Anil was finding that being back aboard the almost-deserted Intrepid was not comfortable for him. He hadn't intended on visiting her, but cirucmstances did not allow for his discomfort

And, although he wasn't certain of why, the moment he had stepped aboard the Intrepid, he had felt drawn to Kassan's former quaters

They were open, and he slowly entered - it was dimly lit and a little messy, likely the result of the Intrepid's ordeal - her spare uniform was laid out across the bed. Her computer was still active too, flashing a message - Anil stepped closer - the words on the screen simply read Personal log - Anil activated it

The lovely image of Kassan appeared on the screen; Anil stared for a moment, the visual image a reminder of just how beautful she had been

Personal log - supplimental:
"Time seems to pass much more slowly now that I’m not the Chief Tactical officer, I've had little to do beyond sitting in my quarters, feeling nauseous. I wish Anil was here with me. I want us to share every moment that we can… with our child. I realise that his duties on the bridge, and to the ship, keep him busy but he always found the time when our relationship was more… active - I miss him…”
- she ceased talking, and Anil could hear the Red alert Klaxon sounding in the background - Kassan deactivated the log, unknowning that she wouldn't live to make another one

He switched the compuer off, his eyes stinging and his heart pounding - he took a few minutes to compose himself, before standing - he noticed a holopic on her desk, and stared at it - it was a picture of Kassan, receiving her Promotion to Lieutenant. Anil decided that he would keep it and place it on his desk, whether it be on the Intrepid or otherwise

He quickly delivered the holopic to his Office, and placed it on her desk, and then made his way to the shuttlebay, Kassan's log still playing on his mind

"Is that debris clear yet?" Anil called impatiently, as he strode into the shuttlebay

The engineering team had worked exceptionally quickly, and the shuttlebay, which had resembled a war-zone, was actually relatively clear, and almost ready for the Meridian's depature

"The exterior doors are still fused" one of the Engineers called

"Better fix them then, otherwise I'll just phaser them open" Anil replied

Keram marched into the shuttlebay

"I hate to admit it, but it's an impressive ship" he stated

Anil ignored him, and called to the Engineer again

"Lieutenant - I'm boarding the Meridian now, and commecing pre-launch - those doors better be ready"

The Lieutenant frowned at Anil, but turned and began barking orders at his subordinates

Anil and his Father stepped onto the Meridian, and sat - Anil taking the pilot's seat and his Father taking operations

"Initiating prelaunch sequence" Anil spoke, not actually addressing anyone

"Those engineers had better hurry" Keram stated, seeming to take some grim amusment in the Engineers plight

Anil gently lifted the Meridian off the Intrepid's deck - the Engineers ran for cover, and the bay doors reluctantly, and very slowly, parted

"Excellent" Keram muttered, pleased by the result

Anil entered the commands into the Meridian's helm, and the Runabout sprinted away from the Intrepid and Deep Space Nine

"Let's see how fast you can go" Anil muttered as he engaged her warp-drive, taking her on a heading direct to Cardassia

Posted by: James Leyton Jun 16 2006, 01:18 AM
The ship had finally got under way. I had spent most of my time in engineering aquainting myself with the systems of the courageous.

working my way round station to station checking and rechecking system perametres, finally satisfied that everything was how it should be i went and filed a status report.

the hum of the warp core was different in every ship and on the courageous it was so different. although she was a worthy ship of the line her design was dated and although she had upgrades the core was not replace, and it had an almost hipnotic thrum to it.

snapping out of my little daydream i returned to the job at hand.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 17 2006, 02:25 PM
The Runabout sped toward Cardassia, her warp engines at maximum output

Keram walked back into the cockpit from the aft compartment

"I can't get any more out of them" he advised, sounding annoyed

"Well, with your modifications, we've managed warp six-point five - that's more than she's designed for" Anil advised

Keram sat, and the awkward silence that had dominated the majority of the journey resumed

Anil feigned an interest in the readouts on the Meridian's LCARS pannels - Keram frowned as he did so, and made an odd grunting sound

"Now what?" Anil asked

"Anil - I know that we don't get along - but we really need to find common ground, under the circumstances"

Anil stared at the space ahead, the stars streaked past as the Runabout swept the father and son toward their destination

"It shouldn't take somthing like this to bring us together" Anil finally replied, tired of the tension

"I don't know Anil - you never listened to me - your Mother and I sent you to Earth to be raised away from the Cardassian occupation. I guess it was over-hopeful, perhaps even arrogant, of us to expect you to to actually treat us as your parents; you hardly knew us. And when you decided to join Starfleet, I was disappointed....." Kerman explained

"Yeah - I remember - your exact words werer Bajoran's are only being accepted into Starfleet because they feel SORRY for us - you won't be progressing because of your own merits, you'll be progressing through pity"

"There was more to it than that" Keram replied, appearing to be attempting to contain his anger - the dimly-lit runabout cockpit contributing toward the worsening atmosphere

Anil too was attempting to contain his anger, but was not doing so as well as his Father

"More to it?! Like what? Face it, Keram, you were wrong - I progressed through my own merits, I rose through the ranks because of my own accomplishments - I'm a Starfleet Captain, and I got there MYSELF!" Anil shouted - he took a few deep breaths, attempting to regain his composure, trying to read his Father's reaction

He was shocked to see that his Father was fighting back tears

"Anil - what I said to you was wrong, I accept that" he stated - Anil remained silent, sensing that his Father hadn't finnished

"Dammit Anil - we all make mistakes!" he whispered

"So you're admitting that you were wrong?" Anil asked

"Yes - I was wrong - I just didn't want you to leave us again!" Keram shouted, releasing the anger he had been containing

"What?!" Anil exclaimed

"You were gone for so long - sending you away was heartbreaking, but we were given the chance that so many Bajoran families were not - a guarantee of your safety, at the cost of not seeing you grow, of having no time with you!"

"I...... don't know what to say" Anil stammered

Kerman continued

"There's somthing else I never told you.....you have a brother" Kerman stated quietly, his expression suggesting that he had found the admission difficult

Anil, still standing, suddenly felt the need to sit

"A..... Brother?" he whispered

"Yes - he's a few years older than you - and he was with your grandparents at the time we sent you away"

"So why didn't you just send me to them too?" Anil asked, confused

"We tried - but no real oportunity presented itself, and the Cardassian's destroyed our town - we had to relocate, too far away from them to transport you" Keram recalled

"If you couldn't even smuggle me across Bajor, how did you manage to get me off Bajor?" Anil asked, skeptical of his Father's story

Keram managed a small smile, recalling a fond memory

"One of the people who helped us escape was an off-duty Starfleet Officer" he stated

"Admiral Winstanley?" Anil asked

"Yes - although he was a Lieutenant back then" Kerman confirmed

Anil was stunned, trying to digest all of the information that he had been presented with

"So - my Brother - who is he?" he asked

"His name is Caius - and, following a career in the Bajoran militia, he too decided to join Starfleet"

"He's a Starfleet Officer?" Anil exclaimed

"Yes - Captain of the USS Meridian" Kerman replied

Anil laughed

"Coincidental that my Runabout shares the name of the Starship that is commanded by a Brother that I never knew I had!"

Kerman grinned

"Glad you find this so amusing" he stated

"Well - I'll have to try and contact him" Anil noted

"I already tried - was hoping he could help, but he's on a classified mission, and unreachable" Keram replied, his expression changed to one of sadness

Anil worked his console quickly

"Computer - access all data on the Starship USS Meridian" he asked

The computer beeped in confimation, and than displayed the required information

USS Meridian - Nebula Class - NCC-58314 - Commanding Officer, Captain Reyan Caius; Executive Officer, Commander Tejas

"Impressive - Nebula class" Kerman stated from behind Anil

"Bigger than my ship, but older and a little slower" Anil stated

"I thought you hadn't decided if the Intrepid would remain your ship?" Kerman asked, altohugh his tone of voice did not present the statement as a question

He had a point - despite his doubts and indesision, he still considered the Intrepid as being his ship

"You know, we've a long way to go - but thanks for being honest with me, Dad" Anil stated

"Just learn to be honest with yourself, son" Kerman replied

"I'll say one thing though - this will all fall apart if you don't learn to be a little more respectful toward Kaoru!" Anil laughed

"Don't push your luck!" Kerman replied

Anil laughed, the atmosphere far more relaxed, as the Runabout Meridian entered Cardassian space.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 22 2006, 12:03 AM
“There’s something that I’ve been keeping from you.” Ryan began. “A few weeks ago the Captain authorized a promotion for you to full Lieutenant.” Ryan paused. “But, with the way things were going with us before that evening in the holodeck… well, I couldn’t find the right time to tell you.”

“And you forgot about it after we sorted ourselves out?”

“In my defence, you have kept me distracted.” Ryan grinned, and they sat down next to each other on the small sofa. “There is something more. We are on a bigger ship now; your engineering team is larger so I’m giving you a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander.”

“I’m not sure what to say.”

“You don't seem to thrilled at this, you've been waiting for it for a long time and you deserve it Gaia. Why are you acting like you've never seen me before?"

Gaia looked up at Ryan, her eyes unreadable.

"Ryan, why did you use me in Kaoru's bridge officer's exam? You could have used any number of people on the ship, Geo to name one! Why?" Her voice sounded hurt, even a little distant.

“I’m sorry, you ideally weren’t supposed to know about it. Kaoru is very close to you. Geo isn’t an engineer, you are. And if a situation like that happened, she would need to do what’s best for the ship and the crew.”

“So you used me to try and get to Kaoru.”

He sighed, scooped up Gaia’s hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. He expected her to resist and pull her hand away but she didn’t. “You don’t know how hard it was for me to even watch that.”
“Kaoru told me what you said to her before you left the Holosuite.”

Ryan lifted his head and gazed into her misty blue eyes. “And I meant it. Despite our differences, I was proud of her for being able to do that. I don’t think I could have.”

“Maybe that’s why it’s recommended that Captain’s distance themselves from their crew.”


Ryan stood and crossed the room to the replicator. “Two glasses of Bolian tonic water. It’ll help you feel calm and relaxed.” He said while passing Gaia a glass.

The door of Ryan’s Ready Room chimed loudly in his ears. He didn’t want to open his eyes; he wished whoever was on the other side of the door would simply vanish.

Gaia stirred, her head lifted from his shoulder and she straightened herself up.


“Captain,” Kaoru entered the room and the doors hissed closed behind her. She stared at the couple for a moment. Ryan would have liked to be a Betazoid right then. Had the door not have a chime, she would have seen Gaia leaning against him, his arm around her shoulders. “I have compiled a report containing diagnostic results from all systems.”

Ryan leaned forward, took the PADD from her and began to quickly scan the data with his eyes. “The inertial dampers are off by point two three microns, Gaia can take a look at them. The rest of this appears to be fine.”

Kaoru remained where she was. Ryan expected her to depart, but she was just staring at Gaia and himself. “Would you like a data PADD saying that you’re dismissed or should I just whistle and have the flying monkey’s bring your broom around?”

“Why send for a flying monkey when you're right here?” Kaoru said before returning to the Bridge.

As soon as the doors were closed, Gaia let out a laugh, slapped Ryan playfully on the shoulder and gave him a goodbye kiss. “Have fun playing Captain, my favorite monkey.”


Posted by: Hawku Jun 22 2006, 09:40 PM
14 Hours had passed, and the Courageous was nearing Romulan space. Aeon had left and returned for his shift since then. He wondered what awaited them there, but predicted nothing. It was after all, just an escort mission.

In the time he had off, Aeon had been repairing a Holo-program of his. It seemed to have retracted a deterioration effect within its structure. The Helmsmen did what he could to repair it, and decided the best thing to do was to duplicate the program with the deteriorated parts missing. Luckily all the bad parts were superficial and easily replacable.


He would restart his program as soon as he had a chance. In the meantime, the Courageous needed him to pilot the ship into Romulan space.

"Now entering the Neutral Zone," Aeon reported.

Posted by: James Leyton Jun 23 2006, 11:49 AM
hours had passed everything was running to plan, nothing had happened i had finished my shift and had returned to my quarters tried to sleep but couldnt.

leaving my quarters i went to the rec room to find other members of the crew with the same problem.

the whole trip into romulan space was making the crew tense myself included.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jun 23 2006, 12:28 PM
"This is the Cardassian ship Kadarna - please identify yourself"

The image of a Cardassian Gul appeared on the small side-screen beside the Helm, his bridge behind him still showing burns and minor damage; a testiment to the Cardassian's resource priorites - their spacefleet was probably not very high on the list of priorities - Anil thought it ironic that Bajor had been in exactly the same position following the Cardassian occupation

"This is Captain Reyan Anil of the Federation Runabout Meridian - we're here in response to a call that we received from a Starfleet/Bajoran team on the surface of Cardassia" Anil replied

The Cardassian Gul looked thoughtful, and was clearly considering Anil's statement - Anil had heard that the Cardassian's had become more than a little paranoid since the Dominion layed waste to Cardassia

"I thought Starfleet were sending a Starship?" the Gul replied

Anil paused - Starfleet were sending a Starship, and the Meridian was not despatched on an offical capacity

"They are - the USS Galaxy is en-route, but we were closer...... and to be honest, a close relative was on the team" Anil admitted

A look of understanding passed over the Cardassian's face

"Proceed..... and good luck" he replied

Anil was unsure if the Gul had allowed them to pass because of his admittance of their being a family member on Cardassia, or if he had simply decided that a single Starfleet Runabout didn't pose a serious threat; but he had to admit that he was grateful, and he immediately re-engaged the Meridian's impulse engines

Anil was shocked when they approached Cardassia - weapons platforms, undoubtedly left over from the Dominion war, had been placed in orbit; and although the Cardassian Central command had very few Warships left, there were at least five patrolling the immediate area

"They really are being cautious" he observed, engrossed in the view

"Can't say I blame them - the war was years ago, but the number of spaceworthy ships that they have hasn't changed, and pirates have been known to take advantage of that fact" Keram replied

Anil thought about replying, but couldn't think of anything relevant, and he needed to focus his attention on the rapidly-approaching planet

"Taking us down" he noted

The Meridian skimmed the atmosphere of Cardassia Prime, before beginning it's slow descent

As the surface came into view, both Anil and Keram were stunned - it was no secret that Cardassia had been devestated by the Dominion, but even years after the event, Carassia was a sad sight - efforts to rebuild were evident, but so were the results of the Dominion's wrath, and large area's of wasteland and devestation still predominated the area where Cardassia Prime's population captial, Lakarian City, had once proudly stood

"You know, even considering what they did to Bajor.... I wouldn't wish this on anyone" Keram whispered

Anil simply nodded in agreement, most of his attention focused on trying to track Starfleet signals or non-Cardassian lifesigns

"I think I found them - picking faint commbadge signals" he finally exclaimed, as the Meridian's sensors established a lock on readings that matched those that Anil had specified

Anil wasted no time, and the Meridian sprinted toward the coordinates

"We're here" he stated as they approached the remains of a residential complex, searching for a place to land

"What a mess!" Keram muttered

The Meridian gently touched down in the only open area large enough to support the Runabout, and the Father/Son team stepped out, tricorders at the ready

"The signal is strong here" Keram stated, his tricorder beeping furiously

They followed the readouts and arrived at the door of a fairly new looking building, that had clearly been constructed fairly recently, and fairly hastily

"In here" Anil stated

Keram opened the door

"Thank god!" came a voice from the darkness

A young Human male wearing a dirtied and torn Starfleet uniform limped toward them, his face bloody and bruised, his arm in a makeshift sling

"You received the message?" he asked

"Yes - we just arrived" Kerman replied

"Good - I'm Lieutenant Stewart - we have wounded that require attention - which ship are you from" he asked

"Ah - well - we actually came in a Runabout - the USS Galaxy is on it's way, but we were aboard Deep Space Nine. We used a Runabout from my ship, the USS Intrepid" Anil apologised

"Well, if it works, it'll do" the young Officer replied enthusiastically

"Is there a Reyan Jesal on your team?" Keram asked, desperate to ascertain if his Wife was safe

"Yes - she's in the back room - she injured her leg and suffered a concussion, but she's fine otherwise" Lieutenant Stewart advised

Keram didn't wait for an invitation, and dashed through the door leading to the back room with Anil close behind, and Lieutenant Stewart behind him

"So who's in command here?" Anil asked Stewart quickly

"Commander Hersa died in the accident, and with Jesal injured I had to assume Command" Stewart explained

"You appear to have held things together pretty well" Anil complimented him as they stepped into the back room

"You don't know the half of it!" Stewart replied

Okay - thats it from me for seven days, as I am on my holidays as of this moment. Fortunately, Anil's story isn't directly related to what is proceeding with the rest of the crew, so I'll finnish this off when I return from my LOA

Posted by: Havannah Essal Jun 25 2006, 01:21 PM
The stack of data PADD’s tottered perilously in Havannah’s cradling arms as she strode towards the polished oak desk. Ryan glanced up in time to see the torrent of grey cascade down onto the surface of his desk.

“I hope your not expecting me to read all of these.” Ryan looked up at the Lieutenant and smiled.

“No Sir. I think I can summarize.” Havannah picked up one of the PADD’s. “I’ve been continuing my research on the Karcsis, that is to say, a close friend and colleague of mine have been reviewing the scans I took of Key’s we located in the Mirror universe.”

“You have the Key’s onboard?”

“No. They are still on DS9, but as with the first Key, there was a program embedded into both of these new ones.”

“And you decided to bring these programs with you to the Courageous?” Ryan asked looking uncomfortable.

“From what we have seen, they don’t pose a threat to –“

“Don’t pose a threat? Correct me if I’m wrong Lieutenant, but you were physically present on our last mission. You’ve read the science logs. You know better than anyone that these programs can initiate at random and without warning.”

“That won’t happen here. From what we have seen so far they need the Karcsis to be able to carry out any commands and these programs were already initiated when the first Mirror universe Key was beamed aboard.”

“We returned to our own timeline from 2352, but not our own universe.”

“That’s right and then the second Key brought us home. So these programs are essentially dormant now.”

“All right you have my attention. I take it you have found something else?”

“Riddles, sir.” Havannah put it bluntly.

“Riddles.” Ryan sat back in his chair.

Havannah went through the PADDs sitting on Ryan’s desk trying to find the PADD containing the information she wanted. A few losing their balance landed on the floor. She continued to talk as she reached down to pick them up, placing them back on the desk.

“The first key found had a riddle inside, emitted in a few different languages of course, quite a few already known.” Havannah found the PADD with the riddle information and handed it to Ryan. “This was the riddle from the first key.”

“A Kirk depiction of worlds alike.
Where domination replaces exploration.
Where realms collide, acid and alkali now combine.
The creatures of darkness,
Past and present called,
The founder of ages,
The Icons abscond.”

Havannah recited from memory. “At first we weren’t sure entirely what it meant. After travelling to the Mirror Universe, in retrospect it now makes perfect sense.”

“That’s great. So in looking back we can tell where we are.”

“Once we can understand a few of the first ones, perhaps my team can be better at predicting where the next key will take us.”

“There was a race, the Iconians.” Havannah sifted through a few of the PADDs, a few falling to the floor below. She found the PADD and handed it to Ryan. “Captain Picard found the remnants of the former culture on a planet called Iconia.”

“What happened to his ship?”

Havannah grimaced. “The programming wreaked havoc on the Enterprise, until the computer systems were purged.”

“This seems to keep heading down a negative path. Do you know how many crew we’ve lost following this blasted goose chase?” He turned to look out the viewport into space.

“Sir, I’ve already lost one colleague.” Havannah continued quietening her voice. “And my symbiont’s former host.”

“The Karcsis is no longer of our concern.” Ryan said turning back to Havannah. “Admiral Cartel -”

“He wasn’t able to remove the Karcsis from the Intrepid.”

“How do you know?”

“One of his team, is a personal friend of mine. Told me. They tried transporters, they tried physically trying to lift it. The thing wouldn’t budge.” She paused. “There’s a good chance, if we remain on the Intrepid, the Karcsis will be our problem again.” As she spoke she picked up the few PADDs, which had previously landed on the floor, placing them back on Ryan’s desk.

He turned to Havannah. “Keep me informed of any new data you find.” Ryan looked at the PADDs apprehensively muttering under his breath barely loud enough for Havannah to hear. "The moment that damned thing was beamed onboard, Gaia started tinkering with it and it sent out that transmission, I knew were heading for disaster. Cartel's team are still going through the data it sent and they are no closer on being able to predict where all these clues will lead. They can speculate all they like."

ooc: joint post between ryan and me

Posted by: Hawku Jun 26 2006, 08:25 AM
"Now approaching Romulus," Aeon reported.

The Excelsior-class ship and the Romulan Warbird closed in on the giant blue and white speckled planet. Its sister planet, Remus, wasn't that far off - although half of it was shrouded in darkness.

Aeon had read reports that there were some Remens on the planet, but a lot had evacuated.

It was then the screen clicked on, not waiting for the Captain to get to the Bridge. Kaoru wanted to call him on, but it was too late - yet she was up to the task. "Thank you for the escort," Preator Tal'Aura said. "But we'd like for you to remain in orbit for a little while. We will contact you again with more details."

"What for?" Kaoru asked.

Tal'Aura had that annoyed look in her eyes, "We will contact you. In the meantime, we ask you do not fraternize with anyone claiming to work with an Empress Donatra," she turned her head away in disgust at this. "Ki Baratan out."

The screen clicked off, now leaving Kaoru a bit annoyed.

Aeon then remembered that Ki Baratan was the name of the capitol city. He hadn't been completely up to par with the Romulan politics, but it was seeming like an internal battle was going on. He shook his head, trying not to think about it.

In the meantime, this momentary wait gave him a chance to visit the Holodeck.

He went down a few Decks and accessed Holodeck 3. Although he knew this visit would be short, he owed it to his old mentor to revive the Temple.

Stepping in, he found the place to be in good condition. The last time he was here, walls and part of the sky had been defective. Now that the program was recovered, he felt at ease again. It wouldn't be breaking down for a long, long time.

"Aeon," the master approached. "I expected my time to be up."

The Helmsmen shook his head, "You've got eternity, old master."

"I know your customs, Aeon. You don't have to call me 'master'. Just call me Shikel."

Aeon shook his head, "I've called you that all my life. No, I think I'll stick to it."

"You look a bit older. It's been some time, hasn't it? You've been running that car-program again, haven't you?" The old Human shook a finger at him.

Aeon scratched the back of his neck nervously, "Uhh well..."

"I thought so."

He dropped his hand and shook his head, smiling. Although the old man was strict at times, his subtle caring nature still came through. Aeon had in a way, grown up with this man - holographic or not - and never once regretted learning from him. The Helmsmen nodded, "It's good to have you back."

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jun 28 2006, 12:01 AM
“I see we have arrived at Romulus.” Ryan stated to Kaoru as he followed Lieutenant Essal onto the Bridge.

“A Praetor Tal'Aura requested that we remain in orbit pending further instructions and advised us to avoid contact with anyone claiming to work with an Empress Donatra.”

“Donatra? There was a Commander Donatra. She was one of the military officers that joined Commander Suran in supporting Praetor Shinzon’s coup against the Romulan Senate. When Shinzon’s true motives became apparent and she found out he was dying, she convinced Commander Suran that they couldn’t support Shinzon anymore.”

“The question is what would she have to do with us?”

“Possibly nothing. We escorted the delegates back as requested, what more could they want? Unless… Donatra has had another change of heart and decided to oppose the senate directly… Try hailing them again.” Ryan said his patience was slowly boiling dry.

“No response, Sir.” Lieutenant Torres replied.

“So this could have something to do with the conference on DS9?” Kaoru wondered aloud.

“Cartel was reluctant to give out any details. All I know is that the Romulan’s insisted that the Federation make several concessions. Apparently they weren’t very happy with the fact that we vanished with the Key that we retrieved for them from the Tal Shiar base on Velore II.”

“It isn’t as though we planned our adventure into the Mirror universe.”

“After the Captain and I explained that to the Romulan delegates, you would hope that they would be the slightest bit understanding; the Federation hands over the Key and everyone is happy.”

“Commander, ” Kaoru began. “Its my observation that neither of us have taken a break for several hours, perhaps now is -”

“Sir, we’re being hailed by Praetor Tal'Aura.”


a4.gif “Commander Orlan, my apologies for keeping you waiting while we dealt with some issues.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Is there something we can help with?” a4.gif

a4.gif “No Commander. It was an internal matter of Romulan security.” a4.gif Tal'Aura paused. a4.gif “As you are well aware there was a conference between the Romulan Empire and the Federation on Deep Space Nine.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Of course.” a4.gif

a4.gif “You may also be aware that since that conference, relations between our peoples have been strengthened once again now that we both have a greater understanding of the situation which you found yourself in.” a4.gif

a4.gif “I assume you are talking about the Mirror universe?” a4.gif

Tal'Aura gave a terse nod of affirmation. a4.gif “I’m proud to say that the Romulan Empire and Federation have decided on an exchange of officers. Within a few minutes you will be receiving a guest. In fact, she happens to be one of our most accomplished scientists.” a4.gif

a4.gif “I see.” a4.gif Ryan said sceptically. a4.gif “And where exactly will I be escorting your representative?” a4.gif

a4.gif “You won’t. She’ll be joining your crew. Its already been approved by Starfleet. Don’t worry, Commander, it’s just a short-term assignment.” a4.gif

a4.gif “What will her function be?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Starfleet believe that if we can work conjointly, the mysteries of the Karcsis may be uncovered sooner.” a4.gif

a4.gif “In that case I look forward to receiving our newest crew member.” a4.gif Ryan smiled and hoped it would be enough to cover his half-hearted exuberance.


Posted by: Gaia Moore Jun 28 2006, 09:13 AM
Gaia was on the bridge at the main Engineering console when her mind flicked back to the docking bay, where she unexpectedly ran into Kaoru. Whereas she was heading away from the Courageous to check on repairs to the Intrepid before departure, Kaoru was heading towards it. Gaia didn't think she would be able to forget her friend's face as she refused to meet her gaze. She felt as though Kaoru were trying not to even see her. A hand on her arm was what it took to stop the lovely woman from boarding and softly spoken humour to get her to talk.

Gaia was brought back to the present by Ryan telling her of her promotion. Still what Kaoru had told her played heavily on her mind. It wasn't hard for her to look at him with an unreadable expression. She didn't think he could do something like what he had, and to Kaoru of all people! They were as close as could be without being related, she was as close to a sister that Gaia had ever had. Ryan knew that and still he put her in that situation. She barely heard about her promotion, though somewhere inside she was doing backflips. She must have been to be brought out of the memory only to tune into that.

Upon hearing the news from Kaoru about the degree of freedom, Gaia let out a groan. She knew it was too good to be true that she wasn't being asked to repair something, that was when she followed Ryan to the ready room. A room that would become his home for the foreseeable future. The dampeners wouldn't take too much to calibrate, but something would bound to go wrong, somehow it always did. To her, the Courageous was merely her current assignment. Everything felt alien and strange to her, even though she had gone over everything before they even left DS9. Somehow, she felt as if she had left a part of her behind. The thought sounded crazy, but then it dawned upon her. The Intrepid had been the only home she had ever known, the only place she had been on long enough to call it that.

Throughout the banter between Ryan and Kaoru, Gaia stared at her glass still untouched in her hands. She couldn't help thinking how Ryan's Captaincy, however temporary or otherwise would affect their newfound relationship. Her mind roamed to Anil and Kassan, how that had turned out. She wasn't sure if she could handle losing Ryan. She felt like she had only just found him, even though they had been friends for a long time. Gaia was brought back to what the two were saying to each other when Ryan made the comment about brining Kaoru's broom around. She held back a laugh until Kaoru had left and was out of earshot.

Gaia stood up and slapped Ryan on his shoulder playfully, a mischievous smile on her face. She gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, a parting kiss of promises yet to come.

"Have fun playing Captain, my favourite monkey." Still smiling she made her way to the bridge. Kaoru looked her way and winked, causing Gaia to blush slightly. How were they going to handle their relationship? Before, Ryan was just an XO. Now he was the Captain and she just another Engineer. Ryan's words ran through her mind, would he be able to do the same as Kaoru had been forced to do in her exam? As a Captain, he would have to, but as a partner….She refused to think on that. That would be unlikely to happen and even if it did….She refused to think on that too.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 1 2006, 06:27 PM
'...................I need help................'

Aeon widened his eyes in shock, as if he'd suddenly been awakened. Except he was just drone-walking through the corridors a second before hearing that female voice in his head. He was certain of one thing, that it was a telepathic communication to him.

"Hello?" Aeon stopped in his tracks, looking around. All he saw were the odd officer walking by or around in the distance.

No one answered him.

The Commander then decided to continue walking. It was probably nothing. It may have been the combat training he had previously been doing in the past five minutes. Perhaps, he wondered, he shouldn't have indulged himself. He thought that he should have been on the Bridge.

'................Please help me.................'

Aeon then stopped in his tracks again.

"Anyone there?" He asked.

Was he going crazy? There was defintely no telepath around. But he somehow could sense that it was a telepathic cry for help. Something told him it wasn't from on the ship.

"Argh," he clutched the side of his head simply with one had, and began to try to think. Where is this coming from? Who needs my help? Hello? Can you hear me?

It was as if he was being fed instincts. He knew where the cry was coming from.

Ready Room

Aeon met with Doctor and first in Command Kaoru and the now Captain Ryan Orlan. He had tried explaining his weird experiences, and they themselves told him about the Romulan officer coming aboard.

"It's just... odd. I kept hearing this call. It kept asking for help. But I know it's not from on the ship. It's like it's feeding me instincts or something?"

Ryan thought about it, "Kaoru, do you sense anything, like a presence nearby the Courageous?"

Kaoru shook her head, trying to sense something. "Not that I'm aware of."

"That's what I don't get. Why me? I'm not a telepath. And there are plenty of others aboard the ship," Aeon said more for his own pondering. He knew it was coming from Romulus, and came up with an idea. "Sir, I request permission to be transferred to Romulus."

Ryan looked at him in shock, "You to Romulus?"

"Maybe I'll be in better range down there. You said they had an exchange program in effect right? Well shouldn't there be a Federation officer being exchanged in this persons place?" He stood up straight, "Sir, I have many skills the Romulans could use to thier advantage."

Ryan glanced at Kaoru in wonder of this.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 2 2006, 02:49 PM
The confinement beam faded, and the ruins of Lakarian city disappeared , replaced by the interior of the Runabout Meridian

Anil and Keram assisted Jesal, who was now awake, to sit at the engineer's seat. He then took his place in the pilot's seat, and the Meridian lifted off

"Full impulse" Anil noted, although his Father wasn't paying attention, and was talking to Anil's mother

The Meridian sprinted out of Cardassia Prime's atmosphere, and into the space beyond

"Dad - think you can coax the warp drive to produce the same speed that brought us here?" Anil asked

"What? Oh....... yeah" Keram replied, sounding distant

"Keram - we need that speed - we have to get Mom to Deep Space Nine" Anil called, his voice betraying a mixture of anxiety and annoyance

Keram vannished into the aft compartment, his toolkit in hand

"Anil - good to see you" Jesal stated, sounding weary

"Great to see you too - it's been too long!"

"You could have visited" Jesal replied

"I've been busy" Anil replied, knowing that it was a poor excuse

"Come on, Anil, it wasn't about you being busy - it was your feud with your Father" she scolded

"We've made steps toward resolving that" Anil stated proudly

"Well, miracles do happen - I was wondering how it was that the two of you made it this far without killing each other" Jesal laughed

The lighthearted atmosphere was interrupted by the Meridian's proximity sensors sounding alert

"Cardassian ship - Galor class, incoming" Jesal stated

"The Kadarna?" Anil asked

"No marker beacons or identification" Jesal replied

Keram walked back into the cockpit, looking concerned

"I've done what I can with the warp drive - looks like we'll need it" Keram advised, reading the information displayed on Jesal's lcars display

"Well, we're being hailed" Anil advised

The small viewscreen on the station oposite Anil activated, showing a Cardassian who was, interestingly, not wearing a miliary uniform

"Can we help you?" Anil asked, dispensing with the usual pleasantries

"Yes - you can surrender yourselves to the Cardassian isolationist order" the Cardassian replied

Keram looked shocked, as did Jesal - Anil's recation was similar - the Cardassian isolationists were a small, but clearly growing, group of Cardassian's who oposed the outside assistance being provided by Starfleet and the Bajorans

"I didn't realise that they had ships!" Keram whispered

"I'm afraid we can't do that - we're en-route to Deep Space Nine with.... a woman who requires hospital treatment

The Meridan rocked as a distruptor shot bolted past

"Hold your fire!" Anil shouted furiously

"Surrender or be destroyed" the Cardassian replied, before deactivating his viewscreen

a1.gif "Red Alert - shields up - entering evasive pattern gamma" a1.gif Anil called, as he threw the Meridian into a loop, avoiding the Cardassian ship's attack

"Get us out of here!" Jesal called desperately

Anil's hands flew over the Runabout's helm, and the Meridian's warp engines thrust her foward

"Let's hope that those modifications that you made help" Anil stated

"I hope so too - because this ship is no match for that Cardassian barge" Keram replied

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jul 6 2006, 08:05 AM
In the Captain's ready room, Kaoru and Ryan were discussing the latest development with the Romulans. Kaoru did not like the news about the new Romulan officer coming aboard as part of the crew. "Orders like this should not have come from Romulan command, but from Starfleet."

"I understand Commander." Ryan seemed to be as thrilled as she was.

"At the very least, we should request confirmation from Starfleet."

Hawku entered then, and Kaoru listened to him carefully. He should not have been hearing any telepathic messages, and certainly not such distant ones...from the planet below them.

"Aeon..." She wanted to dissuade him, to get him to retract his request. "How can you be sure it's not a trap?"

The helmsman looked genuinely puzzled, but quite resolute. "There's only one way to know for sure."

Again, Ryan and Kaoru exchanged glances. This time Ryan spoke, "There are several ways in fact, and many of them are less dangerous. We can ask one of the betazoids on board to shadow you, be nearby when you hear the voices next."

Kaoru was impressed with Ryan's suggestion, nodding in agreement, "Remember Aeon, this is Romulus, not a federation planet. I don't like the thought of you going down there."

