Xolani Fleets: USS Pulsar: Mission 1: Echo's in the Darkness

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Xolani Fleets, 2384 _ USS Pulsar, Nova Class Starship [NCC-72401] _ Mission 1: Echo's in the Darkness

Posted by: Reyan Caius Sep 11 2006, 05:35 PM

Okay - following on from where we left off in the prolouge - added a few hours from my last post, since we're all still "settling in"

Following a short break, Reyan returned to the bridge - he had managed a few hours sleep, and felt a great deal better for it

The crew were growing steadily more familiar with their new ship; and he himself was experiencing the beginnings of feeling that the Pulsar was not so much a new ship as a new home

He glanced around the efficently designed bridge, admiring it, taking in the atmosphere, and receiving a few nervous glances from some of the junior officer's and NCO's present

"Report" he called, stepping down to the command area, addressing Lieutenant Adan, who had replaced Ensign T'las at the helm

"Speed maintaining at warp 8.5, one minor course correction made, adding one minute to our ETA" she replied

Reyan grinned, and breathed an exagerated sigh

"I sincerely hope that the course change was absoulutely necessary" he stated, attempting to sound serious

"Yes Sir - I....." Lieutenant Adan replied, turning to face Reyan, and suddenly realising that he was baiting her

"A giant space Elephant was in our path - I didn't want to hit it" she finnished

"Well, they are known to graze in this area of space - next time just leave it some peanuts" Reyan chuckled
in reply, receiving a snort from Lieutenant-Commander Davey at operations

"Feeling better, Commander?" he asked, knowing that she was present as a result of the simple fact that she had not wished to remain in sickbay for longer than was absoulutely necessary

"Yes sir" she replied, appearing slightly taken aback by being addressed directly

"Captain - receiving a transmission from a Klingon ship - a Commander Veltia" Lieutenant Adan stated

"On screen" Reyan replied

A large Klingon female appeared on the screen

"Captain Reyan?" she asked, her typical Klingon deameanor presenting the statement as more of a demand than a question

"I am Captain Reyan - may I ask whom I have the honour of addressing?" Reyan asked

"I am Commander Veltia of the IKS K'Tal - my ship is, or rather was on patrol near the Celendi system - it is because of this that I have contacted you. Colonel Delorin advised me that your ship is heading for the Celendi system, and ordered that I send you the data that my ship collected whilst in the area" she stated

"Thankyou, Commander - that information will undoubtedly be indespensible" Reyan replied

"I wish you luck, Captain - strange things have been happening in that region - I hear many ships have entered, yet few have returned", she took a deep breath before continuing

"Dugh, Celendi Nebula - maQmIgh" Veltia muttered - Reyan paused, wondering if he should ask her what she had just said, but decided to press that particular matter later

"That's exactly why we're going there, Commander - it would seem that the Celendi Nebula has a lot to answer for"

"That it does Captain - Qapla!" Commander Veltia bellowed, before the viewscreen reverted back to it's usual view of the starfield ahead

"So, what did she say, when she reverted to speaking in Klingon?" Reyan asked

"The closest translation would be - Be vigilant, the Celendi nebula shows the signs of a coming evil Commander Weist stated, hovering near the science station

"Nice enterance Commander - how long were you stood there" Reyan asked

"Long enough to be able to decipher Commander Veltia's warning" she replied

"I see I'm going to have be far more vilgilant" Reyan stated

Renee didn't appear to hear him

"She may have a point you know" she stated

"About the Celendi nebula?" Reyan asked

"Yes - the Klingon's are far more familiar with it than Starfleet, since it is closer to their space - and I know of very few things that spook Klingons, but that Nebula is one of those things" she replied

"I think it's time we called a meeting of the senior staff - if this Nebula is enough to give the Klingon's pause, I want my staff to know what it is we're facing"

"Agreed" Renee replied

"Please access all know records of the Nebula, Commander - cross reference them with the data that Commander Veltia is sending, and advise all senior staff that we'll meet in one hour to discuss our mission"

"Aye Sir" Renee replied, heading back toward the turbolift

"Oh - and Commander - next time you talk with Colonel Delorin, thank him for putting us in touch with Commander Veltia" Reyan stated, smiling

Renee returned the smile, before stepping into the turbolift

Posted by: Renee Weist Sep 12 2006, 10:11 PM

Renee had returned to the bridge just in time to catch the tail end of Commander Veltia of the IKS K'Tal and Reyan conversation. She stood in back, by the science console, and listened. When it was concluded, Reyan asked what it was she said, in Klingon, near the end.

"The closest translation would be - Be vigilant, the Celendi nebula shows the signs of a coming evil," Renee stated.

"Nice enterance Commander - how long were you stood there" Reyan asked

"Long enough to be able to decipher Commander Veltia's warning" she replied "She may have a point you know."

"About the Celendi nebula?" Reyan asked

"Yes - the Klingon's are far more familiar with it than Starfleet, since it is closer to their space - and I know of very few things that spook Klingons, but that Nebula is one of those things" she replied

"I think it's time we called a meeting of the senior staff - if this Nebula is enough to give the Klingon's pause, I want my staff to know what it is we're facing"

"Agreed" Renee replied

"Please access all know records of the Nebula, Commander - cross reference them with the data that Commander Veltia is sending, and advise all senior staff that we'll meet in one hour to discuss our mission"

"Aye Sir" Renee replied, heading back toward the turbolift

"Oh - and Commander - next time you talk with Colonel Delorin, thank him for putting us in touch with Commander Veltia" Reyan stated, smiling

Renee returned the smile, before stepping into the turbolift. she headed for her office on deck two, and entered. She began retrieving all known informations about the system, and then set to cross referencing it to what the Commander had sent. While that was cumpouting, Renee made the announcement.

[Senior staff meeting in the conference room in one hour. All departments heads will attend. Commander Weist, out]

She was really sort of glad about the meeting. There were some members of the senior staff she had not yet hand the chance to meet. This would be the prime opertunity. The information the Commander had sent likened the nebula to a death shroud. Several ships had been noted entering the nebula, but far to few escaped it, and none as intact as when they went in. Little was known, becuase of dysfunction of the ships abilities ot record inside the nebula, and many crew were as confused as to what actually had happened in there as well. Short term memory loss, whether by choice or by design, had been attributed to the fact, but Renee was not so sure either was the correct cause.

Her thoughts wandered to her mate. He looked after her even when he was not present to do so. His reach was far, and his strength in the Empire staggering. But that was not what Renee loved about him. Sure she loved the fact he was a Warrior through and through, but she also loved the gentle side of himself he showed only to her. His love and tenderness knew no bounds, and Renee returned it in kind.

Posted by: Jules Davey Sep 14 2006, 05:55 AM

The hums and buzzes around her had a gentle, soothing effect on Jules. She looked at the console before her, pleased to see that the problems she had picked up before had been sorted out and everything was working within the necessary parameters and she smiled.

The message from Commander Veltia had been interesting, and even now Jules was thinking how she could boost the sensor arrays. She smiled as she thought about eh sensor arrays the ship had. The Nova was one of the most highly equipped ships in the fleet for scientific investigation. This would be right up their street.. The sensors were second to none and Jules knew they would have no problem getting the readings they wanted.

Or at least she hoped so. She turned, calibrating the main sensor array and going over the latest system analysis data. Smiling, she turned to the front, catching the Captain glancing across at her. She smiled shyly, and turned once more, knocking her recently healed hand and grimacing. It was still very tender, and even though the EMH had done a good job on it, Jules was going to have a few sessions of physiotherapy to get it back to normal, but that didn’t stop it from hurting.

She held it close as she ran some more diagnostics, making sure that all the systems were responding and running as required. She frowned, there was still a slight power fluctuation on deck six, but nothing to concern her, an operations team could deal with it.

Tapping her commbadge she opened a channel.

exp_minus.gif Lieutenant Commander Davey to Chief Hin’dal, there’s still a power fluctuation on deck six Chief. Section Alpha Charlie seven to Alpha Charlie nine. exp_minus.gif She informed him.

exp_minus.gif Aye Commander, I’ll go and check it out. Hin’dal out. exp_minus.gif He replied and Jules smiled, glad to have such a capable department.

“Problem?” The Captain asked, and she turned back, smiling.

“No Sir, well nothing too serious. Just another power fluctuation. It’ll be sorted soon.” She smiled at him. Noticing he had nice eyes. Jules had a thing for eyes. ‘The doorways to the soul’ she had once heard them called, and that was so true. She quickly pulled her gaze from his and looked at her console. Her hand still cradled close to her body.

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Sep 16 2006, 03:33 AM

Sas smiled. "And not a moment too soon." She said glad to be leaving spacedock. "Should we get to the Bridge or do you have any lunch plans?" The Trill asked.

"I think it would be wise to get to the Bridge. I wouldn't want to miss the Pulsar's first departure," Tekari replied, but then stopped. He nodded to Sashela's request, but for a later date, "lunch."

Soon, the two had entered the Bridge, and the Pulsar was on its way.

They watched the viewscreen and marvelled at the stars as the Pulsar shot forth at rapid speed into warp drive. One day we will invent a better method of travel! Sas thought as she leaned closer to the El Aurian. "I wish to apologise for my lack of manners when you were down in Engineering. Sorry."

Tekari held up his hand, "No need to apologise. It was I who was in the way," he smiled.

"Actually," Sas began, "my team should know what they are doing. Let's forget it and move on." She smiled also. "So lunch?" She invited. The Pulsar cruising along at warp.

Tekari shrugged, "Sounds good!" And the two left the Bridge.

During the turbolift ride to the small Mess Hall, Sas had her hands in front of her and looked to the doors. She wondered if Tekari lost anyone to the Borg, but not game enough to ask as it would cause an emotional breakdown.

"Sir, since you are a rank higher then I, what are you having for lunch?" Sas asked hoping to make conversation.

Tekari thought for a moment, "I was thinking of having a Bolian Tomato Soup. They're really good."

"Bolian, wow. I'm going to order some bread pieces, mind if we share?" Sas asked all sweetly as the lift doors opened and they stepped out on their way to the Mess Hall.

