United Spirit Fleet: Starbase Epsilon: Mission 1 - Second First Impressions

United Spirit Fleet 2421 _ Starbase Epsilon _ Mission 1 - Second First Impressions

Posted by: Xeno Sep 3 2006, 09:32 AM

Everyone arrived just on time, they took seats and muttered between themselves, every Senior Officer of the Spirit Fleet, both from the station and the ships was seated around the table.

Xeno walked out of a room and greeted everyone;

"Sorry to break any plans you may have had, but this could not wait any longer" he said, he held the back of the seat and looked at the officers, "I'm sure you are all aware of the Bulrathi" he said, they looked at the data padds they had in front of them

"A warlike, canine species. We first encountered them during 2384, the former Admiral of the Spririt Fleet, Admiral K'Cir has told me all that happened, however, after explaining the call I got from Ursa Major, the Bulrathi Major Homeworld, he seemed shocked and explained a little more."

Xeno showed an image of 2 planets, 1 locked in orbit with the other, the larger planet had a higher level of gravitational pull and the smaller planet was in viewing distance from Ursa Major.

"For many generations these people faught against each other" Xeno continued, "Not long before the Federation encountered them they had united and conqured the minor races in the systems surrounding them.
The USS Delphinus was one of the first vessels through the Ursa Wormhole, seen by the Bulrathi as sacriligious fiends they became hostile after peace talks broke down. "

He showed some logs and information concerning the events he just mentioned, "However, a new species was encountered not long after, Xanthuri" he pulled the schimatics for the race, "Formerly Humanoid, borg vessels crashed into the planet, probably due to the Magnetic Genderation of the Moons surrounding the planet. The Xanthuri, a true warlike race found a way to use the Borg Technology to enhance themselves, becomming like the Borg, without the Hive Mind, they saught to destory all. The Bulrathi were the only ones who managed to stand upto them."

Xeno waited a moment for the information to sink in, "Now, not long after this the Spirit Fleet was decomissioned and brought to Earth, now we are back we have attempted to watch the Bulrathi and gain a Diplomatic Relation, to no avail they seem pre-occupied with something else.
I recieved a Distress Call from the Ursa Minor planet calling for Diplomatic Talks, The Distress Call was directed to me and they knew it would get my attention, afted reading the proposals I contacted Starfleet Command, who sent Ambassador Shal'ia." Xeno gestured to the Vulcan sitting right next too him, She gave a silent nod to everyone in greeting.

"The Ambassador is arranging a meeting with Bulrathi Diplomats here on the Station, however, after reading up on the Bulrathi, they do like a show. And as such, I've been asked by Command that you All Attend a Diplomatic Dinner and Social Event." Xeno didnt' seem impressed but he conveyed it differently, "The Ambassadors will be here within the week, Your all to take light duty and get yourselves ready for this ... event. Dress Uniforms and your phasers will be required."

The Ambassador nudged Xeno, a human trait she learned for subtly in these situations, "Before your dismissed" he said, sitting down, "I do not like the sound of this, Intelligence states they are at full scale war with the Xanthuri, however there has been no major battle in the sector for near 6 months. Oppinons, Questions?"

Posted by: Velmont Sep 3 2006, 09:39 AM

Though part of the Red Squadron, Velmont had been asked to the meeting, since he was Senior Staff.

He listened to the Information relayed and read what was required, the Bulrathi seemed to be a strange species.

The Admiral conveyed some concerns to the Staff and asked for Questions, Velmont waited a moment then spoke, "Sir, why would these Bulrathi want to resume Diplomatic Relations with us when they seemed so against us in the past, other than to use our power to solve their war?"

He let the question hang, letting anyone who wanted to propose another answer to one the Admiral would surely give.

Posted by: Eric Knight Sep 3 2006, 10:28 AM

Eric had been assigned as the official yeoman of the meeting, and was listening in on the entire conversation as he performed his duties. He heard that these Bulrathi wanted the Federation to use their power to solve their war, but even a kid like him knew that was just wrong. He chimed in and said, "Sir, forgive my asking but have they been told that's against the Prime Directive? I mean, someone walking in and ending a war for them is just wrong. They should be allowed to make their own errs."

Posted by: Xeno Sep 3 2006, 11:10 AM

Xeno snapped around to see the crewman standing there, he thought that this was for Senior Officers only due to its severe nature, getting over the annoyance Xeno composed himself and replied to both Velmont and Eric,

"Captain, it maybe an option they have, but we are not sure. They have asked for aid and sanctuary, this is true, however we are uncertain that they have a ulterior motive, but we have to be vigliant" he said, then he turned to Eric, "By rights you shouldn't be here, however since you are, They are a warp capable race and therefore are deemed intelligent enough for the Federation to interact, howelse do you think Diplomatic Relations are built and forged to build this United Federation of Planets?" he let the question hang in the air, "Also, if this was the case, then First Contact of any nature after the Federations introduction of the Prime Directive would never happen. I suggest you go and read these Articles and get aquainted."

He left it open for a reply or more questions from everyone else.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Sep 3 2006, 11:33 AM

Liam looked to Xeno.

"Sir, will all due respect. Please remove the minor. You know what they're like." He followed it with a sneering look at Eric.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 3 2006, 11:36 AM

"Sir, will all due respect. Please remove the minor. You know what they're like."

Xeno sighed, "Eric, can you?" he gestured kindly too the door, "Your still on Leave, Eric. Dont mention what you heard here"

Posted by: Velmont Sep 3 2006, 11:37 AM

Velmont grinned as Liam spoke up, he'd heard, through the ramblings of the drunken officers on the Promenade about Liam's Dislike for the kid and his family.

As the Admiral Asked him to leave Velmont put out his arm to catch the boy, leaning back on the chair, "After this, catch up with me" he said, smiling, then got back to the Meeting.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 3 2006, 01:34 PM

//Starbase Epsilon~CMO's Quarters\\

It was such a blessing to wake slowly...to not be jolted out of slumber. She sat up, covering a yawn with one graceful hand and rising. Her eyes fell on the two cups resting on the small table in the sitting area and she smiled, her fingertips touching her lips lightly, remembering.

The kiss had been short, but achingly sweet. Liam had pulled back first, resting his forehead against hers, his fingers stroking through her soft, shining black hair. "I needed that." He managed at last, his eyes still closed.

There had been other kisses after, other embraces, though it ended far too quickly for Ama. Liam had cleared his throat, looking to her where he cradled her in his arms. "I should go."

Their eyes had met, and she had nearly asked him to stay, but she had not. She had recognized that, had she asked, he likely would have stayed, but he was not quite ready yet, for that. He was still dealing with all that had happened...just as she was. But unlike her, he was not ready yet, to let it go.

"Of course Liam." She had whispered, kissing his lips once more and rising, not bothering to tighten her robe. "Get some rest."

He smiled, rising, brushing her cheek with his hand and pulling her in to a tight embrace, murmuring in her ear . "You too Ama. I'll see you first thing in the morning."

He had left then, and she had sought her bed again, sleep claiming her rather quickly. She even managed to dim the lights.

//Starbase Epsilon~Holodeck 1\\

Amaranted strode into the holodeck carrying a cup of steaming tea from one of the vendors on the Promenade deck. Her rich sable hair was drawn up in a simple twist, her storm grey eyes bright, warm, far more lively than they had been of late. She was one of the last to arrive, and so she chose a seat near the far end of the table, sipping her tea as she perused the information on the padd in front of her.

Xeno spoke, and Amarante lifted her head, giving him her attention, smiling softly, feeling the brooch the admiral had given her resting just below her commbadge, beneath her uniform, hidden from sight.

She tried to be objective, impassive, but the data around the borg technology struck far too close to home. She closed her eyes, her breath short suddenly. "They are not assimilating? As the Borg do?" The question caught in her throat, but she managed to speak it. She could not look at Liam just then, knowing what she would see if she did. "I mean Admiral..." She collected herself, meeting Xeno's gaze, "Surely they must have some motive. Is their purpose the destruction of the Bulrathi, or is there more beyond that?"

Posted by: Xeno Sep 3 2006, 01:57 PM

Xeno looked at Ama as she asked her question,

"Well, they lack the Hive Mind to control the nanobots and so forth, so I would highly doubt they are 'assimiliating' as the Borg do, However, as for the Xanthuri's intentions, I honestly couldnt answer, I know they wanted nothing But War during 2384, so I dont see why they have changed."

He looked at her, knowing all too well the horrors of the similar assimilation she went through, however they had not saught the Borgs perfection, they had saught erradication of flesh.
Shaking his head from the thoughts, "Anything else?" he asked everyone.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Sep 3 2006, 03:11 PM

"So aside from this dinner, and possibly having to save the universe yet again, what part am I playing in this?" he said in jest, brining a small chuckle to holodeck.

Xeno met him with silence and the room fell silent again.

"Oh come on Xeno, you know I'm only kidding. So admiral, why exactly are we on the Holodeck?"

Posted by: Xeno Sep 3 2006, 03:32 PM

"The Confrence Hall isn't ready, thats why" he replied, "and as for your part, your going to be collecting the Ambassador and bringing him here in a perfect manner"

Xeno handed liam information on the task.

Posted by: Dimitri Legean Sep 3 2006, 03:41 PM

=Promenade - Starbase=

"Boring...boring...boring..." From his seat at the bar, Dimitri ticked off the members of the senior staff as they entered the holosuite for the meeting. The captain of the Victory was hot, the captain of the Iceland wasn't half bad...but beyond that, there wasn't much to be seen.

The Ferengei bartender dropped off Dimitri's fourth drink, "Isn't it a bit early to be drinking like this Cadet?"

Dimitri laughed, picking up his glass and downing fully half of it in one gulp. "That all depends on how you look at it mate, since I ain't been to bed yet, I reckon it's more late than early."

The Ferengei chuckled, shaking his head and walking off. "Cadets."

Dimitri watched the procession into the holosuite again. The dish of an XO from the Victory looked tasty too, and Dimitri groaned, banging his head on the bartop. "I'm going to be courtmartialed before I make it past Ensign."

The Ferengei heard him, laughing, "I'll take that bet...but I'll say you don't make it past Cadet."

"Shut up you." Dimitri threw a balled up napkin at the bartender.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 3 2006, 04:49 PM

When it was time for the meeting in the Holodeck, Alex went there. Alex took her seat and waited for the meeting to start. She did not have to wait long before she found out what the meeting was all about. She listened interestingly what Admrial Xeno had to say and all that he said was intriguing. There actually is a species that can actually steal technology from the borg and get away with it? Now that was new to her. Before she knew it he was asking if anyone had any question. Alex could not think of any, but she waited to see if anyone else did though. After a while people were asking question. Since mostly everyone was asking what their part of this they were to take part, Alex spoke up and asked the same question as everyone else. What could she do to help after all, she's only a doctor here.