She was already struggling with feelings of loss, she could not stand the thought of losing another familiar face.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 7 2006, 07:44 AM
"They are still gaining on us!" Keram advised, frustrated that the Runabout was unable to maintain a significant distance between itself and the pursuing Cardassian isolationist-controlled warship

Anil ignored him, instead concentraing his efforts on diverting power from everywhere possible, and feeding it to the Runabout's already strained warp drive

"Okay - I've transferred everything, including life support, to the warp drive" Anil advised. He was actually grateful when the small ship lurched foward slightly, in response to the additional power being provided. Unfortunately, the already stressed ship began to shudder violently

"Great - we either shake ourselves to pieces, suffocate, or get blasted apart by angry xenophobic Cardies........" Keram muttered

"Warp eight!" Anil reported, over the increasingly loud rattling and shuddering that the Runabout was emitting

"Correct me if I am wrong, but Runabout's are not supposed to be able to acheive warp eight?" Jesal commented

"They're not - but neither were they designed to enter combat against a Cardassian warship - I know which odd's I prefer" Anil replied, having to shout to make himself heard

"It's still not enough - we can't maintain this speed - the plasma conduits are overheating - we'll drop out of warp in five minutes" Keram advised

Anil sighed - there was no more power left to divert, and the air in the cockpit was already beginning to feel thin

"Well - as the Klingon's would say - perhaps today IS a good day to die" Anil stated, grinning, as he re-diverted the power necessary to reactivate life support, shields and weapons. He also diverted the auxilary power reserves into the weapons and shields systems

The Meridian's vibrating and shuddering ceased, as her engines dropped her back to her standard warp five

Anil checked his readouts the Cardassian ship was now in weapons range, and was charging it's foward disruptor

"Hold tight!" Anil called

The Cardassian ship fired, but the instant that it did, the Meridian forcefully dropped out of warp, removing itself from the Cardassian ship's target field

"Gah!" Keram called, looking as if he were about to vomit

The Cardassian ship, realising what had happened, also dropped out of warp, and was immediately greeted by two photon torpedoes that Anil had fired, guessing the Cardassian ship's position. The torpdeoes slammed into the Cardassian ship's shields, which were weakened due to readjusting from warp space to normal space

The Meridian swept foward, firing phasers at the point of the torpedo impact, and swept over the large ship, which was now retaliating, with limited sucess; the Runabout's constant, and unpredicatable, manuvers keeping the larger ship off balance

"Engaging warp drive" Anil advised, his parents both looking impressed with their son's piloting

The Meridian again engaged her warp drive, the aft distruptors of the Cardassian ship fired uselessly, again missing their constantly-moving target

"It'll take them a few minutes to bring that heap of a ship around and re-engage their warp drive - problem is, I can't pull that off again - it comprimises the structural integrity field too much" Anil explained

"Well - it kept us in on piece for long than I would have expected!" Keram said, sounding releived

"Oh you really do need to learn to have more faith in him!" Jesal chastised, staring at Keram, looking annoyed. Keram looked as if he wanted to reply, but thought better of it and turned back to his readouts

"We need to get back to Federation space" Jesal said quietly

"I don't know that it'll help a great deal - I doubt that these particular Cardassian's are going to worry about territorial constraints too much" Anil replied

The Runabout shuddered as it's shields received the first impact from the Cardassian disruptors

"Damn - didn't take them quite as long as I thought!" Anil called, dropping the Meridian out of warp again

"They won't fall for the same trick twice" Jesal advised, sounding dispondant

"I know - but we're still faster than them on impulse - we'll have to try adnd keep them off-balance" Anil replied, his throat feeling dry

The Meridian again dropped into normal space, and Anil immediately engaged her impulse engines. By the time the Cardassian ship dropped into normal space, the Runabout had already created a significant gap

"She's firing!" Keram called - even with the distance between ships, the Cardassians were still able to fire at the Meridian, with or without a weapons lock

The disruptor fire skimmed past the Runabout, grazing her shields

"Shields held!" Jesal advised

"They won't for long" Anil replied, throwing the Meridian into an evasive pattern

The ship darted to a new position - one that the Cardassian's had apparently expected - disruptor fire slammed directly against the aft shields of the Meridian

"Direct hit - shields at forty-one percent

The Meridian lurched again, slamming Keram and Anil into their consoles

"Eighteen percent"

Anil's hands swept over his console, and the Meridian turned to face the Cardassian ship

"Fire!" Anil called

Another two torpdeoes swept toward the Cardassian ship, followed by rapid phaser fire directed at the predicted point of impact - the Cardassian ship fired, a fraction of a second before the torpdeoes impacted - their relalitiatory fire slammed intp the Meridian before her crew could view what damage their torpedoes had wrought

The transporter platform behind them exploded, leaving a small fire in it's place - the unmanned station behind Kerman also burst into flame. But what was worse was that the Cardassian ship was proceeding slowly toward them

"Their shields are at sixty percent - it wasn't enough" he stated, feeling defeated. His thoughts momentarily turned to his time aboard the Intrepid, and how he had felt when the Intrepid had been severely damaged and rendered inoperable by the mirror-dominion forces. And it was at that moment that he made his choice, his future decided - when faced with death, his primary thought was being back aboard the Intrepid - his ship.
*Ironic that I should make such a choice moments before I leave this exsistance, to walk with the prophets* he thought to himself. Although, he had to admit that he still had some doubts about the Bajoran afterlife, his exposure to Bajoran society having been so very limited. But he knew what he had to do

a4.gif "To any Federation, or Federation allied vessel within reach of this message - I am Captain Reyan Anil of the Starfleet Runabout USS Meridian - we have been attacked by Cardassian isolationists. By the time you intecept this message, I could well be dead - please inform the appropriate parties - message ends" a4.gif

"Torpedo launchers are still online, Anil - perhaps we could....?" Keram asked

"We only have three left - I'm setting a colision course - prepare to fire those torpeodes directly at the Cardassian's foward disruptor!" Anil ordered

Keram paused, turned to look at still-approaching Isolationist ship, and then, sounding reluctant replied


"Men!" Jesal stated from behind, actually smiling despite the circumstances

"Engaging impulse - fire on my mark" Anil called

The Runabout darted foward, her impulse engines pushed to their limit - Anil was about to tell Keram to fire the torpedoes, when an odd shimmering effect appared above them. The effect rippled, and coalesced, and a familiar shape emerged

"Klingons!" Anil shouted excitedly

The Klingon bird-of-prey, now fully decloaked, fired relentlessly at the Cardassian isolationist ship, the Cardassian's shields flared violently

Anil immediately pulled the Meridian out of her suicide run, allowing her to sweep across the top section of the Cardassian ship

"Fire!" Anil shouted

Two of Meridian's last three torpedoes slammed against the Cardassian ship's shields, and the Meridian sprinted clear of the ship so that Anil could bring her about - the Klingon ship had done the same, apparently having destroyed the Isolationist vessel's foward disprutor

"Their shields are down!" Keram called in disbeleif

"Fire our last torpdeo" Anil ordered

The Meridian's last torpedo flew from it's tube, as did a torpdeo from the Klingon ship - both slammed into the weakened Isolationist vessel, and oblitterated it

"The Klingons are hailing" Jesal informed Anil

Anil activated his viewscreen

"I am Commander G'tath of the IKS Kerla - apologies for our delay in arrival, but you fought well against those toDSaH!"

"This is Captain Anil - thankyou for your assistance, Commander, it was an honor to fight alongside you"

The Klingon commander threw his head back and laughed heartily

"The honor was mine - in truth, I savoured the battle - their has been little activity in that respect of late - taking my ship and crew into battle again felt like meeting an old friend following a long absense"

Anil grinned - the Intrepid had seen enough battle to satisfy even the most battle-hungry Klingon's apetite, and in truth, his opinion of the defeat of the isolationist ship was the oposite of Commander G'tath - but he wasn't fool enough to tell him

"We will proceed to Cardassia - those Cardassian chuSwI need to be informed of the activites of those isolationist slime over whom they have no control - safe journey, Captain - Qapla!" Commander G'tath bellowed

"Qapla!" Anil replied - the viewscreen turned blank, and the Klingon ship banked, and re-cloaked

"Can we go home now?" Kerman complained

Anil considered the question for a moment, his thoughts turned to moments earlier, when all appeared lost, and his primary desire had been to be back aboard his ship

"We can go back to Deep Space Nine - your home.... but I've decided - my home is the USS Intrepid, her crew my extended family - I need to be with them" he finally replied

Keram nodded, and Jesal simply smiled

"Just make sure you keep in touch, Anil" she replied

"I'm not gone yet!" Anil replied, laughing

And with that, he re-set the course for Deep Space Nine, and the Intrepid, and re-engaged the Meridian's warp drive

Posted by: Hawku Jul 8 2006, 05:57 PM
Aeon considered Kaoru's words, looking away in personal thought momentarily. He didn't like doing this to them, but he somehow believed in this course of action more than anything.

"Thanks," Aeon smiled at Karou; his brow sheltering confident eyes that shifted between both Commanding Officer's, "I could live with those precautions." But honestly, he feared for whomever-would-come's safety. He wouldn't be gone long, to hopefully minimize any risk. So it would be relatively okay.

"...You know how there are times when you have to act? When you have to become something more than what you are? I feel as if this 'thing', whatever it is that's beckoning me down to Romulus, is propelling me into that state. If not just for myself, but to solve this mystery."

Aeon glanced away in thought and then back.

"I'm not saying that what I'm searching for personally is going to be down there, but at least what I have to find will be. That sense of becoming more than the some of your humanity." He sighed, hoping that he was right on some level.

Aeon rubbed the back of his neck.

"Now, I think... I think I've heard they have an on-ground Shipyards on Romulus. I'm certain I'd qualify to work there with my experience at Utopia Planitia."

He knew the Romulans would hesitate, but with what they were asking of the Courageous, Starfleet was capable of asking the same of the Romulans.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Jul 10 2006, 11:50 AM
After leaving Ryan, Gaia decided to make a break for Engineering, she thought that though she needed rest she had better get aquainted with her new surroundings, however short the assignment may be. It was her duty and she knew she would feel as though she had let Ryan down, especially given her new rank. She felt her collar, feeling the difference. In truth, she had been waiting longer than most for her new rank, but at the same time she felt a greater responsibility. Her mother had always told her that "With each advancement in life, there comes responsibility. Whether that is to one's position or one's heart, the responsibility is always great." Thinking of her mother again made her smile. She did have a duty both to her new-found heart and her even newer rank. Ryan had done well getting them this far, but somewhere in her mind she preyed that Reyan would return to the ship that he deserved to Captain, the ship that she called home.

Upon reaching Engineering, she noticed something oddly different, of course the ship was different and she had more personnel. But the thrum of the warp core filled her ears, a smile came to her face as she scanned the room. She saw her deputy hard at work, no doubt not allowing anyone to slack off even while she was absent tending to other matters. Gaia smoothed her features to a more professional expression, not the warm smile she had on just a moment ago.

"Leyton! I want a full report on the status of the warp drive and functionality of the shields and weaponry now! After what the Intrepid has just been through, I don't think the Commander would object to a system check. Never hurts to be prepared."

Gaia proceeded to the nearest console, bringing up data on the Intrpid's plight in the Mirror Universe, there had to be some explination as to why the warp drive wouldn't work. Yes the Pah Wraiths were a factor, but if that was the case, how did they end up home in their own Universe again? The Karcis was the only explination and ever since she had messed with the markings, it had been nothing but trouble! Things would be much easier if she could share her ideas with a Science officer, but at that precise moment in time, Gaia's theories were just that. Theories. They couldn't be looked at until she could have access to the Karcis again.

There was something that drew her to the Karcis, though she didn't know what it was, she found herself wondering if there was a connection. Why all these keys? Why risk lives and for what purpose? She knew there was an answer, there had to be. There did, didn't there? Those questions ran through her mind. At least with things being quiet and no immediate threat or danger looming, she had time to ponder the conundrum. But how long would that last with their luck.....and the Karcis.

Posted by: James Leyton Jul 10 2006, 02:30 PM
"Leyton! I want a full report on the status of the warp drive and functionality of the shields and weaponry now! After what the Intrepid has just been through, I don't think the Commander would object to a system check. Never hurts to be prepared."

"yes commander, i'll get on to it straight away"

turning back to the console i stared to list in order all of the main criteria for the report, running check after check until everthing was in order, with the ship being as old as it was there were various things that even the most experience engineer had to leave or risk total failure.

retreiving the information and transferingit onto a data pad proceeded over to the commander who was now working herself.


"uh oh yes, what is it leyton?"

"the report you asked for here it is" as i handed over the pad.

she looked over the pad

"is there a problem, you seem to be elsewhere" i said

"uh sorry no no problem things seem to be in order, carry on"

"is there something i can help with" i asked

"no i dont think so, unless..... no, its ok i'll sort it. actually do you know anything about the carksis" she asked

"not really but am willing to help if you require, i do have a good grounding in science" i replied.

"ok come with me theres something i would like you to see."

entering her office we got straight into the data pads concerning the Karcsis

Posted by: Havannah Essal Jul 10 2006, 09:32 PM
Havannah stood in the teleporter room awaiting the arrival of the Romulan scientist. Despite the troublesome relations between the Romulan Empire and the Federation, Havannah, however naively, looked forward to working along side a fellow scientist.

“Diplomatically stressed”, was how it had been worded to her when she’d been told of the Romulan scientist.

She tugged at her uniform jacket. Why can’t these things stay in place? She thought as the transporter operator begin initiating the transportation device.

On the transporter pad, Ch’Vora appeared. Havannah recognized her instantly from the computer image she had seen. Havannah stepped forward.

“Dr. Ch’Vora.” Havannah smiled as she greeted the scientist.

“Lieutenant Essal, I presume?” Ch’Vora said dryly.

Havannah nodded. “I thought I would take you to the Captain, and perhaps after a tour of the ship.”

“Sounds lovely.” Ch’Vora said following Havannah through the doors, leaving the transporter room, heading toward Commander Orlan's Ready Room.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 14 2006, 07:16 AM
“Welcome aboard the Courageous, Dr Ch’Vora.”

“Thank you… Commander Orlan, I assume?”

Ryan nodded and sat back down in his seat. “Dr, may I be as bold to ask exactly what the Romulan Empire know about the Karcsis?”

“Admiral Cartel was kind enough to supply me with several reports,” Ch’Vora stated matter-of-factly. “A few of which were from Lieutenant Essel. Most of the reports reflect the findings that the Empire has determined.”

“I see.” Ryan said, feeling unsatisfied with the Romulan woman’s response. “Well, hopefully with this new level of cooperation we can make more substantial breakthroughs.”


Ryan stood and rounded his desk and ushered Dr Ch’Vora toward the door. “If you are available tonight, perhaps you would like to join me for dinner in the Mess Hall… 1800 hours.”

Ch’Vora gave an approving nod before stepping out into the Bridge. Lieutenant Essal was about to follow when Ryan stopped her and waited for the doors to close so that Dr Ch’Vora couldn’t over hear what he had to say to Havannah.

“Is there something wrong, Sir?”

“Maybe… I don’t know…” Ryan cleared his throat. “What is your opinion of Dr Ch’Vora?”

“We haven’t yet spoken in great length about her work, but the information I found on the computer about her seems to be correct.”

“That’s not really what I was referring to. There’s more going on here than just an officer exchange between -”

"No Romulan can be trusted." Havannah suddenly blurted.

Ryan stared at her blankly.

"Sorry Commander, I don't know what came over me… I’ve never even had contact with a Romulan.”

“Has any of your previous hosts?”

“I… I’m not sure… I don’t think so.” Havannah said thoughtfully.

“In any case, I concur with you. Lieutenant, there’s something I’d like for you to do for me. I’d like for you to carefully question Dr Ch’Vora. Find out whatever you can about what’s happening on Romulus.”

“Okay, I’ll try.” Havannah turned to leave. “Sir, again, I’m sorry for the slip of the tongue.”

“It’s already forgotten.” Ryan smiled. “You have been working hard on the Karcsis mystery, perhaps you just need some rest.”

Ryan followed Havannah out onto the Bridge where he met Kaoru standing in the Command area. She was observing the crew go about their duties.

"Commander, if you had anything planned for this evening I suggest you cancel it. Your presence is required in the Mess Hall at 1800 hours." He said in a lowered voice as he watched Lieutenant Essal and Dr Ch’Vora enter the turbo lift.


"Dinner with the latest, albeit unexpected addition to our crew."

He didn’t give her time to respond as he practically sprinted for the turbo lift. He didn’t want her to argue, he needed her to be there; yet as soon as he’d asked he regretted it. His only hope was for Gaia to agree to go with him too…

“That won’t work either.” Ryan overheard Gaia’s frustrated voice echo from her office. “Besides, we don’t even have it here, we wouldn’t be able to test it till where back on the Intrepid.”

“We could run a simulation of the Karcsis in the holodeck.” Lieutenant Leyton suggested.

He approached quietly and stopped at the threshold. Leyton the new Assistant Engineer and Gaia were busy analysing several diagrams on one of the large LCARS displays on the wall of her office. “I hope I’m not interrupting?”

“Commander. No, we were just having a discussion about the Karcsis.”

“We’re not even on the same ship as that thing and it’s still the subject of such debate.” Ryan half complained. “Anyhow, could I have a word, alone?”

Realising that it was time for him to leave, Leyton collected numerous data PADD’s from Gaia’s desk and retreated to one of the consoles near the warp core. Ryan watched him for a moment through the window of Gaia’s office before he turned his attention upon Gaia.

“Alright, what is it you need me to fix?”


“For you to come down here and ask me in person, it must be important.”

“There’s nothing that needs to be fixed. Just…”

“I’m not going to like this am I?”

“I was wondering if you were available, would join me for dinner tonight.”

“Of course I will.” Gaia grinned. “What time?”

“1800 hours in the Mess Hall. It will be a lot easier with you there. Dinner with our Romulan guest and Kaoru would be bad enough.”

“What?” Gaia exclaimed and the tone of her voice made the smile on Ryan’s lips fade rapidly. “No. No, I can’t.”

“But you just said you’d be able to have dinner with me.”

“Exactly, with you. I’d rather spend the evening in my quarters giving myself a lobotomy. Besides, you invited her, I think you might just have to endure it.” Gaia said derisively.

“I didn’t feel like I had much choice. Its and unwritten rule to being a Captain.”

“An unwritten rule, if it mattered then it wouldn't be unwritten would it? It would be in some fine print the pen pushing brass decided to add to etiquette. You're the Captain, not me. Why do I have to go?”

Ryan stepped closer to Gaia, his eyes giving her a pleading look that he had learned she was utterly unable to refuse. “Can you do it for me?”


Posted by: Gaia Moore Jul 15 2006, 07:27 AM
Gaia knew from discussions with Lietenant Essal and from experience, that the Karcis always seemed to be affected with every key that was uncovered. Nobody had control over what would happen, except the Karcis itself. There had to be a reason for it. Leyton stood staring at the display as Gaia described what she thought might help decifer the Karcis mystery. With Leyton there, she brought up the results of each scan of the Karcis from the first to the most recent catapult it had made the Intrepid endure.

"See, each time it takes us somewhere it's because of the keys. But every time that has happened, it gives off this radiation or energy and spikes....here" She pointed to the increased energy output in each case, the same spike, the same amount of energy for each jump. "My theory is, it needs that amount of energy to in a sense 'transport' the Intrepid on a mjaor scale from its current position of the time, to wherever the next key is."

"So if that's the case" began Leyton "then we could stop the energy spike from happening at all by creating a dampening field around it. Surely then the power it generates would be mostly, if not completely drained and therefore have no effect on the Intrepid."

"No, That would mean we wouldn't be able to do any scans even if that were to stop the energy spiking. The Karcis must have been made by intelligent beings who knew it would be found. The question is for what purpose? Having a dampening field, as you well know would be an unecessary risk for anyone who entered the hold. They wouldn't be able to communicate with the Bridge and putting more than one person in there could mean two crew members trapped until the dampening field is deactivated and then we'd be back to square one. The Karcis would more than likely spike again the moment the field was deactivated. We wouldn't be able to maintain a field of that magnitude for long anyway, the Intrepid just doesn't have that kind of power. It would be a waste of power only to result in the same conclusion."

"Okay, so what about putting a containment field around it instead? Perhaps that might not prevent the spike from occuring, but it could protect the Intrepid from the effects the Karcis makes."

“That won’t work either.” Gaia thought hard, there had to be some way. She remembered where she was and where the Karcis resided, it brought a small feeling of home sickness. She missed the unique thrum of the warp core, the consoles she had helped modify to suit each member of her personnel “Besides, we don’t even have it here, we wouldn’t be able to test it till where back on the Intrepid.”

“We could run a simulation of the Karcsis in the holodeck.” Lieutenant Leyton suggested. It was a good idea, Gaia thought to herself. But the Karcis had made a reputation of its own for being unpredicatble. Even running a thousand simmulations with the same result could be different with the real thing.

“I hope I’m not interrupting?” came a voice from the door to her office. Gaia knew that voice and in a way her heart thudded knowing he was here, but in another it lowered because she knew he only ever came down her if he wanted something.

“Commander." She maintained professionalism, however hard that was they were both still on duty. "No, we were just having a discussion about the Karcsis.”

“We’re not even on the same ship as that thing and it’s still the subject of such debate.” Ryan half complained. “Anyhow, could I have a word, alone?”

There was something about his tone and the fact he wanted to talk to her alone that put Gaia on her guard. Leyton must have heard and seen it too, he left more promtly than was perhaps necessary bundling PADDs into his arms from her desk as he left. She watched him settle the PADDs onto a console by the Warp Core and turned her full attention on Ryan. She placed her hands on her hips the way she always seemed to do when she was preparing for what she knew was coming.

“Alright, what is it you need me to fix?” She said not bothering with the pleasantries. She could be very blunt when she wanted to be.

“Hmm?” He sounded like he didn't even know what she was talking about! She thought to herself decidedly unimpressed.

“For you to come down here and ask me in person, it must be important.”

“There’s nothing that needs to be fixed. Just…”

“I’m not going to like this am I?”

“I was wondering if you were available, would join me for dinner tonight.”

“Of course I will.” Gaia grinned. “What time?” He hadn't asked her to do that since that first kiss, she became even a little excited.

“1800 hours in the Mess Hall. It will be a lot easier with you there. Dinner with our Romulan guest and Kaoru would be bad enough.”

“What?” Gaia exclaimed and the tone of her voice made the smile on Ryan’s lips fade rapidly. A thing she noticed easily “No. No, I can’t.”

“But you just said you’d be able to have dinner with me.”

“Exactly, with you. I’d rather spend the evening in my quarters giving myself a lobotomy. Besides, you invited her, I think you might just have to endure it.” Gaia said derisively.

“I didn’t feel like I had much choice. Its and unwritten rule to being a Captain.”

“An unwritten rule, if it mattered then it wouldn't be unwritten would it? It would be in some fine print the pen pushing brass decided to add to etiquette. You're the Captain, not me. Why do I have to go?” She knew she sounded like a child throwing a tantrum, but for a few brief moments, she thought she was going to spend the evening alone with Ryan, not with a Romulan. Having dinner with Kaoru she would have enjoyed, but she was disappointed to say the least.

Ryan stepped closer to Gaia, she tried not to meet his eyes but failed. His eyes gave her that pleading look he had obviously learned she was utterly unable to refuse. “Can you do it for me?”

"You know, one of these days you're going to do that look one to many times Ryan Orlan!" But she looked up at him with her eyes, her head still angled slightly down. She smiled and reluctantly caved.

Ryan's eyes resembled a child in a sweet shop for the first time, they had a twinkle and that grin of his was as cheeky as his smiles came. He grabbed her and hugged her, kissing her on the lips and she melted. He had a way of getting what he wanted, and Gaia had a feeling that she was going to either regret she agreed, or that she would be spending half of her time keeping Ryan and Kaoru from tearing into each other. Verbally or otherwise.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 15 2006, 09:50 AM
Approaching Deep Space Nine" Anil reported, as the Runabout dropped out of warp

"Thank god - not that I dislike the company, but these Starfleet replicators don't know what good hasparat is!" Keram complained

Anil's thoughts were elsewhere - the newly repaired USS Intrepid drifted into view, all traces of the damaged that she had sustained gone, the abruptly removed ready-room replaced; she looked majestic and almost eager

a4.gif "USS Intrepid, this is Captain Reyan Anil - I'm bringing the Meridian back in" a4.gif

a4.gif "This is the Intrepid - welcome back Captain" a4.gif came an unfamiliar voice

The shuttlebay doors slid open, and Anil carefully landed the Runabout

Anil stepped out of the runabout and looked around - no familiar faces; he therefore looked for the highest-ranking officer present

"Lieutenant - report" he called

"All systems restored, Sir - aside from having almost no crew, she's better than new"

"But no crew?" Anil asked

"Skeleton crew Sir - approximately fifty"

"Any of my Officer's still aboard?" Anil asked hopefully

"No Sir" the Lieutenant replied

"Fine - the Intrepid will be departing within the next two hours - I'd like you at operations on the bridge - I'll make sure that your assignment to the Intrepid is approved. I'll be in my office"

Anil strode away, heading for his office, with his parents in close pursuit

"What now?" Keram asked

"Now I take the Intrepid to rendevous with the Courageous" Anil replied

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 16 2006, 12:52 AM
The doors on the opposite side of the Mess Hall opened and closed repeatedly as crew entered and exited. Ryan watched the entrance anxiously; knowing that at any moment Ch’Vora would strode across the room and take-up her seat at the table.

Kaoru fidgeted slightly in her chair and tried to pass the time by making small talk with Gaia and Ryan. Neither of them was looking forward to the encounter with the Romulan scientist and therefore rarely commented on Kaoru’s observations and anecdotes.

“Its different eating at such a beautiful set table isn’t it?” Kaoru asked. “I guess we are just so used to the Intrepid’s Mess Hall which is so unornamented and efficient.”

“The Mess Hall on the Intrepid is fine.”

“Yes, but it lacks the comforts of this one.”

“Here she is.” Ryan groaned as Doctor Ch’Vora entered and neared their table.

Before Ch’Vora reached them, Gaia elbowed Ryan in the side and whispered. “You owe me big time for this.”

“I do apologize for being so late.” The Romulan said to the trio as she sat down. “Lieutenant Essal – a very accomplished scientist I must say – was showing me her latest findings on the Karcsis and the Keys.”

“Yes, I’ve had that privilege too.” Ryan said. He was still smiling from Gaia’s empty threat. “I take it you are aware of these riddles that have been found?”

“Of course. The very initiation program that led your ship to the Mirror universe was the Key located within Romulan space, Velore II. I must say, I find it doubtful that we Romulan’s would have deciphered the clues so quickly.”

A Kirk depiction of worlds alike. I can see how that would have been troublesome.” Ryan said even though he knew that finding the Key in the Mirror universe was more of a fluke than ability to solve a riddle. “Knowledge of Captain Kirk’s adventures in the Mirror universe would be rather sketchy in any Romulan database I would think.”

“You are probably quite correct, but then being that I am a scientist I’m not generally granted access to such things… if such records do even exist.”

“Of course.” Ryan replied as he helped himself to some of the Romulan and Federation cuisines in the centre of the table.

“This really is a very good approximation of Viinerine. I’m impressed with your replicative abillities.” Ch’Vora said and took another mouthfull of the Romulan dish.

“Our replicators just don’t seem to be able to capture the real essence of Kali-fal though…” Gaia said as she sliced into her Andorian Tuber Root. “Or so I’m told.”

“It is a difficult beverage to manufacture. The aroma is the most essential part.”

“Doctor, I was hoping to ask you about the current disturbances we have heard about on Romulus.” Ryan said changing the subject to what he really wanted to know about.

“Unfortunately I can’t really shed much light on it for you as any news on the situation is being regulated by the military and the senate.”

“What have the government revealed?”

“It would seem that support for Commander Donatra has been growing throughout the civilian and military population. As to her cause, it remains are mystery to me. Like I said, I’m am but a scientist.”

“Of course.” It suddenly became clear that Ch’Vora didn’t have any intention of discussing the problems on Romulus with him, or maybe she was forbidden to discuss them. “Our Chief Engineer has been working on a way to prevent the Karcsis from reacting with a Key when a new one is brought aboard the Intrepid.”

“I thought I read somewhere that you used a containment field which proved to be successful.”

“Yes we did,” Gaia said. “but it also meant that we were limited as to what we could do in the cargo bay while the field was in place.”

“What advancements have you made?”

“Well, the problem is if we create a dampening field it would also prevent communications and the use of high resolution scan, not to mention the use of tricorders in the cargo bay.”

“Can you filter out the frequency that the Karcsis uses and adjust the dampening field to just dampen that frequency?” Kaoru asked. It was the first time she’d spoken since the Romulan doctor had taken her seat.

“I’ve thought about that, but we are dealing with an alien technology that seems to be centuries more advance than our own. The designers of the Karcsis had probably already thought about measures to prevent anyone from doing that.”

a4.gif “Bridge to Commander Orlan.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Go ahead.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Sir, your receiving a message from Admiral Cartel.” a4.gif

a4.gif “On my way.” a4.gif Ryan deactivated his communicator and left his seat. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to skip on desert. Doctor Ch’Vora, thank you it has been an… informative discussion. If you would excuse me, I’m required on the Bridge.”

“I’ll take it in my Ready Room.” Ryan announced to Lieutenant Nox as he passed the Tactical station and entered the Read Room.

It was a relief to be called away from the Mess Hall, but part of him felt guilty for going to such lengths to have Gaia there and now he’d just abandoned her. At least she has Kaoru. Ryan told himself.

The new message alert flashed on his computer terminal. “Computer, voice print recognition Orlan-754-Beta.”

“Access granted.”

”Commander, I’m sorry that you weren’t informed of the new addition to your crew, there was still some important last minute details to be resolved before I could inform you of the change.

Relations between the Romulan’s and the Federation are stronger than ever, I’d like to see it remain that way. With all that happened with the Key your crew retrieved from the base on Velore II, Starfleet thinks it’s best that we strengthen those ties even more so that we can try and eliminate miss understandings.

As to the other matter; I’ve made some enquiries and I’ve decided to grant request to send Lieutenant Sith to Romulus for limited duration. We’ll give it a two-week trial for now, after that I’ll liaise with the Romulan’s and discuss a possible permanent posting for Lieutenant Sith.

I’ve attached all the details you’ll need to this transmission.’

Ryan thumbed a button on his computer screen to end the playback of the message. “Permanent position? Not if I can help it. Computer, location of Lieutenant Sith?”

“Lieutenant Sith is in holodeck two.”

“Lieutenant, I hope you have your bags packed.” Ryan said as he caught up with Aeon just as he was leaving the holodeck.


“I forwarded your request to Admiral Cartel, it’s approved.”

Aeon’s expression remained perplexed for a few moments until the reality of Ryan’s words soak though. “But I thought you were against the idea.”

“I was, but I gave it some more thought and decided that you are the perfect candidate for the job. There’s something going on down on Romulus. Something they really don’t want us to know about. I’m hoping that you can find out what it is.”

“Commander, I’m guessing that Admiral Cartel doesn’t know that this is why you wanted to send me to Romulus?”

“That’s right. Aeon,” Ryan paused. “I don’t think I need to tell you to watch your back.”

Aeon smiled and nodded. “I’ll do what I can. When do I leave?”

“As soon as you’ve packed.”


Posted by: Charles Nox Jul 16 2006, 01:17 AM
Donnie was reading the console on the wall when Aeon beamed off.

a4.gif "Bridge to Commander Orlan." a4.gif

a4.gif "Orlan here." a4.gif

a4.gif "Lt. Sith has left for the surface sir." a4.gif

a4.gif "Very well. Orlan out." a4.gif

Donnie read through the security schematics of this new ship. Beautiful He thought. Very well defendable externally as well as internally. He made out the duty roster and sent it to all the security personnel as well as to the Captain and XO. Not long after that shift change came. Donnie left the transporter room and went to 10-forward.

Ordering a cup of coffee he read a datapadd about some new security officers coming aboard and was trying to figure out there quarters assignments and substation assignments. A message came up on his datapadd letting him know Lt. Siths possesions were transported to his position.

a few hours later

He went back to the bridge. Running some level 3 diagnostics on the outer perimeter sensers. When all of a sudden his console went nuts. It was a SOS. There was a ship being attacked in the neutral zone.

"Commander Orlan. We have a emergency. There is a ship being attacked in the neutral zone. Its about 30 min away at maximum warp sir." Donnie reported.

"Helm set speed at maximum ward at those coordinates." Commander Orlan ordered.

Once there. Donnie informed Commander Orlan made it to the coordinates.

"On screen." He ordered.

The screen showed a site non of the ever imagined or knew they would see. The Intrepid was attacking a Klindgon ship.

Posted by: Havannah Essal Jul 16 2006, 06:05 PM
The outburst in Commander Orlan’s office had disturbed Havannah. Her mind seemed a bit distant as she quickly followed the Romulan scientist off the bridge to begin a tour.

“You’ll have to forgive me.” She said as she stood next to Ch’Vora. “We’ve recently changed ships, and I’m still not fully accustomed to the layout.” Well, I would’ve had time to familiarize myself if I hadn’t had the symbiont issues arise…

She calmed her mind, deciding after the tour she would stop by sickbay.

“You seemed troubled.” Ch’Vora said dryly as the turbolift doors closed.

“Is it that obvious?” Havannah said looking over at the scientist who looked back at her. Obviously it’s obvious.

The tour leaned heavily on the science side showing the various science labs, but also routed through engineering, ops, and sickbay. As they were getting into the turbolift for what seemed the fiftieth time, Havannah said, “And now I’ll show you the guest quarters.”

“Commander Orlan had asked me to meet him in the Mess Hall.”

Havannah slapped her forehead. “Of course.” Havannah looked down the hall. “Mess Hall.” She said, and the turbolift whirled as it took them to the appropriate deck.

“Would you care to share a drink with me?”

“Sure.” Havannah responded to the Romulan’s request.

They entered the mess hall and approached the bartender.

“What can I get for you?” He said in a bit of Terran Scottish accent.

“Kali-fal.” Ch’Vora said.

“Chamomile Tea, hot.” Havannah said accepting the steaming hot cup. She held the cup up to her mouth, allowing the steam to lift into her nose, inhaling the soothing scent of Chamomilla chamomilla. She looked over to see Ch’Vora sipping a blue-ish green drink.

They took their drinks to an empty table. “Will you be joining Commander Orlan and myself for dinner?”

“I.. er..” Havannah hadn’t thought she was invited. She seemed to recall seeing Orlan approach Kaoru as they’d stepped into the turbolift as the beginning of their tour.

“Lieutenant. Despite what is typical it would seem of the tension between Romulans and the Federation, I don’t sense that hostility from you. Would you join us for dinner?”


Ch’Vora raised her glass. “Then to new friendships.”

Havannah raised her teacup. “To friendships.” The two glasses clinked as the toast was gestured.

After drinks, Havannah showed Ch’Vora to the guest quarters, which were oddly enough on the same deck as her own quarters. “Would you care to come in and go over some of your findings?”

Havannah went over the same presentation as she’d given Orlan. It was refreshing to give the lecture to a fellow scientist, who saw the puzzle and mystery behind it all, as opposed to only the destruction and chaos.

It neared 1800 hours and Ch’Vora reminded Havannah about the dinner, when her comm beeped.

a4.gif “Lieutenant Essal.” a4.gif

She tapped her comm badge. “Essal here. Nienna, what is it?”

a4.gif “We need you down in science lab four.” a4.gif

“Understood, Essal out.” She turned to Ch’Vora. “Duty calls. I’ll be down at supper as soon as I can.” And with that Essal left.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 17 2006, 10:53 PM
Dianna sat at ops still feeling weak.

They were shortly receiving a Romulan Exchange officer. Dianna had no idea if it was a good idea. It was not her place to say.

Dianna felt Havannah and the romulan officer come to the bridge. She felt the emotions and not all was good. Havannah seem to have some emotions building up and then they left. Dianna assumed she was giving the Romulan a tour of the ship.

Many hours later as Dianna was nearing the end of her shift and still monitoring the systems when she heard a distress call.

She called the acting Captain that she was reciving a distress call and it was coming from a klingon freighter.

The captain acknoledged her as soon as he made it back to the bridge.

There was more to the message to at which Dianna also relayed to Ryan. The Intrepid was firing on the Klingon Freighter. That she could not believe. She thought it was still under repairs and it was not space worthy at the moment.

They headed toward that direction of the distress call and when they got to the coordinates, there was nothing.

How could that be?

Posted by: Hawku Jul 19 2006, 12:25 PM
Aeon Sith entered a compound on Romulus, that stood at the side of some rocky cliff and terrain. The complex out-looked multiple platforms, built on varying heights of pointed rock coming out of the ground.

The place was more rocky and rugged than he had ever seen anywhere.

On each platform were one or two Romulan Shuttles or Fighters. The odd one was lifting off - and on some platfroms, shuttles and fighters were being constructed.

"Lieutenant Aeon Sith," a Romulan was standing and talking with a bunch of other Romulans until he noticed Aeon and walked over. "I was notifed of your transfer to our facility. Welcome."