Before Tekari could answer, the comm broke in. =^= Bridge to Lieutenant Commander Tekari. =^=

The El Aurian tapped his commbadge, "Tekari here."

=^= There's a personal transmission for you over subspace. Would you like it rerouted to your Quarters? =^=

Tekari nodded, "Yes, sure, thank you. Tekari out." He then turned to Sashela, "It seems I'm the one getting busy now. Sorry, but I must go. Perhaps another time?"

"Alright, I look forward to it." Sas replied.

[Senior staff meeting in the conference room in one hour. All departments heads will attend. Commander Weist, out]

Sas looked to Tekari, "well looks like we both must cancel our plans and go to the meeting." Sas frowned as the two made their way back to deck one and the conference room.

OOC: JOINT POST brought to you by Lieutenant Commander Tekari and myself.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Sep 16 2006, 05:28 PM

Reyan and Commander Weist walked into the Conference room, and studied it with interest

"Fairly small, but it'll do" Reyan remarked

"Same design as the Intrepid class conference room" Renee stated

"Still better than what we had aboard the Sitak - it always felt as if the table had been stolen from a much larger conference room and somehow squeezed into the Sitak's - we had to be careful not to move our chairs back too far for fear of becoming part of the bulkhead!" Reyan stated

The doors to the conference room whispered open, and the senior officers began to filter in, many of them conversing, laughing and joking - somthing that Reyan was pleased to see - friendships were beginning to form aboard the new ship

Reyan cleared his throat

"If I could have your attention" he called

The chatter died down, and all of the officer's turned their attention to Reyan

"Firstly, thankyou all for coming - the reason that I have called you here is to provide you with a brief summary of the mission ahead. Although this isn't standard proceedure, my reason for wanting to do so on this occasion is twofold. Reason one - this is a new ship - granted, she's one of a well established, efficent and frankly underestimated class, but she is, nonetheless, new. Secondly - I don't want to sugarcoat the truth - the mission we have been assigned is a dangerous one" he explained

"In what respect?" Lieutenant Davey asked

Commander Weist leaned foward, indicating that she was to field the question

"The Pulsar is en-route to the Celendi system, and ultimately, the Celendi Nebula" Commander Weist explained

Lieutenant Darkon leaned foward, an expression akin to Awe

"The Celendi Nebula - we're going to explore a particle-flux nebula?" he stated

"Unfortunatley, exploration isn't our top priority - our mission to to try and locate a mission Federation Akira class Starship, the USS Avocet - it is beleived that she was somehow disabled and wound up in the Nebula" Reyan explained

"How long can a starship last in a particle-flux nebula?" Counselor Jo enquired

"Assuming that the Avocet has active regenerative shields, she could remain in there for up to seven days" Lieutenant Kerrigan advised

"She should also have ablaitive armour, which won't protect her from the radiation, but will prevent immediate damage to her hull" Lieutenant-Commander Tekari advised

"Lieutenant's Darkon, Davey and Kerrigan - I'd like you three to try and devise a way of maintaining an active tractor beam in that nebula, should the Pulsar need to go in and drag the Avocet out" Reyan ordered

"Understood" they replied, each looking slightly apprehensive

"Lieutenant-Commander Tekari - I'd like tactical readyness increased. Call me paranoid if you will, but somthing in this region rendered an Akira class starship powerless- for all we know so far, the Avocet was dragged into the Nebula - eitherways, I can't see them having entered willingly"

"Aye sir" Tekari replied confidently

"Counselor Jo, Doctor Dixon - I'd like you to keep a close eye on staff morale - this is their first mission and no doubt some of our officer's, particularly the more junior ones, are feeling a little overwhelmed" Commander Weist ordered

"That's all - thankyou for your time - you have your assignments - we arrive in the Celendi system in four hours" Reyan stated, standing and indicating toward the door

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Posted by: Dixon Sep 17 2006, 03:27 AM

Charlie sat at her desk, having the new nurse do her usual petty work. It was nice to be in control, she pondered with a twisted smile. She had curiously been rummaging through files on the ship and after a short while, she landed on Captain Reyan’s profile. She bit her lip as she looked as his picture, finding her heart fluttering. What am I thinking? She had always been drawn to power, and he was certainly the most powerful man on the ship. She let a loose finger trace his face. “Oh Captain, my Captain,” she sighed with a smile.

[Senior staff meeting in the conference room in one hour. All departments’ heads will attend. Commander Weist, out.]

Biting her lip, she had made her decision. It wasn’t the wisest, but she knew she would regret it if she didn’t. Kissing the tips of her index and middle finger, she pressed it to his picture before rising.

Her solo ride to the meeting was quiet and full of much heavy thought. She had never been it such a situation; she had mostly been friends with guys her whole life, and how she was falling for two at the same time in the same crowded space. Even though Marix seemed to be her more obvious choice, she knew her heart felt differently when around her superior. When the lift paused, she straightened her jacket and aligned her new three pips before sighing and stepping off.

The room was full when she entered and she quietly found her seat next to Jo, giving her a warm smile as she sat down.

"If I could have your attention," Reyan called.

Charlie felt the heat rise to her cheeks as she slowly turned to him. As he began explaining the mission, she caught herself drifting in his words. She had scraped by in her technical classes at the academy, having found them dull and ill-important, so she vaguely listened to the details; they made little sense to her medical mind.

"Counselor Jo, Doctor Dixon, I'd like you to keep a close eye on staff morale; this is their first mission and no doubt some of our officers, particularly the more junior ones, are feeling a little overwhelmed," Commander Weist ordered.

Charlie felt herself flush as she sat slowly rigid, trying to look inconspicuous as she sat up. With a brisk nod, she shifted eye contact from Commander Weist to Reyan, who smiled at her as he dismissed the meeting.

Charlie quickly stood up, following her fellow officers out the doorway. As she past by Reyan, she looked away, but felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning, she followed the hand up the arm, her eyes landing on Reyan’s face, his brow raised with a smirk.

The room cleared, he sighed, releasing his grip. “Could you tell me what the mission is about?”

“It wouldn’t matter if I was listening, you still might as well be speaking Klingon,” Charlie said honestly with a smirk. “Besides, I understand my part of the mission. And you know that I’ll read up on your mission bulletin and do research,” she said, eyes searching his face and finding it serious. “Sir,” she said slowly, looking away to the floor. I knew this was out-of-line; this whole idea was profound, I-

She felt a hand on her chin, directing her vision back to his face. Her heart fluttered at his gentle touch as she looked into his dark eyes, feeling her own relax into their depth. She clenched her sweaty palms as she swallowed visibly. The moment seemed to linger thickly, and she suddenly found herself liplocked, running a hand through his soft hair with a soft murmur. Gaining sanity momentarily later and stepping away, she hesitantly laughed. “I-.. I’m sorry, Captain.” His eyes darted across her face silently, and he stepped forward, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear before dipping towards her once again.

The world seemed to stand still. Her heart pounded as she felt his warm breath flare across her face, his hands running through her dark hair. The tension between them dissipated.

exp_minus.gif “Nurse Campbell to Doctor Dixon.” exp_minus.gif

The voice was like an alarm clock pulling her from a good dream. At the second call, Charlie put a hand on Reyan’s chest and took a deep breath, looking into his eyes with a small smile, hardly containable with the excitement coursing through her veins.

“Go ahead, Ensign,” she said quietly.

exp_minus.gif “We’re having the beginning rounds of new physicals, sir. I need your assistance on running a few of these tests.” exp_minus.gif

Charlie frowned as she tediously straightened herself, running a hand through her hair. “I’ll be right there. Dixon out,” Charlie sighed. “Apparently I wasn’t the only one with the other on their mind all day,” she whispered, biting her lip.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Sep 17 2006, 04:53 AM

“Apparently I wasn’t the only one with the other on their mind all day,” Charlie whispered

Reyan smiled, wondering how it was that he was so very unable to resist her

"You wern't" Reyan confirmed, recalling that he hadn't been able to lock eyes with Charlie during the meeting through fear of loosing his chain of thought

Charlie turned, and began to walk toward the door

"Charlie" Reyan called

She stopped, and turned to face him; he felt his pulse increase, and his temprature rise slightly

"I.... still owe you dinner" he stated, lost in thoughts of how beautiful she looked, and her lovely eyes

"I'd like that" she whispered in reply

Reyan stepped toward her once again, unable to resist, and took her in his arms, pressing his body against hers, so tight that he could almost feel her heartbeat. His lips pressed against hers, and they shared another long, passionate kiss, one that seemed to last an enternity, and that Reyan wished would never end - Reyan directed her toward a chair, and sat, pulling her onto his lap, still holding her tight and kissing her deeply

And when the kiss had ended, neither of them had any idea of how much time had passed

"Sorry Charlie - you were needed in sickbay" Reyan apologised, through shorted breath, running his hand through her hair

Charlie smiled

"I'm sure that my staff can manage the initals of the psychical without me" she replied

Reyan chuckled

"Well, as much as I would love to remain here, with you, I should show my face on the bridge" he stated

Charlie stood, allowing Reyan to do the same

"Duty calls" she sighed, as they both started toward the doors, holding hands until they reached them

"Charlie - mission or no mission - I'd love to spend more time with you, when time permits" Reyan whispered

"I would like that too" she replied, smiling

Their hands disengaged, and they both stepped back onto the bridge

Reyan made his way over to the Command chair, whilst Doctor Dixon made her way to the turbolift - Reyan turned briefly, watching her enter the turbolift - she smiled, and Reyan felt himself flush, returning the smile and utterly powerless to resist doing otherwise

And it wasn't until the turbolift doors had whispered closed, taking Charlie away from him for the moment, that Reyan sat, still lost in thoughts about her and the moments that they had just shared

"Are you okay, Captain, you were in there for a little while, and look a little flushed?" Commander Weist asked, grinning in a manner that implied that she wanted more information, and perhaps had some idea of what had transpired between Reyan and Charlie

Reyan coughed, sat upright in his chair, and tried to compose himself, which did nothing to fool Renee

"Doctor Dixon and I had.... matters that required our attention" he stated, realising that it sounded false the moment he had finnished saying it

Renee smiled, but didn't press the issue

"ETA to the Celendi system?" Reyan asked, both eager to change the subject as well as receive an update

"Three hours, Sir" Renee quickly replied

Three hours - he had been with Charlie for long then he had realised, although he did not regret the fact

"Three hours before we arrive at the Celendi systems own version of Earth's Bermuda triange" Reyan stated

"Initiating long range scans - we may be able to detect the Avocet's ion trail" Lieutenant Darkon reported

"From this range?" Reyan asked, impressed

"Yes sir - a feat for most starships, but not the Pulsar" Gideon replied

"Impressive - good work, Lieutenant" Reyan replied, turning his attention back to the viewscreen, his thoughts still jumping between the mission, and Charlie, whom he was starting to wonder if he was falling in love with

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Posted by: Jules Davey Sep 17 2006, 06:15 AM

Raising an eyebrow at the Captain, Jules shook her head, she had a suspicion, and her views were very balck and white. As long as it didnt interfer with his ability to command.