Posted by: Eric Knight Sep 3 2006, 09:53 PM

Eric was caught by a captain that asked him to catch up with him later. He looked back at the captain and said, "I'll be in the lounge sir. But just in case I'm not..." he handed the captain a padd with his cabin assignment. "I'll be there. In case you hadn't heard, I only got the news my father was dead a few days ago...but this leave is driving me crazy, sir. I need something to keep me busy, or I'll be locked up in a mental institute before I make ensign."


He then headed for the lounge, but stopped. Someone's bound to ask about the meeting, he thought. I'd better get to my cabin, and not speak to anyone...at all.

He headed straight for his cabin, and began to hone the katana that his father gave him.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 4 2006, 10:19 AM

Xeno stood and calmed them all, his hands fell to the desk and he leaned forward,

"The Victory will collect the Ambassador from Ursa Major after this meeting, you will have 3 hours to collect your things and then depart, It should not take more than 2 days if you use Warp and the Wormhole, I'm forbitting Slipstream for the time being.

The Iceland Crew are to remain on Leave until Thursday, when the Ambassador will be here and we shall be having the Ball, here in the Holodeck, Everyone will recieve information.

Velmont, I wish to speak to you after this.

If you have any more questions, put them to me privatly, this Meeting is over" he nodded and exited into a small room, Velmont following.

Posted by: Velmont Sep 4 2006, 10:27 AM

Velmont stood and followed the Admiral, everyone seemed to dispurse, some may have had questions but he did not wait and see.

He knocked on the door and entered, "Admiral?"

Xeno gestured to a chair and he sat, "I need you to take on Eric Knight, I know its unorthadox and this will be a first, but he needs the discipline and the training, I cannot keep him as an Aid much longer. I've already spoken to the Academy and they said if You agree then he can begin a little early on the ship."

"Funny, I was going to take him off your hands, he seemed a little.. out of place, I think surrounding him with Cadets and Ensigns maybe a good thing."

"Ah good, well, I'll let you deliver the good news, Velmont"

Xeno smiled and Craig stood, winking at the Admiral, "As I said, your hot" he laughed and walked out.

After locating the room and eventually getting there he pressed the chime, a broken male voice answered, he smiled at himself, he was always surrounded by teens who's voice would break and then go high pitched at the least thing, he found it rather funny, a taint of innocence being lost.

He walked in, his leather jacket hitting the side of the door as he entered, "Ah, Eric, Your to report to Dimitri at 08:00 hours tomorrow morning, your joining us on the Venture."

Eric gave him a puzzled look, "Eric, you've been given over to me and that of the Red Squaden, a very unorthadox thing to do, but we are given the task of training you before you enter the Academy, call it a gift from the Admiral. Your off duty until 08:00 tomorrow, oh, and I do not tollerate lateness." he smiled and put his hand on his shoulder, "I heard about your father" he said then left.

Posted by: Eric Knight Sep 4 2006, 07:44 PM

Eric had read up on the Red Squadron ship before Velmont was even on the base. This is my shot, but it seems as though it came a tad too soon, he thought. He was certain that he'd be approached as he entered the Academy, but in this case it came quickly after his father had died. He didn't want to find out the truth of his father's death from Captain Gulliver, the one that asked he be removed, even though he was well aware of the Prime Directive, being raised on a starship since he was five.

He put some of his computer work together and his uniforms. He then headed for the Valiant, and reported in extremely early to this Dimitri. His father sometimes like to be fashionably late, and had a flare for theatrics in his entrances, but not his son. He hated being late for anything...especially when it was talking about the remainder of his life.

Posted by: Jerrica Nova Sep 5 2006, 09:54 AM

Jerrica simply listened to all in the briefing nothing more and nothing less, she remained quiet but she did feel like making a suggestion to Liam about the Xanthuri, it would involve the Victory as well. She simply stood and followed Liam out onto the Command Deck before tapping him on the side of his arm.

"Captain, I recommend that while the Ambassador and the Bulrathi delegation is onboard Epsilon that the Victory is to patrol the surrounding area for any Xanthuri ships." She said. "I realise that it's Admiral Lionbane's call but I thought I should let you know of my recommendation."

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Sep 5 2006, 01:11 PM

Liam looked at Jerrica, "Noted, Commander." And he continued onto his guest quarters.

Liam had collected nothing but what he had bright on to the station. Most of his belongings were on the ship already.

By now, word had gotten around the station that the Victory was back and what had happened to the crew, they were being looked at as if they were super-natural and in some cases, super-human. This however was just a passing phase, he was nowhere near the Captain that Picard is. However, he felt that his crew were worthy of a similar status to that of the Enterprise crew.

<<Moments later....>>

He headed immediately for the bridge. Diplomacy was a very fragile thing and it was always better to be early than late. As he made his way from the airlock to the bridge he noted how clean the ship was looking inside and that the smell of 'new' had returned.

He emerged from the turbolift onto the bridge. Hmm, new carpets. he thought, noting that they had changed from a deep orange tan color to a steel blue. This being one of the many requests he had submitted during his time at the starbase, he felt that the ship needed a decor to match his way of doing things. Quick and to the point. The ship on the other hand was more or less empty except for the odd crewman that had made it there early.

He took his seat and awaited the arrival of the rest of the crew.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 5 2006, 07:08 PM

//Starbase Epsilon\\

It took her precious little time to pack up her quarters on the starbase. Everything fit in one bag that she could carry on her own. Shouldering the bag, she made her way to the Epsilon infirmary, the CMO had asked to see her.

She had been off duty since returning to the ship, but had hardly left sickbay. Doctor Estava, the Epsilon CMO had agreed to see her and hopefully clear her for duty. Otherwise, she might be forced to stay behind while the Victory went out.

Dr. Estava was an older gentleman. He had had a long illustrious career in starfleet. Amarante had read some of his research papers, had even contributed once or twice to different projects, but the two had never met face to face. The doctor smiled, knowing how nervous Amarante likely was, trying to put her at ease.

"Come in Dr. Lladro." He ushered her into the infirmary, instructing her to hop up onto a biobed. "I'm sure you're anxious to get this behind you."

"Yes sir." She tugged down the front of her jacket, a nervous tell on her part...that usually led Liam to call her when they were playing poker.

"Understandable." Dr. Estava nodded, his fingers dancing over the LCARs running a few scans. "Slightly elevated pulse...but otherwise everything looks good."

She nodded, waiting for the inevitable "but" that she sensed looming.

"But...I can't clear you for duty."

Amarante's shoulders slumped, "Why not?"

"Your bio readings are all well within normal ranges, but Amarante..." He used her first name, trying to soften the blow. "It's only been a week. We don't know if there will be any latent effects to what's happened to you."

"I understand." She rose, tugging at her uniform jacket again. "Thank you doctor." She had never had to be on the recieving end of news like that before.

"Light duty is the best I can do." His tone was clearly remorseful.

"Thank you sir." She was in no mood to make him feel better.

Leaving the infirmary the made her way to the Victory. Light duty was better than nothing. She'd at least not be left behind.

//Bridge - USS Victory\\

She was the second officer to arrive on the newly renovated bridge, glancing around, noting the changes, eager suddenly to see what had been done to sickbay.

Liam looked up at her from the command chair, seeing immediately that something was wrong. "Ama?" It was just the two of them, and he used her nickname.

"I'm on light duty." She handed him the padd.

He took it without looking, his eyes on her, gaging her reaction to the unhappy news.

"It's better than nothing." She smiled at him, meaning it.

"Good to have you aboard Commander." His smile was warm, happy.

"Good to be aboard sir." She returned his smile, "Permission to check out sickbay and see the new subparticle microscope you've gotten me?"

"Granted." He laughed, shaking his head. "But there is no microscope."

She laughed as well, "There had better be some new toys...I see you've gotten a few up here."

"I'm the captain."

"So I keep hearing." She winked at him, retreating to the turbolift. "I'll catch up with you later Liam."

Posted by: Xeno Sep 6 2006, 01:27 PM

Admirals Log;
Stardate: http://www.hillschmidt.de/gbr/sternenzeit.htm

The Meeting went well, everyone seemed to get what was expected, which i'm pleased about.
The Victory and her crew will be setting off to collect the ambassador as soon as Captain Gulliver feels the ship and the crew are ready, which knowing them will be within a few hours.

The Doctor, Commander Lladro, has been distressed by the ordeals of the previous year. I had a private chat with her and she seems a lot better for it.

The Iceland Crew are slowly transfering to the starbase, the Iceland Herself is going under major re-fitting, which i'm personally overseeing for them.

Red Squadron has been selected to come to USF by Starfleet Academy, may have something to do with my family just taking over the Academy. Captain Velmont is... unique, to say the least, a real pleasure and breath of fresh air. Eric Knight, son of the Deceased Christopher Knight is now under RS's Control and Guidance until he is of age, or until he finishes or transfers, to the Academy on Earth. I feel it is better for him to start off surrounded by the best in the Academy, then he may have a chance.

End Log.

Xeno sealed the log and started his Personal Logs.

Personal Log, Xeno Lionsbane.
Stardate: Stardate: http://www.hillschmidt.de/gbr/sternenzeit.htm

I'm a little intrigued by Captain Velmont, he has commented on my appearence every time we have met, i'm not sure how to take it, its nice though.

I'm glad to have the Victory back in normal space at least, its comforting to know the ship is there if we need her, especially now the Bulrathi finally got in touch, however the Senior Officers have shown concern about the timing of the contact, but we must follow this up, its how we thrive, and I think its the best thing to do, these people may need us again.

Doctor Lladro, a fascinating woman, intelligent and strong, however the events she has just gone through have scarred her deeply, I'm going to make sure she recieves every kind of support she ever needs, she's an asset to the fleet and a person who deserves the treatment.

On a lighter note, i'm looking forward to the Ball, it will be interesting, and has a special supprise.

End Log

Xeno looked around the holodeck, standing he ended the programme, the Vulcan Ambassador had left a while ago to leave the Admiral to his thoughts, Upto the Command Deck then he thought, wishing for something to need his direct attention to stop the dreary 12 hours ahead of him.

Posted by: Kaz Rein Sep 6 2006, 04:51 PM

Kaz Rein, a new recruit for the Victory, had left Starbase Epsilon and stepped onto his new ship. Walking through the corridors, he began to think about his previous posting - it was aboard the USS Pollux, a vessel that had been decomissioned due to being beaten very badly by an unknown alien force. Half the crew survived, and went on to serve other ships.

He entered the Bridge, where the Captain was.

"Kaz Rein, reporting for duty, sir," the human opened.

Captain Laim Gulliver turned, "Welcome aboard."