Aeon shook his hand in Human fashion, noticing an unemotional face in his new commanding officer.

"I am Commander Ghren. If you'd like to get started, we have been working on upgrading the Shuttle Kaisek's manouvering thrusters. I have heard you know something of ship construction and engineering."

"That's correct. I guess I can take a look right now. But do you know where my bags have been transported to?" Aeon asked.

"How inconsiderate of me. I am not used to Human custom, I should have showed you to your Quarters first."

Aeon held his hands up - "No, no. It's alright. I'll take a look at the ship immediately."

"Do you need a crash course on Romulan technology?"

"It's all pretty close to being the same. Well, excet for your Quantum Singularity warp drives."

"Ah, I see you are versed in some knowledge. Come this way." Ghren led Aeon to the group of Romulans. They stood next to a window and a control deck.

As Aeon got to work, he began to hear the distress call again...

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 20 2006, 07:18 AM
The doors to the new ready-room whispered open and Anil stepped in, allowing the doors to swiftly close behind him

It was almost identical to it's ill-fated predessesor, aside from having a larger desk and an upgraded replicator - but it seemed bare; he had not had many of his personal belongs on display prior to the destruction of his old ready-room, but those items that he had kept on display had been lost

He took a deep breath *It even smells new* he thought to himself

He sat at his new desk, and entered a command into his computer console, which obediently displayed a list of the Officer's and crewmen assigned as his skeleton crew

"No-one above Junior Grade Lieutenant" he muttered to himself, noting that he had only been assigned one Officer above the rank of Ensign

The doors whispered open again, and a young Ensign stepped in, carry a box that seemed larger than her

"Sorry Captain - I didn't realise that you were here" she apologised, placing the box on the floor

Anil smiled

"Not a problem, Ensign...?" he asked

"Ensign Easton, Sir - I've been assigned to the Intrepid" she replied

"Good to meet you - and thanks for bringing the box to me, although you could have used the transporter" he advised, grinning

"If only - Lieutenant Elliot has ordered that the transporter systems remain offline for now, to conserve power" she replied, frowing as she mentioned her superior officer's name

"Well, I'm sure that Lieutenant Moore will look foward to meeting this Lieutenant Elliot" Anil replied, imaging Gaia's response to Lieutenant Elliot's attitude

Ensign Easton grinned, and Anil was about to offer her a drink, when the comm system sounded

a4.gif "Captain - we're receiving a priority message from Op's on Deep Space Nine" a4.gif an unfamiliar voice advised him

a4.gif "On my way" a4.gif Anil replied, stepping back out onto the bridge

The bridge remained very active, various officers and crewmen performing last-minute checks

"On screen" Anil ordered, addressing no-one in particular - when no-one replied, Ensign Easton dashed to the tactical station and activated the viewscreen

Colonel Kira appeared on the viewscreen, looking iriated

"Captain - I have Commander Orlan, aboard the Courageous, asking for confirmation that the Intrepid is present at Deep Space Nine" she stated, making no attempt to mask the fact that she found the question ridiculous

Anil grinned, finding the question ridiculous himself

"And you told them that the Intrepid has been extensively refit and wasn't spaceworhty until today?" Anil asked

"Of course" Kira replied

"Can you patch me through?" Anil asked

"Gladly" the exasperated Deep Space Nine commander replied

There was a brief pause, and then the image of Deep Space Nine's operations centre was replaced by that of the Bridge of the Courageous, and the far more familiar face of Commander Orlan

"Captain!" Ryan exclaimed

"Expecting someone else, Captain?" Anil replied, grinning

"Not exactly - Colonel Kira said that she would transfer me to someone who knew more about the Intrepid's status. I didn't realise that she meant you!"

"Afraid so - I'm back in the Command chair and itching to go" Anil laughed

Ryan managed a half-hearted grin, but it was clear that somthing was troubling him

"Ryan - what's happening there?" he quickly asked, curious as to why Ryan had contacted Deep Space Nine

"Nothing specific - but somthing just doesn't seem right here - I know that the Intrepid has been docked at Deep Space nine, yet we've received intelligence that the Intrepid attacked a Klingon freighter" Ryan stated

"Can you elaborate?" Anil asked, knowing that the Intrepid had been safely docked, and inoperable, at the time

"Unfortunately not - I'm fully aware that the Intrepid was at D.S nine when the imposter attacked. I'll transmit a report of what we have so far, but all I can tell you personally is that somthing is brewing"

"Any other Federation ships nearby?" Anil asked

"No - the nearest ships are the USS Venture, which is two days away, and the Enterprise which is four days away" Ryan answered

Anil walked over to the unmanned helm, his hands danced over the console

"The Intrepid can be with you in approximately ten hours" he advised

Ryan smiled

"Would be good to have you back with us" Ryan replied

"I'll set off immediately - contact me the moment anything else happens" Anil requested

"Will do Sir - Orlan out"

The viewscreen turned dark, prompting Anilto activate the comm-link back to Deep Space Nine

"Colonel Kira - I'm taking the Intrepid out - request docking clearance"

Colonel Kira double-checked her readouts

"Permission granted" she replied, finnishing with "Safe journey, Captain", before the screen reverted to display Deep Space nine and the space beyond

a4.gif "All hands, this is the Captain - I realise that we are under-staffed at present, but the Intrepid is departing immediately to assist the USS Courageous. I need everyone at their posts, specifically bridge officers - we depart in five minutes - Anil out"

Anil then sat at the helm and, in the absense of a Helm officer, input the course to the Courageous' location

"Need a hand?" Keram called, having stepped out of the turbolift

Anil smiled

"Could really use a helm officer" he replied

Keram grinned, and made his way down to the Helm

"Release docking clamps, thrusters at stationkeeping, maximum warp once we clear the station" Anil ordered, feeling a little awkward giving orders to his own father

The Intrepid sprinted away from Deep space nine, on it's heading to rendevous with the Courageous

Posted by: Charles Nox Jul 20 2006, 12:32 PM
Nox watched all of this with deep confusion and curiosity.

"Commander what is going on. If the Intrepid is back at Deep Space Nine. Than who is that attacking the Klingon ship" Charles asked.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Jul 21 2006, 12:16 AM
The Courageous rapidly gathered momentum as soon as Ryan had given the order. He watched the stars streak past on the view screen as the Captain’s words circled in his mind. All the while the feeling that they were heading right into the path of a trap grew stronger with each passing moment.

“Dropping out of warp.” Aeon’s temporary replacement advised.

“It’s gone!” Nox exclaimed. His fingers tapped wildly across the Tactical console. “We’re too late, its just debris.”

“Scan for survivors.”


“Can you pinpoint a weapons signature, something that can identify who attacked that freighter?”

“I’m detecting what appears to be disrupter burn pattens on various sections of the debris.” Nox said as he read his display. “If we beamed aboard a sample we might be able to analyse the weapons signature.”

“Alright, do it.” Ryan said then tapped his communications badge. a4.gif “Orlan to Moore. We’re beaming aboard some hull fragments that need to be analysed to determine a weapons signature.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Understood.” a4.gif Gaia replied promptly, but the tone of Gaia’s voice told him that she wasn’t happy with the way he’d left bailed out on her at dinner. Even though that had been over half an hour ago and surely the meal had ended, Ryan was sure he hadn’t heard the end of it.

“Transfer complete.”

“Why don’t you go down and give Lieutenant Moore and hand.”

“Aye sir.” Nox replied and headed into the turbo lift.

OOC: Sorry it's not much, but at this point I'd have to skip too far ahead to write more.

Posted by: Havannah Essal Jul 24 2006, 12:31 PM
Havannah rushed from the science lab to the Courageous’ mess hall. With any luck, they’ll still be there. She thought to herself as her mind drifted to the events that had called her away from the Romulan.

She nearly collided with the chief engineer, except she briefly heard her footsteps before the intersection of the two corridors.

“Excuse me.” Havannah said, as she continued on towards the mess hall. The doors opened showing all that remained of the dinner party: Kaoru and Ch’Vora. Ch’Vora smiled as she saw Havannah approach the table. Havannah felt a bit odd at seeing Kaoru, but the thoughts were fleeting, and quickly left Havannah’s mind.

She sat down across from Ch’Vora, with Kaoru on her right. A server brought out dinner for Havannah.

“If you’ll excuse me.” Kaoru said standing up from her chair. Both scientists nodded.

The two scientists were quickly engrossed into the latest of various scientific research.

Then Havannah’s comm chirped.

“Moore to Essal.”

She tapped her badge. “Essal here.” She set down her fork.

“Would you come to Cargo Bay One?”

“I’m on my way.” Havannah used her napkin to wipe her mouth and placed it next to her barely touched dinner plate. “Ch’Vora, would you care to join me as well?”

tag gaia, your it

Posted by: Charles Nox Jul 25 2006, 01:31 PM
Charles left the bridge quickly. Going down to cargo bay that the debris had been transported to. He posted two security officers at the entrance.

"At this moment only admit Chief Engineer Moore." Charles said walking into the cargo bay.

He walked around looking at the debris. Not knowing what to think. * We were to late.* Is all he could think. He walked over to the main console and stood there waiting on Chief Engineer Moore.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Jul 26 2006, 08:10 PM
Dinner passed in a blur for Kaoru, her thoughts were distant, the rapid frenzy of events seemed finally to be catching up to her.

She was polite of course, answering questions posed to her, briefly detailing the pros and cons of the latest EMH released.

She did not linger when dinner had ended, excusing herself and leaving the dining room, wanting only to return to her quarters.

Aeon was gone, Anil was gone, Geo was gone...she was XO of a ship she knew precious little about. At the moment, the normally competent doctor was feeling overwhelmed.

a4.gif Sickbay to Dr. Ele. a4.gif

She touched her commbadge, stepping into the turbolift. a4.gif Ele here. a4.gif

a4.gif Doctor, there was some wreckage beamed to cargobay four, it tests positive for organic materials. a4.gif

a4.gif Acknowledged, I'm on my way. Meet me there with a full scanner array. a4.gif

Organic materials...especially in wreckage, was typically a nice way of saying remains. ~Perfect way to end the day.~ Kaoru thought to herself, stepping into the cargobay.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 28 2006, 05:32 PM
Ignoring the voices in his head, Aeon continued to tap at the Romulan controls - examining the shuttle Kaisek's manouvering thrusters. The very state of Romulan technology was breathtaking in a way. It was so different, and still somehow seemed to be right.

When Aeon was able to make a few actual useful suggestions, it had already became the end of the shift. I hope no one starts to mistake me for an Engineer, he thought. I have a lot of concepts based on flying, but I have in no way the qualifications or the know-how to put together an engine.

As he was entering a turbolift with a group of end-of-duty shifters, one of them couldn't help but stare obviously at Aeon with condescending intent. Aeon became uncomfortable and decided to explain his odd silence - "Erm... Voices in my head," he pointed to his scalp, prompting the Romulan to turn away in disgust.

When the lift stopped, having passed diagonally and horizontally through the lower-level rocks, it opened at its last stop: the surface complex. Here, sitting in the blue of night, were many short buildings where Romulan officer's stayed for Quarters. Aeon's exchange Quarter's were here aswell.

But as he was finally alone, walking through the checker-mapped-out streets, he became haunted... horribly haunted by the voices in his head! Help me... they called out. Help me!


Aeon turned, with his fists clench, having for some reason thought the person was behind him. But all he found was the empty street and Quarter-buildings he passed to get as far as he did.

"I'm losing my mind..." the Lieutenant Commander clenched his head. "The Doctor's may not have found anything, but I'm sure if I was checked out by a Councillor I'd be at the Tilonus Institute right now."

"You're not crazy," came a voice from out the shadows. It was a female voice: the exact same that he had been hearing in his mind. When she stepped out from the shadow's, Aeon recognized the species as Romulan. "I've been calling you, Aeon."

Posted by: Gaia Moore Jul 30 2006, 04:32 PM
Gaia was already frustrated with Ryan for talking her into this dinner in the first place, and to reveal what she had been working on was just plain wrong. In her mind, she sounded like she was sulking, but she had every right to! She explained to Ch'Vora and Kaoru her findings and results, possible theories and solutions however reluctantly. She knew then that Ryan must have had a reason to say what he did, what it was she couldn’t say, she just knew him too well to think it was just a coincidental change of the conversational subject.

When she had explained all that she needed to, Ryan’s comm badge beeped. Oh here we go Gaia thought to herself, trying not to let her inward thoughts show on her face.

a4.gif "Bridge to Commander Orlan." a4.gif

a4.gif "Go ahead." a4.gif

a4.gif "Sir, your receiving a message from Admiral Cartel." a4.gif

a4.gif "On my way." a4.gif Ryan deactivated his communicator and left his seat. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to skip on desert. Doctor Ch'Vora, thank you it has been an… informative discussion. If you would excuse me, I'm required on the Bridge."

Gaia touched his arm and made Ryan stop just before leaving the table. Gaia looked at him with a look that said You dragged me here and now you’re bailing on me? Don’t even think it Ryan Orlan! and she knew he knew her well enough to interpret that look correctly. He was abandoning her, yes to go to the Bridge, but she hadn’t even wanted to be there in the first place. The Bridge is where she wanted to be, either there or Engineering. Suddenly the Lobotomy idea was very tempting, only it would be Ryan having the procedure. It brought a smile to her face either way, a smile that Ryan seemed to have taken the wrong meaning for. He squeezed Gaia’s arm gently reassuring her, but it was going to take more than that now the three of them were left alone together. He owes me BIG time, oh yes! He owes me!

Gaia looked at the two remaining women at the table, Kaoru still glared at the door where Ryan had left, obviously not best pleased herself. Turning her attention to Ch’Vora, she smiled and began the small talk.

“Now, I understand that you’ve worked on mostly on Romulan ships. Have you seen much of Federation Starships?” Perhaps she could get a little more information out of her and relay it to Ryan. There had to be a reason why this woman was chosen to join the crew…

“I have studied some aspects of Federation Starships, Lieutenant Essal has shown me around and so far it is quite impressive. But I’d like to see more of the Science Labs when the opportunity arises.”

“Perhaps there is no better time than the present.” She said a little more bitterly than she had intended, unavoidable as she was still fuming at Ryan. “As our host has vacated to his duties for the evening, perhaps it would be better if we continued our discussion at a more appropriate time.”

With that, Gaia got up from her seat

“Jolan Tru Professor” Gaia said as she nodded to Ch’Vora and left the room.

She more like dived out the room before Kaoru could let off her steam with what Ryan had done, obviously she was persuaded to be there as much as Gaia had been.

Leaving the room, Gaia made her way along the corridor. Her mind blissfully thinking upon the many ways she could torture Ryan when next she saw him. Aware suddenly of someone standing in front of her, she looked up seeing Havannah Essal. Gaia smiled brightly upon seeing the science officer. Finally somebody who I actually want to see She thought to herself, but Havannah looked in a hurry, so Gaia decided not to go into any details of the somewhat lacking dinner party it was obvious she was walking into.

Posted by: James Leyton Aug 2 2006, 02:45 PM
The shifts had come and gone and so on for days now the ship had become a familiar place. not so long ago i had been on abase where everything was completely different to that on a starship.

The courageous was old and dated but it had grown on me and now i was finaly starting to like the ship.

All the systems had been checked and rechecked, parts replaced and upgraded for the tasks ahead and even the presence of a romulan had become second nature.

that thought struck me as a little unnerving that in such a short time having a romulan aboard had not bothered anyone, it didnt really bother me, but the thought did.

The Karksis on the other hand presented a real problem and although it was not my primary field gaia had shown me he data pads and the findings she had come across and the whole thing opened itself up to more questions than there were answers. when we returned to the intrepid i would like to take a real look at the Karksis, but for now back to work.

Posted by: Charles Nox Aug 2 2006, 11:22 PM
Charles waited on Moore as long as he stood to allow.

a4.gif Nox to Orlan a4.gif

a4.gif Orlan here a4.gif

a4.gif Moore hasn't arrived yet, and i'd really like her input on some of this debris. a4.gif

Posted by: Gaia Moore Aug 19 2006, 03:17 PM
Nox was waiting for her, she knew that. But no matter where she went, who she tried to avoid, she ran into someone. Her face was well known around the ship and over the past few days, she’d heard whisperings of favourable treatment and Orlan’s pet as she walked by. She tried to shut her ears, but it did no good. She ignored them; she was going to have a word with him about abandoning her, and about these rumours. But for now, she was angry with him she would talk to him….eventually.

Arriving finally at the Cargo Bay Nox was residing in, Gaia looked at the door to see security stationed there. Curious as to this strange decision, she approached them. Immediately, they sized her up, head to toe, it was almost like they were looking through her very soul. Moments later, they motioned her through with just a slight movement of their head. Walking past them, she entered the Cargo Bay, Nox was standing there looking a little impatient. His demeanour made Gaia shift her own feet, she felt guilty keeping him waiting, but she had done nothing wrong, not really.

“Lieutenant Nox? I’m-”

“Lieutenant Moore, it’s about time you showed. I’ve been waiting for you for a while now. Do you always keep people waiting like this when there’s something important to do?”

“Actually, yes. And as for me being late. You try being the familiar face who fixes things and see if you can walk anywhere without being told what’s wrong with just about everything apparently!” she said irritated already. Maybe she was just taking her frustrations about Ryan on Nox, but it felt kind of good.

“So, we’ve got some debris and that holds the answers to questions we need answering…Care to give me a hand?”

Nox and Gaia worked side by side together, back and forth for it seemed hours before finally coming to the same conclusion. They both grinned at each other, but then it occurred to her, who would present this to Ryan. He had to know, but she didn’t want to look at him, let alone talk to him right then.

“Hey Nox, I’m going to take this PADD to Kaoru, then would you meet me in Engineering? We need to go over a few things we’ve found, more indepth. I think we work well together.” She smiled at Nox who gave her a quirky grin, it reminded her a little of what she was like with Geo. Only somehow a little less roguish, no-one could be exactly like Geo, for that she was thankful!

Just as Gaia turned to leave Kaoru entered the Cargo Bay and Gaia approached her with the PADD in her hands, she wanted to give it to Kaoru, rather than Ryan. She would have to give him her report anyway with her findings too.

“Kaoru, hey! I just wanted to drop this off. I have to go and repair the replicator in the mess hall. You know, if Ryan asks why I didn’t give it to him myself.” She looked a little bemused, but nodded. Gaia knew Ryan would understand from that she was mad at him, he’d know alright.

Posted by: James Leyton Aug 3 2006, 01:13 AM
From across the the workstation a warning beeping started to sound so i walked round to the other side to check it out.

proximity alert was displayed and flashing. running through the readings to see what it was i couldn't beleive it.

I had just been thinking about the intrepid and now here she was alng side us, and to jump out of warp that close was a maneuver that was one very dangerous and two banned because it was dangerous. something must be very wrong to alow this to happen.

the warning stopped as the intrepid came to a standstill. i gave a quick scan from down here just to make sure that i wouldnt need to fix anything.

shields down weapons are ready but powered down, good friendly. ok what was i doing oh yes.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Jul 27 2006, 02:38 PM
Having his own Father at the Intrepid's helm seemed extremely sureal to Anil, and having to give him orders even more so

But to his credit, Reyan Keram had obeyed each of Anil's infrequent orders without question, and had proved that he could pilot an Intrepid-class Starship just as professionally as he could a Bajoran scoutship

"Captain - reading the USS Courageous on long-range sensors" Ensign Easton advised enthusiastically

"Position?" Anil asked

"She's holding position at heading one-one-two mark two-one-four - also reading debris with a Klingon signature" she responded

"We'll rendevous with them in ten minutes" Keram advised

Anil stood

"Bring us out of warp as close as possible to their position" he asked Keram, his faith in his father's ability reassuring him that he was capable of such a manuever

"Aye sir - that'll cut down our ETA" he replied, causing Anil to grimace, still not used to his Father calling him Sir

The Intrepid burst out of warp and immediately pulled up alongside the Courageous

"Hail the Courageous" Anil asked Ensign Easton, trying to surpress a grin as he imagined Ryan's response to the Intrepid's abrupt arrival

Posted by: Dianna Torres Jul 28 2006, 01:24 PM
Dianna was at ops and watching what was going. They had already made it to the coordinates of the distress call but nothing was there. Then was Debris of the Klingon freighter and nothing more. They explored the area and the Ryan wanted answers which nobody had. If the intrepid was at DS9, then who fired on the klingon freighter. They explored the area. Everything pointed to the intrepid and that did not look good for them.

This was a terrible dream.

After a while, they recieved a comm from Reyan on the intrepid.

Ryan said put it on screen.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Aug 5 2006, 01:57 AM
Ryan watched as the Intrepid dropped out of warp and was carefully positioned alongside the Courageous. The view screen then switched an image of Captain Reyan.

a4.gif “Good to see your still in one piece, Ryan. Sorry it’s taken so long for us to arrive. What have you found out?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Better late than never.” a4.gif Ryan started but quickly moved on to more important matters. a4.gif “We collected some of the debris from the Klingon freighter and I just received the results but your not going to like it.” a4.gif

a4.gif “I didn’t like it from the moment you said it appeared to be the Intrepid that was firing on them.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Although the weapons burns appear to have been made by Federation phasers, we’ve found an underlying Cardassian phase signature.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Cardassian?” a4.gif Anil frowned thoughtfully. a4.gif “Why would they do that? The Cardassian Union isn’t in any position to wage another war, that’d be suicide.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Precisely, it seems that is why they tried to make it look like the Intrepid destroyed that freighter.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Hmm, we should discuss this in person. Anyone could be eavesdropping - Reyan out.” a4.gif

Ryan paced backed and forth in his Ready Room as he and Kaoru waited for Anil to arrive so that the three of them could discuss what to do about the mystery Cardassian vessel that had posed as the Intrepid.

“Can you stop doing that? You’re going to wear out the carpet.” Kaoru said. “You only closed the channel several minutes ago.”

He was about to respond to Kaoru when the door chime sounded and following Ryan’s acceptance Anil stepped through the parted doors.

Kaoru and Anil stared at each other for a moment until Ryan captured their averted attention. “Welcome aboard the Courageous, Captain.”

“Oh, thank you.” Anil said distractedly, his thoughts still appeared to be elsewhere. ”I was hoping my return to the Intrepid would be different this time, but it seems that fate isn’t smiling on my future. Whoever is responsible for this attack must not have known that the Intrepid was till under repair at DS9.”

“Which also means that they wouldn’t be expecting both the Intrepid and the Courageous to respond.” Ryan said and sat down behind his desk.

“It’s been over ten hours since you the vessel was destroyed and you contacted me. It’s possible the attacking ship isn’t even in this sector anymore.”

“Just a hunch but I think it is. The only reason they would have to attack a freighter is to raid its supplies; they don’t have to destroy it as well.”

“On the way back from Cardassia we ran into a Galor Class vessel that was under the command of Cardassian freedom fighters… what if they are responsible?”

“Wait – you went to Cardassia?” Kaoru said. Her eyes were fixated upon Anil.

“It’s a long story, perhaps I can tell you about it later.” Anil said and cleared his throat. “As I was saying, these freedom fighters could be responsible. The real question is, how will the Klingon’s respond?”

“That depends if they believe that it wasn’t the Intrepid that destroyed the freighter. If they don’t then we may have a problem.” Kaoru said.

“If that happens we’ll need to send any evidence to Ambassador Worf. He can present it to Chancellor Martok.”

“Then we need some more evidence in case these weapon signatures aren’t enough.”

“We do have more.” Kaoru said, causing Ryan and Anil to turn and stare at her. “I wasn’t going to report this until I was absolutely sure, but I found what appears to be Cardassian remains adhered to some of the internal structures that were beamed aboard.”

“So we know that there were Cardassian’s onboard that freighter.”

“I should have the results from the Electron Resonance Scanner shortly, but it appears that way, yes.”

“The Cardassian Union hasn’t exactly been abundent with supplies since the Dominon left. I guess the Bajoran and Federation aid wasn’t enough for them.”

“Which brings me back to the idea that it’s the freedom fighters that are responsible.”

“Either way, we need to track down the ship and –“

a4.gif “Intrepid to Anil, you better get back here, you need to see this.” a4.gif

The Captain activated his comm badge. a4.gif “What is it, Dad?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Klingons.” a4.gif

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Aug 12 2006, 02:43 PM
Kaoru rose when Anil entered, hesitating only a second before she moved to him, hugging him tightly, but briefly.

Pulling away, she smiled up at him, noting already how much more confident he seemed, how much more centered and at peace.

He smiled at her, releasing her and crossing the room, joining Ryan.

She listened to them talk, finally offering..

“We do have more.” Kaoru said, causing Ryan and Anil to turn and stare at her. “I wasn’t going to report this until I was absolutely sure, but I found what appears to be Cardassian remains adhered to some of the internal structures that were beamed aboard.”

“So we know that there were Cardassian’s onboard that freighter.”

“I should have the results from the Electron Resonance Scanner shortly, but it appears that way, yes.”

“Intrepid to Anil, you better get back here, you need to see this.”

The Captain activated his comm badge. “What is it, Dad?”


Kaoru's expression grew angry, hearing Anil's father's voice.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Aug 19 2006, 03:28 PM
OOC: I've rearranged the order of some posts on this page due to things getting out of sequence and causing confusion. Hopefully it helps a bit... It might be a good idea for everyone to just skim over the posts to refresh your memory and get things sorted. Also Gaia Moore's 2nd post is new. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by: James Leyton Aug 20 2006, 04:11 AM
still going through the logs and readings of the past sensor sweeps the main engineering doors opened and through walked a new face.

putting my data pad down i walked over to him.

"can i help you Lt......."

" Nox"

"How may i be of assistance"

"oh dont worry about me i'm waiting for Lt Moore"

"ok i'll leave you to it if you need anything in the meantime just give a shout, i'm not sure how long she will be though, very popular lady"

"i know"

making sure Lt Nox had everything he needed i returned to my duties

Posted by: Hawku Aug 22 2006, 07:13 PM
"But that's impossible," Aeon replied. It was then he began to deduce that this confident Romulan may not be Romulan at all. "...What are you?" he hesitated.

"You're right in thinking I'm not a Romulan. I've actually just been genetically altered. I'm a Remen."

"How do you know me?"

The disguised Romulan bowed her head slightly, "Your friend Syvar. He mind melded with me before he was killed."

"What!?" Aeon stepped up.

The female shook her head, "He died during a visit to Romulus... getting caught between a fight by two factions in a small city. I got there too late, but when the fight was over, I came to his aide. He melded with me before he died."

Aeon gritted his teeth in strong emotion. Syvar was an old rival, but deep down, this rival was a friend.

"The two factions were one of Tal'Aura's army, and one of Empress Donatra's. The Empress has recently claimed Archnar Prime, Xanitla, Ralatak, and Virinat under her rule."

Aeon stepped back this time, "I see. The Romulan's are beginning to divide..." he shook his head, "and here we are continuing to provide humanitarian aid to the Empire."

"I am assisting Donatra in her efforts. For too long has Tal'Aura been ruling the sub-factions with an iron fist. And I could use a pilot's help."

The human shook his head, "But why me?"

"Syvar. He wanted me to tell you something. That your rivalry... was one of the more interesting conflicts in his lifespan. If anyone was to understand the greater good over logic, it would be you."

Aeon turned away slightly, in memory of his friend respectfully, "To a Vulcan, that's giving a pretty big compliment," he then turned back. "Very well. What do you need me to do?"

"It's quite simple. You are to imbed a virus onto the Space Station orbiting Romulus. The only way to get to it, would be a direct invasion via Shuttle craft."

The Lieutenant Commander's jaw dropped, "But... but... I'll never be able to get out of there alive!"

"Actually. The team you're working with now are installing a new cloaking technology into one of the shuttles as a test. I'm sure you know which one."

He then realized, "the Kaisek?"

"Yes. That technology you're installing is so far undetectible by the Romulan vessels that will be at the Station when you invade. If you get far enough away from them during your departure, you will be able to escape... but as I said, it will require some piloting."

Aeon sighed. "This one's for you, Syvek."

"He also wanted to share this moment with you..." the disguised female Reman slowly walked over and placed the base of her palm open onto Aeon's forehead momentarily. A shock of emotion and memory was shot into Aeon, like being hit by a disrupter blast, and Aeon was sent a few steps back.

As the slight pain subsided, he began to feel Syvek's presence - and then a memory. One from the past, at a time Aeon shared a joke with Syvek. He began to feel a tinge of humour on Syvek's unmoving face. For the truth was, Syvek was laughing on the inside.

Aeon then looked up at the female and gave in to an appreciation for her, "Heh. Thanks."

She nodded and smiled.

"I will forward the information to you in your quarters," the genetically altered female turned to leave.

But Aeon called out, "Wait. Why are you doing this?"

"The Klingons," she replied as she turned back to face Aeon. The human gave a confused look, to which the Romulan decided to elaborate, "They were kind enough to evacuate my people to Klorgat IV. The only state the Klingons will recognize is Donatra's, so I'm helping her."

She then turned and left, leaving Aeon to process this. But in the end, what remained, was memories of his old friend - one who died needlessly.

Posted by: Charles Nox Aug 23 2006, 04:08 AM
Charles left engineering. He was tired of the day. He was ready to relax, eat and sleep. His thoughts drifted back to when he was in the STF Marines. Wishing he hadn't made the trade at times. Though at other times is was allright. Just felt a little out of his element. Of coarse everyone does with something new.

Walking into his quarters he pulled his pips and comm badge off and put them on his desk. Going into the bedroom he changed clothes into some PT gear he had from the old days. Grabbing a glass of sweet tea he sat down at his desk and check for any new security communiques that might have popped up. Seeing non he found his old STF Marine corps officers manual and started reading through it.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Aug 23 2006, 11:30 AM
U.S.S. Courageous - Crew Quarters

"You can't just leave us Ross," Felicia stated, "God your just like our damned CO, and the flippin XO."

Ross just zipped up her duffle, "I put my transfer in Felicia, I'm going to the Intrepid. I'm not staying here, God we never see action Felicia, we're DS9's gofer, and I did not join Starfleet to sit on some gofer ship."

She walked to the other end of her room packing away her uniforms. Felicia sat at edge of her bed the lights were dimmed, "you're abandening us just like the Captain did."

Ross had enough, she slammed her cabinet shut and walked to Felicia, "don't you ever. EVER! Compare me to those two, I'm doing this for my career Felicia."

"Whatever, just you know what? You go alright you just go and leave the rest of us to rot in this hell hole," Felicia got up, "some of us have to get back on duty don't want to keep my precious boss waiting God forbid I'm late."

When Felicia left, Ross practically broke down in the midst of all her packing. "What am I doing?" She asked herself, "God... I am like them."

"No I'm not going to feel guilty because she wants to be a damn -" Ross just stopped talking and took a shower, with a towel wrapped around she cleaned up her bathroom, and packed her toiletries.

Putting on a fresh clean uniform she arranged all her luggage in the living room, and headed out of her quarters

U.S.S. Courageous - Bridge

Ross took her shift on the bridge, but her mind wondered if she was doing the right thing or if she was just being a selfish person by leaving her crewmates behind when she would have to leave for the Intrepid.

Posted by: Charles Nox Aug 23 2006, 09:40 PM
Charles was reading when he remembered some things that needed to be done. He sent a message to his Asst CoS/Tac. He figured she was at her place on the bridge so he sent the message there.

Mrs. Carter,
Welcome to the Courageos. I am CoS/Tac Lt. Charles Nox. I need you to run a level 2 diagnostics on the phasers and have engineering do a inspection of the Main Deflector Array. If we need these systems they need to be top notch.

Thank You,
Charles Nox

He then went back to what he was reading.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Aug 24 2006, 05:16 PM
At her station she recieved a message, from her Chief. But she then smiled, and thought. Didn't know I was married. She proceeded to run the level two diagnostics as ordered, and then tapped her combadge.

a4.gif Carter to Engineering a4.gif
a4.gif Engineering go ahead a4.gif
a4.gif Lieutenant Nox, wants an inspection done on the Main Deflector Array a4.gif
a4.gif Will do, Engineering out a4.gif

She then replied to his message.

Lieutenant Nox,
Thank you for the compliment, but I am not married. Don't be embarrassed its happened before, sadly. Now, I am running level two diagnostics on the phasers now, and Engineering is proceeding with inspection.

-Miss Carter

Posted by: Charles Nox Aug 25 2006, 08:18 PM
Charles was ingulfed in his reading when his viewer chirped and came alive displaying the message from Roslyn.

Lieutenant Nox,
Thank you for the compliment, but I am not married. Don't be embarrassed its happened before, sadly. Now, I am running level two diagnostics on the phasers now, and Engineering is proceeding with inspection.

-Miss Carter

Charles chuckled. He got redressed. He hadn't had time to process her in yet. He went down to the security office just adjasent to the brig. Where one of his officers met him.

"Good evening sir your up late." the ensign said.

"Well I just remembered some last minute work I had to do." Charles said walking into his office.

He sat down and pulled up Roslyn's record on the viewer. Not satisfied with what he was reading he wanted to speak with her in person. Beside's it didn't hurt to get to know his ACOS. He thought. Reaching up he slapped the communicator on his chest.

a4.gif Nox to Carter. a4.gif

a4.gif Carter here. How can I help you sir. a4.gif

a4.gif I need you to come down to my office.a4.gif

a4.gif Aye sir on my way. Carter out.a4.gif

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Aug 26 2006, 11:36 AM
"Rog can you take over?" She asked, and Rog shot her a "what" look, and she shot him the "death" look.

Rog came over, "traitor."

She just dismissed it, and walked to the Security Office adjacent to the bridge. Ross entered, and saw Lieutenant Nox.

"Sir you wanted to see me?" She asked him, hands behind her back and hair up in a bun. She stood at parade rest awaiting his orders.

Dear God, what in the world could this man have found on my record? Okay so I've been in a few bar fights and scuffles here and there but hell I had my right to defend myself. Okay maybe its because I don't know, okay just focus and you'll be fine Ross then we can get back to work and yes work, good, work is great.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Aug 30 2006, 04:29 AM
a4.gif “I demand the unconditional surrender of the Intrepid Captain!” a4.gif The grisly Klingon on the Courageous’s viewscreen growled.

a4.gif “I’m Captain Reyan of the Intrepid, and you are?” a4.gif Anil stepped forward alongside Ryan.

a4.gif “I’m the Klingon that has thirty-five plasma torpedos locked onto your vessel - lower your shields and prepare to be beamed aboard my vessel. You will be escorted to Q'ronoS where you will answer the changes of crimes agains the Empire.” a4.gif

a4.gif “We have evidence which proves the Intrepids and my innocence. If you care to actually investigate for yourselves instead of relying on the distress call of that freighter you will see that it was a Cardassian ship that was responsible for its distruction.” a4.gif

a4.gif “We received the sensor records from the freighter K’vaagh before it exploded.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Those sensor records are false, the –“ a4.gif

a4.gif “If you are you suggesting that cargo ship carrying Klingon civialian officers falsified sensor records –“ a4.gif

a4.gif “No, the ship that attacked them seemed to be emitting a false sensor image.” a4.gif Ryan said.

a4.gif “I see. Very well, I’ll beam aboard your vessel and review your evidence.” a4.gif The more sedate Klingon responded before the channel closed abruptly.

“That has to be one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had recently.” Ryan muttered and turned his back to the viewscreen.

“I thought even Klingon’s introduced themselves before threatening to destroy your vessel.” Kaoru said.

“Sir, before you came out of your Ready Room, he said his name was K’tarn.” Ensign Rog interjected.

Ryan gave the Ensign a nod of appreciation. “Did he mention anything else that could be useful?”

“No, sir.”

Several minutes later the doors of the turbo lift opened and revealed the Klingon Captain that Anil and Ryan had just spoken to and the escorting Ensign Rog. Ryan directed both Captains to the Operations console where the evidence had been compiled for viewing.