She turned her attention back to her console, trying to decide the best way to go about this tractor beam. It would have to cut through the particals in the nebula, which could be hard to keep it stable.

"Captain, I am going to engineering." She informed him, her eyes chilly.

"Understood Commander." He said.

Jules left, and made her way throught he ship, walking into engineering and looking for Lt. Kerrigan. She spotted her by the master systems display and approached her.

"Lieutenant Kerrigan, we havent properly meet, Lieutenant Jules Davey, Chief of Operations." She said, holding out her hand. "ANy ideas on this tractor beam?" She asked, smiling.

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Sep 17 2006, 10:05 AM

After the briefing Sas returned to Engineering to begin work on the tractor beam. Sas was at the master systems display re-routing many power and control conduits for use by the tractor beam. A moment or two later, someone approached and introduced themselves.

"Lieutenant Kerrigan, we haven't properly meet, Lieutenant Jules Davey, Chief of Operations." She said, holding out her hand. "Any ideas on this tractor beam?" She asked, smiling.

Sas turned and smiled. "Lieutenant Commander Davey, Lieutenant Sashela Kerrigan Chief Engineer. What can I do for you?" Sas said playfully. "Ideas, oh many but most not excatly good." She said.

"Really?" Jules asked, "well let's fix that shall we?"

"It's a date." Sas nodded gesturing to the console beside her. "All yours, Gideon should be on his way." Sas added as the two worked on the modifications to the tractor beam emitters.

Posted by: Dixon Sep 17 2006, 05:42 PM

Charlie crossed her arms as she leaned against the railing of the turbolift. She tilted her head as she ordered the deck, a faint smile still on her lips. She had never felt a rush so powerful wash over her as it did when she felt him pull her towards him the last time.

“Headed to Sickbay anytime soon?”

Charlie turned her head slowly to the open doorway, a liquid smile on her face. She jumped up straight when she saw Marix standing in the doorway. He rolled his eyes and grabbed her arm, pulling her out.

"You really need to focus more on your job and less on me," he said boldly before bursting into laughter. Charlie pulled out of his grip.

“Professionalism, Lieutenant,” Charlie muttered firmly, walking passed him to Sickbay first. The doors parted, revealing a good ten people all standing around muttering. Charlie blushed when they all looked at her, huffing sighs as her belated presence.

“It’s about time,” said a harsh voice, grabbing her arm and pulling her to her office. “Where have you been? We’ve needed your authorization several times!” the EMH hissed.

“I’m sorry, I had other matters that required my direct attention,” she said, her lips quirking in memory. She clamped her sweaty palms shut as she sat on the edge of her desk. “What do you need?”

The EMH sighed, “We've run all the basics readings, we just need access to the scanning devices.” Charlie took the PADDs he held out to her, looking over them. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Marix trail in, giving her a confused and wounded look as he passed by the window.

“Very well,” she replied, breaking the eye-contact and handing the PADDs back over to the hologram. “Campbell and Marix can run the lower level scans, blood, bone, cardio, lymph and reproductive. You can take bronci, gastro and muscular. I’ll take the head scans, cranial and brainwave.”

“Sounds fun,” the EMH said with a dryly taking the PADDs back. “We’ll get started. You’ll need to request the senior staff down here soon, at least before we get to the nebula. They’ll want to climb into a shuttle all gung ho,” he said dramatically raising the PADDs with a sigh, exiting shortly after, assigning the tasks like a true assistant CMO. Charlie crossed her arms, looking out over the scene as the patients began perking up and moving towards various beds where everyone went to work.

“No one like the Captain to start with,” Charlie said to herself, coming off the temporary high with a burning passion to rekindle it. Tapping her combadge, feeling her heart begin to race again, she said, “Dixon to Captain Caius. Your physical needs updating, and since Sickbay is getting a little crowded, I’d like you to meet me in one of the isolation chambers four doorways down.”

Posted by: Renee Weist Sep 18 2006, 01:00 AM

Renee left the conference room, and went back to the bridge. It soon became a hive of activity as each crew member went about their assigned tasks. Renee pulled up her console, and began going over incoming reports on status and effeicency, compiling them into one report for the Captain.

He had stayed behind with the Dr ir seemed, to discuss...matters of some urgency, so she held the ship steady on course as ordered. Soon, the both emerged, and Renee no longer had to guess. Expressions said it all. He certainly bounces back fast!

"ETA to the Celendi system?" Reyan asked, after assuming his chair and avoiding Renee's question completely. although a blind man could have seen it with a cane.

"Three hours, Sir" Renee quickly replied

"Three hours before we arrive at the Celendi systems own version of Earth's Bermuda triange" Reyan stated

"Initiating long range scans - we may be able to detect the Avocet's ion trail" Lieutenant Darkon reported

"From this range?" Reyan asked, impressed

"Yes sir - a feat for most starships, but not the Pulsar" Gideon replied

"Impressive - good work, Lieutenant" Reyan replied.

The starscape continued to pass in the viewscreen, while Renee silently went over the last reports on the system from their Klingon allies. Whatever was coming, she feared it would have far reaching implications.

Posted by: Jules Davey Sep 18 2006, 03:42 AM

Jules smiled at the Engineer, looking over the possible ways to stabilish the beam in the nebula, she frowned, feeling a slight niggle at the back of her head. She sighed, "I don't know about you, but I am beginning to get a headache just thinking about this. It's not sitting right, this whole mission makes me feel jumpy." She admitted, rubbing her left hand across the back of her neck, and roling her head.

"Is it me, or is it hot in here?" She asked, suddenly aware of a temporature increase.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Sep 18 2006, 06:20 AM

"Commander Weist - you have the bridge" Reyan ordered, making his way to the turbolift, and ultimately sickbay, in response to Doctor Dixon's request

"Aye Sir" Renee replied

He arrived at sickbay prompty, barely remembering the journey there - sickbay was a hive of activity - nurses performing psychical examinations on junior officers, all beds occupied

"Ah - you must be the Captain?" a voice called from behind

The EMH strode toward him

"I am - and you must be the Pulsar's EMH" Reyan replied

"Indeed - if you are looking for Doctor Dixon, I beleive that she is waiting for you in isolation chamber two" the EMH stated helpfully

"Odd - wasn't aware that I was carrying a contagion of any sort" Reyan replied, grinning

An expression of concern appeared on the EMH's face

"Joking, Doctor - we'll have to work on your sense of humor" Reyan laughed

"I don't have one" the EMH replied, sounding offended

"Well, have to start somewhere" Reyan replied

He turned and headed toward the isolation chamber section - three small doors, the first one open - his heart skipped a beat when he saw Charlie inside, preparing the room

"May I come in, Doctor" he stated

Charlie looked up at him, her face slightly flushed, as he imagined that his own was

"Of course - just preparing the room for your psychical" she replied

Reyan stepped into the room, and he had barely cleared the door when Charlie activated the control to close it - the door whispered closed, locked, and a shield dropped over the window, blocking any view from the outside

"Where do we start?" Reyan asked, feeling very much as if the temprature had risen significantly

Charlie opened her tricoder, and waved it over him

"You seem to be in good health, although your pulse rate is quite high

Reyan took a step toward her

"....and your blood pressure is very slightly raised" she continued

He took her in his arms, felt her arms fold around him, and they pulled close to each other, his lips pressing against hers

"You have the most incredible effect on me, Charlie" he whispered, as they assisted each other in the removal of their uniforms

And, still kissing, they slipped into the chamber bed together

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Sep 19 2006, 12:11 AM

"Yeah headaches are common place in Engineering." Sas said with a grin as she had learned to harness the pain of a headache and use it to power drive her determination to better herself. Just as the tractor beam control system had been successfully recalibrated to a frequency Sas wanted, Jules said she was hot. The Trill looked at the Operations officer and raised an eyebrow. "I think it might be just you." Sas said before realising that she too was approaching a higher temperature. "Hey, what the..." She said, "now I feel hot too." She took off her uniform jacket to reveal that her uniform shirt had the sides removed, showing her spots but the back and front pieces were joined by a single string on material. "Ah that's better." Sas continued working on the tractor beam. Few more minutes and we'll be finished. She thought.

Posted by: Renee Weist Sep 19 2006, 11:30 PM

Renee was brought back to the moment from her reports and data by the Captain.

"Commander Weist - you have the bridge" Reyan ordered, making his way to the turbolift.

"Aye Sir" Renee replied.

She grinned, as she had certain ideas as to where he was going, and she was not so sure it was professional either! Perhaps it started out that way...

She returned ot her files and data. The Klingons had masked a great store of informations about the system surrounding the nebula, since it was on the outer reaches of their borders. But they also held alot of precaution in it as well.

It was if it were "spookie" in some way, as even the crew grew more restless the closer they got to the nebula. And what of all those reports..of ships going in and never coming out? Was there somthing inside the nebula? A black hole uncharted or a wormhole? Some other sort of dimensional gateway?

There were certainly enough questions, and Science was going to have its hands full finding some answers. She leaned back in her chair, as she never took the command seat. Call her superstious, but she just could not sit in that seat unless she had to. And right now, she didn't have to!