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 6 2006, 08:23 PM

Alex left the meeting not sure of what was going on. She didn't know what she was doing right now as she still was not able to board the iceland yet and she had no idea when she will be able to. Alex went to her quarters and started reading up on some medical journals as to what is new and whatnot. She always tried to stay on top of those thing if at all possible but it has not always been like that when she got busy. Normally, she used to a busy life and she liked it better than nothing better to do.

Posted by: Dianna Torres Sep 6 2006, 08:37 PM

Dianna sat at the bar drinking even though she knew that this was not a good idea. She knew that, but she didn't care what anyone thought. She was stubborn but she was a great person once you get to know her. She is the one Torres' you don't want to cross. In fact she is not allowed to be drinking alcohol but she is. That was the way Dianna was. She like breaking rules no matter what the consequences may be. In fact, when it came to alcohol she knew the difference between alcohol and synthehol. She knew the difference and nobody ever could figure out how she can tell, but she knew. It was never an good idea to piss her off as she was the worse of all the Torres' that you may meet. She was a sweet person but cross her and there will be hell to pay. Dianna was told to report her, but she had no idea where she was to go from here, but all she was told is starbase epilson and thats it.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 7 2006, 01:02 PM

The Command Deck was as normal, everyone going about the business. Xeno stood and went into his office, away from the disturbance.

Not an hour after a report came through that the Victory had entered the Wormhole and was on its way to collect the Ambassador.

Xeno opened a visual comm to the ambassador in her quaters, after a few moments she answered the call, "Admiral?"

"The Victory in on its way to Ursa Major to collect the Ambassador, We should prepare Holodeck 2 for the arrival"

"I agree, Admiral. I shall start the Diplmatic Preperations."

"Brilliant, I'll do everything else"

It took him a few hours to get the food sorted, the drinks, entertainment from the crew and to choose the settings for the Holosuite but all was well.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 9 2006, 11:01 AM

Light duty...for a diplomatic mission, meant that she had no good excuse not to be present greeting the ambassador when he came aboard. It also meant that she had no excuse for not attending any special shipwide functions held in the Ambassador's honor. And so, Amarante found herself in the transporter room with several other crew members, waiting for the dignitary to beam aboard.

The preparations for the meal with the Ambassadors had been made, and now all that was left to do was collect the ambassadors and deliver them to HQ.

Liam turned to the Operations officer on duty, "Energize."

Amarante watched as the blue curtain of light shimmered, fading slowly, leaving three beings on the transporter pad. One was a tall dog like creature with tawny gold fur dressed in flowing jewel toned robes, the second was a similar creature, slightly smaller, with fur of a darker shade. This smaller Bulrathi was dressed in darker hued robes, standing behind the Ambassador on his left, and on his right, a lovely young betazoid woman stood who wore no robes at all. She wore instead tight, form fitting clothing, a sleeveless shirt and pants that looked like leather. Her lovely face was framed with soft tendrils of wispy gold hair.

The ambassador looked around, his muzzle curled in what looked like a snarl, but might have been a smile as his eyes fell on the small group there to meet him, "Ah Captain Gulliver." He stepped down, approaching Liam, the other two following behind him. His voice was low, a rumbling growl, though easy to understand. "I am pleased to be able to meet you at last."

"Welcome aboard the Victory, Ambassador. This is my Executive officer, Commander Nova"

He introduced all the senior staff there. After doing so he ordered Commander Nova to escort the visitors to the meal and told her he'd be along shortly. He now needed to contact Admiral Lionsbane to inform him that the Ambassadors were aboard.

The ambassador introduced the pair with him, his aides Jakob and Tressa. Once everyone was introduced, the Ambassador was escorted to the lounge where the small reception had been set up. Tressa glanced over her shoulder at Liam before following the group.

<<USS Victory, Bridge>>

"Contact Admiral Lionsbane, tell him that the swallow flies at midnight." he chuckled to himself. The crew on the bridge looked at him awkwardly. "Oh nevermind! Just tell him that the Ambassadors are aboard and we're on our way back." He then looked to the helm. "Plot a course for Starbase Epsilon, maximum warp."

The Ensign replied, "Aye, sir." He was amazed at how many junior officers he had aboard, a good chunk of the ones currently present on the bridge of the Victory he had never met before. His work here, however, was done. It was now time to rejoin the party, not that he particularly enjoyed entertaining Ambassadors.

<<USS Victory, Mess Hall>>

Amarante did not particularly enjoy it either, but she stood in the lounge, holding a drink, synthahol...dammit...and listening to the Ambassador address the group, speaking of his last diplomatic mission. His aide Jakob was by his side, listening attentively to every word. Tressa however, was no where to be seen. Amarante glanced around the room, finding her at last, standing near a viewport, looking out at the streaking stars.

Liam emerged from the corridor into the mess hall. Noting that no one had yet sat down to eat and the pre-meal drinks were going around. He spotted Ama and made his way to see how she was doing, knowing full well that a dislike for entertaining Starfleet's guests was something they had in common.

The relief in her storm grey eyes was evident when she saw Liam, her smile softening, becoming a bit more real. "Good evening captain." She nodded her head, inadvertantly drawing the Ambassador's attention to Liam as well. "Ah captain!" He motioned Liam to where they stood. "Come and join us please. I was just in the process of boring your CMO to tears."

And you expect me to want to listen!? he thought. "I'll be just a second Ambassador, I'm going to grab myself a drink. Would you like anything?" he looked at the Ambassador and then to Ama.

"No thank you, I'm quite alright with what I've got." he said,holding up a glass of blue liquid.

"I'd love another drink." Ama replied, walking over to him.

He smiled. "What are you drinking?"

"At this rate? Cyanide. But as we're fresh out of that, so I'll go for the same again."

"So it's going that well then. Didn't he have a girl with him?"

Amarante nodded, falling in step beside him and going to the bar, "His aide. She's just over there." She indicated the lovely blonde woman, surprised to see that the Ambassador's aide was watching them intently...or rather, watching Liam intently.

"Hmm." Amarante chuckled, the smile evident in her mischevious eyes. "I'd say you have a fan, Captain."

"What?" he said, taking a moment or two to catch on. "Oh right! Well what can I say, a good looking guy like me..."

She hit him playfully in the arm.

"Well I suppose I had best go greet the fans." He jested.

"Sure, go talk to the pretty girl and throw me to the...well...you know what I mean." She accepted her drink, stirring it sadly. "There has got to be some cyanide aboard somewhere."

Tressa meanwhile, was walking towards the captain. "Captain." She offered her hand, glancing dismissively at Amarante. "I was hoping I might get a tour of the Victory."

Amarante bit back a chuckle, excusing herself and returning to the Ambassador.

He glared at Ama as she walked off. "I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that after the meal. I noticed you were starring out at the stars." He joined her by the window again.

"Yes. I've not been off of the Bulrathi homeworld for many years now. It's so peaceful up here. Unlike the wars back home."

He looked at her, "I know the feeling."

"You are at war too?"

"Not quite, but many hundreds of years ago my race was at war with itself."

Amarante rejoined the Ambassador, holding up her fresh drink. "Dinner will be served soon sir."

Tressa nodded, "I learned about the history of your people...they were savages." Inhaling, she glanced at him speculatively. "Nearly as much so as the Klingons. I wonder Captain...does the barbarian within you ever truly fade away?" It was impossible to tell from her words whether she was condemning or extolling Liam's race, but then she lifted her hand, resting it on his arm. "I like to think it is always there, below the seemingly calm and strikingly handsome exterior."

"I'm afraid that is a question I can not answer." Liam looked back to Ama.

Tressa followed his gaze. "Is she yours?"

He looked back, startled by the question. Sighing he replied to her question. "Not quite. Soon though, perhaps."

Tressa smiled, pleased that the answer did not shut her out completely. "The Ambassador seems charmed by her. He does not laugh like that often." She looked back to the handsome captain. "I wonder if I might ask a favor of you Captain. I'm told there will be a ball on the station."

Amarante glanced up towards them, catching Liam's eye, smiling warmly at him.

"That is correct. Why do you ask?"

The hand she had never removed from his arm slid higher, closer to his body, her own body leaning in towards him rather intimately. "I had hoped you might agree to escort me." She stayed close to him for a few seconds after, her lips almost touching his neck. "It would be a tremendous favor Captain, both to me and to the Ambassador."

In times like this, it was Starfleet regs to not let any personal feelings get in the way and to not do anything to jeapordize negotiaitons. It was after all, also a requirement of the Captain of the ship. Another reason he didn't particularly like the task of entertaining Ambassadors. "I would be delighted."

((Joint post between Liam and Ama))

Posted by: Jon Sep 9 2006, 03:27 PM

Jon was no where to be seen. Being on a Type 9 shuttle craft on the way to the station, Jon was just coming from Earth. The shuttle was in transit for hours at Warp 2. The shuttle jumped out of Warp and was about 10 Kilometers away from the station.

"Sir, we have arrived at Epsilon station." the shuttle pilot notified the Captain, Jon Hayward.

"Good. I'll be happy when we get out of this thing. Being cramped in this is like taking an old 21st century aircraft trip from Europe to North America." Jon responded with a grin. A dry-dock sat toward the Starboard side of the station and shuttle, revealing the Prometheus Mark II, U.S.S Iceland.

The shuttle came about 500 meters before the pilot comm'ed for the Station, "This is the Shuttle Bishop, requesting permission to dock for Captain Hayward."

Posted by: Kaz Rein Sep 9 2006, 06:21 PM

Kaz was standing with the crowd, listening to the Ambassador's stories. It was, in a way fascinating, but more was it boring. Although, he never allowed his personal feelings to get in the way of an opportunity to absorb another person's experiences, it seemed as if the Ambassador was just enjoying his own deep voice going on and on and on and... off: which was what Kaz turned his attention to eventually.

The Tactical officer glanced around, subtly, until falling his gaze toward the tables. The only real thing that he realized he cared about was that he was hungry.

It was then his stomach growled, prompting the tweaking of Jakob's almost canine-like ear. It snapped into Kaz's direction, followed by Jakob's glance. When Kaz dragged his field of vision back toward the Bulrathi, he suddenly noticed Jakob staring at him intently.

The taller Ambassador continued on talking, locked in his own world, while Jakob spoke subtly to Kaz, "Something the matter, Commander?"

Kaz could almost detect a hint of tinge in his voice, and worried that his conversation would be a confrontational one. "Uh, no. Actually, I was--"

Jakob had taken a step toward Kaz, who stepped back - both unnoticed by the chattering tall Ambassador and the other crew. "--Was losing interest. Just admit it," he offered.

Kaz didn't want to insult Jakob's intelligence and replied, "Alright. I was drifting. But honestly, it's because I'm hungry. Aren't you?"

Jakob then receded his interrogating nature and relaxed, "Heh, heh, heh," having been impressed at Kaz' honesty. "Now that you mention it. I am hungry. Heh, heh." The Bulrathi aide then stepped away from the group, prompting Kaz to follow. "Tell me... you're the Tactical officer, I assume?"