“As you can see here,” Ryan began to say as he pointed to the small screen that displayed footage of the freighter being destroyed. “our visual sensors didn’t detect anything out of the ordinary. Nor did the long range scans of the attacking vessel.”

“In that case show me the evidence that matters.”

Ryan tapped at the controls to show more technical specifications. “My Chief Engineer and Tactical Officer found analysed the weapons signatures left on debris from the freighter. I’m told it took some work but they found that the signature contained an underlying Cardassian weapons signature.”

“I also found a mass of biological tissue adhered to a section of bulkhead that had endured the explosion.” Kaoru said from behind Ryan. “The sample had been broiled by the sudden build-up of heat. However I was able to extract enough DNA to determine that the sample is Cardassian. I’ve also scanned it with the Electron Resonance Scanner, the results should be found in medical log 543519-tango.”

“Obviously they boarded so they could take the freighter’s cargo.”

“That’s about the only theory we have too.” Anil said.

“It would seem that we have a common enemy. The Cardassian’s are without honor. Sneaking around, attacking vessels and all long pretending to be something they are not!” K’tarn stated. “I say to you Captain, the Empire won’t stop till every one of those Klingon lives has been avenged and piles of Cardassian’s lay dead at my feet.”

“I’m not certain that it was a military vessel.”

“I see, and how do you have come to this conclusion?” The Klingon Captain said sceptically.

“The Cardassian Union isn’t in any shape to go starting a war that it couldn’t possibly win.”

“Also, I recently went to Cardassia Prime to retrieve some… colleagues. On the return trip my runabout was ambushed by a retrofitted Cardassian battle cruiser that seemingly had been commandeered by some form of separatist movement.”

“Obviously Central Command either doesn’t know or are holding back on revealing the existence of this group.” Ryan said. “Or they don’t think of the separatists as much of a threat.”

“In any case, it was made clear that some Cardassian’s believe the Federation and Bajoran governments have no business being on Cardassian soil; that the humanitarian aid teams that have been assigned there are no longer welcome.”

K’tarn let out a throaty growl of frustration. “They should keep their civilian’s on a shorter leash. I’ll inform the Council of what has happened here. Qa’pla, Captain.”

Kaoru glanced in the direction of the Tactical console and motioned for Ensign Rog to escort the Klingon Captain back to the Transporter Room.

“I don’t think there is much more we can do here, but I intend to find that sham Cardassian vessel. Have all of our crew transferred back to the Intrepid, I’d like to get underway as soon as possible.”

“Aye, sir.” Ryan replied before Anil followed K’tarn and Rog into the turbo lift.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Aug 31 2006, 12:40 AM
//Sickbay~USS Intrepid\\

Home sweet home.

The familiarity of the Intrepid sickbay was one of the most welcoming things she could remember in a long time. Anil was back, she was second officer again, not XO.

There were still some very notable absences, Aeon was still gone, and Geo. But Kaoru had gotten a letter from the Hermekian...the letter she had requested (or demanded, depending on how you looked at it) without any hope of actually receiving.

He seemed to have known how much she needed it, just then.

The first order of business was to process the crew from the Courageous who were joining the Intrepid and get them cleared for duty.

The physical act of that had been taken care of aboard the Courageous...the seven crew members had all been cleared for duty. All that was left was for Kaoru to update their medical records to reflect that.

She pulled up each file individually, first Lieutenant Panea, the lovely counsellor. Kaoru had enjoyed getting to know her on the Courageous. She was quick witted, astute, and very kind.

Next was Lieutenant Roslyn Carter. Kaoru hadn't spent much time with the security officer, but she had found her to be engaging and energetic, and very good at her job. Something had happened though, on the Courageous. Kaoru had never been quite clear on the dynamics of the ship and its regular CO and XO, but Kaoru had the vague notion, right or wrong, that Carter wasn't particularly happy on the Courageous.

Then there was Lieutenant Vincent Talenos, Ops. Kaoru chuckled a little when she updated his record, remembering the imposing man.

In all, it took her about 45 minutes to update all seven medical files.

When she was finished with that, she downloaded the information onto a padd, integrating it into her report for the Captain.

//Bridge~USS Intrepid\\

The turbolift doors whispered open and Kaoru stepped out, staggering back just after, barely avoiding a collision with Ryan.

Ryan hardly seemed to have noticed, nodding a brief and distracted greeting, "Doctor."

Kaoru shook her head, chuckling and stepping past the XO, "Commander."

"Doctor, good your here." Ryan said. "My shift has ended, so you have the Bridge."

"Aye sir. Where is Anil?"

"He's in his quarters. He mentioned something about not being disturbed."

"Thank you sir. Enjoy your off shift."

Ryan grimaced, "It will either be spectacularly good, or spectacularly bad..i'm heading to engineering."

Kaoru laughed lightly, "In that outfit? I'd wear Klingon battle armor if I were you."

Ryan smirked, "Better have sickbay standing..." The rest of his words were lost as the turbolift doors shut.

Chuckling, Kaoru took her seat in the command chair, "All stations, report."

Posted by: Reyan Anil Aug 31 2006, 03:56 AM
Anil sat in his quaters - several hours had passed, and he had fallen asleep on the sofa, reading an old book entitled Lord of the Rings

It was the Comm system woke him

a4.gif "Captain Reyan to the bridge" a4.gif Kaoru's voice called

a4.gif "Aknowledged" a4.gif Anil wearily replied

He soon arrived on the bridge - Kaoru stood and walked toward him, Anil smiled, pleased to see her and other familiar faces back aboard the Intrepid

"Sir - we've traced the ion trail of what appears to be the Cardassian ship that was described - we've set an intercept course" she reported

"Time to intercept?" Anil asked

"Twenty minutes at current speed" she replied

"Good - we might finally get to the bottom of what they are up to" Anil stated, moving to sit in the command chair, where he monitored the status display

"Increase speed to warp 8" he advised

"Aye sir" came the reply from helm

"Time to intercept?" he asked

"Four minutes" came the quick reply

"They've detected us!" Kaoru called

"They've increased their speed!" the Helm officer advised

"Match it" Anil ordered

"We're in visual range" Kaoru advised

a1.gif "Red Alert" a1.gif Reyan called, before hitting his comm-badge

a4.gif "Commander Orlan to the bridge" a4.gif He called

"They've accelerated - warp 9.9!" the Helm officer stated, not masking her surprise at the fact that a Cardassian ship could travel at such speed

"Maximum warp!" Anil demanded, desperate not to allow the Cardassian ship to escape

"Warp 9.975" the Helmsman confirmed

"We're gaining - slowly" Kaoru advised

The turbolift doors whispered opened, and Commander Orlan stepped out

"The Cardassian's?" he enquired

"Yes - very fast Cardassian's" Anil replied

Ryan gave Anil a puzzled look

"They are travelling at a speed that, technically, their ship has no right to be able to move at - we're at warp 9.975 - the only way we could pace them" he stated

"Somthing is not right about that ship" Ryan replied, moving to sit next to Anil

"No - it's not - and I intend to find out what is going on with it" Anil replied

Reply anyone

Posted by: Gaia Moore Aug 31 2006, 12:04 PM
Gaia heard the turbolift doors opening, she saw Leyton who was standing next to her look down from the upper deck to where the Warp core was situated, He’d see who entered soon enough. Shortly after he whispered something in her ear. It was Ryan. Her blood already started boiling at the sound of his name, remembering what he had done to her. Would he abandon her like that again, would he leave her and expect her not to remember what he had done? “Why is he even here anyway? she found herself thinking. The lift doors opened, Leyton walked away from Gaia, likely not wanting to stick around for the fireworks. She heard him say something too low for her to hear to Ryan before taking Ryan’s place in the lift to the lower deck.

“What have I said about my open door policy Commander?” She knew it would take him back that she was being so formal with him, she hoped from that he’d know she was still angry over what he had done. Ryan was silent, but she knew he wanted to say something. “Oh that’s right.” She turned around to face him, “I don’t have one!”

“Maybe I can talk to the Chief Engineer about building you your own office, then you could make your open door policy effective than er... than what it is...”

"Okay, I give. What is it you want Ryan? As you can see, I'm a busy woman."

"I came to apologise for what happened at dinner. I know it irritated you. You've been making that quite plain since it happened. But I was needed on the Bridge, I had to go, you know that Gaia." He moved closer to her and she felt her heartbeat quicken as it always did when their bodies were as close as they were then.

"You could have told Doctor Ch'Vora that you needed me on the Bridge too." She whispered, knowing she sounded like a child sulking, but...he could have. That only invoked a quirky smile on his lips, she knew he was winning her over and the worst of it was, he knew it too.

"And leave Kaoru all alone with Doctor know-it-all hitch-a-ride? Even Kaoru doesn't deserve that level of cruelty. Then again..." Ryan suddenly grinned sheepishly.

"And leaving me alone with the two of them - with Kaoru looking as if she were ready to chew a hole through the door by the way. You don't think that was more so?" The heat had lessened in her tone, she could see the humour in what he was saying.

Just then Red Alert sounded and Gaia's heart fell, she knew what was coming...

a4.gif "Commander Orlan to the bridge" a4.gif Ryan looked at his comm badge, then back to Gaia. His eyes were full of regret, but his body language portrayed urgency.

“So there you go, doing it again as always! Is this how it’s going to be for us? Every time we get close to doing anything that we had planned to do, or that you dragged me to…” she put an extra emphasis on the word dragged “you’re going to run off and leave me to deal with whatever mess that happens down here?” She didn’t know whether she was angry now, or hurt, disappointed, perhaps a mix of all of the above. She just knew that she was on the verge of either crying or shouting. She had to turn away, her shoulders hunched and her head bowed slightly.

“Gaia…” she heard Ryan’s voice say softly, she could tell her words hurt him as much as it hurt her saying them. But she knew they had to be said. She could almost see him reaching to her, but without turning around, she stopped him with her words.

“Just go Ryan, they’ll be wondering where you are.” She could tell he was leaving by the ladder leading to the lower deck, he never did that, obviously he wanted to be away from her as quickly as possible.

She leaned over the rail and saw Ryan’s retreating back around the core. He stopped and looked back up at her, she couldn’t make out his facial expression, only the shape of his body. Gaia turned and walked away from the rail, away from Ryan. She couldn’t look at him, not after what she had said to him.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Aug 31 2006, 03:49 PM
The ever so annoying red alert defeated any chance of getting to know Lieutenant Nox, personally. Ross ran out of the office and straight to her post nearly shoving poor Grisham out of her post, she assumed her battle ready stance, charging phasers, and reading the torpedoes.

She quickly put shields up, and adjusted her tunic so that way in the event that she dies her ol' Quarter Master back at the Academy can she just how much she learned about proper wear of the uniform. Ross then awaited further orders, as she looked around some of the Courageous crewmen were on the bridge, and she could feel the heat of the hate in their stares.

Ignore them Ross, ignore them. Its nothing, nothing... you're only ditching them. I mean hell, the CO left to be an Admiral and the XO took another ship and now you and a whole bunch of others are like totally abandening ship. No! Furthering my career, my career not there's, they can suck on it for all I care. No you're totally leaving them... damn it stop talking and focus on the task at hand... phasers, shields, torpedoes...

Posted by: Hawku Aug 31 2006, 10:13 PM

Aeon's phasers, shields, and torpedoes were being tapped into by a computer link-up from the Starbase. He had stolen the Romulan shuttle Kaisek from the surface below and had already jumped into his life and death mission in orbit. Two Romulan Warbirds caught onto his little trek past the security check points and opened fire onto him.

Not only was he being attacked, but he was losing control of the shuttle. While piloting, Aeon quickly tapped in a lockout algorhythm sure to keep the Romulans guessing.

"Arggh!!" Aeon gritted his teeth as the shuttle was hit from behind again. "Should have-- stayed on the-- Courageous--" he muttered.

As a Warbrid neared him and fired, Aeon jerked the Kaisek upwards and out of the beams path. The second Warbird approached from above, taking aim to Aeon's new position - attempting to think ahead - but upon firing, foolishly hitting the Station.

Aeon had dodged that second disrupter beam and continued quickly down the side of the enormus space Station. While doing so, torpedoes blasted out from launchers located along its side, unable to hit the Kaisek due to its close range and fast pace.

"Syvar - if you're up there in Vulcan heaven, I just want you to know the truth. I never meant what I said to you... During that fight when you ridiculed my family business and I did yours: I said thier lack of accomplishments meant your life had no meaning. Our discussions on Romulan politics drove you to go there and attempt to make a difference - Well I'm sorry, Syvek. I was wrong when I berated your own life."

Aeon flew the shuttle right below the Station.

"The truth is, I was speaking of what I thought of my own at the time. It was just a misdirected analogy..."

He tapped his control panel and transmitted a virus.

"I hope turning the tide in favour of Donatra will ease things for you, old friend."

As soon as the virus was transmitted, Aeon altered the angle of the shuttle and jumped it to full speed out of there. The Romulan's out-poured twice as much more fire power at the shuttle - but its targetting scattering field only allowed 'lucky' hits until Aeon activated the special cloaking device... and, BOOM! he jumped to Warp.

After assisting a downed officer in what way he thought could help, Aeon was now reaffirmed in himself - and the fact that he brought his own meaning through taking initiative to become a better pilot aboard the Intrepid. Hopefully it would also be enough to honour Syvar.

The Kaisek continued on in cloak, speeding through space - with the Romulans unable to track him. He began long-range sensors and attempted to search for the Courageous.

Posted by: Charles Nox Sep 1 2006, 02:55 AM
Charles was about to speak when the red alert sounded. *Damn!!! He thought to himself. He downloaded her file to a datapadd and followed her to the bridge. He wanted to evaluate her anyway so this would be the best time. Charles could tell she was a bit beside herself.

"Suggestion" Charles said stepping up beside her.

"Anytime sir." She replied.

"If you move the tactical display around and put the shield modulation controls and the communications control at the top left and right and uses the combined view for the phasers and torpedos it access everything much quicker. Having seperate screens makes the task of jumping back and forth visually which slows down reaction time. But it's just a suggestion." Charles said hoping he came across gentle enough.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Sep 1 2006, 09:21 AM
DAMN IT! They're getting to you, and you're letting them.... okay focus so the nice looking Chief doesn't hound you.

"Thank you, sir." Ross replied complying to his suggestion, "Captain awaiting your orders."

Phasers were fully charged, and shields were up, everything was holding. She glanced around the ship again to find another crewman of the Courageous, who just wasn't another crewman he was Jefferson Whitmore, or Jeff. He was her ex-boyfriend, her best friend for the last ten years. After all her other boyfriends, Nick the one she was once engaged too, Brandon, Justin, Jake, but Jeff, he hurt her worse because he was her anchor and he cheated on her. He'd look every now and then, as she awaited further orders as the situation grew tense.

Jeff was strong and built, 6'4 230, with the build to match, and two nights ago she was stupid enough to let him have everything to find out the next day he went to see his ex for the third time. No, no more, she wasn't going to be the push over, she'll just go back to being his friend. It's not that hard right...

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Sep 2 2006, 06:37 AM
With the announcement of red alert the Engineering crew were busy prepping themselves for whatever danger may come to them, but their distraction was his hope - the hope that no-one would notice him leaving. He didn’t want the stares or questioning glances. He didn’t want to be stopped by anyone. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible or stay and talk to Gaia.

Ryan alighted the rungs of the ladder to the lower level and made a beeline for the exit. The open section of the upper-level passed overhead. He wondered absently if she was watching him right now from above like an angel or devil on his shoulder. He didn't know what to do. He wondered to if Gaia had said what she did just to make him leave. The main doors were only a few meters away, but before he realized it, his body had stopped making for the exit. He’d turned around and was looking up to where he had left Gaia.

Their eyes met for several moments. There stood the woman he loved; the woman he cherished. Had he really expected her to be there, looking back at him?

But she was still standing there, her pale hands on the railing fortifying her athletic form, which was small in comparison to her surroundings. He couldn't help staring at her. She really is magnificent...

How could he leave her now when things were like this between them? They’d waited for so long to be together. To have it end this way was something that Ryan didn’t want to think about. He knew that the Bridge was awaiting his arrival. His Starfleet training reminded him that his first duty was to the ship and crew, but he now knew that he wanted to stay in Engineering.

She knows that duty has to come first, that it isn't because I want to leave her. He thought to himself. He saw her turn and walk away. Had she heard his thoughts? What he didn’t know is why she was behaving the way she was recently. He almost didn't recognize her, she seemed so... different.

Ryan turned and walked the rest of the way out of Engineering, his mind still reeling from what had happened with Gaia. She was coming around, I know it! He thought to himself. What changed? Red alert? The comm? Something had to explain her behaviour.

"Trying to understand women will only give you a headache." He could almost hear the words that his old Hermekian friend would have said if he were here. The thought of Geo’s words caused a feeble smile to disperse across his face.

The turbo lift started to ascend towards the Bridge. He tried to clear his mind of Gaia. He had to be prepared for what awaited him when the turbo lift would stop…

“The Cardassian’s?” Ryan asked upon entering the Bridge..

“Yes - very fast Cardassian's” The Captain replied. “They are travelling at a speed that, technically, their ship has no right to be able to move at - we're at warp 9.975 - the only way we could pace them.”

"Something is not right about that ship." Ryan stated. He was still trying to get his bearings of the situation, although his thoughts periodically lingered to Gaia.

"No - it's not - and I intend to find out what is going on with it."

“Sir, their slowing to impulse, entering a binary star system.”

“Drop out of warp – stay with them, Ensign.” Anil instructed the Helm Officer.

The Galor class warship slowed as it neared the outer atmosphere of a gas giant.

“Captain, I’m receiving some unusual sensor readings from that ship. I’m only detecting 350 life signs and…” Carter tapped her console several more times. “it appears that someone has retrofitted its propulsion and weapons systems.”

“350? That class is reported to have a crew compliment of over 600.” Ryan stated.

“The question I want to know is who has been retrofitting its systems and why. Hail them Lieutenant.”

The image of the vessel on the viewscreen didn’t change to that of a Cardassian soldier as Ryan had expected. Instead the only response from the Cardassian’s came in the form of weapons fire.

The pale yellow disruptor beam lashed out from the Galor’s forward turret and impacted against the Intrepid’s shields. Ryan lurched sideways in his chair. “Straight from the icebox and into the plasma cooker!”

“What?” Anil said vaguely, his mind still focused on the Galor class ship on the viewscreen.

“Nothing… it’s nothing.”

“Lieutenant, return fire.”

“Aye, sir.”

The Intrepid sprinted closer at an oblique angle and swept under the belly of the Galor, firing phasers as they passed.

“Fire aft photon torpedoes!”

Their efforts resulted with a more than equivalent response from the Cardassian’s.

“Shields down to seventy percent.” Nox advised as he assisted Carter.

“We’ve got an EPS rupture on deck eight, section 14. Containment field in place.” Torres announced. “Life support fluctuations on deck nine, repair crews are responding. Sickbay reports multiple injuries.”

Again and again the Bridge shuddered violently with the unleashing of more rapid disruptor blasts. The Intrepid engaged another attacking manoeuvre.

“Shields down to thirty-six percent. We’re barely making a dent in theirs!”

“How far away is the Courageous?” Anil asked.

“At maximum warp, two hours.”

“That won’t do, they can match our speed.” Anil thought aloud and tapped the console between the command chairs. “There’s a class L planet in this system - Helm set a course.

“Captain?” Ryan asked, curious about what Anil had in mind. “Your hoping the Cardassian’s won’t follow us into the atmosphere. If their ship is disabled on descent they won’t be able to withstand the cold for as long as we can.”

“Exactly, the Cardassian’s don’t like the cold. I’m hoping they won’t risk it.”

“On the other hand, Cardassian’s don’t give up easily.”

The impulse engines propelled the Intrepid towards their new destination closely pursued by the Galor.

“Aft shielding down to ten percent.”

“Sir, we’re being hailed on a secure channel.”

“Origin?” Ryan asked.

“Unknown, sir.” Torres said.

“Onscreen.” Anil ordered.

a4.gif “Captain.” a4.gif Aeon’s amicable face filled the viewscreen. a4.gif “I’ve been searching for the Courageous… I didn’t expect to find –“ a4.gif

a4.gif “Lieutenant, where are you?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Entering the system. Long-range sensors detected weapons fire Need some help?” a4.gif

“Sir, there’s a ship decloaking.” Carter advised.

a4.gif “That would be me. Keep a docking bay open.” a4.gif Aeon said before he closed the channel.

“It’s a Romulan shuttle – he’s targeting the Cardassian’s.”

“Give him some cover, Ensign.” Anil instructed the Helm Officer.

Ryan was thrown forward in his seat when the Intrepid jolted more violently than before.

“We’ve lost aft shielding –“

“Multiple transports, intruders on deck nine!”

A gust of fire and plasma suddenly erupted from the starboard blade of the Galor, moments later the ship disintegrated in a blinding fiery explosion.

“Nox, Carter, get down to deck nine and contain those Cardassian’s.” Anil said. “Signal Lieutenant Sith that he is cleared to dock.”

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Sep 2 2006, 04:18 PM
"Aye," Carter replied as she ran down from the bridge to the turbolift knocked the amroury over and assembled a few officers, "go, go, go, go."

She and Nox grabbed two powerful weapons a TR-Shotgun, that fired off quantum rounds one hit one kill is its motto, and the TR-249 an automated phaser gun, that shot off like the old machine guns of the 20th century. Nox and Carter ordered the teams to clear off the deck itself, while they inspected each and every room...

*Tag Nox

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 6 2006, 02:00 PM
Dianna was running her fingers across the ops console as fast as she could. She was going over the sensors and making sure everything is operational. She diverted all power where it was needed. They were going to full attack mode and they needed all power that they could muster.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Sep 6 2006, 08:09 PM
Ross led a few men toward the shuttle bay, and Nox led the others into a jefferies tube that led into the Cargo Bay. "Shhh," she told them as the crouched against the wall. She could hear the Cardassians, and then she heard Nox fire off a shot from his Shotgun, she busted in with her 249, while the others carried their 3B Rifles.

"Get down!" Ross shouted behind her as she ducked and rolled behind the shuttle. She peaked out from behind the shuttle shot two of the twelve borders dead.

Nox brought his men into the shuttle bay, "Carter take your men into the Cargo Bay, Va'lak take two men and stay here, I'll go and secure the other side."

"Aye sir, you heard him! Let's go!" Carter yelled at her men as she crawled through the jefferies tubes.

Ten Cardassians were in the Cargo Bay, Ross sent two men to her left and another to her right. She could hear a fire fight behind her between Va'lak, his men and more Cardassians.

How many of them are there? God, what they do send an entire platoon? Okay lets not think about that.

She had just stepped carefully out of the jefferies tubes when one of the enlisted men dropped their power cells. The Cardassians turned and one fired off a round, nearly hitting Ross, "JEEZ-US!" She yelled hitting the floor.

a4.gif Carter to Nox, I hope you're done securing the other side! a4.gif
a4.gif I am don't worry I'm coming in on your three o'clock. a4.gif
a4.gif Huh? a4.gif
a4.gif Yah don't gotta yell damn, I can hear just fine thank you a4.gif

She shook her head, as her men flanked six of the ten Cardassians from the left and right, she took out another four with her partner CPO Rochester. Nox busted in from the right, just as six more Cardassians beamed in.

"What is this? The San Diego Comic Covention?" She asked as she grabbed her TR-249 and let about twenty rounds fly off, Nox killed off three, she wounded the other three.

Just as she did two more beamed in, "okay this isn't pop the friggin Lieutenant!" She killed those two on the spot.

Nox then ordered Carter, "takes these three to the brig, I'll clean up here."

"Aye sir," Carter replied, "Va'lak you still alive over there?"

"Ma'am," he answered.

Carter gave him a faint smile from the otherside, "c'mon we got three scum bags to toss into the brig."

He nodded and met up with her in the corridors.

a4.gif Carter to Bridge, we've got three, taking them to the brig, they could also use some medical attention. Just thought I'd point that out. a4.gif

Posted by: Panea Sep 7 2006, 03:03 PM
Panea smoothed the few last remaining wrinkles from her tight uniform. Sighing softly as she shook her head, long wisps of brown rustling lightly.

"Why oh why do they not make these outfits tighter? I could fit two of me in this!"

A pout rather than a frown did marr her flawless features, if only there was no need for clothes. She had argued this with her last Captain, but he had been half Klingon and convinced that hands did better saluting than...other body parts. Unfortunately her mind was no longer free to further speculate about her turquoise and black uniform as the red glare of an alarm flared to life. Coupled, with the resounding siren as the ship went to red alert.

Long fingers tapped the comm badge as she stood prepared for the worse. She had yet to liaise with the XO Ryan Orlan to request some office space. Not to mention how frustrated she was! Two days since her last...excercise. And now..this! Still, red alert did cause tensions to mount and such tensions were always welcome for her heightened senses. How delightful for an empath to work on a Starship!

a4.gif Lieutenant Panea reporting for duty Doctor Ele a4.gif

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Sep 7 2006, 06:25 PM
Sickbay was bustling...but it was no where the frantic, panicked mode that had characterized the last few months aboard the Intrepid.

Kaoru's crew seemed energized, glad to be back on their beloved ship. The fearless ship, it seemed, was growing quite a reputation among those who served aboard her.

She was informed of wounded Cardassians, taking up her medkit. "Marix, with me." The Lieutenant shouldered his own medkit. They were just about to leave sickbay when another comm came through.

a4.gif Lieutenant Panea reporting for duty Doctor Ele a4.gif

Kaoru chuckled, touching her own commbadge, a4.gif Ele here Counselor. You're cleared for duty, nothing left but the formality of presenting to sickbay. It shouldn't take more than three minutes. a4.gif

Kaoru couldn't help but smile when her thoughts touched on the new counselor. Panea was charming, vivacious and very lively. She and Kaoru had become friends in the short time Kaoru had been aboard the Courageous.

a4.gif Understood Doctor. Panea out. a4.gif The sly smile was evident in the counselor's tone. a4.gif I'll be there in two shakes. a4.gif

a4.gif Give me an hour or so Panea. I'm on my way to treat some unwelcome guests. a4.gif

a4.gif Aye Commander...three shakes then. a4.gif

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Sep 8 2006, 10:08 AM
The Brig

"The Doc will be here, just shut your damn trap," Ross said as she stood guard with Va'lak outside of the detetion cell.

Horis, Va'lak and Carter sat in front of three different cells, Va'lak turned to Carter and said, "I wish you the best of luck, I applaud your bravery."

She grunted a bit and replied, "Va'lak are you trying to be nice to me?"

"No, its, I'm leaving, officially I'm returning to Vulcan perhaps to find my roots as you've once said," He answered, placing an understanding hand on her forearm.

"Thanks," she solemnly said as a tear strolled down her cheek, "thank you so much."

Va'lak gave her his smile, and she leaned over and kissed his little Vulcan ear, he said, "I may be half Vulcan, but I'm also half human, you keep kissing me like that and we might have an ugly little affair on our hands."

She couldn't help but laugh, "thanks Va'lak."

"Aww Ross, I couldn't be mad at you!" Horis came over and Horis isn't a tiny guy he's like 6'10 250 pounds of pure muscle, and he came over picked Ross up in a hug. "But I sure am gonna miss yah!"

"O!" Ross shouted, "okay big boy, okay, okay I get it I'm gonna miss you too, now put me down!"

Ross was put down, just as Doctor Ele came in.

Posted by: Hawku Sep 8 2006, 03:50 PM
The door on the Romulan shuttle swooped open and Aeon stepped out. He walked accross the Shuttle Bay, meeting up with one of the officer's in there.

"Everything alright, sir?"

Aeon nodded, "Just glad to be back, err--"

"--Kelk," the officer replied. "Ensign Kelk."

The helmsmen nodded once more, "Kelk," he finished. "Make sure the shuttle's secured. I've deactivated the computers for any homing signals or anything." He glanced over at it. "It's pretty manouverable. It helped me in more ways than one."

Posted by: Vincent Talenos Sep 11 2006, 10:49 AM
The decision to leave his position on board the Courageous for the offered placement on the Intrepid had not been difficult. The man known as Vincent Talenos was not one who liked to remain in one place for any great length of time. In fact the thought of finding himself rooted to any one ship or position on board one ship had never appealed to him. His loyalty while serving could never be questioned as there were accommodations as well as a healthy reputation to support that steadfast approach to duty. There was something within the man, some deep seeded need that drove him ever onward into new genera's leaving him the man of mystery, a lone wolf.

After placing placing his belongings in the standard issue room, the nearly 7 foot began the long walk toward the bridge. His uniformed was neatly pressed over the large athletic build, his face and head had been cleanly shaven, and his special issue spectacles with mirrored lenses were properly placed. Long purposeful strides carried him with an air of foreboding through the corridors leaving those he would pass with only a chill in his wake.

The door slid open with its whispered hiss allowing Vincent a seamless crossing of the threshold where he wasted little time in approaching the woman behind her console. He halted to one side of her only a few steps away, his towering form taking a relaxed stance as his head slowly lowered to look down. No expression could be seen upon his face and when she glanced up the twin mirrors of his glasses would show only herself in their reflection. Only after a slightly uncomfortable pause did his lips part to allow deep low tones to interrupt the silence.

"Lieutenant Dianna Torres I presume?"

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Sep 11 2006, 10:47 PM
Kaoru entered the brig, one sable brow quirking as she saw the Carter being set down by one of the larger security officers. "You have strange rituals on the Courageous." Her warm smile made it clear she was joking, and the security officers chuckled a bit, still a little embarrassed.

Kaoru walked back and forth between the cells, her tricorder out, scanning the Cardassian prisoners. She paused in front of the cell of the Cardassion who had been hurt the worst, motioning for Marix to see to the other two.

Glancing over her shoulder, she nodded to Carter, "Whenever you're ready Lieutenant."

Carter touched the panel on the screen, lowering the forcefield that the doctor stood before, watching as the doctor and Va'lak entered the cell, the doctor crouching beside the wounded Cardassian.

Marix entered the second cell, along with Horis. Carter stood watch over both cells, her hand on the grip of her phaser.

Kaoru examined the ragged wound. The Cardassian had been hit nearly point blank by a phaser, and he was struggling to breathe, his windpipe crushed. Kaoru briefly had time to be amazed by Cardassian physiology before the wounded being regained consciousness, reaching for her throat, still wheezing.

Throwing herself backwards, Kaoru hit the wall of the cell hard with her shoulder. Va'lak stepped forward, between her and the prisoner, his phaser aimed and ready. "Relax...we're trying to help you here."

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 12 2006, 01:30 PM
"Lieutenant Dianna Torres I presume?" Said Vincent.

Welcome aboard Lieutenant," said Dianna.

Dianna motioned for a relief to take over Ops while Dianna took him to the mess hall to talk.

"Come on Vincent," said Dianna "Let go to the mess hall and we can talk. Since you are my assistant operations officer, I figured this would be a good place to get to know each other."

Dianna ordered a drink for both of them from the replicator and they sat down and gave Viincent his drink and sat down and talked to Vincent. She needed to know him in order to work well together. That was her philosophy.

Posted by: Vincent Talenos Sep 12 2006, 06:37 PM
Vincent took a side step back allowing the senior officer to do what she wished. There were several mental notes taken of her actions that were stored away for another time; for now he was not in the position to question but rather to follow. When she turned to leave he would keep pace a short distance just over her left shoulder allowing crisp commanding steps to carry him where she lead.

Curiously they entered the mess hall where upon entry it was announced they were to get to know each other then a drink was set upon the table before him. Slowly he lowered himself to a seat opposite that of his new commanding officer. Vincent then laced his fingers setting first his elbows then his hands down on the table in front of him without a second look at the offered drink. His face remained as expressionless as it had when they had met and again she could be seen reflected within the twin mirrors of his glasses.

"Was my file perhaps...misplaced?"

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 12 2006, 09:08 PM
As Dianna was sitting down with Vincent to talk, she sensed that he was a bit confused and then he spoke.

"Was my file perhaps...misplaced?" Asked Vincent

Dianna had no idea if his file was misplaced or not. This was her first wind that she was receiving an assistant Operations Officer. She didn't mind having one as it lessens her load and she can have more freetime to herself. In the days past, she has had to work her rearend off to make sure everything was up to and beyond satisfactory specs.

"Lieutenant, I truthfully don't know if your file was lost. All I know is that you caught me off guard. I had no idea they were sending me you. Even if I knew you were coming or not and if I had seen your file, I'd still do it the same way. I always want to know the officers that are working under me. I have to know if I can count on them. You know what I mean," asked Dianna.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Sep 13 2006, 09:39 AM
Roslyn's head turned toward the Doctor, and Va'lak. Va'lak had his phaser pointed toward the Cardassian. Roslyn withdrew hers from its holster. "Don't even think about it bud, now you're going to play nice and let the pretty Doctor, fix you up."

Roslyn told the Cardassian.

a4.gif Carter to Vuai a4.gif
a4.gif Ugh.... Ross? I don't come in until 10 a4.gif
a4.gif Sorry but we've got a situation here a4.gif
a4.gif I'm comin' where are you? a4.gif
a4.gif Brig a4.gif
a4.gif Son of a... I'll be there in a minute a4.gif

Ross waited, and soon enough Bende Vuai a big line backer, arrived in his Security Uniform, and his big gun to accompany him. "Stay in here and make sure this Cardassian doesn't pull a fast one on the Doctor."

"Sure thing," he replied, as he took Ross' place while she stood outside the cells once again.

Posted by: Vincent Talenos Sep 13 2006, 12:38 PM
Vincent felt the brushed attempts at reading his emotion which triggered an inherent racial trait. It was something he no longer had to think about rather it triggered itself from any forced or innocent attempts to read either the mind or emotions. This trait triggered a barrier between himself and the empath or telepath causing them to read only their own confusion. It had been quite handy on many occasions.

As the senior officer began to speak he would ease back, unlacing his fingers that his palms may meet the cool surface of the table. Unreadable features remained directly in line with her own but he stayed silent throughout the explanation. When at last silence fell an impregnated pause filled the space between them. At last his deep voice began to spill from parted lips speaking in simple matter of fact tones.

"The only true way to know if you can count upon those around you is during the course of service. Be it day to day or in the heat of battle not within the confines of a mess hall. And while we are on the subject of battle..I must say I find it fascinating protocol that a Senior officer would leave their post to a lesser crew member simply to..get to know..her assisting officer better directly after the ship had been attacked. Perhaps the Intrepid is much more lax then other Star Fleet Command positions I have held."

Slowly, methodically he slid forward his fingers again lacing together directly before his sternum. Vincent's face was once more placed but a short distance before the Lieutenant again bringing her own face sharply into focus through the twin mirrors.

"Do you know what..I..mean?"

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 13 2006, 03:38 PM
"Do you know what..I..mean?"

"Yes, I know what you mean. Now Lieutenant, I hope your not questioning my abilities. Ensign Rico is more than qualified to take ops when I am not there. I know what they are capable of. I am not as Lax as you think I am. Battle is not the only way I judge an officer under me, its the way he or she deals with her superior officer. I may not run the ops department here on the ship like other ships may run the department, but that does not mean I don't know what the hell is going on here. You have beta shift." said Dianna walking off to the bridge.

Dianna was pissed off for him to question her ethics. Maybe there are times she didn't run things exactly by the book, but she knew what she was doing. Nobody has ever questioned her abilities and hated people doing that. He will have another thing coming if he is trying to tell her how to run her department.

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Sep 13 2006, 09:34 PM
Kaoru rose, rubbing her shoulder, bending to pick up the tricorder she had dropped. The Cardassian watched them all, furtive eyes moving between the three people in the cell, pale lips curved in a savage snarl.