Posted by: Dixon Sep 20 2006, 02:09 AM

The last kiss lingered before Charlie lay back in his embrace, breath heavy and gasping. With a satisfied smile, she curled against the warmth of his chest, cradling her head in the nook of his neck.

“So do I pass my physical?” he whispered with a warm laugh; Charlie smiled at the low rumble in her ear and the small joke.

“In my books,” she replied back. “But to be honest, we’re going to have to get it over with, for protocol sake.”

Reyan sighed as he propped up his head with one hand, looking down at her with sparkling eyes. Charlie blushed, but returned his deep gaze that took her breath away. How could she feel so strongly about a man she hardly knew? She reached up, tracing his jawline with a soft curious finger. He took her hand with his loose one, intertwining their fingers and kissing the back of her hand. Charlie felt her blood churn warm, and she sat up to take him in another passionate kiss.

“Really,” Charlie whispered moments later as she gasped for breath, embracing him closely with her arms around his neck, scratching his back comfortingly. She couldn’t help herself but continue the fervent kiss, but Reyan broke the kiss, planting a trail of kisses down her neck. Charlie moaned, running her hands through his hair. “Really,” Charlie stressed, pulling his head up with her hand on his chin, giving him a kiss before getting out of the bed and digging through the pile of clothes for her own.

Reyan watched her with a smirk, absorbing every inch of the woman as she dressed, tediously tugging here and there, pulling her hair up before turning to catch his gaze. He looked up at her with a cheeky smile. Charlie rolled her eyes before picking up his uniform and tossing it at him, his pants landing square on his face.

“Keep your jacket off,” she requested dryly upon receiving his grimace. “Can I get you something to drink?” she asked nonchalantly, making her way over to the replicator; the isolation chambers were built mainly like most quarters for they served the purpose of quarters for those who were too contagious but well enough to live on their own.

“Water would be fine,” Reyan said, pulling his shirt over his head. Charlie bit her lip to hide the smile forming on her face; it was truly amazing how quickly she had fallen for him, and how comfortable she was with him.

Returning with two glasses of water, Charlie handed him his and set hers down on the table after taking a drink. “Okay,” she said, picking the tricorder up off the floor and setting it on the table. “Just a few tests to run,” she murmured, falling back into doctor mode. She picked up another instrument in one hand, and took Reyan’s arm in the other. Putting the instrument to his arm, it gave a small prick that took a sample of blood. Not expecting the instantaneous needle in his arm, he flinched, sloshing his water.

“I like Charlie’s bedside manner better than yours, Doctor,” he said, frowning and rubbing the inanimate hole in the bend of his arm.

Charlie smirked as she watched the results scroll across the instruments screen. “Charlie has a lot more fun that the Doctor,” she commented with a grin. “You need to watch your cholesterol,” she warned before setting it down. Reyan raised a brow of question while sipping his water. “Oh, come on, we have to do this. The EMH would have my head on a holographic platter if I didn’t evaluate the senior officers.”

“I know,” Reyan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Protocol.”

“We all joined knowing it,” Charlie replied with an equally dull sigh, picking up the tricorder to run most of the basic level tests and scans. She paused, raising a brief brow before continuing.


“Nothing,” Charlie said smirked with a small shrug.

“What?” Reyan pressed, grabbing her scanning hand.

“Sinus Tachycardia Arrhythmia. I didn’t know,” she commented. “Nothing fatal, just a curious disease I’ve only seen in books.”

Posted by: Sam Sep 21 2006, 07:13 AM

Ensign Sam who was just fresh out of starfleet academy stepped out of the turbolift and onto the bridge.

"Ensign Sam, reporting for duty." he Said

and what a fantastic bridge it was

Posted by: Reyan Caius Sep 21 2006, 11:22 AM

Sinus Tachycardia Arrhythmia. I didn’t know,” she commented. “Nothing fatal, just a curious disease I’ve only seen in books" Doctor Dixon explained

"It's nothing really anyway - requires occasional monitoring, but hasn't posed a problem in the past" Reyan advised

"Well, I'll make sure that it does get monitored - I know how you Captain's like to avoid seeing your Doctor's" Charlie stated

"Not this Captain" Reyan replied, grinning

They began to move toward each other again, but were interrupted by the comm system

exp_minus.gif "Commander Weist to Captain Reyan" exp_minus.gif

Reyan scooped his discarded uniform tunic off the floor and activated his comm badge

exp_minus.gif "Reyan here - go ahead" exp_minus.gif he quickly replied

exp_minus.gif "Captain - we've entered the Celendi system" exp_minus.gif Renee advised

Reyan looked at Charlie, shocked that so much time had again passed without their, or at least his knowledge

exp_minus.gif "I'm on my way, Commander - Reyan out" exp_minus.gif he replied, hastily dressing back into his uniform

"Thank you for the examination, Charlie, we'll have to do it again sometime" Reyan stated, pausing from fastening his tunic to admire Charlie's lovely figure

"You're most welcome - although I am sure that Commander Weist knows that Psychical examinations don't generally take more than two hours to complete" she replied, a hint of concern in her voice

Reyan took her hands in his

"Don't worry about Renee - I trust her - I expect that she has realised what has been happening between you and I, but she won't press the issue so long as I do what is required of me and actually admit that you and I have been spending time together - I know we haven't known each other for long, Charlie, but when I'm with you I....." he replied, struggling to find the appropriate words

Charlie, pulling on her tunic, simply smiled, appearing to understand what it was that Reyan was attempting to say

Reyan felt himself flush slightly

"I'm needed on the bridge - but my offer of dinner still stands, if you are willing" he stated, heading toward the chamber door

"So long as you are doing the cooking" Charlie replied, straightening her uniform

"Deal" Reyan replied, smiling at her, before he stepped out of the chamber, and stode at quick pace toward the sickbay exit and the turbolift

He soon arrived back on the bridge, and Commander Weist stood as he stepped toward the command area

"Captain - we've entered the Celendi system - ETA to the Celendi nebula fifty minutes" she reported

"Thankyou, Commander" he replied

"I assume you passed your psychical?" she asked

"I did - do you have a few minutes?" Reyan stated, realising that he had to tell Renee about Charlie and himself

"Of course" Renee replied, standing and following him to the ready room

As soon as the doors whispered closed, Reyan turned to face her

"Renee - I just wanted to apologise firstly - I'm certain that you have noticed that Doctor Dixon and myself have been spending some time together" he stated

"I have" Renee replied simply, indicating that she wished for Reyan to continue

"I don't make a habit of hiding anything from my Executive Officer's, Renee - I will admit that Charlie and myself have become.... close, in what could be described as a short space of time. I would much rather you hear this from me than through the grapevine that is often so efficent on a ship the size of ours" he explained

Renee smiled

"Thanks for admitting it" she replied

"You have no objection?" Reyan asked

"No - so long as you don't leave the bridge at warp-speed, as you did when she summoned you for your exam, again" Renee replied, all traces of humor having vannished

Reyan sighed

"Yeah - I guess that was unprofessional - it won't happen again" he apologised

Renee nodded in reply, and they both stepped back onto the bridge

"Who's the new helm officer?" Reyan whispered to Renee, not recoginsing the Ensign sat at the station

"Sam - he's new, first assignment - Academy record was impressive though" Renee replied

The two officers took their seats

"Any sign of the Avocet yet?" Reyan asked, addressing Lieutenant Darkon

"Picking of very faint traces of what could be her ion trail - but there is a great deal of radiation in the area - it's difficult to tell, even with these sensors" Gideon replied

"Approaching the Nebula perimeter" Ensign Sam advised

"Bring us out of warp, engage an approach vector at full impulse" Commander Weist ordered

The Pulsar burst out of warp, and her impulse engines engaged, thrusting her foward at a lesser pace

"In visual range, Captain" Ensign Sam reported

"On screen" Reyan advised

The screen view changed to one of open space, and a dark cloud with an eerie glow in the distance

"Magnify" Reyan demanded

The image changed, the Nebula appearing significantly closer - it appeared to be little more than a immense black cloud, flashes of dark red lightning illuminating it occasionally

"Looks inviting" Reyan muttered

"Begin intensive scans, all sensors, look for anything that could be the Avocet" Commander Weist called

"Aye sir" came the replies from numerous Officers

"Ensign - bring us to within six-hundred meters of the nebula perimeter, and then all stop and hold position"

The Pulsar slowed, and stopped, shadowed by the nebula, the red flashes illuminating her hull

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Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Sep 22 2006, 02:01 AM

The sensors beeped on the console beside Sas as she was working on something else, she looked at the console from which the beep originated. We're there. She thought a smile tugging at her mouth. Sas tapped her commbadge. =^= Kerrigan to Reyan, Captain the tractor beam is ready. It's rather sensitive so please don't put too much pressure on it. =^= She called. Jules stood somewhere else in Engineering, Sas wasn't sure what she was doing but it peeked the Trill's interest anyway. "Lieutenant Commander Davey, what are you doing over there?" Sas asked spotting the Operations Chief.

Posted by: Jules Davey Sep 23 2006, 10:26 AM

Jules heard the Lieutenant’s calls and looked round.

“I was just accessing the operations console from here. I was wondering about sending a type 2 probe into the nebula.” She said, looking at the attractive engineer.

“I’m going to head back up to the bridge, see what the Captain thinks about that idea. Might be able to get some detailed analysis from inside the nebula without actually placing the ship in danger.” she said, smiling at Sas as she quickly left, heading to the bridge.

She noticed though that her headache was getting worse. She brushed it off, it had been a long day, maybe she just needed a rest. But later, for now she had a nebula to scan. She would need to boost the power feeds to the main arrays, boosting their signal in anyways she could.

Stepping out onto the bridge, she headed straight to her station, ignoring the looks she got. She wanted to try and get as much done before her headache threatened to consume her totally. She had never had anything like it before.

“Sir, might I suggest a type 2 probe. It could scan the nebula without getting the ship any closer?” She said, looking up at the Captain.

Posted by: Tekari Sep 23 2006, 09:47 PM

Tekari and the other Tactical officers had been working around the ship, trying to improve its defenses. His call would have to be put on hold for a while as he did all this. It wasn't long before the shield grid was improved, as with structural integrity.