Kaz nodded, "Yes."

Jakob held his drink, "I'm a sort of tactical enthusiast myself. More specifically, I mean hand-to-hand combat-- but as a sport."

Kaz widened his eyes slightly at this, "Oh. Actually, I've spent a few years with martial arts."

Jakob nodded excitedly, "So you understand my interests!" He then thought. "Tell me, would you be partial to a friendly match?"

Kaz held up a hand, "Uh, no. That would be terribly inappropriate. I wouldn't even be allowed---"

Jakob shook his head, "Relax. I will take care of all that. It has just been so long for me, and I would love to learn from another species' perspective. What do you say?"

The Tactical officer shook his head at having to answer the question. He did not want to step on any toes, especially on a diplomatic mission of this high a regard. Say if the aforementioned suggestion was allowed, there would defnitely be the chance that things could go wrong-- well as far as holodeck safties go. But wasn't a suggestion like this classified as part of an Ambassador learning of Federation culture? It could very most likely be allowed.

"Look---" but before he could respond, there was an interruption.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 9 2006, 07:42 PM

Alex decided that it was time she head out of her quarters and stroll the base. There was nothing of interest going on there. It was rather boring there right now. Alex diid notice that the bar was rather busy and she noticed a woman drinking there. Alex sat down right next to her and ordered a drink that did not require any alcohol due to the fact that she can be called on at a moment's notice.

Alex introduced herself to the woman and woman did say hi at least but it seemed to Alex that she had a little to much to drink. Alex told the bartender not to give the lady any more alcohol and when the lady asked for more, she got enraged when they cut her off and gave her a subsitute.

Alex confronted the lady and told her that she had told the bartender to not give her anything else to drink.
The lady tried to swing at her and Alex caught it in mid air. She knew how these people work and when they got mad, they'd do anything. She tried swinging at Alex again and Alex counteracted it also. Alex was good when it came to protecting herself. She was trained in martial arts so you can counteract any move that is given to her.

Alex saw security was going to intervene and she told them, that she was okay and she had everything in control. She grabbed the lady and took her to her sickbay to where she could sleep the alcohol off safely.

Alex administered an immobolizer so hopefully she'd cooperate with her.

"Now whats your name?" Asked Alex.

The lady swore at her with every word in the book. Alex kept on trying until she finally got Dianna Torres out of the whole ordeal.

Alex sat down right next to Dianna. "Now what's the whole deal of you causing trouble and drinking like you just did?"

There came more swear words from Dianna. Dianna was not cooperating with her at all.

Alex did some scans of Dianna just to make sure she was okay. Dianna in fact had injested a rather large amount of alcohol. After a while Alex did notice that Dianna had fallen asleep. Alex figured that she'd probably sleep through the night. She had a rather large amount of alcohol to work off.

She told the medical staff to let her know if there are any problems with her to call her. When she later was sober enough, she wanted to see what the heck is her deal. Nobody should be carrying on like she just did.

Alex then headed off to her quarters.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 11 2006, 04:00 PM

It had been a few days since the Victory had gone, the Epsilon had been informed of the sucessful arrival of the Bulrathi Ambasadorial Party.

"Admiral, the ship should be here in an hour, I recomend you get yourself ready"

Xeno sighed and stood from his desk, "your right" he muttered, taking the clothes his Personal Aid had handed him. "Oh the fun to which we will be recipients of" he said with a fake laugh.

The Aid left and Xeno checked the uniform, the White Admiralty uniform complimented his toned body and ruggard look, he took his time in the shower, it seemed to relax him before the Ball.
Changing into the uniform he adorned the Family Sash, a Purpure coloured sash, sown with silver thread down the sides, down the sash were Xeno's personal achievements both in Starfleet and within the family, he put on the Jacket, which remained open, on Xeno's cuff, next too his rank pips, an embroyeded Coat of Arms took prominence, its colours breaking the monotone of the bright uniform. Looking in the mirror he adjusted it to the right ways and headed to the Holodeck, The Victory was due to dock within a few moments, they were on sensors and had already hailed the Epsilon.

[ooc: dont take it past arrival and getting changed to come to the ball.]

Posted by: Jon Sep 11 2006, 05:48 PM

The station comm'ed back after a few seconds, "Permission granted."

Jon liked the sound of that...the shuttle began speeding up after having stopped. The pilot was careful to get the ship in the station and on the landing pad. After a couple of minutes of travel into the station, the shuttle stopped, began landing on the pad, and the bay was lit with interior lights.

Seconds after having stopped on the pad, the shuttle was powered down and then magnetically strapped onto the pad. The walk-way came out, and met with the shuttle's hull. Walk-way was magnetically secured onto the hull of the shuttle, so now air would be able to escape, also forcefields were in place along the sides, top, and bottom.

The pilot got up from his chair, and looked at Jon, "Well, we're here, Captain."
"Thank you for the ride, Lieutenant." Jon spoke with a grin, responding to the pilot.

The Lieutenant tapped a few buttons on the wall, next to the door. Next thing, the door was opening up. The door lowered down, and then the top part of the door raised upward to allow passage. A few nanoseconds later, the door of the walk-way opened up, slid back, opposite of Jon and the pilot, and swung inward.

Jon and the pilot picked up their bags with their possessions and so forth in them, and began down the walk-way, where another door layed ahead.

They came up to the door, Jon tapped a few of the buttons on a console which was near the door, and the door slid side-ways to reveal the corridor of the station.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 15 2006, 02:46 PM

Xeno walked through the holodeck doors to reveal a lavishly decorated Deck of the Starbase, edited to fit the crews of the Ships and of the Station itself. The ambassadors were due to arrive within the hour, Starfleet Officers had started to arrive and greeted Xeno and started to get into the social groups they maintained after their shifts finished.

First to arrive was the Iceland Captain, Captain Hayward. He was dressed in his standard Dress Uniform, he came to Xeno and introduced himself, "Care for a Drink, Captain?" he asked, Jon nodded and Xeno got him what he wanted, "I'll announce the Ambassadors Arrival, so just relax" he said with a smile.

The Remainder of the Iceland Crew arrived and went about the same as the others.

Moments later, Captain Gulliver, Commander Nova and the remainder of the Bridge Crew of the Victory arrived, they looked spectacular, Xeno took the greeting and got them all a drink, "Admiral, the ambassadors will arrive shortly, they have somethings to attend too"

"Okay good, how was the trip?" he asked, Liam smiled and motioned for the run of the mill pick up.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 17 2006, 12:29 AM

The journey back to the starbase was uneventful.

Amarante found the days growing easier and easier. She did not jump at shadows quite so often...she felt that awful, paralyzing panic less and less frequently. Even the nights were a little easier.

On the Starbase, Amarante's first stop was the infirmary.

Dr. Estava was waiting for her when she walked in. Right away he could tell that she was doing better. Her coloring had improved, and her eyes no longer looked so lost, so haunted.

He smiled, and she flashed him a wicked grin. "Ah good...then you know why I'm here."

"I'm assuming you wanted to ask me to escort you to the ball." He winked at her.

She laughed, "Well of course...but that's not the only reason for my visit."

Dr. Estava held up his hand, losing his quick smile. "I'm sorry Commander. I can't clear you yet."

"What? Why not?" She was surprised...and trying hard not to be angry.

The doctor met her gaze steadily, speaking in a calm voice that only served to irritate her further. She had used that calm voice on many crew members in the past. "Commander...I stand by my decision. Granted you seem to be improving by leaps and bounds, but it is quite typical for some backsliding to occur. What if it occurs while you're on duty, or heaven forbid, in surgery?"

Amarante's storm grey eyes flashed, but the anger within them cooled quickly. "I'm sorry to have wasted your time Doctor."

She left the infirmary half infuriated and half devastated. She wanted so badly to be angry...but she also had to ask herself if she would do anything different were the situation reversed. Somehow, she thought it unlikely.

//USS Victory, CMO Quarters\\

~At least I could take my time getting ready.~ That wasn't much comfort, but it was some. Amarante stood and examined herself in front of a full length mirror. She wore a shoulderless gown of silver satin, form fitting, slit up the side to allow freedom of movement. Her long sable curls were arranged in an elegant twist, set with silver flowers.

She made herself not think of Liam and the Ambassador's aide, though it wasn't easy.

Finally, she was ready, slipping on her shoes and leaving the Victory, making her way to the deck of the starbase where the ball would take place.

Posted by: Jon Sep 17 2006, 05:32 PM

Jon wasn't sure what was going on, as he has only just arrived, so he just went went with the flow. He sipped his water he recieved from the Admiral.

The ride was long and hard, and he was sore from having sat in the seats, even though he was also standing up too. Jon hadn't been used to long travel like this time. He hopes he doesn't have to do it again. If he does, it's in his own ship, not a shuttle.

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Sep 17 2006, 05:48 PM

Alex found her way to the holodeck. Early that morning, Alex had released Dianna from sickbay but she was going to check on her later after she was done at this event provided that it was not too late. Alex could tell that Dianna was mad at her, but she didn't care. That comes with the job at times. If she didn't care, she'd let Dianna carry on and do more harm to herself but she stopped her at the right time. Alex just hoped Dianna didn't go back to drinking today. The last Alex had heard is that Dianna was going to her own quarters until Dianna gets transfered to where ever she may go.

Alex walked into the holodeck. She had her dress whites on as they was protocol for this occasion. Alex walked around and tried to greet with people she could.

Posted by: Jerrica Nova Sep 18 2006, 12:48 AM

Arriving in the holodeck with the rest of her shipmates, Jerrica made her way to the table with the refreshments on it. She took a drink and a piece of bread with some spread that she wasn't familiar with.

Its taste was quite surprisingly pleasant, she smiled as she took another two of the bread pieces and walked back over to Liam who was talking to Xeno about the overall trip the Victory took. Jerrica stood about a metre away so as not to intrude on the conversation but close enough to appear as if she was involved in it.

"Okay good, how was the trip?" Xeno asked.

"It was rather peaceful." Jerrica replied as she looked at Liam.

"Yes. Pleasant." He said.

Jerrica smiled and excused herself. She spotted Captain Hayward walking around, she smiled and approached him. "Captain, how are you?" She asked taking a brief sip of her drink.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 19 2006, 02:42 PM

Exscusing himself from the group he vanished from view for a few moments.
Having a word in the Ambassador's ear, she went and informed the Bulrathi about what was about to happen.

To the Centre of the far wall, Xeno made his presence known, "Can I have your attention, please" his thick English accent flowing over the room, the depth of his voice runbling the souls of everyone there, "Thank you. First, I'd like to thank the Bulrathi for comming this evening, Its an honour" he said, giving a slight bow.