"I forgot how soft the federation is." Val'ak and Vuai exchanged amused glanced, the larger Vuai looking over his shoulder towards Ross, winking.

Kaoru chuckled, crouching beside the Cardassian again. "Yes yes...we are soft, and likely slow, dull witted, and aesthetically unappealing." Sapphire blue eyes were firmly fixed on her tricorder as she took several scans. "Now that we've agreed on something, just lay still please, so that I can treat you."

The Cardassian fell silent, and Kaoru treated the injury. It really was remarkable. There was a very strong possibility that the Cardassian would have survived on his own, without any medical assistance.

Rising, Kaoru shouldered her medkit, looking to the two guards and then turning to Ross, outside of the cells. "I'm ready. He'll be just fine."

Ross nodded, "Val'ak, Vuai. On my signal..." Vuai stood guard when the forcefield went down, backing out of the cell slowly after Val'ak and the doctor had exited.

Kaoru turned towards Ross once the forcefield was back in place, "Well that was exciting, wasn't it?"

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Sep 14 2006, 08:58 AM
Kaoru turned towards Ross once the forcefield was back in place, "Well that was exciting, wasn't it?"

"You're telling me," Ross said with a smile, Va'lak nodded toward Ross.

Va'lak said, "Vuai, bring Fernandez, Kinard and Summerville down for tonight. Horis will relieve you with another team, and then I shall relieve Horis."

"No prob," Vuai said winking to Ross, as he sat down and got a hold of the other officers.

Va'lak then left the brig, and Ross turned to the Doctor, "I'll see you later today, for a brief physical."

Ross left the brig and headed for her quarters, as Jeff Whitmore waited on her. "Bout time you showed up," he told her as she walked right by him, when she got off the turbolift.

"You know Jeff, you can just bug off." She told her ex-boyfriend.

In her quarters it was like a staring contest, well it was. Then she broke the silence, "what do you want Jeff?"

"You." He replied, "I want you."

"Well too bad sunshine, I'm leaving." Ross told him plainly as she sat on her empty bed. He walked toward her and place his hands on her face, lifting her eyes toward his eyes.

He leaned in and kissed her, "that's just too bad sunshine."

He began to walk away when she said, "I might be pregnant."

"What?" He spun on his heels faster than you can say make it so number one. Their eyes met, "Ross, you can't be."

"I haven't had my period Jeff, c'mon now." She said getting up and pacing, "I'll have it confirmed today by the Doctor."

"After the shit you just pulled down in the cargo bays? You're pulling one on me Ross," Jeff said his hands to his side, "you know Ross, this is pathetic."

"I am not lying to you Jeff, why would I lie?" She asked him as she dressed down to her work out clothes.

He just looked at her, not really knowing, "I don't know, but you are NOT pregnant."

With that he left, and Ross just waited until he did before whispering, "but I am... the Doctor can only confirm what I know Jeff, its been two months."

Posted by: Hawku Sep 14 2006, 07:41 PM
Aeon entered the Turbolift, with a Padd in his hand containing his report. The turbolift ascended until coming to a complete stop. Another person entered - a Romulan scientist.

He nodded to Aeon.

Aeon nodded back, a bit shocked, and a bit nervous. He knew exactly where this Romulan came from. Ch’Vora was sent over by the Romulan state - led by Tal'Aura. "Hey," Aeon said quietly.

"I haven't seen you around before," Ch’Vora said, hoping to make some small-talk. "You're a senior officer?"

The helmsmen agreed, "...Uhh, right! Yeah, I'm the Chief helmsmen. I guess I've just been so busy lately, heh." Apparently Ch’Vora didn't know that Aeon was the exchange officer to Romulus.

"Did you hear that an officer arrived in a Romulan shuttle? That is just crazy," Ch’Vora said shaking his head. "I wonder where he got it from."

Instead of expanding on that thought, Aeon was desiring a subject change more than ever - "Hey! You know what's interesting? That Cardassian group. Who do they think they are, huh?"

"Hm," Ch’Vora nodded, "Romulus is experiencing a similar uprising, with the Imperial Fleet and Donatra. Although, I won't go into that, because I know that Donatra once helped the Federation."

Aeon held up a hand, "Oh, no, it's quite alright. How are you liking it on the Intrepid?"

"This vessel could use a little more efficiency."

Aeon nodded, "But then what ship couldn't?"

"A romulan ship," Ch’Vora answered. "Here is my stop."

The turbolift doors opened and the scientist stepped out. Aeon let out a sigh of relief. He knew that his actions on Romulus were directly against Tal'Aura - and if Ch’Vora ever knew that, there would be a defenite uproar on the subject.

The turbolift doors opened and Aeon entered the Bridge.

Posted by: Panea Sep 15 2006, 09:18 AM
Having spent the remaining forty-five minutes arranging various artifacts in their proper placement, certain trinkets facing North of the doorway, others facing the overlarge bed. Satisfied, the Lieutenant spared a brief glance into the mirror and smiled amusedly. Long fingers of right hand rose to place a silken lock neatly behind her right ear having escaped to fall upon her fine features.

Satisfied with her presentation and timing at last, Panea was certain that by the time she walked toward the turbo-lift and into sickbay, Kaoru wil have hopefully returned.

Silent and swift, the slim yet toned form of the ship's new counsellor exited her quarters and looking to her left then right deftly moved toward the turbo lift. There seemed to be no one around at present. Perhaps they all required a stiff drink from all the previous excitement? That would certainly not be what she would advise. Allowing herself a soft chuckle she then entered the now opened doors of the turbo-lift and spoke clearly.

"Sick bay..."

Sensing somehow that an announcement of some kind would be in order, the velvety soft tones of the ship's counsellor permeated through the comm-link.

a4.gif Panea reporting to sick bay...currently en route to your location, expect arrival ten minutes. a4.gif

How entertaining to be so formal! Perhaps being on a new ship would prove to be a dose of good medicine for the all too expressive Telepath?

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Sep 17 2006, 08:54 PM
"Sir, Lieutenant Nox has informed that they apprehended three of the Cardassian boarding party. Doctor Ele has been notified and their injuries treated.”

The Commander nodded an acknowledgement toward the Ensign who was covering the Tactical station in Charles and Roslyn’s absence. As he turned his attention back towards the Captain so they could decide what to do next with the Cardassian’s, when he noticed Lieutenant Torres and another officer enter the turbo lift.

Ryan was somewhat proud of his ability to weigh people up, except women it seemed. For the norm he could be very observant and even from the angle that he was looking at this unknown officer.

The man was tall and refined. His features were square and strong as though they’d been carved into rough stone. Yet he seemed to radiate a smooth and calm demeanor, almost like he thrived in tense situations. But something about this man bothered him, he seemed familiar, elegant but authoritative in the way he walked. It forced Ryan to furrow his brow as he watched the back of the man. Do I know him? he wondered.

“It couldn’t be…” Ryan murmured.

“What?” Anil turned and asked just as the turbo lift doors closed so that he couldn’t see what Ryan had seen.

“Who was that?”

“Who was who?”

“That officer that just entered the turbo lift with Lieutenant Torres.”

“I didn’t see him.” The Captain stated.

“I didn’t see all of his face, only the side and his back. He seems so familiar.”

“Maybe he was one of the new officers from the Courageous.”

“With all that has happened, I haven’t had time to check the manifest. Kaoru was dealing with the transfers.” Ryan sat in his chair and navigated the command console to display the records that Kaoru had forward for him to review.

Ordinarily he would have been responsible for approving the transfers to the Intrepid before submitting his recommendations to the Captain, but at the time it was Kaoru’s responsibility as Ryan’s acting First Officer process the requests.

A short list of names printed out on small screen and Ryan highlighted the one he’d been hoping to see. “I’ll be damned… Vincent Talenos.”

Anil simply watched Ryan curiously, his expression showing his confusion and wonder.

“Vincent and I… were friends along time ago.” Ryan explained. “He was sentenced not long after me.”

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Sep 23 2006, 10:16 PM
a4.gif Panea reporting to sick bay...currently en route to your location, expect arrival ten minutes. a4.gif

Kaoru chuckled, having arrived in sickbay a few minutes before.

a4.gif Understood Counsellor. I'll be waiting. a4.gif

"Doctor." Marix cleared his throat, getting her attention.

"What is it?"

"Let me see to your shoulder." The Lieutenant noticed she had been favoring her right shoulder since returning from treating the Cardassians.

Sapphire blue eyes glittered dangerously, but Marix's face remained set and unresponsive. "Very well." Kaoru was impressed with her second in command.

Marix indicated a biobed and Kaoru hopped up, rotating her shoulder.

Holding up the medica wand, Marix did a tissue scan, his eyes fixed on the tricorder, obviously aware of Kaoru's study of him. "No signs of muscle lacerations or tearing." He set the wand down, "Just bruising."

Kaoru nodded her approval, "Well done Marix."

Sickbay doors whispered open then, and the lovely new counsellor stepped inside. Kaoru stood up, but Panea had already seen. "Hmm...I do hope I'm interrupting something." The beautiful woman's lips curved in a sinful smile.

Kaoru laughed, "Oh yes...as a matter of fact you have. Marix was just scanning my shoulder."

Real concern showed in the counsellor's eyes. "Oh no...are you well Kaoru?"

"Fine fine..." Kaoru was surprised at how comfortable she felt with the counsellor. "Come into my office Panea. I thought we could start going over some of the crew files."

Posted by: Vincent Talenos Sep 26 2006, 04:00 AM
At last a bit of useful information had been imparted. Beta shift, which should begin several hours from now. Unless of course there were other fascinating protocol irregularities he had yet to be made aware. This then would leave ample opportunity for Vincent to visit a fellow casualty of war. When taking this position he had done the usual checking through the logs to find that its first officer had been none other then Commander Ryan Orlan; a name he knew well.

Rising from the seat he had previously taken, Vincent now made his way back to the turbo lift. When the doors hissed open allowing him to step within its lighted depths there was another who from her transmission was headed to sick bay. Now facing forward within the lift he stood straight and tall with hands clasped at the wrist behind his back. It was a position of ease yet even such a relaxed stance held a toweringly commanding presence.

No words passed between them but Vincent did not hesitate in the slow rotation of his neck that brought her form in line with those twin mirrored spectacles. Unabashedly he stared at the woman showing no sign of discomfort or emotion what so ever. It was only the hissing of the doors for her exit accompanied the the same whispered hush of their closing that the inspection would draw to a close. Standing now alone a smile of unknown origin touched his lips as he uttered a single word.


Posted by: Panea Sep 26 2006, 01:16 PM

The repetitive hum of the turbolift now strenghened as Doctor Ele's response had faded. Thankfully Panea had caught up on her beatuy sleep and oh..it sure did show. A solicitous smirk spread upon pursed lips yet died instantly to a more demure, serene look as the turbolift halted.

Thinking this to be her destination at first she leaned forward yet immediately leaned back as the impressive form of a man came into view. Judging by her surroundings, a sweep of the naked eye intook, she was not in sickbay and re-affirmed her destination to the listening console.

He looked familiar, yes, she had seen him before. They had not met even though having both been stationed on the Courageous. But, one evening when Panea had perused all the male files in her database...for medical reasons naturally...she had come across his picture and admired it...healthwise ofcourse.

She could feel his stare upon her, it was not unwelcome. Primitive were the games of female and male. Whom had more practise in the psycological twists and physical turns than she? As if a mild pain birthed itself upon the side of her neck a small moan of discomfort was emitted as long fingers of left hand rose to lightly rub the flesh that parted hair did reveal.

With a swish the turbolifts suddenly opened and straightening, the Intrepid's new counsellor exited without a word or backward glance to the male. Once the doors had closed, Panea sauntered confidently toward the two figures by the cot whilst making various mental notes and calculations involving more than one person. Had she just interrupted a secret liaison? How delightful!

"Hmm...I do hope I'm interrupting something." The beautiful woman's lips curved in a sinful smile.

Kaoru laughed, "Oh yes...as a matter of fact you have. Marix was just scanning my shoulder."

Real concern showed in the counsellor's eyes. "Oh no...are you well Kaoru?"

"Fine fine..." Kaoru was surprised at how comfortable she felt with the counsellor. "Come into my office Panea. I thought we could start going over some of the crew files."

A sigh of relief breathed through ripened lips as an appraising glance was given to Marix with a wink as she passed and then following Kaoru into her rather official office. Too official for a female with modest beatuty such as herself. Panea decided to metion some suitable changes anon. For the moment her mind was buzzing with files...Particularly those of the male variety.

"Oh I do so love my work...It is so important to pay great attention to every detail...I call it...Astute professionalism." A rather mischievious smile had replaced the pursed lip expression.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Sep 28 2006, 01:00 AM
~ ~ ~ ~ USS Saragossa // Deck One // Bridge ~ ~ ~ ~

"Commanding officers personal log; well what's the easy way to say this. The Saragossa has had most of it's repairs done enroute, so far the weapons systems aren't online and the shield grid is fluctuating. What I wouldn't give for a good old Engineer - Aurora or even Gaia. Speaking of which, the Saragossa is enroute to rendevous with the USS Intrepid, which is in the sector for a short duration. It took hell to get my transfer through, but somethings are worth doing. The crew of the Saragossa have expressed their concern over the my departure, but hey - with Admiral Langdon taking over control of Epsilon four the starbase has become a marine installation. Bastards, I hate marines, but what more can be expected. It's almost as if there was some ulterior motive behind this entire ordeal, no matter. End log," a sigh left the Hermekians lips, those same ocular purples adjusting to the dim lighting aboard the Saragossa. Unfortunately most of the repairs had been towards making her run smoothly, and not towards environmental controls. The heat was unbearable - for a human. Hermekians had an unusually high tolerance for heat, but a low tolerance for cold.

"Patch me through on Channel theta epsilon, connect with Operations on a private channel - directly to Ryan Orlan." Ensign Locarno (the recently demoted Lieutenant) nodded his head and patched it through. After connecting with the operations console on the Intrepid the call would undoubtedly be routed through to Ryan, who - if he was smart (which people knew he was) - would take it privately, undoubtedly in the confines of his quartres or a console away from everywhere.

a4.gif Geovanie! You dog, what exactly do you want? You know how busy it can be running things on a starship - oh that's right, you're commanding a starbase. a4.gif

a4.gif Your humour never ceases to amaze even the most vulcan of people Commander. Admiral Langdon from the marine core took over operations of the starbase, I was being sent to Andoria to begin Flight training at one of the starfleet training stations their - but I requested a transfer --- a4.gif

a4.gif let me guess, back here? a4.gif Ryan grinned.

a4.gif Starfleet feels that the Intrepid would benefit from a strategic intelligence officer aboard the ship. a4.gif

a4.gif How many arms did you twist to come up with that position? a4.gif

Geovanie grinned, a4.gif Alot, but you know me, I'm meant to be on a ship, flying by the stars - not confined to handling archeological digs. It's boring, real boring. Anyway, Starfleet Command has issued my transfer request, a full roster update is with me upon arrival to the ship. The Saragossa is estimated time of arrival in under one hour. a4.gif

"Fourty eight minutes - twelve seconds" Locarno corrected. Geo shot him a look, then glanced back at his viewscreen.

a4.gif See you soon Ryan, Revolone out a4.gif

"How many times do I have to ask you not to interupt my important messages?" Geo rounded on the ensign.

Locarno just grinned, and Geo laughed, "You have the bridge," he stated, leaving Locarno to take over as he headed into the turbolift. his fingers absently adjusted the black and purple uniform, brushing against the pips on his collar. Commander, and the Intrepid - things were definately going his way.

~ ~ ~ ~ USS Saragossa // Deck 5 // Captains Quartres ~ ~ ~ ~

"I appreciate you escorting me Colonel Bastille, but really it isn't a requirement." Geovanie stuffed more of his clothing into the duffel bag, casting a backwards glance at the Marine Colonel. They had both served in Zulu fleet, but that inprecidented disaster had happened before Geovanie's time aboard the Distant Horizon, or the Intrepid. A lot had changed since those days.

"I just wanted to talk to you. You know Admiral Langdon could use a guy like you with us. Zulu was a disaster that's true, but the Andorian consolate has forgiven all of the marine transgressions. We have another chance here in the Altaran sector, we can make a difference against the syndicate."

"You know as well as I do that it's just another grab for power," Geo stated, folding another shirt and tucking it into the bag, "another quest between forces the two of us don't want to get involved in." Something cold pressed agianst the Commanders arm.

"The federation has many enemies Geovanie, remember that," Colonel Bastille made his exit.

Geovanie paused, examining the PADD before putting in the proper authorization, it was a three digit code - one letter, two numbers. Once the PADD had loaded he stared at the contents, then lowered his head. The federation has many enemies he repeated in his mind, sagging to the bed. A weight he had left long ago had caught up with him...

a4.gif Sir we are approaching the Intrepid, Estimated Time of arrival in twelve minutes, thirteen seconds. a4.gif

He tucked the PADD into his duffel bag, then left his quartres for the bridge.

Well then, it's been quite awhile since I've joined the game hasn't it, I trust this is a sufficient reintegration. I could have made it longer but I figured it gets annoying to read lengthy posts, so -- I'll save it for another day. Thanks

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 30 2006, 12:08 AM
Dianna walked back to the bridge rather pissed off. She hated when people tried to tell her how to do her job and thats what she felt that Vince was doing to her.

Dianna retook her console on the bridge. She was sick and tired of everything right now. Dianna felt a jolt and knew what it was. They were being fired on by the cardassians again. This time they had friends with them. Dianna let the captain know that they now had three cardassian ships on their tails.

The captain then told her to contact the klingons. They usually were great about aiding them when they needed them the most.

Then Dianna felt another jolt and the captain told the security officer to fire on them. They fired and then the cardassians fired. It was an all out battle of wits.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Oct 1 2006, 10:36 PM
Roslyn stayed in her quarters, she sat in front of her message console. But then again, that was a cowards way out. She put on some denim jeans that went down to her combat boots, her black belt, and a black tunic that had two yellow stripes on the sleeves, she walked out of her quarters and toward the turbolift.

It rose and stopped off at sickbay's level, she moved out and walked around and into sickbay. She looked at herself cautious about whether or not her pregnancy showed at two months, then again she didn't know anything according to Jeff, but she was, she knew it, you don't miss your period two months in a row at her age.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Oct 2 2006, 02:26 PM
~ ~ ~ ~ USS Saragossa // Deck 13 // Holodeck ~ ~ ~ ~

"Seventeen sub systems are beginning to deteriorate, we can't hold the uplink with Starfleet, you have to work quicker."

"Quicker! Gods you must be my mother or something, I can't work any faster then this," Geovanie shouted back to one of the officers at the adjecent console to his right. He glanced back at his controls, bypassing the secondary subroutines and reinitializing the uplink. Success, the systems came back to life with a humm from the science console. I hate Science officers almost as much as Marines he thought to himself, turning to face the Captain, "uplink established, Operations should be able to contact Starfleet now, I don't know how long it will last."

Geovanie had been an Engineer aboard the Reaent, but that was a faint memory to him. No, Helm, that was his true life - yet it seems that promotions tended to get you as far away from that position. He glanced at his wrists, adjusting the cuffs. Maybe he should get a demotion back to Ensign? Chuckling mentally he shrugged the thought, manning the console.

The Captain stood up, glancing at the viewscreen before another volley of torpedo's took over the sensors, and sent the ship into convulsive turbulence.

"Lieutenant, once I'm aboard the Intrepid you'll have to captain the ship - I won't give you command if you can't complete a simple training mission."

"Do you honestly expect to have combat situations while heading back to the Altaris Belt sir? Because I don't." Geovanie frowned at the thought, then returned to his controls. Fine - it was a simulation afterall. Those same glamorous orbs readjusted to the viewscreen, pupils dialated with the bright flare that lit up the screen.

"Shields gone," someone shouted from behind him, yet those rugged violet oculars remained fixated on the viewscreen, watching as the remaining two torpedo's collided with the ship. The computer signalled the end of the simulation, the environment suddenly replaced with the gridded cell of the Miranda class vessels holodeck. It was an older design, but still sufficient for their purpose.

"And you failed..." Geovanie trailed off, the comm suddenly active.

a4.gif Sir, we've dropped from warp, but theirs some comm chatter on the network, you might want to get up here a4.gif

a4.gif Understood, I'm on my way a4.gif Geovanie muttered dryly about the Lieutenant whom had been captaining, all the while proceeding into the turbolift.

"Deck One, Bridge," he commanded, turning his head to face the officer he had been running the simulation with, "you know why you failed didn't you?"

"I'm not ready for combat situations," he replied. The hum of the turbolift began to diminish, a sign that the inertial dampeners were kicking in. With a hiss the doors parted, and the two exited.

"Report," The Hermekian ordered, and the Operations officer tied in the commlink on the internal PA systems.

Geo kept frowning, glancing backwards to the officer he had just gotten off the turbolift with, "I suggest you make yourself ready Lieutenant..."

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Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Oct 8 2006, 07:33 PM
Kaoru laughed with Panea, refraining from commenting on any of the male crewmembers.

Geo's file came up and Panea cooed appreciatively, looking up with wide, mischevious eyes at what she sensed from the doctor.

"Ohh..but this one is yours. Naughty Kaoru. You have been holding out on me. You must tell me everything."

Kaoru shook her head, calling up the next file. "Geovanie Revolone. Hermekian."

One shaded brow lifted and the counsellor tsked. "I'll never understand the need for such secrets. But as you will doctor." Leaning forward, she placed her hand over Kaoru's. "Still...let me congratulate you on your taste."

Kaoru laughed, "Thank you Panea. I find him rather handsome myself."

Vincent's file came up next and Kaoru smiled as Panea cooed again. "Oh I do so love my job."

The red alerts sounded, interrupting the two before Kaoru could reply. Rising quickly, Kaoru touched her commbadge, a4.gif Sickbay to bridge, status report. a4.gif

a4.gif The Cardassians have opened fire Commander. We're engaging them. a4.gif

a4.gif Understood. Sickbay out. a4.gif

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Oct 8 2006, 09:51 PM
Roslyn heard the red alert klaxons, but she was off duty but that didn't matter she was called.

a4.gif Carter, bridge now a4.gif
a4.gif Aye sir... a4.gif

She ran back to her quarters breathing carefully she rushed into her uniform and put her hair up in a ponytail as she manage to take her console on the bridge. Ross just breathed, her concentration lacking due to her more maternal focuses on her own body with every jolt and hit she guarded her abdomen. Basic shields were online, and holding and she prayed they would continue to hold.

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Oct 10 2006, 02:57 AM
Already on the Bridge and watching the Saragossa's crew do their jobs, Moesha was ready to be called upon should they need her help. Her Vulcan half keeping her calm in the face of what looked like danger. She was at the back of the Bridge hoping to stay out of the way, although she stayed close to the science stations.

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Posted by: Panea Oct 11 2006, 01:23 PM

Indeed her commanding officer truly had great taste. But then, Kaoru was very attractive in her own right thus it was only natural she should have similar appreciation for the finer stock of males in the Universe. Afterall, a Doctor should know everything there was and is to know about all male or female forms.

A Vulcan asked a wise question of the youthful Panea once, if sensual touch bore such great importance, why should it matter on the sex of the subject? The Vulcan had a point there. Looking to Doctor Ele , Panea smiled ruefully. And even afterall this time she did still agree with the answer sheh ad given her dear old Vulcan friend.

"Females think too much. Males react first think later. That is all except yourself my dear Vulcan friend which is why..well...We are friends and not..better aquainted."

Panea laughed soft once as she then removed her hand from Kaoru's. Red alert had sounded and keen ears listened to her commanding officer request status report. Sighing softly to herself she did wonder why she never had become an Ambassador. The problem with Cardassians as with all cold bloodied reptilians was simple. It took them so long to get aroused. If only she could impart her well learned Knowledge..They would be a far happier race altogether!

Silently she hoped that the day would come where her gifts would be truly appreciated. She felt hope within stirring that the Intrepid was such the ship to make great changes. That thought and naturally the pictures upon the console.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Oct 13 2006, 12:29 AM
Ryan entered the Captain’s Ready Room and set a small tower of data PADD’s down on Anil’s desk.

“More status reports I assume?”

“Do they ever stop coming?”

Anil smiled and swept the pile of PADD’s towards him. “The repairs do appear to be progressing rapidly.”

“Repairing the Intrepid is all we seem to do these days. Do you ever wonder what happened to exploration?”

“Ryan, I know we don’t have the ideal mission. We’ve lost so many crew, some of them very close friends and…” Anil’s voice trailed off as his gaze lowered to the PADD in his hands.

Ryan felt for Anil as he looked at the man he had always considered to be strong. He remembered what it had been like to feel like you had lost someone you cherished, someone you loved. Ryan realised something then that made him feel slightly uncomfortable… he hadn’t attended Kassan’s funeral. Silently he wondered if Anil knew or thought bad of him for not being there.

“Loosing someone… someone that close, is the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with.” Anil continued. “And you know what the worst part is? I didn’t even go to her memorial service.”

“As cadets the first thing they drum into us is duty. Trying to set that aside from our personal feelings is the most challenging part and often not the easiest to do.”

It was such a text book answer that Ryan could almost hear Gaia clap several times and sarcastically say ‘Bravo! Bravo! Just like you always do, isn’t that right, Ryan?’

a4.gif “Bridge to Captain Anil, Sir we’re receiving a message from a Commander Revelone.” a4.gif

Anil looked up at Ryan from behind the PADD in his hands obviously seeing the eager expression on the Commander’s face. A smile appeared on the Captain’s face as he nodded in agreement for Ryan to respond to Geo.

Ryan entered the vacant Briefing Room and activated the monitor on the far wall.

a4.gif “Geo! How are you old friend?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Not as old as you… Is it just distortion on this comm channel or is that a grey hair I can see?” a4.gif

a4.gif “I see you haven’t lost your wit. So has that new pip gone to your head yet?” a4.gif

a4.gif “Actually I’m not in command of the Starbase anymore. It’s a bit of a long story but you know me, I’ve never been a pen pusher anyway.” a4.gif Geo said with his trademark smirk.

a4.gif “So what can I do for you? I knew you’d come crawling back some day… hoping to get your old job back? Well its gone. The fact is, we found a better pilot.” a4.gif Ryan leaned back in his chair and laughed jokingly.

a4.gif "A better pilot then me? So what's this ship? The Intrepid-H? R? Stop me when I'm getting close.” a4.gif

a4.gif "If it were, you'd be gray too." a4.gif

a4.gif "Uh huh? So you admit it, you are going gray, ol’ timer? You'll come running back once you hit a constellation. No, Starfleet’s decided my... talents... might be better suited elsewhere. So I thought I’d visit with my friends until a better position comes along." a4.gif

a4.gif “I think I can find a bed for you in the Cargo Bay. Unless your bunking down with Kaoru?” a4.gif Ryan grinned.

a4.gif "Commander I'm not altogether sure that's appropriate talk for the comm - I'll have to stop off at sickbay for my physical of course but I assure you my ideals to come aboard are strictly... professional." a4.gif

a4.gif “Your profession is women. So when do you arrive?” a4.gif

a4.gif "Hence the physical old friend, anyway, we'll be there within the hour.” a4.gif

a4.gif “I’ll have Kaoru to put the rectal thermometer on ice.” a4.gif Ryan laughed heartily before closing the channel.

He stared at the display monitor where Geo’s image had been but was now the usual output of the ship’s status and specifications. His thoughts drifted to Gaia and how she would react if he could tell her that Geo would be arriving shortly.

The possibilities on where and how he broke the news to her flooded his mind; he imagined himself turning around to face Gaia right there in the Briefing Room. She stood just inside the doorway. Her hair tied back, her arms bare from the shoulders down.

She reached upwards and removed the band from her hair, as she shook her head, her hair spread out to frame her face, a halo of bright orange seemed to encompass her. She looked like an angel. Ryan gazed at her as she slowly strode towards him, her hair still flowing behind her from a non-existent breeze. A seductive smile played on her lips and her green eyes roamed up his body til they met his own brown orbs. He felt the warmth of her breath on his neck and the softness of her skin against his.

His back thumped heavily against the wall as she pinned him there with her weight. Her hands clasped onto his shoulders and her succulent lips teased his own.

Ryan’s eyes suddenly sprang open and the same display screen interrupted his thoughts, the reality of where he truly was revealed to him. He yearned to know how the fantasy would have ended, but something had managed to regain his attention.

The reflection of the room in the monitor’s darkened areas rippled with movement. Realising that he was no longer alone in the room, Ryan spun around and his eyes met Gaia’s.

“Gaia, I was just…” Ryan sounded surprised. He almost admitted to her that he had just been thinking about her, but how could he tell her that? What if he had moved in a particular way that she could piece together the types of thoughts he’d had? “… talking to Geo.”

“How is he?” she smiled.

“He seemed fine, but you’ll have the opportunity to ask him yourself, he’ll be arriving within the hour.”

“What about his duties at Epsilon-4?”

“He said he’s not in command there anymore, but he didn’t elaborate.”

“Okay, I guess we’ll hear all about it soon enough. Geo isn’t really what I want to talk about though.” Gaia said and her eyes seemed to soften. “We need to talk about us.”

He didn’t answer; he knew if he gave Gaia enough space that she would approach him when she was ready to talk, Ryan had proven to himself many times that to open his mouth meant that things would quickly take a turn for the worst. Somehow it always ended up being his fault, so he felt it was best to just take a seat at the table and listen.

“Ryan…” Gaia didn’t know how to start the conversation, she had just found herself in front of the doors. Now she was there she wasn’t sure what to say. “I know I haven’t exactly been myself lately, I’m not used to sharing how I’m feeling with another human being. I always have kept to myself, except with you, you’ve always known that. But the truth is Ryan… I’m scared, and the simple fact is, I’m not used to feeling scared. I’m used to knowing what to do, knowing that whatever I decide would be the right thing to do and for the first time in my life… I don’t know what that is.” She found herself not being able to stop now she had started, and Ryan didn’t seem to want to stop her either.

“I know I want to be with you, I always have in some small way, but more so now. But it seems like whenever we have a moment to ourselves, whenever we start to talk, something happens to take you away from me. It got me thinking what it would be like if anything happened to you, you’re the Executive Officer of this ship and I’m just an Engineer.” Ryan moved his mouth then as if he were about to object to her last statement, but she held up her hand slightly to stop him. “Your duty will always come before your heart and you can’t help that, I know that, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take. That’s why I’ve acted the way I have when you’ve been called away, it got me thinking too about what would happen if we had a family of our own… Forever wondering if something had gone wrong, and let’s face it, the Intrepid seems to be fighting numerous battles, the last of which we barely got through alive!” She realised then that she was pacing as Ryan looked up at her, she slumped into the seat beside him.

Ryan was taken back by Gaia’s outburst of speech, she had certainly kept things hidden from him but it answered a few unasked questions. But to see her this vulnerable, to hear her actually admit that she was scared was obviously a lot for her. He admired how strong she was to have told him, but he wasn’t sure how to respond to it. Instead of saying anything, he reached over her with his hand and placed it on hers. He felt her jolt a little at his touch and she looked up to him with sorrow in her eyes, he pulled her close to him with little resistance. He could see that she needed him, and he wasn’t going to deprive her of that as he thought on her words.

“What are we going to do?” Gaia asked in a barely audible whisper.

“I don’t know, but everything will be okay.” He whispered in her ear. “I know it will…”

An idea suddenly struck Ryan, but he instantly doubted if he would be able to go through with it. Maybe I can talk about it with Geo. Ryan thought. They could have some drinks and exchange stories of everything that had happened since the Hermekian had departed.

And now it seemed more than ever, he needed his old friend’s advice. Perhaps then he could make a decision that would affect his and Gaia’s future, one way or the other. He pulled Gaia closer towards him until her head rested on his chest. His arm wrapped around her shoulder, the other hand occupied by holding hers close to her chest, a small symbol of how much he loved her. His breathing calmed and in the silence - comfortable this time - he could feel her heartbeat. She seemed peaceful now, all the energy taken from her when she had spoken before. He just held her, willing her to be strong.

a4.gif “Commander Orlan, please report to the Bridge.” a4.gif

Ryan groaned and Gaia lifted her head, their eyes meeting as her breath caressed his skin briefly with her hushed sigh.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered into her golden hair as she sat up.

“It’s alright Ryan… I know your duty has to come first, I see that now.”

“It shouldn’t, you should.”

“It doesn’t always work out that way, maybe that’s why they don’t encourage this kind of thing.”

Without responding Ryan pushed himself out of the chair, rounded the table and paused in the doorway. Before entering the Bridge he glanced back at Gaia, an apologetic expression on his face.

“Sir, sensors indicate a Cardassian cruiser is on an intercept course. ETA, six minutes.”

“Open hailing frequencies.”

a4.gif “This is Captain Reyan to the approaching Cardassian vessel, please respond.” a4.gif

“No response, sir.” Lieutenant Torres notified.

“Keep trying them. Prepare to raise shields.”

“Lieutenant, contact the USS Saragossa.” Ryan instructed.

a4.gif “I see that you need my help.” a4.gif Geo announced when his image appeared on the viewscreen.

a4.gif “If you think that your ship can… cope. ” a4.gif Ryan said with a small smile.

a4.gif “The Saragossa might be a Miranda Class but she still has some fight left in her. I’ll have to increase our speed. If this damages the Saragossa anymore than she already is, I’ll be stealing that cracker-jack Engineer from you.” a4.gif Geo smirked and closed the channel.

“It’s natural that the Cardassian’s would want to investigate the destruction of one of their vessels but it wasn’t under military control.”

“Hmm, its questionable as to whether Central Command would have the resources to investigate a seemingly insignificant vessel. Nevertheless I’d rather be prepared.” Anil said. “Raise shields, go to red alert.”

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Posted by: Reyan Anil Oct 13 2006, 05:28 AM
"Raise shields, go to Red alert" Anil ordered, orders that he had to admit to himself that he was growing weary of issuing

"You know, we could probably outrun them" Ryan stated quietly

Anil nodded

"I did consider that, but doing so at this point would make us appear guilty" Anil replied

"They'll be in weapons range in five minutes" Lieutenant Sith advised

"How long before the Saragossa arrives?" Anil asked

"Ten minutes, assuming that they can maintain their current speed" Lieutenant Torres replied

"They can - Geo will see to that, and one shouldn't underestimate those old Miranda class ships - I served aboard one - they're more capable than they are given credit for" Anil replied

"Keep trying to hail the Cardassian ship" Ryan demanded

"Receiving a reply!" Lieutenant Nox called

"Onscreen" Anil demanded

"Audio only" Nox advised

"On speakers then!" Anil replied impatiently

a4.gif "Starfleet vessel Intrepid - surrender and prepare to be boarded - refusal will not be tolerated" a4.gif the cold voice filtered across the bridge

"They've closed the channel" Ryan advised before Anil could reply to the message

"I'm getting really tired of people shooting at us" Anil stated

"We do seem to have a target painted on the hull" Ryan replied, grinning

"Lieutenant Sith - bring us around to face them" Anil advised

"Aye Sir" Sith replied

The Intrepid came to a stop, and turned 360 degrees, to face the approaching threat

"Open hailing frequencies - we'll just have to make them listen" Anil stated

"Frequency open" came the reply

a4.gif "Intrepid to Cardassian vessel - we know why you are here, but we also know that you are not fully aware of recent events - I am hoping that diplomacy is a better solution than us firing our weapons at each other - Intrepid out" a4.gif

"Cardassian ship approaching" Lieuteant Sith advised, as the viewscreen showed the approach of the agressor

"She's targetted us and is charging weapons" Ryan advised

"Saragossa's ETA?" Anil asked

"At least 10 minutes" came the reply

Anil sighed, before sitting up straight in his chair

"All hands, battlestations"

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Oct 13 2006, 09:16 AM
< Saragossa Bridge >

This could get bloody. Moesha thought and crossed to one of the science stations to begin calculations on a plan, hopefully I can come up with one in the ten minutes that will take us to get there. She thought trying to rush herself.