The El-Aurian made his way back to the Bridge, just in time for the Pulsar to reach the Nebula. He began taking scans of it immediately... and it wasn't only him, but a few other officer's took scans aswell, as such was protocol.

I wonder what we'll find in there... he thought.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Sep 24 2006, 05:08 AM

Reyan pondered Commander Davey's suggestion - a probe would greatly suppliment the Pulsar's sensor gain, although it was questionable how long it would survive in the nebula

He turned to Commander Davey

"Good idea, Commander - launch the probe - it might not last too long in there, but anything is better than nothing" he advised

Lieutenant-Commander Davey nodded, and worked her console with professional efficency

"Probe away, Sir" she advised

The viewscreen showed the small probe, which initally appeared stationary, but quickly activated it's small thrusters and shot toward the nebula

"Probe approaching nebula - entering in 3 - 2 - 1.... probe has entered the nebula" Commander Weist reported

"Probe has initiated scan" Lieutenant Darkon advised

"Receiving data...... nothing beyond standard radiation, the occasional plasma flare, which is the red flashing that we can see..." Commander Davey advised

"Captain.... picking up...... Yes! - faint traces of warp plasma!" Lieutenant Darkon called

Reyan and Commander Weist turned to him

"Confirmed - also detected a faint duranium signature - sending the probe to those coordinates" Commander Davey advised

Commander Weist stood, and made her way to the operations station to assist Commander Davey

"The probe is deteriorating, but still transmitting" Commander Tekari informed them

"Got it - definitely a Federation Starship" Commander Davey called

"All hands, yellow alert - Ensign Sam - lay in a course to the probes last positon" Reyan called - the bridge lighting dimmed slightly, signifiying the change in the ship's status

"Commander Tekari - I'm trusting you to keep the shields at peak efficency - the Avocet had the advantage of having regenerative shielding and ablative armour, we don't have that advantage - the shields are all we have" Reyan advised Commander Tekari

"Understood" Tekari replied confidently

"Commander Davey, send a subspace message to Starfleet, advising them of our findings and intentions" Commander Weist stated, moving away from op's and making her way back to her seat

"Aye Commander...... message transmitted" Davey replied

"In that case - take us in, Ensign" Reyan ordered

"Aye Sir" Ensign Sam replied

The Pulsar moved cautiously foward, closer and closer to the unwelcoming black mass that was the Celendi neubla, the occasional red flare illuminating the bridge, casting an almost supernatural glow

"Entering the nebula" Sam reported

The viewscreen flickered but, courtesy of the Pulsar's advanced sensors, corrected itself, and continued to display the swirling black nebula

Reyan squinted at the viewscreen as if trying to view somthing that the sensors couldn't

"Approaching the probe's last position" Sam advised

The Pulsar slowly passed the debris which had been their probe, before the science station sensors began beeping an alert

"We're approaching the coordinates" Commander Davey advised

The clouds on the viewscreen parted slghtly, revealing an Akira-class Starship

There was a brief pause, everyone present digesting what they were seeing

"All stop" Commander Weist ordered

"Scanning...... Showing significant damage, her regenerative shields are still barely functional, hull breaches on decks 4 - 10, her main power is offline, warp core appears to be dead... impulse reactors burnt out - life support at 12% - reading a few faint lifesigns" Lieutenant Darkon reported

"Weapons systems still active, although her phasers are at 10% power" Commander Tekari advised

"I don't like this - if whatever did this to an Akira-class starship returns...." Commander Davey whispered

Reyan didn't reply - as proud as he was of the Pulsar, Commander Weist was correct - the Avocet was a starship built with defense and tactical operations in mind, and somthing had reduced the Avocet to a barely habitable hulk - the Pulsar's chances of surviving whatever it was that the Avocet had endured were significantly slim

"Commander Weist - I'd like you to take an away team to the Avocet - take a shuttle - I don't want to risk dropping the either the Pulsar or the Avocet's shields, and I doubt that the transporters would work effectively in this nebula anyway" Reyan ordered

Commander Weist stood, and began issuing orders, although Reyan didn't hear her - his thoughts were focused on the Avocet, floating almost lifelessly only meters away from the Pulsar, and what could have caused her damage

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Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Sep 24 2006, 07:08 AM

After Jules left, Sas got the tractor beam control relays in place for the Bridge operations console so Jules could activate it without bugging the Engineering staff as they had other things to do. Sas was onto her next task, refining the dilithium crystals breakdown rate to feed the core more efficiently.

She tapped her commbadge a second later. =^= Kerrigan to Reyan, sir, the tractor beam is ready for use. I've tied it into the Operations console so Lieutenant Commander Davey can activate it on your command. Anything else sir while I'm on the comm? =^= Sas made a giggle.

Posted by: Renee Weist Sep 24 2006, 12:37 PM

Renee stood, after being ordered to gather an away team, and went about her duty.

"Commander Darken, you and Commander Tekari are with me," she said, as Lt Kerrigan came over the comm.

=^= Kerrigan to Reyan, sir, the tractor beam is ready for use. I've tied it into the Operations console so Lieutenant Commander Davey can activate it on your command. Anything else sir while I'm on the comm? =^=

"If I may?" Renee asked Reyan?

He nodded.

exp_minus.gif Lt Kerrigan, this is Commander Weist. If you would join the away team, please? Also, I know of your shuttle pod, and perhaps this would be an appropriate time to give it a go. exp_minus.gif

She headed for the lift, followed by Gideon and Tekari. Sas'hela joined them in the docking bay where the workbee once had occupied the space, and showed them her pet project.

"Very interesting, Lt. Let's see what she can do. Standard away team issue, please. I am a certified field medic, so I need a med kit as well. Gather equpiment and meet her in 10. Dismissed," she said to the ones standing before her.

She made her way quickly to sickbay, and found Dr Dixon.

"Dr, I need a emergency medical kit, please," she asked, as she checked her other things.

"I am not going along?" Charlie asked.

"Not this time, Dr. Until we know there is a reason for it, there is no since in putting our ships physician in danger. I can handle anything emergency wise, and report back. Once we latch onto that ship, and get her out, or if there is a pressing need for your services, I'll contact the ship. Right now, we simply do not know," Renee replied.

Posted by: Tekari Sep 24 2006, 08:47 PM

Tekari made his way to the Weapons lockers and took out four phasers. He began activating them when he was approached by Vein.

"The shields are holding at 99%," Tekari explained. "The modifications to the power grid are holding up."

Vein nodded, "I'll be on the Bridge, watching over it."

"Be sure to keep in touch with Engineering."

The Ensign grabbed each phaser as Tekari was setting the next one. "Aye, sir. Are you sure going over to that ship is a good idea?"

"Possibly. But we'll never get any further without taking the risk. Besides, there are people over there who need our help."

Vein handed back the phasers. "Good luck, sir."

"Just take care of the ship," Tekari smiled.

The Chief Tactical officer made his way back down to the Docking bay, where he met up with the rest of the Away Team.

Posted by: Gideon Sep 25 2006, 02:41 AM

When Lieutenant Darkon left the senior staff meeting, he headed directly for the science lab. Approaching his Chief Petty Officer, Christina Young, he informed her of the modifications to the mission and asked her to organize a team to get the sensors perfoming at top proficiency.

"But sir, do you mean the long or short range sensors?"

"Please, it's Gideon. I need as much sensor strength as we can get. Give me a signal when you've got them running. I have a feeling that the nebula will not be forgiving to sensor errors." Before letting her go, Gideon added, "Also, while you're at it, we might as well get a probe or two ready in case we need to launch it."

"Understood, sir--I mean, understood, Gideon."

The Lieutenant smiled as his crewmen worked like bees around the laboratories. He straightened a few calibrations in his office and left straight for the bridge. Entering the turbolift, he said under his breath. Oh, and I've got to meet Lieutenant Kerrigan in Engineering, too. That will have to wait.

Within seconds, he entered the bridge. He brought up the science console and finished up the projects that required his personal attention. He ran the scans for the Captain from three hours out at warp 8.5. The scans revealed the nebula with a strange energy signature. Nothing really unusual. Everyone knows that a particle-flux nebula should be accompanied with unusal energy patterns. But what is going on here? He isolated a particular energy pattern, revealing its atomic structure, sending a copy to his chemical lab for analysis.

exp_minus.gif "Hey, James?" he asked, addressing his crewman. "Can you take a look of this chemical pattern for me. It seems I've got my work cut out for me up here." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Certainly, Gideon. I'm receiving your transmission now." exp_minus.gif

Gideon did not mind doing these tasks. Certainly most Lieutenants in the science field would be examining their own chemical patterns, but it made it much easier for Gideon not to struggle over the tedious jobs, leaving his mind more free to make the important decisions which he was not able to delegate.

He saw the Captain return to the Bridge after his physical. He and his first officer went immediately to his ready room. The two officers soon returned and took their seats after a short brief by the new helm officer.

"Any sign of the Avocet yet?" Reyan asked, addressing Lieutenant Darkon

The scans he had run were very faint, but he reported to the Captain what they had uncovered. As he hadn't heard from his crewman, he didn't mention anything about the peculiar atomic patterns he had discovered.

Before Gideon knew it, he was sitting at his science console, the main viewscreen engulfed by the giant purple cloud. His sensors showed it was still half a kilometer away but they might as well have entered the nebula already for the effect he was sure it began to play on the vital systems of the ship as well as its crew. The sensors were not divulging any information he could not detect from 20 kilometers from the perimeter. He was about to advise the Captain to back off from the nebula, but as soon as he turned his chair, opened his mouth and took a breath to voice the words, he heard the Captain give the order to launch a Class-two probe.

This resulted in a new set of jobs Gideon was required to do. He sighed silently and turned back to his console. The next few minutes involved a lot of silent hopes and holding breath from the bridge officers until the probe found what most likely would prove to be the Avocet. The Captain ordered further investigation and before long, they were facing the missing ship with the difficiencies caused by being in the nebula for so long to its hull, systems and crew.