"Secondly, I have a supprise in store, so, Computer, Shift Program to Lionsbane Citadel Alpha Gamma" the room immediatly shifted from the Starfleet Standard deck to that of a huge hall, the decor was stone walls with Cloth Drapes, Xeno stood in front of a large chair, there were braziers before him, steps down to the floor, they were covered in a thick heavy purple carpet, showing stone to either side, its edges were finished with a silver edge, to stop the fraying. Xeno stood in his robes, a tight white undergarment, over it a purple sash, his sword on his side, rifle on his back and beside him stood a small creature with a tray.

"The closest you will get to one of the Lionsbane Citadels" he smiled, quickly moving on. "I would like to ask everyone to take a seat" he said that and chairs started to appear in rows, people moved out of the way and took the seats, "Thank you" he said, "If the Ambassadors could come to the front row" he heard the Vulcan Ambassador say, guiding them forwards.

"I would like to start the proceedings" he said, everyone remained silent. The females on the crew were all dressed in gorgeous ball gowns or similar depending on their race.

"First, I have to call Captain Liam Gulliver forward" He stood there with his Left hand resting on his sword hilt. Liam stood, looking around, and came down the aisle and stood at the bottom of the stairs, The Admiral gestured for him to come forward, "Captain Gulliver, it is with Great Honour I bestow Upon you these Awards" he said, taking a box from the creature;
"Starfeet, and myself included, would Like to recognise your worth and our appreciation" Xeno pinned the award on his chest just over his heart.
IPB Image
"Also, I would like to award you with The Starfleet Medal of Honour, for your bravery and love of your crew" Xeno placed this one next to his other.
IPB Image

<Tag Liam>

Liam stepped down, after he was Seated Xeno spoke again, "Commander Amarante Lladro, can you please come forward?"
Next to Liam, Xeno spotted her. She stood, her dress astounding. She did the same as Liam, standing at the base of the stairs until summoned.

"Commander, Firstly, I would like to say how beatutiful you look." He smiled, "Now, firstly, I have recognised your personal strengths and have seen the opposite, not only are you entitled too, but your more than welcome to the Purple Heart. For the Injuries you suffered, both physical and mental."
He handed her the first box, "I dare not pin it myself" he said with a wink.
IPB Image

"Secondly, I would like to personally give you this one." He handed her a second box, "In recognition of your service to starfleet and to myself."
IPB Image

"Finally, this one comes from your peers, not only do your crew recognise your skill, but your peers in your department have informed me, both on the station and off, of your abilities. And as such, it is an honour to bestow upon you the Medal of Departmental Excellence."
IPB Image

He handed her the final wooden box, "Well done, Commander" he said, leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek, he then whispered something too her and she stepped down with a grin.

<Tag Ama>

"Next, I'd like to call Commander Kaz Rein"
Kaz stood up, he was looking well, he observed the same as the others, Xeno was quick to call him up, "Looking well, Commander" he said with a smile, "I'd like to bestow upon you, after reading your logs, those of the Victory and a discussion with your Captain" Xeno send a smile to Liam and continued, "Your skill, though as Assistant was beyond Excellence, I hearby grant you the full position of the Victories Chief of Security and Tactical Officer, also" Xeno pinned the small medal on his chest.
IPB Image
"a distinction in battle, your skill never went un noticed, the death of the former Chief of Security was a great loss, but you stepped in and aided without error. As such you have my thanks." He shook Kaz's hand.

<Tag Kaz>

Kaz had taken his seat, "I would like to point out that every member of the Victory who was injured on the past mission, will recieve their Purple Heart by the morning. Could I ask Amarante to come forward again?"

He saw her look around, puzzled, "Come on my dear" he ushered. She made her way forward again, "I see you found a place for those medals" he laughed, as his right hand reached over to his sword. "It is with extreeme pleasure and honour for me to grant you this." he drew the blade. It was beautiful to gaze upon, the blade was perfectly formed, the face was unflawed, the edge was razor sharp. Its gleam seemed to follow the room, Ama could see Liam behind her as clear as if she was looking at him. "This has only ever been given to a record number of 11 people outside the family" he said, placing the blade on her shoulder, its cold metal hit her skin making her shudder. She came down on one knee, "Amarante Lladro, with full backing of the Upper Echlon of the family, it is my honour to bring you into the fold as a full Knight of the Bloodline. You recieve all honours and priviledges in accordance to your brethren" He placed his blade on her left, then right shoulders, he gestured for her to stand. As she did, with lightning reflexes, Xeno put away his sword. He gently reached for a long box, he opened it and took out a sash similar too his, and put it over her, "Welcome to the family" he said. Once the sash had fallen into place, he embraced her in a hug.

After a moment they turned to the others, Ama stepped down and went to Liam.

"If I could ask you all to stand and make your way to the far walls please." Xeno asked, stepping down from the higher mantle.

"Computer, Engage Luncheon"
Everyone had moved, and as they had, massive oak tables with sturdy comfortable chairs become visible, they were laid for everyone in the room, "Please, take a seat" he announced. He looked around, the tabled spanned down to the far end of the room. Which was enough to hold the three hundred or so people here.

The Vulcan Ambassador brought the Bulrathi up to sit next to the Admiral, The Main Ambassador sat to Xeno's Left, and his aids to his left. The Vulcan Ambassador to Xeno's right.

As everyone settled, Xeno stood, "One of my Final announcements for the night, Order whatever you desire at this meal, and it will be hand made for you, then the Party shall commense at the honour of our Bulrathi Guests" he said, turning for the Ambassador to stand up, which he did.

His deep, gutteral voice bellowed, "It is an Honour to sit here, once again, with the Federation after so much has gone between us. I thank you all" the skin over his mouth lifted to reveal some sharp teeth, they were truely canine. "Enjoy!" Xeno said then sat.

[Okay thats it, you can go through the events then after, the party is just a 'party' and for everyone to have some fun on the station. Order whatever you want. Questions? Ask me.
NB1: Victory will be grounded until 90% of the Crew Report in. Should this fail, A Re-shuffle of the crew will happen.

NB2: This Award Ceremony was, hopefully, one of many. I Plan to have 2 a year, 6 months appart.
From this to the next Ceremony you can nominate ANY ONE Person (that is, you can only nominate 1 person) with a description why you want to nominate them for an award/medal. OOC Awards come later.
If you nominate more than one time, your most recent Nomination will be taken as the correct one.

NB3: I want the Iceland crewed very soon, so if everyone can spread the word, I would appreciate it. Oh, there is a special gift for the person(s) who have the most people recruited under their name.

NB4: For those who recieved a Medal, you should place them in your signature under your banner/text signature.]

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Sep 20 2006, 03:29 PM

OOC: 90% of the current crew? and report in to wehre?

Liam cringed a little as the Admiral caught his chest with the pin. But none the less, it was a medal and he'd earned it. Something to finally christen his leadership aboard the Victory.

"Thank you Admiral." He returned to his seat brandishing his new awards. Up next was Ama, followled closely by Kaz.

It isn't very often you see 3 senior officers of a crew from the same ship awarded not one but nearly several all at once. It was a proud day to be a member of the Victory. Liam felt that he was for once, actually good at his job.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 22 2006, 12:08 AM

Half the fun of the ball was admiring the extravagant and positively gorgeous gowns. Everyone looked amazing, and Amarante complimented quite a few ladies on their evening gowns.

Liam and Ambassador Tressa came in, the blonde betazoid woman looked stunning...the two of them looked lovely together. Tressa had a firm grip on Liam's arm, she had no intention of letting him slip away.

Amarante's grey eyes met Liams, and the captain gave her a quick nod and a wink.

A nod and a wink... Amarante glanced down, taking in the silver dress, the silver shoes, muttering a few curses under her breath.

"Your pardon?"

Looking up quickly, she grinned at Kaz Rein. "Umm...nothing."

The tactical officer nodded, "Mmmhmm." He nodded towards her, "You look very nice."

"Thank you." She smiled, "So do you."

They made small talk until Xeno asked for everyone's attention.

Amarante sat down, watching as Liam recieved his award, applauding happily for him. Liam stepped down off the dias, making his way to Amarante, smiling warmly and sitting next to her.

"Congratulations Captain."

He smiled, looking almost nervous. "Thank you. Listen...Ama..."

Xeno spoke again, "Commander Amarante Lladro, can you please come forward?"

Amarante stood, looking curiously at Liam before making her way to the dias, standing at the base of the stairs until summoned.

Xeno gave her the awards, Amarante was stunned. "Well done, Commander." Xeno, leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, whispering "The night's surprises are not over yet, my dear."

Amarante grinned, blushing and making her way down the stairs to sit beside Liam again. By this time, Tressa had joined them, and was seated on Liam's other side.

She applauded for Kaz, and then was called up again herself.

The honor he bestowed upon her next stole her breath, and when he hugged her, she returned the embrace tightly, trying hard not to cry in front of everyone.

Xeno patted her shoulder, pulling away and walking with her down the steps.

The food was served next. Amarante sat beside Liam and Tressa, though the betazoid woman did not seem particularly happy with the arrangement.

Posted by: Dimitri Legean Sep 23 2006, 12:16 PM

Dimitri sat politely, watching the admiral hand out the awards to the Victory's crew. He had heard some of what they had been through. To him it sounded exciting. He couldn't wait to have adventures of his own like that.

He had pictured himself in Captain Gulliver's position many times. It was so damn fun! Swooping in and saving the doctor, engaging in a firefight with the robot things. Dimitri grinned, watching the captain. He saw the hot betazoid ambassador's aide sit down next to him and place her hand on Captain Gulliver's thigh.

Dimitri chuckled, shaking his head. Hell yes...the captain's post was the place to be.

Xeno called the doctor from the Victory back up, and Dimitri looked on as that incredible honor was bestowed. He heard maybe a third of what Xeno said though, too busy checking the admiral out.

When dinner was served finally, Dimitri arranged to sit as close the admiral as he could, even overhearing some of the discussion between the Bulrathi ambassador and Xeno.

After the meal, he tried to wriggle his way closer still, ending up bumping into the Trill XO of the Victory. "Excuse me ma'am." Dimitri nodded politely, lowering his dark eyes, trying not to grin when his gaze fell conveneniently to the XO's bosom. "You look beautiful tonight."

Posted by: Xeno Sep 23 2006, 12:31 PM

Xeno let the Ambassadors order the food first, then he ordered his, something simple.

Everyone was either eating or they had finsihed their first course. Xeno and the ambassador discussed matters to do with the plea they had put to starfleet, "I see, so Ursa Minor needs resorces to ensure that those below the crust, the ones you cannot reach become available, and Ursa Major needs medial aid after the biological attack by the Xanthuri?"

The doglike ambassador nodded, "Yes, that is correct" he said in his low rough voice, "The Xanthuri have caused suffering too our people, the Federation showed its intentions last time we met, and we have not forgotten"
It had seemed as if the Bulrathi had learned to speak better since the Federations last visit.