She hit the console and began getting frustrated with herself as no plan would formulate, well if the Cardassians had no power then the situation would be resolved quickly. Dampening fields from both this ship and the Intrepid directed at the Cardassians would cause hesitation enough to disable their ship. She smiled and turned to look for the Commander.

"Commander, Lieutenant Hughes." She introduced herself, "I have a plan, if both the Saragossa and Intrepid aimed a strong dampening field at the Cardassians, it would cause enough delay for us to disable them." She explained. Hope it's a good plan with the Commander. She thought.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Oct 14 2006, 12:27 PM
~ ~ ~ ~ USS Saragossa // Deck One // Bridge ~ ~ ~ ~

"Commander, Lieutenant Hughes."

"A pleasure," he was bolted to his chair, those same purple orbs staring straight ahead at the viewscreen. Why did everything have to go wrong so quickly? The PADD beside him indicated the current functionality of the Saragossa, which wasn't good.

"I have a plan, if both the Saragossa and Intrepid aimed a strong dampening field at the Cardassians, it would cause enough delay for us to disable them." She explained. Who was she? Geovanie really had to review the ships roster again - but then he didn't plan on being on the ship for very long. Turning, those stone-like eyes faced the Science officer as she laid out the plan, a brow inclining slowly.

"Agreed Lieutenant, but we do have one problem. Our deflector dish isn't running at one hundred percent. Remember that the Saragossa was recently salvaged from a decomission ceremony to be used in the Altaris system," the Federation didn't put much effort into the Altaris system, it seemed that most of what Geovanie had recieved had been falling apart pieces, "and she's barely got a functioning weapon system much less shields to hold up in a weapon fight. I'm hoping that Reyan can figure something out before the Saragossa engages."

There was a silence on the bridge, broken only by the comm chatter of the Intrepid as she tried to reason with the Cardassians - it didn't seem to be going well.

"Unless we could rig the dampening field through the tractor beam. See if you can establish a matter stream that'll draw energy from a source instead of from the ship, that should get the same effect," Gods he hated science, "you have ten minutes, get at it." That said, he turned back around in his seat, facing the viewscreen.

~ ~ ~ ~ USS Saragossa // DECK ONE // Bridge ~ ~ ~ ~

The ship dropped from warp, moving at a slower pace then the Intrepid class vessel as she whizzed through the battlefield.

Geo had since moved to the tactical station, carefully examining the read outs that were coming through, "tubes one and two on my mark... mark.."

The twin torpedo's shot from the bays of the miranda class vessel, surging forward until they impacted on the shields. In a brilliant display of red and blue the energy transfer dissipated, revealing that the Cardassians ship had sustained little damage to her shields.

"Status of the Intrepid?" Geovanie moved for his seat, very nearly gripping the captains chair as he sat down.

"She's limping sir, apparently they were wrapping up repairs when the vessel opened up on them."

"How extensive," he looked at the conn officer, since the Miranda vessels used Conn as Operations (what with no actual Operations console on the ship).

"Most of the major damage had been repaired, and the Intrepid would have been ready to get underway within the next three hours or so."

"Alright then," he punched the comm button on his chair. a4.gif Lieutenant I sure hope you have a better solution then us shooting at them, that ship is holding it's own against us a4.gif

a4.gif I'm putting the last touches on the tractor emitter now, standby... a4.gif

"...that's easy for her to say," Geovanie grumbled, the ship rocked as a volley of torpedo's smashed into her already deteriorated shields. At this rate the help that the miranda was supposed to give would leave her a bigger target then the damaged Intrepid class.

But of course, leave it to Ryan to think of his friend. The Intrepid moved to intercept, placing herself directly infront of the Saragossa so she could take the brunt of the damage. Both ships launched a cascade of torpedo's against the Cardassian vessel, and for once it seemed to reevaluate attacking both Starfleet ships.

a4.gif It's good! I've conferred with the Science officer aboard the Intrepid, we're good to go a4.gif

"Now," he glanced at Conn just as the tractor beam was emitted at the ship. The Intrepids own deflector dish acted as a pulsing beacon, performing what the Miranda could not, and probably better.

"We're getting feedback, the Cardassians are rigging a signature pulse back along the beam..."

"SHUT IT DOWN!" Too late, the helm console infront of him exploded, and the science station fritz from overload in the next second. Turbolift doors swished open as Lieutenant Hughes ran for her station to relieve the ensign that had been hurt.

"They created a variance pulse that changed the parametres of our beam, it overloaded most of our circuits, I don't think we can attempt another connection... It was worth a try."

"Sir," tactical called, "the Intrepid is maintaining their dampening field. When the Cardassians sent feedback through the beam they tore an opening in their shields, it'll modulate in two minutes."

a4.gif Geo you old dog, target the following coordinates and prepare to fire a4.gif Oh that sweet voice. He'd have to buy Ryan a drink later on. His eyes changed towards his Tactical officer, making sure he had the right coordinates, with a nod from Tactical he looked at Science.

"You missy, just won us the day," one of those uncanny boyish grins spread on the Commanders face, then he looked forward.

a4.gif Standing by... a4.gif

It was Reyans voice that came over the comm next, filled with the animosity and anger that Geo had come to known as the Captains commanding voice. He sounded like he needed a drink as well.

a4.gif Fire.... a4.gif

Both ships released a torpedo, both of them percise to the nearest microsecond as they permeated the already fragile shielding around that section, and latched unto the vessel.

"Direct hit," someone called, like Geovanie couldn't have seen that himself.


"The Cardassian ships is veering off," Moesha called from her station. Their was an air of excitement about the woman - which was good. Those boring old science officers could be dull like Engineers. Except Aurora of course, she always liked to bicker and snap - though Gaia seemed to do that a lot as well.

"Intrepid ordering us to stand down,"

"By all means," Geovanie called, rising from his seat. "I believe I have a transfer to get underway. Lieutenant Morris," he glanced at the officer that had failed the simulation, "you have the bridge."

The doors swished shut to a scene of relief on the bridge.

~ ~ ~ ~ USS Saragossa // Deck 13 // Transporter Room One ~ ~ ~ ~

"Recieving transporter buffer signal, the Intrepid is ready to take you."

The doors eased open, as the Lieutenant Moesha Hughes walked in, a duffel bag carefully hoisted over her shoulder.

"Lieutenant, I wasn't aware you were transfering as well."

"Yes sir," she said, taking a spot next to him on the transporter pad.

"Just Geovanie," he chided, "that sir stuff gets old... and I don't need to be reminded of my age." She offered him a small appologetic smile, or perhaps it was confused? Eitherway, he grinned back at her then glanced to the transporter officer, nodding his head.


He rematerialized in Transporter Room three on the Intrepid, with that same lieutenant right beside him. Always interesting to rematerialize Hermekians had not discovered transporter technology, they were primitive compared to most members within the Federation. He always wondered if he would rematerialize with a leg on his forehead. Kaoru might not like that he thought to himself.

He snapped back to attention, realizing he was thinking about the woman too much. Lieutenant Hughes was already off the pad, as well as two other crewmen that had come aboard. That left Geovanie standing their looking like an idiot.

Their was a concerned look on Ryans face, but as the Commander stepped down he shook his friends hands.

"Your transfer orders came through old timer," Ryan chimed. Oh the young, they loved to insult.

"Still yong enough to put you over my knee boy," he countered - the two shared a brief laugh. Ryan turned, giving his speech to the other members before dismissing them all. Everyone left, except Geovanie.

The two journeyed down towards the turbolift doors, talking.

"Yeah, lots of new faces on the Intrepid, you think you'll be able to remember them all?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. Ryan grinned, one of those grins like that had been a set up of a joke. Too late, he had walked into it, and now he was left trying to think of a come-back as Ryan spoke.

"Well what with alzheimers and everything. I hear old people go through that. Speaking of which, can you even hear? Or do you need an aid now?"

Ouch he thought, ten points for the trusty Commander. "I can hear just fine thank you. I want a commendation to go out to Lieutenant Hughes, she handled herself very well in combat, and if it wasn't for her tactics we probably wouldn't have had that chance. And besides! if it wasn't for me, you'd still be squandering most of your chances with... How are you two?"

Now was not the time for jokes, some topics had to be discussed with a serious tone...

"I was hoping we could get some holodeck time. Have a sort of, celebration."

"Tarkalean Drug Ale?" Geovanie asked, and Ryan smiled, "or maybe something more legal, a... Vodka? Kaoru was telling me about Vodka, apparently it's good, and something called Tequila too."

"Sounds like a plan old friend."

"Ah hah! So you admit your old yet again. What next, I'll see you wearing a diaper?"

The two laughed, continuing on towards Geovanie's quartres.

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Posted by: Moesha Hughes Oct 15 2006, 12:16 AM
< Intrepid Transporter Room >

Stepping off the pad and meeting the executive officer was totally unexpected, Moesha offered her hand to Commander Orlan. "Commander, pleasure to meet you. Lieutenant Moesha Hughes, reporting for duty." She introduced herself and could feel the shakes coming. She fought it off.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant and glad to have you." Ryan replied. "You can settle in and then report to the Captain, he'd like to meet the person who made the win possible." The executive officer made a smile.

Blushing, Moesha nodded. "Will do sir, thank you. Talk later," she turned to Geovanie. "Commander." As she departed the transporter room and headed off to her quarters.

< Quarters >

Didn't take long to unpack, Moesha always travelled light and had programmed a isolinear chip to carry the patterns of the many items she liked to decorate her quarters with but didn't want to do that just yet. Better report to the captain. She thought leaving her quarters and headed to the Bridge.

< Bridge >

Stepping off the turbolift, Moesha found the Captain in the command chair and approached him. She saluted. "Lieutenant Moesha Hughes reporting in, Sir." She then stood at semi attention.

Posted by: Vincent Talenos Oct 16 2006, 02:42 PM
The whispered hiss of the turbo lift doors opened to the bridge allowing the calm cool confident stance of Lieutenant Vincent Talenos to be seen within its depths. Commandingly he strode into the room; twin mirrored spectacles catching the image of an old friend. This brought the subtle hint of a smile to otherwise unreadable features and his path found new purpose as it altered for a brief reunion.

"Captain Reyan, my my it has been a long time. If I am correct the last time I saw you..well let us just say you are looking much better then you were then."

A large hand extended from his side to give a single pat to Reyan's back as he passed on his way to the console normally assigned to Ops second in command. No further words were stated or needed at that time as the many checks where made in preparation for battle readiness. He approached this as he did all things with the same tranquil repose laced with an underling self assurance that had carried him through many tight situations. This, just as life, was but a chess game waiting to be won and he held great faith in the two that ultimately led this ship. The rest of the crew were the polished pieces ready to make those deadly strikes ultimately leading to the Cardassian's check mate.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Oct 16 2006, 07:57 PM
Ross found her way into sickbay, as she came in she took a few deep breaths. She took a seat on a bio bed, she asked one of the nurses to inform the Doctor that she was there for her pregnancy test. She just needed it confirmed, but until then she could wait she sat and waited for the Doctor. There was a lot of things going on that Ross just didn't want to disclose to just another nurse. She needed to talk to the Doctor personally.

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Oct 17 2006, 10:27 PM
~ ~ ~ ~ Deck 3 // Officers Quartres ~ ~ ~ ~

Fingers double checked the calculations that had ran through his head even before he opened his eyes. Slowly, he read what he had just written down, once more letting his eyes flutter shut to envision the equation. It had been so long since Geovanie had sat down to really work on programming equations, but it seemed that since the Distant Horizon, his skills were required once more. Starfleet has a way of ruining everything, he thought to himself. The Andorian chapter house had offered him a teaching position as a figher professor, but Geo couldn't see himself doing that for long. Stuck on one planet teaching little buggers how to fly? That wasn't his style.

He set the PADD down, quickly scanning over the other ones that were condensed on his desk, all neatly stacked and set off the side - because as the procrastinators creed went, if it was important enough to have been done, it would have been. Later, he concluded, which wasn't to say he wouldn't get it done... he just probably wouldn't.

The door hissed shut behind him, and he quickly inputted the three digit code, followed about four, and another five - before manually locking the door using the Intrepids standard built in security devices. His current goal, to get his psych evaluation completed.

"I know just what she'll say too, I'm paranoid," he just wouldn't tell her about the locks, that was simple enough.

~ ~ ~ ~ Off-Duty Time // Counsellors Office ~ ~ ~ ~

The door chimed and there was a brief pause before he heard a muffled sound. Unfortunately the bulkheads did well to retain most sound, so he assumed it was a enter and waited for the door to unlock - which it didn't. Impatiently he chimed again, only to hear that same sound and still nothing.

"I said coming," the Counsellor said as the door finally opened, and Geovanie was left looking at the young woman. Well, with those curvacious hips and the way her lips managed to pull that just so attractive smile Geo doubted many males aboard the ship had a hard time opening up to her. The Hermekian simply smiled.

"May I enter?" He asked, and waited for her to acknowledge before he entered, moving for a free chair to take a seat, "I won't keep you long Doctor, I just want to get this psych test out of the way. Previously the Counsellors aboard the ship weren't qualified to run the evaluations so we were all waved through - I'd just pefer to have that -"

"Unfortunately I wanted to get the know the crew a little better, which meant that these tests get to be grueling and long, enduring and utterly painstaking on your part."

"Excuse me?" Geovanie turned half out of his seat already as if to make for the door. A hand on his shoulder was all that stopped him, and he doubted she possessed enough strength to subdue him if he tried (although he had been mistaken about the strength of women before).

"It's a joke. It won't take too long, but I was telling the truth when I said I wanted to meet everyone."

"Well with an attitude like that you won't," he exclaimed very nearly, the relief painted on his face. She made a sound which Geovanie accurately placed as a laugh. Gods, she had an attractive laugh even!

"So shall we begin. Most of your log has been blacklisted by Starfleet, a lot of the information is on current run investigation that I don't have clearance for - so lets stick with the basics. You were born on Hermes during it's occupation, psychologically it reads that your fiercely independant and that you also have a problem with authority."

"Most authority," he corrected, "I perfer to think of it as mutual respect. Most people don't have my respect, few science officers do - little engineers, and an even smaller amount of security personel. That about sum it up? I have nothing against doctors though," he flashed a grin at the Counsellor. Naturally he was referring to one of the reasons he had turned down the appointment at the flight academy, but she didn't need to know that.

"Alright, here's a skills appraisal test, simply fill it out and -"

"Doctor, you should come to Ten Forward sometime and let me buy you a drink."

"Excuse me?" It was her turn to be surprised.

"Well, you can ask Ryan or Reyan or even Gaia, or Kaoru - they'll all vouch for me that I'm a friendly guy. Like I said most of the people aboard the ship didn't really stick like glue, so we became a family by finding common points of interest. Drinking happens to be one of mine. So if you wanted to meet crew members that would probably be your easiest way..."

"I... Don't think I have a problem with meeting crew members."

"Oh I never said that" countered the Hermek, "I was simply referring to the fact that if you want to get to know me, you can live through having a drink with me after your off-duty." Geo rose, nodding to the Counsellor like the meeting was over, "I thank you for your time, see yeah." With that, he left.

~ ~ ~ ~ Engineering// USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

"How many times do I have to tell you! You need the to bypass the secondary grid to access the main terminals power relay. Don't just get into it, Starfleet dog tagged it for a reason you know." Gaia had a flare about her that definately reminded the Hermekian of Aurora, but he didn't say anything on the subject, simply walked forward through the towards the warp core, and the station that she was working at.

"Or you could always just reroute the algorithms through to another terminal and take it offline so it's easier to repair. I thought all Engineers knew that at least."

Silence, then Gaia looked up at him, a smile spreading on her lips, "you dog! I heard you were coming back. So what's this? A sudden visit by the magnificent Revolone to tell me how horrible an Engineer I am?"

"Actually," Geo took a step closer, pressing his posterior against the console as he rested against it, and smiled, "you could consider it a meeting among friends. Old friends whom haven't seen each other in awhile. I would have brought you a gift but I'm not one for buying anything, and you aren't one for doing anything that isn't violent."

That actually brought a laugh from the woman, which surprised Geovanie as much as it had so long ago when he had made her laugh. Some people had no sense of humour, and Gaia's was just crazy. She does remind me of Aurora... he trailed off, not wanting to dwell on that subject for long.

"So how was Epsilon?" She asked, moving from that console towards another LCAR menu display behind her, still working fervently at the repairs.

"It was falling apart when I got there. It's in one of the desolate sectors in the Beta Quadrant, so no one wanted to invest much time into smaller nations. What with the recent problems with the Romulans the Federations deemed it necessary, while attempting peaceful coexistence, to strengthen the neutral zone. There's probably going to be a remilitarization of Federation forces along the Cardassian border too, just to make sure they don't become a threat." Cardassians had never been bold enough to strike against a Federation ship, much less two - but suddenly they were? There might had increased drastically it seemed, "so naturally when I took command I had to retrofit the Saragossa and another ship. One of them was falling apart, so I scrapped one and focused on repairing the Saragossa, which didn't go as smoothly as I had thought. We were about a quartre of the way through repairing the Saragossa when my transfer orders came in."

"The Marines took over?"

"I guess I can't call it a military take over can I? Since Starfleet is military. Yeah, Admiral Langdon runs special Ops along the Andorian border, and he was the one who took command of Epsilon - 4 with my transfer orders."

"And you transferred here?" Gaia laughed, "of all the places. I think I know why."

"Are you kidding me?" He laughed, "first it was a teaching position on Andoria that I had to turn down, then a transfer back to Headquartres before I finally got my transfer to Intrepid. It was hell and high water that I had to go through just to get here."

"Oh?" There was that mysterious glint in her eye, like she was biting back from saying something.

"Right..." He trailed off, knowing full well what she was going to say, "catch me after hours. We'll catch up on old times." He nodded, then pushed away from the console, strolling out towards Sickbay.

~ ~ ~ ~ Deck 3 // USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

Geovanie ran the chime again, and this time there was a notable pause before he heard that audible sound. She had just gotten off her shift, so he didn't know what was taking her so long. Impatiently he keyed in the command sequence and unlocked her door, taking a step inside - it swished shut behind him.

"I said just a..." Not quite a shriek, but she was definately surprised. The only thing that saved him from a mouthfull of towel as well as a vase was those glowing purple eyes, which even in the darkness were glimly caught because of the stars outside.

Instead he had a naked woman leap at him, her arms enfolding as he caught her mass and held her against himself. They were stuck in that pose for a long time, just holding each other - before finally the Hermekian let her down.

"I have to get my," he didn't have a chance to finish, that long delayed kiss suddenly placed against him. He made a sound like he was going to continue but instead relaxed into the ferocity of her kiss. My, she really had missed him!

"I'm sorry, what was that Commander?"

"Uhh..." he drew a blank, then stammered out his answer, "I have to take my... my physical - that's right, physical."

"Well I have to take my shower," with that she turned and left - easing back into the bathroom without so much as a word to him. The Commanders jaw dropped, staring after her in dismay; then grinned. She hadn't kicked him out . . .

Modify as needed... I ran through a lot of other peoples posts, which I appologies for. Feel free to make your own posts backtracking to our conversations if you wanted to have something to write about, afterall, this is strictly written from my characters point of view, so it would be interesting to have your own posted. Also, feel free to lengthen any conversations I have had in this post. Consider it a skeleton of what has happened suddenly, like a synopsis that you guys have to fill in all the holes. a5.gif As well as Administrations ability to change what I wrote to suite the current plot. Appologies a second time, and thank you.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Oct 23 2006, 02:43 PM
Reyan was considering taking some off-duty time - new officers were reporting aboard from the Saragossa, but recent events had left him with the strong desire to take some R&R time, and blow the cobwebs off his Flugel Horn

"Captain Reyan, my my it has been a long time. If I am correct the last time I saw you..well let us just say you are looking much better then you were then" a somehow familiar voice called, before a large hand slapped his back

Reyan turned to see who it was who was addressing him, espeically since the voice seemed so familiar

"Vincent!" Anil called to the figure, who had now retreated to the operations console at the rear of the bridge

Vincent grinned, as did Anil - the two had served aboard the USS Majestic together, the last time that they had seen each other was during the battle to retake Deep Space Nine - the Majestic had sustained heavy damage, and they had been forced to abandon ship - Anil hadn't know that Vincent had surived until he reached Starbase 16 in an escape pod, close behind the shuttle that Anil had escaped in

Vincent was, however, already immersed in his work, a character trait that he had clearly maintained since his days aboard the Majestic

His thoughts were broken by the arrival of another Officer

"Lieutenant Moesha Hughes reporting in, Sir." She then stood at semi attention

"At ease, Lieutenant" Anil advised, glancing at the pips on the young Officer's collar

"Our new science officer I presume?" he asked

"Yes Sir" she replied

"Excellent - take you station, Lieutenant - our sensors sustained some damage during our battle with those Cardassian's - we need them back up and running" he stated

"I'll get straight to work Sir" Lieutenant Hughes replied, seeming almost pleased that she was being put straight to work

Reyan grinned, impressed by the eagerness and efficentcy of his two newest officers, and pleased that he had retrived an old one, namely Geo

"Ryan - you have the bridge - I'll be in my quaters if you need me" Anil stated, departing before a reason for him to remain presented itself

Reply anyone

Posted by: Hawku Oct 24 2006, 10:12 PM
Aeon placed an isolinear chip holoprogram into Holodeck 4. The environment phased into a blue-ish grey sky and a large patchy-grass countryside. The air was a perfect temperature, neither cool nor warm. It had been a while since Aeon had ran this program.

He walked forward, his crashed Alcyone fighter sitting on the ground with a smoking engine. It was more than half-way fixed, but that wasn't what he had his eye on.


At about 20 meters away, sat another crashed fighter, a Valerian fighter. It was also releasing a line of smoke into the sky. Aeon walked over, finding the Valerian officer working hard at the engine, nearly getting it back online.

The Valerian then brought himself out the engine and, in his head, attempted to syncronize his character's program of time-passage with that of the Intrepid's chronometer. It wasn't a completely successful syncronization, as the program itself wasn't completely built for Federation technology, "It's been a while, hasn't it?" Tevore asked with dark eyes.

Most of the programs Aeon had, had main characters that when played enough, grew beyond thier original parameters and usually had a sixth sense of their holographic existence. The revelation was usually nonchalant and uncared for, as thier story-wise motivations remained dominant. Federation/Starfleet programs would normally have thier characters function unaware with no effects in the long-term - but Aeon's family used a different technology for thier programs, "Yeah." The Helmsmen nodded.

"Doesn't seem that way to me," Tevore said. "So just remember that nothing's changed between us."

Aeon nodded, impassively for the first time toward Tevore. The Valerian had been Aeon's mortal enemy during the holographic Valerian and Alcyone conflict, taking whatever steps necessary to hurt Aeon. This led to thier double-edged conflict into the atmosphere of the planet... which led to both of them crashing below. It had been two years or so since Aeon last ran the program. His duties had taken him away.

Tevore completed his repairs and dropped his laser-tool to the ground. He glanced over in realization at Aeon, "Wait a minute. You've changed... haven't you?"

"What?" Aeon now had no idea what he was talking about.

Tevore nodded, taking a dramatic step forward, "You got weaker. That's it, isn't it? I never thought I'd see the day. You've grown into something... something pathetic!"

"You're losing it, Tevore. You're just angry I shot you down."

The Valerian narrowed his brow, "Right. Then I took you down with me. But I don't think that's the problem here. You're in a new place... Somewhere different. I can feel it. You have a new home."

"That's enough, Tevore," Aeon turned his gaze away in annoyance. Since when did the Valerian-Alcyone Conflict program become so physcological?

Tevore laughed intently, "Heh, you're a nothing here. Hahahaha! A nothing! I was right. You have become something pathetic, and I'm going to put an end to this."

He tapped an outside panel to his fighter and opened the cockpit. Aeon knew that if Tevore killed him in the program, the program would be finished - and Tevore would have won. To Aeon's surprise, Tevore quickly lept into his fighter's cockpit and activated the craft's thrusters. Wind blew out from beneath, forcing dust into Aeon and Aeon to take steps back.

"I'll make this quick, Aeon. I think I know what will happen. When you die, it all ends. Everything." The Valerian shouted over his engines, just before his cockpit closed.

How could he know that?? Aeon was shocked. It looks like my family's programs are better than we thought.

Aeon ran back in sudden haste. He wondered if this was it... the end of the program. Ignoring the suddenly rising Valerian craft, he examined his open engine compartment. There he came up with a plan to bring it back online - unfortunately, the Valerian was already in position.

"Dammit, Tevore!" he looked up at the Valerian craft, hearing the sound of its weapons being brought online-- they were choking, but slowly coming online... and so was Aeon's.

The Helmsmen quickly lept into his open cockpit and brought his weapons online. He aimed them upward into the sky at Tevore and fired first.

A disrupter blast flew between thier distances and hit the extra thruster on the Valerian fighter. The Valerian fighter was forced into a turn, which unwillingly led the fighter away in horrible circles!

Aeon lept back out the cockpit with his laser-tool and returned to his open engine. With the already planned out procedure in his head, he brought his engines back online - by simply disconnecting the other broken thrusters from the startup system.

Using the remaining thrusters, he lept back into the cockpit and brought the Alcyone fighter back online. If he could just get rid of Tevore, and help the battle happening above the planet - he may just be able to help the Alcyone's win against the Valerians. He peered outward, as Tevore regained control of his vessel. The Valerian fighter stopped spinning in the sky and turned, in a hover, back to face Aeon in the distance. Now facing each other, Aeon wondered if there was something to what Tevore had been saying. But he shook his head out of it... because he recalled one thing was always for certain: that there was never anything to what Tevore ever said.

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Oct 25 2006, 11:40 AM
< Bridge >

Moesha heard the order and snapped to it, she nodded and did a casual salute. "On it sir." She replied as she hurried off to the turbolift.

< Turbolift >

Once inside she instructed it to Engineering. It was the logical place to start and because of her sense of Vulcan logic was guiding her, it seemed right.

< Engineering >

Busy as a beehive, the engine room had engineers running around and chatting about the various problems, assorted tools, progress reports etc. Moesha made her way to the sensors control console that had several engineers crowding around it. "Excuse me do you need any help?" Moesha asked.

"Who are you?" One asked, impolitely.

"Lieutenant Hughes, science officer." Moesha replied and wave her hand in the air. "If you don't need help then I'll leave." She said.

"We could use some help Lieutenant." The rude engineer said.

"Good, now what needs doing and what have you done?" Moesha asked.

The engineers went on to explain what's done and not done. The group decided on task assignments and separated when the task was matched to a person.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Oct 25 2006, 10:11 PM
Ryan’s Hermekian companion came to a stop near the two grey doors. Geo's eyes seemed to focus on the room number before his attention returned back to Ryan.

“Actually, these are yours again. I managed to convince Ensign Murphy that he’d get a better view from deck six.”

“Nice.” Geo grinned appreciatively. “Ensign Murphy, the Denobulan, huh?”

“That’s right.” Ryan grinned as a half-sickened look appeared on Geo’s face. He knew what his friend was thinking. “Don’t worry, I’m sure he would have cleaned up all the toenail clippings.”

“Starfleet ships should start a housekeeping service.”

“You could replicate some anti-bacterial spray.” Ryan laughed as he back peddled towards the turbo lift.

“Clever, real clever.”

The turbo lift doors closed in front of the Commander and he instructed the computer to ascend to topmost deck. His mind drifted back to how he’d already inspected the Geo’s quarters before continuing to the Transporter Room, but of course he didn’t let on to Geo that Murphy had indeed neglected to clean up in the bathroom adjoining the bedroom.

He relished the image in his mind of how Geo’s expression would appear when he would inevitably find clippings. Denobulan’s were known for the excessive outgrowth of the unguis. Ryan smiled to himself as the turbo lift came to a halt.

Activity on the Bridge had subsided substantially compared to when he’d left for the Transporter Room to greet Geo. Ryan stepped out of turbo lift and looked around to see who was on duty. He noticed the Captain talking Lieutenant Hughes, the woman he’d briefly spoken to after she had transported aboard.

Standing behind the Operations station was the person he wanted to see next. Vincent worked busily at the console; conducting diagnostics and directing maintenance teams to the most repair needy sections of the ship.

Ryan quietly crept up behind Vincent and spoke harshly. “Lieutenant – if you can’t keep up with the pace then we’ll never get these repairs complete.”

Vincent spun around on his heels; Ryan leaned back to avoid his broad shoulders that seemed built for fighting.

“Ryan!” He exclaimed. “You really had me going for a second there.”

“That was the idea, my friend.”

“Before I transferred to the Intrepid I was familiarizing myself with the crew and noticed your name as being the Executive Officer.”

“Had I’d known the Intrepid would endure as much as it has, I would’ve reconsidered.” Ryan grinned. “Listen, how about we catch up later? I’ve got a bottle of Andorian Ale, 2305.”

“Sounds great, but would you mind if I invited the Captain?” Vincent looked up at the Captain who was now watching Lieutenant Hughes enter the turbo lift. “Anil and I have known each other for quite some time, almost as long as I’ve known you.”

“Really? Well, sure. The more the merrier. I’ll invite Geo too.”


“He used to be stationed on the Intrepid but has come back to visit. Trust me, you’ll like him.” Ryan concluded the conversation and approached grinning Anil in the command area.

Something had certainty put the Captain in a good mood. Perhaps it was the recent arrivals of familiar faces and new eager officers, but even Ryan had to admit his enthusiasm for being onboard the Intrepid had increased ten-fold.

"Ryan - you have the bridge - I'll be in my quarters if you need me.” Anil said and retreated into the turbo lift.

“Commander.” A woman said only moments after the Captain had departed. Ryan turned in his chair and up at her. She braced herself on the railing that separated the upper and lower sections of the Bridge. “I was hoping to talk to you about the Cardassian’s in the Brig.”

“Have you talked to them?”

“No, Sir.”

“There’s nothing happening here that requires my immediate attention, let’s go.”

“That doesn’t explain why you boarded my vessel and assaulted my crew.” Ryan said angrily after yet another cryptic response from the lead Cardassian.

“The answers you seek are not here, but elsewhere on your quaint little vessel.”

“I’ve already figured out for myself that you were trying to steal something from the Intrepid, what I want to know -.” His voice suddenly broke off. “You came to steal the Karcsis didn’t you?”

“Very astute, Commander. See? I told you it wasn’t that difficult.”

“Why? Why were you here to steal it?”

The Cardassian laughed tauntingly. “Oh surely even you, a meagre Starfleet officer wouldn’t be kept in the dark about the mysterious secrets that the Karcsis holds?”

“You seem to believe that you know more about it than we do. I find that difficult to believe. You don’t know the hell that thing has put this crew through.”

“Oh, but I do, Commander.”

“And where did you get your information from? Yridian trader? On second thoughts… if you can get it off the ship, you can have the damned Karcsis!” Ryan snarled.

“A generous offer, but something tells me that being locked in here wouldn’t make that easy.”

“If you tell us what else you know about the Karcsis, we could talk to Starfleet about reducing your sentence. Perhaps even send the three of you back to Cardassia.” Panea suggested.

“Central Command wouldn’t be concerned with the welfare of three civilians with the way things are on Cardassia.” The Cardassian scoffed. “If they knew what information we hold, then they would probably insist on having us back.”

“Civilians?” Counsellor Panea queried.

“Of course, as we suspected. The three of you are from the isolationists movement.” Ryan said when he recalled the conversation that he, Anil and Kaoru had had in the Ready Room of the Courageous.

“Not just any isolationist group, the True Way to be precise.”

“The True Way, they were said to have disbanded.” Panea stated.

“They did until the end of the Dominion War when Starfleet and Bajoran diplomats arrived on Cardassia. Many True Way members survived the war, but we have been gathering more supporters since the reformation.”

“And Central Command hasn’t tried to put a stop to it?”

“Of course they have, but between restoring the Union to its former glory and searching for clues… they soon gave up.”

“Clues, to do with the Karcsis.”

“Keys and the Vault. What you and Central Command don’t know is that the Vault has already been found by True Way.”

“Yridian’s help you find that too?” Ryan asked with an almost sarcastic tone.

“Oh please, the Yridian’s trade information, but if they stumbled across something as valuable as the location of the Vault, do you really think that they’d sell it? Certainly not for an affordable price.”

“A fair point.” Ryan admitted. “So where is the Vault.”

“Because things will to be drawing to a close soon I would tell you, unfortunately I haven’t been privy to the exact location. However, I do know that it’s somewhere in the Kepla sector.”

Ryan shot a question look towards Panea, wondering if this Cardassian could be telling the truth.

“But like I said, it won’t matter now.”


“I think I’ve given you enough information.” The Cardassian said and turned his back towards Ryan and Panea.

“Well that was enlightening.” Ryan said to Panea after the doors to the Brig closed behind them. “The question is, how much of it can we believe?”

“Maybe he decided it would be in his best interest to cooperate, but it still concerns me that he became more forthcoming so quickly.”

“Agreed. He’s got a plan. I’ll contact Starfleet and brief them on the situation.”

Panea nodded. “Sir, there was something else I wanted to discuss with you. I was hoping you could organize an some office space… for my patients.”

“Of course. There’s an office on deck one that’s being used for storage, but I can have the equipment relocated to the Cargo Bay – it should have been placed in there anyhow.”

“Much appreciated, Sir. If you’d excuse me, I have an appointment shortly.” She stated and began to walk away.

“Lieutenant,” Ryan said, catching Panea’s attention before she disappeared around the corner of the corridor. ”Thank you for your assistance with the Cardassian’s.”

Posted by: Reyan Anil Oct 26 2006, 10:01 AM
Anil walked into his quaters, and fell into his favorite chair - it felt almost like being with an old friend whom he hadn't seen for a long time, and he took in a deep breath and soaked in the peace and quiet

He had no idea how much time had passed by the time the comm system abruptly woke him

a4.gif "Bridge to the Captain" a4.gif , the voice on the intercom seeming louder than usual

a4.gif "Reyan here - go ahead" a4.gif

a4.gif "Incoming message from Admiral Cartel Sir" a4.gif

Reyan sighed, and made his way to his desk

a4.gif "Transfer it to my quaters" a4.gif he ordered

He activated his computer terminal, to be greeted by Admiral Cartel, and his usual severe expression

"Admiral" Anil stated, trying to hide his lack of enthusiam

"Captain" Cartel replied, with a distinct lack of respect toward his subordinate

"What can I do for you?" Anil asked

"You can report back to Starbase 173 for debriefing for one" Cartel stated, sounding somehow distant and disinterested

"May I ask why?" Anil asked, knowing that the answer didn't matter since Cartel had clearly given an order that had to be followed

"Firstly, the Intrepid class has just been cleared for shield modifications to be implimented, improving their efficency, and secondly, some of your crew are being re-assigned" Cartel stated, still showing an unusal lack of interest or emotion, and missing an obvious oportunity to make one of his characteristic snide remarks

Anil sat foward in his chair, a surge of anger driving him

"Re-assigned? Why?" he demanded

"The USS Firebolt requires a crew, and I have few officers on this station with appropriate Starship operations experience" Cartel stated bluntly

Anil was about to reply, but Cartel cut him off

"Save the arguments, Captain - I've given you your orders - I recommend you follow them" he stated, before closing the channel

Anil sat back in his chair, confused - certainly he and Cartel had never really been on friendly terms, but he had never known the Admiral seem quite so distant and uninterested, not to mention abrupt

a4.gif "Captain to the bridge - set course for Starbase 173, warp nine" a4.gif he ordered

a4.gif "Aye Sir" a4.gif came the immediate reply

Reyan stood and made his way to the door, turning before he reached it, to wishfully glance around his quaters

"So much for R-and-R" he muttered to himself as he stepped through the doors, out into the corridor

Posted by: Charles Nox Oct 26 2006, 10:41 AM
Charles was manning the Sec/Tac console on the bridge. Running scans on all the weapons systems. Then a reading came across his screen that he had never seen before.

a4.gif Nox to Moore a4.gif

a4.gif Moore here a4.gif

a4.gif There is a energy reading in Aft Topedo bay four. Not like any known reading, or even one that should be there. a4.gif

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Oct 26 2006, 11:53 PM
//CMO Quarters\\
She didn't question how he had gotten into her quarters. She didn't care...not in the slightest.