As Commander Weist was selecting Gideon for the away team, Gideon was receiving a transmission from his science crew. exp_minus.gif "Hey Gideon," came the voice from the transmission. "I've got that analysis you asked for. I'm sending the data now." exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif "Fine," Gideon replied to the invisible voice. exp_minus.gif "I've got a shuttle ride ahead of me. I should have time to take a look then."

exp_minus.gif "Yes, sir--uh, Gideon. James out."

Gideon smiled. His crew was obviously not accustomed to the interraction, but they were getting the hang of it. When he received the transmission from his NCO, he quickly downloaded it to his datapadd.

In ten minutes, he was in the shuttlebay, ready for departure.

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Sep 25 2006, 06:49 AM

=^= On me way Commander. Oh my pod? Well sounds like fun. Kerrigan out. =^=

Sas left Engineering in the hands of her trusty 'right-arm' Lieutenant D'Troy and headed off to the workbee docking bay to get her pod ready for its first official away mission. She had left things a mess during her reassignment to the Pulsar from her old post, and now she needed it clean and in shape.

Meeting up with Lieutenants Darkon, Tekari and Commander Weist, Sas showed them her shuttlepod. Of course after she spent time cleaning it up, "what you think?" Sas asked.

Posted by: Renee Weist Oct 4 2006, 12:11 AM

Renee gathered what she needed, and made her way back tothe holding dock for Lt Kerrigans shuttle pod. She was met by the rest of the away team, who also had outfitted themselves well. Commander Tekari had the weapsons, and issued them accordingly, while Lt Darkon was going over some padd or the other.

"What you think?" Lt Kerrigan asked, as Renee got her first good look at the pod in question.

"I believe she will do nicely," Renee replied, a bit of appreciation for the Lt's secret efforts showing through the craks of her usual "by the book" demeanor"

"She can handle anything tossed at her," Kerrigan said, smiling.

"I am sure she can. We have a job to do, so lets get to it. Anything different about this pod we need to know before we get going?" Renee asked, as she quickly did a check of what she had with her.

She was duty minded all the way, and rarely did anyone see her out of form. But then again, she was the mate of a warrior. She had no time to show weakness, although, occasionaly, she did. Perhaps weakness was not the correct word...Humanity maybe was better. She had often lost touch with her human self, leaving only the duty minded warrior in it's place. On the rare occasion she let her defenses down, she was quite the charming lady. But that took some serious getting to know. She didn't not let defenses down none to easily.

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Oct 4 2006, 03:32 AM

| Workbee Dock

"Not anything that is important but the pilot console has most of the control over the rest of the systems." Sas replied and opened the hatch, "after you Commander." The Trill accepted the phaser that Tekari gave her and smiled. "Thank you Lieutenant Commander." Sas winked at Tekari before boarded her pod.

Inside the pod was four seats at the back, side-by-side, and two at the front where the console was. Sas took the pilots seat and awaited confirmation that all were seated as well as strapped in. An extra safety feature she included in her construction of the pod.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Oct 6 2006, 12:03 PM

As the away team prepared to depart, Reyan couldn't help but feel a measure of concern about what awaited them on the Avocet - although the Pulsar's mission demanded that they investigate, the sight of the once-powerful USS Avocet reduced to a almost lifeless hulk was enough to give any Starship Captain pause for concern

"The shuttle is signaling ready to depart" Ensign Kaio, covering the tactical station, reported

"Advise them that they are clear to depart" Reyan advised

"Aye Sir" the Ensign replied

"Captain - we're being scanned!" CPO Christina Young called, from the Science station

Reyan stood and walked to the science station

"By whom?" he demanded

"Not certain Sir - scanning" she replied

Reyan watched as Young operated her console

"A small probe Sir, approaching us, bearing 134 mark 12" she confirmed

"Scan for any sign that it has an onboard weapons system, or explosives" Reyan ordered

"Having trouble scanning - it reflects some of our scans - but I can confirm that it is comprised of materials that are not in the Federation database, and there is an extremely faint chroniton signature" Young advised

"Chronitons? So it's from either the future or the past - and considering it has technology that we are not familiar with, I'd say it's safe to assume it's from the future" Reyan stated

"Yes sir - it's also resisting the nebula radiation, which is a further indication" Young replied

"Good work, Chief - keep a close watch on that thing - that goes for you too, Kaio - slightest hint of a power buildup I want that probe reduce to spacedust, and fast" he ordered

"Understood" Kaio replied

"So many questions, so few answers" Reyan muttered to himself, carefully watching the probe draw slowly closer

Posted by: Tekari Oct 7 2006, 02:40 PM

Tekari took a seat within the Workbee. Before they knew it, they were off. The commander began to wonder about what would lie ahead. He was not sure, but was ready for anything...

In the meantime, he checked the shields of the Workbee to make sure they were in operation. Doing such reminded him of his last posting on the Pollux. There he would help in making sure the shields were operating at a perfect frequency.

It wasn't until one Away mission, that his efforts failed his crew. A minor error in his shield grid led a rescue shuttle to a radiation-filled Vulcan ship to peril. The rescue team was infected and eight Vulcans were lost. It would be a long time before he would forget that day.

Posted by: Gideon Oct 8 2006, 02:30 AM

Gideon gave little regard for the few people he passed on the way to the shuttlebay. His attention was focussed upon the details from the padd in which he had downloaded the chemical analysis from the nebula. As he entered the Workbee Shuttle, he continued to study, barely noticing the other members of the crew as they arrived and boarded the craft.

Gideon sat on the far side in the back of the shuttle; the First Officer sat baside him, making some comment or other about some padd or other he was always reading. He just nodded his head and continued reading. Lieutenant Kerrigan took the pilot's controls and Commander Tekari sat beside her.

If there was one thing Gideon could say about this Petty Officer James Callahan from the Chemical Lab, it was that he was thorough. Almost too thorough. His writing style was technical. Almost too technical, even for Gideon. Oh, Gideon understood all the terms and concepts, but this analysis was challenging Gideon's mind, quite an unexpected event for the first mission.

Finally, he finished the report. It had taken him half an hour to read through it all and the shuttlecraft was half way to the Avocet by this time. He leaned to his neighbor and stated, "Uh, Commander, you might be interested to read this report if you have time. I'm going to do some further tests, but when we get back to the Pulsar, I'll need to brief you and the Captain."

The Commander gave him a puzzling look. Perhaps it was the first time she looked to see what it was he was reading: "The Atomic Composition of a Nebula" by PO1 James Callahan.

Posted by: Renee Weist Oct 10 2006, 01:50 AM

They had not long left the ship, headed for the nebula itself, when Sas'hela said they were being scanned. Renee was reading over the padd Gideon had given her on "The Atomic Composition of a Nebula" by PO1 James Callahan. She looked up, as Sas'hela began tapping at the controls. She looked at Gideon and pointed ot the Science console, and he went right to it.

Assessment of the scan?" Renee asked.

Tekari was minding the co-pilots seat, helping with Navs and tactical. "We are not the only ones being scanned. So is the Pulsar." he said.

"It is coming from a probe," Gideon said. "bearing 134 mark 12"

"Assessment?" Renee asked.

All of them were working on the assessment, but it seemed this was no ordinary probe that was coming in their direction.

"How soon until we reach the Nebula itself," she asked.

"ETA 30 minutes, present course and speed," Sas'hela replied.

"Slow and steady Lt.," Renee replied

exp_minus.gif Weist to the Pulsar exp_minus.gif

Comms were kinda scratchy, due to the nearness of the Nebula, but she had to give it a try.

exp_minus.gif Pulsar....Cauis...Report? exp_minus.gif she managed to hear.

exp_minus.gif Captain, we are on apporach, but being scanned by a probe of unknown origins exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Commander...is...your discretion... exp_minus.gif

And that was it. They were in too close proximity to the nebula.

"Well, if I heard right, we continue on. Assessment on that probe ASAP," she said.

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Oct 10 2006, 03:38 PM

"Approaching the probe, it's starting to interfer with the pod's systems. Gideon I don't mean to rush you, but I'm gonna lose navigation." Sas announced frustration in her tone. The console in front of her began to flicker uncontrollably, Sas hit it several times. "Work you piece of." Her voice trailed off.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Oct 10 2006, 04:05 PM

The Avocet had to be boarded, Reyan knew that - but he somehow his instincts were telling him that ordering Commander Weist to proceed at her discretion had been the wrong thing to do

"Captain - I've managed to extrapolate the probe's point of origin" CPO Young called from the science station

"Excellent - but how?" Reyan asked, impressed

"Well, as I mentioned Sir, the probe seems to have residual chroniton particles surrounding it - I simply scanned for those particles away from the probe - there is a faint trail, bearing 102 mark 6" she explained

"Good work, Chief - hail the away team" Reyan replied

"Trying - but nebula interference is preventing the messasge from reaching them" Young replied

"Launch a message buoy in that case" Reyan replied, hopeful that his message would reach Commander Weist one way or another

exp_minus.gif "Captain Reyan to Commander Weist - Chief Young has managed to trace the probe's trail - request that you download the Avocet's database, and crew logs, find out what happened to her, and report back to the Pulsar as soon as time permits - Reyan out" exp_minus.gif

"Recorded - launching message buoy - it's shielding will only permit a survival time of approximately 30 minutes though sir" Young advised

"So long as Commander Weist receives the message" Reyan answered, curious about where the probe had come from, and if it was from the future, why it was so interested in the Pulsar and the away team's shuttlepod

Posted by: Gideon Oct 11 2006, 02:40 AM

Gideon had been so preoccupied with his Petty Officer's report, he did not move immediately when his turn came to save the shuttle. When Commander Weist pointed to the Science Console, Gideon felt a tinge of embarassment at having not already assumed the position. Hastily, he jumped to the position. When she asked for the assessment of the scan, it took Gideon a short but pregnant pause to respond.

"It is coming from a probe," Gideon said. "bearing 134 mark 12." He wondered if the Commander noticed how unprepared he was. As he familiarized himself with the slightly customized system on Lieutenant Kerrigan's shuttle, he began to run tests to confirm some of the theory's presented in James Callahan's report. What he discovered came as an immense shock to him and he wondered how to go about explaining the situation to the Commander.