"Very well, I shall put this to my Leaders and they will see what comes of this. Until then, I shall at least send medical aid to your people" he said, taking a drink of his wine, "What is the status of the Xanthuri?" he asked. The Ambassador looked at his food, which he hadn't touched, then looked at the Admiral, "They grow stronger with each passing day. They seem to have found a new enemy closer to their planet than what we are"

"At least thats something" Xeno said, looking around. Everyone was in deep discussion, it seemed that everyone sat in their own little groups, which consisted of their ships or departments, "And this other race, Ambassador, they can handle the Xanthuri?"

"Better than we can" he said.

The conversation entered politics, of both the Ursa Worlds and of the Federation, of the recent wars and of the alliances and treaties in place.

It was another 2 hours before everyone had finished feeding, Desert was fantastic, it was designed to each persons request for their most luxurious sweet.

Xeno slowly stood up, "I would like to thank you all for comming, and showing your support to this event. The tables will vanish and music shall play and until the last person leaves, consider this a party in honour of our guests, The Bulrathi"

There was an applause from the crews as they stood. As was said, the chairs faded, revealing a lavishly laid floor. The darkness around the room added to the feeling of relaxation.

The party continued well into the Night, the Ambassador talked to many starfleet officers, Xeno could be found sitting in the main chair watching everything. He was currently slouched with a glass in his hand.

The Doctor came upto him and sniffed the glass, "Alcohol" she noted, "Admiral, wake up" she said. Lladro's voice doing little to stirr the Admiral from his sleep. She called for the Captain, who came over, with a grin on his face, "This should be photographed"

They attempted to lift him, but he stirred and pushed Liam back, "Leave me" he said, as he corrected himself, still half asleep, "Come on, sir, time to go to bed" Lladro told him, he shook his head, "No, I'm staying"

Liam and Ama looked at each other, as they did Xeno came to attention, "Oh my..." he managed to say, before he stood up and gripped his sword, he seemed to pass through the crowd of people and find the Ambassador, "Xanthuri..." he said, taking his blade and slicing the Ambassador in 2.

People gasped, stepped back in horror. Sure enough his blade sliced through machine and flesh alike, the sparks shot off but were soon put out by the blood. "Treacharous beast" Xeno hissed.

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Posted by: Kaz Rein Sep 23 2006, 09:55 PM

The interruption was dinner itself, aboard the Victory. To his surprise, they had served Teriyaki chicken on rice.

It wasn't long before the Victory made it to the Starbase and the real festivities in the holodeck began. Kaz found himself talking to the very attractive, and very beautifully dressed Doctor Amarante Lladro. It was then everyone's attention was directed to a new setting in the holodeck. Awards were given out to all the hard work and brave choices made within the past events. Kaz found he had recieved a medal himself, and a promotion to Chief of Security.

Kaz was almost speechless... almost, "Thank you," he smiled warmly to himself. "I know I'll do my best aboard the Victory."

When he returned to the crowd, one more medal was given out to the Doctor and the food was served. To his surprise, they had served Teriyaki chicken on rice again for him! "Yes!" he said, admitting he liked it. "Man, I am so hungry again."

Someone sitting beside Kaz, who he hadn't met yet, just looked over in awkwardness. The food-eating commenced, and it wasn't long before Kaz was talking to the people around his part of the table.

When food-eating was done, the tables disappeared and dancing and socializing went down.

Kaz met a girl, an Ensign that he had been told had a name... but after a few drinks, he had forgotten it. Stupid, stupid! he cursed himself, as she spoke to two other people in the group Kaz was standing with. The Ensign and Kaz had been getting along really well, to the point they grew naturally close to each other. After a dance or two of bonding, she had her arm through his... and he could not remember her name!

Some tactical/security officer I've turned out to be in the past few hours, he thought to himself.

It was then the ensign turned to him, after finishing a conversation with the two other officers, "Hey Kaz. Want to go for another drink?" she smiled.

Kaz couldn't help the attraction to her. He thought he might have remembered her name, but wasn't completely sure. Though to keep this mystery going was driving him mad. He had to try the name in his head, and see if it was her's. So Kaz went for it. He opened his mouth, about to address her by her 'supposed' name when a flash of light glared in his eye, throwing his attention off---

The Admiral had taken out his sword and slashed it through the Ambassador. The light had deflected off the sword moments before the action.

Posted by: Jerrica Nova Sep 24 2006, 07:57 AM

Shocked and horrorifed at the turn of events at the dinner, Jerrica stood from the table she was at - happily eating her meal by the way - and suddenly watching the Vice Admiral slash the Ambassador in two right in front of everyone. Not good for your reputation but he must have had a pretty damn good reason for that display. Jerrica thought as Xeno muttered several things as some others came to clean up the mess. "Well that takes care of that matter." Jerrica said, to no one in particular. She spotted Amarante and approached the lovely doctor. "Hello Commander." She greeted.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 28 2006, 05:24 PM


Tressa made sure to stay very close to the Captain, keeping him occupied. She watched him trying to signal Amarante to come and join them, her dark eyes narrowing, insisting on a dance just before the doctor joined them, shooting her a smug look as Liam swept her onto the dance floor.

The betazoid female made sure to brush her body against his, holding herself far closer to him than was strictly necessary, the fluid, sinuous motions of the dance executed against his muscular form. Her senses were open to him, gaging the affects of her movements, hoping to illicit the desire she craved from him.

"You dance very well Ambassador."

It was all the response that she was able to get, and she sighed, frustrated. "You need to relax captain. Call me Tressa...and I shall call you Liam."

"Captain Gulliver is fine Ambassador." Liam was getting tired of her games.

"Captain." Tressa didn't hear Amarante's quiet voice, but Liam did, turning quickly and excusing himself from Tressa, going to where Ama crouched beside the Admiral. At first, Liam did not share her concern for the Admiral, finding his state rather humorous, though he did try to help her lift him.

Xeno shook them off, and Liam steadied Amarante, his hand on the small of her back. He wrapped his arm around her waist when Xeno drew his blade, putting himself in front of her...but Amarante saw it anyway.

How Xeno knew was a mystery...but the Ambassador was Xanthuri. Amarante moaned at the sight of he blood and the sparks from the circuitry as the creature was sliced in two, closing her eyes against the sudden onslaught of memories.

Liam could practically hear her remembering, the tortured sound of her moan cutting through him, the anguish he heard there taking him back in time as surely as it did her. "No..." Turning, he gathered her into his arms, stroking her hair, making a mess of the intricate upsweep. "Shh...it's all right Ama."

He would have given anything to be able to comfort her more, but he had a duty. The admiral's actions had galvanized everyone in the ballroom it seemed. Jakob, the second Bulrathi, was growling, stalking towards the Admiral, Tressa beside him.

"I'm all right." Her storm grey eyes betrayed her lie, but only barely. She pulled back from his embrace, squeezing his hand, "It's not the same. I really am fine Liam. I will be."

His own eyes were tormented. She might be telling the truth, she might be fine, but was he?

Still holding his hand, she walked calmy at his side towards the snarling Ambassador's aide. "How do we know that you are not Xanthuri as well Jakob?"

Tressa gasped, "That's a ridiculous accusation doctor." Her dark eyes flashed angrily.

Liam recovered somewhat, taking Tressa's elbow, "Come Ambassador, we'll discuss the matter somewhere less public." Tressa did not object, letting Liam lead her to a small conference room.

Jakob looked up from the imposter's corpse, still snarling, "This is an outrage."

Amarante shook her head, unable to look at the body, "This could mean hope for your people Jakob. Think about it. How many other imposters are there in your government? How many of them trying to lead you astray, to hinder your progress?"

He seemed somewhat calmed by her words, rubbing his muzzle. "We were cubs together." He looked again to the body. "How did I not know?"

Jerrica joined them then, nodding in greeting to Amarante, "Hello Commander." She greeted Jakob as well. "Ambassador...don't beat yourself up for not knowing, none of our scanners detected anything out of the ordinary. The Xanthuri are obviously very good at what they do." Glancing thoughtfully towards the doctor, Jerrica paused only briefly before continuing. "With that in mind, I'm sure you won't object to a few other tests, for the safety of everyone aboard."

Jakob growled softly, but nodded. "Of course Commander."

"Admiral." Amarante and Jerrica both moved to where the Admiral stood. "Xeno..." Ama lifted her hand, touching his shoulder. "Are you all right?"

//Conference Room\\

Tressa had watched the way that Liam had comforted the doctor. Lifting her hand, she showed him that she was trembling. "I can't believe this."

Liam crossed his arms. "It's a shock to all of us."

"He was my friend." Tears formed in Tressa's dark eyes, and she moved towards Liam, leaning against his chest. The captain finally uncrossed his arms, placing them around her.

"I'm sorry Ambassador."

Tressa lifted her head, her lips brushing his, standing on tiptoe just after, seeking to deepen the kiss.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 29 2006, 12:27 PM

The two halfs of the Xanthuri beast fell to the floor, the blood and other fluids rolling over the stone. Jakob, the former Ambassador's aid stalked towards Xeno, who still had absolute control over his sword, at a moments notice he too would have been cut down, along with anyone else who got close.

Time seemed to move fast around him, Xeno was locked in something of a Mediative Trance, his actions purely instinct, but something snapped him out of it somewhat, a hand touched his shoulder, he turned quickly to look into the deep grey eyes of the friend he trusted, his eyes only potraying an emptyness, a cold calculating entity without the former Admiral. He then felt hands grip him, time seemed to come back to its normal pace. He saw Ama and Liam leave the holodeck, then a team of security officers comming towards him in an unthreatening manner. "Sorry, Sir" he heard. Xeno's reaction was to pull his arm away freeing his blade arm, taking a swing for the Security Officer, but he failed to hit, a rifle shot blasted him in the chest and he fell to the floor.

Xeno awoke, his head throbbing. Rubbing his eyes he rolled over, to be met by a glare from a security officer behind a forcefield, "What you doing in the brig, Lieutenant?" The Admiral scoffed, as he gripped his head again, "And how much did I drink?" he didn't let the officer answer that, "What happened afterwards?" he said, sitting up on his bed.

"Nothing, everyone was dismissed, the mess was cleaned up and the Senior Officers have had a meeting about the events and the diplomatic situation"

"Well, you can let me out now" he said, standing up and putting himself right, "Sorry Admiral, I can't do that, your under arrest until Fleet Admiral K'Cir arrives"

"K'Cir, what would he be doing comming here. Bah, I take it I can't contact anyone?"

"You can, but all communicae will be monitored."

"That'll do, hand me a console" he said, not impressed. He Knew who to call.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Sep 29 2006, 01:14 PM

Liam awoke, Ama in his arms. It took a moment to register that he wasn't in his quarters. Releasing Ama, he moved onto his back and rubbed his eyes.

"Some night." he said to himself.