For a few perfect hours, she didn't care about anything but him.

He seemed as happy to see her as she was to see him. The thought occured to her briefly as she lost herself in him.

Later, in the shower still, she murmured that she loved him. He did not answer, except to hold her more tightly, more desperately.

That had been enough for her.

Eventually, they both slept. Kaoru drifted off first, she could not say how long it took the Hermekian to fall asleep.

She did not hear him whisper the words to her, his lips against her cheek as he held her.

Geo was still asleep beside her when she woke. It was almost time for her shift, but she took her time, watching him as slept, until his sleepy purple orbs opened. He was exhausted. Kaoru saw that now. His time on the starbase had worn on him.

"My dear doctor." He pulled her to him, closing his eyes again, drifting off.

If she hadn't had a patient scheduled, she likely would have stayed. But Roslyn was coming in to see her.

Reluctantly, Kaoru pulled away from Geo, showering quickly and dressing, hurrying to sickbay after a quick kiss turned into a playful, somewhat sleepy wrestling bout. "You get some rest." It was more of an order than she meant it really...but sincere nonetheless.

She was almost late for her shift. But Roslyn was early. The security officer already seated on a biobed, idly swinging her legs when the doctor rushed in.

"You're late." Carter smiled softly at the doctor.

"You're early." Kaoru smiled in return, nodding in greeting. It took precious little time for Kaoru to discover what Carter had known all along. The doctor set her scanner aside, sapphire blue eyes meeting Carter's own lovely orbs. "I spoke too soon. You're late too."

Carter chuckled, not quite sure what to feel. She had known it was true, but somehow, it became more real to have the doctor confirm it.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Oct 27 2006, 08:37 AM
After Geo's little visit, Gaia was in high spirits. She thought to herself that perhaps she could challenge the Hermekian to a drinking contest in her quarters, there was something about him that made her at ease, unlike most people she encountered but for the life of her she couldn't place it. Her comm badge however, beeped before she could contemplate much more on the subject.

a4.gif "Nox to Moore" a4.gif

a4.gif "Moore here" a4.gif she said suddenly in a serious tone, there was something she didn't like in his tone that set her on edge. What could be so bad?

a4.gif "There is an energy reading in Aft Torpedo bay four. Not like any known reading, or even one that should be there.":comm:

a4.gif "Lieutenant Nox, that's impossible, we've been monitoring the torpedo bays from down here after that attack by the Carassians" times two Gaia thought sourly "I'll look into it, but anything you could tell me would help in narrowing down what it is you think I'm looking for. Moore out." a4.gif She knew she was being a little short with Nox, but she had too much to do concluding the repairs, especially with reports of fresh damage coming seemingly in a flood now things had calmed down.

And just like that, her mood had soured. What could have got the man so intent on that particular torpedo bay, they had been monitoring every system during repairs and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The reports she had been given suggested that everything was within normal parameters, sure things had been rushed, but Leyton would have informed her if he had been told anything. He had said once to her that she wasn't as approachable as perhaps she could be to her personnel but they knew to use their initiative. So long as the tasks they were given to do were done, she didn't keep to strict regiments, though she was careful to vary what each crewman did, how else were they meant to learn?

Just then, her mind thought of something, causing her brow to crease and her hands to grip the railing in a tighter grip. "Where in the quadrant is Leyton anyway?" She made her way to the ladder and climbed down only to overhear something that diverted her attention away from her missing deputy. Someone she hadn't met was having less than polite words with a group of her Engineers. Gaia walked over, she had to put a stop to whatever it was that was happening. Nobody gave orders that weren't cleared through her first.

"Crewman Brendon, what, prey tell, is going on here?" She took her time with her words to show that she was in no joking mood, everyone in the group seemed to stiffen except the unfamiliar officer standing behind an Ensign that was known to try and circumvent her orders, passing them onto someone else.

“We were discussing with Lieutenant Hughes what she could do to help… She offered, we didn’t ask!” The crewman added hastily.

Gaia turned to Moesha, taking a deep breath she smiled slightly, trying to be respectful. She didn’t like anyone, even Ryan coming and interfering with engineering running smoothly “It’s very kind of you to offer, but we have everything under control here at the moment. I heard Havannah was in Astrometrics studying the data on the Karcsis we gathered so far, she’ll fill you in on the details. For now, we need to get back to work.” Gaia followed her statement with a glare at the group of Engineers who promptly vanished to their duties.

Without another word, Gaia made for the doors leaving her to wonder whether she had been a little short with Moesha as she had been with Nox. Her mind quickly dismissed that thought however, reverting instead to the problem Nox had indicated earlier. Exiting Engineering, she made her way to the rear of the ship to the lower level of the Shuttle Bay, through into a vertical Jeffries tube and into the torpedo storage bays. surely there can’t be anything seriously wrong, or we would have picked up on it… Gaia stopped dead in her tracks, her heart almost jumping out of her chest, this was bad, this was very, very bad.

As quickly as she was able, Gaia returned to the Shuttle Bay.

a4.gif “Moore to Bridge, we have a slight problem in aft torpedo bay 4. Is it somebody's birthday... because the Cardassians have left us a little present… and it’s counting down fast.” a4.gif

Posted by: Charles Nox Oct 27 2006, 07:57 PM
a4.gif How long do we have? a4.gif

a4.gif There's no way of knowing without getting up close and personal. Problem is anything we do may pick up the pace quicker. a4.gif

a4.gif Allright. I'll be down as quickly as possible. Nox out. a4.gif

Nox looked up at Ryan questioningly.

"Go, keep me updated. I want to know as soon as you dispose of it." Ryan said without looking at him.

A young Lt. came and took his place and he left the bridge quickly. Tapping his comm badge he hollered for Roslyn Carter his Asst. COS.

a4.gif Nox to Carter a4.gif

a4.gif Carter here a4.gif

a4.gif I need you to assume the bridge tactical station as soon as possible. I have a situation to deal with. Nox out. a4.gif

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Oct 28 2006, 01:05 AM
Ross switched into uniform, and twenty minutes into the take over shift, Ross tapped Blackwell out and took over bridge duties, even though she knew she had to speak with the Captain and the XO, so everyone knew that at some point she would not be able to stay on bridge. Ross just rolled her eyes she was suppose to be off duty but then again, she's a junior officer. She had to put herself on call, that whole in case you need anything, anything at all. Ross was regreting that choice right about then.

Oh know Ross, you don't know. Jeff you son of a ______ I'm not an idiot now I have my confirmation, and wow. I seriously need to rethink this whole lets get together and play bridge duty while carrying an unborn child. This isn't hard Ross, you can do this, c'mon whose a big girl. Oh shut up, oh what now we don't want the kid? No its not that, I- I thought I could be better than my own mother. I didn't want to be her, and... and now I'm becoming her single mother with a _______ of a father for the child. Hope dangles on a string like slow spinning redemption, I have got to stop listening to 20th century music because it is seriously starting to mess with my head!

Posted by: Moesha Hughes Oct 29 2006, 01:11 AM
< Engineering >

Disappointed in the lack of appreciation for trying to help, Moesha excused herself from the engineers that she was talking to and folded her arms as she entered the corridor. I know I'll check out the science labs. She started towards the nearest.

< Science Lab >

Well it'll be a while before she is on my christmas card list. She walked into the lab and smiled as she saw that it was empty, "computer drop lighting to minimum." She ordered.

It beeped before the lights reduced intensity. It was perfect conditions for her side project of studying the long-term generation of damaging particles to the space-time continuum by warp-fields. The implemetation of the economic nacelles that the Intrepid-class starships and future built classes had reduced the already made damage to subspace.

There had been indications that subspace has begun to regenerate, Moesha couldn't see how that was possible. Subspace was not a living thing but maybe there was micro-organisms that was assisting with the repairs.

Moesha didn't know and wanted to find out.

Posted by: Hawku Oct 29 2006, 01:29 AM
Aeon sped his Alcyone fighter up into the atmosphere, with the Valerian fighter not far behind. When he reached a certain point, he spun the Alcyone fighter around, allowing him to fly backwards, and pumped out two disrupter blasts.

The energy pulses hit Tevore's fighter dead on, slowing his speed. But that didn't stop Tevore, as he pushed his engines into overdrive, jumping just over Aeon's fighter. Tevore then dropped a tractor beam onto Aeon's fighter, and rotated in momentum.

Both ships continued upwards, passing through the hottests layers of the atmosphere. While heading upwards, Tevore spun both ships around and dropped the tractor beam when he had gained enough momentum to throw Aeon's fighter back downwards toward the planet's surface.

As Aeon was thrown downwards, Tevore blasted three disrupter pulses onto the Alcyone fighter, blowing a minor part of it to pieces. But Aeon had struggled to keep aim on the fading Valerian fighter, and blasted four of his last disrupter pulses up into the atmosphere as he was flying backwards again.

The pulses flew up towards a predicted path that Tevore was on, and without being able to actually be there for it - Aeon heard and saw an explosion in the distance, as Tevore's fighter ran right into the disrupter pulses.

"Arrggghh!" Aeon got a hold of the speed and direction of his fighter, and turned and pulled it up from hitting the surface of the planet before it was too late. The fighter passed inches over the ground before pulling into a hover. Aeon looked up and saw pieces of Tevore's fighter falling from the sky in flames. "Well, Tevore. I guess that's it then."

Aeon landed the fighter and jumped out the cockpit.

"Computer end program."

The holographic simulation disappeared, leaving the cold harsh reality of the holodeck all around him. He then left out into the corridors to get back to the Bridge. He never would have thought Tevore would've died that easily. But then again, Tevore may not actually be dead. Aeon made a mental note to check to make sure the next time he was in the program. But for now, he was just happy with his success.

Aeon entered the Turbolift and took it to the Bridge.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Oct 30 2006, 02:32 PM
His ready room was affording almost the same degree of quiet that his quaters had, except that beyond the doors of the ready room was a busy bridge, that he felt that he was avoiding a little

He had busied himself updating personel files, a someone tedious job but distracting nonetheless

*Lieutenant Gaia Moore - currently Acting (Provisional) Lieutenant-Commander as a result of temporary assignment to USS Courageous*

Anil sighed - recent events had not afforded either Ryan or himself time to review the personel files, let alone update them. He entered a command into the computer, and changed the file

*Effective immediately, rank of full Lieutenant-Commander awarded to Chief Engineering Officer Gaia Moore*

He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a moment, allowing himself a moment to relax and enjoy the quiet, a moment which was, as ever, short lived

a4.gif "Captain Reyan to the bridge" a4.gif

"Dammit - is five lousy minutes too much to ask for?" he cursed, as he pulled himself out of his chair, staightened his uniform and stepped back out onto the bridge with an expression which called out this had better be good

Ryan stood and stepped toward him

"Lieutenant Nox and Lieutenant Moore have discovered a device in Engineering" he advised

"She's Lieutenant-Commander Moore now, and what kind of device?" Anil corrected, realising suddenly that he had almost missed the latter part of Ryan's sentence

"They are not completely certain, but in view of it's placement - namely a torpedo bay - and the fact that it has some form of countdown timer, it's assumed to be some form of explosive device" Ryan explained

"Can we beam it off the ship?" Anil asked

"We've tried, but it scrambles our transport signal" Ryan advised, a hint of frustration in the tone of his voice

"We are hours away from Starbase 173 - I do not want to arrive at the starbase in floating debris!" Anil exclaimed

Despite the servity of the situation, Ryan grinned

"I'm sure Cartel would love that"

"Admiral Cartel is in a bad enough mood already without us arriving in a warp-capable timebomb"

Anil paused, and took a deep breath

"Ryan - get down to Engineering and give Lieutenant-Commander Moore some help" he ordered - "You can tell her about her promotion whilst you are there, although she'll need to deal with that bomb before she adds her new pip to her uniform"

"I'm sure she'll really appreciate that" Ryan stated sarcastically, retreating to the turbolift as he spoke

As Ryan stepped into the turbolift, Lieutenant Sith stepped out, looking refreshed, altohugh slightly preoccupied

"Lieutenant - good to see you - take the helm, and reduce our speed to warp 5" he ordered

"Aye Sir" Sith replied, sitting at the helm

"ETA to Starbase 173?" Anil asked

"At current speed, 14 hours" Aeon replied

Anil nodded, and turned to Lieutenant Carter

"Lieutenant Carter - send a message to Starbase 173 - tell Admiral Cartel that..... our warp drive is giving us trouble, and that our arrival will be delayed as a result"

Lieutenant Carter nodded, giving a very quick expression of bewilderment, before she set to her task, her hands skipping over the console

"Message sent, Sir" she advised

"Good - I'm wondering if the communications array shouldn't suffer some form a malfunction too - would save me having to listen to the Admiral's complaints" Anil muttered, leaning back in his chair - his primary concern was keeping the Intrepid in one piece, and the hope that Ryan and Gaia would suceed in disarming or dispatching the explosive device

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Oct 30 2006, 02:59 PM
~ ~ ~ ~ Deck 3 // Officers Quartres // USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

Sleep was easy enough to come by now that he was in Kaoru's quartres. For some reason Ryan hadn't been very forthcoming with the fact that the Denobulan had left toe nail clippings in the bathroom. Nonetheless it hadn't taken long to clean it up, but already the Hermek had the most fascinating dreams. Ryan would definately pay for that slight misunderstanding, but then - his best friend often played tricks on him, and vice versa.

Slumber faded close to the end of his little offduty time, and regrettably he had to drag himself out of bed. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad sharing quartres with the doctor, but he doubted very much she would tolerate the late night work - or the excessive drinking. That brought a light smile to his face, remembering one instance in the Holodeck where Ryan had nearly stumbled out with Geovanie - luckily they hadn't made a show for the entire ship.

Quickly dressing - setting the three pips of a Commander on his collar - he walked into her bathroom and checked his composure. Despite the slight fuzz of a beard coming on he had managed to keep himself well groomed. His eyes sparkled in the dim lighting. There was a definite pause, the Hermekian considering himself for a moment. What audacity did he have? To say that to her. The worry creased his face, that much was evident. Did I mean it? he thought to himself. He could remember quite strongly such arguments with Aurora in Engineering. One particular situation had almost led them to kissing - but unfortunately she had been courted by his old friend Darion. Another smile plastered his face at the thought of that man - oh the excessive drinking there.

"I'm beginning to think that excessive drinking is part of my culture," and well it should have been with the amount that the Hermek often put away. He turned from the bathroom, ordering the lights to zero and then strolling out of Kaoru's quartres. At least she hadn't heard - she didn't need to know.

~ ~ ~ ~ Deck 1 // Bridge // USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

"Lieutenant - good to see you - take the helm, and reduce our speed to warp 5" That definately sounded like Anil. Geovanie chuckled to himself, muttering under his breath that he 'hoped the good Helmsmen wouldn't break the engines'.

"Lieutenant Carter - send a message to Starbase 173 - tell Admiral Cartel that..... our warp drive is giving us trouble, and that our arrival will be delayed as a result"

His expression managed to echo that of the Lieutenants. Was there was a deadline that Geovanie didn't know about? They had to get to Starbase 173 yes, but why would Anil be so reluctant to say what was really happening. Wait a tick! Just what was really happening? Geovanie activated the secondary LCAR console, quickly reading the current logs that were written by the shifts coming off work. Nothing, he thought to himself, whcih meant it was a recent development, or else Anil was just annoyed. He knew the captain - though he seemed a tad more tempermental then usual

"Message sent, Sir" she advised

"Good - I'm wondering if the communications array shouldn't suffer some form a malfunction too - would save me having to listen to the Admiral's complaints" A hint of a joke? Geovanie had to grin at that, though he ended his search on the screen and took up a position behind the captains chair, activating the touch pad. Tactical sensors were detecting something strange in a torpedo bay, but the note had been logged as noted - so that meant that it was being handled. Was that the problem?

"Desk jobs tend to do that sir," Geovanie stated, watching the Captain turn around to face him. No doubt it had surprised him that the Hermek was already on-duty, "it's either someone else isn't doing a good job - or the chair isn't."

That got a laugh from the Captain, and Geovanie chuckled, getting back to work. Cardassians... almost as bad as Klingons.

Posted by: Charles Nox Oct 31 2006, 09:57 PM
Nox arrived at Gaia's location quickly.

"What have we got?" Charles asked.

"It was as I said. Explosive device. Although...I cant find a triggering mechanism just yet." Gaia replied not looking up.

"Well one things for sure. It's not based on proximity. Maybe we need to figure out that code on that time or find some kind of subspace transmitter. If we can cut off the signal coming into it it might buy us some time." Charles said looking over the bomb closely.

"True. I just don't know..." She said trailing off putting every detail under scruteny.

"True what?" Ryan asked walking in briskly.

"We're just trying to figure out a way to seperate the bomb from the detonator Sir." Charles said working at the other end of the device with a tricorder.

Posted by: Panea Nov 1 2006, 02:05 PM
Blue within blue eyes appraised her commanding officer. Such care she took with all her patients. Another like-minded soul whom gave her all to her vocation just like Panea strived to do. She was deeply glad their friendhsip was already off to a good start.

Levelling her beauteous gaze now to Carter she surveyed with her inner eye and noted the child was as healthy as could be yet too early for the mind to awaken, it still slept. Then she began to feel her way mentally over Carter's form and noted her auric vibrations. She was under alot of stress, her body was yielding far too much adrenaline and the adrenal glands were becoming fatigued. This meant that too many stimulated drinks such as coffee and short naps instead of longer sleep patterns were not helping.

Approaching Kaoru Panea did whisper to her mind.

"Forgive the intrusion...I shall cease if you wish it...But this one is in need of rest and I do not wish to alarm her, but we both know she is of the stubborn kind to listen to such a request...Can you not give her a gentle sedative?Or..I could always use pressure points as my Father taught me..."

A solicitous smile splayed upon ripened lips.

Posted by: Gaia Moore Nov 2 2006, 07:56 AM
a4.gif How long do we have? a4.gif

a4.gif There's no way of knowing without getting up close and personal. Problem is anything we do may pick up the pace quicker. a4.gif

a4.gif Alright. I'll be down as quickly as possible. Nox out. a4.gif

“As quickly as possible? This isn't an all you can eat buffet. It’s a bomb for goodness sake!” she said to thin air.

Gaia hated Cardies, she always had, even before she met Ryan. They didn’t teach you Cardassian brain functions at the Academy… because they didn’t seem to have one. If they did, they wouldn’t go planting bombs on a ship that had no significance. If it weren’t for that damned Karcsis, half of what’s transpired wouldn’t have happened in the first place! Gaia’s mood was getting worse by the microsecond.

Slipping down the familiar Jeffries tube, she was faced yet again with the fluorescent blue device. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to visually disassemble it in her mind. It was small and cylindrical in shape, with the access panel on the front containing the countdown display. She could see what appeared to be a form of resin within the vacuum packed device. Looking further, Gaia's breath caught.

"Oh light! this is bad." Gaia said in a barely audible whisper. Linked to the timer was at least 10 kilos of protomatter This is where a Hazard Team would be useful , Gaia thought to herself. A thought struck her then, wasn’t Geo on a Hazard Team at some point in his long, loooong career... She couldn’t help but grin, if he ever heard her say that… oh the banter they’d have! But perhaps his experience as a computer expert could help here…

She was jogged from her thoughts at the arrival of Nox, who immediately started talking, asking questions.

"What have we got?" Charles asked.

"It was as I said. Explosive device. Although...I cant find a triggering mechanism right off." Gaia replied not looking up.

"Well one things for sure. It's not based on proximity. Maybe we need to figure out that code on that time or find some kind of subspace transmitter. If we can cut off the signal coming into it it might buy us some time." Charles said looking over the bomb closely.

"True. I just don't know..." She said trailing off putting every detail under scrutiny.

"True what?" Ryan asked walking in briskly.

"We're just trying to figure out a way to seperate the bomb from the detonator Sir." Charles said working at the other end of the device with a tricorder.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Nov 2 2006, 08:04 AM
Ryan carefully entered the aft Torpedo Storage Bay and approached a busy Lieutenant Nox and his beloved Gaia. His mind flashed to what Anil had told him, the thought of Gaia as full Lieutenant Commander added to the adrenaline he was already feeling because of the ominous device that she and Nox were hovering around.

“True what?” Ryan asked as he overheard the end of their conversation.

"We're just trying to figure out a way to separate the bomb from the detonator Sir." Charles said working at the other end of the device with a tricorder.

Ryan surveyed the silver cylinder uneasily and tapped his comm badge.

a4.gif “Orlan to Captain Reyan, situation report.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Go ahead.” a4.gif Anil said tensely.

a4.gif “Captain I have to say this device doesn’t look Cardassian. It’s a relatively small cylinder, about thirty centimeters in length, looks to be made out of some kind a duranium alloy.” a4.gif Ryan paused and leaned in closer. a4.gif “On the top next to the timer there’s a clear panel that’s being held in by what looks like some kind of Steelplast based sealant.” a4.gif

“Ryan,” Gaia said, gaining the Commander’s attention. “we can’t break that seal to get to the circuitry. The bomb is air tight and vacuum packed with Trilithium resin. If we as much as rupture the casing or pop out that panel, we’ll be dead within minutes. There’s enough resin in there to kill everyone on the ship if it got into the ventilation system. If that doesn’t get us, the ten kilograms of protomatter linked to the timer will.”

“Trilithium resin? That’s non-lethal to Cardassian’s.” Ryan said thoughtfully. “Okay, I’m not too fond of the idea at opening that case, but we have to stop it from counting down at the very least.” Ryan said watching the numbers tick down on the timer.

Charles continued to scan the weapon, his tricorder beeping with acknowledgements of the scans. “I’m detecting the presence of a subspace transceiver.”

“So we know how it was activated.”

“The question is, where is the activator? Or more to the point, the person who activated it.”

a4.gif “Captain,” a4.gif Ryan realized the communications channel was still open. a4.gif “as you would have head, it looks like the bomb has some kind of remote activator.” a4.gif

a4.gif “Sensor aren’t detecting any transmissions from within the ship or in the surrounding space.” a4.gif Anil said after a few seconds silence.

a4.gif “I’m going to the Brig to see if I can convince its occupants to help.” a4.gif

“You better make it quick.” Gaia said. “We’ve only got thirty-two minutes till we're just a smudge on someones viewscreen!”

Entering the Brig, Ryan made a beeline for the cell that contained the leader of the 3 Cardassian’s. He promptly jabbed the keypad with his thumb and the forcefield disengaged.

He stepped over the threshold and rounded on the sitting Cardassian. Ryan’s hands clutched the collar of the man’s clothing and pressed him firmly against the wall.

“Where is the activation device?”

“It’s nice to see you again, Commander.” The Cardassian greeted sarcastically. “The device you seek won’t do you any good.”

“Where is it?” Ryan said more impatiently and ignoring the man’s taunts.

Ryan didn't care about protocol now, his adrenaline was pumping and this Cardassian had the answers he needed. Gaia was down there dealing with a bomb that could kill everyone on the ship, he hated Cardassian’s, but that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back as it were, the straw that made Ryan act the way he was behaving

“It’s simply an activator, it doesn’t deactivate the bomb,” He reached into a pocket and withdrew a small silver item. “but if it makes you happy.”

Loosening his grip on the Cardassian he backed out of the cell, raised the forcefield and ran for the Turbolift.

Ryan arrived back in the Torpedo Storage Bay to find that Geo had come to lend some assistance. He handed the activation device that he’d got from the Cardassian to Gaia for her to examine.

“The Cardassian said it activates only, there’s no way to remotely deactivate the bomb."

“Well he’s telling the truth.” Gaia said, scanning the device with her tricorder.

“This sealant…" Geo said pointing at the rubber strips that were holding in the transparent panel. "It’s the only way into the bomb right? What if we can pierce something through it and draw out the resin? Then we could open it up and work on the circuitry.”

“We’d need a sharp item… maybe a needle and something to store the resin in.” Gaia said. “Perhaps we could use an Atmosphere Conditioning Pump from storage.”

“It sounds like our only option." Ryan said noting that the time was down to twenty-one minutes.

"I’ll get the pump then.” Nox said as he left the room.

OOC: Several days ago I added to my http://www.distanthorizon.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=505&view=findpost&p=49086 (as I said I would) to include the interrogation of the Cardassians. It fills in some questions and makes this post make more sense.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 4 2006, 08:42 AM
Anil sat in the Command chair, trying desperately to appear calm and composed in the face of the fact that his ship was barely 11 minutes from exploding

"Captain - Admiral Cartel is hailing" Lieutenant Sith advised

"I thought that I said it would be nice if our communications array was inoperative?" Anil stated

Lieutenant Sith looked confused

"Nevermind, Lieutenant - onscreen" he ordered

Admiral Cartel's image appeared on the viewscreen

"Where the hell are you?" he bellowed

Anil sighed, and paused, allowing seconds to pass, and apparently irritating Admiral Cartel in the process

"Admiral! How are you?" he suddenly asked, acting as if the Admiral had not spoken

"Don't play games with me, Reyan, you were supposed to be here hours ago - why the delay?" he demanded

"Sorry, Sir - we could be with you in approximately 90 minutes, but the result of that would be either a heap of debris that used to be the Intrepid on your doorstep, or the intrepid could just explode and ruin your stations lovely paintwork" Anil replied

"You still haven't disarmed that bomb" the Admiral asked mockingly

"My best Officer's are working on it - perhaps you would like to bring a runabout out here and help them?" Anil asked helpfully

"Cut the attitude and stop wasting time.." Admiral Cartel began to say, but Anil abruptly stood and strode toward the viewscreen

"No - you listen to me for once Admiral - my ship is currently a warp-capable time-bomb and I am having to consider abandoning the ship - now - unless you have something either useful or productive to say, I strongly recommend that we leave this situation as a case of don't contact me, I'll contact you - Reyan out"

Anil touched the control on Aeon's helm panel, ending the communication - he then made his way back to his chair

a4.gif "Anil to Ryan - please tell me you're getting somewhere with that bomb, because I'll have to give the order to abandon ship otherwise" a4.gif Anil stated

a4.gif "We're almost there, Captain - standby" a4.gif Ryan quickly replied

Anil sighed, still undecided as to whether he should order non-essential personel to escape pods

"A few more minutes" he muttered, hoping that his hesitation wouldn't cost the lives of some of his crew

Reply Ryan

Posted by: Leona Davish Nov 4 2006, 11:06 AM
Starbase 173

The woman stood watching the hustle and bustle of the busy promenade. So many people gave her the ideal opportunity to just watch them. Leona had loved ‘people watching ‘ from a very young age. She had spent hours on the Dimitrius just watching the crew as they moved about their daily duties. Now she was doing the same.

She had been on 173 for three days now, her new ship was due anytime, and she was positively glowing with excitement at her new posting. She walked slowly, heading to one of the many cafes that seemed to spring up every few paces. She walked in and found a table, sitting down as her eyes glanced around her surroundings. Those around her were laughing, chatting drinking various beverages from around the Galaxy.

“Ma’am, can I take your order?” A strong accented voice asked and Leona looked up to see a tall, dark skinned man standing hold a padd. With a smile Leona nodded her head slightly.

“I’ll have a cappuccino and a chicken salad.” She ordered, taking the chance to have a light lunch. The waiter wrote her order and left, leaving her sitting alone, back to her silent musings.

She still couldn’t quite believe why she was here. She had been enjoying her last posting, she had been on the Freedom, as Chief of Operations she had been involved in most of the command level talks and discussions. She had been one of the Captain’s confidants and the two women had become firm friends.

When Leona had been called into Kelly’s ready room and told the news the woman hadn’t known whether to laugh or cry. She looked at her, “I don’t want to leave the Freedom. I love it her.” She had objected.

“I know and I don’t want you to leave Lee, but this is your future. You have a lot to give, I think one day you’ll be sitting here. CO of your own ship. You’ll have a great time on the Intrepid.” Kelly grinned, raising an eye at Leona. “I also happen to know the CO. We were at the Academy together. Believe me Lee you will get on really well with Anil, he is a great guy.” Leona smiled sadly.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity, but I’ll miss everyone here.” She said.

Captain Kelly Harrelson stood and walked around the desk. “Commander Davish, you will be sorely missed, but you have a career ahead of you. Go, have fun, enjoy.” Kelly told her pulling Leona into a tight embrace.

Leona wiped a tear from her eye as she thought about Kelly and her friends on the Freedom, but she also thought to the future, what lay ahead of her on the Intrepid. She was nervous and excited, this was the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 4 2006, 02:38 PM
[STARBASE 173 - Gulliver's guest Quarters]

Personal log, Stardate, 56843.3.

It is with great pleasure and an aspect of uncertainty that I have accepted transfer to the USS Intrepid. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous as she's quite a ship. A little smaller than the vessels I've served on previously, but she's worth it, being equipped with techs I'm yet to even use.

With that fact I've been studying her schematics non-stop, and by the look of things, I've got some big boots to fill. I'm no Montgomery Scott, but I'll give it my best shot. What I'd give to be such a miracle worker like he was, still never the less, I can only hope I serve this Captain as well as my previous, if not better.

Liam paused a moment and sighed.

"Computer, end log." he said as he stood. He straightened his uniform and adjusted his collar, brandishing his new pip.

One last look at her, for old time's sake.

The USS Victory was about to be decommisioned, one of the oldest Excelsior class vessels still serving in Starfleet.

He left his quarters and headed for the bar. From the viewport, you could see directly into the dock, where the Victory currently resided. He was sad to see her go, in the shape she was currently in. He saw no reason for her to be decomissioned, the ship was in perfect shape, he'd made sure of that when he left.

They could have at least waited until she was on her last legs. he thought.

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 4 2006, 07:07 PM
Charles left quickly to find the Atmosphere Conditioning Pump. As he went into each storage bay he was growing more and more concerned about the situation. He pulled up the contents of the current one he was in. Finding it he got it and a hose. Using a laser cutter he sharpened the end of the hose to go through the silicone like substance.

Returning back to the bomb he handed the pump and hose to Gaia.

“This aught to do it.” Charles said.

“Very good Thank You.” Gaia replied.

She carefully forced the sharped end of the hose through the Steelplast. The pump was activated and the resin was slowly extracted as the minutes on the timer counted down, then finally it was done.

Pulling out the substance and double checking to make sure it was clear of all residues. Gaia removed the retaining screws and got down to the circuit board controlling the device.

“Now I don’t know where to go with this. I know these two diodes control the power source.” Gaia said referring to the blue and yellow diodes on the board.

“Just pull one.” Geo said.

“What if she pulls the wrong one?” Nox asked.

“Then we go boom.” Geo said jokingly.

a4.gif Captain which on you think we should pull? a4.gif Ryan said over the open comm.

Before Anil could reply Geo pulled the blue Diode. The clock stopped, and the bomb powered down.

Gaia, Charles and Ryan looked as if they were about to have a heart attack.

"Why did you do that?" Ryan askes.

"Well the three of you couldn't decide which one you wanted to pull so I pulled one. How was we supposed to know and we did, and hey I pulled the right one." Geo said laughingly walking away.

ooc: reply anyone

Posted by: Julia Diego Nov 4 2006, 07:21 PM
::STARBASE 173::

"Ha! I knew I'd find you here!" Julia slid into a seat next to Liam, following his gaze to the Victory. "You always were sentimental."

Liam smirked, glancing towards the little blonde doctor. "You're the one who cried on Reysa when we found the dead bird."

"Ibis." She corrected him, her eyes darkening. "It was an ibis, and it had suffered. They should never have tried to introduce the species on Reysa." The sparkle quickly returned to her eyes. "But at least I'm not mooning over a ship."

"That ship was your home too, for as long as it was mine." He pointed his finger at her, grinning. "And I'm not mooning."

"Pining then?" She returned his grin, "Mourning, grieving? Pick your word, it still makes you sentimental."

"Hush you." Shaking his head, he chuckled. "I got promoted. I'm going to be Chief Engineer on the USS Intrepid."

Julia elbowed him, "Congratulations! I got a promotion too. I'm CMO of the Firebolt." It was hard to force the cheerfulness in her voice.

"Congratulations!" Liam hugged her, but to her mind he had less success than she did in faking his happiness. "That's quite an accomplishment."

"I'll miss you, Liam." She whispered the words, letting him go, and suddenly, she was the one holding back tears. "Dammit!"

"Jules?" He looked worried.

"Nevermind." She shook her head, looking towards the Victory. "She was a damn good ship, wasn't she?"

Posted by: Dianna Torres Nov 4 2006, 08:02 PM
Dianna had left ops to her assistant, but instead of going to her quarters for rest, she decided that the best thing for her was to go to the holodeck for a bit. What kind of harm could happen there, she thought. She always did enjoy the holodeck when she could. There were a lot of memories in there for her. It was more memories of her childhood more than anything. Years ago her cousin had given her a special holodeck program and she has always cherished it. When they went their separate ways after the Academy, Melissa handed it to her as a present as they both spent countless hours in the holodeck.

Dianna started the program up and walked into the holodeck. She saw a counter but she passed by that as she was not interesting in that part of the program this time. This program had countless activities and right now she felt like she wanted some excitement. She went from one excitement on the ship to another in the program.

She walked where there was gocarts racing. She got into a car and started racing on the track as she has always enjoyed the excitement of that part of the program. The track was always rather interesting to say the least. There were parts of the track that she really could get some really good air if she went fast enough. That was the best part of the whole thing.

From time to time, Dianna really did miss her family, but she also knew that this came with the territory. She’s has always known that Starfleet can be lonely at times. She grew up in Starfleet so she knew what it entailed, but she did love the excitement and the thrill that it possessed.

After Dianna was done with the program she excited the program and headed to her quarters where she ate and rested till her next shift or they call her to the bridge. She really did love the unknown.