"Well, if I heard right, we continue on. Assessment on that probe ASAP," she said.

"Commander," he tried to begin. "Have you had a chance to read that report I showed you written by James Callahan?"

"Not much time here for pleasure reading, Lieutenant."

"Well," Gideon stopped for two reasons, really. One, he was callibrating a scanning sensor which required a slight amount of attention to align the detection monitors precisely. Two, he really did not know how to explain himself to his senior officer.

"Yes, Darkon. Go on."

"In this report, it clearly explains how the electons seem to be shifting among varying nuclei throughout the cloud before us."

Commander Weist looked only a little annoyed. "This report is specific to this nebula?"

Gideon smiled. "Precisely. Petty Officer Callahan took sensor readings from the ship less than four hours ago. I had pressing concerns on the Bridge and transmitted it to him and he presented the readings for me in this concise report."

"Impressive, but what does that have to do with our situation now?"

"I'm not sure, yet, but his report has given me new theories to decipher and tests to run, which has led me to a very strange hypothesis."

"Yes?" The Commander almost seemed interested, finally, in what Gideon was explaining.

"The energy in that cloud is being consumed at an exponential rate, yet this energy gives off a by-product of even stronger energy. It is almost as if the energy is feeding itself. The proton patterns combined with the method of electron exchange suggest that this cloud might be alive."

Now he had her attention. "Are you telling me we might be dealing with a lifeform here?"

"Not one, but several," Gideon explained. "Millions. Billions of tiny lifeforms, consuming all the energy they can encounter. They don't seem fit any of our types of known Phylem, so we're talking about something no one has ever discovered before."

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Oct 12 2006, 04:11 AM

"Ooooooo new lifeforms, is my shuttle any threat to them Lieutenant Darkon?" Sas asked as she brought the pod to a full stop hoping not to cause any more damage to them if they had been previously. "Should we grab the probe and head back to Pulsar?" Sas later asked Commander Weist.

Posted by: Renee Weist Oct 13 2006, 12:39 AM

"Not one, but several," Gideon explained. "Millions. Billions of tiny lifeforms, consuming all the energy they can encounter. They don't seem fit any of our types of known Phylem, so we're talking about something no one has ever discovered before."

Renee was floored. This was something she had not expected!

"Ooooooo new lifeforms, is my shuttle any threat to them Lieutenant Darkon?" Sas'hela asked as she brought the pod to a full stop hoping not to cause any more damage to them if they had been previously. "Should we grab the probe and head back to Pulsar?"

"And you say these "life forms" have been here all along?" Renee queired.

"It seems that would be correct," Gideon answered.

Renee thought a moment more. "Then it seems to me the nebula would have decreased in mass with all the ship entries noted in to this nebula, if harming them or causing their destruction in any way was the case would it not?"

She heard several mumbled replies. "Have you been able to establish any form of communication with the lifeforms?"

"Not yet Commander," was the reply.

Again Renee thought. "Since we have no proof our movement inside this nebula does or does not harm the life forms, and since our first duty is to the Avocet, and her crew if they survived, that is where our first duty lies. As for the probe, I am sure the Pulsar has it as well. Let them contend with it since it is outside the nebula. Let us do quickly what we were sent to do. To the Avocet, in and out!" she finally decided. "If there are any objections, I'll so note them in the log, but we may have Federation officers aboard that ship, and we are going to see!"

Posted by: Gideon Oct 13 2006, 02:01 AM

"I don't think there's any danger that we are harming these lifeforms, Commander."

Although his words suggested a positive outcome, his faceless gaze and tone of voice suggested there was more. Gideon wasn't even sure who responded to him with the obviously deceptive statement. "That's certainly a relief, Lieutenant."

"I don't think we have to worry about harming them. I just checked the energy level on the shuttle. We're already down to 92% of normal energy output. It seems that these lifeforms feed off energy. I should have seen it before. The nuclear composition of these ions are all missing one thing."

His crewmates gave the universal expression showing they could not follow what Gideon was explaining to them. Even so, Commander Weist politely voiced the appropriate question to invoke a continuation of Gideon's dialogue. "What?" she said.

"According to James Callahan's report, there are no six-proton atoms in this cloud. See here, five protons--and here, seven! It skips six! Do you understand what this means?"

It was clear that no one understood what Gideon was talking about and he could have been presenting an Oceanography survey to the people of Tatooine. Lieutenant Kerrigan replied this time. "No, Gideon! I'm sorry! We really just don't get it! Just get to the point!"

"On the Periodic Table, the element with six protons is carbon! Do you see, now? These are not carbon-based lifeforms! The normal rules don't apply! These little guys consume the energy of ships that get too close to the cloud! That's why all the stories about this place--even the Klingons--say this nebula is haunted! These little guys eat everything exhibiting an energy signature! And we're down to 85 per cent!"

"So what do we need to do?" asked Commander Weist just as Lieutenant Kerrigan reported, "We're entering the nebula now, Commander."

Gideon took a breath and sedated his excitement. "If we're going to the Avocet, we'd better get out quick!"

Posted by: Renee Weist Oct 15 2006, 03:39 AM

Gideon explained the new lifeforms, and once Renee thought she got a grip on the understanding, she made a quick decision.

"If we're going to the Avocet, we'd better get out quick!" Gideon had said, very excitedly.

"Make it so then. Lets do what we came to do, and get our rear ends out of here. We contact the Avocet, lock on and drag her out, if we can, and see about life signs aboard while we are doing it," Renne replied.

"Entering the Neubula," Sas'hela said, and the pods systems light suddenly dimmed, as it felt like it went through a shallow force field of some sort.

Renee recognised it as the entry into a nebula, where the systems no longer functioned correctly with targeting, scanners, sensors, and so on.

"Commander Darken? Gather what information you can with the decreased sensors for data compilation. The more we know.." she said. "Lt Kerrigan? Best speed to the Avocet."

Posted by: Tekari Oct 15 2006, 12:50 PM

As the Shuttlepod flew into the Nebula, the lights throughout had momentarily flickered. Tekari was fast and ready for anything, while observing the revelations at hand - most particularly, the fact that the Nebula was made up of tiny energy thriving life-forms.

The El Aurian tapped at the Navigational console, which also was configured for Tactical defense and offensives. Sashela awaited course corrections from his computer, but the systems were beginning to malfunction.

"What's the next heading?" Sashela asked, as she was beginning to realize, from her Helm, that they had gotten as far as they could, on course, with the previous course correction. Now they were likely to head off-course.

Finding the Navigational at error, Tekari began to realize that he had no answer for her. What was he to do? He then got an idea - it was obvious, but not usually recommened. He looked out the window and eyed the Avocet.

The ship came into view, and using his best undersstanding of the 3D axis', he compared thier known location to that of the Advocet on sensors. It wasn't as difficult as it would have seemed. Tekari tapped in the next course correction, as the whole flight path became more clear in his mind. Sashela took it and changed course - and before they knew it, they had successfully approached the Avocet.

"Thanks," Sashela said, breaking from any momentary frustrations.

Posted by: Reyan Caius Oct 15 2006, 05:26 PM

The Pulsar burst out of the Nebula, the coordinates that the probe had orginated from proving to have been from outside of the Nebula itself

"Approaching the coordinates" Lieutenant T'Pae, the relief Helm officer, advised

"All stop, Lieutenant " Reyan ordered, wondering why they were not seeing anything

He turned to CPO Young, who's gaze didn't meet his - the space ahead of them appeared to be just that - open space

CPO Young finally met Reyan's gaze, her deameanor and expression apologetic

"Captain - these are definitely the coordinates - I don't understand it" she stated

"Don't apologise yet, Christina - initiate full sensor sweep of the area" Reyan advised

"Aye Sir" she quickly replied

"That goes for you too, Kaio - run sweeps with the tactical sensors" he continued

Kaio didn't reply, instead focusing his attention on his assigned task

Reyan stood, anxious for results - for anything that might shed light on what had occured

"Nothing on tactical sensors sir" Kaio replied

Young was still scanning, her full attention focused on her console, oblivious to Reyan's prying eyes

"Anything?" Reyan finally asked

"Not sure - I'm tempted to say no, but our enhanced sensors are reading..... somthing - stand by" Young replied quickly

Reyan stepped closer to her console, peering at the readouts

"Radiation?" he questioned, wondering what was unusal about the readouts that Young was viewing

"Very faint radiation in fact, I'd say that we wouldn't have traced it at all if not for the Puslar's enhanced sensors" Young replied enthusiastically

"So, what is unusal about this radiation?" Reyan asked

"No natrual source" Young replied

"But that can only mean...." Reyan stated, realising what it was that Young had discovered

".... that the radiation must have come from an artifical source" she replied

"Kaio - prepare a torpedo, lowest possible yeild, and fire when ready" Reyan ordered

"Aye Sir" Kaio replied, entering the necessary commands into his console

Reyan turned, and made his way back to the command chair

"Torpdeo armed and ready sir" Kaio advised

"Yeild?" Reyan asked, wanting to be certain

"Little more than a overpowered flare, Sir" Kaio replied

"In that case, fire" Reyan ordered

The torpdeo flew from it's tube and sprinted away from the Pulsar; the crew on the bridge watched it fly further and further away

"Nothing" Reyan muttered, but almost as soon as he had finnished the sentence, the torpedo impacted against somtihng, causing a small, and very brief, flare

"What was that?" Reyan demanded

"The torpdeo impacted against some form of energy field" Kaio reported, sounding shocked

"Sensor anaylisis?" Reyan asked, turning to CPO Young again

"It appeared to be a cloaking field, Sir" she confirmed

"Yellow Alert" Reyan demanded, immediately deciding that caution was required

"Wonder what that field is keeping cloaked?" Kaio stated, speaking out loud words that most present on the bridge were undoubtedly thinking

Reyan ignored Kaio, and turned to Lieutenant T'Pae

"Lieutenant - take us back into the Nebula to rendevous with the away team - hopefully by the time we reach them they'll have finnished aboard the Avocet - I don't intend to proceed with uncovering our little mystery here without my senior officers aboard" Reyan advised, feeling releived as the Pulsar turned about, on a course back toward the Nebula, the away team and the Avocet

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Oct 16 2006, 04:52 AM

"Aye best speed." Sas replied and piloted the pod heading straight for the Avocet. Within minutes they were within transporter range although the pod hadn't had it's transporter tested and Sas made that clear as she pulled up along the Avocet. "I wouldn't recommend the transporter, here we have docked, I'm reading an atmosphere and we can use Environmental Suits. In the back compartment." Sas pointed.