He got out of bed, and began to stumble around the room, nude, collecting his uniform. After leaving the party, he and Ama had a blazing row about the dance he had had with the Ambassador at the ball. Although all seemed to be well now.

Once he was fully dressed he woke Ama and told her to get dressed, it was going to be a long day for them.

//Conference room\\

Liam had assembled the Ambassadors and Senior officers in the Conference room. After the previous evening events, there was much discussion to be had.

Even though he had already dragged the Ambassador and Senior officers into the room on the night before, it was late and many people needed rest, therefore he had ordered them to reconvien at 1000 hours the following day.

He looked around, Ama, the Ambassadors and his First Officer, Commander Nova had all assembled in the room. Many seated, but he noted that Tressa was standing by the window, eyeing him.

"Ambassador, please, take a seat."

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 29 2006, 04:51 PM

//Conference Room\\

Tressa glared at Liam, but she did take a seat near Jakob. The Bulrathi looked rough, as though he hadn't slept at all. His fur was brindled, matted. Amarante glanced around the conference table, "First thing first...we have to get Xeno released." That had been a part of what she and Liam had fought about the night before.

"We'll get to that. He'll be ok in the brig for the time being." He cleared his throat to continue, "What is more pressing right now is what happened last night. A spy aboard the station."

He knew that internal sensors should have picked up the agent the second he stepped aboard.

Tressa's dark eyes looked coolly at the doctor. "You're right of course captain. It won't do to get all exciteable."

Amarante returned the betazoid's gaze steadily, saying nothing. It was Jakob who broke the silence, slamming his large furred hand on the table. "This gets us no where!"

"A moment Jakob." Tressa rested her hand on the large Bulrathi's furred shoulder. "Captain, is it possible that there is more than one spy?"

"It may very well be the case, but he'd have to be damn good to avoid internal sensors."

The Bulrathi stood with his hands on the table. Raising his voice, he said "That is just not acceptable Captain."

Liam kept his calm and replied with a gentle tone, compared to that of the Bulrathi "I agree, but nobody is invincible Ambassador."

Tressa rose when Jakob did. "You have asked us to submit to testing, and we have agreed." She looked between Amarante and Liam, "But we do not see the federation doing its part to root out any futher Xanthuri spies."

Her lips curved in a wicked smile, her eyes on Liam and Liam alone now. "Correct me if I'm wrong captain, but Commander Lladro has had her own brush with this sort of...technology. And yet you do not even consider her a suspect."

Jakob growled and Tressa continued, shaking her head smugly. "Can you think of a more perfect spy?"

Amarante inhaled sharply, rising, her storm grey eyes dancing with fury. "How dare you!"

This touched a nerve with Liam, he replied coldly to the suggestion, "What's to say that you aren't either Ambassador. However, mindless bickering will get us no-where. You will have a security detail assigned to you at all times until we get to the bottom of this." He glanced around the room as the doors to it opened, revealing 2 security guards. "We will continue this later."

Tressa glanced towards the infuriated doctor, that same cruel smile on her lips. "I read the report about the incident Doctor. It must have been truamatic."

Amarante was ashen, save for two spots of color on her cheeks. She could not respond to the lovely betazoid woman...she only sat back down. It took all of her will power not to bow her head, though her hand lifted to trace over the brooch that Xeno had given her.

The security guards entered the room, escorting the Ambassadors out, though Tressa remained near the door. Amarante did not speak until they were gone. "Once I examine the Xanthuri body, I can modify our scans to detect them."

"Make it so, Doctor." Liam ordered, only just realising how cheesy sounded.

Amarante rose, excusing herself, making her way to the Epsilon infirmary to examine the body.

Liam remained behind, noting that Tressa had stayed again. He turned to her.

"Ambassador, if you present another display such as that, I will have you removed. Regardless of who you are, you will not under any circumstances undermine my crew or myself."

She opened her mouth to retaliate, but thought better of it and left, storming off.

The security officers followed the lovely betazoid, exchanging glances, not envying the captain at all.

((Joint post between Liam and Ama))

Posted by: Xeno Sep 30 2006, 03:16 AM

It was 10:05 by the computer, Xeno had been sitting staring at the Security Officer for over an hour, "Sir, your unnerving me" he said, but Xeno didn't hear him, he was thinking.

It was time. Xeno stood from the bedside and walked towards the Forcefield, "Let down the field" he ordered, but the security officer give him a blank look, "I'm sorry" Xeno muttered, the Security Officer fell to his knee's then landed on his side, "At least your alive" he continued in a hushed voice. The Forcefield was shut down and Xeno quickly left. Something moved near the console, his sword came to him, as it stopped something appeared before him, "A Rek'Larg, wasn't expecting one of you" Xeno laughed, taking his sword, "What have you found out?" he asked after attaching his sword to his side.

The creature stood, its muscles seeming as if they wanted to burst from its flesh, "The station has been comprimised, to what extent we cannot tell, their technology is stopping us from detecting them accuratly"

"Damn, and of the others?"

"The Senior Officers are in the Confrence hall, Xanthuri spies are ensuring they do not get found out, they are planning to set the Ambassador you killed as a single incident, however, they have control of the Security Systems of the station."

"I played into their hands, quaint" he laughed, "whats to be done?"

"We get you off this damned station, the Higher Order want this threat removed, since the removal of the bulk of our fleets, they can pose a threat"

"I take it this room is secure?" he asked, realising what had just been said. The creature nodded, "This room is giving fake information to the security centre, we will be safe for a few more moments."

"I cannot leave the crew"

"I know of the Knight, we should get her and leave, the others are expendable"

"They are not" Xeno growled, the creature before him had a reputation for being callous and calculating, his race were loyal to a bloodline, his bloodline, and nothing else mattered to them. "They are my officers, those which I can save, I shall"

"Arkarious said you would be like this, very well, do you know what your doing, sir?"

"Yes, Kill Xanthuri, save station, commit genocide of this plague race?" he joked.

The creature glared at him, "Remove the threat" he said before he vanished again.

"Shite" he cursed.

He looked around the Brig, he had never actually been in this room before, it was new to him. The door chimed and something was muttered, but Xeno was looking for things to use to gain an advantage before he started. It dawned upon him, he could contact Ama.

He fumbled around his jacket and found what he was looking for, he gripped it and used its power to find her, She was in the confrence room, Liam had just dismissed her and everyone else was leaving..Brig...armed...tru...one...
Contacting someone without the right training stammered the message to her, the brooch grew hot and he quickly placed it back in its leather pocket. Hope she gets it he thought to hismelf. The doors were opened to reveal Security Officers, "Admiral!" they gasped, "What happened here?"

"What do you think?" he said, "I know your game, Xanthuri scum"

"Now, thats not a nice way to create diplomatic relations is it Admiral. Calling us 'scum', we only want what you want"

"No, you want a power like the Federation, to abuse it and to force civilisations to bow to you, to come close to being what you wont become, a new Collective"

The smaller officer applauded, "Well done, you have done some research, but alas, the Collective will not assimilate us, we are too powerful for them to take on in force. However, once we infiltrate Starfleet Command, the Federation Council will be next."

"I dont think so..." Xeno looked around as he was transported away from the situation, out of his control.
His last thoughts were to stop ama from comming to the brig!

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 30 2006, 04:18 AM

//Starbase Epsilon~Infirmary\\

Amarante leaned over the biobed, running scan after scan of the samples she had obtained from the Xanthuri corpse. It was impossible...there had to be something that she was missing. She could not configure the scanners to detect the implants.

It did not occur to her until nearly an hour had passed that perhaps the problem was with the scanners themselves.

Collecting the samples, she walked briskly towards the door, stopped short by the sudden sense of Xeno's presence, the brooch that he had given her hot suddenly, almost burning her skin.


Her hand lifted to her temple, her storm grey eyes closing. "Xeno?"

But she could get nothing more, the brooch growing cooler by the moment. She almost commed Liam to tell him, but stopped herself at the last moment. Something was wrong on the starbase...she had felt that very clearly from Xeno's attempted communication.

Returning to her cabin, she donned the blade Xeno had presented her with. The scabbard bouncing against her left thigh as she walked, until she realized she could hold it still and keep it from moving.

She carried her phaser as well, strapped to her right thigh.

The brig...it was the only place she knew to go. If nothing else, she could speak to Xeno there.

"Commander Lladro!" Amarante turned, seeing Commander Nova approach, the trill's eyes wide, clearly worried when she saw that Ama was armed.

"Jerrica." Ama was relieved to see her. "Find Liam, tell him something's wrong on the station. Tell no one else...just Liam. There's no time to lose."

Jerrica quirked a brow, "Commander...I need more information than that."

Amarante understood the lovely XO's need, but there wasn't much more she could offer.

"I could not configure the scanners to detect the Xanthuri metals. No matter what I tried."

Jerrica understood, "The scanners were tampered with?"

"I think so. It's the only logical conclusion." Ama glanced over her shoulder. "I have to go. Please find Liam?"

Jerrica nodded, "Be careful Commander."

"I will." Amarante turned away, hurrying towards the brig.

//Starbase Epsilon~Brig\\

The doors whispered open and Amarante strode inside, noting right away that something was wrong. Xeno was not in any of the cells, and there were three security officers, one clearly injured. "Where is the admiral?"

They looked up as one. "He escaped."

Amarante paused, her storm grey eyes angry as she gave an order to the two healthy security guards. "Get him to the infirmary."

Neither of the two moved to obey her and Amarante realized what was going on. Somehow, they recognized that she was aware and rose as one, closing in on her.

Posted by: Xeno Sep 30 2006, 01:16 PM

Xeno looked around, cursing as he could have taken those three on, "Where the hell am I?" he demanded. The Room he stood in was ancient looking, stone, not metal, but yet it showed Advanced technology, "Calm yourself, Xeno" a familiar voice said. From the shadows came a face he recognised. Xeno couldn't stop himself, he ran forward a little and hugged the man before him, "Thought i'd never see you again" he said, Xeno refered to the removal of the Admiral-Generals from the current Galaxy, "No, I'm staying here, for now" he said. Xeno looked at the mans eyes, they were the deepest brown he had ever seen, they had never changed, over the years had never suffered stress lines, they showed compassion and forgiveness every time his met Xeno's.

"Xeno, I cannot interfear with the happenings of the Federation directly, they are the laws that have been agree'd by the Upper Echalon of the family, we have also entered into an alliance with the Q continuum, they have agree'd to stay out of the Federations way for some time." Xeno felt a gloved hand take his, "Its been far too long, and I've missed you terribly"

"Arkarious...?" he shot, but continued with the walk, Arkarious was looking different, his face showed he had aged, but slightly, his hair was dark still and was different, it had a pink stripe down the middle, leading slightly from the left hand side to the right as it flowed over his head, this pink stripe was spiked up, while the black hair was pushed down, the leather jacket and gloves give him a look of something sinister, protected by the skin of another creature.