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 5 2006, 02:28 AM
The Intrepid dropped out of warp; having been relieved of the explosive device, Anil had ordered an increase in speed, expediting the Intrepid's arrival at Starbase 173

"Approaching the Starbase, Captain" Aeon advised, the station looming ever closer on the viewscreen

The turbolift doors whispered open, and Lieutenant Revolone and Commander Orlan stepped out

"Good work Gentlemen" Anil called as the two officers made their way down to the command area

Ryan sat, and Geo remained stood slightly to Ryan's right-hand side, prompting a questioning look from both Anil and Ryan

Geo shrugged

"I just love watching the ship dock" he stated

"And no doubt you want to evaluate and criticise poor Aeon's flying again" Anil replied, grinning

Geo winked, causing both Ryan and Anil to laugh

"Approaching space-doors" Lieutenant Sith advised

The gigantic space doors slowly opened, and the Intrepid slipped through, entering the docking area, full of ships of various classes and sizes

"Cleared for docking port 7" Ryan confirmed

The Intrepid crept through the docking bay

"Take us in, Mister Sith" Anil ordered, knowing that he didn't need to tell his experienced helm officer what to do

The Intrepid finally came to a stop

"All stop Sir - docking clamps in place, umbilical connected - powering down engines" Aeon stated

Geo, still grinning, simply nodded his approval

a4.gif "All hands, this is the Captain - we've arrived at Starbase 173 - I would, however, request that you remain aboard the Intrepid until such time that I have spoken with Admiral Cartel. I will report back immediately afterward, once I have more specific details of what Starfleet's intentions are toward this ship. Thankyou for your patience - Reyan out" a4.gif

Anil sighed

"Another meeting with the delightful Admiral Cartel" he stated

"At least I get to sit this one out" Ryan replied

Admiral Cartel's Office
Starbase 173

Anil stepped into the massive office, impressed by it's size. Shelves were present along the walls, and models of Starships that Cartel had, presumably, served aboard during his career, were present

"Captain Reyan - come, sit down" Admiral Cartel called

Sat with Cartel was another Admiral, whom Anil did not recognise - Anil approached them and sat

"I take it that your crew managed to deal with the explosive device aboard your ship?" Cartel asked

Anil considered making a sarcastic reply, but with the second Admiral present, decided that a show of his general dislike of Admiral Cartel would be out of place, and Cartel himself had avoided making any snide remarks

"Yes Sir" he replied

"Good - I assume that the details will be in your report?" Cartel asked

"Yes Sir - I haven't had time to prepare one yet though" Anil admitted

"Well, you'll have plenty of time for that, and other activities now - the Intrepid has been allocated to the Starbase, for the modifications that we advised you of to be carried out" the second Admiral advised

"We have also decided that, since repairs on the Intrepid may take some time, that some of your crew will be reassigned" Cartel stated

The second Admiral pushed a padd across the desk, which Anil scooped up, reading the names listed - the very first name he read shocked him

"Commander Orlan - why - he's an excellent X.O?" Anil demanded

"No doubt" Cartel replied noncommittally

"Then why is he being reassigned" Anil demanded angrily

"The USS Firebolt requires a Captain - we decided that Commander Orlan would be a suitable candidate"

"So he's being given his own Command?" Anil asked, wanting solid confirmation of what he was hearing

"Yes - of the Starship Firebolt"

Anil nodded, satisfied by the answer, although still concerned about his own command

"So what of me? With the Intrepid in your care whilst she is being upgraded, what happens to me?" he asked

"You get to do some sightseeing around the starbase" Cartel replied

"That padd contains a list of the Officers and crewmen who we are reassigning - it also contains details of the work being carried out on the Intrepid - in short everything you need to know" the second Admiral advised

"Now - if you'll excuse us, Mister Reyan - we have other.... matters to attend to, and you have your orders - dismissed" Cartel finished

Anil nodded, and strode out of the office

USS Intrepid

As soon as he had arrived back on the Intrepid he had retreated to his ready room, and called Commander Orlan

Ryan stepped into the office, grinning

"I assume Cartel was his usual, delightful, self" he stated

"Sit down please Ryan" Anil asked

Ryan's expression immediately changed to one of concern

"The Intrepid has been placed under the care of the Starbase" Anil advised

"So...?" Ryan asked

"So I am basically on R and R, and you.... have been reassigned" Anil replied

"Reassigned?" Ryan demanded, almost sounding insulted

"To the USS Firebolt...... as her Captain" Anil replied, smiling

Reply Commander Captain Orlan

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 5 2006, 11:27 AM
He looked back to Julia and laughed. "Of course she was, with me keeping her in prime condition. It's just a shame she has to go this way," he sighed, "It's like having to have your dog put down, you know?"

The Victory had been his home, his way of life. It's not something you can just toss away, but when you join Starfleet, its one of this things you have to accept. Sure, he had changed ship before, but they'd gone in a better fashion, or at least were still in service.

Now, all he needed to was prepare himself for the road ahead. The USS Intrepid.

"Julia, you know, I'll write every week. I won't let a few light years keep us apart."

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 5 2006, 08:04 PM
Charles sat down at the desk in his quarters and was making his reports on a datapadd to turn into the Captain when his door chime rang. Charles stood up and walked over to the door.

"Enter." He stated.

The door opened and four crewmen stepped in carrying two large containers that had SFMC stamped on the side in big bold black letters. Charles knew what that stood for. StarFleet Marine Corps.

"Uh gentlemen I belive you have a problem. I am no longer in the SFMC. You must have the wrong quarters."Charles stated.

"No sir. This is the right quarters and You are Charles Alane Nox are you not?" One of them replied.

"Yes." Charles replied raising one eyebrow.

"I belive you will find you current security code will open the two containers. Thank You sir, and have a good day." They said curtly and left quickly.

"But!!......" Is all that Charles got out.

Snatching his datapadd he was going to find out what was going on and turn in his reports. He was told the Captain was in his ready room. Going up to the door and pressing the Chime he awaited the permission to enter.

Posted by: Ryan Orlan Nov 6 2006, 02:07 PM
Ryan sat in awe of what the Captain had just said. Questions circled impatiently in his mind like a swarm of vultures waiting to get their turn at the prey below. Why would Starfleet issue me with a command? I’ve only been a Commander for a year…

“Are you serious?” He asked.

“Congratulations.” Anil happily nodded.

“I’m not sure what to say… I’m just surprised… why me?”

“I’d assume that Cartel was impressed with your performance aboard the Courageous and that you’d make a fine Captain.” Anil slid a PADD across his desk towards his now former Executive Officer. “Its all the specifics.”

“Nebula Class, impressive!” Ryan said, his eyes skimming over the data until he reached the manifest. “Geo… as my First Officer, did you recommend him?”

“All courtesy of the Admiral.”

“I couldn’t have made a better choice myself. Look’s like you’ll be needing to choose a new Chief Engineer too.”

“Gaia will be difficult to replace, but you need her.” Anil grinned. “Besides, I think she’ll welcome a new challenge.”

“The challenge will be her convincing me that the Nebula’s warp drive won’t go above warp nine-point-six.” Ryan laughed. “It’s been a privilege to serve as your number one, Anil.”

“The privilege is mine, Ryan.” The two men rose out of their chairs and approached the doors and engaged in a venerating handshake.

“We should assemble the crew.”

“Indeed.” Anil said as the door chimed. “Enter.”

Lieutenant Nox stepped through the parted doors and came to a sudden halt to avoid colliding with Anil and Ryan.

“Captain, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Not at all, Lieutenant. I assume you received a delivery? Take a seat and I will be with you in a moment.”

“Time for some announcements.” Ryan said after Nox was out of earshot.

“Good luck, Captain.”

I’ll have my own Ready Room soon. He thought as he returned Anil’s parting smile and exited onto the Bridge.

a4.gif “Orlan to Moore, Revolone, Leyton, and Carter, please report to the Briefing Room.” a4.gif Ryan said with the tap of his communications badge.

It was a short wait before Gaia and James filed into the room, closely followed by Geo and Roslyn. They each took a seat at the oval-shaped table.

“I guess you are all wondering why I called you here.” Ryan stated and then paused before continuing. “The Captain has just told me about his visit with Admiral Cartel. I’ve been issued my own command, the USS Firebolt.”

Gaia and Geo grinned eagerly while the four officers congratulated him on his promotion.

“The Firebolt currently has a skeleton crew from what I’ve seen of the ships manifest. Which is why the four of you have been assigned with me.” Ryan picked up the data PADD that Anil had given him to double check the manifest. “Gaia, you’ll remain as CEO. James, you’ll also remain as Assistant CEO. Congratulations Roslyn, you’re now Chief Tactical Officer. Which leaves me to Geo; I’m proud to say that you have been selected as my Executive Officer.”

The four seemed happy with the positions that they had been assigned to. The look in Geo’s eyes was one of ‘I knew I would be it.’ But, something was also troubling him and Ryan didn’t have to guess very much to know what it was.

“Then I assume Kaoru wasn’t invited as part of your crew.”

Ryan signed. “No… that is, she’s not on the manifest that I’ve been provided.”

“Ryan… this sucks.” Geo said blatantly and not caring about the use of formalities in front of other crew. “It’s an opportunity I’ve been waiting for since Epsilon, but I don’t know if I can accept it without Kaoru.”

“I know… but I got the impression from the Captain that the Admiral was rather clear about the reassignment of crew… its final.”

“You mean, its definite orders, not optional. We either live with it or resign, right?” Geo said. His normally calm demeanour now obscured by anger, like a beast rising out of a moonlit pond.

“There seems to be a shortage of crew and –“

“Dammit, your sounding like an Admiral already. It just can’t work this way.”

Ryan looked across to Gaia in hopes that she would offer support or make a suggestion that could resolve the issue. He’d finally been given his own ship and yet the woman that he’d bantered with for so long still stood in his way.

Gaia’s emerald eyes locked onto his like a well-established angular confinement beam. She rose out of here chair and took him by the arm, leading him away from the gathered officers.

“Ryan you know I won’t be on the Firebolt for long if Kaoru isn’t on there with him.” She said in a hushed but serious tone.

“I know, I don’t want to see them apart, despite my differences with Kaoru. If I had a choice here I would have her. But what about Epsilon, they were alone then.”

"They've been apart for as long as they can stand Ryan. Why else would Geo fight Starfleet themselves just to be reassigned back to the Intrepid? Honestly Ryan, how would you feel if we were separated? I don't think Cartel knows about us, but he may find out and when he does, he will reassign me, wouldn't you fight for me to stay?" Gaia's eyes were blazing and her arm was still on his.

Ryan thought on what Gaia was saying to him, how would he feel if they couldn't be together? On the other hand... he had just been given what he had worked at obtaining since the mistakes many years ago... his own command. How could he risk that now, he'd earned it the hard way. Ryan turned to look her in the eyes and spoke slowly after a heavy sigh. “You know I would. I’d return to civilian duty if I had to.”

"A warp core would freeze over before you turn this opportunity down and we both know it. But that doesn't stop me from going back to civilian life, I won't leave you, but I won't play an active part in splitting two of my best friends up. One of which has known you almost if not longer than I have! How many times has Geo stuck his neck out for you Ryan?" Her voice was rising with every syllable she uttered.

Ryan didn’t speak, she was right and he knew it.

“You need to do this for him… for all of us.” Gaia continued and lowered her voice again. “I know you don’t want to loose this opportunity… but you need to at least try. Its no skin of Cartel’s nose.”

Behind them Geo cleared his throat loudly causing Ryan and Gaia to suddenly remember where they were.

“This Lieutenant Commander Diego,” Geo said, reading off the data PADD. “looks like she’s just been assigned to the Firebolt. She probably hasn’t even unpacked her bags yet.”

“Then if you talk to Cartel, maybe he can put her on the Intrepid instead.” Roslyn suggested.

“Okay… I’ll talk to him. I can’t promise anything, but, can we all agree to pack our belongings and report to the Firebolt?”

Gaia and Geo looked reluctant to agree. Doing so could mean that they’d be forced to resign if the Admiral didn’t agree.

“Look, you’ve got nothing too loose. Either way the decision has been made for you to be transferred. You could resign, but how would that get us anywhere? I’m not saying we’ll get Kaoru right away, but we will get her eventually, I promise you that.” Ryan said, his hands flat on the table, his arms outstretched and his eyes were moving from each of them so that they knew he was serious. “Do you agree?”

The four of them nodded and started to make their way towards the exit.

“Geo, Gaia… can I speak to you.” He requested. “Geo, naturally you now have the full rank of Commander. Gaia, before I came down into the Torpedo Storage Bay earlier, Anil informed me that he’s made your provisional rank complete.”

Gaia smiled broadly and hugged Ryan tightly.

OOC: This will be my final post onboard the Intrepid. For those that will be on the Firebolt, you may post your final post if you wish, or just continue on the Firebolt's board. As to those who are remaining on the Intrepid, it has been a pleasure simming with you! Saying that, it won't be the last time. There will be some joint missions from time to time so we can sim together then. Still I can really understand how Ryan would feel leaving the ship... its kinda sad. lol

Posted by: Geovanie Revolone Nov 6 2006, 03:34 PM
“Geo, Gaia… can I speak to you.” Ryan requested. “Geo, naturally you now have the full rank of Commander. Gaia, before I came down into the Torpedo Storage Bay earlier, Anil informed me that he’s made your provisional rank complete.”

Well that was accepted, trying to take Geovanie's pips would have been disasterous to the Admiral. As it stood the Commander was in no mood to banter or talk right then. His jaw was clentched in that familiar stubborn set, like what Aurora and (undoubtedly) Gaia had witnessed. He still owed the woman, since she had taken the phaser fire for him - but she would have died if it hadn't of been for him.

Angrily he banished the thoughts about Gaia and that faithful day when they had been attacked. It was over and done with - and right now... well right now he was still angry.

Now Geovanie had never witnessed any of these intimate acts between Gaia and Ryan (certainly never a hug!) so it caught him off guard when she finally did embrace him. Yet with everyone filing out no one save the Hermekian would have noticed, which was undoubtedly a good thing. Heavens knew how red in the face the Commander - no... the Captain - could get. That nearly brought a smile to his face, but he was still fuming over the reassignment.

"Just what is Cartels move anyway? Reassigning the crew? It's stupid."

So much for a fond farewell. Ryan glanced over his shoulder towards Geovanie, stiffling a sigh - this much would undoubtedly have been expected.

"I don't know -"

"Doesn't he know the chemistry on the ship. We work like clockwork. Hell! That bomb probably would have gone off if it hadn't of been for Nox, myself and Gaia. Now he's separating that perfect cohesion? Bloody hell! It's like sending a ship out with only one naucelle because another ship needed the other one."

"Geo!" The curt glare that Ryan offered at being interupted a second time cut Geovanie off short. He didn't speak, clamping his teeth shut - even going so far as to grit them together - as he listened. Ryan took a moment, making sure the Hermekian offered no protest before continuing.

"The Federation has met ever single enemy in the Alpha quadrant, and some in the Delta. She's in need of more ships. The Federation stands on an edic, one of peace - and exploration. It's what Starfleet stands for - and it's time that we got on with that."

"Pardon me Ryan, I know you wanted a bloody command and congratu-f -"

"Geo..." That was Gaia's stern voice. She wanted Kaoru onboard as much as Geovanie (if slightly less) but she wouldn't take this blatant disrespect. Geovanie reined himself in, sighing.

"I - want - Kaoru."

"And I promise I'll try everything."

The three of them were stuck looking at one another, the reluctance to leave evident. Finally, Geovanie turned - sighing faintly as he headed for the door.

"My quartres, 0700."

~ ~ ~ ~ Personal Quartres // 0600 // USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

"Kaoru," he smiled faintly - she turned just so that the glint of light sparkled against her peace dress. He had told her to dress for the ocassion afterall. His own Hermekian uniform was nothing in comparison. A cream dress in contrast to a dark brown coat that was buttoned to the neck, with a collar upturned so that he looked like he was marching more to war then to see her - yet it was the most formal he had.

"The Intrepid is getting a new overhaul, she's got a fine crew coming aboard and I've been busy most of today assigning new members on the Medical Staff."

That stung a bit, since she didn't know about his transfer yet. He opened his mouth, ready to let a stream of words follow - only to have it cut short but the womans embrace. His eyes slammed shut, not wanting to have to look her in the eyes. Luckily, he could continue without looking at her.

"Yeah - most of the crew is being transferred. Ryan was offered a command position - Gaia is transferring -"

"Gaia is transferring?" She pulled back, the sadness obvious. But this was Kaoru! She never infringed on the rights of others. She was as carefree and freeflowing as Geovanie.

"And me..."

Silence. The Silence that one expected when they walked into a Funeral. She didn't talk - but there was a glint of something else in the light. Something that glittered on the verge of her eyes, unseen - maybe even nonexistant, but Geo thought he saw it.

"Your transferring?"

"Transferred..." He trailed off, "I didn't want to Kaoru - I want to -" He was cut off again, and she hugged him a second time. Sighing, he lowered his head, simplying holding her - maybe resigning wouldn't be so bad....

~ ~ ~ ~ Personal Quartres // 0700 // USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

Gaia was first, followed by Nox; then Ryan followed by Anil. His friends on the Intrepid - and people he had often drank with. Memories of fights with Gaia were spurred by fights with Ryan, and drinking ocassions with Anil. Fights with Nox closely followed by cooperation.

Everyone was condensed into his room, sharing a bottle of Geovanie's very own Tarkalean Drug Ale. Illegal in the Federation because of it's hallucinagenic qualities. Everyone raised a glass, smiles booming on their faces before they drank in silence.

"Ryan... Well I'll end up serving under you again," maybe, "and it'll be a pleasure. It sure won't be like the old days, when we used to go to the Holodeck and run those simulations. What was the last one? The Orion Slaves?" Gaia nearly glared, and Ryan flinched a moment, but all three ended up laughing at Geo's joke - was it one? "Here's to you mate, may she withstand the winds of time, and sail the open skies," all three toasted.

"And Gaia," he side-stepped, "you saved my life, I saved yours - were square. But I'll always count you as one of the friends I can rely on. So don't let the bloody ship break down yeah hear?" The three laughed again, and they toasted. Afterwards, the fond memories resurfaced, until Geovanie dismissed the two lovers to go carouse with everyone else.

"Nox!" The security officer turned (was he even still one? That uniform looked odd). "It's been a pleasure, and although I haven't had the opportunity to tell you how much I hate security officers - well you've grown on me mate, so here's to you, and shooting the hell out of everything," they toasted. Moving off towards a window where they could speak about there conquests. Geovanie had no notion that Nox had been such a fighter - something that reminded the Hermekian of his own childhood. Mind you, it was different when you were being occupied by Thallonians rather then following a Marines life. In the end Nox had to see to other matters, and Geo left him to see Anil.



They both paused.


Another pause.

"Did you have something to say Captain?" Geo laughed. Anil paused to make sure Geovanie wasn't going to interupt again and then continued, a smile graciously spread on his lips.

"Quite the get together you threw. You were a fine helmsmen, and Aeon will make you proud."

"He's a great helmsmen Anil, and you know it. Hell, he might even best me someday, but I have about two hundred years on him as it stands."

"How are you taking the transfer?" Anil asked. He was well aware of the development between himself and Kaoru (who was currently with Ryan and Gaia).

"As well as anyone could. I fought hard to get here, and now I'm stuck wondering if here is where I want to be."

"Words of advice," the Captains arm caught Geo in the back, and the two moved off towards the window, gazing out, "your a helmsmen Commander - born and bred for the stars. I've seen you pilot, and I saw you watch the way you looked at Aeon. You love the stars. So they can take your woman, take your career - but don't let them take that." The two of them continued to gaze out the window, before Geo sighed,

"I'm going to miss this ship, and her Captain..."

"And I'm going to miss drinking," Anil stated - a brief laugh emitting before his communicator chipped and he was called to the bridge. Ryan and Gaia had made there departure by this time, which left Kaoru and Geo..

"Lets go to bed..." He stated, holding out his hand...

~ ~ ~ ~ Docking Port 4 // USS Intrepid ~ ~ ~ ~

She had walked him as far as the docking port, once more in her Medical Uniform. Doubtless today would be a busy day, having to reassign more of the crew. From one of the port viewscreens you could dimly make out a Nebula Class, floating in dry dock awaiting the Hermekian. A duffel bag was slung over his shoulder, but the weight didn't seem to bother him.

"Kaoru -"

She hugged him again, and he stopped, simply hugging her. They held each other for a time, then he pulled away, whispering - "I love you..." into her ear. Then he was gone, off the ship and towards the transporter Pad that would take him to the Firebolt. Never to see her reaction...

Now that's a real good bye!!! a5.gif Sorry if it's lengthy, and weird... edit as needed.

Posted by: Roslyn Carter Nov 6 2006, 03:55 PM
Ross was more than just happy as she walked outta that room. Chief. Chief. Now there's something that her Momma had never been. Now she's walkin away then there was Jeff lookin at her like sayin goodbye she whispered you're just another shot in the dark. The pride and confidence she had as she walked into her quarters.

I hear he's out there somewhere
Been looking for him everywhere
From Rosweld to Timbuck too I thought I found him once at a jiffy lube
But it turned into a dead end so I got my oil changed and I tried again
He was a major in archeology
I was digging on him but he wasn't on me
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

Diggin in on her roots, she got into denim jeans with a white tee shirt with the black vest and tan farmer hat, the deep black boots she wore seem have authority as she tossed her duffle bag over her shoulder she let her down as she turned to her quarters and whispered, "bye bye hellion"

It's a mystery like the deep blue sea
You can take it you can leave it but I still believe
So I won't give up and I won't give in
I know I'm gonna find him I just don't know when
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

The power and thunder followed her, she smiled as she looked around waving goodbye to her friends, she told them that the little goodbyes were on a hallmark card waiting to be read, she took the keys to the cargo she took it with her as she walked away from a place she had long since dreaded.

I met a mystic down in Memphis we stood at the foot of the pyramid
He had me looking east - He had me looking west
Then he showed me a map and said I wish you the best
There was Elvis not the real one
When told me good bye he called me hun
Just another shot in the dark like Eldorado or Noah's ark
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

Here was something her Momma couldn't back down her for, something her Daddy couldn't beat her for. This was her triumpth, this was her gig. Now she knew finding a perfect man might be hard thing, but her baby boy was going to need a Daddy. She adjusted her hat, and the jeans seem to grip her nicely shaped rear but she knew that the Courageous, the Intrepid were stepping stones and that the Firebolt was going to become her home, and her life.

It's a mystery like the deep blue sea
You can take it you can leave it but I still believe
So I won't give up and I won't give in
I know I'm gonna find him I just don't know when
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

Toting that luggage bag, she was finally saying goodbye to one life and saying hello to another....

Taking my bow! Farewell intrepid farewell! :P

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 6 2006, 07:14 PM
USS Intrepid

“This isn’t the easiest thing to say, so I want to keep it as brief as possible. ” Anil began. “Sadly several of you will no longer be serving onboard the Intrepid. Admiral Cartel has given Commander… or should I say Captain Orlan a command of his own and he needs some experienced officers to combine with his new crew on the U.S.S Firebolt.”

“Geo, Gaia, James, Roslyn… I know you’ll serve Captain Orlan as admirably as you have me.” Anil said as he paced past the lined up officers. “I’ll miss all of you.”

Ryan watched them carefully as Anil said their names, and suddenly it dawned on Ryan that Kaoru wasn’t part of the Firebolt crew. Would Geo refuse to take the assignment if Kaoru didn’t go too?

“Lieutenant Nox, I understand you have had extensive training as Marine. Admiral Cartel has also recommended that you resume that task. He feels that with the recent attempt from True Way to steal the Karcsis, that the Intrepid would benefit from several Marines based onboard.”

Nox’s mouth parted slightly; the words the Captain just said seemed to be the answer to whatever question he’d wanted to ask the Captain.

“Naturally the aforementioned changes, will bring with it further changes… Vincent, I understand on your transfer request to the Intrepid you specified that you would prefer to be on the ships Tactical-Security team, as such, I’m now placing you as Chief Tactical Officer"

Saying farewell to his friends had been more difficult than he had anticipated and the bridge felt somehow different as he stepped out of the turbolift

Of course, the bridge was all but empty; his officers having disembarked either to transfer to other assignments, as Ryan, Gaia, Geo, Leyton and Carter had, or to enjoy some shore leave whilst the Intrepid received her systems upgrade

"Sorry to have disturbed you Captain, but Admiral Leyton sent a message that requires your immediate attention" Ensign Re'asa stated

"Thankyou Ensign - dismissed" Anil replied

The padd contained a high-priority message

Effective immediately, Starship USS Intrepid NCC-74600 is under the care of Admiral Cartel, Starbase 173, until such time repairs and upgrades are complete

Anil placed the padd on the XO's chair, and took a deep breath - the bridge was now deserted, save himself, and many of the consoles were powered down. Anil ran his hand over the back of his chair - this bridge had seen a great deal of action and activity in recent months, and although Anil knew that she still undoubtedly had new adventures to look forward to, the Intrepid, and himself, would be sharing those adventures with a new crew

He sat for a moment, accessing his crew manifest, and entering the code that finalised the transfer of those Officers who would not be returning to duty aboard the Intrepid. The final name on the list, Lieutenant Havanna Essal was one that he had expected to see - the fact that she carried the Xandra symbiont had never made either of them feel very comfortable, and Havanna had placed numerous reassignment requests

He stood and slowly walked toward the turbolift

"Well old girl - you're the Starbase's responsibility for now - I'll make sure that they take good care of you" he stated, addressing the ship as he would an old friend, somthing that he did actually consider the Intrepid to be

Taking one last glance around the empty bridge, he stepped into the turbolift, and as the turbolift doors whispered closed, he couldn't help but feel that a chapter of the Intrepid's history had come to an end, leaving a new chapter to be written

Senior Officer's lounge
Starbase 173

The main lounge had been crowded, and Anil had spent much of his time there saying farewells to Officer's who had served aboard the Intrepid and were being assigned elsewhere. He had therefore taken his leave and made his way to the Senior Officer's lounge

The Senior Officer's lounge was smaller, and although not as busy as the main lounge, still appeared active, and Anil immediately ordered a drink, and searched for a table. He noticed one in the far corner, and made his way over, taking a seat and sipping his drink

"Mind if you I join you?" an unfamiliar female voice asked

Anil turned to address the person who had asked, a very attractive woman, holding the rank of Commander

"By all means, Commander.....?"

"Leona Davish" she stated

"Captain Reyan Anil"

Commander Davish smiled, causing Reyan's heart to skip a beat

"Just arrived?" she asked

"Yes - my ship, the Intrepid, docked a few hours ago - she's here for repairs and upgrades, which could take some time" Anil advised, finding himself staring into her lovely eyes

"Engineers always exaggerate - I doubt it'll take a quarter of the time that the Starbase engineers claim" she replied grinning

Anil swallowed back the remainder of his drink

"How long have you been here?" he asked

"Long enough to know my way around - care for a tour" Commander Davish asked

"How can I refuse an offer like that?" Anil laughed"

Commander Davish smiled again, a smile that Anil returned

"Before we go, one condition I'd like to place" she stated

"Okay?" Anil replied, wondering what she was going to say

"No work-talk" she replied, grinning

"Deal" Anil laughed

Reply Commander Davish

Posted by: Julia Diego Nov 6 2006, 08:34 PM
His words surprised her a bit. She hadn't expected him to be so solemn. It really wasn't the way the way they communicated.

"You're getting sentimental again." She looked around for a server, hoping to get a drink. Anything to break the sudden tension.

"One of us has to." He groused, irritated with her. "Don't try to tell me you don't care."

"I do care!"


"Liam." She rested her hand on his arm. "I do care. I hate saying goodbye, I always have. But for the life of me, I can't understand why the idea of saying goodbye to you is just that much harder."

Liam smirked, resting his hand over hers. "Then don't say it. Just say that you'll keep in touch. You know, the way I just did?"

Snatching her hand back, she grinned, green eyes glittering wickedly. "You damn engineers are all too smart for your own good."

"And you damn doctors are too hot headed for yours." He tugged a lock of her blonde hair, knowing how much she hated that.

"Another thing we damn doctors are good at, removing limbs, or fingers...remember that, Lt. Commander Gulliver."

Posted by: Kaoru_Ele Nov 6 2006, 09:12 PM
He told her that he loved her and then he walked away, leaving her reeling.

Hadn't they just done this? Hadn't she just said goodbye to him? Hadn't she just fought to keep her emotions under control, to not cry in front of him? Small wonder it was easier the second time.

She wondered if Geo knew how much self restraint she exercised.

"I love you too." She whispered the words to no one, after he had gone, wondering when she had ever felt so alone.

And now, there wasn't even enough work to lose herself in. The Intrepid was docked, the flurry of transfers had been handled. Her own transfer requests had been submitted. She had nothing but time.

Anil had told her how hard Geo had fought to get assigned back to the Intrepid. Gaia had told her how angry he had been about his new assignment. She would fight just as hard to be reassigned, though he had never asked her to.


The ensign's voice startled her. She hadn't moved from the spot where he had left her, and she stood now, tears streaming down her cheeks, splashing onto the shoulders of her uniform.

"Are you all right?" The young woman looked worried.

"I will be ensign." Kaoru voice was strained, but she managed to speak those few words. "Thank you." Turning away, she left to seek the safe haven of her quarters.

Posted by: Havannah Essal Nov 7 2006, 12:08 AM
Havannah sat in the diplomat’s office. It hadn’t seemed that long ago, when she’d been summoned the first time to see the Trill diplomat. A little nervous, though not as before. It had albeit briefly been described in a comm. message exactly what was expected of her. She glanced down at the PADD still containing the message.

to: Havannah Essal/Xandra
re: Xandra symbiont

It has come to our attention the Xandra symbiont had a previous intimate relationship with one Reyan Anil, the Captain of the very vessel you are stationed. You are to remain, confined to quarters until the Intrepid docks with Starbase 173. At which time you are to report immediately to the Trill Diplomat Office. Bring your things as you will not be returning to any Star Fleet vessel for the time. Arrangements have been made for your travel to Trillus Prime.

Tupp Elio
Diplomat of Trillus Prime
Star base 173

Admiral Cartel
Star Fleet, Starbase 173

She was finally out of her quarters, and ecstatic to not feel trapped within the confines of those walls. She had her duffle, and the med kit carrying her medical supplies: a hypospray and several vials of the serum.

Havannah knew in only a brief while, she’d depart back to Trillus Prime, a planet she hadn’t seen since attending her grandparents’ funeral just after Academy graduation. She was kinda looking forward to swimming in the purple ocean again…

ooc: now i'm off to stasis until a time i can come back, was waiting for the right time to post this. thank you ryan

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 7 2006, 07:29 PM
Charles went back to his quarters and looked at the big metallic cases. He'd never imagine he would be called back into the SFMC. It seemed like ages ago. Opening the first box there was a datapadd laying on top of the uniforms with a message on it.

Datapadd Message


Lt. Charles Nox
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
U.S.S. Intrepid

Lt. Nox,
You have been chosen to take on a special mission. One that requires deligence, and patience. You are being reinstated back into the StarFleet Marine Corps at the Rank of Marine Captain. You are the commanding officer of the Marine regiment about to board the Intrepid. You have no option on this assignment since StarFleet considers this TOP PRIORITY.

Your Mission Marine Captain Nox is to protect the Karsis at all costs. Train your men to do this without hesitation. You will do this until time is designated to hand this issue off to someone else. Until then though you will eat sleep and train you men around the Karsis. They are to know everything that we know about it.

You are also at this team being added to the Bridge crew as well as Assistant Tactical/Security officer. You will meet your Chief of Security when he comes aboard from the starbase. From this moment on you are no longer Naval personnel you are Marine.

Admiral Cartel
StarFleet and UFOP

End of Message

Charles sat back in his chair and laid the datapadd on his desk. Getting up he went to his bedroom and changed into his new uniforms. Putting on his pips and his commbadge he stepped back and looked into the mirror.

Been a long time since I've had these on. He thought to himself.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Nov 8 2006, 03:25 PM
He looked at Julia and laughed. "I'm sure you are. Like we engineers are good at repairing Warp Cores."

Turning away from her, his laughter and smile faded away. He cleared his throat, "I have to be going."

This wasn't goodbye, merely a farwell for now. More stress on Liam's emotions were the last thing he needed. He was having trouble sleeping lately and felt drained, a mix of being nervous about this new ship and an extensive amount of coffee.

OOC: Are we able to board the Intrepid yet?

Posted by: Charles Nox Nov 8 2006, 07:14 PM
Charles left his quarters donned in his new marine uniform. Making his way toward the party. Once getting there he sat down at the bar. The bar tender walked over.

"Synthenol please." Charles said politely.

"Right away." The bartender replied.

A couple of moments later the bartender handed Charles the glass of synthenol and wiped down the bar in front of him.

"Anything else sir." The bartender asked.

"No thank you." Charles replied.

Posted by: Leona Davish Nov 10 2006, 06:35 AM
Leona walked along side the man, not quite sure what had come over her because she was usually pretty quiet when it came to the opposite sex. But she had seen him and taken the chance he would accept her company, and he had. That had pleased her and she now they were heading out to explore the station.

She had started slightly at his name, Anil, that was the name of her new Commanding Officer, but she knew it was also quite a command name so he was not probably her new CO. Part of her hoped he could be, she had a feeling she and Anil would have fun together.

“So, what do you fancy seeing?” She asked as they walked. “I’ve found a really nice cafĂ© on the promenade, or the Moon Garden is pretty spectacular.” She said, smiling at him.

“The Moon Garden sounds nice. I promised myself I would visit it this time.” HE replied, and the smile he sent to her made her blush lightly, he was already getting to her.

“Then the Moon Garden’s it is.” She said, heading towards a turbo lift.

A few minutes later they walked into the most amazing place Leona had seen in a long time. The trees were tall and exotic, bird song filled the air, and the scent of luxurious blooms assailed the senses. Leona stood and closed her eyes, drinking in her surrounding.

“You could almost forget you are in space.” She signed, opening her eyes and then chuckling as she was confronted by the huge dome that looked out into space. “Until you see that.”

“I’ve always had the utmost respect for this sort of thing. Hydroponics is such an art, and this they have out done themselves.

Families walked passed them, children skipping an laughing, even a dog on a lead, walking alongside a young couple. This was the side of things that Leona missed when on a ship. The real plants and places to relax.

Finding a bench they sat, side by side, watching, and chatting. So much in common, she wondered how long they would have together before getting sent off to their ships. Probably not long enough, but she would enjoy what time they did have. She was determined too.

Tag: Anil

Posted by: Reyan Anil Nov 10 2006, 01:44 PM
Anil guessed that some time had passed since he met Leona, but he didn't care

Though he had known her for a very short space of time, talking to her was like talking to an old friend, and he was sincerely enjoying the time that they were spending together

"You know, I really don't do this often often enough" he remarked

"Do what?" Leona asked

"Absolutely nothing" Anil laughed

The two walked around the park again, reminiscing about the early parts of their careers; they eventually left the moon garden, strolling past the docking area

"I should really get back to my ship, to see how the repairs and upgrades are progressing" he stated apologetically, not really wanting to leave

Commander Davish nodded

"I should really finish packing anyway" she replied

For a moment they both paused - Anil moved closer to her, and she to him, but Anil quickly, and awkwardly, grabbed her hand and shook it

"It's been a pleasure, Commander - I really hope that our paths cross again somewhere in the galaxy"

"I hope so too, Captain" she replied, smiling warmly"

Again, there was a pause, and Anil realised that he still held Leona's hand in his own

Embarrassed, he let her hand go

"Sorry about that" he apologised

Leona simply smiled

"Good luck, Leona" Anil stated, not really wanting to say goodbye to the attractive Commander

"And you, Anil" she replied, before turning and making her way toward the door leading to the guest quarters

Anil watched her walk away, admiring her, until the doors whispered closed behind her. He turned, staring into the dock, wondering which ship Commander Davish was assigned to. And he was beginning to realise that, despite the fact that he had only just met her, he was really missing her

USS Intrepid
Captain's Quarters

Reaching his quarters had been a task in itself; the corridors were littered with tools, panel covers, and Engineers working on various systems, as well as a pedantic security officer who insisted on checking that Anil really was the ship's Commanding officer

He sat at his desk and activated his computer

"Computer - display new crew manifest, authorisation Reyan omega 12"

The crew manifest appeared on his computer, showing a few familiar names as well as a number of new ones
He ran down the list of personnel assigned to the Intrepid, relieved to see that he was still listed as Commanding Officer; but he was both shocked and pleasantly surprised when he read the second name on the manifest, the name of a person whom he could not stop thinking about

*New assignment: Commander Leona Davish - Executive Officer - USS Intrepid*

Anil smiled, pleased that his parting words to Leona had clearly been premature, and looking foward to seeing her again when she reported aboard

OOC: Okay - no reason why people shouldn't start reporting aboard now, although I would request that posts take into account that the Intrepid is docked and is being worked on by Starbase personnel for now. This will not, however, be the case for too long

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