"Let's go." Sas said as she left the helm and got one of the suits. "Quicker we get on faster we can go. The pod doesn't have enough power to establish any data links unfortunately, shes still in progress you understand." She had the pants of the suit on and grabbing the other suits to give to Gideon and Tekari, "only have three, sorry Commander. Unless you wanna go instead of me?"

Posted by: Jules Davey Oct 18 2006, 03:25 AM

Things were happening fast on the Pulsar. Jules had remained quiet, monitoring the situation, she checked the scan results as they were fed to them, and she kept still as the torpedo impacted against the shield. She wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but she did know something wasn’t right.

She watched the workbee with the away team, but all communications and links with them had been rendered useless due to their proximity in the nebula, she hoped they were safe.

The atmosphere on the bridge was tense to say the least as they headed back towards the nebula, suddenly something spiked on her console. She wasn’t sure what, but she was picking up strange readings. She looked at, “Captain, I just had a spike in the energy field.” She informed him, “It came from behind the cloak.” as she watched the readings returned to normal.

“What was it?” Reyan asked her,

“I have no idea, its all returned to normal again.” She said, rubbing her temples, a headache starting. “I am picking up a slightly elevated level of some kind of radiation, something I have not seen before. Even the computer seems to be having trouble placing it.” she frowned, watching as the computer tried to identify the new reading she was getting.

“A new kind of radiation?” The Captain asked, looking at her with narrowed eyes.

“Aye Sir, I have no idea what it is.” she said, her voice slightly shaky.

Hope thats ok, bit stuck as too whats going on..:/

Posted by: Gideon Yesterday, 01:13 AM

Gideon threw on his environmental suit and joined Tekari and Lt. Kerrigan boarding the Avocet. What would they find on board? How many shipmates had perhaps survived? Gideon had checked his sensors one last time before leaving the pod. "Well, there's something alive down there," he had said in a half-whisper, almost to himself. But what in the Milky Way could it be?

The Commander beamed the three to the Avocet and in a twinkling, they reappeared on a dark bridge. Even the emergency lighting had been extinguished. Gideon wondered how long it had been since the environmental systems had been reduced to such extremes. His sensors indicated that the oxygen content of the near-vacuum which consumed the bridge was at less than 20% of normal levels. CO2 had balooned to an unproportional size indicating exactly what he reported through his commbadge.

exp_minus.gif Commander, the air inside the Avocet does indeed seem to indicate what we had believed. Apparantly, if anyone is alive in here, he must be asphyxiated. There are no life signs present on the Bridge. I'll continue searching the rest of the ship. exp_minus.gif

exp_minus.gif Understood, Lieutenant. Work quickly. We don't want our fate to be the same as the Avocet. Commander Weist Out. exp_minus.gif

Gideon knew what the executive officer had said was obvious and redundant. He turned to Tekari, pointing his tricorder toward a bulkhead and said, "Commander, we should try to make our way in this direction. I'm finding something interesting?"

Leading the group toward the turbolift, Tekari responded. "Life, Lieutenant?"

"I don't know," Gideon breathed, giving the effect of a dramatic pause, "but it certainly is interesting."

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Yesterday, 10:56 AM

"Interesting can wait Gideon, let's just get the database and get off the ship. Okay?" Sas instructed, "my pod can't stand this nebula any longer so if you wish to be stuck here I suggest we hurry." She said as the lift took them to the Bridge. Once there the away team split up and went to different consoles.

Sas to engineeing, Gideon to science and Tekari to tactical. The three worked on downloading as much information as they could from their stations from the computer core. Sas had attached a power generator device to the console in order for it to activate. The consoles made noises as if to say their was an emergency onboard, Sas looked at the sensor readings.

"Yep there's your interesting Gideon." She said. "Deck four section nine and moving. Looks like some kind of energy being." Sas commented as she waited for her tricorder to download the database.

Posted by: Gideon Yesterday, 11:55 AM

"An energy being," responded Gideon while frantically attempting to conjur as much data from his console as possible. "That's certainly interesting. It would certainly merit our attention--" He stopped for just a second, then looked at Lieutenant Kerrigan, a scowl of contempt painted elegantly upon her visage. Then he continued his statement with: "were our situation not so dour."

He turned back to his workstation, collecting as much data as possible. Working through the gloves and the mask of the biosuit slowed his progress a little, but he wiggled in enough time to scan the inhabited section of the ship, collecting as much data on this supposed lifeform as possible. Scan now, analyze later. We've got to get back to Lt. Kerrigan's pod.

Finally, the away team heard the familiar voice of their commander over their Commsystem:

exp_minus.gif Commander Weist to away team. I'm having a little instability with the magnetic polarity of your shuttle Sashela. You'd better finish up and beam back. exp_minus.gif

Gideon was a little frustrated. There was so much more information he could collect in five or ten more minutes aboard the Avocet, yet he knew better than anyone the Commander's words were true. It was best they stay safe than risk suffering the fate of the Avocet.

In thirty seconds and without a word, the three crew members on the Avocet lined up to be transported back to the shuttle. Tekari spoke up with a tap on his badge: exp_minus.gif "Commander, we're ready," he said. "Three to beam back." exp_minus.gif

Everything turned to shimmers and flashing lights. And in three point eight seconds--or maybe it was ten--Gideon recongnized they were once again aboard the Avocet.

"What happened?" Lt. Kerrigan voiced the words that everyone else had been thinking.

Posted by: Sashela Kerrigan Today, 01:28 AM

Appearing again on the Avocet Sas raised an eyebrow. "Okay that's weird. Maybe something is interfering with the pod's transporter, although I hadn't been able to test it as of late." She confessed.

"What?" Gideon asked. "Maybe restoring the Avocet's transporter would be advisable."

"Agreed. I'll go to the nearest transporter room and you transfer as much power as you can, okay? Commander Tekari, why don't you investigate some of the ship?" Sas offered to both but in a hurried tone. She dashed to the lift and off she went.

On her way to the transporter room, lots of dead bodies littered the floor. Disgusted, Sas continued on and tried to refrain from looking at them. She had one or two friends on the Avocet, although she did hear about several transfers off the ship before it disappeared.

< Transporter Room Two >

Walking into the transporter room she found the console destoryed. Just great. She thought. =^= Okay this will take some time peoples, the console is destoryed, I've got to access the platform controls. Standby. =^= She called in the open channel via her suit.

Posted by: Fallax Trell Today, 03:19 AM

OOC: You guys are doing a great job during this crisis, but the time has come for admin to make a decision. Please go to the ooc area of this ship. You will find a post starting with ATTENTION...please read it carefully and respond. We are doing role call on this ship. The fate of this ship now rests with you. God speed guys.

Posted by: Gideon Today, 11:57 AM

While Gideon waited, he meandered into the recognized section of the ship where the life readings seemed to emanate. Naturally, the turbolift did not function past deck three, so he worked his way down to deck four. Section nine turned out to be the Avocet's science lab, much smaller than the suite Gideon enjoyed aboard the Pulsar.

When he opened the door, a purple light glowed brilliantly throughout the room. "Hello," he said, more to himself than anyone. "What have we here?" As his eyes adjusted to the light, he stepped forward into the room.

Among the bodies, Gideon observed several data padds thrown about in the room; he picked up the ones he saw. Upon turning a corner in the laboratory, Gideon saw that a bubble of energy had somehow been trapped in a containment field.

Suddenly, a burst of enery shot from the bubble. Fortunately, the energy burst appeared to be random, but he estimated it's power could have vaporized him in exactly two point six seconds. "That was too close," he said, again to himself as no one else was present.

With a cursory scan from his tricorder, Gideon discovered the bubble was a piece of the nebula, trapped within the containment field, fighting for its freedom. On a nearby computer console, he looked through the ship's systems to find the power output in the science lab was unusally high. With a few touches of the computer monitor, Gideon adjusted the levels to slightly above nill. He watched with astonishment as the brilliant light, freed from its containment began to move slowly about the room until it finally drifted through the bulkhead into space.

The console glowed amber and then displayed the ship's power systems. The first one Gideon touched was life support, then lighting, then the transporters.

He tapped his comm badge. exp_minus.gif Gideon to Lt. Kerrigan. I think I may have discovered the source of the problem. I know you've got a mess in there, Sashela, but tell me if this doesn't help you a bit. exp_minus.gif

Posted by: Tekari Today, 01:28 PM

With the additional time, Tekari was able to take in all of the ship's Tactical information. He had turned to exploring and searching through the ship as Sashela worked out the Transporters. Tekari's wanderings had led him to take a ladder down to Deck 4, Section 9 - where Gideon had been examining a cluster of purple energy.

When the Science officer freed it, Tekari walked around the corner to show himself. He approached Gideon just as the power-release was in place.

"Good work Lieutenant," Tekari said.

Gideon nodded, "I think we should get out of here as soon as possible."

"Agreed," Tekari nodded back.

It was then the glow of light passed back through the bulkhead and into the room. Gideon saw it enter, but before he could say anything, the same light he freed passed through the back of Tekari's suit and into Tekari himself.

"AAUUGGHH!!" Tekari quickly fell to his knees in pain. His entire body began to illuminate from the additional energy.

Gideon grabbed Tekari, "Commander!" It didn't make any sense. By all Scientific logic, Tekari should have been vapourized. The beam of energy he encountered earlier was evidence of that.

"Ggggghhhhgghhh...." Tekari clenched his teeth in pain, trying to focus off the searing intensity. After a few moments he was able to take the pain and the change to his body. The feeling lessened, but the energy remained as a part of him!

Gideon tapped his communications panel on his suit quickly, "Gideon to Sashela! What's the status if the Transporters?"

exp_minus.gif "Transporters online!" she replied over the comm. exp_minus.gif
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