"Where am I?" Xeno asked, looking around the corridors.
"You are in one of the last ships of the Agency. This ship was built from Ancient technology from the Abyss, the stone you see was taken from our former gods homeworld, the Citadel, to which i'm sure you can remember mentioned. Well, this vessel is a portable version of that planet." Xeno was lead into a huge room, it had a sky! Xeno looked at it in marvel, "How?"

"This ship is the size of a planet, similar to Earth in some aspects, it has its own atmosphere. However, it remains cloaked. This is just part of the effects that we have noticed with the vessel, and here I come to have peace from the final days in this galaxy" The ground was soft, the grass was beautiful, small ornimental objects littered the place making it looked loved. "The idea for the little streams, hills, statues and neatness comes from Earth, Ancient Japan and during the 20th to 22nd Century effect it had upon the world as a whole."

"Arkarious, you know how I feel, but I have to go back to sort out the Station"

"What is a simple few lives" he said, walking forward, "They come they go, they ressurect in different bodies, grow and learn and expand themselves as a soul then they return to us and become entities of a different nature"

"But they are mortal, like me, we have a relationship."

Arkarious sighed, "I know" he paused a moment, "You know where I am if you need me, Xeno. Look after yourself and call me if you need me" The doors opened for Xeno to leave, Arkarious turned away and stared into the sky above him. He left himself be spun around and his lips met with Xeno's, the heat from his body exploding through his own, then in the same moment, Xeno seemed to vanish.

Xeno appeared back on the station, the events before stunned him slightly, "Right, to find these monsters" he growled, taking out his sword and heading to the nearest control pannel, he entered his command codes and started to search through logs, his grip on his sword till as tight as before, he never knew when he could be snuck upon, he wanted to be ready to take down the enemy.

He found that during the last days of June the Xanthuri had infiltrated the Station, thats when the systems had started to go down and come back. He remembered those days, he was told and was reported on that the Enginering section of the station had hit some malfunction, but it was fixed. The Logs and Reports seemed fine to Xeno, nothing to suggest the take over from another race.

=/\= "Xeno to Liam, meet me on the command deck in 10 minutes, dont say anything to anyone you wouldn't trust with your life" =/\=

Xeno ended the comm before it could be intercepted. He took off his comm badge, very well, if you want to play dirty. He looked around and then placed his comm badge on the console, raising his sword he pushed it through both, sparks shooting in every direction, he pulled it out and rushed off to the nearest Jeffries Tube, there he entered and planned his way to the Command deck, Level 1. He looked around, "Shit, Level 331. You got some climbing to do, old boy" he grunted, putting his sword back in its sheath, he started the climb to see Liam.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Sep 30 2006, 01:26 PM

=/\= Aye, Admiral =/\=

Liam obeyed immediately, no questions asked. He had been called upon before by the Admiral, bringing them closer together and making them friends.

He entered the turbolift.

"Command deck, Level 1"

The capsule he was now in whirred into motion and carried him to the Command deck.

In a matter of moments, the journey to the CD ended, and the doors to the lift whispered open.

The Admiral was nowhere to be seen, however, he thought it best to wait.

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Sep 30 2006, 02:22 PM

=^=Security to the brig.=^= Amarante backed away from the two security officers, drawing her phaser. "Stay back."

They acted as though they hadn't heard her at all, and Amarante fired her phaser, dropping one of them. The other took advantage of her distraction and lunged for her, knocking the phaser out of her hand, trying to punch her.

She drew the sword, ducking his punch and lashing out with the blade, catching him in the abdomen, the blade cutting cleanly through his body as easily as if it were butter, blood and sparks flying everywhere, just as they had the night before. Only this time, Liam was not there to shield her from it.

Storm grey eyes glittered savagely, her pale skin bloodspattered, as was her teal uniform. She turned towards the door when she was tackled from behind, the third security officer, the one that had been wounded, attacking her, bearing her to the ground, her blade caught ineffectually beneath her.

She struggled fiercely, her knees trying to find purchase on the bloodslick floor, but her strength was no match for his. Impossibly strong hand closed around her throat, cutting off her air until she knew no more.

Posted by: Xeno Oct 2 2006, 07:27 AM

Xeno rushed up the ladders, avoiding the turbolifts were they came and went, dodging into alcoves designed for this kind of event. The levels dragged like the time, Level 300, 299, 298, each one was taking him an age to get past. Decks on the Pendragon Station were higher than previous stations or ships. He wondered why he hadn’t taken the turbo lift, then realised it would be diverted as they had surely found the warning he left them by now.
He finally came to Deck 2; he forced his way through the hatch and stood on the deck. For major security reasons Deck 1 was in accessible by any means bar turbolift. He walked the few meters around the corridors to come to an active lift and entered, taking him to level 1. The doors opened and Liam was waiting on the Massive circular deck, "Admiral, what the...?"

=^=Security to the brig.=^= Amarante's voice was unmistakeable, the comm crackling through the Control Deck. Several officers on the command deck exchanged glances, a few of them rising and starting for the doors in a rush.

Xeno looked around hearing the call for security, "I knew this would happen." he stated, looking to Liam, "The Xanthuri have infiltrated the base, I want them killed, and I want the leader found, there has to be a co-ordinator of some kind." he turned to leave, "Oh yes, I found how to detect them" he motioned to the panel next to Liam. He had forwarded the information to Liam's personal account within Starfleet security, there the information to detect these fiends would be found and then used against them, hopefully. "Security with me, Phasers on highest level and fire only when I say" The security officers looked around, knowing he should be in the brig, but followed without question. Site to Site transport had never failed before and it continued its reputation now, they came 20 meters from the Brig, they could hear fighting, I'll lead, Target anyone who is taking a threatening stance." he ordered as he drew his blade and starting forward. The officers raised their rifles and followed, Xeno saw Ama pinned, they were between the doorway, "Let her go!" he roared, raising his sword..

Amarante threw her head backwards, head butting the man who held her hard. He grunted, and she felt the satisfying crunch of his teeth giving way, but he did not let her go. She hears Xeno's voice then, looking up to see him, her grey eyes registering horror as she watched four members of the security detail with them aim their phasers at Liam and Xeno. "No!!" She tried to rise, but the man who held her did not let her go.

Xeno walked forward, pacing, noticing the phaser aimed at him. In a lightning motion he threw his blade into the air, turning and taking a security officers rifle he continued his spin and fired, the beam striking the man on top of Lladro, his flesh disintegrating leaving half a metallic skeleton and a few implants, throwing the rifle back to the officer her grabbed the blade as it came down, he dived forward. The Security team following suit and locking their aim on the others, "Drop your weapons or you die like him" he hissed, only a few meters from the doctor. She looked at him and he passed a wink to her. That moment of distraction earned him a shot to the right shoulder, his blade shoulder. He tumbled back and more shots were fired. The Xanthuri hid behind the security console. Xeno stirred from the blast, his uniform scorched as well as his flesh...
"Xeno!" Amarante leaped forward, grabbing him and dragging him out into the hall, the confused non-Xanthuri members of security providing cover fire for them. "Seal the doors!" Amarante ordered just before a phaser shot caught her abdomen, sending her stumbling backwards, her hands over her stomach. The security officers managed to seal the doors, though one of them was hit as well, leaving only one unscathed. Amarante gasped, her head falling back, blood trickling out from beneath her clasped hands.
Xeno turned to look at the situation, the burning subsiding, "Doctor!" he managed to stand up, he saw her wounded, "computer, Transport Dr Lladro to Emergency Sickbay Immedialty" the computer beeped accepting his voice, she vanished in a few moments, "Xeno to sickbay" he said, using the stations systems, "Treat the doctor with the highest priority, 2 Security teams will be there at all times" he ordered. He slowly rose, "I would have been fine" he whispered, he picked his sword up as he rose, "Lieutenant, open that door" he barked, the officer looked at him and complied, the look on his face not allowing questioning, Xeno walked into the room and shut the door behind him.
He was met with a barrage of phaser fire, the three Xanthuri spies having already communicated the fact that they had been discovered, reinforcements were on the way. The three men that Xeno faced now though, were crouched down behind consoles, firing at him openly.

In sickbay, Amarante was placed on a biobed, the bed beeping as her life signs flickered dangerously.
Xeno in his rage moved from shot to shot, heading towards the central Xanthuri. His head was severed quickly and cleanly. The others realised the phasers were not going to stop him, so they resorted to ganging up, one took Xeno's left and the other his right.
They both came to a quick end, his temper raging. He exited, slightly splattered with blood, he saw that the officers were dead, killed by phaser fire.
Dodging, and barely missing the beam, he put his sword away and grabbed a rifle from the corpse of one of the fallen, he looked and spotted the backup, "Time to die" he hissed and took aim, blasting off the creatures head. "Computer, Xanthuri Detection Protocol, is it active?"

The sound of many booted feet echoed down the hall, a small squad of security officers on the way to back up the three that had already fallen. They stopped short when one of them was hit by a rifle shot, drawing their own phasers and rifles, aiming them at the Admiral and firing. The computer beeped, "Xanthuri Detection Protocol enabled."

"Activate, All Xanthuri to Cargobay 7, Seal the Area and Clear the Deck"

"Acknowledged." There was perhaps a three second delay, and the blue curtain of a federation transporter shimmered around the Xanthuri. In the next instant they were gone.

[Joint Post: Xeno & Dr Lladro]

Posted by: Amarante Lladro Oct 5 2006, 08:24 PM

For one sickening moment when she woke, she thought that she was back on the Victory after being rescued from the cyborgs. The familiar rush of a busy sickbay was fuzzy, made vague by the pain medication.

Her entire body was tense, muscles held rigid as she lifted her right hand, exhaling in a rush of wild relief when she saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Slowly, she remembered the events that had led up to her current stint in sickbay, closing her eyes, hearing the admiral's whispered words. He had said, "I would have been fine."

Her lips curved in a soft tired smile. "It would have been nice to know that sooner."

A nurse came by, seeing that she was awake. The nurse filled her in on what had happened. The Xanthuri were captured, being held in the cargobay, but the station was understaffed because of it. No one realized how bad the security breach had been, or how it had been done.

Xeno, Liam and Jerrica had been very busy trying to sort out the mess and see just how deep the infiltration ran.

Posted by: Xeno Oct 8 2006, 12:32 PM

urrgh, i can't think. We'll end the story here. Do the Ships wanna start their own missions?

Posted by: Alexandria Taylor Oct 8 2006, 02:15 PM

OOC: I have no problem posting on the ships if we can do that. I ready for action.

Posted by: Liam Gulliver Oct 9 2006, 03:03 AM

Yeah I'm out of ideas too.

Posted by: Jerrica Nova Oct 9 2006, 04:40 AM

Maybe we can have an enemy fleet approach the starbase and have a battle?
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